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Times Headline: Fears Over Prospect of Peace

OffGuardian was founded on the idea that he media should be held to account, corrected, fact-checked and interpreted. A lot of the time that’s job that needs to be done.

But sometimes it’s not. Sometimes you just let them talk and their own words condemn them.

This is one of those times.

The Times is scare-mongering about peace.

Nothing more need be said.


  1. Baron says

    M. de Lubac (quoted by the great Mark Steyn): “It is not true, as is sometimes said, that man cannot organize the world without God. What is true is that, without God, he can only organize it against man”.

  2. Baron says

    The Times isn’t the only rag that expresses “a fear of peace”, James Forsyth in the Spectator says: “Another worry of senior figures in (British) government is what Trump might propose to promote détente with Russia”.

    If one were to look, it’s likely other MSM scribblers would have expressed similar misgivings about the Donald’s meeting with Putin to calm things down, avoid the possibility of an armed conflict. It seems the melody’s but the same, the lyrics may slightly differ.

    One can understand why they’re doing it, not unlike in the Republic, the manufacture of arms and related stuff hasn’t got shifted offshore, it has stayed here, it provides jobs for many, and jobs smell of votes for the politicians of any party, any détente might harm the industry, the MSM scribblers know it.

    What surprises is that the attack on any possible entente cordiale between the West and Russia, possibly also China, is attacked so openly by people whose every orifice shouts about love, peace, brotherhood of men.

  3. passerby says

    The newspapers are at war with their readers. Every day articles are published in which newspapers try to convince their readers of things that go against common sense. And if readers dare to disagree, the readers’ comments are deleted. Yet one cannot censor readers’ comments and claim to be defending freedom of expression at the same time. Is it surprising then, that newspapers find less and less readers at their side?

    • Pam Ryan says

      The way the so called moderators police the Guardian’s public comment forums these days is nothing short of sinister.

  4. In Frankfurt, 1773, Rothschild presented a 25 point plot for global domination, a New World Order, to 12 men.

    Point 13 was control of propaganda via the press.
    This is being ruined by the internet & sites like this. In a rather similar way the Gutenberg press broke the monopoly control which the Roman Catholic Church had over dissemination of information via the pulpit.

    Point 8 was their intention to ruin the youth of nations through alcohol, drugs, moral corruption & all forms of vice.
    Afghanistan, 2000, the Taliban had the heroin poppy fields almost eradicated, now the fields are at their historic greatest extent. A major reason for the invasion & continuing occupation. The Taliban are making progress & this time not via terror tactics.

    Point 11 was that wars were to be fought less for territorial gains, but more for getting nations more deeply indebted & to dictate the peace terms & the paths of future events.
    UK & US announced this as their joint policy, 1939.

    Communism & Fascism were founded & funded to enable wars.

    This is the Khazarian Mafia. Their aim, then & now, is a One World Totalitarian Govt. Their path is the corruption & destruction of ALL nations & religions. The Jews are their useful idiot tools, & Israel & Zionism has been seen, as far back as Oliver Lord Cromwell & the English Revolution, 1640s, as a pathway to global dominance.

    Israel is slated for total destruction in WWIII, if the 1871 plan is adhered to.

    This NWO plot is staggering after the punch on the nose in Syria, & the prospect of peace between US, Russia & Europe is anathema to this ultimate deep state.

    Book, 1955, by William Guy Carr, a WWII Canadian naval intelligence officer: Pawns in the Game.
    Look up Khazarian Mafia on

    John Doran.

    • Mr Christopher Gwynne says

      This comment is bad in the extreme, no facts, a complete pack of far right(?), propaganda! Communism is the end of all class and wars. This comment turns truth upside down, assertion followed by assertion without a shred of evidence to back your provocative. How the hell do you get inside information on Rothschild? Rhetorical question so don’t bother answering. Sorry, but if you’re not Nazi which I seriously doubt, your analyse is false to the core even at the most superficial level. All good liars weave truth into their misinformation which you have managed with aplomb. Wars were fought long before fascism and communism were remotely conceived. Remove Capitalism, (with support from the rank and file military), and you have no Rothchild’s, Zionist’s or Imperialists.

      • Communism is a multi-million death factory: look at USSR, China & Cambodia.
        Communism is economic stagnation through impossible & inefficient central planning.
        Communism is dictatorial rule by a tiny bunch of fanatics over the masses through a secret police system & terror.
        Communism is a country with barbed wire fences, watch towers & machine guns pointed inwards to keep the population from escaping, as in East Germany.

        You seem to have the ability to ignore history & believe in cant slogans. It must be wonderful in La-La land.

        Fact: summer 1917, Kuhn-Loeb bank of New York gave Lenin a cheque for $50,000,000 to enable the Bolshevik revolution. Communism was & is a Bankster project.

        Read the book. Read The Creature From Jekyll Island, by G. Edward Griffin to bring the story up to date.
        His website:
        Read Alexander Solzenitsyn: Gulag Archipelago.
        Research UN Agenda 21, the modern day version of Rothschild’s plan: global domination dressed up as environmentalism.

        Myself, I’m sort of a Ron Paul type minimum govt Libertarian.

        For amusement, some Lenin quotes:

        Have a nice day.

        John Doran.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          Sub-fascist drivel. A ‘libertarian’ is just another type of fascist, and a virulently anti-human and xenophobic type at that.

        • Mr Christopher Gwynne says

          Thank you John for your opinions regarding Communism, taken almost verbatim from page 17 of the Young Conservatives little blue manual of deceit and misinformation. Virtually everything you said applies to the free market system, at some time or place. Agreed Stalinist efficiency was deplorable, but by then the pre-revolutionary ideology of Tsarism and Capitalism had risen to cultural dominance, in short everything you describe was a counter-revolution with one critical exception- the planned economy. Paradoxically the degeneration of the Russian revolution is closer to your politics than that of Marx or Lenin.
          As to the Off-G topic, it was pointed out from the 19th century that newsprint would represent the interests of the millionaire owners rather than truth or majority interests, and that reflects the social dilemma in which we all live today.

          • “Indurated down to a fixture” is a phrase within a comment the Rothschild owned Times of London published in 1862, relating to President Abraham Lincoln having printed debt-free greenbacks. He was assassinated.

            Indurated down to a fixture is the prison we reside in now, inside the Western Rothschild Central Bankster Empire. When our spineless politicians declared, 2008, the Mega-banks “too big to fail”, that chucked capitalism out the window. We now have a pretend democracy, an actual crony corporatist Fascism where the Banksters command the supine politicians, decreeing austerity for us plebs & larger profits for themselves.

            Iran is not a part of the Central Bankster Empire & has vast oil reserves. Iran is therefore a Western target, along with Russia, on whatever pretexts can be cobbled together by the mad May. An interesting timeline:

            Try Youtube & BILL STILL MONEY MASTERS
            3.5 hrs & worth it.

            John Doran.

            • Mulga Mumblebrain says

              The rescue of the financial parasites after 2008 was the apotheosis of capitalism, not its ‘chucking out the window’.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        Almost sad to see a ‘libertarian’ paranoiac who does not even comprehend that ‘Veterans Today’ is a disinfo site.

          • Do you mind if I ask if you are from the USA or the UK ?

            Given that your pet hate seems to be “Communism” , you seem somewhat muddled in its’ true design, construct & completely misinterpreting the word & ideology of “Communism”, as written by MarX & Engels; you proceed to assert random absurd critique, that barely relates, in fact your criticism of “Communism” appears inconsistent & ignorant of any historic reality: when the fact is that we would not even be communicating here & now , were it not for the most significant development under western sponsored pseudo-communism, that of the ‘Sputnik’ !

            The first ever Sputnik being but one positive product of what you label as ‘communism’ .. then there was the first ever space travel & of course , the Bulgarian Atanasoff, preceded by Nikola Tesla, all of Slavonic descent ! Computing all things electric and all MicroRadioWave technology, the very keys to our collective futures, gone global, as Marx suggested & Tolstoy re-affirmed, in many ways .. And Dostoevsky even predicted all the “Demons’ that would arise ..

            The USA & the CIA is unquestionably A Fascist Corporate Ashkenazi construct, quite feasibly of Khazarian designs to revenge itself on the Russian rejection of the brutal Khazarian societal designs of rule by fear: pretty much along the lines of the Zionazi MSM of today, which still propagates Apartheid & sponsors promotion of Divisions.

            I believe it is fair to assert that this world has never experienced either true Communism or Democracy. Would you agree ?

            “The Communist Manifesto is probably the most misinterpreted and misused book in history, (probably second to the Bible). Though it may need a few revisions to be applicable to the 21st Century global economy, the core message remains universal and timeless. Marx says that if globalisation is inevitable, workers must rise up to see to it that it serves for the best interests of all humanity. Though he wanted socialism to be established as a phase in fully industialised countries, history had other plans leading to the 1917 revolution in the backward feudal Russian Empire.” (Anon.)

            Logic dictates that the DPR (Donbass People’s Republic), wants nothing to do with the Khazarian ZioNazi Central Banking Capitalist mentality of “The Creature from Jekyll Island” (which I have read), as well as their various predecessors in governance, be that Russian or a CIA backed Fascist Ukrainian like Poroschenko , from Kiev: & this has been subject to a DPR referendum. In fact , were it not for the Welshman Hughes and his successors, back in the time of Marx & Engels, we would probably never have seen Shaktar Dontesk winning the football in 2009 ! Because Donetsk was originally called Hughesovka .. (Yusovka until 1917).

            “Communism was & is a Bankster project.” This comment alone, discredits most all that you have said, some of which is not far off the truth in some instances: when one has studied the FULL history , since Long long before Veterans Today ever existed .. why misquote Marx & Engels & misconstrue ‘Communism’ ?

            Shame that .. would you agree ?

            • Thanks. Reading the other comments, it was good to read a more rational reflection on history: a history so widely misconstrued, so largely and heavily edited by pseudo-historians and their senior powers that be and have been, that it was obvious that both Mr. Christopher Gwynne & jdseanjd are both confused and extremely selective and limited in their knowledge: limited by their ZioNazi environments and edited experience of life and reality, today.

              I think if many people today were faced with the truth, supported by all requisite evidence, like a copy of Marx & Engels’ industrious contemplation of globalisation, & subsequently smashed lightly on the head with the book simultaneously, commanding their attention to detail and true historic writing, they would quite probably still rest in total denial and think all to be totally implausible, due to the massive legacy of Brainwash in Western climes ..

            • Karl Marx was a man so profoundly incompetent he never supported himself: Engels propped him up his whole life. Yet he thought to organise the World, under the most stupid “political system” ever dreamed up, Communism. A totalitarian system of central control of the many by a very few through a system of terror via informers, secret police & gulags.

              Communism kills:
              Note how high Communist China, USSR & Cambodia figure in this gruesome tally.

              Communism is fatally stupid because it fails totally to take human nature into account. It is a system which can only work in the imagination of an intellectual without much practical experience of the real world. & I’ve almost 40 years of experience in business to back that statement.

              Communism & Fascism a “Bankster Project”?
              I recommend William Guy Carr’s Pawns in the Game, 1955. In many ways this is the ideal book to read before G. Edward Griffin’s excellent The Creature from Jekyll Island.

  5. The Dirty Diggers Paper

    First I used to read it

    Then I read it when I was eating my fish & chips

    Next I hung it in the toilet

    Now I just wipe my *rse on it…

  6. George says

    The story says that the 29 members of NATO will face an “existential crisis” if there is a peace deal i.e. they cannot cope with a world where they can no longer rely on the US to bomb the shit out of everyone. They will experience a breakdown if deprived of all those live-enhancing nukes. And – after all – what can you possibly do with peace anyway? Can anyone seriously expect real humans to actually want to live and love and create and raise families?

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      The rulers of the West are NOT ‘real human beings’.

  7. Hugh O'Neill says

    The Times, since the 19th Century, is the propaganda megaphone of the Establishment demanding war, and, as the article states, this Times headline shows the agenda more clearly. But as to historical precedent, Mark Twain wrote that History may not repeat, but it often rhymes: I think back to a previous POTUS who championed peace with Russia in his June 10th 1963 speech at American University, written without reference to either CIA or Pentagon, and he paid the price less than 6 months later. Now Trump is no Jack Kennedy (nor is Putin a Nikita Khrushchev) but the CIA and Pentagon (and their masters in Wall Street) will not have changed their stripes.
    Richard Starnes wrote 3 weeks before the assassination, that “a high level White House source” (JFK?) had told him that if a coup were to happen, it would most likely be from the CIA, not the Pentagon. Amazingly, Starnes was published, but his career went nowhere after the coup. Using Oswald as ‘patsy’ gave them the option of blaming Russia for the assassination thus providing the cases belli for WWIII. The CIA are masters of owning the narrative, constant repetition, to turn every ‘crisis’ into an opportunity. NATO will be in on the action too.

  8. It truly is one of the most incredible headlines I have ever seen. There are so many dark things happening, our reality is an Orwelian Dystopia and as if it needed confirming The Times obliged.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      With the global ecological Holocaust intensifying far faster that even the most pessimistic forecasts of twenty or even ten years ago, the global parasite over-class must be getting ready for their ‘Final Solution’ to the ‘useless eaters’ problem. They have no intention of dying prematurely themselves, and no compunction in committing genocide to protect their own wealth and power-in fact they positively enjoy the slaughter of others. The only hope left is that the neoplastic capitalist infestation that is destroying ALL ecosystems in its relentless lust for growth and profit, is replaced by another system that preserves Life on Earth (although it is now almost certainly too late). To achieve that miracle, the current ruling psychopaths in politics in the West, and their Masters in ‘busyness’, dedicated enemies of humanity and Life on Earth, must be disempowered, somehow. ‘The situation is hopeless-we must take the next step’.


    Real shocker for Times owner Muckraker Murdoch: U$ says it will stop aid to terrorists in Southern Syria. Remember, Murdoch together with Cheney and Rothschild recently visited the Yahoo in Israeli occupied Syrian Golan to plan theft of Syrian oil there. Has POTU$ Trumpety put a spoke in the wheel of their Genie Energy bandwagon? Reconciliation with Syria and peace with Russia — I am beginning to understand why the MSM went gunning for Old Carrot Top from the day he opposed the War-War policy of Obomba and Killary.

    Of course all this may be simply Jaw-Jaw. But let Murdoch sulk, and let humans enjoy this last brief moment when it might seem that:

    “Peace is breaking out all over / It’s June, June, June!”,

    • It seems to me there is little in Trumps words but bluffs and bluster to distract everyone while the zionazis carry on the real agenda.

  10. Frankly Speaking says

    I’ve said it already but i feel compelled to say it again.

    I never used to be religious…but the older i get, the more evidence i see of a real “Anti Christ” existing, or at least his troops operating. These people are utterly depraved and lack any morality, let alone spirituality.

    Even if you don’t accept any religious theory or actual evidence, then at least most people should at least see and understand the bipolar contrast of those who do good for humanity versus those who destroy humanity except for enriching their own clique.

    • mark says

      The Saker argues that even if you don’t believe in Satan or demons, these people display a satanic form of self worship in their arrogant and hubristic self regard. In effect, Satan saying, please worship me, but of you don’t want to, that’s okay, you can worship yourself instead if you want to.

      • Dark Skinned Sailor says

        WTF are you talking about ? Satan is new(ish) invented mythology, and even has been represented as a “good guy” ! Quite rightly, almost the first rebel against vicious authoritarian rule, the first, of course, being Lilith… Still you shouldn’t, really, you shouldn’t base your views on the world on some fucking fairytale !

    • Frankly speaking, one could rephrase St.Paul’s religious terminology, of “Principals and Powers in the Heavens” by operational terminology, “Principles and Natural Laws”; but it would not change the nature of the struggle nor the nature of the opponents.

      “For we wrestle not [only?] against flesh and blood but against Principals and Powers in the Heavens”. — Corinthians 12

      “Things change but one thing does not change / The struggle between Good and Evil does not change”. — TS Eliot

  11. Kathy says

    I find it interesting how the whole of UK main stream media seemed so keen to draw attention to Boris not being in UK for Heathrow runway vote but made little to no attempt to explain where he was and certainly did not ask any questions as to why he may have gone to Kabul. What was he up to there?. If Trump truly is pushing for peace, communication and trade and I prey that this may be so. The UK are starting to look isolated on all fronts Do the UK think that they may try the chemical attack in Syria by Assad Propaganda line again as a last ditched attempt to prevent peace breaking out there having now pushed the OPCW towards blaming and calling out {culprit} countries. The British press don’t seem at all impressed by the idea of any form of a more peaceful world breaking out.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      The Western fakestream media hate and fear machine LONG ago purged any decent human beings from the ranks of its propaganda presstitutes. If not outright psychopaths like their owners, they know that they MUST toe the Party Line of the globalist Right, or be out on their ear, in the cold, hard, world that their owners have created.

    • @Kathy. An interesting exception popped up this morning; a first acknowledgement that the Syrian govt is actually fighting terrorism on behalf of the free world. A British TV channel (not the official Beeb) allows a Russian diplomat some air time to put Syria’s case. Reported BTL SyrPer by Mike Florida:

      “In an interview given to Britain’s Channel 4 on June 29, Lavrov said that President Bashar al-Assad isn’t just defending Syria; he is defending the entire region against terrorism. He reiterated that the Syrians alone will decide Syria’s future. (Interesting that this was aired by a public corporation of British media. ). ”

      “Peace is popping out all over / It’s June, June, June, June!”

  12. Gary Weglarz says

    Orwell’s 1984 voiced that – “War is Peace” – but never did he suggest the opposite, that – “Peace is War” – and of course since endless war is what the West thrives on “Peace” must be studiously avoided at all costs. One simply can’t be too careful with allowing the threat of “Peace” to break out – now can one?

  13. One pound sixty ? To find out that England are all set, in fear & pulling out of Trump’s peace deal with Putin, coz’ the burgers are under done & full of E-Coli bacteria, in Britain’s most Trusted national toilet paper, from d’ Big
    ‘M’ Ashkenazi GCHQ web of lies.

    doch Wirklich ? talk about burnt offerings..

    When I read Eric Schlosser’s – ‘Fast Food Nation’, well over a decade ago .. toilet paper & Big M’Ashkenazi bacterial News was so much cheaper & widely distributed in print. This ‘peace’ meal toilet paper news delivery service maybe fine with GCHQ , but will it wash for d’Guy on the street to buy this, when he can get 3 Ply on Sky ?

    No wonder dis”May berates” and chose to hold up the Belgian Team’s shirt, in case Skripals’ story goes public ..

    What was it Nev ‘ d’ChamberPot head honcho said, after discussing with Hitler “Peace in our ‘Times’ ..” ?
    No way , not if Chief ‘Keith Koala Kong’s Kuku Klux Klan have anything to do with the outcome:

    Peace, not on the Zionazi Agenda:

    Ashkenazi Apartheid Applied Rules apply ..
    for Vacancy of Editor in Chief @TheTimes, on Sunday, contact Keith Koala Kong 😉 AKA KKK R. Murdoch

  14. GrigoryZinoviev says

    1939 Baltic states fears over Hitler/Stalin Peace Deal?

    • There was no Hitler/Stalin peace deal. Stalin signed the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact, also known as the Nazi–Soviet Pact, because he knew that the Soviet military was in no condition to fight in the war. He signed it so as to buy enough time to ramp-up the Soviet military to the point of being able to fight and defend the Soviet Union in the war.

        • “Oh dear – using quotation marks produces italics…”

          ” Does it ? ”

          testing testing :

          thanks Phuri Vieri, I’ve been trying to suss the italics methodology , for ages .. 🙂

          “Biased, what me ?” It cannot be: next you’ll be telling me ” & you’re Neutral” , like D’ “Swiss Bankers” ..

          (chuckle bunnies 🙂 ) .. search Christoph Meili , UBS 😉 & Ashkenazi Deposits & shredding machine room deposits for the real records & signs of The Times ..

      • GrigoryZinoviev says

        ‘Peace Deal’ for ‘Pact’ is a bit of licence, but I was looking for an example quickly. Fearing a peace deal between two countries doesn’t necessarily make you bellicose. If X and Y look like they might sign a peace deal by which Y raises no objections if X annexes Z then Z should be worried.

      • Paul X says

        It was a diplomatic master stroke. It wasn’t just Russia that was unready the British and French were determined to give Hitler an open door to the Soviet Union by not coming to an agreement with either Mussolini or Stalin. Stalin knocked Chamberlain and the French right off the rails after their 5 years of dithering and trying to reach accommodation with Germany. They’d been desperate not to go to war allied to Comminust Russia and Stalin managed to bump them into a war they didn’t want.

    • @GZ. 1938 Baltic States follow UK & France in rejecting Stalin’s offer of Common Front against Hitler. UK encourages Hitler’s takeover of CzeckoSlovakia as ‘Peace in our Time’. !938 Poland (and another Balt hyaena — I forget which) grab the broken morcels of CzeckoSlovakia that Hitler did not want (until after he had swallowed Poland whole).

      • Hungary (with Polish help), took over Carpathian Ukraine in 1938, then when Poland was overrun, Germany took over the Zaolzie region (Southern Slovakia) from Poland.

        • Yes, I remember now, Hungary was the other hyaena state that ate the broken meats of dismembered CeskoSlovakia. Hungary was on the Fascist side. And the Baltic states though officially neutral welcomed Hitler (as did Britain and France) until he began to swallow us all. My enemy’s enemy is not necessarily my friend. The Balts and Poland are still joining in this potentially self-destructive game, only this time on a bigger playing field (U$A + EU + Scandinavia) and with more terrible playthings (nuclear armed NATZO).

          • mark says

            Hungary had legitimate grievances after WW1. Most of its territory, population and resources were given to neighbouring countries in a punitive treaty that generated tremendous instability in the region (and still does.) Czechoslovakia was one of these countries. Rumania was another. A large Hungarian population was incorporated in both countries for no good reason.

            • Baron says

              Pre-WW2 Czechoslovakia was the only democracy in mainland Europe (the French institutions were failing their democratic credentials, it was nothing but squabbles between the corrupted political parties), the other countries were all dictatorships, and that includes Poland, Hungary and the three Baltic states (although their borders differed from today’s as did those of Poland and Hungary).

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      The Baltic fascists welcomed the Nazis, then got down to some old-fashioned Jew-killing that even affronted the Nazis. Their descendants spent forty years enjoying the hospitality of the West, where ALL WW2 fascists were made welcome, before their return to power, thanks to one of the most Evil figures in history, the monster drunkard stooge, Yeltsin.

  15. Fair dinkum. says

    There’s no profit in that.
    Divide and rule diminishes.
    Harder to whip up patriotic fervour.
    Can’t justify the psychopathic military budget.
    There’s no profit in that.

    • GrigoryZinoviev says

      ‘They shall beat their swords into ploughshares’ Correction, ‘They shall create fresh demand for swords’

      • Grafter says

        The Times where sick little underlings do the bidding of their corrupt money masters. Forget about the World Cup where people of all nations gather in peace and harmony let’s get hatred and war back on the agenda.

        • Frankly Speaking says

          I never used to be religious…but the older i get, the more evidence i see of a real “Anti Christ” existing, or at least his troops operating. These people are utterly depraved and lack any morality, let alone spirituality.

          Even if you don’t accept any religious theory, then at least most people should see the bipolar contrast of those who do good for humanity versus those who destroy humanity except for enriching their clique.

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