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Fake news instead of real criticism

by Denis Churilov, Australia

There are so many real things Trump should be criticised for, yet the mainstream media keeps making up stuff, producing fake stories and misreporting news about him. What for? Isn’t there already enough real material for the media to destroy him without repeatedly making fools out of themselves?

The most recent case was last week, when major American news outlets (including ABC News, CBS News, CNN, NBC News, as well as the Washington Post) reported that Trump called illegal immigrants “animals”, when in reality he was specifically referring to the members of MS-13, a criminal gang whose associates have been accused of beheading their victims.

Don’t they understand that, by fixating on minor things, taking remarks out of context, misreporting and blatantly making up stories, they only de-legitimise the anti-Trump movement?

Why do they have to lie?



Attempting to answer my own question, I would say that it has to do with the artificially “limited spectrum of acceptable opinion” described by Noam Chomsky in his 1998 book titled “A Common Good”. The establishment media can only discuss and debate things within a very narrow range of topics, creating an illusion of public discussion, while real issues remain unchallenged.

The reality is that those anti-Trump forces that lobby and sponsor the media actually support some a significant portion of the Trump Administration policies.  As such, all major US news outlets applaud Trump when he fires rockets at Syria.  The media don’t criticise Trump for selling weapons to Saudi Arabia, thus enabling the crisis in Yemen, because the US military-industrial complex makes hundreds of billions out of it (besides, being friends with Saudi Arabia helps the US-based financial institutions to maintain the petrodollar system).

The reality is that many of those in power who oppose Trump are complicit in many of his crimes; therefore, you are unlikely to see the mainstream media covering some of the most crucial issues. But they still want Trump out of the office, so they make stuff up to compensate for the lack of things they are allowed to talk about.

Besides, many post-modern thinkers say that we live in the post-truth world, where public discourse doesn’t have to correspond to facts and reality, so making stuff up shouldn’t be a huge deal for the media anyway.


  1. mikael says

    Yup, Trump/stein, the vilage idiot from NY, an concret pissant, whom likes to make threats, as an part of an trade deal, the wankee way, aka our way or the highway to wherever.

    In the beginning, the choise was simple, an continuation of the scam artist called ObamaLama the Lord of Piss and Drones, with the devil incarnated by His side, Hillarious Caligula Clintonius.
    To cut is short, surplaced with the Angel of Torture, with an logic that sounds remarkable close to the ones used during the Inqisition, humped with the Prince of Darkness, the Lord of Mercs, the Dogs of war.
    In an Gov, whom prints money to cover it all.
    Fueling an Ponzie skeem so wast its dawrfs every thing even described in biblical terms.

    The second issue what kind of politics will come, when the Surpeem cort just shopped the heads of anything close to be able to be in an Union, regardless, of course, the big Corps unions, whom is feeding the Senatwhores, the Prestitutes and Whorespondents, witch creates whats called News, my humble ass.
    The facts, from even the so called Right- is as f….. as the sniveling drivel served in the Left, is an self forfilling circle jerk, of naristic narratives, where they even brag about bombing the hell out of anyone, and if you dont, they will sodomise you and your family, the Libyan way.
    The economy, well, its more, what economy, than where.
    We are witnessing the death ratles coming from an dying quasi-religious cult, Kensyanism, thank god, but My consern goes to the riple effects.

    The irony, in it all, is how long it took before EUropean shit heads awaken to the bloody facts, Wankees are nuts, and as writen above, shows increasingly more insane behaviour and belife, utterly bonkers, and democrasy is an joke, and Trumps continues with His shoot gun weddings, I dont expect anything less from Vassals than total obidience, despite the freak show how showing of something that could go for any whatever Balls.
    Muhaha, not an chanse, an Vassal will always be an Vassal, the only way to not become an victim of this rotten corps, called Politicians is to hang them all.
    Burn down any american official building down to the ground, and throw the scums out of europa.
    They, Trump/stein, is every living organism on this planets problem, nobody else.
    And to deal with their religious convictions of economic growth is equal to the philosopy of an cancer cell, an parasittic entiry that eventually kills the houst, aka us all.

    WE are in the dark ages, millions died within the last decade, more millions displaced by war of economic war fare, the corpoRats plundering of eveeything, done by few large ones, they control the Banks.
    All wars are bankers wars, never ever forget that.
    And the UssA follows one GOD (Guns, Oil and Drugs).
    Hallelujah and tTrump, is an firm belivier, Gods gift to humanity, expect of course, that dont bow for the Lord, their master, watch the EUroCrauts starts to whimp something about Iran, yeah, even Russia is ugh….. “convinsing”.
    It is an pitty that Trump turned out to be an balless whimp, and an petty ISISraeli Bitch.


    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      In the next few decades, as the ecological collapse rapidly worsens, these ‘ dark ages’ will seem, in retrospect, the best of times.

  2. “Who needs friends? I influence people because I am the Emperor. Let them hate me, I don’t care so long as they fear me.” — the Mad Emperor Caligula, who made his horse a Senator because it showed more horse sense than most Senators.

    [ps Caligula came to a sticky end when people stopped fearing him — and he had no friends. We are living in such times as I Claudius recorded, corrupt Senators, mad Emperors, evil dynasties and all]

    • reinertorheit says

      But Trump has followed Caligula, and made Mad Mare Haspel the Head of the CIA. Trump has lots of friends – Fatgut Pumpass, John Yosemite Bolton, Bimbo Nauert.

      Money can buy you as many friends as you need.

  3. More on The Trump Effect. According to Anon btl Pepe’s article which I quoted below, Trump works his effect by getting under peoples skin.

    “Mr. Escobar touched the key topic in his introduction: devise a mechanism to contest the dominance of extraterritorial American law.

    That’s really starting to get under the Europeans’ skin. Its costing their businesses billions of Euros already, and now the US is demanding billions more.

    We’ve seen so-called “sanctions” go from a UNSC thing to now being a solitary US dictat. And this is what the Europeans want to stop. They know talking to Trumpet won’t do any good, so they’ve got to find another way.

    It actually doesn’t seem hard to get around the US sanctions. Between shell companies and front men, this would not be difficult. But the Europeans don’t want to just dodge, they openly want to defeat the US assertion that their POTUS is the one to dictate the rest of the world what to do.”

    [“How to Make Friends and Influence People”, a post-War US best seller; is it still in print?]

    • reinertorheit says

      And on 13th June, the Obese Orange Toddler will be visiting Britain, on a Nuremburg Rally all of his own.

      Europe will do nothing whatsoever, and Dumpy’s pals in Britain – like Nigel Garbage, and the rest of the UKIP/EDL/BNP tribe – will be leading the cheerleaders

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        To not turn out and cheer the carnie huckster to the rafters will be deemed ‘antisemitic’.

      • JudyJ says

        It would be interesting to know Nigel Farage’s current views on Trump. When he was expressing support for him it was when the main broad issue in focus was Clinton v. Trump – so endorsing Trump was, at the time, not unreasonable particularly to those of us who knew that Clinton is a sociopath and would be looking for the earliest opportunity to start WW3 with only the slightest of excuses. Much as Trump’s actions in Syria have been despicable I think that they would probably be in an even worse situation now had Clinton become President.
        You will recall that Trump had stated as part of his campaign that he had no wish to continue military activities in Syria and he had no desire for regime change there. It was ‘pacifist’ declarations like that that got him into the White House. Unfortunately as soon as he became POTUS he was either manipulated or ‘persuaded’ to change his attitude, or it simply became evident that he is a mentally unstable individual who is prone to changing his mind depending on which direction the wind blows. I don’t know what UKIP as a party now make of Trump but my own view of Nigel Farage is that he is far more intelligent and has more integrity than any of the people we have in the Cabinet and that he may no longer be willing to endorse Trump in any shape or form.

        • reinertorheit says

          [[ Unfortunately as soon as he became POTUS he was either manipulated ]]

          Or he’d lied through his yellowing teeth in the first place?

          [[my own view of Nigel Farage is that he is far more intelligent ]]

          The yellow-toothed fish-throwing beer-swilling chav is now intelligent? Tell it to British taxpayers, who are now paying thousands apiece for this scumbag’s Brexit idiocy.

          [[ more integrity ]]


          • Tony M says

            That Farage is a self-serving elitist ignorant oaf is no reflection on whether or not UK EU exit is a good thing or not, nor whether the EU is or is not inherently good/bad. I think Brexit is exactly the right prescription for the countries of Britain, and that the EU stinks. I’m old enough to remember when most of what could be purchased in essentials and basic needs was where possible made here in Britain, there’s a chance if we can take it to restore that lost manufacturing base and create a more balanced economy and greater national self-sufficiency in which human dignity is not sacrificed to partake in some rat-race to the bottom competition with overseas slavery. The EU has long been associated with and must bear some responsibility for that most marked decline, it didn’t arrest it, it hastened and accelerated it. Jimmy Reid put it something like: “A rat-race is for rats, we’re not rats, we’re human-beings”

            Farage doesn’t own Brexit, nor is he responsible for it, undeserving of neither credit or blame. The state-run BBC made Farage, their ridicule to which he played up, made him out of nothing, without which he’d never have been heard of, though he’s still a loathsome non-entity, never at any time did his party UKIP’s public support ever justify the exposure Farage got, such as 33 appearances on the idiot-box QT. The people’s anger would still have boiled over in some manifestation or other. Some faction of the establishment wanted Brexit, the City of London, the master controllers most probably as they did not want the EU intruding on their rackets or shutting down tax-havens. The ruin they have wrought has been plain to see for all those for whom the gravy train departed all seats taken and without them some time ago. Attempts to portray it as resulting from xenophobia and ignorance, just won’t wash, they’re insulting insinuations.

            The EU has been a festering sore, an open wound on the putrid flesh of the Blue/Red Tory party for decades, the public with few opportunites to wound the wider establishment and the Uniparty consensus and captive media who were uniformly against EU exit, took that opportunity to throw salt on that wound and open that sore. Nothing to do with Farage really, he just for a brief time tried and failed to surf that still waxing tide of discontent. If we cannot or are not to have a functioning true democracy, without diktat from malign supranationals, the rogue US fallen empire or religious supremacist loons of whatever stripe, are to have universal slavery to serve the whims and prejudices of the richest criminal few atop sundry rackets, unending war when stark inequality stalks the land then yes we’ll smash the existing structures in whatever ways are still open to us in the hope of constructing something a lot better after the dust has settled. I’d rather have that much lacking essential liberty than illusory or temporary safety.

            • reinertorheit says

              It’s a well-made point that Farage’s shortcomings in many (most) areas have rubbed off on Brexit in a poor light.

              However, let’s look at the other Brexiteers, and what resounding moral and financial buttressing they’ve…

              …. no, sorry, I’m laughging too much to be able to continue. Gove? Pickles? Jasper Grease-Smugg?? Bozo?

              Give over, please. Gutless, drooling Little Englanders to the last man of them. Mark Carney is right – 45m quid, to achieve nothing?

              • Tony M says

                Look at the establishment in-fighting that has resulted, the wild beasts frozen in the headlights in their deathly deadly struggle, the empty glassy staring eyes, the paralysis as a juggernaut they set in motion downhill and now cannot control bears down relentlessly towards them. Was it worth it, yes, will we do it again, yes, with relish.

                The disconnect from the media conditioning that delivered Brexit, had in Scotland for the independence referendum not become complete, despite the media at its most vicious and out on a limb and in such desperation, beyond the gutter and into the sewer, that it was irreparably damaged with all credibility swept away gone for good and never to return. That campaign was too a strategic victory for defiance in the face of the purest evil unmasked, the ultra-thin margin the pro-establishment and unionist faction scraped over the line with having pulled out every stop on the wheezing media organ, and that discordant wail was the union’s grating death rattle. It signalled that the media’s spell over us was no longer working, their poisons weak and ineffectual, their incantations derided and fading power eclipsed. Not any longer a media corps but a corpse, inanimate, prop it up as they will we will know it now for what it is, a no-thing have no fear.

                • reinertorheit says

                  The referendum was based on a pack of lies retailed by your pal Farage alongside Michael Gove and Boris Bumsore. Brits living outside the UK – like myself – were purposely excluded from the vote – and of course, it’s entirely clear why your pals organised that, isn’t it? But you and your UKIP friends got what you wanted. I hope you’re satisfied????


                  • Tony M says

                    I take it from the lack of indenting that you’re replying to JudyJ. If not then I’d better say I don’t recognise ‘Britain’ as an entity other than a geographical one, certainly wouldn’t call myself British, as Farage and you seem to, and hold deeply suspect anyone who does so however indirectly, presuming they wrap themselves in the union jack whenever possible, the highlight of their existence is the fascistic hatefest that is the annual marching-season and who clutter their homes and lives with royal memorabilia, in-case the self-styled queen or some lesser royal personage should drop in to use their toilet and might just bestow some honour for their conspicuous display of fealty.

                    • reinertorheit says

                      I take it from the lack of punctuation that you don’t believe in using it? I haven’t anything in common whatsoever with Nigel Garbage. I don’t have any flags, royal memorabilia, or any of the other crapulous nonsense you used to fill your semiliterate screed.

  4. PS re Trump Effect. “It was the POTUS Trump who broke the nuclear agreement – vindicating Ayatollah Khamenei who, on the record, always insisted US regimes cannot be trusted. ”

    And … Europe does $450 billion a year in business with the US, and $30 billion with Iran. Yet if the European governments follow Trump, it will show their populations that their governments have no independent financial policy.”

    From Pepe Escobar’s interview with an Iranian Minister, in Saker Vineyard.

  5. Ellijah Magnier on the Trump Effect:

    “The US is becoming regarded as a threat to Europe’s economy and security: Iran refuses to consider any alternative and moves towards Russia and China.”


    We all know the Assad curse: those who said “Assad must go” condemned themselves to that same fate, and are gone.
    But now we get to know the Trump Effect as well – an effect that produces always the opposite results, from what the effector intended. For instance, moving the US embassy to Jerusalem has made the Apart Hate State of Israel look not more legitimate but less so. Threatening North Korea with the fate of Libya has made NK look stronger and more secure than Libya. Building up NATZO in Europe to threaten Russia is reminding Europeans that Russia has always been an integral part of Europe, while North America drifted away from Europe 20,000 years ago. And cutting off US business with Iran is the Trump Effect in action on “Restoring jobs and making the US great again”.

  6. Pogo says

    By ‘making up stuff about trump to critize him about, the mainstream media, controls what’s not said, that is true, that could be used as criticism concerning trump. That is a big difference. Besides, when it comes to fooling 95-97% of the American people, it doesn’t take much sligt-of-hand. Your talking about 95-97% of a population that has no integrity, no principles, no moral-imperative, stand-for-nothing, have no will and determination, are not ‘right-minded’, are brainwashed, but willingly led, braindead totally worthless morons. Plus, even if they knew the truth, wouldn’t do anything about it, if they could, and they can. That’s why they have a 100% corrupt, invrrted-totalitarian, police-state government, the only kind of government degenerates like this could possibly have.

  7. Alan says

    Mr Twain answered this years ago
    “If you don’t read the newspaper you are uninformed, if you do read the newspaper you are misinformed.”

  8. From Sergio Weigel in Saker Vineyard, the German sheeple are going off their feed:

    “Ok, why aren’t Germans buying into the propaganda? One obvious reason might be that Germans have had their share of propaganda throughout their history. They’ve been exposed to the propaganda that led to WW1, Nazi propaganda and Cold War propaganda on both sides. They’ve been lied to and duped into bombing Serbia, and since 9/11 through various stages of US imperialist propaganda, first 9/11 itself (23% of Germans think it was an inside job according to this survey), then a decade of anti-Islam propaganda, and now we’re back at good old Russia again. It would be a surprise if such a nation didn’t somehow developed a sixth sense for being lied to. I honestly don’t know, but I am glad that it is how it apparently is.”

    • PeaceCora says

      I wish the UK electorate could develop such a good sense of proportion and lie detecting!

    • Matt K says

      Because the EU only bombs other countries when no-ones looking or tweeting about it.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        Only when Bernard-Henry Levy tells them to. Refusal would be ‘antisemitic’, dontcha know.

    • Pogo says

      I don’t see them doing anything about ‘it’, if they’re not buying it?

  9. 0use4msm says

    Consortium News just did an article on how the MSM is now starting to backtrack on Russiagate, after the penny finally dropped that consistently focusing on Trump’s personality over policy is a losing strategy for the Democrats in the run-up to the upcoming mid-term elections (after which they can safely ignore policy again.)

    One example in the article is from (hello darkness, our old friend) The Guardian: How A Year Of Mueller’s Trump-Russia Investigation Drowned Out The News. If you already figured out before reading that The Guardian would totally leave out their own role in pushing Russiagate ad nauseam, you don’t get to pat yourself on the back: that one was just too easy.

    • Jim Scott says

      If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you’re mis-informed.” –Mark Twain

  10. Kathy says

    The seed sown among the thorns is the one who hears the word, but the worries of this world and the deceitfulness of wealth choke the word, and it becomes unfruitful.

  11. HOW it is effected is secondary to THAT all aligns to the purpose being held, in this case collectively.
    Obfuscation is part of “knowing not what we do” or indeed what we are.
    Diversionary tactic keeps attention in conflicted displacement.
    False flagging assigns responsibility away from self in order to bolster a weak of failing or threatened self-sense.
    Persona provides narrative by which to cloak strategic acts under plausible deniability.
    Persona works the emotional reaction.
    Fake selves, a fake world make.
    At cost of true.
    The purpose of fear-protective self-specialness runs the world of guilt and punishment, or sacrifice.

    So yes, true witness, genuine dialog or enquiry is avoided, because all ‘parties’ unite in seeking to remain in darkness.

    • Jim Scott says

      I like what you have written but I think you are being too kind. In my estimation they know what they are doing and know they are dishonest but honesty gets in the way of profit and the shareholders must come before truth in the land of the exceptional. Who knows what sanctions are avoided and what rewards are given by towing the line. The only loss is credibility and that doesn’t pay the rent.

  12. Re the window of public discourse, the Overton Window. We have a similar situation in the UK. Too late for Passover, but Labour’s lambs are now self-slaughtering. With the approval of the management: Chakrabarti shows her true colours and Livingstone duly resigns. What does this mean for truth? Will the Haavara Agreement now be known as the Hasbara Agreement: because it is now justifiably antisemitic …at least in the public domain? And what of the power relations? Do those that accept this outcome not willingly choose to be the subject of an overt historicism and revision of history? Are they not willing subordinates of those who rewrite history to create a manufactured group identity? And what of the veracity of the group identity if only selected historicist facts are selected? Who selects the facts: and on what basis? And what of the collective consensual constituency: do they accept the closing of the Overton window and subjection to a higher sovereignty of control if they validate Labour’s continuing capitulation with their support?

    • Indeed BigB
      The belief that reality can not just be influenced but manufactured by the PR/mindcontrol/social engineering crowd is running apace. ‘Steal an identity’ and your proxies don’t need to know the nature of their own capture no matter who is called ‘king’.

      The control of narrative masking identity is the organising principle over the conflicts of the ‘self-identified’.
      …All the king’s horses and all the king’s men, couldn’t put Humpty together again.
      But in the intent is power drawn from lack in fear and pain of loss, as the ‘protector’ against feared chaos. Whether Humpty Dumpty was a false flag, or a misidentification of panic is a matter for revision, rather than persistent re-enacting reaction.

      A psyche or identity and culture built on grievance runs as (self-justified) hatred of life. While the pact with a corruption of power may start off in fantasy of self-vindication, but soon descends into madness.
      The propagation of grievance (hate) operates a divisive tyranny under narrative seeking reinforcement, that finds offence in not finding compliance – and so is reinforced by perceived threat to its identity.

      But we are truly identified in the extension of worth to another, and to our world. Fake substitution operates false currency as ‘normal’ that then becomes the basis for the demonisation of the natural. In this case it isn’t butter or sunshine but communication and indeed relationship itself that is associated with evils.

      The use (invocation) of evils (terror symbols) to rule out wholeness of mind and make dumb under lack of power for true thought) is very old magic.
      Tyranny of terrorism operates a split off mind that thinks (interprets) only for its own survival under threat and of course has no intention of ever losing its grievance, its enemies, or its sense of offence on which its rage feeds.
      When we cannot get what we (think we) want by force, we attempt manipulative ploy, appeal to sympathy and leverage of discerned guilts and fears in others.
      Of course we could just ask – but that would mean bringing what we want into the light of a shared awareness. The love of hate, is also the hating to love. Extending worth for love is the extension of having as a result of willingness to receive. Not a manipulative ploy at all.

      • Indeed Binra: but I am looking a a subtler manifestation of the communication of power …from elite down: not through overt fear, but through volitional choice …which is no less a form of tyranny. Creating a taxonomy of power relationships reveals who is dominant and who is subordinate. Appeasement is a form of heirarchical submission that distorts perception: exactly as you say by “splitting off”. How can that lead to empowerment when it is an antithithetical dialectic? And how do we end the tyranny of perception and bring a non-heirarchical, non-tyrannical, community of sovereign perception ”into the light”? I don’t know, but I’m working on it!

        • bevin says

          “I am looking a a subtler manifestation of the communication of power …from elite down: not through overt fear, but through volitional choice ..”
          Much of this discussion rests on the assumption that these matters, which loom so large in the narrow world inhabited by the political classes, are having equal impact among the population as a whole.
          I really doubt it. I really doubt whether the ‘anti semitism’ campaign against Labour has any political cost apart from the effect it has in legitimising the sabotage of the Fifth Columnists by giving their behaviour a faded coloration of principle.
          Here of all places we should not be making the mistake of over estimating the impact of an MSM in obvious decline, particularly among younger people.
          In other words, as I suspect both Livingstone and Corbyn are aware, the point behind it is simply to make the urgent task of winkling out Tory collaborators more difficult by suggesting that the purge is motivated not by the need to protect the working class but by hatred of Israel.
          The solution being to produce, soon, a clear radical programme of reform concentrating on domestic policy, inequality, nationalisation, the NHS. And then to smoke out the saboteurs by insisting that they endorse the platform on which they will be running.

          • Bevin: you make good points, and I agree with your observations. I don’t know the current data, but it always used to be that the people were the “silent majority”: being largely apolitical as they are. So no, they are not direct consumer’s of MSM propaganda: but unless they live in splendid isolation , there will be a subliminal awareness. So how do we re-empower the people and re-engage them with their future?

            Let’s not underestimate the effect of the MSM either? The news cycle is set on continuous spin and does not suit critical examination. Remember Rove’s possibly apocryphal quote “you study, we act and move on (creating new realities)” to paraphrase? Those who do not consciously consume information are perhaps the perfect consumers?

            You mention the young: my partner has four kids, not one of which is a consumer of the news (which makes them perfect consumers?) …yet each is a perfect mirror of the heirarchies of consumer capitalist materialism. How is this? Clearly we are looking at a catholic “full spectrum” means of dominance reproducibility …beyond the pure political propaganda model? How do we counter this?

            Keeping it real: in an ethical reality, Ken Livingstone should never have been suspended. He made a historically accurate statement clumsily. He was set up by John Mann, who winked at the cameras and launched his offensive. Mann is the one that should have been expelled for bringing the party into disrepute, the same charges they brought against Marc Wadsworth. Was Marc’s “crime” somehow more heinous? No. But you know all this.

            But there has been an entirely different denouement: one that suggests supra-sovereign power relations that have warped the ethical norms? Can you imagine pro-Palestine concerts and rallies under the modern equivalent of the GLC, sponsored by Sadiq Khan and MC-ed by John Mann? So the ethics are fucked up?

            How do you re-normalise the moral and ethical, as you are suggesting will occur, when the Labour party’s morality is not their own? How do you reclaim subordinated morals, when the party has committed itself so venally to appeasement? Then there is the mechanism of change. For that, I guess we’ll both be closely following the mandatory reselection debate at conference?

          • Mulga Mumblebrain says

            bevin, one the grandees of the Zionist lynch-mob destroying UK Labour made plain that one of the ‘antisemitic’ crimes that they abhored was ‘Labour’s Leftwing policies’. Obviously he spoke out of turn, and the other lynch-meisters have shut up about that since, but there you have it. The UK Zionist elite are in OPEN collaboration with the Tories, the Rightwing scum media, led by the filthy zombie corpse of the ‘Fraudian’, and the Blairite vermin, to not only DESTROY ALL support for the Palestinians and all criticism of any Israeli barbarity, no matter how loathsome, but also to destroy any hope of ending the neo-capitalist nightmare from which the Zionist elite profit so very handsomely.

            • As you touch on, antisemitism is the highlighted “crisis”: but the ancilliary campaign is to protect capitalist elites, thus protect the core of capitalism. Criticism of the 1% is antisemitism, according to the fictitious “new left antisemitism”; of which Freedland is an architect. And Jeremy Corbyn has taken this on, in defence of the “small shadowy elite” capitalist imperialism becomes beyond reproach. This is the end of free speech and the imposition of thought crime. In supplication to fascist Zionists …how fucked up is that?

              • Mulga Mumblebrain says

                That’s it, in a nut-house. TOTAL supplication to Israel and the Zionist elites is now compulsory, on pain of social death as an ‘antisemite’. No other project that I know of in history is so utterly totalitarian and totalising, was achieved so seemingly easily, and was not, in any way, resisted by the supposed ‘elites’ of the now enslaved states. No other campaign has simply swept Freedom of Speech, Opinion and Moral Consciousness, International Humanitarian Law, historical truth (eg Livingston’s mention of the Transfer Agreement) and basic human decency, in regard to the brutalised Palestinians, into the dust-bin of history.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Counterpunch has an interesting article by Israeli author Amitai Ben-Abba outlining how the Israeli Right are now openly talking of a ‘Final Solution’ for the Palestinian Problem that encompasses expulsion or genocide. This is precisely what you get from bowing down before a braying lynch-mob of deranged fascists. If it comes to such an end, the blood will be on Corbyn’s hands and those of all the appeasers, stooges and cowards.

      • I totally agree: we are one manufactured excuse away the next “Cast Lead”. I notice even Amitai had to justify his right to give such a damning criticism, which is a nod to the ponerological power structure …his self-criticism didn’t exactly hold him back though! Unlike some. BTW: credit to to Ken: he remained true to himself and upholds what he said …only, it wasn’t reported that way. Shame on Shami and Jeremy: it wasn’t the right thing to do. Qui tacet consentire videtur?

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          It most certainly is an exercise in moral Evil. And the thing about Evil is that it is INSATIABLE. If it is not confronted, if you cower and tremble at its manifestations, it just grows ever more dangerous. It feeds off fear, and hatred, one external from its victims, the other innate from its practitioners. As far as I can see this lynching of Livingstone, a great Labour stalwart, is the END of Labour. Morally defunct, gutless, cowed and cringing in a corner as the lynch-mob slithers on, looking for new victims, as merciless as the Israeli Death Squad butchers that they support, totally.

      • JJA says

        Do they use ‘Final Solution’?
        The state of Israel is becoming like the ending of Animal Farm in the way they are adopting Nazi tactics.
        Orwell finishes Animal Farm with the animals looking through the farmhouse window seeing the pigs and humans playing cards together and describes them as they look from pig to man and from man to pig and cannot see any difference.
        Can insert Nazi Germany and Israel in the pig and man as above, most recently in the Gaza executions. As noted by blogger Publiuss Tacitus:

        Israel, Like the Nazis, Values “Postenpflicht” by Publius Tacitus

        While you might be inclined to think that my title is a cheap shot, it is not. It is a disgusting reality. Postenpflicht was part of a written order for the SS guards in German concentration camps during World War II:

        It required SS guards to shoot prisoners who tried to escape or engage in resistance and to do so without verbal warning or a warning shot. This was relevant for example regarding the so-called “death strip” next to camp fences. The area next to these fences was off-limits and anyone getting too close to it was, in accordance with the Postenpflicht, killed without warning.

        73 years since the Nazis were defeated we are witnessing the Israelis shooting largely unarmed protestors for having the audacity to approach a border fence:

        Eerily recognisable in 2018.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          It is important to remember that the Zionist Nazis are but a fraction of Israeli society. A large, and increasingly so, fraction unfortunately, but in the Diaspora, and in the USA in particular, the Nazi virus has not gripped the community. Indeed the US Jewish community, particularly the young, seem to be rejecting Israeli state bestiality in increasing numbers. However, the ongoing frenetic efforts by the Zionist elites in the West to attack, suppress and criminalise ALL criticism of Israel just as the racist Right in Israel turns increasingly to the most chilling exterminationist rhetoric, is a campaign that MUST be opposed with every sinew and every effort. Yet in the face of this vile onslaught, cowards like Corbyn cower and grovel, which only incites the ‘antisemitism’ lynch-mob, and its controllers in Israel, to ever greater demands and efforts.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      And at the Fraudian sewer the loathsome ‘Gabby’ Hinsliff is over the moon that Livingstone’s lynching has, naturally, succeeded, but livid that Corbyn himself did not personally stab Livingstone . Obviously yet another sign of his innate ‘antisemitism’. She ended her spew with an undisguised threat that the Zionist lynchers have not finished, yet. Not by a long shot. Apparently the TRUTH, as what Livingstone garbledly uttered was a truth that the Zionists do not like being known, is now, officially, ‘antisemitic’.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      In Austfailure it has been reduced to the ‘Overton peep-hole’. The Groupthink is TOTAL.

  13. See also:
    „Media, Independent and Mainstream: Fake News and Fake Narratives“: https://wipokuli.wordpress.com/2016/12/18/media-independent-and-mainstream-fake-news-and-fake-narratives/
    In deed Trump has since long realized that a US President isn´t the “most powerful man on Earth”, the most glamorous at best. As an “accident” he struggles since Long to fullfil the will of the US Neocon Power Elite. That might in the end not save him. The Power Elite via the “Deep State” is bypassing the President with many Actions, for example when it comes to save the official narrative concerning Nine Eleven:
    “Collapsing Narratives and Collapsing Buildings”: https://wipokuli.wordpress.com/2018/05/21/collapsing-narratives-and-collapsing-buildings-zusammenbrechende-narrative-und-zusammenbrechende-gebaeude/
    Best regards

  14. Edwige says

    “There are so many real things Trump should be criticised for, yet the mainstream media keeps making up stuff, producing fake stories and misreporting news about him”.

    I was trying to keep count of the number of times the Guardian mentioned Trump’s “grab them by the pussy” remark versus the number of times they ignored his presence on the Jeffrey Epstein flight log but in the end it was impossible. There have been too many. Raising Epstein BTL gets comments immediately deleted which was the final straw for my presence there.

    The way the MSM have downplayed the Epstein affair shows that #MeToo, the Weinstein affair and Stormy Daniels are constructs being pushed because they fulfil an agenda. This is not to say they are necessarily entirely “fake”, of course.

    There’s no direct evidence of sexual wrong-doing by Trump in the Epstein affair. However, there is evidence he was at least aware of what Epstein was (“[Epstein]’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life”) and seemed to turn a blind eye to it. There are other weird and creepy remarks Trump has made in this area.

    The MSM are ,misreporting this one by ignoring it. Constant repetition is one of their most powerful weapons. How many of the general public, kept busy on the eternal treadmill, would cite Epstein are one of the scandals with a Trump connection?

    The questions the Epstein affair opens (starting, but not ending, with who else is on the flight log?) were something that had to sat on.

    • Yes – everything is being employed or made up to condition your thinking (not just you 😉

      And the self-special presume to enact their fantasies on the living regardless of any law in the book or the heart. Because their wish is their command.

      Fantasy fulfilment is part of the ‘privilege’ by which to also ensnare and enslave the influential.

      When Satan was ‘let loose’ on Job, we are given the story of Job hanging in through loss and adversity with an integrity of being, regardless the temptations of the (mind in the) world.
      But from those who have not, more shall be taken away – even the little that they have.
      Integrity of being is not moral self-superiority that would stone in others what it most hates in itself.

      Love of form at expense of true is worshipping (giving worth to) fantasy at expense of true, that then operates a ritualised robotic society. However, for some, waking up to recognize this error, is a nightmare in which they perceive themselves trapped. And further entangle in lies by attempts to escape, evade or cover over.

      Off the edge of the map are monsters. We may think these reside in a few depraved people, breaking the law, but they might be revealed in our thinking in a manner and a degree to which we are not fitted to meet. The compartmented mind is a defence against communication.
      The excommunication of ‘sins and evils’ is the denial of communication as if to kill them in ourself.
      But as with all considerations on the nature of power, who decides and who effects the decision? A process of true communication? Or a coercive imposition upon communication?

      Do we make some sins ‘special’ while blind to other forms of the same error?
      I’m not proposing how anyone should think or act. I only live the life that is given me to live. I cant live the fate of another or make their choices for them. But a blind eye to the callous abuse of others is complicit in false witness (fake news). Insofar as I become aware in myself, I withdraw my allegiance and support from its ‘mindset’ by focusing in something true or truly worthy of acceptance, joining with and sharing in. It doesn’t need the word ‘God’ – but it does need to embody a sense of communication and connection that holds the power to abide through the difficult or indeed the insane. I don’t mean communication as in the writing I undertake, but as the qualities of being that are yet with us – should we calm the mind enough to notice and give welcome to.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Mentioning Epstein is intractably ‘antisemitic’.

      • Jim Scott says

        Not only anti Semitic but Epstein’s little black book contained a lot of important names on both sides of the political fence but also of both sides of the Atlantic. Raising the devil on this issue would bring down the sword on old Democratic Party heroes as well as well known Zionists.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          Anti-oligarchic-almost as bad as the other. There is some congruence to the categories, of course.

      • Well, the ‘Beetles’ (& Queeny’s family) were very young & so impressionable:-
        one must consider the sizeable ‘Game’ toward mass swarming .. 😉

        So to say: Preying on ‘young’ = A Predator’s delight !

        Errrr, which Epstein ? Sorry, getting confused ? 😉
        Maybe just conflating Zionist creature comforts ?
        Or illuminating ole’ Gamers Grand Strategy ! ?

        Bag ’em’ young .. ! ?

  15. Most of us are still trying to work out who’s really in charge at the White House, and whether (a) Trump knew all along he was just the élites’ servant or (b) he found out the hard way and has caved or (c) he’s working on firing the lunatics, but it’s a slow process.
    It’s a shame that the first anti-Establishment President since Carter is such a jerk personally. As for the liberal press and why they lie, it’s a lot like Brexit: they can’t handle losing, so they keep on insisting that their opponents “fooled the People”…which sort of sums up what they think of the People

    • George says

      All US presidents – and, to be fair, most political leaders – find out sooner or later that they effectively have no power cf. Bill Clinton’s novel idea to keep some of his electoral promises only to find out that everything he did had to be sanctioned by Wall Street.

    • It is known that ‘money’ is a confidence trick. Why would ‘power’ be any different?
      The belief in it is its currency. perhaps there is an adulterated mixture of true and false, but the nature of the false is to protect itself at expense of true.
      So the currency of belief in security or protection is leading the blind to ever more desprate needs for ‘power’ over the inevitable. Aka ‘insanity’.

      In the context of the medical paradigm, I recently met a case where a whole faculty in all its departments we willing for change from the old paradigm, but that the underlying structure of the institution and its rules was effectively blocking any real change.

      Rules can be in the books or in the mind that thinks by them, and while they appeal as security and protection in their moment, they often become something else by the purpose they then serve against needed change (life), and this is quite apart from assault on society through the vector of contractual law (IE ‘Trade deals’), where a top down corporate canopy effectively blocks light and nutrient to all beneath. This is much less entertaining than political personality clashes – which may be more of a ‘reality tv circus’ than any of them being allowed to decide any significant policy outcomes.

      The systems of economics, power and perception management operate on rules that are inhuman because they demand the sacrifice of humanity to dead rules.

      Brexit: Even the term is a media construct. I did not see any real debate leading up to this, It was stage managed, and I do not trust it to be what it seems. How much this is consciously planned and how much it unfolds from negative self interest that include hedged bets on all outcomes, I am not privy to. But the corporate cartel of power has moved all the goalposts and none of the old identities but play in their theme park or wont play at all.

      Humanity is being erased, attacked, mutated, pharmed, and re-engineered to serve corporate purpose – and of course the corporation wont be allowed to have power once they have deconstructed cultural identities and institutions. First usurp the law, then the money follows, then power protects its investment, and outsources pain, debt and loss in maximising ‘private profit’ at cost of wholeness.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      It looks awfully like the Obama regime, the treachery of which created the conditions for the carnie huckster to win, may have guaranteed him a second term (if he hasn’t blown us all sky high)by setting up the FBI et al conspiracy to falsely accuse Trump of ‘Russian collusion’, with the insertion of provocateurs in the Trump campaign. The Stefan Halper business has a long way to go, but easily looks far more dangerous and sinister than Watergate ever was. To have the domestic secret police, the FBI, at its highest levels, conspiring against one Presidential candidate is worse than dynamite, worse than myxomatosis. Worse than a crime, it’s turned out a giant mistake.

  16. rtj1211 says

    Argument is all very well, but punishment is what faux media types need. Brazen conscience-free wastrels that they are, appealing to decency and morality makes them crack up laughing. Appeal to their cowardice instead, give them a good old-fashioned whipping.

    More humane than head chopping, firing guns on the unarmed, poisoning generations with depleted uranium.

    Waterboarding is always a final option for the recalcitrant….along with internment, imprisonment without trial and slave labour…..

    • reinertorheit says

      It may make us feel better to fantasise about punishing them – but it would only drag us down to their level, would simply make us as sleazy as they are, and it wouldn’t solve the problem

      The best ‘punishment’ this pondlife could be subjected to would be to close their publications or channels down. None of them are genuine media operations anyhow, so it’s not censorship. All of these publications and channels are financially underwritten by scum.

      Just take his toys away – and watch Michael Weiss howl like a toddler.

  17. Jerry says

    I agree with the general principle that the media avoids many opportunities for valid criticism of Trump and his policies. But, I’m not so sure that his “animals” quote was specifically referring to MS-13. The context was a conference held to discuss federal immigration policy with respect to California’s new “Sanctuary State” rule. A sheriff was in an extended rant about the general state of confusion, and briefly mentioned the possibility that some immigrant might be MS-13. ThenTrump resumed the general rant, and was once again talking about immigrants as a class, and how bad they all are. Or anyhow, that’s how I parsed it.

    If Trump was only talking about MS-13, here are two questions: (1) when it comes to MS-13 criminals, why not arrest and try them as criminals instead of just dumping them back over the border; and (2) why is it that we now have a national immigration policy that treats all undocumented individuals as sub-humans, separating kids from parents and putting them in concentration camps?

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      MS13 sound EXACTLY like the sort of murderous thugs that the USA has ALWAYS preferred as stooges in Latin America, either in fascistic, but loyal, regimes, or in the plethora of death-squads that the USA has created and/or aided to terrorise and kill. Trump should just put them on the pay-roll.

    • Seamus Padraig says

      “… when it comes to MS-13 criminals, why not arrest and try them as criminals instead of just dumping them back over the border?”

      In order to be imprisoned in the US, they would have to have committed a crime in the US. I believe the point at issue is whether or not they should be allowed into the US to begin with. I think (I’m not sure) that those who apply for legal residency in the US have to show some kind of police report from their country of origin; hence, the concern that MS-13 gang members may be trying to circumvent immigration laws because of their criminal past.

      • rilme says

        If what you say is true, Julian Assange is at no risk of being imprisoned, forever, in the USA.

    • Jim Scott says

      Privately run prison camps no doubt. Like Australia did so that the public was kept ignorant about their cruelty as staff were threatened with being sued if they spoke out against brutality or illegality.

  18. Tony M says

    I’d only quibble that public discourse never has corresponded to facts or reality.

    War/armaments and banking both are the kings of all rackets and are predominant in the US and UK, the criterion for whether anything Trump or any selected, not elected leader does being good or bad and thus covered positively or not is whether it’s good for those racketeers, the suppliers, whether of finished goods, raw materials, or fiat money lent at interest for which taxpayers and future generations are liable to eternity. The racketeers, who are loyal to no country, whose webs span national borders, even opposing battle lines in wars great and small, behind the curtain pull the strings that make interchangeable, disposable, elected politician front-persons jump and dance to their tune, their job is to keep enough of the public humming along and mesmerised by the spectacle. People outside the elite which is international, comprising 99.9% or more, are expendable in their tens of millions without a care, regret or even thought, they are self-reproducing farmed animals whose populations sometimes overshoot the mechanisms and forces that keep them servile and in check, requiring a cull or reinforcement of their cages, a tightening of their chains and who turn the wheels of the machines to which they are tethered, and those are the privileged ones, the unquestioning and docile, who generate surplus wealth for others to offset the taxes that enable the whole charade to continue.

  19. Fair dinkum says

    Most journalists would be under pressure, either to fill space, or pay their bills.
    Hence the rise of non-news.
    The masses must be distracted and/or given their daily dose.

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