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The Guardian on Nicaragua – An Open Letter

Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance

The Guardian has been one of the most inaccurate outlets for reporting what is occurring in Nicaragua. What is happening is a US regime change operation, working with oligarchs and big business interests in Nicaragua and supported by the Catholic Church, a long-time ally of Nicaraguan oligarchs. The US operates by spending tens of millions annually over many years to create an NGO complex that dominates Nicaraguan human rights groups, environmental, women’s groups and others. They have also given aide to a small minority of right-wing youth with tens of thousands of dollars and training.

Some of these youth also made a trip to Washington, DC sponsored by Freedom House, long noted for its ties to the CIA, where they met with extremist, Republican Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz and Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. Just yesterday, Rubio threatened war in Nicaragua claiming it was in the national security interests of the United States because the conflict would result in mass migration and drug trafficking into the US. He seems willing to make anything up to achieve regime change.

Here are three articles with lots of links that provide information on what is really occurring in Nicaragua. They analyze the political context, the alliances working with the US on regime change and the economic realities in Nicaragua:


This article by a Nicaraguan-UK labor group provides excellent analysis of the violence of the right-wing coup and the peace efforts of the Ortega government. (The Guardian gets this upside down, ignoring the violence of the opposition.) It also provides analysis of the US funding and long-term regime change efforts. It provides an excellent summary of the economy under Ortega and how it is a bottom-up economy lifting up the impoverished and economically insecure. Also included are Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen​ ​calling for regime change in Nicaragua, Bolivia, Cuba, and Venezuela on the House Floor and Sen. Rubio’s comments warning of war in Nicaragua.


This article, written by me, examines the failure of the coup, the massive celebration on the 39th anniversary of the Sandinista Revolution that showed the unity of the people of Nicaragua. It also discusses how the US is escalating funding for regime change operations in Nicaragua as well the introduction of the Nica Act in the Senate, introduced on the anniversary of the revolution, which would escalate the economic war against Nicaragua.


This article which I co-authored with Nils McCune, describes the strategy of the right-wing coup in using violence to try to force the government to respond with violence to restore order. It also describes the widespread false media coverage by western media as well as how the opposition, trained by the United States, used social media to put out a false narrative. We examine the alliances in Nicaragua, who is behind the coup and supportive of it, and who opposes the coup. Finally, we examine the Nicaraguan economy and how it has reduced poverty, made health care and education available, provided microloans to small businesses and shrunk the gender gap. Further, how the Ortega government has used property law to provide land titles to Indigenous Peoples, who now own one-third the land in Nicaragua, women, and peasants. This is why Ortega won re-election by more than 70% for a third term in office.

Nicaragua – Letter to the Editor of The Guardian

[This version of the letter was sent to the editor in chief but not published; The Guardian received a shorter version for publication, which has also not been published.]

For the past three months, there has been a political crisis in Nicaragua, with opposing forces not only confronting each other in the streets but fighting a media war. The Guardian should be at the forefront of balanced and well-informed reporting of these events. Instead, despite plentiful evidence of opposition violence, almost all your 17 reports since mid-April blame Daniel Ortega’s government for the majority of deaths that have occurred. One of your most recent articles (“The Nicaraguan students who became reluctant rebels”, July 10) leaves unchallenged an opposition claim that theirs is “a totally peaceful struggle.” Only one article (July 4) gives significant space to the government version of events.

While most of the recent violence is associated with opposition barricades erected across the country, you still refer to a “wave of violence and repression by the government” (June 24). Not once do you refer to the numerous deaths of government supporters or the 21 deaths and hundreds of injuries suffered by the police, including the killing of four policemen observing a “peace” demonstration on July 12. Nor did you report the only attack on a member of the “national dialogue” set up to try resolve the crisis, when student leader Leonel Morales was shot and left for dead on June 12; he is a government supporter.

Your report from Masaya (June 12) failed to mention that the protestors had burnt down public buildings, ransacked shops and destroyed the homes of government officials. Nor did you record the kidnapping of hundreds of long-distance lorries and drivers, who spent a month in effective captivity despite efforts by their ambassadors and international mediators to secure their release (eventually achieved by the government on July 8). Your report of the shooting of a one year-old boy in “the latest round of government repression” (June 25) does not mention video evidence that he was killed by opposition youths.

The author of several articles, Carl David Goette-Luciak, openly associates with opposition figures. On July 5 he blamed the police for the terrible house fire in Managua three weeks earlier, relying largely on assertions from government opponents. Yet videos appearing to show police presence were actually taken on April 21, before barricades were erected to prevent police entering the area.

Several times you cite “human rights activists” who are often long-standing government opponents (such as Vilma Núñez, April 28, who told the BBC on July 10 that Ortega now has an “extermination plan”). You unquestioningly quote Amnesty International (May 31) even though their reports turn a blind eye to violence by protesters. You do not refer to detailed evidence that opposition groups benefit from millions of dollars in US funding aimed at “nurturing” the Nicaraguan uprising (theglobalamericans.org, May 1).

On June 6 you said that “Ortega has lost control of the streets” and on June 11 that Nicaragua is “a country of barricades.” Since then the government has successfully worked with local people to restore order and remove the vast majority of barricades. Armed bands have been arrested in the process, including members of notorious gangs from El Salvador. This goes unreported.

Most of the articles refer to protestors’ demands that Ortega should simply renounce the presidency, but not that international bodies mediating the crisis (the UN, Organisation of American States and the Central American Integration System) have all rejected this as being unconstitutional and likely to produce chaos. You have given sparse coverage to the many marches by government supporters calling for a peaceful, negotiated outcome.

Recently, Simon Jenkins wrote in a different context (July 5) of “the rush to judgment at the bidding of the news agenda” in which “social media and false news are weaponised.” In our view this is precisely what is happening in mainstream reporting of Nicaragua. We call on the Guardian to take a more responsible stand, to challenge the abundant misinformation and in future to provide a much more balanced analysis of the crisis.

Ellen Barfield, Baltimore, MD Chapter Veterans for Peace
Brian Becker, Radio Show Host, Loud & Clear
Carol Berman, Nicaraguan Cultural Alliance
Max Blumenthal, journalist
Al Burke, Editor, Nordic News Network
Lee Camp, head writer/host of Redacted Tonight
Maritza Castillo, Nicaraguan activist
Sofía Clark, political analyst
Mitchel Cohen, former Chair, WBAI radio Local Board
Don DeBar, writer and radio journalist
Warwick Fry, writer and radio journalist
Greg Grandin, journalist
Peter Grimes, sociologist and author
Paul Baker Hernández, singer, song-writer
Chuck Kaufman, Alliance for Global Justice
Dan Kovalik, human rights lawyer
Barbara Larcom, Baltimore Coordinator, Casa Baltimore/Limay
Abby Martin, journalist and presenter, The Empire Files
Arnold Matlin M.D, Rochester (NY) Committee on Latin America
Camilo Mejia, former Amnesty International prisoner of conscience
Nils McCune, IALA Mesoamerica
Nan McCurdy, Methodist missionary
Ben Norton, journalist
John Perry, writer
Stephen Sefton, writer
Patricia Villegas, President, Telesur
S. Brian Willson, Lawyer activist
Kevin Zeese, co-director, Popular Resistance


  1. “working with oligarchs and big business interests in Nicaragua and supported by the Catholic Church, a long-time ally of Nicaraguan oligarchs”

    So what say you superhero Pope?

  2. An article by murdered journalist Steve Kangas (1961-99) everyone
    “The origins of this machine, interestingly enough, can be traced back to the CIA. This is not to say the machine is a formal CIA operation, complete with code name and signed documents. (Although such evidence may yet surface — and previously unthinkable domestic operations such as MK-ULTRA, CHAOS and MOCKINGBIRD show this to be a distinct possibility.) But what we do know already indicts the CIA strongly enough. Its principle creators were Irving Kristol, Paul Weyrich, William Simon, Richard Mellon Scaife, Frank Shakespeare, William F. Buckley, Jr., the Rockefeller family, and more. Almost all the machine’s creators had CIA backgrounds.

    During the 1970s, these men would take the propaganda and operational techniques they had learned in the Cold War and apply them to the Class War. Therefore it is no surprise that the American version of the machine bears an uncanny resemblance to the foreign versions designed to fight communism. The CIA’s expert and comprehensive organization of the business class would succeed beyond their wildest dreams. In 1975, the richest 1 percent owned 22 percent of America’s wealth. By 1992, they would nearly double that, to 42 percent — the highest level of inequality in the 20th century…”
    Steve Kanga’s believed that Operation Mockingbird didn’t end in 1975 with the Pike and Church Committee’s 2016


    The Rockefeller Foundation’s connections to CIA are well known
    in 2016 alone they gave the Guardian 3 million dollars

  3. Denis O'hAichir says

    Who the fuck buys that paper?

  4. You are perfectly right about the Guardian, but it’s not just Nicaragua the US are all over South America fomenting more chaos. Chile for example where the WB has just made it biggest ever loan $50 billion. Have they already forgotten 2001? No its a strategy as in Ukraine and as with other WB and IMF loans to enable the corrupt oligarchy to get their money out and leave the rest with austerity riddled debt repayments.

    Many people realise that the Guardian serves as a propaganda bull horn directed at the [liberal] twittering classes. As such it has a long history of misreporting both domestic and geo-political issues. It has always kowtowed to the establishment when push came to shove [anything to avert revolutionary enlightenment]. Acting as a blatant channel now for all establishment and deep state false narratives has become so clear it is excruciating.

    Since the smashing of the hard drives the last vestiges of groaning truth to power has evaporated. Exclusives and scoops all have the sticky fingers of the intelligence services all over them. The fake news narrative they keep banging on about has become as hackneyed as the war on terror meme.

  5. Robbobbobin says

    “We call on the Guardian to take a more responsible stand, to challenge the abundant misinformation and in future to provide a much more balanced analysis of the crisis.”

    Dear Signatories,

    When one-time hoofer extraordinaire Lew Grade‘s megabudget, all-star, cinema blocknonester, Raise the Titanic flopped so decisively in the early 1980’s that it was the beginning of the end of his career as a prominent British media mogul, he did not try to reshoot it or recut it, instead he cut his losses and let it sink again, while commenting that “it would have been cheaper to lower the Atlantic.”

    Similarly, Will Rogers has been credited with the saying, “If you’re in a hole, stop digging.”

    The Guardian started as a regressive newspaper, designed to contain and deflect the discontent (no degradation without representation) of British workers subjugated to the exploitative requirements of capitalizing on the imports of the emerging cotton “trade”, itself based on the exploitation of whole peoples in the emergent British Empire, with its concomitant lies, omissions and distortions of the political reality thereof, as well as on repelling the efforts of other expansionist European nations, also intent on misappropriating for themselves the spoils of the “new” exotic lands that the age of exploration had “opened up”. To this day, that attitude of settler colonialism and empire has remained at the bedrock of its mindset. Just four or five years before C.P. Scott was formally invited to join the paper’s staff (being already embedded in its ethos through family and social ties) it had, for example, thoroughly excoriated the politics and principles of Abraham Lincoln as being antithetical – an affont – to the very notion of human dignity and freedom.

    In it’s (retrospectively) “golden period” under the later editorship and then proprietership of C.P. Scott, the decision to pursue a more liberal (in its general sense) editorial policy was almost entirely pragmatic, made in the building and maintenance of circulation. Scott himself was staunchly opposed to any form and expression of actually politically effective radical left activism and, in the relatively private world of upper class social and political salons, he was explicitly proud of the fact that, despite its centre-left guise, the paper’s over all editorial line was still significantly to the right of its readership. In other words, Scott was proud of the fact that he had constructed an almost indetectable, perfectly anodyne “falsely flagged” media vehicle to divert and blunt – in effect infiltrate the mind of – any progressive platform of opposition to either internal social and political injustice and inequality or to the even more butal external colonial and imperial expressions of the same base atavisms. That mindset remains hidden but active in almost every aspect of its editorial superstructure.

    For the progressive and the left of centre the Guardian is not any sort of lost cause because it was never otherwise than never such a cause, a media outlet based on the required oppressions of mercantilism, colonialism, imperialism and strident bigotry and built of a steel enforcement of those “values” wrapped in intentionally deceptive, left-beguiling phraseolgy. It is well past time that it was BDSed (an ironically appropriate treatment given its early instrumentality in the later political realization of the state of Israel) and, along with the New York Times and other agents of class and national perfidy, dumped at the speed of light into the trashcan of pre-electronic information age history.

    “Letters (and ‘Protests’) to the Editor” persuade no dyed-in-ihe-pelt tigers to change their spots or leopards to erase their stripes because that is a systemic impossibility. Instead: identify, promote, write for and protest in the rapidly appearing new “media of record” that are based not on locking up the presses against the depredations of hoi polloi expression (the latest “traditional” media gatekeeping manifestation of which is the current rush to lock down the Internet) but on new paradigms of the democratization of everyman’s hitherto universally marginalizd intellect.

    Communicators of the world disassociate; we have nothing to lose but your insights.

    Thank you.

    • @Roto-Bobbin. Thank you for that history of the Manchester Guardian. Of course: the cotton trade, the spinning jenny, Marks & Sparks, the cotton agent from India: “I can sell here everything you can spin, and if you cannot make enough you must look to invention”. The colonialist mindset: destroy India’s cotton industry, and set it up again in Manchester with cheap native labour homeless from the Clearances. Then sell it back to India at gunpoint. The Colonial Mindset deeply ingrained in the Guardian (and those of its readers who, like me, come from the British Master Race in the Colonies). Your little snippet of history was the last decisive shot of my course of vaccination against Colonialist Liberalism Mindset.

    • Harry Stotle says

      Wow – that’s a belter Robbobbobin, in fact a perfect companion piece to Jonathan Cook’s delicious take down.

      There isn’t an crime big enough the Guardian can’t turn a blind eye to should it conflict with their unquestioning acceptance of the world order, be it the war in Syria, or US intelligence agencies running amok in Latin America.

      Finally, finally south American states are beginning to fight back.
      It’s high time they rid themselves of their poisonous European legacy and the kind of power asymmetry US neoliberals dedicate so much time to perpetuating, but it’s insane to think the Guardian will ask itself any serious questions about the the US’s propensity for doing business with murderous right wing thugs (as Ollie North, or his mates can tell you).

      • Robbobbobin says

        Interesting article link that demonstrates that it doesn’t matter if you start boring out from somewhere on the inside as Cook could or boring in from somewhere on the outside as most of us have to, the core sample you end up with reveals the Guardian, viewed any which way, to be rotten through and through.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        Cook’s piece was good on the filthy sewer that the Fraudian had already become seven years ago, but today it has become, in my opinion, a true centre of Rightwing Evil. The truly deranged, and still worsening, hate campaign based on ENTIRELY fraudulent accusations of ‘antisemitism’, is plainly designed to destroy UK Labour. That the Fraudian’s beloved, and 100% Zionist-controlled, Blairites lost power to Corbyn, has signalled the most amazing campaign of lying, hypocrisy, vilification and outright sabotage I have ever seen. The central driving force is a worship of the Jewish elites, of Zionism, and of the criminal, racist, Israeli apartheid state, that is scarcely believable. Today’s roster of anti-Labour, anti-Corbyn hate-spews plumbs new depths of hypocrisy, grotesque pathopsychological projection and reality inversion, that are frankly psychopathic. Perhaps the worst, among some pearlers, is the loathsome Tom Watson demanding that Hodge and Austin be immediately and totally exonerated (in such utter contrast to the lynching of Livingstone, Wadsworth, Willsman etc that you would assume that a sane man would be ashamed of such outrageous double-standards and chutzpah)because, of course, they had relatives who died in the Nazi Judeocide( using that tragedy, yet again, as an excuse for villainous behaviour, itself an insult to the memory of the victims)and that the discredited IHRA ‘definitions'(that outlaw ALL criticism of any Jew, or of Zionism or Israel, and outlaws support for the Palestinians, and establishes a Zionist veto over ALL Freedom of Speech and moral conscience)or Labour will die of ‘eternal shame’. Can these lunatics grow any more hysterical and deranged? You bet they can!!

    • Paul Browse says

      There’s the interview with his opinion. Here’s an article with real facts, eg: Nicaragua, since Ortega’s victory in 2006 has..

      Second highest economic growth rates and most stable economy in Central America.
      Only country in the region producing 90% of the food it consumes.
      Poverty and extreme poverty halved; country with the greatest reduction of extreme poverty.
      Reaching the UN Millennium Development Goal of cutting malnutrition by half.
      Free basic healthcare and education.
      Illiteracy virtually eliminated, down from 36% in 2006.
      Average economic growth of 5.2% for the past 5 years (IMF and the World Bank).
      Safest country in Central America (UN Development Program) with one of the lowest crime rates in Latin America.
      Highest level of gender equality in the Americas (World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap Report 2017

      CHECK it out: https://www.counterpunch.org/2018/08/03/chomsky-on-regime-change-in-nicaragua/

      • Robbobbobin says

        The most salient point about Chomsky (rather than Nicaragua) is made in the first and last sentences of the paragraph in the Counterpunch article you link to headed “The world turned upside down”, the manufacturing of consent notwithstanding.:

        Noam Chomsky is a leading world left intellectual and should be acclaimed for his contributions. His incisive warning about the US nuclear policy is just one essential example. Nevertheless, he is also indicative of a tendency in the North American left to accept a bit too readily the talking points of imperialist propaganda, regarding the present-day Sandinistas.

        though I would remove the last phrase of the last sentence, as the point preceding it is more generally valid than applicable to just the current situation in Nicaragua. In general, the US response to anything that suggests its ruling ethos is not the best of all possible approaches to everything from basketball to synchonized swimming is to look around for the red button, and at least some of that attitude naturally rubs off onto the tenured left.

        Nobody’s analysis of anything is perfect – as has Chomsky over the years, even Einstein backed several losing horses and Hawking famously conceded a bet he made on black hole behaviour, though the wider electorate’s still voting on the latter – not to mention the fact that everyone gets old and eventually dies.

        • Robbobbobin says

          As an aside, my comment in response to “Chomsky=CIA mole?” was only about that question. My other posts in under this article were about the Guardian’s agenda in general, plus a quip about Marina Hyde. I don’t know enough about Nicaraguan politics (i,e. the motives of those raising hell for Ortega right now, their validity or any d9cumented sources of their funding and resource) to comment on them. While I’m prepared to believe the assertions on the basis of usual suspects and prior form, so far I have not seen enough to be reasonably sure who’s behind what. The list of trades unions behind the organization compiling statistics you quote (although I once belonged to one when my day job was in the relevant category) is not encouaging as, over the years, I’ve come to see most unions as the shop-floor police of the capitalist endeavour.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      The Fraudian has been a far Right shit-hole for years. This is hardly ‘news’. If the Fraudian says so, the truth lies elsewhere. Yet the invertebrate vermin who infest it still claim to be ‘social democrats’ or some such garbage. The vicious opposition and slanderous disinformation spread re. Chavez and Venezuela should have told you all you need to know, many years ago.

      • Robbobbobin says

        The term “social democracy” now denotes at best an unforgiveable latter-day misappelation and at more likely – Rosa Luxemburg’s best efforts notwithstanding – an outstandingly successful, thoroughly reprehensible linguistic hijack.

    • Robbobbobin says

      Marina Hyde is not a lunatic, she’s a monster whose dose of Dr Jekyll’s potion can’t be neutralized and who won’t do the decent thing in lieu.

      • Harry Stotle says

        As you probably know, whenever the Guardian cheers on the neocon pursuit of Julian Assange they call for Hyde and her hatchets, so wading into the Corbyn debacle in the manner that she has is merely par for the course.

        In fact Hyde is fast becoming the useful idiot’s useful idiot.
        Make note of the name: as cheerleader for imperialism or staunch opponent of any threat to the British establishment she may well go far.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          Hyde is just one of the infestation of rich, Identity Politics, feminazi hate-mongers who went beserk when their role model, the blood and gore-soaked harridan, Clinton, fell to the Orange Buffoon. It was the excuse for them to release their inner Thatchers, and attack all and sundry, but particularly, the ‘Leftwing’ vermin who stole THEIR Labour Party from its Blairite parasites. The sheer HATRED of the Corbynistas, so blatantly displayed in every Fraudian hate-spew, is addling what is left of their tiny, reptilian, minds.

      • Jen says

        In the company of other Fraudian writers like Natalie Nougayrede (forced to leave as chief editor of Le Monde after colleagues there complained about her … “Putinesque” ways), Polly Toynbee and Suzanne Moore among others, Marina Hyde is just normal.

        The whole stable of the Fraudian fiction-writers must be cleaned out the way Herakles cleaned out the Augean stables as one of the Twelve Labours he had to perform.

  6. Achie1954 says

    It would seem after reviewing the history of Central America that US involvement in the internal politics of various nations located there, has created the miasma we see today. Thousands of people on the move simply attempting to find a respite from daily violence, violence that the US has visited upon them for its own clandestine purposes. In every way, the US owes these people sanctuary.

    • summitflyer says

      Not only sanctuary but I would add reparations to the countries involved , which means pretty all of the Central and South American countries.

    • Norcal says

      Very helpful and surprising link, thank you.

  7. Antonyl says

    Reminiscences of the Iran-Contra scandal where the CIA was allowed by Reagan – but not by Congress – to arm the Contra faction in Nicaragua. Worst was that the weapons were paid for in crack cocaine which was flown straight into the US by American pilots under CIA cover.
    The American journalist who discovered the drug angle was discredited and later on “committed suicide with 2 shots” (?!) to the head.

      • Big B says

        Minor adjustments: the cocaine was flown into Mena, Arkansas, by Barry Seal and his CIA pilots; it came from the Medellin cartel in Colombia and Nicaragua; weapons, many from the arsenal of the National Guard, were flown back on the round trip; much of the cocaine was flown straight into the nose of William Jefferson Clinton for his toga and sex parties (which continued to the White House); Clinton used the money for the Arkansas Development Finance Authority – his own personal bribe and sex slush fund – the archetypal Clinton Foundation; Freeway Ricky Ross cooked the coke into crack and distributed it in LA …c’mon, the CIA ain’t that corrupt, man …they only flew the shit in!

        But you know what they say about the Clintons, most of it is true!

        • Gary Weglarz says

          Big B – great post. The rather amazing thing about Iran Contra is that we got a great view into how future U.S. presidents are actually “vetted.” In that operation we had two future U.S. presidents involved in the drugs for guns operation at the same time, with George Bush, as vice president and former head of the CIA, running the operation through Oliver North, and Bill Clinton, a small time Arkansas governor protecting the Mena airport end of the drug smuggling from his own State police investigations.

          Here we had two future U.S. presidents connected through CIA drug running and illegal arms supplies in one operation. One from each of the two U.S. political parties. That is how the CIA hedges its bets on always controlling the White House while maintaining the facade of “democracy” for the American people. I would say the CIA learned a great deal from the post-WWII Nazi “refugees” it so generously hosted in the name of expanding it’s arsenal of criminal amoral practical knowledge.

          • Big B says

            There’s the CIA: then there is the CIA within the CIA. Bush the Greater Evil was definitely part of the latter. I have a couple of chapter title headings for his incomplete auto-hagiography: JFK – my part in his downfall; to kill a Mockingbird (not really); and my favourite; inCOGnito: how to rule the world.

            History, and Webster Tarpley, will record that Bush the Greater Evil was, in fact, a two time POTUS …make that four time POTUS. While Reagan was sleeping, he was running Iran-Contra, planning Rex 84, and very possible an aborted coup d’etat, through the top secret National Program Office – where North was his action officer. Two of his civilian amigos were Cheney and Rumsfeld. 17 years later Cheney and Rumsfeld emerged from their Continuity Of Government (COG) bunkers to put the plan in action. Far fetched? if your aim was to justify the suspension the constitution, and instigate an endless war – how useful would your own ultra-secret network; with its own untraceable communications system (Project 908;Flashboard; WHCA) and its own black budget be?


            The Clintons, for all their evils, are gophers …I could possibly contend Bush the Greater Evil was a six time POTUS …but even he is a gopher!

            • Mulga Mumblebrain says

              But, but, but-Brenda.!! The ‘Deep State’ is a figment of Alex Jones’s deranged mind. Don’t you know that? My God, man. EVERYTHING in the USA is free, open and above board-‘Our Glorious Moral Values’, ‘Exceptionalism’, ‘Manifest Destiny’ and all-round apple-pie scrumptious goodness ensure it. Next you’ll be preaching some communistic garbage about money buying politics and elections in the USA.

            • @BigB. That sums up the history of the U$A in the last quarter of the 20th century. But the roots of the Bush go deeper than your gopher George Sr dug: during the Iraq Gang Rape someone wrote to me from the U$, “Bush’s grandfather funded the Nazis, and the fruit does not fall far from the tree”. He was talking about your Grand Gopher’s son, Shrub Bush. So the grandfather would have been the Grand Gopher’s daddy, Prescott Bush.

              “You have to look at the entire Bush Family in this context — as if the family ran a corporation called ‘Frauds-R-Us,’

              George Jr.’s specialty was insurance and security fraud.

              Jeb’s specialty was oil and gas fraud.

              Neil’s specialty was real estate fraud.

              Prescott’s specialty was banking fraud.

              And George Sr.’s specialty? All of the above. ~ Lt. Cmdr. Al Martin, US Navy,(Ret)”

              So gopher grandaddy Prescott was into banking fraud. To me, this points to Rothschild, as the entity behind the gophers, behind the Nazi buildup, behind the disastrous retrograde course of the EU$A over the last 40 years.

              • BigB says

                There is at least one more criminal endeavour: my mate is in a Florida jail on indeterminate ‘pre-trial detention’ (for nearly three years). If he gives up his house; he’ll be out tomorrow. If he fights for his freedom: he’s been threatened with 15-20 for something he did not do. Guess which family owns the jail?

                • vexarb says

                  BigB. Google does not tell me which families own Florida jails. But a chat line said a Bush family owns Aramark who supply to prisons and other govt institutions.


                  Re your friend’s 3 year pre-trial detention facing a 20 year sentence, Beethoven wrote an opera about some proverbially corrupt Latino jail where the following dialogue occurs).

                  Fidelio (new assistant): How long has he been in solitary?
                  Rocco (head gaoler): Two years.
                  Fidelio (shocked): Two years! Then he must be a very big law breaker indeed.

                  • BigB says

                    Looks like Jeb just pushed for-proft prison industrial jails. He told me they owned it. You wait to I see him in 17 years!

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          All I ever see about Hillary Clinton, from our resident feminazi presstitutes, is that she is a saint, and the greatest President the USA never had, defeated by Evil Putin, ‘rapist’ Assange and the dumb deplorables.

          • vexarb says

            Mulga, your mention of Killary ties up the last loose end of the thread unravelled by Gary and BigB (how POTU$A’s are selected, above). Grand Gopher Bush flew the drugs from South America into Arkansaw where local Lord Bill Macbeth killed witnesses and kept off the police. Drug money was laundered by the Obama family bank, which nurtured young Barry Obomber as the Chicago Jewish Candidate, who selected Lady Killary Macbeth as his Secretary of State, who became Grandma Goldman Sachs and would have gone on to be POTU$ — if the deplorables had not rebelled.

            So who, from outside or inside this charmed circle, selected Trump? (apart from two wellknown Israeli-U$ dual citizens, Natan Yahoo and Sheldon Adelson).

        • BigB. That ties up some loose ends about mysterious deaths in Arkansaw during the bloody governorship of Lord and Lady Macbeth. Google the Clinton Body Trail.

          • BigB says

            That’s why I said ‘nearly’ all of it is true. Nearly every one who has caught a cold and died, having had an obscure Clinton connection, is on the list. Don’t get me wrong, many, perhaps most, have substance. They themselves are expendable: they are only alive as long as they are useful?

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