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Lift the ban on communications! Free Julian Assange!

by James Coga, via WSWS

June 6 will mark 10 weeks since the Ecuadorian government blocked all communication by WikiLeaks’ editor Julian Assange with the outside world, including personal visitors. Assange has been trapped inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London since 2012, when Quito granted him asylum in the face of a legal witch-hunt by the governments of the United States, Britain and Sweden.

Britain was moving to extradite Assange to Sweden on trumped-up allegations of sexual abuse as the first step in transferring him to the US to face charges of espionage, which carry a possible death sentence. Washington had vowed to punish Assange for having exposed before the world war crimes committed by the US in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as US intrigues against other countries.

In remarks last Wednesday, Ecuadorian President Lenín Moreno attempted to defend the silencing of Assange. He sought to deny—unconvincingly—that this action was the outcome of his government’s capitulation to pressure and threats by the United States.

Moreno put forward an Orwellian conception of freedom of speech that lines up entirely with the standpoint of American imperialism and every enemy of democratic rights. Renouncing WikiLeaks’ right—and the right of all journalists and media—to publish information that reveals government and corporate criminality or challenges official propaganda, the Ecuadorian president asserted: “There are two types of liberty. The responsible liberty and the liberty in which everyone thinks they can do whatever they want, whenever they want and however they want. That is not liberty. Liberty must be used with a lot of responsibility.”

Moreno stated that the WikiLeaks editor had to accept that the “conditions of his asylum prevent him speaking out about politics or intervening in the politics of other countries.” He threatened that if Assange did not submit to such terms, Ecuador would “take a decision” to revoke its granting of asylum.

Assange’s entire mission in forming WikiLeaks in 2006 was to enable people to use the immense power of the Internet to break through the “responsible” disinformation and censorship that prevails in the corporate-controlled and state-owned media. All critical and independent journalism, by its very nature, involves “speaking out about politics.”

Assange is now in grave danger. It is more than two years since a United Nations working group condemned the British government for enforcing Assange’s “arbitrary detention,” calling it a “contravention of his fundamental human rights.”

His lawyer Jennifer Robinson and supporter Pamela Anderson have publicly warned in recent weeks about the seriousness of his medical condition. For six years, he has been confined in a small building with no access to sunlight or adequate medical treatment. For 10 weeks he has been subjected to the additional psychological pressure of what Moreno declares will be ongoing, indefinite isolation.

A calculated operation is underway to break the WikiLeaks editor. Moreno’s statements only underscore that the aim is to force him to “voluntarily” leave the Ecuadorian embassy, to be taken by waiting British police and placed in detention on bail-related charges without any means of contacting the outside world. That would be followed by further months or years of imprisonment while his legal defenders fight American extradition warrants.

The government of Australia, where Assange was born and holds citizenship, bears immense responsibility for the situation. In late 2010, instead of defending an Australian citizen whose rights were under attack, the Labor Party government of Prime Minister Julia Gillard sided with Washington. It labelled WikiLeaks’ actions “illegal” and declared it would support the prosecution of Assange for espionage. The current Liberal-National coalition government has not lifted a finger to oppose his ongoing persecution.

The American state and its allies are seeking to destroy WikiLeaks and Julian Assange in order to intimidate every critical and independent media organisation. The aim is to suppress the exposure of the crimes and lies of governments and to silence all those who seek to defend democratic rights and freedom of speech.

The attack on Assange is bound up with the aggressive moves by US and global intelligence agencies, working with social media and Internet companies, to suppress left-wing, anti-war and socialist views online. A pall of censorship is descending over the Internet, the most democratic form of communication in human history.

The International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI) and its publication, the World Socialist Web Site, are urging resistance. We call for the greatest possible international mobilisation in defence of WikiLeaks and Julian Assange. This is an essential part of a broader fight to defend Internet freedom, freedom of speech and all social and democratic rights of the working class.

A historical crossroads has been reached. Organisations and individuals will be judged by where they stand in this basic conflict over democratic rights.

The Socialist Equality Party, the Australian section of the ICFI, has called a demonstration in Sydney for 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, June 17 at the Sydney Town Hall Square. It is being held in conjunction with acclaimed journalist and filmmaker John Pilger, an unwavering defender of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, media freedom and democratic rights.

The demonstration has also been endorsed by prominent civil liberties attorney Julian Burnside and by Terry Hicks, who waged a five-year struggle against the imprisonment of his son, David Hicks, in the hell-hole US prison camp at Guantanamo Bay.

Musician Roger Waters of Pink Floyd fame, who has for decades spoken out against war and injustice, has sent the WSWS a message of support endorsing action to defend WikiLeaks. On the stage of his concerts in Berlin over the weekend he posted the call: “Resist the Attempted Silencing of Julian Assange.”

The demonstration in Sydney will press the demand that the Australian government act immediately to secure Assange’s unconditional return to Australia, with a guarantee against any American attempt to extradite him to the US.

A vigil demanding freedom for Julian Assange will be taking place in London at the Ecuadorian embassy on Tuesday, June 19. The May government must end its persecution of Assange, drop the bail-related charges against him and allow him to leave the Ecuadorian embassy and the UK. Similar vigils on June 19 are being held in other cities around the world.

You can read the full article here.


  1. Hope says

    Commenting in mid-October to say how good it is to hear reports that Julian Assange is having restored to him some access to the internet. May complete access and freedom follow.

    • reinertorheit says

      Pathetic Nazi cobblers. Who pays you to post this garbage? The CIA??

        • wardropper says

          The picture says nothing of the sort. It says that two men are standing moderately close to each other.

      • Perhaps we agree ? ! Moreover, ZIONazi Cobblers .. 😉 !

        It is called the ‘Double Bluff ‘ .. to create confusion and distract attention, at key moments.

        Do you recall Richard Burton , speaking to Clint Eastwood at the dinner table with the Nazis in Schloss Adler, in “Where Eagles dare” ?? and then calling him >>

        “a pretty second rate Punk , at that .. ”

        I loved that bit: Clint’s facial expression, totally dumbfounded ..
        🙂 lol, great film & great acting from Richard Burton.

        If not: Maybe you can remember the “Three days of the ‘Condor’ ”
        Another Classic from Sydney Pollack, with similar twists of the tail/tale, in principle ..

        • I see that you like movies. You probably have not seen it?
          Sex, Lies, Iran, Israel and Wikileaks

      • CIA pays your “hero” ziolover
        Is WikiLeaks A CIA Operation? 1/2

        Is WikiLeaks A CIA Operation? 2/3

    • Your ‘einzige’ fear, it certainly appears, is Free Speech .. Transparency & Accountability.

      Should we discuss for examples, Syria, Libya, Iraq & Israel with total access to all Secret Services records, from the the backers of ‘White Helmets’ and the Migration Crisis, (the production of the prerequisite Rubber Dinghy, itself a business) , including especially the Israeli, UK, USA & French Secret Services and all their records relating to ISIS, with all info. & intel. on 9/11 and this whole damned phoney ‘War on Terror’ , from its’ inception onwards , then you would no longer be in such a confused state of mind .. !

      And, may I add that, you are not the only one who seems remarkably confused in your thought processes .. bogging yourself down and out with claims about Wikileaks, whilst sinking into a quagmire of silly communications of an absurd nature, in discussions that really should be much more focussed, serious and less childish, in nature by now in the year 2018 .. 9/11 was & still is the most absurd blockbuster film event in world history and the greatest construction of Lies and governMENTAL DECEPTIONS, that will NEVER wash , or change the science of Physics & the obvious quantifiable reality of controlled demolitions.

      Until all Western Politicians have been Declared as Complete LIARS since , 11th September 2001 onwards, there will be no political advancement or development in Western Societies: that Simple !!!

      There will never be anything CREDIBLE , scientifically speaking or in Governance , in the West & in Israel ever again ..

      All Western & Israeli Politics & Science have become wholly incredible, a WEB of lies and cannot be taken seriously today , nor ever again, as the whole damn shebang is just one huge cover up of a policy to prevent peace, prolong War and install a regime of ..

      Ashkenazi APARTHEID ! ! !

      For the record, I stopped watching all Western made films, after the most absurd live Tv Blockbuster film with Ashkenazi / Zionazi sponsorship Israeli Art Students and US Artists at the helm of all proceedings: for to create the most incredibly stupid Yankee Hollywood Blockbuster film ever and try and pass 9/11 off as REAL ???.. so badly staged, 9/11 in 2001, the most obvious case of totally staged & Controlled Demolitions EVER , in the history of Man & Woman kind ..

      If you believe in the deliberate pre-meditated destruction of WTC 7 (also WTC 1 & 2 ) as anything other than a controlled demolition, then you truly are the ‘Einzige’ , that I can find today on this planet: ! apart from all politicians of course, who are so afraid of a Character Assassination & Attack from the Ashkenazi / Zionazi controlled mainstream Western media, to whom all politicians just Kowtow !

      without which they could never get elected in the first place: Logic ..

      WTC 7 contained the SEC investigation into ENRON, Monsanto & GEC collaboration to manipulate & Weaponise World Weather, for financial investments with certitude, as well as the Weather of all the Dust Bowl States: don’t you know this ??

      Itsa’ Fact ! Only Monsanto are now called BAYER .. ENRON don’t exist any more and as for GEC, well, we shall certainly see .. if you ask me, what will be, when the world finally accepts that to weaponise the weather, what one needs first of all is ELECTRICITY ..

      Not Rocket Science:

      Weather Wins Wars !!!

      Do you understand ?

      • Why you write it to me? It’s your “heroes” that maintains the official version 911. After all, the same media that created your “heroes” (Assange and Snowden) also created 911, war on terror, war on drugs, colorful revolutions etc.
        For me these people are unbelievable. They did not announce anything I did not know for a long time.They announced their “revelations” in MSM. Are you really so naive and believe that the owners of this media would allow it if they were to threaten them?

        Maybe it will bring you my point of view
        Snowden and the final purpose of the Surveillance State
        Matrix: who is Edward Snowden?
        I just can’t understand why these two CIA agents has such support in some “alternative” media?
        I think I’m on the off-guardian site not guardian, although as I read here about your “heroes”, I do not see a difference 🙁

        • Look, du bist einzig Artig : aren’t we all ? Not new stuff, for everybody, actually.

          I see you avoided the question and go off on one again about ‘Heroes’: I bought into Bowie & Diamond Dogs , long before ‘Heroes’ when I was a school kid , with my pocket money, saved .. mate: don’t change the subject 🙂 “No more Heroes” _ the Stranglers ..

          So I, and coincidently many others, would like to see Assange swear in court that he believes 9/11 & WTC 7 , 1 & 2 were not controlled demolitions , so that he makes an arse of himself publicly, on record 🙂 Get it ?

          And he can speak on many other matters, too .. !!

          (I think Snowden says it well in the ‘FreeAssange’ video above), just like I truly wanted to see Osama Bin Laden in court & listen intently to what Tariq Aziz had to say: (Tariq was a more educated man than Blair & Bush’s combined intellect) .. but Bin & Tariq will not be possible, unfortunately , Thanks to Obama ! : although I hear that Osama Bin Laden’s porn collection may remain, as some evidence of his true character & preferences , in life .. a token gesture at least, that remains hidden for no valid reason, quite incomprehensible under F.o.I. , other than to please the Saudi Bin Laden family, who were on a plane back to KSA, @9:00 am the morning after 9/11 .. Thanks Bush the dummer .

          WTF, like NIST not testing the Asbestos Dust , (read fuelled with nano-Thermite-particle dust) from WTC 7 – 1 & 2 , indeed their whole chain of custody and absence of even elementary procedure in any criminal investigation & inquiry, in such a case of obvious multitudes of fraud.. also incomprehensible .

          People need to be seen to answer hard questions, publicly, streamed live ..
          Up the ladder !

          If George Bush does not admit that there were controlled explosions on 9/11 2001 , then rescind his right to vote. I mean abso’firkin’lutely EVERYBODY must make a written declaration , in a sovereign mandatory referendum , not just in the USA , where people answer the unfirkin’believably obvious question and any body who answers incorrectly , must not pass go, & go back to school with disMAY .. no different from the Greek OXI vote or Brexit ! Controlled Demolitions or NOT ?? if you get the answer wrong , then you lose your right to vote .. Simple, coz’ you are the kind of person with a cognitive dissonance, zero understanding of science , also zero empathy for healthy societal politics and must have been a plain thicky in school and as such one is a SOCIETAL DANGER to all others , who have had an education, Today, were you to vote: coz’ there is something wrong in the head .. bad wiring , whatever , not my problem and there are solutions via education.. but please don’t let idiots mix in serious discussions for to construct societal future Laws & Programming of Open A.i , which is Scientific: if you don’t understand basic science , like 9/11 being all Controlled demolitions and find it absurd that any belief or credibility is given to NIST and the official Narratives so perverse , words just simply fail to equate what a dangerous person is allowed to vote.. everybody who accepts the official narrative in governance must be removed from office , especially in ALL Secret Services !!

          All Secret Services have been COLLUDING to LIE, Publicly.. for Evil PURPOSE !
          Not Rocket Science ! PROFILE THEM PROFESSIONALLY ,
          Utilising Kosinski’s Programmes.

          You just watch the security service guys under professional analysis , start getting the answer to the controlled demolitions question , suddenly correct,
          or loose their fuckin’ job ! !

          I know it may sound mad & alien to you, but I also want to see the Cardinal Sinner George d’Paedophile Pell in court: every wrinkle on his squirming face, as chief treasurer of the Vatican Bank: the third highest honcho in d’Catholic Church and somebody could even ask him to swear on the bible if he believes 9/11 was a series of controlled demolitions, (lmso): Everybody needs to answer this question OR, they can GTFO , and have their right to vote rescinded , until they have repented and admitted their stupidity in writing & history is CORRECTLY RECORDED: (coz’ as Johnny Mac used to say “You cannot be serious”) : Yep, George d’Pedo Pell, with 5-6 camera angles & voice analysis and the very best of Chinese A.i. coded into Supercomputing , ‘Confucius Wats-on’ Kosinski’s OCEAN/CANOE Profiling PELL for posterity , harmonised with a sense of Horowitz on Eichmann; that something coherent remains for analysis, left by us, for our kids, a computerised record , with our compound intelligence fully cognisant of Controlled Demolitions ..

          in an age of Sociopaths & Psychopaths, as identified by an Open A.i. ! Moreover, largely other’s ‘Elite Demons’ will be exposed, as will Dostoevsky’s Obsebene / Possessed , who have thrived to date, on a neo-con-lib-pseudo-dem-politic & command strategy of division to conquer & .. (not A.i) , but E.i. an
          Evil Intelligence to propagate >>

          APARTHEID !

          Instead of just a legacy of a virtual virgin Wilderness of Mirrors & Demons .. that can weaponise the weather & tempests or plagues against one another, (the legacy of the last generations of parents, I might add.. )

          Open A.i in real time, can preempt Evil Intelligence .. by answering questions.

          Unity compounds strengths & highlights weakness:
          Face the devil & also within ..

          Thus, Dostoevsky & George Orwell are so relevant today.

          Суединиението Прави Силата

          I’ll twist those words slightly:
          Unification compounds Strength

          Unify Open A.i. not Corporate E.i.

          Let Assange Speak , even hang himself .. all narratives are equally important, Einzige .. & there is a pleasant short poem anyone can easily remember, that relates, called “keeping things whole” , telling your narrative, find your meaning.

          By Mark Strand

          In a field
          I am the absence
          of field.
          This is
          always the case.
          Wherever I am
          I am what is missing.

          When I walk
          I part the air
          and always
          the air moves in
          to fill the spaces
          where my body’s been.

          We all have reasons
          for moving.
          I move
          to keep things whole.

          Look after yourself 😉
          Kind regards,

          P.s. Damn it, I never even mentioned Harvey Weinstein , who I would also love to observe in a head to head in court with Asia Argento , I mean , bring it on real time live: and let’s record the whole damn SHEbang real time, Horowitz style , ( like he did to Adolf Eichmann) , only with Kosinki’s Profiling programming for A.i. to ±!@£$%^&*()_+ get the most out of animal behavioural patterns !

          It’s SCIENCE 🙂
          & Datsa’ FACT .. 😉

          Let Assange speak 😉 & Asia Argento ..

          Open source intelligence & engineering, in real time: simple ..

          Especially Engineering Weather , which wins wars for Corporate E.i. !!!

          Hohoho, Jet Streaming real time, a topic for another day , when we have accepted and recorded factually in history , WTC 7 as the most perfect controlled demolition to date in History; in terms of Data, Great JOB !

          Loads of controlled demolitions are never effected as professionally as that WTC 7 job: WTC 7 was PURE PERFECTION & PROFESSIONAL >>
          without question ..
          worth acknowledging , scientifically , even if it was wholly illegal ! !

          Or shall we leave our kids living in a virtual LALALand future ?

          The centre of World Trade will neither be New York , nor Capitalist Corporate E.i. in future, thus the 1% are developing Terror presently , to try and stop their rotten markets from collapsing before their next financial
          ‘coup de grace’.. subsequent to Dollar Hegemony !

          Have a nice day now ?? No way, maybe never again , at least not until we have a Sovereign Referendum in all U.N. member states , on 9/11 controlled demolitions Yes or No ? simple stuff and every mofo man & woman & Nation has answered the mandatory singular question that needs to be answered for the Sciences Of Physics & Humanities to move forwards .. CONSTRUCTIVELY !

          A matter that transcends ALL nations !

          You understand now ??

          Or perhaps you don’t remember The Stranglers , eh.. ?

          “No more heroes ..” 😉

          • maybe more content less blah blah

            Assange and Snowden are agents and supporting them through “alternative” media is a litmus paper the same as your 911 tests, which both “heroes” have not passed.

            ps1. if the elections were to change something, they would be forbidden – regarding your faith in elections, courts etc.

            ps2. cattle using your positions for sexual benefits are one thing. But the perennial silence of these women caused that the rapists became unpunished and practiced their activities for decades. They were afraid for their careers and mammon as Argento recalls. They are therefore complicit.

            • Were you not of sound mind when you wrote that last comment ?

              Are you illiterate , blind or just ‘playing’ plain pig ignorant ??
              How old are you, deadly seriously ??
              I am 57 . Are you trolling ?

              I clearly state ‘NO MORE HEROES’ !!!

              Yet you persist like a child !!!

              Stop fabricating false positions on my behalf and start addressing the issues that you deliberately incessantly avoid .. it would appear !

              Or should I spell out some of my positions on your behalf ? due to your abject failure to read & comprehend .. probably due to your poor attention span and lack of creative ability to think conceptually, regarding .. S O L U T I O N S ?
              ! ? ! ?

              Position One : If you think that 9/11 was anything other than controlled explosions , you should have your head examined, right to vote immediately rescinded temporarily and be removed from ALL politics and any political decisions, in any country in the world today, until you have admitted that you were/are an Idiot of the dumbest hugest highest order of Ashkenazi ZioNazi Serf mentality ever !! Were you suckered ? .. coz’ any nation that does not accept the simple Truth & AE9/11 being a series of controlled demolitions must be SANCTIONED , until they concede !

              like you perhaps ??

              Just asking your position. Answer me, for future reference

              Position Two : “Open Source intelligence & engineering, in real time: simple ”
              It could actually save your life, quite literally, though unless you are prepared to consider this matter seriously, saving your life may not be of any importance whatsoever, especially for me , as you refuse to consider any alien future orientated concepts, thus far.. and are likely just wasting everybody’s time with your overly simplistic & negative statements of your seemingly tiny minded opinion, that seems focussed on just Assange, not what you can learn from his mistakes .. or what can be learnt from the Snowden Case.

              Position Three : the vast majority , (definitely including you in this category), have no perception whatsoever, of the sheer amount of sophisticated Corporate & Military intelligence & psychology relating and conveying “Mind Control Methodology” in play today, let alone the Science, Instrumentation & Equipment employed: and for you to accuse Asia Argento of simple complicity, shows how little you understand psychology: so I shall not be even bothering to waste my time discussing your disgustingly ignorant criticism of her further, with you ! Drop this please, you are clearly not qualified to discuss the Law or her private circumstance , as you have no experience of either .. !

              Position Four : Geo-engineering & Weaponised Weather is THE most serious matter to discuss in the world today.. If you don’t understand why, don’t even bother to respond further, at all ! ? Because, if you don’t understand why this is the most important matter in the world to discuss, you are simply not worthy of entering into any further debate on this matter & all realms of Science, including the Science of Humanities.

              Clearly , you have ignored my positions , thus far, either due to a most pessimistic negative character & mind , that is incapable of viewing matters objectively & suggesting creative solutions, or you are trolling ! ? which is it ??

              I recommend that you get a sense of humour & grow some, in the meantime ..

              If you mention that word ‘Heroes’ any more, then may I frankly suggest that @Admin check your ISP & IP as a potential Troll , coz’ i would .. having been trained in both Corporate & Military Intelligence from an exceedingly young age and done 40 years of Professional Media Analysis & Research and been head hunted by the CEO of what was the biggest ‘Wallet’ in the World: it is reasonable for me to assume that I know something on these matters..

              What do you know something about, in terms of your professional working capacity ? a simple question, that you can add to your actual age !

              Have you ever witnessed Genocide or the horrific aftermath ?

              Your blah blah distraction from my positions appears Ludicrous .. ! !
              Like a child , or a student , or a troll ?

  2. Francis Lee says

    “There are two types of liberty. The responsible liberty and the liberty in which everyone thinks they can do whatever they want, whenever they want and however they want. That is not liberty. Liberty must be used with a lot of responsibility.”

    Indeed. Liberty of expression for Miles Davis – just as long as he stops playing that damned trumpet.

    • Chuckle, well we should never even consider to wish to stop Miles, & his genius: but admittedly Thur’s a time & good place , with plenty of free space , to ask him with a natural grace, please god & me Miles , not right next to my Face..

      And direct in my private space

      When baby is sleeping, so soundly

      In the name of human sensitivity 🙂

      • Admin says

        @balky – Relax! The reason your emails don’t get through is you are leaving the “r” out of “guardian.” Our correct email is “”

      • Who could possibly dislike such a jocular comment, seriously ?

        Do I wonder ? Nope, absolutely not .. ZioNazi’s , so predictable !

        Simple human psychology: work it out ..

  3. Harry Stotle says

    The intimidation of Assange is no more than a crude warning to scare off anyone who might be thinking about exposing the criminality of the power elite.

    Its a given that these gangster will abuse power in this way (bullying those who are weaker than them) so the funny thing is I seem to get more pissed off by the likes of Hyde and Bell (at the Guardian) who publish sneering articles every time a new privation is inflicted on Assange.

    Comfy liberals cheering on the murderers …… nice.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      The Fraudian Identity Politics feminazis are just about as low a cabal of disinforming, lying, hate-mongering varmints as one could ever imagine. The hatred of Assange seems to have something to do with residual angst that their blood-soaked harridan demi-Goddess, Clinton, was defeated, and with orders from on high-Freedland, no doubt. The rage of this screech of feminazis against Assange might also be the hatred of the presstitute for a real journalist.

      • Jen says

        Erm … their loathing for Assange might have something to do with the fact that they spilt a lot of ink or slaved over their keyboards about how he supposedly raped two Swedish women and the rape allegations those women made against him (possibly under coercion) have collapsed. These rape allegations are why he had to take refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy in the first place.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          Certainly, but the ‘rape’ allegations were SO transparently fraudulent that they must be imbeciles, lying hypocrites or extreme man-haters. Don’t get me wrong- the malevolence of many men towards women (and other men) is real, but Assange being so obviously set up does the cause of women REALLY raped or otherwise assaulted no good at all. Unfortunately the feminazis really do not care about the fate of others, male or female. Only their overweening narcissistic self-regard counts.

        • Harry Stotle says

          Assange took refuge because he believed (rightly in my opinion) that his treatment by the British and Swedish authorities suggested the chances of him receiving a fair trial were next to zero.

          The rape allegations border on the farcial especially the way a torn condom was produced several weeks after the alleged crime so as to allow the prosecutor to claim ‘fresh evidence’ had emerged (or possibly not so fresh given that it was said to contain Assange’s spunk).

          Needless to say no DNA was ever obtained proving that Assanges cock had ever been inside the damaged prophylactic.

          Hyde and Bell are experts in trashing Assanges reputation – the question of course is why.

          Is it because they believe Assange is violent sex offender that is so fiendish he can spunk in a johnny yet leave not one trace of his DNA, or is it because they like most of their Guardian stablemates are in thrall to the neocon project to bring about armageddon?

          • Mulga Mumblebrain says

            Why do the Fraudian Identity Politics feminazis hate Assange? Because they are paid to, and because the Clintorista harridans are still furious that their bitch-Queen, Clinton, was rejected by the USA voting public, in favour of the Orange Baffoon, and they cannot lay the blame where it deserves to be, with Clinton’s innate awfulness, so Assange is collateral damage due to Wikileaks.

  4. grafter says

    Roger Waters of Pink Floyd fame needs to be congratulated on his public stance re the Assange situation. Where however are the rest of our musical leading lights who hold concerts all over the world to present and future generations and have the power to spread the word against this corruption of democracy by the Neocon scum. They can sing as many protest songs as they like but to stand up and speak the truth with conviction as Roger Waters did is a totally different ball game. Are they so cowed and frightened by their greedy corporate owners that such behaviour would result in career ruin and financial deprivation ? Unlike their music their silence is deafening.

    • Yep, I was thinking exactly the same: coz’ back in the day it was we the people, with admirable Musicians & music & Soul & heart , that initiated & brought about THE change, that got NELSON ‘MANDIBA’ MANDELA freed , with the help of Special AKA , lol , logic 😉

      Bring on the mighty ROAR of the people not the mighty boar & snore of pig ignorant Governance by Corporations and their lobbyists of ZION ..

      I say .. 😉 🙂

      • People are not born to hate .. instinctively wholly unnatural.

        They are trained to hate , utilising Psychology & Physics .. for mind control.

        Educating Pavlovian mannerisms , for the Bears to steal all the Honey & Diamond Resources ..

        Simple ..

        Stop chasing bones at the ring of the bell & bone-head commander and start focussing on the ..

        Honey pot & enjoy the honey, peacefully , after chasing the bears away collectively ..

        Who needs bones .. ? !

  5. Smitty says

    Let’s not forget the thousands upon thousands in the U💀A supermax gulag prisons-for-profit!! So many doing
    solitary confinement for years on years!!!!

    • reinertorheit says

      Don’t equate Julian Assange with bank-robbers and murderers.

      • Dani Tosheva says

        What a silly comment from the planet Zod or Zion or what ?

        This old girl sees straight through the illusions of the propaganda machine, inspired by Zionists.

        Don’t you know about the gangsta machine? And the promotion of same to fill newly prepared Supermax prisons..

        My 33 year old son always loved all music including hip hop, and could educate you on this matter, profoundly and about the grand schemes of all backers who promoted gangsta rap to brainwash folk like create societal rifts and divisions. How sad you fell so low .. into the chasm.

        You poor soul.. rope a doped!

        • reinertorheit says

          I see Care In The Community is still failing. ‘ZIonists, zionists, zionists’, you’re like a cracked record.

          • @Admin & here he goes again, & again trying to disassociate any connectivity to Zionists and belittle the woman and make her thoughts seem absurd & fantasy land: when I happen to know this woman well and her son and they have researched loads in this direction not least coz’ of her son’s love of music and the business of same: and she is far more consistent in her firmly grounded character & her firmly grounded rational beliefs than the inconsistent ‘nature & character’ of reinertorheit ..

            She took an interest in the forces of Zion and their connectivity to influencing societies via Corporate Directorship of the media , after listening to her own Son and me discussing who owns what .. & is networked with whom , in order to coordinate the herding & swarming of the masses

            I do hope you are taking this seriously, now ! ?

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      With children sentenced to life without parole, and FOUR CENTS in damages awarded a family for the murder of their father and husband by the filth, you can really see why the USA is such a beacon of Freedom and Human Rights to the Fraudian scum.


        Add and subtract some Sandra Bland Plain Data & yep, you truly nailed it with that comment, Mulga ..

        Data speaks volumes, more than any Ashkenazi Apartheid media Associated Press Agenda can, AKA Reuters, Murdoch, Rothschild or Rocker fellers & Co. or dat’ Nikki Hayley , the biggest joker of all with her coy dumb school girl “look over there” strategy, omitting the abso’firkin’lutely blindingly obvious ‘gipfel’ & peak of cheek, when verifying pure numbers incarcerated .. or not, in her case.

        Stunning oversight on Human Rights , Nikki-girl 😉 , back to school 🙂
        She could study acting with more conviction, to boot .. and then move onto the more complex issues, like Snowden & Assange ..

  6. Betrayedplanet says

    This shocking abuse of Assange is indeed just another example of the criminality of our deviant western governments. I have been watching it closely since years, am frequently incensed at the lack of awareness of most people to the ongoing illegal captivity of a modern day freedom fighter.
    Why is it we can look back at past atrocities and wonder why ordinary people did not stand up for freedom, for the brave and righteous, yet people are too cowardly, too self interested still to consider putting themselves on the line.
    The degenerates of the May regime appear to be able to behave in the most vile way with no backlash, no outrage at their obvious crimes and theft. That they have blatantly ignored the UN ruling does not bode well for England’s future after Brexit. Any act of protest to help Assange is worthwhile, contributing to his legal fees is also possible for those who can afford to help out.

  7. Mulga Mumblebrain says

    The destruction of the ‘Pink Tide’ in Latin America was childs’ play for Thanatopia. As long as a country is run by capitalist parasites there can NEVER be justice for the 99%. ONLY the parasites, who owe their first loyalty to the parasites’ enforcer in Thanatopolis DC, count. The rest are seen as vermin, due for destruction before they become a threat.

    • Norcal says

      That is a really helpful link, “A new Operation Condor”, exactly. Thank you.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        ‘Operation Condor’ was just one facet of the Monroe Doctrine, nearly 200 years old, the longest campaign of genocide, torture and terror in modern history, all run from Thanatopolis DC.

  8. John Gilberts says

    Forcibly freeing Assange is an excellent idea and should be seriously pursued and planned. A date should be set six months hence, a necessary minimum number of volunteers recruited and assembled to fill and secure the area and the mission accomplished. Strength in numbers. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

    • reinertorheit says

      If only it were all so simple.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Without the element of surprise it would be crushed, easily.

    • As reinertorheit says below, “If only”…
      Probably 300 militia would turn up with machine guns, and if just one of them fired a warning shot, everybody would flee.
      If, however about half a million volunteers showed up to support Assange, I think it might work…
      That would be my ideal scenario, but people are so unbelievably lazy and disorganized these days.
      Let’s leave that door open at any rate.

      • Never forget the POWER of MUSIC & musicians who “coincidently” all decide they want to get a long stay ‘VISA’ to visit Ecuador for more than a long weekend .. 😉

        Think of the boost for the Ecuadorian economy & global image , lol ..

  9. reinertorheit says

    Meahwhile Grauniad scrote Luke Harding is making personal cash out of Wikileaks. He’s publishing a book (surprise!) about how the Guardian staff led by Alan Rubbisher destroyed the computer hard disks containing the wikileaks data, supervised by goons from GCHQ and using their borrowed equipment

    Hardling presents the entire feckless surrender to American-sponsored terrorism as an exercise in journalistic bravery.

    For shame.

    • wardropper says

      Must admit I was wondering why nobody in that footage seem to be ashamed…

      • Yarkob says

        It wasn’t “surrender” and they weren’t ashamed, as the whole thing was a total scam to cement their “journalistic integrity” in the feeble minds of the majority of Graun readers.

        They couldn’t even get the pics they released (and quickly un-released when I and others called them out on Twatter over it) correct. They showed two MacBook motherboards and a graphics card from a PC. This flew in the face of their febrile, breathless reports which spoke of a hard drive from a desktop being “smashed with a hammer” and the machine “attacked” with “an angle grinder”. The mind boggles when one wonders why a couple of SIS spooks would arrive with an angle grinder. Perhaps Russbriger had one lying around….

        • Mate, i remember you well from the Guardian daze & whilst I get you and know that you mean well & truly, take a tip from an old man >>

          Stop studying the past too much other than to learn from mistakes & think more about the creative solutions to the problems we are all confronted with, due to the Corporate control of all Communications Systems & Mainstream Media by the forces of ZIONazi Directorship: don’t be duped by r’Frecheits pre-meditated negativity and brain drain of constructive thought processes and think more about what the others here are saying & suggesting coz’ ..

          Music & people in numbers worked for Nelson d’Mandiba 😉
          AND a LEVESON 2 INQUIRY would certainly help loads ..

          Greetings from the frontline: being THE change is easy ..
          Much easier than you can ever imagine, in reality 🙂

        • Chuckle RUSS-brigadearie & (Polly4backup) love it, & remember thinking exactly the same as you at the time: talk about Wimps in wolves’ clothing, herding the sheep with no bite .. 😉

          • reinertorheit says

            Is Bulgaria still crawling up NATO’s arse? No surprise.

            • Yep : Nothing new happening here, totally bending over backwards to accommodate every single NATO Command Strategy (& societal restructuring), with a sickening accommodation at governmental level and manipulation of the MSM to support the Crime Bosses: sucking on every tiny little sweetener, in a shocked awe of just how high global corruption levels run for the best interests of the M.I.C. : and folk slowly realising the fact that NATO was always aware & has ample evidence of how corrupt PM Borisov & Tsvetanov (d’Hoover equivalent) & Co. are , and now act for NATO, as useful compromised tools, not for Bulgarian best interests: thus they can be summoned to the US at will or instructed to fly to Ankara, whenever or wherever as puppets do : but at least the President Radev (ex NATO approved Airforce General) put his foot down & chose the Gripen fighters at half the cost of the F-35’s: getting two for the cost of one, effectively ..

              A few days ago NATO landed Bg.’s first AWACS..


              And Murdoch’s Media Machine of Zion was ‘freely’ invited into the cockpit to film & distribute on Tv News, in order to “raise” societal awareness, of NATO and all its’ glory boys .. Zero Surprises thur’ …


              What a joke of a charade , furthering ZioNazi societal mind control strategies ..

  10. I am very upset that the former government of Sweden capitulated to H. Clinton and reopened a shut criminal file on Assange after her visit to Stockholm. That ladies and gentlemen is obstruction of justice and a sin against democracy and the rule of law. The UKis doing the same thing because it isenthralledtothe US (how the mighty have fallen) and of course, the US itself has never cared about the rule of law either internally or internationally. It is not a democracy, that is for sure!

    • Yarkob says

      By “capitulation” you mean paedophilic (or otherwise) blackmail, massive payoffs, and cushy posts in NGOs until retirement, right?

  11. Nightmare for Julian. I wonder if any mail sent to him at the Embassy would actually get to him? I’m inclined to write to give support.

  12. This is a horrible situation. What can we do? What about his basic human rights?

    • bevin says

      It is very simple. All it needs is a hundred thousand or so people to make their way, at the same time to The Embassy of Ecuador which is located in the Knightsbridge district in a building it shares with the Embassy of Colombia, near Harrods, Hyde Park, and Hans Place, precisely at 3 Hans Crescent] at the intersection of Basil Street, and it is served by the Knightsbridge station.
      It is a lovely district, if you like that sort of thing, (the shopping is splendid) the crowd just stays there until it leaves with what it came for-in the middle.
      ‘We are many they are few’

      • Anandamide says

        Wouldn’t it be a wonderful show of support for Julian and also the voice of freedom, if 100,000 people, or more, did descend on the Embassy and at the same time did some exclusive shop clearances…

        Helping him to escape by means of him sneaking out of his room and into the crowd, away to a safe house in a far away country village where he can enjoy the summer and some good food would be an absolute belter of a middle finger to the establishment…

        I’ll hold that vision…. And in the meantime, sending Julian Assange positive vibrations to help him through his nightmarish predicament.

          • rilme says

            And everybody dyes their hair blonde, except Julian, who dyes his hair black. Oh, wait…

      • Julius says

        They will send in choppers and drones to monitor where he’d be taken. Ever watch “24”? It’s not as easy as it sounds, especially when the budget *against* Julian being free is limitless, as it seems to be. Frankly, I’m disgusted by our governments inactions (and I’m dutch), it makes me raise my child with a lot of healthy disdain for every command given by authorities. By the way, those 2 girls in Sweden should be fighting this too, their lives have been purposely ruined by their gov. It is truly shameful how this all can take place in a so called civilized world.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      There are NO ‘human’ rights under capitalism. Only wealth, power and privilege have rights.


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