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Skripal Poisoning – The UK’s Case for Russian Involvement

Earlier this week, over 130 Russian diplomats were expelled from over 20 separate countries. It was billed as a “massive show of unity”, and claimed as further evidence of Russian guilt. The familiar chorus repeated, that there is “no plausible alternative explanation”.

So what was the strong evidence that the UK government shared with their allies? It must have been compelling in order to move the EU, US et al. to make moves of solidarity.

It’s a slide show.

Now, that might not sound like much. But a slide show can be very persuasive. It could have witness testimony, scientific test results, photographic evidence. It could explain motive, provide alibis for other suspects. It could be hundreds of pages of hard evidence laying out a perfect, bulletproof case.

It could be all of those things…but in this case it’s not.

We have it here, in PDF form. And here is another version. It’s five slides. That’s all, just five.

Slide 1: Timeline

An incredibly rough timeline of all the important events, skipping over the crime in one bullet point and then telling us in more detail what May said about it and when. Also there’s a map. A good start.

Slide 2: Accusations

Un-sourced accusations of Russian disinformation, a proven lie about who has access to Novichok-class agents and a scary red-tinted picture of men in bio-hazard suits.

Slide 3: What Novichok Does

A nice diagram of the human body, an incredibly basic summary of what nerve toxins do, and then the number of people who thought they might have been poisoned but weren’t.

Slide 4: Other Stuff We Blame Russia For

A long list of things Russia either might not have done, or provably did not do.

Slide 5: What We’re Going to Do About it!
This actual official PDF from the UK government has a picture of money hanging from a washing line to depict “dirty money”. What makes it even funnier is knowing some intern in the basement was given the task of doing an image search for “money laundering”, and this is all he could find. That coupled with the “UK Border” sign, because they mention the border make this slide my favourite. Also “new legislation”, when and what it’s about don’t matter apparently.

This is it. This is the totality of Her Majesty’s case for Russian guilt in the poisoning of Sergei Skripal.

How compelling do you find it?
Would you accept this as proof of guilt?
Is it advisable to base important foreign policy decisions on this document?


  1. MoS says

    This is the government’s entire case and you know that how? Has the British government, MI5 and MI6 invited you to peruse their evidence, their studies and analysis? I’m guessing they haven’t and you’ve simply latched on, supposedly, to five slides that you posit as “the totally (sic) of Her Majesty’s case.” I’ll tell you who hasn’t made out a persuasive much less convincing case – you.

    • The point is that the British Govt et al haven’t invited the EU, EU Member States, the US or NATO to ‘peruse their evidence’. And how do I know that? Because the EU, EU Member States, the US and NATO have said so. They’ve all with one voice used the expression “We trust the UK”. Are those the words you would use if you’d seen hard evidence? I saw an interview with a Latvian rep after the UK presented the case to the EU and he said that no doubt the UK had evidence but “presumably” for security reasons they weren’t revealing it to them “…but we trust the UK”. Jens Stoltenberg was asked whether the UK had shown him the evidence: “Well no, but we trust the UK”. Not even shown NATO?? Really? Heather Nauert also confirmed that the US “trusts that the UK’s conclusions are well founded”. She hadn’t seen any supporting evidence and she couldn’t confirm whether anyone in the White House had seen any evidence. And if evidence exists why would Johnson need to resort to lying to back up the Govt’s accusations?

  2. “British scientists cannot prove that the novichok nerve agent used to poison ex-spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter was made in Russia, the military laboratory which tested it has said.

    “Experts at the Porton Down research laboratory were unable to establish “the precise source” of the chemical weapon, the chief executive of the Ministry of Defence facility told Sky News. He added the government had used “a number of other sources to piece together” the conclusion that the Kremlin was responsible.”

    Read more at link:


  3. Runner77 says

    It’s interesting that The Independent is now censoring comments in the same way the Grauniad does. Early this morning (I live in mainland Europe) the relatively few comments under the article headlined “Russia warns travellers to UK face ‘provocations’ including having ‘objects placed in their luggage” almost unanimously questioned the UK government line, and this overwhelming tendency continued for around 2 hours.

    Then around 10:30 BST someone called Eurominion started added numerous comments supportive of the UK government, and at the same time I and at least three other commentators further commented that our comments had either disappeared or were ‘awaiting moderation’. As of now – 11:30-ish BST – ALL my comments have been censored, and I can’t see ANY surviving pro-Russian comments!

    • A. J. B says

      Comments disappear often on certain topics, but I think a swarm of trolls
      act in force to flag comments they don’t like. Spent a day on an Israel
      topic and not only mine, but every single comment on one side of the argument vanished.
      It was very clear that this was really abnormal, everyone agreeing on a contentious subject.
      It would be interesting to know who these trolls are,

  4. Hertog Jan says

    Demonizing Russia in order to isolate it while simultaneously demonstrating again the servility of the presstitutes and the stupidity of a significant part of the public.

  5. Now we have an interesting Clinton-Novichok connection –

    “on Apr 3 2009, Hillary Clinton, as SecyState, sent instructions to US chemical weapon negotiators to “avoid any substantive discussion of the Mirazayanov book” on novichoks and “discourage substantive discussions” if issue arose. Why?”

    From https://twitter.com/ClimateAudit/status/979768829969485824?s=09




    • There is more than a passing Clinton connection: unfortunately I don’t have time to detail it. Christopher Steele is the obvious link. Far from a passive mercenary purveyor of lies: his role seems much more active to me …perhaps pivotal. But as this will never be investigated: that must remain conjecture. The other link goes back to 2009/10 when HRC opposed the Magnitsky Act. In fact: WJC may have been paid to oppose it. Then she switched to back the Global Magnitsky Act of 2016. It would be interesting to discover what inducement, financial or other, led to the turnaround within the Obama regime: but they were originally hostile to the Magnitsky sanctions agenda.

  6. Ziad Fadel, editor of SyrPer, comments that failure of the Skripal false flag has unnerved the West’s territorial designs on Syria — an unmitigated disaster for NATZO. Clip:

    “In any case, a French, an American, a British and a Zionist special operations unit has been captured in a tunnel inside ‘Ayn Turma. This is quite an embarrassment for the West seeing that they were there among fanatical jihadists giving them advice and, even, directing defensive operations. They were detected when a British-accented agent was intercepted giving instructions to an inarticulate Faylaq thug which resulted in a triangulation of the transmission by the SyrianAA-MI folks. I sure hope they don’t let these criminals just go.

    Something weird just took place in Washington D.C. President Trump sent shock waves through the Pentagon and State Department by telling the media the U.S. would be out of Syria very soon. I remember Mattis, Secretary of Defense, telling the world that the U.S. would be in Syria indefinitely. Something must have happened between that statement by Mattis and the day before yesterday when Trump, characteristically, pulled the rug out from underneath Foggy Bottom and Pentagon. It might be that the new faces coming into the administration, or who are being shifted to different posts have an alternate view of the world. Perhaps the Skribal case which resulted in a catastrophic diplomatic shakeup has unnerved the West.

    The Western/NATO plan for Syria is an unmitigated disaster. I can think of no strategy in recent history which has given back so little. Certainly, we are talking about some real fiascos here in Syria, where the West invested billions on cultivating an English garden of venomous takfeeri terrorists, combined with the world’s most intricate disinformation campaign – their efforts came a cropper, essentially handing over whole swathes of the Middle East to a resurgent and resilient Russia and an Iran whose true power has yet to be tested. There is no going back anymore. You don’t survive disasters like these. Ziad A Fadel.

      • https://www.syrianperspective.com

        Re SyrPer’s repeated allegation that there are UK sevicemen working with ISIS, and some have been captured, the Independent has now come up with its belated report of the first UK serviceman killed while allegedly “fighting against ISIS”. A brief glance BTL tells me the readership isn’t buying that story. And unlike the usual False Flag Launch events, no horde of Langley Bots spring up to cheer the Official Line. Her Majesty’s Government was caught napping over this news item. There may be more to come.

  7. eddie says

    Posting our knowledge of obvious false-flag scenarios is not as futile as it once was.
    Didn’t the Guardian recently revert to plan B: the Skripal poisoning was a result of their toxic rubber bath-tub ducks?

  8. Harry Law says

    Here is part of the Consular Convention 1965 between the UK of GB and NI and the USSR.
    Article 30
    A Consular Officer shall be entitled, within the Consular district.
    a/ to protect the rights and to promote the interests of the sending state and of its Nationals; The term ‘National’ shall for the purposes of this part, mean any person whom the sending state recognises as its national, including, where the context so permits any judicial entity.
    Article 36.
    1 [a] A consular officer shall be entitled within the consular district to communicate with, interview and advise a national of the sending state and may render him every assistance including, where necessary, arranging for and advice in legal matters.
    [b] No restriction shall be placed by the receiving state upon the access of a national of the sending state to the consulate or upon communication by him with the consulate. http://treaties.fco.gov.uk/docs/pdf/1968/TS0092.pdf
    The UK appear to be breaking UK and International Law.

  9. Kathy says

    It shows the ease in which the state can control the masses with the narrative. Set the scene and lay the blame. No evidence required. You can now spirit people off the streets deprive access to them All in plain sight. and immediately blame another party. Produce no evidence and get all your mates to gang up on the accused just on your say so. Meanwhile the population are bombarded with repetition and conditioned to not query the story. After all they are on the good side. All the while the puppet kings and queens and the master puppeteer inflicts pain and misery all around the globe. How often it seems that these events occur at the convenience of the system. Another drama rolls out and May manages a fist bump!. In a healthy and free society independent thought would be encouraged. Now it is becoming a subversive act.

    • g wiltek says

      Except more and more people are asking questions. Even the man on the street in the UK have grave doubts.
      We have heard so many lies and seen so many questionable tactics we have stopped believing.

  10. Harry Law says

    Alexander Mercouris has a good article in the Duran ‘Skripal case becomes even weirder’ He say’s non of the participants in the High Court case including the Litigating friend of the Skripals mention the 1965 Bilateral Agreement [now part of UK Law] between the UK and the USSR [Russia the successor state]. Mercouris argues that while he is no specialist on this aspect of the law, both appear to require the UK to grant consular access to the Skripals for the Russian Authorities.
    “That looks to me not just a violation of due process, but based on the texts of the 1965 Consular Convention between Britain and the USSR and the 1963 Vienna Convention which I have seen also a violation of both British and international law.
    This is despite the fact that both a bilateral treaty – the 1965 Consular Convention between Britain and the USSR (of which Russia is legally the successor state) – and an international treaty – the 1963 Vienna Convention on Consular Relations – both appear to require the British authorities to grant consular access to the Russian authorities to Russian citizens such Yulia Skripal who find themselves in difficulties in Britait appears that the British authorities as a matter of both international law and British law should not only have informed the Russian consular authorities of Yulia Skripal’s condition and granted them full access to her, but they should also have discussed with the Russian consular authorities the application to the High Court for the taking of blood samples from her, with the Russian consular authorities rather than the Official Solicitor representing her in those proceedings.
    Mr. Justice Williams, the Judge in the High Court case, was clearly worried that the Russian consular authorities were not involved in the proceedings and that members of Sergey and Yulia Skripal’s family had not been contacted or consulted.
    Note that Mr. Justice Williams does not seem to have been told by the lawyers representing the Official Solicitor and the British National Health Service about the 1965 bilateral Consular Convention between Britain and the USSR (see above) whilst the discussion which did take place seems to have been narrowly restricted to a discussion of Article 37 of the 1963 Vienna Convention – with the lawyers telling the Judge that this has not yet been made part of the law of Britain – with nothing however being said to the Judge about what look to me to be the equally important provisions of Articles 5 and 36”

  11. 0use4msm says

    The Skripal case is already starting to fade out from the mainstream media news cycle, apart from a few commentaries on Russia’s evil retaliation for expelling diplomats. The Russian elections have passed, Putin smeared, trial by media job done: the Skripal case will soon disappear down the memory hole, rather like the 2001 anthrax letters scare, to make place for the next hyped witch hunt.

  12. MichaelK says

    The government information presented by the UK is… very British. In the sense that it buries a real lack of solid real information, under a great edifice of style. I can’t see this stuff convincing many people in Europe, especially Germans who think differently and don’t react well to the British obsession with the surface image rather than the actual content.

  13. With the pope apparently sowing doubt about the very “existence of hell” (see link below) one cannot help but wonder where Allen Dulles and many decades worth of long dead CIA officials are holding their meetings these days? One might also wonder how the Teresa May’s and John Bolton’s of the world are supposed to provide a post-humous forwarding address for her mail? And of course one must ask – does this revelation have any significance to answering the age old question of – “how many neoliberal, neocon, psychopathic war-mongers can dance on the head of a ‘Peacekeeper’ missile?” Inquiring minds want to know! 🙂


    • @IGTrauma. When it comes to Theology I would trust Dante and Aquinas against most Popes. And when it comes to burning all the dead wood in the Universe, consigning Dives to Hell, and setting up an income bar to Heaven, I would back Rabbi Yeshuah of Nazareth against all Later Authorities.

  14. It’s patently obvious to many of us that “the Salisbury Job” was a CIA/MI6/Mossad false flag but I haven’t seen any discussion of how much May or her cabinet might be aware of this. Are they consciously taking part in the theatre of the absurd, all playing their roles, to blame Russia – or do they really believe, via ignorance and dodgy dossiers from MI6, that it was a real attack by the Russians? Neither scenario is very satisfactory but the former is more frightening

    • Paul says

      I would imagine May does know it’s a stunt. After 8 years at the Home Office she is Mrs Security. She was very quick off the blocks in this case, very much as if it was scripted. If the double spy was thinking of going for a 3rd turnaround, as has been suggested, then he might have been expendable, even more so if he did ‘help’ Christopher Steele. Relatively little harm was done; it wasn’t like releasing Sarin into the city centre; diplomats were the main casualties. But the success of the operation is seen by the way the whole narrative has been ratcheted up, isolating Russia in advance of the expected attack on Damascus. Will the Russians dare interfere? It has boosted May’s standing greatly; the media are now drooling over her patriotic flag waving. With an utterly compliant media its not hard to turn the disaster image into one of ‘Greatness’.

      • Susan Cora says

        Fully agree with your analysis.

        There seems to be no limit to the reprobrate machinations that May and this government will partake in for power.

    • Daniel Danon says

      Did W know Iraq’s WMD were a myth? I guess we will never know. My best bet is that no, neither W nor May knew that they were mere puppets but both saw the interest of reacting emotionally instead of asking questions and acting rationally. Then forced the other to join by the usual «are you with me ir against me? ».

      • @Daniel. UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter said they were a myth. Scott Ritter was fired; from then on, no one who voted for that Unjust War — as it was called by Leaders of World Christianity — could plead ignorance.

      • I remember reading that, a few months before the Iraq invasion began in 2003, in 1995, Saddam Hussein’s two sons-in-law fled Iraq and went to Jordan – General Hussein Kamel and his brother Saddam Kamel Hassan Majid. General Hussein Kamel had been responsible for Iraq’s WMDs. When he fled, he brought two crates of documents with him in which it was confirmed that he had had all the WMDs destroyed. See:

        Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction were almost certainly destroyed following the Gulf War

        13 March 2003


  15. Reblogged this on Worldtruth and commented:

    It’s not just that the MSM have such contempt for the intelligence of their readers, it’s that they reflect the utter contempt the neoliberal government and politicians have for “thick as slurry” plebs. A case without any foundation in proof, whatsoever, is being claimed as “proof”.
    WTF????? They really thaink we are that dumbed down?

    • milosevic says

      the MSM have such contempt for the intelligence of their readers

      alternative hypothesis:

      The people who run the MSM are actually stupid enough to believe their own lies, and can’t see why anybody else wouldn’t, either. Whether their idiocy derives from natural talent, or required years of arduous training to achieve, is a matter for further investigation.

      A worthwhile experiment is to point out the obvious false-flag nature of the 9/11 event, to some right-thinking, middle-class person who regards the MSM as serious, responsible, and credible. Observe their emotional/intellectual reaction, and the sort of arguments they deploy in defence of the Official Story. Notice how many seconds elapse before the dread words “Conspiracy Theory” are uttered, as if that had any evidentiary or probative value. After this fails to shut you up, notice how many more seconds elapse before they are reduced to outright, foaming-at-the-mouth dementia.

      This exercise will provide you with valuable insights into the mental universe such people inhabit, and you will never again make the mistake of according any respect whatsoever to their intellectual abilities. THE CONTINUED FUNCTIONING OF THE ENTIRE SYSTEM DEPENDS ON MILLIONS OF IDIOTS SUCH AS THIS, WHO FILL THE STAFF POSITIONS FOR PROPAGANDA, ADMINISTRATION, EDUCATION, AND MANAGEMENT.

  16. Not long now: they will be coming …citing the proclamations of the Fusion Doctrine. First: there was the “Great Firewall of China”; designed not to contain …but to keep Westernising influence out. Now, it is as if a digital Iron Curtain has descended across Europe …not to keep the Soviets, sorry, the Eurasian super-state out: but to keep us contained within the Ingsoc ideo-cultural idiotocracy. They want full-spectrum dominance over all information flows so as to dictate our very consciousness to us. Soon enough, we will all be shown identically blank post-individuality hive-mind Excel presentations by our assigned re-educator …and required to parrot that we see what we are told to see. We are all Winston or Julia now. The only unprohibited love is the love of the state. Fuck ’em: I’d rather die a freeman!

    • I’m with you there. Didn’t these people read Orwell? If they did they must have thought it was describing a utopia they need to work towards.

      • milosevic says

        Conversely, Orwell was describing these people and their imagined utopia, which has only metastasized since 1948/1984.

    • mog says

      ‘The ideal subject of totalitarian rule is not the convinced Nazi, or the dedicated Communist, but people for whom the distinction between fact and fiction, true and false, no longer exists’
      Hannah Arendt (‘The Origins of Totalitarianism’)

      [h/t Bill Owen]

      Not so long, as you say.
      How many Labourites will even mention the massacre of Palestinians unfolding on the Gaza border I wonder?

      • None: but John Mann or Ian Austin et al will still have a post-truth platform to blame the Palestinians for their own persecution no doubt?

      • MICHAEL LEIGH says

        If I may, try to answer your MOG question. first I would like to cite the number of the British Parliamentry people representatives who are members of the non-parliamentry Hebrew cause ? Can you tell us ?

        For example how many constituency people’s parliamentry representatives have consulted their own electorate to give support, to the Hebrew State of Israel illegally occupying the Palestine territory and in breach of inumerable UNO prescriptions against the global and UNO accords ? How many peoples representatives have actuality consulted their electorate ?

        Perhaps in the interests of the factuality we should be told about the influence of the Hebrews people’s upon our so called ‘ British peoples Parliament ‘ ?

        Not-with-standing, the fact that many Hebrews are resident and are a long standing genuine part of the United Kingdoms people’s and electorate, even though they have also reserved for their particular sectarian rights: to claim a unique superiority over the rest of the ‘ British Peoples ‘ by their exclusive hebrew religion !

  17. From the Indie. I read it to gauge public opinion in its relatively uncensored C,mments BTL. Count the Likes vs Dislikes in this clip. 8 Dislikes for the one who preferred Reuters:

    peopleb4profit 14 hours ago
    With acknowledgment to Offguardian
    “Let the jury consider the verdict” the King said. “No, No” said the Queen: “sentence first, verdict afterwards”. “Stuff and nonsense” said Alice.”

    Symbold 13 hours ago
    “Off Guardian” Has been thoroughly discredited as a prolific source of fake news, conspiracy theories and pro-Putin propaganda.
    Quote: “In November 2016, the site was listed by PropOrNot as one of its list of 200 “Fake News” websites.”

    PropOrNot ‘An Initial Set of Sites That Reliably Echo Russian Propaganda’:

    A typical case discussed on the Skeptics Forum:
    “‘Off-Guardian’ running a “9/11″ series filled with ‘truther’ woo”

    Thinkandthought 9 hours ago
    Offguardian a fake news pro- Putin and Russian linked media outlet. A propaganda machine for Putin. Try reading Reuters.

  18. Harry Law says

    ‘Highly likely’ has morphed into ‘ We are ‘without doubt’ [Paragraph 5, slide 2] that Russia is responsible. If you say that something is true without doubt or without a doubt, you are emphasizing that it is definitely true. [Collins English Dictionary]:
    “This is stronger than the ‘Beyond a reasonable doubt’ The standard that must be met by the prosecution’s evidence in a criminal prosecution: that no other logical explanation can be derived from the facts except that the defendant committed the crime, thereby overcoming the presumption that a person is innocent until proven guilty” [The Free Dictionary].

  19. rtj1211 says

    I am sure both May and Johnson are aware that a defendant is tried under the presumption of inncence until proven otherwise and, only after guilt has been asserted are previous crimes and misdemeanours of the convicted party presented to be considered when passing sentence.

    Here May and Johnson pronounced guilt before collecting evidence; directed the world to convict before Counsel for the Defence being allowed to present evidence or to cross examine prosecution witnesses; and ignored the views of the General Public jury before passing sentence.

    I do hope if they are ever arraigned in a court of law for misdemeanours against international law that whichever jurisdiction puts them in a dock is equally scattergun with regard to due process; severely against the concept of examining evidence; and utterly ruthless when dishing out sentences.

    It is particularly important that loss of basic human rights is the outcome for politicians racing headlong into fascism.

    The ones coming after need to know there will be consequences for kissing John Bolton’s swinging ass…..

  20. Alan says

    I understand the establishment and media believe Britons have the mental capacity of an average ten year old, I didn’t realise this extended worldwide.

  21. Harry Law says

    All the comments about nuclear war with Russia forget we in the West have a 2 to 1 advantage in nuclear missiles, we can totally destroy Russia 10 times over whereas they can only destroy us 5 times over, John [slim Pickens] Bolton thinks those are excellent odds. Many commentators here seem not to worry about Russia, I do, We can no longer sit back and allow communist infiltration, communist indoctrination, communist subversion, and the international communist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids. Or as John Cleese said “Smash the dirty red scum, kick em in the teeth where it hurts, kill, kill, kill these bastard commies, I hate em, I hate em Arrrggg, Arrrggg.
    Mrs May, You have the job Mr Law, I have wanted to replace that whimp johnson for some time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54CpPlCnM4I

  22. Slide 5: ‘UK’s measured and proportionate response’. Really?? Really?? That heading alone confirms that they truly do not have any grasp on reality.

  23. rtj1211 says

    I would love to see the slides about what UK and US have done: you would need at least 10 slides to cover all the coups and wars since 1946…..

    This is Fred West and his wife sitting in judgement at The Old Bailey….

    • And they would be slides of what the UK and US had irrefutably done. None of these anti-Russian charges stand up to scrutiny.

  24. Paul says

    The West wants to intimidate Russia out of Syria so they can finally fulfill their original war aim, kill Assad and destroy the last remnants of secular socialism while reducing Shite power across the region. The obvious way for them is to create trouble in Eastern Ukrainian, maybe a little nerve agent in the area would kick it off?

  25. uncle tungsten says

    It does prove that many world leaders are willing dupes. The shameful sight of Nikki Haley, US ambassador to the UN, being totally suckered by Theresa and her manbag Boris is just too dreadful. Only 250 years since the US war of independence and they are still falling for British BS. Shame on the USA and its god fearing citizens for swallowing this snake oil without even a whimper!

    I see that the Australian foreign minister curtsied to lick May’s boot as well as all the others. Grovelling fool!

    • Monkeyboyclyde says

      Hadley wasn’t duped she is a grade a hawk .They all know it’s bullshit .uk and us pressuring other countries to play along . I’m just waiting for the test results from opcw . Got a feeling the news agenda won’t be focused on this at that time

      • Yonatan says

        The OPCW tests will confirm that the original samples sent to Porton Down and the recently taken samples contain both Skirpal DNA. This will ‘prove’ that the orignal sample wasn’t tampered with and therefore Russia is guilty. [AngloZionist logic – may not apply in the real world].

    • To rephrase your comment, as someone succinctly put on another website “A traitor is someone who demands evidence”.

      • John Marks says

        Or Orwell:
        “In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

  26. P.E. Ace says

    For the benefit of the slides producer, UK and other EU governments:

    Re slide 4:

    On US election:

    DNC hack attribution by DNC-paid Crowdstrike (via Perkins Coie) is questionable, because all three malware samples were compiled within ten days either side of the hack and malware was apparently using well known and long-redundant hardcoded IP addresses (serving no functional purpose and only really serving to make it more prone to detection and being easily attributed to Fancy Bear):


    Downloadspeed of DNC files points to use of mobile memory by an insider rather than hack from outside:


    Facebook said accounts could “likely be linked” to Russia:


    Mind you, FB Chief Security Officer Stamos who put that statement out has clashed with senior FB management and is on the way out. Go Figure.

    On MH17:

    Imagery of BUK that supposedly took down MH17 that Kerry mentioned in all his interviews on the Sunday after the tragedy has never been shared with media. If it has been shared with other governments it was not as clear as Kerry said in interviews because, to my knowledge, no other government has said there was irrefutable proof. In interview linked to below Kerry said evidence was “circumstantial” (3:09 in video) although there was picked-up imagery of the launch and trajectory (3:20). But US was not making the “final conclusion” (3:48).


  27. Francis Lee says

    The whole Russophobic hysteria manufactured by the media, various think-tanks, political and financial elites, is for the most part vacuous hot-air psychologically designed to ramp up the mass consciousness in preparation for war against Russia. It’s that simple. Frankly I have given up reading this sort of stuff since it is like arguing with a trained parrot – ”Russia did it, Russia did it, pretty polly, who’s a pretty boy then? Russia did it.”

    What for the life of me I cannot make out is why the western ruling elites have decided to commit collective suicide (and take us with them), which is what a war with Russia will entail. After all they must know that any nuclear conflict will be terminal; in that sense that M.A.D. is still operational, especially since Putin showed us some of his latest weaponry which looks pretty formidable to me.

    Clearly the US elite is totally deranged, apparently itching to join the heavenly choir at the earliest opportunity. As for the rest of NATO/EU, this vassal bloc is led by complete venal dolts #MeToo! Brainless stupidity and a complete lack of strategic realism doesn’t begin to describe them.

    This is always the problem when politics is guided by ideology rather than common sense. Suffice it to say our war party – vide supra – is ideological to the bone, proudly so. We are the good guys, we are the ‘exceptional people’ we are going to reconfigure the world in our own image, and if any recalcitrant people get in the way of our noble cause, they will be bombed into the stone age, for their own good of course. Nothing must stop the onward march of liberal utopianism.

    The whole crackpot policy is captured as follows:

    ”Dictators and human rights abusers, like Serbia’s Milosevic could not hide behind the principle of national sovereignty to protect themselves as they committed crimes against humanity … Under these circumstances, outside powers (guess who FL) acting in the name of human rights and democratic legitimacy, have not just the right to intervene (bomb – FL) BUT THE OBLIGATION TO. R2P” (Francis Fukuyama – State Building). Errm how to describe this diatribe? Over-ripe ideological bluster, yes that will do nicely. In fact Milosevic was cleared of any war crimes, but only after his death through heart attack in prison. But hey, what does that matter when it comes to Americanise the world, a small price to pay.

    Basically this sort of stuff is akin to religious fanaticism and should not have any place in foreign policy. But sadly the swivel eyed liberal ensconced in the air conditioned Washington offices are running with the baton. Strangelove apparently rules.

  28. P.E. Ace says

    For the benefit of the slides producer, UK and other EU governments:

    Re slide 4:

    On US election:

    DNC hack attribution by DNC-paid Crowdstrike (via Perkins Coie) is questionable, because all three malware samples were compiled within ten days either side of the hack and malware was apparently using well known and long-redundant hardcoded IP addresses (serving no functional purpose and only really serving to make it more prone to detection and being easily attributed to Fancy Bear):


    Downloadspeed of DNC files points to use of mobile memory by an insider rather than hack from outside:


    Facebook said accounts could “likely be linked” to Russia:


    Mind you, FB Chief Security Officer Stamos who put that statement out has clashed with senior FB management and is on the way out. Go Figure.

    On MH17:

    Imagery of BUK that supposedly took down MH17 that Kerry mentioned in all his interviews on the Sunday after the tragedy has never been shared with media. If it has been shared with other governments it was not as clear as Kerry said in interviews because, to my knowledge, no other government has said there was irrefutable proof. In interview linked to below Kerry said evidence was “circumstantial” (3:09 in video) although there was picked-up imagery of the launch and trajectory (3:20). But US was not making the “final conclusion” (3:48).


  29. Slide 6:

    Whenever you hear any of the statements made in this presentation you will repeat the words “Russia did it!”

    Theresa May’s voice will now count backwards from 3 and you will wake up. You will then leave the room and not remember you were ever here at all…

  30. FobosDeimos says

    Slide 1 is dated in “Moscow” on March 22. I guess the basement intern was too busy to check for “typos”.

    • FobosDeimos says

      Thank you Vierotchka!. I can see now that this is a slide show that was presented to foreign diplomats by the British embassy in Moscow.

  31. Richard Wicks says

    Well, I can comment on what I know for certain.

    In Slide 4, it’s claimed that Russia invaded Georgia. This isn’t exactly accurate. Mikheil Saakashvili (Georgia’s president at the time) invaded S. Ossetia and S. Ossetia requested assistance from Russia which they got. Russia took less than a day to kick out the Georgian invaders. Russia then left, but they could have easily absorbed S. Ossetia and Georgia if they wanted.

    Mikheil Saakashvili is now a wanted criminal in Georgia and he’s resettled to Ukraine since Ukraine’s previous government has been deposed. He was appointed the governor of Odessa for a period of time by Petro Poroshenko, and gave up his Georgian citizenship (some leader eh?), and now Poroshenko has stripped him of his Ukrainian citizenship.

    He has been educated all over, but pointedly at Columbia. I bet he’s just a US intelligence asset.

    • America Is Kiked says

      Saakasvili was arrested in Jewkraine, somehow escaped, and last I heard is a refugee in France.

    • martin spaink says

      Mikheil Saakashvili is presently residing in the Netherlands. The flakey Dutch Government sees no problem in harbouring this fugitive.

      • Jen says

        Saakashvili’s wife Sandra Roelofs is Dutch so the fact that the Netherlands gave him shelter should have been no surprise.

    • eddie says

      From the CCTV video at the time of his arrest, as shown on the infocenter-odessa website, 13 UA special forces rushed into a nearly empty Kiev restaurant and arrested Saakashvili.
      He was pushed face-down on the floor, hand-cuffed behind his back. The following footage showed him being pulled along by his hair, and rushed out the door.
      His illegal re-entry into UA was enforced, and now is unable to re-enter the country until 2021. His supporters tent-camp was dismantled by a strong force of UA troops.
      Interpol has had many occasions to arrest and extradite him to Georgia, where he faces a 3-year prison term, but has chosen not to.
      So, yes, obviously a CIA puppet. Also interesting to note how Interpol is now shown to be just another deep-state poodle..

  32. mog says

    Lowry -‘Excuse me Dowser, could you put me through to Mr. Helpmann’s office?’
    Dowser – ‘I’m afraid I can’t sir, you have to go through the proper channels.’
    Lowry -‘And you can’t tell me what the proper channels are because that’s classified information?’
    Dowser- ‘Glad to see that the ministry is continuing it’s tradition of only recruiting the brightest and best, sir’.

  33. archie1954 says

    That evidence wouldn’t suffice in a show trial, let alone a real one. It’s a terrible and very unfunny joke. Considering the number of countries that accepted this garbage as proof of Russian criminality, I worry about just how intelligent their leaders actually are.

      • Tom Welsh says

        It isn’t a question of belief or evidence at all. It’s a question of loyalty to the Leader. Joining the chorus to chant ideological anthems demonstrates your loyalty and willingness to make a fool of yourself if required.

    • always write says

      ….they don’t have to be intelligent as they are effectively ‘ leaders’ of vassal states, basically under the control of Washington in all things of geopolitical importance, so they don’t need to think, they just join in, and pray the insanity doesn’t get out of hand, which if it does will almost certainly destroy them along with a huge chunk of what we call “civilisation”

  34. I find the U.K. government’s case so compelling and convincing that if they told me the sky was blue, I wouldn’t believe a freaking word of it unless I walked outside and checked for myself with my own eyes. And then I’d probably go back out to double check, just because. This is absolutely the most blatant manufactured war propaganda since, well, the fake Kuwaiti incubator babies, oh, yeah, and the fake Iraq’s dangerous WMD’s, oh, and umm, the fake Gaddafi’s viagra fueled rape camps, oh, right and of course the fake Assad is using chemical weapons randomly on his people every time it appears the Western assault on Syria is winding down narrative. This isn’t rocket science. It simply doesn’t make any sense to trust serial pathological liars when they say “trust us,” particularly when our collective survival is in play.

    • always write says

      yes agreed, however this isn’t propaganda aimed at some second rate regional power, it’s directed at a country which can, and if necessary will destroy these loonies in Westminster, Washington and Brussels, the trouble is, said loonies believe their own insane propaganda!

  35. exiled off mainstreet says

    Doesn’t the apparent recovery of the Skripals torpedo the story? I should think it reveals the whole thing as a put-up job against the Russians.

    • And the slide devoted to the effects of Novichok noticeably doesn’t feature any reference to how quickly such nerve agents can be expected to take effect, and what dose would be the minimum required to result in death etc. You get the picture…all the facts that might raise questions from anyone with an inclination to challenge the May claims and accusations.

      • Paul says

        It does seem strange that Julia has had such a “rapid” recovery, almost as if somebody suspects that the fact she is conscious and talking might get leaked? Meanwhile her father is said to be still critical and not in a secure establishment getting briefed or interrogated. He wanted to return to Russia? Did Julia’s journey involve that desire? Did her father assist Steele in his dossier? Was he about to blow a whistle? Will Julia be allowed to speak to the press? Not until she’s Word perfect or “unable to help because of brain damage”? Will she be allowed to speak to her family including her boyfriend with the spooky Mum? Will the Russian Embassy be allowed to speak to her? Is she free to go?

    • A. J. B says

      On the radio, some connected miltary chap seemed very miffed that the daughter’s condition had been made public by the hospital. As if this wasn’t meant to happen.

  36. Lew says

    I’m not trying to shill you, but how reliable is the source of this slideshow?
    You could have just made it yourselves…

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