AUDIO: Academic Propaganda Protecting US Financial Imperialism

Australia’s Renegade Economists radio show interviews US economist Michael Hudson (June 7, 2018).

Prof Michael Hudson joins to review his critique of US financial imperialism in light of recent events. From the World Bank, IMF through to deep state strategy, Hudson is the best in the business at tying the economic pressures in our lives to the geo-political forces at work.



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Jun 12, 2018 3:00 PM

Never forget we are dealing with Trans-national entitis, globale in scale, and global in scope, the Duche sHell is an briliant ex. with their as Monsanto have and now is eaten up by Bayer, own death squads aka armys, making local problems evaporaize, incl tribal people spokes persons and remarkably, (meant to drip of sarcasm), the whining MSM about minoritys and the scam called Left/Right(something) is dead silent. Not an pip. You could ater board this morons and stil they will just babble, fasinating, really, honest, I swear …. And now since they are obviously conserned with an escalating world population getting increasingly more pissed and on top of it, the Ponzie skeem, the ultimate scam, central banking, and where One ring rules them all, and into darkness binds us, and into darkness leads us, Basel, like the saga, this place must be burned down, erazed from mankinds reality, because… Read more »

Jun 11, 2018 7:42 PM

Cut, edited and repasted comments BTL from the Saker Vineyard re: The Decline and Fall of U$ Financial Imperiali$m. Serbian girl on June 11, 2018 · Take a look at Putin’s latest brush off to the G7: http://www.aljazeera.com/amp/news/2018/06/china-hosted-sco-summit-unity-contrasts-g7-disarray-180610082344876.html On re-integrating Russia: “We would love to see everyone here in Moscow” but no indication of when .. so don’t call us, we will call you. And then: _The combined purchasing power of SCO is greater than the G7._ And even better: the G7 statement is “creative babbling” Ouch! Larchmonter445 on June 10, 2018 · Across the vast Eurasian lands, there is Leadership, Natural resources, Civilizational stability and the will for Peace and Mutual Prosperity. Those sands swirl around the predatory U$A and its va$$als. Soon these lands will have not just an outer perimeter of US containment but also inner defenses built primarily upon the Russian S-400, S-500 and EW. The… Read more »

Jun 11, 2018 1:52 PM

Why Uncle $cam’s House of Credit Cards and Uncle $cam’s (White)House of Lies are tumbling down. Speech by Rev.Nasr’Allah of Lebanon: Wherein lies this error? It stems from their culture. It is that they see their friends (allies) and people in general as mercenaries. Every man, every individual, for the United States and its allies or instruments, is not considered a man. They consider them, as we joked before, like an S with two bars [as in Uncle $cam]. Money. How much are you worth? How much do we have to pay to buy your voice (in elections)? $ 100? $ 1,000? $ 3,000? [a directorship in House of Rothschild?] Can your position be reversed with money, with suitcases (full of banknotes)? If one brings you suitcases, will you move from one position to another? Or is it that (on the contrary), your position cannot be bought, it’s not for… Read more »

Jun 11, 2018 2:02 PM
Reply to  vexarb

[[ They do not believe in principles ]]
And they’ll write that ‘moral arguments will not be accepted’ when challenged on their fascism.

Jun 12, 2018 12:54 PM
Reply to  vexarb

” Can your position be reversed with money, with suitcases (full of banknotes)? ”
So .. When Trump says, the US has been robbed, he means, those who were paid to change their position [to something favorable to US interests], they only received the money [possibly in the form of bribes paid by intelligence agencies] but didn’t subsequently fully change their position.