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Video: BBC Interview with MP for Aleppo, Syria


The recent US-led missile strikes on several military installations in Syria changed precious little in the country’s horrific civil war. On the ground, the bloodshed, displacement and suffering continue. Regional and global divisions over Syria are as deep as ever. HARDtalk’s Stephen Sackur speaks to a Syrian politician close to the Assad regime. Fares Shehabi is a powerful Aleppo business leader and self-styled ‘independent’ MP. Is Syria as we knew it broken beyond repair?



  1. Anandamide says

    Power to the resistance and the voice which speaks through people like this politician, in response to the dark force of the empire trying to destroy his nation…

    The interviewer is an absolute idiot, to express it politely…. But that’s to be expected eh?

    Thanks for downloading the video before it was taken offline for being genuinely revealing for people asking the right questions as to the grand plan being staged.

    • He didn’t download it, he posted a YouTube link to that video from a different YouTube account.

      I have downloaded it for future reference, in case the three other identical videos from three other YouTube accounts also get removed.

  2. I just found an interesting video on Assad has an excellent sense of logic!

  3. Pablo says

    All this talking head has to offer is the typical British condescending tone and stock phrases. The voice melody, speech rhythm, emphases all cheap oxbridge rhetotical devices to bully the opponent into silence by suggesting the speaker is better educated and morally superior. This is why the nutcase tories have managed to rule the UK for so long, the populace are still impressed by such blatant bluffery. In many ways the UK is still stuck in the 19th century, still impressed by pseudo aristocratic posturing rather than actually bothering to analyse content and information. Only so is it possible to explain how a buffoon like Boris Johnson could ever be seen as PM material. The Syrian MP did a great job of keeping his composure in the face of such insulting provocation.

    Seems that certain parties do not want the interview seen. Download. And reupload if its deleted.

  4. Gilles St-Pierre says

    “This video is unavailable”

    YouTube removed it

    • “”HARDtalk| Fares Shehab…” The YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated due to multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement.”

      I should have downloaded it while it was still up. 🙁

  5. delicieuxz says

    Wow. The BBC host in this video is a total idiot propagandist. What a disgraceful clown!

    The Syrian MP gave excellent information, though.

  6. Harry Law says

    Fares Shehabi comes across as an honest man who answered all the propaganda shoveled into this interview by the obnoxious Sackur very well. Sackur mentioned the 7 year old Syrian girl Banna al-Abed, who could imagine a 7 year old making statements like these…Within two days of setting up the account, she had used #HolocaustAleppo, #MassacreInAleppo, #StopAleppoMassacre and tweeted at Russian President Vladimir Putin, US President Barack Obama and Syrian President Bashar Assad.
    In a now deleted tweet, Bana said it is “better to start 3rd world war instead of letting Russia & assad commit #HolocaustAleppo”. I feel so angry at people like Sackur I would like to .. better not say.

  7. Andy says

    Will any tory interviewed be described as representing the May regime in the introduction from now on.

  8. It’s a developing negative, first stage to a positive. First the EUSA grudgingly offers “aid” (not compensation, No! No!) to Syria “on condition…” Then the Fraudian and HuffaPuff deign to acknowledge the existence of Britain’s very own Vanessa Beeley — even though their High-priced Presstitutes nod only to snub her as “an obscure journalist”. And now the Beeb is dragged reluctantly to interview a real Syrian MP, and the Russian FM as well! even though the BBC yobboe shows his native rudeness.

    “If you can’t beat them, join them”. If you can’t put them down, recognize them haughtily.

  9. Grafter says

    The BBC sock puppet continues with the fabrications and lies of the corrupt western governments. Incredible that the lessons of our destruction in the Middle East are forgotten by these warmongers. Logic of the madhouse.

  10. Tommy Hallem says

    This is a great clip from the ‘left wing ‘ journalist Andrew Marr, if it wasn’t so serious it would be funny

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Which lunatic described Andrew Marr as ‘Leftwing’? That makes Hitler a communist.

  11. Mulga Mumblebrain says

    I attempted to Google whether Sackur is Jewish (he is, of course, as is required at the BBC, a Zionist apologist for Israel)and was quite unsurprised to see the galaxy of Zionist web-sites and blogs where he was abused in the usual hateful and raging manner typical of these creatures, as a friend of terrorists and all the usual psychopathic claptrap. None abused him as a ‘self-hating Jew’, so I guess he is not Jewish. He is an arrogant, contemptuous, tosser, however.

  12. Watching the Lavrov interview and then this one, and I know this is going to be contentious here, I can’t help but wonder if Sackur is actually doing his damndest to let their voices be heard. Let’s face it we would never hear from or see him again if he were to fail to put the establishment talking points across in a way that convinces his bosses. Yet he has chosen to take on two voices that he must have known would not be silenced nor distracted from telling the facts with some eloquence and a lot of self evident integrity. So is it narcissism, he thinks he can take on anybody, or is he trying his damndest to be subversive from within?

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Your thesis depends on the Zionist hierarchy at the BBC tolerating Badthink and Thoughtcrime, even if exhibited surreptitiously. I very seriously doubt that. The Zionist elect would descend upon the BBC like a swarm of dementors screeching ‘antisemitism’, if they even suspected such treachery from their stooges.

        • Good question. Ego? Arrogance? Narcissism? Superiority? All of these? Who knows. You can see the same patronising and humouring ‘interviewing technique’ employed by all mainstream journalists when they interview anybody they know is going to challenge the Establishment narrative… Alexander Nekrassov, Peter Ford, Craig Murray, Peter Hitchens. All the expected tactics are evident, usually involving a lot of talking and accusations thrown on the table by the interviewer, very little time allowed for responses and what time is allowed is cut short by interruption hand in hand with sneering and expressions of scorn and disdain and, of course, total disregard for any sound counter-arguments.
          I genuinely think that such interviewers have such a superiority complex that they regard themselves as completely beyond challenge no matter how ridiculous or ‘hole-ridden’ their line of questioning. It then follows that they are more than happy to interview the ‘non-believers’ as their contrary responses – no matter how credible and well argued – just go to prove how feeble, desperate and pathetic they are, to dare attempt to challenge the points raised by the egotistical, arrogant and narcissistic interviewer.

        • Paul 3 says

          Candide–a reasonable question. It occurred to me too that someone known to be as effective as this Syrian MP was–give him his own show, please–is usually avoided, as with Chomsky or Pilger or Greenwald (on certain issues, at least)

    • always write says

      he’s an unpleasant twat with a massive ugly head and long neck and sloped shoulders, a bit like a nasty media form of hyena, so his job is to snarl and bite

  13. There is a link via the O-G twitter account to the Syria News review of this interview in which they take great pleasure in Shehabi rebutting every accusation thrown at him by Sackur. Interestingly there is a footnote at the end of that review which states that Fares Shehabi had noted that “the BBC cut off the piece where I revealed some names of known terror bosses who received funding from the UK’s Foreign Office as solid evidence proved”.

  14. Hugh O'Neill says

    I have just re-read the Wikipedia entry for “Operation Sycamore” (CIA’s training and equipping Jihadis in Jordan financed by Saudi Arabia) which makes plain the US modus operandi since at least “Operation Cyclone”, when CIA did the same in Afghanistan to oust the Soviets. US and UK crimes in the Middle East can be traced back to the beginning of the 20th Century when the West set about to destroy the Ottoman Empire, not to bring democracy and freedom, but to bring a new yoke of Empire and to plunder Mesopotamia, the very cradle of Civilisation. (By the waters of Babylon, we lay down and wept as we remembered Zion). One now recalls US Camp “Alpha” which destroyed the remnants of Babylon. Perhaps the writing is on the wall? All empires fall.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      The USA has consistently used Islamist theocratic thugs to attack Arab socialist and nationalist Governments. At least since 1953, and the overthrow of Mossadegh in Iran. The alliance with the Evil Wahhabist genocide cult and the Sordid Arabian regime goes back to WW2. The constellation of jihadist butcher death-squads all owe the existence to Uncle Satan and Thanatopolis DC, as do all their atrocities in Afghanistan, Iraq, Xinjiang, Chechnya, Bosnia, Lebanon, Kosovo, Libya, Algeria, etc, etc, etc, a bloody trail that bears comparison to any other chain of atrocities in history-and it is still fulminating, with new victims in Syria, Lebanon, Iran and elsewhere firmly in the sights of the death-worshipers.
      As to why the US regime operates like this, the answers are simple. First, they desire total control over ‘the greatest material prize in history’, the hydrocarbon riches, and the petrodollar system that underpins Thanatopia’s rentier, parasitic, ‘economy’. Second, the Zionist regime, which has long TOTALLY controlled US politics, wants its neighbours destroyed, as per the Oded Yinon Plan, and to offer up a few million mitzvot to its psychopathic God, and his plenipotentiary representative on Earth-Bibi. And third, the US elite simply love killing and destruction- the more the very much better.

      • always write says

        ….good comment, plus our erstwhile friends at the BBC helped with the propaganda to overthrow the Iranian government in 1953 coup

      • Humbaba says

        Just like the tail doesn’t wag the dog, Israel does not determine USUK policy. The USUK imperialists use Israel as a thorn in the flesh of the Arab nation to “divide and rule” the ME for better plundering its fossil fuel reserves.

  15. How insightful and wise is Fares Shehabi. His passion for his country and his disdain and frustration at the Western establishment who are trying their damnedest to destroy everything he and his fellow countrymen had achieved prior to 2011 was reflected so fervently in all he said and in his despairing facial expressions. I wish him, President Assad and all their fellow Syrians all the success they deserve in their quest for peace in the face of such adversity.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Syria will NEVER have peace as long as Israel remains as a vicious, expansionist, racist, terror state, whose elite still claim ‘possession’ of half of Syria, including Damascus, on the basis of religious mythology.

  16. Ivan says

    Eye opening to see real people speaking, while the BBC wh0re recites his Goebbelsian script.

  17. Richard Reed says

    Stephen Sackur seems much more of a company man. Painful and tragic to witness. Lavrov must have also thought he was talking to a complete pilock

  18. Jaz says

    Steven Sackur just got a lesson in reality .. yet how much would have sunk in ?? ..
    Sackur tries to interrupt Fares as soon as he realises he’s not getting the answer that he wants and flies in the face of the UK’s and the BBC’s debunked narrative
    What the West along with the Israeli-Saudi alliance has done to Syria is nothing short of an absolute disgrace ! It is the leaders of the western nations that are in Syria illegally that should be facing the war crimes tribunal .. Its just beyond belief the suffering that we in the West have inflicted on the Middle East over the past century .

    • Steven Sackur got another lesson in reality when he interviewed Sergey Lavrov. He was just as rude as in the above video although not quite as agressive, and he also interrupted Lavrov when he wasn’t getting the answer that he wanted.

      • Hugh O’Neill says

        Lavrov comes across as a well educated diplomat. He can comfortably quote English Literature (Alice in Wonderland). He refuses to be impolite about Western leaders, but his patience is not infinite; he wearies of Sackur’s lack of good manners and his refusal to listen. As usual, this was less an exchange of ideas, more a megaphone blast of unthinking Western propaganda. Sackur is an attack dog and happily does his masters briefing. As Vierotchka says, he is a presstitute. ( I hope that term does not imply any criticism of prostitutes, who are honest and decent and serve Humanity, unlike Sackur and his ilk)

        • All current Russian diplomats and spokespeople without exception never cease to demonstrate intelligence, diplomacy, honesty, self-control, dignity and integrity; and I honestly do not consider that I am overstating their qualities. Unfounded smears, distortion of facts, lies, childish insults and name calling are not for them. President Putin is usually the first on the telephone to congratulate leaders of other countries – even those who view themselves as his political adversaries – on commendable achievements, or to sympathise and offer help when there is a disaster. I recall a speech in which he said that when two countries are embarking on a bilateral relationship, no matter how polarised their starting position may be, there is always something on which they will have a common view, however trivial, and that should form the foundation on which to start work on the relationship. Can you imagine any of the UK PMs of the past three or four decades coming out with such wise words? That is true diplomacy, not the name calling and patronising, libellous and slanderous condescension employed by the UK which achieves absolutely nothing but bad feeling. Even Trump contacted Putin to congratulate him on his election success, much to the ire of May and cronies.
          In a biography (autobiography maybe) of Hilary Clinton there was an anecdote about a meeting she had with President Putin in Moscow. As is well known he is an enthusiastic follower of worldwide wildlife conservation projects and has a room at the Kremlin devoted to this subject. He enthusiastically took HC to see this room and spoke to her enthusiastically about the projects, no doubt to engender an understanding between them on a personal level. But according to her biography (and I am paraphrasing) ‘she wasn’t in the slightest bit interested and realised that this was simply a pre-planned ploy to detract from important issues’. Says it all about the cynical mentality and tactics, and narrow-mindedness of western politicians.
          Putin and Lavrov v. May and Johnson? Now that’s a tough one, isn’t it?

  19. Stephen Sackur is a presstitute. He is not the smallest of patches on his predecessor Tim Sebastian who was really good, who never interrupted the people he was interviewing, who did not lie nor push propaganda. HARDtalk, which used to be a brilliant program, lost its soul when Tim Sebastian left and Stephen Sackur took his place.

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