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The Rapidly Evolving Skripal Story: Evidence of the Destruction of an Anglo-American Plan

by James O’Neill

On 4th of March 2018 former Russian intelligence officer Sergei Skripal and his 33-year-old daughter Yulia were found on a park bench in Salisbury England at 16. 15 hours in an unconscious state.

They were tended to by a number of passers by who included a doctor, an off duty nurse and some civilians. It was not known at that stage what had caused the Skripal’s illness. No one had any reason to believe that they were the victims of any nerve agent, and accordingly took no precautions against such a possibility. Despite the very well documented dangers of even casual contact with nerve agents, none of those helpful citizens suffered any ill-effects.

The Skripals were taken to hospital where they have remained ever since. The public were told that they were both in a coma and unable to communicate in any way. Yet on the morning of 7 March 2018 Yulia Skripal accessed the Russian equivalent of her Facebook page (VKontakte).

There are a number of possible explanations for this. She may have briefly returned to consciousness and her first thought was to access VKontakte before relapsing. Alternatively her VK could have been hacked, but that would not have been easy and there is no known evidence to support this possibility. A third possibility, implicit in the words of her treating physician, was that she “came to her senses.” Precisely what that meant is unclear because it was never elaborated upon.

The hospital authorities have disclosed that Yulia is now fully awake, eating, drinking and talking, these and other questions may be able to be asked and answered. Precisely what we are told about Yulia’s answers depends upon who is allowed to talk to her. Another of the disturbing aspects of this case is that none of her family, her fiancé, or the Russian consulate authorities has been permitted access.

This latter fact is directly contrary to the provisions of the 1963 Vienna Convention on Consular Relations. The British have pretended that this did not apply to Ms Skripal as she was a Russian national (unlike Sergei who had dual British citizenship) because article 37 of the Convention had not been incorporated into English law.

The judge who heard an application for the taking of blood samples came to this conclusion, apparently without reference to, or being advised by counsel acting for the Skripals on behalf of the British government, that there was in fact a consular treaty between the then Soviet Union and Britain. This treaty was ratified in 1968 and specifically provides for the right of consular access. Article 36 of the treaty provides:

(1) (a) A consular officer shall be entitled within the consular district to communicate with, interview and advise a national of the sending state and it may render him every assistance including, where necessary, arranging for aid and advice in legal matters.
(b) No restriction shall be placed by the receiving state upon the access of a national of the sending state to the consulate or upon communication by him with the consulate.

Notwithstanding this provision, which as the terminology makes clear, is not optional but mandatory, the British continue you to refuse the Russian consular staff their lawful access to the Skripals.

In that same court case (NoB228376 & 13228382 [2018] EWCOP 6 Judgement 22 March 2018) the judge was also apparently not told by counsel that while the Skripals “appeared to have some relatives in Russia” they had not been advised of the application before the court and neither were the Russian authorities. According to the judgement the Russians would find out about the court case after the event because the judge intended to publish his findings!

Ms Skripal does not just “appear” to have relatives in Russia. She has her grandmother and also a fiancé with whom she was living. She also has a cousin, Victoria, with whom she has recently had a conversation according to Russian TV that has released a transcript of the discussion.

The Russian authorities have also released copies of multiple requests made to the British government for consular access and other information. Not only were the requests ignored, contrary to the treaty quoted above, but the judge was not even informed that such requests had been made.

The judgement ordering the taking of blood samples from the Skripals was for the purposes of technical analysis to try and determine what caused their illness, from whence the presumed nerve agent had originated, and possibly identified who might be responsible. Then again it might not, for a host of technical reasons.

The point here however, is that the order was made on 22 March 2018 when the answers to those key questions were not known, unless of course the British themselves or one of their allies were the perpetrators. Both the Police who were inquiring into what was a possible attempted homicide, and the scientific investigation by both Porton Down and the technical team at the OCPW to whom the matter was eventually referred, said that the results would take some time and possibly weeks.

Yet on 14 March 2018, one week before the judgement, and weeks before the scientific results could possibly be known, British prime minister Therese May was telling the House of Commons that the culprit was a nerve agent “of a type developed by Russia” that had been used, and that it was “an unlawful use of force by the Russian State against the United Kingdom.”

Whether or not May appreciated it, such a statement amounted to her declaring that Russia had committed an act of war against the United Kingdom, contrary to international law. Her statements, together with those of her foreign minister Boris Johnson, carried hyperbole to extreme lengths. It immediately brings to mind the Mad Queen from Alice in Wonderland who demanded the sentence before the verdict.

That was not the end of the British rhetorical overkill. The Salisbury hospital authorities directly contradicted the British government’s claims of dozens of people having been affected by the alleged nerve agent. The Consultant at Salisbury Hospital, Dr Stephen Davies, wrote a letter to The Times saying

no patients have experienced symptoms of nerve agent poisoning in Salisbury.

Davies told the newspaper that only three persons were being treated, presumably the Skripals and Detective Sergeant Bailey. Note that the physician was careful not to specify precisely what the three were being treated for, other than that it was not nerve agent poisoning.

This rare example of sanity in the mainstream media was lost in the ongoing stampede to indict, convict and sentence Russia before all of the evidence had been gathered and analysed.

The campaign of vilification against Russia was extended further by the British government circulating a six-page document to 80 foreign embassies in Moscow setting out their “case” for blaming Russia. That “case” was simply risible. Its manifold falsehoods and absurdities have been pointed out elsewhere (O’Neill Australia confirms its colonial status with expulsion of Russian diplomats www.journal-neo.org 5 April 2018).

That did not prevent Australia and more then 20 other allies of the United Kingdom expelling diplomats on no further ground than giving their support to the British government and its absurd claims. Not even all of Britain’s NATO and EU allies and partners were prepared to jump on that particular bandwagon, not to mention the more than 160 nations in the world who dissociated themselves from the allegations.

The means by which the Skripals became infected has also been a subject of constantly changing scenarios. At various times the nerve agent was said to have been brought into Britain in Yulia’s suitcase; that it was placed their car’s air system; and that it was placed on the doorknob of the front door to Mr Skripal’s home.

Here again there were logical contradictions. The nerve agent was said to be up to 8 times more toxic than VX (a nerve agent of a type developed by the British and used in the Kuala Lumpur assassination of a relative of North Korea’s President Kim.) Yet that door was touched multiple times by police and others without them becoming infected.

Even more problematic was the four-hour time gap between when the Skripals left their house and suddenly taking ill before being found on the park bench in central Salisbury. The word “suddenly” is apt because CCTV footage of pair 15 minutes before being discovered on the park bench shows them alive, seemingly healthy and walking along a Salisbury Street without difficulty after having a meal at Zizzi’s restaurant.

If the claims of Novichok’s toxicity are true, then the front door handle could not possibly have infected them. If the nerve agent was so weak that it takes four hours to do its job of rendering targets dead or immobilized, then its utility as a weapon is less than useless.

The weight of logic therefore points to them being infected at some point during the 15 minute interval between leaving the restaurant and being found. Unless either eyewitnesses come forward; the CCTV cameras caught the crucial moment; or the now recovered Yulia is able to shed light on what happened, it may never be possible to ascertain the perpetrators.

On 3 April 2018 a further huge hole was blown in the British government’s case. The director of Porton Down’s defence science and technology laboratory told Britain’s SKY TV News that they had been unable to identify the source of the Novichok agent said to have been used against the Skripals.

The sophistication of the agent used was such, Mr Aitkenhead said, that it could “probably” be deployed only by a nation state. While Russia might be presumed to have such capability, the same is equally true of the United Kingdom, the United States, France, China and a significant number of other states with advanced technical capabilities (Hayward et al www.timhayward.wordpress.com 1 April 2018).

The Porton Down statement directly contradicts the assertions of Theresa May, Boris Johnson and their Australian counterparts Malcolm Turnbull and Julie Bishop. The latter pair, in the joint media release of 27 March 2018 said, “this attack is part of a pattern of reckless and deliberate conduct by the Russian state.” It would be unwise to hold one’s breath waiting for an apology from those politicians and a withdrawal of the reckless, unfounded and inflammatory statements.

Instead, the mainstream media has either ignored the Porton Down statement and its implications, or they have been complicit in obscuring the original unequivocal claims of Russian culpability espoused by May, Turnbull and others (www.moonofalabama.org 4 April 2018). This dishonesty has been evident throughout this whole saga.

The issue yet to be properly addressed by the investigation is who had the means, motive and opportunity to carry out what increasingly looks like a false flag attack, and a not very competent one at that.

A series of events occurred shortly before the attack on the Skripals that possibly provide some insight into the perpetrator’s motives. First, the so-called Russiagate witch-hunt, attempting to blame Russia for “interfering” (rich in irony) in the 2016 United States presidential election had spectacularly collapsed.

That particular campaign against Russia had relied heavily upon a dossier produced by a “former” British spy named Christopher Steele. In the weeks preceding the Skripal attack it was revealed by Britain’s conservative newspaper the Daily Telegraph among others, that Sergei Skripal had links with Steele and another major player, Pablo Miller, in the Steele dossier saga when they worked together during the time of Skripal’s betrayal of his country. Miller also lived in Salisbury and was known to have had contact with Skripal.

Secondly the Anglo American attempt at regime change in Syria through its terrorist proxies and others had failed miserably thanks largely to Russian and Iranian intervention.

Those terrorist groups have being responsible for a number of false flag chemical weapons attacks blamed upon the Assad Government. With the liberation of Eastern Ghouta, the Syrian and Russian forces found a significant cache of chemical weapons materials. The Russians announced that those materials were clearly destined to be used in another false flag attack that would provide the justification for United States and its “coalition” allies, including Australia, to mount air and missile attacks upon Syrian and Russian forces.

The chemical cache discovery, which received minimal coverage in the western media, was accompanied by a blunt warning from the Russian military command, that any such air and missile attack would be met with retaliation, including against the source of the attack. This was a clear warning to US ships and missile sites. The discovery of the chemical weapons and materials and the blunt warning were sufficient to deter any attack. Clearly however, the Anglo American forces were angered by their plans being thwarted.

Thirdly, on 1 March 2018 President Putin addressed a joint sitting of the Russian Parliament. Part of that speech announced a range of new weapons that were years ahead of any western systems. Russia not only had the capacity to defend itself with its sophisticated S400 anti-missile systems, it could retaliate against any western military attack with devastating force, against which the west had no defence.

Fourthly, despite a prolonged campaign of vilification against Mr Putin, he was overwhelmingly re-elected by the Russian people for a further six-year term. That result was entirely consistent with his level of popularity as revealed in opinion polls conducted by Western polling agencies.

Those results did not stop the western media from a alleging that the vote was rigged, or that Putin did not allow real opposition, and some other desperate claims. The American analyst Gilbert Doctorow has written a number of articles demolishing the western media’s claims, although one is unlikely to see them given wider coverage. (www.consortiumnews.com 15 March 2018) Western “analysts” for the most part prefer the comfort of your own prejudices.

In the light of these four factors, it is a reasonable hypothesis that the Skripal attack was a sign of the increasing desperation of some western governments, chief among them the United States and United Kingdom. The propaganda barrage and the pointless posturing over diplomatic expulsions gave those governments and others foolish enough to be taken in by their patently nonsensical allegations some brief self-satisfaction.

The latest revelations from Porton Down however, are exposing that anti-Russia campaign for the shoddy and deceptive conduct that it is. In time, the Skripal incident will be placed alongside the Gulf of Tonkin, Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction, the attacks upon Yugoslavia in 1996, Afghanistan in 2001, Libya in 2011, and Syria in 2015 as examples of provocations justifying the destruction of societies that threaten Western hegemony.

The Russia-China strategic alliance; the progressive de-dollarization of the world’s economy; and the success of defeats of Anglo American plans in Ukraine, North Korea and elsewhere indicate that the geopolitical balance of the world is changing rapidly. The challenge will be to discourage the increasingly desperate crazies who inhabit Western centres of power from embarking upon a war to try and reverse the inevitable destruction of their rapidly failing plans for “full spectrum dominance.”

James O’Neill is a Barrister at Law and geopolitical analyst. He may be contacted at joneill@qldbar.asn.au


  1. Old Pepper says

    In one of my earlier posts I suggested that Skripals were not poisoned, that they were drugged and kept unconscious. But, the other day, I received information from the British foreign office’s insurgents that, indeed, there was no poisoning of Skripals, but there was a strong sleeping pill in a cafe, whose menu was then classified. At the same time, the POISON was APPLIED to the handle of the Skripals ‘ house door LATER.

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  3. Kirill Poly says

    Ok, let’s summarize some facts:
    – Skripals has been poisoned by a poison of enormous power, just 2 grams of it can kill a half of a country
    – they had been poisoned in a restaurant
    – no, on a park bench
    – no, door knob had been smeared in poison
    – no, suitcase was poisoned
    – no, everything in a house was poisoned
    – ow, buckwheat was poisoned, that’s for sure!
    – but they didn’t die instantly, wandering somewhere for a half of a day
    – but policeman who found them almost bought the farm
    – but – THANKS GOD! – poison was identified as a “novichok”
    – immediatly antidot had been introduced, that became a heroic savior of Skripals and the policeman
    – policeman left the hospital in two days, give high five, fellow!
    – but Skripals are in coma, they’ll never be healed
    – ow, no, daughter regained consciousness
    – ow, dad too… miracle!
    – they are going on an amendment quickly, your super-poison is a piece of shit
    – the restaurant is surrounded by astronauts in spacesuits
    – park is surrounded by astronauts in spacesuits
    – house is surrounded by astronauts in spacesuits
    – astronauts are collecting highly toxic evidences to jars
    – they are in spacesuits, because it is highly and deadly dangerous, but policemen near them don’t wear any protection… because not anyone is pity for them
    – park bench had been sawed, because it was so powerful poison that bench is toxic after three weeks
    – yeah, but a door knob was poisoned… meaning – buckwheat
    – but cat survived in a poisoned house… policeman had just touched Skripal and had been poisoned, while cat survived… and guinea pigs, too.
    – but they had been forgotten, so died in two weeks of a hunger
    – they had been burned immediatly, because they had been poisoned by the most powerful poison
    – two weeks, bitch, had been but were alive, now they had died and needs to be cremated instantly!
    – but only guinea pigs died, cat had survived poisoning and still alive but in a stress, so we have to euthanize it and cremate.

  4. Graham Phillips says

    The first of the critics reviews is in for
    “Skripal – A Whitehall Farce”
    Running for a one month only, limited season.

    Throughout the show it becomes very clear to the audience that the staging of this production is somewhat inadequate and extremely amateurish given the funding available to the comissioning company. In retrospect I imagine Cameron Macintosh would have been utterly mortified and highly embarrassed if he had had anything whatsoever to do with it.
    The storyline is very similar in writing to “The Play That Goes Wrong” however I don’t believe ” Skripal… ” was actually ever meant to be a comedy when it was initially conceived.
    It’s to the credit of the casting couch team that they exclusively used complete amateurs in the leading roles but I believe a few lessons at a stage school would have made the acting more believable.
    The Story starts in Russia in the late 2017s when a member of the British Intelligence service approaches Yulia, the daughter of an exiled double agent now living in Salisbury, England, on a park bench in front of the backdrop of the Kremlin with the picture of a bearded bloke in a Russian hat sprayed onto it.
    There is a mumbled conversation about a red fox jumping over a lazy brown dog… then Yulia is hastily bundled into the back of a black limousine and whisked away.

    In the second act we learn that Yulia has met with her father and the two of them are passionately kissing… the door handle to his house… ( we never fully understand why) It’s at this point the play turns from farce to utter incredulity.
    Having eaten in a local pizza restaurant the two are seen in a semi conscious state foaming from the mouth on a park bench conveniently out of sight of a single CCTV camera. Several people go to their aid … but they can’t be of any importance to the story as they aren’t seen again in the play. The two are taken to a nearby cottage hospital and given the last rights.

    **There is then an interval of one week during which time it is realised that there is much political bounty to be made from the first two acts **

    It’s difficult to follow the story line in act three as the British government become involved and the espionage angle is explored in more detail as the plot turns to blame and counter blame and downright transparent lies between the British Government’s secretary of state for foreign and Commonwealth affairs, an ex fireplace salesman bizarrely played by a four year child, who both seem intent on starting world war three with the Russians.
    Throughout the play the lowly, wise and sensible figure keeps popping into shot wearing a Russian hat and waving a bunch of beetroot above his head…

    Suffice to say the plot dramatically falls apart when the nerve agent Novichok is revealed to be a figment of fairyland and the two victims are later found, allegedly, to be suffering from beetroot juice food poisoning.
    Having fully recovered in just over three weeks from, supposedly, one of the most deadly chemical nerve agents known to man, they are both given new identities and never seen or heard of again and the storyline returns to the godawful mess the government have been desperately attempting to cover up.
    ⭐ One star – Verdict: Unbelievable.

  5. Dmitry says

    Let’s summarize the facts:

    Screamed poisoned with a powerful poison, 2 grams will kill half a country instantly
    poisoned him in the restaurant
    no, on the bench
    no, in the car
    No, the door handle is smeared
    No, the suitcase is poisoned
    No, everything in the house is poisoned.
    Oh, and the buckwheat is poisoned, that’s for sure.
    but they did not die instantly, but the half-day killed already somewhere
    but the policeman who found them instantly almost died
    but praise the gods instantly set the poison
    instantly introduced an antidote, than heroically rescued Fiddler and policeman
    The policeman left for the second day, big guy!
    But they were creaking in a coma, and they will never recover
    but no, my daughter came to herself
    Oh, and dad revived … a miracle!
    and they both are quickly recovering, shit is your strongest poison
    the restaurant is surrounded by cosmonauts in spacesuits
    the park is surrounded by cosmonauts in spacesuits
    the house is surrounded by cosmonauts in spacesuits
    cosmonauts collect highly toxic evidence in jars
    they are in spacesuits, since it is deadly dangerous, but next to them are policemen without protection … they do not feel sorry for anyone
    The bench was cut down, it’s such a terrible poison that the shop is toxic in two weeks
    Yes, but it is poisoned not by the bench, but in the house is a handle … that is buckwheat groats
    but the cat survived in the poisoned house … the policeman here touched Skripal and nearly died, and the cat survived … and the pigs
    but forgot about them, and in two weeks they died of hunger in the house
    and they immediately burned, as they are poisoned by the strongest poison
    Two, weeks were poisoned by the strongest poison and lived, and now they died and they urgently need to be cremated
    but only guinea pigs died, the cat survived under the poison and it was just stress, so lull and burn

  6. Reblogged this on Chez Dcembre and commented:

    The Skripal attack was a sign of the increasing desperation of some western governments, chief among them the United States and United Kingdom.

  7. Old Pepper says

    Breaking news! Agents MI6 level zero-zero (license to kill) were unable to kill an important witness in the case of Skripals! The Russian Ambassador to the United Kingdom said that the surviving cat of Skripals applied to the Embassy for political asylum and that the blood test of the fugitive cat did not reveal traces of the impact of the nerve agent. In response Boris Johnson laid on Russia the responsibility for the disclosure of classified information about the Skripal’s case. Theresa May presented an ultimatum to Russia demanding to issue the cat to the authorities of the United Kingdom within 24 hours, otherwise threatening to make a fart in the direction of Russia.

    • LostForWords says

      The problem is that the officially released elements of this story are literally so incredible that they are no longer distinguishable from satire!
      Old Pepper, I’m truly uncertain if what you write is either an actual British government given account or if it is your own ripping sarcastic send up of the situation.
      Obviously a cat (even a clever Russian one) is unlikely to write it’s own application for asylum, but would this inconvenient detail necessarily prevent our Foreign Office (led by Bumbling Boris) from stating it had really happened?
      I’m honestly going to have to do an Internet search on “Whatever happened to the Skripal’s second cat”.

  8. How come that from all the 128 comments nobody marked the fast & safe revival of the Skripal victims. Let me tell you that the antidote came from Israel. Yes, the place that everybody blam for its fight for its lives is dealing with helping others as well. So, please remember Israel and add it another + point. In how many cases like this did the Arabs/Muslims hand help? never, none.

    • Mikalina says

      Sorry, seelistenunderstand. I missed that one. I was too busy watching Israelis murdering Palestinians again.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        But, Mikalina, they murder them in the most ‘moral’ way imaginable.

      • Yes, you missed, with all the sorrow the killing of 150 Syrians by other Syrians, by using gas. You missed also the most human state in the world that help wherever help is needed. You, with all the respect, are blind to human rights. You see only murder. this is what your mind was adjusted to by your religion. Well, one day you will, open your eyes and see what was the Israeli contribution to the world. The 6.5 million Jews, in Israel, in its 70 years of existing, contributed to the world more than you, 1.6 billion Muslims is 1400 years of your existence. Please check this figures and give yourself a right report of it. Then return to the most important thing: How you Muslims become a part of the civilized world.

        • You’re missing the part about May demanding a full refund from Mossad. She paid the jews for nerve agents and she got rat poison.

          • Another legend from the treasure of your oriental imagination. I suggest/recommend you to be more serious and logic as the way the Muslims behave will lead you nowhere good.

    • LostForWords says

      Don’t understand so many dislikes for this comment? It’s at least as plausible a theory as both the Skripal’s (and only a single policeman) being simultaneously poisoned (four hours in advance of their eventual collapse) by touching a door handle on the way out of the house!

      • Jones says

        What was the policeman doing in Skripal’s house 4 hours before they collapsed? Infecting them with the agent so carelessly that he also got a dose?

      • Please pay attention that my intention was just to the rescuers of the poisoned people not to the pre rescuing procedure. I, as Israeli, am proud that Israel managed to help/rescue people and to point Israel as the most human state in the world in contradiction to what the rest of the world think of us.

        • Johnny Hacket says

          For the love of god stop posting your inane trolling nonsense , I doubt very much whether you are an Israeli , you clearly know nothing of value in terms of the middle east, try football supporting I hear it’s very popular.

          • Thank you very much for your advice. You don’t have to read what I write. If you read it you find it interesting. At any rate, I will consider your advice seriously.

              • So why you keep reading it??? If I were you I would block all stupid/uninteresting posts. It stays with contradiction to your Theory. Don’t you think so?

                • I keep reading your posts in the hope of finding a scintilla of something interesting, at las. Alas…

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Very droll satire, old chap. Very droll.

        • Jen says

          How many Palestinians did you have to kill to develop and perfect the antidote?

          • You will be astonished not even one. we are very proud of it. We don’t need NP (None Palestinians as they were never Palestinians. As if they were they would be much more clever than you) for our tests. We are not a primitive as you and we use most sophisticated ways in our R&D process. But you, all you know is killing and this is the norm/mood of all your questions. So, please start to think positive and try to make a switch in your mind. I wish you success

    • phil says

      Yawn !! yes of course it did ! regardless of the Fact that we where told countless times no antidote exists.

      • Who told you that no antidote exists. Well, the problem is that nobody takes into account the Israeli technologies as everybody likes to hate Israel, but, just look at the biggest innovations of Israel and you will be astonished of the number and quality and how much we, Israel helped, and still help, the world. So, next time consult Isr5ael and get the info right from the source not via Israel’s boorish haters/enemies.
        in any rate keep well and don’t use too muny chemicals that are called medicines.

  9. OK, i uploaded it on vimeo. So, a second try:

    Hope they’ll not block it on vimeo..
    Btw, i’m not sure but it seems the video on youtube is also available (at least now):

    • Mikalina says

      Thanks for this and the translation, Alaffcreator.

      When Uk jumps up and down shouting, “they did it, they did it”, they are usually right. It just then needs for us to ask, “so what exactly is “it”? What did they do? As is shown in this excerpt, they ‘discovered’ and dealt with invading troops of UK/US.

      Hence the amusement of the Russians as TM and BJ rolled out the skripal narrative.

      Interesting the Chinese angle.

  10. The good thing that can be gleaned from this hoax is the fact that the British state policy makers have been forced to change the script due to the public simply not swallowing it. I.e they have been forced to rouse the victims from certain death(that would’ve been the eventual outcome in their script) in order for them to eventually supply the proof that the Russians did it. IMHO the victims are in on it. There’s no way Yulia would’ve got a phone unless her guards desired it.

    • Mikalina says

      They are, and have been, in the Bahamas since the very beginning. They will now ‘go into witness protection’ and never be ‘seen’ again.

      Boris will be blamed and Priti Patel made FM.

      • LostForWords says

        Contacts tell me this may be a special Assassin Grade of Novochoc of a type cunningly developed in Russia.

        This class of agent has the following remarkable properties:

        (1) Once an individual is contaminated, they may be initially unaffected for several hours.
        It is rumoured that the number of times the assassin taps the poison vial before application determines the exact time (in quarter hour steps) of delay before symptoms kick in.

        (2) When the the toxic effects of the chemical begin, victims are immediately incapacitated.

        (3) After exactly 28 days, anyone contaminated with this nerve-agent (irrespective of dose) suddenly makes (what only appears to be) a 100% recovery.
        This is how the evil Russians played their devilishly cruel April 1st joke on poor old Boris Johnson. Imagine his embarrassment! Just as he’s making an epic song and dance about deadly military grade Nonochoc, the Salisbury victims miraculously spring out of hospital beds in apparently rude health!

        (4) The darkest element of Assassin Grade Novochoc, is its ability to induce sudden inexplicable death or disappearance in any of it’s previously contaminated victims. This is engineered to happen immediately prior to international world cup football events.

        It is unclear why (or even how) the Kremlin introduced this final despicable feature into their Assassin Grade Novochoc but it will certainly prove one thing once and for all.

        If all or any of the Salisbury victims either suddenly drop dead or mysteriously disappear without trace leading up to the Football World Cup, then this proves beyond all reasonable doubt that it was Vladimir Putin himself who personally smeared Russian Novochoc over Sergei Skripal’s knob.

        • Mikalina says

          I knew it!! Ever since I watched my first James Bond film, I knew, those pesky Russians could do anything.

          Do you think it was able to cause mass confusion too so that all those bodies running around Salisbury didn’t know whether to wear safety gear or not?

          Brilliant take on the case, by the way.

          • LostForWords says

            I doubt it was Assassin Grade Novochoc that so confused our brave services in Salisbury.

            Have you noticed how Boris, once a national fountain of wisdom, has recently changed in peculiar ways.
            He’s been acting out so strangely ever since his return from Moscow last December.

            Now, uncharacteristically, whenever Boris talks, all that comes out is incomprehensible bluster and outright lies!
            The genuine Boris has obviously been switched for an evil reprogrammed clone and I bet this was done by that shifty Sergey Lavrov.
            This is what has seeded such confusion all across our great isle.
            Russia’s motive is to discredit Teresa May and force an early British election, thereby installing ” Putin’s man” Commie Corbyn.

            Evidently, this is an entirely plausible scenario? Especially after we consider how previously, Putin created Trump as a US presidential candidate and then installed him by throwing the US election using cyber warfare.

            • Mikalina says

              O.K, now it’s time to take two aspirin and lie down in a darkened room…….

      • MICHAEL LEIGH says

        In my opinon MIKALINA, the UK governmental espionage entity(s) MI6/MI5 are the lead Field operational powers in the pre-planned Skripal Attack against the Russian Federation, but ultimately the overall operational Power, is the Northy American USA entity the infamous CIA, which provides international funding and agency leadership/control.

        And, therefore consider the pressure upon Julia Skripal and her current Russian partner being offered, permanent wealth and residential refuge outside of Russia, and eventually in the event of her father’s demise a not unsignificant inheiritance.

        And in the discrete eventuality of that foresaid plan, other matters will be utilised by the UK government to rely upon the ” Ministry of Propaganda ” to save the necks of the two major groups of peoples ( the UK Parliamentry government and the heads of it’s espionage agencies, MI1 to Mi4, and the better known MI5 and MI6 ) who planned the lies and those who actually lied to the parliament and public.

        • Mikalina says

          I think you are a bit simplistic in your delineation of the ‘powers’ that be into MI5/6, CIA, Government. The demarcation lines are more blurry than that. You don’t mention Mossad or any european intelligence input. ‘Government’ is multi layered too, with the puppets May and Boris being the least empowered.

  11. John Gilberts says

    Helmer: Salisbury Hospital Becomes Secret Rendition Center For Yulia Skripal

    “Salisbury Hospital’s chief administrator and chief doctor refuse to say they are holding consent forms signed by Sergei Skripal and Yulia Skripal. Without those forms, and proof the hospital has obtained them from the Skripals since they regained consciousness last week, the hospital is making claims about their privacy which are improper, according to the rules of the British National Health Service, and unlawful violations of their human rights, according to British and European law…”

  12. Grafter says

    So it looks like they are to be held in isolation while arrangements are made to organise a new life and identity in the good old USA. This to be funded by the good old UK taxpayer. Sworn to secrecy and silence and no more money worries they are about live the dream in America. Once there our MSM will close up shop and this whole circus will disappear just like a passing nightmare. All our opposing theories. texts, emails, articles count for zero.
    The end game has been well planned and we remain in thrall to one of the most corrupt British governments of all time. Depressing.

  13. wardropper says

    How widespread is the ignorance though?
    I greatly fear that the clinically insane warmongers infecting all aspects of our government and media life today can see only one way out – only one way to cover up the appalling mess they are guilty of deliberately creating:
    War covers everything up.

  14. Sergei and Yulia Skripal have been, or are about to be, offered new identities:


    Totally predictable. Get them out of the country asap, away from the possibility of any intrusive questioning by our media (don’t laugh).

    ‘…Despite their recovery, senior officials said life for the Skripals “would likely never be the same again” and that they could have injuries that would “require ongoing medical care”’. That has to be emphasised of course, just in case there’s any suspicious sods out there who find it peculiar that the deadliest nerve agent known to man, no known antidote, etc, has apparently hardly touched an elderly Russian and his daughter, who are now contemplating a life of Riley somewhere at the expense of said suspicious sods (and other U.K. taxpayers).

  15. Big B says

    According to an RT exclusive: Viktoria did speak to Yulia – but Yulia “did not speak in her own words”. This implies that Yulia is being held against her will …a prisoner of (an ideological) war. This is beneath reprehensible. One might speculate that she is being used as a pawn in the Great Game of 2D or 3D geostrategic chess? What is highly speculative, yet not implausible, is that secret back-channel negotiations are going on for the release of British Special operations Forces picked up in East Ghouta …is Yulia a hostage being held for ‘ransom’? Who knows? But if the reason for her visa denial was insufficient funds, as has been suggested, surely someone in Russia could just pay and put her on the next flight to London? Of course the simplest explanation she is being denied consular and familial access is that she knows too much. The unintended effect of those who sought to benefit from this ‘poisoning’ is that it has provided a powerful shot of antidotal atropine to the nations (and international) consciousness …by being such a ‘Whitehall Farce’!


    • padre says

      Yourcomment just shows, how you can be distrcted from the main issue!Now they’ve got analyzing things, that just didn’t happen!They say, he was subjected to the nerve agent, and now you elaborate on what that agent can do!It didn’t do anything, that they ca prove, for god sake!

      • Big B says

        You are looking at an isolated comment of mine. If you read my comments below, and in previous forums you will see that I have analysed this as part of an Anglo-American intelligence coup that goes back to at least 2009. I can even give you the cryptonym for it: Operation Beluga. Elsewhere I have tried to show that Sergei Skripal is more than likely an active part of it. The fact he was a ‘retired’ washed up spy does not bear much scrutiny. He was connected to Christopher Steele (ex-MI6 Russian Desk); his MI6 ‘handler’ Pablo Miller; Steele and Christopher Burrows Orbis; which was connected to Fusion GPS, Perkins Coie, the DNC, Hillary Clinton, etc, etc. This isn’t a random connection, and I don’t think I am being distracted.

        • MICHAEL LEIGH says

          I am sure that if the so-called responsible press, like the GuARDIAN ?

          Are in possession of and have already read ” Julian ‘s released USA documentation ” of the many official papers and documents detailing that top secret USA operation Beluga.

  16. Old Pepper says

    As you know, in Syria, was captured about 200 British military instructors who trained the militants, adjust the shelling Damascus with mortars, and were preparing a provocation with the alleged “Assad may use chemical weapons” (Russian captured together with the British 2 trucks with chemical ammunition marked “made in Salisbury”). The fake “case” of Scripals was invented in order to prepare public opinion to accuse “those terrible Russians” in the chemical attacks on” peaceful Syrian opposition ” – Nikki Haley just threw a tantrum on the subject in the UN. Translated into the language of normal people, the Theatrical hysteria of the United Kingdom and the United States which we observe means a call to Russia for backroom negotiations on the conditions of the liberation of the captured British.

  17. And Foxy Loxy, who was a Realist, laughed like a drain because he had met some easy marks. Chemical attacks against Russians in London, followed by chemical attacks against Syrians in Syria. Flopot posts in SyrPer BTL:

    “At the highest levels, the United States has said it would not tolerate another chemical weapons attack by Assad on his own people.

    Yes, I see what they mean. But the flip side of that coin is that the Resistance Allies have stated forcefully they will not tolerate another Yankee attack. I still think the US military will blink first.

    Unfortunately tomorrow is going to start 24/7 with this rubbish on the British and Western MSM.”

    • Mikalina says

      But you don’t have to. Let your reality be:

      dawn and the sun rising
      water lapping onto a beach
      bird song
      the smell of seaweed
      a cello in the hands of Rostropovich
      lines like “love alters not when it alteration finds”
      children laughing
      physical tiredness after a long walk
      a cup of tea in a china cup
      the first coffee of the day
      toast and marmite (that last one’s probably only me)

  18. Martin H says

    What an excellent article! Succinct, and able to summarise the whole events so far. I have been following this case with interest, with help from the emminent Craig Murray’s blog posts.

    Sadly too many people will believe what they are fed by mainstream media, and have no ability to question the logic of this bizarre fiction we’re being told. So I predict that little will come of this, and Russia will be deemed guilty with no prosecution evidence and the facts being suppressed. What a sad state we’re in!

  19. This idea that a single drop of nerve agent on the skin will kill you instantly is incorrect. In atomized form it will quickly cause heart and lung seizure however the concentrations used in liquid form are unknown. Maybe the plan was to emulate heart failure and make it appear like death by natural causes. The arrival of Yulia Skripal undermined any such attack working.
    As the retired chemical weapons inspector at the OCPW German Ralf Trapp points out , to determine which lab a substance comes from you first need a sample from the same source. Mass spectroscopy isn’t going to reveal markers without it. The OCPW have not taken samples from Russia’s main research lab, where such stocks are allowed to be held in small quantities for research purposes, nor are the Russians ever likely to offer such agents to them as they have been trying to undermine the OCPW for some time.

    • Oh yes how do you know that? Ronald Maddison died 45 minutes after 200mg of the deadly nerve agent sarin was dripped onto a patch of uniform on his arm and that was at Porton Down.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Garbage. On stilts. The only people undermining the OPCW are the US and its stooges, who have thoroughly corrupted and politicised the OPCW apparatus, as we have seen in Syria, and in the refusal to follow the OPCW charter in providing ‘evidence’ to Russia.

    • Thomas Peterson says

      The OPCW destroyed its own credibility by violating its own stated rules in the Khan Sheikhoun investigation

    • Russians trying to undermine the OPCW? You might care to watch the RT interview broadcast yesterday with Jose Bustani the OPCW Secretary General from 1997-2002.

    • So you state you are aware any agent used cannot be identified without a source sample to compare. There is no evidence to support any claim Russia had any Novichok and good evidence to support the fact that Russia destroyed all its chemical weapons, verified by the OPCW. As many organic chemists have now stated publicly the so called Novichok group of organophoshates are relatively simple to produce and do not by any means require state funded facilities. This collection of facts makes it impossible to accuse Russia. If indeed Novichok was used, and I seriously doubt that it was given the careful words of Salisbury Consultant Dr Steven Davies in a letter to The Times in which he states “no patients have experienced symptoms of nerve agent poisoning”. That statement blows a huge hole in this farcical story and is supported by the fact that both patients have shown to be concious and “recovering” prior to any official statement to that effect. Indeed in both cases the official line was to maintain the myth that they were unlikely to recover and were ” critical but stable”. Such statements are now incontrovertably to be seen as part of a deliberate and fictional narative. Yulia’s strained and guarded telephone call to her cousin, revealing for the first time Sergei Skripal to be concious, demonstrates that lie upon lie is being told by the authorities.
      So my friend your argument stands no scrutiny. Indeed it shows only a willingness to use rather meaningless half truth to mischeviously have a pop at Russia’s relationship to the OPCW. What you fail to mention is from the outset Russia has demanded strict adherence to OPCW protocols but has been thwarted at every point by UK REFUSAL to stick to the rules. You are either purposefully blind to facts or incapable of rational deduction or both.

    • gary says

      If you know the agent you must know the formula that is logical.The Russians were never sent a sample by the British. Which is against OCPW protocol and laws. Maybe the plan was to frame the Russians?

  20. bevin says

    This view of the significance of the case in British politics is not long and it is easy to read. It takes an optimistic view of the left in the Labour Party.
    “…our media has given up on the truth.
    “The reason why is that any party led by a politician as disruptive as Corbyn – even in opposition – is simply too much for the status quo. Given just that, the establishment will throw the kitchen sink to stop him entering 10 Downing Street. That means we are now witnessing the beginnings of a permanent suspension of a media that befits a democratic country. It is not just our government we need to hold to account, but them as well. That will matter more than ever when Labour is in government.”

    • Shades of the Whitlam experience in Australia back in the 70’s

  21. I am solely disappointed in the Canadian government for not holding fast against rushed and foolish judgement of Russia, when the evidence is so circumstantial and not even strong circumstantial suspicions. Evil wins when good people do nothing or follow the lemmings over the cliff. Canada deserves better than the current, insouciant Canadian foreign minister.

    • Well, we know with whom her loyalty lies…


      Her her maternal Ukrainian grandfather was the chief editor of a Nazi newspaper in occupied Poland that vilified Jews during the Second World War.


      “Freeland’s grandfather Mykhailo Chomiak spent the entire war in occupied Poland editing the Nazi-run newspaper Krakivski Visti (News of Krakow) under the orders of the Nazis’ German Governor-General Hans Frank, the man who organized the Holocaust in Poland. Chomiak and his family moved into an apartment seized from a Jewish family and ran the newspaper from editorial offices of a former Polish-language Jewish newspaper, Nowy Dziennik, whose editor ended up being murdered at the Belzec concentration camp along with 600,000 other Jews.”


      “Perhaps the explanation lies in the fact that Freeland is, like her father and grandfather, a devoted Ukrainian nationalist with a deep-seated hostility towards Russia. Even when she was a journalist with the Financial Times she did not hide her fierce Ukrainian nationalism — encouraging the Euromaidan rebellion that became a violent coup against Russian-friendly Viktor Yanukovich. Freeland’s take? “Their victory will be a victory for us all; their defeat will weaken democracy far from the Euromaidan. We are all Ukrainians now. Let’s do what we can … to support them.”

      “The democracy that resulted from the coup was not quite as advertised. Freeland’s Nazi ghosts came to life in the new government which was chock-a-block with outright Nazis. The new government had five cabinet members from the Svoboda Party — proud descendants of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) who fought against the Red Army alongside the Nazis. In 1941 the OUN sent a message to Lvov’s Jews in the form of a pamphlet which said: “We will lay your heads at Hitler’s feet.” The OUN and the SS arrested and executed 4,000 of the city’s Jews.”

      Source: http://rabble.ca/columnists/2017/04/trudeau-runs-risk-keeping-flawed-politician-foreign-affairs-minister

      • George Cornell says

        She may be damnable but what on earth does her grandfather have to do with our judgement of her? Your grandparents very likely hated gays and black people and if you want to view mainstream English thinking just a couple of generations ago see Encycloped. Brittanica Ed. 9 which refused to concede blacks were human.

        Now should all blacks hate you for that and want to see to it that your own children suffer? Most of your post seems about why there should be hate for Freeland because her ancestors may not have liked Jews. Does that sound remotely reasonable to you? “Freeland’s Nazi ghosts”? What imagination.

        • Jen says

          The issue is that Chrystia Freeland has lied about her grandfather’s history and how her mother’s family ended up in Canada. Freeland has portrayed her grandfather as having been a pawn of the Nazis, forced to write propaganda for them, when in fact he willingly collaborated with them. Freeland claimed her maternal grandparents and their children were refugees in a refugee camp when they were offered passage to Canada when the fact is that the Nazis took the family to safety in Bavaria from where the Chomiaks later travelled to Canada.

          The possibility exists that Freeland could not have become a politician, much less Canada’s Foreign Minister, if she had been honest about her grandfather’s past and admitted that he had been a member of the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists and had collaborated with the Nazis in printing propaganda using equipment stolen from a Jewish family that perished in Auschwitz-Birkenau.

          • George Cornell says

            How do you know she was lying, Jen? Has she admitted it? Even if she did, she would not have been the first or last to cover up shameful ancestral activity. You seem to think it would be just and reasonable to bar her from public life because of something her grandfather might have done. And how are you so sure about him? He was a member of a Nationalist group, yes.

            The undeniable facts are that very few will stand on matters of principle when there is nothing but grief in it for them. We admire or love those that do, but wishing ill upon the descendants of those who don’t seems a recipe for endless hatred.

            • You obviously haven’t bothered to click on the links I provided for you, or if you have, you haven’t bothered to read the articles.

              • Freeland is a Sorostitute: she was even going to hagiographise the great man for the benefit of pseudo-history. Her journalistic career was propagandising for the Mighty Wurlitzer …RFE/RL. She and Chomiak are ideological as well as blood relations.

            • Jen says

              I did not say that barring Freeland from public life would be just and reasonable. I only said that had Freeland been honest about her grandfather’s past in the first place, there was a possibility that she might have been passed over by the Liberal Party to represent her electorate. I passed no judgement on that.

              There are now plenty of websites and blogs detailing Mikhaylo Chomiak’s association with the Nazis and his work as editor of Kakivs’ki Visti. Take this one for example:

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          Freeland’s grandfather WAS a Ukrainian Nazi, and she has never criticised him, and she, herself, like many of the Ukrainian emigre community in Canada whose ancestors arrived after WW2, fleeing justice after their crimes against humanity in the Soviet and the extermination camps, is an open and unapologetic supporter of the Nazi regime imposed by the USA after a violent putsch in Kiev, and a virulent Russophobe as well.

          • If a man can criticise his father for being a Polish Nazi, then a woman can certainly criticize her grandfather for being an Ukrainian Polish Nazi. My wife, who is a Polish Jew, has just finished East-West Street about those terrible times. It mentions the Franks, father and son. The son revolted against his father’s murderous activities as Hitler’s personal Lawyer and Governor of Poland and wrote a book about it; while the Ukrainian Canadian grand daughter of the Ukrainian Polish nationalist has not only defended his memory but continued to espouse her grand father’s Nazi affiliations by defending the neo-Nazis in modern NATZO occupied Ukraina. In this Lady’s case, not only doth the Lady not protest but her Silence Indicates Consent.

      • archie1954 says

        It’s called homegrown propaganda fed to a young child.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Canada’s current Foreign Minister is a full-blown, hereditary, Ukrainian fascist. And you expect any different from a regime where Trudeau is under that FM, Freedland’s, dominance and totally controlled by the Israel First Lobby that hates Putin for thwarting the Zionist Oded Yinon Plan in Syria.

  22. Yonatan says

    The Skirpals were initially thought be victims of or have taken fentanyl (5 March). The initial local news, police and medical reports mentioned this.

    The early reports (6 March) of ‘Russia done it’ came from the usual Guardian suspects relying on (amongst others) someone called Alexander Goldfarb, another Russian defector residing in the US. AT various times, he has described himself as a friend of Litvinenko, Berezovsky and Nikolai Glushkov. All three died in strange circumstances with ‘Russian traces’ (natch). I wonder if he was also a friend of the Skirpals.

    The only publicly acknowledged (private) CCTV images show an older man and a younger woman walking through the covered alleyway between the restaurant where the Skirpals ate, and the area with the bench where they were found poisoned. The timing was right for the Skirpals journey from the restaurant. The same CCTV camera showed a long haired blonde woman leaving shortly afterwards in the same direction as the Skirpals. She was described as someone of interest to the police. It is strange there was no extensive call for her to come forward.

    • reenmac says

      Goldfarb is who Litvinenko’s father accuses of killing his son

      • I think Goldfarb is a lawyer by profession. It was he who wrote down what was purportedly Litvinenko’s deathbed statement ascribing blame for his condition on the Kremlin, in spite of the fact that Litvinenko himself had previously pointed the finger of blame at the mutual associate that he had dined with on the day he was poisoned. Another name that keeps cropping up in relation to these people is former M16 agent, and double agent recruiter, Pablo Miller who lives in the Salisbury area.

        • I meant to add that Miller also has connections with Christopher Steele who we are led to believe also has links to Sergei Skripal. And I have seen it suggested as well that Steele and Skripal may have been working together on a project generated by the Cambridge Analytica scandal (Craig Murray wrote a very interesting article on the scandal a couple of weeks ago which highlights potential embarrassment for the UK Establishment.) ‘Oh what a tangled web we weave’.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          Google used to link, if you typed Polonium poisoning, to the first known case of Po 210 poisoning (accidental in this case) at a place called Dimona, in, of all localities, Israel. And Arafat was poisoned with Po 210, allegedly delivered by the Quisling, Dahlan, long a Western ‘asset’.

        • Nuclear Man says

          Polonium us an alpha particles emitter. If ingested it takes days to have a significant effect, not hours. Litvinyenco had been in the Kitcat Club showing signs of weakness about a week before and had left a trail of contamination. He was clearly contaminated before he met the Russians for a cup of tea. Another set of lies from the .gov and press!

          • Big B says

            If you have not already seen it: you must watch the testimony of Paul Barril. He was one of Frances top intelligence officers and he implicates an Italian/Chechen connection in the murder of Litvinenko. He names the Italian as Mario Scaramella. This is the same man Litvinenko named as his murderer. Lugovoi merely brought the Polonium 210.

            “According to Paul Barril, Litvinenko was himself working for the late Boris Berezovsky [a Russian fugitive oligarch that made London his home] who, according to Barril, was in turn working for and with the British intelligence service MI6. Barril said, ‘Litvinenko has betrayed his employers, Berezovsky and the MI6, and has pocketed large sums of money, millions of US dollars, that were destined for agent provocateurs within the Berezovsky clan. The sole goal was to globally discredit Putin and the Russian Federation. This Western intelligence operation was directed from Washington DC and London. Its code name is Beluga.”

            He also details the relationship between Berezovsky and Browder (see my comment below). When Berezovsky became unreliable, he was hanged in a mock suicide. Barril has documentary evidence he will supply to anyone who will conduct a proper enquiry (he suggests Carla Del Ponte). I hope he has good life insurance!

            [Thanks Veirotchka! ]

  23. Recommended to check out. I translated a recent radio program (aired on April 3, 2018) where a Russian leading expert in the field of Middle East/Israel examined current situation in East Ghouta, Syria, based on the recent materials of Chinese analysts/specialists.

    There is interesting information about the activities of American and British military advisers in Syria…
    Some food for thought. May be one more reason of why UK began such a hysteria on the “Skripal case”.

    (For more information check out video description).

    • Baron says

      The video’s blocked, alaffcreator, allegedly by the Russian creator of it (no pun intended). Can you suggest any other source, please.

      • Yonatan says

        There have been numerous reports from Russian and Syrian bloggers. The earliest included a photograph of one of the alleged British SF members.


        Later reports detailing the number of British allegedly captured and the number of locations where they were found are consistent with the squad size used by the SAS. Zakharov has said Russia has a surprise for Britiain and Lavrov has said the NATO officers are actually fighting with the terorrists. I suspect the captives, if real, are being extensively questioned (possibly by Russians). There were rumours of similar NATO captives at the end of the Aleppo siege, but they must have been released in some sort of deal. Given the subsequent double crosses of the west to Syria and Russia, I suspect these latest alleged captives will not be released quietly.

      • Yep, “video blocked in all countries”(!) by Kedoo_Entertainment_Russia. Bastards. I started dispute with them. Will see how it’ll turn out..

        Anyways, i’ll try to upload this video on vimeo today (never used it before).
        If everything works out, I’ll drop a link here.

  24. Harry Law says

    According to John Helmer, “If you are Yulia Skripal, you are likely to want to use Salisbury Hospital’s Hospedia telephone system to call home in Moscow. There she has a family consisting of a grandmother and a cousin; an uncle lives in St. Petersburg and another cousin in Primorye. All of them have been identified by name and address in the Russian press.Their evidence is that Yulia Skripal is human enough to want to call home.
    However, she cannot do so. Salisbury Hospital officials, who have confirmed her capacity to listen and speak by telephone, will not say why.
    Following these reports, the head of the hospital Cara Charles-Barks (right) and her two press spokesmen were asked what telephone contact Yulia Skripal has made with her next of kin in Moscow. They are refusing to answer. They were also asked to clarify the hospital’s policy on contact between patients and next of kin, and to give their legal authority for blocking communication between Yulia Skripal and her next of kin in Russia. They do not reply”.
    The Skripals are obviously political prisoners of the UK state, detained and held incommunicado as that Metropolitan Press release confirmed, asking for people to respect her privacy, [in other words, ‘don’t ask questions] The Russian Embassy need to apply for a writ of habeas corpus immediately.

    • Harry Law says

      Just to add to my comment, even prisoners in jail have the right to make telephone calls to their friends and Relatives for which they have to pay for. For most prisoners, other than Category A prisoners, calls are not routinely checked.

      • One would think that with all Yulia Skripal has endured the hospital authorities would have no problem allowing her, with total encouragement, unlimited telephone and internet access – all she wanted – as a normal form of recuperative therapy.

    • Ivan says

      For now it is hard to decide whether she is a political prisoner or yet another person getting his twenty pieces of silver,,

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      I fully expect the Skripals to suffer a ‘tragic relapse’.

      • There is another way of looking at the current ‘incarceration’ without contact of the Skripals and that is that there was no false flag plot – it was all just our Govt naively wanting their 15 minutes of fame on the world stage and a distraction from other issues, which has backfired. Perhaps more considered official investigations have now revealed that in fact one or both of the Skripals themselves were behind the incident either innocently (food poisoning, drug taking, suicide for example) or maliciously (they were the targets of a private feud or were themselves planning something), and the Govt is now deciding how to present the truth on the world stage and working on their resignation statements…we can only hope. In the meantime, of course, by putting Yulia in contact with the Russian Embassy or her relatives the truth would emerge.

        • @mulga – of course the possible scenario I suggest above would not necessarily preclude ‘a tragic relapse’ as a ‘get out of jail card’! The Skripals have made the mistake of getting better just as the Govt thought they had it all sewn up. And for those saying..”Ah yes, but what about the policeman?” I would just say that he could easily have just been added to the charade to give it more gravitas for the UK.

  25. Jane Hoadley says

    Actually, I think they hoped to conjoin two chemical attacks ‘false flags’ in Salisbury and Syria and boot Russia off the Security Council. Nicki Haley was all primed up for that.

    Also, the Steele Dossier is proving a problem between US and UK. UK interference in US election, after all the finger pointing!

    Dangerous times. Thank you for interesting insight into the perfidy of Government.


    Sent from my iPhone


    • Yonatan says

      Send it to Luke Harding immediately!

      • Ray Raven says

        It is satire.
        Not sophisticated, but still satire.
        It’s taking the mickey out of the official UK government narrative that is relentlessly parroted by the MSM.
        The Fraudian should follow up.

  26. Susan Wallace says

    ‘For the nation and kingdom that will not serve thee shall perish; yea, those nations shall be utterly wasted’ (Isaiah 60:12).
    In the west particularly, we are simply witnessing God do what God said He would do.
    We all know the answer. What will we do about it?

  27. kitty says

    This saga reminds me of an episode from the wonderful 70’s sitcom “Yes Minister. – Sir Humphrey – “Well prime minister we can always expell 23 Russian Diplomats”
    Prime Minister “What, why would we do that?” Sir Humphrey ” “well it’s what we do when we want to bury bad news” . 40 years on some things never change.

    • I agree. The BBC has gone down rapidly since then. Not much chance that such a brilliant series would be broadcast today. The lopsided 2003 Hutton inquiry into David Kelly’s death, and the Gilligan/Kelly Radio 4 interview which led up to it, was the final shot across the BBC’s bows. Since then the broadcaster has been completely tamed and neutered.

      Having said that, Thatcher didn’t exactly admire the BBC’s creative output right from the start and did her best to make them toe the line. A lot of things changed irrevocably after her 1979 election. I’ve always thought that the 60s were simply too much for people of a less liberal bent , and it took them a while to plot their revenge.

  28. John Marks says

    Now we understand why neither parliament nor the EU parliament was allowed to watch the film “The Magnitsky Act”.
    Browder obviously has a very powerful hold over the West.

  29. Baron says

    You, Mr. O’Neill, are star, thank you, the most logical, fact based, convincing summary of the events in Salisbury, pity you haven’t mentioned the Army chemical exercise on the Salisbury plain that began February 22, lasted three weeks (coincidence?).

    The one feature of the tragic Salisbury saga, minor yet pointing to it being a part of a concerted, globally conducted operation aimed at an externally engineered regime change in Russia, is the name of the nerve agent allegedly used – Novitchok. This acronym doesn’t appear in any scientific literature either during the Soviet or the post-Soviet era, it was coined by an American scientist, but is derived from a Russian word, it will now be repeated ad nauseam linking only or at least predominantly Russia to this evil compound.

    • John Marks says

      Yep, the holes are growing so fast in this story which probably explains why not a single British paper is any longer carrying the story – especially over a weekend when the sheeple might have a dangerous amount of free time to reflect on it. Indeed, the silence is deafening.
      There is however front-page coverage of the upcoming Liverpool football derby . . .
      Next will be free beer?

      • Yonatan says

        It will disappear just like the Litvinenko incident and MH17 so it too can be brought out at a later date in order to demonise Russia.

        • DavidKNZ says

          Patric Armstrong gives an interesting account on how the MH17 ‘Final’ Report selectively omits forensic data that would invalidate the MSM meme “The Russians were responsible”.
          Snip: “By ignoring the damage to the port wing and port engine, the Board was able to shift the approach route of the missile away from Kiev-held territory south of MH17’s route to rebel-held territory in the south-east.”

          But its an authoritative “Official Report” produced at a cost of millions of dollars. So it must be correct. I mean, our leaders wouldn’t lie to us would they 🙂

          • Mulga Mumblebrain says

            It’s like the ‘Arbitration’ Court decision re. China’s activities in the South China Sea. The whole process was controlled by the USA, with the Aquino (the grandson of a major Filipino Quisling under Japanese rule during WW2)as a front-man. The USA is not, of course, itself a party to the UNCLOS. Under UNCLOS such ‘arbitration’ is not considered legitimate.
            ‘Arbitration’ means negotiations between parties. China refusing to be a party rendered the proceedings null. But the Japanese head of the Star Chamber (a plain conflict of interest as Japan is in dispute with China over China’s Diaoyu Islands that the hereditary and revanchist fascist Japanese PM Abe, refuses to return)proceeded, and a panel comprising NATO members plus one Ghanaian, no doubt recruited long ago, sat, and produced the ludicrously vicious and contemptuous rejection of all China’s positions. Very useful for xenophobic and racist hate propaganda among dumb, ignorant and vicious Western publics. Meanwhile, with Aquino the hereditary Quisling gone, Duterte and China are getting on much better, despite the vociferous hordes of US dupes in the Filipino ‘elite’ continuing to foment trouble.

            • Mikalina says

              Now Duterte REALLY gets bad press…

              • Mulga Mumblebrain says

                And, Mikalina, just as he was about to visit-shudder!!_ Moscow, who else but that 100% Made By the USA and Friends outfit, IS, suddenly turned up in the southern Philippines, heavily armed and rarin’ to make jihad. As FDR said, ‘ Nothing happens by accident’, not when Thanatopolis DC is involved.

    • FS says

      Not wishing to be insufferably pedantic but it’s not an acronym, since it isn’t derived from the initials of another series of words, and neither is it ‘derived’ from a Russian word. It IS a Russian word. Новичок, meaning ‘newcomer’.

  30. bevin says

    Craig Murray’s blog today:
    “I cannot imagine the cold courage it must take to be a Palestinian, walking in protest, unarmed, towards the fence that contains the agony of their long drawn-out genocide, in the knowledge that the bullets will start splintering bones and ripping out brain matter around them, and every millisecond could be their own last.

    “I cannot imagine the cold viciousness it must take to work on the Guardian newspaper, where on the homepage the small headline of the latest six Palestinians to be shot dead, is way below the larger headline of the several hundredth article associating Jeremy Corbyn with anti-Semitism, on the basis of the quite deliberate conflation of anti-Semitism with criticism of Israel.”

    The Corbyn to whom he refers is presumed to be the “part time MI6 mouthpiece” mentioned in BigB’s update on the Magnitsky saga.

    • I’m bored with this game: I have linked to copious examples where Corbyn has parroted the rote phrases “of a type manufactered by Russia”; military grade blah blah blah… if they are not MI6 scripted: then they are his own words and reflect his own beliefs. Which is worse: particularly when he invoked Navalny for advice? If you did not read that one: it is probably because you do not read my replies or answer my questions.

      As for anti-semitism: who is enabling it by sacrificing friends to appease the BOD and JLC? If Tony Greenstein is correct, and I do not doubt him, that includes his recent backstabbing of Christine Shawcross. Before you cast aspersions, you may well want to contemplate whether Corbyn’s appeasement strategy amounts to an enabling of the IDF… because I’m pretty sure the entire Labour party would have something to say if they were Assad’s SAA snipers?


      You might want to check out Electronic Intifada or Asa Winstanley’s blog for a more in depth view on the dog whistle anti-Semitism capitulation. The JLC, BOD and Regev’s Embassy seem pretty tight to me: so the chances are this is Mossad organised. Oh, and don’t forget the Tories like Tebbit, Goldsmith and Javid: snakes like Umunna, Austin, and Mann: and the DUP. If Corbyn grew a pair and called out the fake news anti-semitism instead of sacrificing colleagues to them, then there is a greater possibility no one would get shot for protesting their right to return. How can you be shot for crossing an artificial apartheid border from your land to your land? Answers on a postcard addressed to Mark Regev.

      • @BigB. Every one of the statements you have cited shows Corbyn condemning himself out of his own mouth. I think he does it partly from ignorance of political reality in the world at large, as shown by your quotes where Corbyn merely mouths MSM tropes about Russia and Syria (obviously does not read OffG). Also partly from the misguided deviousness of a man who is not devious by nature, as when he tries to slip in an honest attack on Oligarch donors under cover of supporting their dishonest attack on Putin. But his caving in to that ridiculous accusation of Anti-Jewish prejudice smacks of something worse than insular ignorance or naive deviousness: it smacks of rank cowardice. Especially if Ms.Shawcross is as staunch an ally as you say; on what d, you base that opinion?

        Admittedly Mr.Corbyn is under savage attack from the Anglo-Zio-Capitalists, but so are all true socialists. This is no time to throw an ally to the wolves.

        • Yonatan says

          Accusations of anti-semitism – IT’S A TRICK, WE ALWAYS USE IT says former ISRAELI MINISTER.

          • @Yonatan and BigB. That old trick not working. JC has just scored a big hit by defending Gaza, and readers are rallying to him against the Zionazi Lobby in Parliament. A sample of BTL in the Indie:

            beginning to like this Corbyn chap.

            What with this and his measured reaction to the Skripal farce.

            I think I might vote for him.

            • Christine was part of the party faithful, a loyal servant (19 years Tony says). The whole case against her was fabricated (possibly even using doctored screencaps); but nevertheless, rather than defend her Corbyn told her go, or be sacked (see link.) A similar fate befell another stalwart, Jackie Walker …but that was Lansman’s doing (as featured here on OffG). Naz Shah retweeted a joke image of Israel superimposed on a map of America with a tagline about it being closer to send their aid. This was a standard joke at the time, and the site she picked it up from …both his parents were Holocaust survivors. Livingstone fell foul of Mann’s foul mouth tirade. This was a setup: you can even see him looking to make sure the camera was rolling. Corbyn’s greatest crime was against art: when he likened the muralist Mear One to Diego Vierra …not Diego Rivera. There is nothing more than perception management led by the Zionist Manchester Guardian that has led to the demise of good and loyal servants. Yet Mann, Austin, Ryan, Ellman still have platforms to spread thinly veiled racism. And when former JLC chair gets caught passing info to Shai Masot and collaborating with the Israeli Embassy (Mossad?) nothing is done. If Labour has an anti-semitism problem: they brought it on themselves. And now the Zionists have got them by the short and curlies. I say ”dog” …you say “whistle ” …”dog” …”whistle” …”dog” …”whistle”

              PS: this was one I prepared earlier. Fair play if he is standing up to them …it’s about time!

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        I agree. Corbyn is a coward, and his throwing victims off the boat to appease the foaming piranha pool of the fake ‘antisemitism’ lynch-mob only encourages them to greater heights of long gone hysterical fury. First they came for Ken Livingstone….and in the end Corbyn is destroyed, the Blairites are restored, the Tories are triumphant and all those nasty ‘antisemitic’ policies like concern for the Palestinians, criticism of Israeli barbarity and ‘Leftwing policies’ will be gone-for good.

    • FS says

      The primary purpose of the anti-semitism attack on Labour and Corbyn is to further curtail free speech and criticism of Israel. The derailment of Corbyn’s career is only of secondary use.
      Corbyn is far more useful to the establishment as someone who helps to give credence to the underlying assumptions in the official version of events and who fosters debate within artificially set and very limited parameters. BigB has made this point well, I believe, in reference to the initial accusations against Russia. Whether Corbyn is himself a stooge or simply very poorly advised, I’ve grown tired of his false assertions about Russia. As a British expat living in Russia, I can see that he’s manifestly wrong about everything Russia-related, and so one has to wonder whose interests he ultimately serves.

    • mog says

      Why can’t Corbyn just name the powers against him? He will fail unless he does.
      We know where appeasing fascism gets us.
      Zionism is the undoing of the indentitarian Left. Seymour, Bastani and the Novara crew have all been on board with the above mentioned conflation, they refer to the likes of Walker, Greenstein et al as the ‘loony Left’.
      Bastani tweets after May’s announcement on the Skripal case in support of ther rush to judgement:
      ‘Just days before presidential election. Hard to believe this isn’t about optics for a domestic audience…’
      How is that not racist?
      I am not surprised by this. It may seem reductionist but I am led to agree with commenter named ‘milosevic’ who states that a critical perspective of 9/11 is a benchmark for the integrity of contemporary political thinkers. When I look at Novara’s output on ‘conspiracy theory’ (or Seymour’s) I cannot but think that they are simply blinded by ideology and a failed epistemology, no matter how genuine their political aspirations.

      This I now see reflected in Corbyn’s politics and the whole Momentum coup. I thought it after the Manchester bomb when Labour’s response was to call for more money for the security services.
      Now there are bigger stakes, and I cannot support a movement that cannot think.
      I even wonder if aside from the geopolitical or domestic intentions behind this false provocation, there is a deeper move to normalise a new hysteria and Orwellian re-writes in the online political debate space.
      We are all in Salem now.

      • Big B says

        And if we appease the appeasers: we are all Ahed (Tamini) now.

      • Mikalina says

        “…there is a deeper move to normalise a new hysteria and Orwellian re-writes in the online political debate space….”

        Definitely. The whole alt media has been obsessed with Skripals’ farce to the exclusion of much else. We have rehashed, regurgitated, reshaped, repeated, reframed and reblogged ad infinitum – totally to the delight of the establishment. They have learnt some excellent lessons on control of alt media.

        My favourite:
        Adman 1 We need more emotion. It’s dying down.
        Adman 2 Cats go down well in the online space. How can we get a cat into the Skripal narrative…..

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        So this Bastardi is an open and impudent LIAR, because Georgia attacked South Ossetia on the eve of the Beijing Olympics. The whole world saw it, so such blatant and arrogant LYING takes real chutzpah. But arrogant lying has become ever more widespread in the West, since the hasbara operatives began their efforts.

        • mog says

          He has lied about Greenstein as well, saying that he was expelled for anti-semitism, which he wasn’t. Greenstein was expelled from Labour accused of ‘abusive language’. This has been pointed out to Bastani but he has not retracted (to my knowledge).
          I view him as essentially a narcissist, chasing the popular opinion rather than standing by any principle whenever it suits him. In that sense he is no different to most corporate journos (only with a different political world view). His main concern seems to be getting himself seen or heard.

  31. Michelle says

    Brilliant article. The only question I have left is why did Boris Johnson have to be seen to have lied? He didn’t have to appear on German tv. Even if he was desperate to appear, he could have stuck to the ‘of a type developed in Russia’ line. Even after he lied the British & German secret services could have removed the offending interview from the Internet before we found out he had lied. We are being presented this narrative for a reason that is hard to fathom.

    • Boris is Boris, he just cannot help himself its pathological, he must embellish and embroider his lies too, he simply isn’t fit to be in politics.
      Shellfish marketing maybe?

    • I agree. I still feel very suspicious. I am presently worrying about the chief of the OPCW, who apparently has visited the Russian chemical lab that Theresa May names as the source for the ‘novichok’. Neither am I convinced that the ‘novichok’ examined by Porton Downs actually caused the Skripals’ condition, or was actually found in their vicinity.

      • Interesting to see RT’s interview, broadcast today, with Jose Bustani, Brazilian former Secretary General of OPCW (1997-2002) who alleges that he was ‘forced’ to resign by the US who didn’t like his way of ‘managing’ the OPCW, particularly after he was receptive to the idea of Iraq becoming a signed up member of the Organisation. He alleges that Bolton visited him and told him that he had 24 hours to resign…and if he didn’t he should be aware that they (the US) knew where his children were (they have dual Brazilian/US nationality and were based in the US at the time). Of course we only have his word for it but it makes you wonder about exactly how much control the US currently have over the OPCW. If their ‘investigations’ in respect of Syria are anything to go by I think there are clear indications that the US definitely pulls the strings.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          The US pressure on Bustani, if not the details, was known at the time. I wonder why he did not just punch the psychopath in his moustache.

      • Yonatan says

        “I am presently worrying about the chief of the OPCW, who apparently has visited the Russian chemical lab”

        Would this be the same OPCW that certified Russia had eliminated all its CW stocks and facilities? As usual, this is unlike the US which still has both, and is outsourcing some CW/BW research to foreign countries, including the Porton Down lab in the UK. The Saratov site was one of many inspected by OPCW in 2000. Their report is at:


        • I am concerned about the present chief of the OPCW because according to a Russian official who attended the meeting last week, the OPCW chief did not mention that he had visited the lab that Theresa May is pinning her present hopes on. Or that the OPCW had signed off last September on the destruction of Russia’s chemical weapons including from the site now in question. At this point my concern is a niggle, and may simply vanish when the OPCW brings out its report later this week. At the same time, the Skripals are alive and well, so Novichok seems out of the question unless we have been told lies about its lethal effect. So, exactly what was analysed at Porton Downs over the past few weeks, and which has also been given to the OPCW for analysis?

    • reenmac says

      Maybe all of this is an elaborate regime change operation
      Feed the current tory govt false intelligence, let Boris do what he does best, and wait until it spectacularly implodes
      Resignations galore, new elections held(quick before Corbyn’s support builds too much..keep him occupied defending anti -semitism…can’t have him being right over Russia) new Tory govt led by present home secretary who has been very silent over this…new Brexit referendum announced.

      • Mikalina says

        Rees Mogg as PM with Priti Patel as Foreign Minister.

  32. andrea says

    I’ve always thought this affair was absurd form the beginning and everything pointed to Russia not being involved. I wonder, who’s paying for all this, literally? Who will pay for Yulia’s treatment and stay in hospital? The father is covered by NHS provisions as he’s a full UK resident, but what abut Yulia? She isn’t a EU citizen which would give her certain rights and a little yellow card that would allow the UK to claim for payment, like they usually do, but Russia isn’t a member of the Eu. Ia there a resiprocal adrangement for ‘free’ treatment of UK nationals in Russia, or Russians who need treatment under the NHS? Won’t Yulia be asked to pay for at least some of her treatment as if she was private patient in a private hospital because she is not covered by the provisions of the NHS? Thiis may seem rather trivial, only I was wondering about it. How much ‘special treatment’ will she receive and why? So it’s not just about bed-blocking, but about the allocation of the NHS’ precious resources. Or, is she actually being held ‘prisoner’ and what better place to do it than a hospital?

      • Yonatan says

        Only if she says ‘Putin done it’

        • Ivan says

          I have a feeling that she eventually will, regardless of what actually happened.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          Putin was in Salisbury? Disguised as a furry black cat? I suspected as much.

    • Domah says

      Yes, there is a reciprocial arrangement for emergency treatment between Russia and UK.

  33. summitflyer says

    Not mentioned in this well done analysis and understandably as it might be just the rumor , British officers are said to have been captured among the East Ghouta terrorists while the SAA was cleaning out the rats in the area.The pentagon and the UK are having hissy fits as they could get publicly exposed for their terrorist participation in Syria.If the rumors are true I can see the UK parliament trying to put the screws to Russia , as Russia has influence in Syria.See the last statement from the following blog ,Syrian Perspective .

    • NOTa rumour but true. However so many 5 Eyes embeds have been found and let go so far and all goes down the memory hole….

    • reenmac says

      but equally, couldn’t Russia use this as leverage
      Drop all this bullshit, apologise and we’ll get your guys released

  34. Big B says

    It’s all been an Anglo-Zionist intelligence coup to scapegoat Russia; bring down a digital Iron Curtain, and seal the intelligence space West of the Russian border. It is ongoing and not likely to stop upon the unraveling of one case. It is specifically anti-Putin (Operation Beluga); but also anti-Trump – by trying to conflate the two together and tar them with the same brush. There are multiple players and entities involved: but two are prominent and pivotal – William Browder and Christopher Steele. Both seem to be actively employed by MI6. There is also a prominent back channel of ex-Six operatives; and a current infiltration of the Cabinet Office and JIC – which effects the briefing of Ministers.

    Browder’s Trojan Horse is the Global Magnitsky agenda, which purports to be an anti-money laundering and sanctions agenda, but serves to demonise Russia as a vindictive Putin crony kleptocracy that murders its opponents – mainly in the Home Counties “killing fields”. This is the basis of the “From Russia with Blood” BuzzFeed online dossier. Starting in America around 2009, Browder has inveigled this agenda into the body politic of America, via the first Magnitsky Act (2012). This was introduced through the Zionist lobby by Ben Cardin and John McCain. It is of interest to note that this was opposed by the Clintons, who had their own agenda of taking Russian money for the Rosatom-Uranium One deal at the time (the Magnitsky Act and Rosatom deals went through just a month apart. The very least this shows is that there two initial agendas that later converged). At some point, HRC switched sides and got behind the Global Magnitsky Act of 2016. It was then inveigled through the EU (with limited success; despite countries being allowed to pass their own decentralised acts, if they so chose). From where it came to the UK. In the UK, Dominic Raab (CFI) tabled a cross-party amendment to the 2017 Criminal Justice Act. Recently, throughout the Skripal affair, the principal champions of both the BuzzFeed dossier and the Magnitsky amendment have been the Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn. Both are now part of the government agenda: thanks to their partisan lobbying.

    As I have just made clear, we have ‘Magnitsky powers’ (Unexplained Wealth Orders), why do we need more …if not for the agenda?

    Steele created the Trump Kompromat dossier, which was then back-channeled by the Old Boy network into America through McCain, then onto HRC (who took up the funding of it) …not the other way around. It was corroborated in a so called “collaboration loop” by Steele himself; then further back-channeled and augmented into the FBI, DOJ, etc by Clinton allies; principally Cody Shearer and Sidney Blumenthal. It then formed the basis of the Mueller inquiry, FISA warrant, etc. As you can see, this is all quite detailed to put in a comment. But I can substantiate or elaborate on any of this.

    So Russiagate 1.0 became Russiagate 2.0, Skripalgate, with a shared cast of intel and ex-intel operatives. Looks like we have a Cold War redux and intelligence coup meta-narrative?

    There is much, much, more …all available from open sources. Steele and Browder are key to this, of that I am sure. And the link between Skripal (an old GRU Colonel); his MI6 recruiter and handler Pablo Miller; Orbis; and the kind of corporate anti-Russia work they do is too significant to be coincidental. [They also do work for Russian oligarchs – Deripaska is a client.] Steele has a network of ex-intel “collectors” for his dodgy memos: it is inconceivable to me that Skripal was not part of it. How that will link in I’ll probably never know. I’m not on a mission and I don’t want a pellet of ricin up me bum!

    But it is all about the agenda; not the detail. From an intelligence POV; the Skripal case has been an enormous success. They have legitimised the BuzzFeed dossier; tabled another Magnitsky ammendment; rolled out the con-Fusion Doctrine; and co-opted the leader of the Labour party as a part-time MI6 mouthpiece – as and when needed. They have also silenced their Brexit critics; for a while. As has been noted above and by Thierry Meissan: Skripalgate was itself meant to be diversionary, and not microscopically analysed. They were drawing attention away from Eastern Ghouta; where it seems likely that some (11) of our SOF were picked up. To prevent this, and to prevent their Muslim Brotherhood and AQ brothers being oustered, they were prepared to risk WW3. This is the depth of pernicious evil we have to deal with; and it cannot all be laid as shit solely on government shoes.

    • summitflyer says

      Tying in William Browder and Christopher Steele to this Skripal charade is probably a good possibility .Both would have a good reason to screw Russia , especially Browder .I hope that scum bag gets his comeuppance soon.

      • John Marks says

        Now we understand why neither parliament nor the EU parliament was allowed to watch the film “The Magnitsky Act”.
        Browder obviously has a very powerful hold over the West.

      • One recent development I have taken on board is that the underlying journalism of the BuzzFeed “From Russia with Blood ” dossier is SOUND. That is, if you can read it without the imposed editorial Russia dunnit angle …which is actually very hard. So at least some of those deaths were hits: only, not Russian. The point is: the people behind this are completely ruthless. Browder is a tool: if he outlives his usefulness he will end up impaled on railings, like Scot Young.

        One point to make: without getting all high falutin’ and ideo-cultural …there is an awful lot of money at stake. The oligarchs pulled some $600bn out of Russia, with Browder’s help, I believe? Greed, and making sure Putin does not get it back become motives too. For instance, Scot Young was made to appear penniless: not by the GRU, not by the FSB, but by HMRC …according to Alex Thomson (ex-GCHQ analyst).


      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        I read somewhere that Paul Singer, another Celestial Being with a penchant for shaking down countries like Argentina (where he financed the hereditary fascist, Macri’s, successful Presidential campaign)over their bonds, and leaving the poor populace to foot the bill through ‘austerity’ ie one-sided class war, was involved with the Steele Dossier, too.

    • You are right – but – Steele and Browder are just symptoms so to speak. The big players are not on view.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Big B, much as your analysis makes sense, to leave out the Israelis and the Zionist International seems to me a grievous shortcoming. They HATE Putin for thwarting them in Syria, for refusing Bibi’s demands in Sochi, that allegedly sent Bibi into a foaming funk, so unused to goy insubordination is he and for drawing close to China, the one great world power that the Zionists will NEVER control, hence their Enemy Number One.

  35. bevin says

    Moon of Alabama offers strong circumstantial evidence that the Skripals were victims of food poisoning. If that was the case it helps explain the flimsiness of a story concocted on the fly by spooks and politicians who, though born liars, inevitably produced a narrative full of holes.
    It has taken a media campaign of unprecedented hysteria, with the regular demand of loyalty oaths, to sustain the malicious nonsense this long.
    No doubt the example of the ludicrous Russiagate narratives in the States inspired bot only the puppet government but the ventriloquists dummies whose by lines grace our daily news.

  36. The most likely expalantion for the access to Yulia’s vKontake account is that the UK police accessed her phone – which they can do easily – and her vKontake password was cached. She had updated her page while waiting for her flight from Moscow.

    • Domah says

      I can’t imaging police experts investigating her phone while it is connected to the network.

      • They don’t.

        Police have a device that attaches to the phone and clones its contents. They avoid examining the data “in-situ” and work with the copy, taking browser histories and cached passwords from there.

  37. JJA says

    One of the biggest problems NHS hospitals have is ‘bed blocking’, that is to say, hospital beds being occupied by patients considered fit enough to go home but who lack support for after hospital care at home. I know from my own experience that hospitals are very quick to discharge post-operative patients these days.
    By the sound of it, Julia Skripal may well be fit enough to go home. If not for a flight to Moscow, at least to the house in Salisbury, presumably with a new door knob installed. Her cousin, who has offered to come to England, sounds like a suitable carer, but she has been denied a visa, allegedly because she is a ‘Kremlin pawn’.
    Meanwhile, some person in Salisbury is stuck waiting for a hospital bed to become free. Even at this level, the British government actions appear ever increasingly ludicrous.

    • Maria says

      Didn’t you READ this article ? It clearly says that the consultant at the hospital Dr. Stephen Davis said there were ” NO patients HAVE EXPERIENCED SYMPTOMS OF NERVE GAS. This means that the government has been telling us fairy tales. Whatever happened to the Skripals was definitely NOT nerve gas.

      • No one is suggesting nerve gas has been used. Nerve agent mixed up from binary form as a liquid will be far less effective.

      • To be precise, Doctor Davis referred to “nerve agent poisoning” in general rather than a more limited reference to ‘nerve gas’.

    • @JJA. Which means that Yulia is not alone in being held as a political prisoner at the whim of Her Majesty’s Government; so are the hospital staff and prospective patients in Salisbury.

  38. Bob says

    The medical staff who attended to the Skripals at the scene first reported they believed Fentanyl had been used. Fentanyl is a drug commonly used to induce Coma.

    • Fentanyl, also spelled fentanil, is an opioid which is used as a pain medication and together with other medications for anesthesia.[2] It has a rapid onset and effects generally last less than an hour or two.[2] Fentanyl is available in a number of forms including by injection, as a skin patch, and to be absorbed through the tissues inside the mouth.

      Common side effects include nausea, constipation, sleepiness, and confusion.[2] Serious side effects may include a decreased effort to breathe (respiratory depression), serotonin syndrome, low blood pressure, or addiction.[2] Fentanyl works in part by activating μ-opioid receptors.[2] It is about 75 times stronger than morphine for a given amount.[4] Some fentanyl analogues may be as much as 10,000 times stronger than morphine. — WikiPedia

      • George Cornell says

        There were twice as many deaths from opioid overdose as there were from car accidents last year in the US. This is very closely related to contaminated street opioids. Carfentanil, the elephant anaesthetic, is extremely potent with tiny amounts becoming very valuable to dealers who can make huge profit from its dirt cheap manufacture. But the margins of safety are very narrow.

        It was and should be the first consideration in cases of unexplained coma in the otherwise healthy.

  39. intp1 says

    This may be pedantic to some but you are not “infected” with a chemical, you might be “contaminated” but an infection means some microbial life has entered your system and is trying to establish itself, e.g. virus, bacteria, or fungus. These nerve agents are chemicals and not even biochemicals though they impact out biochemistry.

  40. Paul Carline says

    Another very likely motive for this laughable attempt at an incriminating false flag – for which there was never a plausible Russian motive – is that it was cooked up rapidly and therefore clumsily as a smokescreen or diversion in an attempt to distract the British public from the reality that there will be no actual Brexit. As the U.K. Column News has been saying for weeks, this is a “Brexit without the exit”. What also had to be hidden were the already advanced preparations to fully merge the UK’s military into a joint EU/NATO force (part of whose remit would be to intervene in some of the old colonial areas such as Western Africa – thus allowing the US to pretend that it was disengaging from its interventionist addiction).
    The BBC’s otherwise strange decision to field a fear-mongering article suggesting that North Korea would soon have missiles capable of reaching
    London may well have had a similar motive: to turn the gullible public’s attention away from the embarrassing collapse of the government’s Skripal narrative.

  41. George Cornell says

    Helpful summary of another embarrassing episode in the ongoing saga of the U.K-US accomplices. There is nothing the AngloAmerican partnership will not do to prevent embarrassment of their own not-so-good selves cf. the Snowden and Assange affairs.

    The Americans have been repeatedly challenged to demonstrate that Snowden caused harm and it has become clear that their definition of harm is being exposed for rampant, unfettered, wanton, outrageous, and illegal activities, contrary to the interests of the public and the world.

    Exposing criminals like Brennan and Clapper, who lied to Congress, is in the best interests of the public. The mute 40,000 employees of the NSA should be holed up in a foreign jail, not Assange. Now that light is being shed on the Skripal case, watch for the scattering of the vermin. It surely has been inconvenient for them that the Skripals have survived.

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