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Exclusive: The Complete Moral Collapse of Labour Friends of Israel

by John Wight

It is hard to imagine anything so nauseating as a group of affluent liberals defending the mass murder of poor colonized people in the name of democracy and security. Though a species of moral turpitude associated with 19th century colonial tropes, in 2018 it remains very much alive under the banner of the UK Labour Friends of Israel (LFI).

In response to the shocking scenes of violence unleashed by Israeli security forces against Palestinian protestors on the boundary of the besieged Gaza Strip, resulting in the deaths of at least 58 people, including children, and the wounding of a further 2700, international condemnation of Israel has been near total.

Given that this latest body count raises to over 100 the number of Palestinians killed over the six weeks of Great Return March protests, organized to demand the right of return of refugees to their homes, along with a total of 10,000 wounded and injured, over 100, there is no doubting the willingness of Israel’s security forces to unleash lethal force against civilians.

Yet, as if to confirm the truth that colonialism is the toilet of the human soul, Labour Friends of Israel – a group of avowed Israel-supporting Labour Party MPs and officials – in a tweet subsequently removed amid the deluge of criticism it incurred, sought to defend this massacre by raising the spectre of Hamas.

It reads:

Tragic events on the Gazan border; all civilian deaths are regrettable. Hamas must accept responsibility for these events. Their successful attempt to hijack peaceful protest to attack Israeli border communities must be condemned by all who seek peace in the Middle East.”

Language is important, for it is the key to unlocking consciousness, and the language deployed by LFI in its response to Israel’s massacre of unarmed Palestinian protestors in Gaza confirms that for them the world is defined by a hierarchy of human worth, thus assuaging the groups collective conscience in defending the indefensible.

But though LFI constitute a particularly egregious example of moral collapse when it comes to mitigating this unconscionable massacre, there are other culprits whose foray into the swamp of equivocation is worthy of condemnation.

Consider, for example, the BBC’s coverage.

In its reporting of the massacre the word ‘clashes’ predominated, conjuring the image of two equal sides engaged in a battle of some sort.

Thus for the typical Oxbridge-educated BBC journalist and editor, a Palestinian wielding a slingshot is the moral equivalent of a Kevlar-helmeted Israeli soldier wielding an advanced sniper rifles – moreover, a sniper rifle that may well have been supplied by the UK.

As for CNN, that bastion of US liberal news propaganda (oops, sorry, coverage), here again it’s not a massacre it’s clashes, as in ‘Dozens of Palestinians killed In Gaza clashes as US Embassy Opens’.

Speaking of which, the extent of the contempt in which the rights of the Palestinians are held, and thus the contempt in which they as a people are held, was measured in the juxtaposition of the opening of the new US Embassy in Jerusalem with Palestinians being mown down by gunfire in Gaza. The headline carried on the front page of the New York Daily News, excoriating Ivanka Trump’s attendance at the event on behalf of the administration, spoke for millions.

There is no longer any hiding place when it comes to the brutal injustice of the plight of the Palestinian people. Too, the attempt to deploy Hamas as the terrorist bogeyman, used to justify Israel’s asphyxiating blockade of two million people in Gaza, is a perversion of both the history and the reality of the issue.

Hamas is a product of Israel’s brutality and violence, Israel’s brutality and violence is not and never has been a product of Hamas. Further, the roots of this latest bout of lethal violence on the part of the Israeli security forces do not lie in the stance of the Netanyahu government, or indeed any Israeli government. Instead its roots lie in Israel’s mode of existence as a settler colonial apartheid state, a key component of which is the dehumanization and subjugation of the Palestinians.

Desmond Tutu, the first black archbishop if Cape Town, South Africa, and who received the Nobel Prize for his role in the struggle against South African apartheid, understood this all too well. In 2014, he is reported to have said:

I have witnessed the systemic humiliation of Palestinian men, women and children by members of the Israeli security forces. Their humiliation is familiar to all black South Africans who were corralled and harassed and insulted and assaulted by the security forces of the apartheid government.”

He goes on:

In South Africa, we could not have achieved our democracy without the help of people around the world, who through the use of non-violent means, such as boycotts and divestment, encouraged their governments and other corporate actors to reverse decades-long support for the apartheid regime.”

It is no accident that the post-apartheid South African government peremptorily announced the withdrawal of its ambassador from Israel in light of the massacre in Gaza. After all, on the most prosaic of levels, who more qualified to recognize today’s victims of apartheid than yesterday’s victims of apartheid?

Labour Friends of Israel, a key pole of opposition to Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party, has plumbed new depths of indecency with its mealy-mouthed apologia for Israel’s dreadful and appalling massacre of Palestinian protestors in Gaza.

Shakespeare was right:

Hell is empty and all the devils are here.”


  1. A similar sentiment BTL Indie re Ken’s forced resignation:

    Pobedа 10 hours ago
    Well they’d better suspend me and many thousands of other members who have researched Ken’s historical accuracy on the Haavara agreement and found he has no case to answer.

    Perhaps suspension might be more appropriate for the whole ‘Friends of Israel’ group themselves after the recent murders at Gaza.


    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Livingstone is just the beginning. Read the execrable Gabby Hinsliff in the Fraudian today to see the Zionist exaltation in destroying Livingstone, more smearing of Corbyn for not knifing Livingstone himself, and an open declaration that the Zionist stand-over thugs are not finished by a long way. Indeed until Corbyn recants all his years of support for the Palestinian ‘two-legged animals’ and joins in declaring them, and them ALONE, responsible for their slaughter by a superior people, he will remain a target. His groveling is like blood in the water to piranha.

    • monostrovich says

      Remember, “not all Jews are Zionists” …

      ‘Don’t let the door hit you on the way out’ – Jewish groups react to Ken Livingstone quitting Labour

      UK Jewish groups, from across the political spectrum, welcomed news that Ken Livingstone has resigned from the Labour Party, following his suspension for alleged anti-Semitism that has dragged on for the last two years.

      Labour party affiliate-group Jewish Labour Movement (JLM), a consistent critic of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s handling of anti-Semitism claims, welcomed the resignation but argued that Livingstone should have been expelled and that Labour needs to ‘show action and not just words’ on anti-Semitism.

      Jewdas, the radical left-wing Jewish group, who drew media attention after inviting Corbyn to celebrate Passover with them, posted on Facebook: “Bye Ken, don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Perhaps you could form a new party when you get to the surface of the sun.” This was a reference to a previous post:


      Socialist group, Jewish Voice were adamant that it was positive news that Livingstone had quit, but insisted much work was needed to root out who they see as anti-Semites from Labour, even claiming that those that disagree with them on Livingstone should be kicked out of the party.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        Oh, it’s a group effort alright, being ‘Gods Upon the Earth’ is a heavy responsibility. Of course history shews numerous such outbursts of anti-goyite hatred and a sort of delirium of power going to their heads, that don’t end well. And the fact that any sane, decent, rational Labour member, knowing Livingstone’s record of service to Labour, consistent history as an anti-racist (unlike nearly all Zionists, who are vigorous racists)and the absolute accuracy and truth of what he said when he was DELIBERATELY set up by a Zionist media operative and a Blairite Sabbat Goy boot-licker, must surely be inclined to look upon the Zionists in the UK, who have made plain their desire to use utterly false and invented accusations of ‘antisemitism’ to destroy UK Labour BECAUSE it has turned Left, with growing hatred. And hate is the Zionists’ great strength, their specialty and the glue that has bound them together, against the world, for 3500 years. What is any decent person who has lived through forty years of neo-liberal Evil to make of the fact that a lynch-mob of lying, hate-mongering, Zionists, acting for one of the most murderous, racist, terrorist regimes extant, is working with sickening fanaticism and unlimited media support, to destroy ANY hope of even the most marginal amelioration of conditions in the UK?

    • Chris East says

      My understanding is that the Zionists would allow Jews leaving Germany in the 1930s only to go to Palestine so as to build up the Jewish population there for obvious reasons. Other Jews were abandoned.

  2. BTL Indie article on Ken Livingstone forced to resign:

    7 hours ago
    “Labour is the new Nasty Party”

    Nowhere near mate. There’s a long way to go for that.
    Like from here to Mars.

    There is very little antisemitism on the Left.
    What bit there is, (as there is in any society) is being “advertised” by the following MPs via strategic public leaks to the right-wing press.

    Mr Chris Leslie: Nottingham East MP
    Mr Neil Coyle: Bermondsey & Old Southwark MP
    Mr John Zakaria Woodcock: Barrow-in-Furness MP
    Mr Wes Streeting: Ilford North MP
    Mr Ian Austin: Dudley North MP

    Strangely, all of them are with the “UK Friends of Israel”


    • A. J. B says

      I wonder if today, like me, he will get immediately premoderated, and any of today’s
      comments on the Indy will then disappear, even if it’s an innocuous one word reply.
      Yesterday I did my best to defend Ken and challenge lies about what he actually
      said and meant. The comments stayed, and were given plenty of upvotes,
      I said nothing unpleasant or untrue. Today, a bar aboce my comments appears
      telling me I am being premoderated, and after a bit the comment disappears.
      This is actually sinister.
      Whose complaints are they responding to? And how have they chosen the individuals to shut up? With the Guardian denying anyone the right to support Ken,
      It’s now effectively prohibited to disagree with zionist judgements on anything,
      and showing support for their victims means you then become a target yourself.

      • reinertorheit says

        Here’s the KGB thug Alexander Lebedev during a TV program – punching another studio guest in the face.


        This is the kind of laughable crapola that passes for ‘journalism’ in the Windy Pendant. But there’s no need to get too exercised over the Indy – it hasn’t been published for years now, and it’s not as though anyone reads their risible illiterate dreck. Still, it provides a nominal ‘job’ in London for Punch-Up Lebedev’s mentally subnormal son, Evgeny.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        AJB, no doubt some Zionist saw your comments and got on the ‘phone, hissing and spitting as ever, to demand its removal. All they want is TOTAL control. Is that too much to ask, when they are ‘Gods Upon the Earth’, as Begin boasted, after all? They have reached the hysteria stage, drunk on over-confidence and the blood of victims like Livingstone, Wadsworth and the one hundred or so Gazans liquidated, so far. This Holy lynch-mob has barely begun the hunt for victims.

  3. wardropper says

    We are forced to remember, however, that we basically live in godless times, and therefore all moral judgements in the West are now considered to be relative judgements.
    If we wish to assume the authority to praise, or condemn, any agenda or action, we need a logical basis for such moral authority.
    I am no religious fanatic, fundamentalist, or evangelist, but it seems to me that we have to contemplate the idea of a spiritual world behind the material one, or we’re sunk. And I’m not talking here about choosing which denomination to subscribe to, but about using our intelligence in all its aspects.
    This is far too complex a topic to deal with here, but here are two starting points:
    1. Being religious, or having a strong personal experience that there is more to life than what we can hold in our hand, is not the same thing as believing that there is a benevolent old man with a white beard who sits on a cloud and grants everybody their wishes.
    2. In order to believe that the universe is simply dead matter in motion, we must ignore the fact that the concept of “in motion” is incompatible with being dead matter.
    We can’t pronounce judgement on anything at all without having looked at ourselves in that light.

  4. “It is no accident that the post-apartheid South African government peremptorily announced the withdrawal of its ambassador from Israel in light of the massacre in Gaza.” But, It’s entirely possible that SA is doing business with Israel. I’m referring specifically to arms deals and training (Israel would be supplying the trainers) of police and military forces. These are among the startling revelations made by Jeff Halper in his book “War Against The People.”

    • mog says

      Great to read a full response to this from Jonathan.
      I personally don’t think Boyle ‘slipped up’. He is a well read and knowledgable man who understands how the media, the BBC, politics and the PR system work. He made a lot of careful choices about what material to put into the unedited show, how to negotiate editorial decisions, who to invite on, which subjects to cover and which to avoid…and the timing was significant. At every juncture he made choices to accept what we know he knows is a false narrative and give it yet another airing for basically no comic effect. It was propaganda plain and simple.

      His choices in how to respond to the inevitable criticism are even more revealing.

      Boyle has burst.

      • Manda says

        I fully agree with you and yes Boyle’s responses are very revealing. It is the first detailed rebuttal I have come across so far.

        I also believe Baddiel is a friend of Jon Lansman and vaguely recall a Baddiel-Galloway-Lansman spat which ended with Lansman accusing Galloway of anti-Semitism. Galloway appears to have decided not to carry out his threat of legal action against Lansman.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        Perhaps he values his ‘career’, and cushy life-style. Crossing the de facto rulers of the UK would be a very unwise career move.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      They nearly all sell out in the end, bribed, threatened or simply morally degenerate. Evil has more weight than good in human affairs.

      • Kathy says

        I had high hopes for Boil being radical enough not to sell out but as per he did. He was taken off TV a few years ago because he had made a comment to far on some subject I cant now remember what. He also said he was going to stop writing in the Guardian but then did. It seems he has allowed fame and fortune to corrupt his integrity and as you say {They nearly all sell out in the end}. Sad but very true. At that point I start to wonder if they are not all really just decoys. Risky, radical and telling it like it is up to a point to sucker us in and turn us back to the fold over time. After all it seams very few who would not sell out ever make it that far any way.

  5. I think the collapse of LFI is not only a moral collapse, it is a collapse in its political power over Parliament; and the same goes for Israeli power in the ME. From Rev.Nasr’Allah in Lebanon (nb, Lebanon used to be the only ME country which did not fight Israel):

    ” Israeli decision-making, this trigger-happy behaviour so to speak, it will disappear. I’m not saying that Israel will not do anything. But I say they will carefully calculate their movements. And this is the message from our strategic missile attack, which must be taken into account in these calculations.Second, this missile response occurred despite Israeli threats and intimidation. If you remember, during two or three weeks (before the attack), the Israelis said they expected a response, but that if it came up, they would destroy, bomb, kill, put everything upside down, etc. Well, the response took place, and they expected it, but they haven’t turned anything upside down, and they haven’t dared to touch some red lines in Syria. Because — and I am going to reveal a secret — the Israel government was warned by international intermediaries that if the Israeli response in Syria exceeded certain red lines, the second bombing would target the heart of occupied Palestine (Tel Aviv). This is one reason why they panicked during that night, contacted UNDOF, and said that if Syria’s operation was over, they too (would stop there). And that means that we’re done with threats, intimidation, terror, and so forth, it’s all over.

    Third, despite efforts in the collection of information and actions of the Israelis all the days that preceded the missile attack to prevent missiles being launched from Syria, the missiles were launched, and it is an Israeli military defeat and a victory for those who fired the missiles.

    Fourth, despite the fact that they knew the target was the Golan, that they have deployed the Iron Dome and all systems responsible for intercepting missiles, and that they considered all possibilities and were at a level of maximum alert, they have not managed to prevent most of the missiles from striking Israeli military positions in the Golan, and this is also a military failure for Israel.”


  6. Great closing 2 paragraphs for some well structured journalism ..

    End Apartheid Today:
    & Expose MSM’s ways ..
    with words!

    ‘In the heat of the night’ & fight against Fascist & Racist discrimination to ramp societal divisions, most seem not to have noticed or protested against the ‘closure’ of a Leveson 2 inquiry >>

    Never was an external independent investigation of Media Concerns more urgent, than now.
    Murdoch smiling contently .. ! !

  7. I distinctly recall a very brief report about an ‘unofficial’ IDF medal for shooting a child. Despite efforts to find the story again I have struck a blank. Am I going senile? Does anyone else recall it or know where I can find it?

  8. Yarkob says

    Great article, thanks. Might be interesting to cross-reference the LFI with the Friends of Syria. Another fake pressure group advocating humanitarian bombing of Syrians to, you know, save Syrians. I see a lot of names in both camps. Some synergy with the Zionist project, no doubt

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      As Smotrich, the Likudnik Deputy Speaker of the Knesset, observed on Israeli TV, a couple of years ago-‘Damascus belongs to the Jews’.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        I see from an article by an Israeli writer on Counterpunch that Smotrich is one of the leading advocates for a ‘final solution’ to the ‘Palestinian problem’, that involves either their complete surrender to an existence of perpetual imprisonment, expulsion ‘elsewhere’ or extermination, with the genocidal tract, The Book of Joshua, as the template. So groveling to the Zionists has, as expected, only further emboldened them to follow ever more closely their Nazi role models.

    • Freedom Fighter says

      It’s not “fake” – it’s evidently real.

      Think you mean something quite different.

  9. Robbobbobin says

    I started to write a comment under https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/may/18/us-israel-relationship-jerusalem-embassy-palestine-violence but had to break off temporarily. By the time I got back to it, comments had been closed. While not directly relevant here (LFI), I think its over all thrust remains sufficiently partially relevant, so:

    “[The Israeli state] is not good at figuring out long-term solutions, like preventing Israel from becoming a perpetual occupier.”

    On the contrary, Israel had its long-term strategy for Palestinian fully figured out over 70 years ago. Well over 70 years ago, in fact. It is only its shorter term tactics that have since been altered to suit developments “on the ground” since – as any effective tactics should be.

    For the adherents of a religion based on writings over 5000 years old, with its written and verbal traditions (including the exceptionalist committments to them of its God), traditions reliably sustained over that entire period (the 7-day cycle of Shabbat is the sole unbroken terrestrial calendar of antiquity that is still extant), the aggressively Zionist inhabitants of the modern state of Israel and their many supporters in the Diaspora could be seen by those who are not in some or the same way voluntarily blinded by the dark as being – in view of that remarkably well-preserved religious tradition – curiously (if that’s the word) impervious to the extensive written, photographed, filmed, videoed and reliably-attested verbal records of the aspirations, manoeuvres, manipulations (and qualified exceptionalist commitments to them in national and international agreements and treaties of, by and with other modern political entities) that led to the 1948 (Christian Era) establishment of Israel as a nation state and its subsequent history.

    Does anyone know where I can get a copy of The Protocols of the Founders and Politicians of the Modern State of Israel? (Apart from, as a jigsaw of disparate pieces, all over the place?).

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Five thousand years is a mythical exaggeration. More like 3000-3500 years, and that religious tradition contains the oldest extant descriptions of the ways and means of genocide of those who ‘get in the way’, and descriptions of the genocides inflicted on numerous enemies, all demanded by their God.

      • Robbobbobin says

        Maybe. The earliest solid (so to speak) reference to Israel I’ve seen was in the Cairo Museum, where it is mentioned on a stone engraved for one of the Egyptian kings around 3200 years ago, though I had to rely on a translator for that information and have since learned that the certainty she displayed is perhaps not fully justified. While some believe that the heiroglyphs definitively identify Israel, others are not so sure. However, other – if less concrete – sources suggest it is likely that the Israelite week is at least 2500 years old, possibly well over 3000 years, and almost certain that a young יהוה (Yahweh/Jehovah) was stomping around Canaan long before even that).

        Personally, I have no particular problems with the sort of backward (read that word how you like) conjectural extension of religious conviction by a couple of thousand years or so, the sort that you can find running all the way from holes in the Red Sea to some old guy buying a tomb in Hebron and his seed finding a clause in the contract that gives them all of Canaan as well, or, say, running all the way from Mecca to Palmyria, or, say again, from Clermont to Zion or Washington DC to Antioch. Given that יהוה &/or الله have existed, eternal and unchanging, since the Big Dot then yesterday’s infidels are obviously as remiss as today’s and a follower’s gotta smote what a follower’s gotta smote. Just ask Dubbya.‎

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          The Judaic calendar just fits the extensive genealogy of the Torah, and the exaggerated life-spans of the people there like Noah and Methuselah. Archeology says different. And in the context of 70,000 years of H. sapiens inhabitation since our grand species left Africa. it’s a drop in the ocean of time.

          • Robbobbobin says

            Are you really are so obsessed with your pseudo-mystic less-than-semi understanding of Judaic mysticism that either you can’t read what is written or you can’t reply on any other point, or are you just here to make legitimate condemnations of Zionism look as loony as your troll-like image, thus all the more easily dismissable?

            My original post said fuck all about the post-constructions of the Judaic calendar, except in a minor opening concession to the approved narrative to avoid diversion from the point I wished to make, which you have signally failed to address and possibly – if you aren’t just an intentionally brain mumbling troll – even failed to perceive.

            As a segue I took a minor diversion via the 7-day week, which the Israelites made into a remarkably durable construct by dint of dropping the intercalary days that the Babylonians used to keep the week linked to the lunar cycle. The week, got it? Although technically a calendrical device, one which has SFA to do with any manipulations of any calendrical measurement of anybody’s life span, unless that life span was expressed in numbers of weeks, which it wasn’t, not anywhere, ever.

            So, setting the preliminary set decoration that you have chosen to flubble around with aside, what’s your take on the point that followed it, if simply not having one on any topic is not the actual intent of your multitudinous postings in the majority of these BTL’s?

            • Mulga Mumblebrain says

              You need to see someone about your anger problem, old boy. You’re not the centre of anybody’s universe but your own, as it should be.

              • Robbobbobin says

                Skip the “old boy” – it’s an over-revealing part of your ever-ready tendency to condescend by implication, imprecation, obfuscation, misdirection and just about any other ~tion. So assiduously it’s legitimate to wonder if you’re an ADHD-afflicted AI-bot. As for your apparent point, any seeming anger problem is not one of mine. I’m here (as practically everywhere else I go) 90% for a laugh. And ditching the bullshit en route to a 10% shot at the serious stuff in life (most of which turns out not to be).

                • Mulga Mumblebrain says

                  I rest my case. ‘ADHD-afflicted AI-bot’? Good God, you’ve seen through me in a flash of insight. I am done for!

                  • Robbobbobin says

                    As throughout this entire sub-thread, including the immediately preceeding post, “you” (?) have never once shown even the slightest sign of addressing the main point (or, more exactly, the passing observation) I made in the post that started it, despite an explicit invitation to so do, then although you have expended a great deal of energy laying down sidetracks and diversions, I fail to see any case you have made against anything except some imagined infringements on your demented predetermined convictions, while simultaneously agreeing that you probably are indeed in need of a rest. But there you go, that quandry is mine

                    ADHD-afflicted AI-bot? Well, I wouldn’t know if I had seen through “you” or not – innocent young Eliza has grown into a very wily menopausal woman and since her recent abusive relationship with the underaged Eugene Goostman who knows how precocious any of their offspring already are. I was merely conjecturing on what might possibly be a pattern in the seemingly destructive mindset you bring to thread after developing thread around these parts. If the hat fits I can understand why you’d be partial to wearing it, especially when any other would probably seem so damnably small, but if you’re just another averagely inconsiderate human or suchlike, like the rest of us, my apologies for the confusion. However, I do know you just love the last word, so here and in the meantime, Roger, over and out.

                    System message: Please post re-butt-all ↓here↓.

                    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

                      No, Robbo-I think you deserve the last, revealing, words, so you shall have them, by Jupiter!

      • Robbobbobin says

        Thank you for those references, even if my request was primarily rhetorical. Shahak has been unmissable for the last half century or so, so comment either way of what might be called “the Shahak divide” is by now bound to be mostly a redundant reinvention of the wheel that I’ll avoid redundancing further.

        The other I had not come across, and flicking through it in search of its very small coverage of the state of Israel, in the face of an avalanche of proofs of the general historical proposition – that Jews are characterized by the very swine they heroicly refrain from consuming – by accumulations of the particular (despite Popper’s injunctions against induction as a starting point, let alone as a conclusion) has taken a while. Separately, maybe by now you have noticed another post in which I implied that exceptionalism in the service of depravity has always been a universal ubiquity that is thus pretty much valueless as a demarcator of any particular nationality or culture, even or especially those that elevate and celebrate it?

    • mark says

      These are fake Jews, the Khazars.
      Their ancestral homeland is on the shores of the Caspian Sea.
      The present day Palestinians are the true descendants of the Palestinian Hebrews.

      • Robbobbobin says

        “These are fake Jews, the Khazars.”

        Yes and no. Koestler notwithstanding, DNA analysis not available to him shows that at least the Cohens amongst them were from the Israel of the second Temple, and the non-priestly Diaspora refugees in Byzantium and Persia (iran) that the Khazarian rulers invited to join them were equally pukka Israelites. True, the remainder of the now-Ashkenazim are mostly descendants of Khazarians who had converted to Judaism, but although Judaism is and was not a prosyletizing religion in itself, conversion creates genuine Jews out of Goyim just as surely as Jimmy Swaggart creates born-again Christians out of Good Old Boys.

    • Robbobbobin says

      The “two state” solution is a solution to nothing except the problem of getting the international “community” to kiss exceptionalist arse; “what about #myunlovedarsetoo” provides all the futility of consensus that the Rohingya can do without.

      Bloody spell checker. You type in “Palestinian” and it changes it to “Tutsi”. How can that happen? They don’t even look the same.

  10. Francis Lee says

    I wonder if the Labour Party Friends of Israel are aware that in 1946 Zionist terrorists plotted to assassinate Ernest Bevin, a Labour party stalwart and British foreign secretary, in 1946, as part of their campaign to establish the state of Israel, declassified intelligence files revealed in 2006 have shown. The plan was devised by Irgun, the insurgent group led by Menachem Begin, who went on to become a Nobel peace prize winner and prime minister of Israel.

    Now that the Labour party has been thoroughly infiltrated by the Zionists such policies are now defunct.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      They would just declare Bevin an ‘antisemite’ and his murder a mitzvah.

      • Robbobbobin says

        Unless they were even just moderately linguistically precise.

        • Jim Scott says

          You mean like your English description “moderately precise”?

          • Robbobbobin says

            More or less. 22/7 is a rough approximation of π, 3.1419 is moderately precise, 3.14159265359 is more so, and I suspect that more than some degree of precision from only just moderate to nearly supra-moderate is unattainable. Describing good works as mitzvot is pure colloquialism, wheras describing general “commandments” as mitzvot is more precise – “moderately” precise, even – but only the 600-odd biblical commandments are precisely described as such: purists would not even include the later rabbinical pronouncements.

            How about psychology? Do you have some sort of problem with “Autistic Spectrum Disorder”. “Moderately autistic” not meaningful in your book? If you haven’t got 100% full-on, in-your-face autism you’ve only got Asperger’s Syndrome, yes? Or LBGT? You’re either a straight male or a straight female or a woofty male or a woofty female, right? Ts are not valid humans, yes?

            I agree that binary categorization is great for smart-arseing, but even there it’s playing with a conceptual fire of the sort that has, left to mind-mutate, been so detrimental to the interests of – um – nakbarred Palestinians, for instance.

  11. Edwige says

    The new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem isn’t the only new one. Black cubes, secret tunnels, the number 33, it’s all here….

  12. rilme says

    I think “israel” should get out of Palestine completely.

    Ms Noura Erakat, a human rights attorney, thinks compromise may be possible with the illegal invaders. She sums up the Palestinian view concisely and clearly:

  13. Fair dinkum says

    Would put it past the psychopaths who rule Israel to ‘arrange’ an internal terrorist attack to elicit support.

    • Brutally Remastered says

      Oh absolutely. Desecration Of graves is also a favourite when things getting nasty. Playing on emotions-it’s all advertising.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        Or a teenage youth sitting in his home on the West Bank, making scores of threatening ‘antisemitic’ phone calls. That one, of course, went down the Memory Hole quick smart.

        • Jim Scott says

          Why would a Semitic youth make anti Semitic phone calls to European settlers?

          • Mulga Mumblebrain says

            The phone calls were made to the USA I believe, by an ‘Israeli-American’ youth. Over 200 bomb threats against ‘mainly Jewish institutions’ in the USA. He was an 18 year old living in Ashkelon. As one paper observed, ‘The calls to Jewish community centres and schools stoked fears of rising antisemitism and led to campus evacuations’.
            In other words perfect grist to the ‘antisemitism’ industry mill.

            • mark says

              Exactly. The same thing happened in France. A lot of gravestones in Jewish cemeteries were being vandalised and desecrated. The police mounted an operation and caught the offender – a young Jewish man. He said he’d done this to increase sympathy and support for Israel.

              A young Jewish woman on a US university campus complained that anti Semitic graffiti was being painted on her student accommodation. The university put up a hidden camera and filmed the woman writing anti Semitic slogans on her own accommodation.

              A lot of this “epidemic of anti Semitism” that the Board of Deputies and their foreign equivalents are constantly complaining about is entirely bogus. Just an attempt to censor, demonise and criminalise anyone who expresses any criticism of Israel.

              In France recently, some people were prosecuted for wearing BDS T Shirts. It’s the same in Canada, Britain and the US.

              • Mulga Mumblebrain says

                Exactly, Mark, and their fanaticism is fueled by hatred three thousand years in the making. Ritual caveat-by no means all Jews act like this. Just a small number, but their very existence is hysterically denied and to even mention that you know of their existence and their actions makes you an ‘antisemite’, soon to become a felony across the captive states of the West.

    • Robbobbobin says

      “…tthe psychopaths who rule Israel…”

      As the much despised George Galloway has more than once pointed out, Israel genuinely is an excelllent example of a properly funtioning parliamentary democracy. The psychopaths are widespread throughout Israel.

      • milosevic says

        The comment above verges on ThoughtCrime, as must be apparent to all GoodThinking citizens of Oceania.

        As always, anti-semitism is the crime of noticing.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        The ruling Israeli elites in the Nutty regime and the military-intelligence elites are, without doubt, among the most murderous, racist terrorist psychopaths anywhere. In Israeli society they appear to have majority support, despite many Israelis being fine and decent people. In the Diaspora, the USA in particular, the Jewish communities are turning away from Israeli precisely because of its racist, terrorist, nature.

      • A. J. B says

        The Guardian didn’t allow my reminder of Jonathan Miller’s
        remark, some years ago, that ‘Israel is the world’s largest open air lunatic asylum’.

    • mark says

      Why not? USS Liberty, Lavon Incident, 9/11, there are hundreds of others.

  14. Lol, a lot more than a few of us used to quote in CIF, that devil within, from the Tempest ..

    Tempestuous times Thermic Turbulence,
    tops Telecommunications Totalitarian tweet Tenacity ? ?

    I wonder .. !?

    • milosevic says

      Tempestuous times Thermic Turbulence, tops Telecommunications Totalitarian tweet Tenacity ? ?

      Sadly, my education must be seriously deficient, since I cannot recall wherein Shakespeare’s oeuvre the above quotation may be found. Perhaps a more erudite person than myself can locate its source, and explain its profound import and significance.

      note to “Admin”: since you deleted my previous response to the post above, perhaps this one will not transgress against whatever policy that one was found to be in violation of. Or is sarcasm also impermissible? But perhaps I’m not being sarcastic, only expressing my admiration for the profound wisdom and knowledge expounded in this scintillating communique. Who can really tell? To offer any such judgement would be presumptuous, even ad hominem. Which, I gather, would be a policy violation.

      NOTE BY ADMIN: This is the content of Milosevic’s previous post which we deleted. As you can see it contains no comment on the article or related matters and is intended merely to insult and provoke another commenter. Since Milosevic is obviously proud of it, let it remain here as testimony to why we took it down in the first place. And let us remind you that comment is free but empty abusive ad hom is not:

      Apparently, “balkydj” is the reincarnation of “binra”.

      I regret my earlier preoccupation with the question of whether such entities are human, cybernetic, or some combination thereof. The relevant point is that their purpose, or more accurately that of their spook controllers, is disruption, derailment, and diversion, of any meaningful opposition to the ruling class program. This is why their discourses, while appropriating some of the vocabulary of the subject under discussion, are always completely meaningless.

      Return to your CIA masters, troll, whether you be human, or something else. Tell them that you have failed

      • reinertorheit says

        This phrase, of course, occurs nowhere in Shakespeare’s works. The terms of which it is composed did not exist in the 17th century. It is arrant, ignorant and offensive nonsense to suggest this could have been written by Shakespeare, or any of his contemporaries.

        • milosevic says

          from the Tempest …

          arrant, ignorant and offensive nonsense

          That’s what I said in my first response, but it was deleted.

          Fortunately, you’ve had better luck. Or maybe the Hammer Of Doom is still descending upon you.

          • reinertorheit says

            But what would I know about Shakespeare? I’ve only appeared in four professional English-language productions of his plays in Moscow.

              • reinertorheit says

                Shakespeare didn’t write that shit. It is the work of some talentless yankee who has grossly misrepresented what Shakespeare wrote, Its value, standing and worth is a complete 0.

                • milosevic says

                  Be careful, you’re verging on committing the crime of “ad hom”.

                  • reinertorheit says

                    Ad hom is short for ad hominem – against the person. My remark is clearly directed against the text from ‘sparknotes’, and neither against its author, or the individual who has cited it here.

                    • milosevic says

                      arrant, ignorant and offensive nonsense

                      some talentless yankee

                      That kind of thing can get you deleted, in these parts. It happened to me.

                • Reiner, my mum gave me “The Tempest” to read with her, as boy. She proceeded to try & elaborate upon all the alternative multiple metaphors & symbolism ‘im Spiel’ .. because it was easy to fall foul of what was permissible to express publicly in Shakespeare’s times of censorship & religious persecution.

                  Thus he spoke oft’ in riddles, as I dooo …

                  and I really don’t give a toss, today, what some yank or brit. thinks, living here on the Balkans .. equally, nor locals here, when talking about the Tempest & Shakespeare’s profound symbolism or control of the ..

                  AIRWAVES !

                  (Unless locals here, show me something written by Tesla … dat’s interesting 🙂 )

                  Whatever way you look at it, Shakespeare did write that “shit” and in the Tempest: like he said, lol ..

                  “Hell is empty , and all the devils are here ..”

                  Manifesting themselves ubiquitously, and omnipresent within .. 🙂

                    • Hi there, I am desperately trying to clarify & clean things my end, after last Saturday’s cyberattacks.You @OFFG were not alone & I need to know if your Contact email is working, ASAP , because i have sent you my real name (as promised) and an alternative email address, with which to just confirm this simple fact.. YES or NO ??

                      in that email I asked ‘contact’ to confirm the EXACT TEXT received by forwarding it to me by return ! How hard is that, I ask ?

                      I need to find out about things that happened & are maybe still happening NOW, and we can’t wait too long, certainly not ’till next year and it is in your best interests also to respond to ‘wild horses’ & lone wolves, that likely know how communications systems work at the highest levels of science, better than you @Admin ..

                      All you need to know at this moment, is that I am not the enemy and I love and have worked hard for wildhorses habitat and freedom to communicate, both literally & metaphorically speaking >> Check Contact Email !!! ASAP !

            • reinertorheit says

              Could be, who knows? There’s something due any day
              I will know right away soon as it shows
              It may come cannon balling down through the sky
              Gleam in its eye, bright as a rose
              – WEST SIDE STORY

              But soft, what light through yonder window breaks?
              It is the east, and Juliet is the sun.
              Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon,
              Who is already sick and pale with grief
              That thou, her maid, art far more fair than she
              – ROMEO & JULIET

              Which is by Shakespeare, and which by Sondheim? Are they the same? Did Shakespeare write both? If not, then why not?

      • I see your lateral thought processes related to the science of communications , mainstream media & alternative media reactions, in all things connectivity & conductivity, are struggling, today .. lol

        Times can also imply multiplication / amplification eg. 10 times 10 = 100


        The link has both original & modern translation for you to get the full context of “Hell is empty & all the Devils are here ..”

        The boat was burning .. !

        Meanwhile, back to today where censorship rears its’ ugly head in so many forms & arts of expression, I would ask you to take a leap of faith and think metaphorically on the real struggle to communicate 😉 when even the natural powers of control of radio & micro radio-waves have been usurped, by governance ..

        Think Radio Caroline & us oldies who believe we have a right to use our ionosphere & magnetosphere freely, cooperating with others .. legally !

        NOT COMMANDED !! or censored by Governance ..! it was US the people that developed the science of Nikola Tesla at our own private expense of time , materials &&&
        ENERGY & commitments , to emergency services .. !

        I fear this might all be a bit beyond your comprehension of the notions of Freedom to communicate & share, in law: including how all energy, inc. that inside your brain , is intact & in fact transmitted via grounding with Terra Firma ..

        But hey, give it a shot, shout at the mountain and see if a stone tumbles down, smacks you on the head and jolts a bridge of electrical connectivity 🙂

        (just teasing, Milo-down)

        I tend to forget that people don’t understand what they cannot see, but Bird’s brains can, it was proven most recently, now being investigated further, by some of us with an interest in the earth’s magnetic field, that is in fact quintessential to EVERY aspect of every one of your thoughts & my existence too, let alone communications & sharing ..


        • milosevic says

          Times can also imply multiplication / amplification eg. 10 times 10 = 100

          I see that your profound knowledge of Shakespeare is only exceeded by your even more profound knowledge of mathematics.

          Truly, your wisdom surpasseth even that of the sadly departed “binra”.

          • reinertorheit says

            ‘One lion may talk, when many asses do!’

            A MIdsummer Night’s Dream

            • milosevic says

              The lady doth protest too much, methinks.


              Obviously, this is in reference to the above discourse on the subject of “bird’s brains”.

            • You and Milosevic have entirely disrupted this thread by claiming another poster is disrupting the thread! Balky has made it worse by responding. Of what possible interest or value do any of you see this discussion as being? Why do you think anyone cares what you think of each other’s state of reality or personal motives? All three of you are doing a first class job of wrecking the debate for everyone else with your childish nonsense.

              STOP THIS NOW

              • reinertorheit says

                Bravo, but you should have taken this stand against offtopic twaddle days ago – when members begged you to intervene.

          • In my first stage appearance, (as child), I played the Hungarian Interpreter in ‘Pygmalion’ ..

            “Maestro Maestro, you remember me .. ? ! ” (smiling)
            (My first words, with raised intonation , ending the request 🙂 )

            Seriously, you should consider just how important the magnetic fields are, that I linked, not just for Bird’s brains & orientation: to share Morally & Responsibly with other people & whole nation states .. who seem to have taken over & control of what they do not OWN, & did not discover !!!!

            My B’Amps /G.father received the S.O.S. from the Titanic, (listened to the California finally responding), sitting in his own homemade Amateur Radio Station treehouse, on top of a mountain in S.Wales .. he was NOT paying for any License, gawd the BBC never even existed > Fact.. & universal regulation was non-existent, a bit like online today .. I might add

            And nobody believed B’Amps when he rode down the mountain and told the villagers that the unsinkable ship was sinking & done for ..

            Your and Reiner’s minds are framed by State Assumption ..
            Assumption being the mother of all F**k ups, inevitably !

            Marconi & Tesla & B’Amps were truly FREE thinkers !

            No state invented or owns Micro-RadioWaves & Magnetism, nor the magnetosphere , ionosphere or OUR biosphere, all of which transcend ANY manmade borders & seemingly comprehension in Law, too ..

            think on 🙂

            • milosevic says

              Truly, the magnificent incoherence of your discourse, is exceeded only by its stupendous irrelevance.

              State Assumption

              I’m sure you would know best about that.

              • Admin says

                Stop diverting the conversation into sterile and narcissistic bloviation about your own opinions concerning other commenters’ value and state of reality. You are -once again – acting like an intentionally disruptive troll. Your comments are being pre-moderated until you start to post content.

      • Chuckle , no harm done , rest assured 🙂

        Never been called a spook before ..

        But to clarify for the record and cease with the riddles:
        The tempest & tornadoes existing physically due to weaponised weather, (also of people’s devils within), is obvious to me scientifically: less so, the amplified ratings & the heated discussion & thermal energy expended in the alternative media, like here..

        but it could evolve that many States Assumption & dictatorial control of fundamental physical elements & matter , belonging to nobody, (like our biosphere, ionosphere & magnetosphere) elementary to all energy & communications systems, (including censorship), could actually be rocked in their assumptions, by their Agent Orange Trump tweeting & dictating the game plan tenaciously, about things he really does not understand ..

        i’ll try & be a little less cryptic in the future.
        Talk about a Tempest in a tea cup,
        iWonder 😉

  15. and YET, we ” .. Have a Dream ”

    ** … _ _ _ … **

    “Dreamers” of state ? & corporate sodomy ?
    engineering religious extremism ? in subliminal style ?
    Weaponising d’Weather & Terrorist Tornadoes ..
    Creating Phoney Terror ? Flaming Fanatic Fascist Feuds for f**kwits ?

    Selling Others’ Souls >> S.O.S. << & birth rights ? ?

    Llareggub Legal Rights to Family & Proud Land Ownership, dating back generations ..
    Like on Golan ? ? ? &&& corporate zionist/elitist goals reign/rein supreme, forcefully .. ?
    Via their Communications & Command Strategy ? Gas & Gassing .. !!

    Boycott their C o m m u n i c a t i o n s !

    (except for HACKERS 🙂 !! )

    the exception that proves the rule of >> compounded knowledge <<

    End Apartheid Today E.A.T. dat’ Murdoch Live
    Take #LEVESON2d’Hague , simple

    And life is so simple when you understand it ..

    P.s. Great article , by the way, */.. Objective .. */ .. 😉

  16. Alan says

    I see no morals to be collapsed from such an unethical group. Sadly the cowardice of Zionism sacrifices the Jewish spirit without remorse.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Surely there is more than one ‘Jewish spirit’. Whatever do you mean by that?

  17. Francis Lee says

    It would seem that during the British mandate in Palestine the Zionists learned well the lessons of how to occupy and run a country by all means necessary. Just prior and during WW2 the British recruited a Jewish police force to keep order in the occupied statelet. This force was later formed into a unit in the British army – the Jewish Brigade – who fought in Italy. Most of the Zionist leaders, Shamir, Begin, Peres, Rabin et. al. received their military training there. They were to become the Zionist militias – Irgun, Stern Gang, Hagenah, after the war carrying out terrorist attacks against the British and Arabs, most notorious the blowing up of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem which housed British intelligence and Arab civilians. 90 people died including 17 Jews. Then came the massacre of Arab civilians at the village of Deir Yassin, the rest we know.

    Such campaigns would not have been possible were it not for the knowledge and practice of the British rule of empire, and its operationalised by the Zionists for their own ends.

    The Irish rebellion of 1916 was met by furious campaign of counter-insurgency by a quasi-military group called the Black and Tans (due to the colour of their uniforms) who were officially a special reserve force of the Royal Irish Constabulary. Many were ex WW1 veterans who could not find any employment. Apart from the usual practices of counter-insurgency, they were also involved in the notorious 1920 Bloody Sunday massacre, an atrocity which occurred following the spectacular assassinations of over a dozen members of the Cairo Gang, a team of British undercover agents operating from Dublin. In retaliation, the Auxiliary Division of the Royal Irish Constabulary and the Tans opened fire indiscriminately on the crowd at a Gaelic football match in Croke Park, killing 14 supporters.

    British Rule in India involved the barbaric suppression of the Indian mutiny/uprising which occurred in 1857 which involved, among other things, blowing the insurrectionists out of cannons.

    Later another shameful episode was the Jallianwala Bagh massacre, also known as the Amritsar massacre, which took place on 13 April 1919 when troops of the British Indian Army under the command of Colonel Reginald Dyer fired rifles into a crowd of Indians, who had gathered in Jallianwala Bagh, Amritsar, Punjab. The civilians had assembled to condemn the arrest and deportation of two national leaders, Satya Pal and Dr Saifuddin Kitchlew.
    The Jallianwala Bagh was a public garden of 6 to 7 acres (28,000 m), walled on all sides, with five entrances. To enter, troops first blocked the entry by a tank and locked the exit. On Dyer’s orders, his troops fired on the crowd for ten minutes, directing their bullets largely towards the few open gates through which people were trying to flee. The British Government released figures stating 379 dead and 1,200 wounded. Other sources place the number of dead at well over 1,000. This “brutality stunned the entire nation”, resulting in a “wrenching loss of faith” of the general public in the intentions of the UK.] The ineffective inquiry and the initial accolades for Dyer by the House of Lords fuelled widespread anger, leading to the Non-cooperation Movement of 1920–22.
    There followed a succession of brutal colonial wars in Kenya, Malaya, Cyprus, Aden, (and still) Ireland (still unresolved) which more or less followed the same pattern. Such is the nature of imperialism.

    Thus, the past and present-day Zionists learnt well their Satanic arts from British imperial practices. ‘The Empire where the Sun never sets, and the blood never dries.’

    • Great graphic “Geshichte”..
      holy moly holy cow, black cow white cow , “Black cat , White cat” ?
      males in musk ?

      Satanic Arts Imperial Imperative Rule Number One: “Suppress thy woman in chains ..”

      Then tiny minded men can begin to heard and swarm others by employing terminology like,
      errrr let’s see..

      “Goyim, Hethan, Infidel , Leper, Unclean, Gypsy, Gadje & Gweilo .. ” to name but a few racist, bigoted terms of discrimination, found also in scriptures: all designed to ridicule , marginalise, incite & assert control by ‘pseudo-elite’ men’s societal “visionary divinity” (sic. read sodomy, lol) & I tender Cardinal Pell’s misogynist mansplaining dominance as Treasurer of all societal hierarchy, archives & history, transmitted with Zionists (in the West especially), in a fascist aggressive warring & physical fashion of ole’ school religious styling & beatings, even preceding the Council of Nicaea Nutters,
      all tooled to >>
      enslave, divide & rule , ‘serfs’ & woman kind systemically !

      like Murdoch’s >> Mad Mullahs << */ & */ >> Gypsy Kings << */ & */ >> Mad’dog Men
      surely? #metoo , another token gesture ? oder ??

      I wonder where does ‘Phuri Dai’ feature in this male orchestrated narrative of human horrors in history, homogenised by ‘hommes de terre’ ? officially overseeing woman wise .. ?!

      (The truth is, ‘Be the change’ @home first, not a hypocritical hashtaghound of a humiliating history in other’s homeland, hate filled dishonour of woman kind .. ).

      (in honour of ‘Phuri Dai’ & my Gran (&@vierotchka) #Northern’Staaaarmen’ 😉 )
      Would you Adam & Eve it ..?

      It was men, largely men dunnit’ , innit’, subliminal >> Amen !?

      Binary innit’, the Tempestuous Turbulent Totalitarian Times twisted & spun Today, either is or is not the Legacy of a Woman’s narrative & perspective, predominantly in the past ?

      • milosevic says

        This brilliant discourse is, indeed, meaninglessness raised to a high art.

        A random number generator couldn’t have said it better. You, sir or madam, have achieved the kind of greatness which was previously only attained by the static and white noise of a disconnected TV set.

        • We have zero tolerance for content-free ad hom. Post opinions, facts or argument. Any more empty ad hom will be deleted.

          • milosevic says


            If you can find any content in the post I was responding to, I would be curious to hear about it. In my opinion, it has none.

            • reinertorheit says

              100% agreed.

              This messageboard is currently undergoing a series of offtopic, content-free flame-ridden postings – made with the deliberate intention of derailing discussion.

              It is not ‘ad hom’ to highlight this disruption – as Admin ought to have known very well.

              • Admin says

                Disrupting the discussion to discuss other people allegedly disrupting the discussion is STILL disrupting the discussion. If you don’t like or understand another person’s comments ignore them. We delete ad hom and spam. That’s all. Move on please.

            • milosevic says

              ad hom

              This must be a reference to my other post, which you already deleted, on the question of where discourses such as the one above actually emanate from.

              Apparently, according to your rules, meaningless gibberish is welcome, but to point out that that is what it is, and to suggest explanations for its provenance, is impermissible.

              So much for “we only censor comments for trolling or spam” and “we never censor for opinion”. Perish the thought that the brilliant logic above could ever be considered to be “trolling” or “spam”. No, that must only be the people who would entertain such heretical thoughts.


      • Robbobbobin says

        ‘”Goyim, Hethan, Infidel , […] ” to name but a few racist, bigoted terms of discrimination…’

        Re “Goyim”, no. “Goy” (גוי‎) originally and sometimes still means just “nation” in its broadest, cultural rather than jurisdictional, sense. In the Torah (or Pentateuch, i.e. the “Old Testament” from Genesis to Deuteronomy) it’s used to mean both Israel and other Levantine “nations”, often with a qualifying adjective to define it further (see, for instance, the use of the word “nation” in “Alien Nation” (bunch of earthbound extra-terrestrials), “Aryan Nation” (bunch of inflamatory, cross-jurisdictional xenophobes), etc. More recently, when used alone but in a context referring specifically to “Jews” vis-à-vis “Gentiles” it has, as well, taken on more of the “non-Jew” connotation (and sometimes I use it that way myself), but the word per se is not stuck with that narrower connotation (and except in less inflammatory and diversionary contexts than found on this site, I should probably refrain from such exclusionary usage – as, if I may say so, should some others posting here).

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          Do you think that ‘goy’ may be used by different individuals in Israel with different meanings and implications in mind. I feel that ‘goy’ uttered by a settler Judaic Taliban fanatic might differ from ‘goy’ spoken by a Tel Aviv hipster, if they use the expression.

              • Robbobbobin says

                As “Apparently” doesn’t amount to a characteristic diversionany diatribe, i’ll respond to your question, but only briefly, without further response to any points arising, and directed ad hominen:

                You have broadened a limited etymological comment to pose a broad question about Israeli micro-geostrategics (no surprises there, then), but they are the province of those on the ground in the state of Israel: the secularists, the religious and the Israeli Arabs; i.e the three major blocks of citizens of Israel who have voting rights. This, because of the current statutory right of Jews to return (return, that is, 2000 years after departure, to a geographical location of which most of them have no personal, let alone even familial, experience) is a rapidly changing demographic, but it is the one “on the ground”. Only they, and no-one else, has any “right” to influence Israeli decisions on the matter, unless we all have the “right” to influence (i.e. meddle in) the internal affairs of any other recognised state.

                If “you” wish to show support for the cause of the Palestinians, short of physical assistance of some sort, then you should pay attention to and help disseminate an understanding of Israeli law. That is, not the primal mumbo-jumbo law of a wandering desert tribe in search of a totem god and subsequent labyrinthine-minded exegesists, but the modern statutory law of the Israeli Knesset and its legal interpretation in the modern Israeli Supreme Court, into which far too much pre- and post- diasporan theocratics have found their way. Intelligent external analysis arising from a modern internationalist worldview stands a chance of helping those open to it to formulate an Israeli-internal strategy for navigating the imminently destructive problems of the reactive but even back then temporally out-of-historical-joint nature of Israel’s establishment and its development since; wheras fulminating polemic against the atrocities of ancient theocrats and their trailing polemicists does not, not least because, as the dead, they are amenable neither to reason nor to change.

                Although, indirectly, it is, you may or may not view that as an answer to your specific question but, either way, your view of its relevance is neither my concern nor my problem so, Roger, over and out.

                • Mulga Mumblebrain says

                  Interesting. Do you not think that the ‘ancient theocrats’ are still alive and kicking inside the psyches of the ruling elites in Israel, and the secular and religious strata of Israeli society, the ostensibly secular clearly strongly influenced by the Talmudic Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox? Israeli is a state ruled much more by ancient Talmudic diktat than by any supposed modern ‘rule of law’, which is so easily twisted to fit the overriding religious ideology. Roger.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Michael O’Dwyer, Dyer’s CO and Governor of Punjab, endorsed Dyer’s slaughter in the Amritsar Massacre, just an infinitesimal fraction of English genocide in India. Nemesis caught up with O’Dwyer in 1940, in the shape of Udham Singh, who shot and killed him, but only, to his regret, wounded Zetland the Secretary of State for Indian Affairs in 1919. The English hanged him for it of course, but he kissed the noose before he dropped.

      • Robbobbobin says

        The threading indents are confusing, so that snould read “Good post, Francis.”

  18. Brutally Remastered says

    Soon the word “massacre” will have to be defined as “anti-Semitic” Two can play it this way. Also the phrase “Hollywood pedophile”

    Just trying to help.
    Viva Palestina!

  19. milosevic says

    a group of affluent liberals

    I believe this is what’s called a “euphemism”; an expression that is used when the correct word is considered to be impolitic, although everybody knows what it is.

    One may discover important facts about the power distribution in society, by observing which issues may be discussed plainly, and which may only be spoken of in euphemisms.

    • Robbobbobin says

      It’s pretty damned clear that the phrase “a group of affluent liberals” in the lead paragraph is not a euphemism but simply a direct expansion of the “Labour Friends of Israel” mentioned in the headline. Along with setting out the basic thrust of an article, expanding on the headline is just what phrases in lead paragraphs do, FFS. Enough with the spurious mumbo-jumboizing of the plain and straightforward to sex up implicit external viewpoints already oy vey.

  20. Harry Law says

    Ronnie Casrils had this to say about the Occupation….
    “Whilst he [Verwoerd] did not live to see the division of Palestinian territory after the Six Day War, and the subsequent creation of miniscule Bantustans in the West Bank and Gaza, he would have greatly admired and approved of the machinations that enclosed the Palestinians in their own ghettoized prisons. This, after all, was the Verwoerdian grand plan, and the reason why Jimmy Carter could so readily identify the Occupied Palestinian Territories as being akin to apartheid. In fact the Bantustans consisted of 13 per cent of apartheid South Africa, uncannily comparable to the derisory, ever shrinking pieces of ground Israel is consigning to the Palestinians.
    A further comment about the Bantustans. When I {Ronnie Kasrils] visited Yasser Arafat in his virtually demolished headquarters in Ramallah as part of a South African delegation in 2004, he pointed around him and said, ‘See this is nothing but a Bantustan!’ No, we responded, pointing out that no Bantustan, in fact not even our townships, had been bombed by warplanes and pulverized by tanks. To a wide-eyed Arafat we pointed out that Pretoria pumped in funds, constructed impressive administration buildings, even allowed for Bantustan airlines to service the Mickey Mouse capitals in order to impress the world that they were serious about so-called ‘separate development.’
    What Verwoerd admired too was the impunity with which Israel exercised state violence and terror to get its way, without hindrance from its Western allies, increasingly key among them the USA. What Verwoerd and his ilk came to admire in Israel, and seek to emulate in the southern African region, was the way the Western powers permitted an imperialist Israel to use its unbridled military with impunity in expanding its territory and holding back the rising tide of Arab nationalism in its neighbourhood.
    After the Six Day War, Verwoerd’s successor John Vorster, infamously stated: ‘The Israelis have beaten the Arabs before lunchtime. We will eat the African states for breakfast.”

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      And Israel and apartheid South Africa were very close allies and Friends. I believe that the terrorist (he boasted of ‘inventing terrorism’) Begin, he of the opinion that his people were ‘ Gods upon the Earth’, was the foundation member of the Israel-South African Friendship Society. They co-operated in nuclear weapons research and testing in the South Atlantic, and in bio-warfare research into ‘genetically specific’ weapons. The end of apartheid did the South African ‘Whites’ no great harm,although Jews were conspicuous in leaving in great numbers. The end of Israeli apartheid is, unfortunately, another matter, because the Afrikaaners never had a tiny fraction of the controlling power that the Zionists have over Western polities, economies and the propaganda systems.

  21. To the discerning it should be evident that the recent pressure applied to Corbyn by the Zionist mafia has been specifically tailored to hamstring his commentary on Israeli actions these past weeks. The implicit effort to tar him as sympathetic to antisemitic individuals and groups has indeed served to limit his direct involvement in condemnation of Israeli actions over the past few weeks. Without this assault on him it is hard to imagine he would not be making a lot more waves over the issue than he is. His few statements have been in line with his known and stated position on Israeli apartheid violence but have fallen a long way short of the demands he should be making on parliament to declare Israel a pariah state.
    It is time he grew a pair. It is time to declare LFI a proscribed organisation that supports a racist and murderous regime that ignores international law. He has to lead the party not be dictated to by Zionist whores. As Labour is, by common membership, the largest political party in Europe and has grown so in support of Corbyns stated socialist and humanitarian ideals he has to gather that membership behind him in ejecting all supporters of aparthied Israel from the party. I would imagine if he took courage and did so labour party membership would double or triple.

    • mark says

      It would be a good way to clear out all the Red Tory Blairite rubbish, Benn, Gapes, Smee, Bradshaw and their ilk. They have tried to stab Corbyn in the back twice. Without this scum, Theresa “Je Suis Juif” May would have lost the last election.

  22. Margaret Phelan says

    If you were in any doubt WHO controls ALL our media/MSM look at the Independent who have been allowing comments on every article except any about Israhell.
    Robert Fisk has never been so right…
    I want this to be the beginning of getting rid the pernicious cancer inveigling our Political Parties on the pretext of being inclusive… As has been said previously, the only people the Jewish Lobby work for are themselves. I want them to create their own Political Party and then let us see exactly what their policies are and how many people vote for them. You only need to read what Zionist Hertzl 1896 wrote prior to any mention of Israel… Argentina was the first choice?
    It is a long meandering read but it’s worth it..
    The thing that struck me most was that they have been victims from the day of their inception. I guess they never got over being descended from Abraham’s second child…
    According to the Midrash (quoted in Rashi, Genesis 25:1), Keturah was actually Abraham’s one-time concubine, Hagar. mother of his first child Ishmael. Who, although she and her son Ishmael had been banished from Abraham’s home by Sarah, Hagar remained faithful to Abraham. The Torah now calls her “Keturah,” meaning “bound,” for she had kept her faithful bond to Abraham who married her after Sarah died….

    Hertzl had it all planned. All the unskilled would emigrate first paid for by themsleves.. And they would work to clear the land and build houses, roads and water courses.. for NO PAY… They would then make way for the skilled workers who also paid their own way, who would install electricity and other utilities for no pay, but received food and shelter – and a new suit.. They would be followed by the rich who would create businesses, followed by the super rich bankers who oversaw all the sales of the homes and businesses in the countries they were leaving and used the money to invest ethically into the ‘new land.’ No mention of what they would do with the indigineous except they would be encouraged to leave….
    The best part of all this is that we the ‘ un chosen/un godly’ are nothing more than jealous of them…
    Jesus Christ… You couldn’t make it up… But someone did?

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Judaism and the Jewish community have always been vessels for the Judaic elite to utilise to pursue their interests, which amount to domination of any field, particularly of financial extraction, that they enter. They have been like ‘human shields’ for an elite both hostile to them, and the goyim. Indeed Israel is today, despite billions upon billions in US tribute, year after year, and dominance of various economic activities, many nefarious, the second most unequal society in the OECD, only behind the USA. And among the Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox, whose Talmud is a tract of hostility, self-worship and the will to power and dominance, who are so dominant in religious affairs in Israel, and powerful in politics, there are those who JUSTIFY the Nazi Judeocide as ‘punishment’ for the secularism of European Jewry. Imagine the furore if any goy dared state such a repellent opinion.

    • Brutally Remastered says

      Great comment. I had read that French Guinea/Guyana? was the first thought as home of the Jews-guess they dodged a bullet there. But in case anyone is as dense as I sometimes am, the very thought of these locations puts the lie to all the Biblical justifications and revisionism we are bombarded (pun) with by these vile, racist legions in their revolting use of the sentimental.

    • Robbobbobin says

      “Argentina was the first choice?”

      Argentina was a fleetingly considered but soon seen off second choice when a preliminary Zionist reconnoitre of the actual site produced the report “The bride (i.e. the land of Palestine) is beautiful but she is married to another man (i.e. the predominantly – well over 95% of the then total population – non-Jewish Palestinians).”

      Citation: from memory – too lazy to look it up (Matthew 7:7, q.v.)

  23. A. J. B says

    That deleted tweet must have been handed to Joan Ryan by the Embassy.

  24. rtj1211 says

    Do you have a list of prominent members of this odious group?

    Naming names is a good way of activating protest. Protest against individuals can often be as effective as protests against cover organisations.

    Leaflets in constituencies saying ‘Your MP supports mass murder of unarmed Palestinians by rifle toting Israelis. Is that who you want representing you??’ may goad public opinion……

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        Are there ANY Conservatives who are NOT members of the Friends of Israel (aka Masadastan)?

        • reinertorheit says

          I don’t follow the CFI very closely – they are far from being a priority for me. In the Wikipedia article (which I cited earlier) an unnamed CFI official claims that 85% of the party’s parliamentary representatives are CFI members. No further details or source is given.

    • A. J. B says

      The organisation itself has a website, and lists its current MPs.
      There are loads of them.

    • Margaret Phelan says

      From Wikipedia.
      David Abrahams, former Treasurer[12]
      Lord Archer of Sandwell[13] (Criminal extraordinaire.)
      Sir Stuart Bell[14]
      Luciana Berger, Former Director of LFI[15]
      Tony Blair, former Prime Minister[16][17] (Evil War Criminal)
      David Blunkett, former Home Secretary[13] (Sadly lost his way years ago, thanks to Blair’s influence)
      Gordon Brown, former Prime Minister[16][17][18]
      Chris Bryant[13] and former Minister for Europe
      Stephen Byers, former Secretary of State for Trade and Industry[13]
      Wayne David[13]
      Andrew Dismore [13]
      Michael Dugher[19]
      Louise Ellman, Vice Chair of LFI [13]
      Derek Foster[13]
      Lord Foulkes[13]
      Mike Gapes, former Vice Chair of LFI (2004)[20]
      Anthony Greenwood, first Chair of LFI (1957)[2]
      Andrew Gwynne, Chair of LFI (2010)[13]
      Fabian Hamilton[13]
      Joan Humble[13]
      Baroness Hayman[13]
      Margaret Hodge nee Oppenheimer[21] (Margaret Thatcher wannabe/absolutely full of her own importance.)
      Lord Janner of Braunstone QC, former President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews
      (wasn’t he accused of paedophilia? was he on the list of the files that were lost by Teresa May?))
      Barbara Keeley[13]
      Barry Gardiner, former Vice-Chair of LFI
      Jane Kennedy, Chair of LFI (2007)[13]
      Ivan Lewis, former Vice-Chair of LFI [22]
      Lord Macdonald of Tradeston[13]
      Denis MacShane[13]
      Michael McCann, Vice-Chair of LFI[23]
      Anne McGuire, Chair of LFI (2013)[7]
      Jonathan Mendelsohn, former Chair of LFI (2002)[24]
      The astonishing rise in the fortunes of the controversial ex-Cabinet Minister, which appears to mirror the success of his close friend and confidant Tony Blair, who has made millions in his role as a consultant since quitting Downing Street.
      The proposed purchase by Lord Mandelson raises serious questions about how he is able to pay for such a property.
      Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2028356/Lord-Mandelsons-8m-mansion-Questions-Labour-ministers-wealth.html#ixzz5FnB8dZBq
      Alun Michael, former Leader of the Welsh Labour Party[13]
      Andrew Miller[13]
      Jim Murphy, former Chair of LFI (2001), former Secretary of State for Scotland [25]
      Dan Norris[13]
      Nick Palmer[13]
      James Purnell, former Chair of LFI, former Secretary of State for Work and Pensions [26]
      Baroness Ramsay of Cartvale[13]
      John Reid former Home Secretary (2007)[27]
      Rachel Reeves[19]
      Terry Rooney[13]
      Owen Smith ( Backstabber, Labour Leader wannabe)
      Dari Taylor[13]
      Gary Titley[13]
      John Woodcock, Chair of LFI (2011)[6]
      Woodcock was appointed to the inspectorate by Home Secretary David Waddington in 1990, only months after Hillsborough, in which 96 fans were crushed to death during the FA semi-final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest.
      As a concerned member of the public I spoke at a Police conference with him, and he asked to see my speech. Then he claimed credibility for what I had said >>>..<<< I still have the booklet with my speech in it.
      He observed in 1992, >>>police were never really the police of the people.<<< but were set up to protect the affluent from what the Victorians described as the dangerous classes.>>> In the modern age, he said, there needed to be a new contract between police and public, involving the police viewing the public as customers and being more open and answerable.<<<
      Glenis Willmott, Vice Chair of LFI
      Lord Winston[13]
      Iain Wright, former Chair of LFI (2006)[13]
      Lord Young of Norwood Green.

      Just the little research I have done tells me ALL I need to know about the calibre of these people……

      Lets see them form their own PARTY, set out their policies and see how many people vote for them.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        The ONLY decent manner in which to be a ‘Friend’ of a vile, racist, terrorist regime like Israel, is to be a ‘Friend of Palestine’ at the same time, and be dedicated to diverting Israel from its evil, and self-destructive, ways, as a true friend would do. These ‘Friends’ are simply stooges, most, no doubt, bought, many simply bigots.

      • reinertorheit says

        [[ Denis MacShane[13] ]]

        Real name at birth: Denis Matyjaszek. A convicted criminal who has served time in prison for submitting fraudulent expenses. He claimed a derelict caravan in his back yard (with no electricity connected) was his ‘office’.

        A virulently anti-Russian Pole, ‘Matyjaszek’ never wastes an opportunity to write anti-Russian gobshite for any publishers willing to buy his trash. Even the Grauniad has got tired of his illiteral drivel – but the Indy still prints it avidly. His latest piece of crap was printed yesterday:
        https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/putin-balkan-countries-eu-join-russia-problem-serbia-albania-a8355866.html Loyally supporting Theresa May on her official visit to Macedonia.

      • rilme says

        Golden Brown sold half of Britain’s gold well below USD300 per Troy ounce. Who benefited?

        • @rilme. Is that a rhetorical question? Here is my rhetorical answer: Which Rothschild arms company has “a Son of the Manse” as a Director, together with a well known Peace Envoy?

        • Hear d’HAARPsichord ?

          That cycle of addiction to history repeating, like “Golden Brown” .

          The Strangler’s classic metaphoric Frequency Modulation !
          Resonating still today ..

        • John Roberts says

          The United States of America (bankers, security houses, hedge funds, etc.) who else?

      • Cool comment, Sister .. today, it just all beggars belief >>

        A shameful beggars banquet 4Dogs&Bitches >> Barking ..
        like misogynist mad’dog Murdoch’s Golan Guerrillas,
        Also in Gaza.

        For whom the Bell of Pavlov now Tolls, calling
        all privileged & prostitutes of Moral Principle & Freedom ..
        Out for the sinners they are. Especially TONY BLAIR ..

        Hollow ‘Hallowed’ Howling Zionist unCultured Sheep in Wolf’s clothing !

        A total Moral Hypocritical Disaster of unprincipled role models,
        for all youth of today .. >>

        Utterly appalling degenerate canine behavioural patterns.


        & destroy Murdoch’s Communications Channeled deceptions.

        Misogynist Mad’dog Murdoch should be incarcerated , next door to
        Cardinal Sinner & Treasurer of the Vatican Bank George d’Pedophile PELL in Hell
        or Austfailure: after all, that’s what the Queen & Prince Harry & Ms.Markle should surely want for her serfs, to avoid further scandal: according to Right Royal History export criminals , to a secure cell, Austrailured as far away as possible into the fairly judgemental hands of justice for@Antipodean Peace Movement, the Rt. Hon.
        Mugla Mumblebrain .. ? !
        (mug shots essential)

        Just ask Meg !?

        God only knows, i’d have a heart attack if that were my daughter,
        marrying royalty .. ?

        d’PCC >> Pavlov’s Canine Cesspit of Politically ‘Correct C***S’ <<
        Ask Jim Jeffries !?

        Worshiping Rupert Murdoch & jerry hall’s Diamond Dog Club
        4Zionist K9 Elitism .. ruling “Barbarous Multitudes” and claiming
        Shylocks pound of Palestinian Flesh ..

        Jim might say ..

    • mark says

      Good idea. Don’t have a list but it’s 80% pf the PLP, virtually identical with the Red Tories who stabbed Corbyn in the back twice.

  25. markrussell20085017 says

    Tutu is typically sagacious with his observation – it is a state of apartheid in Palestine, but this time, economic sanctions are impotent when you consider who controls the central banking system. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you, would be a charitable description of our predicament. But bite it we must. The ideology that is Anglo-Zionism has corroded and corrupted generations for far too long – and the events of the last few weeks in Gaza, Salisbury and Syria simply exemplifies the irreversible decline in moral acceptability.

    There are so many things we need to change right now – the environmental catastrophes inflicted on our oceans and atmosphere are desperate for dramatic and reversible action – but we are consumed with stupidities and cravings and blinded to reality – and worse, enslaved to a creed that threatens everything humanity might ordinarily have achieved.

    Had it not been for the greed of a few.

    • Margaret Phelan says

      Our young people are completely blinded by all the celebrity garbage they force down their throats. It will be very difficult to wrench their social media from them and get them to engage in the game being played for their future as free men or slaves..
      We can take matters into our own hands immediately by boycotting Israeli and American goods. Beginning with Coca Cola and Ben and Jerrys.
      The Ben & Jerry’s factory is in Be’er Tuvia, adjacent to the town of Kiryat Malachi, one of four Israeli localities located on the lands of the former village of Qastina, in territory allotted to the Arab state under the 1947 UN Partition Plan. However on July 9, 1948, after Israel’s declaration of independence and the ensuing war, Qastina and its more than 147 houses were completely destroyed by Israeli forces of the Givati Brigade, and the land incorporated into Israel. (Based on information documented at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qastina,)
      Ghatheyya Mifleh al-Khawalda was a 15-year old teenager when she fled to Gaza from her home in the village of al-Qastina, now the town of Kiriyat Malachi and site of the Ben & Jerry’s factory, during the Nakba of 1948. So this woman, a refugee living only a day’s walk from the village that she was driven from, represents a personal and tragic link to the site where now the Ben & Jerry’s factory churns out ‘Peace and Love’ ice cream. Yes, they do profit from this stolen land, and yes, the Nakba was a crime, and yes, the occupation is an affront. Ghatheyya is one of generations of Palestinians in Gaza who are locked away from their land, their families and the world. Some seethe with anger and resort to violence – three people in Kiriyat Malachi died in November 2012 in a rocket attack from Gaza. Ghatheyya said, “We had a very nice house, a big house with marble floors in the hallway. My father was a farmer, and we had farmland with orange trees, apple trees, grapefruit trees and others. We were very happy.” Her life changed dramatically in 1948, when Jewish militias arrived. “Some Jewish militia members were wearing uniform and others had civilian clothes,” Ghatheyya said, “and when they arrived in the village they began firing at people, killing three villagers. We ran away, afraid for our safety, and went to Tal al-Safi, a nearby village. It was within walking distance, and we were in a hurry to leave, so we didn’t take anything with us. It was like Doomsday. It was utter terror. We couldn’t think of anything except leaving, not even simple things like bringing food with us.” After a few days in Tal es-Safi, militias came again and forced them to leave. Ghatheyya and her family fled to Beit Jibrin to spend the night, but were followed and forced to leave again. “If you wanted to die, you stayed. If you wanted to live, you left,” she recalls. “Their main aim was not to kill us, but to get rid of us. If they had wanted us all dead, not one of us would have survived. They used fear to force us to leave our land.” The family walked along the coast until they reached Gaza. “There were thousands of people who fled other villages, sleeping in mosques or on the street,” Ghatheyya says

      • mark says

        This was all planned well in advance.
        The Palestinian leadership had been obligingly destroyed by Britain under colonial rule to give the Zionists a free hand.
        As soon as they could, they began an extensive, pre planned campaign of ethnic cleansing in Palestine. wiping out whole villages and carrying out mass rapes, atrocities of a Nazi character committed on a Nazi scale. The Palestinians had been virtually disarmed by the British.
        750,000 Palestinians were expelled from their homes with the clothes on their backs.
        It was only when this had been going on for some time that there was a very limited response from surrounding countries, the mythical invasion by “seven Arab armies.”
        None of the surrounding countries were truly independent at the time. They were all colonies or near colonies of Britain and France.
        There was a small Egyptian force of 10,000, the Jordan Arab Legion of 6,000, and groups of ragtag irregulars from Syria and Jordan and a few other countries (another 5,500.) 21,500 in all. They were opposed by 65,000 armed Jew terrorists.
        They were outnumbered 3-1, and in the circumstances they didn’t do too badly. But for them, the Zionists would have grabbed the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza as well. That had to wait until 1967, when Israel engineered another war to grab the remaining 22% of Palestine they hadn’t been able to steal in 1948.

        The Zionist shills in LFI like to raise the Hamas bogey to justify Zionist atrocities and massacres.
        But 2 points need to be made about Hamas.
        1. Hamas is the democratically elected government of the Palestinian people. There was an election, and they won. It’s something called democracy, apparently.
        2. Hamas was actually set up and created by Israel. Israel even gave Hamas guns. They did so to undermine Yasser Arafat and his organisation – a classic dirty colonial game of divide and rule.

        • Robbobbobin says

          “The Palestinian leadership had been obligingly destroyed by Britain under colonial rule to give the Zionists a free hand.”

          The leadership and every trace of any effective resistance the could potentially lead.

    • mark says

      There are things ordinary people can do.
      Don’t buy a single Israeli orange or carrot.
      Don’t watch the Zionist MSM.
      Don’t vote for anyone who has whitewashed Zionist atrocities.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        Mark, in Austfailure that means voting for no-one. I have long taken that advice to heart. One politician did dare criticise the latest Gaza massacre on Sunday, a certain Comrade Albanese of the ‘Labor’ Party. I await his just desserts being delivered by the local Zionists.

  26. Gwyn says

    ”Peace and love to the Palestinians.”

    Little wonder that the Guardian’s moderators decided to delete this disgraceful, anti-Semitic comment of mine…

    • That doesn’t surprise me. I was banned for mentioning Palestinian women in Israeli prisons on International Women’s Day.

    • A. J. B says

      They also wouldn’t allow mention of the fact that Jews, including a son of holocaust survivors, were being chucked out of the party for ‘anti-semitism’. This fact would
      seem to be curious enough for a real journalist to write a piece on it.
      But it seems it is not even to be mentioned, let alone investigated.

  27. Meanwhile here in the “post-reality” U.S. – the state of South Carolina has become the first to pass legislation that officially equates criticism of Israel with “anti-semitism.” One can only suppose that publicly defending the humanity and human rights of Palestinians is also now an officially recognized form of anti-semitism. Of course this is both as amazing as it is disheartening.


    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      The next step will be to make HATRED of Moslems, Arabs and the Palestinians in particular, MANDATORY, and refusal to do so another sign of ‘antisemitism’. The secret to Zionist power is the insatiability of their demands, their millennial lust to dominate, driven in part by fear that if they do not dominate, they will be destroyed by the evil goyim, who ‘ rise up against us’, in ‘every generation’ as the Passover seder prayer states. This is the pathopsychology, solidified over the centuries in tracts like the Talmud and its vast exegeses, that has led to countless episodes of suffering, for Jew and goy alike, the very worst the Nazi Judeocide, and the latest the endless brutalisation of the Palestinians, and the destruction of Israel’s neighbours and the genocide of their people in pursuit of the Oded Yinon Plan, a truly Hitlerite project of aggression and destruction. The region needs to be placed under UN control, the expelled Palestinians allowed home, and the populations forced to live together, in peace and co-operation. Those that refuse can be deported back to Brooklyn and Sordid Arabia.

      • milosevic says

        The secret to Zionist power is the insatiability of their demands, their millennial lust to dominate, driven in part by fear that if they do not dominate, they will be destroyed by the evil goyim, who ‘rise up against us’, in ‘every generation’ as the Passover seder prayer states.

        Presumably, the text of that prayer predates the invention of Zionism, as such, by a thousand years or more. So it’s a bit disingenuous for everybody to continually pretend that the extent of the problem is accurately described by the term “Zionism”.

        This is the pathopsychology, solidified over the centuries in tracts like the Talmud and its vast exegeses, that has led to countless episodes of suffering, for Jew and goy alike

        “History doesn’t repeat, but it sure does rhyme.” — Mark Twain

        Holocaust and Holodomor

        the populations forced to live together, in peace and co-operation

        What could possibly go wrong?

        Those that refuse can be deported back to Brooklyn and Sordid Arabia.

        Who is it that should be deported to Saudi Barbaria? Surely Poland is a more relevant destination.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          I was thinking of any Palestinians, probably in the throes of Wahhabist hatred, that refuse to live peacefully with their neighbours. The Jews ought, in my opinion, be able to live in parts of Palestine, after restitution to the ethnically cleansed Palestinians is finalised, so long as they act like good neighbours.

    • mark says

      After the recent US hurricanes, victims of the disaster were required to sign declarations of undying loyalty to the Nitwityahoo Regime before they were allowed to have any welfare assistance.

  28. Labour Holocaust Groupies, I mean Friends of Israel, are now totally redundant.

    They always were an odd notion, giving the impression that Israel needs/has no friends – precisely the sort of professional victimhood Israel likes to project, rather than (self-)examine why this might be.

    The USA will always ensure Israel are not friendless.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      In the USA, among Diaspora Jews, support for Israel is falling, particularly among the young. Perhaps that is a hopeful sign. If nothing changes, the Zionist mad-men in Israel and the sayanim elites will destroy Israel, the Middle East, and possibly, the world.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      The UK Sabbat Goy stooge regime WELCOMES such interference.

      • mark says

        Theresa “Je Suis Juif” May.
        Boris “I Am A Fervent Zionist” Johnson.

  29. Macky says

    Board of Deputies of British Jews shames the Jewish community with an almost identical statement as that withdraw by LFI; Seems Peter Oborne was a little to premature in referring to BDBJ as a “respectable organisation”‘.

    • milosevic says

      How is it that “the Jewish community” allows itself to be continually misrepresented in this way, year after year, decade after decade?

      If they were actually being misrepresented, on average, you would think that they would eventually find a way to select better representatives.

      • Yarkob says

        Has it ever occurred to you that many of that community may too be cowed into silence by years of programming, bullying and peer group pressure? Not an excuse, as history has shown us (?) but perhaps a reason

        • milosevic says

          I am certain that this is true.

          I am almost as certain, that many people who formerly considered themselves part of that community, eventually responded to such abuse by resigning from it.

          Some of them even concluded that racism and ethnic supremacism was an essential, rather than accidental, feature of the group identity, and decided to just walk away from the Master Race.


          Perhaps this explains why the racists seem to constitute a very large majority of the group; the anti-racists are engaged in a continual Exodus.

  30. Harry Stotle says

    Labour friends of Israel have been plotting against Corbyn ever since it dawned on them there was growing grass roots support for a leader willing to place recognition of Palestine in the party’s manifesto (“A Labour government will immediately recognise the state of Palestine”)

    Anyone apart from Nick Cohen and Jonathan Freedland can see the accusations of anti-semitism are a manufactured trope orchestrated by LFI (and others) with the all too obvious aim of damaging Corbyn’s reputation while seeking at the same time to censure any Labour MP who might expresses disquiet about Israels inhuman treatment of the Palestinians.

    As John Wight says the tweet highlighted in the OP reveals a level of hypocrisy that is breath-taking given endless complaints directed by them toward Corbyn or any other Labour figure sympathetic to a two state solution – their tweet is all the more disgusting given the murder of civilians by armed forces is still unsufficient to derail their sense of victimhood.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      The nadir of the Fraudian’s role in this despicable witch-hunt, in my opinion, was, unsurprisingly, provided by the execrable Howard Jacobson. This creature, who sees ‘antisemites’ EVERYWHERE, and who abused those protesting the ‘Cast Lead’ massacre of Gazan children as ‘antisemites’, ludicrously declared that accusing the Zionist lynch-mob of inventing charges of ‘antisemitism’ was outrageous, because ‘antisemitism’ was some sort of ‘sacred’ reality to Jews. My recollection of the details of his tract is cloudy, poisoned by revulsion at the sheer hypocrisy of a creature denying, hysterically, a reality that all could see, right before their eyes. Reality, is, in the end, intractably ‘antisemitic’.

    • @thefrenchsheep. Thanks for the link. That’s the second bull’s eye scored by Emily today. Labour is looking up.

      • Yarkob says

        Yes, didn’t she have the sheer audacity to suggest that the legally elected leader of Syria might not eat babies for breakfast?

        Who does she actually think she is?! The temerity of her.

        She will be punished. Watch this space (well, not specifically this space…)

    • mark says

      Thornberry is obviously being groomed to replace Corbyn. She is even more rabidly Zionist than May. (And a multi millionaire who openly despises Labour supporters.)

  31. mog says

    Good to read John Wight here.

    It’s hard to fathom why LFI took down the tweet, I mean, if they were sick enough to post it up in the first place…

    • Tom Welsh says

      Their purpose is always to control opinion; this kind of statement is usually successful, as most listeners pay little attention to the facts. What they absorb is something along the lines of, “murderous Palestinian terrorists have been trying to kill innocent Israeli civilians again”.

      This time, because of the much greater volume of publicity, a few of the salient facts have reached public consciousness. The same people who were quite happy to take Israel’s self-serving propaganda at face value before their face was rubbed in the awful facts, are now liably to get morally outraged – from one extreme to another.

      Under such circumstances, the professional propagandist’s playbook dictates shutting up and lying low till next week, when the sheep will have forgotten all about it.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        It is interesting how the latest cold-blooded Gaza massacre echos the Purim genocide. Haman (HamaS)’threatens’ the Jews, and wishes to kill them. Who says so? Why the Jews (Israelis) do, of course. So we are justified in killing him, his sons, and ‘75,000″ of his ‘followers’ (Gazans)in a pre-emptive genocide, and we celebrate the massacre every year, by getting drunk and partying! Of course, Purim is mythology, but it does betray a certain hostility towards the goyim, does it not?

        • milosevic says

          To notice any resemblance between cultural mythology and current social reality is ThoughtCrime.

          Please report to the nearest Re-Education Centre for ideological adjustment.

    • @mog. Chutspah is not the same as having the courage of one’s convictions. See bevin’s post below.

  32. Lars says

    Corbyn is a weak leader. I don’t mean he should kick out everyone who disagrees with him, but he could at least tell what he really thinks about these people. And he should just say that he is against EU. Otherwise, voting Labour is not better than voting for the Democrats and Republicans in the US, a party that is behind so much brutality is not suddenly OK because they have a little bit more decent leader. Plus remember what happened in Greece with Syriza. I doubt much would/will change with a Corbyn government. Solutions need to be found outside Labour.

    • Natasha says

      Greece has the Euro, so the ECB could easily squeeze Syriza. The UK has sterling and the BoE, and under Labour government Corbyn’s manifesto promise is is to inaugurate a UK Public Investment Banking network, which is the BIG elephant in the room scaring the shit out of the Tory’s and their backers, since a public banking sector exposes the ‘austerity’ lie for what it is: a confidence trick. When debt is owned by everyone, nobody is in debt, since you can’t be in debt to yourself, and the definition of money is debt, i.e. no debt = no money. The only relevant question is who owns the debt? Already wealthy private bank shareholders, or the nation as a whole.

    • mark says

      This is true, But Corbyn probably has his hands full just trying to survive one attack after another – 2 backstabbing attempts to get rid of him by the Red Tory Blairites, and the anti Semitism smears orchestrated by the Board of Deputies. Plus the Sewer Media, like the Mail, which devoted 14 pages of one issue to anti Corbyn smears. Under the circumstances, the fact he has survived at all and prevented May winning her expected landslide is little short of miraculous.

      Of course none of this justifies the witch hunt against Livingstone and so many others.

      Trump faced a similar anti Semitic smear campaign (not that I particularly like Trump.) There was a lot of orchestrated hysteria about threatening calls to US Jewish organisations. It turned out that hundreds of these calls had been made by a Jewish man in Israel, who was arrested by the police. There was something similar in France a few years ago – a lot of gravestones in Jewish cemeteries were vandalised and desecrated. The offender was eventually caught – a young Jewish man. He said he’d done it because he thought it would increase sympathy for Israel. There is a pattern to this. In the 1950s, Mossad agents were sent to countries like Iraq and Morocco to plant bombs outside synagogues. The idea was to cause fear among Jewish communities so they would emigrate to Israel – terrorism against their own people.

  33. bevin says

    Labour friends of Israel is crumbling. Sadly it has taken this graphic reminder of the nature of the Israeli state to be the cartalyst.
    There is nothing new about these massacres in Gaza. We have seen much worse in the past ten years. What is new is the situation in the Labour Party where there are cracks in the political duopoly: there are not many Labour MPs speaking out, but there are some and those include Corbyn.
    The clowns in the Israeli Embassy are going to learn to their cost how they went too far in their attempts to purge Labour of socialists and anti-imperialists: the long awaited push back against the false antisemitism campaign is now in motion. I have always argued that, given the nature of the fascist psyche, all that was needed to prompt them to suicidal action was to ensure a plentiful supply of rope.
    We can thank the LFI for that, in a way: they have given Israel a false sense of its invulnerability, they and the many opportunists, moral weaklings and careerists who, sensing the weakness of the Palestinian position have been emboldened to join in kicking the defenceless victims, made the obscene displays (in Gaza and in Jerusalem) earlier this week possible.
    This has been a Sharpeville for Apartheid fascist Israel.

    • A. J. B says

      I hope you’re right, but perhaps not.
      When deciding whether to affiliate our Labour Party Branch to JVL,
      (on Monday the worst day), it was clear that some members were afraid to do so.
      They assumed that if we did, we’d be punished.
      I do wish Corbyn would stop kow-towing to the intimidation. It’s
      not helping.

      • mog says

        Any sign of a mandatory re-selection motion for conference this year?
        i.e. any sign of ending this shit?

        • A. J. B says

          I live in a Tory area, so that’s not relevant for us.
          There’s actually very little mention of the strife.
          people seem desperate not to have any rows. Any
          sign of one gets deflected. Consequently it’s hard
          to know whose side anyone is on. Potholes etc rule discussions.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      It took over thirty years for Afrikaaner apartheid to crumble, after Sharpeville.

  34. summitflyer says

    There has been an infiltration of most Western governments by the Zionist entities in order to sway /cajole/lie their way into manipulating politics for what is good for Israel and to hell for what is good or just for the rest of the world .I find it totally nauseating to put it mildly.

  35. Freedom Fighter says

    Good article. That attempted “defense” of Israel’s reckless violent actions was laughable from the LFI.

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