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International Lawyers: Strike Against Syria Would Be Illegal

via Consortiumnews, April 11, 2018

In this statement released Wednesday, a group of international law experts warn that a U.S. military strike on Syria would be illegal if not in self-defense or with U.N. Security Council authorization. 

We are practitioners and professors of international law. Under international law, military strikes by the United States of America and its allies against the Syrian Arab Republic, unless conducted in self-defense or with United Nations Security Council approval, are illegal and constitute acts of aggression.

The unlawful killing of any human being without legal justification, under every legal system, is murder. And an act of violence committed by one government against another government, without lawful justification, amounts to the crime of aggression: the supreme international crime which carries with it the evil of every other international crime, as noted by the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg in 1946.

The use of military force by a state can be used in self-defense after an armed attack by another state, or, with the approval of the United Nations Security Council. At present, neither instance would apply to a U.S. strike against Syria.

We understand the urge to act to protect innocent civilians. We strongly condemn any and all violence against civilians, whoever the perpetrators. But responding to unlawful violence with more unlawful violence, bypassing existing legal mechanisms, is a road to a lawless world. It is a road that leads to Hell.

Accordingly, we urge the United States and its allies to refrain from illegal conduct against Syria. We must point out that for the last several years, as is now common knowledge, the United States has armed rebels/insurgents to overthrow the current government of Syria. This is illegal under international law.

In 1986, in The Nicaragua Case, the International Court of Justice reprimanded the United States for arming and supporting contra militias and combatants, and for mining Nicaragua’s harbors, as acts which violated the U.N. Charter and international law. Perhaps the Syrian crisis would look differently today if the United States and its allies had consistently respected law for the last several years. They have not.

We take pains to note what should be obvious: our demand that the United States and its allies immediately comport themselves with their international legal obligations is not a justification, excuse, or some type of free pass on the investigation and accountability for international legal violations committed by other actors who may be involved in this sad affair. But our point is a simple one: the only way to resolve the Syrian crisis is through commitment to well-settled principles of international legal norms.

We urge the United States to abide by its commitment to the rule of international law and to seek to resolve its disputes through peaceful means. These means include recourse to the use of established and legitimate institutions designed to maintain international peace and security, such as the U.N. Security Council or the International Court of Justice. Unilateral action is a sign of weakness; recourse to the law is a sign of strength. The United States must walk back from becoming the very monster it now seeks to destroy.

Inder Comar, Executive Director, Just Atonement Inc.

Dr. Ryan Alford, Associate Professor, Bora Laskin Faculty of Law, Lakehead University

Marjorie Cohn, Professor Emerita, Thomas Jefferson School of Law

Jeanne Mirer, President, International Association of Democratic Lawyers

Dr. Curtis F.J. Doebbler, Research Professor of Law, University of Makeni, UN Representative of

Abdeen Jabara, Civil Rights Attorney and Co-Founder of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee

Ramsey Clark, 66th Attorney-General of the United States


  1. Where can I go to learn more about international law? That is seriously interesting. Is there anything you can do to bring that to the public’s attention?

  2. Old pepper says

    After last night’s concert in Syria, all of his actors lost face. A red clown, an old nag, a Rothschild faggot-because the attack turned out to be a fake. An aging macho, who promised in response the terrible retribution again just wiped after spitting in his face.

  3. Old Pepper says

    The source, who reported a chemical attack in the Duma, was “Syrian American medical society” (SAMS) — an organization established in Illinois, USA. SAMS is funded by the American Foundation USAID and cooperating with the”white helmets”.

    By the way, my previous post about the contractual nature of what is happening now in Syria is confirmed by hugs and kisses Nikki Haley (US permanent representative to the UN) and Nebenzi (Russian permanent representative to the UN) before the meeting of the Security Council (remember how they poured dirt on each other).

  4. Old Pepper says

    I must apologize to everyone that I believed in the seriousness of the situation in Syria. Although I indeed pepper, but the old one. That’s why I’m out. After my today’s post I was contacted by friends from the military and they something explained. There were so many loud statements on both sides that nothing to do after that meant losing face and one side and the other. “World leaders”(damn them) played the game “who has the dick longer”, threatening each other. Ones threatened to launch missiles, others – shoot them down. The last few days there were talks at the level of the General staffs of the parties, where Sirian people and equipment must be removed, so that one side could shout about the punishment of “evil Assad, Russians and Iranians” after the shelling of completely empty territories, while others could declare that they shot down missiles, defeating the attackers (in other words, how to get out of the game without losing face).
    I will reveal a small secret-the Americans used missiles whose service life has expired and they were subject to disposal (it is much more expensive than shooting on someone else’s territory). But successfully brought down these, in general, modern missiles with completely outdated missile technology, delivered to Assad in Soviet times.
    That’s how these assholes made fun of us playing there stupid games. Today’s” world leaders ” are not people with eggs like Kennedy and Khrushchev (they both went through the war and understood the value of their decisions).
    Those who rule today, thank God, are capable only of cheap performances.

  5. Mark Gobell; says

    Syria : 14 April 2018 US UK France launch cruise missile & air attack on Homs & Damascus

    It is reported that earlier this morning, the US, UK & France launched another cruise missile & air attack on the nation of Syria.

    Friday 13th evening, Washington time.

    This latest military attack was in response to the alleged chemical weapon event in Douma and follows a week of propaganda build up since the White Helmets social media video production on 7 April, showing a few folk being hosed down with water.

    Parliament is on Easter recess and returns this coming Tuesday 16th. No opportunity for a vote and no time to recall.

    The likelihood of something happening this weekend was evident from the increasing intensity of the narrative delivery, particularly on Sky News last night ( Friday ).

    Also, since this latest military attack on Syria provided another first class opportunity for a good day to bury bad news, Donald Trump pardoned Scooter Libby yesterday too.


  6. Old Pepper says

    We didn’t stop them! They spit on common sense and are ready to burn the entire globe in a nuclear fire. Corporation murderers led by a red clown, stinking old Mare and Rothschild’s fag always ready to kill. They do not care that there was no chemical attack in the Duma, that experts of the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons went to the Duma. They’re not human; we’re all insects to them. Therefore, WE can ONLY SURVIVE IF we REMOVE FROM POWER THIS SHIT.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Perhaps if you wish to accuse Micron of being gay, some expression other than ‘fag’ or ‘faggot’ might better redound to this site’s good repute.

  7. I’m chucking this in here because it’s so good. For instance, did you know that the Headquarters of US AfricanCommand is in Stuttgart Germany? I submit this long but highly informative clip as evidence that, when it comes to illegal international activities in the MENA, our side has form and then some.

    Henders BTL the Indie 3 hours ago
    RE: Gaddafi

    On October 20th, 2011, Gaddafi was murdered, joining a long list of African revolutionaries martyred by the West for daring to dream of continental independence. We now know it was a foreign agent, likely French, who delivered the fatal bullet. His death was the culmination of three decades of Western aggression.

    Yet it was also the opening salvo in a new war – a war for the militarily recolonization of Africa.

    The year 2009, two years before Gaddafi’s murder, was a pivotal one for US-African relations. First, because China overtook the US as the continent’s largest trading partner; and second because Gaddafi was elected president of the African Union. The significance of both for the decline of US influence on the continent could not be clearer. While Gaddafi was spearheading attempts to unite Africa politically, committing serious amounts of Libyan oil wealth to make this dream a reality, China was quietly smashing the West’s monopoly over export markets and investment finance. Africa no longer had to go cap-in-hand to the IMF for loans, agreeing to whatever self-defeating terms were on offer, but could turn to China – or indeed Libya – for investment. And if the US threatened to cut them off from their markets, China would happily buy up whatever was on offer. Western economic domination of Africa was under threat as never before.

    The response from the West, of course, was a military one.
    If African countries would no longer come begging for Western loans, export markets, and investment finance, they would have to be put in a position where they would come begging for Western military aid. To this end, AFRICOM – the US army’s new ‘African command’ – had been launched the previous year, but humiliatingly for George W. Bush, not a single African country would agree to host its HQ; instead, it was forced to open shop in Stuttgart, Germany. Gaddafi had led African opposition to AFRICOM, as exasperated US diplomatic memos later revealed by WikiLeaks made clear. And US pleas to African leaders to embrace AFRICOM in the ‘fight against terrorism’ fell on deaf ears.

    NATO’s destruction of Libya simultaneously achieved three strategic goals for the West’s plans for military expansion in Africa. Most obviously, it removed the biggest obstacle and opponent of such expansion, Gaddafi himself. With Gaddafi gone, and with a quiescent pro-NATO puppet government in charge of Libya, there was no longer any chance that Libya would act as a powerful force against Western militarism. Quite the contrary – Libya’s new government was utterly dependent on such militarism and knew it.

    Secondly, NATO’s aggression served to bring about a total collapse of the delicate but effective North African security system, which had been underpinned by Libya. And finally, NATO’s annihilation of the Libyan state effectively turned the country over to the region’s death squads and terror groups. These groups were then able to loot Libya’s military arsenals and set up training camps at their leisure, using these to expand operations right across the region.

    It is no coincidence that almost all of the recent terror attacks in North Africa – not to mention Manchester – have been either prepared in Libya or perpetrated by fighters trained in Libya. Boko Haram, Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, ISIS, Mali’s Ansar Dine, and literally dozens of others, have all greatly benefited from the destruction of Libya.

    By ensuring the spread of terror groups across the region, the Western powers had magically created a demand for their military assistance which hitherto did not exist.
    They had literally created a protection racket for Africa.

    Dan Glazebrook



    • Mikalina says

      Sierra Leone was on the brink of signing a gas deal with China for its newly discovered off shore basin when it ‘unfortunately’ had an outbreak of Ebola. Fortunately, lots of US troops were able to go over there and help out. Don’t know whether the deal ever went through. Probably not. No-one wamts their ‘windows kicked in’.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      At the time of the Western destruction of Libya, as the ‘No Fly Zone’ became, instantly, carpet-bombing of the country to pave the way for the jihadists to power, the African Union protested vociferously against the attack. They were ignored with CONTEMPT, and the story barely made the Western fakestream sewer. But Bernard-Henry Levy and the Zionists were ecstatic, and that’s all that matters, isn’t it.

  8. Did anyone else see Joe Johnson’s communication breakdown and Ground Control moment on BBC QT?

    Ground control to Major Tom
    Your circuits dead, there’s something wrong.
    Can you hear me, Major Tom?
    Can yo hear me, Major Tom?

    By my reckoning, there were at least two plants in the audience to raise the Russia blame and anti-semitism talking points. And every word Johnson the younger (an obvious charisma bypass survivor) said was coached and scripted verbatim: until he lost contact with “Ground Control”! We live in a post-reality, poorly scripted, authoritarian, CBeebies sock-puppet sideshow!

    • I do wish I’d seen that – I don’t have ‘catch- up’ or any of that stuff so I’ll have to try and find it on the internet. I did turn over in the vain hope of seeing someone defending Russia or Syria and caught Jonathan Freedland saying that military action was called for but, self-righteously, qualifying this with the suggestion that it should be restricted to attacking strategic targets such as airfields. He obviously thinks that such airfields lie empty of personnel at the weekend or overnight, or if there are staff there then – so what – they’d be the enemy so it’s ok if they are killed or injured. Presumably we’re supposed to applaud him for his considered approach… just ignore the minor fact that there is no evidence of any offence warranting any military assault at all. A man in the audience then stood up spouting the ubiquitous “We need to make Assad realise it’s not acceptable so we should attack him” message – cue TV ‘off’ button.

      • p.s. I was watching ‘Starsky and Hutch’ on Forces TV when QT started – far more worthwhile, and a good reminder of more liberal and innocent times.

    • Mikalina says

      BB Is there any way that clip can be uploaded onto this site? Everyone needs to see it. I saw it on UKColumn news as I don’t have a television. It was surreal. The light will always shine in the darkness.

  9. Brilliant article in today’s Saker Vineyard on What Price..?. A clip re Legality and Diplomacy:

    “US Department of State does not deal with diplomacy simply because the US leaders don’t believe in diplomacy as a concept. All the DoS does is issue threats, sanctions, ultimatums, make demands, deliver score-cards (on human rights and the like, of all things!) and explain to the public why the USA is almost constantly at war with somebody. That is not “diplomacy” and the likes of Nikki Haley are not diplomats. In fact, the USA has no use for International Law either, hence the self-same Nikki Haley openly declaring at a UNSC meeting that the USA is willing to ignore the decisions of the UNSC and act in complete violation of the UN Charter. Simply put: thugs have no need for any diplomacy. They don’t understand the concept.

    Just like their Israeli masters and mentors, the US Americans have convinced themselves that all they need to be successful on the international scene is to either threaten the use of force or actually use force. Which works great (or so it seems) in Gaza or Grenada, but when dealing with China, Russia or Iran, this monomaniacal approach rapidly shows its limitations, especially when your force is really limited to shooting missiles from afar or murdering civilians …”

    • BTL that Saker article, a small voice:

      smallstepforman on April 13, 2018  ·  at 2:22 am UTC

      “In the fast moving world of today, by the time the above article was written and posted, the US Government blinked, and is backing away from confrontation with a nuclear power. The fear we all had before going to bed on Wednesday night was replaced with relief in on Thursday morning when we awoke to news that the NeoCons backed down. Life has been given a 2nd chance on this little blue planet … ”

      [vexarb adds: FUKZUSA blinked because of Putin’s effective and credible show of force. Not use of force in this grave case, but simply show what Russia has achieved in Syria with minimal forces and in minimal time, compared to NATZO’s chaotic lumbering Behemoth. Also show his track record in International Diplomacy: the man who says what he means and means what he says. Even his enemies cannot but admit that Putin is a stickler for International Law, as well as being a master military strategist. Gives a new meaning to Mao’s aphorism, “Justice comes from the barrel of a gun”]

  10. Harry Law says

    Dianne Abbott Shadow Home Secretary was asked, which country posed the biggest threat to world peace: Russia or the US. After trying to avoid the question she eventually said: “It is clear that at this point Russia, its role in Syria, what we believe beyond reasonable doubt its role in the poison gas attack in Salisbury, is a greater threat to world peace than the United States.” [Guardian]
    Then Shadow International Development Secretary Kate Osamor said “If a leader is killing their own they need to be removed. We don’t keep them there. They need to go. He needs to be removed. [Politics home reports]
    She has since said she does not want to go to war in Syria.
    When two senior Labour Party Politicians can come out with such nonsense, not only disregarding International Law ,but common sense, there is not much hope.

    • You can add Ben Bradshaw on BBC QT. Jeremy and the party line is still that Russia is to blame: either directly or indirectly for “losing control” over the “military grade Novichok”. It will be interesting to see how that pans out, as Russia will soon release its own report on the classified section of the OPCW report:

      On Salisbury [Ambassador] Yakovenko disputes the UK claim that the OPCW backed the UK’s analysis of the poisoning. The OPCW never confirmed where the nerve agent involved was manufactured. “The report is saying nothing about that,” he said.

      All the statements made by Boris Johnson and other people are not correct,” he said. “The report never supported the British version,” he said.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      UK Labour is full of Blairite thugs, and cowards. Of course Abbott has been given the full on hate treatment before, so might be wary, but to assert that the US is less of a threat than Russia, when the unprecedented record of genocide, aggression and destruction of the USA, orders of magnitude greater than any other force for Evil in history is an open book, is simply despicable. The central lie that will get humanity destroyed is that the USA and its ‘liberal capitalist values’, represent a force for good in the world, when the exact opposite is the truth.

  11. Harry Law says

    I wrote to the Russian Ambassador The Honorable Mr AV Yakoventko Tuesday lunchtime 10-04-18 !st Class recorded delivery. It has not been delivered yet, Royal Mail say it is still in the system. No doubt via MI5 the bastards.

    • I emailed the Embassy a couple of years ago (I can’t recall the precise context which triggered my communication) to express my heartfelt sentiments about the vilification of Russia and Putin and to emphasise that there was a significant proportion of the British population supporting the Russian position and that the UK Govt certainly didn’t represent my views. I was just so pissed off, as now, that I felt duty bound to do something. I bet we’re all on some MI5 “one to watch” list but I don’t YET furtively look around before I leave the house or look over my shoulder in the supermarket. I suspect that time will come sooner rather than later in this ‘liberal’ society.

      • Etegere says

        On behalf of your fellow citizens, I thank you for speaking for the silent majority of us who do not have this mad Russophobia in our hearts, and who see through the government lies. Remember, as we descend into a controlled police state the only thing that gives us any chance is if we stick together. Warn your friends and family, write to your MPs, local newspapers, post online, attend protests, BE LOUD AND VISIBLE! We are in a fight for our lives!

        Stay strong!

        • Nice and appreciated message, Etegere, thank YOU. I have this week written to my MP and also put a copy and a lengthy more detailed letter explaining my views through the letterboxes of my 5 immediate neighbours. They may just put it in recycling but at least I’ve tried.

  12. Is it just me or did OffG publish an article from Tim Hayward’s blog about George Monbiot; and another by Caitlin Johnston about Syria? Where have they gone! All I get is “Page not found”? I get a similar scenario over at 21 Wire, something about not being able to access the database? Are we under attack?

    • mog says

      I am getting the following when trying to link to Hayward’s articles at 21st Century Wire:

      You don’t have permission to access /2017/02/06/fake-news-week-why-channel-4-news-owes-an-apology-to-syria-and-the-world/ on this server.

      Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

      Patrick Henningsen was complaining of attack on the site two days ago.

      • Apparently they have been under sustained DNOS attack all week: getting 500K an hour ‘hits’ and overswarmed by bots. They moved host but to no avail. Craig Murray and Assange among others have been targeted. It appears that witnessing the truth is becoming an irritation?

  13. Betrayed planet. says

    We are truly in insane times. Everyone should phone their governments and any associated parties in outrage at the current criminal behaviour of and by the West, primarily the madman Trump and the psychopath Theresa in the U.K.
    There can be no resolution when the people who head these governments are literally a dictatorship.

      • I think it is ‘highly likely’ that some junior clerk will be giving them a cursory once over and not even counting ‘fors’ and ‘againsts’, and consigning the latter to the metaphorical paper shredder in the corner.

        • Betrayed planet. says

          You are more than likely correct however as a populace of 66 million people it is our duty to try to influence this craven criminal government if we can. It is not our future that is at stake but that of the younger people who have not yet had a life.

        • Possibly but it’s worth a shot – along with emailing one’s local MP etc. I don’t want to sound too mystical but I suspect weight of protest gets to these psychopaths on an unconscious level eventually , however much they consciously dismiss it. We’re all wi-fi connected, underneath the theatrical make-up of the ever so brilliant and unique persona 🙂

  14. Kipling’s sirens are still calling, Come you back you British Soldier, but methinks this time the voices for Legality re Syria will overrule their old cry:

    “Give me somewhere East of Suez
    Where the Best is like the Worst
    Where there ain’tmno bloomin’ Justice
    And a man can raise a thirst”.

  15. This whole farrago of Alt State bullying is illegal from end to end and based on multiply faked events, samples, poisoning and gas attacks?
    The UK Cabinet today voted for strikes against Syria with zero Parliamentary permission, zero evidence of the gas attack’s circumstances and polls showing only 1 in 5 citizens in favour of the move.
    The OPCW in turn has a history of being cowed by US pressure (last time from John Bolton) but its report – far from supporting the UK case against Putin versus the Skripal Hoax – places huge doubt on the agent having been produced in a factory at all. This piece is potential dynamite:

    • I looked at your linked article – sounds good to me although I’m not a scientist. I like to read reader comments after articles as they can often be illuminating as well. As someone comments various pieces of ‘evidence’ from the incident were completely destroyed with undue haste for ‘safety’ reasons. Reports right at the outset were certainly that the restaurant table was incinerated immediately, purportedly because it was ‘covered in nerve agent residue’. Not only was this crucial evidence for any investigation but I find it impossible to believe that Porton Down would not have the means to contain such an item, transport it and store it securely. An acquaintance of mine has a theory that maybe someone met the Skripals in the restaurant (and may or may not have tampered with their food) but was aware that whilst doing so they may have left fingerprints on the table which could connect them to the restaurant – hence the need to destroy a key piece of evidence. Maybe the same with the bench and the door?

      And we are yet to get an explanation from our Govt as to how Porton Down identified the supposed agent as ‘Novichok’ within three or four days (I can’t recall the precise time frame) although it was subsequently acknowledged by the OPCW and other experts that an analysis of the substance to identify what it was (not just its purity etc) would take 3-4 weeks; and I presume they would have the advantage of starting their analysis from the premise that it was A234, as the UK had said it was, and just needed to reaffirm that.

      • Sorry, but the poisoning didn’t happen. It’s a hoax as far as I am concerned. Until evidence to the contrary is produced then it should be treated as a hoax…….all evidence suggests so.

        • I certainly wouldn’t dispute your suggestion. None of the story makes any sense. All this controversy about novichok – where was it produced etc? how was it deployed? is all a smokescreen as it certainly wasn’t a ‘Novichok’. I personally am trying to be open- minded about all the possible alternative scenarios and scrutinise them for their individual value and plausibility. I have contended elsewhere that it could have been an innocent food poisoning event which the UK Govt naively exploited to smear Russia, but the more we learn points to a premeditated staged incident or a fabricated event. All I am truly confident about is that we are being lied to big time.

  16. Michael McNulty says

    Telling the US aggressive war is illegal is the same as telling Al Capone booze is prohibited or telling the mob prostitution is immoral earnings.

    They know, but they’re gangsters, and unless anybody can stop them they become ever-lawless.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      As The Breaker observed, the only ‘law’ the USA recognises is ‘Rule 303’.

    • Yeah they are naive twits who think they live in a democracy or something. That memo went round in 2003 or thereabouts.

      • But will/can the FBI catch up with U.S. government?! They’ll be plenty of evidence of their illegality in their bombed out targets and countless dead. They won’t need to get them on a technicality. 🙂

        • More seriously it begs the question as to who would prosecute the U.S. The International Court of Justice? If so, a mere reprimand , like they apparently gave the U.S. in 1986 in the Nicaragua case, won’t exactly go down in history as
          stern justice.

    • Betrayed planet. says

      McNulty, you are correct. Unless we the people stop this through activism and outrage, there will be hell to pay, literally.

  17. Even after “perestroika” Russia is seemingly still a convenient target on which to project our unadmitted and unowned qualities. They are the godless hordes from the East intent on all kinds of evil, we are the (ahem) noble knights in white armour in whom no badness resides and who will reluctantly (as always) step in to halt their wickedness.

    As this farce continues I dislike May in her “kitten heels” more and more. I can’t help feeling that she desperately wants to be liked but is incredibly simple-minded, the archetypal “good daughter” of a vicar, easily persuaded by any argument from dodgy advisors that seems to make the U.K. “right”. Especially if it comes to a chemical attacks on children, craftily staged or invented though they may be.

    This is a good book with startling images that have been used to demonize “the enemy” over the years. A few years old now but still relevant:

    “Faces of the Enemy: Reflections of the Hostile Imagination”. Sam Keen. HarperSanFrancisco, 1992

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      There is a good deal of psychopathological projection in the Western worldview, too. The greatest genocidists and destroyers of societies and looters, pillagers and exploiters ever, are always accusing others, mostly fraudulently, of the crimes at which they have always excelled.

  18. Oh, Maggie, Maggie May / I’m gonna make yer day! — Jim Mattis

    Pentagon does not have evidence of chlorine or sarin use in Syria’s Douma – #Mattis

    Evidence of no evidence! From a “trusted source”. St.Theresa is off the hook.

    [With acknowledgments to Bundy BTL SyrPer 1hr ago]

    • Big B says

      The Cabinet are out of Downing St: last seen running to the bunkers under Whitehall! That can’t bode well. Still, they wouldn’t do anything before the OPCW even got to Douma, would they? “Sentence first – evidence of no evidence later” said the Queen!

      • @BigB: “The Cabinet are out of Downing St: last seen running to the bunkers under Whitehall! That can’t bode well.”

        For them — but it bodes well for the rest of us. I presume the Govt is running scared of the electorate in the forthcoming local elections. YouGov poll shows huge majority against starting WW3 just yet. But thanks to Jim Mattis (above) St.Theresa can now go to the polls in a white dress with the organ playing soft hymns in praise of her pure hearted respect for evidence, her tender love for the blessings of peace, and her immaculate statesmanship in avoiding war. And when the Cabinet emerge from their Whitehall sewers they might even find that their party has not been wiped out at the polls.

        • Big B says

          “Foaming at the mouth and struggling to breathe, his eyes burning” …Martin Chulov penned this egregious post-truth fiction about the need to smuggle corpses out of Douma. Somehow the US and France are saying blood and urine tests positive for chlorine and a nerve agent. In which case, the Russian General who went into the building would be contaminated? Those damned incompetent Russkies, don’t they know anything about chemistry? All their samples came back negative. Who do we trust for the truth? Chulov: the man who takes afternoon tea with ISIS and survives?

          • I wonder where the samples purportedly containing chlorine and nerve agent came from and what the chain of custody was? And, of course, we know the terrorists hold stocks of these so even if such evidence was legit it still wouldn’t prove culpability.

            • Big B says

              JudyJ: the chain of custody schmustody! A protocol was developed after Ghouta 2013 and Khan Sheikhoun where the terrorists control the chain of custody. Starting with taking environmental samples by climbing into a sarin crater wearing only a P2 mask as PPE. The same protocols seem to be standard now: as the OPCW only tested biological samples taken from the Skripals by the British authorities …and environmental samples they took after weeks of rain.

              I do not know if you watch UK Column news, but Vanessa Beeley showed the district commander, a Russian General, outside the gassed building in his desert uniform. A really dark picture is forming of these staged chemical attacks. Unconfirmed for the moment, but Vanessa is collecting testimony of families who have lost their children in these ‘chemical attacks’. The speculation is that they are being kidnapped and used in White Helmet ‘rescue’ propaganda.This I can well believe. If you go to Tim Hayward’s blog, you will see a guest post by Professor McKeigue. A dark narrative emerges if you read it. I have long suspected that we are watching snuff porn; that many in the world want to promote with Oscars and Nobel Prizes. This must be exposed AND punished.

              • Thanks for this – I shall look up the references you mention with great interest. On the matter of children being kidnapped, there was, posted on either Vanessa Beeley’s or Eva Bartlett’s (or both) Twitter feed, a video of White Helmets bundling children off the street into an ‘ambulance’ in Idlib province. The full context wasn’t clear but the children were not obviously suffering any serious injury but were clearly very distressed and confused. What was telling though was that at least one mother (yes, they do have mothers) could be heard off camera weeping and crying out “Don’t Go! Come back!” which said it all.

                • JudyJ: I forgot yesterday, Mother Agnes Mariam did an expose of the “Massacre Marketing” of Ghouta 2013: which included the recycling of children’s corpses in different locations for propaganda. And it is becoming clearer that the marketing and branding of terror porn is being funded by UKGov through the FCO and the Conflict, Stability and Security Fund (CSSF). According to Bojos deputy Alistair Burt, we have funded the Syrian “Opposition” to the tune of £2.5bn: to be spent on what? Fear porn?

                  • Thanks, BigB, I’ve just had a look at the link. I was looking through Eva Bartlett’s ‘Twitter’ yesterday and there was something similar highlighted from this latest ‘attack’. Some of the photographs released by ‘rescuers’ were compared. One scene is of a pile of bodies of mainly children and at least one woman in a doorway inside a house. They clearly are genuine bodies but on a second picture of the same scene the position of one or two of the bodies appears to have been slightly adjusted and the body of a months old baby added to the top of the pile. No one can say which picture was taken first but, however you look at it, the observer is being manipulated. And, I should add, there is as always no indication of when these pictures were taken; they could be months or years old.

              • Mulga Mumblebrain says

                I reckon paedo snuff porn would be a big earner, particularly in the USA. It could be like the KLA’s human organ trafficking to order murders in Kosovo. Wherever the glorious West spreads its ‘liberal values’, diabolical Evil reigns.

          • Mulga Mumblebrain says

            I well remember the MOSSAD agent, Chulov, mixing it with al-Nusra scum, and harassing a captured Syrian Army soldier. Of course Israel has had particular responsibility to protect and aid al-Nusra, the al-Qaeda franchise. This was at an early stage when it was just becoming known that the jihadists were simply murdering captured Syrians, but that didn’t faze Chulov. What a (expletives deleted).

        • reenmac says

          So has Theresa totally miscalculated here. I wonder if there’s some kind of coup underway, where Theresa is being fed false advice , leading to action that will totally discredit her
          I have never been able to understand how a leader’s ratings go up when they engage in belligerent threats that threaten us all.
          For example Trumps missiles on Sharyat airbase last year.
          What the hell is wrong with us all

          • Harry Law says

            Because TV Presenters can say things like this “I am guided by the beauty of our weapons”. And other US pundits saying those strikes on the Syrian airbase [which killed men, women and children]. Made Trump appear Presidential and his poll numbers went up.

          • Have you considered that maybe, just maybe, politicians knowingly lie or hide behind legalistic smokescreens and word statements and accusations in such a way that lets them claim they didn’t say what they are saying? eg. “of a type developed by Russia” (“See, we didn’t actually say they came from Russia!”)

            • That’s right. I was discussing this with someone yesterday and he was telling me that the reason Blair was held to account (well, in theory) was because he used the phraseology “We KNOW that Saddam has WMDs” which was, as we all know, not the case. May is very astute or well advised in being careful to say “highly likely” etc, even though her urge is to be more emphatic to engender the support she is really after, so she can turn round if the truth comes out and argue that she only said is was ‘highly likely’, thereby covering her back.

              • The Cabinet Office and the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC) brief Ministers: in the Skripal case on both sides of the House. Jeremy Corbyn also has access to briefings as a Privy Councillor. He is trying to get an intelligence briefing on Syria on this basis. When it goes wrong – like Iraq – the politicians blame the JIC for faulty intelligence (when it was in fact political pressure to make the intelligence fit the policy). We have a Public Inquiry, everyone gets their Knighthoods and index-linked pensions, and all carries on as before. It is called “plausible deniability”. Much the same has occurred in the Skripal case where the briefings have been “sexed up” to implicate Russia. And on it goes …

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Yes, but Micron, that loyal Sabbat Goy ‘Made Man’ does have ‘evidence’- straight from his friends at the MOSSAD, no doubt. And speaking of the MOSSAD, I saw the execrable Martin Chulov, being fawned over on our (well, it’s actually Murdoch’s, now)ABC last night. The dear chap, such a monument to human frailties, declared that his ‘intelligence’ sources had told him that the dastardly ones had found ways to add ‘nerve agents’ to chlorine. There you go-straight from the horse’s mouth.

  19. International Law: before we even start on an hypothetical illegal blitzkrieg on Syria by NATZO heavies, what about the illegality of our “Special Force” spooks, spies and soldiers without uniform? From SyrPer BTL:


    We need to bring those alleged Western military which supported actively terror to a Public Court monitored by International Lawyers.
    Better to win SOME more support of the Western public opinion instead of having NO support or only some minor alternative voices.
    in particular, the Western public opinion is heavily dependent on a justified and reasonable argumentation. but this needs the most possible objective platform; and this again can only be provided through a Public Court monitored by recognized experts. Then the West would be exposed to the rest of the world as a huge liar, which would produce pressure from many directions across much diverse political and civil opinion.


    gypsyman, Let’s wait to see a rapid draw-down of US forces in E and S Syria. If not, then yes, parade all these punks in front of cameras. No need even to have them talk (in any case the MSM spin would be they talked because of brainwashing or torture). Their mere existence in Russian/Syrian custody is all the proof necessary.

    • Big B says

      Special Forces, or no Special Forces, we have 280 UK passport tottin’ ex-Jihadis: some of whom may be about to catch the next ferry home. If any of these are from J’aish al-Islam; it is possible that they may have been involved of the war crime of the century so far …the murder of around 4,900 innocent civilians being held captive underground in the ‘repentance prison’ tunnels. [As reported by Vanessa Beeley]. This cannot go unpunished just to save UKGovs blood spattered face.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        Silly BigB-those 4,900 were murdered by Assad. What are you-some sort of Putinbot?

        • Sadly, those people did not exist, nor will the memory of them ever be allowed to exist. They are unpeople, whose existence was dependent on being part of fulfilling a narrative. A fucking story! As they were likely murdered by our moral and moderate “rebels” before Douma “fell” to the SAA: no record of their existence can be contemplated. If you think about it: that is a mindfuck of a collective ego trip for the perfidious liars in “authority”…to believe that the “national interest” supersedes all those innocent lives. What sort of country would do that?

          • @BigB: “What sort of country would do that”

            Countries are made up of human beings, and humans are herd animals that Follow the Leader. And the Leader can be a psychopath. Don’t blame the sheep, don’t even blame the Judas-goat, blame the Bad Shepherd:

            “I consider the death of 100,000 Iraqi children a price worth paying [by their parents] for us bringing them Freedom”. — “Mad Maddy” Albright, Foreign Affairs CEO to the Clinton Crime Syndicate.

            • vexarb, your comment about herd animals is interesting. One could look at it two ways. A good leader by definition earns the support and following of the masses. Alternatively, a leader, good or bad, can have the support of the masses simply because the masses are prepared to hand over the lead and decision making to anyone prepared to take that role, no matter what the credentials of that leader. That could be deemed an instinctive, natural reaction.

              Unfortunately ‘herd’ following is fine when everything is just ticking along but as soon as a crisis situation occurs the masses don’t have a clue about what is going on and take everything at face value – as we see in respect of Russia and Syria. So their natural inclination is to unquestioningly accept the word and actions of the leader. I have noticed that when I discuss Russia or Syria with people who fall into this category, rather than being able to cite reasons of substance for believing the Govt’s position or even give any credence to what I say , their default position always seems to be that “of course there will always be two sides to the story but someone needs to sort it out” …and there the discussion ends. Six or so years ago I would probably have been the same but I took it upon myself to educate myself and read up on the history of Russia and Syria and look beyond the daily papers and the BBC etc. And what a reawakening for me. I just need to work on another 190 countries or so and I’ll be really well informed.

              A number of people on the streets of London were interviewed yesterday about their opinion on military action in Syria. Comments ranged, slightly paraphrased by me, from “I don’t know anything about it so can’t comment”, to “Well, you can’t allow Assad to keep killing the people” to “No ,we shouldn’t send in the military because we don’t know that Assad has committed any atrocities”. All I will say is that the first two comments came from seemingly ‘educated, middle class people’ and the third comment was from a more ‘streetwise and aware’ person. I thought it was very revealing.

            • Mulga Mumblebrain says

              Vexarb, I’m afraid you’ve butchered Mad Maddy’s infamous quote. She was asked if the deaths of 500.000 children under five, (caused deliberately, but that wasn’t mentioned)due to the sanctions regime in Iraq was ‘Worth it’, and Albright replied, ‘Yes’.

              • frank says

                ‘Yes’ is every bit as psychopathic a response as Vexarb’s rendition. Worse, actually, since she is manifestly incapable of articulating the human cost, even to herself. If Evil exists in this world, it has the face of Madeleine Albright, from whose face all traces of morality and compassion are absent. The face of Evil expresses the steadfast conviction that Exceptionalism is a justification for anything and everything, even the death of children.

                • Mulga Mumblebrain says

                  ‘At fifty everyone has the face they deserve’-and doesn’t Madeleine ‘Davros’ Albright have a face that speaks for itself.

          • Mulga Mumblebrain says

            B, did you see the story that historians investigating British Imperial crimes, like the atrocities inflicted on Kenyans during the suppression of the Kenyan Revolt, are finding that many historical records are simply being disappeared by the Tory regime, no doubt to bury the historical record along with the victim? What percentage of the UK drone population has any knowledge of the Great Bengal Famine of the 1940s, that carried off more people than the Nazi Judeocide, do you think?

            • Yes, I am aware of this. And it goes deeper. In the dying days of the Raj and beyond, as countries regained their independence (laughing out loud!) we created parallel archives of records to preserve our heritage. These were held in secret at Hanslope Park and only came to light when it became clear we were covering up atrocities against the Mau Mau. “Water damage” is another good one for sensitive files that should never see the light of day. Tony Blair’s biggest regret was the FOIA! If we didn’t before, now we can prove what the bastards are up to in our name. Mark Curtis is one who likes to spend hours poring over previously classified docs. His blog and books are worth a read for the real history of “Perfidious Albion.”

  20. Big B says

    So I am singing to the choir: everyone here knows the Guardian lies. Well, the latest is a biggy: the headline states: “Novichok used in spy poisoning, chemical weapons watchdog confirms” – except they didn’t. The sub-header makes it a little clearer: *”OPCW says analysis of samples confirms UK findings about nerve agent used in Salisbury attack”. But for the attention-deficited hipster or young professional on the go; fairtrade soya-mocha-latte in hand – that will be enough. Patrick Wintour; Senior self-editor for the attention-grabbing-only-read-the-headlines-cos-life-is-so-supercrazy-fast …ers …has earned his six (or seven?) digit ransom from the billionaire class in one afternoon.

    And the sample was so pure it had an “almost complete absence” of impurities”. Which was enough for Bojo to confirm that it definitely came from Russia then? Didn’t it? …“[T]here remains no alternative explanation about who was responsible – only Russia has the means, motive and record.” Do they not teach logic at Eton or Oxford?

    The latest statement from Yulia confirms what I supposed yesterday: she is being detained against her will awaiting he extraordinary rendition by the CIA. She does not want contact from anyone, especially Viktoria. Alex Thomson, himself a professional translator claimed the communique was not genuine. It has been written in English and back-translated into Russian.

    Wintour then goes on to claim that it is Russian disinformation and information warfare tactics that are muddying the narrative …employing every dirty trick they learnt from the master: Patrick Wintour. Pot; kettle; black; y’know! All in all a good lunchtimes work from Langan’s Brasserie in Mayfair: and worth every penny of the paywall that I would refuse on pain of death to pay.

    • Big B says

      Forgot to mention that the report says that it was the UK who collected the samples from the Skripals:
      “The team was briefed on the identity of the toxic chemical identified by the United
      Kingdom and was able to review analytical results and data from chemical analysis of
      biomedical samples collected by the British authorities from the affected individuals,
      as well as from environmental samples collected on site.”

      … “biomedical samples” …with Porton Down added metabolytes of Novichok?
      …”environmental samples collected on site” …after three weeks of rain?

      • Francis Lee says

        ”*”OPCW says analysis of samples confirms UK findings about nerve agent used in Salisbury attack”. But for the attention-deficited hipster or young professional on the go; fairtrade soya-mocha-latte in hand – that will be enough.”

        Ha, ha, ha – love it!

        Whenever I travel up to London the train carriage is full of these self-important idiots engaged in interminably inane and tedious conversations on their mobiles and smart phones; and they make sure that everyone in the carriage can hear the patter in order to demonstrate to the hoi polloi how important they and their activities are.

        These are the Guardian reading, post-modern, outer-party dolts who think themselves enlightened and forward looking, when in fact their views are utterly reactionary. An avant-garde which leads from the rear.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        The ‘chain of custody’ in this case is a very sick joke, indeed.

      • Big B says

        Indeed Jerry: held extra-judicially and incommunicado. There is a small but plausible chance she is in on it. There is also a small but plausible chance it was not her on the bench. What is clear to me now is that there a negative to the power of infinity chance that Sergei Skripal was not involved. And Julian Assange was tweeting some very interesting stuff about Steele and Joseph Mifsud a few days before his feed went dead. Coincidence: probably not?

        • Hertog Jan says

          //What is clear to me now is that there a negative to the power of infinity chance that Sergei Skripal was not involved. //

          That’s what I thought when I heard he was keeping guinea pigs.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      On our Murdoch-controlled ABC last night, one particularly stupid presenter, a pouty princess of preposterous opinions, observed, with her habitual air of annoyed arrogance disdain, that ‘novichoks’ had only ever been made by the Russians. Case, and mind, closed. And these creatures call themselves ‘journalists’. They even do little self-portraits to b used as segues, where they recount the process by which they came to be such paragons of insight, credibility and ‘journalism’. We have been made such a corrupt and hideous society that it is truly saddening.

  21. Mazedui says

    FUkUs and their Tel Aviv masters are basically like a gambino racket….and there’s only one language the understand.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      In contrast, our Murdoch-controlled ABC had Robert Ford, the previous US Ambassador to Syria, who helped organise the jihadist attack and genocides, and was Negroponte’s 2-I-C in Iraq during the ‘Salvador Option’ death-squad rampage there. In other words, a major war criminal, but, of course, he was treated with cloying deference and sycophancy as the lies rolled, trippingly, off his forked tongue.

  22. rtj1211 says

    A nice statement by decent people. Neville Chamberlain learned the hard way, however, that expecting decency from others may be a forlorn hope….

    A stronger statement asking how the US would feel about illegal acts carried out on their territory would be pertinent. How about funding assassins to murder the torturess Gina Haspel? How about bombing the major dams In California to create a serious drought? How about radioactive contamination of the Misdouri/Mississippi/ohio river basins to destroy much of Us agriculture and aquatic ecology? How about inducing cancer in NYC by carpet bombing with weapons containing depleted uranium??

    Conscienceless warmongers do not respond to decency: they respond to strength and, in the last resort, violence.

    I am not sure how many resorts still remain to be visited but they can certainly be counted on the fingers of one hand…..

          • Thanks, Admin. I was viewing on a Tablet and could not see that your question was addressed to rtj1211. Actually I was asking the same about rtj’s post. But now after carefully re-reading it in the light of your qwn questioning, I would say that rtj is merely advocating for someone to ask people in the USA how they would like it if other people did to them the sort of things that the USA has been doing to people in Serbia, Iraq and Syria over the past 15 years.

            “Do not treat others the way you would not like to be treated yourself”. — Rabbi Hillel of Babylon.

            As for show of force, I would agree but with very strong accent on the word show: the force must be shown to be real and overwhelming — not a spiteful tit-for-tat. President Putin is a master of this art, and he is showing it right now.

            • Mulga Mumblebrain says

              Hillel’s dictum applies only to fellow Jews, not the goyim.

    • @rtj: “Neville Chamberlain learned the hard way”.

      Beg to differ. The Chamberlains — Joseph, Neville and Austen — never learned anything. Like Sir Horatio Hardcastle in Shaw’s play, “The Chamberlain’s have very thick skulls; nothing has ever penetrated them.”
      Neville had nothing to learn from Hitler; read “The Chamberlain-Hitler Conspiracy” by Leibovitz. Here is the first of many Google links to French and British treachery against Soviet Russia — a machination which blew up in our faces when Hitler suddenly turned and bit the hands that had fed him.

      • Google Talpiot Program says

        “treachery against Soviet Russia” – Really? Poor murderous babies…

        • @Talpiot. I gather you didn’t believe me when I wrote about “French and British [and Polish] treachery against Soviet Russia”. You certainly won’t find that in WikiPedia; but how about this in the Telegraph?

          “Stalin was ‘prepared to move more than a million Soviet troops to the German border to deter Hitler’s aggression just before the Second World War’
          By Nick Holdsworth in Moscow 5:16PM BST 18 Oct 2008
          Papers which were kept secret for almost 70 years show that the Soviet Union proposed sending a powerful military force in an effort to entice Britain and France into an anti-Nazi alliance.
          Such an agreement could have changed the course of 20th century history, preventing Hitler’s pact with Stalin which gave him free rein to go to war with Germany’s other neighbours
          The new documents, copies of which have been seen by The Sunday Telegraph, show the vast numbers of infantry, artillery and airborne forces which Stalin’s generals said could be dispatched, if Polish objections to the Red Army crossing its territory could first be overcome.
          But the British and French side did not respond to the Soviet offer, made on August 15, 1939. Instead, Stalin turned to Germany, signing the notorious non-aggression treaty with Hitler barely a week later. ”

          [This treacherous conspiracy between France, Britain and Poland — in order to let Nazi Germany go ahead to invade Communist Russia — was hidden from the public for 70 years; but it’s all in the Leibovitz book, published many years ago and drawn to my attention by my good friends in the Israel Communist Party. A tragic farce: the Leaders of Britain and France built up the power of Nazi Germany until Hitler treacherously turned around and bit the treacherous hands that fed him. Have a look at all the faces in that picture again, the one I linked above, especially the face of Neville Chamberlain. Have a look at the faces of Chamberlain’s father and that of his brother Austen. “Poor murderous babies” indeed. Posturing clowns in a tragic farce. Nothing has changed in Western politics between that time and today.]

          • Google Talpiot Program says

            Interesting information – I’d have to investigate it.

            However your phrasing made it sound like you think the Bolshevik system was worth defending – which is ridiculous.

            • @Talpiot. Not at all ridiculous. Hitler found to his unpleasant surprise that Stalin could make more and better tanks. I owe my wife to the Bolshevik system, which destroyed 80% of Hitler’s Wehrmacht at Stalingrad, and — together with the Polish Communist partisans — saved the life of a young Jewish girl hiding in Nazi-occupied Poland, as well as saving the lives of millions of Polish untermenschen scheduled for extermination by starvation and overwork in Nazi labour camps. The Poland that, together with Britain and France, rejected Stalin’s offer to send a million Soviet troops if they would unite with Russia to form an anti-Nazi front. But Poland, in collusion with Neville Chamberlain and Hitler, had recently been thrown a little morsel of their dismembered ChekoSlovakia, and was anticipating another tempting morsel to come. Had their collusion succeeded, the West Ukraina of Russia which adjoins the Ukrainian East of Poland would have been swallowed like ChekoSlovakia — the very territory currently occupied by a neo-Nazi regime with financial and military supported from Britain, France, Germany and Poland. Nothing has changed in the foreign policy of Perfidious Albion. Treachery, treachery, and yet more treachery — but always with high principles and a toff accent.

              • Google Talpiot Program says

                Wonder how the Poles would feel about your defense of the disgusting system (funded by Wall Street) that subjugated their people.

              • Google Talpiot Program says

                Poland rejected “help” from a liar and murderer like Stalin? That already just recently invaded their country and massacred their academics and officer classes to dump them in mass graves?

                What a f*cking surprise? Why should they have believed him?

                Poland colluded with Hitler? Total abject nonsense!

                • Mulga Mumblebrain says

                  You must be very pleased to see that Poland has returned to its traditional political regime of clerico-fascism.

                  • Google Talpiot Program says

                    Poland is not ruled by a “regime” – you sound like Paul Wolfowitz

                    It is also not credible to call the current government “clerico-facism” – again you sound like John Bolton talking about Iran.

                    What would you want Poland to be? Under the vicegrip of the vicious Bolshevik system?

                    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

                      I wonder why there has been no priestly paedophilia scandal in Poland. I thought Ireland was priest-ridden, but compared to poor old Poland, they’re not in the contest.

              • Mulga Mumblebrain says

                Well said Vexarb, and I see that the eejit has descended to the Rightwing conspiracist lunacy of blaming the bankers for Bolshevism.

                • @Mulga. Talpiot is merely regurgitating the Katyn massacre of the late 1940s — which happened after WW2 had started by Poland, Britain and France rejecting Stalin’s offer of Russian help against the Nazis. Poland decided to go along with Chamberlain’s conspiracy and partition ChekoSlovakia, giving a part of ChekoSlovakia to Poland, thus allowing Hitler a free hand to invade Russia. Katyn is a war crime — but rejecting Stalin’s offer of an anti-Nazi front was, as they say, “Worse than a war crime — it was a war stupidity”.

                  Stupidity rules, OK? Except for Stalin, who pulled off a master stroke of diplomacy by working on Hitler’s love of treachery and persuading that megalomaniac that he would have much greater glory (and a much easier job) by treacherously invading rich Western Europe instead of poverty stricken Russia.

                  • Google Talpiot Program says

                    You are blaming Poland for not agreeing to a plan that would see their country invaded (by the same country that invaded them in the 20s).

                    I don’t see how that is a reasonable position.

                    • @Talpiot: “You are blaming Poland for not agreeing to a plan that would see their country invaded (by the same country that invaded them in the 20s).”

                      Exactly. As I said, Poland’s refusal to forget the past and join Stalin in an anti-Nazi pact was worse than a War Crime — it was a War Stupidity. That short sighted refusal by Poland (urged on by Britain and France) catalysed the subsequent signing of the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, the invasion of Poland by Germany now plus Russia and the death of millions of Christian Polish untermenschen at the hands of The Master Race, as well as a smaller number of Jewish Poles. An error of judgment by Chamberlain and his fellow Conspirators, which catalysed WW2 — the source of all the subsequent war crimes of WW2, including minor atrocities like Katyn.

                      “When the Bourbons returned to rule, they had forgotten nothing and learned nothing”. Same today as then.

                  • Mulga Mumblebrain says

                    Indeed Katyn was a monstrous crime, but the murdered were mostly fascists. Not that that justifies murdering them cruelly. Better to send them to count trees in Siberia. The current clerico-fascist regime closely resembles the fascist regimes of the inter-war years. Poland is a sad case alright-the Niobe of nations.

                    • Google Talpiot Program says

                      You are filled with an absurdly vile hatred.

                      Well done – you’ve been successfully brainwashed to fit neatly into the left/right dialectical paradigm set up for you by the globalist crime syndicate.

                      This is how they keep us from fighting the true power structures.

                • Google Talpiot Program says

                  No one is blaming Bolshevism entirely on bankers.

                  There is other outside help to take into account too plus domestic factors. Lenin could never have been involved in October revolution if it were not for the Germany secret services handing him cash and sneaking him back into Russia in a sealed train.

                  There is some truth to the high financial support of the revolution.

                  Consider Trotsky’s own autobiographical notes about this time in New York:

                  Living in Manhattan, chauffeured around in a nice car, a “professional revolutionary” – all on the dime of unknown wealthy financial backer in NY and that’s according to his own words.

                  • Mulga Mumblebrain says

                    The ‘banksters did it’ theory of the Bolshevik Revolution denies hundreds of years of struggle for socialism, across the Western world. A very convenient theory for Rightwing reactionaries. I do admire how Poland and Ukraine have fallen out over the Ukronazi Holocaust of Poles in Galicia during 1943-4. In the Ukronazi dystopia, mentioning that Holocaust is now illegal, while in the Polish clerico-fascist paradise, denying it has been made a crime. Such natural friends and allies of the West, falling out over a mere genocide. What a crying shame, to be sure.

                    • Google Talpiot Program says

                      “The ‘banksters did it’ theory of the Bolshevik Revolution denies hundreds of years of struggle for socialism, across the Western world.”

                      “The banksters did it” is simplistic but does contain some truth.

                      It doesn’t deny the struggle for socialism or justice for the working class at all as the Bolshevik system was fake top-down controlled “socialism” – it wasn’t ever intended to be a liberating system for the working class.

                    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

                      Your statement, below, Talpiot, at least makes sense. You appear a less fanatic, perhaps not fanatic at all, promulgator of the ‘banksters did it’ insanity. Those crazies are generally reactionaries and Judeophobes, real or faked for hasbara, so, if you’re not one of those, forgive my leaping to conclusions. You’re not a Brzezinski type Polish Russophobe, either, are you?

      • Oops, Sir Augustus Hardcastle in Augustus Does His Bit, set in WW1. Judging by comments BTL today nothing has changed in Britain since WW1, neither for the Leaders nor the Led:

        “Yes, Madame, the officer of the German regiment that captured me set was kind enough to set me free. After conversing with me for an hour on international politics and military strategy he was kind enough to say that nothing would induce him to deprive my country of my services. As I made my way back to the front line a bullet from our own side hit me in the head. Here is the flattened projectile. (Throws it on the table; the thump testifies to its density). Had it penetrated to the brain I might never have sat on another Royal Commission. Fortunately we Hardcastles have strong heads; nothing has ever penetrated to our brains.”

  23. “In 1986, in The Nicaragua Case, the International Court of Justice reprimanded the United States for arming and supporting contra militias and combatants…”

    That was in 1986, which was a LONG time ago. The Zionist and neoCON gangsters have now taken over completely the USA and much of the West, committing mayhem, death and destruction on a planet-wide scale without fear of prosecution, for who will bring forth the charges?

    If you read the fine print in the ICC charter, it says that nations that haven’t ratified their existence can’t be brought to trial. Israel and the USA have both refused to ratify, so they can act with impunity.

  24. Harry Law says

    Unfortunately International Law is dead, now whenever US policy is blocked by a veto wielding member of the UNSC, then the US forms a coalition of the willing to by pass the UNSC, of course invoking the Right to protect [R2P] unilaterally is also illegal since this doctrine can only be used when there is no veto at the UNSC.
    There is a fundamental contradiction written into the UN Charter on the one hand, article 2[1] states; “The organization is based on the principle of the sovereign equality of all its Members.” But, on the other hand, Article 23 of the Charter grants five of its Members permanent seats on the Security Council, and Article 27 gives each of them a veto over decisions of the Council. Clearly, all Members are equal, but some Members are more equal than others. Thus all five veto wielding powers the US, UK, France, China and Russia AND their friends are above International law, for all time. So that should all four veto wielding members gang up on the US, the US simply veto’s the Resolution it is then consigned to the memory hole.
    Academic lawyers in their thousands may protest that taking military action against Iraq for instance was illegal because it lacked proper authorisation by the Security Council, but it is of no consequence in the real world when there is no possibility of the UK, or its political leadership, being convicted for taking such action. It is meaningless to describe an action as illegal if there is no expectation that the perpetrator of the action will be convicted by a competent judicial body. In the real world, an action is legal unless a competent judicial body rules that it is illegal.
    The American Service Members Protection Act authorizes the U.S. president to use “all means necessary and appropriate to bring about the release of any U.S. or allied personnel being detained or imprisoned by, on behalf of, or at the request of the ‘International Criminal Court’ [ICC]. This authorization has led the act to be nicknamed the “Hague Invasion Act”, because the freeing of U.S. citizens by force might be possible only through an invasion of The Hague, Netherlands, the seat of several international criminal courts and of the Dutch government.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      The USA also imposes Status of Forces ‘Agreements'(SOFAs) on its client states (the ones it isn’t actively destroying) that grant US military thugs virtual extra-territorial impunity, whereupon they go on their traditional rape and assault sprees.

  25. Big B says

    Of course I agree with the sentiment of this communique: but these guys should know that there is no crime of aggression. In theory it is part of customary International Humanitarian Law: but the statute version was ratified only by a very few countries, of which Luxembourg was one, I believe. The US boycotted even the definition defining meetings and has indemnified all of its forces and state actors against any ICC charge. Indeed, it only cooperates with the ICC when they have one of their demonised enemies to prosecute: or a fictitious genocide to promulgate.

    The Nuremberg Principles (as originally formulated) would have seen every post-war US President hanged, as Noam Chomsky has often said. They were invented for the Nazi show trial (show trial because any of the useful Nazis were exempted prosecution. Under the protocols of individual responsibility, many thousands more could have faced a determined prosecution). After the trials an emasculated version were included in the Charter of the UN. Even as such diluted, they were ripped up and used to wipe the excrement off Uncle Sam’s blood-polished boots …as they have marched roughshod, with increasing impunity, over international law, national sovereignty, human rights, and any other form of the norms of decency ever since.

    It looks like today is the day we will find out if the UK will join the US and France on this amoral crusade. The OPCW are due to report on the Salisbury psyop, just after lunch. Just before, Treason May is holding a Cabinet EGM. What would be the odds of the verdict preceding the evidence, in true Red Queen Alice in Wonderland style? “Stuff and nonsense!”

    [Yes, yes, technically they are different incidents: but frankly, I am past caring about such formalities. With the OPCW not even in Douma; the sentence first-verdict later principle applies.]

    • Mikalina says

      Clicking on Vexarb’s Sputnik link above, I see that the OPCW has confirmed THE NARRATIVE that the Skripals were poisoned by novochuk.

      • The OPCW has merely confirmed that the sample given to them by Brit spooks is novochuk. The odds still are that Salisbury is a hoax I.e didn’t happen.

        • Big B says

          No, not strictly. They confirmed that the Brits confirmed it was Novichok. The OPCW did not mention the compound bu name. Cue more spurious “but they must of in the unreleased classified version” bluff and bluster.

          The executive summary released by the OPCW does not mention novichok by name, but states: “The results of the analysis by the OPCW designated laboratories of environmental and biomedical samples collected by the OPCW team confirms the findings of the United Kingdom relating to the identity of the toxic chemical that was used in Salisbury and severely injured three people.”

          • They confirmed on the news that the Russians have a copy of the full report and are studying it closely. The Russians said that it is too soon to comment but that at first glance “it looks interesting”. My interpretation of that is that they can see flaws or anomalies straight away. I really do hope so and that they give it ‘both barrels’. Based on past form May and the OPCW will probably tell them they’ve got until midnight tonight to comment and late comments will be ignored, o maybe they’ll just get Williamson to tell them to F*** Off.

    • Big B says

      Laws they invented to prosecute and hang Julius Streicher, Martin Chulov, Kareem Shaheen, et al over at the modern equivalent Der Stürmer should take note!

      • Big B says

        Whoops. That was meant to be a full stop after Streicher. I was advocating that Chulov et al take personal moral responsibility for their propagandising: not advocating that they be hanged. Just thought I better clear that up.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      In my mind’s eye is see the assembled Fraudian war-mongers and genocide enablers all getting the ‘Streicher Treatment’, but then recall that I abhor capital punishment, so life without parole will have to suffice. And prayers that, despite the evidence, a ‘just and vengeful God’ does exist.

  26. Kathy says

    So May is thinking of going it alone with an illegal attack on Syria with out all of that time wasting parliament detail ! Peter Hitchens blog Gives details of email address and how to contact Treason May at Downing st. It is worth a try if nothing else bombarding them with not in my name emails. I wonder if we could all bring a joint criminal case against her as this is an illegal act of aggression. Citizens arrest maybe!.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      This is simple fact. An aggression without a UNSC Resolution is illegal-the ‘Supreme Crime’. But would ANY Western fakestream media presstitute destroy their careers by stating this truth? No bloody way!

      • Big B says

        Technically it is not, though morally it should be. The US (and Israel) refused to even ratify a definition of the Crime of Aggression. It has indemnified all its personnel, State or military, from ICC jurisdiction. The US is an amoral self-styled supra-judicial lawmaker: and post-truth executioner. Laws and conventional ‘norms’ are for the subjugation of the inferior rest.

        • rtj1211 says

          And that is the reason why bombing Israel and the US cannot be a crime.

          • Kathy says

            The problem with that would be to make the perpetrator no better. This is the dilemma of conscience. Two wrongs can never make a right as my old gran used to say. I have often found my self in this dichotomy because there are times when standing by seems wrong also.

  27. Old Pepper says

    The US has appropriated the rights of a global investigator, Prosecutor, and judge in one bottle (3 in 1). The United States is guilty of killing hundreds of thousands of civilians in Iraq, which led to the emergence of ISIS. They eliminated a prosperous Libya, breaking the fates of millions of people. The US staged a bloody massacre in Mosul and Raqqa. The US has no moral authority to judge others by making delusional accusations. Now, using a provocation with a fake chemical attack, arranged by the us and Britain paid “White colors” Americans are going to attack Syria to burn the whole world in a nuclear war. I appeal to the government of my country (and I ask all normal people to do this) not to subscribe to a military confrontation with the Russians. I just want me and my family, as well as all the normal people, to make sure we Wake up tomorrow. Crazy nervous Haley needs to go for treatment in a mental hospital along with the administration and the Parliament of the United States. Videos on the preparation of white helmets for staged shooting “terrible chemical attack Assad” is easy to find on the Internet (youtube) on search “Syrian chemical attack – terrorists teach children how to fake it”.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      The greatest chemical warfare onslaught in history was the US war of poisons in Indochina, where millions of litres of various chemical toxins were sprayed over the region. This killed numerous animals and thousands of square kilometres of highly diverse forest, poisoned the soil, probably for centuries, and poisoned and killed numerous humans.Moreover the poisons have disrupted the genetic make-up of the locals, and the various foreign invaders, leading to hideous birth defects, already into the third and fourth generation. The last people entitled to decry chemical warfare are the genocidal thanatocrats of the US Murder Incorporated.

  28. BTL on Saker Vineyard:

    Mulga Mumblebrain on April 11, 2018 · at 4:07 pm UTC

    Any act of war without UNSC approval is the Supreme Crime under International Law, that of aggression. You will have noted that not one Western fakestream media presstitute vermin dares to mention that inconvenient fact. For a blatantly phony ‘gas attack’, staged by insanely Evil jihadist killers and long predicted for just this time, ALL humanity is put in deadly danger, yet not one of these filthy fakestream media scum breaks ranks from the lying hysteria. Has there ever been a cadre of hypocrites, liars and hate-mongers more foul than these?

    • Is there a power struggle going on within the US security agencies? It would explain why so many hoax terror/school attacks seem to be deliberately offering up blatant falsehoods? It would also explain why Fox is confident to go against the narrative.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        It’s probably the Israel First cabal of neo-conservatives and their Sabbat Goy stooge/allies, versus what’s left of the WASP rump.

    • kweladave says

      In light of the present mass USA media/political jingoistic hysteria for bombing Syria, this is a brilliant, truthful & brave (heroic) piece by Tucker Carlson.

      Give him a Nobel Peace Prize, deserves it far more than Kissinger etc (‘When Kissinger won the Nobel peace prize, satire died’ – Tom Lehrer).

      Who’d had thought it, FoxNews a beacon of truth & sanity? Compare with Guardian.

  29. MichaelK says

    Yulia Skripal’s latest ‘freely given’ statement issued by the Metropolitan Police, sounds like it was written by a male police lawyer pretending to be a Russian woman. Nobody actually speaks like this.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      I still expect them to kill her, if she cannot be fully brainwashed. A ‘tragic relapse’.

  30. Cat (Level 1 novice on SyrPer) asks:

    “If Syria and Russia have real evidence of US, UK and Israeli CW in Syria and have captured personnel – why aren’t they parading them for the world to see? RT has a viewership of some 700M.”

    • To which the following reply on SyrPer 8hr ago:


      I would take anything on VeteransToday (as posted by TruthMonger) with a pinch of salt. Porton Down is not and was never a CW weapons production facility. UK CW production took place at Rhydymwyn in Wales and then Nancecuke in Cornwall.

      That said, the British destroy their CW weapons at Porton Down, so it is possible a small number of rounds got lost behind the sofa.

      • And Bundy follows up BTL on SyrPer with news from Britain’s very own Vanessa:


        Dr. Bashar al-Ja’afari [at UN]: “We will not allow anyone, big or small, permanent or non-permanent, to repeat in Syria what they did in Iraq and Libya”.

        280 British passport holders will be allowed to leave ghouta to idlib to turkey to go back to the uk according to Vanessa Bailey from sources on the ground.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        I would take anything on Veterans Today with a ton of salt.

        • Google Talpiot Program says

          Duff literally said he posts disinfo in the mix with truth “otherwise I’d be killed”

        • always write says

          didn’t they say a nuclear weapon had been used several years ago?

          if i remember correctly they showed a very large and unusual looking explosion claiming it was a nuke, of course there’s been no fll out or contamination recorded
          …I’m sure there would have been dont you?

  31. Richard Wicks says


    Iraq was illegal
    Libya was illegal
    Israeli settlements are illegal
    Mining the oil from the Golan is illegal
    NSA nationwide spying is illegal, and unconstitutional
    Everything that has been done to Syria is illegal

    So what? Who is going to stop them?

    • @Richard Wicks. It’s still illegal under International Law. A subject in which Putin has a degree, and on which he is very strict. Which means that, like Dr.Assad who has sworn the Hippocratic oath and means to keep to it, Pres.Putin is continually being reproved by voices on his own side — reproved for “harmful mildness”.

      “Milk livered man, that bearest a cheek for blows” — Goneril in King Lear.

      • Immanuel Kant, On Perpetual Peace. The great 18th century philosopher of Freedom thought that individual nations ought to be treated with the same respect as individual humans: “Treat each individual as an end in itself”. Just as the freedom of each individual person is guaranteed for all, under the Law of the State, so the freedom of each individual nation is guaranteed for all the world, under the Law of the Nations.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          For the psychopathic butchers of Thanatopolis DC, ‘every individual’ is The Enemy, and a ‘target opportunity’.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Don’t you understand? So-called ‘International Law’ is innately ‘antisemitic’. It will be replaced, in due course, with proper Noahite Law.

    • always write says

      …thats al, well and good but its the average foot slogger who ends up in court, not the people who ordered the war

      basically Blair, Cameron, Clegg, Brown, should be hung as war criminals, and all those who’ve voted for war in our so called parliament should be jailed for life, its simple then they’d never dare do it again

      • Hugh O’Neill says

        All we have for now is that war criminals such as Kissinger, Cheney, GWB, TB have to look in the mirror. They are loathed in public, and few dare travel for fear of arrest. TB is a dead man walking. Someone once asked: what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world, but suffers the loss of his own soul?

      • jazza says

        equally, how many bankers have gone to jail? how many establishment child abusers have gone to jail? – the elites are unaccountable cos they say so – as britain slides into fascist dictatorship

        • always write says

          I’d suggest Britain has always been a fascist imperialist state, its been run effectively for the benifits of the financial credit creating class for centuries, in fact its so ingrained into our conscience we cant come to terms with this reality when presented with the collective evidence

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