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Sleepers Awake, We are Heading toward Imminent Disaster

by Edward Curtin

April 10, 2018

Donald Trump is preparing to ignite the Middle East and move the world a big step closer to total war. There is a very good chance the corporate mainstream media, accomplices in massive war crimes, will be announcing “breaking news” this evening or night that the U.S., in conjunction with its evil twin Israel that bombed a Syrian air base 24 hours ago, has launched a massive attack on Syria “justified” by a false flag chemical attack on Saturday. That such an expanded and terribly dangerous escalation of the war against Syria, whose ultimate goal is Iran and Russia, should come as no surprise to anyone halfway sentient.

Open source intelligence has been available for at least 6 weeks that the world is facing a momentous point of no return unless somehow, against all odds, sane voices miraculously intervene to stop this push for world war, which could very well end with nuclear war. But don’t count on it.

I am sick at heart at the thought of what is coming. When will we ever learn? What follows were warnings shouted out in the only places – alternative media sites devoted to truth – that care to prevent such carnage. Imagine your own continuing timeline, if you can bear to do so. Somehow, some way, we must find ways to awake those Americans asleep to the evils conjured up by their own government before it is too late. I really don’t know how, but can’t resign myself to giving up, for if I do, I give up on humanity, the “humanity” Trump says so glibly is at stake as he prepares to shed more blood.

February 21, 2018

The Trump and Netanyahu governments have a problem: How to start a greatly expanded Middle-Eastern war without having a justifiable reason for one. No doubt they are working hard to solve this urgent problem. If they can’t find a “justification” (which they can’t), they will have to create one (which they will). Or perhaps they will find what they have already created. Whatever the solution, we should feel confident that they are not sitting on their hands. History teaches those who care to learn that when aggressors place a gun on the wall in the first act of their play, it must go off in the final act.

These sinister players have signaled us quite clearly what they have in store. All signs point toward an upcoming large-scale Israeli/U.S. attack on Lebanon and Syria, and all the sycophantic mainstream media are in the kitchen prepping for the feast. Russia and Iran are the main course, with Lebanon and Syria, who will be devoured first, as the hors d’oeuvres. As always, the media play along as if they don’t yet know what’s coming. Everyone in the know knows what is, just not exactly when. And the media wait with baited breath as they count down to the dramatic moment when they can report the incident that will compel the “innocent” to attack the “guilty.”

March 1, 2018

Last week I wrote that

all signs point toward an upcoming large-scale Israeli/U.S. attack on Lebanon and Syria, and all the sycophantic mainstream media are in the kitchen prepping for the feast. Russia and Iran are the main course, with Lebanon and Syria, who will be devoured first, as the hors d’oeuvres.” Those signs are growing more numerous by the day.

Israel’s mainstream newspapers, Haaretz, and the more conservative Jerusalem Post, both announce in headline news that Iran has built a new base in Syria with missiles capable of hitting Israel. One look at these newspapers with their talk of Israeli war preparations and the potential in assassinating the Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah makes it very clear that an expanded Middle Eastern war is fast approaching. Russia, Syria, and Iran are being demonized as mind control propaganda spews forth. The mainstream corporate media in the United States and other countries are sure to follow.

March 14, 2018

Donald Trump’s days of playing the passive/aggressive host of a reality-television game show are coming to an end. Either he fires all the apprentices who might slightly hesitate to wage a much larger world war and lets the bombs fly, or he will be replaced by one who will. Signs are that he has learned what his job entails and the world will suffer more death and destruction as a result.

Now we have the British Prime Minister Theresa May accusing Russia of poisoning in England the double-agent Sergei Skripal and threatening Russia to give a “credible” explanation why they killed this man or else, a man who sold the identities of Russian agents to the UK for cash, putting them in serious danger. Or else, she says, the UK “will conclude that this action amounts to an unlawful use of force by the Russian state against the United Kingdom.”

Naturally she presented no evidence for Russian involvement, but the BBC, as is its wont, speculates on how the British may punish Russia, and the other corporate media chime in. But we are left to wonder where this is leading. Could it be Syria? Former British diplomat Craig Murray suggests it could be a false-flag setup aimed at raising Russiaphobia to hysterical proportions.

But to what end?

If we look to the United Nations and the accusations and threats flying from the mouth of the US Ambassador Nikki Haley, Obama’s UN Ambassador Samantha Power’s doppelganger in war lust, we see that the picture expands. Haley threatened that the US will take unilateral action in Syria against Syrian and Russian forces if the UN didn’t adopt her resolution that would have allowed anti-government terrorists plenty of time to escape from East Ghouta. She said, echoing words we have heard numerous times:

It is not the path we prefer, but it a path we have demonstrated we will take, and we are prepared to take again….When the international community fails to act, there are a Times when states are compelled to take their own action.

In response we have the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov warning that another US strike on Syrian government forces would have serious consequences. And the Chief of the Russian General Staff Valery Gerasimov saying,

We have reliable information about militants preparing to falsify a government chemical attack against civilians. In several districts of Eastern Ghouta, a crowd was assembled with women, children, and old people, brought from other regions, who were to represent the victims of the chemical incident.

He added that “White Helmets” activists (proven to be financed by the US and UK) had already arrived at the scene with satellite video transmitters ready to film the scene and that the Russians had discovered a “laboratory for the production of chemical weapons in the village of Aftris which was liberated from terrorist.” After the planned false-flag attack, the US was going to bomb government held districts in Damascus fulfilling Haley’s threat.

And here in the US, Col. Lawrence Wilkinson, who was Secretary of State Colin Powell’s chief of staff when Powell lied at the UN in 2003 to garner support for the criminal attack on Iraq, spoke to The Israel Lobby and American Policy 2018 conference ten days ago and said, speaking of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman, that:

They’re both headed for war. Of that I’m convinced. They will use Iran’s allegedly existential (sic) to Israel presence in Syria which is becoming even more so from a military perspective every day, Hezbollah’s accumulation of some 150,000 missiles if we believe our intelligence agencies. The need to set Lebanon’s economy back yet again, that’s important. Look at what they’re deliberating right now with regard to the new very, very rich gas find in the Eastern Mediterranean with Israel claiming Section 9 and Lebanon claiming Section 9. Take that, Lebanon. We’re going to bomb you, then you’ll let us have it. And that will be their excuse.

Now Rex Tillerson is out as Secretary of State and the head of the CIA, the far more war minded Mike Pompeo slides naturally into the role. Musical chairs for the power elite. As Trump has said of Pompeo,

We are on the same wavelength.

Riding that same wavelength is Nikki Haley, a trio whose alliance bodes very poorly for Middle Eastern peace or for any rapprochement with Russia. The game turns deadlier as the Presidential Apprentice learns the rules and the empire prepares to shed more innocent blood in an unholy alliance with Israel, Saudi Arabia, and other “team players.”

But this time the game won’t be, in the words of another CIA liar, “a slam dunk.” The opponents are ready this time. The game has changed.

And in eastern Ukraine, the snow should be melting in the next 3-4 weeks.

March 24, 2018

Edward Curtin: False Flag Operations Will Start a New War

RT – April 9, 2018
Israeli missile strike ‘indirect response’ to Syrian Army’s success in E. Ghouta – Damascus
Published time: 9 Apr, 2018 17:03


  1. IA is the real threat here…one way or another there are agendas out there which are out to destroy humanity and nothing else…

  2. The root problem is surely that Zionists have captured Washington and of course they are in charge in Jerusalem . Thus the U.S serves Israeli interests above all else.

    Zionists are essentially immoral, psychopathic gangsters in the mould of Meyer Lansky, Bugsy Siegel et al.
    There can be no change until these totally power crazy lunatics are rooted out. I’m not holding my breath. Most of America doesn’t seem to have noticed that there’s been a coup d’etat and their government is essentially run by Israel; if and when they do cotton on and somehow manage to oust the Zionist hawks, Israel itself might change dramatically with more liberal politicians gaining office.

    We can dream.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      And May is a groveling toady of Israel, to an extent and degree not seen before, and Micron was created by a cabal of six or so beneficiaries (plus copious funds) all but one of whom are Jews, including the hero of the Libya aggression, Bernard-Henry Levy. Israeli elite thugs have often threatened to ‘take the world down with us’, if Israel felt sufficiently threatened, or nuke Rome or some other city if they felt Europe was slipping from control (note the EU’s turn against the Palestinians over the last ten years or so), and perhaps here we go.

  3. Francis Lee says

    Well, well, well. The war part(ies) in the EU/USA/NATO/AIPAC coalition seem to be risking a nuclear exchange with Russia on the basis of a completely and blatantly fabricated pile of shit. No diplomacy, no fact-finding, no compromise, no search for solutions, just allegations, assertions, and self-righteous bluster.

    I remember the Cuba missile crisis in 1963 well; I was 17 at the time and milling around in Trafalgar Square in London during a big anti-war demo. One particular speaker, an artist, was relating how he would like to die come the inevitable conflict; he opted for a chance to die whilst painting. That’s how crazy it was. But at least the belligerent parties actually wanted peace – mirabile dictu – not at any price, but peace negotiated through diplomacy and compromise. As it turned out Russia withdrew its rockets from Cuba, and the United States withdrew its rockets from Turkey and the catastrophy was averted with minimal loss of face. From then on it was understood that both sides had their respective spheres of influence and red lines which were inviolate. This was consistent with Westphalian foreign policy theory – realism – 1648 which ended the Wars of the Reformation. Under this system states existed within recognised borders. Each state’s sovereignty was recognised and respected by others. Principles of non-interference were agreed. Religious differences between states were tolerated. States might be monarchies or republics. Permanent state interests or ‘raison d’etat’ was the organising principle of international relations. War was not eliminated completely, but it was mitigated by diplomacy and balance-of-power politics. The object of this balance of power was to prevent on e state from becoming so powerful it could conquer others and destroy world order.

    During the whole period of the first cold war the US and USSR could and did pursue their interests face-to-face in Europe with rival NATO and Warsaw Pact blocs. But in fact the US war was really directed against what we used to call the third world.

    That was then. The counter-revolution started with the collapse of the USSR, and the new doctrine of hegemonic expansion. This was first enunciated by Paul Wolfowitz in 1992 authored by Under Secretary of Defence for Policy neo-con Paul Wolfowitz. The rest we know. Westphallan principles and practise were deemed fuddy-duddy, and the theory and practice of ‘regime change’ and ‘humanitarian intervention’ and ‘winnable nuclear wars’ have become the guiding principles of the Anglo-Zionist death cult. This insanity is epitomised by the resident numbskulls John Bolton and accountancy graduate Nikki Haley. Where in God’s name did this homicidal maniac come from!? In all my life I have never heard such inflammatory language ‘‘Russia will never be our friend, we’ll slap them when needed’’ I tremble for mankind (and myself ) in the face of this crass ignorance and arrogance.

    It is now quite clear that these people are spoiling for war: this much is axiomatic t. Russia cannot retreat any further and in all probability has the backing of China and Iran. The Anglo-Zionist are aware of this but still they come on: irresistible versus immovable object anyone? force Hold on to your hats folks, it’s all going to kick off quite soon.

    P.S. I had already paid for my funeral; it cost me £5000.00. Now I am beginning to wonder if I have wasted my money. Who’s going to be around to bury me. Gallows Humour.

    • Paul X says

      The West clearly think they can win a war. It’s hard to see how Iran and China can help. China sent a naval vessel to the East Med in 2013 but US action in the South China Sea means it’s more likely that this time they’ll stay there. It’s more likely we will see Kiev moving East requiring Russian forces there. Ukraine has now received the heavy weaponary and the cash it needs. They killed 10,000 in 2014 and won’t be shy about a full scale attack, one that will require a Russian reaction.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        If the Ukronazis provoke Russia into a full response, the Russians will be in Kiev in a few days. And they’d better make sure the Ukronazis don’t escape to their rat-holes in Canada, the USA and Austfailure again.

    • Harry Law says

      Francis Lee, excellent comment. By the way your money was not wasted, you will be cremated.

  4. As far as I can see the mostly NATO countries are huffing and puffing and threatening this and that(trump tweets) in order to pressure the Russians to stand aside in Syria. The skripal case plays a part in this too. If they were going to get stuck into Syrian forces they’d have done so by now. The mere presence of Russian forces has spooked NATO and they are toothless. Their only option is to heap political pressure upon Russia. The very fact the UK has agreed to correct procedure(they didn’t adhere to it in Salisbury) I.e the OPCW are being sent in first to investigate the chemical attack before they commit to the US side, points to an excuse to stall. They are weak and they know it. They know that this time, contrary to previous ‘humanitarian’ interventions their opponents can seriously seriously hurt them. Thus they risk humiliation in the Middle East and a serious threat to Israel. Btw, Israel’s recent sortie wasn’t as brave as first thought I.e they still heeded Russia’s warning not to use Lebanon air space to attack Syria I.e they fired from the sea according to reports. Were the Israelis afraid of missiles, proper ones, being returned with kind? Perhaps the yanks were even afraid to strike themselves and got the zionists to do it? Plausible deniability and all that.

    • milosevic says

      Why don’t they immediately parade these a**holes and their illegal weapons before TV cameras, and put an end to this ridiculous farce?

  5. MichaelK says

    Over the last few decades, in the West, especially in Great Britain and the United States; a process has been underway to undermine the social and economic reforms introduced after WW2 and to remove the ‘left’ politically from public life and their ideas, across the board.

    This ‘cull’ in the culture, has had disasterous results. Britain, never particularly fond of intellectuals, became a country, basically, without, ideas in the political sphere, unless they were the crass and absurd dogmas associated with Thatcherism. Everywhere ‘discipline’ and conformity to authority was gradually re-established after the ‘awakening’ of the 1960’s period.

    With no intellectual opposition allowed or encouraged, society became increasingly infantile and simplistic, with complexity shoved aside in favour of comic book culture and Disney. Nostalgia for a past that never really existed was everywhere and the arts and culture actually began to move backwards into something that increasingly resembled New Victorianism. Hypocrisy drenched everythiing. And if this wasn’t enough, New Imperialism began to rear its ugly head again, typified by a new version of the White Man’s Burden, only in a ridiculous kitsch form soaked in moralizing about how much we cared about helping the poor, needy and oppressed. Yes, we loved them so much we helped them by destroying entire countries full of them and wiping out decades of social and economic progress. A price, we, grotesquely, thought was worth payiing.

    I honestly don’t think any area was more damaged than the media and the press, which have really gone downhill finally arriving at the bottom of the gutter where modern journalism is mired.

    For example the decline of the Sunday Times. The end of Granada Televison and World in Action. The collapse of the Observer/Guardian axis. The rise of the crazed liberal interventionists and their sanctimonious moralizing about foreign policy and countries, like Ukraine, of which they know next to nothing about.

    I could go on, but that’s how we ended up where we are today, where the standard of public awareness and public debate has, arguably, never been lower. Journalism has been replaced by propaganda in the service of the increasingly militarised state, to a degree that would have shocked George Orwell. It’s incredibly ironic that the BBC has recently unveiled a statue of Orwell outside Broadcasting House. I’m pretty sure they don’t understand how ironic this is.

    • @MichaelK

      Your elucidation of the facts is not only stark but poignant! As someone in the public sphere recently said: “No one out here has any answers whether in elite circles or at the grassroots…”

      We’ve truly come to “The End of History” as posited by Francis Fukuyama & “The Clash of Civilizations” as posited by the late Samuel Huntington – (completely exonerating your thesis), however, there’s the 5th Dimension to a war that’s yet to be fought yet somehow is already being fought in the minds of millions!

      How many will die? Will the “ONE_THIRD” theory prove empirically correct?

      Can any living, breathing human beings on the earth today conceptualize or try to imagine the carnage of human loss & misery swallowing up 2.5 billion people – wiped from the face of the earth due to #WAR #FAMINE #STRIFE & #BLOODSHED: “The 4 HORSEMEN of the APOCALYPSE”…

      Some CRAZY SHIT* is about to happen on this planet & FOLKS* ain’t ready 4 what is about to hit ’em…

      English-speaking nations bedevilled by flaky alliances will one day mourn as the “MIGHTY EMPIRE” is fallen and global bedlam ensues…

      #WW3 is meant to be the “GREAT EUGENICS EXPERIMENT” that will remove those least “FIT” – a #Noahide precept which undergirds both “Biological Darwinism” as well as “Social Darwinism”…

      Who’s left will “REBUILD” a #NWO with SATAN* as their ‘god’…

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Michael, the Right, ie the Evil ones among humanity won, simply because capitalism empowers and prefers their type-the psychopaths. Gorbachev’s surrender and the duplicity of the ‘social democrat’ scum like Blair, Hawke, Mitterand etc solidified the triumph of the worst, and the rest is our brief remaining history before either thermo-nuclear obliteration or global ecological collapse, or both, sees us off.

  6. Harry Law says

    Tom Tugendhat, the chair of the foreign affairs select committee, said: “Striking Syria’s stockpiles of chemical weapons would degrade their ability to commit further war crimes and could be done together with allies. It would not require a vote in parliament.”
    Gen Richard Barrons, who led the UK’s joint forces command until 2016, said on Wednesday he thought UK action alongside France and the US was the likely outcome. He said he hoped the response “extends beyond the tokenism of previous attempts which have been an act of event management and limited by scale and by time”.
    Russia’s ambassador to Lebanon, Alexander Zasypkin, said on Wednesday that any US missiles fired at Syria would be shot down and the launch sites would be targeted.
    Barrons said the ambassador should think carefully about his words: “He is saying … not only are they going to shoot down the missiles in flight … but by saying launch sites, he is saying they are going to try and sink ships, sink submarines and shoot aircraft out of the sky. That’s war.”
    Are these people for real, Tugendhat said we should bomb Syria’s stockpiles of chemical weapons, what stockpiles? Those weapons were officially destroyed by the relevant International Agencies years ago.
    Then the General wants the ‘next action’ to be more severe and extended in nature than the last missile strikes [which incidentally killed 13 men women and children] He then warns the Russian Ambassador not to interfere in all of this by shooting down our missiles, and then, unbelievable said that would be an act of war. For their own safety [and ours] these people should be locked up in lunatic asylums with straitjackets on.
    Rick Sterling has an excellent article here ‘Taking the world to the brink of annihilation’

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Without a UN SC Resolution, these aggressions by a tiny cabal of the worst genocidal butchers in history, represent the Supreme Crime under International Law. To urge or threaten such aggression is also a major crime. Why has no-one made a ‘citizens’ arrest’ of Tugendhat or Barrons?

  7. John Marks says

    The most authoritarian strongmen/women riding rough-shod over popular opinion at present are Theresa May and Emmanuel Macron.
    It is Russia and Syria almost alone who have all but defeated the ISIS and other jihadis of the same ilk as killed the kids in Manchester. And we’re proposing action to help such jihadis??
    How come the Syrian government is held accountable for an accusation by Jaish-al-Islam terrorist group but those countries supporting these fanatics are not accountable for the crimes which these barbarous jihadis have committed against humanity and the Syrian people?
    Macron and May would put all our lives and the future of the world at risk for the alleged poisonings of spies in Salisbury and jihadis in Damascus.
    Who are the authoritarians here?
    PS The moderators removed this comment from Nougayrède’s article on authoritarianism in Europe in today’s Frauniad, because it didn’t abide by ‘our community guidelines’, etc., etc.

    • Paul X says

      It was France and the UK that pushed the US for the bombing of
      Libya according to Clinton and Obama. Part of the problem seems to be renewed rivalry between the two old foes; Cameron jumped on the Libya bandwagon in fear France would take the ‘credit’. France is looking to Re-establish it’s influence in the ME and Africa.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        It’s the Zionist control, Paul. France and the UK are captive states of Israel, and Israel wants ALL its neighbours vivisected with as many murdered civilians as possible.

    • Tommy Hallem says

      Makes one laugh pig face May, a’ministers daughter’? you couldn’t make it up.

  8. MichaelK says

    The big dilemma for the Russians is calculating how they should respond to a coming American/Nato attack on Syria. It’s not easy to shoot down incoming missiles. It’s far easier to attack the platforms they are launched from. It’s one thing to attempt to shoot down missiles or even planes attacking Syrian bases, cities and infrastructure, but destroying US Navy ships is something else completely. There is an awful lot of things that could go wrong here and it could all escalate too quickly before any peace movement can get off the ground in the West.

    The worst thing is that the media are totally onboard for war, for punishing Assad for his crimes. This ridiculous idea about the right to protect and intervene to protect civilians from harm… using war as the primary method, is embedded everywhere in our media to the most extraordinary degree, almost like a religious dogma that can’t be questioned.

    • @MichaelK. Don’t worry, our Right to Help is being questioned right now.

      Young Cub, where did you get that shiner?
      I was doing my Good Deed by helping an Old Lady across the street.
      Why did she give you a black eye?
      She didn’t want to cross the street.

  9. Stonky says

    Do you think if I could somehow penetrate the office of the Managing Editor of the Guardian, pour a bucket of water over her stupid fat head, video the incident, and show her the video, she might finally wake up to the realisation that seeing a video of someone being doused with water is not, in fact, proof that they have been attacked with chemical weapons by Bashir Assad?

    • Google Talpiot Program says

      lol come on man – the top levels know where their bread is buttered. It’s corruption not stupidity.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      I’d prefer to see a bucket of blood and gore thrown over her, and many others, for their services to aggression and genocide.

  10. MichaelK says

    The BBC is now saying that ‘Russia is sharpening its rhetoric’ because they are saying they will defend Syria if it’s attacked. Why do they call this… ‘rhetoric’?

    • Stonky says

      Because they very much wish it was. I’m starting to get a sense that somewhere in the background, somebody from Russia has made it very clear to some people in the West that as far as Russia is concerned, this is the Cuban Missile crisis again only the other way round.

  11. Anandamide says

    I had a vision in my awareness the other day… Who knows where it came from but it made me feel good and i feel it’s also a possibility.

    So many thousands of war veterans upon returning to USA have been betrayed by the authorities and many thousands have taken their life, unable to live with the PTSD as a result of being in a warzone, and not having any support in their recovery and healing. This has been true since the barbarism of Vietnam.

    I witnessed at Standing Rock a mobilisation of war veterans who came to support the Indigenous people of America and it was a mighty and significant gesture which spoke deeply in a symbolic but also practical way.

    These men and women have experienced the reality of the attitude of American Govt and have seen through the bullshit, at a high cost which few of us can imagine.

    My vision/dream is that several thousand heavily armed war veterans became mobilised on the streets of America, most notably Washington so as to communicate the message to the American people that we cannot allow another war to kick off in the Middle East and that the people can do something to stop it, through bringing America to a standstill…

    Out of all the groups in America i feel they would commandeer the respect of the general confused mass.

    Part of the vision is that they stormed the whitehouse with a full on armed attack, so as to make an unprecedented statement.

    • It’s a shame that the wonderful, impassioned Gulf War veteran Ken O’Keefe doesn’t get more opportunity in the US and UK to say what he says. Someone like him has just the right heart, conviction and intelligence to get his message across. But we all know it would never be allowed to happen.

      You mention PTSD as a common effect on service personnel. Another example of military wantonness and insouciance is the US burnpits in the ME.

      • Anandamide says

        Hi Judy…

        Yes, Ken o’ Keefe is a rare breed of human, to have walked through the conditioning of the culture he found himself in, to the degree that he did, and to emerge out of the other side….

        We can all do this with the proper guidance so as to make the collective shift happen.

        People like Ken walk the path of the True warrior/healer/wisdom teacher… Unfortunately it’s one of the tragic threads in our recent history that the imperialistic agenda of white Europeans has practically destroyed the natural wisdom, which has been honoured for countless millenia by indigenous people around the planet, leading us now, to be governed by immature males who have not been initiated into wisdom.

        But they haven’t destroyed that wisdom and power… It’s only been suppressed, because it’s inherent within all of us waiting to be awakened and embodied…. That’s what will see us through this potential nightmare scenario…

        And yes… The burnpits… A symbol of total ignorance and disregard for precious human life and the natural environment.

        Keep the faith beyond the madness of it all and let’s channel our anger into benevolent action.

      • Mikalina says

        Judy, you mention PTSD whereas Anandamine says “being in a war zone”.

        Studies show that what the vets suffer from is, in fact, guilt. I think this is a stronger point than PTSD as this ‘disorder’ has a certain acceptance to it – an obvious reaction to stressful situations. Guilt is the awareness of responsibility (forced onto you or not) that you have done something WRONG – such as war.

        It is possible that the UK government recognise the dangers of vets as they are taking actions to identify them through drivers’ licences, voting registration, job offers and facebook deep diving.

        The tremendous respect that people in the UK have for their “boys and girls” is being manipulated and used against the population to walk us into further wars. It would be good to have a vets’ movement against war. I don’t know Ken O’Keefe but I will look up his work. Thank you for the link.

        • @MikaLina. Very interesting, that the US servicemen suffer not only PTSD but guilt.

          Young Lady: I suffer from a sense of sin.
          Psychiatrist: That is very rare. — TS Eliot, The Cocktail Party

    • ninetto says

      Yes, the vets are important, but the percentage of them who were “awakened” by the horror of their experience is rather small, unfortunately.
      That said, there are truly admirable individuals amongst them: here the Vets for peace stand up for one of the most mistreated people of the world, the Palestinians

  12. MichaelK says

    I think people will wake up… angry, if war starts in Syria. I think the anti-war movement will explode into action and the streets will be filled with demonstrators demanding an end to the attacks on Syria. There is no public demand for a war in Syria against Russia. Send the entire staff of the Guardian instead to do the fighting and bleeding. That’ll concentrate their tiny minds. The politicians in Europe know they don’t really have public support for attacking Syria. It’s one thing to be horrified by events there. It’s something else entirely to start WW3 over some place called Ghouta. The longer the conventional stage lasts the bigger the demonstrations and opposition will grow. This is the chance of stopping it escalating even further into a nuclear conflict. Conventional war, though horrific enough, is nothing compared to nuclear war.

    Corbyn must see that the BBC, the Guardian the UK media, don’t reflect public opinion at all. Hasn’t that been proven over and over again recently? He has to summon the courage to come out 100% against this madness and start telling the pure an unvarnished truth about what’s going on. He has a platform and he has a duty to use it and rally the public in opposition to slide towards nuclear war, to do anything else, to worry about what the Blairites think or the media, would be totally irresponsible and cowardly considering where we seem to be heading. Has he, though, the leadership qualities required in times like these? I doubt it. Perhaps someone else will appear and speak for and lead the people?

    • Fat chance.
      Hoping for sane and rational, uncorrupted leadership in the West is now tantamount to invoking the Second Coming of Christ.

      • Tommy Hallem says

        Couldn’t agree more, it shows you how easily the people are kidded.

    • Tsar Nicholas says

      I have been wondering about the curious deployment of the USS Doanld Cook. It looks like it is being deployed as bait. If it is sent to teh bottom by a Russian counter attack, will that be used by the powers-that-be to cheer on yet more military action until it results in a nuclear exchange.

      As regards FS and his comment about the Second Coming, I can’t help but observe that Jesus said the attitude of people in the End Time will be clueless. That’s exactly what i witness. Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway is infinitely more interesting to most people than the fact that they might soon perish in nuclear fire.

      “As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.
      For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark;” (Matthew 24:37-8)

      • You’ve touched on how the US psyche works in your first paragraph, by which in the eyes of the public they come across as ‘the good guys’. They initiate an attack on the pretext of ‘protecting the innocent children’ when we all know it’s a contrived false flag; Syria/Russia counter attack in defence or in retaliation; but of course, because the original US offensive was deemed ‘tit for tat’ retribution, the Syrians/Russians have now put themselves in the role of ‘aggressor’ in the public’s perception. Bingo – an excuse for all out war.

        • notheonly1 says

          Plus, factor in the amount of hypocrisy dished out:

          How come the USUKFRAUSCAN is not mentioning the exterminating of innocent women and children in Yemen?

          Because the Saudis do the extermination, of course. Same with the Palestinians.

          The day will come where those behind this dangerous psychopathy will pay for it. Hopefully sooner than later.

      • Mikalina says

        Mmm. I think that if I was working onboard the USS Donald Cook, I would ask for a transfer.

        In line with your Biblical stuff, this great outcry for a strong leader to get us out of this mess suggests the acceptance and welcome of the anti christ.

      • Tommy Hallem says

        I fear you are right , so long as they can watch millionaires kicking a ball around every week, and the idiots screaming their heads off at them we’re going nowhere, because that’s all these imbeciles can ta;k about, they couldn’t show you Syria on a map.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Corbyn will bottle it. I imagine the Zionists have reminded him that they are world champions at murdering those who dare resist them, or ‘..get in our way’, as Jabotinsky said.

  13. George says

    I would so love it if the corporate mainstream media, accomplices in massive war crimes, would announce “breaking fake news”.

  14. Stonky says

    I’ve been listening to the news overnight, and it seems that our great free media seems to have been doing a bit of collective pant-shitting. As editors and journalists wake up to the fact that they are not in fact immune to the effects of nuclear bombs, there is a bit of gentle rowing-back on the howls of “To war! To war!” that we’ve been hearing over the past few days.

    Or maybe the organ grinder has modified his instructions.

    • Stonky says

      Today programme now talking rather soberly about the Russian ambassador to Lebanon, who has said straight out that if missiles are fired on Syria they will be shot down and the sources will be targeted.

      Presenter’s (Mishal Husain?) sphincter going like a rabbit’s nose. Definite decibel reduction in the “Hoo-Rah for war! Hammer the Russkies! All over by Christmas!” of the last couple of days…

      • notheonly1 says

        Thinking about a rabbit’s nose right now…

        Combine that with a Baboon’s behind and I can vividly imagine this fake news show host having second thoughts about his “Hoo-rah! To the Front!” propaganda.

    • always write says

      ….good as soon as these people think they’ll get killed the better, the trouble is they treat all this stuff like its just some other run of the mill ” news” story, some glib smile and onto the story of how Mrs Miggens cat got stuck up a f***ing drain pipe!

    • George says

      The organ grinder has had a momentary awakening only to be hit by the massive stick of the psychopathis infant in charge of the instrument.

  15. Paul says

    There are no Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer’s stationed in the east atlantic off the coast of West Africa in the region of the Canary Isle’s yet.

    La Palma, “Cumbre Vieja”

    Come to think of it, “Yellowstone” is a pretty big target to defend against being hit.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Yellowstone going off kills us all, so no real point that, unless you believe in the ‘Masada Complex’.

  16. Paul says

    Perhaps a Russkie Father of All Bombs blast 3 miles off the beam of the USS Donald Duck–calculated for maximum effect but no physical injury, other than a mother of a wave.

    Kinzhal strike at the very end of the runway that Israel used for its latest strike. Again, massive mach 20 striking effect but ideally no loss of life–just a massive crater.

    Satan 2 laying down 150 separate missiles across the path of the carrier group in mid-Atlantic. Again, targeting to miss by a few miles but essentially turning the path ahead into pure chaos.

    This is the creative Black Sea freakout strategy employed against the Donald Cook last year, but writ a little larger.

  17. Posted by Muslim Dude from Pakistan, BTL on Syrian Perspective in USA, 6hr ago:
    “Tomorrow’s Times of London reporting that Mrs May has told Mr Trump that Britain will need more evidence that Assad was behind the chemical attacks before joining in any retaliation.

    MD: Looks like a repeat of 2013 when the rubber-stump UK ‘parliament’ decided not to support a military strike against Syria. Everyone knows the UK parliament is a rubber stamp body full of careerist politicians who will do exactly what they are told.

    Now May is telling Trump she doesn’t want to join the Yankees in hitting Assad and she needs ‘evidence. ‘Evidence’ takes a minimum of weeks to gather and by that time the western MSM will have forgotten about Syria. [and the Skripals?]

    TRANSLATION: The Russian bear showed its teeth and they backed down.

    Am I right?

    We will see tomorrow…

    Good night all….off to sleep.”

  18. avenir says

    What I do find interesting from all the media disnformation we’re being bombarded with is what will Trump and the West do to retaliate against the alleged chemical attacks in Syria. The way it’s been phrased, “retaliate”, as though we in rural England have been attacked by chemical weapons (that’s of because we’re supposed to have believed everything May and Johnson have told us about Salisbury). I see no difference in being gassed to death or blown to pieces by a tomahawk cruise missile but is though the rebels are our people, not jihadis funded by the CIA.

    Scant mind has been taken of the consequences for US, UK and allied forces for an attack that will cause Russia to act. The Russians have already clearly warned the Americans what they will do with their superior missile technology and a defenceless US fleet in the med (this is not even their latest ones but the ones that fly between Mach 5 and 8 and can be launched from a Bear or from the Caspian Sea).

    I can only hope there are still some generals in the pentagon that are prepared to say no Trump and the evil Ned Flanders, John Bolton, who would start a disastrous war for all of us.

    I recommend that people go have a look at the Saker site, a military analyst of all things Russian who has lived in the US for 20 years for information that simply doesn’t get as far as the MSM.

  19. I used to think the blustery rhetoric spewing out of Downing Street and the White House was an act, a piece of theatre designed primarily to intimidate and confuse. I am no longer sure that is the case. The stuff they are saying has become downright frothing at the mouth mad. There is no precedent for this. They are putting themselves in a position that is making it very difficult to walk back the crazy and save face.

    Illiterate perma-adolescent Trump promoting Pompeo, madman Bolton and the torture lady to some of the most important posts in the USG is an extremely bad omen. With the moribund and gutless EU bowing and scraping to Washington, DC while squeaking out a few feebly worded “cautions”, Crazy May and Bungling Boris running their mouths off with abandon like barely coherent maniacs, BiBi Nutbaryahu replacing his trademark glowering scowl with a gleeful smile of joy at the prospect of annihilating the Palestinians once and for all…well, to say things are looking grim on planet Earth is an understatement. Where are the assassins or invading aliens when we need them?

    Of course the always impartial and objective media is the perfect picture of responsible integrity and dutifully amplifies the madness and the stupefied and largely stupid and cowardly (sorry…but it’s true) public take it all in and roll their eyes tut-tutting at the evil Poutine as if the entire establishment losing its collective mind is not playing out right in front of them.

    Is it too much Facebook and “social” media or what? Why are the majority of people so brainwashed and apathetic and unable or unwilling to comprehend the apocalyptic freak show that is pushing the world into the abyss?

    • rtj1211 says

      Children are conditioned to respect their elders, young adults must defer to senior bosses or be unemployable. All this makes independent thought very difficult or impossible for the majority. And thinking leaders, especially in USA, are the bad guys, is complete anathema.

      Most of all, the majority have no access to alternative viewpoints and are actively chided for finding them. The extremely right wing Ed West of the Spectator called RT a threat to British minds, in effect, suggesting we simpletons could not be brainwashed by Putin. The fact that the Spectator brainwashes with impunity is of course never mentioned….I stopped reading the Spectator soon after. I do not see RT as the truth, I see it as a counterbalancing narrative put out by Russia, from the Russian viewpoint. Very dangerous, am I not?

      Perhaps the biggest challenge for OffG now is not telling the truth but marketing it to a wider audience without selling out to corporate brainwashers. That is what is key…..

      • Harry Stotle says

        Good point – saying to be people ‘I told you so’ is scant consolation if the price is an attack on Russia by the US its client states (and the horrific consequences that will undoubtedly arise from such madness).

        The US won’t even let Syrians travel to America yet we are supposed to believe they would risk world safety by defending human rights there – the irony, of course, is that the US is already infamous for deploying chemical weapons against civilian populations.

      • Mikalina says

        I think we have to take into account also that the mindf*&k has been going on for generations. Where education is concerned, you would have to go into a classroom and see what’s happening. You wouldn’t believe your ears or your eyes.

        A final thought is that, even we, who believe our eyes are open, are still only seeing half the picture. Blaming the ‘others’ for being ‘stupid’ is hubris – a position it is possible we have ourselves been manipulated into as part of the divide and defeat policy.

    • You may be right, Eric. I’m still on the fence about what is going on. I’m still of the opinion that “. . . the blustery rhetoric spewing out of Downing Street and the White House [is] an act, a piece of theatre designed primarily to intimidate and confuse.

      As I just wrote to Mohandeer,

      This is my feeling about this: the Middle East is destabilizing.

      People are rebelling.

      The states in that region [in reality, the vassals of the now emerging multi-polar Empire] are losing control.

      The so-called war that is coming and that will happen will not so much be a war between the ostensibly implicated states (Russian and Iran ans Syria, on one side, and Israel and the Gulf States and the U.S., on the other) as an operation of co-ordinated repression against the restive populations of the whole of the Middle East.

      I honestly believe that the bellicosity broadcasted from on-high by the political class and the media is to a great extent a smoke screen. We are being handled once again, and not in the way that the alternative media and many (most?) on the (genuine?) left believes.

      I’ll be proven wrong, of course, if the shooting war that will be the “war between the U.S. camp and the Russian camp” spills over beyond the Middle East. If it remains localized to that region, then most of the worry and the angst over “what may be coming” will have been misplaced and misdirected — again!

      But we will see what is what. Events will either bear me out or prove me wrong. The nexus of power in our “democracies” is not localized in “our” so-called elected representatives. It’s institutional, and the generals on all sides are not suicidal, but they are ruthless.

  20. And the epicentre of this risk to humanity is a propaganda operation emanating from London. Sure, Quantico, Langley, and Washington played a major part. But as Elizabeth Vos titled her piece for Disobedient Media: all (criminal) Russiagate roads lead to London. Both pillars of Russiagate – the Trump Tower meeting and the Steele Kompromat dossier – were set up by Brits: not Russians. [As I detailed on the previous forum “the air strikes in Syria”.]

    The opening salvo in the new Cold War was the 2012 Magnitsky Act – was also set up by a Brit (as Browder has been since 1998 – for tax purposes). A fourth pillar would be the BuzzFeed “From Russia with Blood” online dossier. This would purport to chronicle at least 14 other murders carried out by Russia in the Home Counties “killing fields”. Only Alex Thomson has confirmed he is in possession of documents that show that it was HMRC, not GRU, or the FSB that made one of the victims, Scot Young, appear penniless. Young, who was a fixer for Berezovsky: was impailed on railings a year later. Another “victim” was Litvinenko. Two sources, French “Supercop” Paul Barril and RT (citing the Russian Prosecutors Generals office) have recently implicated Berezovsky. Capitaine Barril further implicated Mario Scaramella and MI6. When Berezovsky himself became a liability: he was hanged in a staged suicide, again according to Barril. So just who is killing Russian oligarchs and their associates: London or Moscow?

    The fifth pillar would be Skripalgate. It seems vanishingly impossible that Sergei Skripal is only tangentially related to this: given his link to Pablo Miller and Orbis. As Mikalina has commented: as no one has actually seen him …he could be in the Caribbean. Nothing would surprise me.

    This is not all the government, the Cabinet Office, the JIC, and current and past members of MI6: the Labour party and Jeremy Corbyn played an active and complicit part in this. At shortly after 12:41on 06/03/2018 when Boris Johnson announced, without proof, that it was Russia that poisoned (no mention of Novichok at this stage) the Skripals. First to rise in response was Thornberry who drew comparison to Litvinenko, pushed the BuzzFeed dossier, and another Magnitsky sanctions ammendment – even if “I do not believe it is appropriate for us to indulge in speculation”. Shortly after Yvette Cooper tabled a request for a “National Crime Agency investigation, or other form of police investigation, and review of all 14 cases should now take place?” – which was subsequently granted. Shortly after, Chris Bryant rose to call Putin a “murdering dictator” and call for a “proper” Magnitsky Act; Ben Bradshaw asked for an investigation into “Russian interference” and the BuzzFeed dossier. Labour have been on point – and then some – from the getgo.

    The question is: how far are London and Washington prepared to go to discredit Vladimir Putin? Does their geostrategic aims in MENA include Armageddon? It would be complacent to assume not: even if just by triggering an accidental engagement. Further to that: presuming we have time to ponder such things …what damage has been done to democracy in this country? Do we even have a functional democracy if both our major democratic parties are compromised? How do we diffuse our institutionalised Russophobia if both sides of the House are promulgators of it? How do we witness that Vladimir Putin and the Russian people are not our enemy if both our major parties characterise Russia as a vengeful kleptocratic “regime”? And who do we witness this to: given that both parties are committed to a sanctions program …for crimes that they did not commit? Crimes that it would seem more plausible we ourselves committed? Who interfered in the US elections …the UK or RF? I know who my money is on. Who benefits from a strategy of extreme tension: the few or the many? If the sleepers awake: there is a great deal of work to do to redress the balance. That is, if we have not already slept too long?

    • AntonyI says

      The tail wagging the dog? No, more the dog (US Deep state) using the tail to off shore some dirty tricks to avoid domestic legal trouble. Anti-Brexit UK Deep state obliged happily, as they don’t consider a Brexit UK worth ruling.
      Let’s not neglect the Nethanyahoo club’s capacity to plant false flags to trick friendly rulers into their services too.

    • @BigB. You are one of the very few Brits — even BTLiners — who point the finger of suspicion at London; and by London I take it you mean what I and foreign BTLiners mean: the financial City of London, which squats Above the Crown. It was Hilaire Belloc, one of the very few Anti-Imperialist Anti-Capitalist writers in England a century ago, who said, “Cromwell and the money men who backed Cromwell have made The Throne their salaried help”. New Labour and TB.Liar’s use of Royal Prerogative to start a war was part of that. And you point out that Corbyn’s new Old Labour is heading the same way: the Bells of London are chiming for Corbyn as they did for Dick Whittington. All Roads Lead to the City.

      • Vexarb: that is exactly who I am implicating – “London” and the supra-national kleptocratic superclass that launder their money there. The City is the world capital of laundering dirty money: which makes a mockery of the Magnitsky sanctions agenda. They want to stop Russian money being laundered, including into £3mn in donations to the Conservative party? Or do they want externally foment a Snow Revolution redux by pressuring the oligarchs? Ultimately the aim is for a new Yeltsin era and Brzezinski federalisation of Russia: so Soros, Browder, Khordokovsky et al can continue to plunder Russias natural resources while the people are left to starve, get drunk, and die young. And they are prepared to risk turning the world to ash to get their way? Based on lies. Ultimately it’s all fake. Russiagate was and is (and I’m including Skripalgate) a fake propaganda psyop that endangers us all. Even the Russophobia is fake. It is the propaganda narrative of NATO military aggression and militaristic expansion. That’s huge profits for the upper one percent superclass. And it is personal, Putin is the one man in the way stupendous profits for the very few. There is more, the late great Robert Parry’s reporting links Browder to Soros to the Ukraine coup and Panama Papers through OCCRP …which was involved in both. And back in the glory days for low empathy kleptomaniacs: Browder’s business partners in crime at Hermitage Capital …none other than the modern equivalent of the East India Company: HSBC. So yeah, all criminal roads lead to London. Ain’t that something to be proud of!

        • Kathy says

          It has always been this way in m.h.o. The old cold war was a fabrication by the west because of communism and it suited their purposes. The hold of the UK over America has always bee a shady business. The bloodlines of the British and French has always held the power in America. It is all smoke and mirrors and a lot of it comes back to the city of London.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          Gosh, B-all dem oligarchs you mention, just slavering to pillage Russia’s vivisected remains, well, they all belong to one particular-ahem- group, you know. I means-you’s not bein’ -goddam- ‘antisomatic’ or sumpin, are you?

      • There are quite a few of us Brits who are only too aware of the UK’s part in much of the murder and mayhem of the last 50 years. Prior to that we were even more murderous and plundering than the US. Who do you think taught the Americans how to be so duplicitous. There’s a reason we got the nickname Perfidious Albion.

    • always write says

      Skripal is a traitor, he probably took a shit load of money to fake his own death, of course its just theatre now he and his daughter will not only disappear down the memory hole, they’ll disapear down some sort of CIA rat line

      the purpose of Salisbury was to prime the West for war in Syria, infact the whole point of this exercise is for war with Russia f***ing madness and insanity has now descended upon us

      • Google Talpiot Program says

        I can guarantee you right now that there won’t be a hot war with Russia

          • Google Talpiot Program says

            It’s pretty obvious – at the very top levels the Russian and Western oligarchies have a lot of common economic links and interests – neither really want hot war and destablisation.

            A new Cold War though? Is exactly what they want (great for arms sales) and that is what we are already in.

    • Mikalina says

      Dean Henderson ( on the Richie Allen Show yesterday repeated, once again, that if you cross the CIA they will get revenge; if you cross Mossad, they will stalk you and make your life hell; if you cross MI6, they will kill you. Could be why they get a lot of obedience? The politicians who ‘stand up’ are either in the club or being blackmailed.

      I’m sure the Magnitsky Act is somehow ‘protecting’ off-shore money which equals hundreds of trillions stashed away in the Caribbean along with a certain predilection of lifestyle.

      It will be interesting to see how Viktor Orban of Hungary will fair after having won the election on an anti-Soros ticket.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      BigB, the ruling elites may be Evil psychopaths controlled by the Zionists, but their advisers are bound to have pointed out that the UN expert committee was not wrong when they recently pointed out that global economic collapse is imminent. I have no difficulty imagining that Western elites are so Evil and insane as to see global war as a good Malthusian cure for the ‘useless eaters’ problem.

  21. Paul says

    I don’t think anyone’s dropped an h.bomb on a gas field yet.

  22. Harry Law says

    The USS Donald ‘sitting duck’ Cook has sailed to within 100 Kilometres of the Russian Syrian base of Tartus without informing the Russians, this has infuriated the Russians since it is common International practice for potential participants of events in the area should be notified. The US has also sent the carrier group led by the Harry S Truman to the Mediterranean, as it will take at least 7 days to cross the Atlantic it may be that a full blown attack may not take place until after April 22 or so. Could be more ‘willy waving’ from Trump, he did have three? carrier groups off North Korea not long ago. Then again I could be wrong.

    • When the USS Donald Cook approached Crimea it was sent packing! Its Aegis system was disabled by Russian flyover jets. Perhaps the Yanks think they have solved the problem. They do not mind putting lives at risk as long as it is not the lives of Trump and Bolton (draft-dodgers).

      • Troops on the ground are just collateral cannon fodder for these psychos (and I include May, Johnson, Williamson and all the usual suspects in the cabal). And troops ‘for the other side’ are just sub-human.

  23. I understand why you say you don’t want to give up, but the fact is that trying to awaken your fellow Americans is an impossible task. Collectively Americans, both conservative AND liberal, prefer blind obedience to their chosen tribe and remain fully enclosed in their personal echo chambers. When the missiles start flying they will be completely perplexed and still unable to recognize their own complicity in bringing about Armageddon.

    • It’s possible we underestimate the numbers of people awake to the mass media lies. Let’s recall that many surveys on the JFK assassination has returned around 60% who question the official explanation. And ditto for 9/11. The relentless propaganda is intended to make doubters and questioners feel in a smaller minority than they actually are.

    • Very correct Karl… however I will add here that this ‘blind tribal obedience syndrome’ is common to all men and women everywhere… it is not an American thing, it is a human thing to turn away from facing bitter truth and continue to enjoy the bliss of self-imposed ignorance… but even if it is impossible to wake this lot up, one can just keep on trying by sharing the truth… even if one person, anywhere on the earth, sees the truth that comes to light with such efforts, it would be worth it… right?

      • @Zara Ali. Right: “I do not care how many votes support my position; what I want to know is, can we two — just you and I — come to an agreement by following a chain of logic link by link, wherever the argument may lead?” — Socrates

    • Paul says

      Hmm there are two Pauls on this site. I’m not this one. Needs fixing please Admin. I’ll be Paul X or whatever

      • Paul ‘X’ -I think there may be a third (yellow) one (see even higher above) unless you’re asserting a split personality!

        • @Paul X and Judy J. Thanks for clearing that up, I was puzzled: one moment approving “Paul” the next moment rebutting “Paul”.

      • I can change your name retrospectively if you like – does “Paul X” suit? The other “Pauls” are both trolls tho. So we shouldn’t encourage them

      • Paul says

        And, I can be a third–“Paul A.,” then. Though I only occasionally weigh in.

    • @Paul”fucking nuts”
      How would you know, you can’t even string a sentence together with either meaningful insight or evidence.

  24. james bate says

    If any consolation over there Gaby Hinsliff’s attempt at rabble rousing a rerun of the 21013 Syrian anti war vote got a weak response, maybe the armchair warriors weren’t briefed that the rare “comments open” light would flash.

  25. notheonly1 says

    Here is what logic demands.

    Having experienced the false flag nuclear missile attack on Hawai’i island, I realized the following:

    The actual flight time for a ICBM coming from North Korea is approximately 20 minutes. These ICBMs are not of the sophisticated design in Russian and Chinese possession. For those an equal flight time of 20 minutes to reach any target in the US can be presumed – especially when launched from submarines.

    The times for Europe are less than 20 minutes.

    In the worst case scenario, as is alleged above, a full scale automated self-dynamic will unravel. Everybody will/must launch everything they got. That includes a disturbing high numbers of Nations. For the majority of these (also multiple) warheads, no less than 25 megatons each should be presumed.

    Those who are old enough might remember the movie “The Day After” (1983). That was a horrifying movie at the time, but absolutely falling short in depicting what will happen now. It will be much worse today, comes the whole shit to hit the fan.

    Hiroshima and Nagasaki were in the kiloton range. 25 megaton is 2500 times more devastating. It might well be that no one will see it coming, that there will be no forewarning, no missile alert. That should be considered the worst case scenario.

    Should one be warned of an incoming missile – especially after the first mushroom clouds already rose on TV/Internet – one is strongly advised to head as quickly and fast to the closest known possible target site. Head towards the closest known target site.

    Because the worst case scenario is nothing one would want to ‘survive’ initially. Committing suicide is not that easy and even facing certain death, the survival instincts might prevent it from happening.

    While I personally believe in the Universe as having the last word and not one of its manifestations, I concede to the wisdom of old: “What goes around, comes around”. And if only for being one of the basic laws of the Universe. No action will ever remain without reaction. It is left to the individual to ponder about the crimes perpetrated against humanity, the genocides on entire ethnicities and races and by whom those were perpetrated.

    We all have to go at one point, there is no way out. When my late partner passed away, I was exposed to the most peaceful smile I have ever seen in my life. A smile that cannot be generated by anything on Earth – there is no experience that can bring about this smile- but death.

    Not only in the case of an unfolding nuclear holocaust: spend time with your loved ones. Open your arms towards the Universe as others, because it is always the Universe you are dealing with.

    No fear ever.

      • notheonly1 says

        It was not my intend to depress anybody with this pointing to the obvious. Although I am firmly convinced that humans must change their attitude in regards to not only nuclear war, but fighting war in general. What is any conflict other than the absence of the ability to see oneself in others?

        Remember the notion of:

        “We have to fight them over there in order not to have to fight them here“.

        Before we allow our so called leaders to escalate for-profit-conflict into a hot nuclear war, every human being needs to understand what that really means.

        Each human being has their own time and place of dropping their matter. If it is all of us at the same time, then that is each individual’s time and place as well.

        • Hi Notheonly1, just to reassure you I was not genuinely depressed by your comments – it was just my tendency to use irony which can be taken the wrong way. I really have an aversion to making use of shorthand text speak ‘LOL’ even though it would, I accept, make my true feelings clearer in some contexts. Now, depressed by the psychos in charge…that’s a different matter.
          Reading comments like yours, and those of others on here, does wonders for illuminating my awareness that there do remain some intelligent and sentient human beings on this planet, albeit a minority group.

      • Paul says

        This bloke has taken ALOT of acid. Jesus Christ you lot are loony tunes.

        • James Booth says

          I hope you’re in the UK- First target of an ICBM.
          I’m holed up in Thailand- Fascist ditatorship, but at least they’re not
          joining in this farce. Bye, bye sucker…

          • Kathy says

            Hi Paul maybe it might help if you took some acid and opened your own mind. Go in peace bro.

        • Jim Scott says

          Paul you may be a part of a job lot which I am not so please refrain from the you lot mantra as it is tiresome in its triteness. Have you not got any adult comments to make? If not could you at least try to avoid being repetitive in your attempts at humour.

      • notheonly1 says

        This talk by Alan Watts is further revealing what this is all about.

        The roots for the troubles in the World lie in the misunderstanding that one is separate from everything else. The opposite is true.

    • @Not The Only One. It’s how we lived, and what (if anything) we died for that matters. Easter brings the message that Life and Death on Earth are mirrored in the Heavens. Humankind has a Cosmic dimension.

      “For we wrestle not [only?] against flesh and blood, but against Powers in the Heavens”. — St.Paul, Corinthians

      I for one believe Muslim Dude below: the Russian Bear is not “tied to the stake and must stay the Course”; it is free, it has shown its teeth, and our ravening pack of NATZO Coursairs will back off. Perhaps this brush with Nuclear Armageddon will prompt our Sheeple to ponder “a disturbing high number of nations” who have adopted — and now openly brandish — President Truman’s Lunatic Weapon.

      • notheonly1 says

        It’s how we lived, and what (if anything) we died for that matters.

        Indeed. Like my Grandpa always said “It is not important what you do. It only matters how you do it.” But it was surely not his realization, he simply reiterated it quite often.

        I would even go farther. Nothing really matters, but how much a human being grows to understand about her/himself – “Who am I?”, “What am I?” and “What is all this about?” In a breakfast conversation this morning, the topic was about how people see themselves, or for what.

        My point was, that humans can only ever see the surface of whatever. This is a surface World. When I cut into something, I get two new surfaces. It is impossible to not with another surface – entering the macro as well as the micro cosmos.

        What a human being can become convinced of though (as in my personal case), is the understanding and knowledge that it is Energy that creates the surface. Surfaces are the skin of Energy. When I die, I shed the matter that I had borrowed from planet Earth, or any other planet in the Universe at that. But it is not my matter any more as it is anybody else’s.

        The likelihood of a nuclear war, or any other armed conflict at that will diminish greatly, when people understand that they are doing it to themselves. There is no ‘other’. It’s all One. One Energy.

        Edward Bernays has spent his entire life to manipulate human beings into believing that they must go shopping to compensate for ‘lack’ that there isn’t. The American/Western society is based on that business model. There would have never been a ‘cold war’, or ‘warm war’ (as of lately) without this mindset.

    • always write says

      you forgot to mention the after effects of the so called nuclear winter, which is predicted to plunge the northern hemisphere into a sooty toxic frozen wasteland for probably 3 years, which means nothing will grow

      during the last cold war i served in the armed forces and once was shown what was described as a classified document of the Soviet target list for the UK, it was simply staggering, there literally wasn’t a place in the UK which wouldn’t get hit or affected, at the time you’d have been looking at about 30 million dead from the iniatial exchange with the rest dead within the next 2 years, there was very little civil defence contingencies, theres even less now, plus our cities are full of even more toxic shite than back in the 1980s think Grenville tower, towns and cities would burn for months hence the nuclear winter, of course this patern of destruction would be replicated across the Western world including Russia

      if this kicks off it really will be a civilisational ending event, finally if you want to really depress yourself I’d suggest you watch the animated film ” When the wind blows” by Raymond Briggs, famous for his Christmas story, but this one has been forgotten, watch it and weep!

      • notheonly1 says

        Ha, ha, ha. Trust me, I have reached my bearable level of depression already. But I am in no way depressed from the prospects of a nuclear war with subsequent winter. Although it would remove a load of people that were/are instrumental in the reaching of this pathetic status quo I am generally of the opinion that humans take way too much credit for their actions.

        When the false flag missile alert was emanated in Hawai’i, mothers dropped their children into the storm drain. Other committed suicide and died in car wrecks from speeding/running red lights – attempting to race home to see the family for a last time.

        It is this ignorance about the unfoldings of a nuclear war that gets me. People proclaim to know all sorts of things, but there is only a blank when it comes to the worst case scenario. “When the Wind blows” did cover this part very well and I still remember the silence after the screening. Not one word.

        The point I wanted to make is to get smart about what will happen in a nuclear war. Only when people understand what that means, they are maybe inclined to do something about it. As it stands now, folks are either preppers that never heard of nuclear winter, or ignorant enough to not understand that there are no winners in a nuclear war. “War Games” of the early eighties made that also clear, albeit in Disney fashion.

        As someone having children and a granddaughter, I feel obliged to do whatever is in my abilities to make people wake up. The only nuclear war that can be won is the one that does not happen.

        Do you think that my attempt to make minds conscious about the topic is too bold? But what else will get people talking? Analyzing who does what and why will not defuse the present global situation. We are dealing with powers that can only be chased out of their tax payer paid offices to implement change.

        When is the point where too much GDP is spent for wars and military? At 95%? The biggest spender for military and wars is the US. A known fact and it appears that a very large bracket of the population feels good about that. Because of “Strong Military” and such. That is deranged at best. We need to get military spending down to keeping the personnel and re-train them for civil defense purposes – the weather forecast for the next couple of hundred years doesn’t look too good.

        Mahalo and Aloha.

    • I’ve had occasion to reflect on a nuclear Armageddon and have worked out that only five modern nuclear warheads aimed at our largest cities, would be needed to wipe out most of Britain. I will not be hit directly, but must bide my time until the fallout reaches me and I must suffer a long and painful death. Those city dwellers don’t realise it yet, but they will be the lucky ones. Fortunately I am not in the habit of dwelling overly long on the nature of my demise, since I have long come to accept that death is an inevitability anyway. The one consolation I can take from all the madness over the last forty years and more, is that millions of others before me have suffered horrific death at the hands of scum and that when I die I will be in good company 6ft under.

  26. Paul says

    It’s a great summary of where we stand – and daunting! As for the Ukraine do you see an attack on the Independent regions to open up another Front against Russia and to tie down their resources? Kiev has now got or is receiving the heavy weapons it wants and billions in cash, courtesy the EU and IMF. It’s an open wound on Russia’s border and close to its heartland.

  27. Arthur Cadbury says

    If I may borrow Theresa May’s article of probity “it is highly likely”, may I humbly ask, is it not highly likely that the Salisbury Incident was a fifth column stitch-up, preparing the ground for the so-called ‘chemical attack’ near Damascus, again an example of deep-state mischief, executed solely for the purpose of removing yet another obstacle to US hegemony in the person of Mr Assad who can now join both the Iranian Foreign Minister and the President of the Russian Federation as persona non grata. We are told that the ‘International Community’ is united in its resolve, yet when we consider that this so-called ‘International Community’ consists solely of those countries high in the index of the Military Industrial Complex, the greater proportion of nations of this world who do not subscribe to this frenzy of belligerence now need to be united as an International Peace Community. As this tapestry of lies, deceit, and duplicity becomes ever more transparent, those in positions of power who are so possessed of evil as to be willing to sanction the annihilation of humanity will be shown for the liars, cowards and bullies that they are.

    • We can only hope. The problem is many of the ‘outsiders’ will be thinking that it’s best to lay low rather than be on the receiving end of a US nuke or be next in line for ‘regime change’.

    • Arthur: I can read the wisdom of bodhicitta in your perceptive words.

      One of his students asked Buddha, “Are you the messiah?”
      “No”, answered Buddha
      “Then are you a healer?”
      “No”, Buddha replied.
      “Then are you a teacher?” the student persisted.
      “No, I am not a teacher.”
      “Then what are you?” asked the student, exasperated.
      “I am awake”, Buddha replied.


      • @BigB: “I am awake”. Pasted that in my Diary, and mailed a clip to my Jewish Buddhist friend on the Israeli branch of Women Wage Peace.

  28. How many weeks do we all have left to live? I am a resident of a large city but I also have a country house away from any population centre. Should I plan to travel there in the coming week to be out of direct reach of the nuclear holocaust on its way?

    • DavidKNZ says

      So you see your choices as waiting??: be fried to a crisp at 2500 degrees C OR
      ..for a slow lingering disintegration due to radiation sickness..??

      I think SEER Edward Curtin is suggesting a more active approach:
      ..Letting your loved ones know you love them, even unto eternity
      ..Heading down to whatever political power centre is close by and making
      a huge fuss. Preferably in the company of those of a like mind

    • @Archie1954. Calm down, it’s not likely this time, but even 20 years ago I read that the then current Fat Boy could turn an English county into a sea of molten glass. So the answer to your question depends, How far is your second home away from The City?

      But really, after this flock of Chicken Lickens calm down, please take the time to ask yourself: What is the point of our brandishing President Truman’s Lunatic Weapon when everyone else has one? Truman, the archetypal Babbit on Main Street, the bow-tied horn-rimmed Lunatic in a Business Suit, was incapable of thinking things through; but we have had 70 years to see the warnings of sane people fulfilled. Get rid of those insane playthings; or, if we must use nuclear energy, burn all those tons of Uranium and Plutonium in a modern non-breeding nuclear power station to keep us warm rather than incinerated.

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