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WATCH: More Skripal-weird: even head of OPCW doesn’t seem to have a clue what Novichok is

Raising the serious possibility even the director-general of the OPCW doesn’t really know what Novichok is supposed to be, Ahmet Uzumcu, incumbent of that post, claimed May 4 that a “quarter cup to a half cup” of Novichok had been used to attack the Skripals in Salisbury. This, of course, would be enough to kill every man. woman and child in the city. This led into an even odder “clarification” from the OPCW within hours, which didn’t so much correct Uzumcu’s strange claim as pretend it had never happened and replaced it with the statement that the amount used in Salisbury was presently unknown but would be measured in “milligrams”.


  1. Ididit says

    The man in the mirror is perhaps Ross Cassidy, a friend of Skripal. There are pictures of him on Internet.

  2. Old Pepper says

    With a provocation called “Novichok,” organized by the British government, it is everything clear for a long time. Now it does not matter whether it was poisoning or not (no matter what was the substance).
    But it is in the past. Now the old Mare, Theresa May, went on a criminal offense – Skripals like kidnapped and imprisoned, the press and TV are not allowed to contact them. Do not be surprised if now Skripals will be quietly liquidated, to will not tell too much about chemical provocation.

  3. TFS says

    Am i one of the only people to remember the image of the lone female Police Officer stood outside the Skirpals home in the aftermath of the poisining?

    Man, they make them WPC’s tough, down South.

    • Old Pepper says

      If the handle of the door in the house of Skripals was covered by the warfare agent A-234, and even in the amount of 50-100 ml, as stated by the head of the OPCW, then mentioned by you a female police officer, and the entire population of Salisbury and its environs have long would be buried.

  4. It is clear that the public don’t believe the Government with the Skripal narrative. Despite their best attempts to create public panic it did not happen.

    However from the hard facts available it reveals the craven nature of our political class, the state apparatus and its media in that they are prepared to play fast and lose with serious issues regarding public safety and well-being by creating public alarm as a politically motivated false flag.

    Lies and contradictions do not bode well for the British and the further trashing of their tattered international reputation in an attempt to deflect from the increasing crisis in global capitalist doctrine. WAR is not a solution. Truth is…

    • Robbobbobin says

      Pleased to see those spookmeisters use secure web connections. Wouldn’t look good for them to be blowing any state sekrets.

    • Jim Scott says

      Thanks USAma for your links. I note that neither the CIA or M15 have any role or expertise in negotiating peaceful settlement of conflict. I also note that the CIA also have a division for “educating” children about their role.
      It is interesting that the principal role of the CIA is not mentioned. That is the propogation of American business abroad. The M15 link does have business expertise as a required skill for recruits.

  5. Harry Law says

    I e mailed the Chief Constable a few days ago…
    Because the ongoing care of Ms Yulia Skripal is your responsibility, and because she has not been seen or heard of [apart from a furtive call to her cousin on 05-04-18] since the 4th of March 2018, indicates to me that Ms Skripal is being held against her will and incommunicado contrary to all her human rights, including Article 5 of the 1998 UK Human Rights Act, which states inter alia “Everyone has the right to liberty and security of person”. Also Article 8 “The right to respect for private and family life” i.e. She has the right to uninterrupted and uncensored communication with others.
    The statements put out by the Metropolitan Police first on 05-04-18 and the second on 11-04-18 purporting to have been made by Ms Yulia Skripal do not prove she has had her human rights respected, on the contrary many people have found the statements unconvincing, prompting speculation as to why she is being kept isolated from family and friends and incommunicado.
    It is for the above reasons that I ask you under what specific law Ms Skripal is being detained, thank you?
    Yours Sincerely Harry Law.

    I was told they had nothing to add to the Press statements put out by the Metropolitan Police, and that they could not comment further.

    It would appear they can disappear anybody and since they refused to give a reason [in law or otherwise] for the Skripals detention, we are all at risk.

    For your information…..
    The Working Group of the Commission on Human Rights on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances
    acknowledged, in its third report to the Commission, that enforced disappearance itself constitutes ipso facto
    torture and other prohibited ill-treatment. It stated that: “the very fact of being detained as a disappeared person, isolated from one’s family for a long period is certainly a violation of the right to humane conditions
    of detention and has been represented to the Group as torture.
    Another Human Rights Committee said that 15 days incommunicado was a breach of that persons Human Rights and that in certain circumstances 4 days could represent such a breach, Yulia Skripal has been incommunicado for over 9 weeks.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      And not a single murmur from any Western fakestream presstitute scum-bag-even those not covered by D notices, those testaments to the Western love of ‘Free Speech’.

    • Peter says

      I’m surprised the Russian authorities aren’t making a lot more fuss about Yulia Skripal’s mysterious disappearance, unless they know more than what is being said publicly. If Yulia really does want to be left alone, she should say so herself, in person, to a Russian embassy representative and the Russians be given the opportunity to either confirm or deny the April 5 written statement.

      And how’s her dad getting on? I think we should be told.

      PS – The whole novichok story has turned out to be a real dud, hasn’t it?

      Dud poison – Up to half a cup and no one even dead! Whoever invented this stuff should be fired.

      Dud police – Couldn’t get their multiple stories straight, dud ‘investigation’, weird people in beekeeper suits running around among baffled, normally-clothed Salisbury citizens, one dud plod in hospital, since disappeared along with Yulia Skripal – maybe they’ve run away together? Etc. Real slapstick: the Monty Python crowd should make a film.

      Dud press – No comment necessary – what do they learn in journalism school these days? Hysterical song and dance going on for weeks led only to dud public reaction.

      Dud politicians (May, Bumbling Boris, Macron, Trump, the usual head duds, but even Corbyn ended up duddifying himself, alas).

      Dud diplomatic sanctions (only the usual poodles expelled any Russians).

      Dud Porton Down – Couldn’t get their story straight, so had to change it (or were ‘helped’ to change it).

      Dud OPCW – Couldn’t get their story straight, either. Give back that Nobel Prize, morons.

      Dud Czechs – President contradicts Prime Minister. Dare I say the Czechs bounced? (Dud joke.)

  6. Almost every MSM interview with anyone casting doubt on an official narrative ends up with the interviewer almost frothing at the mouth and saying “you’re not seriously suggesting that we were in some way involved in the Syrian chemical attacks are you?” or ” that 9/11 was an inside job”, etc., etc. This is so common that I think it betrays what’s going on. On one level the media maybe do want to explore alternative news but the only way they can do this and avoid any blowback from the PTB, the regulators, etc is to hastily make it clear that any possibly “scurrilous” views expressed are not theirs .

    After all, something attracted wannabe journalists to their profession, many moons ago – when it was still vaguely possible to investigate what was going on. As it is this is the best they can do in these benighted times while keeping the monthly pay cheques coming in.

    The frighteners were put out a long time ago but it all escalated with the Alistair Campbell, Kelly and the sexed up dossier. It’s going to take some major catastrophe to somehow restore any semblance of press freedom. So some compassion for journalists, they have been scared shitless, like almost everyone else who once had some shred of integrity.

  7. Anandamide says

    The gaps through the fabric in the stained veil are becoming wider, for those who have the eye to see, even more clearly… Gosh, there’s even an invitation for the blind to wake up in all of this..

    It’s tricky to begin imagining the mindset of the people who have gathered through the decades to pursue these sadistic agendas, murdering millions of people on the way, and manipulating so many more…

    Whatever plays out in the coming months on a planetary scope, then the big invitation is to maintain our own deepest dignity and keep on calling these people out….

    I sense that most people reading these columns have a clear idea of what may well play out as the military forces build up…

  8. Addlestone says

    One mystery that is on the point of being cleared up is about the doctor who first attended the Skripals. She is, according to a local source, the woman who appeared in a video, now deleted, that showed her being bundled into an ambulance by police and medics at a location near Zizzis restaurant. It may be that she was one of the three admitted to Salisbury hospital.The police sergeant was not admitted. Was she on Pablo Miller’s team and administered the BZ toxin and, in so doing, infected herself, probably during a struggle?

  9. Another glitch in the homeworld matrix? The temporary obfuscation marks Uzumcu as a probable para-political appointee to a an ideological superstate apparatus (ISA – as we ‘raise the superstructure’ to upgrade the Gramsci/Althusser conceptual model to account for globalisation). The correction was an attempt to re-legitimate the OPCW as ‘independent’ and non-ideological …but undermined the “only Russia” simulation. Whoops: the holographic historicism creatrix is dysfunctional: projecting an ever more implausible unreality. A perfect opportunity to form the politics of an alternative reality based community, perhaps? To move from idealism and opposition to the praxis of evolution?

    • Kathy says

      Is it a case of the manipulations of the manipulators against the dreaming,s of the dreamers.

      • Kathy says

        I think a big fail for the Manipulators on this one.

  10. Paul Carline says

    The question of “weather resistance” is probably irrelevant as there’s no actual proof it was Novichok at all. We only have the government’s assertions and an untrustworthy OPCW to go on. Apparently the symptoms fit much more closely the effects of fentanyl. I’m quoting that from memory, so may have got it wrong – but the symptoms exhibited by the Skripals apparently fit that drug far better.
    However, it seems to me that the question of what was used is secondary to that of the Skripals’ whereabouts and safety.

  11. Mark Gobell says

    Maybe we should start a new “Where’s Sergei ?” game trend …


  12. Mulga Mumblebrain says

    Last night I watched a few minutes of US ‘kultur’ entitled, ‘The Sum of All Fears’, from 2001, mostly because Alan Bates was in it (a mistake, poor fellow). Amidst the standard Yankee hate-mongering portrayal of Russians as vicious, bloodthirsty, savages, and the Chechnyan jihadists as noble heroes, the evil Russkies attacked Chechnya with ‘Novichoks’!! Ta da!!! Case closed.

    • Hertog Jan says

      Your comment convinced me to watch ‘The Sum Of All Fears’. Interestingly, the movie opens with a shot of a rocket about to be loaded unto what looks like an Israeli bomber plane…

      • Hertog Jan says

        Later that same rocket, which happens to be a nuclear bomb, is loaded onto a ship called “Glory of Kiev”.

        • Hertog Jan says

          Novichok is mentionned 38’17” into the film, if anybody is interested.

  13. Frankly Speaking says

    Perhaps they really do have a cup of this stuff and are keeping the rest for the next such event(s)?

    It would not surprise me if there would be another such event(s), ahead of the World Cup in Russia, leading to Russia being accused again and a boycott of the event by NATO countries and, say, Brazil who are now ruled by neoliberals.

    It would not surprise me if this “cup” of “Novichok” is released during this month in any of, or even more than one location in, let’s suppose: Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Nederlands, Brazil?

    Our Orwellian mass media and politicians will again pronounce during the daily “Two Minutes Hate” that “we’ve always been at war with Russia”.

    Of course, it could even actually be Russians behind this Salisbury event and any future ones, but it would be committed by those connected to the Atlanticists or Netanyahu fan boys or Oligarchs working to undermine Putin and the Russian establishment, ie, another “civil war” or coup may be on the verge of breaking out in Russia.

    • Interested Observer says

      I have a feeling the Deposed Russian oligarchs in tandem with their friends from the West have a hand in undermining the Russian establishment, so it surprises me that a lot of commentators make these unpatriotic people out to be the victims!

  14. Fair dinkum says

    They’ve dug a deep hole. Let’s hope they bury themselves in it.

  15. Hertog Jan says

    Lying is easy. Telling a complicated lie is not easy.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      It doesn’t matter how stupid the lies are, or how great the weight of evidence that each is, indeed, a lie. The lying presstitutes of the Western fakestream media lie-machine will simply declare it all ‘fake news’, no matter what. The ‘truth’ can no longer EVER emerge in the psychopathic bedlam that is the West.

  16. Tom Welsh says

    Politicians, spooks and businessmen are notorious for their ambivalent relationship with hard facts and figures.

    Just like the directors of “intelligence” bureaux such as the CIA, NSA, GCHQ, MI6, etc., and just like Gary Aitkenhead, the chief executive of the UK government’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL), Ahmet Uzumcu knows little or nothing about the work “his” agency does. According to his Wikipedia entry, he is “a Turkish career diplomat”.

    According to Sir Henry Wotton’s aphorism, a diplomat is “a man of virtue sent abroad to tell lies for the advantage of his country”. Hardly a person from whom you could expect a straight answer – even if he had the slightest clue what he is talking about, which he evidently doesn’t.

    • Big B says

      Who’s that in the man in the mirror: Pablo Miller?

      • Big B says

        Or even,”who is the man in the mirror: Pablo Miller?”

        • My eyes ain’t what they used to be: but you may well be right. If that ever firms up it would make an implausible contrived narrative appear totally synthetic.

          • Tony M says

            Stop the world: “someone is wrong on the internet”.

            As I understand it, though I’ve stopped following this event all that closely weeks ago, as appropriately enough the whole affair is a wilderness of mirrors, it’s believed to be an old photo, not taken on the day of their ‘trip’, so not a ghost, I’ve no evidence to support or verify that other than that a random unknown unremembered commenter on the internet (as I am), probably on Craig Murray’s site two or three weeks ago, asserted it.

    • OPCW: Novichok was “high in purity, persistent and RESISTANT TO WEATHER CONDITIONS”. Now let me get this straight. Presumably we are supposed to deduce from that that whoever made it knew at the time that it was going to be applied to an outdoor surface where it might have to remain for a long time before coming into contact with the targets. So, rather than simply making sure that the nerve agent wasn’t exposed to weather conditions or was directed at the targets quickly, the developers go to the time, trouble and expense of making it weather resistant.
      In spite of ‘making’ it weather resistant the Skripals survived. One of the reasons given officially for the Skripal’s, and we mustn’t forget DS Bailey’s, survival was that the nerve agent must have degraded quickly in the adverse weather conditions. But surely not, the OPCW have told us it was weather resistant. They must have all experienced miracles.
      Alternative possibility – to explain the questionable and unlikely ‘high purity’ result of the tested samples after days of the samples being exposed to polluted environments and wet and cold weather conditions – the OPCW had no alternative but to declare that the nerve agent was persistent and resistant to weather conditions…I wonder if they might have been encouraged to come up with that explanation?

      I know which I consider to be the most likely scenario.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        The OPCW like all multilateral organs, is irredeemable corrupted by US pressure and chicanery. Expecting an honest assessment from the OPCW is madness.

        • Mulga, indeed – not sure if it was you who emphasised the point previously, but any slight credibility they may have had was completely destroyed with the Khan Sheikhoun fiasco. Presumably the time taken to come up with results from their visit to Douma is prolonged whilst they and ‘other interested parties’ concoct their fictional explanations to, of course, further point the finger at the Syrians/Russians.

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