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Has Jeremy Corbyn “gone full Trump”? Well, what if he has?

David Lindsay

Has Jeremy Corbyn “gone full Trump”? Well, what if he has? In 2016, the American Democratic Party was defeated in the person of the most economically neoliberal and internationally neoconservative nominee imaginable. The lesson needs to be learned. The workers are not the easily ignored and routinely betrayed base, with the liberal bourgeoisie as the swing voters to whom tribute must be paid. The reality is the other way round. The EU referendum ought already to have placed that beyond doubt.

There is a need to move, as a matter of the utmost urgency, away from the excessive focus on identity issues, and towards the recognition that those existed only within the overarching and undergirding context of the struggle against economic inequality and in favour of international peace, including co-operation with Russia, not a new Cold War. Working-class white areas that voted for Barack Obama did not vote for Hillary Clinton, African-American turnout went down while the Republican share of that vote did not, and Trump took 30 per cent of the Hispanic vote. Black Lives Matter meant remembering Libya, while Latino Lives Matter meant remembering Honduras.

The defeat of the Clintons by a purported opponent of neoliberal economic policy and of neoconservative foreign policy has secured the position of Corbyn, who is undoubtedly such an opponent. It is also a challenge to Theresa May, to make good her rhetoric about One Nation, about a country that works for everyone, and about being a voice for working people. But only one of them is able to deliver.

Here in the areas the votes of which decided the EU referendum, we voted to reject 39 years of failure under all three parties, going all the way back to the adoption of monetarism by the Callaghan Government in 1977, the year of my birth. Brexit needs to meet our needs, which are not for chasing after the unicorns of the “Anglosphere” (the old Dominions have moved on, and anti-British protectionism is America’s historical norm), but for trade deals with the BRICS countries even while remaining thoroughly critical of their present governments, for integration into the Belt and Road Initiative, for full enjoyment of our freedom from the Single Market’s bans on such measures as State Aid and capital controls, for an extra £350 million per week for the National Health Service, and for the restoration of the United Kingdom’s historic fishing rights in accordance with international law: 200 miles, or to the median line. May cannot do that. But Corbyn can. And he has made a very good start.

No more British Government contracts for foreign firms when there were British ones ready and willing to take them on; none of this could ever have happened without privatisation, Compulsory Competitive Tendering, the Private Finance Initiative, Best Value, and so on. No more importation of the products of ununionised cheap labour, and no more hand-wringing about the “weak” pound when a Government with any idea what it was doing would take the opportunity to rejuvenate British manufacturing on the basis of this newfound competitiveness of sterling; none of this could ever have happened if we had kept import controls and capital controls, or if we had never moved away from common sense Keynesianism. And no more importation of ununionised cheap labour itself; none of this could ever have happened if it had still been a case of “no union card, no job”, or if the unions had still been able to take industrial action worthy of the name.

The Brexit Dividend, indeed. Announced, of course, in Birmingham. Announced, of course, by Jeremy Corbyn. And opposed, of course, by the globalist, unpatriotic, un-Tory, “value of nothing” Conservative Party that was created by Margaret Thatcher. Although many of Corbyn’s own MPs, including one thoroughly over-publicised member for a Birmingham constituency, are at least as bad. But there is going to be another hung Parliament, and we need our people to hold the balance of power in it.

I need £10,000 in order to stand for Parliament with any chance of winning. My crowdfunding page has been taken down without my knowledge or consent. But you can still email instead, and that address accepts PayPal.


  1. Francis Lee says

    Well Corbyn talks the talk, but if and when he is in a position of power we’ll see if he walks the walk. I can’t say that I think particularly optimistic since he will have the whole political, cultural, ideological and economic forces of the AZ-empire mobilised against him. If he is to have any chance of implementing his programme he will need a massive mandate from the electorate to have any chance of prevailing against the extra-Parliamentary forces of the deep-state/MSM/GCHQ-security complex.

    And the pivotal role in this counter-revolution will be (is) being played by the insidious 5th column within the PLP and the liberal media. Corbyn will fail if he has to carry this baggage. These saboteurs have never accepted Corbyn’s leadership or the result of the EU Referendum and never will. The contemporary pseudo-left petit-bourgeois is an avant-garde which leads from the rear; a profoundly conservative political force who are doing very nicely thank you. John Pilger describes them in his own inimitable manner thus:

    ‘The most effective propagandists of the “European ideal” have not been the far right, but an insufferably patrician class for whom metropolitan London is the United Kingdom. Its leading members see themselves as liberal, enlightened, cultivated tribunes of the 21st century zeitgeist, even “cool”. What they really are is a bourgeoisie with insatiable consumerist tastes and ancient instincts of their own superiority. In their house paper, the Guardian, they have gloated, day after day, at those who would even consider the EU profoundly undemocratic, a source of social injustice and a virulent extremism known as “neoliberalism”.’

    The professional classes no longer serve the people – they serve the powerful. This is an historical betrayal – a betrayal first identified by the French social theorist Julian Benda in this book La Trahison des clercs 1927, which literally translated meant the betrayal of the ordinary folk by the educated classes, the soi-disant avant garde – a betrayal of the intelligentsia of their historical calling of vocation. The notion of vocation, noblesse oblige, calling, are now regarded as hopelessly fuddy-duddy and passe. What we now have instead is careerism. What do I have to say to get a good job? What are my principles? What would you like them to be?

    • BigB says

      The leadership caste, all of them, have a fatal ideological flaw …they are committed to growth: almost exclusively via carbon capitalism (neoliberalism). Thus, their commitment to sustainable development is feigned: whilst their commitment to hierarchical dominance remains Absolute. We need an adult liberational literacy movement: a mature re-educational “Pedagogy of the Oppressed” …human scale sustainable development is not compatible with leadership goals. We are being sold on lies based on the theology of eternal growth. The People need to wise up and take conscious control – not to be content with unconscious submission. …they have nothing to lose but their fear of freedom. They have everything to gain: including their future. Ni Dieu, Ni Maitre!

  2. From the sometimes problematic source The Occidental Observer, but here, the facts are spot on:
    Labour’s Gas-Chamber Blues: Pink Berets vs “F***ing Anti-Semites”

    You could call him a killing joke. I’m talking about Enver Hoxha, the communist dictator who ruled Albania with an iron hand from 1944 until 1985. Like Kim Jong-Un of North Korea, he was a joke outside his own domain and a murderous horror inside it. To outsiders, even his surname was comic: it was written with an x but was pronounced “Hojja.”

    Maggie’s Choice: Protect children or assist paedophiles?

    The pronunciation of his name spawned another joke. In the 1980s, the far-left London council of Islington was headed by a rich Jewish woman called Margaret Hodge. In tribute to her dictatorial ways, she was nicknamed “Enver.” But life was no joke for many children in the care-homes under Hodge’s control. The children were being abused by men like Peter Righton, the founder of the gay Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), who once said: “Every Islington care-home manager knows I like boys from 12.” Righton’s tastes were shared by a network of homosexuals who flourished in the pro-minority regime of Islington Council.

    And so on.

    • Paul X says

      I hear Mrs H has gone Ga-Ga and taken to foul swearing at elderly men she disapproves of. Best to ignore her the medics would say.

      • Helmut Taylor says

        And were they then (willingly)
        conscripted into the Liberal Party?

  3. Kathy says

    It is interesting to observe how Corbyn behaves to all of the fabricated criticism. At times it has seemed as though he is week and allowing of his own demise. A possibility is that he is zen enough to adopt the position of the open handed warrior. One which allows the opponents own power to discredit unbalance and undermine them. The last few days this appears to be a possibility either by design or default. As in the antisemitic allegations. Every body understands even those who are not Corbyn supporters that Corbyn is non racist and is opposed to any form of racism. It seems that this last push and showing of power by Hodge etc is starting to back fire somewhat. It could also be so with the whole Brexit issue. It is proving a very divisive distraction for the masses and a difficult problem to navigate. There are so many scenarios out comes and delusions involved. Non of which are as democratic and straight forward as people were led to believe on either side In the process. What democracy means appears to be being obscured and corroded. A proportion of the population no longer want any decent to the contrived will of the people ever again. I have found it odd that Cameron set this all up based on lies about the free movement of EU citizens and enforced austerity and harnessed the decent from the great unwashed to believe they were getting one over on the power elite and the Tories. We are supposed to believe that he walked away from this when he did not get the result he expected. This strikes me as a typical setup of all involved by all involved. It is a circle that can not be squared and always seems to need a picking of sides. Corbyn would be wise to allow enough rope to play out to see just who may hang themselves while keeping his own powder dry and continuing to address the real issues of poverty and enslavement of the people by the extreme capitalism and policies of the Tory and New Labour governments. The one thing he does hold in common with Trump is to at least want to talk through differences with other nations and to find some place for peace. Also both seem to be catalysts in the awakening and opening of the peoples eyes to the onslaught of lies and manipulations that occur when the unwashed chose those who are not the chosen power bearers of the deep state. This hopefully may herald a paradigm shift and a wakening up of more and more people to the shear illusion of our democracy and freedom of choice. If we as individuals recognize we are not beholden to the state and do not give this power away so freely in the future. We may begin to take responsibility for our own actions within the world and hopefully bring forth a shift of conciseness. When enough people wake up. We may start to experience a growing up and a better understanding of our own responsibilities towards each other the planet and ourselves. Instead of allowing those who have proven incapable of protecting any but themselves to take this power from us and use it against us and the world. We may start to allow ourselves the liberation to become part of a greater collective conciseness. We are all a part of a beautiful dream. Why are we allowing such monsters to dictate it for us.

    • Kathy says

      Issues with spell check again. In stead of decent please read dissent. Sorry

      • @Kathy. Some spell-checker apps are very bossy and print out what they think you mean rather than what you actually meant to type. I turn them off: better my own bad spelling than Machine Nonsense.

        • Kathy says

          Thank you for the advise I do have to confess it is down to user error on my part. I should have checked through properly.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      You’re incorrect about Hodge’s vile, slanderous, thoroughly calculated outburst. As the, in my opinion at least, typically vile piece by Freedland, in today’s ‘Fraudian’ shews, the Zionist thugs have barely begun their slanderous campaign to destroy Labour and Corbyn, and re-install their Blairite stooges in power in Labour, and their beloved Tories and May, such an enthusiastic groveler, in Westminster. At least it was good to see that Billy Bragg has called the thugs out.

      • Kathy says

        You may well be right on this. It is very unlikely that this is the end of the nonsense. But it does seem there is more disbelief of these ridiculous allegations and criticism. I think a lot of people are very uncomfortable with the idea that calling out Israel on any of its abysmal human rights issues immediately translates as antisemitic. As always we live in hope, I hope.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          The Zionists NEVER give up, because they control the Western fakestream media, particularly sewers like the NYT and Fraudian, have the complete support of the political leper colonies because they own them, and because any resistance is simply labeled as yet more ‘antisemitism’. They DESPISE Corbyn because they do not control him, and he has dared to treat Palestinians as human beings.

          • Yet another tribal media titan (CBS Les Moonves) gets caught with his predatory pants down in the US. Hopefully that will lead to a democratization of the media. Likewise, the sheer awfulness of the anti-Corbyn commentariat only leads to er, unintended consequences, always. I never pay them heed therefore.

            • Mulga Mumblebrain says

              Yet another shiksa explosion. There does seem to be a ‘tendency’.

      • George says

        From the little I read that Freedland piece truly is vile. And I note that when I try to get clarification on any issue raised, I enter a sea of demented ranting fury against the Evil Corbynistas etc. You really have to hold your nose and turn away from this incessant deluge of filth – just for the sake of your own sanity.

        • PeaceCora says

          “You really have to hold your nose and turn away from this incessant deluge of filth – just for the sake of your own sanity.”

          This is so sadly true. I am finding myself increasingly, sickened by the extent of and the extremes to which the right and the establishment will go to to attack Corbyn.

          During the most recent election last year, I made the point of trying to read points of view from all sides, but quickly found myself unable to look at the pages of the likes of The Daily Mail etc, as it wasn’t long before this sense of darkness would overcome me and make me feel nauseous.

          Now I get the same sickening feeling when reading the Guardigraph. I can only hope that as the vitriol form the Right increases,then so does the awareness of the general populous as to its dark and undemocratic intent.

          The most recent headlines published in the three right wing Jewish newspapers, that Corbyn would be ‘and existential threat to Jewish life’ are simply diabolical hate mongering. Again, I really hope people start to see through it all.

          The fact that those on the Right seem to forget, is that there are millions of voters that like Corbyn and he polled over 40% at the last election (and only 1% less than may). The vast majority of those voters will be appalled at the constant smearing; they all have friends who all have friends and good words and the truth will hopefully find its own way out and extinguish the evil of this right wing smear campaign.

        • JJ139 says

          As a general rule of thumb, any Guardian ‘opinion’ piece that is not open for comments is one or more of neoliberal, anti-Putin, zionist propaganda.
          What is most amazing in recent years is that holocaust denial is a punishable offence, but climate change denial or saying the earth is flat is perfectly acceptable. There are numerous solid arguments proving the earth is round and getting hotter. There are also numerous solid arguments that the holocaust was both exaggerated and embraced far more groups of ‘undesirables’ than just jews. Funny how anyone even broaching the subject becomes a pariah in both the media and establishment. Perhaps because the ‘justification’ for the racist, murderous apartheid state of Israel would come crashing down otherwise?

        • PeaceCora says

          As with all bullying – cowardice, with no comments permitted.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          As often with Zionist hate-mongering, Freedland began with reminiscences and references to the Nazi Judeocide, directly implying that Corbyn represents a threat of that type. Effing vile and filthy does not describe it fully.

          • John A says

            Freedland wrote in one opinion piece that zionist ethnic cleansing was OK because Europeans did the same in North American and Australia.

          • Mulga Mumblebrain says

            Today, yet another bucket of filthy slime, in the Fraudian cess-pool, from a creature called Austin, a Blairite MP and Corbyn hater, who, as is now the Zionist lynch-mob’s filthy imprimatur, commenced his rant with reminiscences of the Nazi Judeocide, once again, vilely and wickedly, drawing a direct link between the Nazis and Corbyn Labour. Plus a great many lies and misrepresentations, the most brazen that the IHRA diktat does not outlaw criticism of Israel for its barbarity inflicted on the Palestinians. When will Corbyn or SOMEONE in Labour grow the spine to oppose these vicious thugs? NOTHING will stop them from achieving their aims, to destroy Corbyn, return Labour to the rule of Blairite Sabbat Goyim, end the hated ‘Leftwing policies’ of Corbyn, and entrench the UK Zionist elite’s beloved Tories in power, but vigorous and principled resistance.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          The WSWS has an excellent report on this Blairite/Zionist/Tory/ fakestream media conspiracy to destroy Corbyn, the Labour Left, ALL criticism of Israel and support for Palestine, and save the vile, vicious, thuggish Tory regime. As they observe, Corbyn’s gutless response only guarantees that creatures like the multi-millionaire, tax evading, harridan, Hodge, will continue to confront him, hissing and spitting in demented fury. Already the Corbyn forces are buckling, refusing to kick the vile creature out, in stark contrast to the lynchings of Livingstone, Wadsworth and hundreds of Labour Party members whose sole ‘crime’ was to criticise Israeli barbarity.

        • A. Benge says

          Nick Cohen’s even shoe-horned Corbyn into his last piece on assisted suicide.
          But these days no comments are allowed to challenge his venom.
          What a bloody coward.

          • I find it’s the Guardian, which in trying to appeal to an American website audience of a certain ‘blue wave’ neo-liberalism hue, that now restricts comments on its articles. (Mine were put in permanent awaiting moderation status once I referred to OffGuardian 😉

            • Paul X says

              I was barred from making comments on the Guardian some years ago on the basis that in criticising Freedland I had suggested that the ‘World reknowned columinist took orders from the Israeli Government which was a false allegation’ . Freedland was at the time Editor of Comments. The Guardian has always been centrist and in opposition to any ‘Left’ movement. Their main attack these days centres around the Jewish lobby, some of whom are Labourites but many others rightwing Tories. Interesting to see Boris Johnson having his go at Nazi Corbyn in today’s Telegraph. Their interest is the same, to scupper any chance of a Labour victory, Boris would prefer he was PM and the Jews will do anything to stop a Labour government recognising Palestine. Anything! People still say the Guardian is ‘leftie’ etc but it never has been, it means Labour is as always without a voice in the MSM which runs a relentlessly rightwing narrative from Brexit to Israel. Only alternative news sites like this one and social media manage to break the consistency of rightwing agendas – no wonder the Bosses are exploring how to ‘manage’ social media. And who has been running stories all year about the need for ‘regulation’ (or censorship as it’s often called)? Why the Guardian! They argue SM is causing mental illness in the young and that some people are very rude to others, especially LGBT people, and Jews. and it ‘must be stopped’. (No mention of other racial tensions; Muslims ‘happy’ there is no problem there say these white men at the top of the social pyramid ! Sad, as Mr T would say. And sad it is; freedom of expression is central to Britain’s culture and it’s not possible to simply say ‘you mustn’t mention Israel unless it’s to support it’. Al Jazeera filmed an Israeli diplomat offering Joan Ryan MP a million pounds to drive Corbyn from leadership. What happened to her? Nothing at all!

              • Mulga Mumblebrain says

                I recommend that you don’t say ‘the Jews’. It is the Zionist Jewish elites who are the enemy. Corbyn and the Palestinians enjoy great support from sane, non-racist and decent Jews, but their existence is suppressed by the Zionists, their Sabbat Goy stooges and the Rightwing media cancer, the better to prosecute the Zionist elite’s ‘antisemitism’ bull-dust.

                • Helmut Taylor says

                  Oooooooooooooooh, yew are a one, Muggie; ya tekken yer Vit. C terdaiy yet?

                  • Mulga Mumblebrain says

                    Indubitably. Have you taken your Ritalin?

          • Mulga Mumblebrain says

            Something similar happens at present here in Austfailure. Virtually any presstitute report on foreign matters, and many on domestic ones, features some contrived hate spew at China. It is quite venomous and villainous, and undisguisedly racist. The White Bosses of humanity are not taking the eclipse of their global Reich at all well.

          • Mulga Mumblebrain says

            With his full-blooded support for the aggression and genocide inflicted on Iraq, in pursuit of that seminal Zionist project, the Oded Yinon Plan, Cohen, in my opinion, easily qualifies as another Streicher.

    • Helmut Taylor says

      Kath, you’re seeing it from a British point of view. Can you name a “Brit.” company that isn’t either just a local (domestic) entity or a global player. And who owns the equity of the global players. Meaning: who decides what’s best for the “business”? And how much clout will Jeremy (or any other Brit. politician) have in matters of policy regarding these multinationals (they obviously communicate with each other – but who has the leverage)?
      Yours sincerely,

      • Kathy says

        I think i can see the point you are making. Please forgive me if I am misunderstanding your post. Though I am unsure if it is one I can answer for you. Mostly because for me the whole charade is still within a system I don’t choose to engage in and whatever outcome. Will invariably be for the benefit of the power full not the powerless. My comment was merely observational on Corbyns lack of engagement and the pointlessness of such engagement when false allegations and witch hunts are conducted. I have no reason to wish to be pulled further into the rabbit hole of either the Labour self destruct or EU referendum follies. It is because ultimately multinationals and the super powerful elites control the chess board the players and the game that I do not chose to engage with the game that is being played out. Other then from a bemused sideline observational perspective. I have little hope that Corbyn will change the system in any discernible way or that there is any likelihood that in the unlikelihood of him being elected prime minister. There is any chance of a paradigm shift. Or that either the remain or the brexit side of this deceitfully polarized British isle in winning out will change a thing other then on a very superficial level. As you point out. The equity owners of the global players will always decide what is best for their business and in the end they are the leverage regarding any clout of policy regardless of geography. This is all part of the problem. All part of the big game. I just hope that though Corbyn will not herald any real shift in the power structure. He is of a lesser evil then others and at least he may bring some level of ceasefire to the warmongering if he did get into power.Though sadly it is still the people handing over their power to the system. I was maybe feeling some what overly hopeful and optimistic in my original comment because as MulgaM points out the knives are out. But I do believe the more the powerful show their hand. The more chance of the people realizing where the power base really does reside. Which as you suggest is not really with government or the sovereignty of any given country but with these global players. I just cant help but wonder. Why do we as a collective so freely keep giving our power to the henchmen and allow them to deplete us all as they suckle on our life force.

        • Helmut Taylor says

          Kath you say: “collective so freely keep giving our power to the henchmen and allow them to deplete us all as they suckle on our life force”…but we don’t do it consciously or voluntarily, do we? It’s been carefully built into the system over time. The big question really is by whom, and when and where and what IS actually the ” name of the game”? Now that the world is becoming one, via globalism, who shall have the conch (if ya gets me drift)?
          Regards from Francoforte,

          • Kathy says

            It is because people have become so used to the system .They are lulled and bewitched within it. This is something that a lot of the population don’t even seem to chose to query any more and just allows to happen to them. This is a freedom that they are giving away without even noticing. In fairness if they don’t even realize this then the reality is. It is taken from them. It seems that the conditioning is almost completed. Enslavement of the mind is now the agenda of the game. It is so all pervasive now. People are constantly wired into the hub. Interesting that you ask the name of the game. What is this matrix?. Who does control the game?. Are we being soul sucked while comatose?. If we don’t start to really wake up. Does this make us voluntarily part of the game?. Or innocent victims of it. Are we in danger of giving away our souls if we allow our selves to slumber in the game. Is this what the game master wants?. Is this freedom of mind to escape the chains of the body and rise to higher consciousness beyond the game. Being preyed upon?. Flattening our existence to be pawn pieces in the game. When we should be effervescent and free.

            • Helmut Taylor says

              Hi Cath, interesting, isn’tt it, that we all are fair and love our neighbour when we come outta school…….even after university….ideals still held high. And then, the clever ones rise within the system (cos new blood IS constantly needed, as der Reaper don’t sleep) – and then: nowt changes! Funny, eh? From being a caring boy/girl with ideals to…….and then I’m lost…..

          • Big B says

            Helmut: it becomes a psycholinguistic semanticism as to whether the collective give up their power freely or unfreely: consciously and voluntarily, or unconsciously or involuntarily? The powerplays in bourgeois society are subtle, systemically and structurally inveigling and linguistically determined (ideology is Gestalted to the foreground before the background resort to violence …but it is no less a violent ideology all the same) …but succumbing is not inevitable. We can raise our conscious awareness beyond the mass psychological collective somnambulism. Indeed, it may be the only form of resistance an individual can perform – other than subconsciously consent to a performative acquired powerlessness? The hope is that individual resistance is self-organising and networked to reach a critical mass; then the individual enactment automatically becomes the new supervenient paradigm? That’s my 21st century theory of embodied conscious resistance and cooperative enactment: of evolution as the praxis of revolution. Who shall have the conch? You shall: to embody the empowerment of cooperative and communal enaction. Speak wisely!

          • Big B says

            Kathy: with very different words we say the same thing? Sartre alluded to ‘radical responsibility’: I like to think of our collective or communal moral (karmic) enaction …we are each responsible for the choices we make and the reality we enact together. It is counter-intuitive that the collective and ‘externalised’ reality finds its roots in our ‘internal’ perception: but I would propose that it is exactly where the root is to be found. The root cause of the ubiquitous externalised projection we call ‘reality’ is a basic perceptual misrecognition of who we are. We enculture the individual aspect of our being and suppress the interdependent and co-mutual aspect of our being. We have forgone a balanced synthesis of communities of mutual aid for a society (if it can even be called that) of fetishised and sexualised individual desires that tear communities apart under the burden of poverty, social inequality and injustice. The principle we organise around is the principle of rule: organisation around production is a secondary correlation. Society, as we know it, is a succession of dominance and submission hierarchies that suppress true being. Society is anti-society from its roots in a collectively imperceptive misrecognition: the actual infrastructure of the anti-society is the enaction of this foundational misrecognition. The silver lining is that perceptions can quickly and enactively change, and already are. Change is not the multi-generational genetically determined adaptation that must be sexually selected in order to eventually effect the change (meanwhile, the violently hierarchical status quo is extended): as the ideological pseudo-scientists need us to believe: Change can be an instantaneous Satori event that welcomes us to the 21st century? Nothing is either fixed or determined: perception is a continuum that is continually open to recognition and re-interpretation. We can see ourselves reflected in our pseudo-scientifically determined ideologies: when will we collectively see ourselves reflected in Life?

            • Helmut Taylor says

              Question upon question…’s arnsers wott we need – inn’it?

              • Big B says

                The answers are in front of our eyes: it is the perception and interpretation of the Real that is in question …that is all…

  4. Frankly Speaking says

    It’s Brexit which is sponsored by neoliberals, because the EU is more of a social and christian democratic collaborative venture which became so successful that it’s threatening US neoliberal interests and the Euro is challenging the dollar.

    In recent years / past decade, neoliberals have tried to hijack the EU but now their strategy is to break it apart instead.
    People need to wake up to what Brexit is really about. Corbyn too.

    I’m rapidly losing respect for Corbyn who i thought was an envigorating breath of fresh air. Now he is sitting on the fence. He’s clearly showing that he’s a naive student union kind of leftie who is playing dangerous and ignorant games.

    However I’ll also support him and say that the campaign and accusations against him are disgusting, but he does need to see Brexit for the neoliberal project it really is and act to blunt the extreme version of it now, ideally placing us in the EEA / EFTA for a few years until we clarify and sort out this Tory mess and decide how to proceed.

    • Robbobbobin says

      “I’m rapidly losing respect for Corbyn who i thought was an envigorating breath of fresh air. Now he is sitting on the fence. He’s clearly showing that he’s a naive student union kind of leftie who is playing dangerous and ignorant games.”

      Do you understand that if Corbyn loses a sufficient number of Members of Parliament (MPs), a large number of whom are staying “with” him only because of his evident popularity with party members outside of those elected to Parliament, he would immediately be history, thus making his job a minefield of potential missteps too far? And if you don’t, what do you think politics is? Are you unaware that the majority of the Parliamentary Party is actively seeking a platform that will freeze him out, and they have a large contingent of supporters who will rig anything to help them get one? Do you imagine that the majority of Trades Union jobsworths, stuck in a system that utilizes them as lackies of the employers (watch Made in Dagenham), aren’t you don’t understand these constraints on him, who’s the “naive student union kind of leftie”? Sure, he enabled huge

      • Robbobbobin says

        Oops – intended to save as text file before leaving for an appointment and finishing later but posted instead. More haste less speed. Read above as Part 1. Part 2 to follow in a few hours.

        Meanwhile, Haaretz reports that an IDF Brigadier General commissioned to dump some hasbara shit on dead and injured Gaza strip demonstrators has recommended that the snipers who did (and will continue to do) the shooting were actually the victims, not the dead and injured Palestinians as we all mistakenly believed, as all such incidents are and will be – obviously can only be – “operational mishaps” (i.e.not even marginally intentional). One can only hope that their colleagues at Dimona won’t have any similar operational mishaps, such as lobbing a nuke into Iran only to find that it explodes over Tel Aviv.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          The local ABC Radio was recently bemoaning the trauma that children in Gaza and Israel would suffer if Israel decided to ‘mow the grass’ in Gaza again. In their beautiful ‘humanitarianism’ and ‘moral equivalence’ (such observations are still at risk of abuse from the Zionists for inferring ANY human fraternity between Israelis and Gazans)the ABC scum see the ‘suffering’ of Israeli children having to run to their concrete reinforced shelters as equal to hundreds of Gazan children being blown to pieces or incinerated by Israeli ordinance, or maimed by it, often for life, or seeing their families, friends and neighbours thus obliterated. For the presstitute vermin, knowing FULL WELL that their future job prospects depend on it, an Israeli child falling as he runs to the shelter, and grazing his knee, is just as tragic as a group of Gazan boys, playing football on the beach, hunted across the sand by Israeli missiles until one blows them to pieces.

      • Jim Scott says

        I don’t think you properly understand the reality of numbers in politics. If leaders like Corbyn push too far and too soon in any direction he will lose the required support from sections of the public and his backbenchers.
        that means he cannot form a Government. If Corbyn pushed too hard to remain he would suffer the ire half of the British public. If he had called for a hard Brexit he would take a bullet for the Tories.
        At this stage by allowing the Tories to suffer from self afflicted wounds and division he can wait till the next election with a bag full of policies and new ideas to lead the UK out of the wilderness. His critics inside the Labour Party will be quietened by gaining Government and some will seek admission to the fold.
        In politics it is sometimes good to save your shots till you see the whites of their eyes. timing is not everything but it is a major factor.
        I have met with Corbyn and I strongly believe he is a man of principle who will not let the people down. He is also very determined and prepared to take an enormous amount of flak to tread a path to peace and social justice. Not once through his trashing by the Blairites and the UK press did he waver or give in on the fight he was fighting although. Yes he lost some internal battles but he still voted for what he believed in as part of a minority. That is a real democracy when a leader can accept without vitriol, the majority view of his colleagues even if it is not his view.

        • PeaceCora says

          This is it. The situation is heavily loaded against Corbyn as he is anti the self serving establishment. He has to play the long and the wise game. It is difficult sometimes to be patient and understand this.

          I believe he is genuine and dearly wish him to lead our country. Many of us have waited over 35 years for this, we need to be clever and let the opposition kill itself off.

          You only have to look at the extent of the efforts to smear him and remove him, since he became leader, to know how threatened the establishment is by him and to know that he is surely on the right track.

      • Robbobbobin says

        “Do you imagine that the majority of Trades Union jobsworths, stuck in a system that utilizes them as lackies of the employers (watch Made in Dagenham), aren’t”… [Part 2] …ready to join them at the drop of a top shop hat? And, given Jeremy’s long-held belief in and commitment to the value of the union system, however debased it has become, that, for the sake of their membership, they will not command far more of his class loyalty than Blair believed worth the effort at all or May & Co couldn’t even imagine? If you don’t understand these and other constraints on him – personal, political and procedural – who’s the “naive student union kind of leftie”? Sure, he enabled huge surge in the Labour vote at the last general election – bigger in relative terms than any swing Blair ever achieved – but it still wasn’t enough to keep May at bay. Are you unaware of his answer to the question about his commitment to the inbuilt fascisms of the EU, phrased as commitment to the EU (a maximum of 75% for remaining)? With so many pro-EU voters in his party, let alone the dressing and swinging left of Shoreditch and Hoxton or the Zionist trade press in Fleet Street near the Inns of Court, would you risk any of that gain by laying out all your ideas on building a real union of the people of Europe before you even knew, from the information available only inside Numbers 10 and 11, what the actual parameters were? If “yes”, maybe it’s time for you to do your post grad in CambAnal Shenanigans. The more I write this, the more I imagine a real or figurative sayan lurking in your closet, which is hardly a politely correct thought, so I’ll stop right here.

    • Robbobbobin says

      “It’s Brexit which is sponsored by neoliberals, because the EU is more of a social and christian democratic collaborative venture which became so successful that it’s threatening US neoliberal interests and the Euro is challenging the dollar.

      In recent years / past decade, neoliberals have tried to hijack the EU but now their strategy is to break it apart instead.”

      The EU was the first post-WWII hegemonic project of the USA, conceived, co-opted and paid for by the only WWII power with a penny left in the bank, the actualization outsourced to a few of their kindred industrial strength thugs in Europe itself. Their pram, their toy, so why not? As for you, nul points. Time to go back to uni, do some history and hang out in the union dressed as a student. Does your Mum knit leftie-looking balaclavas? Nice cross-message cut and paste job, by the way. Keep at it and one day your posts could be as seamless as a W.S. Burroughs novel.

      • Frankly Speaking says

        So you prefer personal insults? Enjoy the school playground tactics if you prefer.

        Thankfully many of us real traditional Labour voters see the world as not being a simplistic, Trotskyist, immature, black and white and we try and generally avoid insulting people we don’t agree with.

        • Robbobbobin says

          “So you prefer personal insults?”

          Prefer? Not really, but they don’t bother me either way, either. My apologies if you read it as the relatively mild personal insult it was intended to be. I did not realize that Corbyn was not a person and thus assumed that slagging others off was more or less à la mode in posts with you. I’ve added emphases to my quotes of your posts above and below to make the basis of my misapprehension clearer.

          “I’m rapidly losing respect for Corbyn who i thought was an envigorating breath of fresh air. Now he is sitting on the fence. He’s clearly showing that he’s a naive student union kind of leftie who is playing dangerous and ignorant games.”

          Hope that helps moderate your censure.

          • Referring to your emphases only,
            A: in your opinion and still with the ‘mild personal insult’.
            B: How is Corbyn ‘ignorant’? He seems to have a clear philosophy which he holds on to in the face of relentless attacks from ideological warriors and losing political strategists. He should hold to his course IMO and IMV has quite a plan, let you all wear yourself out with personal attacks, sooner or later you all shoot selves in foot. Likely will be PM one day if he remains true to purpose. That’s the plan.

            • Robbobbobin says

              “A: in your opinion and still with the ‘mild personal insult’.
              B: How is Corbyn ‘ignorant’?”

              I cannot answer that except as a hypothetical because, in my opinion, Corbyn is NOT an “ignorant”, “student union kind of leftie”. You should instead address the question to ‘Frankly Speaking’, who posted the original passive-aggressive mass-directed ad hominem (as emphasized), the actual target of which is not just Corbyn but everybody who disagrees with his/her/their/its boilerplate ‘assessment’. My mealy-mouthed faux-apology, to which you refer, was intended as a rebuttal of ‘Frankly’s’ original (as emphasized) insults (in fact, a rebuttal that, hopefully, he/she/them/it would interpret as a second, minor, reciprocal insult to him/her/them/it in itself).

              Frankly speaking, I should have made both of the minor personal insults I have directed at ‘Frankly Speaking’ to date considerably more strident, because the original, passive-aggressive, mass-directed ad hominem style of personal insult that ‘Frankly’ posted, with its implicit suggestion of “dangerous” juvenile irresponsibility on Corbyn’s part (and, by extension, on the part of everybody who supports Corbyn as their representative), is a particularly nasty and insidious form of inherently ad hominem attack, “inherently” in that it denies even meaningful intention to its object, whether that object is a particular, private individual or – as in this case – a public representative of many others: that of marginalization by infantilization. Well uckf that/him/her/them/it.

              I hope these additional emphases have helped clarify things.

              • Sorry, I missed you were quoting FranklySpeaking, though the “traditional Labour voter” should have been a giveaway. Typical Labour Friends Of Israel and anti-Corbynista trope centering around “electability” even though that (((media))) driven narrative has lost all Momentum 🙂 due to misuse of anti-Semitism drivel.

    • bevin says

      “It’s Brexit which is sponsored by neoliberals, because the EU is more of a social and christian democratic collaborative venture which became so successful that it’s threatening US neoliberal interests and the Euro is challenging the dollar…”

      You could build a career as a stand up comic around this sort of material. It would sound sensational in Greece, but it would work well in the Republic of Ireland, Portugal and just about anywhere that people have access to newspapers.

    • @Frankly: “In recent years / past decade, neoliberals have tried to hijack the EU but now their strategy is to break it apart instead. People need to wake up to what Brexit is really about.”

      Your warning makes sense. I suspected the Brexit campaign when I saw how heavily it was supported by the Telegraph.

      Actually, I think Britannia’s Problem has nothing to do with being In or Out; it has to do with her no longer being the Centre of the World. All dressed up with War Helmet, Spear and Chariot — the grand old battle-axe has lost her Empire but not found her role as ordinary citizen; because of the way Lady Brit was brought up, she still thinks ordinary citizen is a come down, and has not yet realized that it is actually the highest rank in a free world.

  5. People are dying in the streets and in Yemen, and we’re supposed to be worried about the sensitive feelings of ‘some Jews’? Enough already, support #JC9

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      The root cause of Jewish narcissism was pithily summed up by Rabbi Kook the Elder, the former Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi of Palestine. He opined that, ‘There is a greater difference between the soul of a Jew, and that of a non-Jew….than there is between the soul of a non-Jew and that of an animal’. While such a world-view would be rejected by many, probably most, one hopes, Jews, and former Jews, not to mention most goyim (one assumes)it is of the essence of Talmudic, Rabbinical, Judaism, and of the Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox who control religious affairs in Israel and who are politically vital to Rightwing regimes, like the Bibi regime who just declared Israel a theocratic apartheid state. This sense of, dare one say, ‘Exceptionalism’ has been honed over 3500 years of religious exegesis and hardened by centuries of strife and conflict with the ‘inferior’ types (although there have been many centuries of more or less peaceful co-existence in many places)and has reached its hideous apotheosis in creatures like Bibi, Ovadia Yosef, Ayelet Shaked, Avigdor Lieberman, Margaret Hodge and Jonathan Freedland. Decades of surrender to Zionist narcissism and demands have not led to anything but endless barbarism inflicted on the Palestinians and Israel’s neighbours, and ever growing demands from the Zionists that they be obeyed, WITHOUT QUESTION.

  6. Fair dinkum says

    In the movies, good usually triumphs over evil.
    ‘Tis a pity Life doesn’t imitate ‘art’
    Oh well, Mother Nature is gonna balance the books in the form of climate catastrophe.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      My observations of the last forty years, backed up by reading history, tell me that Evil has more ‘weight’ in human affairs. Whether that is inherent in all human societies and therefore guarantees our destruction, if only in the interests of cosmic moral hygiene, or just the result of our current end-stage capitalist tyranny, I’m not sure.
      We, here in Austfailure, had one decent, sane, intelligent ederal Government in those forty years-that of Whitlam. It was destroyed by a concerted Rightwing assault, throwing all the previous ‘conventions’ and decencies of political life out the window. A frenzied hate campaign led by the pubescent Murdoch media Evil, and, crucially, once Whitlam gave signs of not following orders from Thanatopolis DC, to the letter, the coup de grace delivered by the USA, the CIA and its long-term asset (from WW2) John Kerr, the Governor-General. The conspiracy extended to the High Court and, probably, Buckingham Palace, too.
      Despite fanatic opposition and the ill-luck of being elected as the post WW2 ‘thirty glorious years’ imploded, Bretton Woods went down the dunny and the oil-shock felled economies, Whitlam still achieved more positive than all the hideous regimes since. But since then our ‘society’ has been turned into the usual neo-liberal sewer of greed, pig ignorance, bullying thuggery (everywhere in society from schools to Parliaments)mass stupidity and boot-licking sycophancy to the thugs of Thanatopia and the Divine Beings of Israel. A bi-partisan project between the ‘Liberal/National’ thugs, still fevered climate denialists and lovers of coal and tax cuts for the rich, and the ‘Labor’ sell-outs, Blairites long before Tony. Why, even this morning, it was being reported, almost enthusiastically, that we will shortly have the pleasure to serve our ‘Great and Powerful’ masters in bombing Iran’s nuclear sites. Our role in ‘target selection’ will be ‘crucial’-joy of joys. It was such jolly fun to serve our Masters in the Iraq, Korean and Vietnamese genocides, and now we can do it again. Hosanna!!

      • Big B says

        MM: I can tell you what carries the most ‘weight’ in human affairs is ‘avidya’ …a special class of ignorance: a literal ‘ignorance’ that prevents us acquiring a deep knowledge of who we are. Only it is becoming harder to suppress – it only needs 10% uptake in a population before self-organised networks allow rapid dissemination and universal awareness …if not belief. It is only our avidya that allows evil to flourish.

        Systems are in constant flux: they only appear stable and permanent to a habituated and encultured worldview. Only Cartesian-Newtonian-Darwinian-Freudian thinking interprets them as solid and mechanistically enduring. Every aspect of this mechanistic mindset is eroding: its hold over us and its bio-genetic deterministc woridview is deteriorating. A new worldview could cascade into view at any time: it is only the old ‘veil of ignorance’ that stops it being seen right now?

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          You can sense the greater reality behind the veils of ignorance and conditioning all the time. Not just when watching the blood moon and Mars, then having a ring-tail opossum scare the crap out of you by leaping from branch to branch right behind your head, or when you listen to the magpies’ dawn chorus or try to properly comprehend quantum science. The fact that it is really beyond us, that the universe is not just beyond our comprehension, but beyond our ability to comprehend it (if I may mangle Haldane)is a burden, and a delight, at the same time. It’s just that being alive, right now, as our putative species destroys itself and most Life on Earth, and as we are ruled by little pustules of every vicious nastiness imaginable, really challenges one’s mental equanimity.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          Fraser looks, in retrospect, like Jesus Bloody Christ in comparison to the racist and fascist scum who succeeded him in leading the ‘Liberals’. The way he actually improved as a human being with age, when all the others, (and the same is true with a vengeance of the local fakestream media presstitutes all of which march resolutely further Right with the years)of his ilk just grow nasstier and nasstier, was quite a surprise.

  7. Big B says

    As Labour’s Bradshaw has just said (in his best Pythonesque tones) “the government White Paper is dead; it has expired; It has ceased to be. dead as a dodo; pushing up daisies; not just pining for the fjords” …but so is this idea:

    “It’s so important that we seek to negotiate a new, comprehensive UK-EU customs union, with a British say in all future trade deal and arrangements.”

    From the speech in question. Barnier says “Non”. The UK’s bi-partisan Brexit betrayal goes on.

    Good news: “Big strides have been made on security co-operation after Brexit.” Translated, that means PESCO, CARD, EDA, and EDIDP. That would mean our defence procurement being ceded to Europe. It looks like Starmer’s “close as possible ties” with an imperialising EU will mean that fiscal stimulus going elsewhere? Like our defence budget already is. I’m not sure anyone voted for that?

    Leave means leave: not forge the closest links possible to a neoliberal financial sub-imperialist project, run and funded from Brussels (with our money); with its foreign policy set by bankers who have just acquired our army (and nukes).

    I would prefer my fiscal stimulus package without a side order of EU-NATO imperialism, the new race and rape of Africa (that Mogherini has planned); the Russophobia, NATO occupation and Nazification of the Baltic states; support for the White Helmets; appeasement and capitulation to Zionists; and Brexit betrayal. O well, ever the idealist…

  8. Being a wishy washy centrist type of person, I find there is no party or leader in Westminster that I would like to endorse. I am sure there are quite a few others with a similar opinion.

    The anti-Semitic rants running through the Labour Party, I feel are just a cynical exercise in deflecting public opinion away from what is going on at the border in Gaza. In fact, it has been pretty successful as you hardly hear any mention on mainstream media.

    Does anybody feel any sympathy for the Palestinians in Gaza or are they society’s outcasts rather like the Kurds with no friends or land to support them.

    Targeting civilians using snipers to hit the lower limbs and using military grade disintegrating bullets might have been condemned elsewhere but not in Gaza.

    • Helmut Taylor says

      Obviously there is no “room at the inn” for Roger Waters’ point of view…izz’ere? I’m a great fan of his, I must say (but then I don’t have a career in the US to lose)!!!

  9. As a former right-winger, my path to socialism came in the realization that many of the goals that I had in that circle are contradicted by capitalism, and can only truly be attained through socialism. Now I don’t consider Jeremy Corbyn to be a socialist, more of a social democrat (unless he actually is a socialist but he’s hiding his power levels so to speak), nor am I necessarily a fan or supporter of his because, since I became a socialist, I don’t consider him radical enough, but I do believe his emphasis on protectionism from the social-democratic “left” and bringing economic power back to the local sphere intrigues me, and I look forward to seeing further developments from this.

    • Roberto says

      Declaring Jeremy Corbyn to be a Social Democrat rather than a socialist is to declare him an enemy in the same sense that the bolsheviks considered SDs the enemy, or rather useful idiots to be used on the path to socialism, then quickly disposed of.

      • bevin says

        The Bolsheviks were actually the Russian Social Democratic Party- majority faction. Your point is anachronistic.
        It is wrong to concede the term Social Democrat to traitors to the working class who are always distinguishable by their contempt for democracy as well as socialism.

        • It is an anachronism, and cast in today’s terms meant to be descriptive of the other lot(s), collectively.

  10. Francis Lee says

    It looks like the zionist lobby in British politics is again in action. Although this is not a new phenomenon. Unverified reports of Russian interference with the US election have been whipping through the British media like a hurricane. Fully authenticated reports of Israeli subversion of British Democracy can be heard like the faintest breeze in a distant forest.

    Labour Party calls for a Government investigation have been ignored. Scandalously the Labour Party is not calling for an internal investigation into the deep penetration of its own structures. Pro zionist ogranizations such as Labour Friends of Israel and Conservative Friends of Israel have become vehicles for Zionist/Israeli propaganda.

    Al Jazeera, over four days in January, broadcast The Lobby a detailed investigation into the activities of London based Israeli diplomats. And recently Margaret Hodge – July 2018 – who is Jewish, as well as a number of Jewish publications which in sync have coordinated the attack on Corbyn and by extension the Labour party. Naturally leading the pack is our lovely Graun.

    What contemporary anti-semitism is of course, will be defined as any any criticism of Isreal and its treatment of the Palestinians. Israel is apparently above criticism. It can only do good, and anyone who engages in criticism of Israel is guilty of anti-semitism and by implication hate-speech. Like its client state, the US, Israelis are the exceptional nation, the indispensible nation. And so it goes on.

    • Big B says

      “Scandalously the Labour Party [of Israel: London Branch] is not calling for an internal investigation into the deep penetration of its own structures.” There, fixed it for you. I wonder why that would be?

      If it were not true: then Mann, Smeeth, and now “fucking anti-semite” accuser Hodge would have been expelled for “bringing the Party into disrepute” …not Livingstone and Wadsworth (with Jackie Walker still on death row). It is not hard to impute the dominance/submission ritual powerplays from their results?

  11. Edwige says

    Plan A is to bully and bribe Corbyn into renouncing a belief he has held for his entire political career. Hey, it usually works….

    Plan B, if necessary, will be the UK’s very own version of Macron.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      A Blairite Quisling would fit the Anglo Macron bill nicely. Perhaps the Millipede ‘Prince across the waters’.

  12. Dave Hansell says

    Not convinced this is a wholly accurate reading of the nuances of what Corbyn meant in this speech. The Trump comparison was brought up via a deliberate misreading and misrepresentation of what he said:

    The idea of firmer relations with the BRICS and the belt & road intiative is sound in principle but it needs to be at a European level rather then one isolated small market on its own given that Trump is in every practical sense tearing up the world trade systems. The current UK establishment, on its own outside of a larger market, is more likely to opt for the Anglosphere – ending up as an effective colony of the US with a similar status to Puerto Rico – than a more sensible arrangement. Europe, without the spoilt brat who consistently undermines everything in Europe in favour of the narrow interests of its own elites rather than sharing, is the more likely of the two markets to get a deal with the BRICS, along with the B&R benefits, than an isolated market in the kind of world trading system the Chump is going to end up with.

    • Helmut Taylor says

      Give it der gunne, eh wott Davie Buoy!

    • bevin says

      “The idea of firmer relations with the BRICS and the belt & road intiative is sound in principle but it needs to be at a European level rather then one isolated small market on its own given that Trump is in every practical sense tearing up the world trade systems. ”
      There is a clear need for a pan European equivalent of the sort of Labour Party that Jeremy Corbuyn’s supporters envision. This would mean a party committed to a complete democratisation of the EU’s structures by taking control of several governments, those of Germany, France, Italy, Spain for example, so that they could agree to replace the current, completely undemocratic government with one accountable to the people of Europe.
      I’m all for it and in the meantime the most effective campaign would be to demonstrate, in the UK, the enormous benefits possible when neo-liberalism has been ditched and democracy, which implies socialist policies, introduced.

      • Harry Stotle says

        “There is a clear need for a pan European equivalent of the sort of Labour Party that Jeremy Corbuyn’s supporters envision.” – such an organisation already exists, or to quote from DiEM25’s manifesto;

        The Eurozone economies are being marched off the cliff of competitive austerity, resulting
        in permanent recession in the weaker countries and low investment in the core countries.

        EU member-states outside the Eurozone are alienated, seeking inspiration and partners in suspect quarters.

        Unprecedented inequality, declining hope and misanthropy flourish throughout Europe.

        The more they asphyxiate democracy, the less legitimate their political authority becomes, the stronger the forces of economic recession, and the greater their need for further authoritarianism.

        DiEM25 are broadly in alignment with Corbyn, certainly more so than socialist imposters like Margaret ‘will no-one think of the Zionists’ Hodge.

        • Big B says

          DiEM25 is a sheepdogging organisation run by an erratic fake Marxist, IMO. How long before it sinks in that the people will only get a mandate for the people: if they organise for themselves in a bottom up processing of democracy? “Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed”. All that can come from anti-democratic top down processing is dominance into servile submission? Only unfreedom needs Single Markets, Eurozones, Customs Unions, and their own sub-imperial unified military? Freedom means democratic autonomy and sovereignty with no need for an EU at all.

            • BigB says

              Professors Werner, Keen, and Hudson have written reams about the financial terrorism inflicted on Greece. Greece was served on a golden platter be Goldman $uchs, for the Troika to dismember …Obama came over to make sure they got their pound of flesh: and pay tribute unto Caesar (Citigroup, and the rest of the banksters that put him in power). And Varoukafascist thinks this organisation is ripe for democratisation? They are applying their MO to Italy now: and no one need think that they would not do the same to the UK. Corbyn attested to as much for 25 years: now he gets a sniff of power he wants an imaginary Customs Union. I’m not sure who he is betraying the more: me, or himself?

            • Mulga Mumblebrain says

              Varoufakis is a phony and full of shite. Capitalism not only devoured ‘democracy’, in any meaningful sense, long, long, ago, but is, in fact, utterly antithetical to it.

      • Big B says

        Democracy (noun): government by the people; a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system.

        17.4 mn people voted ‘Leave’: Starmer and Corbyn reinterpret that as forging the “closest ties” possible with the EU ..’a’ Customs Union; ‘a’ Single Market; Schengen negotiable; a second referendum “not off the table” …in fact, apart from the EEA and ‘Norway Model’, nothing is off the table – except leaving. Apparently, the word ‘democracy’ means different things to different people? As does the word ‘Leave’?

        • Frankly Speaking says

          And how many of that 17.4 million are ignorant numpties, or swayed by Murdoch’s, or other offshore owners, poisonous media?

          I’d estimate there’s not even 7.4 million who voted for Brexit on well thought out motives and even then, how arrogant are they to impoverish the rest of us and fuck up the freedoms of our kids to freely study, work and travel across 27 countries?

          It’s Brexit which is sponsored by neoliberals, because the EU is more of a socialist collaborative venture and threatening US interests. In recent years neoliberals have tried to hijack it but now their strategy is to break it instead.

          You need to wake up to what Brexit is really about. Corbyn too. I’m rapidly losing respect for him, his sitting on on the fence. He’s clearly showing that he’s a naive student union leftie who is playing dangerous and ignorant games. I’ll also say that the campaign and accusations against him are disgusting, but he does need to see Brexit for the neoliberal project it really is and act now.

          • BigB says

            Francis: I’m not sure there is a demographic category of “ignorant numpties”: so I can only speak for myself.

            I find it intellectually insulting that the ‘Leave’ vote is characterised as ill informed and “stupid”, and that the intellectually superior ‘Remain’ vote was better served by the informative Project Fear? I knew exactly what I voted for: to leave (transitive verb meaning get as far away from forever) the supra-sovereign, neoliberal, sub-imperial, financial terrorism plot that is the EU. An EU that is rapidly expanding its piratical military capability (PESCO, CARD, EDA. etc); and is readying to deploy its sub-imperial Sturmtruppen to Africa …to aid EU-NATO joint deployment and integration – alongside AFRICOM – in the new scramble for the revitalisation of the old colonial rape of Africa (“Tomorrows battlefield today”). [Part instigated by a former Labour leader – TBliar.]

            How many in the Remain camp were inveigled by the focus on marginal benefits (that could easily be accommodated in other ways …Northern Ireland never had a border problem before, even at the height of the troubles …a simple reversion would suffice in this instance?) into integrating into an escalating. expansionist (into the United States of MENA?), more bellicose and dehumanising neo-colonial phase of credit sub-imperialism (I say sub-imperialism, because the unified EU military is subservient to NATO; and the EU is a dollar vassal)?

            Then there is the ‘Military Schengen’ aspect of mobilisation against the fictive enemy of Russia. Support for the EU is support for the continued dehumanisation and neo-Nazification of the EU’s own Lebensraum of Baltic occupation. The consensual support for this Cold War mentation is manufactured by the synthetic psyops of Salisbury and Amesbury. Ergo: support for the EU is support for the synthesis of polity led false flags and the empowerment of the Gauleiters of Eastern Europe? So much for supra-sovereign democracy …a ‘democracy’ we will be willingly subservient to?

            Or shall we focus on peripheral matters, that could be easily imaginatively solved without the collective soul-selling of integrating deeper into a neo-liberal sub-imperial financial terrorism collective – whose Foreign Policy will be set by whom? And if it is about job and wealth creation, and ‘tariff free access’ and borderless transfer of goods and capital …let us canvas opinion form the Portuguese, Irish, Italians, and Greeks as to how true that is in the long run? The EU is a piratically bellicose wealth taker: a point that I should not even have to make, let alone beLabour?

            And as for Corbyn: I can see which side of the fence he is sitting. He invoked a fictive Customs Union in the very speech that the article is predicated on. Starmer is no fence sitter: he wants ‘a’ Single Market and ‘a’ Customs Union …along with 80% of the membership (with around 90 of the PLP in the opposing Leave camp). All that prevents him declaring for Remoan is to alleviate the possibility of a backbench revolt?

            Only Barnier has now made clear who will be the rule-maker, and who will be the rule-taker. So, Remoan won …all that is left to decide is the form the post-democratic, post-truth, rule-taking will take? As they say on UK Column: it’s Brexit without the exit …and don’t mention EU Military Unification? The bi-partisan Brexit betrayal goes on. Waking up to neoliberal EU sub-imperialist militarism is the real revelation? Only in the Trump-Tweet version of superficial reality is the EU any threat to US imperialism. Away from Twitter politics; beneath the 140-character surface veneer – on the level of military EU-NATO integration – they appear to be getting along just fine?

    • I am standing for Parliament if I can raise the 10 grand necessary for a proper campaign, yes. Here in North West Durham, where this 40-year-old has lived since before he started school. On Birmingham Yardley, meanwhile, I know more than I am yet at liberty to say. It does seem to be in hand.

  13. Paul X says

    There was a little batch of such articles the other day including “Corbyn now leads UKIP” etc. It’s just a little stunt to try and get Labour rattled and give space to the full bloodied Returners. The specifics of what he said haven’t drawn any attention – your post is the first time I’ve read them. I imagine that’s because they are rather attractive ideas; least said the better, said the media moguls to their obedient Editors.

  14. Helmut Taylor says

    Hi Dave – do you respond to the presence of Kryptonite – and wha’bart George Galloway?


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