AUDIO: Academic Propaganda Protecting US Financial Imperialism

Australia’s Renegade Economists radio show interviews US economist Michael Hudson (June 7, 2018).

Prof Michael Hudson joins to review his critique of US financial imperialism in light of recent events. From the World Bank, IMF through to deep state strategy, Hudson is the best in the business at tying the economic pressures in our lives to the geo-political forces at work.


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Jun 12, 2018 3:00 PM

Never forget we are dealing with Trans-national entitis, globale in scale, and global in scope, the Duche sHell is an briliant ex. with their as Monsanto have and now is eaten up by Bayer, own death squads aka armys, making local problems evaporaize, incl tribal people spokes persons and remarkably, (meant to drip of sarcasm), the whining MSM about minoritys and the scam called Left/Right(something) is dead silent.
Not an pip.
You could ater board this morons and stil they will just babble, fasinating, really, honest, I swear ….
And now since they are obviously conserned with an escalating world population getting increasingly more pissed and on top of it, the Ponzie skeem, the ultimate scam, central banking, and where One ring rules them all, and into darkness binds us, and into darkness leads us, Basel, like the saga, this place must be burned down, erazed from mankinds reality, because it is an scam, usury, forbidden for milleniums, for an reason, and that, is what we have right now, monopolys, few owns everything, controls the politicians and corruption have never been more obvious than now, even Sore-ass is whining, poor old fart.
Thei economic policy is based upon making us all to slaves, either by low income, or taxed to oblivion, raped by foreigners, and plundered bare, where they claim its raining gold when they piss upon us all, aka trickle down uh…. economic politics, where poor billionears are half starving to death if they dont get at least 2% tax cuts, huh, where the money is taken from, they will and have never cared, and you think they suddenly do.
We live in an neo-faudal world, facism is purifyed thru constand barrage by our MSM, people knows nothing, because News is censured, thats why.
We are f…. and we are loosing, Italy is one thing, what we have and what made europa suffer is two massive cluster f…. one was the idiotic sanctions, against anyone, and the wars, witch have consequences we persive to day, again the same people drives the wars, drives the divertions aka MSM, and drives the invasion of people we dont need nor have any other obligations to other then help and send them back home, period.
Everything else is distortions and should be consdiered as noice.
This have created stress on social secs. housing bobbles popping up, and so on to what is finaly dawning to people that WE never will have any democrasy unless we can say NO, never forget that.
And freedom is never given.
Freedom is always taken.
Instead of listening to an never ending stream of bullshit, we should start to build gallows and giljotines, to remarkable remedies to kick back some dedication to protect and serve their own native people, aka an offer they cant refuse, to the Mofo we elected, and bolster their lacking job morale and make certain they are eager to do so, or off with their heads, like the happy head chopping moderates the same scums have founded and suported for decades, where are they should rightfully be afraid, because, we know this is an game, and that, must simply end.
Whats the problem.

Jun 11, 2018 7:42 PM

Cut, edited and repasted comments BTL from the Saker Vineyard re: The Decline and Fall of U$ Financial Imperiali$m.
Serbian girl on June 11, 2018 ·
Take a look at Putin’s latest brush off to the G7:
On re-integrating Russia: “We would love to see everyone here in Moscow” but no indication of when .. so don’t call us, we will call you.
And then: _The combined purchasing power of SCO is greater than the G7._
And even better: the G7 statement is “creative babbling”
Larchmonter445 on June 10, 2018 ·
Across the vast Eurasian lands, there is Leadership, Natural resources, Civilizational stability and the will for Peace and Mutual Prosperity. Those sands swirl around the predatory U$A and its va$$als.
Soon these lands will have not just an outer perimeter of US containment but also inner defenses built primarily upon the Russian S-400, S-500 and EW. The U$A and va$$al$ may have naval alliances, NATO and the QUAD but that paper-money alliance was never a great fighting tiger and is now useless against the real resources of the OBOR — which will have (in addition to above mentioned weaponry) high speed rail, its own currencies (backed by gold), its own food supplies, unlimited oil and gas, all the rare earth and high tech metal ores needed for any weapon or scientific apparatus on land, sea or in Space.
The SCO is just one major feature of Eurasian ascension. The Russia-China Double Helix grows more integrated each year. It has become an impossible object for the Hegemon to divide, and even more impossible for the Hegemon to swallow whole (the Hegemon that is now choking on a little country like Syria).
With Russia’s doomsday weapons, even the lunatics of DC, Brussels and Jerusalem know MAD suicide by hypersonic nukes will end the Empire. They cannot overthrow Eurasia by color revolution, and dare not attack Russia or China or any nation the Double Helix chooses to defend. We see that with Syria and we see that with North Korea. And it becomes more clear each day that Iran will soon be protected by the dynamic duo.
Now, we have overt statements from President Xi and President Putin of the affinity and deep friendship that they share. It’s another historic development that overwhelms the buffoonery of Trump and fecklessness of the effete West Eurasians and the Canadian metrosexual.
This report, a SitRep by Pepe, is a keeper. It records perfectly all that went down in the past 72 hours. It may be the official ending of UniPolarity (splendid timing, right before the World Cup in Russia!)
Mulga Mumblebrain on June 11, 2018 · at 2:53 am EST/EDT
445, I only fret over Putin’s mortality. Some day he must retire or die, and who follows? He is a once in 50 years leader, irreplaceable in the Russian system. China is better off, because leaders are tried out, over and over again, at higher levels of responsibility, so Trojan Horses or outright Quislings are weeded out.

Jun 11, 2018 1:52 PM

Why Uncle $cam’s House of Credit Cards and Uncle $cam’s (White)House of Lies are tumbling down. Speech by Rev.Nasr’Allah of Lebanon:
Wherein lies this error? It stems from their culture. It is that they see their friends (allies) and people in general as mercenaries. Every man, every individual, for the United States and its allies or instruments, is not considered a man. They consider them, as we joked before, like an S with two bars [as in Uncle $cam]. Money. How much are you worth? How much do we have to pay to buy your voice (in elections)? $ 100? $ 1,000? $ 3,000? [a directorship in House of Rothschild?] Can your position be reversed with money, with suitcases (full of banknotes)? If one brings you suitcases, will you move from one position to another? Or is it that (on the contrary), your position cannot be bought, it’s not for sale then Why not?
They see the world only through the prism of money. They do not believe in principles. If they are told that such people are people of principle, patriots, they will ask you to explain the meaning of “principle”, “patriot”, “humanity”. (They are unaware of and unable to understand) these concepts, they have no existence for them. What matters for them is money, weapons trade, how much money you have,how much oil, how many banks, how much credit in your banks, etc. This is your value. Your value is not your good deeds, as the prophetic tradition says: “The value of a man lies in his good deeds.”

Jun 11, 2018 2:02 PM
Reply to  vexarb

[[ They do not believe in principles ]]
And they’ll write that ‘moral arguments will not be accepted’ when challenged on their fascism.

Jun 12, 2018 12:54 PM
Reply to  vexarb

” Can your position be reversed with money, with suitcases (full of banknotes)? ”
So .. When Trump says, the US has been robbed, he means, those who were paid to change their position [to something favorable to US interests], they only received the money [possibly in the form of bribes paid by intelligence agencies] but didn’t subsequently fully change their position.