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Whose words was Yulia reading?

by Catte

Yulia Skripal allegedly making voluntary statement May 23 2018

Yulia Skripal’s surprise video statement and walkabout yesterday has, as usual in this case, raised more questions than it has provided answers. The MSM has predictably addressed none of those questions and been content to simply air the video along with portions of her statement, laced with anti-Russian commentary and distorted summaries of the backstory (see here and here and here). Fortunately those in the alt media are free to try to do a little better.

Reuters broke the story, and claimed an exclusive, but have not yet clarified their bureau chief Guy Faulconbridge, whose name appears on the article actually, spoke to Yulia in person.

The strange prelude to the statement in which we see Yulia walking amongst foliage in a “secret location” as if she’s auditioning for a commercial or doing a promo for a true-movie about herself is surreal and bizarre. Why not a simple piece to camera? Why put her through the added ordeal of being taken to the woods somewhere and asked to wander about smiling? Are they trying to prove she’s ambulatory? Happy? free?

If so they have failed on two of the three counts. She doesn’t seem happy or even comfortable, and certainly doesn’t appear to be free to speak her own thoughts. Whose idea was it to film her in this location? How much duress was she under to comply.

Her statement is also very problematic. Allegedly it’s her own words, written by her in Russian and in English. But this remains highly debatable.

For one thing, the handwritten English version contains a sentence lifted straight from the previous statement made on her behalf by the Metropolitan Police back in April. The words “At the moment I do not wish to avail myself of their services” appear in para two of that statement. And as you can see below these exact words are also in Yulia’s hand-written text from yesterday

This is curious, because the Met Police statement was pretty clearly not written by Yulia, but by a very fluent speaker of a certain kind of English official-speak. And it gets even curiouser when you add the fact the Russian words Yulia is speaking to camera are not remotely similar to the alleged “translation.” According to Craig Murray:

Of the Russian Embassy she said very simply “I am not ready, I do not want their help”. Strangely this is again translated in the Reuters subtitles by the strangulated officialese of “I do not wish to avail myself of their services”, as originally stated in the unnatural Metropolitan Police statement issued on her behalf weeks ago.

“I do not wish to avail myself of their services” is simply not a translation of what she says in Russian and totally misses the “I am not ready” opening phrase of that sentence.

The Russian Embassy, UK agrees with this take:

Why would Yulia – or anyone – translate her own Russian words using the same exact phrase previously used by the Met Police, which doesn’t even convey the right meaning?

There currently seems to be only one plausible explanation doesn’t there – that these are NOT Yulia’s words. That the English version of her new statement came first and was based on the original one from the Met Police in April. This was then translated into Russian by someone – probably not Yulia – and read out by her to camera. Murray again:

My conclusion is that Yulia’s statement was written by a British official and then translated to Russian for her to speak, rather than the other way round.

I tend to agree. In fact, Yulia’s statement looks just like that – a statement – written up by a police officer trained in the phrasing of such things, and not an informal composition by a civilian in her non-native language who simply wants to put a few things straight. Here’s the entire thing:

The text of Yulia Skripal’s statement in English, allegedly in her own hand and her own words

I came to the UK on the 3rd of March to visit my father, something I have done regularly in the past”.

I have chosen to interrupt my rehabilitation”…”

Also I want to reiterate..”

Well, of course Yulia may have written these words and even managed to spell “rehabilitation” faultlessly – something beyond an awful lot of native-speakers. But under the circumstances a certain amount of scepticism is reasonable.

Altogether, whether her hand was holding the pen when those words were put to paper, it’s currently looking pretty unlikely she actually had anything to do with composing them. Far more probably she simply took dictation.

It may also be noteworthy that in this version of her statement, Yulia says she would like to go back to Russia some day, while the previous version, which she did not deliver in person, didn’t contain any such sentiment.

Are the authorities holding out the promise she may be sent home eventually? Is it her own free choice she isn’t going home now?

If you were Yulia’s family member watching the strange events of yesterday, how reassured would you feel right now?


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  2. Then there is this:

    Former chemical weapons expert: “Even UK allies are starting to ask what’s true”

    Published on 30 May 2018

    “Even UK allies are starting to ask what’s true” says former United Nations inspector Anton Unkin as Skripals’ doctors are surprised by fast and ‘hard to explain’ recovery.

  3. Jen says

    John Helmer’s article on Julia Skripal’s Reuters interview is now available at his Dances With Bears blog and makes for fascinating reading. Julia S’s Russian reading of what has been scripted in English for her conveys a different meaning for a Russian-language audience and in parts repudiates the English-language original.


    Helmer mentions a neurologist (the article does not say if he, Helmer, consulted the neurologist) who watched the video and observed Julia S’s behaviour.

    “… To the [neurologist], her motor coordination signs look normal; walking and sitting were unaided and stable; hand-eye coordination was normal; pupil dilation and blink rate were normal; cognition, speech fluency and memory were unimpaired. She had recovered the capacity, if not quite to write out a full page of text, to correct phrases and change meanings; to memorize and deliver a short speech; and to sign her name. Neurologically speaking, the broadcast evidence indicates full recovery from the state the High Court believed her to be in on March 22.

    On the other hand, according to the neurologist, Yulia’s recovery over the eleven weeks since the poisoning in Salisbury on March 4 has been so swift and so sure, this by itself casts doubt over the nature of the poison to which she was exposed …”

    Particularly interesting is the statement that the tracheostomy scar is exposed as if to convey a message. Would this have been Julia S’s decision or the decision of her minders?

    • Brad Pitte II says

      He says things like the signature and handwriting don’t correspond.

      Where does this come from?

      Is that true?

    • Brad Pitte II says

      He also says there are differences between the Russian and English.

      There are not.

      They say the same things- facts, emotions and opinions.

  4. Brad Pitte II says

    Yulia or Sergei may unfortunately yet die of Novichok poisoning.

    It has to be said.

      • Brad Pitte II says

        My comment relates to the earlier Putin statement that a Novichok would have killed them on the spot.

        As I have pointed out numerous times, the only ever fatal case of a Novichok contamination took FIVE YEARS to kill.

        You should all show a little more respect and care for the Skripals who are unlikely to live as long.

        This is serious stuff.

        Yuila may look outwardly healthy…but she isn’t.

        That’s why she looks worried. Not because of your daft made-up reasons.

        Read what she says. Her treatment is ONGOING.

        • Brad Pitte II says

          And anyway, the OPCW have confirmed it was a Novichok type agent.

          There is no dispute.

          • The OPCW confirmed that there was Novichok in the blood samples they were given, Novichok in its pure form (which means that it hadn’t been metabolized). However, the blood samples in question were taken almost three weeks after the alleged poisoning, so the Novichock should have shown significant signs of having been metabolized and would not be in its pure form. This suggests that the Novichock was added to the blood samples before being given to the OPCW.

        • Brad Pitte II says

          ‘…devastating changes thrust upon me…”

          “…my treatment is ongoing…”

    • Kaiama says

      Some people never give up. Obsessed with trying to preserve the official narrative by rubbishing other contributions.

      • bevin says

        Have some respect: ‘Brad’ is at work. And he is almost certainly a public employee. He might even be a Trade Union member.
        He’s just doing what he is paid to do. and he could be saving a life or two: the moment
        The Establishment loses confidence in its ability to lie at will and to impose its obfuscations over the truth is the moment when it will start getting rid of the evidence.
        Do you honestly think that anyone not paid to do so would rush to defend each one of the transparently false claims made by a government covering up for incompetent spooks ?

        • That it’s so transparent is part of the brilliant incompetence that characterises the Skripal affair and so holds my attention. I mean, if we’re all just amateurish fools, why waste so much time on us? And so diligently and robotically!

          I can conceive of three reasons for the incompetence:

          1. Distraction: something even worse is being hidden by the Skripal affair (hat tip to balkydj)

          2. It’s just incompetence: a poor choice was made, carried out too hastily, and the cover up is just shit too, doesn’t matter by whom.

          3. Grand plan: it’s part of a long term plan to sneak in the real New World Order – Russia-China BRICS multi-polar world – by collapsing the faux, western NWO via a limited truth hangout made digestible and credible to We The Sheeple by said incompetence.

          1 has the weakness of the fact that the mass media is silent now, largely, on Skripal. If it’s hiding something bigger, surely it’s safer to just not allow the mass media to cover that bigger thing?

          2 I don’t like because the degree of incompetence is so great that it feels farcical to the point of being deliberate, like a performance. This option doesn’t pass the sniff test.

          Which leaves me with 3. As nuts as it sounds.

          The other option is that I just don’t know, which is probably closest to the truth.

          • Toby, deliberate incompetence is part of the MO. The power elite justify their hoaxing of us by clues, sloppiness, contradictions, things that don’t add up, constant changes in story, ridiculousness, not to mention the numerology and symbology. If we don’t respond to it the faults on us not them. You can see all these signs in Westminster, Manchester, Las Vegas and all the other events … and 9/11 – the plane doesn’t only melt into the second twin tower – they were obliged to do a snowjob on us with that one for their story – it emerges – nose cone intact – out the other side! They rubbed their hoaxery in our faces good and proper. People think they screwed up with the CGI. No! We have “witness” Mark Walsh saying he saw the plane ream through to the other side. Google him on YouTube – writing from my phone so difficult.

            • Thank you, flaxgirl. Flaxen locks or ground flaxseeds for omega 3? Both?

              What I find with all this is that the mix of info and disinfo is so convoluted and endlessly generated that you have to dedicate your life to it to stand a chance of keeping up. And even then you don’t stand a chance. Nobody has TPTB’s resources.

              Which leaves me with the preferred path of growing up myself, helping others to take on their path of growing up, finding groups of sufficiently motivated, mature and open-minded individuals to start building something new. Critique is important, but can quickly dominate in a dog-chasing-own-tail kind of way. 9/11 is a perfect example of this. I always hope the many moves by groups like ae for truth will burst that bubble, but I truly doubt it. For me, knowing the Kingdom of Denmark is sick through and through is enough, though lots of work went in to establishing this. Getting people on board means discovering a variety of effective ways of opening people’s eyes and then organising in a way that is always open to all. It’s a tall order, but as Mark Gobell says, doing nothing is just plain wrong.

  5. BigB says

    I’ve mentioned it before, not necessarily in relation to the Skripals. Pasechnik was debriefed, a close colleague, and business partner of Dr David Kelly …a fact Wikipedia seems to have edited out of existence. Probably just a coincidence! 😀

      • Mark Gobell says

        OK BigB – glad that someone is aware of the Pasechnik case.

        I mentioned him because it appears that natural event relationships exist between him and other key players in the Salisbury production. These naturally occurring kabbalistic relationships indicate to me that they form part of the reason why the Skripal incident type was of the NCB variety and occurred in Salisbury.

        Further analysis has also revealed that the former tory Defence Secretary, Michael Fallon is also a target in this narrative.

        I was very pleased with this find since Fallon also featured as a principal target in the Jo Cox narrative.

        Fallon was responsible for ( not ) implementing the UK’s full military commitment to Syria. He also sent UK troops to the Ukraine and this event features in the Skripal narrative, thereby adding to my understanding of the “Betrayal” meme presented to us all in the Jo Cox narrativem which I interpreted to be solely a betrayal over the assumed commitment to “project Syria”.

        The Conservative MP for Salisbury, John Glenn also features, as does Guto Bebb, the Conservative Friend of Israel and current Minister for Defence Procurement.

        I also have visited the “buckwheat” / “porridge” part of the Skripal narrative for this first time, I did not have this event recorded until today.

        I’ll post the link to it the the “buckwheat” / “porridge” story below and ask for serious comments on it before I use it as an example of how a story which, when taken literally, appears to be utter tosh, is actually yet another allegorical reference which should not be missed :

        I’d appreciate any and all comments on this story :

        The Sun : CEREAL MYSTERY Police investigating claims Russian spy Sergei Skripal’s £1 bag of porridge was poisoned by daughter Yulia’s ‘female pal’

        By David Willetts, Defence Editor

        1st April 2018, 2:02 pm


        Please post your thoughts on this tall-tale …

        There are no right and wrong answers, I just want to use it illustrate how it should be interpreted but would like to know what folk think of the story when taken at face value.


        • Mark Gobell says

          I forgot to mention the first “golden rule” of narrative interpretation :

          If they are telling us something, they are doing so for a reason. Always. No exceptions.

          Bear that crucial rule in mind when you read The Sun’s porridge tosh …


          • Brad Pitte II says

            What are you talking about now?

            The porridge was considered as a way of smuggling the Novichok to the Skripals, although you date it April 1st.

            The investigation is ongoing…there is no time limit.

        • Mark Gobell says

          I forgot to mention the golden rule of narrative interpretation :

          If they are telling us something then it is for a reason. Always. No exceptions.

          Bear that in mind when you read The Sun’s apparent “buckwheat / porridge” story.


    • Brad Pitte II says

      What the h has this got to do with the Yuila statement?

  6. Mark Gobell says

    I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this on any of the Skripal threads, but the case of Vladimir Pasechnik, the Russian biological weapons expert who defected to the UK in 1989 might also be relevant.

    He worked at Porton Down and also died in Salisbury, reportedly from a stroke …

    Vladimir Pasechnik


    “According to one of his sons, Nikita, he was always expecting the KGB (or the later FSB) to deal with him.[1]”


  7. Interesting how, in this video, the cord in her dress pressing against the wound. which still looks quite raw. does not seem to cause any discomfort. I also think it looks slightly bulgy around the wound which would help to make it look as though it’s convincingly dented. The low-resolution of the photographs and video would also help to cover wound moulage if that is what it is.

  8. Kaiama says

    If you want to hide a stolen diamond,hide it inside a glass chandelier. If you want to hide a lie, hide it inside a lot of facts. The trouble is when there aren’t enough facts and more lies are produced in order to make the chandelier. And yet still basic facts remain outside the public domain. Curiously, in the “old” days, it was much easier to lie but modern communications and publishing on the internet make it much more difficult to maintain a convincing narrative.

  9. Mark Gobell says

    Trying to interpret and make sense of these “narratives” is, as I’m sure we all know, very difficult.

    The onerous task we undertake is to analyse statements and “reportage” or “copy”, such as it is, to try to separate fact from fiction and work out who is doing what to whom.

    These stories always contain a mix of outright lies, half-truths and facts, the very best way to construct a narrative.

    When and if we reason or discover that falsehoods have been included, then self-evidently, that narrative has been designed.

    Having studied these narratives for many years, imo, one of the biggest potential mistakes that too many folk make, is an almost default position that the event was an “inside job”, state sponsored and the government is lying.

    While this may well be true in some cases, I think it is a mistake to automatically assume that each and every nefarious event is implemented by agencies of the event’s host country’s governments.

    We know that “false flag terrorism” is used to promote agendas and provoke legislative, political and social change whilst in this current, “modern paradigm”, demonising the enemy du jour, Islam and Muslims.

    The default state position in these cases is clearly : “Muslims did it”.

    The default state position in the Skripal case is that the new enemy du jour, “Russia did it”.

    When and if we reason or discover that falsehoods have been included by detecting or reasoning that narratives contain lies and inconsistencies, then the default alternative becomes : “the government is lying so they did it”.

    In the Skripal case for example, this translates to something like : “the UK Gov is lying and so agencies of UK Gov did it because their lies are trying to cover up that fact.”

    Sounds reasonable right ?

    But what if those lies from government agencies and the spoon fed media, which are clearly laying false trails and attributing unfounded blame, are lies designed to cover up the real culprits, about whom “we who must be persuaded”, must never know about ?

    It appears to me that among the many alternative analyses & hypotheses, there is a default reluctance to consider any other scenario outside of the binary “if it’s not Muslims / Russians then it’s the government”.

    What if the truth is that it is neither of the enemies du jour nor the host government ?

    What if the responsibility for these events lies outside of that simplistic “either / or” choice ?

    What if the detectable lies and inconsistencies are created not to cover up the government’s responsibility but that of another faction ?

    Do we expect that our government would tell us that Tel Aviv or Washington blew up the trains and not Muslims ?

    Starting out with preconceived ideas about who is responsible imo, is not the best way to analyse anything, let alone the modern “terrorism” paradigm.

    I have a lot of experience trying to interpret and decode these narratives. They are constructed using a consistent method which is systematic and therefore detectable in each and every narrative. That method relies on the inclusion of false narrative nodes or lies among the facts. These false narrative nodes or events are included so that the “complaint(s)” which comprise the motivation for the event are always detectable. They also invariably point to those factions and people and authorities responsible for the event.

    Here is a very simple and clear example of a “complaint” which formed the motivation for an event :

    On 30 August 2013, in a rare moment of democratic sanity, the House of Commons narrowly voted against military intervention in Syria.

    On the 666 th day of that vote, the “Muslim gun and bomb attack” on UK holidaymakers on the beach at Sousse in Tunisia occurred on 26 June 2015.

    An alleged, “organic Muslim terrorist event” which had the desired outcome of forcing our elected representatives to change their minds and vote for the UK’s intervention in Syria on 2 December 2015. UK “airstrikes” in Syria followed, literally minutes later.

    The “complaint” in this case was the UK Gov’s vote against military intervention.

    The Sousse “terrorist attack” formed the “problem” in the subsequent dialectic.

    The “reaction” was the ( fear of ) public / media outcry about innocent, defenceless UK tourists being slaughtered by the enemy du jour and the UK Gov being seen to do nothing about it.

    The “solution” was to reverse the original decision which formed the complaint and provoked the problem.

    ( It could also be argued that the “problem” was the non-intervention vote, the “reaction” was the terrorist attack and the “solution” was the reversal of the original vote. Semantics. No matter, either way the Hegelian process is clearly seen. )

    So, what to make of this ?

    Are we to reason that, having voted against intervention, the “UK gov” decided that it wanted to force the issue with a terrorist attack on UK holidaymakers ?

    It is entirely possible of course. But it is also entirely possible that non UK state actors and / or factions within the UK are responsible.

    Unless there is a latent schizophrenia at the heart of not one but successive UK govs, then the idea that UK gov is always responsible, imo, is a deeply flawed assumption.

    Here is another very simple example of how, imo, the UK Gov was squeezed between a geopolitical “rock and a hard place” vis the “problem” of alleged Russian spy poisonings, allegedly by the Russian state.

    I have no idea if the “Alexander Litvinenko” narrative is wholly true or otherwise. I have no idea if Mr Litvinenko was in fact poisoned or not.

    What matters here is the tell-tale kabbalistic signature between the two narratives.

    Sir Robert Owen’s much delayed report into the alleged Litvinenko poisoning case was sent to HM Gov on 19 January 2016.


    UK Gov did nothing.

    The Skripal event occurred on Sunday 4 March 2018.

    The media cycle began when the Salisbury story “broke” the next day on Monday 5 March.

    This was the 777 th day of the Litvinenko report being sent to HM Gov.

    Through experience, I reason and accept that this tell-tale relationship is indicative of a staged poisoning event kabbalistically relating to the formative, alleged UK Litvinenko poisoning event.

    That is one of the reasons why I do not consider that “UK Gov” was responsible for the Salisbury event.

    Factions within and without are the more likely candidates imo.

    All of last year’s “UK terrorism events” were predicated similarly. The principle “complaints” being the UK’s lacklustre commitment to project Syria and of course the UK vote to leave the EU.

    The Westminster Bridge event was primarily EU motivated. The London Bridge “complaint” was primarily Syria, with a quintessential signature between John Kerry and the Barrowboy and Banker pub. The Darren Osborne / Finsbury Park Muslim Welfare Centre event was another attack on the Tories and the Manchester Arena event was to provoke UK Gov’s conditional commitment to Operation Temperer, “should there be a series of difficult to manage terrorist events”. Operation Temperer, armed soldiers on UK streets, was invoked the very next day after Manchester, precisely 666 days since the Daily Mail reported it’s alleged “leaking” by the Met Police …

    So, while there are clear precedents for government’s being involved in false flag attacks, it is a mistake to assume that they are always responsible.

    In many cases, it is the government and therefore our democracy and therefore us, who are the targets.


    • reinertorheit says

      [[ So, while there are clear precedents for government’s being involved in false flag attacks, it is a mistake to assume that they are always responsible. ]]

      You need to learn that the plural of ‘government; is ‘governenments’, and doesn’t have any kind of genitive apostrophe.

      Or just go back to school.

      • rilme says

        You say “the plural of ‘government; is ‘governenments’,”

        Do you mean “the plural of government is governenments”?
        I don’t know what it means.

    • Brad Pitte II says

      The uk has a very strong case against Lugovoi and Kovtun, ex. FSB agents.

      Russia refuses to extradite them a for trial, as, they state, it is against the Russian constitution.

      The evidence stands and there is an internal arrest warrant against them.

      Again, you will just refute the evidence.

    • Tony M says

      Amongst the infinte number of scenarios there is that where the accuser and the accused collude, to hide a greater and unspeakable shared secret. Britain done nothing to prevent the execution by Germany, actually encouraged and were relieved of a nuisance by her death, during world war one of Edith Cavell, convicted and shot for helping repatriate injured and lost British and French soldiers, but not for spying for Britain and France and the US then still ‘neutral’ of which she was also certainly guilty.

      They wanted her silenced or dead, ideally both, because she was reporting the facts on the ground in Belgium through her mail smuggled home and published, that the people of Belgium were not – contrary to all the global propaganda – starving, far from it and that the Belgian Relief food aid was actually and intentionally feeding the German armies and population. Those who lead the stifled parliamentary charge in (not) exposing this were Churchill and Kitchener, figureheads for the warmongers, well aware exactly what was going on and why, controlling the opposition by becoming and being the (insincere) opposition and thus leading those flailing uselessly against this to nowhere, to no resolution, enquiry or end.

      Cavells execution by firing squad then became a propaganda cause célèbre for the British to further demonise ‘the Hun’ and drive recruitment to further the profits of all concerned and intensify the calculated slaughter of surplus uppity-getting proles of all the allied nations.

    • After commencing reading, I was already thinking of the case Litvinenko, then came your citation, so I wondered if you had read this Link that was published after the Link you posted.


      Paul Barril is quoted and (as the co-founder of GIGN the French Anti-Terror Group) , it is reasonable to assume that he is not going to whimsically risk his reputation or break silence unnecessarily and has grown accustomed to Politicians who wish to maximise sensationalism to further their image in a multitude of directions, for a multitude of reasons e.g. Sarkozy & Libya & Bulgarian Nurses held hostage.

      Westminster Bridge was so easy to predict for a wide variety of reasons, not just the numerical associations & not least the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, plus the fraudulent elections in Bg. (on which the Guardian totally failed to report a single word), on the weekend subsequent to the Westminster bridge incident. With Guy Verhofstadt rushing around from Brussels to Sofia (briefly Friday night to chant Rarara Borisov & keep the lid on the inherent corruption, showing loyalty to a Mafia boss ex-bodyguard of Zhivkov), & then onto Rome to celebrate: Verhofstadt in full knowledge that there was an extra Terror attack lined up & prepared to distract, (by hitting one of the many protested bus loads of resident Turks crossing the border into Bg. to Vote, on their way home again**) , should the BSP have somehow beaten Borisov & become the largest party and delivered on their promise to cease the sanctions against Russia over Crimea & the Ukraine: where Verhofstadt was lobbying for his Energy boss friend. Lobbying , I might add, that Verhofstadt commenced when the Ukraine had absolutely no PM or President, during Maidan, for which Verhofstadt was well rewarded (as Bloomberg reported his ‘tidy commission’) , at the same time as Joe Biden was working a deal for Burisma Holdings & his son , to Frack the Ukraine ..

      Point being Corporate Agenda’s & corrupted politicians rule all over on behalf of E.i. & the M.I.C. & now the UK is exporting more Arms than ever to certain Nations and Ms. May’s hubby is no doubt most happy, along with Israel , the USA, France and the wholly Zionist controlled mainstream media says nothing, coz’ it’s win win all round, as long as LEVESON 2 was rejected ..

      Which happened whilst everybody was focussed on the absurdity of the Skripal case. The most important primary issue , above all , is not to lose control of the news dissemination machine & network.
      The Network worked wonders to play down and mask the necessity for Leveson 2 by creating continuous sensation, Fear & Terror and the Politicians within Government , (be it in France , UK , USA or lil’ ole’ BG.) must all play ball or be character assassinated at the minimum , (like Corbyn , presently), because the one thing that cannot be permitted is to investigate the media machine, via Leveson 2 which must surely expose the wealth of failure to report on Israeli Apartheid & wholly illegal stolen land rights, as declared by the UN, just for starters, let alone the total absurdity of ‘Official Truth’ 9/11 ..

      End Apartheid Today > Start Leveson 2

      coz’ ANY Supreme Court Judge worth his ‘salt’ watched Peter Finch in ‘Network’ back in the 70’s and would have to be a swivel eyed morally corrupted loon , not to see the obvious reign & reins of fear & terror as TOOL in the global endemic pandemic of Destruction of All Culture as a Terrorist Act & the inherent CORPORATE CONNECTIVITY ..

      The UK (as independent sovereign nation state again) has/had this opportunity to expose their media madness and the star example of the outright outrageous impossible official ‘opinion’ was & still is 9/11 !

      It was Murder and is Murder and includes Murdoch
      Doch i’ hab’ es gesagt, and says everyone else, with a brain ..

      This Networking must finally cease unless we wish to programme computing in future with an
      Evil intelligence instead of an Open Automated intelligence.

      Open Source Intelligence & Engineering,
      stop people suffering Apartheid
      under corporate controllers ..
      We destroy ourselves & our soul
      with factions & fractions & fractional reserve banking,
      fracking the F**k out of all Culture,
      with one finger to the wind,
      Destroying the Planet!

      Life is so simple when you fully understand it ..

      Leveson2 surely can !

      **i sent my partner elsewhere, for safety and had an emergency bag packed & filled my diesel tankS, not in fear , moreover , just plain pragmatic recognising the regional Risk Factor ! it was obvious with so many bus loads of Turks coming to Vote in another country WTF kinda’ political engineering does the EU approve ?

      Simple > Corporate Engineering, screw the CULTURE !! ??

      • I’m afraid I’m embarrassingly ignorant of so much that you speak of balkydj but I just want to confirm something with you. You do believe Westminster was a hoax, don’t you, and that, in fact, virtually all the “terror” events over the last few years in Western countries (with a number in non-Western countries) are hoaxes and that the power elite even TELL us that they’re hoaxes with over-the-top crisis acting, things that don’t add up, obvious photoshopping, happy parents of dead children, and on and on? This is the reason I’m so skeptical of the Skripal case and Yulia’s tracheotomy. Wound moulage can be pretty convincing. Yes, it can be pretty convincing and a helluva lot more convincing than the “spike” injury this woman was supposed to have suffered at the Oslo terror event shown at the end of this this brilliant video by UK Critical Thinker to The Prodigy song, Take me to the Hospital. If this isn’t the power elite advertising their hoaxing of us loud and clear I do not know what is.

        I wonder if the wheels are going to turn into something big on 9/11.

        — April 11 – Lawyers and Victims’ Families File Petition for Federal Grand Jury Investigation https://www.ae911truth.org/news/447-lawyers-and-victims-families-file-petition-for-federal-grand-jury-investigation

        — On completion of the WTC 7 study being conducted by forensic engineer and Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Leroy Hulsey, Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth will use it as the basis of a formal “Request for Correction” to NIST’s false WTC 7 report. When, in all likelihood, NIST fails to respond adequately, they will bring the agency to court under the Data Quality Act, seeking a judgment that requires NIST to correct its report.

        By that time, their goal is to have gained so much momentum and resources that the lawsuit against NIST will be just one of the many legal actions and legislative campaigns they are able to carry out. And their lawsuits will be aimed at more than just NIST.

        • Whoosh, surprise surprise (NOT) my long reply to you was intercepted , due to support and clarifications for you .. and I have been Cyberattacked in Harmony with OFFG ! & my systems badly manipulated (ILLEGALLY ..!) Just one last Test for fun .. sending now

        • So that one comment that said precisely nothing worked !!

          Jeez, these ZionistNATONAZIboys are really doing their level best to become the puppet sociopaths of the Grand Masters of E.i. ..

          @Admin WE have a big problem to discuss, somehow, when I can configure a more discreet way to communicate , coz’ the Cyberattacks started the very moment i commenced communicating with you about Leveson 2 & NATO (social strategy) on Saturday Night !!

          I am now 100% sure that there is some connectivity to our common experiences & headaches, coz’ some WordPress replies of mine just disappeared completely lost in Cyberspace and the banks of GovernMENTAL GCHQ A.i. systems for 5eyes aye aye ..

          • I’ve had comments not publish. It’s so frustrating especially when it’s a long one you’ve put some time into. It does always seem to be the juiciest ones but I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

            • rilme says

              Always write into a text file and save it. Copy and paste into Comments. If it disappears, you’ve still got it.

      • Mark Gobell says

        balkydj : “Westminster Bridge was so easy to predict for a wide variety of reasons, not just the numerical associations & not least the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, plus the fraudulent elections in Bg.”


        The Westminster Bridge event occurred on 22 March 2017 ( see below ).

        The Treaty of Rome was signed on 25 March 1957 and Came Into Force CIF on 1 January 1958, so not quite the 60th anniversary.


        It was David Cameron while opposition leader, who offered the UK electorate a Referendum on EU membership, initially on 26 September 2007 with his “cast-iron guarantee”, which was conditional on being elected PM and on any new EU treaty changes then being negoatiated.

        “Today, I will give this cast-iron guarantee: If I become PM a Conservative government will hold a referendum on any EU treaty that emerges from these negotiations. ”

        On 8 December 2011, while coalition PM, Cameron “deployed the ultimate weapon in European summitry at about 2.30am” and vetoed the proposed new EU Treaty.

        Let the games begin !

        On 23 January 2013, Cameron delivered his famous Bloomberg speech, offering an EU Referendum with a simple In / Out choice, should he be elected PM.

        The 2015 UK General Election was held on 7 May 2015. The Conservatives won and David Cameron was elected Prime Minister.

        The Queen’s Speech and State Opening of Parliament for the new tory government took place on 27 May 2015

        On 22 March 2017, then Liberal Democrat leader, Tim Farron introduced a Parliamentary Bill, called “Terms of Withdrawal from the European Union (Referendum)”.

        From the Hansard :

        22 March 2017

        Volume 623

        Motion for leave to bring in a Bill (Standing Order No. 23)

        1.18 pm

        Tim Farron (Westmorland and Lonsdale) (LD)

        Share this contribution

        I beg to move,

        That leave be given to bring in a Bill to make provision for the holding of a referendum in the United Kingdom and Gibraltar on the proposed terms for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union; and for connected purposes.

        Question put and agreed to.


        That Tim Farron, Mr Nick Clegg, Tom Brake, Mr Alistair Carmichael, Norman Lamb, Greg Mulholland, Sarah Olney, Mr Mark Williams, Heidi Alexander, Geraint Davies, Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Edwards present the Bill.

        Tim Farron accordingly presented the Bill.

        Bill read the First time; to be read a Second time on Friday 12 May, and to be printed (Bill 161).


        Less than 90 minutes from the time the Hansard records the start of Farron’s Bill speech, Khalid Masood aka Adrian Russell Elms aka Adrian Russell Ajao is reported to have begun his car journey across Westminster Bridge …


        22 March 2017, the date of Farron’s “second EU Referendum Bill” and the Westminster Bridge event, was the 666 th day of the new Tory government …


        This is just one of the many tell-tale event relationships within the “Westminster Bridge narrative”.

        Here is another :

        Among the preferred numbers their event planning / scheduling software uses, the most often seen are the 3 digit re-diigits or triplets ( 111 to 999 ). There are known reasons for these numbers being preferred.

        They also disguise these numbers by using Prime Ordinals or Prime Sequence Numbers, where the 1st Prime Number P1 = 2, the 2nd Prime P2 = 3, P3 = 5, P4 = 7 etc etc.

        The first 3 digit triplet is 111.

        The 111 st Prime Number P111 is 607.

        Princess Tony was born on 6 May 1953

        From Princess Tony born on 6 May 1953

        to Tim Farron’s 2nd Referendum Bill and the Westminster Bridge event on 22 march 2017 is :

        = 607 months, 607 weeks, 607 days

        = P111 months, P111 weeks, P111 days


        Once we begin to understand the factions at work here, Obama’s US admin advised against EU withdrawal with US actors as alleged Westminster Bridge victims, the Princess Tony / EU / Tusk / Remain factions and the overriding Zionist aims of destroying the pro-Palestinian EU because of it’s rulings ( ICC membership & EU recognition ), then we can start to see the wood for the trees … and start to make more discernible, informed analyses …


        • Mark Gobell says
        • I would like to invite both @Mark Gobell and @balkydj to comment on the relative merits and pitfalls of:

          1. Forensically proving who did what to whom in pursuit of justice and transparency.

          2. Understanding – and propagating transparently that understanding – the core dynamics that lead to endless crimes and deceptions, with a view to arresting the emergence of such crimes and deceptions at source via radical system redesigns over time as permitted by the spread of that understanding.

          It seems to me that both are important. However, I currently wonder about the relative effectiveness of process 1., because the truth is so fantastical and bizarre that one needs years of truly open-minded research through incredibly dense swamps of facts and deliberate fictions to even begin to get a sense of WTF is going on. For me, the elegant and inclusive logic that pertains to process 2. is the more effective, albeit perhaps only slightly, given the timescales and probable urgency of the global ecological situation.

          What are your thoughts on this?

          • Brad Pitte II says

            What does this mean?

            I am a mere civil engineer.

          • Mark Gobell says

            Hello Toby and thanks for the invitation

            Erm where to begin with this ?

            First of all, I might not be understanding correctly, but process (2) is dependent upon process (1). If one is motivated by truth and not disinformation, then nothing can be accurately disseminated before it is first understood, so (1) has to happen before (2) can even be attempted.

            Correct me if I’ve got this wrong, but I think the crux of your point is this :

            “… because the truth is so fantastical and bizarre that one needs years of truly open-minded research through incredibly dense swamps of facts and deliberate fictions to even begin to get a sense of WTF is going on.”

            Agreed. Therein lies the problem.

            When one considers the point or objective for any of us doing what we do, then the only honest answer is to try and raise awareness of our alternative research which contradicts “narratives” and thereby shed some light on what really happened. The implied, unstated goal of that effort is to build a growing body of voters who will one day “come to their senses”, adjust their thinking, get involved in change and take responsibility for themselves, their communities, their politics and ultimately how we are “governed”.

            Sounds like a pipe dream and it probably is. But what is the alternative ? To stay silent is to acquiesce and become an accomplice to the lies. I have a very strong aversion to being lied to. There might not be much one can do about being lied to, but for me, just knowing and proving that we are being lied to is a major part of my endeavours.

            The audience for any of this work continues to grow imo, but is still very small. The world has come along way since I first discovered it’s post 9/11 dissonance. At the time, there was nary an alternative comment in the legacy media. Nowadays, that skepticism is much more abundant, perhaps especially so among the young.

            However, most folk, understandably, just want to “get on with their lives” and leave the difficult stuff to the “authorities”.

            Most folk would not countenance “the authorities” lying to them on such a massive scale and are just not inclined to spend any of their time and effort reading and learning.

            Most folk, understandably think that Muslims are attacking “the West”. The newspapers tell them, the TV news tells them, even their favourite TV shows tell them the same consistent message.

            You can take a horse to water but you cannot make it drink. So be it. May they enjoy their reality free lives, filling their holes and pretending to “worry” about their children’s futures. I suppose Emmeline Pankhurst et al should have all stayed in bed after all …

            So, disregarding that, for now, lost 99% constituency, what remains among the 1% ?

            Politicians, the media, academics, those who may have doubts, those who are to some degree, already “in the know” …

            I’d say that remaining audience makes the effort worthwhile.

            Re: “the incredibly dense swamps of facts and deliberate fictions” you illustrate.

            Take this example :

            Sir Iain Blair, then Chief Constable of the Metropolitan Police : “Four miserable bombers” … reportedly blew up themselves and the London tube on 7 July 2005.

            Their timing was impeccable.

            The British Mandate for Palestine Came Into Effect on 29 September 1923


            The INTerval ( whole days between dates ) between the two events is :

            = 777 months, 777 weeks, 777 days


            They were also very clever in choosing this relationship, since, depending upon the pov, the interpretation of the relationship from the root event could be argued as being “dual use” kabbalism.

            From the “occupied Palestine” pov, it was the woefully inadequate management of the British Mandate for Palestine which led to the Zionist terrorists illegally declaring their state in the first place, on the eve of the Mandate’s expiry on 14 May 1948 and which led to their Nakba. Hence, an “Osama Bin Laden” sanctioned hit on the crusader state GB makes sense.

            From the Zionist pov, the kabbalistic July 7 hit on GB as the original guarantor of the Zionist presence in Palestine, also makes sense when considered against the growing momentum among all nations for peace in Palestine and justice for the Palestinians, EU / UN recognition, the ICC, Palestinian Statehood, etc etc. A few bombs in central London to remind GB of it’s historic obligation, makes perfect sense.

            So, when considered in isolation and depending upon your pov, the likely perps could be argued either way.

            Clever huh ?

            When considered in the real world, the likelihood of “Osama Bin Laden’s” crew using kabbalistic numbers to schedule their events and all of the other evidence, I know where my conclusions lie.

            Two of the most profound reactions I have had to this kabbalistic fact of life are :

            (1). “So what”

            (2). Perhaps OBL has got the codes ?

            Back to sleep, nothing to see here ?

            Or a new understanding of how these things are done and who is doing what to whom ?

            Ultimately, the reader decides.

            Does it have any effect on anyone ?

            I don’t know.

            Is it worth the effort ?

            I don’t know.

            Why do I do it ?

            Because this is their method and it needs to be exposed.

            Hope that helps.


            • Mark Gobell says

              Correction : Wrond Date Calculator link. Sorry.

              Take this example :

              Sir Iain Blair, then Chief Constable of the Metropolitan Police : “Four miserable bombers” … reportedly blew up themselves and the London tube on 7 July 2005.

              Their timing was impeccable.

              The British Mandate for Palestine Came Into Effect on 29 September 1923


              The INTerval ( whole days between dates ) between the two events is :

              = 777 months, 777 weeks, 777 days



              • Sorry, i forgot to add that the day of the elections (the 26th), was just one day after the ToR celebrations (The 60th + 3 days = 9 remember, ) , so, on the 60th plus one day on the 26th that would also equate to 1 + 2 + 6 = 9 the magic number , again ..

                432 Hz divided by 12 = 36 / again 3 + 6 = 9
                & 4+3+2 = 9

                I’m sure you know this stuff, (a relief 🙂 )
                but for others, it is good to understand the roots & mathematical significance of

                ‘Verdi’s A’

                truly naturally occurring Musical Magic in Hertz & numbers of Physics, that serve to help create all
                Energy , Frequency & Vibration ..

                and this also relates directly to every single Atoms Molecular structure
                of which there are 9 elements in Physics, clearly identified by Tesla.


                Some simple examples in the link,
                (still struggling to search anything here, after d’MassiveFlackAttack)

                My slowest internet ever, right now 🙁
                (d’VivacomPitchStranglers & d’classic “Peaches”
                (or , with such bandwidth , should I simply say ‘Peachkas’ ? ! 😉 )

            • That helps plenty, and thank you so much for your detailed and considered reply.

              One clarification: I agree with your analysis and my experience closely mirrors yours, but my thrust wasn’t either/or so much as how to balance the energies expended on the two. As you rightly observe, 2. requires 1. But, have we reached a moment where, in reaching out to that all-important 1% of interested and open people and growing that percentage, 2. needs to be better developed as an effective strategy for establishing new ways of doing society? How important is it to compile yet more evidence that the need for radical change is urgent? There’s so much evidence ‘out there’ already, that 1. can be left on the back burner, perhaps? That’s my feeling, anyway… Perhaps it’s just a difference of emphasis. Vive la différence!!

              • Like I said to Flaxgirl a moment ago, I’ve had to fly through a heavy load of FLACK, politely put, a right load of Roberta , killing me softly , but I’m not dead yet and will address your link to matters most serious i.e. Solutions too, in due course .. iPromissory note 😉

            • Big thanks for stepping up, at exactly the Right moment & taking the lead in sharing with Toby. The strength in numbers and sharing numerically , (with no distortion & no lies) , knows no bounds in its’ inherent potential for all humanity, also individual Souls & in terms of the purity of the Ethic in being .. >>

              ‘Free to Share & Communicate’ > Resonates ..

              and it is precisely this that has created & amplified the fears of TPTB, to the point where we have already had the opportunity to look the Devil in the Eye, (E.i.); after our Dance with the Devil last Saturday P.M. where Tsar cozy powells’ (that be) evidenced their rising concerns for loss of authority & Respect , by beating their badly tuned drum kit, that operates on 440 Hertz, coz’ they have no heart or respect for the rights of all individuals to operate in Tune with the true essence of Nature & Universal Science and the soothing natural tones that resonate, when you hit the 9 ‘bob’ Note of any Frequency transmitted at 432 Hertz .. 🙂

              Verdi’s A Class ..

              (not Mercedes, lol 🙂 )

              Their is a huge irony & paradox in not just what we are programmed to receive, (bearing in mind with the world at war), the moment that ‘ill Kabbaleros ZioNazis’ introduced the recurring Societal Distortions & IMPurity of the 440 Hertz electricity grid system, (with global implications), in the USA in 1940 ..

              When hardly anybody had really even heard of Nikola Tesla , the genius that shared his knowledge pretty freely with my b’Amps, at least enough to design & engineer the very Radar that saved the day in the UK ..

              The expression of “Bent as a Nine Bob Note” , and the Warped nature of naturally occurring Energy Waves Transmitted Daily by the Grid/Matrix, just took on a new meaning for me, whilst typing, and has given me something else to research .. >>

              Joy of joys, getting to the Hertz of Matter(sssszzzzDisturbingDistortionsssszzzz of Minds) ! ? ! ?

        • @MG
          I beg to differ on the Treaty of Rome, thing, coz’ it was your math , thus far, plus the Math of 60 + 3 days overdue and the key singular number to ALL things Molecular is Nine > 9

          and this also applies to the molecular structure broken down in Physics, of every singular ATOM !
          Just as Nikola Tesla clearly identified and confirmed in his theory regarding the numerical nature of all structures identifiable ..

          TPTB also had to allow time for the sensation of Westminster Bridge to travel internationally and permeate the minds of folk , everywhere , inc. Bg. .. coz’ it was “those Muslims again” needed to land & sink in, to identify the “risk” and react at the Ballot Box here on the Sunday following ..
          it takes a few days for the dissemination of fake news to be digested and regurgitated to those who may have been absent or up the Limpopo, you know .. 😉

          One way or another , i just knew that I had to get my partner out of here for a short while, in case the Atom of Associations was split on the 26th March 2017, (the day after), due to loss of control, locally here in BG. in the elections, that were very close! But, ole’ Guy Verhofstadt helped to swing things back in Borisov’s favour, with a last gasp of corruption & manipulations : he had & still has NO majority, but the risk of him losing control as the largest singular party was very real .. after swinging & leveraging the result with d’Guys help to distract with the ToR celebrations blah blah, confirming what a swell guy PM Borisov was/is/& will be, (bending over backwards, for a Llareggub orgy of celebration 😉 )

          Now he can b*ugger d’people again, unrestrained with fear & Murdoch’s Media & school curriculum, to back him up.. with the odd change of partners in Crime, every now and then ..

          Another thing never reported, that being that BG started their EU Presidency with a Mafia hit Murder a day, even with Juncker &Co. here and the Guardian was reporting only Frozen Storks, saved by a nice Turkish farmer, yawn ..

          Must catch up , speak more later 😉

        • Mark Gobell says

          Sergei Skripal and David Cameron’s Tory government …

          Sergei Skripal’s reported birth date is 23 June 1951

          David Cameron’s Conservative government was elected at the 2015 General Election held on 7 May 2015

          = 607 months, 607 weeks, 607 days

          = P111 months, P111 weeks, P111 days

          Another kabbalistic reason why Sergei Skripal was selected for the script …


          • reinertorheit says

            [[ Another kabbalistic reason ]]

            That’s not how ‘cobblers’ is spelt

    • I hope others are in agreement: Westminster and virtually all “terror” events on Western soil (and a number on non-Western soil) from the last 6 or 7 years have all been complete hoaxes. You don’t believe people were killed, do you?

      • I’m playing catch up with ‘wounds’ from another cyberattack of my own, right now , but just to add , you didn’t honestly think that with a name like balky, that I could possibly believe the drivel that have had to study , research & analyse for the last 40 years , did you ..!!

        N.B no question mark !! 🙂

        • Mark Gobell says

          I forgot to mention yesterday, when I clarified balkydj’s comment alleging that the Salisbury event occurred on the anniversary of the Treatry of Rome, that 4 March 2018 was in fact the 71 st anniversary of the Treaty of Dunkirk which was signed on 4 March 1947



          • Does this mean, until 90th anniversary, we are going to tolerate the 77th brigade , huh !?

          • reinertorheit says

            So computing those two dates, do we get to Bandera’s birthday yet? Or do we have to add the date of Himmler’s son’s school football match to get there?

  10. Hugh O'Neill says

    It has been a long read of all the comments above, but the overwhelming impression is that Yulia’s statement was a staged and scripted ‘performance’. Because the world would be watching and weighing every word she uttered, then it is entirely logical that she could only speak precisely what MI6 allowed. Patently, this would have been an English text, which Yulia herself would have had difficulty in translating. Ergo, a (native English?) translator would have had to convert that text to Russian and then have Yulia convert that translation by hand – hence the corrections?
    The thick plotters, as Surelock Homes (the creation of Sir Arthur Condom-Doyle) never said.

    • Kaiama says

      If Yulia was simply copying out a translation in Russian there would be NO spelling mistakes.

    • Brad Pitte II says

      The statement was by Yulia, and to her request, as she said she would in her conversation with Victoria.

      Yulia set the rules. Yulia refused to take questions. Yulia rejects Russian consular consultations.

      • Admin says

        Do we have any evidence about the degree of autonomy Yulia currently has? Isn’t that the problem – that no one does?

        • Brad Pitte II says

          You (lot) are inferring that Yulia has been forced to speak and sign these words. The word ****hostage**** has even been seen. This is ridiculous. The uk saved their lives, and is protecting them, AT HER REQUEST.

          Why don’t you say exactly what you mean?

          There is no proof that would satisfy you. You would obfuscate and disinform any statement or situation.

          Yuila instigated the Reuters interview and she said she would give such a statement in her call to Viktoria a month or so ago.

          You are wasting your time with this bollo…x


          Russia is the ******most likely****** culprit.

          Till we get more details, that’s it. Sorry. The diplomatic situation is a mess. Agreed.

          The case will take months, maybe even years, and if Russia (or anyone else!) blocks access to witnesses, suspects (like the Litvinenko case!) it will hit a dead end.

          —-I suspect the same will happen with the MH17 case.

          What the press reports in the uk is not always the official position (unlike in the Russian press where it is more, maybe even better [?] controlled).

          The uk does not want Russia to be guilty. Russia invests in uk interests and vice versa.

          There is no valid prejudice against Russia.

          • Admin says

            There is no “you lot”. Posters here are free to think/say what they choose. I, on the other hand, simply asked if you had any evidence to back up your own certitudes. Your response makes it pretty clear the answer is – no.

            • Brad Pitte II says

              Yulia has stated and signed her statement, repeating what she said by phone to Viktoria that no one speaks for her or her father.

              What more do you want?

              She refuses to meet Russian reps. Again, this has been signed.

              She has full autonomy.

              You will always doubt.

              Why not help to find the attempted murderers? They might not be Russian. That would be very good for me and maybe you too.

              Russia seems to prefer confusion.

              • Admin says

                It’s not difficult – just imagine this was a British woman in Russia. Everything you would be saying – rightly – in that instance also applies now. You are simply too biased to see it.

                Nothing else to say. Leave it there.

            • Agreed. The dismissive choice of words “you lot” indicates that for the poster this is a political question. It’s “my country, right or wrong” and he or she will have no truck with those who question the official narrative.

              I know people like that. Very insecure. Challenges to authority were beaten out of them at an early age.

              • Brad Pitte II says

                The crime happened on uk soil. Uk law applies. Signed uk police statements sure do count… so these statements are 100% valid and the uk doesn’t need to prove a single mfg thing to anyone. Not Russia, not the USA, not the EU, not Putin, not Donald Trump, not Admin.

                By the way, I was born in Cologne, Germany and have worked in Russia.

                The vast majority of the posts on this site are endlessly discussing total and utter irrelevancies.

                It’s classic obfuscation technique.


                ✖️ Where are their NHS badges?
                ✖️ The tracheotomy or whatever it was
                ✖️ Corrections on the Russian statement
                ✖️ Use of the capital R in place of a lower case r

                Wake up. These people were poisoned. That’s nasty, snide stuff.

                How THEM some respect.

                • If you are German why are you so determined to support the official British narrative? I’m sure most Germans couldn’t care less either way.

                  • rilme says

                    Dear Ross,
                    Imagine a US militant brat born in Germany, raised in Ramstein and a zillion other bases, trained in spycraft, sent to Russia, and, no, I’m not going to mention the “i” word. I doubt he’s batting for the Brits.

              • Brad Pitte II says


                I’ve got a feeling Sergei will say rather more than Yulia did.

              • Admin says

                That case was not confirmed in any scientific sense at all. Nor was the substance alleged to be “novichok”, rather another of the supposed “new” substances being developed. Let’s remember this entire story is extremely under-documented and very very anecdotal.

                • Brad Pitte II says


                  The article and the Soviet author clearly refer to the poison as a Novichok, so I don’t see your reason to refute it. Even the original article in Russian, shows reference to новичок in the excerpt.

                  But, even assuming you are correct then there is NO case ever of a Novichok fatality, in which case Putin doesn’t know either (no practical precedent at all) what the actual effect could be.

                  Didn’t take long for you to try that automatic and baseless contradiction did it?

                  You assume that most won’t bother to read the link.

                  Amateurish stuff.

                  • Admin says

                    I think it’s you hoping people won’t read the link. The article clearly says the poison in question was referred to as “foliant.” True, Mirzayanev claims novichok was a subset of “foliant,” but the article is wrong to imply they are synonyms.

                    I think Putin’s argument is that, since novichok is deemed the most toxic agent in the world, it’s pretty improbable it wouldn’t kill ANY of the people exposed to it. That seems like a fairly reasonable POV.

                    But since it’s all so academic and since you concede the main point (albeit in an ill-natured, rude and deceptive way) we’ll leave it there.

                  • Jen says

                    Brad Pitte Version 2.0: How’s the weather in Tel Aviv and how are your cubicle co-workers Matt and Freedom Fighter today?

          • Dave m says

            You obviously are working with the Skripals to make such assertions about what Yulia is doing or can do.
            There is proof that would satisfy ‘us’: The government agencies release all they have on the case.
            Where exactly they found substances, and why does it take 5 years for a deadly agent to work?
            The UK govt. said that it was more deadly than VX- Does VX take only 4 years to work?
            .Why would she wish to return to Russia, when according to you, they’re the villains?

  11. This whole episode makes me feel very very uncomfortable. I do not believe we are being told what is going on and this is a matter of concern to members of the public. If people have been poisoned then as a matter of public health we need to be given the complete truth about what has happened and what is known.

    At least we know Yulia Skripal is still alive. However, she is clearly only being permitted limited contact with other people.


    I think this government is covering up it’s own incompetence and the MSM are largely complicit. It really is sickening and in my opinion the treatment of the Skripals and especially Yulia Skripal brings shame upon us – the United Kingdom – as a nation.

    We should allow Yulia Skripal to go home and we should begin to restore diplomatic relations with the Russian Federation, though it would be completely understandable if they are wary of us.

    If government ministers and senior officials need to resign then so be it. Actions have consequences.

  12. Anon says

    Just wondering if anyone else is puzzled about the absence of any visible nhs ID on the Salisbury hospital staff who have made public statements about the Skripals

  13. John Marks says

    Why can someone not submit writs of habeas corpus for the Skripals?
    More importantly, why can they also not be written for DS Nick Bailey and the doc who gave Julia CPR?

    • Can't remember- Brad Pitte I think says

      The Skripals and presumably the DS and docs don’t want to apply habeas corpus.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        Pathetically stupid-they breed ’em thick in Ukronazistan.

  14. Alan says

    As with contravening international agreements, the government doesn’t believe any to be worth an honest explanation. The latest episode of this torrid accusation highlights just how bankrupt the British regime is.

  15. Tom Welsh says

    Can anyone explain why, if Yulia was unconscious in a coma for three weeks, she experienced “painful and invasive treatment”?

    Did she have that experience while she was unconscious and comatose? Or did they wait to subject her to it until she awoke?

    • Frankly Speaking says

      I guess that waterboarding and other forms of torture which may possibly have been used to ensure her compliance with the official narrative could be considered “painful and invasive treatment “?

    • JudyJ says

      By my – admittedly non-medical – understanding I wouldn’t have considered nerve agent poisoning to require any type of ‘invasive’ treatment, certainly not ‘painful’. I would have thought intravenous medication and general rest and monitoring would be all that could be done in the circumstances but I am happy to be corrected on this. So it was interesting to see Yulia specifically declare that she didn’t “want to describe the details”. Maybe because whatever she might say could be readily challenged and whoever wrote the script for her realised that?

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        In ICU you have urinary catheters, central lines, arterial blood pressure monitoring lines etc. Some stay in for a while after you regain consciousness.

        • Alpha says

          only the central line would be regarded as unpleasant or potentially so though. And the tracheotomy puzzles me. What would that be done for? Why not standard intubation?

          • Jen says

            From MedicineNet.com:

            “… A tracheostomy is usually done for one of several reasons:
            1. to bypass an obstructed upper airway (an object obstructing the upper airway will prevent oxygen from the mouth to reach the lungs);
            2. to clean and remove secretions from the airway;
            3. prolonged mechanical ventilation (breathing machine); and
            4. to more easily, and usually more safely, deliver oxygen to the lungs …”


            The tracheostomy would be needed if Julia Skripal had been vomiting and / or was experiencing breathing difficulties at any time from March 4 onwards. Perhaps not impossible if she had been poisoned with a nerve gas agent or any other source of poisoning. So until more information is available, the tracheostomy could be neither here nor there.

          • Big B says

            Why not standard intubation?
            To be consistent with the Novichok nonsense, the tracheotomy would have had to have been carried out at the scene, otherwise Yulia should have died or suffered hypoxic brain injury. So the doctor would not have had access to tubes or bags: and certainly not a ventilator. Deconstructing the narrative: we were told that a passing doctor attended Yulia, clearing her airways and putting her in the recovery position. That did not take half an hour. We can assume, that if Yulia had been exposed to Novichok, her condition would have deteriorated to the point of death in thirty minutes. [And in administering standard CPR, even with a ‘ResuciShield’, so should the doctors]. If her airway was blocked for even a few minutes, she would not be in the condition she is now.

            As it was not Novichok: a reasonable question to ask is why the tracheotomy? If Yulia was kept on ventilation, and in a medically induced coma for two weeks, for some other form of poisoning (BZ, fentanyl, or bad seafood!) does that amount to treatment, or torture? Regarding the state advertising commercial she appeared in: I have known three women who have tracheotomy scars …all wear scarves, etc. to hide the fact. They do not appear in public and advertise its presence. So was Yulia’s dress, as well as her words, chosen for her?

            As it was on prominent display: the scar becomes a form of non-verbal communication; the connotation of which is to convey ‘reality’. But does it? Or is it yet another indicator of an unreal and invasive charade?

            • Unless somebody puts their finger in the hole I will treat her wound as a decent standard of special effects and make up. The movies do it all the time.

              • Jen says

                Also how long would Julia Skripal have needed to recover from the tracheostomy itself to be able to speak as quickly and as audibly as she does? Don’t people who have had tracheostomies need at least 5 or 6 weeks to recover to be able to speak?

                We should be asking when that Reuters interview took place.

                • Mark Gobell says

                  Good question.

                  Also, recall that Yulia was reported by Russian media to have telephoned her cousin Viktoria. The call was broadcast on 4 April.

                  ‘EVERYONE IS FINE’ Russian state TV airs ‘Yulia Skripal phone call’ saying her dad is ‘getting better’ after Salisbury poisoning and claims she’s leaving hospital soon


                  Re: speech ability with a tracheostomy :

                  NHS : https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/tracheostomy/recovery/


                  It’s usually difficult to speak if you have a tracheostomy. Speech is generated when air passes over the vocal cords at the back of the throat.

                  But after a tracheostomy most of the air you breathe out will pass through your tracheostomy tube rather than over your vocal cords.

                  One solution is to use a speaking valve, which is an attachment that sits at the end of the tracheostomy tube and is designed to temporarily close every time you breathe out. This prevents the air leaking out of the tube and allows you to speak.

                  It can take a while to get used to speaking with the valve. You may be referred to a speech and language therapist for advice and training to help you learn to speak while the tracheostomy tube is in place.


                  So, assuming that the “tracheostomy” was done at the outset, that rather red looking “tracheostomy scar” shown on her video statement on 23 May was almost 12 weeks old.


                • Mark Gobell says

                  Good question.

                  Also, recall that on 4 April, Russian media broadcast the telephone call, allegedly from Yulia to her cousin Viktoria.

                  ‘EVERYONE IS FINE’ Russian state TV airs ‘Yulia Skripal phone call’ saying her dad is ‘getting better’ after Salisbury poisoning and claims she’s leaving hospital soon


                  Re: speech ability with a tracheostomy.




                  It’s usually difficult to speak if you have a tracheostomy. Speech is generated when air passes over the vocal cords at the back of the throat.

                  But after a tracheostomy most of the air you breathe out will pass through your tracheostomy tube rather than over your vocal cords.

                  One solution is to use a speaking valve, which is an attachment that sits at the end of the tracheostomy tube and is designed to temporarily close every time you breathe out. This prevents the air leaking out of the tube and allows you to speak.

                  It can take a while to get used to speaking with the valve. You may be referred to a speech and language therapist for advice and training to help you learn to speak while the tracheostomy tube is in place.


    • Robbobbobin says

      For no cogent reason, and in the face of zero actual supporting forensic evidence, I have, nevertheless, been wondering since seeing some broadcasted parts of her presentation and reading (only the English version of) her statement, while also taking into account some prior seeming anomalies in accounts of the event, whether the Skripals were incapacitated with something less nocuous than the purported poison, then thoroughly worked on in the privacy of a secure hospital suite to cure them of the rather more nocuous substance that was reportedly involved. Disclaimer: I have absolutely no objective support for this conjecture; it’s just what crossed my mind as a possibility, and persisted sufficiently to make it into this post.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        Ee-gad, Robbo. I had to look up nocuous. Never seen it used before. I must get out more.

        • Well that was a most unusual ‘innocuous’ comment & a pleasantly natural & human admission , MM > definitely not a ‘Bot’ or an ab-Bot, antipodean murdoch mentality .. most refreshing 🙂

          Just jesting bro. 😉 Enjoy that fresh air to feed the brain, (that’s focussed & always learning) ; deep breaths of 02, just in case of further attacks from the midges & mental midgets of this world, living in Ukronazistan, Absurdistan, plus right royal Austfailure und so weiter (usw) ..
          Onwards & wiser by the day..

          On a real sHTe* day where i’ve learnt precisely nothing, I’ve always had a lifelong habit to switch off to all frustrations: I grab the dictionary before bed, let it fall open randomly and search a word unbeknown to me .. it proves often to be a rare raw reward for perseverance & always learning something, whatever the weather 😉 in these heavy heady times of orchestrated chaos & deliberate dumbing down of existing degenerate societal behaviours : quite therapeutic , honestly 🙂 with so much noxious gassing going down, under the radar ..

          adj. Having no adverse effect; harmless.
          adj. Not likely to offend or provoke too/to strong emotion 😉

          To sleep on 🙂

  16. motive464 says

    In cases like this, where spy agencies and governments are in control of the witnesses/victims while trying to protect the obviously false narrative they have created, I would expect that the Skripals (if they are not accomplices) would be subject to extreme levels of psychological manipulation – on a scale that few could comprehend. “Duress” in this context could take various forms besides a hostage/prisoner like scenario – much more likely they are manipulated to believe what serves their handler’s interest.

    The nature and scarcity of information and access to all parties involved in this affair makes it brilliantly obvious that every aspect and detail of their contact with the outside world is being managed in the strictest possible way – not a shred of un-managed media leakage (likely along with issuance of “D-notices”) since the original park bench reports when reports of their symptoms indicative of opioids or fentanyl overdose. Everyone and anyone they have been in contact with, from the “nice people at the hospital” to anyone who has befriended them along the way are likely either agents themselves or complying with very strict orders of behavior and communication. Every iota of what little contact they have had with the outside world, (this interview, and even the earlier phone call, the statements made) is selected for a purpose and scripted or coached to comply with a desired narrative. Every comforting friend or newspaper headline that crosses their eyes – filtered to confirm the story. Their only reality is that which has been constructed for them.

    Waking up from the coma they were certainly told the version of events that the authorities wanted them to believe, such as – “The Russian government tried to kill you and your father and sent a professional assassin with a nerve agent. Fortunately we saved your life, but you still need recovery and treatment with follow up medication – and your father is recovering but still not well, his pets and everything he loved here are dead, they had to be killed because of what the Russians did. Any shred of peace or normality in your life is gone because of the Russian authorities and you must always be paranoid they will send more assassins to finish the job, only we can protect you and your father. For your own protection you must do exactly as we say. They may go after your family in Russia or use them to get to you, do not contact them, convince them to avoid contact with you.

    …and it goes on from there. You can see the mental cognitive dissonance in every nuance of her body language, facial expression, and mannerisms. Doing her best to accept the given narrative and self-convincingly suppress conflicting thoughts of doubt and suspicion.

    There are also other possibilities – depending on their personality types, they could be directly threatened, the could be offered a huge payout, etc. If the handlers believe that their compliance is not manageable, and that they cannot be contained, and that they can willfully or accidentally exhibit or serve as evidence that would expose the lie of UK the government, they will simply be killed, and the Russians will be blamed again.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      The Skripals would not have been treated and nursed by ordinary hospital staff. The real staff would have been threatened with D-notices, or whatever you use to silence the serfs, although I’m sure none of them would have been allowed anywhere near the Skripals. So the MI6 ‘staff’ would have been free to administer any psychotropic drugs they liked. They probably contacted Langley to see if any ‘MKULTRA-A User’s Manual’s were left from that heroic exhibition of ‘Western Moral Values’.

    • @motive464
      Excellent first class pointers for all those commenting , who wish to read seriously & try to extract some semblance of order in any further contemporary, virtually wholly created fake democratic governmental “reality” & remain objective : regarding & relating mind control & the state imposed deceptions, by utilising creating/fabricating news dissemination, with total control of all communications systems assumed & ‘D’ notices, whimsically creating imperatives for all to remain blind via compartmentalisation, to hinder any collective awareness of procedures & pertinent poignant fact & Law: followed by State controlled ‘Duress’ & associated stress, which I mentioned also somewhere, below ..

      You’ve expressed what I have been trying to say, better than I & I might respectfully suggest too, @Admin, that this comment is worthy of pinning @TDC top dead centre , to arm the disarmed & disMayed..

      #Leveson 2 long overdue !

      or you can kiss the UK goodbye and suffer subsequently under pure Fascism & Apartheid imposed by Zionist Dictators, as you slip further & further into the Shame & the Ignominy of Dostoevsky’s “Possessed” >>

      ‘Obsebene’ Morally speaking, Evil Incarnate rules .. Kiss Freedom Goodbye,
      Con te Partiro ! ? or Au-Revoir UK ! ?

  17. I’ve already posted it on MoA, but will post it here too, maybe will be useful.
    Yesterday’s article in Russian newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.
    I’ve translated a part (of article) where Viktoria Skripal answers some questions (after watching her sister’s video appeal):

    “KP”* exclusive: Victoria Skripal told that what her sister pronounced not her text in the videoclip.

    Both specialists and average people right away noticed that [Yulia] Skripal was constrained, and a text which she has been pronounced was obviously written not by herself. Yulia’s sister Viktoria [Skripal] appeared with the same suspicions. Here’s what the woman told in exclusive interview during the “Komsomolskaya Pravda” radio air.

    Have you seen a written appeal?
    I saw only the appeal where she speaks. I’m glad she’s alive and healthy. And i’m very happy she’d like to come back home.
    Maybe you’ve noticed some strangenesses in this appeal?
    You mean, strangenesses that she’s reading a text?
    What makes you think she’s reading a text?
    You don’t have to be a great specialist [to notice this]. When a person drop his eyes, then lift up, then drop his eyes again. Do you know what is invasive therapy?
    Me too don’t know. She too doesn’t have a medical education. She is a geographer. I am an accountant. But i don’t know what is invasive therapy. And it can’t be a persons speaks so well, without mistakes. She has her favourite word. We all have our own parasite-word, right? She used it when she called me by telephone: “ну да, ну да” (Approximate English translation may be “yeah, yeah”, or “well, yeah” – ed.). But here [in this appeal] she suddenly did not use her words. I.e. it’s smoothly, in one breath. And a little bit slowly for her. Because [usually] she’s chatter faster, when she’s talking and nervous.

    Original – https://www.nnov.kp.ru/daily/26833.4/3873491/

    NOTE FROM ADMIN: just for factual accuracy, Yulia is Viktoria’s cousin, not her sister.

    • just for factual accuracy, Yulia is Viktoria’s cousin, not her sister.

      Yes, she’s her cousin. But I just translated the text almost word for word. Mean, the newspaper on its website use the word “sister”, not “cousin”.

    • Can't remember- Brad Pitte I think says

      Russians often say sister as cousin. Don’t know why.

  18. Big B says

    The plot thickens: Yulia appears with a nicely framed tracheotomy scar: a semiotic signifier we are meant to read as “this is real” …in a summer garden, that could be anywhere (in a fairy-tale?); with a surreal walk-in that one would expect to precede a shampoo advert ,…only to recite a script very probably authored by someone else. Welcome, not to the Machine, but to the Madison Ave-Walt Disney-Hollywood (or Elstree) world of reality creation: of which Luis Bunuel would have approved.

    The (Salvador Dali) plot thickens II: well, yet another piece of the puzzle was revealed this week. The ‘spy in the house of Trump’ was/is Stefan Halper, a veteran trickster (Loki), a dual-nationality Brit, and associate of Richard Dearlove. So we have several plausible versions of the genesis of Russiagate; all involve Brits with MI6 connections …and nary a Russian in sight.

    Let me quickly recap: Version 1 – Robert Hannigan, then director of GCHQ, travels to meet John Brennan, the director of the CIA, to brief him – at director-to-director-level – of Trump’s Russian links. These links, as far as I can interpolate, most likely came from Christopher Steele when he was investigating FIFA. Note: he did not meet with the Director of National Intelligence (James Clapper) – he went ‘beneath’ him directly to the CIA. Beneath the oversight or ‘beneath the radar’, you might say?

    Version 2: the Steele dossier itself …which was back-channeled into the FBI by a meeting set up extra-territorially in Canada, between Sir Andrew Wood (working for Orbis) and John McCain. Steele also briefed the press at a series of meetings set up at the Tabbard Inn by Fusion GPS (Glenn Simpson). The press gave seemingly ‘independent’ verification to the allegations. This is a collaboration loop and is the mark of an intel pro: setting up the journalistic ‘two sources’, of which he was both.

    Version 3: when the Steele dossier crashed; focus switched to the Trump Tower Meeting, which was set in motion by Joseph Mifsud, and now it seems, Stefan Halper (among others, many who have connections to an MI6 Old Boy network. One that Robert Hannigan resigned from GCHQ, I presume, to join? Maybe to set up the British version of Russiagate – Skripalgate?)

    The Trump House meeting also ties in another Anglo-American player, Bill Browder …who was the subject of the meeting between Natalia Veselnitskaya and Trump Jr (at least as far as Natalia Veselnitskaya was concerned: Trump Jr thought he was getting dirt on Hillary and that Russia had her ‘hacked’ emails. NB: Veselnitskaya was also in bed with Fusion GPS). Browder himself flagged up this meeting, by filing a FARA report. This looks like a set up to target George Papadopoulous, and the FBI investigation was instigated because of his connections to ‘Russians’ like Mifsud. The whole thing looks like a confection spun from London, using British (and an Australian, Downer) players.

    Given this web of deceit, it seems implausible to me that the ‘target’ for the Salisbury attack, Sergei Skripal, was random. Whether he was an active player it is not possible to verify, but given his line of work as an ex-GRU colonel, and his connection via Pablo Miller to Orbis and Steele; it is not unlikely. I would speculate that his credentials make him a likely source for the BuzzFeed “From Russia with Blood” online dossier, to which Steele was the subject of the last chapter; his ”other” report into the ‘murder’ of Mikhail Leshin. Though officially Steele and Orbis “declined to comment”. Mmmmm?
    [Copy and paste links adding ‘http’]

    To bring it back up to date: upon the announcement of the alleged poisoning in the Commons, the Labour party (in the form of Thornberry and Cooper) pushed for the codification of an unreal version of the facts (the Magnitsky sanctions and the BuzzFeed investigation) …whilst Browder just happened to be ‘in da house’ that day too. Coincidence? Not very likely.

    So where does that leave it now, with Yulia’s ‘Disneyfied’ miraculous appearance? Watching a modern staging of “Through the Looking Glass”: a major production written, directed (or at least co-directed with the CIA), and staged in London and Washington by MI6 and it’s Old Boy network, I’d say?

    • Mark Gobell says

      The Sergei Skripal script authors : The “Louis Vuitton” clue …

      “The spy with the Louis Vuitton bag”


      As I posted here at the outset of the Skripal theatrics, the Telegraph and Daily Mail stories of “the spy with the Louis Vuitton bag” are just the usual bs pieces invented to reference Robert Mercer’s daughter, Beckah, “The First Lady of the alt right”, who probably does own a few Louis Vuitton hand bags …

      A Kabbalistic quid pro quo for the Orbis / Steele / Pablo Miller, Trump dossiers …


      • reinertorheit says

        You might be right, but frankly Louis Vuitton bags (or other bags in that genre) are not beyond the reach of quite ordinary people in Russia. I have a friend, let’s call her M, who owns 2-3 such bags – and she has bought them with her own money, earnt as an English Teacher in Moscow. (She is, in fairness, a top English teacher, and has top-end clients, mostly living along Novorizhskoe Chaussee. Good luck to her, if she can earn this kind of money from the education she worked hard for!)

        She tells me that unless you are a complete twit, you don’t buy such bags in Moscow, or London either – the place to go is Milan, where savvy shoppers can buy top-end authentic merchandise from the discounters for almost half their London price.

        Let us not stigmatise those who choose to spend their hard-earned money (up at 6am each morning, to drive to morning lessons) on their preferred luxury items.

        • Mark Gobell says

          The “Louis Vuitton” handbag analysis is correct.

          Relationships like this within narratives, do not happen by accident, they are evidence of design using a method which is detectable in each and every faux narrative we are served.

          This is just one of many tell-tale signatures in the narrative, which conform to other, frequently seen signatures, especially in the faux tewwowism scwipts.

          You have no clue about the subject matter you are lamely trying to negate.


          • reinertorheit says

            It’s YOU that’s clueless.

            Every empty word you type just goes to prove it.

            Try taking your head out of your ARSE next time???

      • Big B says

        Mark: the plot thickens III: you might have to do a bit more analysis. The other spy involved in Skripal’s spy swap, Igor Sutyagin, was flagged up by Alex Thomson (NOT the Channel 4 “serial rebel” Alex Thomson). Sutyagin now works for RUSI as an information warfare expert. Thomson (a former GCHQ analyst) has highlighted RUSI as a possible ideological influence on the MI5/6-FCO-JIC-DSTL_Cabinet Office security nexus (for which one of Mifsud’s contacts, Claire Smith, just happened to be a recruiter and former member of). I can’t draw any empirical conclusions, but the web of connections is intriguing? BTW: I believe Alex Thomson is working within the confines of the Official Secrets Act, and his pointers are more definite than they seem. Only, he can’t say that. So Sutyagin becomes a person of interest too.


          • Great link, that was immediately bookmarked; thanks a lot for that: it helps me down here on the Balkans, connect , equate & quantify so much, in terms of who has been pulling the strings behind the scenes, that permit & support P.M. Boyko Borisov & his J.Edgar Hoover equivalent > Tsvetan Tsvetanov, to get away with murder, quite literally, in Bulgaria for ages & still today.. and the amplification of the fear factor for those that even consider speaking out !

            NATO permits & sanctions organised crime daily, just as long as they can control the Criminal, as the French voice analysis demonstrated confirmed, after a recording of P.M. Boyko Borisov’s was analysed, speaking to his ‘lieutenant’ Vanyo Tanev, (Customs Chief) about the “Misho the Beer” (Misho Birrata) case, well researched by Wikileaks partner Bivol >>


            Having been followed for hours & many times in Sofia, in the early hours of the morning , wandering the streets, trying to lose my ‘tail’ , before reaching my accommodation , it was nerving & obvious that external forces were ‘im Spiel’ , also because of the sheer volume & scale of unreported scandals, so diverse, from de-forestation to contraband, heavy narcotics, even Armaments & Silkway Airlines, (as bravely reported by Dilyana Gaytandzhieva) but completely ‘overseen’ oder übersehen (deliberately missed out) by news outlets like the Guardian & many many other mainstream media sources. Just one example of so many >>


            The veil of silence for well over a decade is an outright outrage, that scared even Misha Glenny , i think: he likely recognised the deep state connectivity to NATO Policy orchestrations .. as PM Borisov wished/needed to comply with NATO designs & re-engineer Bulgarian history even, with another Tanev dispatched: an educated man has no place in Government here in BG.


            A cheap attempt to cover up history, in the re-making along NATO lines: specifically Turkish history, & also Genocide, inc. in 1913, like the Armenian Genocide, just to placate Erdogan, on NATO’s command. PM Borisov is so totally heavily compromised that he must present his butthole for ridicule & abuse , wherever & whenever so commanded by NATO & US zionist deep state operatives, like your link exposes: thus, Borisov will now be visiting Moscow on the 30th May, after Merkel, Macron & BG. President Radev have all already just met with Putin to discuss the previously cancelled South Stream pipeline project, (amongst other things like sanctions, no doubt) > the pipeline Cancelled on Command of NATO & the EU by PM Borisov, after the pipeline was already built to the Black Sea BG. shoreline.. (i should add 😉 )

            President Radev first found out that his PM Borisov will now fly to Moscow to meet Putin on the 30th, directly from Putin, face to face, totally unaware of his PM’s manipulation of & by NATO instructions, despite having a glowing Command Strategy appraisal from NATO command Strategy training in the USA in 2009 (see Wikileaks).. Meanwhile PM Borisov & Tsvetanov continue incessantly to try & character assassinate their impeachable , incorruptible Ex-NATO Airforce General President Radev, daily @home in BG.
            (I think you can guess why .. 😉 )

            P.s. So glad you ceased with the “handbagging” of the impulsive self confessed “mental midget”, out to lunch with LV’s (& curiously impressed by a 6 am starter & where to shop for luxury goods, wholly off topic, I prefer a 5 am sunrise, myself 🙂 ).

            Clearly your handbag & attaché case has a weightier lead lining, down under, with a calculated clout ;), permitting an X-Ray re-focus of attention & direction to detail , (without rebound) most important, rather than squatting midges completely, mentally >> big thanks again 🙂

          • Whoops that should have read UN-impeachable & incorruptible President Radev ..

            (Sorry for any confusion)

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          Imagine if the UK had a ‘Free Press’, not a Rightwing business owned propaganda system run by D notices, and real journalists not arrogant, lying, hypocritical presstitutes. The story that could be unwound here would bring down the regime and all its various Gestapos-here endeth the auto gas-lighting. I shall just bake a few batter puddings, now, instead.

      • Mark Gobell says

        The US Constitution and Louis Vuitton.

        Further proof that this was a “Kabbalistic quid pro quo for the Orbis / Steele / Pablo Miller, Trump dossiers …”

        “These false narrative nodes or events are included so that the “complaint(s)” which comprise the motivation for the event are always detectable. They also invariably point to those factions and people and authorities responsible for the event.”

        The US Consitution was created on 17 September 1787

        Louis Vuitton was born on 4 August 1821

        INClusive =

        = 322 months, 322 weeks, 322 days

        322 > Skull & Bones


    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Saw Halper on Youtube in an Oxford ‘debate’ re. China. He’s a vicious, plainly racist, hard Right Sinophobe. As for Downer, the spooks must be desperate to utilise his services-the man is an imbecile. Halper was plainly a provocateur inserted to lay a false trail of ‘Russian collusion’ in the Trump campaign, when Trump was talking nice re. Russia, and, therefore, had to be stopped at any cost. The fakestream coverage of the Halper scandal has been loathsome, as expected. There is a site, The MarketsWork, by some Rightwing nutter, but with heaps of interesting information that the fakestream media scum dare not find for themselves. The propaganda system is now far beyond anything Orwell imagined-and all ‘voluntary’, apparently.

  19. Mark Gobell says

    The Daily Mail reports Russian language expert, Linda Aldwinckle :

    ‘She wrote that herself!’: Language expert rebuffs Russian’s claim that Britain forced Yulia Skripal to read out statement after she broke her silence following Salisbury nerve agent attack


    Transcription of the video :

    Narrator : Was Yulia coerced into reading words written and translated for her ?

    Linda Aldwinckle : Sounds completely Russian to me and that I guess, you know, I don’t know, that someone’s checked it, that she’d written it. She doesn’t falter at all, so I think it’s been written, but my impression, but I can only say that she would have written that herself.

    That’s a wrap then ?

    So far, we have :

    images of the English and Russian texts
    video of Yulia signing the text(s)
    a Russian language expert, apparently confirming that her impression was that Julia wrote it herself.

    Next up : Video of FCO / Mi5 / Mi6 professional liars, swearing on the Bible that they don’t tell lies …


    • reinertorheit says

      Linda who?

      The fact that this twaddle appeared in the Daily Wail says it all.

      • Mark Gobell says

        Web searches reveal Dr Linda Aldwinkle is credited with the translation of Russian books.

        Dr Aldwinkle appears to be affiliated with Westminster University and might be contacted at aldwinl@wmin.ac.uk


        • reinertorheit says

          [[ is credited with the translation of Russian books ]]

          As indeed am I.

          • Mark Gobell says


            Since you have expertise, then perhaps you could contact her to ask what it is she found compelling about Yulia’s statement to conclude that she wrote it ?


            • reinertorheit says

              I’m rather too busy with the humdrum job of actually translating books, to waste the time of a lady whose professional reputation has been bought for cash by the Daily Wail.

              • Mark Gobell says

                How predictable.

                I thought that question might flush you out, since you walked right into it with your claim.

                An added benefit of my work, as evidenced by your Pavlovian content-free, non-response, is that is serves to expose those who are irritated by it.

                Lame. Very lame.


                • reinertorheit says

                  Welcome to my Ignore List. I don’t reply to wankers.

                • reinertorheit says

                  “Flush me out”?

                  You’d know far more than me about the workings of men’s lavatories – since you spend so much time in them, Mr Gobell.

                  • @mark gobell @reinertorheit
                    I think you two are misunderstanding each other. I think you may actually both agree that the “expert opinion” is worthless.

                    Either way, don’t waste your and everyone else’s time in empty spats.

                    • reinertorheit says

                      My Ignore Listing for Gobell stay in place, sorry.

    • Can't remember- Brad Pitte I think says

      Careful, Mark, you’re not in their side

      • reinertorheit says

        How is the weather today in Lviv? Although true Free Dumb Fighters call it Lwów

        • let’s not get into a personal bicker about who people are or where they may be from (according to his IP he’s not from Lviv, fwiw).

          • Gaston says

            if he’s not from Lwiv… where is he from? Kiev? 😉

    • JudyJ says

      The Daily Mail would have provided more significant analysis if they had arranged for an English linguistics expert to comment on the English version of the statement. No one is arguing that Yulia probably wrote the Russian version, translating from a stilted and unnatural English text presented to her, so there are no surprises in Ms Aldwickle’s assessment. The point being made by the Russian Embassy and which the DM appear to miss completely is whether she was coerced into writing both the Russian and English versions of a statement prepared for her.

      • A coercion that was so simple to execute, under the poor woman’s circumstance.

        Trotzdem, having done a bit of further analysis, other than the simple wording in both languages, I detect a certain level of irritation & impatience creeping in, on her part: given that she is supposed to be deserving of rest & rehabilitation >>

        “Do Not Disturb” , with much new to confront and deal with psychologically speaking .. regarding her future!

        Because she could of course have said, wait a mo. .. I’ll copy & re-write the Russian copy more clearly: cleanly for all to see & without the corrections from the translation of the English statement, that was clearly written first, on the prompting & under coercion of the M.o.D. and UK Government: Logic 😉

        “Good Afternoon .. ” (a completely non-existent phrase in Cyrillic)

        “is it ? Not for my dad & Schrödingers Cat or my cat.. ”
        I imagine her thinking ..

        “Let’s get ‘this’ over with .. ! ”


    • reinertorheit says

      Daily Mail???


      As if you would know the first thing about Russia or the Russian language??

      Keep staring at the Daily Wail !!!

  20. Can't remember- Brad Pitte I think says

    Has anybody bothered to check the signature and handwriting?

    Something the Russian police CAN do.

    They DO NOT need the original to do this.

    • Can't remember- Brad Pitte I think says

      …but they DO need a control sample of Yulia’s signature.

  21. Can't remember- Brad Pitte I think says

    £32k a year is a massive salary in Russia!

    • reinertorheit says

      Given the level to which the pound has dropped due to your Brexit buffoons. £32k would be a middle-management salary in Moscow these days.

      • Can't remember- Brad Pitte I think says

        The rouble has dropped more than the £ the last 5 years.

        It was normally about 50 to the £ it’s now about 80.

        And Moscow is hardly representative of Russia.

  22. Yonatan says

    Native Russian speakers note that the ‘Russian’ speech made by Julia doesn’t sound like native Russian, rather is English translated literally into Russian.


    An image of the Russian text supposedly made by Yulia Skripal – note that there are numerous corrections, unlike the English version which is error free. One quirk of the English version is that the writer uses a capital ‘R’ for every instance where ‘r’ would be used.


    • Precisely: commensurate with the phrasing of “Good afternoon ..” which does NOT even exist in my knowledge of any Cyrillic language, so I asked my Russian speaking BG. partner, who looked at me quizzically and answered the following comment in an inquisitive manner, after considering what would be instinctive & natural ..

      “No such phrase exists : it sounds like 99% sure that Yulia was writing in English first or more likely someone else was dictating in English first : because it seems inherently strange, when in Bulgarian or Russian, you would not think to start with the expression ‘Good afternoon’, given the non-existence of the phrase in your mother tongue ..”

      It would appear that she was dictated to and had to somehow ‘wangle’ the text into a comprehensible copy for Russians too ..

      • Basically, in Russian, good afternoon is До́брый день (Dobriy den) (good day).

        • Exactly, so thinking in Cyrillic thought processes, as Russian, one would never think instinctively to commence in English with >>

          “Good Afternoon .. ”

          Unless .. other factors were ” im Spiel “, may i suggest .. 😉

  23. MichaelK says

    A rhetorical question. Why hasn’t the Guardian bothered with this kind of detailed analysis, employed their own experts in translating from Russian to English and the opposite way? Why so much from Spook Harding and so little from people who actually know what they are talking about? Because investigative journalism, or journalism at all, has collapsed at the Guardian. There’s way too much ‘opinion’ and ‘feelings’ on display, all the dogma they simply ‘know’ is true.

    The Facts no longer matter, or finding out what they are, if they contradict or undermine the state’s version, however ridiculous that might be, as long as it’s aimed at the enemy, anything goes, we are, involved in an information war with Russia after all.

    • reinertorheit says

      Harding could barely scribble a note to his Moscow cleaning-lady in Russian – so his input would be valueless.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      In short, Michael, why is the Fraudian such a dirty, hard Right, Imperial disinformation sewer?

      • rilme says

        Details, schmetails. Is it good for Israel?

  24. MichaelK says

    It’s pretty obvious that the English version of the text wasn’t written by Yulia Skripal. She had a lot of help, which is probably understandable, from someone who is educated and fluent in English… a native speaker and writer.

    But what of the Russia version? I’m still unclear about his aspect. Does the Russian version of the text sound like it was written by an educated Russian or a foreigner, and not Yulia?

    • Gaston says

      the Russian version wasn’t written by her either

  25. I find it hard to maintain interest in this case because it’s so ridiculous. Just asking if anyone can confirm if there is a single piece of compelling evidence that anyone was poisoned or that poison was anywhere at any time and what it was, if so. Every time I think of the cat and two guinea pigs I have to laugh.

    • Big B says

      Her tracheotomy scar? Something happened in Salisbury, something a lot darker than we are being led to believe. Four people were supposedly involved: all have disappeared. One, the memory holed Registrar that attended Yulia at the scene was not contaminated. Did she perform an emergency tracheotomy at the scene? One, Yulia, reappears to perform a carefully staged reading of a script. So, there was an event, possibly even a poisoning, about which the truth is being carefully concealed; and a marketed synthesis of the event is being ideologically created …a version of the event that is obviously fabricated, stretched beyond plausibility, and gets more and more bizarre at every turn. Yulia’s reading raises more questions than it provides answers.

      • JudyJ says

        There are so many questions about the whole charade, one might even question whether the displayed tracheotomy scar is genuine or just make-up to enhance the image of the ‘invasive, painful and depressing’ treatment.

        • Big B says

          I’m not a medic: but it looked genuine. It was depressed, not merely applied. My train of thought is that we were told by the BBC the the Registrar treated Yulia (who had lost control of her bodily functions) for half an hour at the scene (without being cross-contaminated). If someone needs a tracheotomy, it strongly implies the airway was blocked or closed. If someone was so severely ‘poisoned’ that had completely lost control of their bodily functions and could not breathe, for half an hour plus say fifteen minutes to be airlifted to hospital, call it forty to forty five minutes, or even a portion of that time …they would be brain damaged (hypoxic brain injury) – not appearing in a Disney infommercial. That is, of course, if it was a ‘military grade’ Novichok that takes twenty minutes to kill. Or four and a half hours in Salisbury. As I said, more questions than answers. All we can say is the official version is an authoritarian hallucination?

          • Mulga Mumblebrain says

            But you MUST not question ANY part of the Official Version, or you reveal yourself to be a ‘troll’, or a ‘Putinbot’. It is quite totalitarian, what with all the on the scene witnesses vanished into thin air, the story-line of Novichok that only takes effect after several hours, then kicks in quickly with lethal effect, the vast areas of Salisbury been ripped apart for months to ‘decontaminate’, and the poison, ‘ten times deadlier than VX’, now mysteriously ineffective. No information on what treatment was used to effect this miraculous cure, just a wall of silence that would have done the Third Reich proud. And NO fakestream media presstitute dares raise a single objection-what scum they truly are.

          • Something is Wrong With Yulia Skripal: Strange Text and Scar Running Down Neck Raises Eyebrows

            Published on 25 May 2018

            The Russian MFA demanded that Yulia Skripal appeared in person and made a statement. She appeared and made a statement in person but was it personal?

      • Yes, but can we know there really was a Registrar and even if there was that her disappearance was real? I probably shouldn’t ask questions when I’m not following the story so I won’t ask any more. Basically, I’m just asking could the whole thing be a total fake, including seemingly disappeared people and the tracheotomy scar?

        • There was allegedly a doctor (not sure she was a registrar) who allegedly helped the Skripals at the site of their collapse and was interviewed afterwards (anonymously, I believe). She has not been heard from since. But there’s no indication she has “disappeared” in the usual sense of the word. How real she ever was is certainly a legitimate subject for debate.

          • Big B says

            Disappeared: as in down a rabbit hole. The Registrar was featured by the BBC, about the same time as DS Bailey. However, this clearly confused the narrative, as she was not contaminated. So, serial Establishment liar, Sir Ian Blair was rolled out of retirement onto Radio 4, to do what he does best and try to rearrange the contradictory narrative construction …moving Bailey’s contamination from bench to house. This was contradicted by Bailey’s own statement released through Wiltshire Police. So the Doctor/Registrar was memory-holed as an inconvenient truth. Or lie? One of the two. I’m pretty sure someone made a comment that indicated they might of known her, but I can’t find it again now.

            Meanwhile, a doctor who was one of the first people at the scene has described how she found Ms Skripal slumped unconscious on a bench, vomiting and fitting. She had also lost control of her bodily functions.
            The woman, who asked not to be named, told the BBC she moved Ms Skripal into the recovery position and opened her airway, as others tended to her father.
            She said she treated her for almost 30 minutes, saying there was no sign of any chemical agent on Ms Skripal’s face or body.
            The doctor said she had been worried she would be affected by the nerve agent, but added that she “feels fine”.

            For factual sake: I can’t find a reference for ‘Registrar’, so Doctor it is.

            Asked if there were any leads in the case, Lord Blair told the Today Programme on Radio 4: “There are some indications that the police officer who was injured had been to the house, whereas there was a doctor who looked after the patients in the open, who hasn’t been affected at all.
            “So there maybe some clues floating around in here.”
            The Telegraph has confirmed that Det Sgt Bailey did attend the house.
            The disclosure that Det Sgt Bailey was poisoned at the Skripal family home – rather than at the scene where the pair collapsed – strongly indicates that the nerve agent was administered there.
            That means the Skripals were in all likelihood not attacked in the street, as previously thought, but poisoned in their own home.


            After that, ther was no reference to the Doctor ever again. So, ‘disappeared’ – at least from the public consciousness?

            • Thanks BigB. Maybe you got the idea of a “registrar” because your mind has conflated this strangely anonymous “doctor” with Stephen Davies, the consultant in emergency medicine who wrote to the Times to say no patients at Salisbury showed symptoms of nerve agent poisoning and then apparently became unwilling or unable to communicate further with the outside world? Either way, the vanishing doctor is just another of the many strangenesses here.

                • JudyJ says

                  BigB – Just to clarify, I’ve given you a ‘thumbs up’ because I can relate to your comment, not because I think you are suffering from middle age senility!

                  • Thanks JudyJ: like everyone who comments here, I like to keep it real …only it’s getting harder and harder to tell the fact from the fiction! Sometimes I confuse myself …

              • Brad Pitte II says

                He attended the emergency clinic and he said no other patients apart from the Skripals and the DS had been confirmed.

                I posted a link before on this point.

  26. JJA says

    I imagine Julia has been told in no uncertain terms, that if she tries to escape or contact any Russians, her old dad will be bumped off. She has no choice.

  27. rilme says

    I’m gonna pick on one sentence. “difficult to come to terms that” doesn’t fit easily into a sentence, and I don’t think it fits into the one in the statement. It always seems to go “come to terms with it”.

    But, putting aside that awkwardness in the wording, I find the logic puzzling.
    Why does she “still find it difficult to come to terms [with the fact] that both of us were attacked.”

    Would it be any easier if only one of them had been attacked?
    I’m out with my buddy, an ex-spy. We are both poisoned. I’m surprised, but not that we were BOTH poisoned.
    Am I misreading this?

  28. reinertorheit says

    As someone who occasionally coaches Russian PhD students through English exams, this letter is as bent as a nine-bob note. If it turned up in our department from a student, I’d be calling for an investigation into the authenticity of its authorship. “Avail myself of…” WHAT??? </b?

    No Russian, regardless of how many years they’d lived in the UK, would write that kind of Dickensian bullshit. It’s a certain ‘tell’ as a шпаргалка – a blatant crib from an outside source, which could be relatively easily identified as the work of a British public schoolboy. Moreover, Russians are taught handwriting in the Latin alphabet in an old-fashioned Edwardian-looking script, with tell-tale loops and liaisons. A handwriting expert would expose the fraud in this letter in 30 seconds of perusal.

    Not only a fake – but a shameless, lazy fake which points a finger at its actual author.

    • rilme says

      The letter “r” is written in uppercase. Maybe they should have used я, to make it look more яussian.

      • reinertorheit says

        That’s true. It would not be a typical handwriting error made by Russian speakers.

        More suspicious, as mentioned by other users, is the perfect word-order, the correct use of clauses and their punctuation, correct use of reflexive pronouns (Russians often fall down on translating ‘себя’) and flawless use of conditionals.

        Cross-referencing our other thread topic – the smoking gun that Sherlock Holmes would immediately notice is the utterly untypical handwriting style.

        I have already forwarded copies of this document to two PhD Academic supervisors at major Moscow universities – one of which trains students for careers in the diplomatic service (anyone would clearly know which). I will report back here on what my Moscow colleagues think about this outrageous deception.

      • Can't remember- Brad Pitte I think says

        I have seen many Russians (particularly) use the upper case R like this.

        Are you saying that Yulia didn’t write the statements at all?

        She’s shown signing them. Are you saying there is someone behind the camera with a gun at Sergei’s head.

        You’re all as nutty as fruitcakes, aren’t you?

  29. Mulga Mumblebrain says

    A UK-Russia Treaty, made with the USSR originally, and customary International Law make it MANDATORY for consular access. It is not a matter of the hostage’s ‘choice’, which, as in this case, can so easily be coerced. This is what the Imperial scum-bags mean when they all intone ‘The International Rules-Based Order’, so very robotically. The Russians must try to get a writ of habeus corpus, I would say.

    • Harry Law says

      The Russians might have a slight problem with applying for the writ of habeas corpus since the Justice and Security Act 2013 made ‘Secret courts’ a feature in UK civil cases including habeas corpus…
      I remember this Act going through parliament around 2013 but did not think too much about it at the time, maybe the Russian Consulate are aware of the pitfalls any writ would face.

      Closed Material Procedures (or “CMPs”) mean that one party is not able to take part in either part or the whole of a trial. This party will almost always be a civilian who is bringing a claim against a government agency. It could be a civilian who is the defendant in a case. The government and its lawyers are present during the CMP. The civilian and their lawyer

      cannot be present,
      cannot see the evidence the government is relying upon (and which is said to be national security sensitive information),
      cannot know the government’s case on this evidence,
      cannot challenge this evidence or the government’s case and
      cannot know the reasons for the judge’s decision on that evidence and therefore (at least a part of) their case.

      The civilian will be told whether they have won or lost, but not the full reasons why.

      The Act applies to “relevant civil proceedings”, which means any civil proceedings in the High Court, Court of Appeal, Court of Session or the Supreme Court[1]. This means that any civil case in any of these courts may be affected by this legislation if sensitive information is required to be disclosed in the course of the case. Sensitive material means material the disclosure of which would be damaging to national security.[2] The cases affected include the writ of habeas corpus and claims for damages for torture, kidnap, assault and negligence.


      • John Marks says

        So we’ve lost ‘justice must be seen to be done’ and juries have been replaced with Star Chambers.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        And the UK and the rest of the rotting West have the gall to accuse Russia, China etc, of not having ‘The Rule of Law’. The Star Chamber was open and honest in comparison to this Inquisition.

    • Can't remember- Brad Pitte I think says

      She’s not a hostage.

  30. Ramphotyphlops says

    All of the instances of the letter “R” that appear in the letter are capitalised. It is unlikely that one could become that fluent in english and still not realise that there is a lower case version that should be used.

  31. If Yulia is so proficient in English, why did she not also make her statments in English in the video and not in Russian only?

  32. Kaiama says

    The reuters article pdf has both a Russian and an English statement both of which were apparently signed by her. The English text is perfect (as if it was copied out) but her translation into a Russian version was clearly done afterwards as it contains several “mistakes”. If she was writing in her own words in Russian first, there would be no need to correct anything because the English document supposedly didn’t exist? Of course the statement was written for her in English and she translated it. Someone was watching over her and hence the corrections. It stinks.

    • I think it was translated into Russian by someone else, not by Yulia. Probably an English translator hired by or working for the police, and not a native Russian speaker. Translators normally translate from foreign languages into their mother tongue, specifically in order to avoid the kind of mistakes made in the Russian version. This of course doesn’t apply to people who are perfectly bilingual since childhood and for whom two languages are equally mother tongues. I know – both my parents were translators, as was I.

      • reinertorheit says

        Having now seen the Russian version, it does seem that the same hand wrote both – the handwriting is a very close match.

        So why all the mistakes in the Russian version, we wonder?

    • Unless, of course, Yulia deliberately made those mistakes as a kind of subtle message to her family in Russia and to the Russian Embassy and authorities, if she actually has a very good command of English, a command sufficient to translate English texts into Russian – but that is mere speculation on my part.

  33. Can't remember- Brad Pitte I think says

    Yes, you Russians have caught the uk out.

    The game’s up. We are holding them after saving their lives.

    If only we hadn’t used the word ‘avail’

    Damn, you’re too smart for us.

    Ps. MH17

  34. Emily Durron says

    Yulia’s statement was written by an educated middle class native speaker of English. That I can say specifically from a linguistic analysis. I have taught English to Slavic people for 20 years. Slavic languages do not have perfect aspect (to say ‘you have done’ something) and do not have articles (a, an, the and so on). Slavic languages have a different sentence structure from English. Yulia’s statement is impeccable in its use of tense and aspect, in its word order and sentence construction, it is perfect in its use of articles. It is perfect in its use of idiomatic language (“a place I am all too familiar with”) Literally, there are no mistakes, and nothing that is even borderline. There is no chance at all that this was not written by a proficient native speaker.

    To underline this point, there is a mistake, a tic of native speakers. Oh joy, the giveaway. This is important. The sentence “Also, I want to reiterate what I said in my earlier statement that no one speaks for me, or for my father, but ourselves”. This is an annoying tic that native speakers in the UK possess. The use of the reflexive pronoun ‘ourselves’, ‘yourselves’, ‘myself’ and so on where it is grammatically incorrect would not have been taught to her in Russia, but is a tic of native speakers (“For people like myself…”; “Would it be good for yourself…”). If she said anything in English, as a learner free of this annoying tic, it would be “no one speaks for me, or for my father, but us”.

    • Can't remember- Brad Pitte I think says

      So what?

      It was very well translated.

      She either speaks perfect English (which you doubt) or she had help.

      Who cares?

      Read the Russian, you numbskull.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        A lying moron calling an obvious expert a ‘numbskull’. From Kiev with spite.

    • Can't remember- Brad Pitte I think says

      I have signed contracts translated into Russian by translators. Many do.

      I speak Russian, but many don’t yet still sign the contracts.

      The Russian one (in Russia) has precedence.

      • reinertorheit says

        а чьё ты можешь писать по русский. скажи? ты ни как не находишься в Москве.


        • Brad Pitte II says

          Fact like that Russia didn’t poison the Skripals.

          “Скорее, всего”

          И, я в Москве.


            • Brad Pitte II says

              Even if (and there is no valid reason to think it was) the English version WAS written first, and even if it wasn’t drafted by her it’s actually IRRELEVANT, because she signed BOTH versions, and spoke the words in Russian.

              You’re all as mad as barking dogs.

              Think a bit.

              1. ‘Someone’ tried to poison her Father to death and her and her Father NEARLY died.

              2. Her father was a hated (at least at one time) traitor to Russia

              3. She has refused Russian consular contact TWICE and in writing.

      • The numbskull would appear to be you, sunshine 🙂 !

        You are not only short on words, inaccurate & completely incoherent , (I mean specifically making zero sense), but you now commence to insult those that obviously understand not just the construction of the languages way better than you , but also the facts presented thus far, pertaining to this case ..

        Some people do care about being lied to, even though you would have people believe that you seem not to give a damn.. your inept investigative skills of analysis, research & absence of wider knowledge would therefore seem superfluous to requirements in these columns of more serious discussion, where many of us have signed contracts & legal declarations in Cyrillic , no doubt some police reports too , often working daily with many languages that you “Can’t remember ..”

        P.s.I notice elsewhere that you throw the odd straw dog of another set of lies as distraction for your incredible ineptitude. Really totally childish & obviously completely primitive trolling techniques. As such, you will be remembered , & categorised as a laughing stock of trolling nuisance, that landed on the wrong page & website , and is wasting everybody’s time, including your own .. off you trot you trottle troll.

        Open the ‘Mail’ .. for liars supportive of inferiority complexes , those more perplexed multiple mind disorders.. & enjoy yourself.

    • Yes I totally agree, this was written by a native speaker of English and translated into Russian. As the Russian she speaks is in parts not consistent with native Russian construction. I’ve checked this out with 2 Russian speakers and they both pointed this out to me without being asked.

      The other odd thing is the open neck exposing a tracheotomy scar, definitely a woman would cover this up.

      Yes, the whole thing has been staged but why? To keep it in the public eye as the MH-17 story has been revived at the same time to keep pressure on Russia ahead of the World Cup in Russia.

      There is no reason why a press conference could not have been staged to try and appear more convincing, other than the British Government themselves have issued a D-notice to prevent the reporting of, not the Skripal affair per sec, but the naming of a one Pablo Miller. For full back story see:


      As the MoA says the real casualty of this whole thing is the British media, proving their total subservience to the state.

      • Emily Durron says

        “As the MoA says the real casualty of this whole thing is the British media, proving their total subservience to the state!.

        Yes, absolutely.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          Actually, it proves YET AGAIN the totalitarian subservience of the fakestream media presstitutes to the Tory regime. ‘Democracy’ in a state like the UK is the saddest, sickest, joke of all. A true kakistocracy.

      • “…a tracheotomy scar, definitely a woman would cover this up.”

        Good observation. We are seemingly meant to see the scar, if that’s actually what it is (I wouldn’t put it pass the bastards to paint it on), in case there are any scurrilous ideas being floated out there that all is not what it appears to be regarding the medical emergency and the pair’s miraculous recovery from doses of the deadliest nerve agent known to man.

        • Can't remember- Brad Pitte I think says

          If she was going out on a date, maybe.

          Yes, she is making a point by exposing it.

          Wouldn’t you?

  35. Estaugh says

    Not a single spelling mistake, correct punctuation and syntax. Got to be fluent in the english language. Why the the written statement, rather than a typed example? For that human touch? I am suddenly interested in the scholarly achievements of Miss Skripal.—– Interested I am also as regards to the clinical procedures employed leading to the miraculous recovery of all three of the ‘victims’. Will surely be reading up on them in the BMJ, or The Lancet. (Not).

    • Mark Gobell says

      Estaugh : “Why the the written statement, rather than a typed example?”

      Simply because of the method scriptwriters use. We, the audience, need to be convinced that these are Yulia’s own words and so they are presented in script form so that we are more likely to accept that premise.

      A typed example would not assist in that effort because it would attract the exact same criticism and besides, a simple transcription delivered in any media would be exactly that, a typed example.

      Suspect “media stories” are always framed thus, especially in “terrorism” cases, where they tell you everything they want you to know and nothing more.

      BTW, it was reported that Sergei slipped out of hospital last Friday afternoon, when we all dizzy with the wedding …


  36. Captain Kemlo says

    I’m going to address the human not the political. geopolitical or propaganda aspects to this.

    What I saw was a worried and scared young lady in trauma. This young lady has had a terrifying and fearful experience. She is clearly in some emotional distress. And, it ‘s worth pointing out, she is probably the chief innocent in all of this. I truly feel for this young lady and wish her the best in life. It’s going to be very difficult for her indeed to live a life of peace and serenity. What a crying shame this all is.

    • Well said.

      I’ve been wondering whether there are any psychologists here at OffGuardian (or out there) who’ve made an analysis of Yulia’s state of mind based on her performance in the video.

  37. Harry Law says

    In my opinion the Police had to put out this piece on Yulia Skripal, I sent an e mail to the Chief Constable of the Metropolitan Police on 15-05-18, Most of it here..
    I sent you an email on 7th of May 2018, in it I described how the detention of Ms Yulia Skripal breached her human rights, including article 5. “everyone has the right to liberty and security of person”, and article 8. “the right to respect for private and family life” of the 1998 Human Rights Act, UK. In your reply you referred to the two statements put out by the Metropolitan Police purporting to be from Ms Skripal. You refused to give a lawful reason why Ms Skripal was being detained.

    You are holding Ms Skripal in a secret location, and since she has not officially contacted family, friends, the Russian Embassy, an independent lawyer or the media, nor can any of the above contact her, this is regarded by the International Community as an enforced disappearance, the definition of which is described by the UN International Convention ‘For the Protection of all Persons from Enforced Disappearance’ thus….

    “The detention, abduction or any other form of deprivation of liberty committed by agents of the state or by persons acting with the authorization, support or acquiescence of the state, followed by the refusal to acknowledge the deprivation of liberty or by concealment of the fate or whereabouts of the disappeared person, which place such a person outside the protection of law”.

    Because the above derives from the general prohibition on enforced disappearances they are part of customary International law and are binding on all states and are absolute and non derogable in their application.

    The Human rights committee have found that incommunicado detention of 15 day’s constitutes a violation of the above obligations, though shorter time periods may also be prohibited. Secret detention constitute an enforced disappearance where it persists for more than a week or two or otherwise contains indications that its purpose or effect is to place the individual outside the protection of the law. May I point out that Ms Skripal has been held by the police for over 10 weeks and incommunicado. The Psychological effect all this has on her and her family and friends could also amount to cruel and inhuman treatment as set out in various Human Rights documents.

    Unless you tell me on which specific Law of the UK you are holding/detaining, or of any other form of deprivation of liberty, and incommunicado Ms Skripal, and the proof that she is not being held against her will, the burden is on you, then I will have no other alternative than to assume you have no legal authority to hold her and will be forced to institute proceedings against you.
    To which I received this reply on 19-05-18.
    “Thank you for your e-mail to the Commissioner’s Private Office. “If Ms Skripal consents to any assistance provided then she could not be considered to be being detained against her will.”
    Notice the ‘If Ms Skripal consents’ well has she or hasn’t she, consent not freely given or made under duress is not consent at all, the test for consent is if a reasonable person [in all the given circumstances] could conclude that consent was given.. I think not.

    • Can't remember- Brad Pitte I think says

      She’s not being detained.

      She doesn’t seem to want any contact with Russia. Guess why.

      What happened to her fiancé, by the way?

      Hes clearly involved, or why has she broken contact, not mentioned him?

      Why has the fiancé gone into hiding?

    • ‘If she consents’ tells us everything we need to know about the British establishment and its servants. He was simply trying to wriggle out of the legal quandary your letter places him in, and not remotely concerned with outmoded matters like the human cost. All of this only deepens my repugnance towards my native land and propels me towards renouncing my citizenship ASAP. Decency and honesty have departed those shores and it appears there are no longer mechanisms within the establishment to hold other parts of that establishment accountable. The bastards are thick as thieves.

    • Can't remember- Brad Pitte I think says

      Yulia signed it.

      Is the signature genuine?

      If it is the it’s irrelevant whether it’s ‘good colloquial Russian’ or not.

      • John Marks says

        You mean the kangaroo court that refuses to release the black box evidence, refused to hear the eye-witness testimony of the Ukrainian pilot, refused to ask why a certain air-traffic controller diverted the plane over the conflict zone?

        • Can't remember- Brad Pitte I think says

          The plane flew higher than the 3D conflict zone.

          The black box info has been released. Just not to the accused.

        • Can't remember- Brad Pitte I think says

          The Ukrainian pilot is dead.

        • Brad Pitte II says

          The kangaroo court made up from Australia, Holland, Malaysia who suffered the most casualties, including babies.

          Shame on you,

          They want the truth and are in no way in hock to Ukraine or against Russia.

          Disrespectful comment and far offf the mark.

      • Why bother explaining 😉
        You “Can’t remember” yer’ name !

        And worse still, that you even think to link the Daily Mail, and then expect to be taken seriously ..! ? “You cannot be serious” ! (raising intonation)
        The Daily Mail ? ? 🙂 as point of reference for anything .. but gullible morons & mental midgets alike.. Lol 🙂

        I’m just surprised that someone who likes to impulsively sign off as , (in his confusion) & write off others , as the “mental midget” hasn’t yet accused you of being “The Top Gun Mental Midget” in a last ditched attempt to dive bomb ‘Stuka Style’ & dispatch you & your trolling , after a good barrage & round of verbal >>
        abuse & privilege .. 😉

        Maybe he’s learning, unlike you ..

        I’m willing to wager that not one person here in these columns even bothers to open your links: i don’t ! coz’ just to repeat, the ‘Mail4morons & mental midgets’ is like linking the marauding misogynist mad’dog Murdoch’s ‘The Sun’ ..

        You don’t happen to work for the 77th Brigade in Kiev, do you ?
        You clearly have the intellectual capacity of ‘Mental Midgets ‘ ..
        MMA ? the Mixed Marshalled Arts of the Mental Midget Anonymous associations..

        Whatever you do ,
        Shame on you !
        Grow some,

    • John Marks says

      The remedy is a writ of habeas corpus.

      • I see that you commented on Harry Law’s comment above, (with explanation), but I would still like to see the Law Tested to the extreme, in the courts and this case would prove Admirably suitable .. for the Red Admiralty.

        Given the Duress & Stress applied !

        So have a darn good like .. 😉

  38. Well as anything said on this is nothing but a personal opinion here’s my sixpence worth.
    Yulia is of course reciting a script. Aside from the anomalous translation issues stated by the Russian Embassy in immediate response the verbal delivery was entirely unnatural and delivered at such speed and precision, and devoid of natural emotional inflection that it was evidently not just rehearsed but memorised.
    It is likely Yulia insisted on her “in the longer term hope to return to my country” to agree to speak at all and is bolted onto the end of a paragraph.
    All in all the statement only raises suspicion she is under involuntary detention and her partial cooperation fits with my belief that her father was a triple agent and Yulia was a courier.

    • JudyJ says

      I agree entirely – you must have read my mind. Yulia’s robotic delivery of each sentence individually with no ‘flow’ or connection to the emotions being expressed is what you might expect if she was speaking in a language with which she wasn’t familiar, not from someone speaking their own native language. Knowing that she was speaking her own language one has to say that there is absolutely no sincerity evident – this is not meant as a criticism of Yulia but it is evidence that she is not speaking willingly or in her own words.

  39. Can't remember- Brad Pitte I think says

    Why do you all think the English was written first?

    There’s no clear reason.

    • The similarity between this statement and the statement released by the police a few weeks ago are too formally structured, near identical in fact, and what you could expect from a policeman writing a statement. They are neither what you would expect from a non native speaker aware of the concerns of her mother, family and nation who have been waiting for news. As her mother’s full time care giver it is highly suspicious that there was no reassurance for her. If she has not been prevented from accessing news then she would also be aware millions of Russians are deeply concerned about her, again not a word for them.
      There are however thanks for strangers and medical staff that echo government praise of these same mysterious heroes who would have in any other media frenzy be household names through breakfast tv and chat shows.
      The whole thing stinks worse than a can of surstromming spilled in a car on a hot day.

      • Her mother, Lyudmila Skripal and Sergei Skripal’s ex-wife, died of cancer in October 2012. On the other hand, Yulia is very close to her very frail grandmother, Yelena Skripal, 89 years old.

          • Harry Law says

            candideschmyles, your point is well taken, both Skripals are able to communicate, yet both don’t seem to be interested in contacting family and friends or even an independent lawyer for serous advice on their future, Sergei’s mother for instance is beside herself with worry……. “A 90-year-old woman, who identified herself as the mother of Sergei Skripal, made an appearance on Russian state television, pleading that the British authorities let her speak with her son via phone – something that she effectively still hasn’t been allowed to do.
            “I haven’t seen my son for 14 years. I want to meet him, to hug my son tightly. I’m ninety years old, I pose no threat to anyone. Please, let me make at least one phone call to my son,” she said. https://sputniknews.com/europe/201805221064688349-skripal-mother-tv-appearance/ What kind of monsters are these Skripals that they can ignore their nearest and dearest in such an unfeeling way and for over 10 weeks. Unless that is exactly what the security services want, no contact with anyone. Why?

      • Can't remember- Brad Pitte I think says

        That doesn’t in any way reinforce the theory that the English was written first.

        Has anybody bothered to check the signature and handwriting?

        No. Masses of experts on Russian TV, yet none have checked. Why? Beciase they know it’s by Yulia.

        • Kaiama says

          If the Russian was written dirst and when written no English copy existed and she was writing in her own words, she would think and write once only with no mistakes. The English she wrote is both without errorand is written mostly one letter at a time not joined up writing. The English came first (not seen).She copied it out word for word (no errors just copying). The russian translation of the English was her own writing but her translation skills were not to the satisfaction of her handler who asked her to change bits. It beggars belief that someone writing a clean statement in their own hand in their own language and their own words would make the sort of mistakes we can see (yet also produce a flawless English Text). It stinks Mr Brad Pitte and you certainly aren’t “thinking”.