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Systematic News Suppression in Today’s U.S.

by Eric Zuesse

Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern

Ray McGovern was a CIA analyst from 1963 to 1990, and in the 1980s chaired the National Intelligence Estimates and prepared the President’s Daily Brief. But now retired, he’s a critic of the very same government he had spent his career representing, and especially of its virtually fully controlled press, which he claims misrepresents systematically, as if it were owned outright by the controlling owners of the very same mega-corporations that manufacture and sell weapons to the Pentagon and to its allied militaries in Europe and the Middle East. Basically as a “military-industrial complex” scam upon the public, but really as a military-industrial-media complex, which is even more powerful than the more limited type that Eisenhower had warned against.

Here, then, is from an interview that Ray McGovern did on Talk Nation Radio, on April 24th:

Putin — this is in an interview; it’s March the 7th now, so six days later [than Putin’s major speech] — somebody says, Hey, listen, Mr. Putin, why would you destroy the whole world? If there were a first strike on Russia, would you really respond? It would be too late to save Russia. You know what he says? Look, He says, yes, this would be a global catastrophe, but “as a citizen of Russia and as the head of the Russian state, I ask, What need will we have for a world if there was no Russia?” So he’s saying, Look, you’ve got to take this stuff seriously. Yes, we would retaliate, even if it meant that the rest of the world would be blown up as well as Russia.

Two days later, four senior senators, okay, three Democrats — let’s see if I can remember them — Feinstein, Wyden [it was actually not Wyden but the other Senator from Oregon, Jeff Merkley], the fellow up there in Massachusetts [Ed Markey], and [in addition to those three, the independent Senator] Bernie Sanders — they issue a call, a letter to then Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Look, this is really getting out of hand. We don’t like the fact that Putin is brandishing these weapons that we really haven’t ever heard of before, but he’s calling for arms control talks, so let’s talk. Let’s talk. Guess what? That appeal appeared on all those four senators’ websites but was totally — totally — ignored by what passes for the mainstream media. So one suspects that this is an unwelcome subject, and there is proof positive.

The last thing I’ll mention, we were talking about four senior senators [Merkley is actually Oregon’s junior Senator] appealing for arms control talks on their websites but it never getting past their websites, no publicity for it. I’m thinking that Chuck Schumer [a reliable agent of the “military-industrial complex”] said, No, no. Arms control, no, no. We’re making the devil incarnate Vladimir Putin. Don’t mention arms control talks.

So that’s the reality in the mainstream media. When Trump had the audacity to say, You know, Putin won the election, he’s going to be around for six more years. Probably I’ll send him a congratulatory telegram [5:51 inaudible]. His staff says, No, no, no, don’t congratulate him. No, no, no, don’t congratulate him. Well, he not only congratulates him but he says, You know, the situation is such that we ought to get together sooner rather than later, and we ought to talk about arms control.

For those of your audience who listen to The New York Times website or read what’s in The New York Times, they are totally oblivious to that, because the Times cut out — they did a lede, a title or a headline, saying “Trump calls for arms control talks.” Now, that lasted 2 hours. What I’m trying to say here is that the only conclusion here is the old, hackneyed military-industrial-Congressional-intelligence-media complex. You ran a conference on the fiftieth anniversary of Eisenhower’s speech on the military-industrial complex. Well, it’s gotten worse, astronomically worse. And the people who make the arms, the people who sell arms, the people that Pope Francis, to his credit, before Congress two and a half years ago called “the blood-drenched arms traders,” those are the people that are running the show. And Putin and his folks are sitting back in Moscow and they’re saying, Whoa, we thought the military-industrial complex had a hold on Obama, and we were right. Now it looks even worse.

This is America’s ‘democracy’ today. How can it be a democracy if the public get deceived so systematically — both Parties, just the same? The public are deceived in order to pump up the stock-values of the privately owned (which is crucial here; and, by contrast, Russia’s weapons-firms remain state-controlled, so as not similarly to become tails that wag the Government) corporations, such as Lockheed Martin; or, for another example of this, Amazon, whose only profitable division is the one selling to the federal Government — to the CIA, NSA, and Pentagon — cloud computing services, which Amazon division is so profitable that it turns the entire Amazon corporation’s red ink, from Amazon’s consumer divisions, into black ink overall, which profitability keeps owner Jeff Bezos’s net worth rising to what it now is — and he also just happens to own the Russia-hating Washington Post. Is that anti-Russia stance a mere coincidence? Bezos’s purchase of the WP wasn’t a business decision to increase his net worth? Really? What a lucky fellow he must be!

Here is that letter, from Feinstein, Merkley, Markey, and Sanders, which was ignored by the press.

The letter that McGovern referred to, opens:

We write to urge the State Department to convene the next U.S.-Russia Strategic Dialogue as soon as possible.
A U.S.-Russia Strategic Dialogue is more urgent following President Putin’s public address on March 1st when he referred to several new nuclear weapons Russia is reportedly developing.

It then states:

Senior officials from the United States and Russia have said that the INF Treaty plays an “important role in the existing system of international security.” As such, we urge the State Department to resolve Russia’s violation through existing INF Treaty provisions or new mutually acceptable means.

Second, we urge the United States to extend the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START). The Trump administration’s own 2018 Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) references Russia’s robust nuclear modernization program as a main justification behind the U.S. need to recapitalize its three legs of the nuclear triad. An extension of New START would verifiably lock-in the Treaty’s Central Limits – and with it – the reductions in strategic forces Russia has made…

Lastly, as the 2018 Nuclear Posture Review notes, Russia maintains a numerical advantage to the United States in the number of non-strategic nuclear weapons. The Senate, in its Resolution of Ratification on New START in 2010, took stock of this imbalance and called upon the United States to commence negotiations that would “secure and reduce tactical nuclear weapons in a verifiable manner.” Attempts by the Obama administration to negotiate an agreement on this class of weapons met resistance from Russia. However, even absent the political space for a formal agreement or binding treaty with Russia, we urge the State Department to discuss ways to enhance transparency on non-strategic nuclear weapons.

Extending New START, resolving Russia’s INF violation, and enhancing transparency measures relating to non-strategic nuclear weapons will also help quiet growing calls from many countries that the United States is not upholding its Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) obligations.

A Google-search of the concluding key phrase — the one which is essential to any news-report about this letter, the phrase beginning “Extending New START, resolving Russia’s INF violation, and enhancing transparency measures relating to non-strategic nuclear weapons will also help quiet growing calls from many countries that the United States is not” — produces no major media at all, and few even of alleged ‘alternative’ media. That is breathtaking, and Ray McGovern pointed it out. Thank you, Ray McGovern! Was this letter, from four U.S. Senators, not “News That’s Fit to Print”? Not in any of those ‘news’ media? Really?

The present news report is being submitted for publication, without fee, to all U.S. newsmedia, many small media, and also to many major media in America’s allied countries.

Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.


  1. Holy moly, Holy cow, Black Cat , White Cat (film classic) , the holy grail >>
    this looks really interesting and right up my street.

    I’ll probably have to spend the whole day conTEMPLATE-ing and endeavouring to construct something coherent on these matters : coz’ this is not just about news “suppression” in reality, it is about the “REGULATION, Orchestration & Engineering of the News”, with Rhythms of Change & Cycles, in order to get the desired societal reactions, in order to Herd & Swarm the >>

    ” ** Barbarous Multitudes ** ” and their easily fed/primed primal instincts ..

    (as Shylock would have said .. when discussing his self declared intention)

    “I shall not jump with common spirit or mingle with the ..** ”

    Because, if you knew why you were really being sent off to fight a war, or battle for control, the vast majority would wander into their own garden of eden , look to the skies for moral fibre and plant sweet potatoes somewhere &&&& turn their backs in disgust at the ulterior motives of Evil Incarnate (E.i.) that has infiltrated & controls SOVEREIGN GOVERNANCE in the ultimate CORPORATE DOMAIN of >>

    “C O M M U N I C A T I O N S ”
    (& connectivity)

    And let’s not forget that the Russians created the first successful SPUTNIK ..
    Not satellite , please, itsa’ SPUTNIK _ implying much more than the Western translation permits with just one word, both Scientifically & metaphoric philosophy.

    Fellow Traveller of traveling Mother Earth (terra firma) – ‘ S P U T N I K ‘

    SPUTNIK (you hear, me trump dat’ 😉 ) SPUTNIK SPUTNIK SPUTNIK SPUTNIK (‘to sow the mind seeding, in contemporary style’ onwards)

    Terra Firma is also an electrical engineering term for “GROUNDING” & the connectivity between OUR ONE common Ionosphere (and the Magnetosphere as a whole) is critical to ALL communications to date and controlling the transmissions of same .. just saying!

    Because some people think that Corporations should own the Ionosphere & Magnetosphere outright (under the guise of governance) and that corporations can do what the fuck they want with it .. (e.g. Secret experimentation with instruments like H.A.A.R.P.) !! & much much more ..

    while using it to Herd & Swarm the innocent into immoral actions .. and even sway their minds & moods by Cloud-Seeding ‘Voraus’ , (in advance) in order to facilitate the better FUNKtionality of an instrument like H.A.A.R.P. ! after gassing the upper atmosphere with a very SECRET COCKTAIL of chemical constituents attached to Nanoparticles &

    FUNK dat’ !!

    Suppressors were always quintessential to Radio Engineering, electronically speaking ..

  2. USAma Bin Laden says

    Feinstein, Merkley, Markey, and Sanders themselves are not opponents of the American Empire nor are they advocates of peace.

    They represent a certain view within the American Empire that seeks “arms control” agreements because they fear America is behind Russia in the development of certain weapons systems, and they hope to limit this gap and allow the USA to catch up.

    In other words, even when America purports to offer arms control negotiations, it is not done out of any desire for peace, but rather is a Machiavellian tactic to advance America’s ultimate, indeed its one true goal: American world dominance.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’, USAma-nothing less will do for God’s current favourite ‘Chosen People’.

    • Google Talpiot Program says

      “They represent a certain view within the American Empire that seeks “arms control” agreements because they fear America is behind Russia in the development of certain weapons systems, and they hope to limit this gap and allow the USA to catch up.”

      LOL the US behind Russia in terms of military tech is so far from the truth its absurd.

      Russia buys all their drones from Israel because they performed that badly in the Georgian conflict.

      Drones are the future of military conflict and the US is far ahead of Russia there.

  3. Tony M says

    I don’t think in the country Britain anyone has ever known a free and uncontrolled media, total-control was exercised before and during the 1st world war over print media, though it might arguably have relaxed slightly during the twenties, probably only to disseminate the prejudices of their proprietors. No sooner than had wireless reached an audience outside of enthusiasts for the technical aspects poking at hit-and-miss crystal-set point contact rectifiers (which were only ever viable for those living in very near range of transmitters) then it too came under government control, with Reith as head of the then newly formed British Broadcasting Company, later Corporation, very probably blackmailed over homosexual relationships quite at odds with his upright and religious public persona, submitting to becoming a government mouthpiece around the time of the miners and then General Strike (1926), when the government itself was driven to produce a propaganda newsheet which was with the commercial presses closed-down, all that was available. By the late thirties and the approach of war, and with consolidation of press ownership making it far easier, total control was again resumed for the duration of hostilities. Orwell would have it that thereafter it was never really relinquished. Though I don’t think he could have anticipated the reverse, where media corporations control government, by deciding who will and will not be elected or retain power by giving or with-holding support.

    In America with its geographical spread regional and independent newspapers possibly recovered and held out post-war for a little while, but advertisers and thus corporations soon enough would call the shots.

    If there ever was a golden-age of press freedom it was short-lived and a long, long time ago. It was probably just a figment of everybody’s imagination. The internet I’m afraid is no substitute. Print media are not much more than comics, TV a baby-sitter and soother for geriatrics, the radio background noise to drown out people’s screams whilst in the dentist’s chair.

    • Kathy says

      I don’t think it is the media that has changed as such. It is more the sheer volume and amount of that propaganda. Also it is the general public and their media habits. It has become a constant companion for a lot of people now. I remember when I was a child my gran used to tell me about a friend she had. Who having just got a radio for the first time said.. My radio ses tes gonna rain today. What en your,n say. I think it was such a small part of the peoples over all narrative in years past. Unlike today where its a constant presence and a relentless bombardment all around people. I also think that people in general had a more sensible and rounded approach to it. They were not so sucked in. Television has been a great tool for the state. People are far more likely to take advice from it then from each other. All this manipulative and so called reality TV. Encouraging mass participation of cheer or jeer. There is also the brainwave frequencies that are used to transmit it on.

      • Google Talpiot Program says

        The biggest problem is that controlled opposition and “alternative media” on the internet is so prevalent now that the advantages of the internet that once existed are actually becoming disadvantages in bringing about resistance.

        See the “alternative” media in almost agreement on how great and altruistic Putin’s government is. Which is a load of obviously disproven nonsense,

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          Always good to read the views of a real Yankee Doodle patriot.

          • Google Talpiot Program says

            I’m British actually.

            Just think it’s important to get the facts straight on Putin. There are no political saviours, no easy “good” or “bad” choice and Putin is clearly looking out for himself to a large extent.

            • Carey says

              It appears to me that Mr. Putin is looking out for his country.

            • This is true. Far too many people who ought to know better are effectively taking the opposite of the MSM narrative and making this their world view. So if the media says “Putin is an avaricious thug”, for example, they say “Nonsense! Putin is an altruistic saint!”

              Binary thinking and hero worshipping certain heads of state…along with attributing geopolitical events and scenarios to the actions of supernaturally powerful and diabolically inclined individuals who control the world via their will alone is, sadly, what passes for informed and critical thought for much of the internet-era left.

              • Alpha Particle says

                Bit patronising, no? “Why can’t other people be clever and nuanced like me?”

                My personal opinion on Putin, and a lot of other things is – what does the evidence tell me. Shall we agree the evidence for Putin being a thug is currently minimal to none, and the evidence for him being a guy who got into office determined to improve his nation’s standing and the lives of his countrymen is quite considerable?

                Is that binary thinking or simple observation?

    • bevin says

      “.. total-control was exercised before and during the 1st world war over print media,…”
      This is not true. Before the First World War there was little, if any, censorship of print media. In fact there was a lively radical and Socialist Press.

      • Tony M says

        I concede you may have a point, but not a strong one. I’ll grant too that your comments are often well-founded and rivetting informative reads, so I’m not spoiling for an argument. I recognise too that this is taking this thread of the discussion further from the more important and immediate concerns of our present day predicament and don’t want to get too far down this cul-de-sac.

        I really meant beginning with the build-up to that war, there must have been some preconditioning of the masses, when before general conscription, so many went off like lemmings, expecting to be ‘home again by christmas’. There is evidence that the British deep-state well before the outbreak of war, possibly as far back 1908, decided upon a confected Belgian pretext as the public justification for their entering the looming conflict for which all but Germany and Austria were spoiling, quite outside of the now well-known but then secret agreements to back France and thus Russia, with whom France had public military alliances. If the public pretext was so long prepared in advance then went off like clockwork and everyone fell for it, and still many do today, then the pre-war planning must have extended to maybe not so overt but certainly still considerable control over the sphere of public (dis)information.

        Do some radical pamphlets really represent the mainstream, such things are no more really suppressed now than then surely? What were the most popular in sales and reach and influence over the not yet fully literate populace in the half-dozen or so years before the outbreak of ww1, there must certainly have been increasing if not yet the near total control that would soon come about.

        • @Tony M. I agree with your view that control of the British press goes back to the beginning of the 20th century, and have posted once or twice on the similarity of our present situation and that described by Hilaire Belloc in, The Free Press. In WW1 many major writers were working for a govt office as propaganda hacks, sincere in their belief that Germans were “milatiristic”. The famous writers of 1890-1920 — Buchan, Kipling, Chesterton, Shaw — were the literature boyhood, and their Germans (like my Germans in the Hitler years) were regimented warriors. So it was quite a surprise to go back earlier in the 19th century and find an English Literature inhabited by Germans of a genial, bucolic, even philosophical nature. Of course the Court itself was still quite German — at least up till the death of Victoria, and this must have been a factor in the different “spin” on Germans (genial vs militaristic) in Eng.Lit before and after 1900.

          • Tony M says

            Thanks for this. I hadn’t even considered the field of actual fiction writing – though the daily news is very much a form of fiction too – powerfully targetting a receptive and gullible audience, the impact of which must have been considerable and the timescale over which it operated far longer in advance than the chip-wrapper daily press. Buchan was most certainly on the government payroll propaganda arm by 1914 when The 39 Steps was written, being first serialised in and giving a boost to the by then flagging Edinburgh-published Blackwood’s Magazine.

            Moustache twirling villains in spiked helmets were by then probably common-fare.

          • Tony M says

            Belloc, discussing Britain in The Free Press, publishing in 1917 suggests a free press had not existed for some 20 years, hence 1897.

            “Is not everything which the regime desires to be suppressed, suppressed? Is not everything which it desires suggested, suggested? And is there any public question which would weaken the regime, and the discussion of which is ever allowed to appear in the great Capitalist journals?
            There has not been such a case for at least twenty years.”


  4. Tony M says

    I’m glad McGovern expanded the far more cliched ‘military-industrial complex’ to ‘military-industrial-Congressional-intelligence-media’, drafts of Eisenhower’s speech did include Congress too but it was edited down to the more catchy MIC. Media is less of an addition but a multiplier.

    It’s the missile-gap, or the Brown-Windsor Soup gap all over again. But do these Senators (was it? I’m a bit of a naif on American politics) really want to bring about de-escalation or to ramp up Amercian spending and weapons stockpiles to match possibly incorrect guesstimates of Russian capabilities? I certainly don’t want to see more, and more deadly toys in the hands of these loons. The horrifying spectre of a unipolar world seems to be receding, but Putin won’t be around for ever, sadly (and I mean that most sincerely, folks) though I no more want a bi-polar (lol) world than a multi-polar world, but a non-polar world. A nuclear-weapons and a nuclear-power -free world, is the only sustainable future, because these things will kill us and most highly-evolved life on earth, even with the best will and intentions, the cleverest brains, they’re dangerous without even factoring in the inherent craziness of human-beings. Without nukes, we’d still have the chemical and biological equivalents, but even at their worst they’d still leave an inhabitable planet for the survivors in the medium-term.

    It’s a people thing really. The mad and the power-mad, and those who seek it.
    Peel away the many layers of obfuscation and, much like economics, it’s really very simple, significant number of people are amoral, the immediate rewards of instant gratification over-rule the shared-out, far smaller portions of reward and benefits of the co-operative and communal approach. They’re dangerous, they’re possibly insane, they may have some genetic flaw which if not perpetuated and increased by selection would still arise naturally too but would be on a lesser scale we could deal with by care-in-the-community or treat as we once dealt with the related affliction of religion, which is harmless on the individual scale but dangerous when they combine, and seclude them in monasteries, nunneries and similar, with bars on the windows and strong doors. Mad as hatters from mercury poisoning or swallowing lumps of lead, or the least increase in exposure to radiation which damages IQ and behaviour long before and physiological symptoms become apparent, or environmental poisoning, electromagnetic radiation perhaps, who knows. They shouldn’t be walking the streets, they do want locking-up, not for their own good but for ‘ours’, all of us. Keeping their hands off WMD should be done for the same reasons as keeping them away from sharp-objects.

  5. notheonly1 says

    In the hopes to get newer pictures on the lava eruption in my neighborhood of Leilani Estates on the Big Island of Hawai’i, I had tuned into ‘NTV’, the German dependent of the Western media Krake. The quality of this propaganda outlet is sub par to even the ‘Bild’ printed rag, but I would endure great mediocrity to get more info on the rapidly spreading lava eruption now 500 yards from what I consider my home.

    Then I had to turn this liquid manure spreader like outlet off when, instead of informing people about important developments in the world, a report was shown about the putting into operations of the new presidential limousine. Under the title:

    “Zar Putin’s new limousine.”

    Like all the other main feces media outlets –

    …owned outright by the controlling owners of the very same mega-corporations that manufacture and sell weapons to the Pentagon and to its allied militaries in Europe and the Middle East…as a military-industrial-media complex…

    willfully and eagerly only serving their Fascist masters, that can no longer be identified by wearing knee high shiny black leather boots, if they ever were.

    The indoctrination is so advanced and thorough that the masses of frogs in the ever hotter turning water only look outside their own pot with empty eyes. No quacking – just death through political heat stroke.

    However, the real sad part about all this is the fact that 50 years after the last attempt to bring about change to the dictatorial political regimes of the West, things have only gotten infinitely worse. Populations the globe over were and still are bribed with shiny, superfluous shit and sports to keep them from thinking about their own dire situation.

    Once again – evolution is not something done by homo sapiens – it is happening to homo sapiens based on his own behavior.

    sarcasm on:

    Homo Sapiens went extinct, because he really believed that the worshiping of the physical body and all matter outweigh the focus on spiritual and mental growth.

    Sorry, got to go, there is a football/soccer/tennis/polo/rugby/game on, a boxing/golf/running/swimming/surfing championship, a nascar/formula 1/motorcycle race – some penile measuring competition of some sorts.

    Will some Aliens later say:

    “Wow, a few years ago and the planet was packed with humans. They must have exterminated themselves. Looks really bad. Oh, well. Another one bit the dust.”

    • Hugh O'Neill says

      As I have said before here, in Roman times there was “Panes et Circenses” (Bread & Circuses) but now we have to pay for both. But the gladiators under Spartacus were much smarter than we are, though it didn’t end well for them…

    • @notheonly1: “Sorry, got to go, there is a football/soccer/tennis/polo/rugby/game on, a boxing/golf/running/swimming/surfing championship, a nascar/formula 1/motorcycle race”.

      Gosh, for a moment I thought I was viewing my family Whatsup. Tried to introduce there a few topics like the ones here on OffG — streng verboten.

      Am I getting old, or is there really a more conformist attitude these days? Or am I the one who is crassly destroying the delicate bloom on the flower of everyday conversation by trying to introduce a “controversial topic”?

      • notheonly1 says

        It is very painful. Just to imagine to what extend evolution progressed regarding Homo Sapiens to arrive where?
        The issue is even more encompassing when applied to ‘controversial topics/views’ – as if there is no more area in the constantly busy brain of ‘Homo Millenniens’ vacant, to view such alternative point-of-views, or to elaborate on differing insights.

        The traditional practice of debating seems to be all but lost, if it ever existed in Western societies to the extend it is part of Eastern philosophy. To have a view differing from the ‘main stream’ mindset is becoming outright dangerous.

        On a side note and regarding the offerings on German TV I had this realization today:

        Show me the Television programming of a Nation and I can tell you who the people of that Nation are.

        Question number one in any meaningful conversation should still be “What do you think life is really about?” It will separate the chaff from the wheat.

  6. Kathy says

    Meanwhile back at the M,S,M. Kim Kardashian wore a dress, Megan and Harry are getting married, Some random cleb took some cloths off. Well we cant have hoi polloi thinking or gaining knowledge can we. It is so blatant and so obvious. The tendrils of the deep state have enveloped and permeated all media. Every thing has become an exercise in manipulation and mind control. It is rolled out in mantra over and over. On all sides, on all channels and in all the papers and magazines. We will tell you what to think. We will tell you who to trust, War is peace because. We are waging it. We are the good and the good are the bad. This all enhanced by the stream of brain numbing, soul corrupting vacuous tittle tattle. It is like the snake that consumed the world. The control of the narrative is obviously now in danger of being corrupted by :Truth Seekers: How very dare they. Talk about peace. Exposing our lies. They must be stopped. We must call them fake news. That will work. The people will never suspect a thing. It is no surprise that any news of positivity or peace making is swallowed whole by the leviathan. But the truth will out in the end. We must all keep the faith.

  7. Big B says

    On the matter of the congratulation of Vladimir Putin: Jeremy Corbyn’s exact words (from Hansard):

    It was surprising that any democratic leader saw fit to congratulate Vladimir Putin on his election. I hope the Prime Minister will show the same consistency this week by refusing to congratulate President Sisi of Egypt on his sham re-election to office. President Putin’s re-election has been preceded in the past year not just by the abuses that we have already discussed, and that the Russian state has committed or abetted overseas, but by blatant abuses at home as well.

    Full quote: https://off-guardian.org/2018/04/22/alexander-shulgin-to-the-opcw/#comments
    Full Speech: https://hansard.parliament.uk/commons/2018-03-26/debates/B5EF4CEE-D0E9-4613-81C4-DDD9F03015EE/NationalSecurityAndRussia

    He will be our prime representative and chief negotiator (along with Emily “we need a to re-arm” Thornberry) if there is a Labour government. Just in case anyone thinks the present Russophobia will be diffused: especially when they put a Magnitsky sanctions law into force …for Bill Browder: on the advice of Alexei Navalny.

    • Harry Law says

      Corbyn said in that HoC debate on 26th March 18…
      “Based on the analysis conducted by Government scientists, there can be little doubt that the nerve agent used in this attack was military-grade Novichok of a type manufactured by Russia”. and
      “That suggests that just over a decade ago Russia invested in the use of nerve agents and developed new stockpiles of Novichok to that end. There is clear evidence that the Russian state has a case to answer, and it has failed to do so. We can therefore draw no other conclusion than that Russia has a direct or indirect responsibility for this”.
      Craig Murray refuted that analysis in his blog on 22nd March 18 “Boris Johnson a categorical liar”
      This sworn Court evidence direct from Porton Down is utterly incompatible with what Boris Johnson has been saying. The truth is that Porton Down have not even positively identified this as a “Novichok”, as opposed to “a closely related agent”. Even if it were a “Novichok” that would not prove manufacture in Russia, and a “closely related agent” could be manufactured by literally scores of state and non-state actors.
      This constitutes irrefutable evidence that the government have been straight out lying – to Parliament, to the EU, to NATO, to the United Nations, and above all to the people
      Corbyn knowing all this [or he should have] backs up the Government. Also if the UK government knew the Russians had been stockpiling these chemicals for 10 years they had a duty to inform the OPCW, why did the not do so?

      • Vlad the Inhaler says

        Have any of the Porton Down scientists ‘committed suicide’ yet?

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          I believe the correct usages is ‘..have been suicided…

        • rtj1211 says

          Some committed professional suicide by refusing to say Russia made the Novichoks ‘used’ in Salisbury…..

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      The Guardian today has a LUDICROUS story concerning the outrage being expressed because the Murdochite controlled but, putatively, Government owned ABC, had a Russian journalist as a guest, who dared to defend Putin, and-God help us all-mention the inconvenient truth that the Ukrainian regime had been installed in a fascist putsch!!! So, in the glorious ‘Free World’ it is fine to have literally scores of commenters who compete to be the most abusive, hypocritical and frankly mendacious in abusing Russia as the seat of Evil in the world, and Putin as some sort of ‘New Hitler’, but one speaker appears who contradicts that universal Groupthink, and the Imperial fascists go ape-shit and commence chewing the carpet, furniture and other fittings. Can they conceivably grow any more foul?

    • @BigB. So, even if a Corbyn govt manages to introduce some socialist policies it will be like the Attlee govt: anti-Russian and pro-Nuclear? Domestic sanity but raving Lunacy outside the house.

  8. Jen says

    Good proof if there ever was that the news media in the US – and by extension in other English-speaking countries – now simply functions as the self-censoring, self-filtering public relations arm of an almighty octopoid-like monster that has grown within the shell and structures of governments and their bureaucracies, but whose brain is directed by corporations (with their fingers in several pies including the arms industry and finance), think tanks and their lobbyists.

    Whatever doesn’t register in the mainstream media of the Police States of America also won’t register in the Australian MSM.

  9. summitflyer says

    Blissfully walking into nuclear Armageddon is the best way to describe it .Get me another beer hon , will you ….

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