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Venezuela Assassination Attempt: Maduro Survives but Journalism Doesn’t

Ricardo Vaz from IvestigAction

Maduro’s bodyguards hurry to protect the President (Image Source: Sputnik International)

Venezuela was rocked this past Saturday by an attempted assassination of President Nicolas Maduro, during a public event, using drones armed with explosives. But as more details started to become available, the coverage of the mainstream media actually moved in the opposite direction: one after the other they have looked to sow doubt on the events, using words such as “apparent” or “alleged”, focusing instead on the government using this “alleged” event to step up repression. In the end, it is hard to tell apart the media coverage from the statements of John Bolton, one of the more hawkish advisers to the US president.

Although there are plenty of examples to choose from, we are going to focus on our personal champion of dishonest Venezuelan coverage – The Guardian. A quick search of Guardian headlines with “assassination attempt” shows that a qualifier such as “alleged” is never used. Be it Jacques ChiracGuinea’s president, or even Saddam Hussein’s deputy, nobody had their assassination attempts questioned as a hoax to be used as a pretext to stamp out dissent. Such is the dishonesty of the media coverage of Venezuela. [1]

Yet this is the Guardian’s opening paragraph:

Venezuela’s opposition has warned that President Nicolas Maduro may launch a political crackdown after he accused adversaries of attempting to assassinate him with drones loaded with explosives on Saturday.”

Remarkably, it is the Venezuelan opposition takes precedence in an article describing an assassination attempt against Maduro. This would be akin to a report on 9/11 opening with “Al-Qaeda warns of increased US involvement in the Middle East.” Then there is the usual trick of encapsulating the events under “Maduro said”, so that all the previous work smearing Maduro can be used to discredit this version.

Several videos and testimonies, some even mentioned by the Guardian piece, corroborate the Venezuelan government’s version of events. Two drones armed with explosives targeted the stage where Maduro was giving a speech on the 81st anniversary of the National Guard. One of them, because of signal jammers, crashed in front of a nearby building. Residents testified to this, and some of them captured the events, thus demolishing the nonsensical thesis that the explosion had been due to a gas leak.

The second drone detonated closer to the stage, resulting in seven injured officers while bodyguards quickly moved to shield Maduro. Despite all this evidence The Guardian insists that “exactly what happened still remained unclear on Sunday”. Perhaps Maduro, his wife and everyone around them looked at the sky at the same time and soldiers in formation scattered as part of some devious coordinated plan to ramp up repression. We are before the Caribbean version of 9/11 Truthers.

The Venezuelan opposition, in their newly-minted Frente Amplio coalition, which is sure to have its fingerprints all over this, can count on The Guardian as a megaphone to accuse the government of “making “irresponsible” accusations without any proof” and preemptively denounce upcoming repression. Nevermind the fact that opposition leaders have repeatedly been involved in violent attempts to overthrow the government.

Also, just a few tweets later, one of the parties in the Frente Amplio, Primero Justicia, threatened Maduro with actions “like this one or worse”.

Following that we are told that “No one has claimed responsibility for the alleged assassination attempt”, although the group Soldados de Franelas, whose members are unknown, claimed this attempt as a victory, and later published a statement on a so-called Operation Fenix, read by notorious anti-government journalist Patricia Poleo in Miami [2]. The statement affirms that it is the duty of the armed forces to remove the current government which, among other things, is guilty of indoctrinating children with communism!

The Guardian then continues to find other victims, since they are not sure the assassination attempt took place, and mentions six people arrested, two of them having previously taken part in “street protests”. According to interior minister Nestor Reverol, one of those detained had been involved in the 2014 guarimbas, which were a little more than “street protests”. They involved violent barricades, shooting at bystanders, beheading motorcyclists, and a great deal more. He had been released by the government in a (clearly futile) gesture of goodwill. The second one was sought after an attack on the Paramacay barracks last year, and we can all agree that calling this a “street protest” is a bit of a stretch, even for The Guardian.

Then we are treated to two paragraphs replete with distortions. There is a mention of the economic crisis, which is fair enough but referring to an IMF prediction which is utter nonsense. Next we read that Maduro “replaced” Chavez (he was elected), that he repressed anti-government demonstrations left 100 dead (opposition violence was responsible for a large part of the casualties), and that he sidelined the opposition-led congress (they are in contempt of court) by installing (there were elections, 8M+ voted) a body stacked with loyalists (again, there were elections and 6.120 candidates ran for 545 seats).

To top it all off, there is a mention of last year’s terrorist attack by Oscar Perez, who hijacked a helicopter and went on to throw grenades and open fire on public buildings full of people . It is priceless that The Guardian should bring this up, because back then it also ran with ludicrous theoriesthat it might have been all a government stunt, and then had a great deal of fun looking at Perez’s Instagram page and his past acting activities. Pérez’s repeated calls for a coup and his appearance in an anti-government protest days later were not enough for The Guardian to clarify that he actually was an anti-government terrorist.[3]

The icing on this cake of dishonesty is that Perez was “hunted down and killed”, when even the Guardian hyperlink has the word “shootout”. Perez and his group were surrounded by security forces, and there were videos showing him urging the soldiers to join his rebellion, while the commanding officer tried to get him to surrender. After Perez allegedly refused, a shootout ensued in which two policemen of the FAES special forces were killed, which is not exactly the picture suggested by “hunted down and killed”.

All in all, it seems like the US Empire, its allies and the stenographers in the mainstream media are trying to play a game in which they never lose. They constantly call for a coup, even report on foiled attempts[4], but when something actually takes place, the reaction is along the lines of “the US/Colombia/Venezuelan opposition had nothing to do with this coup/assassination attempt which maybe did not even happen”. Had it succeeded, as the 2002 coup did briefly, they would be celebrating “a victory for freedom”. Since it failed, it was all in the dictator’s imagination! But the crackdown is certain, which will then justify people wanting to kill Maduro or attempt a coup, and the cycle starts again.

The reactionary plotting against the Bolivarian Revolution by the Venezuelan bourgeoisie, their northern masters and the latter’s regional puppets, only now and then materialises into actual operations or terrorist attacks. But there is a constant set of background assumptions being created to endorse and provide cover for these actions, and this is achieved through the western media’s systematically dishonest coverage of Venezuela.


  • [1] This is in stark contrast to two recent episodes. An anti-Assad filmmaker and an anti-Putin journalist faked an assassination attempt and their own death, respectively. Both were immediately reported as absolute certainties, even though the details were fishy, only to be revealed within hours to be publicity stunts.
  • [2] Patricia Poleo has been formally accused of being involved in the assassination of Danilo Anderson in 2004. Like Posada Carriles and plenty of other terrorists, she found safe haven in Miami.
  • [3] Pérez was aboard the loony train that claims that the Cubans are running the show in Venezuela. Patricia Poleo’s statement also hinted at this, and opposition leaders have also run with this time and again. Yet this gets filtered out because these characters need to remain credible.
  • [4] Donald Trump has gone so far as to raise the possibility of a US invasion, repeatedly, in public.


  1. Page says

    I find that woman in the lower left interesting, as she seems to find the proceedings giggle-worthy.

  2. USAma Bin Laden says

    Ho hum.

    Just another example of American state terrorism in action.

    The more the Americans–and the supposed Free World that it leads–run their mouths about freedom and democracy, the more anti-democratic coup d’etats, assassinations, and regime changes they stage around the world.

    This is a pathological, indeed, defining feature of their national character.

    America, the world’s preeminent freedom-luvin’ terrorist nation!

    Freeing the World to Death
    Essays on the American Empire

  3. (@Weglarz and co.) We realise that you are just another version of the censorship and repression that takes place in the The Guardian. A mirror image of the bigots and fanatics that rule that newspaper. We were directed to this site by someone from the Independent, but we did not have any illusions of who you were or how you operate.

    From the articles that we have read and seen in your site (and the censored contribution about the Left that we made a few days ago and that you could read in our blog for your discomfort), you seem to be the typical leftist kindergarten pulp, devoid of all critical spirit and thinking capacity, easily manipulated by a tormented agrarian racist fanaticism that is only a mixture of lies, cretinism and wishful thinking about the West and the East.

    Your Third World dystopias of moustachioed and banana dictators, are crumbling all over, from the putrid regime of Venezuela to the corrupt ‘Monarchy’ of Nicaragua, to the racist Inca ‘Empire’ of Bolivia or the ludicrous ‘Assangian’ Ecuador, not to mention the criminal tyranny in Syria or the Nazi Theocracy of Iran.

    You cannot see what is going on in the world, because you cannot take the little neurons you can master in your tortured and impotent existence, out of your backsides. You are involved in a third class pedantic exercise with academic pretensions, but Socialism and Science are beyond your reach. Revolution and Progress will happen against you, not with your obnoxious help.

    • Harry Stotle says

      “You are involved in a third class pedantic exercise with academic pretensions” – oh, the irony.

      Wouldn’t it just be easier to admit you are an apologist for the corpo-kleptocracy not to mention the forms of economic and military intimidation required to sustain it?

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      ‘The cheaper the hood the gaudier the patter’. At least the racist and Orientalist supremacist contempt is undisguised, which makes identification of the true character of this blow-hard rather easy.

    • Jen says

      Matt in the cubicle next to Comite Espartaco was more entertaining.

    • Constantine says

      Typical fascist excrement and lickspittle of US imperialism and neoliberal, scorched-earth capitalism. The level of projection is mind-numbing.

  4. Antonyl says

    Thanks for informing us of the Graun’s lies and twists on this topic: saves us from having to click on (=support) them.

    I am still trying to figure out when they change tack ~ 180 degrees. The why seem clear: $$$$$$$$$: champagne is costly.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Do you think that the Fraudian becoming 100% Zionist and leading the vicious witch-hunt against Corbyn, based on ENTIRELY FRAUDULENT accusations of ‘anto’isemitism’, might be clues as to what is going on?

      • Haltonbrat says

        The Israelis have very much been involved in supporting the opposition in Venezuela. The Guardian has been pro-Zionist since CP Scott, but then the Labour party were pro-Zionist until Jeremy came along.

    • Jim Scott says

      They want us to drink the Cool Aid I think.

      • Nafeez Ahmed (in the link in your link) is shaping up be a Truther journalist of the stature of Vanessa Beeley; perhaps even of Pepe Escobar for range and prescience. Expelled from The Fraudian for telling the truth, Ahmed casually predicted St.Theresa’s present anti-Russian stampede — in a video made while Britain was still under the Camoron regime.

  5. Francis Lee says

    All this against a backdrop of zionist infiltration into the UK’s main political parties. The Conservative Friends of Israel and the Labour Friends of Israel are both 5th columns working for Israel not the UK. We’ve seen this recently on the Al Jazeera documentary ‘The Lobby’ where a mole was planted and secretly filmed the renedezvous between himself and handlers from the Israeli embassy. Now we have a smear campaign against the leader of the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn accusing him of ‘anti-semitism’ mostly coming from the pro-EU faction of the Parliamentary party, who backed Remain in the EU referendum. Then we got this grovelling apology from Corbyn – nauseating!

    The Guardian of course is militantly pro-zionist advocating the IHRA, which means any criticism of Israel should be regarded as being ‘hate speech’ and punishable by law. So no mention must be made of recent events in Palestine, or terrorist outrages like the blowing up of the King David hotel by the Irgun in Jerusalem in 1946, the Deir Yassin massacre, the Sabra and Chatila massacres, the illegal settlements, the occupation of the west bank, and living conditions in Palestine which amount to slow genocide (see Norman Finklestein’s latest book ‘Gaza’). No Israel is beyond reproach, and the events which ‘allegedly’ took place, never happened, or as Harold Pinter remarked in this valediction, ‘every while they were happening, they were not happening.’

    History and current world events must be rewritten, edited and expunged from the real world and mythology substituted. The Anglo-Zionist empire is on the march. Make no mistake this is a fight to the death.

    • Big B says

      Francis: there was no grovelling apology: it was much worse than that:

      “In the past, in pursuit of justice for the Palestinian people and peace in Israel/Palestine, I have on occasion appeared on platforms with people whose views I completely reject,”

      “Views were expressed at the meeting which I do not accept or condone.”

      “I apologize for the concerns and anxiety that this has caused.”

      To whom or what was Jeremy referring? An event on Holocaust Remembrance Day in 2010. The event was entitled “Never Again for Anyone — Auschwitz to Gaza.” The main speaker was Dr Hajo Meyer; a man who survived Auschwitz only to dedicate his life to the campaign for peace. He was the living embodiment of the cause of the ‘Final Solution’ to hatred – a universal humanity and lasting peace. His speech was entitled “The Misuse of the Holocaust for Political Purposes.” There were speakers from all the other Holocausts …something it is antisemitic to even suggest (that there were other Holocausts) in Corbyn’s Labour (ask Jackie Walker).

      These are the views Corbyn “completely rejects”; does not “accept or condone”; and apologises for the “anxiety that this has caused”. To whom did he apologise? Among others, Louise Elmann and her ‘friends’.

      After a long term of fence sitting: Jeremy Corbyn finally crossed the boundary from the right side – to the wrong side of history. Hajo Meyer was on the right side: Corbyn denounced him for Elmann et al. He has chosen to side with the Exceptionalists, the Haters and the Racists: who want to use the Holocaust as a religion of dominance …a fact confirmed in his Guardian article adopting what I am calling the ‘IHRA+10.75 (examples) Code’ [of Conduct] …which is a Code for the freedom of Zionist hate-speech. Not only that (as I commented last week): it has already been extended to end freedom of speech that is deemed anti-capitalist and pro-9/11 Truth. It is a post-truth charter.

      Only those who like to think in boxes – or silos as we call them now – can continue to SKWAWK with deleted conscience, that this is a Zionist smear. Unless Corbyn turns volte face and endorses the lifelong campaign for the end to all hatred – truly “Never Again for Anyone” – then has betrayed Labour’s core ethic of Universalism in the pursuit of power. Unless he denounces his denouncement, he has turned class traitor.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        The only question remaining, in my opinion, is ‘Was Corbyn always a mole inside Labour, or did he surrender TOTALLY to the Zionist lynch-mob out of fear and treachery, or was he bribed or threatened in true, traditional, Zionist fashion?’ This DEBACLE has ended the post-Blairite renaissance of true Labour values, betrayed the hundreds of thousands who joined Labour thinking that Corbyn was fair dinkum, and cemented Zionist rule over Labour, through their Sabbat Goy Blairite stooges, and continuing Tory rule and insanely vicious, life-destroying, austerity and class war, probably for decades. And it was ALL SO EASY. They must be popping the corks in Tel Aviv and cackling in delight and contempt.

        • Jim Scott says

          I think Corbyn has made the wrong choice to get the weight off his back so that he can win the next election and implement his program of reform. But as the tales of antiquity show it is hard to return from the underworld with your reputation intact.
          I do not think he is a changeling but he is trading off the Palestinians in the hope he can reverse his position from a position of power. Unfortunately his enemies will make this a very hard act to achieve and the scars are very obvious to his supporters.

      • Robbobbobin says

        ‘…there was no grovelling apology: it was much worse than that:

        “In the past, in pursuit of justice for the Palestinian people and peace in Israel/Palestine, I have on occasion appeared on platforms with people whose views I completely reject,”

        “Views were expressed at the meeting which I do not accept or condone.”

        “I apologize for the concerns and anxiety that this has caused.”‘

        Aw, stop it. Can’t you spot Corbyn through your red haze of justified fury at the Murderous Gerrymander previously known as the Illegitimate State of Israel? What is either untrue or unprecedented in the first quote you quote? Were views that Corbyn neither approves of nor condones not expressed at the meeting? I’ll bet there were. When he acknowledged the airing of thos views did he identify Meyer as one who was airing them, or even mention Meyer? Do you think Meyer would imagine, if he had any knowledge of Corbyn, that his views were the target of that comment? Or anyone else who knew anything about Corbyn? Do you imagine that identical apologies are littered throughout Corbyn’s past, before he goes and does it yet again anyway? Or that his excuse for such recidivism – that if you do not enter into civilized discussions with people whose views and activites you don’t condone you thereby ensure that the only outcome of any other interaction with them will likely be very uncivilized indeed – is equally often put about? It’s his modus operandi, ffs.

        It’s hard to escape the conclusion that half the commenters here would rather that Corbyn lost rather than be true to his previous form. And the resultant placing of the winning and keeping of a goverment of blind assertion and dogmatism instead his previous form would be any sort of departure from Blairite extremism?


        • Robbobbobin says

          Oops. For “Do you imagine that identical apologies are littered throughout Corbyn’s past, before he goes and does it yet again anyway?” read /Do you imagine that identical apologies are not littered throughout Corbyn’s past, before he goes and does it yet again anyway?

          • BigB says

            I’d gladly accept your exceptions if it were an isolated incident. But in every precedent: Corbyn has chosen the Zionist racist over the lifelong anti-racist …Mann over Livingstone; Smeeth over Wadsworth; JLM over Jackie Walker. Having read Hajo Meyer: he was specifically critical of the likes of Elie Wiesel who want the Holocaust to be perpetuated as a theology of hate: which was likened to Nazism. This is perfectly valid: but you know exactly how Maitliss and others de-contextualised it. Corbyn capitulated and apologised which in the attentionally challenged world of media spin is a denouncement of Hajo’s lifelong activism …to appease Zionazis who will not be appeased. Anyway, if you scroll back through comments about a week, someone who was at the meeting posted an email. She states that Corbyn left the meeting: which, if true, means even Corbyn does not know who or what he denounced? A clarification and contextualisation of what was said legitimates the struggle against race hate and oppression: a grovelling apology denounces it in favour of the Haters. It should go without saying: but you cannot end hate by siding with the Haters. Individually, we are weak: we only have our conscience to rely on …if we are fragmented in our condemnation of all forms of Hate: who wins?

            • Robbobbobin says

              I’m not disputing any of the analysis or – mm – overheated rhetoric that has been aired on this matter here, or on the proto-genocidal atrocity that Zionism has become in practice, from its theoretical beginnings that, once it had settled on its long-lost, millennia-old stomping grounds as the site for its conversion of Judaism into a large-scale, bullshit-powered land grab, would inevitably involve (and was seen by its originators at the time to be likely to involve) at least a massive degree of “ethic cleansing”. None of that is, outside the grossly self-indulgent, hate-filled distortions of some disgusting Jewish ressentimentalists and their almost equally ugly Latter Day Followers, even open to intelligible dispute.

              What I am disputing is the intelligence of those who would sooner fight such opportunistic vermin over the dead body of one of the few western politicians (perhaps the only western politician) who is even mildly disposed towards trying to stop the now-tidal wave of fascistic filth that those Jews plagued with the cancer* of rabid Zionism have launched in all directions, than to allow him the space – a space far larger than their tiny armchair-atrophied brains can apparently imagine – to balance and move to counter it for them.

              Why? Because they are too fucking dumb, too fucking self-righteous and too fucking foresight-challenged to accommodate the possibility that, for someone without any effective power to do so – just a platform that may help attain it – actually has a chance of obtaining it if and only if he balances his responses to the scumbags who are intent on engineering his prior demise (and who would be more than happy to see it made literal) with all the foresight and precision of a 127th degree Masonic Zen master in laser assisted brain surgery.

              Who do you think he’s up against? I’ll tell you: he’s up against some of the best, most malevolent legal brains, propaganda propagators, political strategists, election meddlers, dirty fighters and assorted other slimeballs this side of Calvary WI. That’s who already. You can’t beat any of their level of distortion with self-righteous, Richelieu-proof fact. Ever. If you could, there wouldn’t be The Gargantuan Gerrymander (formerly known as The Illegitimate State of Israel) in the first place. And you can’t build a representative government on an electorate who doesn’t give a shit the particular facts concerned anyway. Nor can you be a pollster if you don’t poll the electorate – all of it.

              But this fucking gang of fat-arsed, lazy-minded, Guardian-BTL rejects who, given the same adversaries, would be flat on their backs and out of the ring a hundred and fifty rounds ago, are more willing to give Tiger Woods the concentration space to stick his balls in a hole with not even the hint of a whisper of a whisper as he prepares for a shot than they are to give the only possible David in sight so much as half a second to adjust a knot in his slinghot in the face of an onrushing Goliath of immense size and indescribable filth of intent.

              Do I make myself clear?


              This platform seems determined to disappear any of my posts that include hyperlinks in any number, from one on up, or in any format, standalone or “a”-linked, so you may wish to Google for yourself the article “Rabin likens settler ideologues to cancer” at (while always remembering that Rabin was not a good guy, only a partially-reformed bad-guy).

              As for Emily Maitlis, it must be over a decade since I started calling her by her factually accurate name, Emily Witless.

  6. The Guardian’s camera obscura technique is now legend.

    A pinhole view of a dark dark world. It’s editorial line is snapshots of sound-bites thrown together in order to create a story based on images but all too often not facts. We are assured that facts are not sacred at the Gruan… in fact any thinking person realises, they have to be debated in order to arrive at the truth.

    As any debate if it is allowed has to be moderated out we are left with opinion only. This leads to the situation where the most idiotic stories are repeated ad nauseam as if fact, when they can’t even pass the fiction test.

    Or as I now think of it – the Novichok Test!

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      The Fraudian’s vicious hatred of Chavez and Venezuela is yet more proof that it is firmly in the Imperial propaganda camp, hardly surprising given its infestation with Zionazi thugs. Today’s contributions by Tisdall and the even more execrable Freedland are typically unhinged and simply crazed with hatred. These are truly vile creatures, in every way, the propaganda allies of Trump, Bolton, Netan-yahoo and the rest of the daemonic global over-class.

  7. People interested in learning more about the drone assassination plot in Venezuela would benefit by watching President Nicolas Maduro’s (highly detailed) 2-hour national address to Venezuelans, available at “Telesur English” channel on YouTube.

    During the address seen by all Venezuelans, Nicolas Maduro calls on U.S. President Donald Trump to extradite from Florida to Venezuela the man Maduro asserts is the “financier” of the assassination attempt – Delgado Tabosky -, whose photograph is held up and displayed to cameras, along with other (thus far) identified conspirators.

  8. Harry Stotle says

    “The Venezuelan opposition, in their newly-minted Frente Amplio coalition, which is sure to have its fingerprints all over this, can count on The Guardian as a megaphone to accuse the government of “making “irresponsible” accusations without any proof” – yet curiously they don’t seem to require any such proof when it comes to developing various theories about Salisbury or East Ghouta.

    But who in their right mind expects a pro-USA, pro-neoliberal platform like the Guardian to let facts get in the way of their own political bias?

  9. The doubts about these kind of ‘attacks’ are completely justified in the confused situation created by the comical regimen of Venezuela. False flag attacks are common occurrences and the kind of inexplicable ‘ineptitude’ shown in some of them are a kind of give away or signature. On the other hand, the wild and empty accusations made by Maduro against Colombia, is landing him in deep propaganda and diplomatic waters, as an attempt on the life of the President of any country could be classified as a ‘casus belli’ and so, Venezuela should be declaring war on Colombia or else, show the kind of cowardice that can undermine the security and functioning of Venezuela. We can be sure that Maduro’s regime will avoid war at any cost as the ‘dignity’ that Venezuela talks about all the time, is just a rite and a ceremonial word in another liberal Banana Republic with the pretensions of a popular Christian Commonwealth for a few.

    • frank says

      Not a regime. But i think you would like a regime there.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        A favourite tactic of hard Right Imperial thugs is to pose as ‘Leftists’ criticising Imperial targets ostensibly from some pure Marxist stand-point. This troll takes the pretense to comical extremes.

          • Mulga Mumblebrain says

            It’s racism, Orientalism and supremacist contempt make me suspect it is some species of Zionist, who hated Chavez for supporting the Palestinians, and used false accusations of-you guessed it- the Universal Crime, ‘antisemitism’, to blackguard Venezuela on more than one occasion. In contrast, the Zionists enjoy ‘warm’ friendship with various death-squad regimes like Colombia and Guatemala.

    • Gary Weglarz says

      comite espartaco – you’re at the wrong site and the wrong comments section to spout that kind of imperialist nonsense trolly boy! Perhaps you thought you were still signed in at the Guardian?

      • Jim Scott says

        I disagree Gary. While I think comite espartaco is most likely a shill defending the Guardian and it’s adopted religion, it is valuable to us in that it shows the religious leaders are getting concerned that their illogical adoption and blessing of murderers and liars have failed to convince their flock, who are leaving the denuded desert of thought for greener pastures where the grass has real substance.
        Comite represents the biblical tempting of Christ figure who wants to drive us back to the comfort of daddy. He tells us that we must forget all we have learned of the devil and disbelieve what we have seen because daddy knows best and will make us safe.
        I say good luck with that Comite Escargot you are on a fools mission.

    • Jen says

      Hey Comite Espartaco, say hello for us to your work colleague Matt (with the DownWithAssad Reddit hashtag) in the next cubicle.

    • Jim Scott says

      Columbia has never been a tool of the USA or true centre of the CIA drug running business has it and the following never happened either did it.

      The Banana Massacre (Spanish: Matanza de las bananeras or Spanish: Masacre de las bananeras[1]) was a massacre of workers for the United Fruit Company that occurred between December 5 and 6, 1928 in the town of Ciénaga near Santa Marta, Colombia. The strike began on November 12, 1928, when the workers ceased to perform labor if the company did not reach an agreement with them to grant them dignified working conditions.[2] As no agreement was reached, the strike lasted several weeks, costing the company severe financial losses and ended in the massacre. After U.S. officials in Colombia, along with United Fruit representatives, portrayed the workers’ strike as “communist” with “subversive tendency” in telegrams to the U.S. Secretary of State,[3] the United States government threatened to invade with the U.S. Marine Corps if the Colombian government did not act to protect United Fruit’s interests. The Colombian government was also compelled to work for the interests of the company, considering they could cut off trade of Colombian bananas with significant markets such as the United States and Great Britain.[4]

      Comite you are full of it.

  10. Fair dinkum. says

    And then there was the ‘occasional’ attempt on Fidel by US sanctioned assassins.

  11. Jen says

    The Fraudian misses an opportunity to start chronicling the 638 attempts by Venezuelan political opposition, hit squads from Colombia, Akademi mercenaries sent to Caracas by US intel agencies and various other shady organisations and governments to assassinate Nicolas Maduro. Needless to say, he survives all 638 attempts.

    • BigB says

      That can’t be true, Jen: John Bolton said America had nothing to do with any assassination attempts. What’s not to believe!


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