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No, Carole Cadwalladr, THIS is what war looks like…

Carole Cadwalladr has been applying her fingertips to her keyboard again. This is usually bad news for anybody offended by giant leaps of logic or insufferable smugness, but it’s also usually inane enough you can just ignore it.

Not in this case. The overall standard of Western Journalism has fallen, and it was never mountainously high to begin with, but this tweet is SO offensive, so hubristic and vain and insulting that it merits special attention. It deserves to be called out. Loudly, and often.

I was going to embed it, not post a screencap, but there’s the tiniest chance she’ll have an uncharacteristic moment of sanity and delete. This way her disgusting words can never be erased.

No – Carole – Facebook profile pictures are NOT “what war looks like now”, and sitting behind a keyboard in the home counties, giggling about Russian bots whilst Wimbledon is muted on the TV behind you, doesn’t make you a fucking soldier.

How DARE you write that? Do you have no sense of hubris? Of respect?

It is the most disgusting sentence I have ever read. Words cannot express the smallness of the mind and the gargantuan scale of the ego that shat those words into the world, fully expecting them to be taken seriously.

THIS is what war looks like today…

The following pictures are graphic and unpleasant, but so is war, and some people need a reality check

This is a Palestinian child, burned with White Phosphorous during the Israeli attacks on Gaza in 2014.

This is a Yemeni rebel fighter, standing in the rubble of his country. Our government sold Saudi Arabia the bombs they used to turn these buildings to dust.

This is Libya, once the most developed and richest country in Africa. Now a gutted shell, home to slavers and warlords. NATO did this to control Libyan oil, amongst other things.

This is Mosul, an ancient city in the cradle of civilisation, reduced to rubble in the name of America’s laughable “war on terror”.

This is a father and daughter, fleeing the ISIS occupied areas of Iraq. We train, fund and arm ISIS to act as our proxy army in Syria.

A mother and 1 month old baby, killed when Ukrainian fascist militias shelled Gorlovka in 2014. We arm these Nazi militias, and have actively disrupted and discouraged any peace process in the region.

American soldiers torturing Iraqi civilians at Abu Ghraib after the illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003.

The bodies of nine men allegedly killed in a U.S. drone strike on Dec. 12, 2013 are lined up prior to burial near the town of Radda, Yemen. Over 90% of those killed by drones are innocent bystanders.

Vietnamese civilians flee their burning village, carrying their dying children in their arms, after the USAF dropped napalm on them.

This is what war looks like today….the same as it has done for hundreds of years.

War looks like burnt down buildings, scorched rubble, ashes, fire and chaos.

War looks like blood stains, and spattered brains and burns right down to the bone.

War looks like tears leaving clean trails through masks of sweat-stuck grime and muck, as wives and husbands and mothers and sons and sisters and brothers and friends feel a loss too deep and visceral to ever be put into words.

War looks like poor people screaming and dying and bleeding, hundreds of miles away, whilst the Western arms companies make a fortune selling expensive toys you can only use once.

War is what the rich to do the third world, while the complacent chattering classes of pompous privileged prigs pat themselves on the back because they separate their recycling and voted for Remain.

War is what modern journalists – self-regard where their consciences should be – preach to the masses. Cheering on the destruction and sending other people’s children to die for a cause they barely believe in themselves, but which will definitely net them a good book deal when the dust settles. Reducing a once proud profession to nothing but a series of insane propagandists and disingenuous whores

Journalists are just a symptom, of course, a sign that the power structures of the Western world – and those ensnared within them – are so divorced from reality that they are putting us all in danger. If their insane, insulting, inflammatory rhetoric is allowed to go unchecked they could blindly lead us all into a war – a real war – that would make the above photographs look like a day at the beach.

Write about that, Carole, if you can. You won’t win the Orwell Prize but you might save your soul.

EDITORS NOTE: One of the photographs in this piece was mistakenly attributed to a drone strike in Pakistan, when it is in fact a drone strike in Yemen. The mistake has been corrected, and we apologise for making it.


  1. It’s sad that so many are completely oblivious to the suffering of others. People are going hungry, dying painful deaths, and dealing with the ravages of war every single day. Human governments and politics will never have the solution as greed and selfishness has overtaken them. I have faith that God’s Kingdom will rid this world of the wicked and bring lasting peace and happiness for the oppressed (Psalms 37:10,11; Revelation 21:3,4).

  2. Richard says

    So, let me get this straight… a journalist comments on Russian propaganda, so you post sone images of war zones and rattle your sabers about how liberals live war and Carole Cadwalladr is a big dumb stupidhead for… uh…pointing out that a dictatorship is playing the victim card?

    Oh, right, she’s a liberal who exposed a blatant subversion of democracy. That clearly deserves this hysterical rant from yet another Far-Right blogger who thinks they can occupy the high ground by using war crimes as a shiled with which to shame a journalist into silence. The juvenile insults in the comments section only highlight how fact-free any criticism of Ms. Cadwalladr tends to be

    • lours endormi says

      the russian jailed you call “a blatant subversion of democracy” .
      that’s a real subversion of commom sense

  3. Thank you for such a movingly incisive response to such grotesque callousness !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Your piece deserves anthologizing ….. Tattooing on the foreheads of Warmongering Propagandists inured to their own calumny of all who question their farcical bullshit..!

  4. Sad that more of our pathetic journalists won’t read this excellent piece. One thing that I want to correct though:

    “This is what war looks like today….the same as it has done for hundreds of years.”

    No, war was never as bad in the past as it is today. Not “hundreds of years”, only about 100 years.

    All wars were ground wars until the invention of aircraft around 100 years ago, so there was no bombing. Aerial bombardment is the epitome of cowardice.

    And the majority of wars were between soldiers in ground armies. Civilians were of course inevitably killed, but not on the same scale.

    We had not then the MIC to manufacture killing machines and munitions on the vast scale that they are produced today.

    • I should just add, that I do not regard the genocides committed by Europeans in the Americas as war.

    • vexarb says

      @John. WW1 Irish Airman Foresees their Future:

      “I kill the foe I do not see” — WB Yeats

    • mark says

      I agree. Going back in history, in 1066 three men wanted to be King of England. The winner was literally the last man standing, and he was nearly killed as well. He had two horses killed under him at Hastings. The other two were chopped up into pieces the size of Oxo cubes. Frederick the Great personally led an infantry regiment in an attack when he was hit 3 times by musket balls – once through the sleeve, once in a metal snuff box, and once in the chest by a bullet that had expended most of its energy and knocked him off his horse. At least then, they put their own lives on the line. Now clowns like Blair and Bush and Cameron and Sarkozy and the Orange Baboon strut around like Sawdust Caesars mouthing off about how they are going to show Johnny Russian or Johnny Iranian what’s what, and sending kids off from crappy council estates to come back with their legs blown off. Most of these people are fully paid up members of the Bill Clinton Light Infantry. I’d have paid good money to watch Blair or Bush take on Saddam Hussein at close range with a sword or on axe. Or Cameron or Sarkozy in a one to one with old Gaddafi, getting a bit of first hand experience of Shock and Awe. Would have been worth seeing.

  5. Baron says

    A chance that “she’ll have an uncharacteristic moment of sanity and delete?” Hmmm

    These people are indeed bred in the Julius Streicher’s school of journalism, the prime characteristic of which is a total moral vacuousness, one cannot behave any other way once one graduates.

    It’s usually a sign of the last leg of any regime’s rottenness when it has to rely on individuals like her, articulate, often well educated, but morally putrid. Weird as it may seem, it sometimes does convince an uninitiated reader to fall for the crap, if the untruth gets repeated over and over again.

    Even if one were to accept that the change of the Ministry’s twitter account were a war, it would be one that her lot is unlikely to win. The evidence of every other ‘war’ the incorrigibly deluded have initiated are seldom anything but an abysmal failure e.g. the war on drugs, on teenage pregnancies, on waist ….

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Another of the vermin breed, ‘Catherine Bennett’, in the Fraudian sewer, where else, today regales us with the observation that Jeremy Corbyn is ‘…a man renowned for….his tolerance of antisemitism.’ Just the usual, reflex, slanderous lying, in the cause of the Fraudianistas’ beloved Zionists and, not incidentally, the Tory Party.

  6. Big B says

    Carole Cadwalladr was the front and lead – or should that be (intelligence services) ‘led’ – presstitute in the Cambridge Analytica story. This, IMO, was a huge distractory exercise, aimed at Trump and Brexit. How dare people not vote for who they are directed to vote for – they must have been inveigled by nepharious behind-the-scenes means? They could not, and cannot, be allowed to think for themselves …without the educated and entitled Establishment say-so? The story also hit the headlines every time they needed to deflect the narrative; including the introduction (crisis actor?) pink-haired whistleblower – apearing before the Fake News select committee, peddling FakeNews?. I would impute that she is a modern day Mockingbird who sings for CIA/MI6?

    [The real story is about the spooks that run SCL: Cambridge Analytica’s {still active} parent company: and Carol’s ‘handlers’?]

    There are live updates on Julian’s imminent betrayal: be prepared …we are all Julian Assange now:

    For up-to-date accurate information on Julian Assange’s plight, see @Wikileaks, @AssangeMrs, and @Unity4J Twitter accounts. The website Unity4J will be up to date with information, live streams, and places where protests will be held in support of Julian Assange.

    [Comment slightly modified and double-posted deliberately].

    • Antonyl says

      The word you were looking for was fig leaf ?

  7. Harry Stotle says

    The US and NATO war machine is bound to profit if a latter day Leni Riefenstahl is prepared to feed media generated anxieties about the re-emergence of our natural enemy, Russia?

    Cadders tweet suggests that not only are the Rooskies duplicitous, but they have a terrifying reach that can undermine our democracy at the drop of a hat – surely the only sensible thing to do is nuke Putin before things really get out of hand?

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      I’m just watching a psychopathic American female raving on our ABC Breakfast TV, that ‘the Russians’ ‘hacked’ the entire 2016 election, not just the DNC e-mails!!!??? Why, they got into, or can, I’m not sure which she asserted, the voting machines and changed the votes!!?? A ‘Russian oligarch’ allegedly owns a voting-machine company, of course, and they operate ‘fake news sites’, like Offguardian, no doubt. She was egged on by the two local vicious presstitute dullards, the male demanding to know how Putin’s trip to the USA can be cancelled etc, etc, etc. The total dominance of the Western fakestream media sewer by DERANGED Groupthinking scum, with ANY deviation long ago condemned to the outer darkness, leaves the insects only one way in which to signal their ideological reliability-by out-competing one another in hate-mongering hysteria. The Putin/Trump frenzy has at least removed the Sinophobic delirium from the front pages, but only for a while.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        I see now that the Yankee Gorgon was simply re-hashing the latest ranting lies from the Head Medusa-Clinton. These She-Devils are, in many ways, even more loathsome, if less damaging, than their male peers. The ‘female’ Davros, Albright, was on our ABC last night, getting the usual arse-kissing adoration from a local feminazi, with her ‘warnings’ re. ‘fascism’. Apparently the insouciant acceptance of the deliberate murder of 500,000 Iraqi children under five, caused by sanctions she helped inflict, makes her an expert in political morality in the deranged Bedlam in which we now live.

      • Robbobbobin says

        “I’m just watching a psychopathic American female raving on our ABC Breakfast TV, that ‘the Russians’ ‘hacked’ the entire 2016 election, not just the DNC e-mails!!!???”

        I’m not in the slightest questioning your psychiatric insight, just your punctuation. Diebold voting machines (commonest brand in the USA) have been badly flawed (i.e. hackable) since they were introduced. Still were as of last year (2017). Whether “the Russians” exploited the vulnerabilities or not is a different matter. Certainly the flaws are not secret. Some time in G.W. Bush’s presidency the company’s lawyers even tried get technical security sites reporting them taken offline. The original owner or CEO (?) of the company was a Russian who may or may not be or have been an oligarch (?) but AFAIK he’s long gone by now and IMO the flaws look a lot more like incompetence than malevolence. Why the systems are still problematical is anybody’s guess, though building electronic systems to the security level required for unriggable elections is not straightforward. Anyway, as yet another straw at which demented Hillary and her deluded supporters could clutch, “Russian hacking” is not only within the realms of probability (all that’s needed as “proof”) and has the advantage of fitting easily into the prevailing propaganda zeitgeist.

      • mark says

        I think Appelbaum was the demented harpy in question.

  8. Simple says

    This article pretty much covers it. It is the beginning and end of political chatter.
    BBC news just reported that Israel has evacuated a large number of white helmets families overnight.
    They’ll be distributed to Canada and Germany. They’ll be interviewed as heroes on breakfast TV’s all over Europe before long.
    Despite the fact that a number of them have been caught out on video on numerous occasions, the temptation to undermine Assad’s impending victory, and slap Trump at the same time, will be too sweet to resist for the great 4th estate.

    Not one journalist will ask why a ‘humanitarian group’ is prepared to just up sticks and leave just before the real shit hits the fan.

    • JudyJ says

      Israel has “facilitated” the evacuation of 800 White Helmets and their families from SW Syria. According to many media reports including Reuters, an Israeli military spokesman said that overnight, at the request of the US and EU nations, it had completed “a humanitarian effort to rescue members of a Syrian civil organisation and their families…due to an immediate threat to their lives”. They have been taken to Jordan from where, according to a Jordanian spokesperson, they will be transferred to Britain, Canada and Germany who have agreed to resettle them within 3 months. I recall something similar happening with the Abedi family being ‘evacuated’ to the UK from Libya and what was their gratitude?…The Manchester bombing. As you say, Simple, surely someone needs to ask “Why?”.

      • Simple says

        The Guardian has an article on the evacuation.
        Two paragraphs from the article :

        ‘Moscow has dismissed them (the white helmets) as western agents because their work is partly funded by the UK’s Foreign Office and the White House. Their footage of the impact of air attacks has shocked observers, and revealed the brutality of the air campaigns.
        The Syrian army was likely to target members of the White Helmets once it regained control of the south-west of the country.’

        This is a perfect example of how it’s done : find a reason for a given solution that can be justified on purely humanitarian grounds, summarily and selectively dismiss any evidence to the contrary, omit all the awkward bits (the videos, the audio, the interviews), paint the whole turd with a fresh coat of moral justification, delete the videos that may implicate you from the web (yes you, BBC and Channel 4) and bingo.

        Hunt and Mordaunt made a joint statement. It includes :
        “We pay tribute to the brave and selfless work that White Helmets volunteers have done to save Syrians on all sides of the conflict.”
        That’s just a simple lie, blown out of the water with about 2 brain cells and a minute of research.

        The British government and shadow cabinet are very aware of who these people are and where their loyalties lie.The white helmets story is the most blatant and dangerous twisting of facts I’ve ever seen, both politically and journalistically. How much wool do they think we need over our eyes?

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          Our ABC shit-house has just assured us that the White Helmets have ‘evidence’ of Syrian regime atrocities, ‘news’ delivered by their new ‘correspondent’ in the region, a Jewish fellow, as demanded by the local Zionists, after decades of ‘unreliable’ goyim who were judged insufficiently pro-Israel.

          • Robbobbobin says

            You are too cynicaI.I’m sure the evidence they have repatriated on their exit will be totally convincing in a way that their field reports could not match. After all, between Hollywood and Pinewood we (using the term “we” loosely) have the best Computer Generated Imagery (“CGI”) special effects departments in the known universe.

      • JudyJ says

        I have now read on the RT News website that the more specific reason given for the WH evacuation was the belief that they were going to be ‘persecuted by Damascus’. Well all I can say to that is why on earth would a Government which has given amnesties to actual on-the-ground terrorists/rebels (call them what you will) be unwilling to give safe passage to such a “humanitarian” organisation as the White Helmets? On the face of it, it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever so must surely raise questions within the media. Could it just be that it’s because the Western PTB know full well what the White Helmets are? (rhetorical question…of course they do). To me it demonstrates that the White Helmets are one of the key driving forces behind the anti-Assad activities and are being directed by the West and their agents. Their continuing availability and controllability en masse is essential to help sustain the West’s ambitions in that region and other regions where they decide to locate them. Perhaps the WH themselves have blackmailed their puppeteers in the West by threatening to reveal all if they are not given safe passage to the West.

        • Simple says

          We seem to be at the mercy of the incurious. At best.

      • Jules Moules says

        If some of these headchoppers are relocated in the UK, they should be housed in the Borough of Westminster, as near to the House of Commons as possible. That would concentrate these traitorous and vacuous MPs’ thoughts considerably.

        We all know that won’t happen, of course. They’re too frit. They’ll be fostered on the unsuspecting people of the North. What a catastrophe.

        Is there anyway we can take these MPs to court? Sentence them to jail? To the end of a rope?

        • Given the head choppers er, cannibalistic organ eating proclivities, putting them near to Westminster MP’s brings the Oscar Wilde quote to mind: ““The unspeakable in pursuit of the uneatable!” 🙂

          • Jen says

            The only problem may be that the Tory MPs have hearts of stone and brains of … wood pulp.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        After Hezbollah kicked their Chosen arses out of Lebanon in 2000, Israel tried to get Austfailure to accept the death-squad butchers of their Quisling ‘South Lebanese Army’ here in Austfailure.

        • flamingo says

          The Hon Phillip Ruddock may have been instrumental in resettling the slaughterers of Shatila and Sabra to western Sydney. They became good Liberal voters and despised the commies in the ALP. They represent a major social menace in that district. Ruddock was always a dreadful unconscionable fellow.

          • Mulga Mumblebrain says

            My father, who knew, estimated that he was slightly less loathsome than his father. We had decades of rank fascists from Eastern Europe settled in our cities and ‘glorified’ as ‘Captive Nations’. Their slaughter of Jews, Roma, gays, Soviet civilians etc, was all forgiven and forgotten. And we also gave sanctuary to the detritus of the ‘South Vietnam’ death-squad puppet regime, whose ‘flag’ can still be seen fluttering, from time to time, at protests.

    • Harry Stotle says

      Yes, but the MSM are undoubtedly blaming Assad for Syrian refugees trapped on the Golan heights.

      Not much chance of them getting into Israel unless they produce a ‘white helmet’ pass, in which case, that will do nicely.

      Its purely speculation on my part but I strongly suspect the following.
      Israel and Sunni extremists have mutual goals.
      The western media is little more than a propaganda forum, which is all the more irritating given how sanctimonious some of its commentators are (Freedland, Tisdall, and now Cadwalladr)
      The British public hate Putin and Russia without really understanding why.

    • First thing a Corbyn-led government needs to do is break up the press zaibatsu (conglomerates).
      No one shall own more than one title/outlet.
      Secondly, 49% of the ownership of any newspaper/TV station shall be in the hands of the employees.

      • Jen says

        49%? Why not 51% at least?

        If you give 49% ownership of any newspaper or TV station to the employees, they will still be a minority voice compared to the other 51% which could be a single ownership stake.

    • Jen says

      “They’ll be distributed to Canada and Germany …”

      Dear God, please distribute them to the districts in Canada where the spiritual descendants of Stepan Bandera and Yaroslav and Slava Stetsko live, and leave the communities to sort out their differences.

  9. Cadwalladr (+Cadwallader & variants) is an ancient Welsh name – it means “battle leader ” in English: I kid you not.

    • George says

      Are you sure it can’t also be translated as “grovelling bullshitter”?

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      I thought that she just could not spell ‘Codswalloper’.

    • Jen says

      Rhymes with “crap swallower” and “crap wallower” in the unlikely event that anyone here is sufficiently moved to write a poem about her.

  10. MichaelK says

    They’re really religious/political fanatics, extremists who see Russia as nest of snakes threatening everything they pretend to hold dear, by their very existence. This kind of pseudo religious faith and emotional fervour is dangerous as well as being daft. This big problem is, I don’t think it’s possible to reason with these people anymore. They have the fires of faith and certainty raging inside their heads and they are determined to wage war, a crusade, against the people and ideas they’ve branded as evil.

    • Antonyl says

      Never heard of or read any thing by this Carole Cadwalladr but I see she is paid by the Guardian, which explains a lot. Full of fake feminists, fake journos – these people are low on ideology but high on cash to keep their little theatre shows running.
      For one CIA dollar more buy yourself a fee-male home front mercenary for all those Readers Digest / cosmopolitan fans at the Graun.

    • Robbobbobin says

      Unfortunately, that includes Julian Assange, who – according to Glenn Greenwald – is about to be evicted from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London in the next few days. I do not know of any proposed, simultaneous, on-site expression of organised disapproval, but a 24/7, social media linked, flash-mob-raising watch might help moderate any adverse next steps…

      • Robbobbobin says

        “that” = MichaelK’s “religious/political fanatics, extremists who see Russia as nest of snakes threatening everything they pretend to hold dear” and who “are determined to wage war, a crusade, against the people and ideas they’ve branded as evil.”

        • Big B says

          Carol Cadwalladr was the front and lead, or should that be (intelligence services) ‘led’ presstitute in the Cambridge Analytica story. This, IMO, was a huge distractory exercise, aimed at Trump and Brexit. How dare people not vote for who they are directed to vote for: they must have been inveigled by nepharious means? The story also hit the headlines every time they needed to deflect the narrative; including the (crisis actor?) pink-haired whistleblower. I would impute that she is a modern day Mockingbird who sings for CIA/MI6?

          There are live updates on Julian’s imminent betrayal: be prepared …we are all Assange now:

          For up-to-date accurate information on Julian Assange’s plight, see @Wikileaks, @AssangeMrs, and @Unity4J Twitter accounts. The website Unity4J will be up to date with information, live streams, and places where protests will be held in support of Julian Assange.

          • Robbobbobin says

            “Carol Cadwalladr was the front and lead, or should that be (intelligence services) ‘led’ presstitute in the Cambridge Analytica story.”

            And a technically near illiterate one in a story that needed at least some technical exposition to make sense of the extent of the intrusion into the privacy of a large number Facebook users who had never even heard of the online quiz that some of their “friends” answered and that facilitated much of the intrusion, at that.

            • Big B says

              Rhetorical question: did she write, or was it written for her? After all, Operation Mockingbird was ended, with “immediate effect”, by Bush the Greater Evil. Any mention of a modern analogue is mere conspiracy theory? 😀

              • Mulga Mumblebrain says

                After forty years, at least, of purging every ‘Leftist’ (in any meaningful sense) journalist, of the sell-outs of the likes of Christopher Hitchens, of ever greater oligopolisation by the Murdochs and other Zionists, and of the complete perversion of the Guardian, New Statesman etc, by Blairite duplicity and the congruent Zionist influence and control, there is nothing in the Western media but neo-liberalism, Zionism, and Imperial dogmatism. You don’t need an Operation Mockingbird, anymore. The Empire hates Russia, China and Iran because they do not obey orders, so every arthropod presstitute knows, deep in their insect minds, that they must hate them, too, or forget about future employment. And the type this pressure selects for are the type who grow ever more deranged, as they either fearfully display their reliability, or are tormented by whatever residual conscience they still possess.

    • Vlad-the-Inhaler says

      Because these people think war will never come to their door. They can declare war on whoever they like, their presumed virtue and entitlement makes them immune, they can condemn to destriction whoever they like, and simply declare themselves above it all, like some pantheon of Gods toying with mankind.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      I used to think that I was guilty of hyperbole when I called the Western presstitutes ‘little Streichers’. But no more. The sheer vicious fury of racist and xenophobic hatred of Russians being spewed endlessly now is, in my opinion, almost exactly akin to the hatred Streicher spewed at Jews. And I really doubt that Streicher was quite the equal as a fanatic liar of the average Western presstitute. As for Cadwallader, with her affected misspelling of her name, like some other Chumley, to signal her elite credentials, she seems to me to epitomise every poisonous feature of a Fraudian hate-monger. That she was recently awarded an ‘Orwell Prize’ for her Orwellian agit-prop, seems tragically and ironically apt.

      • Rhisiart Gwilym says

        Cadwalladr is the original Cymraeg spelling, Mulga.

        • Francis Lee says

          Mrs Cadwalladr was a charcter in the novel ‘Middlemarch’ by George Eliot.

        • rilme says

          SimRag! I had one, but the gked got corrupted.

  11. The intrepid Cadswallop, whose investigative talents stretch little further than unearthing who Aaron Banks has eaten lunch with, and then demanding he deny it.

  12. Jim Scott says

    Excellent article. the photographs are powerful too. They should be appearing in the MSM but then they only use such photo’s to misleadingly are attributed to the victims of the bombing.
    I am amazed that so little is being said about Libya today and the way the West has washed its hands without even an oops let alone reparation to the Libyan people. The media should be included in those who are charged with war crimes.

  13. There are garden variety trolls, there are even “Russian” trolls, then there are Guardian trolls, sorry. Carol’s in a class by herself 🙂

    • Robbobbobin says

      “Carol’s in a class by herself.”

      No, that’s “Carole’s in a class by herself.”

      “Carole” is spelled a “jumping e”. It used to be the penutimate letter in her surname, but it jumped.

  14. Robyn says

    Contender for article of the year. Thank you.

    • vexarb says

      @Robyn. Seconded. Who wrote this article? It ought to be preserved along side the newsreels from Belsen. I saw those Belsen pictures as as schoolboy and now, having seen these pictures from the EU$A, I know why I started to spell Nato with a Z.

  15. Denis Hehir says

    Sad that this even has to be written.

    • Yarkob says

      even sadder that she’ll probably never read it, and nor will most of the brain-dead pseudo-socialists who infect the pages of the long-dead graun


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