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An Easter “thank you” to our supporters…

Next month OffGuardian will be three years old.

In that pretty short time we have reached an audience many times larger than we ever anticipated. We have 19,000 regular followers and daily visitors in the thousands.

We want to say thank you today to the small number who donate to us, either as a one-off or through regular contributions. It’s an enormous help, in fact without you OffG may have been forced to quit or drastically cut back its output this year.

So – thank you. All of you. From all of us.

Currently less than 1% of our monthly visitors support us with a donation. So, if you come here regularly and/or value the work we do please consider becoming a supporter!


  1. Peter Schmidt says

    I do come here fairly often, haven’t contributed yet though. In June I will start contributing, probably $10 a month. I have cancelled my Age subscriptions, only have the Courier Mail (subscription included a headset, plus I live in Brisbane). I also contribute to Moon of Alabama. You and him, are doing a fantastic job.

  2. Heiland says

    Donated £10. Would give more but on fixed income. Many, many thanks for keeping me sane and shining a light. God bless you all and do keep on reporting.

  3. Betrayed planet. says

    The OffGuardian along with one other news site are my main sources for info. I no longer go near the traitorous Guardian who are now completely diminished in my eyes. Thank you all for your reason and sanity, now lacking in all MSM.
    Let us hope in the end that some sane thinking will prevail.

  4. Mikalina says

    Happy Easter to all on the Gregorian calendar and a future Happy Easter to others on this site.

    It’s good to know that you are there – scattered around the world, keeping the light shining.

    “We must learn to regard people less in the light of what they do or omit to do, and more in the light of what they suffer.”
    ― Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Letters and Papers from Prison

  5. Den Lille Abe says

    This months articles shows why there is a need for the off-Guardian. The articles in the Guardian have mainly been un-commentable and have all had a very hateful anti Russian bias.
    New management on the Graun, ehhh
    This new style is not digestible, its the Daily Heil like, complete vomit and unfit for consumption.

    • Susan Cora says

      It really is quite vomit inducing to see what has happened to the Grauniad.

      • Some people commend the ‘Independent’ for allowing comments – but a recent anti-corbyn post had a LOT of comments about the censorship there; posts going into ‘moderation’, etc.

        So I did an experiment (I’d be interested if some of you guys tried this): try upvoting or downvoting a comment, then open the same page in another browser, one in which you’re not signed in to the Indo. See if your vote is counted. Mine wasn’t. Hm. No wonder so many of their posts have such tiny up/down numbers, if I’m right.

        Don’t know if this also applies to posts also.

        As one Guardian comment on ANOTHER thread about Corbyn’s ‘anti-semitism’ problem, 120,000 people have died in the UK due to tory austerity. Number of articles on this: 0. Number of articles on Corbyn’s ‘anti-semitism’ problem: 27 and rising.

  6. Jean Allan says

    I thoroughly enjoy reading your articles and truly would like to show my appreciation. I am however a widowed pensioner living on a state pension so unfortunately am not in a position to offer any monetary help. All I would say is that I value your insightful and varied articles from all angles and perspectives. Please, keep on doing what you’re doing.
    many thanks.

  7. Brutally Remastered says

    Thank you and all best: great stuff.

  8. A. J. B says

    Very glad you exist.
    A vital sanctuary when the ubiquitous stupidity threatens to make the brain explode

  9. Kathy says

    I am so grateful to you for being a sanctuary for free thought. Best wishes and thank you.

  10. MICHAEL LEIGH says

    Thank you OFFGUARDIAN for providing to me a sane website, which I eagerly consult daily but as a nonagenarian plus , like your own masthead I can only write as I have found it !

    But I flatter myself to proclaim I can smell ‘ off-fish ‘ because they smell, and the mass media is so corrupt it stinks.

    May be it time for those who still have a sense of smell to recognise that the solution to drown the media is to ignore its anteceedents, and chop it into many parts by logic ?

  11. Should the SHTF: I just want to say this is one of the most progressive spaces on the net. I thank you sincerely for providing it.

  12. mog says

    Can’t thank you guys enough.
    I hope that your open minded and reasoned approach continues to get more and more support.
    Good luck in these times ahead.

  13. Susan Cora says

    Glad to have found this site after finally accepting that, that other news outlet has truly sold its soul.

    I am grateful to be able to read such educated and honest pieces along with respectful and informative comments.

  14. John Marks says

    Power to your elbow lads – and lasses!
    Thanks to you we get again what we should have been getting from the near-dead Frauniad.

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