WATCH: Aleppo – Earthquake

This documentary covers the destruction and chaos of besieged and occupied Aleppo, from the time conflict first came to the city in 2012, all the way through to final liberation in 2016. Showing the full picture of the violence, destroyed lives and carnage visited upon one of the oldest seats of civilisation in the world.

English translation by ANNA News.


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Jun 26, 2018 5:58 AM

Daraa Earthquake update by SyrPer analyst Canthama and confirmed by other truther sites, 1 hr ago:
All hell broke loose on Busra al Harir,Tiger Forces are attempting to liberate it tonight, and it has a very good chance to do it.
As mentioned in recent posts, Busra al Harir is very important since it stays only 7 kms north of the vital town of Hirak, the latter connects roads to several other villages that dominates the eastern flank of Daraa city.
Without Hirak, the terrorists will be pushed to a narrow 25 kms corridor between the SAA and Jordan. [And both the Jordanian army and the Israeli army are standing at the ready on their side of “the fence” to make sure their ISIS terrorists and Green Rebels cannot flee back to Jordan and Israel. The terrorists must plead for mercy from the good Dr.Assad, because they will find none from their sponsors; the only terrorists who will be allowed back through “the fence” will be the handlers: the so called special forces from U$ UK & Z].
Important to note that the civilians from Hirak are in talks to the Syrian Government to surrender, but the terrorists are threatening them. When Busra al Harir is lost to the terrorists, then [Canthama predicts] the civilians of Hirak will gain strength to kick the terrorists out.
Very important battle tonight with potential domino effect for weeks ahead.
+27 6 hours ago
reports that the Syrian Army, spearheaded by the Tiger Force, has cracked through the terrorist defensive lines, and is now fighting a fierce urban battle inside the town of Busra al Harir, parts of which the Army has apparently secured.
+4 3 hours ago
Announced officially by the Tiger Forces; Taha Regiment Zer Group Commander :
“Busra Al-Harir’s eyes are green” (Completely Liberated)
+1 20 Minutes Ago

King Kong
King Kong
Jun 23, 2018 9:11 PM

Great and thought provoking movie. The criminals behind the obscene destruction need to hang , like in Nuremberg, nothing more , nothing less. It is a crime against humanity.

Peter Schmidt
Peter Schmidt
Jun 22, 2018 9:06 AM

Off topic, but I am glad to see so many people on off-guardian. Your win is the Guardian’s loss. I always loved Vaska’s and Systematic comments. I never read the articles on the Guardian (I joined in 2011, banned after the MH-17), only the comments. Now not even the comments are worth it.
Good articles, good comments. Keep up the good work. For you the only way is up, for the Guardian, …. you know it.

Jun 22, 2018 6:15 AM

Cut-and-paste from military analyst Canthama and others BTL SyrPer this morning:
“This is it Syrpers, all pieces on board for the Southern Syrian front offensive, frontline is hot at the moment, battle formation orders were delivered to all commanders. The RuAF has advanced their jets near the front line, as well as its Air Defence Systems that will work connected to the Syrian ADS and the Syrian Arab Air Force. The Jordanian regime has sent a large military force to the border with Syria; [this move is not aggressive toward Syria, it is simply a Jordanian precaution] to prevent the terrorists from fleeing the battle field back toward their U$UKZ training camps in Jordan. It seems the Jordanian regime was advised on the imminence of the offensive, and they are desperate to coordinate with the Syrian govt while not antagonizing the U$ UK Israeli Army ‘guests’ encamped in Jordan. U$ backed terrorists were most likely the ones that attacked the SAA garrison in the desert today, it could trigger a pretext for the SAA and RuAF to advance toward al Tanf.
Too many moving parts at the moment, but it all indicates the terrorists are indeed really toast this time in the south, no way out…
Shelling continues into key areas, but Russian Air Force is not yet presence as Close Air Support at the moment, only the Syrian AF. The triangle below is getting a lot of artillery attention.
Soon skirmishes will be something from the past and a real battle will start, zero hour in the south of Syria.
rizzle Guest
may the wings of divine retribution close swiftly upon all enemies of the free peoples of earth
So say we all, my friend, this is very important battle for the free world.
+10 3 hours ago”

Jun 21, 2018 2:05 PM

Even bigger than the Liberation of Aleppo: some thoughts on the upcoming battle for Liberation of Southern Syria from the combined Armed Forces of UK, U$A, Israel and their terrorist mercenaries; by DT in today’s SyrPer.
“80,000 troops and allies is an awful big force to cleanse an area of this size (for perspective the initial US invasion of Iraq 2003 was done with 150,000 troops) [though it ended with a million]. Obviously Syria and allies are expecting far more than just cleaning the Southern areas…. I have heard that the US is refusing to vacate al-Tanf and as a consequence Hez and IRGC will be directly involved in this endeavour. I would say that the Golan illegal occupation by Israel and Genie Energy is obviously going to be in jeopardy with this action, and thus negates any chance of a “deal” with The Empire.
This is shaping into what will probably be the most ferocious & decisive battle of the Syrian War so far.
Syria and allies are directly squaring up to the Imperial forces that instigated this war. Being on internationally recognized Syrian soil, the Law is on their side. In a strange way this action by Syria (entirely legal) is a direct provocation to the U$-UK-Z axis; it will force them to cross their red line, and their armies will be seen to start a massive conflict [from outside Syria’s borders]. Ironic when you consider the years of sly provocations during which U$UKZistan tried to provoke Syria to be seen to lash out First.
I would also say there is a massive amount imperial special forces CIA Mossad Mi6 etc in this area (far more than Aleppo or Ghouta) – another of the reasons for a ‘no deal’ I would imagine.
Which means that these 80,000 Syrian Arab Army troops and allies are going direct head to head with U$ UK and Israeli special armed forces en masse with their ISIS proxie. Incredible, but about time too – with most Syrian land liberated, the time has obviously come.
This is massive. But when will it start? are we all going to have to wait till after the football?

Jun 21, 2018 5:04 PM
Reply to  Editor

@Admin. A few weeks ago I would have agreed with you. Certainly, prudence would dictate this unprecedently massive build up by the Axis of Resistance should aim simply to ensure that U$UKZistan does not try funny business while Southern Syria is being rendered rat-free. In other words, if the regular Armed Forces of U$UKZistan remain on their side of “the fence” there will be no head on conflict (“the fence” being the fence across Israeli-occupied Syrian Golan for the IDF, plus the Jordanian border for the UK Army and the U$ Army). But if they invade, the Axis of Resistance is ready to meet them. The mere fact that — less than 2 years after the Liberation of Aleppo — the Axis of Resistance can muster such a force shows how strong are the bonds that tie Syrians and their Allies.
The last head-on collision between the Syrian Army + USSR vs the Israeli Army plus U$A resulted in a win for Israel because the USSR was not wholly committed and Uncle $cam re-supplied Israel with fighter aircraft faster than Syria could shoot them down. But it was a close thing, and Israel also lost a lot of planes. A head to head this time could well see the Syrian Golan totally liberated as well as Deraa. So I hope prudence rules: U$UKZistan stays on its side of “the fence” while the Axis of Resistance clears the last ISIS terrorists and their handlers out of Southern Syria.

Jun 22, 2018 12:33 AM
Reply to  vexarb

It’s likely though that Israel or the US will carry out attacks on targets close to Dar’aa to provoke the SAA and divert it or its units into pursuit of jihadis that might take SAA soldiers close to or even into the Golan Heights or areas where SAA soldiers or units are vulnerable to being picked off or even destroyed. So the SAA needs to focus very strictly on its agenda and not be sidelined. That might well mean having to shoulder attacks and appearing at times to be in retreat.

King Kong
King Kong
Jun 23, 2018 9:20 PM
Reply to  vexarb

I do not think the Golan heights are in play at this time, not at all. As Admin pointed out, Russia is not in for that, it could start WWIII. The Golan heights will be solved politically when the US is weakened enough, give it a decade more, it is already crumbling at the seams. When the US runs out of money, the fascist apharteid state will be forced to the negotiating table.
The tide IS turning, but slowly.

Jun 21, 2018 1:22 PM

Now we have that British Empire rag the Times reporting that “London” would not be happy about Tump meeting Putin ahead of the upcoming NATZO summit in Brussels. Who is this “London” and exactly what is their reasoning why Trump should not meet before their disgusting little warmongering cabal commit themselves to yet more provocation towards Russia ? The destruction of Aleppo means nothing to their callous behaviour and their endless propaganda sham courtesy of their servile and corrupt MSM. As long as we don’t see, hear or smell the deaths of innocent lives they will continue with their criminal behaviour to the delight of the owners of Lockheed Martin, Raytheon et al. London would not be happy ?? These people are a malignant cancer in our society and a real threat to our existence on this small planet.

Jun 21, 2018 1:34 PM
Reply to  grafter

@Grafter: “Who is this “London” ?
Rupert Murdoch, proprietor of the Times. And co-investor in Syrian oil-stealing Genie Energy, along with Dick Cheney and Natty Lord Rothschild.

Jun 21, 2018 10:09 PM
Reply to  vexarb

It means the British Foreign Office, and the coterie of neoconservatives in both the Labour and Conservative parties. The idea that there is any difference betweeen them is purely cosmetic – there is none.

Jun 22, 2018 10:58 AM
Reply to  reinertorheit

“@Grafter: “Who is this “London” ?”
I dunno’ , a bunch of dunces 4sure 🙂 Joe Strummer told us that much, a few decades ago ..
The Clash punk mentality was well wise to London calling, that much was obvious 😉 never mind the bollocks, here’s the sex pistols, today on steroids .. but somehow, the ole’ ‘maddog’ misogyNIST Murdoch still manages to spin the bollocks in his & the Ashkenazi ZioNazi favour & flavour of the day .. even post 9/11 & WTC 7, how dumb can people be to controlled demolition & a global politic of >>
One would think that the sheeple would have learnt by now , never to pay a single ‘cent’ to Murdoch & Co. , but still people will work for the Ashkenazi Goals and Subsidise the programme of disinformation .. just to watch the football on Sky, truly pathetic & immoral !
Leveson2 >> simple solutions, really do exist > But hey-ho, the “Mad Mullah mentality of Murdoch” Rules Ok in the UK and to hell with the global reality of such a divisive politic, propagated at will, with mind control & brainwash clearly instituted.
Sick Societal Sociopaths .. shame British society, signalling sick suckered sheep in sheets of shitty toilet paper , recycled .. “London is calling”
Just hang up .. in pure disMAY: Stop the ‘Rot’ of johnny rotten, before Sid gets all vicious ! ?
Or watch Sky, for signs of “The Times” and pray to the Ashkenazi “Sun Gods” ..
What a choice: signalling sickness beyond all Scientific Humanity .. d’UK Today !
D’UK D’UK GO .. what a bunch of sitting ducks !
if only UK politicians could see how they appear to the rest of the world, from outside looking in, for over 28 years, i must emphasise to all & sundry in every country, in a wide variety of languages
Definitely, not one of them Dumb C**ts, no way José ..
Talk about suckers .. ! The world over .. No way José, just think UK ..
Oh, and by the way, i reckon any hopes of peace in Syria, before the destruction of Damascus,
are just plain naive .. naive to the Ashkenazi Plan and Scheme of Apartheid. There is no way the Israeli mentality will change or back down before it receives a thorough lesson ..
Stop kidding yourselves:
Sanction Israel Now !
Just like S.Africa was effectively sanctioned .. even the USA politicians will listen in time, I mean just in time, of course, after much posturing from Nikki Hayley , the school girl who knows ground zero about Human Rights and always neglects to mention the fact that the USA & her ‘Colonies” imprison & infringe upon human Rights , more than any other Nation in the whole world ..

Jun 21, 2018 10:49 AM

Could something positive come out of this destruction?
“Aleppo has scarcely been touched by archaeologists, since the modern city occupies its ancient site. The site has been occupied from around 5000 BC, as shown by excavations in Tallet Alsauda”
I won’t hold my breath, but the place is definitely a World class heritage site.

King Kong
King Kong
Jun 21, 2018 6:16 AM

The country i live in did not contribute to this destruction. But the country I live in and the government we elected, silently watched this happen, with hardly any objections in the lame UN.
I as a citizen of the world can only express my sincere sorrow and anger at at this carnage.
At the Nuremberg process a no term was coined, I cant exactly remember it, but is as “the silent participants” in the genocide of other peoples.
That is what I am. I and others let this happen.

Frankly Speaking
Frankly Speaking
Jun 21, 2018 9:21 AM
Reply to  King Kong

It depends which is your resident country. If it’s the UK (or US), we not only watched it happened, we aided and abetted the same fundamentalist factions to destroy Syria, whose bretheren have wreaked havoc on the streets of UK and Europe. We’ve sold arms to their strongest supporter the Saudis. We continue to be in that country without permission and continue to assist the war against the official government.
I even recall in the early days we allowed streams of nutters to leave our shores to fight for the fundamentalist nutjobs in Syria, same as we allowed in Libya, and only when there was some blowback, the government pretended that it was doing something to either stop them coming back or putting them under MI5 surveillance.
The reality is that our parliamentary representatives continue to actively supported regime change in Syria, and it’s not just warmongering neoliberal Tories but also the same type of international interventionists representing the Labour party. Meanwhile, for the masses, they contiue to be distracted by Brexit, the World Cup, Novichok nonsense, Prince Harry and his new wife, Royal Ascot…they don’t even have time to bat an eyelid over the slaughter of “terrorist babies” in Gaza meted by our close friends, nor the starvation of millions in Yemen by our other allies.
The Anti-Christ has truly arrived and we have chosen to be his allies rather than foes.

Jun 21, 2018 9:35 AM

Oh and don’t forget Love Island. A whole debate on radio 4 yesterday about how the BBC was losing out to social media and suggesting more social media topics should be reported. It transpires only subjects of the ilk of Love Island though as it is apparently sooo popular!.

Frankly Speaking
Frankly Speaking
Jun 21, 2018 9:53 AM
Reply to  Kathy

Yes indeed, soft porn reality TV and pop stars with their tits and arses hanging out and twerking is being offered by our “Elites” as an even greater dose of opium and distraction for our increasingly uneducated masses – who go into Millenial Meltdown when they can’t finish an A-level Biology exam on time…because they spent too much time farting around on social media in the first place.
The BBC website these days is appalling dross, I can believe easily how the controllers are now trying to persuade the public that they need to ratchet it down in quality yet another notch or two to keep up with the brainless public.

Jun 22, 2018 11:25 AM

Frankly speaking, I have never paid for a BBC License to Kill @Will (and at the behest of Government), coz’ when I was 18 years old in 1979 , the subtle subliminal secretive Apartheid Agenda of divide , conquer & rule was so abso’firkinbleedin’lutely obvious ..
I wonder how many people today pay the BBC ?
Talk about collusion !
Never buy ‘in’ to elite agendas, coz’ there is such “Power in the Darkness” .. TRB

And if you don’t like Tom’s style, just cut to his parody of d’ BBC @2:40
I loved it 🙂 & still do 😉