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Reality Check – the Tories DID NOT win the local elections.

by Kit

A brief look over the headlines this morning would have you believing that yesterday’s local elections all went very badly for Labour. The Times has two headlines on this. Firstly:

Labour fail to seize ground in biggest test since general election

And then, just to hammer the point home:

Corbyn never recovered from botched response to Salisbury spy poisoning

The Daily Mail, bastion of subtlety and common sense, simply went with:


Whilst Katy Balls, political correspondent for the Spectator headlined her Guardian opinion piece with:

The Tories are no longer scared. They now know Corbyn isn’t the messiah

…which is one of the most spectacular straw men I have ever seen. I don’t personally recall anyone calling Corbyn “the Messiah”, or what effect this supposed divinity would (or indeed should) have on the Peterborough council elections. As for the Tories being “afraid” of Corbyn, well that should be news to everyone…because all we’ve ever been told is how unelectable is.

The Daily Mail, reinforcing its well earned reputation for top-notch journalism.

The long and short of it is that the press all seem to be uniformly committed to pretending that this was a big Tory win.

The trouble is that the results don’t really show that to be the case. At all. As of 3pm on May 4th, these are the results:

Courtesy of BBC election tracker.

  • Labour have won almost as many seats as all the other parties put together
  • They have control of almost as many councils as all the other parties put together
  • They have the greatest net gain of seats.
  • They’ve also won 4 of the 5 announced Mayoral elections, the Lib Dems won the 5th.
  • It’s the overall best result since 1971
  • Some pundits, even some Labours MPs (you can guess which ones) are spinning this as a disaster. Their argument is that the Tories are so incompetent that Labour should be wiping them off the map. A position with which there are two key problems:

    Firstly, there’s the destroyed UKIP vote. They’ve lost over 120 seats, the vast majority of which will go over to the Tories. Even with this influx of UKIP seats, the Tories are running on a net loss.

    Secondly, there’s media coverage. This is the most important point.

    All of this happened whilst the press coverage of Corbyn, and Labour in general, has been nothing but relentlessly negative. In fact, the press coverage of Corbyn has ALWAYS been negative. The nicest language ever used about the man is to describe him as “principled but out of his depth”.

    Incompetence is what Corbyn’s supposed SYMPATHISERS label him with. His enemies? Well they call him a communist, or a Leninist, or a traitor, or a racist.

    For weeks before the elections the only Labour-related stories to regularly make the papers were about supposed “antisemitism”. Varying between stating the dishonest smears, slamming everyone who called them dishonest smears, and then pontificating about how the dishonest smears might “hurt labour in the local elections”. As if it were all just happenstance.

    The final damage done?

    Well, “antisemitism” may have cost Labour one council. Maybe. Some experts says.

    This is a disaster, apparently. I’m not quite sure why, but people are definitely talking about it a lot.

    You’d be forgiven for thinking that a lot of these editorials and headlines were written before the results were in, with the expectation that things would go much worse for Labour than they eventually did. One could assume the collective press assumed their “antisemitism” and “Russian bots” coverage hold more water with the public than is apparently the case.

    The strength of the reaction certainly isn’t merited, given the results. It rather feels like political theatre. A pre-designed “election humiliation” that never really materialised, which was almost certainly meant to form an argument, a segue, for a new leadership challenge.

    Maybe Hilary Benn would finally come out of the woodwork, or some other craven non-entity. In the end the name and face won’t matter, they will all speak with the same voice. And it won’t be ours.

    For all the sound and fury, none of that can happen now. Calling for a leadership election, with a minority government in power and success in local elections, would be ridiculous.

    This is just the latest example of Corbyn, and his public support, scuppering the well-laid plans of the PLP.

    When Corbyn was first nominated for the leadership in 2015, he was meant to be as an “also ran”. A token lefty to make people think socialism was a dead-end in the Labour movement.

    That didn’t work out so well. Corbyn got more votes than all the other candidates combined. It was the first election Corbyn won, which he was supposed to lose. The first time Corbyn didn’t do what he was told. They all found it very frustrating.

    The PLP held a vote of no confidence in Corbyn after the Brexit referendum. 172 MPs demanded he step down. Corbyn refused. This was the second time Corbyn didn’t do what he was told.

    David Cameron even called for his resignation during one of his final PMQs. Yelling “For heaven’s sake man, go!”.

    The result of all of this was a second leadership election. Which Corbyn won with an increased majority.

    The local elections in 2015 went well too. Labour candidates also won the Mayoral offices of London, Manchester and Liverpool. For an “unelectable man”, his party wins a lot of elections.

    Even when he does lose, he doesn’t do it properly. The “greatest Tory landslide since Thatcher” crumbled to dust. Leaving us with an incompetent and corrupt minority government, desperately clawing at the vestiges of power it still holds.

    All of this was achieved with nothing but relentless negativity in the vast majority of the press, and constant attempts at sabotage from his own back-benches. He is playing a rigged game, and refusing to lose. The increasing desperation of the establishment voices is becoming funny.

    Epitomised by truly pathetic attempts to cast him as a Czech spy.

    We were never supposed to be here. This was never supposed to happen. Corbyn keeps ruining plans and breaking rules and gaining votes and making sense. He says reasonable things, quietly, and people listen. This is not how politics is supposed to go.

    The bottom line is that the establishment is getting more and more frustrated with Corbyn because he simply won’t do what he’s told. He won’t bang the war drums on command, betray the unions, sell off the NHS or resign in disgrace. He won’t even lose when he’s supposed to.

    Katy Balls is right he’s not the Messiah.

    But, from the establishment point of view, he is a VERY naughty boy.


    1. Nick says

      UKIP … lost over 120 seats, the vast majority of which will go over to the Tories.

      False. A good proportion of UKIP votes – in fact a majority of them in some regions – went to Labour. That’s why Labour did so unexpectedly well in the General Election called by Theresa May, after Brexit had ceased to become an issue and UKIP had lost its raison d’être.

    2. Okulo says

      Whilst there might have been gross distortion in the reporting of the election results, on this occasion, I ask myself what difference it makes.

      As far as I can see, whilst there are strong factions within the major parties, there are no longer ANY clear lines to differentiate between them on any issue. Voting is a bit of a tombola because what any of them would actually do if given the opportunity is Schrödingeresque.

      I’m pretty sure that the uncertainty is deliberate as per the revelations of Yuri Bezmenov which were later exposed in Adam Curtis’ Hypernormalisation.

    3. Have a new name for theGuardian
      The Orwellian readers digest.
      I find the whole thing comical.
      The legacy media no veracity no reliability. It is becoming an endangered species. Fingers crossed

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        Once the presstitute detritus realise that the lie of ‘Labour lost’ is seen by the serfs as arithmetically incorrect, and once the position that the ONLY votes that mattered were those of a certain group, in one council, alone in all of the UK, has been laughed out of court, the next step will be to assert that Putin, Corbyn’s mate, unleashed his ‘bot army’ to swing things Corbyn’s way. It is standard procedure now in all elections that do not go the way of the mad dogs who rule the crumbling West, to blame all these defeats on ‘Russian interference’. Without any evidence, whatsoever, but hastily confected assertions of Twitter’s mysterious ability to assert a mesmeric effect over the lesser ranks. If it wasn’t so vile, so maniacal, it would be hilariously funny to see an elite of such exquisite rottenness going stark, raving, mad.

    4. bevin says

      Those who view local elections as a National Party Beauty Contest, in which the electorate has a chance to give its opinion as to whether Corbyn or May would make a better Prime Minister, tend to overlook the fact that many voters actually regard these elections as an opportunity to give their verdict on local councillors and councils.
      For Labour voters those Councillors are often Blairites so close to being actual fascists that they are impossible to vote for. In many cases local council Labour groups are sinks of the worst kind of rotten borough patronage and corruption; things that tend to get forgotten when the modern equivalents of T Dan Smith and Boss Tweed sign petitions calling for Corbyn’s resignation or lamenting the Left’s concern at Israel’s massacres in Gaza as anti-semitism of the very worst type.
      Labour appears to have done pretty well at the local elections and it is an indication of the party’s new strength that it has done so despite, not just the scabbing of the Blairite right but the appalling records of many right wing councils, in Leeds for example where the venue of Media on Trial conference has just been revoked, or Birmingham where UNITE had to sue in order to get minimally fair treatment of Council employees, or Haringey where it was only at the eleventh hour that a monstrous privatisation/gentrification scheme was thwarted. And that despite a Blairite petition attacking the NEC for interfering.
      To blame the left for low turnout in areas where the right is happy to work hand in glove with the Tories while running local Labour parties as closed shops is something that the MSM has to do in the hope of preserving its influence on an electoral process in which its predictable and mercenary opinions are increasingly irrelevant.

    5. Corbyn better be careful about his personal security. the Kosher Nostra hate him with a passion because he has the bad habit of speaking truths.
      If he gets close to #10 Downing, look for some kind of bizarre accident to befall him.

    6. vexarb says

      Another irritant who will not do as she is told, The Naughtiest Girl in School:

      “WASHINGTON D.C. With little fanfare, the United States has cut all funding to the White Helmets. My [Ziad Fadel’s] source in Damascus has told me that the reason is that the OPCW investigating the so-called chemical weapons use in the Ghouta has come to the conclusion that the event was completely staged. The inspectors are leaking some information. Evidently, Vanessa Beeley, has had a remarkable effect on people’s perceptions of this terrorist group and that included the inspectors. In conversations and interviews with citizens in the Ghoutaa, the overwhelming testimony is that no CW was used and that the frenetic scenes of “rescuers” hosing down terrified children was nothing more than an elaborate joke. And from Tony Gratrex:


      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        I’ll believe all that when I see it.

    7. A. J. B says

      As far as I can remember, most of the claims about winning the unwinnable were made by journalists. I thought at the time that they seemed, not just rather optimistic, but like a deliberate set up to be able to report failure.

    8. vexarb says

      A fine example of combative journalism, Kit shows how to fire with real ammunition. And thanks for the link where Blairite Barry insinuates that Corbyn’s (alleged) hostility to Jews lost Barnett because “Barnett has one of the UK’s largest Jewish populations”. I did not know that Barnett has many Jews when I posted the following remark under The Disapointing Mr.Corbyn.

      “I think the Barnett result confirms Off-G’s message to Corbyn: sup with the devil, and you get nothing but stomach ache. Instead of laughing off these ridiculous accusations of anti-Jewish prejudice, Jeremy bent over backward to placate his false accusers; off course it did not help. Trying to placate a witch hunt is not real-politik, it is poor judgment and poor morality.”

      Now I can safely add the following comment without being accused of baseless prejudice:

      The unusually large Jewish population of Barnett were not swayed by Corbyn’s ultra-conciliatory attitude. Like most ethnic minorities they take direction from the Leaders of their community, who are solidly AZC and fear the advent of JC might be the harbinger of a return to socialism in the Labour Party.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        The Zionist grandees, acting hand in glove with the Tories, the Blairite Quislings and the fakestream media vermin, led by the execrable anti-Labour hate-machine the Fraudian, have openly denounced ALL support for the Palestinians and ALL criticism of Israel, in any way, to be ‘antisemitism’. The mendacity and hypocrisy and crude political partisanship could not be plainer, as is the nature of their foul inventions, real Judeophobia being so very rare in UK Labour. Unlike Islamophobia or hatred of Arabs, in contrast, both of which are assiduously cultivated by the very same forces. But one Zionist capo really let the cat out of the bag when he included Labour’s ‘Leftwing policies’ as another manifestation of the confected ‘antisemitism’ plague.

    9. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/local-election-latest-barnet-london-council-labour-tories-results-a8335691.html?S2ref=1474751

      “Local elections: Tories snatch key target Barnet Council from under Labour’s nose”

      (Directly underneath the wholly distorted headline, in bold, the ‘not so independent’ says this ) >>

      “The reason we have lost here is the inability to tackle anti-semitism.”

      Nine times anti-semitism is mentioned and in almost every paragraph: the article focusses incessantly on anti-semitism “claims” & the Jewish factor.. as if brainwashing via pure repetition , but does provide some minimalist recognition of the fact that .. Labour has NEVER won that borough’s confidence in 54 years, because..

      “Barnet, which has one of the UK’s largest Jewish populations, was a key target for Jeremy Corbyn’s party in the local elections.”

      “Labour was widely expected to win the borough for the first time since the local authority was created in 1964.”

      On opening the article, the twisted picture is stunning .. !

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        As far as the Fraudian pile of shite is concerned, the ONLY thing that mattered in the UK council elections was ‘antisemitism’, and the only council that mattered was Barnet. We can confidently await the next upsurge of hysterical hatred from the ‘antisemitism’ industry, no doubt to destroy Livingstone, Loach and whoever else the baying lynch-mob turns on, for such heinous crimes as criticism of Israel’s butchery of Gazan children. Unless confronted, the Zionist lynch-mob will push and push until Corbyn is gone, whinging that he ‘did my best’, the Blairites are returned and the new Labour leader has traveled to Israel to kiss Bibi’s boots, denounce the Palestinians as ‘terrorists’ and call for war on Iran, and Theresa May is returned as PM in a landslide.

    10. Harry Stotle says

      Don’t worry, all this will be put to right at the ‘Media on Trial’ event in Leeds?
      Hang on …….

      Mind you, it will be a cold day in hell before the MSM give Corbyn his due, I mean that’s a given, or put another way which person capable of rational thinking expects our rabid, right wing poison producers to publish anything that is vaguely sympathetic to any political figure who threatens the form of burgeoning wealth inequality that defines ‘modern’ day Britain.

      The non-dom, tax avoiders who control the public mood are just doing what they always do, and the sad fact is they have an army of apologists further down the food chain cheering them along.

      As an aside I assume this issue puts the significant number of anti-Corbyn commentators on Off-G in a bit of a pickle?

    11. Spot on analysis Kit. Proving yet again the first casualty of the bought and paid for MSM is the truth. Rather as with the Skripal affair facts just disappear to be replaced by fiction.

      What the local election result shows is that the Tories are still well and truly on the ropes, with a media which is punch drunk from recent propaganda training bouts only able to spout predetermined sound bites.

      The latest example would be the evidently compromised Ahmet Uzumcu head of the OPCW who apparently lied and whose lies were reported by the New York Times as fact. When the OPCW itself contradicted them the NYT just deleted the article and replaced it without offering a correction or apology for headlining miss-information.

      Fake news at its most blatant.

    12. Fair dinkum says

      Corbyn is no Messiah, but he’s a far better human being than May the Destroyer and her ugly band of Mammon worshippers.

    13. Kathy says

      It really is becoming amusingly surreal. The M,S,M in full coir mode today. White is Black because we tell you it is.

      • Gwyn says

        ”Surreal” was definitely the word which crossed my mind when I had a quick look at the Guardian’s comment threads, this afternoon. It’s frightening to see how many people are so easily duped by the lies of the MSM.

        Millions of people who are devoid of critical-thinking skills + a predatory press that’s only too willing to take advantage of their gullibility = the mess we’re in.

        • Susanna Farley says

          The article “Local Elections: Neither Corbyn Nor May able to break poll deadlock”, really is a revelation. not just because of its grudging admittance that the municipal elections were not the disaster zone for Labour that the MSM state, but also because it fails to go further and admit that if anyone actually won the elections, it was Labour. Instead the article features a series of photos more or less evenly distributed among the text. They are, in order of appearance:

          Photo of a smug-looking Theresa May in Dudley, surrounded by equally smug local Tories. The council, we are told was “held by the Tories”,
          Photo of local Conservative Party campaigners in “high spirits” after the count in Wandsworth
          (vapid, cheesy grins in great supply).
          Photo of Labour councillors in Trafford, Manchester “celebrating” after Tories lost control of the council,
          Photo (the second one- good grief – its Corbyn’s turn!) of a smug-looking Theresa May with supporters in Barnet.

          If the Guardian is a newspaper that seeks to give impartial coverage, why are we treated to not one, but two pictures of May grinning like a gargoyle at Tory gatherings, particularly as her party did NOT have the highest number of councils, and did NOT have the highest number of councillors? Yep, you guessed it, that honour falls to Corbyn!

          The article gives the figures as follows:’

          Labour – 74 councils (no losses) – 2,308 council seats
          Tories – 46 councils (2 losses) 1,230 seats

          It further states that BBC projections put Labour and the Tories neck and neck. If anyone has scored a victory here it is undoubledly Labour, and the Tories have lost.

          Undauntedly, the article then focuses on Labour’s “failure” to take Wandsworth. It does not mention that Labour polled considerably more individual votes in that borough, so if anything is at fault, it is certainly not Corbyn, but a voting system that returns the very party that the majority rejected.

          Lisa Nandy – the (Blairite) MP for Wigan is then brought in to discredit Corbyn, suggesting that Labour is “losing ground” (where?) and that the party must win in the town to have any chance of forming the next government. Its truly amazing how the Fraudian courts the opinion of Labour right-wingers and Tories and quotes them as if they are some kind of oracle

          Next in line is Andy Burnham, Mayor of Manchester proclaiming how the antisemitism allegations featured heavily on the doorstep and pleading for members to stop questioning the narrative. What Burnham does not seem to be aware of is that in areas in his city with a high proportion of Jewish voters, Labour’s votes rose between 13% and 15% (Sedgley Park, Prestwich) over those obtained in 2016.

          Even in Barnet, which Corbyn’s detractors would have us believe is an unprecedented disaster, Labour’s vote INCREASED by 3%.

          Corbyn is no Messiah (no one with any sense – the overwhelmingly vast majority of his supporters – ever thought he was). but he is the only politician in Britain who offers any hope to the few suffering grimly under a Tory regime of punishing austerity, privatisation of public assets and attacks on democracy that seem to have no end.

          No to fake news. No to Tory and Blairite lies.

          JC for PM. SOON!!

          • Susanna Farley says

            Correction to my final paragraph. Should be;

            “…he is the only politician who offers any hope to the MANY (not the few!-SF) suffering grimly under a Tory regime….”


      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        Coconut fibre mode? I see it!

        • Kathy says

          Yes sorry about that. It should be Choir. I can only apologies for my random brain and rubbish use of spell check. I thought it didn’t look right. Then again it is all about sowing seeds in peoples minds and nurturing them on misinformation. So they will grow into the good little conformist citizens they want them to be. It must be becoming very irritating for them when people keep going against their narrative and voting for Corbyn. Still not enough Roundup in the drinking or something!.

    14. rtj1211 says

      It may have escaped the great political minds in the Westminster bubble, but local elections are not about giving verdicts on MPs, it is giving verdicts on councillors.

      Where I live, no matter what your political persuasion, it is hard to argue that Raymond Puddifoot, MBE, Conservative Leader of Hillingdon Borough Council, has not done an excellent job in nearly 20 years of public service. The CONSERVATIVE council has expanded school provision, revamped all the borough libraries, ensured sports facilities are very good, has overseen major housing developments on old military bases, runs good bin services and has seen the corporate footprint in Uxbridge grow significantly over a 20 year period, such that people commute out to Uxbridge on the Underground and at 8.45am the train station resembles many central London locations. His attention to costs are a benchmark for all councillors in the UK. And he has not increased council tax to pay for it all. In short he does not waste council tax payers’ money on egotrips.

      I voted for him because he deserved to be voted for…..if there are Labour Leaders of Councils who do a better job than him, then I would like to meet them…..I have disagreed with some of his approaches to HS2, but his job is to represent many selfish self-centred Londoners who forget how much is spent on their transportation and how little is spent elsewhere….

      He is not elected on Foreign Policy nor national debt policy, although I suspect he would bring budgetary balance to HMG rather quicker than his more famous HOC colleagues…..sadly national politics wants spinmeisters, whereas Mr Puddifoot just does his job well without spending every day in the media….

      • Lyn Padley says

        People tend to vote in local elections for the councillors they know to have done a good job and on local issues rather than on Party lines. Hardly a basis for predicting future general election results.

      • Dave Massingham says

        Very nice- Were the houses built on ex-military land ‘affordable’?

        • rilme says

          They were, until the market took off and exploded.
          Now these developments are seen as pie in the sky.

    15. bevin says

      Craig Murray makes similar points. His blog is always worth reading:

      The MSM and the Tory party are becoming a pitifully idiotic mutual admiration society. With the Blairites applauding them from the sidelines. Of course the Blairites have a vested interest in this matter-if they can persuade the Tories to call another snap election, before the Labour rank and file can catch up with them at re-selection meetings, they will hold on to the jobs, salaries and patronage that they enjoy.
      I have often thought that the most neglected of the six points in the People’s Charter may turn out to be the most important one: Annual Elections would quickly put an end to the ability of MPs to award themselves not only jobs for life but opportunities to prosper by selling out the poor and vulnerable, the sick and the elderly and promote massacres and war around the globe.

      • To complement the awakening of the public conscience: we need a 21st century Chartist Movement to return Parliament to democratic control. This should involve the dissolution of partisan parties and removal of the whip. Representation should be fully accountable to the local electorate: not unrepresantative voting on individual conscience or whipped party mandates. Fully proportionate representation would not necessarily need to be bi-cameral – with a representational upper house – but this could still be desirable to provide the seperation of powers and checks and balance required in a functional democracy. This could easily be accomodated by a “runoff” voting system (AV+).

        Terms of Parliament would be less relevant as representatives who did not carry forward the will of the people would be automatically reselected. At present, the apathy of the politically disengaged majority and the false consciousness of the deceived electorate might prove a hurdle to democracy …but that would soon change with empowerment and engagement. I feel this is fully in line with the spirit of the original movement.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          The first thing you’d need is to ban ALL political ‘contributions’ ie bribes, and have full public funding. NO ‘contributions’ of ANY kind, pre, during or post political career, where a generous pension will do. Dreadfully ‘antisemitic’ and’Leftwing’ I know, ‘anti-business’ and all that, but otherwise ‘democracy’ is just a stinking, corrupt, farce.

      • PeaceCora says

        My issue with the Blairites and those in the Labour party that oppose Corbyn is this: If the truly believe in the Labour movement, then why are they opposed to a leader that wishes to implement the ethos of the Labour movement. What exactly is it that they do believe in?

    16. A case of ‘ He’s not the messiah, es’s a very naughty boy’

      The Polling is as malignant as the financial ratings agencies and the narratives are fueled by Confirmation Bias and Best and Psychotic delusions at worse.

      I looked at the Polling before the 2017 election based upon the 2017 local elections and some other work on how relevant were the 2015 locals to the then to be 2020 General Election.
      As Kit says in this article the Media and its Biases are Key, another part of that is that in Local Elections its a hardcore of regular die hard voters who have already made up their mind, the swing vote lives in the majority of people who make their mind up based upon what they read, see and talk about in the days and wekk running up to the general election, ( one of Lytton crosbys key metrics is to identify your swing vote), this time period has the crucial requirements of Media Bias Purdah where all sides get a voice, even though Corporate media is becoming a great deal less powerfull anybody who has a passing familiartity to Google Analytics knows that Traffic Spikes hugely if mentioned in the dead tree media or on The BBC or Broadcast Corporate Media.

      One final ticking clock is web 3. Distributed serverless networks are now a reality, a little-discussed fact of Bit Torrent and Block Chain technology, Web 3 at the present state of development is probably 2 years away from the critical mass for network leverage it does though accelerate its development exponentially from week to week. This is the battleground where the next election will be fought and expect the draconian use of the malicious communications act in a last establishment throw of the dice.

      Turnout is key ( Local elections have low turnout of voters whose minds are largely made up.




      Finally, how did the Tory Pig do at this Market according to Lytton Crosby’s own Measures?

      Applying An analysis with the lens of Lynton Crosby’s 4 Elements in Campaigning, Namely;

      Salience, ( Is it out there)
      Relevance ( Do the people Give a Shit?)
      Is it personally Relevant?
      Differentiation ( They say That Too.)
      Political Differences, Wheres the change, why change?
      The point of Sale Execution (WTF?)
      (Making the Lies Stick, Connect the policies to the Party.

      Crosby says “if in Doubt Believe in something”, if your losing
      then get someone else to do the Dirty work for you.


      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        Lynton Crosby’s ‘key key metric’, which we know well from Austfailure, is ‘spread fear, hatred, and greed’. And lie while you’re at it. It works a treat here, where we’ve had twenty years of increasingly Evil and incompetent Rightwing regimes as a result.

    17. Seamus Padraig says

      Katy Balls is right he’s not the Messiah. But, from the establishment point of view, he is a VERY naughty boy.

      Hilarious ending, Kit! Well done …

    18. Tom Mapfumo says

      Thank you for publishing the TRUTH. Best results since 1971!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was already making a similar point on your recent article criticising Corbyn! The UK has a dreadfully dishonest press and media at all levels. Social Media/Internet is taking over and the MSM scandal is starting to be exposed for what it is! Thanks!!!!

      • George says

        I have noticed that ever since the MSM made a big fuss over “fake news”, their own reporting became increasingly idiotic. It’s as if the “fake news” announcement was their own confession and an indication that their line was going to become more and more embarrassing in its obvious fraudulence.

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