Syrian military in full control of Damascus for first time in years

Israeli-made weapons among arms handed over by militants in Damascus

Al Masdar news reports:
BEIRUT, LEBANON (9:10 A.M.) – For the first time since the start of the Syrian conflict in 2011, the city of Damascus is fully under the control of the Syrian military.
The long-time stronghold for the so-called Islamic State (ISIS), southern Damascus was the only part of the capital that was still outside of the Syrian government’s control.
However, that would change on May 19th, as the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) finally agreed to hold talks with the Islamic State in the area; this would lead to the latter’s surrender the next day.
The remaining Islamic State terrorists and their family members will now be transported to the vast Badiya area that was located between eastern Homs and western Deir Ezzor.
With ISIS gone, the Syrian Army now free up thousands of soldiers for the upcoming offensive in the southern provinces of Al-Quneitra and Dara’a.


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co-founding editor of OffGuardian (retired)

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Update from SyrPer analyst 4hr ago:
Updates on events in Syria:
1) The buses with ISIS from southern Damascus have turned out to be a great mystery: info leaked that ISIS families were shipped to Idlib (and that seems to be confirmed) but the few hundred ISIS that were supposed to go to Homs desert did not confirm; the buses were not spotted moving toward Homs desert at all, but it seems they took a turn to southern Syria.
There is a suspicion that this is the southern Aleppo pocket all over again, where ISIS were herded into an exit linking the pocket and Idlib, to fight for their lives against NATO backed terrorists there. A few more days will be needed to confirm this new info; so far it is quite cloudy. It could be the pretext for the SAA to storm Daraa.
2) Have mentioned for long time and even in the past few days that over 100 villages in Daraa have accepted reconciliation proposals from the Syrian and Russian Gov’ts. Once the offensive gets started, a hand over will be massive and quickly processed. Some villages are not even waiting: the terrorists and civilians of Nahij in al Lajat region (SE Daraa) have just now surrendered and let the SAA in.
It is expected that al’Lajat area will either surrender or be cut off in the early days of the offensive; this would reduced the front line a lot, and push the terrorists into a cauldron-corridor between the Tiger Forces in Syria and US / UK forces in Jordan. [Will the latter accept their defeated terrorist proxies back into Jordan, or will they repel them at the border? Dead men tell no tales. — Vexarb]
3) Iranian Republican Guards and the Syrian Arab Army continue to amass forces in Izza and Thai’lah airbase, reinforcing the point above — that al’Lajat region is about to be cut off.
Tiger Forces spotted on the move from Homs to the Southern front in the past few days.
After al Lajat is cut off and surrenders, the offensive will most likely move with strength clear all the way to the Jordan border, and push to control the 2 border crossings (the old and Najib) and later encircle the terrorists in southern Daraa city in an urban warfare battle.
After the above, the battle to eliminate the last remnants of al’Qaeda and ISIS in the South — the ones under Israel protection — will start in Quneytra on the Golan Heights of SW Daraa. By then the M5 will be cleared and trade with Jordan re established. Quneytra opposite the fence of Israeli occupied Golan will be dealt with; but reduced to irrelevance in this 7 year war of aggression against the Syrians, it can be liberated at a slower pace.


Then & Now, from Casa Blanca Moon via Syrian Perspective:comment image


Oops! For the “Now” version just colour all in red,


SyrPer analyst adds his congratulations for Damascus, and looks forward to the cleansing of remaining pockets of NATZO terrorism:
First of all my deepest congratulations for the complete eradication of terrorists from the Damascus Province. I trust the hundreds of countries with diplomatic ties with Syria are in the process to return the embassies staff to Damascus, with that Syria will be back strongly from 7 years of NATO / GCC / Israel inflicted war of aggression against the Syrians.
Syrian forces are now mounting in multiple parts of the southern part of the country, it seems most of the elite Syrian forces will be there, which means support from RuAF and SAAF to this offensive.
Though the terrorist’s fan clubs are bragging that their Southern terrorists are made of sterner stuff than the ones in East Ghouta, Aleppo, Idlib, Homs, Hama etc… I say: they will be crushed by the SAA during this summer.
There are many villages, actually over 100 that declared good to reconcile, so do not be surprised with quick gains as soon as the Tiger Forces, RGs, Liwa al Quds and other allied forces start their campaign, if Jordan does not close its border, their hospital will be full of rats.
The allied forces are expecting CW false flags in the south, early signs of preparation was already caught up and as soon as the Syria Army offensive starts, a new false flag will happen.
South of Damascus done. The last 3 ISIS pockets in Syria are:
1) South Daraa – protected by Israel.
2) Eastern Deir ez Zour – Protected by the US
3) Homs desert – where the ISIS driven from southern Damascus retreated to.
Daara offensive will be on during the summer, while Homs desert pocket will be slowly squeezed until all ISIS inside killed.


Clearing ISIS is not enough, US/Saudi/Israel/Emirati will just fund others. Balkanising Syria is plan B, Greater Israel is plan A.
Progress has been made, but the enemy remains active.


Fantastic news the operation to liberate Damascus and surrounding areas is fully complete. Damascus free of shelling and terror.
I am reading that Isis terrorists went to a different location (Badiya Al Sham) to their families who apparently went to Idlib. Rumours around twitter that Isis terrorists were airlifted from villages by US helicopters to an unknown destination. No doubt a clearer picture of what happened re Isis will emerge in time.


Magnificent news. There is much left to do – but there is hope now for the Syrian people.

Boundless Heart Thus Come One
Boundless Heart Thus Come One

The perversion of the human spirit and the corruption of individual character is no more personified than by the example of Benjamin Netanyahu. I have no more to say on the matter…..


@Boundless. Great Britain’s very own Prime Minister Tony B.Liar is destined for a deeper hell than Israel Prime Minister Nathan the Yahoo. Because Tony is a Christian — just ask him.


Tony’s religious devotions are centred entirely on Mammon.


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israel,s objective is to take Syria and cleanse it and become part of greater Israel .

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“eretz israel” is all too similar to “lebensraum” 🙁

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