ITV Journo accuses Russian OPCW Ambassador of threatening a child…

Please note, that as of the time of posting, NO evidence has been cited that these people have changed their story, and NO evidence has been cited that they have been threatened in any way.

Rupert Evelyn from ITV news.

A question first for our Syrian visitors: How threatened do you have to feel to change your story and deny a chemical weapons attack?

And a question for you ambassador: How low do you have to go to bring a little child all the way here and threaten them?

If you have an opinion you wish to express to Mr Evelyn re:journalistic standards of behaviour, feel free to contact him through his twitter. Please remember to be polite.


  1. Old Pepper says

    I used to believe that here in the West the government and the press are honest with the people. After the massacres organized by the West in Iraq (remember Powell’s test tube), the defeat of Libya, the supply of weapons and military instructions to terrorists in Syria by the West, chemical provocations in Syria and Salisbury, I am simply ashamed of the disgusting behavior of the press and Western governments.
    Theater play “chemical attack in Duma” failed completely after the press conference is quite alive and healthy Syrians, which were presented in the video as victims of chemical attack, and doctors of the hospital, where this video was filmed.
    What new chemical provocation organized by the Rothschilds through Britons will they organize to distract us from their failure?
    When, finally, people will Wake up and throw in the trash the Rothschilds and say: Theresa May – you’re fired.

  2. Maria Birchwood says

    Hello, I like your well written articles and I have been twitting them but unfortunately I have been censored by Twitter. So I can twit any more. It was to do with Amber Rudd that she has put up herself a rope over her head and hang herself. It is a shame but there you go.
    Best wishes,

    El 27/04/2018 a las 16:40, OffGuardian escribió:
    Admin posted: “Please note, that as of the time of posting, NO evidence has been cited that these people have changed their story, and NO evidence has been cited that they have been threatened in any way. The British @itvnews reporter was so butt-hurt by the Russian “

  3. stevehayes13 says

    The British Foreign Office issued a press statement on the Russia, Syria press briefing. The FCO calls the briefing a “stunt” and points out that Russia and Syria should wait for the results of the OPCW fact finding mission in Douma. The FCO also accuses Russia of intimidation and misinformation and propaganda.The FCO calls upon Russia and Syria to cease their attempts to undermine the work of the fact finding mission.

    All this is apparently done with no sense of awareness of the utter hypocrisy. The British government opposed the OPCW on site investigation. The British government, with France and the US, launched more than a hundred missiles on Syria before the OPCW could even begin their investigation. The British government has pushed the White Helmets propaganda and disinformation as though it constitutes unquestionable fact. And whilst calling on Syria and Russia to wait for the results of the investigation, the statement assumes that a chemical weapons attack by Assad did happen.

    The political media elite are completely devoid of moral sense.

    • Harry Law says

      stevehayes13, good comment here is the question and answer session given by the Russian Embassy.

      Embassy’s Press Officer reply to a question on briefing by Russia and Syria at the OPCW

      Q: How will you comment the latest statement by Ambassador Peter Wilson, the UK’s Permanent Representative to the OPCW, describing the briefing by Russia and Syria at the OPCW involving Syrian witnesses as a “stunt” and arguing that the OPCW is “not a theatre”?

      A: The hypocrisy of the British representative has no limits. Immediately after the chemical incident in Douma on 7 April, Russia demanded urgent investigation by experts of this international organization. Moscow has always insisted that the OPCW must play a central role in any investigation of the use of chemical weapons. We are convinced that only a truly independent investigation could provide an answer to the question about what exactly happened in that Syrian city.

      However, the UK chose a different path. London ignored the OPCW procedures. On the basis of more than doubtful “evidences”, mostly unverifiable social media reports, the UK, the US and France have accused the Syrian authorities of using chemical weapons against their own people. Moreover, the same three countries carried out military strikes against a sovereign state, violating the fundamental principles of the international law.

      The logic of UK’s position is absurd. Britain pretends that producing real witnesses is a piece of theatre – but then how can we qualify the videos staged by the UK-sponsored White Helmets, in which the same people are unknowingly portrayed as victims of a non-existent chemical attack? It looks like London is so obsessed with fakes and lies that any truth becomes propaganda to them.

    • I agree entirely, and I think the Russian Embassy’s response to the UK Rep’s comments, as quoted by Harry Law, reflects these points perfectly. The people representing the UK at all levels, who no doubt pat themselves on the back for their ‘clever’ and ‘intellectual’ memos and press releases, really are idiots of the highest order or take the general public to be idiots of the highest order if they are prepared to deliver such nonsense irrespective of the undeniable hypocrisy and flaws in their comments. My suspicion is that they themselves really are psychopathic idiots. We saw exactly the same with the FCO’s accusations of obfuscation, refusal to co-operate and ever-changing nonsensical theories, levelled against the Russians.

      • Sorry, my final sentence above should have finished “…with regard to the Skripal case”.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        There’s the rub. To qualify as a fully-fledged member of the New World Order, without any trace of ‘antisemitism’ or ‘anti-Americanism’ (the two categories are now congruent)going back six generations and six degrees of separation in one’s friend and acquaintances, one must, perforce, be an imbecile psychopath. Hence the appalling intellectual, moral and spiritual buffoons and poltroons who rule in the West. Worse and worse, generation after generation.

  4. MichaelK says

    In wartime it’s natural for journalists to ‘do their bit’ for the war effort. This means attacking the enemy all the time for all manner of crimes, whilst defending our side against any form of criticism.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      The Right has been at war with the rest of humanity and Life on Earth since long before we came down from the trees. They will never cease attacking others-it’s in their nature.

  5. Gary Weglarz says

    This from the same Western policymakers who killed a half a million Iraqi children with their sanctions in the 1990’s yet they expect us to believe they are now filled with heart-felt concern for the welfare of children in Syria, or anywhere else they choose to invade, destabilize and brutalize – to the point they’ve now taken up the cause of protecting specific Syrian children from fake bullying by, who else, the Russians! Wow! I no longer wonder how it is that earlier versions of our Western “leadership class” burned our midwives and herbalists and tortured and burned alive all those many “heretics” who refused to believe the propaganda line of the moment. The psychopaths still slither about the halls of Western power en masse and call it home to the detriment of all humanity.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      The 500,000 were just those under five. There were plenty of others, older. Felicity Arbuthnot published at least one article mentioning a few of the wretched tragedies where talented and decent older children died of preventable disease because of US and UK Satanism and Death worship. Then these Evil swine and the Evil camp followers tried to blame Saddam for ‘starving’ his people (a lie that Rightwing scum still peddle)when the food rationing system was described by the UN as ‘exemplary’.

  6. As Zero Hedge said about this:

    “In other words, the West is happy to bomb a sovereign nation based on nothing more than non-public “evidence” suspected to have been staged and provided by the White Helmets, but when actual residents of Douma show up to tell their side of it, they are condemned as an “obscene masquerade” and denied an opportunity to submit their testimony on the record. Sounds about right for the military industrial complex which if nothing else scored a few extra billion in procurement contracts thanks to the latest farcical attack on Syria.”

  7. If you watch the footage of the children being treated for the ‘chlorine/sarin’ gas attack in Douma you will see the children are unaffected except being nearly drowned by the water being splashed in their faces, and the little one being bashed on her back and having water flung over her. Their breathing and eyesight appears totally unaffected.
    I am unsure why this whole thing has been allowed to play out. I’m guessing it’s to rouse the blinkered insane leaders into another useless and unwinnable war for whatever gain. The saddest thing is people are not questioning our leaders who are the ones being led willynilly into the same situation that occurred in in the early 90’s. We haven’t learned a damned thing.

    • Yeah, it’s like this disabled pensioner in Melbourne allegedly brutalised by the police and having capsicum sprayed in his eyes followed by a shocking multiple-hosing! If you’ve got capsicum in your eyes you want a hosing – that’s one of their clues that it’s a staged event, the anomalous pretending that the hosing is an act of brutality when in a real situation of a spraying a hosing would be the correct response. The really scary thing about this hoax is that there are no identifiers. We know the poor man only as “John” who lives in the “northern suburbs” and the police unit and police are not mentioned by name, nor the carers who allegedly reported to the police concerns about “john’s” welfare. God they feed us complete bullshit – and everyone swallows it. I have friends who recognise staged events but because of their feelings about the police think the event is real. Plausibility bias. It is so obviously over the top and clunky. Sure, the police actually kill people and Aboriginal deaths in custody is a complete disgrace but they don’t do violence like this, certainly not in plain view of two alleged CCTV cameras and the neighbours.

      And we know what the agenda is don’t we? Yes, how wonderfully CCTV captured this shocking event that wouldn’t have otherwise been captured without it.

      • How absolutely appalling and having dragged him around after pepper spraying him, hosing him down, making fun of him and then to take photo’s of their “handiwork” makes them even more mentally ill than their victim. Who would want one of these shits as a husband or father?

        • It’s no good denouncing the footage as “staged” because the police would not wish to be seen operating in this manner, they are under scrutiny as it is. In the US the police know they are considered filth and don’t even pretend to be otherwise half the time – whose going to stop them. But in Australia? The corrupt politicians have enough explaining to do without having to defend outright police brutality, staged or otherwise.

        • Mohandeer, I wrote a long reply but it didn’t publish and at the risk of it happening again I’ll just say this. Please don’t judge events by what seems plausible or implausible, scrutinise the evidence. There is more to this story but, as I say, I don’t want to write it all for fear of it not publishing and I’ve found that once I’ve submitted a comment and it doesn’t publish if I write something similar again it seems to think I’ve already submitted and won’t publish yet again. It’s so frustrating. If you know someone in martial arts or suchlike please ask them if the violence seems real or not.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      ‘We’ have learned plenty. But the brain damaged planarian worms employed in the fakestream media sewer NEVER learn anything, because their well-paid jobs, in an era of shitty, low paid, precarious employment, depend on TOTAL ideological reliability. That process selects all out but the Gadarene swine.

  8. The name Rupert already has a very negative connotation, this incident consolidated my tendency to no longer trust anyone called Rupert.

    • @Vierotchka
      Rupert Evelyn would probably require a dictionary to understand the word “shame”.

  9. John Gilberts says

    “Canada, along with 16 other countries, issues a joint-statement decrying Russia’s disinformation meeting at OPCW regarding chemical attacks in Syria. This was nothing more than a propaganda exercise.”

    This from the same Canadian FM Chrystia Freeland who recently announced an additional $12 million in funding for White Helmets et al. How rich it is coming from these ‘Friends of Syria’ to call actual witnesses from Douma with first hand experience in this matter a ‘disinformation meeting’ and a ‘propaganda exercise.’

    • I taught in Istanbul with some woman who is now running the Eastern Mediterranean desk for the Canadian F.O. She lived in a strange, fantasy world then, too.

    • always write says

      what do you expect from someone who had a grandfather involved with producing nazi propaganda during the War, well we can’t be responsible for those who lived before us , however Ms Freeland hates Russia and loves the current bunch of neo nazis running whats left of Ukraine, she doesn’t have a bad word to say about them, shes not just a hypocrite but also talked utter blather about her grandfather who she described as a “political exile”, and not a well known useful idiot propaganda merchant for the nazis!

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Chrystia Freeland, the hereditary Ukrainian Nazi? Honestly-what future does humanity possess, or deserve, when vermin like this infest EVERY position of power in the dominant West?

      • always write says

        …..yup plus Canada refused to sign a UN resolution on the glorification of nazis a couple of years ago, well with Ms Freelands family pedigree it’s fairly simple to understand why

        can someone please explain to me why millions of people got killed fighting nazis in the War just so a bunch of neo nazis can pop up like poisonous mushrooms?

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          ‘Western Moral Values’, of course. Your Badthink has been noted.

  10. Fair dinkum says

    There’s gold in them thar hills.
    Of lies.

  11. Alan says

    Mr Evelyn’s opinion is hardly worthy of an article let alone responding to him.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Why does one need to be polite with such vermin? I simply do not get it. Would one have been ‘polite’ with Streicher?

      • stanvanhoucke says

        as long as you don’t have any proof yet, your suggestion is preposterous.

      • Polite need not be friendly, soft or enabling of further gutter-quality ‘journalism’. It should be firm and unrelenting but not raging or morally superior as part of the endeavour. Let the morality fall out as it will afterwards.

        Surely what we want to pursue are those methods most likely to bring about just results, to deliver justice and truth to the world. I believe disciplined politeness is better in that regard than something raging and vengeful.

  12. Captain Kemlo says

    Ah, Mr Rupert Evelyn. Cut from the same cloth as the ex-BBC reporter Mr Ian Pannell, perhaps?

    Either way, they don’t appear to be saving Syria’s children.

  13. John Gilberts says

    Presstitute media. There’s lots of those about nowadays, alas. Rupert Evelyn is obviously just another loyal flunky to the imperial court. Here in Canada, only one msm journo questioned the official narrative. Scott Taylor of the Chronicle Herald. So good on him only.
    On Target

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Here in Austfailure the fakestream media presstitutes, in my opinion, are> 90% ignorant, moronic, bootlicking swine of the lowest human types. The creatures working for Murdoch, which now includes the putatively Government-controlled ABC and the fanatic pro-jihadist propagandists at ‘the multicultural’ SBS, are the worst, although the residue of the Fairfax organisation has a specialty in lurid and racist Sinophobia, and class hatred and ‘Big Business Boss’ worship. .

      • Austfailure :))))) Pro-jihadists? I wasn’t aware of them but I barely watch TV. What gets me are the media-friendly Muslims who won’t come out on 9/11 – I’ve written to them and they just ignore me. They’ll go hell for leather on how terrible it is that these crimes are being capitalised on to promote Islamophobia but they do the Crimestop thing on calling them out. But of course they do just like everyone else. There is a Muslim politician who has worked in counter-terrorism and won the “Security” award. I don’t believe there she cannot know about staged Muslim terrorist events. No way. I remember how shocked I was to discover that there were Jewish collaborators in the Holocaust, including, apparently, George Soros. Of course – it makes no difference what religion or otherwise or what affinity people have with the persecuted, they always collaborate.

        The only person with a public profile in Austfailure with the brains and the bravery to come out on 9/11 is Kevin Bracken, President of the Victorian Trades Hall Council.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          I’ve watched SBS from the beginning of the jihadist attack. Not only do they rely almost entirely on the Qatari disinformation machine, al-Jazeera, but still call the takfiri butchers ‘rebels’ at all times, have peddled every dirty propaganda lie, call the Syrian Government the ‘regime’ every time, and the ‘female’ voice-overs literally spit out the agit-prop. And much more besides.

          • @mulga
            I always refer to the Imperialists as regimes and only refer to Syria, Russia, Iran etc. as “governments” – I feel better even if it is only a drop in the ocean.

        • @flaxgirl.
          The Zionists in Germany cut a deal with Hitler, knowing his sentiments towards Jews, that deal was to financially support the rise of the Third Reich in return for safe passage for them and their families and remaining wealth.
          When a Rabbi got Hitler to do a deal for further funding in return for freeing the Jews, he approached the Zionist organisation and begged for the funding – they refused and replied to him that “their deaths(the remaining Jews)would serve the cause”.
          The Zionists are extremist terrorists, their main export to Israel was Irgun and the Stern and Levi murderous gangs.

          • Mulga Mumblebrain says

            You must know of the time when Ben-Gurion declared that, if he had to choose between saving all the Jewish children of Germany by sending them to England, or saving only half by sending them to Palestine, he would choose the latter.

            • I confess ignorance of that Mulga. Not really surprising though, is it? People can be very happy to sacrifice others while not so willing when it comes to themselves or their loved ones.

            • @Mulga. Ben Gurion, towards the end of his life actually condemned the violence that he himself had instigated, it doesn’t surprise me that he said such a thing, but I wasn’t aware of it. Thanks.

  14. BigB says

    Question for Rupert Evelyn: how low do you have to go to bring many little children, babies, and adults; all the way to wherever the [Jaish al-Islam supporter] Fadi Abdullah video was shot (very probably NOT Douma); murder them*; then arrange the cadavers to create a heinously criminal cassus belli to prolong the inhumane suffering of a totally unnecessary seven year war: just so you can stand up and ask a fucking outrageously murder-enabling question beneath the contempt of every living soul on the planet?

    BTW: amongst their other war crimes; Jaish al-Islam have got a record of gassing Kurds with chlorine in Sheikh Maqsoud (a district of Aleppo) in 2016. They even admitted it.

    [*Unless anyone can explain how they got the bodies humanely; I’m calling it murder.]

    • @BigB
      Just prior to Khan Sheikhoun kicked off several Syrians were talking about 22 children’s bodies being unlawfully removed from a morgue. Sana news also was approached by a Syrian who had left the White Helmets when he learned they were transporting chemicals and was told by them(the WH) to mind his own business. The morgue authourities confirmed that the children’s bodies had gone missing but SANA is the Syrian Arab News Agency and no western MSM would ever give them print space. In this way, information is limited to only the Jihadist propaganda.
      Those cadavres account only for KS, the others, as you rightly point out must have come from somewhere, but there are so many bodies under Jihadist bombed rubble(as they are in Mosul)and just like little Omran, children can be snatched from their parents for use in WH “Ambulances” and never seen again. Omran was returned to his father eventually when the WH had no further use for him, but again, the father’s story was never printed in our sick and mendacious MSM.
      I have no doubt that the Jihadist monsters are quite capable of murdering children – al Zinki was videod slitting the throat of an eleven year old Palestinian boy in case he was part of Al Quds and in the company of the AMC “journalist” responsible for many false flag propaganda videos.
      The deaths of these children is firmly on the shoulders of the terrorist enablers who have backed the “moderate rebels” it’s just a shame the blood on their hands isn’t visible for all to see.

      • There is a growing body of evidence that there is an evil and degenerate side to the UKGov propaganda, massacre marketing , and terrorist PR brand promotional campaign. The attacks maybe fake: but the bodies are real. Some sources include Mother Agnes Mariam, the Indicter, Professor Paul McKeigue, and of course Vanessa. Now RT are joining the fray. There is a strong indication, particularly from Ghouta 2013 and Khan Sheikhoun, that victims are being gassed for the purposes of UK foreign policy. I personally cannot find another plausible explanation. The bodies supposedly from Douma do not have a scratch on them: and several show signs of being moved. And they need authentic biomedical samples to “convince” the outside world. I know I am talking to a kindred spirit, so sufficient to say I find it truly disturbing that we have such a pathogenic ideology that can only find sticking plaster remedies for domestic problems, but can find $3.5bn ($138mn this year) for regime change and “humanitarian aid” for infanticidal proxies abroad. Whose humanity are do they think they are aiding? Cos it’s killing me inside.

        • BigB – I agree with all the observations made by you and mohandeer. What I struggle to get my head around is the existence of clearcut evidence that the terrorists have stores of ready-made chemical weapons, and facilities and equipment for making or deploying their own home-made versions, yet not one person in the msm even mentions this fact or asks what purpose these would have served if not to use on local civilians and/or to create false flags; not to mention enquiring as to where the chemical weapons supplies would have come from. But no, the evidence is just totally ignored. And, as you both say, those ignoring what is in front of their eyes and encouraging the terrorists in their atrocities are criminally complicit in the murders of people that they accuse innocent parties of committing.

          • Big B says

            JudyJ: the MSM function to provide a plausible alternative reality simulated from selected facts. Inconvenient facts, phenomena and people who do not support the ideological simulation are omitted, denied and de-legitimised. Thus the CNN reporter accompanying Vanessa to Erbin, where one of the CW factories was located, was not interested in reporting the facts. This epistemic distortion and removal from objective reality cannot be ascribed to salary alone. It would seem these people inhabit the very media distorted simulacrum they create. I can’t explain it any other way. So we can give up on the MSM ever reporting objective reality: they do not even know what it is! Like the two buffoons (also CNN?) who were smelling clothing for signs of CW and sarin! Wake up and smell the chlorine!!!! Lies cost lives.


          • @JudyJ
            Welcome to the “modern” world – a dystopian alternative universe “humanity” has somehow been transported to. Personally I would prefer to be in another universe where sanity prevails and where I did not have to bear witness to this never ending nightmare of inhuman making.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          Anyone familiar with the history of genocide committed by the ruling English elites eg the Great Famines in India, climaxing in the Bengal famine of the 1940s, the Irish Famine, the atrocities after the First Indian Revolution aka the Indian ‘Mutiny’, the Opium Wars against China, the colonialist atrocities throughout Africa, the suppression of the ‘Mau Mau’, the gas warfare in Russia and Iraq, etc many times, knows that they represent one of the greatest forces for Evil in all history. And, never having suffered any defeat and reckoning, they are still at it, as avid for blood as ever.

        • @BigB
          I too read of the atrocities the Imperialist backed terrorists have commited and descend into depression – it’s the helplessness of knowing I can do nothing for these innocent victims of our governments monstrous foreign policies. They are literally aiding and abetting these crimes with no moral conscience and it doesn’t bode well that the British Labour Party is infested with like minded murderers.

          • @mohandeer – you hit the nail on the head. For those of us who are only too aware of what is going on in front of our eyes, it is the sense of sheer helplessness that is so demoralising. I don’t care two hoots if Western governments and msm are brought to their knees and corrupt (in all senses) individuals have to pay the price but what I do object to is their scandalous endeavours to pursue their nefarious objectives by destroying the lives of thousands. if not millions, of innocent people throughout the world.

            • Big B says

              Austerity; imperialism; neo-colonialism; neoliberalism; tax avoidance and injustice; the DUP ‘sponsorship’; Carillion, Capita, and the other ‘zombie corporations’ fail whilst their shareholders and executives thrive on bonuses; TTP, TTIP, and creeping globalism; corporate tax breaks; QE; privatisation… ….slowly but surely it is beginning to sink in that where money is spent and where it is not is politically ideological expediency: and not socially economic determined. And people are beginning to ask why? Why not a real solution to homelessness; not a charity gala giveaway that will see 2p in the £1 end up ‘on the streets’ …as compared to a very expensive firework display over Damascus night sky? Skripalgate blew their institutionalised credibility and tore the simulated veil: no one bought it. The profit-driven doctrinal indifference to Yemen is another big policy miscalculation on behalf of government and their ideological apparatus. Will that be enough for people to question more and seek real change? Personally I hope so: because I am sick of watching ideologically designated ‘unpeople’ die so someone can have another Ferrari, Modigliani, or race horse. That might be indirect causality: but that is essentially what it boils down to. The government and corporate agenda is to help the rich get richer: it’s not rocket science and we don’t need 900 page volumes of Piketty or Marx to work it out. The question is: how much longer will we put up with it? And will people settle for less? For democratic, green, or ethical capitalism …because that would be oxymoronic if they did!

  15. Andy says

    Who will spare a thought for the poor journalist not questioning the official narrative when his income and reputation depends upon him not questioning the official narrative? :-/

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Not I. I hope he burns in Hell. And I’m an agnostic, so that’s wishful thinking.

  16. Grafter says

    Rupert Evelyn ? A sick joker from the corrupt MSM. How low do you have to go Rupert to work for the lying scum who proliferate their lying agenda here in the West ?

  17. The TV lie has to be protected otherwise their embarrassment will be a source of humiliation. It’s not the Russian Embassador who doesn’t know the depths of depravity – that particular accolade belongs to the ITV – who really know how to sink low.

    • always write says

      i thought we were going to a bad place during the early days of the Ukrainian crisis, it was taking on a distinctive Orwellian turn as neo nazis stomped around Kiev, however this is now the completion of that Orwellian phase, almost a two minutes of hate from the MSM at this news conference

      all we need now is for the state to completely ban and censor all news, its comming folks be under no illusions, its comming!

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