Joining dots on the Skripal Case: Part 2 – Four “Invisible” Clues

Rob Slane

Having stated in Part 1 why I believe the official story does not hold water, I want in this piece to take a look at four important aspects of the case. However, what is particularly remarkable about them is not so much the aspects themselves, but rather the fact that they seem to have been either:

  1. Ignored altogether or
  2. Quietly forgotten

Yet in each instance they are clearly significant aspects, and so the fact that they are being ignored or forgotten, together with the official story being implausible, only goes to arouse suspicions that they may be crucial pointers to what really happened on 4th March.
Below are four of what I would consider the most important aspects that fit into this category:

The Invisible Mr Miller

Three days after the Salisbury incident, the Daily Telegraph published an article which included the following details:

“A security consultant who has worked for the company that compiled the controversial dossier on Donald Trump was close to the Russian double agent poisoned last weekend, it has been claimed. The consultant, who The Telegraph is declining to identify, lived close to Col Skripal and is understood to have known him for some time. Col Skripal, who is in intensive care and fighting for his life after an assassination attempt on Sunday, was recruited by MI6 when he worked for the British embassy in Estonia, according to the FSB, the Russian intelligence agency.”

The security consultant, whom the Daily Telegraph declined to identify, was not only the man who recruited Mr Skripal for MI6 in 1995, but was also his “handler” in Salisbury (which was presumably the reason that Mr Skripal was settled there).
We also know a number of other interesting facts: That the two men met regularly in a restaurant in the City; that Mr Skripal was still working for British Intelligence; and that the company that the handler was working for was Orbis Business Intelligence, the private firm owned by the ex-MI6 officer, Christopher Steele, who is said to have “authored” the so-called “Trump Dossier”.
This is obviously all highly relevant to the case. And yet just a day after that piece appeared in The Daily Telegraph (and perhaps because of it), the British Government slapped a D-notice on all reporting in the British media of the handler and his connection to Mr Skripal. This included not naming him, but of course D-Notices only apply to domestic media, and in any case by that time CNN had in fact named him as Pablo Miller.
All of the information above is out there in public. And yet the British Government has banned the media from discussing it further. That is indeed very odd, not least of which because the media could, if they so wished, easily use the connections between Mr Skripal, Mr Miller and Mr Steele as a reason to bolster the official narrative (I’m not saying that it would be credible, but it doesn’t take too much of a leap of the imagination to see the headlines appearing in the compliant media: “Did Putin want Skripal dead because he knew too much about the Trump/Russia collusion?”).
Yet, the fact that there is radio silence on these connections is bound to raise questions as to their significance, and whether they point to another motive entirely behind this case.

The Invisible People From the Market Walk

In the first few days after the poisoning, much was made of two people who were seen walking through the Market Walk, in the direction of the bench where Sergei and Yulia Skripal were poisoned. According to the CCTV camera, this was at 15:47 on 4th March, which was approximately 16 minutes before one witness said she saw them collapsed on the park bench.
Many reports at first claimed that this pair, seen on the image at the top of this piece, were the Skripals. Yet although the image and the brief footage is not particularly clear, what is clear is that this most certainly was not Sergei and Yulia Skripal. I am not 100% sure whether the person nearest the camera is a male or female. He/she looks very clearly female to me, but I know some people who have disagreed with this and are convinced by the way that he/she walks and his/her build, that it is a man. Yet one thing is for sure: whoever this person is, it is not Yulia Skripal.
Of course, these two may not be important to the case at all. Yet given the next point below, I’d say that at the very least they are “persons of interest”. And yet, so far as I know, there was no ongoing call for information about who they might be, and certainly no national manhunt. If they have been found and eliminated from enquiries, the media, which had published pictures of them, had a duty to inform the public of this in a satisfactory way. Yet to my knowledge, they did not do so, but instead went very quiet about them. Indeed, if you type in some combination of CCTV, Skripals, Market Walk into a search engine, you are unlikely to find any references to them in the media after about 10th March. One might be tempted to think that their very existence has been quietly “forgotten”.

The Invisible Red Bag

In the CCTV footage mentioned above, the person nearest the camera, who is not Yulia Skripal, is seen carrying a red bag. This is very interesting for a couple of reasons:
Firstly, one of the witnesses had this to say about the female she saw on the bench:

“She was slumped over on the man’s shoulder. To be honest, I thought they might be homeless but they were perhaps better dressed. I just thought this is weird, especially as she was clearly quite a bit younger than him. She had a red bag at her feet.”

Secondly, that witness testimony is confirmed by a rather long-range photograph which appeared in a number of places. In the Evening Standard, it is accompanied by the following caption:

“Police put a red bag inside a police evidence bag immediately after the nerve agent attack on a Russian spy. Officers previously issued CCTV of a woman clutching a red bag.”

The red bag is therefore a very significant piece of evidence. It was taken away by police, and the media have not mentioned it since. What was in it? Have we been told? Or has it been quietly incinerated?

The Invisible Mr Bailey

Another person who is a key part of the case, Detective Sergeant Nick Bailey, seems also to have disappeared. He was released from hospital on 22nd March, and a statement put out in his name included the following request:

“I do understand and appreciate the attention on this incident, but I would ask people to put themselves in my shoes. I want to respectfully ask the media for privacy for me and my family at this time and for no intrusion into my private life, so that my family and I can try to come to terms with what has happened.”

That seems entirely reasonable. Had I been in the same situation, I wouldn’t have wanted the media intruding.
However, this was well over two months ago, and since then we have heard nothing from Mr Bailey. We’ve heard from Yulia Skripal, whose condition was clearly much worse than his, and who also requested that her privacy be respected in the statement released on her behalf. But we’ve heard nothing from Mr Bailey.
Part of the reason that this is so curious is that there is one vital piece of the case that has never been properly explained. Where was he actually poisoned?
All initial reports claimed that he was poisoned at the park bench in The Maltings. Then in a radio interview on 9th March, the former Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Lord Ian Blair, stated that he was actually poisoned at Mr Skripal’s house. That might have been the end of the matter, were it not for the fact that subsequent reports then swung backwards and forwards between the bench and the house as the place of poisoning.
Why couldn’t they get the story straight? I mean, it must be one of the easiest parts of the whole case to establish. I’m sure that GPS tracking could throw up an answer. Or alternatively, couldn’t we just hear from Mr Bailey himself? How difficult would that be? Yet the that we haven’t heard, and that the issue has not been settled, is surely very odd indeed.
Personally, I find it strange that he would have been called to the incident at The Maltings. He is a member of Wiltshire Police Criminal Investigation Department (CID), and for the first 24 hours there was no suspicion of a crime having taken place, it being thought that the pair on the bench had overdosed on Fentanyl. Then again, I find Lord Blair’s claim, that he was poisoned at the house, equally unconvincing. Again, why would a member of CID have gone to the house of someone who was suspected of having overdosed on a park bench on Fentanyl? A third scenario, that he was at both places, is of course even more unlikely.
So how does one process this? Given that Detective Sergeant Bailey has not been interviewed by the media to confirm where, when and how he was poisoned; given the fact that the authorities and the media appear unable or unwilling to confirm this most straightforward of facts; and given that neither The Maltings or Mr Skripal’s house seem to be wholly plausible, both for the reason given above, but also because this raises the question of why others were not poisoned at those locations, I would submit that the most reasonable view to take – until evidence confirms otherwise – is that Detective Sergeant Bailey was poisoned neither at the bench nor the house, but somewhere else altogether.
These are all important aspects of the case. Yet I am convinced that there is another even bigger aspect, which begins to join the dots together. I hope to discuss this in Part 3.

Rob Slane dwells in the Country Formerly Known as Great Britain, now known as The Quagmire.Having been intensely hostile to Christianity until his late 20s, he finally gave up the pretence and admitted that it had been right and he had been wrong all along. Since then that initial realisation has been confirmed over and over again as it has become clear what a nasty, nihilistic, intolerant quagmire secularism has led us all into. Thus is he the author of The God Reality: A Critique of Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion, and A Christian & an Unbeliever Discuss: Life, The Universe & Everything. Thus does he write monthly worldview articles for the American health sharing company, Samaritan Ministries, and is also a regular contributor to The Conservative Woman and the Canadian magazine, Reformed Perspective. So a bit eclectic, you might say. Oh, and he also blogs on a site called TheBlogMire.


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p ol
p ol
Jun 29, 2018 7:13 PM

Using Occams’ Razor, “JohnDelacour” explaination that it’s just a giant hoax makes the most sense. Both in on it from day 1 to act as chemical weapon victims.
It was meant to be at the same time as another Syrian fakery, but that flunked so they just had to go ahead then fake everything under the sun. Because there weren’t two chemical attacks to distract us all, we had 24/7 coverage so the attention started to grow. It’s just beyond absurd, total theatre isn’t it?

Jun 28, 2018 3:10 PM

And now the May government has announced plans to buy all of the physical evidence and incinerate the lot.

Jun 28, 2018 9:10 AM

Joining the dots that lead from Skripal to the real world, they point back to Victoria versus the Czar in the Crimea, the Battle of Sebastopol, and the Charge of the Light Brigade. Though St Theresa of Westminster has given a genteel twist to the old battle axe Empress’s cry of “Charge!”
"When can their glory fade? / O the wild charge they made / All the world wondered" /

[Someone had blundered]

Gary Weglarz
Gary Weglarz
Jun 28, 2018 4:45 AM

Personally I felt just a tad more secure in the world when our psychopathic oligarchs at least tried to make up seemingly plausible lies as they defied all democratic process and did whatever they wanted anyway. I mean if one believed in “magic” the “magic bullet” in the JFK assassination would be perhaps – “plausible.” The Skripnal affair boldly shows that our amoral betters no longer care to even bother with concocting a plausible story. Perhaps this is because no matter what they say the MSM will simply repeat it like gospel and label anyone who questions the official narrative a “Putin-Nazi” (Thanks CJ Hopkins). Any challenge to the elite make-believe narratives like “Russia-gate” or the “Skripnal poisoning” is effortlessly dismissed in MSM as “fake news,” while the bulk of Western populations apparently can’t be bothered to think about any of this or the implications – what with shopping and TV and texting to give life meaning.

Jun 28, 2018 7:43 AM
Reply to  Gary Weglarz

very well put, don’t forget their prime interest in life, watching multi millionaire football companies playing each other..

Jun 27, 2018 3:30 PM

Had he lived in today’s Britain, Nietzsche might have quipped not only that ‘the English are the people of consummate cant’, but mendacity, too.
The great Mark Steyn’s argues that it’s not the outcome, judicial or any other, of any of the acts designed to discredit those opposing the progressives, but the process that does the damage, and he’s spot on.
Even if a bunch of courageous policemen were to conclude the Russian State had FA to do with the Skripal poisoning, the political elite and their MSM poodles will ignore it, at best the news will get buried inside the papers, the political gnomes and the scribblers will carry on accusing the Russian State as before.
Russia is a rival what with her massive natural resources, large, now growing population, her closeness to China, a country likely to take over the role of the world hegemonic power, a serious rival, but not for the manufactured reasons we’re being fed.
What irks the Western governing elites is Putin’s take on stuff like sovereignty, the heterosexual family, our Judeo-Christian past, the need to defend it. It contradicts completely the project of the progressives who argue the opposite, but it resonates with the Western unwashed hence Brexit, the election results in the Republic, Hungary, Italy. This, not any case of poisoning, is why Putin and the Russians get vilified.
In the next door Ukraine, presided by the Western darling Poroshenko, the diplomatic service harbours people with sickening anti-semitic views, Nazi groups publicly gather, display fascist regalia, the country overflows with corruption – and yet not one single MSM scribbler seems to have noticed. Strange, no?

Jun 27, 2018 1:39 PM

Lets not forget the animosity the UK has decided to manufacture against Russia in order to please her Master Uncle Sam. We know that this cock & bull was orchestrated by the British authorities. Going back a little further than Rob Slane has, on the 23rd January 2017 just 3 days after Trump’s inauguration in Washington the head of GCHQ quits his position and gives a full 6 hours notice! There goes your link between Her Majesties Secret Services and Orbis, thank you!
September 2017 and the head of Porton Down Mr. Jonathan Lyle leaves the post. He has worked within the arms procurement business his entire professional career. He is temporarily replaced by David Marsh. Mr. Marsh is then replaced by the new head of Porton Down Mr. Garry Aitkenhead on 1st January 2018. Mr. Aitkenhead was previously head of sales for Motorola mobile phone company and has no experience in the military arms procurement business and has no science background. He is now in charge of 3,800 top scientists. A useful idiot one might say.
Nine weeks later we have the UK military’s largest ever chemical warfare exercises taking place on Salisbury Plain for a full 3 weeks, where Porton Down can be found only 8 miles down the road from Salisbury, the exercises finished on the weekend of the 4th March. This was the build-up to the Skripal poisoning.
Then cast your minds back to the poisoning of Litvinenko (that case which the British government wheel out every 3-4 months to remind the world what Vladimir Putin does). Boris Berezovsky was a dodgy Russian oligarch wanted for embezzlement by the Russian authorities yet given political asylum here in the UK along with his £2.4 billion. He also employed former KGB officer Litvinenko. Now ask yourselves how and why was the largest residue of polonium found in Boris Berezovsky’s London office? Are we to believe that the Kremlin assassins not only flew into the UK on board a BA flight (making sure a trail of radioactive breadcrumbs could be followed rather than using a private jet or a military cargo plane) then break into Berezovsky’s office and hide the polonium and sneak out without being detected, then sneak back in to retrieve the polonium in order to poison Litvinenko again without being detected? This is why the case did not go to court, its as dodgy as the Skripal fiasco. Yet its used as ‘proof’, as ‘evidence’ that this is what Putin does.
And only today we hear that bomb threats have been made at football stadiums in Russia where world cup matches are to be played. I wonder if those hoaxes came from the MI6 building at Vauxhall Bridge as well?
One thing is for sure, the UK are in the dock in the court of world public opinion and need to be prosecuted for their heinous acts of calumny.

Mulga Mumblebrain
Mulga Mumblebrain
Jun 27, 2018 10:33 PM
Reply to  Seamus

When Litvinenko was poisoned, I Googled Polnium poisoning’, and-lo and behold- one of the first articles mentioned that the first,’accidental’, case of Po 210 poisoning occurred in some place called ‘Dimona’ in Israel, some decades ago. Odd, thought I, but luckily the Zionists have no history of poisoning their enemies, now do they. Oops-I forgot Arafat, and those pesky ‘traces’ of Po 210 they found on his underwear after his ‘mysterious’ death.

Jun 28, 2018 2:11 PM

@Mulga: “some place called ‘Dimona’ in Israel” is their nuclear WMD production centre where (my Israeli physicist friend tells me) workers suffer from other radioactive poisons in addition to Polonium.

Paul X
Paul X
Jun 28, 2018 2:43 PM
Reply to  vexarb

Back in 1963 President Kennedy got to know Israel was building a nuclear bomb at Dimona and wanted the US to stop it. Some say it accounts for Israeli action in the assassination such as Meyer Lansky and Jack Ruby’s involvement and a sniper team from Montreal to add to the three other teams provided by other interested parties.

Mulga Mumblebrain
Mulga Mumblebrain
Jun 29, 2018 8:29 AM
Reply to  Paul X

The secret password to knowledge of Zionist involvement in the JFK hit is ‘Permindex’.

Jun 28, 2018 8:36 AM
Reply to  Seamus

Brilliant summary of the events Seamus… This needs reiterating each and every time there is an attempt to tar Putin,,,
I thought the subject was going the same was as 911, and JFK which we all know were orchestrated by the USA, but who cares now???? (sarcasm)
I feel so much more confident knowing that there are still people analysing the lies and publishing the truth, albeit that fewer and fewer people are interested now. As someone said above, football, and social media have taken priority.
Bread and Circuses all the way…. The Romans knew what they were doing.
But where are they now?

Jun 27, 2018 11:06 AM

On the back of this Skripal incident the UK is now lobbying to get the OPCW rules changed;
“UK & US want OPCW powers expanded to justify future attacks against ….!”
see https://www.rt.com/news/430986-uk-us-opcw-powers-syria/

John Marks
John Marks
Jun 27, 2018 10:51 AM

There is a fifth aspect of the case that blows the official ‘narrative’ out of the water.
The BBC reported on 8th May that a doctor had performed CPR on Julia for 30 minutes.
Yet the doctor was not contaminated. Remember, just brushing past risks contamination, says the ‘narrative’.
Simply as a scientific phenomenon, it would be interesting to question the doctor who said, after the event, she felt “fine”. DS Bailey, on the other hand, was seriously “ill” and the Skripals “critical”.
Furthermore, this doctor has disappeared off the face of the earth.
Someone must know her: her family, colleagues, friends, neighbours . . . but no-one speaks (nor is allowed to speak).
Who is Dr. X?
Where is Dr. X?

Mulga Mumblebrain
Mulga Mumblebrain
Jun 27, 2018 10:36 PM
Reply to  John Marks

Repeat after me-‘Dr. X does not exist. They never existed. Only Putinbots claim Dr. X exists’. Repeat until the Thought Police arrive to test our ‘reliability’.

Jun 28, 2018 8:51 AM
Reply to  John Marks

Hi John,
Dr X was not a woman but a black guy who was first at the scene, who they did interview on a ‘Panorama/Tonight’ programme, which set my alarm bells ringing when I watched it, but like a numpty failed to record….. I wasn’t aware at the time how important that was.
No doubt this recording will have been destroyed now.. or have a D notice on it, as goes any evidence that could prove the lies.
The only other thing I recall was them interviewing a Sir ‘somebody’ who owned a Chemical Protection Equipment Company…
Perhaps another contributor can recall it and get it back for us..

Jun 27, 2018 8:36 AM

The sole role of this story now is kicking UK politicians out of office. The Russia-bashing narrative is now on ‘£20bn more a year to defend against Adolf Putin’ coming from the tool Williamson and the gin-swilling bigwigs at RUSI, NATO and Sandhurst. So really it only has merit in kicking May and Johnson out for lying to Parliament.
People need to wise up that resigning on a matter of honour is SO 20th century. These politicians now lie every time their lips move, they are unprincipled to the nth degree and none care for anything but their next paycheck, preferably from some defence lobbyist.
They will resign with a Smith and Wesson pressed against them, but not for anything else but proven paedophilia, necrophilia, bestiality or widespread embezzling.
We are beyond the politics of reason.

Jun 26, 2018 11:26 PM

Latest news on the Skripal saga is that the UK government is “buying” the Skripal house, all the furniture and other personal possessions inside, and the Skripal cars at UK taxpayer expense. On top of that, DS Nick Bailey is to be compensated £430,000 for his family home, presumably because he and his family are to be transferred away from Salisbury to an undisclosed location that may not necessarily be in Britain. The combined payout is in excess of £1 million.
Does anyone think that these actions are a prelude to further destruction of evidence so as to preclude an inquest? The cars will either be destroyed or dismantled and sold for scrap (or they may even end up in the Middle East, who knows?) and the house itself will likely be destroyed too on the pretext that decontamination will be too expensive.

Mulga Mumblebrain
Mulga Mumblebrain
Jun 28, 2018 7:49 AM
Reply to  Jen

Personally, I don’t think that Western Civilization, Inc. will be safe until Salisbury is razed, perhaps by a cleansing nuke, and ‘The Zone’ that remains is encased in a titanium sarcophagus.

Jun 26, 2018 10:30 PM

‘Eye witness’, or ‘crisis actress’ (take your pick) Freya Church, claimed that the couple on the bench were “100%” the couple in the CCTV image. Who walks past a security camera, and stares straight into it? Not me anyway.
Rob doesn’t stress WHY Sir Ian Blair lied. The BBC had reported that an un-named doctor had administered first aid to Yulia at the scene for thirty minutes: but she ”feels fine”. So Sir Ian Bliar was rolled out of retirement, on to Radio 4, to do what he does best – and try to change the narrative to keep it cohesive. Only DS Bailey, through Wiltshire Police later confirmed he was poisoned at the bench. He was part of a “group of officers and other emergency service colleagues” who dealt with the initial incident. This makes no sense; for the reasons Rob lists, and for the fact that the doctor who administered to Yulia (who had reportedly lost control of her bodily functions) but was not contaminated. Nor were any of Bailey’s colleagues.
Why this is significant is that it shows to me the intention to deceive – Ian Bliar said:
“There are some indications that the police officer who was injured had been to the house, whereas there was a doctor who looked after the patients in the open, who hasn’t been affected at all.”
The Torygraph confirmed that DS Bailey had indeed attended the house. Had he now: that’s not what he said?
“So there maybe some clues floating around in here.”
http s://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/03/09/russian-spy-may-have-poisoned-home-police-believe/
Note the dates of the reports: 8th – BBC report with doctor; 9th – Bliar, Bliar on Radio 4; 10th – DS Baileys own confirmation that he was among the first responders at the bench.
Also on the 10th, the Torygraph reports (from two sources) that Bailey was at BOTH locations.
Make your mind up!
A committed state sheep might say that they got their facts confused: I’m saying this shows clear intent to manipulate the truth and deceive the public …using longtime state asset Lord Ian Bliar and some incoherent reporting. There is clear intent to keep a disintegrating narrative cohesive? After that failed: the inconvenient doctor was memory-holed. There were, from then on, only three confirmed official casualties of the ‘novichok’ poisoning …all survived. You couldn’t make it up: even though that is exactly what it looks like someone did?

Jun 26, 2018 10:39 PM
Reply to  BigB
Jun 26, 2018 7:06 PM

I said from the start of its run that “Skripal” was a Whitehall farce in which vicar’s daughter StTheresa lost her knickers; following their smash hit “45minutes” starring Liberal Christian heart throbTB.Liar. But as often happens with follow ons, this one flopped. The CW event in Southern England was due for release at the same time as a CW event in Southern Syria — but that one also flopped. Publictaste has changed, and Whitehall needs new script writers.
Meanwhile, back in the real world, a lively update from Ziad Fadel, editor of Syrian Perspective:
DER’AH [near the border with Israeli occupied Syrian Golan and British puppet Kingdom of Jordan (ex –Harrow and Sandhurst) — where the trouble in Syria started]
“In the latest news from the Southern Front, which now includes Qunaytra, Der’ah and Suwaydaa, the Syrian Army and its allies have been rolling over huge swathes of territory once controlled by Obama’s murdering psychopaths. Today, we can confirm the total liberation of Basr Al-Hareer and Mulayhaat Al-‘Atash which effectively surrounds all terrorists in the Al-Lijaat area and connects the SAA’s forces ion both Suwaydaa and Der’ah.
Yesterday, June 25, 2018, the SAA was active in Western Suwaydaa` and Der’ah’s Al-Lijaat region. That region is known for its difficult terrain and caves where terrorists could hide. No more. After pounding the area with rockets from the air, the Syrian Army and (believe it or not) elements of the FSA which agreed to [Dr.Assad’s wise policy of] amnesty [to genuine Syrian rebels] and now fight alongside their government, killed over 70 [of NATZO’s foreign] mercenary rodents. Also, the Syrian Army and its allies destroyed 3 [NATZO] armored cars, 14 [U$ made Toyota andHumvee] 4-wheel-drive flatbeds with 23mm cannons and 11 trucks — without losing a single soldier. It can now be said with confidence that the Al-Lijaat Area is completely rat-free.”

Paul X
Paul X
Jun 26, 2018 5:45 PM

If Skripal did work with Steele on the urination dossier then his request of Putin that he be allowed to return to see his elderly and sick mother; a very human reaction one might think, might have kicked off the saga.If he did return there is little doubt he’d be spoken to by his ex-colleagues and – of course! – he might change allegiance once again; it’s one of the problems with Double Agents, they can hardly be trusted. But the idea he might end up spilling the Steele beans must have much alarmed the British spooks who are so dangerously close to being accused of interfering against Trump in the election. It seems as if Skripal might have been presented with the only way out by his current holders. Julia, who has Russian Security contacts, may have been bringing back Putin’s answer about – and the conditions attached.

Jun 26, 2018 9:31 PM
Reply to  Paul X

Surely the UK government could have stopped Skripal going to Russia but it would have been more difficult to stop him communicating with the Russian embassy or a Russian agent. Maybe negotiations were going on – Skripal exposes the dossier in return for Russia somehow getting him out of the UK. If true, the poisoning has stopped the deal and put him in detention including his daughter, who may have been the negotiator and as such would have needed to be silenced.The poisoning also has another facet – to demonise Putin.

Vlad the Inhaler
Vlad the Inhaler
Jun 26, 2018 5:02 PM

As with all such stories manifestly concocted to steer public opinion at moments of large scale geopolitical significance, like David Kelly’s mysterious ‘suicide’, and others, you’re very much entering the Twilight Zone. Indeed, where are the Skripals today? Where is Detective Sargeant Bailey? Clearly very private people, and their extreme privacy is being extremely respected. One of the most significant details to me of the Skripal case is ‘cui bono?’ – this all blew up in what would have been a very bad news week for Theresa May over her capitulation to EU demands in Brexit negotiations, instead she gets to lead the world in demonising Putin for this alleged event, causing Russian diplomats to be expelled all over the West and Europe, except interestingly in Brussels. The EU didn’t expel a single one of their 100 strong Russian delegation, in the same week that many of its members jetisoned theirs. So the whole incident served to strengthen the hand of the EU as the primary gatekeeper of diplomatic relations with Russia, in the same week that May, supposed to be delivering Brexit, was calling for a ‘unified European response’ to ‘Russian Aggression’. Hmm. See what she did there? A classic conjuring trick of distraction. “Look, over there, don’t look at me, look over there!”…

Jun 26, 2018 10:45 PM

And the juggernaut has rolled on….
I speak to lots of people about this and the general feeling now is ‘Skripal who?’ They served their purpose at the time and got the proles on the hate the Russians train. to deflect attention from the Mayfly’s cock ups.
We can discuss it here for the next twenty years and nothing will change.
The Tavistock institute have it all worked out. They know how many cards they hold.

Jun 26, 2018 10:47 PM
Reply to  Maggie

Have a look at how many people are even bothered to comment now…

Tim Groves
Tim Groves
Jun 27, 2018 1:40 AM
Reply to  Maggie

A cast of characters including a Russian double agent who may be a triple agent, all these Bliars, a matronly national leader referred to as M, and a chubbier comedy version of Illya Kuryakin named Boris, and nobody gives a monkey’s UNCLE or a Tinker Tailor’s curse. Perhaps its just poor scriptwriting and lack of continuity, or perhaps as a species we are all suffering from information burnout. But whatever the reason, we take our so-called news a lot less seriously these days than we used to take our TV spy dramas.