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UN Security Team Still Won’t Let Inspectors Visit Douma

by Jason Ditz, Anti-War.com, April 20, 2018

Inspectors on ‘Standby’ Waiting for Permission from UNDSS

Two weeks after the alleged chemical attack in Douma, chemical inspectors from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) are still in Damascus on “standby,” waiting for permission to enter Douma.

Allegations continue to swirl around this delay. Britain blamed Russia, as usual. French officials on Friday also claimed Russia was “obstructing access” to the site. The OPCW, however, has made clear for days what is causing the delay.

OPCW inspectors aren’t to be allowed into Douma until the UN Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS) security team clears them to visit. So far, UNDSS has refused to do so, saying they still have concerns after Wednesday’s visit.

On a Wednesday visit, the UNDSS visited two Douma sites, but fled both times. They complained the first site was too crowded, and they were concerned about safety. There was a shooting incident at the second site, though the only casualty was a Syrian hired as extra security.

Either way, claims about security appear to be overstated. The Syrian government managed to facilitate a visit by CBS reporters days ago without incident. Many media groups seem to have no problem getting into Douma safely.

There have been numerous media attempts to turn conjecture into fact. One of the most egregious examples of war propaganda is a CNN reporter in Douma, handling and even sniffing supposed evidence.

There is no public proof that the April 7 strike took place, and a mounting amount of doubt that it didn’t, driven by inquiries from Robert Fisk. Residents within Douma have also expressed doubts about the strike.

OAN investigators weren’t able to confirm any evidence of a chemical weapons attack on Douma, either. To the extent that investigations are happening, they suggest there was no chemical strike. AFP journalists who’ve had access to Douma have gotten quotes from locals who deny a chemical attack ever happened.

Clearly, Douma was attacked by Syrian forces on that day, and the day prior. Those strikes, however,  were insisted by the Syrian government to be purely conventional strikes. There is little to suggest anything else, beyond claims from the White Helmets, and Western nations claiming to have secret proof.

Syria and Russia have both denied from the start that the attack took place, and they have believed the OPCW visit would reveal the truth. Russia in particular was pushing for an investigation to take place before any rash action against Syria. Ultimately, US-led attacks on Syria happened Friday, April 13.

The US, Britain, and France all seem to anticipate the OPCW probe not going their way. The US accused Syria and Russia of plotting to tamper with Douma. There’s no evidence of tampering of any kind. Despite this, Western officials complain the UNDSS delays are making tampering easier. Others, including the French Foreign Ministry, are claiming that the evidence could just “disappear” if the OPCW doesn’t get to Douma soon.

Despite claims to support the OPCW now, it was Western officials who led the UN Security Council to reject a Russian proposal for an investigation in the first place. The US-led coalition attacked multiple sites in Syria before the investigation could happen.

Speculation is growing that the UNDSS delays are an effort to block the OPCW long enough that a conclusion that the chemical attack never took place could be contested on the grounds that they waited too long.

Russia and Syria have both been pushing for the investigation from the start, and guaranteed security for them. They’ve further deployed Russian military police to the site to deter Western strikes from targeting Douma itself and destroying evidence.The UNDSS expressed concern at the lack of Syrian government control on the ground, though this can’t be helped, as it’s part of the terms of the ceasefire in Douma that Syrian troops stay out.

Jason Ditz is news editor at Anti-War.com.  © 2018 Antiwar.com.



  1. Pogo 1 says

    It slays me how much ‘reporting’ by the supposed ‘non-mainstream’ media goes on ad in fi nitem, about the atrocities of the West, predominately the U.S. Government, etc., over, and over, and over, and over, even though it’s the same truth about the same lies. When is someone going to write something that hasn’t been written 452 trillion times in the same and different vents? When is someone going to call a snake a snake, and write about the only thing that has to be done to eradicate the problem, and to the mechanics of getting that done? Which is Guerilla Warfare by 3-5% of the American, and World population to violently eradicate the government and governments and the perps in question.

  2. wardropper says

    Hans Blix 2003 all over again.
    And nobody knows how to stop it.

    • Pogo 1 says

      You stop it by 3-5% of the population of your country organizing into Guerilla Armies and eradicating your government. Which is the only way that it can be accomplished. Notice, I did not say overthrow. I said eradicate.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        Lunacy! It would just give the powers-that-be some live target practise-and they’d be lovin’ it!

  3. Reblogged this on Worldtruth and commented:

    First the US pounds the alleged CW site before OPCW can get in to verify/DENY the existence of CW and now the UNDSS is blocking the OPCW access in the hope that any findings to the contrary of the illegal bombing by the Imperialist Axis given reason can be dismissed because of the lapse of time. Clever.

  4. Deductive detective work BTL Indie; deserves to be put in for the Sherlock Holmes prize:

    Where’s DSBailey 12 hours ago
    The only reason a chemical attack was suspected is because the White Helmets shouted gas attack! The White Helmets are not some Red Cross equivalent they’re the media/propagandist unit of the Islamist Terrorists who have wrought 7 years of suffering upon the people of Syria. They were created by British Army Officer James le Mesurier who was top cadet of the year at Sandhurst and he won the Queen’s Medal. They are funded out of British tax payers money in the guise of Charity Aid, as does the USA. The gas attack is now seen as the fake, false flag incident that it is, yet the previous gas attack last year in Khan Shaykhun was also accused by the White Helmets and no one else, the White Helmets sent their ‘hand picked’ samples to the OPCW in The Hague. So an extremist Islamist terrorist propaganda unit set up by the British is now seen as a kosher news source?

    Lets cast our attentions over to the other side of this coin, Skripal-gate. Where is DS Bailey? We’re meant to believe that the Skripal’s were poisoned on the front door; fair enough, but this lethal military grade nerve agent ten times more dangerous that VX designed to kill instantly on the battle field not give a gentlemanly sporting chance to the enemy, yet this deadly weapon of mass distruction doesn’t kick in for a full 5 1/2 hours. And here’s the time-warp bit, they are seen on the CCTV in the shopping mall after leaving the restaurant walking very normally, nothing out of fashion, they leave the final frames of the CCTV — and 68 meters later (I kid you not) 68 meters away (2 minutes) from that final frame they are both collapsed on the bench!

    Then (we are told) DS Bailey arrives — and instantly succumbs the the effects of this deadly nerve agent even though he’d not touched the source but been infected second-hand, via the Skripal’s. So the nerve agent works as designed on DS Bailey — yet its taken the Skripal’s 5 1/2 hours? So DS Bailey is taken into hospital with the Skripals, and by nightfall all are in coma’s in ITU. This is the 4th March.

    On the 6th March they’d already decided it was novichok, and had been smuggled in by Yulia, then by the 7th it was powder in the air conditioning of the car, and on the 9th it was liquid on the door handle, and to shore up this final decision DS Bailey’s poisoning was moved from 16:15 on the Sunday to some other “generic time” (which has not been disclosed) when the Police first entered Skripal’s house. Because [now we are told] good old DS Bailey was one of the first to enter (whilst still being in a coma in the ITU, according to first timeline, above).

    So, coming back to first timeline, how’s about my theory: DS Bailey is in fact the assassin. In the two minutes between the CCTV and the park bench he attacks them with the nerve agent [not Novichok but the British nerve agent BZ]. However, bungling the op, DS Bailey poisons himself in the process. Now doesn’t that make more sense than a comatosed copper being in two places at once, and then very conveniently disappearing forever?

    [To which vexarb adds: Who’s DS Bailey?]

    • To which BigB adds: who’s the doctor (the female registrar that treated Yulia at the scene)? As reported by the BBC in week one. She was the reason, due to the glaring inconsistency, that Sir Ian Blair (a natural born liar) unsuccesfully tried to change the narrative …moving Bailey’s contamination from bench to house. From week two: she was memory-holed. And then there were three: of whom there is no evidence of poisoning …except as an article of faith and allegiance to the state and media.

      If Novichok was used: then it was of a type developed by America. Shulgin has said it was patented in 2015. It seems to have been developed at Edgewood (now part of the Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland). So far, 140 patents (including an antidote and delivery systems) have been issued. TruePublica found 80 with a quick Google. And we know from Wikileaks that Killary didn’t want anyone to talk about it …saving it for a rainy day in Salisbury, perhaps?


    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Surely the Syrians or Russians could issue arrest warrants for le Mesurier, and get Interpol to act on them.

      • The Interpol never acted on the arrest warrants issued for either Saakashvilli, or Milo Đukanović (of Montenegro), or the Kosovo drug mafia installed in power by NATO.

      • Pogo 1 says

        The Russians/Syrians are involved in the big lie. That is to keep the dicotemy of two sides fighting each other for whatever false-made-up reasons, as pounded and pounded in the media every day. The fake two sides allow the Joo’s to finance all sides, usurp tax dollars, pass laws that annihilate inalienable rights, and allow them and their cohorts to keep all power, wealth, opportunities, resources, status quo in their control, meanwhilye the 95-97% of the braindead, brainwashed, tyranny-worshipping masses can stand up for the national anthem and pledge allegiance to the flag.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      The ‘Official Version’ is ludicrous beyond belief, but the fakestream presstitutes regurgitate it like Holy Writ. What scum they are.

  5. Meanwhile, back in the real world, Ziad Fadel has news from the actual medics in Syria. (Yes, Syria has qualified medical doctors — one of whom happens to be the President, Dr.Bashar Assad; which is more than we can claim for our own benighted country). From SyrPer:

    At SyrPer we are expecting the inspectors to find nothing but hypoxia as confirmed by several medical doctors in the Ghouta. Evidently, as the narrative goes, there were citizens huddled inside fruit cellars, and the like, using them as bomb shelters. When bombs started falling, dust and particles were thrown up into the air and, then, descended into the make-shift shelters causing people to gag and show signs of oxygen deprivation (hypoxia). When the so-called criminals of the White Helmets started shouting “gas!” and “gas attack!”, people were in a panicked state. The entire event was staged and suspiciously, cameras and terrorist news crews began to appear and film children being hosed down in some crackpot show of emergency medical treatment. When you see the tapes, you cannot help but laugh as the so-called frauds exposed themselves to possible contamination.

    I believe the OPCW will declare it is unable to assess whether or not CW was used at all. The OPCW is not an prosecutorial organization that can assess blame. It can only determine if CW was used, if at all. By announcing its inability to make the determination, the Turkish head of OPCW, Uzumcu, will have fulfilled his duties. He will leave Trump, Boris Johnson, Macron and May with a face-saving way out. Don’t be surprised to hear that “the Russians have cleared the area of evidence”.

    • The OPCW investigation is like a ‘dead rubber’ in sport: where the result of a competition has already been decided (as in the multi-millionaire irrelevances of Manchester City playing out the season). Fellow readers of this site will take notice, but the result will drop into the simulated news cycle with barely a ripple. From the Rubiyaat: “The moving hand writes, and having writ moves on. Neither all your tears, nor all your wit, shall lure it back to erase half a line, nor change a word of it.” This is how the parallel “unreality based community” of the overclass works: same facts – alternative representation and interpretation. So Mattis can admit that there was no evidence for Khan Sheikhoun without collapsing the narrative that “Animal Assad” gasses his own civilians with impugnity. As we analyse: the moving hand moves on. Or to quote Rove: “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors … and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”

      To which I say: bring it on …because people are neither as gullible or as stupid as they would like us to be. They are creating a plausibility gap: an ever more distant and tenuous link between the act and the representation of the act. With Russiagate, Skripalgate and Douma we have entered into a post-truth simulacrum and rational overreach. Let them keep spinning a distant galaxy of unrealisticly representative unreality: it will breach peoples credibility perception and expose the authoritarian and dictatorial nature of the perception control. And censorship will quicken this by collapsing the seeming freedom of choice.

      “Between the idea
      And the reality
      Between the motion
      And the act
      Falls the Shadow”

      Bring it on: the greater they stretch the gap between the idea and the reality: the greater the “Shadow” – the more vulnerable to the representation of truth they become.

      “This is the way the world ends
      This is the way the world ends
      This is the way the world ends
      Not with a bang but with a whimper.”

    • ninetto says

      I believe this is how the West will try to save face: there were reports the the “rebels” had access to chlorine and other gas weapons, and even filmed “training” staged attacks, cynically actually injuring/killing people.
      Sure SOMEWHERE in Douma the OPCW will find traces of these gas reserves and claim “a chemical attacke took place” but not name who is responsible. Then the West spin-doctors grin and do their job smearing that “monster Assad”.
      It is so sad and dangerous that we live in a world where the imperial war machine decides everything, irregardless of facts or will of the world’s population.

      • Whether they find something or not: the narrative construction will remain the same. Russia interfered in the 2016 Presidential elections, Assad habitually uses CW on civilians, Russia poisoned the Skripals …all with anti-empirical logic. Add to their previous fantasy crimes such as Litvinenko, Crimea, the Georgian war, and we have a nephariously manufactured perception of Russia …because we say so. This is but one aspect of an increasingly neo-plastic culturally received consumer capitalist simulated reality which could collapse from its own credulity deficit, eventually. Or be undermined by a more plausible reality based community. Bush and Rove created the term pejoratively: but it could yet be their undoing. The real question is: what is the alternative?

    • Pogo 1 says

      So you seem to know the score, are you going to fish or cut bait. Are you organizing into guerilla armies to eradicate the government responsible? Or do you, like 95-97% of the worthless moron majority, just talk, and insure suicide by government.

  6. “…CNN reporter in Douma, handling and even sniffing supposed evidence.”

    Oh, that was something!))
    sniffing supposed evidence!
    I thought you can smell CW only once in your life…

    Damn, what kind of morons can believe this? They took the thing, sniffed it and said that “hmm, i think smth wrong with this thing, it smells like CW” 😀

    Btw, it’s worth to check out a new video (Eng. subtitles added):

    Some curious information on chemical weapons being used in Syria, including “evidence” that have been long time prepared to show the public, but just waiting for the right moment. So a new, large-scale and well prepared CW provocation is being expected in south of Syria. Sooner or later..

  7. Grafter says

    Sickening propaganda continues with BBC and the Royal Baby and the grovelling Macron sucking up to Trump. Vomit inducing MSM “news”. Am moving to Russia.

    • Ivan says

      ” Am moving to Russia.”

      well, if you meant physically moving to Russia, this is not a light decision to make (I am not from Russia myself).

    • @Grafter. One can climb into one’s spaceship with one”s nearest and dearest, and fly off to the furthest star. That’s the easy part; the hard part comes along with you, because the battle between Good and Evil is “nearer than one’s thoughts and further than the furthest star”.

      “For we wrestle not only with flesh and blood but with Principalities and Powers in the Heavens”. — St.Paul, Corinthians.

  8. Alan says

    The delay feeds propaganda, the findings will be spun to suit. The error is in the belief fact, reason and logic will prevail. These are seen as a weakness to be exploited. When set upon by a bully will reasoning help? The self termed leaders who unleashed hell upon the Syrian people really don’t care.

  9. RJ Vela says

    We need to start using the word: Sedition, to describe the acts of the US.

    Defintion: Conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch.

    Many acts of the US fall under seditious activity. For example they have no legal right to topple an authoritarian state no matter how idealogical their arguments are. Sedition. They cannot use merceneries to fight proxy wars. Sedition. They cannot attach without proof. Sedition. They cannot prevent independant investigation and blame another country. Sedition.

    The media and the USA have become an abomination to my soul. It is nothing but a torrent of lies and deception. The evil I once thought was a mysterious force in the world is now being eclipsed by the deeds of the USA and its allies.

    • wardropper says

      I agree, but nothing is going to stop it.
      It’s been going on for so many decades that Washington is entirely used to it, and considers it normal.
      We say, “Hey, you can’t do that; it’s illegal”.
      They say, “Shut up and sit down. WE decide what’s legal, and we CAN do that, because we say so. Who’s going to stop us? YOU…?.”

  10. Robbobbobin says

    “Speculation is growing that the UNDSS delays are an effort to block the OPCW long enough that a conclusion that the chemical attack never took place could be contested on the grounds that they waited too long.”

    Or, alternatively, that the White Helmets’ ground crew had enough time to arrange an especially diligent preparation of the site to provide the OPCW team with the evidence it requires, by way of compensating for the inexcusably slipshod performance of the Douma hospital media crew.

  11. bevin says

    During the period of the Cold War and, even more particularly, in the interval since the demise of the Soviet system the basis of western power, not to mention ‘hegemony’ has been the power of its propaganda.
    And the basis of that power, from Hollywood to the Guardian and CNN has been its reputation as ‘free’, open to all opinions, staffed by independent, fearless champions of the truth and unafraid of the most ruthless investigations . The truth will set you free, facts are sacred, all the news that is fit to print etc ad nauseam .
    Now it is quite clear that this was all, merely, self serving propaganda: the media has long been controlled (Skwawkbox has a little item today on how BBC vetting has worked for the past sixty years- a useful explanation of how it is that most BBC on air staff are crypto fascists). It is just that we are finally realising the extent to which this state control runs.
    But there is more to it than that: just as the Empire is crumbling as we, like those depraved Israelis on the Gaza border, set up our deckchairs and watch humiliation after misstep after exposure, so is the ‘west’s’ command over propaganda. Its ‘soft power’ is fading into childish boasts. Just as the world’s most moral army is clearly revealed as a set of thugs following the Gestapo’s playbook and the most powerful military force that Michael Ignatieff has ever seen is reminding us of what Mao meant by a Paper Tiger, so the media is revealed to be not merely biassed but merely an organ played by hirelings of the Intelligence ‘community’.
    There are exceptions of course- and they are fired as soon as discovered.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Here in Austfailure the Government owned ABC is a clone of the Murdoch cancer. Hardly surprising as Murdoch presstitutes infest its ranks, among both staff and administration, where the chief came straight from Murdochistan to the ABC, and commenced destroying what little of worth was left.
      Until 1996 the ABC was sort of like the deceased Guardian, moderately Leftish, but far more balanced than the Rightwing fakestream media, and certainly the insane hate and fear-mongering of the Murdoch sewer. In that year our worst ever Prime Minister, John Howard, came to power, and the ABC was turned into a propaganda organ of the hard Right. The Board was stacked with hard Right thugs, including fanatic enemies of the Left and the ABC itself. Its descent into the mire has proceeded ever since, and today it is simply a mirror image of Murdoch’s hideous flag-shit, the ‘Australian’.
      Same old, same old, of course, as the Right has throttled all human decency and rationality throughout the West over the last forty hideous years. However there is a bizarre additional expression of the Right’s essential psychopathy involved. The dedicated racists, climate destabilisation deniers, Indigenous haters, Sinophobes, class haters, misogynists and Islamophobe detritus that read Murdoch’s shite STILL ritually denounce the ABC as ‘Leftwing’, and its apparatchiki as ‘luvvies’, ‘do-gooders’, ‘nanny-state busybodies’ etc, although there has not been a truly ‘Left’ presenter there for decades, ‘Leftwing’ guests are as rare as hens-teeth, the presstitutes all toe the party-line strictly, and once moderately ‘social democrat’ presenters have gone through Blairism and pseudo-Clintonism, to full Imperial Stormtrooper, in a touching display of opportunism and intellectual and moral treachery. We truly are a society with a spiritual, moral and intellectual black hole where our soul was euthanised. It never was as grand a thing as we narcissistically insisted, but it was somewhat egalitarian and selfless, but what it is now is prettily represented by our multi-millionaire bankster parasite PM, Turnbull, in my opinion a narcissist every bit as malignant as Trump, with no moral core but self-interest and an hideous line in barking the latest Imperial dogma, like a true running-dog. In particular he has led an increasingly vicious hate campaign against China, on orders from Thanatopolis DC and Tel Aviv, no doubt, to which the Chinese have retaliated by the simple device of not inviting the scabrous imbeciles of the regime’s Cabinet to China, anymore. This has ignited a new round of racist angst at the impertinence of the Yellow Devils.

      • Ray Raven says

        Yep, that’s the way it is here in Australia.

    • always write says

      i agree entirely with what you say, so please don’t take this the wrong way because the press, Fleet Street as it was once called, have always acted as a propaganda outfit owned by rich people who favoured empire

      theres a great scene in the classic film Citizen Kane,the so called breakfast montage, in which Kane is asked by his wife the following;

      ….but Charles what will the people think?

      the people will think exactly what i tell them!

      ‘Kane’ was based upon the very real news paper baron William Randolph Hearst, who tried to get the film banned, basically the film is about the usual suspects, power, war, money and imperialism and how propaganda is used to form public opinion

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        And we all know what ‘Rosebud’ was.

    • Francis Lee says

      Whilst I agree with your initial premise, I think the power of the hegemon rests on several pillars. 1. The ability to dragoon other nations, particularly in western Europe, into what are basically vassal states ruled over by wretched Petainist/Quisling cliques. Western Europe relationship to the US is the same as was the case in France during WW2; a german occupied zone to the north and west and a collaborationist Vichy regime to the east and south. 2. The global reserve status of the US$. The ‘exorbitant privilege’ as it has been called, has allowed the US to pay its debts in its own currency and print money which is accepted by other nations in payment for goods and services. ”It costs only as few cents for the Bureau of Engraving and Printing to produce a $100 bill, but other countries have to pony up $100 of actual goods and services in order to obtain one.” (Exorbitant Privilege – Barry Eichengreen) This outrageous free lunch allows the US to run continual balance of payments deficits and simply print money to pay them. Moreover, since the Kissinger-Saudi deal in the 70s when it was agreed that payment for oil was to be exclusively in US$s the subsequent global demand for the currency kept up it value. All of which basically means that the rest of the world is effectively subsiding the US. However, this is coming to an end with the Chinese RMB now challenging the $’s global hegemony. 3. The cultural dimension. As you say the massive propaganda machine in both the formal sense, government and media, and in the cultural sense, Hollywood. 4. The intervention force consisting of the US/NATO bloc and the EU.

      I would say that 3 out of 4 of these conditions are beginning to come under increasing pressure. Personally I think the most important crisis for the US is the dollar’s reserve status. The Chinese launch of the gold/convertability-Petro-Yuan is the thin end of the wedge and is slowly and inexorably pushing into economic realms which hitherto been firmly under the control of the dollar.

      • The petro-yuan is the thin end of the wedge …of an economic reality no one wants. The gradual rise of the RMB from number three to number one within the basket of currencies forming the SDR of the IMF; “Global Economic Governance” under the IMF, World Bank and an Easternised WTO “rules based international order”; with singlepoint control of the reserve currency and central banking cartel. This would be the death of socialism (except for the superclass few); for rest the dream of human emancipation and social actualisation would be gone. One world under the aegis and alienation of usury capitalism: is that what we want?

  12. Clearly “Operation Sock Puppet” was Macron’s first outing on the global stage and turned out to be a complete failure. Now rumbled by the German media as a reaction to a false flag operation in Syria.

    Whether the OPCW will be able to inspect or even write anything cogent will remain as debatable as the British defending the rights of the Skripals to remain invisible and anonymous as though it was an inexorable human right. You know those things that the Tories are always so keen to uphold…but don’t tell any of the poor victims of the Windrush scandal.

    Looking for motive in these two crimes remains as baffling as the MSM’s silence around any analysis of the FUKUS missile strike on Syria. And yet both of these events kicked off with huge media overkill based on no real facts whatsoever. Both had fabricated back stories which were already in place. Seemingly as if planned. Well let’s face it they’ve had lots of practice, but unfortunately it now appears to be all out war against the alt-media as they threaten so much the hackneyed propaganda narrative. We are now it seems completely in a situation where, to quote an old soviet saying:

    “В Истине нет новостей, и в Новостях нет истины” – In the Truth there is no news, and in the News there is no truth.

  13. A useful summary and ‘links’ clarifying the current state of play. The only point I would take issue with is the statement that “claims about security appear to be overstated”. I am the last person to defend the UN and OPCW in view of their clearly partisan approach to dealing with supposedly objective and professional investigations, and I do think there is opportunist obfuscation for the reasons given in the article. However, there is no doubt that the remaining terrorists or terrorist sympathisers recognise – or have been advised of – the benefits of preventing or stalling any official investigation, not least by employing threatening behaviour towards those involved in the investigation. Unfortunately, if anyone were killed or badly injured, I have no doubt that the West would say the Syrian Army or Russian military were behind it in order to disrupt the investigation. At this stage, the terrorists/sympathisers still regard the Western press as allies so they are more than happy to encourage them to visit Douma to listen to their lies (sorry, testimonies) and to ‘smell chemical weapons residue’. Although some true journalists are seeing beyond the lies and reporting as such it remains to be seen if we shall ever witness honest reporting in the UK from the BBC, Channel 4, Sky, Guardian etc, even when confronted with compelling evidence. I’m not holding my breath.

  14. The Huffpo and BBC Trending character assassinations of Vanessa et al are part of a desperate media counter-revolution: which so far has been an epic fail. If UK Column hadn’t featured it last week: I would never had heard of BBC Trending and the whole thing would have passed me by …but then the campaign was never meant for a redpill audience.

    Call me Sherlock: but the UNDSS will keep stalling and the OPCW will eventually release an immediately classified report; with an unclassified memo that says “we found irrefutable evidence that confirmed whatever they said we’d find”: ‘they’ being the programmable sock-puppet leaders of FUKUSA.

    That nasty man Shulgin will just not accept, on our evidence free say so, that Russia did it. He wants Hasan Diab to testify before the OPCW that the whole thing was a sham. As Robert Fisk has confirmed. So much for sentence first: evidence of no evidence later …they are going to need an endless supply of “soma” and blue pills for us to swallow that? I guess that is a project Porton Down or the Edgewood Proving Grounds are already working on?


  15. Sven Lystbak says

    According to Al Masdar News of today the inspectors should have arrived today

    • Baron says

      It has never been about the truth, still isn’t, it cannot ever be about the truth, how could it be after the massive strikes on a sovereign country. Does anyone really think the leaders of the three nations that committed the illegal bombing will apologise? Hmmm

      • Ivan says

        They will not, but establishing there was no CW attack will put a doubt in the minds of the brainwashed..

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          The Western ‘brainwashed’ have no ‘minds’.

  16. Patrick Mahony says

    The Huff Post article quotes “Professor” Scott Lucas. Does he do any academic work at Birmingham University? He seems to be on the media espousing the “official narrative” 24/7.

  17. This belongs in the thread Fraudian pretends real people are Russian bots, but it is also relevant to telling the Truth – about Douma or anything else. We are getting under their Fraudian skin — first the Guardian, and now the Huffington Post have been irritated enough to begin scratching: in this case getting their claws out on Britain’s very own Vanessa Beeley. From SyrPer 7 hr ago:

    Daniel Rich

    “How An Obscure British Blogger Became Russia’s Key witness” [HufPo article – for obvious reason, not linked]

    a) Right off the bat, if Vanessa Beeley would be an obscure individual, HufPo wouldn’t waste its time writing about her.

    b) Strapping her into the Russian chair of ‘5-eye-traitors’ is another dead give away of an assassin’s hit piece on a person speaking the truth.

    c) Hit them where it hurts: advertisement revenue [don’t visit their sites/pages].


    [To which Tennyson adds: “Little Somebody-Nobody / If I were not a Somebody / You would not have called me a Nobody”

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