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“The Magnitsky Act – Behind the Scenes” available on Vimeo

The Magnitsky Act – Behind the Scenes is a fascinating documentary, a filmmakers journey of discovery, truth and nature of propaganda. Despite being nominated for, and winning, multiple awards for documentary filmmaking, it’s been almost impossible to view in the Western Hemisphere. The subject of a thorough purge of YouTube et al. We present the trailer, above, and link to rent/purchase the full film on Vimeo. Please do so if you can, the filmmakers were brave and honest to make this film, they deserve our support.

The Magnitsky Act – Behind the Scenes from Piraya Film AS on Vimeo.

A 2 hour 32 min version of THE MAGNITSKY ACT – BEHIND THE SCENES had its world premiere at an invitation-only screening at Filmens Hus in Oslo, Norway, on June 25th, 2016. Since then, the film has been shown (and awarded) at several international film festivals. Personal copies have also been sent to hundreds of journalists, politicians and others who have expressed interest in the film, given the film’s high-profile political content.

However, more than two years after its world premiere, the film has not yet been released to the general public. It has not been broadcast on TV, nor been screened at cinemas, released on DVD or made available online. Many dissatisfied members of the audience have asked Piraya Film why they cannot see the film.

The answer is that an attack campaign was launched by the British financier Bill Browder (who appears in the film) against the film and the filmmakers while the film was still under production. This campaign was backed by, among others, individuals in the US State Department, CIA, various think tanks and human rights organizations, and included smear tactics in the press and in various other settings. The campaign succeeded in blocking planned screenings at the European Parliament and at a Norwegian film festival. The film was partly financed by several TV stations, and normal procedure for a documentary would be that these TV stations broadcast the film first. However, the involved TV stations were subject to both political and legal pressure, and have, until this date, not published the film.

One individual decided to leak his personal copy of the film to the internet in July 2018. We have worked hard to remove this from YouTube and various other sites, but we see that it is impossible to stop this illegal copy from spreading. With the film out like that, in an illegal manner and in breach of our copyright, we have decided to release THE MAGNITSKY ACT – BEHIND THE SCENES on Vimeo on Demand. We urge the public to support our work by seeing it here. With Browder as the main source of a disinformation campaign against the film and filmmakers, we have a need to counter the libel and defend ourselves through letting the public see the film.


  1. rilme says

    I can’t post this link here, but it’s worth tracking down.
    It’s at webcache at google usercontent dot com.

    This is Google’s cache of meet-jacob-rubenstein-aka-jack-ruby/. It is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on 24 Aug 2018

    • rilme says

      Need to remove XXX and the space before “meet”.
      It wouldn’t post!

  2. ZigZag Wanderer says

    If ” Behind the scenes ” was eye opening , I would urge you to read “The Killing of William Browder” by Alex Krainer. This booked was banned by Amazon shortly after it was released and has since been unavailable . The Author has made it available for free in pdf format . I read it in two long sittings and found it utterly absorbing. Brilliantly written and essential reading for anyone who is on this thread.

  3. Antonyl says

    Browder is one of the most skillful court / law manipulators & liars in recent history. He had practice with ~ 30 cases. What helped him tremendously was the anti Russia mania (Ukraine!) of the Establishments of the EU, UK and US. Non read actual original Russian documents, only crooked Browder’s provided translations. London law practice is anyway in favour of big money launders ( mega Panama) so he came to the right place and new nationality. His misrepresentations could easily have been found if anybody wanted to, but they didn’t.
    Result: prepping for WW III for a few $$ more?

    • BigB says

      Browder is implicated by the Panama papers. They are a fraudulent attempt to link Browder’s “stolen” money to Sergei Roldugin – who is supposedly VV Putin’s “bag man”. Only, as Nekrasov points out in the film, the dates and amounts do not add up. The Papers also link Browder to Soros – through the Sorostitute and USGov front OCCRP (which can also be linked to the Ukrainian coup). The late, great Robert Parry was over the case. Unfortunately, it was among the last reports get wrote. RIP.

      • BigB says

        Erratum: “over” is a keyboard substitute for “on”.

      • Robbobbobin says

        “It is the Russian version, no help to those who don’t understand Russian.”

        This article is about a ten buck crash course.

  4. Terry Washington says

    I’m confused- HOW is the CIA involved in the campaign against this film? In my opinion left wingers are as prone to overestimate the power of the “Company” as right wingers were that of the KGB(or FSB/SVR as it is now) or GRU during the Cold War!

    • Adrian E. says

      Generally, it is Browder‘s legal threats that have prevented a wider public from seeing the film.

      But Browder is an oligarch who is very well connected – certainly with neoconservative politicians and think tank, but probably also with secret services. I don‘t know how strong the evidence for the latter is, but as far as I know, there are strong grounds for such suspicions.

      • BigB says

        Gilbert Doctorow has outed Browder as MI6 “Agent Solomon” – and I can well believe it. My own research chimes with everything Popov said in his expose. Browder is linked with the Jewish oligarchy that raped Yeltsin’s Russia (anyone who thinks that is a racist construct is a victim of the race hate campaign); the MI6 Old Boy network I call the “Dearlove Cabal” (that includes Steele, and plausibly Sergei Skripal); with ties to the Clinton Mafia in the FBI, DOJ, CIA. He has naturally been able to work through the Israel lobby to get the Magnitsky Act in on both sides of the Atlantic. Ben Cardin is his poodle in the US, along with McCain. In the UK he is tied to the Henry Jackson Society, Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab, and the delightful Ian Austin.

        The most bizarre correlation is that one of the most fervent champions of the Magnitsky agenda is Jeremy Corbyn. He has even gone as far as validating Browder’s agent Navalny. I do not speculate any sinister connection, but the correlation is undoubted.

        The obvious caveat I have to make is that extensive internet research is circumstantial, not proof. But the web of circumstances is nonetheless intriguing. Browder needs to be outed and exposed. He is a clear and present danger to the peace: a one man Cold War. He is clearly part of something clandestine and systematically organised… something that could plausibly be called Operation Beluga: the name given by Paul Barril – the US/UK intelligence plot to regime change VV Putin by discrediting him.

        I know it all seems very tinfoil hat: but the connections are there to be made… perhaps by someone from the Guardian! Browder is connected, like a Mafia “Made Man” …just how far and deep his connections go remain to be seen.

        • “the connections are there to be made… perhaps by someone from the Guardian!”. You are joking, surely.

          • BigB says

            Yes, though I had Carole Cadwalladr in mind when I said it. It would not surprise me if the DCMS FakeNews inquiry was linked in as part of the Operation. Not least because Browder was giving “evidence” the very day the Skripal provocation was announced. That is too implausible to be coincidental to me (was the whole Skripal incident a pre-planned set-up from the start?). Cadwalladr seems to be very lucky in finding whistleblowers and evidence (does she have a “Deep Throat” source?) and a disproportionate amount of evidence seems to have come from her “journalism”. So I have my suspicions, unfortunately there is not much cold fact. If Browder and Cadwalladr are linked by something bigger (Beluga), I would not be in the least surprised.

            • BB I think the Skripal thing was a plan B [no pun intended] enacted when the complacency for Killery Will Be Queen went west as the cheated public decided a kick-in of the elite was necessary. Necessary as they were cheated of a choice.

              However, Steel’s pension fund was already in the works, the presidential gravy train cash feeds being notorious for hangers-on to make a quick buck – so to speak. I have no time for Browder who I see as a crooks crook and robbed Russia blind [not being the only one] and when they tried to do something about it was protected by the Western elites. He is just a regular extractive capitalist, for him in the right place at the right time.

              So these crooks come together in the aftermath of the Orange one’s election as he represents all that is so bad about their world, but in a blatantly crude and obvious way. They come together to promote their own self interest and the other major problem the crisis in global capitalism. A crisis they have created and they need a way out. They won’t get it without a war.

              The sooner people wake up to this scam of the battle of the oligarchic class, who they fund, the better.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          If Putin goes, and the Real Evil Empire inserts a New Yeltsin in power, then the rape and pillage of the Soviet Union will be replicated in Russia, and probably the vivisection, too, into several powerless stooge states run by Quislings. And, as with the looting of the Soviet Union, you can bet that those wonderful ‘entrepreneurs’ noted for their ‘business acumen’, our Zionist betters, will be in the van of the flensers. Corbyn’s insane defence of Browder may be some pathetic attempt to ingratiate himself with the Zionists lynching him and Labour, or it may be further proof that he was a Sanders type imposter all along. Here in Austfailure, the Government-owned but Murdoch run and controlled ABC, treats Browder like a demi-God. He is a much favoured ‘expert’ on Russian matters. If Masha Gessen is unavailable, of course.

        • What is the story with Corbyn?
          Badly briefed and uncritical? If so that is no excuse but at least it would ‘explain’ his position.

          • Of course there is the weight of the pro-Corbyn commentariat like Owen Jones, Paul Mason and the Novara Media gang.
            An article that Mason wrote for Novara (and I assume he was on ketamine when he wrote it):


            In case you missed it, Louis Allday’s critique of the ‘Social Imperialists’ at the Guardian:


            …and what is McDonnell up to is anyone’s guess.

            I want to support Corbyn against the zionist take over, but this imperialist, racist stance on Russia, is incoherent and based on clear lies.

            • @Mog: Paul Mason’s comment:”…Throughout this entire time the Tories made sure London was the number-one destination for the pro-Putin Russian billionaires to keep their money, and for the ill-gotten gains of the Russian mafia to be laundered through our finance system…..”
              The oligarchs are no friends of Putin since he has made it a mission to make the oligarchs pay their taxes and that is why we suddenly have so many Russian billionaires throwing money at TPTB – currently the Tories. As for the the treacherous Owen Jones, his vision extends only as far as his bank balance and Tom Watson would turn over his granny if it served his interests. Corbyn may be trying to keep himself in power but the cost may prove to be far too high – time will tell. I have never been able to reconcile his June speech with the man I voted for several years back.

      • ZigZag Wanderer says

        The wider public have been denied access to this valuable book . The Bezos bookshop has been doing some 1933 style bookburnings it seems and have banned it.
        Alex Krainer , the author , has put a lot of effort into this . It’s an essential read. He’s giving it away free now in pdf format to circumvent the cull.
        Please consider buying the book if he manages to extract it from the lawyers grip. In the meantime read and share.

    • The covert regime change program by US State Dept and CIA has been ongoing since post-Yeltsin and the Magnitsky affair has been exploited to that end by the aforementioned and by some Congressional hawks led by John McCain.

      I recommend that you read the following article which as both a critique of the film and a journalistic investigation in itself that digs into this story and is supported by documentation which I believe proves beyond any doubt that Browder pulled off a major fraud.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        Who were the Harvard economists who destroyed the Soviet economy and killed millions of Soviet citizens with hyper-austerity? Zionists. Who were the ‘oligarchs’ who stole the riches of the Soviet Union under the drunken, cirrhotic, Quisling, Yeltsin? Zionists. What is Browder, or Singer, the looter of Argentina, or a vastly disproportionate percentage of the global hyper-parasite class? Zionists. It takes a real effort to close your eyes over and over again, to the plain evidence of group predation, nepotism and influence buying.

          • Antonyl says

            Like James Jesus Angleton? He didn’t need any foreign prompting to get rid of JFK; LBJ was enough. The Israelis were second to having motive only.

            • have you read the book?

              US aid to Israel (military and non-military) started its unrelenting period of growth in 1963.

              The nuclear question was central in this thesis.

          • Antonyl says

            Who done “it” according to Mulga Muble?

            No reward for any good answer.

            • Jen says

              Former Harvard University professor Jeffrey Sachs confesses to his role: “What I did in Russia”

              Former Harvard economists Andrei Schleifer and Lawrence Summers among others don’t confess to their respective roles but the information is available if Googled. See the article at this link for example:

              ‘… It was in the mid-1990s that, while under contract to the US Agency for International Development to provide advice to the Russian government, Harvard economist Shleifer, his wife, his deputy and the deputy’s girlfriend went into business in Russia for themselves. The once and future Harvard economist Summers, Shleifer’s old friend and mentor, was overseeing US economic policy towards Russia all the while, eventually as Treasury Secretary. He articulated no public position on the matter, either at the Treasury Department or, later, as president of Harvard …

          • LBJ and the mafia, along with the alphabet soup of war hawks including Israel’s Zionist extremists ALL had good motives for assassinating JFK. Whilst I despise Zionism in it’s extreme and fanatical form, they can’t be blamed for everything – just most of it.

            • they can’t be blamed for everything

              Not without grounds.
              I learned a lot of surprising things reading Piper’s book.
              The ‘mafia’ were allegedly headed by Meyer Lansky – a fervent supporter of Israel, but he has been largely written out of accounts about the 60s assassinations.

              Permindex, World Trade Centre and BCI – all aspects I had nof seen mentioned elsewhere.

              • rilme says

                My comment has disappeared. When I paste it again, I get a duplicate-comment message. I refresh, but I still can’t see it. It’s about Meyer Lansky and Jacob Rubenstein, the man who murdered Lee Harvey Oswald.

                • rilme says

                  My comment has disappeared. When I paste it again, I get a duplicate-comment message. I refresh, but I still can’t see it.
                  Maybe it’s one of those alt-universe things.

        • Who is attacking bookshops and sending death threats to Willsman?


    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      It was euphemism and distraction-the campaign would be 100% Zionist, rest assured of that.

    • Jen says

      This Russian TV documentary, made by the Russian government news broadcasting company Rossiya 1, alleges that Bill Browder was tasked by the CIA to wreck the Russian economy and to support Aleksei Navalny financially in his campaigns to become President. This means Hermitage Capital Management Fund was just a front to steal billions from Russia.

      • A Benge says

        That’s not helping the film makers.

        • I will attempt to contact the film makers and ask if making money or spreading truth is their priority.

          • Adrian E. says

            As far as I know, the film was financed by different European TV channels, one of the major ones was the German public channel ZDF. They were afraid of lawsuits by Browder, which is why the film was never shown on TV although is was primarily made for showing it on TV.

            So, I would not be too certain how much of the money goes to the film makers and how much goes to these TV channels (when they financed it, they hoped that the film would support the oligarch Browder and accuse the Russian government, after all, the director Nekrasov is generally critical of the Russian government, just in this case, he discovered many facts that do not support Browder‘s allegations).

            Still, I think it is good that it is now possible to watch a version of the film legally and to pay for it. I hope that situation remains and that Browder cannot get Vimeo to remove the film again.

            I doubt that the makers of the film can really state whether spreading the truth or people paying for watching the film is more important to them. I suppose that spreading the truth is more important to them, but they did not finance their film independently, so they can hardly tell people that they support that people watch the film without paying, they are probably bound by contracts, and so they can hardly say anything else than that people should watch the film legally (and at least, now, there is an option to do so).

            But in the interest of as many people as possible watching the film (I think this is quite important because the Magnitsky/Browder affair was an important step for the development of the new Cold War that has now developped further with the evidence-free Russiagate conspiracy theories and Skripal accusations), I think both the link for watching the film for free (probably not legally perfect) and the one for watching it legally on Vimeo should be widely spread.

            • Thank you,
              I am setting money aside which I will try to get to the film maker for support. I hope It will cover as many illegal viewings as are seen through this site.The most important thing is to see the film. Now.

              • If it enables the film maker to continue their work, why not? There was a free copy available at some time but I avoided for that very reason.

              • I watched the film recently. Two of the producers, Joachim Hauge and Torsten Grude, were both posting permission for interested parties on Twitter for a while, requiring anyone interested to email them for a Vimeo password for a one-time viewing, which I took advantage of at the time.

                BTW, as a companion to the film, I highly recommend that you check out the link that I posted above. It’s a rather extraordinary in-depth investigation by Eric Zeusse that goes well beyond what Nekrasov conveys in the documentary.

        • @ A Benge, the OffG article we are commenting on is precisely the pirating of a film that has been denied it’s dues and profits only YouTube, so your comment is very on point. However, the airing of the film through any means has it’s own value, just not the maker, which is very unfortunate. I doubt they are thrilled that although the film is being seen, the CIA and various other agents of crime have scuttled their plans so extremely well.

        • Don’t be so judgmental. These days, you had better download important stuff quick (free or not) and upload it to some safe spot (like BitChute) so you have your own copy plus back-up. Then send some money or buy the dvd. I’ve done this a few times. Don’t dilly dally. And for those who truly don’t have a dime to spare, Why the hell make them feel worse than they already feel? Do some people just not care? Sure. Don’t collectively punish because of them. Do some people think that it’s cool to get as much free stuff as possible? Sure. That’s their problem.

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