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Propornot 2 — Setting Up the Atlantic Council for Lawsuits

by George H. Elias, Donbass

Early in 2018, I pulled back the veil Propornot hid behind and disclosed the groups behind the smear site.  Propornot is a product of the Atlantic Council’s backers.  It is a symptom of the ongoing Information War.  People in the groups behind it are waging to destroy Press Freedom in the US by branding dissenting voices as objects of ridicule at best and enemies of the state at the worst. Below, you’ll see the results of yet another website scan, as well as circumstantial evidence showing the InterpreterMag and the Atlantic Council, are responsible for Propornot. The lawsuits are starting and because of the damage Propornot’s lists have done, will trickle down to the InterpreterMag staff,  the Atlantic Council, and their backers at some point.


For those that don’t know, the Atlantic Council is brought to you by the Central and Eastern European Coalition (CEEC), the Ukrainian Congressional Committee of America (UCCA), and the Ukrainian World Congress(UWC). Between these three organizations, there is a constituency of 20 million voting ultranationalist (politically Bandera era nationalists), as well as constituencies across governments in Central and Eastern Europe today.

There are also Levant region US-based Diaspora governments including Oriental Promethean, Syrian, and Gulenite groups that often financially contribute to politicians and gain huge amounts of political backing because all the Diasporas work together in a large bloc when it suits their needs.

The long game behind all of this is to normalize extreme nationalism in the US. If they can get people on all sides of the political spectrum so divided through pure politics people demand a forced normalization, what’s offered will be the new US nationalism.

This is done continuously to develop the will and the means to provoke legal action and civil lawsuits AGAINST these same commentary and news websites that make up the Propornot blacklist. It doesn’t matter how small a deal Propornot are in reality. Propornot plagiarized their blacklist from spies for hire groups.

This same list is the handout for every war mongering, democracy-hating group in America and across the world. Whatever extraordinary means they need to use, they are determined to force offending websites to get in line or suffer a costly closedown.  This latest partnership Facebook has formed with the Atlantic Council is another trial move to a forced normal where news and information are spoon fed.


This is part of a much, much, larger story that starts with Propornot and goes through InterpreterMag to their parents at the @DFRLab of the Atlantic Council. The groups that identify emerging threats and disinformation for Google are the same group members of the Atlantic Council that Facebook will employ. Google has well over $100 million invested in these groups so using them to determine Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) is simple economics. These core groups supply the fact-checking and relevance check for Google. They have the means to take a monopoly on information and deem truth to be whatever the hell they want or get paid for it to be.

All of this starts with the bottom rung at sites like Propornot. For the January article, I scanned the website using Iron Wasp. It is one of the best application security scanners available today and is used by hackers and penetration testers worldwide to test for vulnerabilities of a website(web application). What this means is that within a very tiny margin of false positives, scanners like this deliver verifiable, documentable information that can be used in a court of law.

111propornot dashboard-mail.google.com 2018-01-26 20-18-22-256

That scan could be replicated by any person, at any time. I didn’t reveal the vulnerability scanner I used because it shouldn’t matter. If more scans were done by other people using a variety of scanners, it would hammer home the fact Michael Weiss and company are the people behind Propornot everyone was looking for.

The problem remains that the natural curiosity affected parties should feel because they have been damaged is still replaced with inertia. For many news and commentary platform owners, the last few years have overloaded their senses with the shock value of being called a tool for a foreign government and having their reputations called into question or destroyed.

Instead of taking a sober and critical look by doing the scans themselves or interviewing subject matter experts, this inertia has maintained my single scan as the only one that exists publicly for Propornot. It is the only serious effort and scan I’ve been able to find. Recently, I set up an online snare that InterperterMag’s Michael Weiss, Catherine Fitzgerald, and their bit players had the choice to either step in or ignore entirely. The whole thing hinged on him and them not being as bright as I thought they were. I’m glad I didn’t bet on that. I’ll get to that in part 2.

New Scan Results for Propornot

What I didn’t say when I published the January Propornot expose was I counted on inertia setting in with damaged website owners even as I wrote the first Propornot article. Inertia  has taken the level of proof from having enough confidence to sue Mikey D. Weiss and all the nationalist bastards working to reinterpret and destroy the 1st amendment and civil rights turned it into- “The alleged scans that allegedly resemble easily spoofed screenshots allegedly done by the alleged American allegedly living in Donbass….” Yeah,  after four months everyone is comfortable with that one.

Needless to say, this wasn’t the only scan I did. I didn’t mention that before though, did I? I did three other scans over the last 10 months using various vulnerability scanners set very light and the results were the same. The 3rd time is the charm and 2nd and 3rd were the scans in January. The problem with Michael Weiss denying Propornot is a part of InterpreterMag is it should never have shown up on any scan in the first place. Why them?

For Propornot to come out consistently in every scan as part of InterpreterMag is outrageous.  The two source rule of journalism states that two verifiable independent sources constitute a fact. This separates journalism from rumor mill news. The three source rule was developed by the Washington Post during its coverage of the contentious Watergate scandal. This verifies politically hot facts or scandalous information. How about four sources?

For this 4th scan of Propornot, I needed them to know someone was there. I used Vega. According to the InfoSec Institute, Vega is one of the top 5 web application security scanners in the world today. That means it’s a favorite tool for hackers everywhere and you can have confidence it produces evidence quality results, just like Iron Wasp did. Guess what happened?

Vega shows propornot part of interpreter


January and April scans of Propornot by George Eliason

I set the scan a little louder and was caught red-handed. Propornot canceled my scan and that was that. Or was it? The great thing about a top 5 scanner is they are very efficient. If you look at the top left underneath the web address for Propornot, who’s name do you see?

Between this scan and the January scan image, you can see three of the scans that were done. The results from all 4 scans completed are the same regarding InterpreterMag. The results from four scans show InterpreterMag in a relationship position BEFORE Propornot links to any websites listed on the webpage. This last scan was done AFTER the Atlantic Council should have tightened up the website security.

We have four separate verifiable sources stating the same obvious fact with 3 shown. Does anybody with a respectable pay grade at the Atlantic Council have any last words? This case is closed.

When the facts are tallied, I am still all for letting the courts decide because of the damage Propornot has done. And rest assured that is starting to happen. This clearly shows lawsuits against Propornot, the Atlantic Council, and the spies for hire are not only possible, but if you aren’t willing to protect yourself now, there may not be anything left to get recourse against later.

Let The Lawsuits Begin

The first large lawsuit is by three of the Netherlands larger newspapers against East StratCom for false accusations that they were spreading propaganda. The accusation published in East StratCom’s Disinfo Review was challenged and East StratCom was forced to back down. But, it didn’t back down far enough. On February 24th they changed terminology from calling the Dutch Media “disinformation outlets” to “outlet where the disinformation appeared.”The response by the newspapers and Dutch politicians says it all.

The Mreast.dk website adds “For the Dutch media TPO, which was listed for editorial coverage of a Ukraine debate, a Dutch media expert said that East StratCom and their collaborators were “a propaganda club  with amateuristic working methods and added that “if you look at their database, There is no substructure [of facts] “ .The chief editor of the second largest newspaper in the Netherlands, General Dagblad, stated that“with East StratCom as a fake news-fighting, we did not need fake news at all” and that the best excuse for the group was that they had a “translation problem” in relative to the Dutch coverage.

Going further,  A parliamentarian from the Socialist Party has demanded that the Dutch Interior Minister raise the matter and stop financing the unit, which in his opinion threatens the freedom of the press by listing coverage of a Ukraine-critical meeting as “fake news”. Therefore, East StratCom has been forced to retreat and change the labeling of their propaganda listings.” This move wasn’t enough and the lawsuit is going forward on March 14th on the grounds that “In a free society it is up to court to judge the matter , not governments or a supreme government.”

Here’s the fun part. Where does East StratCom get its list of propagandists from? Go back to the top. The people at Propornot, the Hamilton 68 Dashboard including former Homeland Security Czar Michael Chertoff, Aaron Weisburd, and Clint Watts, among others are the lists providers will eventually be sued.

This lawsuit is the first of its kind that I know of.  I’d love to say my previous articles were part of what’s behind it because of the timing of the lawsuits. They were filed after I started publishing this series showing what was going on and filing lawsuits is the only way for news and commentary publications to protect themselves. I feel immense satisfaction because publications are suing the European Union for labeling them Russian propaganda outlets. Many thanks to Petri Krohn for sharing the above article link.

If your news or commentary website was damaged because of Propornot, Hamilton 68, or any of the associated spies for hire like Aaron Weisburd, Joel Harding, Clint Watts, etc, you can now see that recourse isn’t just possible, it’s either you or them. Make sure it’s them.

Over the last 4 years, I’ve researched and written many stories that are still breaking in other media today. I’ve written stories from the front lines in Ukraine as well as showing snapshots of what life is like here.  I broke the story about Russian trolls and what would lead to Propornot in 2015.
If you want to support investigative research with a lot of depth, please support my Patreon  page. You can also support my work through PayPal as we expand in new directions over the coming year. For the last 4 years it’s been almost entirely self supportive effort which is something when you consider I live in Donbass.
This ad will reflect articles that are coming up. A lot of detailed information doesn’t make it into articles just because of the sheer volume of webpages it adds or even continuity with the current subject matter.
I’ll be adding lots of information as well as a first glimpse of work coming up as we wind our way up from Propornot to Finding Fancy Bear in the near future as well as the Mueller Probes. I will be continuing my focus on Donbass and looking into the politics in play globally.
Next up– A circumstantial evidence article tying Michael Weiss and his crew of “misfits” to Propornot. I baited the trap and waited. Of course he bit.
George Eliason is an American journalist that lives and works in Donbass. He has been interviewed by and provided analysis for RT, the BBC, and Press-TV. His articles have been published in the Security Assistance Monitor, Washingtons Blog, OpedNews, the Saker, RT, Global Research, and RINF, and the Greanville Post among others. He has been cited and republished by various academic blogs including Defending History, Michael Hudson, SWEDHR, Counterpunch, the Justice Integrity Project, among others.  This article has also been published by OpEd News.



    • Tony M says

      Hilarious as Eric Zuesse who has appeared above-the-line here on this site heavily relies on, if not entirely relies on WIkipedia, along with bad Hollywood movies as primary sources, I would describe as a cut and paste cowboy without even two original thoughts to rub together. He even quotes Wikipedia uncritically (in an article supposedly criticising wikipedia) in the article you linked to on the subject of Craig Murray (about whom I have serious doubts and reservations due to the heavy-handed power-mad moderation and odd manner in which his own site is run; vile house-pet trolls there not just tolerated but encouraged and protected, and of course his opinions on anything Russia-related being hardly distinguishable from the demonising pap we’re routinely fed by the msm on that subject).

      I now understand (from Murray’s career history on wikispooks, if that is any more trustworthy), contrary to the wikipedia info Zuesse requotes, that Murray only worked on Iraq sanctions briefly in the very early 1990’s, when they were first devised and implemented, but certainly did not step from that job to Ambassador to Uzbekistan, there’s a ten or so year gap in between.

      If so, back then in the early-90s when sanctions had not yet had time to bite hard and the end result – as many as a million deaths resulting, half a million of whom were children, and health effects some will still be living with due to inter-generational health consequences, nutrition of preganant mothers back then being one example – such devastating effects might not, but could have, and should have been foreseen if the sanctions were likely to operate for even half as long as long as the decade or more that they actually did before the equally murderous invasion got under-way. Additionally during the no-fly zone period, that ran parallel with sanctions, water supply, sanitation and electrical distribution installations and who knows what else were being bombed from the air freely using the transparent ruse that they were radar/anti-aircraft sites.

      Zuesse’s first paragraph there, especially towards its end makes very little sense: “So, his disenchantment with UK’s foreign policies seems to have grown over the years, instead of suddenly to have appeared during the two years in which he was an Ambassador.” if he came to disbelieve the claims made about WMD in 2002, then that could only have been between 2002-2004, after they’d actually been made, you can’t disbelieve claims which haven’t yet been made. When were claims of Iraq having WMD first being made publicly and by whom? When were weapons inspectors first admitted to Iraq? I don’t recall such WMD claims as Blair would make being made during the sanctions and no-fly zone era of the 1990s, can anyone clarify?

      Academic study of history in these times requires subduing any functioning critical faculties in order to parrot and regurgitate on demand received nonsense, sedimented orthodoxies and myth in order to excel, it would not do to conclude for example that the UK/England has been one of the most monstrous tyrannies that ever existed upon this earth, and that as the underlying establishment has not changed in makeup or character since the goriest days of empire, not much will have changed. Clearly the British state apparatus is the last place anyone would expect to find the truly good, the great or the best, whatever the pay, but instead is where the bad, the indifferent and the mediocre would flock in droves.

      • Tony M says

        Non-sequiturs and straw-men aplenty in that first paragraph, firstly in the part quoted from wikipedia – which evidently isn’t true, and no wonder Murray has the hump – that Iraq sanctions was his immediately prior posting before Uzbekistan, I haven’t seen the actual wikipedia article this apparently comes from, but it surely doesn’t say this does it, or is it Eric Zuesse’s paraphrasing badly that gives this impression? If he’d been involved in sanctions until going to Uzbekistan as Ambassador in 2002, he’d have been giving briefing to Blair’s government from 1997, not Margaret Thatcher and John Major. Why does Zuesse go out of his way to knock down the strawman that his [Murray’s] disenchantment wasn’t something new “instead of suddenly to have appeared only during the two years in which he was an Ambassador.” where might Zuesse get the idea that anyone might think that from what had come before, that it needed or was worth saying at all, and so clumsily.

  1. 0use4msm says

    The premise of the article is important but some of the content is muddled as the result of poor translation. The “General Dagblad” mentioned should be “Algemeen Dagblad”. Where it says “if you look at their database, There is no substructure [of facts]“, what is meant is that the content is not substantiated by evidence or context. What Algemeen Dagblad’s chief editor Hans Nijenhuis means by “with East StratCom as a fake news-fighting, we did not need fake news at all” is that East StratCom’s method of fighting fake news is in itself a form of fake news.

    The reason Nijenhuis refers to a “translation problem” is that when the EU set up East StratCom it was mainly Britain, the Czech Republic and the Baltic and Scandinavian states that provided staff members. As the Dutch-speaking EU nations (Netherlands and Belgium) consider East StratCom to be contravening the freedom of the press, they have not provided it with any staff. As a result East StratCom relies on non-Dutch speaking staff to scan Dutch media for “fake news”, i.e. content that doesn’t fall in line with the official dictates from Kiev.

    • Thanks: good clarifications .. building better context. & extra objectivity.

      Better than asking d’ Guy Verhofstadt 😉 to comment upon 🙂

  2. George Eliason says

    The scanners take information directly from the website. It’s not opinion. It makes identification the same as using reverse 411 and seeing the persons name next to their phone number. It takes the jibberish out of the equation.

  3. Gary Weglarz says

    Very interesting analysis. One would think that the if the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has any integrity left it would gladly do pro bono legal work on lawsuits in support of Propornot attacked progressive sites in the U.S. Many such sites are small operations and would find initiating legal proceedings too costly to even consider I would imagine. However, expecting honesty and integrity from the American court system is of course another matter entirely.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Propornot and the Atlantic Council of Ukrainian fascists are allies of Zionism, so the ACLU will do NOTHING.

  4. reinertorheit says

    Several years ago (about 4-5?) the Daily Telegraph in London used to run a weekly column by MIchael Weiss. The content was predictable puerile childish tripe, with the Kremlin in the crosshairs in every identical episode. Eventually the quality of non-journalism became so laughable that even the DT took the decision to axe Weiss and his Interpreter codswallop. The title ‘Intepreter’ is doubly risible, since Weiss has famously never visited Russia in his life, and can’t speak a word of Russian (or any other language than his own).

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      The alliance of convenience between the Zionists and various fascists, to peddle Russophobia and Islamophobia deserves careful attention. It has already borne strange fruit like Anders Brievik, and has unlimited funds at its disposal.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        Just watching the known liar, Clapper, raving on NPR that Russia turned the election for Trump. Yes, that’s right-13 internet click-bait operatives, half of whom had resigned before the election, and whose Internet offerings included subversive puppy photos and which represented 0.4% of Internet election related traffic ($100,00 out of four billion in total expenditure), turned the election to Trump. The dessicated feminazi mummy ‘interviewing’ him cackled in amazement and outrage at the Russia interference. Clearly a state whose sordid elites have gone stark, raving, mad.

  5. Ivan says

    I neither understood why top security scanners were needed here, neither I could make any sense of why the screenshots shown should constitute a proof that propornot and interpretermag are coming from the same source (I am a programmer).

    Sorry, but at least in some of its parts this article does not look very coherent.

    • Carey says

      I had a hard time understanding this article, and did not read most of it. It seemed a bit odd, but maybe it’s just me.
      Too bad, because I try to stay up on the ProPornot stuff.

      • Pogo says

        I also felt this article was a bit jibberish and relevant only possibly on the fringes? But, so much misinformation, plus people are downright brainwashed and apathetic.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          ‘I have met the enemy, and it is you.’

        • @Pogo: “people are downright brainwashed and apathetic.”

          So why question the relevance of an author’s attempt to make people less “brainwashed and apathetic”. Or have you not noticed, this is a call for newspapers to resort to Law against defamation by unsubstaniated sources on the internet?

          • Ivan says

            I definitely support the call, but making it more coherent would make it stronger.

            • @Ivan. Since we agree on aims, let’s try to make the argument more coherent; Net Tracing for Dummies. I’ll be dummy.

              This dummy always starts by believing what he is told. So I believe Reiner Torheit’s statement that the Daily Telegraph axed the Interpreter column of one Michael Weiss because disinformation was crass even by the standards of cntemporary MSM. And I believe that Eliason used special software to produce 3 screenshots of host PropOrNot downloading from target InterpreterMag run by aforesaid Weiss of dubious repute. Also believe that programmer Ivan (yourself) and others could produce same 3 bits of evidence that would claim to stand up in a court of Law without resorting to high security soft ware (although this has not yet been demonstrated).

              Given all these beliefs, the only part of the story that I find obscure is the 4th screenshot, cancelling Eliason’s cheeky probe scan but linking said host PorNot to a new target. What is its significance?

              • Ivan says

                I was talking about the two screenshots from security scanners.

                In the first screenshot I indeed missed the path


                Regarding GET uploads/interpreterMag it is not very clear how to interpret this. It might be a list of recent uploads to interpreterMag by propornot, or vice versa, or still another thing – to me it seemed as a web request for the list of recent posts on interpreterMag, but yes, I might be wrong.

              • George Eliason says

                The canceled scan was the last one. Propornot canceled the scan but it was after the InterpreterMag was ID’d. Look at the dates on the scans. The completed one was in January showing the same + more information.

                • Ivan says

                  Ok, but then it was written “Or was it? The great thing about a top 5 scanner is they are very efficient. If you look at the top left underneath the web address for Propornot, who’s name do you see?”

                  so, what is this name which I tried but could not find on the screenshot, and what do you think its significance is? Or maybe you were referring to yet another screenshot, which is not shown in the article?

                  See, I also think that the non MS medcia sites in the west are ran largely by private individuals, while the majority of the sites supposedly “debunking Russian propaganda” are in this or other way tied to Pentagon or/and Langley or/and etc. I think so because the “mainstream” americans don’t have any real motivation to “debunk Russian propaganda” themselves, also because they have all of theirs MS media speaking about “debunkibg Russian propaganda”, while the non MS media sites have only themselves to speak on their behalf.

                  But to me and some other people here some of the arguments in the article did not look very convincing, so maybe this should be improved on.

          • reinertorheit says

            Apparently we need a website made of pictures – showing the Good Guys in white hats, and the Baddies in black hats.

            That’s all many people on this site are capable of dealing with.

    • @Ivan. Since you are a programmer, kindly use something other than “top security scanners” to show us a “coherent proof” which refute the author’s “screenshot allegation” namely, “that Propornot and Interpretermag are coming from the same source”.

      • Why would you use a “top security scanner”? Shouldn’t you just look at the IP addresses, HTTP headers, HTML and Javascript that your browser can provide you?
        The article indicates that George doesn’t know what he is doing which is why it is so confusing to people who know about “these sorts of things”.

        The images suggest that we are seeing the HTTP headers, the calls the browser makes to get the webpage. It appears now that propornot.com have changed how they host their website since the scans were done.

        • George Eliason says

          You are ignoring the sitemap and making the exact the argument Propornot does. If you are confused and profess to know what you are talking about, take a breath, look at the sitemap. InterpreterMag is at every admin notation. Other than the title, Propornot barely exists at its own website.

      • Ivan says

        I am just saying that the argument does not appear to be solid, not that the claim itself is correct or incorrect.

  6. bevin says

    This ties in with Craig Murray’s current series on a Wikipedia editor called Philip Cross. The suggestions being made by commenters include the likelihood that Wiki is being constantly edited and vetted by agents of the Intelligence services. My guess is that the ultimate control of Propornot lies with the 5Eyes (plus mossad) intelligence conglomerate. Atlantic Council is no doubt also financed by the long suffering but sickeningly complacent taxpayer- the same character who howls like a starved baby when money is spent in a decent cause, such as malnourished babies.

      • bevin says

        The link that you gave is well worth reading. So are the three comments on the piece.
        The work being done in Ukraine goes beyond, builds upon, the fascist claim that the Soviet Union was as ‘bad’ as Nazi Germany and takes us right back to the early thirties in conservative circles when Hitler and acolytes such as Stepan Bandera (of whom I gather there is a statue in Oakville Ontario!} were seen as champions against the menace of socialism.
        Harding’s plan is to silence, imprison, kill all dissenting voices in Ukraine. And elsewhere. No doubt he thought that 1984 was a campaign guide.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      The Five Eyes are, of course, really the Six Eyes as Israel dominates internet surveillance and control-and the Five Eyes slave regimes. And I’d love to know who is behind the current mania for DNA testing, which is building a vast DNA bank for future surveillance and control purposes. The way in which a serial killer in California was caught because his brother had availed himself of ‘ancestry’ DNA testing is a sign of how it will be used in future under the coming fascistic Free Market total surveillance state.

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