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Is False-Flag Attack On US Navy Ship Next?

by Nick, via The Saker, April 23, 2018

The USS Harry S. Truman Carrier Strike Group left the east coast Naval Station Norfolk, VA on 11th April.

The aircraft carrier is accompanied by the guided-missile cruiser USS Normandy, the guided-missile destroyers USS Burke, Bulkeley, Forest Sherman and Farragut, and the destroyers USS Jason and The Sullivans. The strike group carries 6,500 sailors and Carrier Air Wing One.

Recent announcements about Russia’s hypersonic Kinzhal (‘Dagger’) missile system having made these vessels effectively obsolete, this means that the ships and their crews are essentially being sailed into a bloody scrapyard.

Even without the recent upgrading of the Kinzhal system, the experience of the British fleet in the Falklands conflict illustrates the vulnerability of warships to low-flying missiles. In addition to the sinking of the HMS Sheffield and Sir Galahad, virtually every British ship was hit by at least one of Argentinian’s French-made Exocet missiles – a weapons system which was already 20 years old at the time.

Exocet missile sinks HMS Sheffield during Falklands War:

Reportedly the only thing that saved the UK force from obliteration was that the Argentinians had got their missile altimeter settings wrong. The Russians will not make the same sort of error!

These facts are of course known to the US military planners and – one would assume and hope, for it is duty to know – by Donald Trump. And yet the US fleet is now nearing the coast of Syria, where it will met up with American and other NATO warships already in position. Together, they will make one big flock of sitting ducks.

If the people pushing Trump manage to get him launch a new strike on Syria (and we must expect a new false flag attack) and if the massive increase in NATO firepower means that enough missiles get through to enough targets to kill Russians, then Putin really has no choice but to sink the US fleet.

No choice because, whatever the danger of doing so, failure to respond would signal Russian defeat and retreat in Syria, which would of course lead to a rapid escalation of military pressure against Lebanon and Iran, and mean that when the Empire then rolls on to strike Russia, her most reliable allies will already have gone and her ‘soft underbelly’ will be seriously exposed.

So Putin orders the destruction of the US fleet, and an hour later all that is left is debris and mangled corpses in some oil slicks – and some ‘great’ photos and video clips to illustrate Trump’s declaration of war on account of “Russia’s deadly sneak attack on a US humanitarian force”.

Sounds familiar? It should do. Because we’re not just thinking here of the USS Maine, the Lusitania and the Gulf of Tonkin. The Washington habit of using sunken ships as the causus belli also of course included Pearl Harbor.

Just in case you need a reminder, here’s just one example of the many short videos out there on the truth about the Japanese attack on 7th December 1941 which explain how Roosevelt had advance intelligence of the planned attack, but decided not to pass it on to the anchored sitting duck fleet:

The more or less official excuse (the President’s guilt never having been formally acknowledged) is that to have alerted the fleet would also have tipped off the Japanese that their naval codes had already been broken. But the truth is of course that deliberately didn’t warn the fleet because he knew that the sacrifice would goad the American people into a war against Hitler to which he and those around and behind him were committed, but which the American people opposed.

The circumstances this time are of course somewhat different, not least that everyone with even a passing knowledge of the Russian missile capability already knows that 6,500 sailors are “on their way to Samara”.

Which makes Donald Trump either a criminally incompetent fool, a bad poker player or a wholly controlled puppet of the psychotic Anglo-Zionist elite. If he is one of the first two of these, then there is of course still a chance that he might respond to the disaster by blinking and retreating. In which case, the Beltway elite will use the human tragedy and his humiliation to remove him from office (not a bad consolation prize, from their point of view).

But if he is the third, then the ‘shock’ blitz on the US fleet will lead to the immediate declaration of World War Three.

Indeed, if things get that far (and we’re probably 48 hours and one White Helmets’ video away from it) then the only thing that realistically stands a chance of stopping the racist Anglo-Zionist psychopaths in their tracks is if the Russian attack and its result are such a devastating show of ‘shock and awe’ as to make it impossible for them to ignore a simultaneous public warning by Putin to Netanyahu that any further US hostile response will place Israel directly in the firing line as well.

That might JUST be enough to make the Neocons back off. If not, then World War Three it will be. It might not go nuclear straight away, but even while it is conventional EVERYTHING will change.

Dissident anti-war voices such as this will rapidly be silenced by blanket censorship and internment; your sons and daughters will be conscripted; your taxes will go through the roof – and you will have to live with the ever-present fear that, once China enters the war against Washington and its client states, the tide will run so fast against the ‘democratic allies’ that their ‘humanitarian missiles’ will end up with nuclear tips.

If that disturbs you (and it surely should) then all I ask is that you take the Pearl Harbor analogy and get busy spreading it on social media RIGHT NOW. Because once those young sailors and airmen have been sacrificed, the demand for a war of ‘revenge’ will be unstoppable. But if the warmongers realize that plenty of people have already understood the plan, it might just spook them into backing off.

In which case the fleet can do a few face-saving manoeuvres and then sail home again and we can look forward to a summer which may be warm, but not as uncomfortably hot as it could otherwise become!



  1. Michael McNulty says

    Another thing to consider is if Russia’s new missile systems do make naval groups obsolete, then it is quite possible a naval target is a good option for a US false flag because they’re near-obsolete and they must be darned expensive.

  2. bevin says

    “you (and me) don’t actually have access to enough pertinent information to make a call one way or another.”
    Which is the problem, Eric, against which we are protesting: the information in question is carefully controlled and shaped by the state. That is why Bellingcat has more of it than you do, Bellingcat works for the state you, unless you agree not to to dissent from the state’s line, do not and therefore do not have access either to its information or its media.
    In fact we must either make our ‘calls’ on the basis of the information we have (which includes incidentally our enormous historical/cultural archive including our understanding of the way that states and individuals work and think) or stop thinking for ourselves, deferring to Mr Higgins or The Guardian or Boris Johnson on the grounds that they all have more information than we do.
    What they also have are motives for misleading us and a track record of having done so.

    ” Do you ever stop and consider that all sides use psychological mind fu*cery to confuse and persuade?”
    Can you not see the difference between a blog put together by individuals concerned about the censorship of public discussion and the concerted efforts of state/ruling class organs to preserve the power to serve themselves?

    “What if you learned that commenting on blogs with likeminded people in a highly propagandized environment effectively shuts down critical thought and promotes strict cult-like groupthink adherence to only one narrative? …”
    And yet, manifestly this is not the case. In fact you are disagreeing with others who disagree among themselves- the truth is that this community is essentially one of independent minds, ready to disagree with each other though, understandably, suspicious of the views of the state/ruling class echoed by the media.

    Your argument is riddled with similar weaknesses. This is the sort of auto-contrarianism that has become a distinguishing feature of thought on the left in the anglophone sphere: it affords equal credence to the information received from the White House and that from a bombed out slum in Sa’ana. It urges us to dissect carefully the claims made by the ,lynch mob and its butchered victim.
    It tells us not just that Lavrov and Johnson are equally likely to lie but that they are equally likely to lie about the Skripals or Syria. Not far down that road is the conviction that there is no truth and that right and wrong are indistinguishable.

    Truisms without context are falsehoods.

    • Assuming that the Russians are as bad as the Americans is intellectually lazy, especially when there is much info extant which shows that is not the case.
      Vis a vis 2 recent alleged uses of CW, executed so carelessly it obviously didn’t matter they were both false flags, because accusations and the “retaliatory” attacks occurred before the investigations even started.
      Lavrov is unlikely to lie as is Putin or any other Russian diplomat. They have no hidden agenda thus no need to lie.
      This false flag ship attack and a severe escalation in Donbass, Ukraine are but 2 of many ways the West may press its case.
      I hope and pray it will think better of it.

  3. john says

    China, and it’s allies, needs to just stop supplying the US and the West with our/their cheap parcels. Those whom doesn’t enter the war in any way, China et al will continue to ship in their slave made products to keep the State and masses happy. Makes me think of Oceana, Eurasia, and the other one; FarAsia?. All the while the UN controls it all. The war will go as previously orchestrated. Agenda 21, 5G, and IoT dominates all ego contests.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Chinese wages have been growing strongly for more than a decade, hence China’s consumption boom, overseas tourism boom and general rise in standards of living. To speak of Chinese goods as ‘slave made’ is simply bizarre, evidence of successful Western Orientalist brainwashing, I would say. Meanwhile, in the ‘Land of the Fee’, median wages have stagnated for decades.

  4. Sitting at home, work or school confidently jawing about false flag attacks that have happened, might have happened and might yet happen it is worth keeping in mind that you (and me) don’t actually have access to enough pertinent information to make a call one way or another. I mean Bellingcat is better at playing this game, pro-establishment taken into consideration. If you slam Higgins and his crew and laugh at their “open source” sleuthing….do you all ever stop and think you have less information to work with than they do? Yeah…

    See, these blogs are echo chambers that promote delusional thinking and a cult like adherence to the “party line” whatever it may be. Do you really believe that because the MSM pushes disinformation and propaganda the opposite of the official story must always be true? Do you ever stop and consider that all sides use psychological mind fu*cery to confuse and persuade?

    How often do you consider that maybe what you think is true is not true at all, or only a part of the story and that it is almost impossible to know the whole truth about geopolitical events and situations?

    What if you learned that commenting on blogs with likeminded people in a highly propagandized environment effectively shuts down critical thought and promotes strict cult-like groupthink adherence to only one narrative? The more you have invested in promoting and following one narrative, the more you resist considering information that challenges your chosen story.

    As long as that happens, the establishment has you where they want you. Search for “cognitive biases” and “echo chamber” on your favourite search engine. Then think about how often the “truth” in these blogs is simply the flipside of what the MSM is saying. Because the “truth” is always the polar opposite of what the MSM is pushing…there are no other possibilities, right?

    (And note how dissenters are always dismissed by the outraged cult members as “trolls” or CIA/Mossad agents. Because thinking seriously about what they say threatens the delusional pseudo-reality that the group has chosen as “truth”.)

    Just a few things to consider when Pythonesque BSing about endless “false flags” and all-good versus pure-evil narratives start becoming corroded by cognitive dissonance 😉

    • BigB says

      Thanks for writing this: I couldn’t have put it better myself! 😉

    • Ivan says

      Well, would you deny that the alleged “chemical attack in Douma” looks like a false flag? There are reports by Fisk and other journalists. You can also watch online the yesterday press conference with the Russian OPCW representative Shulgin and the people of Douma which OPCW apparently “chose” not to interview (at the end they interviewed just six persons).

      Would you deny that Skripal’s case is full of unexplained and contradictory details, not the least being the insistence of Britain to treat Russia PUBLICLY as a criminal before its investigation which as May had reported involved “more than a 100 people” came to an end?

      Would you deny that a clear connection was made in the western media between the “first chemical attack on european soil since WWI” and the warning to Assad by Macron “not to use chemical weapons” which were then allegedly used by Assad after just a short time?

      I agree with you on echo chambers, but this concern should not prevent one from seeing the reality in front of one’s eyes.

      • Dave Massingham says

        (And note how dissenters are always dismissed by the outraged cult members as “trolls” or CIA/Mossad agents. Because thinking seriously about what they say threatens the delusional pseudo-reality that the group has chosen as “truth”.)
        Exactly what the outraged cult members of the BBC and the UK MPs and MSM have been spouting…!
        Replace CIA/MOSSAD with Russia/Kremiln!

        • BigB says

          “What might be is an abstraction
          Remaining a perpetual possibility
          Only in a world of speculation.
          What might have been and what has been
          Point to one end, which is always present”

          A few months ago ‘Rocket Man’ was definitely going to tame the mentally deranged dotard Trump with fire. We were all going to die in the nuclear conflagration. Next they were going to meet. Last night ‘Rocket Man’ met President Moon and shook hands both North and South of the border. Things don’t always turn out the way you might think.

          The narrative is not the reality.

          • Ivan says

            “A few months ago ‘Rocket Man’ was definitely going to tame the mentally deranged dotard Trump with fire.”

            Mainly according to the MSM. The “alternative” news sites, as far as I recall, reported that the NK “threats” were for the case US/SK attack them. As well as reporting, unlike most MSM, the attempts of NK to create a dialogue with the west.

            The real threats (i.e. of a “preventive strike”) came, as far as I remember, from US. Getting to a point of suggesting that killing millions of NK inhabitants might be necessary (one of Trump twits, or speeches, or whatever).

        • BigB says

          Or, more philosophically:

          “Today abstraction is no longer that of the map, the double, the mirror, or the concept. Simulation is no longer that of a territory, a referential being or substance. It is the generation by models of a real without origin or reality: A hyperreal. The territory no longer precedes the map, nor does it survive it. It is nevertheless the map that precedes the territory—precession of simulacra—that engenders the territory.” Jean Baudrillard.

          Why create the preceding narrative? Why not create the alternative? Peace in the face of simulated annihilation is an act of resistance. 😉

      • vexarb says

        @Ivan. I agree it’s a copout to say, A plague on both your houses! The cases you cite have truth on the side of Russia, Syria and millions of people who have now wised upand are coming BTL to say so. Truth is there, objectively because Truth is one aspect of God the Creator (Gr.kreos flesh). Like God and good help, Truth is hard to find.

        “On a cragg’d hill, high and steep / Sits Truth, and he who would come near her / About it and about must go.” — John Donne

      • BigB says

        Ivan: Douma was a false flag; Skripalgate was a false flag; the two were linked, at least by Macron and May; it is still a fictitious act of monumental virtual history-making and projection to propose that this will end in the US carrier group being sunk. An act that circulating a video will do nothing to alter. If one thinks and posits projected reality as ‘truth’ one is condemned to live in perpetual fear. “The sky is falling, the sky is falling!” 🙂

      • What we are talking about here, I believe, is the narrative form or method. The narrative form of storytelling encourages the “willing suspension of disbelief”. Shakespeare was the master. As we sit watching his well performed plays we are carried into a drama that is not real but we experience it as real and while watching do not question what we see however unlikely the events being presented.

        Let’s have a look at Romeo (R) and Juliet (J) and see how this works. “Two households, both alike in dignity,” start beating the crap out of each other; again. R on one side J the other, they fall in love and get married. Tybalt kills Mercutio, R kills Tybalt and is banished. Friar Lawrence (FR) tells R to sleep with J and piss off: he does. J is promised to Paris, throws a wobbly and goes to see FR. FR gets out his chemistry set and gives J a potion to put her in a “Death like” sleep. R returns and believes she’s dead and kills himself, J wakes up an follows suite and we all leave the theatre in floods of tears.

        The weak point is the chemistry set. No one, least of all the wise FR, would have taken that course. What FR should , and I submit, in real life would have done, is take J to R’s family and tell them of the marriage, so J is now one of theirs, and the fact that J has probably got their grandchild in her tummy (If you want to know how the story ends I can do that for you but trust me it is monumentally dull; most reality is, it is drama that entertains.).

        All television and all journalism is presented emotionally in “story form” to encourage the “willing suspension of disbelief” and thus an unquestioned acceptance of what is presented. All of us, it seems to me, have a vested interest, if not a duty, in finding the weak point in any narrative and putting it under the microscope of evidence based rational thought. E.G Lee Harvey Oswald was innocent of the death of JFK, why?, because JFK was killed by a high velocity rifle (JFK Death Certificate) and Oswald didn’t have one.

        I could go on about building 7 but you know that and I think (?) I’ve made my point. The problem is that anyone who completes the above exercise is now shouted down and new narratives invented to try and prevent anyone who has NOT “suspended their willingness to believe” from ever doing so.

        Thought: am I just stating the obvious?

    • Harry Law says

      If we only deal in facts, then the statement put out by the Metropolitan Police on 11-04-18 claiming that Yulia Skripal has access to family and friends is a lie, since she has not contacted family or friends, nor can family and friends contact her, in breach of article 8 of the Human Rights Act 1998 ‘Right to respect for private and family life’ i.e. You have the right to uninterrupted and uncensored communication with others. Not to mention Article 5 Right to liberty and security. Yulia Skripal is being held hostage and incommunicado by Amber Rudd and the rest of her Government. The Russian Government as well as her family and friends should demand her release, or at the least contact with her, failure to do so should be treated as an act of war.

    • john says

      2nd paragraph: It is called controlled opposition. I say what ever happens has already been predetermined, the rest theater. When it comes to Agenda 21, 5G, and IoT, all else takes is stymied. Ego contests included. The only wild card I see here are those in opposition to Western, and some Eastern controlled UN and it’s Agenda 21. So, WW3 will be to destroy those dissidents by design overtly and covertly. IMO because as you pointed out, we can only assume based on history, without the proper information, informed decision making is impossible. Great post Eric Blair.

    • Responding to Eric’s comments about this site: ((“And note how dissenters are always dismissed by the outraged cult members as “trolls” or CIA/Mossad agents. Because thinking seriously about what they say threatens the delusional pseudo-reality that the group has chosen as “truth”.”)) – Uh, not really Eric. I, for example, would add “simple idiots” to the “trolls” and “CIA/Mossad agents” group as an explanation for posts such as yours. You obviously could logically fall into any one, or even all three of these categories.

      What you provide in your comment is simply an evidence free attack on those who post or frequent this site (or alternative media sites similar to this one), whom you sweepingly dismiss as “cult members” and then suggest that the articles and analysis presented at this site is simply “delusional pseudo-reality” presented as “truth.” There is of course nothing actually “factual” in your comments. Instead they provide a classic example of one of the most common of the government’s trolling techniques which were exposed by Edward Snowden’s revelations and designed for use in “disrupting” discourse on sites such as this. For example your post is an excellent example in the use of, as the government propaganda manual puts it: ((“The 4 D’s: Deny, Disrupt, Degrade, Deceive.”))

      So from my perspective Eric, if you “post like” a paid government agent, using the” techniques” of paid government agent’s, it certainly makes no difference to me whether you actually are such and agent, or are a “simple idiot,” since in both cases you’re “doing the work of paid government agents” in that you are acting to promote the perspective of the lawless war state in lieu of actual factual analysis. Comprende?

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Very Orwellian, Eric. ‘Cognitive biases’ do tend to grow when one has a few years experience of Western elite and fakestream media lying and hypocrisy, when one has read widely of the history of Western aggression and malevolence and when one makes rational decisions regarding the truth or otherwise of propositions. Hence, when one considers the unbroken record of Western, mostly US, aggression and lying since 1607, but most particularly since WW2, one can easily come to opinions, based on probability, as to where the truth lies. This is not ‘cognitive bias’-it is rational calculation based on knowledge and experience, and that tells me that Imperial propagandists are lying when their lips move or their fingers tap a keyboard. And defenders of Imperial lies are not always ‘trolls’, although many, particularly the Zionist hasbaraniks, plainly are. Many are simply brainwashed, ignorant and stupid fools, supporting ‘our side’ out of tribal loyalty, like football supporters.

      • Ellen Story says

        Ahhhh… your erudite objections have a smart ring to them, lulling one into believing that you might know what you are talking about; however, after taking a second look at your diatribe, one begins to notice a certain set of talking points, a certain verbiage in common with some professors of “intellectual” thought. You are, sadly, just another shill for the socialists after all. /socialism doesn’t work, and when revolutions do occur, the first people that get put down, are the “intellectuals” who were so good at getting one started. The new regimes don’t want anyone threatening their new power base. That’s why all socialist regimes kill off so many people not only while coming into power, but afterwards, as well.

    • Seamus Padraig says

      “Then think about how often the ‘truth’ in these blogs is simply the flipside of what the MSM is saying.”

      Even if that were true, at least we’d then be getting two opinions rather than just one–unlike those poor shlubs who depend completely on the MSM.

      But the reality of the matter is that there is no one alt-media ‘party line’. There exists here in cyberspace an infinity of sites and blogs with all sorts of varied opinions and views. Much better than just getting it all from one source, eh?

    • Jen says

      Dear Eric,

      You claim to know a great deal about alternative news blogs like and others, how they operate and how so-called “dissenters” from a so-called “party line” are treated on such blogs. Do you ever stop to think that you have less information about the various topics that writers write on than they do? Do you ever stop to consider that maybe many commenters who visit here also visit other news blogs with varying agendas and values, and not just the one news blog, and that they may already know a great deal about the topic, which may be one reason why they believe they can contribute something by commenting?

      The fact is that many of us if not most of us visit alt news blogs to find more information to gain understanding – we don’t visit them to uncover The Truth. We already know that no one source can claim to know everything that is True or Correct. What we want to know is that any information or statements of fact put out by a source can be supported by evidence. If the information or the statement of fact cannot be supported by evidence, then we also want to know why it has been presented as fact, if it is a genuine error or a deliberate falsehood, and if it is the latter, then the motive behind it and what the falsehood is intended to achieve. This is how accusations or suggestions of “false flag attack” may arise in certain situations and contexts, especially if evidence contradicting that piece of information or statement emerges.

      Your reference to Bellingcat will not wash with Off-Guardian commenters, given that many of us are aware of how Bellingcat operates by focusing very narrowly on technical details of a particular interpretation of an incident that deliberately ignores its context, and thus framing its discussion in a way that leads away from finding real information and gaining understanding. Your entire argument could be taken as trolling.

  5. Baron says

    The danger is for the the warmongering cum macho posturing by the West to reach a point at which it becomes a question of saving one’s face for either side. We seem to be getting close to it, the neocons know they have a sort of a window before the World Cup, Putin’s unlikely to initiate anything that would prevent the Western unwashed coming over to see for themselves whether Russia is what the Russophobes say she is. After the Cup, the game will change for him, you’ll see.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      They will be no FIFA World Cup in Russia. The West will not allow it.

  6. Harry Law says

    The USS Harry S. Truman Carrier Strike Group sailing to the Mediterranean and is slated to replace the USS Theodore Roosevelt in the Med after it completed four months of operations in the Persian Gulf. So nothing to get excited about. The care they took to avoid casualties in the April 14 strike means that they will not risk the loss of Russian lives in an even bigger debacle. If you stand up to the warmongering west, they [like any bully will cave] the West is a paper tiger and its frustration in losing in Syria is a joy to behold.

    • john says

      “Joy to behold”, laughing. The UN is the real power here, we are it’s main proxy force. Russia signed onto Agenda 21 as well. So, there is that. Don’t be surprised if Russia ‘pulls out’, or, China in the last minute steps in and saves the day! As predetermined. Than the West adopts the ‘labor mentality and work ethic’ of the Chinese. Not good there. And, The NSR, 5G, IoT rolls on, including Agenda 21 which China also signed onto. We shall see, since we are not privy to the secrets of our proxy kakistocracies. Can’t make informed decisions without the actual information. Probably won’t be in the earth’s majority population w/e does happen.

  7. Fair dinkum says

    Lookout Russia!
    “The psycho$ are coming the psycho$ are coming”

  8. Emily Durron says

    “Reportedly the only thing that saved the UK force from obliteration was that the Argentinians had got their missile altimeter settings wrong. The Russians will not make the same sort of error!”

    This is erroneous and should be corrected. Argentina’s air forces were being delivered the missiles when the war broke out, but only had five of them, and Mitterand applied an embargo to prevent them getting any more.

    • Mikael Kall says

      “Poland will host Anakonda 2018, the largest ever NATO military exercise, the scale of which is truly exceptional this year. It will involve about 100,000 troops, 5,000 vehicles, 150 aircraft, and 45 warships. The event was much smaller two years ago. The scenario is based on the premise of a surprise attack against Russia. Obviously this huge force will be assembled for offensive, not defensive operations. One hundred thousand troops, just imagine! This is the most flagrant violation of the NATO-Russia Founding Act, signed between NATO and Russia in 1997, which contains a passage about NATO refraining from the “stationing of substantial combat forces.” Source:

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        Sorry, Michael, but when did the US EVER honour agreements when they had served their purposes? I believe the number that they simply dishonoured just in regard to the American Indigenous was in the scores, probably hundreds.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Schluter, there will be no HUMANITY, without an END to US dominance.

  9. rtj1211 says

    Rather than sink the US fleet, Putin should obliterate Capitol,hill, the HOP, the Elysee Palace and the Knesset. Preferably when the wastrel politicians are inside them….

    Kill the people who want the war, not their lackeys…..

    • Anandamide says

      Yes, but in USA i’d like to see a statement made by the ex servicemen and women who have been shat on by the institutions who sent them to risk their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan… The ones who have woken up to the game in the middle east.

      There must be enough of them now who are still battle competent and armed so as to make a march on the white house and the pentagon… So as to communicate with people in america who are sitting on the fence, and possibly get through to people in the armed forces who will be sent as cannon fodder… The ones who aren’t too brainwashed.

      Wishful thinking I know, but we’ve got to keep these fond visions alive.

      • No Exception to the Rule says

        I wouldn’t be surprised if a movement has not already been formed – and it would include the ‘burn-pit’ victims among others. Funding had ben secured for high temperature incinerators – but to save money, and satisfy even more greed, open pits were dug instead, in which everything was burned – all the military waste etc – using jet-fuel as the accelerant. And may it be known that burning at a low temperature this way causes the release for carcinogens, particularly benzene. As a result the war veterans return home only to have their acute illnesses dismissed as arising from others causes. As you say, people need to wake up and allow themselves to be educated and to what these psychopaths are playing at.

      • J Butties says

        @ AnA
        ” march on the white house”
        The Nam Vets did this and it had no effect in the long run. This may be why there is no real ‘on the street’ action these days?

        • Ellen Story says

          Besides which, the guy who is in the White house now isn’t the one who sent them there.

  10. “While you cattle are still ruminating judiciously over our previous lie, we shall stampede you with our next lie” — attributed to US war criminal Karl Rove.

    Two headlines in Syrian Arab News Agency Sana:

    Syria, and Russia bring 17 eyewitnesses to OPCW HQ in The Hague to prove that the alleged chemical attack in Douma is a fabricated play

    Moscow says: Those behind alleged chemical attack propaganda in Douma must be held accountable

    To which Vexarb adds: Unless those who committed previous lies are held accountable, fresh liars will rise with increasing impudence. It was a great mistake not to put British traitor TB.Liar in front of a firing squad.

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