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WATCH: “9/11 explosive evidence”

A free 1-hr version of AE911Truth’s documentary presenting what it sees as the powerful evidence for controlled demolition of the three WTC towers that collapsed on September 11 2001. It’s a case many readers will already know well, but which others may be discovering afresh. OffG supports the call for a new investigation in light of the numerous errors and omissions in the NIST and FEMA analyses.

The sudden, complete collapse of the third skyscraper,WTC Building 7 at 5:20pm on 9/11 at free-fall acceleration, is now being seen around the world as “the smoking gun” which disproves the official story about 9/11. These experts also introduce additional “overwhelming evidence” for a controlled demolition hypothesis of the three World Trade Center highrises – which raises many disturbing questions.


  1. Kremlin' bot says

    The organization architects & engineers for 9/11 truth (??) rules out that the World Trade Center was destroyed by nuclear weapons.



    how do you explain – without a nuclear charge – the formation of a mushroom cloud over Building 7, towering one mile above the City?

    how do you explain – without a nuclear charge – the formation of a vortex in the mushroom cloud over Building 7?

    how do you explain – without a nuclear charge – the non-conservation of angular momentum when the South Towers Top toppled over and stabilized suddenly in freefall at 15° (a nuclear charge would produce a rising fountain of material acting as a stopping bolt)?

    how do you explain – without a nuclear charge – the eruption of white gases from underground, mixing with the black clouds of the Tower’s dust?

    how do you explain – without a nuclear charge – the scintillation phenomena of the cameras, which started to register green dots, blue stripes etc, as soon as the fleeing cameramen were engulfed in the [e.g. radioactive] dustcloud?

    have you taken into account that many iron isotopes are stable an will not be activated by neutron radiation?

    • JBot says

      More important questions would seem to be:

      (a) why you think there was a mushroom cloud over Building 7?

      (b) why you think only nukes produce mushroom clouds?

      • Kremlin' bot says

        a) there was definitely mushroom clouds above each ground zero, wtc1, wtc2, wtc7.
        look at the photos. perhaps you don’t know exactly what the pulverization of steel and concrete looked like that very day:

        b) never said that only nukes produce mushroom clouds. who would be that stupid and dishonest?

        c) read what Heinz Pommer answers to ae911 so called ‘truth’ in the link provided.
        Heinz Pommer adds the paperworks of ae911 so called truth because he is honest. yet he can be wrong, not saying Heinz Pommer is right about every 9/11 issue he writes about.

        • Admin says

          You mean the PTB used a nuke, went to enormous efforts to conceal the fact and then accidentally gave the game away by calling the epicentre “ground zero”?

          Rookie mistake.

          • Kremlin' bot says

            none rookie mistake. i guess they like to mock usa citizens by telling half-openly what they dared to do.

            george herbet bush announced a ‘new fuckin world order’ on september 11, 1991 and other times..

            i agree that nukes issue is a beef among conspiracy nuts. the Others have not even cross the 9/11 false rubicon so to start a nuke discussion would be, is definitely counter-productive..

            i say i **guess** because no one knows what TPB (if you mean The Powers that B, ie TPTB) think when they do things like that, and who can be 98% sure about all what happened on september 11, 2001?

            a) do you know about the cherenkov effect? guess what? do you remember the ‘tribute in light’ at ground zero every night in New York City?

            b) why the 3 water fountains above ground zero? to contain the radioactivity, according to pro-nuclear 9/11.
            read Heinz Pommer work, he speaks about it.

            c) why the gas eruptions from the ground?
            at 09:46seconds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_64RigP1Fk

            PART 1

            • Kremlin' bot says

              PART 2. only two hyperlinks is awful. do you imagine that one invents what he claims about 9/11 nuclear attack? 🙂

              don’t forget the frequently asked questions 😉

              just look at the nuclear attack that many (most?) conspiracy nuts do not know about:
              first, because nobody can imagine Nuked York City did happen
              second, some (many?) conspiracy nuts deny the nuclear attack.

              Heinz Pommer last stance, zip-package (download opens directly)

            • Kremlin' bot says

              PART 3

              more explanation:

              (but it’s better to read all chapters directly on his site!)

              here are Heinz Pommer words:

              **Stay sceptic all the time! I also stray between several physical models and bomb designs (the latter task I dislike, but these thoughts and efforts must be included)**

              **I am (Heinz Pommer speaking) more and more focusing on a slow energy input in the ground (via a 4He + 9Be fusion, powered by subcritical uranium fission neutron flux)
              Time of energy input: 60 minutes; advantage: heavy gamma radiation (soundless destruction)

              However, I (HP) leave the option of a nuclear bomb open (time of energy input: 6 seconds), as so many people insist on it…

              Time will tell!**

            • la Cariatide says

              PART 5

              4. Dimitri Khalezov: http://www.911thology.com/

              so, perhaps none of them get the whole truth about Nuked York City, they do their work, it’s up to us to read them, to compare the arguments, who is the closest to the truth is not that much important..

              when physicist explain that the energy needed to pulverize to dust concrete and steel buildings, you listen to them. perhaps they are wrong is some of their points, but they nail the issue: jetfuel can’t melt steel beams.. and regular explosives not thermite can’t turn steel and concrete into so much dust!

  2. Streamed live 8 hours ago

    9/11: An Architect’s Guide (On-Demand) | Part 2: The Twin Towers’ Explosive Destruction

  3. Harry Stotle says

    “You can’t do science when you are deprived of the evidence and when your hypothesis is the least valid instead of the most likely” (at 09:12) – what part of this don’t the US authorities understand?

    Shame on all those propping up the official myth.

  4. wardropper says

    Two things emerge here as shockingly obvious:
    1. WTC7 had nothing to do with planes or fires.
    2. Some people in Congress must have had sufficient basic training in physics to hear alarm bells ringing in their heads when called upon to digest the information and footage available to them.
    The depressing conclusion to be drawn from this is that the “authorities” didn’t even care that the science of the official story didn’t make sense.
    That’s right, they didn’t care, because the people of the US are of no importance to their own government.
    It’s the narrative (Hollywood version) that counts, folks.

    • Well the USS Liberty kinda’ proved that, way back in ’67’ when the IDF Airforce judiciously murdered 35 US citizens and crippled the reconnaissance ship in international waters, whilst seizing the Golan Heights from Syria, (still stealing Syrian resources, there today) , after & despite the first Israeli Pilot on scene warned HQ & other pilots of the ship’s USA origins: refused to attack, flew directly home & got arrested immediately for disobeying the order to Attack the USA ..

      Children under 5 years of age were calculated NOT as having suffered any psychological consequences whatsoever, from losing a parent, when Israel & the US Government covered up the whole MURDEROUS sordid affair with compensation to family members: who remain bitter to this day: especially due to inadequate PUBLIC CLOSURE & disclosure in the annals of E.i. e.g. Murdoch & many others’ Zionist owned MSM punters of evil incarnate .. >>

      Understandably so ..

  5. Robbobbobin says

    Too techy for me. I prefer creative writing.

    Steel, Plane, Mud: Fast Talking for Dummies

    “It appears a small, twin-engined prop plane crashed into one of the towers at the World Trade Center in New York City.”

    Question 1: How many words can you say in a nanosecond?

    “I’m not sure that I knew enough to use eleven words.”

    Question 2: How fast can you heard an eleven-word whisper IF you didn’t already knowed the answer?

    When he went into a classroom at the Emma E. Booker Elementary School on 9/11/2001,

    Question 3: how many small, twin-engined prop planes did President Bush II think had crashed into what trade towers at which World Trade Centers in where are New York Cities? I thought this was Sarasota.

    A: One, because he already seed the first one was a passenger jet on TV before it was broadcast.
    B: Two
    C: None, because he already seed the first one was a passenger jet on TV before it was broadcast.

    Question 4: How many words can you say in 25 minutes full of nanoseconds?
    More than this many?

    Question 5: Does that answer the question?
    A: Yes
    B: No
    C: That’s an awful lot of words. I am totally awed. I didn’t know talk so fast. I completely endorse your course. Every word flashed by so quick I have completely forgotten everthing about anything. What question? Is there a question?

  6. rtj1211 says

    WTC7 fell at free fall acceleration rates into its own footprint.

    This is consistent with professional demolition with explosives.

    The smoking gun is proof that WTC7 was fitted out with explosives prior to 9/11 and detonated on 9/11.

    If so:
    1) Who supplied the explosives to whom?
    2) Who installed the explosives in WTC7?
    3) Who in the management hierarchy of WTC7 ownership knew it was being installed?
    4) Who gave the order to detonate?
    5) Who set the detonation in train?

    Let us assume part of the $2.3trn black hole in Pentagon funds was siphoned off for 9/11. Someone will know how that siphoning occurred.

    Let us assume nanothermite was used. Someone will know who made it and who supplied it.

    Let us assume microwave technology was used to trigger remote detonation. Someone will know who gave the order to trigger it.

    Remember, the budget analysts’ office in the Pentagon was hit by a missile, killing all those i vestigating the black hole. The back up servers? In WTC7. Were there others? Someone was tying up loose ends. Who?

    President Trump approves of torture as it works.

    A bit of torture might be appropriate for some very high level officials covering up 9/11. Torture Donald Rumsfeld. Torture Dick Cheney. Torture Philip Zellikow. Etc etc. Certainly torture a few Israelis and a few Saudis.

    Soon find out how much Capitol Hill approves of torture when it is them being tortured, eh?

    • @rtj. Good questions. But torture is the very worst way to get at the truth. So is bribery, the other favourite method of criminals. People will confess to anything under torture, and accuse anyone for money. Ordinary police work will do in this case, there are more than enough clues. The delay up till now has been caused by Leaders who consider themselves above the Law. They must be proved wrong: fiat justicia et ruat caelum. Let justice be done even if the ceiling falls down.

      “Only the facts, Ma’am, just gimme the facts”. — Dragnet

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        Torture is committed for the sadistic pleasure of the psychopaths inflicting it, and to terrorise and intimidate populations afflicted by it, which is why Israel has used mass torture consistently for decades, in the Occupied Territories, Israel itself, and southern Lebanon at the infamous Khiam torture centre. And the experience in torturing Arabs and Moslems with techniques like forced nakedness, sexual humiliation, the use of dogs and stress positions, is why the USA turned to Israel for expertise as it commenced mass torture operations in Iraq.

  7. Alan says

    The governments conspiracy theory is awash with inconsistencies and downright lies. A further investigation conducted by whom, complicit agencies based upon ‘truther’ organisations that maintain the focus away from what really happened and is happening? How many have to die in endless wars based upon this event? The ongoing slaughter of those deemed enemies of democracy won’t stop just because a further ‘show’ investigation is undertaken. The real truth is multiple regimes and organisations know how this crime was perpetrated but just don’t give a damn, we after all are expendable as and when the need arises. We just have to accept what we know and act accordingly.

  8. mikael says

    I am more, uh…. to the core type, this, 9/11 was the begining of ww3, the one we are right inside as we speak, and it dont have nothing to do with politics, religion or whatever conscensus you think exists, its about Balls.
    Open your f…. eyes, and mind.
    Its all about balls, nothing else than Balls, and Punch hard, no mercy, and Truth, stands by it self, what sometimes lack is the weild dragged down infront of you, like the brand new one, about Self Hating Blacks, hehe, an narrative we have heard before dont we, about people, whom have either newly found their own balls or is just another sting pupet.
    Hard to tel this days, but to me, Palestina shines thru, an field where you need brass balls to enter, and my humble advice is to stay clear, truth, again stands by it self, and you done need to do one thing they cant, just one, and they will attack you never the less, because they own the MSM, with everything, and they play dirty as well never understemate the scumbags ability to be just that, assh….. , but even they cant do anything against the truth, they know it, I know it, you have to belivie it, and never give in.
    And do notise, they never face you, because they know I can bitchslap them with everything.
    Intellegent my ass, they have one thing we dont, the MSM, period, nothing else, but that one matters, and they use ot for what ots worth and of course, cencures everything, its not here, its everywhere, incl science.
    Where I read something about magents that made sense, but its not known, why.
    Etc, etc, etc.

    False flags, period, the bigger the better, and this one was spectaculare and all encompasing in scale, wars have begun because of it, the war on terror, equally briliant as the war on poverty, war on racism, war on hate speach, war on drugs, and so on, dunka, dunka.

    The truth is, simple, right in front of you and yet you refuse to see it, willful ignorance is an deadly sin, an denile of facts, denile of realitys, and denile of effects that rose after this FF was done, aka Cui Bono, an hit job so obvious it hurts, where the pass ports where spotless, etc.
    I was watching the news that day, one of the few times in my life I bothered to follow the Criminals News Network, aka CNN, there are inconsitenys, flatout fakes, never happened episodes, and some massive contradictions regarding what happened in this towers, where people where alive and looking out for help from the impact zone of an f…. airplain, with thousands of liters of high flamable cerrosot fuel, and it dont even look burned, open ypur eyes, it must be something else, because it look more like detonations than an entire plain exploded inside and on the impact area, look at it, and tel me, am I wrong.
    Have you learned nothing, from so called war images of explosions to this with the twin towers, nada, huh, what are you smoking, jesus.

    I could go on to incl cruise missle, but leaves it there, it was all an act to cover crimes, massive welth shifted hands those days, I dont like to write about it because this scumbags are dangerous, and have gov. in their pockets, follow the money trail.

    Eventually we can boil everything, to an level where even Trump can get it if He reads this, an prof of how beutiful math can be, an equation so simple it stunning, and tels everything you need to know, what comes after is spin offs, and the politics to cover them in an smoke skreen I call the war on terror, witch isnt anything else than good old fasioned Imperialism, period.
    The answer: 2 Planes = 3 Building.

    Have an nice day.


  9. LB says

    The only real investigation done so far into what actually happened on 9/11 is by Dr Judy Wood, if you have not read her book, Where Did The Towers Go? you need to, she is not one of the most censored people on the subject of 9/11 for nothing, people who have not read her book yet claim to know what happened on 9/11 are not worth listening to.
    Controlled Demolition? – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xb2PF5f8CzA

    • There are literally dozens, maybe hundreds, of videos of Judy Wood and her theories on Youtube, and her book is available on Amazon. By “censored” do you mean “widely disagreed with by most scientists in the truth movement”? Because the latter statement seems closer to the truth.

      • LB says

        No, i mean censored, she is not disagreed with as you claim, because none of those people who “disagree” actually address the evidence provided in her book, all they do is call her names, as is the tactic of idiots and scumbags, as i said, anyone who claims to know what happened who hasn’t read the book is not worth listening to, to understand the censorship placed upon her you would have to watch the interviews she has done with Andrew Johnson, which would also open your eyes to just how corrupt the “scientists” in the 9/11 truth movement are.

    • @LB. Mouth watering plug. Could you perhaps provide a synopsis of its contents? Or would that spoil us for buying the book?

      • vexaverb- I don’t know an awful lot about Judy Wood and was initially impressed by her, but I do know that there is a feeling amongst 9/11 truthers that she is a plant from the other side. Apparently he is aggressively defensive of her own views and vociferously critical of the views of other 9/11 truthers. In a loose organisation that is generally respectful of views of fellow researchers it is easy to see why she might well be a plant.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          It’s a standard disinfo tactic to promote ludicrous theories, obviously bizarre and scatter-brained, and hope that they discredit the real alternatives to the laughable ‘Official Version’ through ‘guilt by association’. The ‘JFK was shot by a Secret Serviceman accidentally, from the motorcade, BEHIND the President’ theory that was briefly ventilated with much publicity in 2013, was a classic of the type.

        • LB says

          When people are attacked as much as Dr Wood it would be a good idea to check out for yourself why she is being attacked, read her book for yourself a decide if she is a plant.

          • Mulga Mumblebrain says

            Oh, I have. She’s a diversionary tactic. In my opinion.

            • LB says

              Could you enlighten us then please, which part or parts of the evidence provided in her book has she got wrong? If i am being lied to i want to know, be specific please.

              • Robbobbobin says

                I found heaps of people shredding her theories on my Google thing. Maybe the Interpipes are getting blocked up a bit down you way? You near Kilauea by any chance?

              • Robbobbobin says

                “…as i said, anyone who claims to know what happened who hasn’t read the book is not worth listening to, to understand the censorship placed upon her you would have to watch the interviews she has done with Andrew Johnson, which would also open your eyes to just how corrupt the “scientists” in the 9/11 truth movement are.”

                I mean, isn’t that your specific conclusion about her theories? So why does it bother you that there’s disagreement with her theories? Even straightforward pooh-poohing? How many people do you think have tried to rubbish Einsten’s ideas in the last 100 odd years? Do you think he or those who thought he was onto something cared about them? It was a long time before all his specific and falsifiable predictions based on them were tested and found (so far) to have held up. The last of them only within the last year, in fact.

                She agrees with herself and so do you; no doubt others too. So what’s your problem? Want somebody to build a church around her?

      • Robbobbobin says

        “Mouth watering plug. Could you perhaps provide a synopsis of its contents? Or would that spoil us for buying the book.”

        I read that, went to the front page of Amazon, selected “Books” from the search box dropdown, typed in “Judy Wo” and it autocompleted her name and the title. Down the page a bit was the beginning of a synopsis and a “Read more”. So I did. Was there still more? Went to Google and again got an autocomplete on her name and the title. Added the word “review” and got a whole heap of entries. Didn’t bother to go any further. Oh, yes, and, the Google autocomplete also offered a .pdf download. You may choose to download and open it, I didn’t, so I don’t know if it’s her book or a commentary. Maybe I will when I’m at my desktop running Qubes – adobe not a lot better than structural steel when it comes to falling down. But probably not. Many pretty good review synopses out there give a good (or bad) enough idea of the content and our bathroom needs repainting.

    • Okulo says

      As somebody who has been skeptical about 9/11 and followed the whole 9/11 Truth thing (I hesitate to call it a movement) from the outset, it has been pretty obvious that there have been efforts to cause rifts from the beginning. Difference of opinion is one thing but vitriolic feuding is something else. I always felt that disproving the official story was far more important than proving alternatives and theorising what actually happened was a trap which the media loved as it vindicated the use of the epithetical term, conspiracy theorist’.

      Consequently, whatever the truth is about 9/11 is tangled up in a web of theories which are contradictory and disparate and it is safe to say that the definitive truth will never be known. How much credit for that goes to whom, I cannot say but there was always something distasteful about how ego dominated the debate.

      I thought this was a new film but it is an edited version of a six year old documentary. That seems old now but when I reflect on just how long this has been under scrutiny, the controversies and the forgotten heroes and villains (depending on one’s perspective) along the way (I was momentarily tempted to list those I could remember) who may have had genuine intensions but led eager and/or naive thinkers into the wastelands of paranoia, I wonder what has any of it achieved.

      In the beginning, based on some biological data that I had learned, I theorised that if the momentum of consciousness of an event like 9/11 did not shift within seven years, it would solidify. That date passed long ago and now we approach a time when the mortality of the guilty will facilitate their evasion of justice. Only hard evidence from within will make any difference.

      • There is a lot in what you say, but the important point to remember is that the majority of 9/11 truthers are respectful of the views of others, and the most influential truthers avoid theories and concentrate on the established facts of the case in order to call into question the official view. In that respect, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth have legitimsed the area because they call for another investigation on the grounds that they have proved beyond reasonable doubt that the official narrative cannot stand because it conflicts with the laws of physics.

      • Okulo. In plain words, you think they got away with their deception? Quite the contrary: high placedvillains may die without having been brought to justice because they were above the Law; but the truth about their modus operandi has come out through patient, objective and respectful (not “paranoid”) investigations by ordinary (though technically trained) citizens — controlled demolition it is.

        “The truth rarely if ever convinces its opponents; it simply outlives them” — Max Planck.

      • The hard evidence is that the buildings came down by controlled demolition. Virtually all truthers agree on that. Whether they think Directed Energy Weapons, nuclear and/or nanothermite were involved is not so important. All agree controlled demolition and the proof of NIST’s fraudulence in their approach is right in your face. Did you watch the video I wonder.

    • Tony M says

      It’s some garbage about non-existent DEW, directed-energy weapons is it not. Pseudo-scientific I would say almost comic muddying of the waters.

      Far, far more credible and realistic, and possible without science-fiction, is small nukes, deep below well-below the lowest sub-basement level, in the bedrock, but not the so-called mini-nukes of from 0.1 to 10 kilotons TNT equivalent, but somewhere in the range of 100-150 kilotons TNT equivalent, provision for which could have been made as part of the original design, as plans for their eventual demolition at the end of their life was required for their construction approval in the first place. The shockwave would travel up the building structure accentuated at the visible damaged areas, the result being collapse into a void below similar to a sinkhole into which the building remains would be contained, similar to the circular surface crater found at sites where underground nuclear-testing had taken place, deep enough for the resulting radiation to be almost completely contained but which would continue to generate heat in the bedrock which would require cooling in some manner similar to the marble-pool water-feature monument erected on the building footprint, for a year or two and after this same period negligible radiation.

      It has at least equal probability IMHO with tailored conventional controlled demolition with cutter-charges to sever all core columns where they emerge from the surface, in the basement, in two places 2.5-3.0 meters and apart then conventional explosives to blow these disconnected pieces sideways and drop the whole mass of the buildings above through that gap in freefall to cause a shockwave throughout the entire structure and house-of-cards collapse we all witnessed on TV which simply could not have resulted from impact from aeroplanes and subsequent fires.

      • LB says

        Nonsense, Dr Wood provides evidence and facts, which no one has successfully argued against, just because you are a small minded person that only believes in technology the governments and their masters allow you to know about does not mean there are not far more advanced tech that you do not know about, there are no theories in her book at all, which you would know if you actually read it, but just like MSM presstitutes and war criminal governments, you like to present your nonsense without any evidence to back up your claims

      • Well, Murdoch did have a commercial interest in TNT when he wiped all smiley dissent of the faces of those @Wapping , moving his News International from Fleet Street to Greys Inn Rd & Wapping Times The Sun certainly don’t shine thur’ anymore ..

        Maybe Thomas Nationwide Transport exported the left overs of the TNT from the Wapping Times to his New York offices & officers & harbingers of war, to secure the Golan Heights cover story, where he is still drilling for Oil & Gas in the name of Genie Energy, where the Sun still shines out of the rectum of Israeli interests, on the Golan ..

    • LB says

      Perhaps those who believe in the controlled demolition conspiracy theory could answer the questions at the bottom of this picture, and also explain what kind of bombs turn steel columns into dust in front of your eyes.

  10. bill says

    Just witnessed- a US judge makes a $billion settlement against who-yes Iran !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..so the huge forces which implemented and covered up this outrage are just going to roll over and be exposed as a consequence of a 2nd investigation…..?They would prefer to control it and redirect the blame to establish yet another war agenda with which manipulate the American people…….and if they dont control it ,they will derail it e.g the HSCA 77/78

  11. USAma Bin Laden says

    Some interesting “blast from the past” articles about 9-11 from our beloved newspaper … The Guardian, back when it was a bit more critically minded, shall we say…

    This war on terrorism is bogus

    Meacher sparks fury over claims on September 11 and Iraq war

    As former German minister and lawmaker, Andreas von Bulow, who is also a 9-11 Truther (as the mainstream media derisively calls those who question 9-11), the September 11th attacks were only an intelligence “failure” if you believe the official version of events.

    If you take a different view that 9-11 was in fact an inside job, then it was a spectacular success.

    “It depends how you interpret 9/11. If you believe that in fact there were 19 Muslim terrorist who carried out the attack on the orders of Osama Bin Laden, then the intelligence services have failed. If you think that it was itself an operation of the intelligence services, than they have not failed.”

  12. Fair dinkum says

    Why would they bother to bring down WTC 7 if it was gonna look suspicious and sully their propaganda. It doesn’t make sense.
    Apply Occam’s razor.
    The One Per Cent, the Israelis or the MIC don’t need terrorists to justify invasions or wars on those who they perceive as enemies. Look at South America, Russia and China. The war machine MAKES THE RULES to suit their agenda.
    911is history. Constant speculation is a distraction from the bloodbath that is about to begin.

    • JJA says

      Perhaps the plan was to fly a plane into WTC7 as well but for some reason, this was aborted. The explosives were already in place and primed to go, as in the other 2 towers. That is the Occam’s razor deduction I make.

      • monostrovich says

        Perhaps the plan was to fly a plane into WTC7 as well but for some reason, this was aborted.

        — rather obviously, Flight 93 missed its appointment with WTC-7 because it was shot down over Shanksville, Pennsylvania, after something went wrong with the plan. The 9/11 organizers debated for the next seven hours about what to do, but eventually decided that there was no alternative but to go ahead with the WTC-7 demolition and rely on the stooge media to cover it up.

        • MaryMary says

          The only problem is – flying an airplane into WTC7 would have been orders of magnitude harder than for WTCs 1 & 2. It was a comparatively short building (47 floors), necessitating a plane flying very very low and between other building to reach it. That doesn’t completely rule out the possibility of course. I’ve often thought 93 could have been destined for the White House.

        • The evidence clearly shows there was no plane crash at Shanksville and also that none of the nominated passenger airliners were involved in any of the crashes. The “plane crash” at Shanksville was a complete hoax as were so many of the events of the day.
          See this video, Hoodwinked at Shanksville: The Boeing 757 Challenge, youtube.com/watch?v=-2_em8G6DJE

        • WJ says

          I don’t think that’s obvious at all. For the reasons already stated. The bigger problem, from my point of view, is that once we accept that the official narrative of WTC-7 collapse is false (and I think we have good reasons to at least entertain this possibility), then we are simply in the position of knowing what didn’t happen on 9/11, not of knowing what did. And part of the frustration many of us feel is that there are so many competing accounts of what really happened on that day–some of them equally plausible but mutually incompatible; some of them less plausible; some of them just kooky–that the whole thing spins out of cognitive control relatively quickly. (I admire the stance taken by AE911 Truth that the only way to determine what really happened is a fully transparent criminal investigation with subpoena power; I also realize that this approach is somewhat nonsensical, since if government entities were shown to be involved in any way with even the cover up of 9/11, then it is quite obvious that they will not ever allow such a criminal investigation to go forward.) I don’t think any of us can really know with confidence what happened on 9/11. Those who claim to know what happened rabidly disagree with others claiming to know the same, and the movement by this dynamic undermines itself. This is not a critique, but an observation.

          • @WJ. “once we accept that the official narrative of WTC-7 collapse is false (and I think we have good reasons to at least entertain this possibility),”

            Precisely. And the patient, objective, cumulative evidence from AE911Truth is that good reason! If it were not for them I, for one, would still be sleeping. How about you; what objective evidence caused you to switch from a Believer to “at least an incipient” Truther?

            • WJ says

              The fact and manner of the buildings’ collapse, especially WTC 7. Because we don’t have to speculate whether they did collapse; because there are many eyewitness accounts and even early news reports of controlled demolition; because despite this fact the NIST report denies that there are such accounts, and did not even investigate the possibility of controlled demolition taking place; and because the NIST report admits at the same time that its conclusions cannot ultimately account for the manner and mode of the WTC-7 collapse.

          • Mulga Mumblebrain says

            The ONE thing we do know with absolute certainty is that the ‘Official Version’ is garbage, pure and simple.

            • I’m stunned that people even need to still discuss “garbage pure & simple” ..

              A clearer case of a manipulated investigation, that bares no relation to any logical physical science, has never existed & with too many reliable eye witnesses in the professions , inc. Firemen, to count: myself an ex-Fireman & watching every minute on Tv, unfolding after the initial hit where I had the volume down, (listening to music), I thought it was a CNN add for the latest Schwarzenegger or Willis movie and was muttering to myself .. from first glance, before any examination..

              “Well nobody gonna’ find that movie even remotely believable ..”

              But people still defy all odds and PHYSICS and insult the dead with their absofurkin’lutely unfurkin’believably retarded cognitive dissonance ..

              Anybody who believes the official story needs their head examined & THEIR RIGHT TO VOTE RESCINDED,
              SOFORT ! 😉 until they’ve conceded they were wrong, in writing.. 🙂

          • “official narrative of WTC-7 collapse is false (and I think we have good reasons to at least entertain this possibility)”

            The proof of WTC-7’s collapse by controlled demolition is right before our eyes. Let’s stop with the hedging and the doubt because there simply isn’t any. There is zero case for fire bringing the building down and it’s very, very easy as stated clearly by multi-award winning scientist, Lynn Margulis, in the video, to ascertain NIST’s complete and utter fraudulence in ignoring and denying evidence and simply making up a fire story that has no precedent. There is absolutely ZERO for fire and not a single one of the vociferous supporters of the “fire” explanation can come up with a single point to support fire as tested by my $5,000 Occam’s Razor challenge. http://occamsrazorterrorevents.weebly.com/911.html

            Can we please recognise proof when it is right before our eyes. We are not going to get any better proof anywhere else.

            Everything about WTC-7’s collapse is consistent with controlled demolition, nothing is inconsistent with it and nothing is consistent with fire or any other type of collapse. WTC-7 came down by controlled demolition. That is a very, very simple, ineluctable fact.

            • You said it .. 😉

              Ineluctable fact !
              (“Délicieux”:) )

              I had almost forgotten that word, living & working in foreign languages since 1990 ..

              “Those war plans rested on a belief in the ineluctable superiority of the offense over the defense” ( Jack Beatty).

    • Edwige says

      It makes sense viewed as part of an occult ritual.

      The Twin Towers representing dualities were rendered by a process of alchemy or magick into one. It doesn’t take much research to find which secret society has that as its central belief. The number 93, crucial to Thelema and Aleister Crowley, is stamped all over the attacks (plane hitting at 9.03, impact on the 93rd floor, United 93).

      The twin pillars held up the temple of Solomon. The Salomon Brothers building came down on September 11th. Seems a bit too much of a coincidence to me! The delayed collapse until 5.20 looks again like part of the numerology (WTC7 collapsing at 5+2 = 7).

      • @Edwige. 93rd Floor — isn’t that where the Israeli Performance Artists were working? I shall try to find that recent link BTL OffG.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        Chris Bollyn touches on the symbolism and the Israeli descriptions of that symbolism, where they used the type of contemptuous Orientalist disdain for Arabs that the Zionists are infamous for, in predicting the Twin Towers demise years before the act.

    • 9/11 is not history. It was a massive crime, the massive repercussions of which are continuing, and the many, many criminals involved are getting away with despite the fact that the truth of their criminality is hidden in plain sight. Right out in plain sight – the collapse of WTC-7 is the greatest case of the Emperor’s New Clothes the world has ever known. This is an absurdity. The truth is hidden in plain sight and we’re going to forget about it?

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        Doubting the ‘Official Version’ of 9/11 will be added to the ever expanding list of examples of ‘antisemitism’-if it hasn’t been already.

        • Yo bro. exactly: I know precisely what you mean and it has already been furtively suggested that any investigative ‘Israel’ inquiries in that direction are slanted & biased & absurd, which in reality only serves to strengthen the need to follow up on & demand to question in an international arena & court those “ART Students” 🙂 .. for their “Day of Reckoning ” !

          You know the ones 😉

          Not to mention LARRY (whoops;)) i’ve started , so I’ll finish ..
          SILVERSTEIN 🙂 the greedy scheming Silver Backed Gorilla /
          Guerrilla Warfare Weasel ..

          (Apologies to all Silverbacks worldwide, for any negative associations) 🙂

    • MaryMary says


      That’s just a way of excusing yourself from examining the evidence in case you have to become a Truther and receive mockery from your friends.

      9/11 kickstarted this war. It remains possibly the most crucial event in trying to stop the war going on forever.

      Befor you just shrug and move on answer this question: if it became a proven legal fact 9/11 was an inside job, that the US govt deliberately murdered its own people in a fraudulent “terror attack”, how much longer would this war or any war based on “America Under Attack” continue? That lie is the cornerstone of all the other lies, bring it down and the wall falls.

      • Fair dinkum says

        I’m not interested in excuses. I look for reasons.
        What my friends think is inconsequential.
        1. America is despised by zealots all around the world.
        2. The towers represented American hegemony.
        3. Planes are easily accessed missiles.
        4. The One Per Cent are evil incarnate, but they are not stupid.

    • Jim Scott says

      Fair Dinkum you may have missed the neocon document put out before the Iraq War called Program for a New American Century. The document discussed how the Muslim Brotherhood had instilled a sense of rigour and idealism in the Arab world whereas this passion had died out in the USA and was replaced by decadence.
      The authors suggested that the way to get Americans impassioned and focused was through a catastrophic event on the scale of Pearl Harbour being bombed by the Japanese.
      Whether the neocons who included Chaney, Rumsfeld, Wolfawitz, Kristol, Pearl and Kagen instigated the twin towers destruction or not, it provided exactly the catastrophic event they envisaged. It also fitted into the sequential military crushing of Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Syria and Iran describe by General Wesley Clarke.

      • Fair dinkum says

        The One Per Cent don’t need to justify any military actions to the American people.
        They control the media. They can do what they like.
        They did it in Korea, Vietnam and South America.
        They don’t need a Pearl Harbour or a 911.
        They are Satanic in their obsessions.

  13. WJ says

    Let’s assume the buildings were destroyed by controlled demolition. Why were they destroyed? Isn’t the manner and mode of their destruction the single-most solid piece of evidence that the official narrative must be false? Would not the official narrative be much harder to refute if the buildings (and WTC 7 especially) had not collapsed? So what was the benefit of bringing them down? Spectacle? Money? Evidence removal?

    • monostrovich says

      If you’re planning to impose a domestic police state and pursue an endless Terror War in the interest of Global Hegemony, the enabling pretext had better be Spectacular. Mere airplane crashes killing only a few hundred people isn’t nearly good enough for The New Pearl Harbour Attack. You need something on the same scale as the Old Pearl Harbour Attack, even if the Japanese Navy isn’t available to provide it for you.

      All they could come up with for the Vietnam War was the crappy Tonkin Gulf non-event, and look how that turned out. And whatever program the somewhat-improved USS Liberty attack was supposed to be the pretext for, had to be called off because the ship refused to sink, or the Russians observed the actual perpetrators, or something like that.

      Go Big, or go home.

    • ChrisGwynne says

      WJ> All the answers are on the internet; too save you a few dozen hours here’s a synopsis. WTC 1 and 2 were lined with asbestos which had to be removed; possibly costing towards $1 billion. Your “guesses” are astute. Spectacle: part of the psychological operation to get public opinion onside for the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. Money: Larry Silverstein bought the whole WTC complex with a massive insurance deal, (including terrorist attack), just months before they fell, and of course a few years later American oil companies moved into Iraq, (and much more). On September 10th 2001, Donald Rumsfeld announced to the public that $2.3 Trillion was missing from the Pentagons accounts. Interestingly enough AA75 which allegedly hit the Pentagon, struck the ‘accounts’ department destroying all files pertaining to the missing money, (and most of the accountants doing the investigation). Evidence: the planes that hit the twin towers were almost certainly computer controlled drones and not the claimed AA11 or UA175. (The black boxes were supposedly never found). WTC 7 had offices conducting ongoing frauds of major corporations, (eg Enron), involving millions/billions of dollars; with the demise of WTC 7 all files pertaining to such investigations were destroyed.
      A good starting point which covers most of the anomalies is the film, Tuesday 11th September 2001: A New Pearl Harbour, easily found on the net. Good fact hunting, its very much a jaw dropping and surreal experience.

      • The full name of this type of psychological operation or psyop is Trauma-based Mind Control Psychological Operation.

        There was much more to the twin towers than the asbestos. See Jeremy Rys’s 45-minute film, Conspiracy Solved!, youtube.com/watch?v=n_fp5kaVYhk. Also, see James Corbett’s 9/11: Follow the Trillions youtube.com/watch?v=n3xgjxJwedA

        Yes Enron is huuuugggge. http://www.cabaltimes.com/2012/03/13/enron-911-link/

        All the buildings in the WTC were destroyed and gold and silver bullion were looted from WTC-4. WTC-6 was hollowed and WTC-5 was ablaze. I’d say trillions of dollars was tied up in 9/11 from many angles: the put options, the looting, coverup of fraud, etc, money from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and from the oil and gas in those countries. It is simply breathtaking and that’s just with incredibly superficial knowledge of it.

        • ChrisGwynne says

          Thanks Flax for the links and for reminding me just how broad and complex was this operation. I find Truth and Shadows one of the most credible sites that eventually cleared up my doubts regarding the Pentagon; the most consistent theory is nothing hit the Pentagon all explosions were internal.

        • @Flaxgirl >> Bang on .. keep it up 😉

          Real glad to see you take 9/11 so seriously, coz’ we must ..

          Since you obviously did your own research (respect:) ) on something I said, I would HIGHLY recommend that you watch this following link, (at leisure) with an open mind as to why 9/11 was in reality a FINANCIAL Strike to destroy evidence against ENRON, that transcended their Pension Fund manipulations massively, to a very much greater degree than collective understanding to date acknowledges.

          ENRON were party to WEATHER WEAPONISED ..

          Listen very carefully after about 30 minutes, (you best concentrate), as you will be pacing your floor boards & muttering WTF WTF WTF ..
          I assure you.

          For anybody else reading this, (the video is translated into many languages) and my point is that OUR WEATHER has been >>

          W E A P O N I S E D !!

          for a very long time and companies like GEC , MONSANTO, & ENRON have been & had been WEAPONISING the WEATHER for decades, in order to profit from Commodity Markets, as well as attack whole..

          S O V E R E I G N nations Food supply & Conditions !!!

          N.B. WTF, & Moscow received 6 MINUTES sunshine for the whole of December 2017 🙁 A new WORLD RECORD for Russia) ! !

          • Fewer caps, less certitude and a bit more science would be more persuasive

            • Know what you mean, & agree and i did get to grips with the Guardian italics & bold systems after a while, for better presentation .. (Relying on you 😉 )

              but I’m an ole Chinese OX & a Gemini on the cusp, (if that means anything to you, lol 🙂 ), with so much science in my ageing mind, since a very young age, (including super sonic training in how to build weapons of mass destruction, from my grandfather), that explaining the abstract tangents & just method of my thoughts & actions & words , often proves difficult, because I have to counterbalance & calculate what others ‘get’ to date, in public , without planting the seeds of what I know can be dangerous & done, in the minds of ‘Evil incarnate’ (E.i.) , whilst simultaneously asking the ‘innocent’, like your good self to not “look over there” but there, & there-in lies the problem, when explaining >>
              Call 9/11 FINANCIAL !!

              it is a hugely COMPLEX thing to explain the full deep seated state of minds & actions of E.i. in the Military Industrial Complex, who have had A.i. to work with since WW2 with Professor Atanasoff’s ABC & Dr Alan Turing’s Software designs (records held in MIT Boston Archives since 1938 , no photo-copying permitted of Turing’s I.P.) to people who don’t really understand how financial markets work, let alone explosives, Micro Radio Waves .. or what Supercomputing & A.i. can do today, only on steroids (re.HAARP) with Micro Radio Waves to direct the weather, in favour of commodity market investments .. & against Sovereign national interests, elsewhere !?!?

              Whoops , i did it again twice, looking up 🙂 give me time & a little patience please, & all will be revealed in your best interests, & (style aesthetically speaking) ,
              I promise you ..

              (any tips & tricks appreciated, using a ‘shitty hacked’, before I got it out of the box, macbook air, where the Thunderbolt socket connection was hacked in production by the CIA, see wikileaks 7 🙂 cameras & mics, totally controllable and they proved it to me, with remote tricks, immediately i was connected ! )
              I digress .. apologies.

              Simply said: the destruction of the ENRON investigation, by the SEC, was imperative to not revealing the true nature of Weaponised Weather Commodity Market derivative calculations & speculations with manipulations & machinations likely well beyond your present awareness or levels of associations ..
              (Scientifically speaking)

              Watch the video from 30 minutes onwards & listen carefully to what the people are telling you. These are highly qualified people , (who know also about ENRON’s Pension Fund manipulations) but, like me (from the very beginning), they realised that a far greater financial & commodity market objectivity & scientific understanding is a pre-requisite to establishing the real TRUTH 9/11 ..
              The Dotcom Bubble & ENRON were just the tiny tip of the iceberg exposed & melting down in front of the eyes of the SEC. ! !

              The weather is weaponised, whether you accept this fact or not! & i really don’t care whether you believe me, other than the fact that you will ultimately bring the OFFG into future disrepute, by refuting this fact.

              My godfather was the Chief Scientific Advisor for Research & Development for the UK Ministry of Defence 1993 – 1999. Thank the stars that he resigned before the WMD ‘scientific’ decision of evidence against Iraq, was placed on his table. My Grandfather taught him as a boy, immediately after WW2, coz’ D.E.N.’s dad died in the war, so all holidays were spent with my Radar & Radio Design Engineer grandfather, who taught me too .. also about military psychology, frequency modulation & the cruel tricks that one can play, but responsibly & morally speaking , should not.. which is why, on his death bad, my grandfather made me promise him .. (after explaining the following science to me in detail)

              “.. that i would never work for the government”


              Just saying and I’m pretty sure that you @Admin do not really grasp the full significance of what I’ve said, yet ..

              But I’m sure tonight , on reflection, after a sound sleep, tomorrow morning you are gonna’ wake up & smell the coffee better than ever ..

              Kind regards,

              P.s. Abstract: grandfather (b’Amps’4short) also received the S.O.S. from the Titanic , whilst sitting in his own homemade treehouse Amateur Radio Station, on top of a mountain in S.Wales. And he only signed up in 1938, because he knew that war would happen and he would be inevitably summoned, the moment he saw Neville C. claiming “Peace in our Times” waving a piece of white paper ..
              … – – – …
              Save our SOULS !

              Weather IS Weaponised …
              Deep State Operators !

              Call 9/11 Financial !!

              The biggest masqueraded SIN ever against all >>
              Scientific Humanity & Moral Judgement ..

            • https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapId=9446811


              Note the CEO, because if you check back, you will see his Credit Suisse connectivity. C.S. bought Bank Leu, where my dead ex-father in law was working for 42 years in Bahnhoff Strasse , Zürich as Chief of Investments & Securities.

              Before I moved to Switzerland in 1990, (because of my certitude in predicting Soros’ oncoming hit on the pound), I was working directly for the CEO of B.P. overnight: preparing his daily brief for 7 am, one floor below in Britannic House: having speed read & scanned for him all night long doing Media Analysis & Research, including financial & scientific matters , in ALL English speaking publications worldwide at that time, from the South China Morning Post, the Cape Times the WSJ IHT NYT FT Times Telegraph inc. the Sun &&& and first & last editions .. it was intensive work, also having to copy to others within B.P. & internally worldwide .. functioning with codes to cross reference ..

              Trust me , I never have consumed alcohol daily or any substitute cocktail to any devastating degree, (nearly always had 2 jobs on the go) and am extremely clear headed still (with the exception of less significant persons names:) ) & remain most certain about what I know to be true , false & those that get downright cheeky with truths & falsifications .. with pure ‘reine Frecheit’ and their self interest in mind, not others ..

              Certitude Global Investments ..
              Heard of them ? ! ? ! 😉

              (If that serves as more persuasive in any way ..?!)

    • WT7 housed Mayor Giuliani’s command center as well as CIA offices with a great many compromising documents, among other things. The mayor’s command center most likely housed the “triggers” for the controlled demolition of WTC1 and WTC2, and had to be destroyed.

  14. Hugh O'Neill says

    Once again, OffG has proven its integrity and courage and its commitment to truth, justice and sanity. I was (as usual) late to the 9/11 scene, remaining well out of reach of MSM propaganda. I had never seen the film footage of the tower collapse until many years later I heard Gage being interviewed on NZ Radio: it was the aggression and hostility meted out to this very polite and logical man that aroused my curiosity and as soon as I saw the footage, the stench of many rats was insufferable. And then I discovered the old footage of BBC announcing the collapse of the Salomon Bros Building (WTC7) some 20 minutes too early…!
    The evidence for government crimes is overwhelming and the MSM is 100% complicit in this crime. it would seem that most people would rather not see the truth, because the truth is that governments and media knowingly lie and are thus guilty of the murders of the thousands who died that day, and the innocents who have been killed ever since. James Douglass (citing Thomas Merton) labels them as The Unspeakable.
    Where does such knowledge lead? That the powers in control care nothing for any Human Life and the destruction of the planet – whether by nuclear Armageddon or by Climate Chaos. These people (?) must be insane and devoid of any Human Compassion of Moral Compass. But what do they hope to gain? Jesus said: “What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and suffers the loss of his own soul?” JFK said: “For in the final analysis, we all live on the same small planet. We breathe the same air. We cherish our children’s future. And we are all mortal”. If Mankind is to deserve any future, then we have to support the courage of all those who dare speak truth to power (like OffG). “We are many, they are few”. “The great only appear great, because we are on our knees. Let us rise”.
    If I were a publican, I would name the bar “The Conspiracy Theorist”. Would anyone care to join me for a beer?

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      They killed Percy Shelley, too.

    • Humberto says

      Very good reflexions. As you mentioned Thomas Merton, there’s a book just released that shows he was killed, by the same people who killed Martin Luther King, they had become good friends and correspondents. In 1968, when this happened, nobody in the Catholic Church in Thailand believed in the story of his “accidental” death. But nobody had the courage, then, to say it publicly.

    • @T.C.T. Inn
      I’d love to join you for a beer, ‘Brother Hugh’, to evidence not just ‘Theory’ >>

      If the location of The Conspiracy Inn , (in clean origins of d’Water throughout the whole production processes of everythingeverything on offer) , were certified independently of all Governance of all Sovereign Nations, (especially any NATO Governed Pseudo-Science), then I would become (I fear) a regular customer of your establishment ..

      In fact, in the creative sense, I would suggest that your excellent concept for societal discourse & discussion of Dissent, would be universally applicable & TRANSCEND all borders: and as such, would have a far more significant cultural global impact than a ‘starbucks’ , therefore you should be able to easily scale your operations & FRANCHISE the intellectual property of yours very firkin’ easily!

      i’m 57 and have travelled a lot , worldwide , and I would be searching your TCT Inn >>
      in every country visited, had it already been INN Existence ..
      YOUR brilliant idea, should be expanded .. for global cognisance, raising societal awareness.

      Be it The Conspiracy Inn (TCi) (to discuss evidence base scientific fact, (not theory), or The Conspiracy Theorist Inn (TCTi), either way, people with open minds should not be discriminated against and guess what .. I read it here in the OFFG first , as your witness to your I.P. to your solutions with refreshing solutions on site, down the pub, to discuss the sorry realities, recognising globally our >>

      ** W E A T H E R being W E A P O N I S E D ! ! !

    • INN fact Bro. Hugh , you could sub-divide the bars for smokers & non smokers, simultaneously surreptitiously without provoking endless & needless discussions , ( bit like ole’school, Private & public bars) into factions of the “Theory & Factual Bars” 🙂

      INN keeping a clean Air Space, (that can be maintained for the brains requiring oxygen to feed the creative minds of those discussing the “Solutions” 🙂 ) many aspects of the vigorous Theoretical, often theatrical discussions, can be isolated, while servicing all needs >> because, anybody who is discussing the solutions to the “conspiracy” being debated factually, can easily say to his colleagues, (brothers & sisters) in the Factual Bar (none/noun/nun) , that he or she has a theory they’d like to test in the other Bar, and nip out for a smoke or to go to the toilet .. 😉

  15. Grafter says

    There are those of basic intelligence in this world who now know that 9/11 was a fraud. Then there are those not so well endowed in critical thinking who accept that it was the work of “terrorists” and cannot countenance the fact that we civilized western types would be capable of such behaviour against our own freedom loving people. What western politician is going to stand up in their own parliament and defy the corrupt MSM and their deep state backers for this crime ibased on all the evidence we already have ? False flag operations continue to be perpetrated by this same cabal most recently with Assad gassing his own people and the illegal strike which followed. To sustain the. perpetual war agenda these criminals will seek new ways to inflame world unrest at any cost whatsoever. Punishment ? There won’t be any. Just ask Tony Blair or George Bush.

  16. notheonly1 says


    “You don’t have to be a scientist…”

    No, You don’t. Common sense and critical thinking will suffice to reject the lies that are still told about this infamous ‘New Pearl Harbor’.
    When I saw the images live on TV I knew this was a lie. Maybe because I am German. Germans know about being lied to – big time. Not all of them, but large numbers.

    Never for a moment in my life had I any doubts that there are elements in the American society for whom close to 3000 lives are “worth it”. For whom all the lives lost in Vietnam and previously in Korea and Japan were “worth it”. For who all the lives maimed, bombed and starved to death in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen are “worth it”.

    It takes a certain religious delusion and some poisonous patriotism to deny the truth about how Universal laws are working. A citizenry that is controlled through belief, can easily be deceived to accept falsehoods, lies, ‘fake news’ and propaganda. Fertile grounds for the delusions of ‘exceptionalism’.

    When one is to look deeper into this tragedy, one is to discover that it can be presumed that the majority of the American citizenry believes that is has all and every rights to do as they please. The people as a whole believe to be above the law, which they proclaim of themselves – as a good citizen – to be abiding and thus to be immune to any charge of wrongdoing. Gullibility sprouts out of this cognitive dissonance – to be witnessed most prominently by the fact that Guantanamo Bay is still operational.

    It is impossible and in my opinion not necessary to go into details about what happened in the months prior and the years after 9/11. What is necessary however to the highest degree is justice. Justice for the victims of 9/11, as much as for the “and counting” victims of the ‘War of Terror’, for which the demolition of the WTC only served as a pretext to all its financial looting of common wealth based on lies.

    When relatives of a murder victim feel vindication for the loss of their loved ones by attending the act of capital punishment for the murderer, nobody will argue that it will help to cope and release the grief of a needless loss – instigated by greed.

    The perpetrators of 9/11 must be brought to justice – no matter at what age. They are as deserving of capital punishment as are those perpetrating premeditated murder for capital gains and crimes against humanity, for which nowadays book signings are the norm.

    It is not only the American society, but the entire world that will never stand a chance to heal without having served justice to those behind 9/11 and everything surrounding it.

    • Agree.
      Shocking is also that the US government & Deep State so meticulously cooperated with Al Qaeda or the Saudi government to organise these attacks perfectly. It shows their perfidy to the American people and their Fake-Christianity.

    • I very much doubt that 3,000 people died on the day. Of course, untold people have died since, but I believe that while certain people were targeted for murder (see Jeremy Rys’s film, Conspiracy Solved!, youtube.com/watch?v=n_fp5kaVYhk), and people died as “collateral damage” so to speak, I don’t believe 3,000 died on the day. There seems to be evidence (http://www.septemberclues.info/vicsims_photo-analyses.shtml) showing faked victims and we know from so many false flag hoaxes since 9/11 that faking the victims is the preferred method. Here are the reasons, apart from the seeming evidence, that I believe that there was a much smaller number really murdered which was then inflated:

      keeping the number of people killed as much as possible to those targeted means fewer complications: fewer family members making a fuss and demanding answers. One of the family members fighting hardest is Bob McIlvaine, father of Bobby McIlvaine, who was killed in the lobby of the North Tower by an explosion before the building collapsed. Bobby McIlvaine was not targeted for murder and was “collateral damage”. Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth have created the Bobby McIlvaine World Trade Centre Investigation Act (https://www.911tap.org/557-news-releases/714-bobby-mcilvaine-world-trade-center-investigation-act) in honour of both Bobby and his father which they are trying to get passed into legislation.
      inflating the number helps to push suspicion away from the government because the higher the number the more preposterous it would seem that a government would commit this heinous crime of killing so many of their own people
      the pretended higher number increases the traumatic impact and feelings of hostility to the pretended perpetrator increasing support to go to war
      it makes it easier to pretend to “crisis actors” that, in fact, no one is going to be killed in order to persuade them to participate (alternatively, the obvious actors on the day of 9/11 may have genuinely thought they were participating in a drill). If the crisis actors discover afterwards that some people really did die, a non-disclosure agreement that they will surely have signed and fear of any repercussions will probably keep them very quiet. The fact that they agreed to participate in the first place would mean that it may not be as difficult for them to keep quiet as it might for others.
      they couldn’t limit the dead to the people they actually killed because this may make it obvious that those killed were targeted and in that case rogue elements within government and their cronies will fit “perpetrator” much better than Muslim terrorists

      • notheonly1 says

        I am convinced that the real number of casualties is much higher than those proclaimed, or alleged. For a very simple reason.

        All those who succumbed to the effects of asbestos fibers gone nano particles, combined with the residues of the perused materials to pulverize these skyscrapers and of course the cement dust that in itself is already a grave danger to one’s health (health risk warnings can be found on every bag of cement), then the actual number of casualties from 9/11 on is exponentially higher.

        However, were one to look at all these death certificates, they would show that these victims died of ‘cardiac arrest’, a multitude of ‘cancers’, and respiratory diseases causing respiratory failure. No one ever looked at all the death certificates since 9/11, excluding only those persons, who were not present at 9/11 and did not move into the area prior to 2010.

        There were also tourists in the area on 9/11, that took their being doomed back home to where they came from to succumb from the exposition to the toxic plume. Who would suspect the 9/11 plume being responsible for someone dying of cancer ten years later in Japan, Italy, France, Germany, California or Kansas?

        Fact is that those who planned and perpetrated 9/11 are not in the least fazed about possible collateral casualties beyond those required and directly targeted.

        Every major capitol on the planet needs one “Theater of Truth”, where you can go and watch documentaries that reveal the truth about any and all stories people were deceived with since at least 2000 years. There are enough feature documentaries to keep these places packed. Just in the twentieth century there are tons of documentaries to be watched:

        “The Untold Truth about World War I/II”
        “The Untold Truth about Black Friday”
        “The Untold Truth about the Russia Revolution”
        “The Untold Truth of the Atom-bombs dropped on Japan”
        “The Untold Truth of the Korea War/Vietnam War”
        “The Untold Truth of the JFK Assassination”

        And so forth.
        All these pieces and parcels of human history were precursory to 9/11 – as much as everything following it subsequently. That must be always be considered when attempting to understand the full scope of 9/11 and who had the means to bring it about.

        • Hugh O'Neill says

          Great insight. All wars are based on lies, and thus the liars are beyond amoral since they care nothing for their own side or for the killers e.g. we only ever hear that 58,000 KIA in Vietnam (though more have since committed suicide) but no-one mentions the 3.8 millions of SE Asians who died then and continue to suffer the effects of Agent Orange, land mines and cluster bomblets. All based on the False Flag Gulf of Tonkin!
          I would like to open the Theatre of Truth right next door the Conspiracy Theorist Bar. One could also host conferences and debates, produce magazines and books. Let us dream of things that never were. I ought to get the local brewery to design an appropriate beer. But what name?

          • notheonly1 says

            My recommendation for a fitting beer name would be lifted from Latin and coincidentally has an amazingly funny by-meaning:


            • Hugh O'Neill says

              A case of “Sodalicius” will be put to one corner of the bar – and hopefully, it will not be the only one! I can almost taste it! Cheers & Beers, Hugh.
              I came up with some names for a Covert Hops series e.g. Northwoods, Mockingbird, Phoenix, Cyanide. My porter range had “The Dark Side” and “Plausible Denial”. Bitter was “Orwells”. American Pale Ales might include LHO, or Grassy Knoll. German/Italian Lagers/Lugers – Mannlicher-Carcano? How about a half cup of Novichok for a night-cap?

              • Bro. you made me laugh, even after just being gassed, quite literally, by NATO Military Jets flying constantly overhead Cloud-Seeding all day & night long here, also as I type now .. within the Border Zone ‘Dreiländereck’ of Turkey, Greece & BG. , in a legally declared nature preservation
                “NO FLY ZONE” area ..

                Novichok Vodka already exists in Eastern Europe, I swear, having seen the label online somewhere:) in Bulgaria .. it has a very Black (Ops.) background, with shades of indefatigable defiance in style 😉 🙂

                Reality bites, just like Weather Weaponised ..

                The dis’MAY & UK has made itself inherently untrustworthy in the eyes & ears of many many citizens on the continent, with some politicians even beginning to call for Bulgaria’s Exit from NATO, here in BG. , as we observe the Negative Forces & Influences upon Societal Development, from deep state interests in implementing E.i. not A.i. ..

        • Yes, I should have mentioned the ones you refer to as they haunt me the most somehow. I was very much referring only to the deaths on the day.

  17. tfs says

    MIT released a technology, I believe in 2011, which would analyze, detect and show small movements in video images. It was first used on a video image to detect breathing in a baby.

    I suspect, given the implication of explosives, such technology could be applied to the videos of WTC 1, 2 & 7.

    I suspect also, it could be used to prove Man did actually Land on the Moon, and further highlight discrepancies in the Zupruder film.

    • MaryMary says

      The movement of WTC7 already conclusively proves demolition, starting with the kink in the penthouse and proceeding to symmetrical global collapse

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