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Watch: Norman Finkelstein on Israel as a dangerous and suicidal state

Interviewed by the BBC in 2012, Jewish intellectual Norman Finkelstein exposes the media lie about Israel as a victim of aggression by its neighbors, despite the best efforts of the – clearly out of her depth – anchor woman to keep him on message


  1. Baltzer at least comprehends the need to drop assumptions ..
    Her sense of focus will help others clarify issues,
    & seek solutions, confronting certain realities.

    Men haven’t been too successful, it would seem ..

  2. Best listen to Anna Baltzer carefully, if rational thought is to prevail on these hugely contentious issues, (that often descend into absurd over emotional paranoia & unnecessary ‘Angst’ , during discussions).. Ms. Baltzer clarifies the core issues most eloquently, whilst thinking realistically about future solutions to such massive regional tensions and she says it most calmly, with Moral Focus & Certitude that belittles most men, & the requisite manner of logic demanded.

    She’s cool .. and definitively part of the solution.

    • HillaryPootin says

      Funny, she strikes me as just another hooker for Israeli lies working in media.

  3. Published on 11 May 2018

    Norman Finkelstein says Israeli forces have conducted “a murderous assault on nonviolent protesters” in Gaza’s Great March of Return, because peaceful Palestinian protest threatens not Israel, but its occupation.

  4. Mulga Mumblebrain says

    Finkelstein is correct concerning Israel’s drive for self-destruction. To not just remain arrogant, contemptuous of all but stooges, aggressive, murderous, sadistic and bellicose, but to grow ever more so, is not in Israel’s real best interests. To respond to the growing BDS campaign and the growth of support in the West for the Palestinians, by launching an insanely vicious campaign of hatred, abusing all and sundry of ‘antisemitism’ for standing up for International Law and basic decency, and having your stooges actually criminalise all criticism of Israel, Zionism, and the BDS movement, thereby comprehensively ending Freedom of Opinion and of moral conscience in the West, is quite unprecedented in history, as far as I know.
    One tiny, racist, terrorist regime cannot continue to bully and intimidate the world, no matter how many stooges it buys in Western politics and the indoctrination systems. The mere campaign itself must foster ever greater hatred of Israel and its barbarity, but that, of course, is precisely what fascistic and Talmudic fanatics like Bibi want more than anything. Their xenophobic hatred of the goyim, AND of those Jews who do not belong to their camp, feeds on reciprocated hatred. Bibi represents a psychopathy rooted in the Masada Complex where zealots actively work for their own destruction, and, I believe, a sort of perverted ‘survivor guilt’ relating to the Nazi Judeocide. It’s a toxic brew, in which racism meets European settler hatred of the indigenous who must be swept away so that the Western ubermenschen can steal their God-ordained lebensraum, and the continuing trauma of the Nazi Judeocide, a wound which festers still, unsurprisingly, but which has continued to drive Zionist intransigence, in a way seeking to replicate itself.

  5. Manda says

    Strange, I was just reading Finkelstein’s interpretation of Netanyahu’s speech to Israel today as US embassy opening in Jerusalem is tomorrow. Peaceful Gaza protesters are being sniped, 700 killed and injured in the marches, Gaza being bombed and al-Aqsa mosque worshippers subjected to a storming by Israeli forces.

    Ah, our close ally the self declared “only democracy in the Middle East”… the mirror of our modern imperialism.

  6. Fair dinkum. says

    ‘National suicide’ ?
    I doubt the decision makers in Israel will self destruct.
    They, and their ilk, will have a Plan B.
    A safe haven in the US or Europe, where their children and grandchildren can grow old.

      • M Adams says

        Not to ever forget that George W.Bush, war criminal who led the US invasion on Iraq, had his daughter Jenna visit South America to research, visit and purchase a HUGE chunk of land in Paraguay atop THE SINGLE GREATEST pure water aquifer in the world…which was at that time estimated to be able to provide the entire globe pure drinking water as its underground size was ‘neath 2/3rds of south American continent! She allegedly purchased 98,000 ACRES along a huge and mighty source river which would/does provide hydroelectric power for the region…and was relatively close to a ‘bare-based’ landing area for military flights/base.
        Secondarily, it was ADJOINING another HUGE private owner who held (?holds) 1MILLION of this essential water rich region, the very Rev Son Yong Moon…of “the moonies” fame. Google it read it and weep. Was GWB anticipating a time when he would need a foreign rightwing militia in a country without extradition back to US which could hold hostage drinking water for the world? At the time I thought it was an extraordinary story that got little to NO widespread dissemination.

        • Big B says

          M Adams: you are a star. I’ve just finished a comment on the Golan Heights that might solve your problem – hydropolitics. Israel could foreseeably run out of water in 10 to 15 years. Its major aquifers (Coastal and Mountain) are severely strained by over-extraction. The disputed Golan contains the headwaters of the Sea of Galilee and River Jordan. They need water: they have already diverted the Jordan (the National Water Carrier project). An extension of the Turkey/Cyprus water carrier is mired in regional politics having been funded by the Gulf States. The “Water for Peace” project requires Israel curb its regionally destabilising ways. There are other countries, most notably China, that could need a water “bailout”, so to speak, in the future. It’s only water, but the Bush family could be sitting on a trillion dollar resource in a drying world. Thanks for the information.

          • M Adams says

            With South Africa gone dry and threatening to have to turn off residents’ taps to save what little they’ve got left….a billionaire suggested dragging some of the larger iceburgs calved from Antarctica to S.A….and of course there’s always ‘desalinization’ plants what with the increasing levels of fresh water melting into sea water and increasing….Israel has held onto Syria’s Golan because it is one of the MOST fertile places in the entire region…as well as loaded with OIL…which is why they brought Dick Cheney into the mess offering him a stake along with Noble Oil in Golan oil….and of course there’s the Leviathan Gas waiting Israeli Plunder in the Med off GAZA’S coastline which is why the Israel navy fires on all struggling Gazan fishermen who DARE attempt to go past their 2-3 kilometer range to get past their untreated sewage (another thx to the israeli military who bombed their power and sewage plants back in 2014 or earlier)….Water has been STOLEN by taking the WEST BANK hilltops for illegal Settlements that used to be FILLED with water for everyone BUT israel wanted it all…AND they have had PLANS to TAKE the Lebanese LITANI RIVER as their “northern border” since 1919 when Weizmann first mentioned it was “wasted” on all those Lebanese shepherders and farmers….Wasted…they’ve Polluted the Jordan River polluted the Dead Sea and stolen all the water they could…so If there is more to be had in Syria..they are up for it…Time to Re-read the YINON PLAN for Greater ERETZ….google online –it has been the “blueprint” for US neocons for the Wars that General Wesley Clark has been praised for revealing but he failed to IDENTIFY that its an OLD israeli plan to destroy each of their “neighbors”…starting with Iraq.. the YINON plan was PUBLISHED IN WZO Journal (KIVUNIM) in 1986. google YINON PLAN…short readable and happening as we read.

            • Mulga Mumblebrain says

              Oded Yinon Plan in Kivunim was 1982, I think. Otherwise an excellent summation-but hopelessly ‘antisemitic’. The truth is, don’t you know.

            • Thanks M: I’m well aware of the Yinon plan …if you go back a few years there were plans being published in the media of the ethno-tribal partition of Syria that looked very much like the Yinon plan. No room for the Shia: and the Sunni get all the oil and gas:


              Thank God, but it doesn’t look like that will happen now. Just the small matter of the Kurds, Turks, FUKUSA terrorists, remaining Jihadis, etc. illegally occupying Syria and the upcoming al-Tanf flashpoint. As for the water, we’re definitely on the same wavelength there.

              • Mulga Mumblebrain says

                I think Oded Yinon was more or less repeated in Netanyahu et al’s ‘A Clean Break’ of 1988, and by numerous others since, Zionist and Zionist stooge alike. It is CENTRAL Zionist ideology, how else can ‘Eretz Yisrael’ ‘…from the Nile to the Euphrates’, the Zionist ambition of Herzl and Ben-Gurion, be ‘redeemed’. As Smotrich, the Deputy Speaker of the Knesset declared on Israeli TV a couple of years ago-‘Damascus belongs to the Jews’. These people aren’t kidding.

                • mark says

                  They believe that the whole of Syria “belongs to the Jews.”
                  Plus the whole of Lebanon (and its water.)
                  Plus part of Turkey.
                  Plus most of Iraq.
                  Plus part of S. Arabia.
                  Plus part of Egypt.

        • I remember it well, and shared about this on various social media – not that it made a particle of difference.

          • A wee bit negative, coz’ a seed planted can become a tree rooted in the minds of others, rather like a Seed Bank: which is gonna’ blow the present perceptions, manipulations & machinations of any other kind of monetary Bank system sky high into the annals of history, just suggesting 🙂
            Cheer up, we ain’t dead yet 😉

            Keep on seeding .. you never know, if A.i. prevails .. !?

        • Whoah, @M Adams

          A big thanks for that excellent link, I missed that atom splitting ‘Nuclear’ News’ dissemination completely, during my travels at that time, so I wanted to express my sincere gratitude, that you have brought this to my attention.

          (You prove once again my thesis: Lol, the powers of compound knowledge & intel. know no bounds and this is why A.i. will finally win out over E.i. somewhen in all common futures 😉 imo)

          Unity compounds strength / Съединението Прави Силата
          (The Bulgarian Motto .. & Cyrillic Founders)

          ** Open source intelligence & engineering : save yourself & others. **

          All life on Earth will be dependent upon it, because the one common denominator between ALL species, not just the human species, is survival, which is genetically programmed into all DNA inc. Mycelium & Lichen DNA: We are all inexorably inextricably interdependent & interconnected, in terms of Sharing what we know in real time, ASAP, even with our enemies within the realms of Evil Incarnate ..

          Big hugs,

      • Been reading Thierry Meyssan for decades: cool brave guy ..
        Q/Dos: good link.

    • I linked a great discussion between ‘Norm’ & Ms. Baltzer, below ..
      Well worth watching.

    • mark says

      Wrote a great book called “The Holocaust Industry.”

  7. Big B says

    “You have a right to live there, though you are banned”. LMFAO! 😀

    • reinertorheit says

      The usual docile Fenella or Rebecca or Louisa from the Beeb, with her North London set of assumptions and playing rules that she believes the world believes in. They get taught this drivel at Roedean, St Pauls or Greycoats, and they absorb it over the breakfast table from mumsy and dadsy.

    • JudyJ says

      Sarah Montague – married to (old Etonian) Sir Christopher Brooke. Her main claim to fame is that she was “incandescent with rage” to learn that she was paid less than her fellow (BBC Radio 4) Today programme presenters. The programme featuring Finkelstein was Hardtalk in 2012 – it is apparent that some things don’t change and that the m.o. of Hardtalk is to ‘talk hard’ at the interviewee and not allow them to respond, as seen recently in Sackur’s interviews with Sergey Lavrov and Fares Shehabi.

      • rilme says

        Well her performance as an “interviewer” was pitiful. She expects Finkelstein to answer her questions, but she won’t answer his. What patience he displays! She gives badgers a bad name.

      • mark says

        Thompson was the director of the BBC at the time. He was a rabid Zionist who had private meetings with Nitwityahoo, where he promised him that no criticism of Israel would ever appear on the state controlled BBC.

  8. summitflyer says

    Norman Finkelstein is a persecuted man for telling the truth .Hi s books should be in every school’s library .
    Yes he is a hero for speaking truth to power . Playing the victim by the victimisers is getting old.

  9. sabelmouse says

    but makes me think of marge piercy’s he she and it, set post nuclear war[small one] caused by israel.

    • Earl says

      Its only normal for the USA because of the power of AIPAC and the Zionist neocons, bankers, media barons and the military industrial complex. Just google how many current US politicians have an Israeli passport

  10. “The times they are a-changing” — the BBC finally allowing the world’s most famous Self-Hating Jew to present a Non-Conformist opinion on Israel vs Iran. Like this week’s tiny but significant crack in the Wall of Conformity on German TV, sending a reporter to Douma and asking the locals what actually happened there. Shades of Vanessa Beeley!

    • Alpha Particle says

      This is from 2012! Says so above.

      • ‘@Alpha. Apologies. Lesson learnt: read carefully before I shoot off. Hope it sinks in.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      I reckon Chomsky is more famous.

  11. Brutally Remastered says

    Such a hero, Finkelstein. The Holocaust Industry is a great essay that should be read widely.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      And Finkelstein does not deny the Nazi Judeocide, because it is undeniable, if the final toll of victims is four or six million, (four or six thousand would be horrific enough)or somewhere in between. He does have the guts to outline how this great tragedy has been exploited, for ill, by the Zionists, and for that he has been mercilessly hounded by the most vindictive creatures imaginable.

      • Richard Wicks says

        Not that it matters, because it honestly doesn’t, we now know it’s less than 6 million. Auschwitz didn’t have the number of deaths that was once claimed. 2 million less died there it’s estimated, but it’s not know what the ethnicity of those 2 million necessarily were. Jews weren’t the only people placed in concentration camps and exterminated.

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