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WATCH: This is extremely dangerous to our democracy…

A few days ago, every local news station in America owned by the Sinclair Broadcast Group – a massive media conglomerate – read short a statement about the spread of “fake news”. The same statement, word-for-word. CBS, ABC, NBC and Fox, it didn’t matter. They were united in their chant.

As you watch the montage – put together by user “D” on youtube – you have to ask yourself: What is the mechanism behind this? Who wrote the statement, and what structure allows their words to be spoken by hundreds of mouths to millions of viewers?

Most importantly – how revealing is this of our media? How often has this united-front of opinion been present, but less obvious?


  1. brainfart says

    Now is the time a Corbyn supporter, with the ability, should create an equivalent video of brainwashing regarding ”antisem*tism” perpetuated by the British ”free press”and the Friends of Isral brigade.

    It is relentless.

    BBC, Sky, Channel 4, Itv, Channel 5, screenshots of the Fraudian, Daily Heil, Telegiraffe, Times and any other Murdoch/Dacre/Barclay Bro toilet papers. Political ”pundits”. Tweets from Mann, Philips et al the turncoats betraying the Labour voter. CFoI

    Finish the vid with Corbyns actual pass-over statement and clear position as a human rights campaigner that is against any form of discrimination. Strike while the irons hot.

    And keep an eye on the head of Momentum since he took full control. He seems to be at the forefront of some of this nonsense. Unite can be trusted, Momentum under his control is getting suspiciously dictatorial and undermining.

  2. timfrom says

    Methinks Sinclair doth protest too much…

  3. John Watwood says

    lmao! ‘Nuff said. Useful idiots all in the montage. Blind fools narrating the kakistocracy’s orthodoxy.

    • John Watwood says

      I agree. Just more primitives of imperialism.


        General Comment
        I think this song is actually about interrogations rudolf hess went through when he landed on enemy grounds. Tests and facts are mantioned, and a lack of real communication between hess and english intelligence. I think that Ian(through Hess) is complaining how they kept Hess in jail beyond reason, but as a part of their anti nazi politics. As some kind of a souvenir really to remind them that they did right. “Just to live in the past tense to make believe you were right” I think that Ian is showing his sympathies towards Hess and Nazism in this song, and i think that’s pretty childish. I must say i’m pretty disappointed by that, i see it as a sign of weekness.
        Maksimovicon August 15, 2010 Link

        The Media lies, really? Who Knew?

        “Because of the myth of the “good war” millions have been pointlessly murdered by needless interventionism. Without the Holocaust narrative, WWII is nothing but another colonial resource war.”

        I am a big reader of Caitlan Johnson on Medium she is a great writer and has a finger on the pulse of what is appearing in Narratives and Counternarratives Caitlan reads the intended grey space interpretation very well I find.

        I once posed this question to Caitlan.

        One thing that puzzles me is why when draws the conclusion that the MSM is a lie machine, Which I agree with. Then why is it the Anthropogenic Global Warming due to the CO2 Hypothesis is somehow a Truth that the MSM is Consistently Telling? I can not reconcile that contradiction, I am curious how you do yourself?

        What are the main narratives where is the common Thread and what are the realities that Harold MacMillan called Events dear boy, events .

        If you think about it Climate Change is part of the Holy Trinity of Globalisation, The others are The The Chosenness of the Elites and the Third the Holocaust as Totem of a Manichean personification of Evil.

        The Medium is The Message, apparently.

  4. Sav says

    John Oliver repeats this video and suddenly everyone is cheering on how this is new news & John gave them a heads up. Forget the Sinclair group, all the MSM were running this campaign against ‘fake news’. The words may have been different but it was done in unison just like foreign policy is sold. You’ll hear the same terms being used. Or the other tactic is for one outlet to make a report and everyone else simply regurgitates it as an article.

    • John Watwood says

      Regurgitates is an ample and concise term.

    • Mikalina says

      …the words may have been different…..

      Sounded to me like they were all the same and atempts to say otherwise is to ‘fudge’.

      • Sav says

        I wasn’t talking about this video, Mikalina. I meant the whole campaign in MSM against ‘fake news’.

  5. I went looking for “our” democracy but I couldn’t find it anywhere. The media is the Empire’s propaganda department, elections are a pieces of Kabuki theatre designed to bamboozle the proles and power-obsessed thieves, liars, torturers and killers run the show.

    This is hardly a new development. The exaggerated outrage and affected surprise every time the establishment’s crooked and devious ways are exposed is getting boring. Surveillance, manipulation and deception (and lying about it at every turn) is part and parcel of full-spectrum dominance. Surely we all know this by now so what’s with the “OMG they are threatening our democracy [sic]” routine?

    Is it not time to admit that “our” democracy is as good as dead and won’t be resurrected until we get angry or desperate enough to take the fight to those who are killing it?

    The internet has a way of making interaction with a digital device feel like something more…but until we are compelled to take action in the physical world we are just 21st century armchair revolutionaries… all talk and no action. No revolution happens without risk, sacrifice and, usually, violence and repression. In this brave new internet era we can’t even muster enough energy and motivation to take to the streets and demand the UK government release Julian Assange.

    Anyone who believes the fight against global capitalism can be fought and won passively while sitting in a coffee shop and tinkering on a Five Eyes infiltrated communication device is sadly deluded.

    Until we in the West rally around a vision that can replace the current political and economic order there won’t even be a revolution. In the absence of a viable alternative to replace it, the present dysfunctional system will live on, becoming increasingly repressive as sporadic chaos and violence erupt from a restive population under immense social and economic pressure.

    Decline can be a lengthy and bitter process and only we the people can put a halt to it. No wise and glorious leader or sympathetic foreign power will fight our battles for us.

    • John Watwood says

      Could not have iterated that better myself. Do not wish to try even. I concur Eric Blair. Agenda 21 will continue, and in my opinion, succeed. The ‘resistance’ will be people living in tiny, isolated, autonomous communities that the kakistocracy doesn’t give a rat’s tail about. Hell, as in 1984, when they bomb their own ‘sustainable’ cities(slave quarters?) they’ll have someone to blame. Mayhaps.

  6. There are now quite a few of these compilation videos out there on YouTube, here’s one:

    Whoever has compiled them has made an error in adding a laughter track to them which confuses and detracts from the message. Watch a few and you will be astonished.

    • John Watwood says

      I good a good laugh every time I watch one. Must have humor to brighten our darkened days.

    • Mikalina says

      The ‘laughter’ track is the most scary thing about this. People are supposed to find this funny?

  7. fremo.remo. says

    this is extremely dangerous to our democracy….

  8. Richard Wicks says

    Um, this has been going on for decades…

    Conan O’Brien does a bit around this, by recording part of the segment, then switching to another affiliate, then another, then another.

    The US hasn’t had a media since AT LEAST 2000 but if you mentioned “Hey, Hussein wouldn’t work with binLaden, he spent the last 20 years murdering any religious leader that was also political, and fought a war against the Iranian theocracy” – well, you were just simply insane and needed to take your meds.

    Glass that, 20 years later, finally people are realizing, well the obvious.

    • Richard. Yes, the Guardian smearing Sadam with accusations of religious fanaticism was the first thing that made me suspicious of the MSM. Sadam was one of a generation: a secular socialist Leaders like Assad, Nasser and Kassem; similar to the European secular socialists of their generation: Harold Wilson, Willy Brandt, Mendes France, Golda Meir. I wrote BTL that religious fanatics like Bin Laden were Sadam’s mortal enemies, so he could not possibly be in league with the Saudi terrorists of 911. Afterwards one began to realize that Bin Laden and other oily Saudi religious fanatics were friends of oily Anglo religious fanatics like Bush.

      • @Richard: ” 20 years later, finally people are realizing, well the obvious.”

        Reminds me of a story about Oxford mathematician GH Hardy. During a lecture he wrote some steps of a proof on the board and said, “From this it obviously follows …”.

        A student: “But, Professor, it is not obvious”.

        Hardy paused and thought a minute. Then without a word he left the class and was seen pacing up and down the quad, deep in thought. Came back 20 minutes later, said: “It is obvious”; and resumed his writing.

        Or the maths student who said, “After looking at the proof day after day for weeks I realized it was obvious”.

        That’s “Man, the glory, jest and riddle of the world” : obvious to Jack but not obvious to John — and vice versa.

          • @tonyopmoc. The oily Saudi terrorists (such as the Bin Laden family) who worked on 911 in collusion with oily US terrorists (such as the Bush family). The former were visiting the latter’s ranch on 910; and their private jet was the only plane allowed to fly out of the USA on 912. I guess the person who gave this permission was the same person who ordered US Air Defenses to be shut down on 911 — oily US VP Dick Cheney. The collusion between oily US terrorists in high places and oily Saudi terrorists in high places went on to build ISIL in Iraq and ISIS in Syria.

            Obvious — to me; but not, alas, to others — including some of my nearest and dearest — such is Life.

            • The bin Ladens are not Saudis, they are Yemenis, and they were never involved in the oil industry – they were and still are involved in the construction and renovation of buildings.

              • @Vierotchka. From WikiPedia: “Osama bin Mohammed bin Laden was born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, a son of Yemeni Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden, a billionaire construction magnate with close ties to the Saudi royal family. ”

                Thanks. Alright, not oily and not Saudi; just Yemeni billionaires with close ties to the Saudi royal family and the Bush POTUSA dynasty.

        • John Watwood says

          Indoctrination at it’s greatest. And all those whom follow the orthodoxy. The kakistocracy has it down to nigh perfection. That is why we here commenting on this platform, and those like it, are a minority. Humans are engineered to be ‘social’. And, in my opinion, to be slaves. It is only a minority whom seek to be truly autonomous, but the system will not, or rarely, allow this. Even the ‘elites’ are a slave to the sovereignty and hierarchy of the kakistocray’s systems. What I have discerned anyways, and believe by observation and history.

  9. Aah, the corporate hive mind at work. Of course, what they don’t mention is the kind of “democracy” they view as “ours”. You know, the kind that cheats in elections to make sure Hillary wins the nomination, the kind that blames everyone but their candidate for losing the national election, the one that supports Saudi Arabia and Israel with more weapons no matter who they kill, the one that occupies countries around the world via around 1,000 foreign bases, and of course the one that supports free money for billionaires 365 days a year while giving working people the finger.

  10. It would be instructive if the names of the major stockholders/owners of Sinclair Broadcasting (a conglomerate of now over 200 media outlets in the U.S.) became known and/or revealed, so that people can understand the worldviews of those who pushed this media message forward. What stood out in this far-reaching message was the odd phrase, attributed to the supposed motives behind the “evil” alternative news sources, “…to control exactly what people think.”

    Those around America who watched and listened were given a black-and-white message absent any nuance or detail – reminiscent of George W. Bush when he told the country and world before the mass-murdering in Iraq, etc. “you are with us or with the terrorists” – in an attempt to persuade/convince viewers only Sinclair Broadcasting can provide the truth. While very appreciative of the individuals who put this expose together, one might assess that the message likely succeeded, sadly, and that a large percentage of viewers began getting their “news” solely from the Sinclair “messengers”.

    Ironically, Sinclair’s owners likely accomplished what they accused alternative media sources of doing, which the owners described as “extremely dangerous to our democracy”: Sinclair’s owners through their orders empowered their media assets/employees “…to control exactly what people think.”

    • John Watwood says

      I concur with you. When at a gym via a hospital, one of the tv screens ALWAYS has MSM on it. Many pubs/bars, lobbies, offices, clinics, etc, have the same. MSM, and ONLY, MSM. It is infectious. And those who are privately owned and publicly accessible,(bars/pubs, etc) still ‘choose’ MSM, or sports, unless asked to change the channel or people start playing music or something. The orthodoxy of the kakistocracy is absolute. Unless, of course a world wide(mostly western, but not just so) awakening and enlightenment happens, and with that revulsion and ire, Agenda 21 succeeds and we are lost. Pessimistic yes, but I have not observed anything that will change it. Too few of us. The useful idiots of the MSM will be the first in line to get their ‘vaccines’ when a ‘pandemic’ arrives.

  11. Six groups own most of the main news media, but only one — Rothshild — owns the main source of news for those media to distribute:

    I remember vaguely from the US election that something similar exists for TV companies: they all get their news from one main source. And sometimes that source gives them the news before it has happened eg, the Lady on the BBC reporting the fall of building 7 while it was still standing behind her (and it continued to stand for another 20 minutes!). Something like that — a result reported on TV before the event — happened during Trump vs Clinton but I forget what. Rare but significant blips from a narrow but powerful source that give a new meaning to the phrase, Making the News.

    (Re-read what I wrote: seems I might have a touch of paranoia. Or there really is a very tight conspiracy between the shaping of events and the reporting of events).

    • Mikalina says

      Just cus you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean someone isn’t watching/controlling you………

      • Yossarian says

        Only thing I can find linking them is that Reuter seems to have at the very least offered exclusivity to Rothschild’s London bank when he set up his service:

        ” Many years later, the story was recounted of Julius locking his Aachen subscribers in his office when market-moving price information was expected. All then received the information simultaneously. No doubt there is some truth in this. However, we have on record that, , in April 1850 – the very time of the signing of the pigeon contract – he offered Rothschilds banking firm in London a deal by which, if Rothschilds would pay to receive Berlin and Vienna prices from him, he ‘would make no further involvement in London’. Where necessary, he was quite prepared to bind himself to exclusiveness. He and his wife were still living precariously. They needed money; they needed to eat. Geller, Steffen, the railway company and La Cygne all had to be paid.. The very high monopolistic charges of the Prussian State Telegraph needed to be recouped.”

        From a Reuter’s website:

        Obviously fortunes could be made by having exclusive access to the fastest messaging service; however, it’s light years away from being evidence the Rothschilds own – or ever owned – Reuters.

    • John Watwood says

      No paranoia vexarb, just realization. It is the orthodoxy of the kakistocracy at play, and you see it, feel it. Critical thinking, discernment, and observation.

      • Yes, we get it already. Kakistocracy IS a good word, isn’t it?, As some of us were already aware. Don’t wear it out!

    • “There’s no truth to it.

      AP is neither privately owned nor government-funded; instead, as a not-for-profit news cooperative owned by its American newspaper and broadcast members, it can maintain its single-minded focus on newsgathering and its commitment to the highest standards of objective, accurate journalism.

      In 2008, Reuters was bought by the Thomson Corporation, which created Thomson Reuters. It is controlled by the Thomson family of Canada, a long-time Canadian family that’s not related to Rothschilds.

      On Wikipedia:

      Thomson Reuters
      The Woodbridge Company
      Thomson Corporation
      Reuters Group
      David Thomson, 3rd Baron Thomson of Fleet

      A few days ago, I was asked for non-Wikipedia sources, so:

      Here’s a Reuters story on the merger in 2008:

      For ownership information on Thomson Reuters, go to this Canadian government web site:

      System for Electronic Disclosure by Insiders

      Click “Access public filings” then “View summary reports”

      Choose “Insider information by issuer”, then click “Next”

      Choose “Issuer number”, and type “00001065”, then click “Search”

      You should see this:

      View 00001065 Thomson Reuters Corporation

      Click on “View”

      From 1984 to 2007, Reuters was an independent corporation and nobody was allowed to control more than 15% of its stock, either directly or indirectly. In 2007, after the financial meltdown and with the precarious financial situation of so many news organizations, that rule was deemed infeasible.

      Before 1984, it was privately owned, and I’m not aware of any information on the owners.”

  12. Big B says

    Frightening: but you have to wonder – just how much TV does ‘D’ watch!

    Talking of fake news that is extremely dangerous to our rapidly eclipsing democracy: Christopher Steele is still at it. Or rather fake news purveyors BuzzFeed are at it on his behalf. This time pushing the death of RT’s founder Mikhail Lesin as murder. This was one of Steele’s other dossiers that form part of the “From Russia with Blood” series which constitute a “serious journalistic investigation” into the “killing fields” of London. OK, I slightly misquoted Dianne Abbot there; but it pisses me off that Labour have been pushing this crap from day one, when the Skripal poisoning was first announced, and Yvette Cooper asked (and subsequently got) Rudd to re-open investigations into the “14” other suspicious deaths in or around London. [I might add that Corbyn has tried to make that 15 by repeatedly asking about the “safety of Russians” after the murder of Nikolai Glushkov].

    [Just to be clear: Lesin died in Washington so is not one of the ’14’ – but it is all part of the same narrative construction and features in the dossier.]

    Steele is not only a source for this BuzzFeed dossier: the author and pusher of the infamous ‘Kompromat‘ dossier on Trump (the other BuzFeed dossier); but also a another document that contends that Vladimir Putin personally blocked Mitt Romney for Trump’s SecState. Right. Far from a mercenary purveyor of lies: Steele can be seen to be participating in ‘active measures’ against Trump and Putin at the same time. In fact, he has been on Trump’s case since before he was even involved in politics. “All roads lead to Trump Towers” he said: but this comes from his first major Orbis investigation into how Putin corruptly gained the World Cup …yeah, that World Cup: the one coming up. This boy is connected. Or Trump really is that corrupt. Probably both.

    [To be clear again: the dirt he picked up on Trump was incidental to his FIFA investigation – so no suggestion Trump and Putin colluded over the World Cup!]

    In fact: the whole anti-Trump, anti-Putin confection of lies is a candy floss spun around two major uncorroborated thesis …the ‘murder’ of Sergei Magnitsky in a Russian jail; and the Kompromat dossier published by BuzzFeed. Both have been pushed hard into the intelligence community, the State Department, the FBI, the DOJ, as well as bullhorned by a complicit and uncritical media …sourced from principally two men: Bill Browder and Steele – who would both appear to be actively working for MI6. Steele’s allegations were funded by Clinton and the DNC; and cross-fertilised with inuendo emanating from the likes of Clinton aides Sid Blumenthal and Cody Shearer – as detailed in this piece:

    Does this not show that it was British interference in the last US election?

    So both sets of lies have become self-corroborating using a “collaboration loop”. For instance: Steele briefs the FBI; then briefs the (Clinton) media; the media produce an ‘independently sourced’ article; the FBI get a FISA warrant based on Steele’s dossier and the Steele briefed media article. Neat, huh? Mueller’s indictments feedback and make it look as though Steele’s information was sound. Steele’s Kompromat gets attached as an appendix to the intelligence dossier that Brennan briefs the Obama regime who then sanction Russia …no evidence required: only raw unverified hearsay Kompromat. Browder’s lies are similarly spun out into the 14 others who died for “helping Russian oligarchs funnel money into London”. A candy-floss and web of deceit spun from the South of England: not Russia.

    The chance that Sergei Skripal is randomly connected through his ‘handler’ Pablo Miller to this web are much less than zero. Was he an active participant? We will never know. So throw in a fake Novichok assassination attempt; a dodgy slide show of “unprecedented intelligence sharing”; and pretty soon you have 25 or more countries cross-collaborating to push this shit. Half the world hates Russia based on the biggest conspiracy theory and mother of all #FakeNews. Sod democracy: we never had a functional one anyway. But now we have a fully developed idiotocracy. Browder and Steele: the boys done good?

    • Francis Lee says

      This sort of attempted social and biological engineering isn’t new. Mass ideological manipulation used to be the remit of the church during the middle-ages, but with the secularization trends of the 20th century society, mass manipulation has become a science – a science constructed and (almost) perfected by Edward Bernays, Gustav Le Bon and Graeme Wallas. Most infamously it was operationalised in Nazi Germany during the 1930s. But it was not restricted to the Nazis. Walking around the Imperial War Museum in London looking at the various jingoistic posters is a clear demonstration that anyone could play this game, and they did.

      There has also been a copious literature on the present and future development of totalitarianism. George Orwell, ”1984”, Aldous Huxley, ”Brave New World”, Jack London, ”The Iron Heel”, Arthur Koestler, ”Darkness at Noon.” But I think the most imaginative contribution was by H.G.Wells, ”The Time Machine”. The plot was that a clever scientist had invented time travel with a machine which could take him either into the past or into the future. Our time traveller mounts his steed which carries him into the distant future. Here he discovers that the human race has over time mutated into two distinct species: the morlocks and the elois. The morlocks live under-ground and keep the whole show going in terms of reproducing the essentials for living. The elois on the other hand are the descendants of a decadent and corrupt bourgeoisie. The stupid, apathetic elois were terminally useless but kept alive by the morlocks as food – the morlocks were cannibals. There is one particular scene where sirens start to wail. This was the result of some past atomic wars. But now the sirens had a different function. When they were switched on the elois en masse walked towards the fall-out shelters as they had been conditioned to do earlier in their development. Little did they know that they were going to be lunch for the morlocks. The behaviour of the elois is completely beyond the comprehension of our time traveller who simply wishes to get back to Victorian England.

      The whole story is a fitting cameo for our time and respresents the possible terminal point of our civilization. Yep, morlocks and elois.

      There have been several film versions of Wells’ novella. On a technical point I would like to know how you get clips of the film onto the OffGuardian comments section.

    • John Watwood says

      chuckling Right on. Idiotocracy is the word of the day.

  13. It smacks of desperation…

    After all, we can’t have the population know the truth, now, can we?

    I read somewhere, several times, that the MSM’s rates have steadily been going down, and that fewer and fewer people take them seriously.

    • It may seem a desperate move, but it’s worked exactly as intended: the majority of Americans actually believe it.

  14. DomesticExtremist says

    How about “highly likely”, “of a type produced by Russia” and “only plausible explanation” that runs through Ms May’s statement, statements from the EU, NATO, and US like the lettering through a stick of rock?

  15. MichaelK says

    Isn’t this piece a crystal clear example of propaganda aimed at a mass audience, something, we are told, that doesn’t happen in our part of the world, compared to Russia and China? We are supposed to have a system full of fiercely independent, free and strong-minded journalists that represent a broad spectrum of views, people who aren’t robots all reading from the same state/corporate script.

  16. MichaelK says

    Fortunately, more and more people are giving up on ‘the News’ and are switching it off and getting on with other things. I don’t think the mass media really has much of a future.

    • John Watwood says

      I don’t believe it will have to. When all those people in the MSM are obsolete, they will be done away with. Along with 6.5 billion other individuals. They are just to stupid(ignorant, nascent?) to see it.

      • Mikalina says

        They’ve been told they are the ‘special’ ones and they believe it. Works every time.

  17. MichaelK says

    I’m not quite sure whether this piece, from the New York Times is an April Fool’s joke, or not. I’ll let the keen-eyed observer decide for themselves. In my opinion the exaggerated language and the patent absurdity of much of the arguments, point in that direction. Only it’s getting hard to tell these days when one reads the western media. Is this a parody of fake news inserted by some dissident, appalled at the path we’re on?

    • Peter says

      Hard to tell, indeed, whether the NYT article is an April Fool’s joke or not. If it’s meant to be taken seriously, the authors should be ashamed of themselves, so breathtakingly bad is it. The NYT is giving the Graun a good run for its money in lost standards and abandoned virtue. Facts are not only not sacred, they’ve been abolished.

      The NYT article uses absolutely ALL the techniques of ‘big fat nothing burger’ journalism.

      It seems OffGraun is under cyber attack. Someone is starting to take it seriously. Good news, I suppose. Cui bono?

    • John Watwood says

      I am shocked! There wasn’t a comment section. Weird. But I have a few questions. Moscow is in Europe, shouldn’t that be considered being in the West? Is Ukraine considered West now that it has been ‘liberated’? Is Poland or Romania West or East? Or any other country that resides in those regions? Who gets to decide where the lines of West and East are drawn? I’d like to ask that of MSM and watch them rub their temples and exclaim: “Owww! My head hurts!” laughing. Great comments btw.

  18. The term ‘democracy’ can mean so many different things as a result of being used (abused) as a symbolic reference for a sense of non tyranny in general terms of holding power accountable or in check to some sense of willing consent of the people.

    So appealing for reaction to a sense of ‘threatened democracy’ feels to be still speaking within the framework of a distorted narrative.

    If we are to restore and grow a truly human culture in freedom of thought, speech and endeavour that align and embody such freedom, instead of succumbing to an imposed system of tyranny resulting from the corruption and perversion of freedom, then we have to recognize and stand in exactly what we mean – and speak and give witness to the quality of knowing what we mean, instead of running on acquired impressions and conditioned beliefs that assign a sense of identity set over and ‘against’ something else – and thus seeming to be ‘for’ but not rooted in consciously recognized and accepted meaning, value or worth.

    There will be no awakening from conflicted subjection to tyranny without awakening to responsibility for the word we give and use. The pen is of a different order than the sword in physical terms, because the ability to recognize, accept and give definition is at the level of mind – where the actions of the body are always and only operating FROM the current set of active definitions. The use of the mind to mask, is a result of attempting and intending to use the mind as a sword. To cut or split off the mind MUST mask itself in physicalized forms in order to engage the experience of power over consciousness as a masked identity and agenda. Firstly in order to do so, and secondly to hide the guilt of the belief one has done so from the expectation of likewise being ‘done to’.

    ‘Who lives by the sword dies by the sword’ can better point to the identification in using the mind as a weapon, for this choice is the immediate loss of awareness of life in true being – in exchange for power in the world – better said perhaps as power over the effects and outcomes of our own hidden or forgotten agreements and choices. Also pointed to by the phrase ‘Truth is the first casualty of war’.

    What then is democracy? Or rather what are the practical ideals that symbolize something alive and moving in our being – that we can uncover, locate, reavaluate, discern and hold worthy? The ‘cut up’ mind thinks in concepts which at best are facets of a greater whole that it cannot see or know – because it was made by the sword. But You were not – and thus can perceive or apprehend in terms of a felt or intuitively recognized wholeness.

    The choices of the cut-off mind are always set by a tyrannous framework in which a seeming lesser evil is preferred over and against a greater fear. How else but by this do we all choose the evil and mask it as the good? And in certainty that the real world necessitates our choices.

    Our world is offering valid reflections for our own recognition as feedback to the masked off contents of our own mind, unless we are blindly defending a narrative control against a reintegrative opening to the suppressed, rejected and denied. Which of course we interpret fearfully as ‘chaos’ to be defended against, vanquished and managed.

    While I don’t always frame in the same parameters as Jordan Peterson, I appreciate his willingness to witness for a freedom of thought, speech and aligned action in open defiance of illegitimate and destructive thinking and identity politicking.
    When a true witness comes into the conscious attention as a willingness to engage via communication – it encourages others to live their own truth in a more fearless focus of witnessing. Fearless because the fears are owned and faced and moved through or undone rather than masking off in clever thinking that seeks personal exemptions or self justification.

    I am joining in what I feel is your wake up call, but not within poorly defined or falsely framed terms of reference.
    Democracy as a mob rule by a manipulated mind is simply mind-capture under tyrannous beliefs set out in the name of freedom, security and institutionalized truth – is allegiance to fear and masking deceit as power to live. Fear triggers reaction unless you put down the sword and listen for the true that the fear would otherwise rule out and keep hidden.

    Studying the nature of the ‘problem’ in its own terms becomes a pathology vindicated by the pathological. The definitions that lead to a particular result are what need to be addressed – rather than emotion back reaction and emotion suppressing ‘control.

    • “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”.
      “Love casteth out fear”.

      Or, as Socrates said 500 years before that, “Blow the Democratic Consensus! I don’t care how many people support my opinion, what I want to know is: can you and I reach agreement by following a chain of thought to its Logical Conclusion?

    • John Watwood says

      For the primitives(elites, royals, etc) words mean what the say they mean, or wish them to mean. Hate can mean love, war can mean peace. W/e they decide. Shoot, can even do it in a court of law, as long as it is provided to and then stipulated by a judge. laughing Just a play of words, symbols lined out on a piece of parchment. And people still believe that that is ‘rule’. Funny methinks that.

  19. Betrayed planet. says

    Here in the U.K. the fear from the Media, Corporate State and their owned corrupt politicians is now palpable. The vicious onslaught against a man like Corbyn who has repeatedly shown himself to be one of the country’s main advocates for world peace and equality in the U.K. is like nothing I have ever seen before in my 60 odd years alive. Daily the attacks continue even over Easter, unrelenting. This man recently won a peace prize for a lifetime devoted to challenging illegal wars and supporting poorer sections of society.
    It does have one positive and that is that more and more people are turning away from the now almost defunct MSM as they are becoming almost irrelevant, their lies and propaganda now a standing joke among many.
    It is however becoming more dangerous as they are using ( like the Skripal case) a grossly exaggerated anti- semitism to smear the democratic left and to a certain degree it’s working. The establishment is now targeting FB and other social media sites in an attempt to shut down conversation and the spread of knowledge in the face of a population slowly waking up to the reality of a hard right authoritarian government. One can only hope that the suffering of the disenfranchised and marginalised, the state of the NHS, schools, social care, prisons, rising prices, poverty and hunger will be enough to defeat the war mongering conscienceless Theresa May and her army of sociopaths.

    • Harry Stotle says

      The Guardian have run at least 4 or 5 anti-Corbyn stories in the last 2 days (all closed to comment).

      A standard approach to one of their hate campaign starts with targeting a white middle aged man (Morrissey, Jukian Assange, Jordan Peterson, etc) then employng faux concern about a group their target is said to have offended followed by endless commentary about what failures they are as people and how dangerous their ideas are outside the safe space of Guardian group-think.

      But even by these low standards the treatment of Corbyn has been especially vicious painting him as a closet anti-semite, belonging to culture (British socialism) that has always had a problem with the Jewish community.

      This kind of slimy modus operandi really does indicate the hallmarks of an organisation that has completely lost its moral compass – I just wish they’d stop churning out ‘won’t someone think of the children’ articles as the party they tacitly endorse go about their business of asset stripping the country.

      • Betrayed planet. says

        The Guardian lost its moral compass and indeed its grip on reality when Viner took over. My relatives in Ireland would call them “ sleeveens”. a word denoting people who crawl out from under a stone, hypocrisy, lies and crocodile tears being their main feature.

        • Totally agree about Viner. The kiss of death for the paper. Poor old Peter Preston must’ve died broken-hearted!

      • As many of this website’s contributors will know, It’s evident from reading Eva Bartlett’s and Vanessa Beeley’s Twitter pages that the Guardian is running a substantial campaign, at every opportunity, to discredit them personally and all their revelations about what life is really like in Syria under Assad and the truth about the White Helmets and the financial, material and practical support they (the WH) and terrorist groups receive from the West. Apparently when challenged by Bartlett and Beeley and others who support their integrity and reliability as journalists, the ‘professional’ (?) technique adopted by the Guardian journalists is to block any further communications from said individuals rather than respond to pertinent and factually based questions, thereby giving the impression to other Twitter followers that there is no alternative viewpoint to their propagandised rhetoric.

        • Mikalina says

          James Corbett does a report on the appalling treatment Eva Bartlett and Vanessa Beeley are getting on twitter from Newbud’s Sibel Edmonds. There is a tweet near the end which is so spiteful, it made me gasp.

        • Peter says

          I haven’t got a cellphone or Twitter, JudyJ, or even FaceBook, to tell the truth, or anything much where I have to create an ‘account’ and fill in personal details.

          Where can I find Beeley’s and Bartlett’s work?

          • @Peter – I, too, am not on Twitter but you can still access their Twitter accounts for reading purposes if you simply put their name into your search engine and it will come up with their Twitter accounts as an option. It isn’t necessary to register or log in to read the ‘posts’. I highly recommend you do read them. If you click again on some of the posts it will open up another page giving the reader more detailed information and reader exchanges on that specific post. As a ‘mature’ person I don’t find Twitter the easiest to follow but if you persevere you will certainly get the gist of the issues raised. Good luck! Other than that, as Big B has indicated, you can access articles they have written and Youtube videos of their work at conferences etc just by ‘googling’ their names.

          • John Watwood says

            Bartlett has a you tube channel as well.

        • John Watwood says

          Yup, and Eva Bartlett has a you tube channel as well.

      • mark says

        They tried backstabbing Corbyn twice and failed in revolts against his leadership by the Zio – Red Tory Blairites.
        So then they came up with the Czech spy smear, which got nowhere.
        So now we see the previous orchestrated anti Semitic smears being resurrected.
        One good thing about this is seeing the Board of Deputies emerging from the shadows and taking direct control, instead of wire pulling behind the scenes – a true sign of desperation.

  20. Gloria Jean says

    What a pathetic show from the Sinclair Broadcast Group; it isn’t even slick! Abbey is always brilliant!

  21. Gloria Jean says

    What a pathetic show from the Sinclair Broadcast Group; it isn’t even slick!

  22. Alan says

    After watching the puppet show I imagine what I’m thinking is extremely dangerous to our democracy.

  23. Harry Stotle says

    “As you watch the montage – put together by user “D” on youtube – you have to ask yourself: What is the mechanism behind this?” – what is the mechanism, the usual one I would imagine, corporate greed?

    The hand full of corporations that hold US media in a vice like grip know a frightened audience is an easier audience to manipulate – and the audience fall for it everytime, the daft bastards.

    Don’t forget 6 corporations control 90% of MSM output, what level of self-delusion is required to think their primary concern is democracy?

  24. notheonly1 says

    Looks like Coca Cola took lessons from Joseph Göbbels. It was him who discovered that one has only to repeat a lie ad infinitum for it to be believed.
    Back to the present mass propaganda:
    The exact thing is happening in Germany and likely in all US vassal states through out the West. Nobody should be at a loss regarding the underlying current. The most employed technique by the propagandists though is the one of psychological projection. If citizens would be able to understand this practice, then they would also be capable to separate the lies from the truth.
    At this point the manipulation is so thorough and all-encompassing that resignation has become the order of the day. It will be interesting to see how mankind is getting itself out of this one.

    • “No one understood better than Stalin that the true object of propaganda is neither to convince nor even to persuade, but to produce a uniform pattern of public utterance in which the first trace of unorthodox thought immediately reveals itself as a jarring dissonance.”
      ~ Alan Bullock, in Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives

      I use this quote often because its message is more about people believing they know what is safer to think, say or do or say under such conditions as are propagated or imposed with accompanying threat or fear of penalty. While also appealing to the mask of correctness in pointing the finger of accusation and blame.

      Self-preservation runs to evade blame, pain and loss as an ‘automatic’ or default reaction to perceived reality – regardless of the social presentation or reality – which is of course the same thing. Hence the programming under the ‘matrix’ of an artificial intelligence, subjection under an alien will, or robotic compliance and conformity to technocracy. All of which are the result of giving power to fear.

      • @Binra: “the first trace of unorthodox thought immediately reveals itself as a jarring dissonance.”
        As in the H.M Bateman cartoons eg, The Man who Lit his Cigar before the Loyal Toast”. We are herd animals and seek safety against prowlers by melting into the crowd. Loyalty is a great virtue but its obverse defect is that group-think makes the herd easy to control and prone to stampede.

      • notheonly1 says

        Although many capable thinkers have given the subject ample attention – the final results are still out. What the likes of Stalin and Hitler/Göbbels knew about generating consent has grown out of its original proportion – in plain sight.
        The most important fact here is – as You have mentioned – ‘blame’. It works like a charm, both as a tool for manipulation and as a resort for ‘self-preservation’. Albeit, is this ‘self-preservation’ that needs closer inspection. While widely accepted as a natural aspect of homo sapiens, homo sapiens sapiens should already be aware of the tricky nature of ‘self’.
        A society is collective of ‘selves’ and how each individual perceives its ‘self’ as ‘individual’ and differing from the majority, allows for the thorough programming of the majority by means of catering to the needs of the individual self.
        The opposite phenomenon is the desire, or most often obsession to be different from the majority. Expressed in clothing, possessions and life style. Thus, the ‘manipulation of the masses’ is an oxymoron, as the manipulation occurs at the individual level. Studying the history of National Socialism, one aspect becomes apparent: the inevitable ‘self-dynamic’. At one point, the ‘movement’ resembles an artificial life form – absorbing the individual and creating something much bigger that the sum of its parts.
        It is this outcome the powers that were and be are aiming at.
        As to ‘fear’, there is more than one type of it. The archaic version of homo erectus serving the survival of the species and being integral part of its evolution, and the modern version that arose through the forming of larger societies.
        The only antidote to fear imho is the understanding of the questions “Who am I?”, “What am I?” and “What is all this about?” Questions that are no longer pursued for obvious reasons.

        Allow me to reference a documentary about this very interesting topic. It gives further insight into the machinations that have culminated into the ‘matrix’ of an AI, alien will and the inability to transcend the instilled fear.

        • Big B says

          Excellent thread: the mass psychoses of totalitarianism is a pertinent discussion. The ultimate fear, according to Ernest Becker, is of ones own mortality. It is the realisation of individual powerlessness, meaninglessness, and inconsequence in the face of a seemingly hostile universe (Sartre’s ‘Absurd’) that leads to transference of self from the individual to the group, the cause, the party, the charismatic authoritarian leader. External heroification gives the individual the sense of internal heroification – of being part of something greater, a sense of belonging and meaning. This in itself is death defying; the ersatz immortality cult of the ‘Thousand Year Reich’ being most cogent. Conflict is the result of one immortality cult trying to erase all trace of the threatening immortality cult. Arendt’s “Total Terror” is when the ingroup undertakes the totalitarian eradication of every last trace of the outgroup: engaging in pseudo-eternal demonisation, humiliation and dehumanisation …so much that the survivors will not be believed or be able to regroup, re-acculturate and continue on. This is greater than genocide: but cultural genocide – the complete eradication of a competing or threatening way of life. The truly frightening insight of Arendt is that this is not enacted by the ideologues, the zealots, or party apparatchiks – but by erstwhile ordinary people.

          Of the two totalitarian regimes Arendt studied: it is the Soviet system I believe is most apposite. Stalin undertook the deliberate atomisation and fragmentation of all class structures to create the “mobs” and “masses” that post-war economic conditions gave rise to in Germany. The result was what Alexander Zinoviev termed “Homo Sovieticus” [as a warning to the West]; a demoralised, apathetic, demotivated self; in a perpetual state of ennui that was malleable in the control of the Party apparatus. I could perhaps see the seed bed for this in the postmodern millennial mind and youthful apathetics (to whom even truth is relative) developed in America? And the backlash to that is a return dialectic of the “Enlightenment Project” and authoritarian personality championed by the likes of Jordan Peterson, Stephen Hicks, Melissa Chen, etc …defending Western Liberal values – because they are not totalitarian at all?

          The true antidote to totalising regimes is a form of secular self-sufficiency: being enough in oneself and not turning to or being dependent on the raison d’etat – the will of the state. The ultimate remedy is decentralised communal living without a state heirarchy at all …a confederation of the commons; or community of equals. A la Kropotkin, Bakunin, Bookchin, etc. Only don’t mention Marx, or anarchy, or communism …it scares the Bejesus out of the authoritarians!

          • Mikalina says

            …being enough in oneself …

            We have a generation bringing up another generation now who have both been relentlessly subjected to having the development of the ‘oneself’ deformed, defeated, paralysed, twisted, annihilated, split, shrunk, poisoned or junked through indoctrination by poverty, technology, education, abuse, media, psychology, medicine, vaccination to name but a few.

            No “form of secular self-sufficiency” is going to heal that?

            • Well, we see the same trauma unfolding: the injustice people feel at the distribution of the world’s wealth into a concentrated billionaire superclass can only increase. The likely result will be populism, nationalism, and demagoguery met by technocracies and totalitarianism. No one is going to reverse globalism toward a utopian socialism on my say so! But in the future it might become apparent that the utopian is in fact a pre-requisite of humanity exiting the 21st century as a viable species. At some point in the coming decades Nature is going to push humanity through a resource bottleneck. Currently only one class has an exit strategy for this: the superclass. The rest have no idea what is coming. As the hanging judge once said: it is amazing how a sentence of death can concentrate a fellows mind. Perhaps, just perhaps, enough of our finest minds will realise in time to engineer a solution (economic, social, and personal self-sufficiency). Eco-socialism, barbarism, or a war of annihilation broadly speaking are the choices we face.

              [As the great man once said: “I have been to the mountaintop. I have seen the Promised Land. I might not make it with you: but we, as a people will reach the Promised Land.” [Precis.] For his prescient vision, this day in history the capitalist state executed the man …but you cannot so easily kill the visionary ideals of MLK. Perhaps there is still time to reach the “Promised Land”?]

  25. Lyn Smith says

    If it doesn’t creep you out it should. It proves we don’t and probably never did have anything remotely resembling a ‘democracy’.

  26. Captain Kemlo says

    Jesus wept, it’s the Stepford Wives – writ large.

    • Edwige says

      The remake version where they all have implanted microchips?

  27. “Thou needst not Lie, provided thou forbidst others to reveal the Truth” — First Book of Mammon.

    • Ruling out, is the hidden basis of the power to rule over.
      Truth ruled out, is the freedom to make your own.
      Truth under such ‘rules’ is exchanged for power over life, and power by any means is simply believed honesty in action.
      Any foolish belief in any ‘truth’ as love is catered for in movies and media narratives to feed the minds of those too weak to face the ‘truth’ of death that power holds over life. Power cannot ‘lie’ to those whose minds are unable to bear its ‘truth’ and so they are fed versions that direct them in their own frameworks of belief and subject them by their own will to serve in darkness of their own need to know – as the need to NOT know.

      Blinded by illusion of power, are those who know not what they do. Of course we believe they know what they are doing. But is subjecting our thoughts to true discernment inherent to who we are? Or is keeping unwanted awareness at bay the survival in the mask?

      • Mikalina says

        The answer lies in compassion for others, not in obsession with self.

  28. Fair dinkum says

    It’s the Coca Cola technique.
    Repeat a message often enough and the people believe it.

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