The problem with conspiracy theories…

Kevin Ryan

Philip Zelikow, keeping it real

People today spend a lot of time talking about conspiracy theories. These theories often do harm because they divert attention away from the facts and thereby allow real crimes and other harmful effects to continue. Such conspiracy theories can be spotted based on three basic characteristics.

  1. They lack evidence.
  2. They spread widely before the facts are examined.
  3. Much simpler alternatives are not considered.

For example, take the most popular conspiracy theory of recent times — the official account for the crimes of 9/11.

1. Lack of evidence
This theory was produced by mythologist Philip Zelikow, who, before the investigation began, created an outline that was kept secret from his own Commission staff. Zelikow’s outline determined the outcome of the investigation before any facts were examined. Moreover, the 9/11 Commission claimed sixty-three times in its report that it could find “no evidence” related to important aspects of the crimes. Evidence that the Commission did rely on, as a basis for its report, was later found to be false.

Similarly, the evidence collected and held secret by World Trade Center investigating agency NIST was later found to contradict the agency’s conclusions. Much of that evidence is still being held secret including the computer model data that NIST was forced to substitute for physical testing that contradicted its conclusions.

2. Spread widely before facts examined
The conspiracy theory reports provided by the 9/11 Commission and NIST spread quickly before anyone could examine them. Getting government representatives to commit to any explanation for what had happened on 9/11 took years but, once ready, news media sources were prepped in advance to allow rapid parroting of the official line.

The timing of NIST’s reports coincided with political events, like each anniversary of the 9/11 crimes, so that media could quickly present the official story while public interest was high but critical review was not possible. With the report on WTC 7, the public was given just three weeks to comment on a report that was nearly seven years in the making. The report was later found to be unscientific and false.

3. Simpler alternatives not considered
The official conspiracy theory for 9/11 calls for belief in unbelievable things. That is, to believe the official account you must accept that otherwise honest military leaders will lie repeatedly for years to make themselves look bad. Buildings will collapse in unprecedented ways, through the path of most resistance, with no scientific evidence to explain it.

The Secret Service will fail to do its job, insider trading can occur with no insiders, and “the enemy”—a vaguely defined group of dark-skinned people who just happen to live on strategically critical resources—can remain omnipotent and elusive. All the while, much simpler explanations are evident but cannot be considered.

The official conspiracy theory for 9/11 has led to tremendously harmful effects. Many Americans have forgotten completely what it means to be an American. An ongoing terrorism lottery, that could select any of us as a victim at any time, continues with no end in sight. And the 9/11 Wars that were based on the official account are bankrupting the nation both financially and morally.

Yes, conspiracy theories are a problem when not examined closely. Let’s all take a closer look at this one.

Kevin Ryan’s work as Site Manager for the environmental testing division of Underwriters Laboratories (UL) led him to begin investigating the tragedy of September 11th, 2001. UL fired him, in 2004, for publicly asking questions about UL’s testing of the structural materials used to construct the World Trade Center (WTC) buildings as well as UL’s involvement in the WTC investigation being conducted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Since 2006,Ryan has been the co-editor of the Journal of 9/11 Studies and a founding member of several action groups. He has also served as a board director at Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and co-authored several books and numerous peer-reviewed scientific articles on the subject. He has given public presentations around the country and continues to do research into the crimes of 9/11 in order to help people come to a better understanding. You can contact Kevin at kncryan[at]msn.com.

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What the fuck. I read OffGuardian to get sane objections to state propaganda. Not to view idiotic screeds.
And I’m well aware the term by states and MSM “conspiracy theory” is used to denigrate any question of the state’s chosen narrative. As if to make those pondering alternate possibilities derided as nut-cases. Despite Tuskegee Experiments, COINTELPRO, Iran-Contra, and many other “conspiracy theories” that turned out true. And yeah, the Skripal and chem weps and Russiagate are dubious to the point of laughter. The only other falling-apart BS I can recall is in the Iraq War leadup.
And sure, people who think Osama bin Laden and a group of terrorists led by him or Zawahiri or Sheik Muhammed didn’t do the dead, go all out on your melting points and things. But apparently I’m alone here since I think this is akin to giving a flat-earther, or a racist black-people-are-subhuman a place here. And it also has nothing at all to do with a Guardian article.
Guess this is a the place to not refer to the Guardian and lay out why my personal ridiculous claim is correct.
Pathetic, this article and this site for hosting it. At least it got a lot of soft-brained people to come out and be happy and sleep comfortably at night.

Harry Stotle
Harry Stotle

One of the consequences of disproportionate power is the disappearance of justice.
There was a self-congratulatory mood after Nuremberg when the US strung up a few Nazis, yet by the end of the war the west had lost it’s moral compass to such an extent that it was unable to recognise the murder of 250,000 Japanese citizens in Hiroshima and Nagasaki for the horrific crimes they were.
Ever since this astonishing form of self-denial mass murderers like Bush, Kissinger and the sainted Obama are more likely to be awarded the nobel prize rather than to be brought to justice.
Any rational observer can see the US is responsible for illegal wars and mass murder (including those blown up on 9/11) yet the architects of such policies, rather like the generals who dropped atomic bombs on defenceless civilians are feted rather than punished.
Needless to say the Guardian and others are at the forefront of propping up the vast tapestry of lies required to maintain the legitimacy of such actions.

Mulga Mumblebrain
Mulga Mumblebrain

The West’s ‘moral compass’??!! You are a caution.


Perhaps Harry hasn’t yet encountered the history that is not taught at school. No blame. But after the disturbance settles, a greater curiosity arises – and a willingness to learn from a different sense of the world.

Harry Stotle
Harry Stotle

There is a great deal to admire about western thought especially in the domain of science and literature.
Its important to distinguish this sort of creativity from the kind of world envisaged by our derranged leaders.
I believe people in the west are striving to bring about more civilised and equal societies its just that we need more of them while the military industrial complex they are up against is a formidable opponent with sufficient power to destroy entire countries let alone brush aside dissenting voices.
The peoples of the world are more alike than they think and we should encourage connections on this level rather than see different groups as representatives of the shitty political systems they happen to be lumbered with not because they devised or wanted them, but purely by circumstance.

Mulga Mumblebrain
Mulga Mumblebrain

Of course much of ‘Western’ thought is praise-worthy, although it was not created ex nihilo by sturdy White Men in their God-fearing, Judeo-Christian, glory. It rests on the shoulders of giants, from Mesopotamia, Egypt and with invaluable contributions by India, China, the Islamic world at its height and others. However, what the psychopathic ruling elites of the West today mean by ‘Western Values’ are not so glorious. They mean THEIR power, wealth and (Full Spectrum) Dominance over humanity. They mean ‘Free Markets’ and ‘property’ ie their insatiable greed and contempt for other and the natural world in full spate. They mean the ‘Rules Based International Order’ where Thanatopia obeys NO rules not to its liking, not even the absolute prohibitions on aggression, threats of aggression, genocide and torture. Where the ‘Rules’ mean nothing but ‘Might makes Right’, and Palestinians are ‘human dust’. And we are all Palestinians now.


I have felt the same critique – but the need is to uncover and embody the true, the worthy rather than react within the framing of an adulterated currency of thought.
Every true movement (intrapersonally or interpersonally) comes into a framework of subversion, in which some of the forms are adopted but as a masking over a lack of the Spirit that informed them.
In a masquerade of ‘identity-seeking-reinforcement’ or manipulative or coercive power struggle – the framework is a negatively or fearfully defined sense of self and world – or victimism – used to justify the act of power OVER life (intra or inter) which results in sacrificing ‘victims’ to a personal or private agenda or self-specialness.
As part of waking to the nature of a hate that masks in ‘righteousness’ by accusing itself in the ‘other’ and attacking first as if a legitimate grievance necessitates such ‘defence’, I also write to ‘pop the bubble’ of an evasion of (self) reality that runs under narrative control. At least in those who are already curious as a result of no longer being altogether under its spell. But I see also a fascination in horror that is no less a destructive psyop – even if it operates from our own conditioned proclivities (What psyop doesnt?)
Painting as ‘victims’ can serve a sense of self-righteousness by opposing the victimiser, or being seen to be caring. In all cases of conflict or sickness.
Victimism may be starkly illuminated by extreme examples – but part of my sense of ‘cleaning my room’ is to choose not to use it. Compassion extends and embraces worth where sympathy is destructive and separative.
The MSM use victimism – and create fake events or fake witness to manipulate via ‘moral outrage’, shaming and blaming. It’s the only recourse of those who accept lies and thus have no substance but must subvert the true to protect a lie that insinuates it is too big to fail – because it will bring you down with it.
Fake history also induces curiosity for true. I see all sorts of ‘choices’ in our past where in a sense the wrong turning was taken as a result of ‘vested interests’. In this I see the same core errors repeating or re-enacting without awareness of choice. In this we are like programmed robots and the attempt to manipulate us (PR, propaganda, social engineering, mind-capture and mind-control) all witness to the structure of a consciousness of past association reacting blind of presence. But the past is not the true guide to anything but its ‘continuity’. ‘Who controls the present controls the past’ but there IS no control of the Presence but by deceit that substitutes a ‘presentation’ in terms of past and future.
How does Presence come into the power struggle of victim and victimizer?
It really doesn’t and so is discarded by the search for power and protection.
Are we addicted to identity in conflict? Or spellbound? Are we ‘triggered’ to hates or fears that temporarily subsume all faculties EXCEPT the re-enactment of a past relived? Is our ‘rationalism’ a self deceit by which to remain insulated from psychic-emotional conflicts?
What is the power by which we can open presence amidst the triggered state of that which denies or discards us? – Because rage against the machine is the primary energy source for its running. It is also hurting ourself under the lure of a personal fantasy gratification acted out on bodies.
The problem with grievance is that it robs us of our life, gives power away to causes outside our freedom to change and so enslaves us under the illusion that vengeance will vindicate our grievance or self as grievance defines. Hatred works as poison no matter how ‘justified’ and so we martyr our self under a god of hate or marry ourself to a cause that brands and polarises an identity in grievance. Who loves to hate must hate to love. If this is what we see in others, do we then become a like reaction or take a homeopathic purge.
We cant go back – but what we thought to be going forward was all backwards – and so undoing the past in the present is the releasing of the future instead of trying to control it in terms of old trauma.
Regaining a true currency of communication and exchange starts where we are, by the disinvesting of the false. No one can release what they are unwilling to own. That others seem unwilling to look within and recognize their own thought is not a requirement for conformity.


Of course – but the leaders also embody our own collective discarding of responsibility. Much of which is the desire NOT to know or NOT to risk involvement. We use leaders when it suits us – including both setting them up and scapegoating.
I feel the ‘mess’ is a call to truth – but the use of ‘truths’ as weapons and identities makes it a call to war on one level or another. But the manipulation of identities makes it more like a game of blind man’s bluff with weapons. Hatred of our own shadow in the ‘other’.
I see the wheat and the tares have grown together and a true harvest (discernment) is the separating of the true from the false. The persona or masking is associated with judging good and evil – in its own terms. Everyone acts in what they believe in that moment to be their self interest. But a negatively defined sense of self interprets fearfully and reacts to what it ‘sees’.
The breakdown or disintegration of a masking narrative is the revealing of what runs beneath the mask. We all tend to want to ‘see’ this in others, accuse them and throw stones. Of course others may be acting insanely – but that does not mean we are not participating by limiting them to that.
The law remains the basis for checking, accounting and correcting lawlessness. Human law is no less adulterated and corrupted than any other human institution – but it remains the reflection or translation into human terms of the quality of a just or true order.
I found this interesting as a framework of consideration for the cultural development of the individual:
The acceptance and embodiment, mutation or degradation of ideas runs beneath the personifications of history. This is somewhat recognized by the attempt/intent to manipulate and incept ideas, memes and mind-framing as the ‘new politics’. But it runs on the same old matrix of the separate self sense in power struggle. I see Jesus points to and exemplifies waking from such a tyrannous and subjected sense of will, but only because I no longer see separation as salvation, but as self-illusion given power and suffered as real.
The nature of the attack on life is masked by polarised identity conflict and of course hides in identity politics. But it is the intent of ‘broad spectrum dominance’ over life. It may be simpler to assign this to non-human agency under which we have succumbed because it runs beneath and as if our own thinking.
But to be victimised, you have to play the supporting role.
In the story of Job – Satan sought every weakness to break Job’s faith but Job did not place it in the things of the world and came through to a transcendent intimacy. Jesus is the same in different format. He did not identify the victim or the scapegoat – regardless that this distortion is systemic to his culture (and ours). Nor did he give and receive this with others. It may be that the breakdown of Christianity as developed opens the way to a second coming in the many.
Or let me put it differently – the need in an insanity of lies is to uncover and make manifest the true because dallying in the false has brought a prodigal ruin that all the kings horses and all the king’s men can never put to rights. Its a scam for a budget to persist in and ‘profit’ from ruin under the banner of some crusade. Nothing true comes from a false foundation. Releasing the mind-control allows that which is true to float and that which is not to have fallen away. But you cannot release what you assign and confine to your ‘leaders’. Nor can ‘leaders’ lead without such support. I say ‘leaders’ because they are for the most part crisis actors serving narrative control. Who writes the script? Self-specialness and fear – regardless whatever agencies play the power to make or break you. Good intentions are so easily manipulated. We have to go a lot deeper into self-honesty than that.


I agree with you, Binra. And note that it is very hard to communicate this message of our most intimate involvement in creating and sustaining the global sickness of control, deception and fear that drives the modern world. It appears to be information most people simply do not want to take on board. Personally, I find myself torn. On the one hand, I intuit (falsely?) a general readiness to open up to such information growing stronger (albeit still mostly underground), on the other I know such opening up cannot be accelerated or forced. And the western tradition of evidence-based or even logic-based rhetoric doesn’t help at all. One is left with semi-poetical appeals that make very little sense to the unwilling and addicted, and that therefore risk harming the intention behind the communication. It’s a funny situation in which we all end up preaching to our converted but at Other: a multitudinous bickering. This tension between groups has led me to conclude that the most important skill to develop is how to build and sustain communication with people and groups who see the world very differently. I have yet to hit upon the right tone or approach (maybe there is none), though I know part of it is an explicit and palpable willingness to learn where we ourselves are wrong.


The nature of true communication is that it reaches other minds in ways we cannot imagine much less contrive. We don’t necessarily have recognition or appreciation while alive – especially when challenging the narrative rather than adapting under it. Perhaps sowing seeds in ways we have no knowledge of, that ripen to become part of a genuine curiosity for true rather than a momentary ‘following’ that serves to reframe and bury whatever might have been worthy.
I am not seeking impact so much as witnessing the movement as I intuit and live it. It is a different ‘territory’ that is not conscious while engaged in fear-driven reaction and a sense of justified identity.
If essaying an articulation is a willingness to grow the foundations from which to be free of a false use of thought and language – then if anyone tries to run me through the filters of ‘define, predict and control’ thinking, then they will have already pre-defined me as something not to attend, nonsense to ignore or heresy to associate with attack on the person. That’s how it operates. Everyone is bombarded with attempts to gain attention or even be subliminally subjected to mind control tactics that seem to work until of course they are marked as meaningless and given complete disregard.
I write in a willingness that can be met in a like willingness in others – and I am intuitively aware that there is a deep ripening not simply for ‘change’ (in a world that IS by nature always changing) – but for a change in the frameworks of our thought – not least because the manipulative or conditioned and rather unconscious nature of such thinking is being revealed in our face. There is also great fear – regardless the presentations – and I add I meet fear in ways that has to bring me more present rather than recoil, evade, fold, shut down.
In a sense we are at an ‘apocalypse’ or revealing of ourselves to ourselves, not to damnation or self vindication, but to what we did not expect. All our goalposts increasingly don’t apply anymore, but the old identities that were looking to score or afraid of being knocked out, still run on until the batteries wear out – and getting others to reinforce our identity is ‘survival’ under the rules of a game played for keeps. Conflict as self reinforcement is also conflict as destruction, bankruptcy and exhaustion.
To be an instrument of ‘Thy Peac’e is not to change the world to agree but to shine to the world from a different basis that division, conflict, vengeance and powerlessness. Unconflicted being waits on welcome not on time. As I see it – any willingness in true (reintegrative) purpose is never wasted – but our measuring stick sets all sorts of recipes for failure. So be yourself as you are and grow it anyway and in anyway that works for you.
I appreciate meeting others in purpose – but I also read people at a deeper level perhaps than they think to be and appreciate them also. I don’t have to know ‘how’ life works to live it – but in living I notice all kinds of ways I get in my own way and thus awaken a choice I did not see before.
I appreciate and learn by what I find I share – and I hold that whatever we give, demonstrate or do – we are the first to learn from it – while others are free to alight in whatever resonates for where they are now.
The disinformation overload induces the need for aligning under true purpose, navigating by true discernment. and sharing a true appreciation. There is no trying in this and not really a lot of thinking but there is active willingness – amidst the conditions of the day thereof. Live this day well…


There is little to really admire when you get the context – The support & sponsorship of Arts, Literature Charities by the kleptocrats & plutocrats are only a faked soulagment for the masses not to feel so bad about their poverty & to think of the ‘goodness’ of their Masters.
This trick was played fantastically by Medicis who gave us Leonardo da Vinci etc and works very well today under the label of ‘Philanthropy’ in which the Elite throws a few bones to a few of the talented Plebs paid for with money stolen from from the mass of Plebs.
While the Extreme Right disguised as Central Leftists like Macron, May & Merkel remain in power we will continue to be conned! Le Pen labelled here as ‘Extreme Right’ is anything but – trying to find the truth among the lies & denigration of the word Populism as something bad by all the media will come back & haunt the Elite with coming election.
Coincidentally name a so-called ‘Conspiracy Theory’ not put our by a nutter that turned out not to be true? Its just a term to to shite on the percieved IQ of the ones that question.


The development of city state cultures onward had the idea of the god-king and the belief in being descendants of gods. While a sense of moral disgust can feed itself on the power structures that also held the conditions in which cultural flowerings arose – it is also simply the way humanity organised and identified itself.
My current sense is that a catastrophic past effectively put humanity into ‘PTSD’ – or rather, structured a fractured consciousness into fragmented personae under terror. Indeed I see that this is an energetic ‘template’ that each of us passed through in out birthing and infancy – though we all have unique configurations of personality structure that manifest in different ways. Rage at authority being evident in a blanket hate that sees all else in terms of the worst.
This can also be seen without the catastrophism under the idea of hardwired human archetypes in the work of such a Jung or Joseph Campbell – for in terms of human consciousness very very few challenge the human condition in the faith that is is a conditioning and not ‘fixed’ of physical conditions.
It isn’t so hard to find what is wrong with everyone (else) or the world or any aspect of it. We are experts at doing so without awareness of any process of thought. ‘Otherism’ as justification for ‘selfism’ (yes I am also playing here). But a self drawn from or made upon the judgement of another is a dissociation from direct relation. A persona.
I long ago saw that thought is also currency – for I was undone in a quality of being in which none of it would run or hold any meaning. It is the currency by which we make a world and reinforce it. My sense is that we have painted ourselves into a corner with nowhere else to move to, for all the conflict is a paralysing incapacity to truly function. It effects the darkness or spell of a captured attention. Meanwhile life goes on all around you.
Life is what we make of it unless we let it make us. And if we cannot find anything worthy in our fellow man and our world, then we have no sense of worthiness in ourselves. That is the result of an inner tyranny of self-judgement. The trouble with believing our own judgement is that we take it as real and no longer really look – seeing only as we expect or presume the situation to be.
Cultures also carry shadows, and that if not brought to awareness, to be undone or reintegrated, they will undermine from within.
Whether we like it or no, I sense we are increasingly meeting our denials or aspects of a self we deny, project and attack in others. This does not detract from bringing accountability under the law. But unless we ‘clean our own room’, we cant see what it ours from what is not and cannot act or communicate effectively, getting in our own way.
Those who manipulate know these denials are points of leverage, but the manipulated see in terms of good v evil binary that effectively makes them a charge unit to switch into a circuit.


Again yes, and a very interesting set of observations that remind me strongly of Lewis Mumford’s work:
We do so live in our heads as instructed and structured by a bewilderingly complicated knot of beliefs and ideas, the vast majority of which operate in us as reflexes. It’s a spider’s web are are caught in and triggered by largely without realising it. My experience of this fact via reading, writing and thinking has led me to want to learn how to listen to others at a depth that is close to being them, being in their being. To do this, I first have to get out of my head, as we all do. I suspect this is where we are at culturally: an apparently hopeless crossroads that feels like a dead end: a bifurcation point. What we are, with its attendant attributes that were once so paramount in creating our world, has exhausted itself, can no longer create anything other than destruction and deception in a panicked scrabble to not expire. It is not possible to see what lies on the other side except in visions we cannot find agreement on. And yet there is that mounting pressure to change. Like a full-term pregnancy, past nine months, that will not switch to contractions and birth even though there’s no space left to grow.


Well met!
I sense that there is no way out of an inherently ‘impossible situation’ – only further layers of obfuscation as a way of ‘buying time’ in delay of the inevitable . But at some point, the recognition ‘I cant do it’ opens the freedom to abandon operating FROM impossible (self-conflicted) predicates, and listening or opening to the presence of an unalloyed knowing brings a healed or more truly aligned perception.
One step at a time. As we are willing to accept.
Attempts to communicate about such a shift within consciousness may generate all sorts of attempts to ‘get there’ or achieve it (or sell it and buy into mere association with the mimicry of it) – which is the old wine bottle paradigm of I (must) do this, or get this all by myself, to add to my ‘self’ and get rid of my (unwanted or hated) self. These are self-rejecting self-definitions that assert an experience of exclusion upon a nature that only gives – for while we may create our personal experience of existence, we do not create our existence – in any moment of all that we live.
Assuming the world (and others in it) to be our right to use to for a sense of personal gratifications (identity reinforcement) is different from perception of world as faithful feedback to our own activity of thoughts of accepted self/reality – much of which is a subconscious habit routine or deeply denied and avoided sense of unthinkable or intolerable conflict. But beneath all suppressed or masked off configuration of the feared and hated, is the spontaneous rising of life to its own fulfilment in expression. Joy in being.
Choosing NOT to use or react to the coercive or manipulative division – insofar as we currently notice – opens to discern an underlying communication of being – as a spontaneous response of recognition – because the nature of such underlying communication is native to being – and in a way is more of release of tension to a corrective shift in posture or balance than judging someone ‘wrong’ and setting about righting them.
Distrust of our life inhibits our freedom of being with a corresponding sense of being denied by conditions (and others) rather than by our choice to mask or evade such conditions (because they are associated with self-pain, fear, loss or shame). We learn to hate our life and our world as a sense of ‘you don’t love me’ and freeze our true feelings out by pretending not to either care or expect love by making a blame or love-unworthy world that justifies withdrawal of a true attention and withholding of our true presence (and true witness).
While in a sense everyone plays their part in our drama – it is the role WE cast for them – (albeit unmindfully). But actually seeing our mind in the act of such judgement is the freedom to release it in the curiosity or open willingness for what IS true. I see that what I had believed and acted upon as real is what I made up – albeit in the past under very different circumstances and for reasons that may have served me then but distort, filter and deny a true appreciation now.
If love is the capacity to be with, then guilt is the belief in the capacity to be without. Just as toxic debt is packaged into complex ‘financial instruments’ of seeming value, so guilt is packaged in the very nature of the personal construct from which we then see all things through a lens darkly – if at all. Guilt is a game of ‘pass the parcel’ where no one wants to be the one found to be holding it when the music stops. Such is our training and our expertise as a result of taking on guilt for pain of loss of love and then immediately or reactively projecting it away in a self-protective gesture of survival.
These words may seem light as concepts, but the ‘territory’ of experience they pertain to is heavy to abide, but for the willingness of truly being WITH. Our willingness and desire to embrace life is not the same as the urge to escape a feared life outcome. Focussing in what we don’t want is negative creation, giving power to fear while thinking to save ourselves.
Is it impossible to bring communication to a consciousness that is in a sense inside out or backwards in its determination to escape it? One can only participate in a shared willingness and readiness to hear, and yet a quality of true communication is already the case beneath the identity made from the appearances of divide and rule out if we care to notice. And even a fake version must de facto bear witness to the existence of that which it is passing off as, usurping or substituting for.
So yes indeed drop into listening and learn to move only with the movement. There is no room or time for manual interjection of ‘thinking apart’ without missing our timing in struggling of a sense of limitation and threat that effects a block to our capacity to hear and see, until we calm down or shift our attention via changing perspective and perhaps wonder ‘what was all that about!’. But then we cannot deal with what isn’t here, and so every kind of rehearsal and rehash via hindsight only sets us up to fail under a false sense of confidence. Despite and because of that, we may grow and live the desire to see and know what really happens when we ‘lose it’. And so we begin to notice we are navigating situations that once would have triggered or unbalanced us. We have changed, and our world changes with us, For if we demand life fits our expectations – or else we wont play – then we haven’t really changed.


But at some point, the recognition ‘I cant do it’ opens the freedom to abandon operating FROM impossible (self-conflicted) predicates, and listening or opening to the presence of an unalloyed knowing brings a healed or more truly aligned perception.
One step at a time. As we are willing to accept.

I could not agree more! And with almost all of the rest of your response, actually. My experience of love emphasises its primary concern with Other as a generator of the joy you describe; perhaps this can also be described as “being with”. While not wholly selfless to the point of self-abnegation or dissolution, it is selfless in the manner you painted.
And yes, I am taking your advice, learning how to feel – almost unthinkingly – what currently is as it changes from moment to moment.
And yes too to no expectations. I’ve intellectually grasped this or known to refer to it as wise for decades, but have not been capable of heeding it in my way of being. For some unknowable number of reasons it seems, finally, to be sinking in. Healthier, more authentic joy is what emerges, albeit in patches. When this part settles down, I suppose that will be the start of who I am becoming…


Toby or not Toby is NOT the question 😉
But to release or disinvest of the mis aligned in being is the release of the need to question or doubt your own worthiness of being and so unselfconsciously extends a like worth to all. Of course the moments of such will meet the ‘interjections’ of invested judgement, but this is the leading edge of our expansion or reintegration.
If a man on his deathbed can come into a quality of deep self acceptance as a result of releasing baggage, why not now? Why not lean or open to facing rather than evading or persisting in grievance. It seems worse because we more consciously own our experience – but that is the crucible of growth for we are then not seeking to hide our own part in the actions or intentions of others. I add that I chose to say ‘leaning’ because any attempt to ‘do’ this from wilfulness will self sabotage. Letting into life is more apt than attempts to make it ‘work’ to our models. But that has to be owned for it to have any practical expression. Living and competing in the maps, models and identifications is not really living what is now. I’m staying up too late – as if I could clear this inbox! OG has gotten very busy!

Jimmy Solomon

Thank you Off-Guardian for rare bit of truth – and written by Kevin Ryan no less! While the MSM is obviously guilty of exclusively boosting the official 9/11 narrative, alternative media, too, while critical of so many things, too often doesn’t touch the hard truths of 9/11. They seem to think the current middle eastern wars began after the towers fell and not a minute before. Maybe this posting is a harbinger of more 9/11 truth articles to come out in the alternative media. Maybe even we will see something about the truth of 7/7.
Do check out the Truth and Shadows blog and the amazing five hour documentary The New Pearl Harbor.

Carlton Standish
Carlton Standish

Agreed. The method of destruction is probably best explained in Christopher Bollyn’s book Solving 9-11 in ‘The Exploding Floors of 9-11’ – a logical and convincing article.


It hit me very hard in the guts, as if someone had literally kicked me in the balls, when I was at work, in the office, and I was now 100% convinced in February 2003, that the Official US Government story was completely impossible, because it did not comply, with the most fundamental basic physics and maths, that I had studied at an English university many years before.
I immediately realised all the implications of what was going to happen. It was not some foreign culture or tribe of people with different coloured skins who did this, it was us…(our Western Culture who has since spent most of its time dropping bombs on the peoples and cultures – who they blamed for it – and said had done it, whilst they obviously didn’t even have a clue where New York was. Most had never even heard of America…except when all these bombs started landing on them.
I marched with over 1 million other people through London – all of us Against The war in Iraq – before it had started and these Criminals in Government ignored us.
So all this crap has happenned, so what do we do about it???
Will a TRIAL of all the obvious criminal suspects who designed, implemented and demonstrated (their capability to blow up a significant part of New York) (it is a bit like sh1tting on your own doorstep (but somewhat worse) gonna work??
Even Putin, never mentions it, and he ain’t exactly thick, so is he part of the conspiracy too?
Anyone got any good ideas?
We can’t all be brainwashed stupid, but the evidence is that most of us are.
We’ve got to do better than this.
Do not mention nine eleven – or they will think you are mad?


A significant majority of Americans when polled doubt the official 9/11 story. It makes no difference. A million people descended on London to halt the war on Iraq. It made no difference. 99% of the Global Population condemns Israeli murder of unarmed protesters. It makes no difference.
The 0.0001% of individuals on this planet who are the same conspirators in all three examples act without fear and with impunity. They even publish their plans in advance and brag about it afterward.
They control the Media, Government, Banking, Policing and the Military of All western nations. The only way to do anything about it for everybody to act collectively to demand the generals represent the people and arrest entire government’s, seize banks and arrest MSM propagandists. That seems impossible. A sustained comprehensive general strike across all western nations in a unified effort to oust every government, they are currently all bought by our collective enemies, is the only non violent method open to us. However there enough sheeple living reasonably comfortable in deliberate or not so deliberate ignorance that will not support such a cause and fatally undermine it.
As it stands we are screwed. All we can do is writhe in the agony of our knowledge and hope that sometime soon these monsters turn on each other.


I like how you write, Candide, and agree that what you describe is impossible. But, stuck record that I am, we do still have the option – the only option – that is always there for us: growing up. It is a cliche, I know, but that doesn’t make it wrong. It is unpalatable, it is apparently woefully insufficient and slow, nevertheless the fact remains that as we grow up as individuals, so we mature as a society. While we remain timid children, we remain at the mercy of that tiny fraction you mention.
Grass doesn’t grow faster if you shout at it: we cannot force other people to grow up. That’s as impossible as the mass protests you suggest, because it amounts to the same thing. We can only work on our own growth. This small yet powerful domain of opportunity is where the hope is. I see OffGuardian and other sites like it as part of that work: the development of new structures that will assist this maturation and give it collective shape. I lived in Germany for about 20 years where similar movements are taking root, and know it is happening elsewhere in the world. As this process beds down and finds its rhythms and strengths, so it will become more and more attractive to others. This will eventually engender the right kind of action that can have lasting effects on how we build and sustain something more humane. We are in the process of rendering that tiny percentage redundant via new structures that do not create controlling overlords in the first place.
Or fail in the attempt. There are no guarantees. Except not trying at all, which guarantees failure.


Thank you. Maturity in the sense you speak of was something that back in the 1970s I thought to be our collective ambition and that it was being concretely realised. Educational standards were improving around the world and said maturation seemed inevitable. While education continues to improve in Asia the rest of the world is regressing. I believe this is no accident but a deliberate and sustained assault on us all. Contemporary philosophers and social commentators now openly call this a post truth era. There is now a distrust of science and rationality, despite our dependence on it, and as these two factors were pivotal in our maturation it has come to a halt. I would actually state it has regressed.
In our educational establishments critical thinking has been all but obliterated by government imposed curriculums designed to dumb down. This is the era of the multiple choice exam designed to allow the official targets be exceeded while leaving future employers the task of giving these straight A student’s basic literacy training. You and I both know that “power” fears nothing more than the educated masses and we don’t need a multiple choice question to know why.
Across our culture driven by the Zionist media brainwash we see at least two generations reduced to the mental age of 13. Porn, Action Films and chickflix, indistinguishable talent shows, adult cartoons and comedy shows without exception hold their audiences in the mental vacuity of pubescent youth. So maturation is at best at standstill. For the masses. Of course in the elite seats of learning its a different story.


I’m with John Taylor Gatto and John Holt on the education front. Modern education was designed from the get-go to dumb us down (e.g. https://wesjones.com/gatto1.htm), to make us pliable factory grunts and manipulatable shoppers. The kind of education that would encourage our maturation would be radically different from what we have seen thus far. It would include speaking truth to power, questioning sceptically that which we find in books, and learning how to treat each other with decency and respect, especially when there are profound differences of outlook. John Holt was writing in the 70s, but apart from a brief and aborted flirtation with his recommendations in a few locations, his and similar work goes ignored despite significant and demonstrable successes outside the official gaze.
But that type of education – one that encourages true independence of spirit and open-minded scepticism – won’t be built by TPTB. We have to grow up in all ways possible to get that done. One way or the other, it’s down to us.

Mulga Mumblebrain
Mulga Mumblebrain

We’re all Palestinians now.


Thats quite profound and true. Not to diminish the terrible and inhumane suffering of the Palestinian people.


Agree.. Profound statement.. should be a world meme right about now.. ;>


A Blog I wrote in 2008, how conspiracy thinking has become mainstream: A Conspirological State of Mind https://manfromatlan.blogspot.com/2008/03/conspirological-state-of-mind.html


It’s not quite as bleak as that. Nobody believes the lies of the MSM any more. The political elites are being rejected out of hand at every opportunity. Brexit, the election of Corbyn, even that of Trump, election results across Europe that aren’t going according to script. The elite is rattled – hence the frantic efforts to close down debate and censor the internet. These are signs of weakness, not strength.
Cheer up! It’s not as bleak as it looks. I think the proportion of Americans who believe the official 9/11 story is now about 15%.


Hate to be the harbinger of more bad news.. but..
Interview with Rosalie Bertell:
edited by Admin

Mulga Mumblebrain
Mulga Mumblebrain

It very often looks like the leading global psychopaths are intent on ending Life on Earth-certainly human habitation. Whether this is the result of some gigantic conspiracy by Death-worshiping diabolists or alien species masquerading as ‘human’, or just the playing out of the capitalist paradigms of eternal growth and profit maximisation at all costs, seems to me the only question left asking.

Frankly Speaking
Frankly Speaking

Come on guys, you cannot hijack a discussion forum like this by pasting in a massive piece from elsewhere. Just paste a link, or start your own blog. This site will fall apart if this kind of thing is allowed to occur. There has to be some common sense moderation.


Apologies. Not my intention to hijack this forum. at all. Just sprang to mind as of interest in light of..


I must admit she does seem rather naive… I mean, who is going to “make” the US military do anything they don’t want to do? They work in the service of utterly soulless greed, as Bertell herself says, but who is going to stop them?
They will never self-regulate unless ALL of them and their families are personally at risk, while the general public has got entirely accustomed to being controlled by psychopaths, and can only shrug in despair.
I hate the thought that I might appear unduly negative, but I do share your “hate to be the harbinger of more bad news” determination to say it like it is.
And it IS all bad news.
Personally, I don’t know where to turn. Only bad people get prominent employment in government today, unless their work is strictly menial, and Washington’s reckless stupidity seems to have no effective mechanism for preventing it from going into orbit – literally.


I suppose all many of us can do is continue to highlight injustices and wrongs; signpost and flag things, – Offer an alternative view.. some perspective.. in the words of Spinal Tap: “Too much.. too much f*****g perspective now!” I keep telling myself to take a more ‘Watts-ian’ view of things.. but my conscience overrides a laissez faire attitude (albeit a spiritually motivated one) and spurs me with the notion: “Well, you knew, so, what did you do about it?” (and I pray for Jeremy Corbyn.. ;> )
Having said all this.. ‘the best laid plans of mice and men…’ this goes for the bad guys too.. ;>


Conspiracy theories aside.. it’s worth reading up on Rosalie Bertell – a foremost expert in the effects of radiation and the nuclear industry – a grey nun and author prior to her passing. She was a revered activist for public health.
Her books: ‘Planet earth – Latest weapon of War’, and ‘No Immediate Danger: Prognosis for a Radioactive Earth’ are worthy and well-informed reading on the science and real weaponry behind HAARP and the terrible truth behind the nuclear industry.
Ms Bertell is most worthy of an article on OffGuardian I think!
Bertell received many awards, including:
Hans-Adalbert-Schweigart-Medal (1983)
Right Livelihood Award (1986)
World Federalist Peace Award
Ontario Premier’s Council on Health, Health Innovator Award (1991)
United Nations Environment Programme Global 500 award
Sean MacBride International Peace Prize

Mulga Mumblebrain
Mulga Mumblebrain

The ‘secret beam weapon’ is a diversion, planted to discredit the real alternative theories to the official, Zionist-crafted, version of events. Controlled demolition explains the collapses, easily.


Exactly. Ocams razor is essential to counter the invocation of mysterious secret weapons when much more mundane and plausible methods fit the available evidence.


I don’t have to exclude other possibilities but can leave them at least somewhat open to further information. Whatever a psyop is, is more than how it is effected. You can see what it is by its effect, by the reactions it triggered and triggers. Attending the complexity as if to achieve clarity is an effective rabbit hole to get lost in. Destroying the twin towers holds a maze of rabbit holes. Recognizing that the act of terror was the psyop and not an attack as flagged up – is at least a call to guard the mind from capture (by reaction).
The declaration of ‘power’ to make reality and enforce it is a tyranny of the mind much more far reaching than any threat from physical attacks.


The ‘beam weapon’ was used to misinterpret and mock Dr.Judy Wood’s analysis. The .9/11 AE truth movement do not advocate that theory and are vehemently opposed to it, or were the last time I looked into it, which is a good while back now.

Hertog Jan
Hertog Jan

Zelikow, Cheney and a few others must be laughing every time they see such article.

Mulga Mumblebrain
Mulga Mumblebrain

Zelikow and many of those that helped suppress the truth, and those who so presciently predicted the need for a ‘New Pearl Harbor’ to induce the US public to support Netanyahu’s ‘War of Terror on Islam’ to put the Oded Yinon Plan into action (ie the ‘neo-conservative’ followers of Leo Strauss of the PNAC), were nearly all Israel First Zionists. And it is there, plainly, that responsibility lies. The ’19 Saudis’ were just the patsies, the Sirhans, Oswalds and Chapmans of the operation.

Paul Carline
Paul Carline

First point – Zionist responsibility (and Israeli complicity) – agreed. But there were no real ‘patsies’ – just invented ones. There’s zero evidence for hijackers or hijackings – and no commercial planes hit the towers. No planes at the Pentagon and Shanksville either. I think these are stronger points than WTC7.


Billions of TV viewers all over the world (including me) witnessed the planes fly into the tower. The credibility of this tinfoil hat tripe is less than 0. Along with the credibilty of anything else served up by the same commentators, and for the same reasons.
What next? The Tooth Fairy did it? FFS.

Frankly Speaking
Frankly Speaking

I also saw it unfold in real-time, it was horrendous.
Planes undoubtedly flew into the towers, but the questions include – were they real airliners or remotely controlled aircraft, and who was behind it all, and why?
We cannot dismiss the Israeli guys being locked up for more than 2 months and then appearing on Israeli TV and replying to the interviewer with the comment that they were sent there to document the event. For whom? An old Sunni Muslim guy hiding in a cave in Afghanistan?!!!! LOL
I also saw live the BBC TV news reporting saying she’d just received news that WT7 had also collapsed, whilst it was still there on the horizon behind her and not brought down for another 25 minutes or so.
Let’s not forget the QUALIFIED architects and engineers who have even put their reputations and livelihoods on the line by observing and stating facts and asking for a proper investigation.


Each of us who has explored the multifaceted and complex deceptions surrounding 9/11 has one or two particular aspects that resonate with us. For you it is the planes, (I too suspect they were drones/remotely piloted).
However as stated perfectly already WTC7 is a smoking gun unlike all the others. It proves demolition was employed in such a way that pre-planning had to have taken place. Proving this in public by means of a forced independent inquiry would demand a proper and independent inquiry into the entirety of what happened. Just watching WTC7 fall with the explosive squibs seen on other building demolitions clearly visible as the building freefall into it’s own footprint does about 90% of the work in convincing people it was demolished. Every other evidence however compelling to the initiated fails in this regard. We have to start with WTC7, and everything else will follow.

King Kong
King Kong

I am not a mushroom. I know what the evil empire is capable of. 9 -11 stinks, unexplained peculiar things happen.
The US is rotten. It needs to go


We’re there.
We’ve finally reached the point where we can safely conclude that no one in our western governments can be trusted any longer, and it is a foregone conclusion that they are lying to us 24/7.
Now who, apart from China or Russia, has enough nuclear firepower to frighten the criminals who pretend to be our representatives in Washminster into abandoning their insane plan to create chaos all over the world, just so that whoever happens to be Puppet-in-Chief of the US in the near future can move in with his military and steal everybody’s natural resources?
Which naturally makes us “Commie lovers” in Kentucky and Alabama… well, in any of the Southern States…
Those of us who can see the problem pretty clearly by now do not, of course, have the means to frighten anybody at all in today’s US-UK mafia brotherhood.
I’d love to see an answer out there somewhere, but I’m just not clairvoyant enough.


Agree with the conclusion. Sadly. You answered your own question – the answer is out there.. Russia and China!
(see also my comment re: Rosalie Bertell)


Conspiracy theories aside.. https://www.globalresearch.ca/remembering-rosalie-bertell/31448 – Dr. Bertell’s second ground-breaking book, “Planet Earth: The Latest Weapon of War” was published in 2000. This book brilliantly documents the hidden and lethal military agendas of vast harm with new generations of super-weapons, such as HAARP [High Frequency active Auroral Research Program].

Mulga Mumblebrain
Mulga Mumblebrain

And, on the other hand, the sly denialist dissembler, Fred Pearce, slithered out from ‘neath his rock at the ‘Fraudian’ the other day, to proclaim that both Fukushima and Chernobyl had killed virtually no one.


And so it continues……..”Home Secretary Sajid Javid plans to work more closely with businesses to eradicate safe spaces for violent extremists.” This UK mouthpiece wants businesses to look for suspicious purchases and to improve their security in crowded places across the UK to track down all those “violent extremists” who are now threatening our “critical infrastructure”. The ratcheting up of the fear factor continues unabated. This faux concern for our personal safety coming from a UK establishment which is nothing more than a partner in crime to American worldwide thuggery leaves one speechless. According to Sajid there has been a “step change” in the threat from these violent people. They are he says trying to “undermine the values that hold us together”. That would be the values, UK and American, concerning illegal sanctions. wars and invasion of foreign countries which themselves had never posed any threat whatsoever to our “values”. So we are all supposed to swallow this crap from the very people who are responsible for the ongoing carnage and death of countless civilians, by supporting our corrupt and degenerate administrations whose very behaviour is psychopathic in the extreme.

Richard Wicks
Richard Wicks

Who is talking about a secret beam weapon?
It’s pretty easy to establish the US government lies as a matter of policy. Syria is such an example. The reason the United States is in Syria to to give the Golan Heights to Israel so that Genie Energy can mine the oil resources there. Destroying Syria also deprives Russia of their only middle eastern base as well.
You know your government lies. The reason Libya was destroyed was to prevent Qadaffi from launching the gold dinar again. It is in civil war now, and there’s slavery there now. Remember, the official reason the US bombed Libya was “to prevent a humanitarian crisis”.
Afghanistan now produces 85% of the world’s opium, that’s up to less than 5% back in 2001. And this happened under US occupation, and the US now has an opium epidemic. You think that’s a coincidence?
The US government is now run by a mafia. That’s all you need to know. You don’t have to know what happened exactly on 9/11, all you need to know is what didn’t happen. Your government lies, because it’s a criminal cabal. The United States doesn’t have a legitimate government. You know what was in the world trade centers? A group of banks. The destruction of those banks conveniently got rid of a lot of records. Is that the motivation for 9/11? I don’t know, but it’s worthless to speculate. What’s important is that our criminal government will *never* tell us what actually happened on 9/11.


Well said Richard.. I have been posting this information ever since 911.
It was done so obviously that one would have had to have been lobotomised to believe it.
The only information you are missing is:
* What happened to the gold under the WTCs.
* On September 10, 2001, Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld stated: “According to some estimates we cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions.”
Such a disclosure normally might have sparked a huge scandal. However, the commencement of the attack on New York City and Washington in the morning would assure that the story remained buried… and conveniently a missile hit the exact spot where the accountants, bookkeepers, and budget analysts were working and were killed, and destroyed all important information.. which was most probably the reason for the Pentagon attack?
To kill all personnel who would know or could find out?
*April Gallup THE ONLY SURVIVOR of the Pentagon attack.

*What delivered the missile?
A large fixed wing aircraft appeared, which was a grey C-130, which
appeared to be a Navy electronic warfare aircraft, he seemed to survey the
area and depart in on a westerly heading.
*Who was the pilot of the C130
*C130s fitted with missiles.
A KC-130J showing the AN/AAQ-30 Targeting Sight and AGM-114 Hellfires on the left wing in Afghanistan, 2011
With the addition of the Marine Corps’s ISR / Weapon Mission Kit, the KC-130J tanker variant will be able to deliver ground support fire in the form of Hellfire or Griffin missiles, precision-guided bombs, and eventually 30mm cannon fire.
*The Zionists control the USA.
*Genie Oil is Cheney/Murdoch/Jacob Rothschild and cronies.
*Gadaffi was demonised and murdered because he refused the
WORLD BANK, owned by ”Rothschild’, and was going to head the United States of Africa.. which had more resources that all the rest of the world put together.But the USA/Israhell have torn Africa to shreds between them.
And after the instigated protests and riots in the Arab countries the Rothschild finally paved their way into establishing Central Banks, and getting rid of many leaders, which put them into more power.
*The only countries without a ‘World Bank’ are Cuba, NorthKorea and Iran….

kevin morris
kevin morris

The important point regarding Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth is that they make no conspiracy claims whatsoever. They simply state that official explanations for the fall off three buildings on 9/11 do not bear scientific scrutiny. As a consequence, they call for proper investigation.
As for conspiracies, many are fascinating but perusal of the pages of many online conspiracy sites suggests that too much focus on conspiracies can be very damaging to wellbeing.


@Kevin: “they call for a proper investigation”. Exactly. The most momentous crime since the burning of the Reichstag, and we are still waiting for a proper investigation. Interesting that both crimes involve the Bush dynasty (Prescot Bush financed Hitler, and both were committed by people who talk about The New World Order (George Sr. and Adolph).
“Only the facts, Ma’am, just gimme the facts”. — Dragnet


Tubularsock is so tired of this subject and perhaps Tubularsock will be able to settle this entire 9/11 thing so we can all sleep tight tonight.
“Where Did The Towers Go?” is pretty simple, the answer–CHINA!
And yes there is proof.
The steel used in the Twin Towers and Building 7 was Chinese steel.
So the steel used returned to China because it was only on vacation in New York anyway. It was on a temporary visa.
This seems obvious to Tubularsock. All three buildings fell at free fall speed into their own foot print and then there is this little known FACT that the steel fell directly INTO the trucks …….. almost like it was planned.
And as Tubularsock has always said:
“9/11 was NOT an Inside Job!
9/11 was an OUTSOURCED Job.
The U.S. always outsources its Terrorist Activities!”


I see that ‘plausible deniability’ is the back door by which no one is compelled to believe anything they choose not to.
The desire to operate on a ‘plausibly deniable’ basis leads to secrets and lies and war by deceit.
The US Gov is in a deep state of fracture. But as an ‘ideal’ or symbolic image it is sold to the public as powerful, purposeful and representative of the needs of its citizens. WITHIN the matrix of deceit, Occam’s razor makes truth seem complex and dangerous, but the core nature of the deceit is to assign the consequence of thought, word and deed, in blame upon the other – so as to justify asserting power over them, or taking power from them.
Too big to fail means to intractably invested in – or indeed too unwilling to accept and embrace change – hence the protection of the lie at expense of true – which regardless of ‘good intentions’ can only work an ‘anti-life’ agenda.
911 WORKED as a psyop or device on many levels by which to switch the consciousness to a new phase – a ‘post truth’ phase. Power to do so reveals itself as terror – while presenting the terror in forms of proxies and scapegoats.
But as I said elsewhere on this page, it also worked as a wake up call at a deeper level. To use the deeper deceits so openly is to illuminate them to any who have the free awareness to notice. The captured are triggered into reactive identity and those who refuse the bait are called to a different perspective than wielding or masking off from identifying in power in this world. On some level it may be as simple as unwillingness to invest in hate and fear that allows something else to come through.
As a non-Biblical symbol of the Fall, Humpty Dumpty serves well enough to signify the original false flag, and the use of victimhood in lack and loss of wholeness as the basis for ‘power’ over chaos – whilst blindly persisting the power to generate chaos. This is all about identity under terror, mind-fragmentation and persona or masking narrative identity. Of course the mind will not ‘go there’ and so it is a shadow through which hate and rage operate unchecked and largely unseen. The mind as a denial device operates a distortion filter, without which the world as we perceive it could not be experienced.

Gary Weglarz
Gary Weglarz

At this point Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth are certainly the most reliant on scientific evidenced based research in challenging the “official” conspiracy theory of 9/11. There are over 3,000 architects and engineers, and along with non-professional supporters, who have everything to lose and nothing to gain by taking on the U.S. government & deep state, yet they are doing so, in my opinion, because if the official story were truth, there would not be a safe concrete steel frame building in existence anywhere on the planet. The nonsense of watching not only building 7 collapse in an obvious controlled demolition, but the towers literally disintegrate into thin air is not lost on these building professionals. They are currently mounting a lawsuit against NIST related to its totally bogus assertion that building 7 fell due to small fires. A & E for 9/11 Truth is a very solid credible organization that has not been derailed by the many ongoing government attempts to create dissent and confusion in any groups challenging their 9/11 myths.


The term itself is a psyop by which to neutralize critical exposures of corruptions that run beneath the surface or narrative ‘reality’.
The term conspiracy is too limited in presuming everyone acting it out is running the same narrative – when many are operating under self interest aligned to ‘insider’ narratives that are also called ‘useful idiots’.
But the core issue I see is that perceiving our world in this way gives power to a shadow ‘Them’ and renders us powerless thereby.
Insofar as I can, I notice the devices of deceit as the pointer to the way our (my) consciousness is constructed – that is to say, to bring the shadow or denied self into awareness.
I hold to the value of giving true witness and not giving support for the false – but this is very different from emotional reactivity – which is what all manipulators bring focus to and target.
The premise ‘we are being lied to’ can be used to persist in self-deceit under a good cover story – because ‘you are one of the good guys’ pointing the finger to the evil psychopaths and growing the self-righteous hate (vengeance) that will of course be used as a proxy by manipulators to break open new arenas of plunder and domination.
The pretence to moral superiority is a key element in the blindness of doing the thing we say we hate to receive. Those who illuminate extreme examples make a very clear picture by which to see more deeply into the nature of what goes on as a ‘deep state’ of mesmeric identifiction under false invested identity. And no, I cannot ‘wake’ anyone from their current choices, but I can reflect the nature of the choice being made in a way that restores choice to those who felt compelled to act with a false framed tyranny.
On another level, the 911 event offers a wake up call to the nature of narrative control/identity. It is a freedom as to what we choose to focus on and learn from. A world of lies (a world without true foundation) can only run a substitution for true, invest in it and protect its investments – UNTIL something true stirs beneath the realm of appearances – perhaps as a result of looking directly upon the horror, and therefore breaking the spell.

Ross Hendry

Very true. Regarding “emotional reactivity”. I think it’s well described here:


“…conspiracy theories can be spotted based on three basic characteristics.
They lack evidence.
They spread widely before the facts are examined.
Much simpler alternatives are not considered.”
The Skripal case springs to mind.


‘the Skripal case springs to mind’ As does 7/7, Woolwich, Charlie Hebdo, Boston Marathon, Westminster, and the Ariana Grande concert – where all doors were locked at the end of the convert…… except one?
The Strategy of Terror must go on to keep the people afraid and needing protection.
The Hegelian Dialectic at its best.
Create a situation/ Cause a reaction/ Provide a solution.


Edit: Should have read ‘All doors were locked at the end of the CONCERT’

Paul Carline
Paul Carline

And the real police and firemen were prevented from entering until all the crisis actors had finished playing their parts …

Mulga Mumblebrain
Mulga Mumblebrain

The Western fakestream media does little else but peddle ludicrous ‘conspiracy theories’ about just about everything. The conspiracy theory that UK Labour is riddled with ‘antisemites’ led by Corbyn, an alpha ‘antisemite’ comes immediately to mind. But elite conspiracy theories, or lies if you prefer, like this, are accepted as revealed truth-or else you’ll get the treatment, too. We live under a dictatorship of untruth.


Group-think passes off as if it meant something.
You live under the purpose you hold dear and align in. If you experience subjection under tyranny, look to the nature of your thinking, definitions and currency of meanings. Is it true or is it a fake surface over feared or hated self/reality?
The ‘thinking’ of the world is/runs the world, but your experience and gift to the world is your own choice – whether camouflaged in group-think or consciously openly lived. Of course who you accept to be You is the basis of every interpretation, perception and reaction.
The tyranny I see works the personifiction of mutually agreed definitions.
The old magic of loving to hate as a way of hating (denying) love runs conflicted and conflicting identities.
Deceit works the mind given to ‘magical’ solutions that persist the problem in the forms of answer. Of course the tares undermine the whole crop and it all collapses into an obvious insanity – which is not more or less than the fruit of an insane thinking taken as a foundation from which to live.


Quite right. And any of the events in Syria, ascribed to Assad. Paradoxically, in all those cases – and numerous others where ‘the West’ has an agenda – it is those of us who can actually point to hard evidence or suggest more obvious scenarios who are accused of being the conspiracy theorists with no thought given to the definition of the term. MSM and Govt warmongers know they are onto a winner when they use the term because, unfortunately, a very large proportion of the population automatically equate the expression to lunatics without even considering the facts staring them in the face.

Khaartoum Darvinoglu
Khaartoum Darvinoglu

‘Where Did The Towers Go?’ USA scientist Dr. Judy Wood compelling evidence in book and lecture form that 9/11 was a DEW. Directed Energy Weapon of Cold Radiation Tritium. Also that Climate Change is caused, not by ‘carbon’ to create the ‘carbon tax’ but by mobile phone masts. Dr. Judy Wood, science beyond conspiracy theories.

Mulga Mumblebrain
Mulga Mumblebrain

Ludicrous gibberish, designed to discredit any that question the ‘Official Version’.

Frankly Speaking
Frankly Speaking

Exactly that.