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The goal of propaganda is a population that polices itself…

…or why the attacks on Jeremy Corbyn are not what they seem…


Propaganda has reached its zenith when each member of the target population thinks the same; when they are afraid to think differently. At this point ‘leadership’ may commit whatever atrocities it sees fit…in the certainty that the population will either not ‘see’ it, or will view the expression of criticism as a more heinous crime than the act being observed. This is achieved through cementing a ‘false equivalence’ in the mind of the group. Such a false equivalence is being cemented in the UK right now – the idea that criticism of Israel’s persecution of Palestinians is an act of anti-Semitism.

The propagandist seeks to bend the ‘group mind’. Thoughts and actions consistent with the ‘narrative’ are deemed to be socially acceptable & politically correct…ones that challenge it are regarded as socially UN-acceptable & politically IN-correct. Overtime this is reinforced through a dynamic that exists within every human grouping, and many species of mammal – fear of disapproval. Ergo, the propagandist is employing a form of ‘crowd control’.

When the fear of disapproval becomes so strong that one’s sense of belonging, or even physical survival, depend on adherence to the narrative…when failure to comply with it attracts immediate rebuke from other members of the group…then the population can be said to be policing itself. That is how ‘cults’ function, and more frequently than you might imagine…it’s how intelligence agencies and other governmental figures attempt to work through the media.

This is what Orwell warned of in the dystopia of ‘1984’. The Party had achieved what we might call a ‘maintenance state’ for the narrative – society was policing itself. For example, in Oceania, children were taught to report their parents to the ‘Thought Police’ if they demonstrated any sign of disloyalty to The Party. Disloyalty was considered a ‘thought crime’:

Actions are held to be good or bad, not on their own merits, but according to who does them. There is almost no kind of outrage – torture, imprisonment without trial, assassination, the bombing of civilians – which does not change its moral colour when it is committed by ‘our’ side. The nationalist not only does not disapprove of atrocities committed by his own side, he has a remarkable capacity for not even hearing about them” George Orwell, 1984

This process is happening now. The false equivalence of ‘criticism of Israel’ with ‘anti-Semitism’ is being inculcated into society in general, into the Labour Party in particular, and in its sharpest manifestation, into the smear campaign against Jeremy Corbyn.

As you will already be aware (unless you’ve been trapped behind the fridge for several weeks) Corbyn is the target of a virulent campaign from a number of different directions, which have made ‘common cause’ on the accusation of anti-Semitism. Here, for example, are three major Jewish Newspapers, competitors of each other, who made the extraordinary decision to agree a common headline and verdict on ‘Corbyn’s Labour Party’:

And here is the Jewish Chronicle after Margaret Hodges attacked Corbyn in public with ‘you’re a fucking racist and anti-Semite’:

The mainstream media has not missed any opportunity to bash Corbyn either. Here’s a relatively mild headline from the Sun, who selected a comment from one of Corbyn’s backbenchers, Wes Streeting:

And to demonstrate that upmarket & downmarket means little when it comes to this stuff, here’s a hysterical comment from the usually ‘sober’ Telegraph:

What you will probably NOT have seen, however, is coverage of a statement published by 650 members of the Jewish Community, who are passionately opposed to the narrative. Here is the statement from ‘Independent Jewish Voices’ whose aim is ‘human rights and a just and peaceful solution’:

Neither is it likely that you will have heard the following statement from a Jewish academic, a person I’ve never met, but one who strikes me as a thoroughly intelligent and compassionate human being, Professor Annabelle Sreberney:

At this point, let me spell out my personal opinion regarding Jeremy Corbyn’s alleged anti-Semitism:

You have to be a propagandist, an opportunist, or a complete idiot to discount decades of evidence demonstrating that Jeremy Corbyn is an enemy of racism. Wake up and smell the coffee – the guy stands up for the underdog…racists, by stark contrast, are always bullies
The reality I perceive, is not that Corbyn hates Jews, or loves Arabs…it’s that he challenges injustice where he sees it – and he sees it in the treatment that Palestinians receive from the State of Israel.

The Propagandists in this situation must ‘redirect’ the attention of the population to the ‘false equivalence’: Criticism of Israel = Anti-Semitism.

The Opportunists in the equation are many:

  • This is a wonderful distraction for a Tory government that couldn’t run a kid’s party at Willy Wonka’s
  • The Blairites in the Labour Party who’ve been trying to get rid of Corbyn since Day 1, have been handed a much more powerful weapon than anything they’ve tried up-to-now, and boy do they love it
  • There are a number of other groups who would rather invite Dracula over the threshold than see Corbyn enter Number Ten. The banks and the Murdoch empire are two examples

As for the Complete Idiots…sadly ‘careful thought’ is about as popular as ‘listening’, and to be fair to younger folk & millennials, this has been the case for the six decades I’ve been observing my fellow ‘talking monkeys’. In short, propaganda relies on people ‘not thinking’ – there’s a lot of it about.

Now, let’s look at some ‘nitty gritty’ – the everyday stuff. This isn’t something that only happens in the newspapers – it’s a real part of everyday thinking and discourse. Here is an example I encountered a few days ago, which will serve to illustrate the process:


A Labour supporter on Twitter made an accurate observation that the BBC’s coverage of Jeremy Corbyn is so biased that it’s painful to listen to. I will keep his identity confidential since I have no desire to embarrass him – my purpose is to demonstrate ‘false equivalence’ in action.

Secondly, I should add that the Israeli Embassy has a fearsome reputation amongst journalists for making its feelings known if Israel doesn’t get the coverage it feels it deserves. This is no secret…and it’s not new. Here is Tim Llewellyn, former Middle East correspondent for the BBC, writing in The Observer in June 2004:

The reasons for this tentative, unbalanced attitude to the central Middle East story are powerful. BBC news management is by turns schmoozed and pestered by the Israeli embassy. The pressure by this hyperactive, skilful mission and by Israel’s many influential and well organised friends is unremitting and productive, especially now that accusations of anti-Semitism can be so wildly deployed”

And here is a clip from a suppressed Al-Jazeera film, showing Israeli Embassy staff advising Labour activists about how to discredit MPs who support an end to the abuse of Palestinians:

The conversation:

Labour Supporter: Will the Media ever accept Corbyn as the leader of Lab Party, No! Listen to Justin Webb’s Masterclass in unconscious bias, in a short interview with John McDonnell he trundled out every Anti Corbyn narrative and the newest or oldest That Corbyn is like Trump

MarkGB:When ‘journalists’ at BBC interview Jeremy Corbyn, they repeat what they hear in the echo chamber of Whitehall, itself an echo of the fears of corps, banks & other ‘lobbyists’…but the thing that scares the veritable ‘crap’ out of the BBC is a call from the Israeli Embassy

Labour Supporter: You know that sounds like Paranoia and to my ears Anti-Semitic. If we are going to convince the media to give us a fair crack of the whip and balance reporting we need to be careful in our use of language

MarkGB: ‘To your ears’. There is no anti-Semitism in my tweet whatsoever. Don’t buy the conflation between criticism of Israeli government policy and anti-Semitism, or if you do, don’t try to pin it onto me. There’s none here.

As expected, he did not reply.

My comments:

So here is a guy who is so scared of being seen as anti-Semitic he does the following, albeit probably unconsciously

  1. Sacrifices truth on the altar of the need to be careful. I.E. don’t tell the truth – it gets us into trouble. It may bring me disapprova
  2. Projects his fear onto another, in this case myself, who is thus cast as the ‘anti-Semitic’ one…so that people know that he isn’t
  3. Imagines that there is the remotest possibility that the media will give Labour or Corbyn, a ‘fair crack of the whip’

There is no way that Jeremy Corbyn or the Labour Party will ever get a ‘fair crack of the whip’ on this issue. The narrative requires that Corbyn’s support for Palestinians goes away…if you are entertaining the possibility that there is any place for ‘rational argument’ or ‘objective reporting’ from or with the people driving this narrative…you are deluding yourself. This is Propaganda…this is how it’s supposed to work.

And it is working…have you noticed how the media is utterly obsessed with talking about Corbyn’s ‘anti-Semitism’…at the expense of the underlying issue he calls attention to – Israel’s abuse of the Palestinian people?

What then, is a person to do?

The solution to this is not quick, and it’s not easy. However, one action that any human being can take, is to stay alert to the meaningof words and how they are structured. If the communication is verbal, also to the body language and vocal tonalities.Pay attention to what is really being said…and also notice what is notbeing said or skirted around…and refuse to sacrifice your truth for an easier life. Do not let the false equivalence stand. As Gandalf said to the Balrog on the bridge at Khazad Dum…”You shall not pass”.

Propaganda is a thought virus. Speaking your truth is the antidote. Here is the antidote in action – the splendid Dr Norman Finkelstein, giving an impassioned reply to an audience intent on using ’emotional blackmail’ to shut him up:

Here is my personal response to this thought virus, and to anyone who tries to infect me with it:

I don’t care if you worship in a synagogue, a church, a temple, or a mosque. I don’t care if you’re black, white, yellow, brown or green. I don’t give a monkey’s what you eat for dinner & I don’t care who you sleep with…provided it’s a consenting adult. I cannot abide bullies, liars and sociopaths. Benjamin Netanyahu and the current government of Israel are war criminals…& your guilt-trip won’t work on me.

Finally, to those who are having thoughts like ‘this is all a misunderstanding’ or ‘common sense will prevail’, or ’a few concessions is enough to fix this’…it isn’t, it won’t, & it never will be…that isn’t how this works.

You cannot appease a smear campaign.

Originally published at Renegade Inc. on 10th August 2018.


  1. Harry Law says

    MarkGB states that “Benjamin Netanyahu and the current government of Israel are war criminals” I would like to add that all governments of Israel left, right and centre are war criminals since they have all endorsed the settlement enterprise since 1967 in breach of article 49 paragraph 6 of the 1949 Geneva conventions and the 2001 ICC Act UK, confirmed in the International Court of Justice [world court] opinion in the ‘wall case in 2004, that the transfer of civilians by the occupant into occupied territory are grave war crimes. Incidentally the Jewish Labour Movement [JLM] is also affiliated to the World Zionist Organization (WZO) – according to the UN, WZO pumps millions into building in the occupied West Bank through its settlement division. JLM is an affiliate of the World Labour Zionist Movement and supports the Jerusalem Programme (JP) of the WZO. The JP website lists the ‘foundations of Zionism’ as including ‘The unity of the Jewish people, its bond to its historic homeland Eretz Yisrael, and the centrality of the State of Israel and Jerusalem, its capital, in the life of the nation.’ Are JLM members [who are affiliated to groups who support grave war crimes] the same people who are supposed to teach other members of the Labour party about Anti-semitism, you could not make this stuff up?

  2. Harry Law says

    After finishing my comment below I discovered this new and must read article by Johnathon Cook [ex Guardian] ‘Corbyn smeared as an Anti-Semite, for a reason’.

    “But beyond Corbyn’s personal fate, the Labour party has now reached a critical juncture in its response to the smear campaign. In adopting the full IHRA definition, the party will jettison the principle of free speech and curtail critical debate about an entire country, Israel – as well as a key foreign policy issue for those concerned about the direction the Middle East is taking.

    Discussion of what kind of state Israel is, what its policy goals are, and whether they are compatible with a peace process are about to be taken off the table by Britain’s largest, supposedly progressive party.

    That thought spurred me to cast an eye over my back-catalogue of journalism. I have been based in Nazareth, in Israel’s Galilee, since 2001. In that time I have written – according to my website – more than 900 articles (plus another few hundred blog posts) on Israel, as well as three peer-reviewed books and a clutch of chapters in edited collections. That’s a lot of writing. Many more than a million words about Israel over nearly two decades.

    What shocked me, however, as I started to pore over these articles was that almost all of them – except for a handful dealing with internal Palestinian politics – would fall foul of at least one of these four additional IHRA examples Labour is about to adopt.

    After 17 years of writing about Israel, after winning a respected journalism prize for being “one of the reliable truth-tellers in the Middle East”, the Labour party is about to declare that I, and many others like me, are irredeemable anti-Semites”. https://original.antiwar.com/cook/2018/08/17/corbyn-smeared-as-anti-semite-for-a-reason/

    • George says

      I’d say this is a risky turning point for the elite bully boys. If indeed the Labour party adopt the full definition of anti-Semitism then it will mean the end of the illusion that they are “Britain’s largest, supposedly progressive party” – in which case the necessary illusion that Britain has a representative democracy will finally bite the dust for good. This may very well result in “sterner measures” i.e. all-out police state measures.

      • A Benge says

        ‘This may very well result in “sterner measures” i.e. all-out police state measures’

        It will be a criminal act to lose empathy for people who are intent
        on deliberately doing you, and your country, harm.

        • Inducing the ‘Stockholm syndrome’.

          I suggest MUCH more conscious attention the to the word and witness we give, because the inquisitor seeks only one scrap of legitimately attackable reaction to put the full force of its false accusation in the framing of something that ‘proves’ the guilt and ‘justifies’ the punishment.

          If giving vent to hate is the mindset of that which we profess to withdraw support and allegiance from, then we have to see the baiting or phishing for hate reaction as the means by which it works us even while we believe we are opposing it.

    • A Benge says

      From today’s Guardian,

      ‘Jim Sheridan, MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire North until 2015,
      was suspended after apparently writing in a Facebook post that
      has since been removed: “For all my adult life I have had the utmost
      respect and empathy for the Jewish community and their historic suffering.
      No longer, due to what they and their Blairite plotters are doing to my party
      and the long-suffering people of Britain who need a radical Labour government.”’

      You’re not allowed to tell the truth.
      The truth is anti-semitic.
      Nearly every comment in the last few days in the Indy would get
      its author chucked out of the party.

      • I see it as the ‘conditioning’ of the underclass to slave status. At the moment only people in any sphere of influence (or coming into such a position) are made example of. The same operates in certain other spheres of imposed dominance masking as a call for sympathy and protection.
        It doesn’t matter if the ‘science’ is fraudulent or doctored, the agenda is protected against communication.

        Only the elites are to be allowed to participate in decisions of any import and only those who are owned and turned to serve the agenda can be accepted into the inner circles of power – or ‘protected’ as long as they conform and comply. Everyone on any outer circles gets their own ‘sideshow’ as part of the management of a golem identity. The sideshow always serves the reinforcement of self-inflations, guilts, hates and fears that effectively disempower or deny true awareness to rise to acceptance. To the mind control, there is no truth but power under death. Hence there is no ‘lie’ in sacrificing to gain power over life. It is simply the broad spectrum dominance over the living will – and so it is a dead – and death – will.

        Perhaps the capacity to look on this is the readiness to be flipped from such a reversal to a true foundation? The true function of mind is not as control over personal experience, but to serve the movement of Communication. The worship of grievance is a false basis by which to seem to ‘create our self’. Hate and rage rise up to deny inner terror and thus enact it as if a salvatory self vindication. We can so readily observe this in our selves that it is invisible excepting to the desire to undo, heal or resolve grievance – and all of its negatively polarised and polarising effects in our own thought, perception and experience.

  3. Harry Law says

    It would appear the ‘full’ IRHA definition is set to be accepted by the NEC because Len McCluskey of Unite has joined other leading Trades Unionists in wanting to put this row “behind us”. How wrong can they be? First of all others have said there must be caveats added to the examples, how is it possible to add a caveat to the FACT that Israel is a racist state, like being pregnant [either you are or you are not]. If the definition with examples is accepted in full then Corbyn and many members of the Labour party will be put in an untenable position and either be forced to keep quiet or have no place in the Labour party, how would it be possible for Corbyn to dispute that Israel was inherently racist when only people of Jewish origin can immigrate into Israel and the new Israeli basic state law [see my comment above] talks only of ‘Jewish rights’. If accepted, the first question the Board of Deputies could ask Corbyn is ‘is the state of Israel a racist enterprise’ if he answered truthfully he would be destroyed and out of the party along with thousands of members, but then that is the plan all along.

  4. George says

    It seems to me that this anti-Semitism narrative may be in danger of backfiring. On Sky News Hodges spoke of her “ordeal” while waiting to see if there was going to be disciplinary action regarding her foul mouthed attack on Corbyn. Of course there wasn’t but Hodges had the jaw-dropping gall to compare her “suspenseful waiting” with how Jews felt in Nazi Germany (!!??) I fail to see how such crass idiotic propaganda could ever become substantial group-think.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Hysteria, real or feigned, is a favourite Zionazi intimidation technique. Remember Moshe Dayan’s ‘rabid dog’?

  5. Harry Law says

    One of the IHRA examples of anti-semitism is…”Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis”. But what if one was to say the shooting dead of over 150 non violent protesters and injuring up to 10,000 of those protesters could be seen as something the nazi’s would have done, and was not this the policy of the Israeli state when instructing the snipers to kill those approaching the barriers? The Sharpeville massacre [in South Africa] killed 69 and injured 180 this was a turning point in South Africa’s history. Because the new Israeli state law is so obviously racist it will be interesting to see Labour party members who rightly call out this racist state being kicked out of the Labour party for pointing out the unambiguous racism inherent in the Israeli state law. And how a court of law could agree with the expulsion when that member presented those facts to the court.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Just tick off the similarities to the Nazis, and other racist terror states. Extreme racist supremacism as the basis of the State ideology. Check. Territorial aggression and expansionism. Check. Contempt for International Law. Check. Desire to seize ‘lebensraum’. Check. Brutal oppression of the captive populations in illegally occupied territories, with massacres like Lidice, Oradur, Gaza and Sabra and Shatilla. Check. Claim to land based on theories of ‘Blood and Earth’. Check.
      The differences are still large, if diminishing. No extermination camps. Just internment cum ghetto imprisonment. But with some voices in Israel calling either for mass, forced, expulsion, with inevitable huge blood-loss, or outright exterminism, in part based on the ‘religious’ doctrine of the Amalekites, who ‘God’ orders MUST be exterminated. Aggression still limited to absorbing Palestine, but the boundaries of Eretz Yisrael, ‘from the Nile to the Euphrates’, still remains the eventual ambition of the Zionazi extremes.

  6. Harry Law says

    Here is a letter I sent to Seumas Milne on 04-08-2018. No answer so far.

    Mr Seumas Milne, Director of Strategy and Communications, Harry Law,
    Labour Party Head Office, Address…….
    105 Victoria Street,
    London SW1E.

    Dear Mr Seumas Milne.
    With reference to the debate now taking place within the Labour Party, can I offer these opinions; the first is a testimony by the author of the IHRA definitions to the US Congress, and second by comparing similar racial disputes, I offer an analogy between the new Israeli [basic] ‘State Law’ and a comparison with hypothetical racist state laws if enacted in the UK/US. Hope you can pass the letter or the gist of my opinions on to Jeremy if you agree with them.
    This document is essential reading for anyone commenting on this issue: https://judiciary.house.gov/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Stern-Testimony-11.07.17.pdf In it, the man who drafted the definition under discussion urges Congress NOT to include in legislation the various examples such as those that Labour has omitted, on the grounds that in practice those examples are regularly used by those with a political agenda to suppress academic and political discussion of the actions of the Israeli Government. How can Labour be wrong if they are doing what the author of the definition urges? Below is a quote from the document:

    “Passage of this legislation might make some pro Israel students feel better, that Congress agrees with them, but it will give ammunition to anti Israel students saying that Congress has enshrined a definition that can only help to chill, if not suppress, their political speech. And they will be right. The EUMC’s ‘working definition’ was recently adopted in the United Kingdom, and applied to campus. An “Israel Apartheid Week” event was cancelled as violating the definition.

    A Holocaust survivor was required to change the title of a campus talk, and the
    university mandated it be recorded, after an Israeli diplomat complained that the title violated the definition. Perhaps most egregious, an off campus group citing the definition called on a university to conduct an inquiry of a professor (who received her PhD from Columbia) for anti semitism, based on an article she had written years before. The university then conducted the inquiry. And while it ultimately found no basis to discipline the professor, the exercise itself was chilling and McCarthy like.”
    “My fear is, if we similarly enshrine this definition into law, outside groups will try and suppress rather than answer political speech they don’t like. The academy, Jewish students, and faculty teaching about Jewish issues, will all suffer”.

    Imagine if the UK had in its statutes, and the USA had in its constitution measures to ensure only white people had the right to immigration [one of Israel’s basic laws is only Jews have the right to immigration into Israel]. Continuing the analogy with Israel’s recently passed ‘Nation-State’ [basic law].

    “The states of the UK and the US are the nation-states of the ‘white people”.
    “The actualization of the right of national self- determination in the states of the UK/USA is unique to white people”
    “The UK/USA will labour to ensure the safety of sons of white people”.
    “The UK/USA will act to preserve the cultural, historical and religious legacy of white people among the Diaspora”.
    “The UK/USA views ‘white’s only’ settlement as joint national values and will labour to encourage and promote its establishment and development”.

    Now let us look at one of the IHRA examples which many members of the Labour Party, some of Jewish origin, some not, want to incorporate into the Labour Party rule book:

    “Denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination – e.g. by claiming that the existence of a state of Israel is a racist endeavour”.

    Who could deny that examples 1 to 5 above if incorporated into UK and US law would prove 100% that the UK and US were inherently racist and that their ‘existence were racist endeavours’ and that anyone in the UK/US [including Jeremy Corbyn] who disapproved of 1 to 5 above, and said so, would fall foul of the IHRA definition, be accused of being Anti Semitic and drummed out of the Labour Party and possibly ostracized from society for life. If the IHRA examples are included in the Labour Party rule book, most members of the party would face disciplinary action, which the Zionists would heartily approve.

    Yours Faithfully

    Harry Law.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      The Labour invertebrates are caving into Zionazi thuggery over these shameful IHRA diktats, on the basis of ‘putting it behind us’. Are they effing insane? Like the Palestinians, NOTHING they do, no craven surrender, no retreat, no groveling prostration, will EVER stop the Zionazi lynch-mob from returning for MORE. More groveling, more boot-licking, more worship, but never, ever, enough. The filthy fabrication of the Tunis wreath controversy, where Corbyn was commemorating the victims of Zionazi regime murderous terrorism, and that was totally inverted into yet another attack on the terrorist Zionazis themselves, shews YET AGAIN, that NOTHING but Corbyn’s destruction, and the destruction of UK Labour, will EVER satisfy these vile, racist, thugs. All they want is TOTAL CONTROL, and anything less is more ‘antisemitism’.

  7. mark says

    The anti semitic smear campaign against Corbyn serves several important linked objectives. For that reason it will not stop, it will only intensify. No appeasement, no sacrificial lambs, like Ken Livingstone and Marc Wadsworth, will bring it to an end. Nothing will ever be enough for those behind it.

    It is a device to divert attention from the very real war crimes and atrocities that are now being committed on a daily basis in Palestine. 15-16,000 unarmed demonstrators, including children, old people, disabled people and medical personnel, have been gunned down in Gaza by Zionist kiddie killers using dum dum bullets and British sniper rifles. The ethnic cleansing is also escalating in the West Bank. Israel has passed Nuremberg/ Apartheid style laws formalising its racist character. The column inches devoted to the howls of outrage over Corbyn’s “anti semitism” are a diversion tactic, pure and simple. Move the story on to something else. This is particularly the case in the light of the Trump/ Kushner/ Netanyahu/ Saudi Arabia attempt to impose a travesty of a “peace settlement” which rides roughshod over the rights of the Palestinians.
    It is part of an ongoing campaign to criminalise any and all criticism of Israel, a straightforward intimidation tactic to scare off further criticism. The objective is to bring about a situation similar to that in the US, where even very mild comment about Israel’s actions will instantly lead to the destruction of a career, the loss of a job, and hysterical sustained attacks. Supporting BDS now carries up to 20 years imprisonment and/ or a $250,000 fine. A similar situation now prevails in France and Canada. In France, youngsters wearing BDS T shirts have been prosecuted for “anti semitism.”
    It is a device to destroy the Labour Party and/ or remove Corbyn. The Red Tory Blairite backstabbers who make up 80% of the PLP would rather see a Tory government at the next election rather than a Labour one led by Corbyn. The Deep State, the City, the MSM, the Spook organisations, the big vested interests, the Board of Deputies, are terrified by the prospect. Until recently, this would have been dismissed as ludicrous. Corbyn was unelectable, like Trump was certain to lose and Brexit could never happen. Corbyn might well have won the last election if he had been supported by the backstabbers. We now have a weak, divided minority Tory government clinging on to power, with an uncharismatic leader trying without much success to plot a coherent exit from the EU. Anything could happen. Corbyn could win by default just by hanging on. This terrifies the powers that be. The “anti semitic/ terrorist supporter” smears spewed out over 14 pages of the Daily Mail just before the last election, are intended to prevent this.
    Many people believe that Trump intends to carry out a military attack on Iran in the near future. This is quite plausible. Some analysts have suggested it could happen within a few weeks. There has been a large scale crackdown by Facebook/ Twitter/ Google on anti war and alternative media websites and accounts on “fake news/ Russian meddling” pretexts. This may be planned to stifle opposition to an Iraq Mark 2. Getting rid of Corbyn would remove a leading anti war figure in advance.

    It’s difficult to see how this will end. The situation nationally and internationally is increasingly unstable, fractious and turbulent. Public support for elites and the systems they represent is dwindling rapidly. Trump is destabilising the whole world with sanctions, tariffs, threats and ultimatums. Canada, Mexico, the EU, Turkey, Iran, DPRK, Russia, China. Literally anything could happen, including a major war. Trump may have bitten off more than he can chew, leaving the US isolated. Domestically, either or both of the two main parties could disintegrate. It seems unlikely that Brexit will end happily. The UK could break up. Corbyn could survive and form a government, though his attempts to appease rabid Zionist interests seem ill advised. They will certainly just double down. He has done well to survive so far after two major backstabbing/ political assassination attempts.

    We seem fated to live in interesting times.

    • Harry Stotle says

      “It’s difficult to see how this will end” – it will end just like the US where democracy has been bought and the only electoral choice on offer is the flavour of swivel-eyed neoconservatism.

      Corbyn, despite certain failings, is the only politician in the last 40 years to offer any sort of alternative – because of the existential threat he poses to Britain’s fat cats media attacks against him have been relentless and since they have been unable to bring him down over his actual policies they have instead resorted to orchestrating a variety of smears against him.

      One minute he’s an IRA sympathiser the next a Russian double-agent but neither trope mired him in quite the way allegations of racism and antisemitism did.
      The mudslinging reached its apotheosis when Margaret Hodge an MP who, according the editor of the Jewish Chronicle, is an individual who drags the entire political system into disrepute publicly accused Corbyn (in parliament no less) of being a fucking anti-semite (from 05:40).

      Will the British public be able to figure out who is the more credible – a spittle faced apologist for human rights abuses, or a man who has a strong record on peace initiatives.
      They might want to start by asking who consistently voted for military action in Iraq and who didn’t.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Excellent, excellent, comment Mark. The International neo-liberal system is dead, but still staggering on like a zombie, as ‘Free Market’ capitalism implodes under debt and obscene and still growing inequality. Concomitant and synergistic is the rapidly worsening ecological Holocaust caused by capitalist neoplasia. And adding to the brew, we have a geo-political crisis where the Thanatopian Reich is lashing out at all states that refuse to be cowed into vassal status, forever. That the USA is still run by psychopaths so deranged that they really believe that God has given them a Manifest Destiny because of their ‘Exceptionalism’ to dictate to states like Iran, Russia and China just how they should order and run their societies and who should govern, is the reason why the USA is attacking, with both military and economic weapons, countries across the world.
      Such a system must end in war, and that almost certainly will end human affairs. If war doesn’t do it, the ecological collapse surely will. And as the world bakes and burns, or drown in water or mud, the ruling Western psychopaths’ priority is destroying ALL resistance to Zionazi barbarity. As you point out, the vicious, lying, frenzied attacks on Corbyn are designed to outlaw ALL criticism of Israel, and of ALL Jews, no matter how barbaric or otherwise retrograde their behaviour. The Jews are to be made officially ‘Chosen’, incapable of crime, misbehaviour or even mistakes, and ALL, every syllable, of critique declared nothing but ‘antisemitic’ bigotry. The lunatic and Messianic narcissism of Netanyahoo and all his ilk is to be made another official quasi-religion throughout the West. Has there ever been a more deranged and audacious project ever inflicted on hundreds of millions by the leading circles of one tiny tribe?
      The bitter irony in all this Zionazi campaigning is that it must, eventually, produce a reaction in some people that will become real Judeophobic hatred. That hundreds of thousands joined Labour to end the forty year horror of Thatcher-Blairism, led by Corbyn, who survived one elite attack and Blairite treachery after another, to nearly wrest power from a Tory regime of savage sadism and vicious incompetence, only to see all their work, over decades in many cases, destroyed by this frenzied, ENTIRELY fraudulent, campaign of accusations of ‘antisemitism’, (as if the concerns of Jews, even if they were true, ought to be the most important issue in a country where they represent less than 1% of the population)is bound to cause a good deal of antipathy towards Jews to grow. Hopefully it will be reserved for the guilty, the Zionazi elites and their Sabbat Goy stooges, and the vermin in the fakestream hate-machines, but any blow-back will be warmly welcomed by the Zionazis. It will feed their narrative, and as hatred of the other is their fuel of their existence, it will only feed them and drive them to ever greater exertions of hatred. It’s a vicious cycle, driven from Israel, through the Zionazi Fifth Columns that totally control Western politics, and it will never slacken, not even after all criticism of Israel is criminalised, all support for the Palestinians outlawed and every murderous attack on Gaza, Lebanon or Iran, met by united hosannas of praise from the entire Western power structure. Even then they will still want more-they are insatiability personified.

  8. Francis Lee says

    It looks very much like the Labour Party and Corbyn are throwing in the towel and the zionists have won this time around. They doesn’t surprise me given the spineless nature of social-democratic, centre-left parties throughout Europem yesterday and today. To use a phrase from the leader of the Italian Socialist Party who, when faced with Mussolini, Comrade Turati offered the famous axiom. ”We must have the courage to be cowards.”

    We can expect no other reaction from invertebrate social-democrats, it is part of their DNA, as history has amply demonstrated.

  9. rtj1211 says

    There is one simple test for the ‘any criticism of Israel is anti-semitic’ brigade: live your life under the conditions Palestinians must live under.

    What a great thought: a Gaza strip for new Labour and UK-based zionists…..

    I guarantee you they will be fulminating and launching tirades within six weeks….

    • PeaceCora says

      It comes to something when Margaret Thatcher comes out looking reasonable!

  10. Wondering if the Corbyn team played the Tunisia story with some strategy, delaying the release of evidence that proved its falsity until after Netenyahu broke cover with his attack.
    If so, it has revealed clearly the battle lines and the media’s alliances to the wider public.

    • A Benge says

      I don’t think it was planned.
      Unfortunately; mud sticks, and the witch hunters never
      let go of the mud.
      The lynch mob are sadists and they’re really enjoying
      themselves. Read Dan Hodges’s tweets. He’s getting
      his rocks off joining in the torture. I think it makes him happy,
      It’s really sick!

      • Bothfeetontheground says

        The more the attack dogs throw and become unstuck with baseless accusations, the less the general public will listen to their ravings. This whole approach of smear and muck-racking Corbyn may well blow-up in their faces come election time.

        • A Benge says

          They keep repeating the lies even after they’ve been exposed.

          • Addiction is the compulsive subjection to any means of NOT LOOKING at what is more fearful that any such strategy of denial and evasion.
            War upon reality is both absurd and tragic – for the investment of identity in a lie ‘protects’ itself from the true as the very basis of its ‘survival’. Note I did not address ‘persons’ but rather, the need for war as the ‘survival’ or persistence of a separate sense of both victimhood and vengeance.

            The extreme example illustrates the principle in unequivocal terms. The principle is applicable to all forms of separative intent to define, control or dominate, but no one in its active expression knows what they do – because they operate under the coercive dictate that denies their own capacity to recognize life and others as themselves.

            The call to hate is contagious through the acts of the perpetrator – that re-enacts the script of the projection of denial onto ‘others’ and onto life itself. The sacrifice of the living to a fantasy gratification (false god) is writ into the Template as if our power and protection. Only the willingness to look within at what we are in fact thinking, believing, perceiving and framing our behavioural experience in can restore the true foundation. All attempts to hide or deny our own fear will become the vector of our own subjection. Hence bringing out into the light of a desire for true is the most ‘protected’ or defended against outcome.
            To any such outbreak of peace of a true communication, war is incepted, baited and if need be falsified as a self attack assigned to others.

            “No one understood better than Stalin that the true object of propaganda is neither to convince nor even to persuade, but to produce a uniform pattern of public utterance in which the first trace of unorthodox thought immediately reveals itself as a jarring dissonance.”
            ~ Alan Bullock, in Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives

            Resisting the ‘deceiver’ is always firstly within ourself – our own wishful or fearful thinking. The ‘deceiver’ is not persons – but the divisive thinking of a sense of personal lack-unducing conflict that invokes ‘external power’ to suppress and deny the feared life-communication. All Life is Communication. Human thinking developed to filter, block and distort communication. To become a true receiver, stop relaying or transmitting false witness and wait or yield to the Silence of being for the true. Simply stopping here and now to feel existence is the shift from a ‘virtualised reaction’ to a felt relationship. The choice to think some more is the acceptance of such ‘thinking’ as your self. All choice brings consequences by which to evaluate our experience as the fruits thereof. If we assign or sign away responsibility away from the power of conscious acceptance, we willingly but unwittingly subject ourself to victimhood so as to the self-protective recoil or denial of our own act.

            The terror and rage are of the same divisive root – but how can we become able to look within and heal?
            Or to put it the other way round, how can we deny and delay the Inevitable ‘exposure’ to truth? Which to the fear-controlling is death and loss of self but to the love of truth is peace of wholeness. These two movements or ‘choices’ are within us all. The movement of life within is already whole and ‘calls’ to wholeness or healing – but is perceived as demonic, heretical or meaningless. Looking within WHILE engaging in our relational existence is the ‘missing’ part of a masked persona – played out as real.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        The sheer arrogance and sadism of the Zionazis as they inflict UNENDING suffering on the Palestinians, and the bizarre narcissism of their demands that they be WORSHIPED for it, have been there for all to see, for the seventy years of the ongoing Nakbah.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        Of course it was planned. The Zionazis would have teams, in the UK and the apartheid state itself, working overtime to retrace every move Corbyn has made over decades, to view every picture, every video, every utterance, looking for material that can be twisted and contorted to shew ‘antisemitism’, the new Supreme and Universal Crime. Destroying Corbyn, one of the last Western politicians not TOTALLY controlled by the Zionazis and who has dared treat the Palestinians as human beings, is an absolute priority for the Zionazi regime and all its Fifth Columns of sayanim and Sabbat Goy stooges.

  11. Harry Stotle says

    If you want to know what any threat to Britain’s banking, or corporate kleptocracy looks like, then look no further than the treatment of Jeremy Corbyn – i.e. any politician who fails to grasp, or accept what is expected of them, which nowadays consists of little more than acting as proxies for the financial establishment and various lobby groups who really control things.

    Any existential threat to these arrangements was bound to see the media whipped into a frenzy with orchestrated smear campaigns against those threatening the natural order (which has only consolidated itself over the last 40 years).
    Needless to say compliant MPs, such as Margaret Hodge and Tom Watson, lost no time in showing everybody where their true loyalties lie.

    Of course commentators soon began to lose themselves in the semantics of each anti-Corbyn smear even though they are ALL driven by exactly the same dynamic, which is to suggest any politician who is opposed to asset stripping the country poses a much greater danger than those who are doing the asset stripping (a phenomena captured perfectly in James Meek’s analysis” ‘Private island: why Britain now belongs to someone else).

    “In a little over a generation the bones and sinews of the British economy – rail, energy, water, postal services, municipal housing – have been sold to remote, unaccountable private owners, often from overseas. In a series of brilliant portraits the award-winning novelist and journalist James Meek shows how Britain’s common wealth became private, and the impact it has had on us all: from the growing shortage of housing to spiralling energy bills.”

    Maybe when we are living in tents and have to rely on eating our own shoes for sustenance the penny will finally drop about the sheer irrelevance of which meetings Jeremy Corbyn did or did not attend 8 years ago, or the extent to which he agrees or disagrees with international definitions of anti-semitism.

  12. (@ Jim Scott) Al Jazeera is an Islamist and immigrationist fake news outlet. During the Egyptian demonstrations, Al Jazeera was at the forefront of support for the Muslim Brotherhood, with their journalists acting in blatant disregard for objective reporting. During the ‘fakefugees’ assaults of women in Hamburg, Al Jazeera did try to hide the news, etc…
    Those who support unconditionally the actions of Islamist groups in Palestine, like the recent ‘protests’ at the border with Israel, that took the lives of dozens of unarmed people unnecessarily and for propaganda reasons, should understand that they support, in many cases, suicidal actions and massacres of a manipulated people that have nothing to do with the Palestinian Cause but, rather, with the International Jihad and their masters, like Iran, Saudi or Qatar. Palestine is not a colourful flag or ‘David’ children throwing stones to the ‘Goliat’ of heavily armed soldiers, but the vector for the politics of the world and the power struggles of the darkest Middle East and has to be handled accordingly.

  13. (@ JJ139) The Palestinian conflict is a historical process and therefore it is subject to a continuos evolution and change and, for that very reason, its perceptions and dynamics are in constant transformation. Today’s main actors in the Palestinian resistance movement, for instance, are Islamic groups with religious aims and methods, very different from the secular organisations and parties of the past. This change and generational relay can even be noticed in stylistic changes of appearance. In the past, the Palestinian ‘revolutionary’ fighters used to visit Communist and Socialist parties around the world with their olive green military fatigues, indicating their combatant status and guerrilla warfare philosophy. Today, they have been substituted by Islamist women with burkas, bearded religious preachers or Muslim technocrats of the International Jihad, with very different methods, politics and ideology. It is not by chance that these types have appeared with the mass uncontrolled migration allowed by the oligarchies of the West, as Islam was and still is, in spite of appearances, the instrument with which the exploiters defeated socialist parties and Working Class opposition in the Arab World and the Soviets in Afghanistan and they wanted to extend those successful methods to defeat the organised workers of the West.

    • JJ139 says

      TL:DR you are clearly a troll with an agenda simply to write long and nonsensical apologia for the powers that be. On your bike.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        It’s a Zionazi posing as a ‘revolutionary’. Must be a new hasbara stream.

        • Mulga, it’s the old Soros / Rothschild / Guardian “take over from the Left”. Why do you think the campaign organizers and followers of Killary called themselves “Leftists”? Why do you think French Rothschild family bought up La Liberation and a satirical magazine, so the Left could put upthe slogan, We are all Charlies now.

          • Mulga Mumblebrain says

            To the ‘Left’ of Genghis Khan-possibly.

    • mark says

      The main Islamic resistance movement is Hamas. Hamas was actually created by the Zionist Regime as part of a classic colonial divide and rule strategy to undermine Arafat’s organisation. The Zionist Regime gave it money AND GUNS. Hamas is the elected government of the Palestinian people. There was an election and they won. It’s something called democracy, apparently.

      The US, UK, etc. have frequently done the same – use Islamist terror groups like Al Qaida/ ISIS/ MEK to attack any countries they dislike – Russia, China, Iran, Libya, Syria. This always blows up in their faces – literally.

      • Martin Usher says

        I recall that Hamas first became a force after the 2006 PLA election when it won a majority. The Israelis responded by arresting the West Bank’s Hamas representatives, over 50 of them, but couldn’t get at those in Gaza. The resulting reinterpretation of this incident puts a very different spin on it so might be classed as a very successful propaganda campaign. The reality as I recall was that Hamas was proving to be a very successful, organized, political force among the Palestinians — which is why it had such a strong showing in those elections — which would have presented a serious threat to Israeli policy.

        Hegemony requires an opposition that’s weak and fragmented…..which comes right back to Corbyn. He is a problem because successive attacks on him haven’t yielded any significant results. I’m not talking just about the current anti-Semitic line but all those recycled 1980s things, the “Red Ken” type things, the talk of a split between “Moderates” and “you can guess who else”, something that’s been used time and again (remember the Social Democrats?). At the rate we’re going Mr. Corbyn should probably check and update his life insurance.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          That’s an old Zionazi tactic. Do something vile, like arresting (and no doubt torturing)all the elected Hamas representatives, shewing your dedication to ‘democracy’, and get your stooge, Dahlan, (who delivered the Po 210 that poisoned Arafat)to attempt to take-over Gaza. Keep your big stooge, Abbas, in power INDEFINITELY in the West Bank ghetto, then lie and lie and lie some more about events. Hamas ‘seized power in Gaza’, election results down the Memory Hole. And the manner in which all the Sabbat Goy and sayanim vermin in the Western fakestream media stick to the new Zionazi version of history, would have Big Brother’s Ministry of Truth gob-smacked in admiration and envy.

  14. (Wally Willager) In spite of the first impressions and the cultivated propaganda that portrays a decisive leadership, it is not true that Blair had the ruthlessness and nerve of his convictions. That is why he had to lie to manipulate the British people towards the oligarchic aims of his policies. Blair was a fake, from head to toe, as New Labour was and could not be otherwise and people took it lock, stock and barrel… a few times in a row.
    In many ways, Mr Corbyn is showing a similar nature, as the preposterous explanations of his political blunders clearly demonstrate. He is always trying to cover his tracks with the embarrassing justifications of those who believe they have something to hide, because he is involved in the same political game of manipulation, the chicanery of ‘being all things to all people’ and the political cowardice that was the trademark of New Labour and of today’s politics.
    Palestine is too big a problem for people without a principled stand in politics that only aspire to be nice to all and achieve a utopian peace, as they risk being swayed, as Mr Corbyn has been, by groups, leaderships and hierarchies of the multitude of factions in the fray. It is not possible to be a Socialist and appear praying like a Muslim, laying wreaths in ceremonies and participating in conferences that involved militants of groups that used ‘terrorist’ (as opposed to guerrilla) tactics, religious ideologies and supernatural justifications of their positions. Neither is possible to be a Socialist and adopt or work with the IHRA or other religious or supremacist definitions and orders from groups alien to Labour or the Socialist movement. But this unsustainable position, has been made possible by the infiltration and adoption of nefarious minority ideologies and identity politics by the Labour Party. The Palestinian crisis in Labour is the result of those flawed ideologies, that have taken the Palestinian Cause as a pet project to further and promote immigrationist policies and hide, under the natural sympathy that the Palestinian Cause evokes, the incongruence of Islamic immigration in Western democracies and the inevitable conflicts and ravages derived from it. Palestine, in the hands of minoritymongers, is a justification for the terror that accompanies the immigrationist policies of the elites.

    • JJ139 says

      “The Palestinian crisis in Labour is the result of those flawed ideologies, that have taken the Palestinian Cause as a pet project to further and promote immigrationist policies and hide, under the natural sympathy that the Palestinian Cause evokes, the incongruence of Islamic immigration in Western democracies and the inevitable conflicts and ravages derived from it. Palestine, in the hands of minoritymongers, is a justification for the terror that accompanies the immigrationist policies of the elites.”

      The Palestine problem officially started 70 years ago with the stealing of Palestinian land and ethnic cleansing of the local population. It unofficially started many years before with Zionist terrorist actions by Irgun and the Stern Gang etc. To conflate this with Muslim immigration into western ‘democracies’ is ridiculous as such immigration is far more recent, and mainly the result of western regime change terrorism on behalf of the Zionists in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and no doubt very soon Iran.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        It’s pure hasbara hatred of Moslems, Arabs and the Palestinians in particular, however.

    • Jim Scott says

      Perhaps you never watched the Al Jazeera expose of the Israeli Governments apalling interference in British politics and the smearing of anyone who raised questions about the illegal and vicious treatment of the Palestinians or who support the disinvestment campaign.
      Or how the London Israeli Consulate plotted to bring down Corbyn by faked propaganda funded by a foreign/US AIPAC
      Can you swear with your hand on the Torah that you are not another Israeli Government propogandist or shill?
      Do you support the slaughter of Palestinians by Israel?

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        Yes it does, Jim. Just look at it’s comment above re. the cold-blooded murder of Gazans by Zionazi snipers. According to this creature the lives were taken unnecessarily by the protests, not his Zionazi friends’ bullets.

        • Michael McNulty says

          It’s the same excuse used by the Nazis when they shot people in revenge for an action by a resistance movement. They said don’t blame us for the murders, blame the resistance.

          • Mulga Mumblebrain says

            Gaza is an unending Lidice, repeated over and over again, plus added arrogance and a narcissistic demand to be worshiped that not even the original Nazis possessed.

    • WallyWillager says

      Comite – that is a blunderbuss of a retort to my observation on the neocon/lib nwo creation that was nulabInc and it’s festering minions.

      Dissing JC and his consistent opinions over his political career and equating it with these treasonous charlatans who served and continue to, the global robber baron elites and their security apparatus while climbing up the greasy poles of power and wealth, is a calumny, as even the latest attack falls apart – where are the Munich attackers buried?

      You sound like you are panicking. Here have a friendly cartoon to help you sleep.
      The great satirist, Steve Bell, has re-emerged from his, ahem, slumber.

      Can we expect an autumn if terrorist murders amid an election now? This time we will not be fooled.

      All these with their special second passports may well be needing to use them – i don’t suppose we have extradition treaties with all these other countries,

      • Paid trolls don’t listen to reason. They don’t get paid if they do so and can therefore never be reasoned with. Focus on the people around you to make sure their minds don’t get poisoned by their lies.

  15. WallyWillager says

    The mealy mouthed piss poor rag asked for what Labour supporters thought?

    Well am i the only one waiting to get their report? Maybe when hell freezes over? Over Freedlands dusty old bones?

    “Your responses will ONLY be seen by the Guardian and we will feature SOME of them in our reporting.”
    (My emphasis)

    They want to CHERRYPICK & CENSOR while hoping to pick up some ammo – Orwell would be proud of how they are following the formula.

  16. George Galloway’s column worth reading in conjunction with this.


    I’ll quote some useful info from the end:

    “The BBC radio flagship program “Today” has lost one million listeners in one year. The BBC flagship television program “Newsnight” has lost half its audience. The Persecutor-in-Chief, the Daily Mail –whose founder was a personal friend of Adolf Hitler – has lost 12% of its readership in the last year.

    The Russophobia Times of London has lost 6.6% from a very low base. The ‘liberal’ Guardian newspaper, which daily plumbs new journalistic depths, has sunk by an unlikely 13%.

    And the Daily Telegraph, house-journal of disgraced former foreign secretary Boris Johnson, has lost a mind-bending 25% of its readers in just one year.”

    These stats won’t surprise anyone on Off G but will lead to a more rabid attack on alt media as we are already starting to witness. People need to abandon faceblock, tewitter et.al they are now no different to the slime stream media, they are not needed and can easily be replaced.

    • Jen says

      Maybe that 13% that Galloway is a typographical error and it should have read 31%?


      • Clearly George Galloway does’t believe their stats…”an unlikely 13%”.

        I think we might reasonably assume that based on their journalistic inaccuracies and out and out dammed lies we may not be dealing with facts here.

    • Thomas Peterson says

      The Guardian used to be worth visiting for the lively and informative comments section. That’s basically gone now.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        The Fraudian attracts, and allows, an awful lot of hard Right arse-holes these days, in its Comments.

  17. Making the ridiculous allegation that Jeremy Corbin is anti-Semitic is like calling Jeremy Corbyn a reptilian Annunaki alien. The power elite is getting more and more desperate, the Browder-Magnitsky scandal is on the verge of exploding, and one can only hope/pray the power-mad criminal warmongers don’t choose big mistake #3.

  18. One of the problems with Mr Corbyn and their supporters is that, in the Palestinian Cause, they have taken more than they can chew. It is too big a problem for ‘amateur’ and ignorant politicians (let alone for loony leftists), that get involved in these things through flag waving and minoritymongering politics, with no sense of proportion and critical restrain, as they are carried away by propaganda images and sentimentality. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a brutal affair on both sides and requires some ruthlessness and nerve on behalf of those who want to get involved in it. Otherwise, anyone risks being dragged into a maelstrom of parties, sections and rivalries, as Mr Corbyn, candidly has been dragged into dubious ceremonies.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Yep-a Zionazi FOR SURE. The arrogance was a giveaway, as was the contempt for the ‘lesser’ races, but this stinking moral equivalence between the imprisoned, defenceless and brutalised Palestinians and the racist monsters oppressing them really rounds out the picture. And what is ‘dubious’, Bibi, about commemorating the victims of Zionazi murderousness?

    • WallyWillager says

      Comite, i’ll bite, you make some points.

      Possibly the truest being about ‘both sides’

      It is good you admit there are at least two sides – many ‘zionists’ wouldn’t even deem to recognise that.

      As for ‘ruthlessness and nerve’ ( aside – Ruth? And the eponymous word – lol)

      Yeah we had one Tony Blair who back in his warlording pomp had both, ignored the instinctive plea of millions who took to the streets to demanf that he ‘hold the horses’ , he lied and lied and promised a ‘Road Map’ – as far as i know it was never published, opened or followed, prob got pulped or used to fill in a motorway… anyone know?

      The top down suppression of the peaceful and charitable instincts of the people has thrown up Corbynism, it is not the other way round. Where TB and NuLabInc once rose on a similar force so does the current leadership. This time as a fully fledged human first, grassroots force. We are not going to make the same mistake 3 times in a row (Tory/SDP1, NuLabInc… and this 3rd attempt and SDP2… not in my name)

      If you and the powers in retreat are wise – you would concede and retire for a generation or two .. or carry on escalating the nastiness… but then, again, you will learn too late of reaping what you sow, ruthlessly.

    • A Benge says

      Please go away. This is a much needed sanctuary from malevolance
      towards those who are serious about making the world better.

  19. Jen says

    I wonder if Jeremy Corbyn would have done better to split British Labour and thrown out the Blairite parliamentary faction. Would the party’s popularity then have risen with the electorate and encouraged more people to join?

    Sometimes I think Corbyn’s major failing as a leader is that he’s not bloody-minded enough. He needs a personality of, er, Stalinist proportions to get rid of people like Margaret Hodges intent on sabotaging his leadership, his program and British Labour generally.


    • The problem with a split would be that the right wing in Labour would form their own, nominally left-wing, party, which would be hellbent on sabotaging Corbyn’s chances of getting into power. The PTB would give this mini-party plenty of coverage and tacit support, making it possible that it would hold the parliamentary balance.
      Of course, extreme sabotage is what the Labour right wing is doing at the moment, so you have a point.

      Creating nominally left-wing parties to split the left vote was a favorite tactic during the Cold War. The Australian Labor Party struggled with this problem for many years, with Santamaria and the right-wing Democratic Labor Party being vital to keeping Liberal governments in power for 30 years.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        The Blairite Sabbat Goy scum are going to split after the election in any case. Corbyn WILL NEVER be allowed to become PM. Full stop. The Zionazis will liquidate him physically, a field in which they are world leaders, if necessary.

        • Yes, Corbyn certainly has many enemies. I remember ‘anonymous very high ranking army officers’ talked to The Daily Telegraph last year, saying they would begin a coup if Corbyn ever came to power.

          • JudyJ says

            Speaks volumes about the attitude of the PTB to the democratic process.

            • A ‘democratic process’ that picks and chooses what can and cannot be held open for discussion is by no means a democratic process, never has been and never will be.

              • I always take the pattern of control of communication and locate it in myself – not myself exclusively – but recognize that I also have the same liability to misperceive and misidentify and thus reinforce a sense of distrust, a defensive posture of conflict and the use of narrative as self-reinforcement or ammo to undermine the ‘enemy’ or threat.

                To the belief that coercive power protects it is associated with freedom rather than the slavery it is. And to that mistaken identity, the freedom of the true will is fearful (lack of control) and is thus deeply threatening and thus denied, suppressed, subverted, usurped – as a matter of survival.

                Masking in the mere forms, appearance and packaging of communication, concern, respectability etc is the nature of hiding a sense of self-lack. That can take different forms but is necessarily driven to use others as a means to GET from instead of opening the recognition of worth through the process of relationship and communication. The mistake itself is correctable, but the layers of grievance in both fear and hate set up a seemingly impregnable defence – and so we settle for the ‘human condition’ as if hardwired – because until we open perspective upon our set of mind, we live under and within its framing.
                To see another as our self is the breaking of the isolation. As we treat others so do we treat ourself – but in a split mind the self-hate can be denied awareness and yet operate as hate of others who are thus being used as a dump and target for what we refuse to see and resolve within ourself. This can also work in sacrificing self to take on the burdens of others in attempt to heal without breaking the isolation (thinking mind) and letting communication in – rather than defending against it in belief it is a threat or attack on our ‘peace’. Blaming externals for a loss of wholeness is the symptom of some form of self-attack in terms of self-judged guilt and expectation of retaliation or penalty. But we do not experience ourselves in such terms while we engage the projection of the world (that fear makes), and so cannot be communicated with directly.

                Opening a channel of communication means that first we must extend it. To make home, we must give forth of the qualities of ourselves and then meet our reflection. To find ourselves in another we must extend a sense of worth or belonging – in order to (know or be consciously aware that) have it.
                What we DO choose (or blindly react in learned habit) to extend to others, we ARE strengthening in ourselves. In this sense what we sow is our own freedom to reap – even a bitter harvest.
                We have now a collective – even global – bitter harvest that cannot be kept out of awareness and this is the call to address and own our own miscreation. You are responsible for what you think, and what you accept as real for you will dictate the behaviours that automatically ensue.
                Conflicted thought (doublespeak and invested self-illusion) either express or repress as the fight and flight of power struggle operating through the whole spectrum of influence – ie including victimhood that seeks to entangle others in guilt.

                There is no limit to the ingenuity of mind in its own defenses except our willingness to tolerate the pain of isolation – be that expressed in physical, emotional or mental terms. Perhaps its best defence is to join only in conditional forms of token sacrifice to intimacy of real communication, so as to mutually reinforce the sense of self separateness against a feared exposure of undoing to pain of loss.

                The idea of collective power becomes the energy supply for the hidden agenda of a private or secret sense of self-gratification and vindication. The true movement is a felt energetic quality that finds synchronicity – including that of being truly seen and heard. It really does take one to know one – for only those who can accept worth (love) can bear to BE seen.

      • Jen says

        Yes that is true, the ALP was weakened for a long time due to the DLP split. The circumstances were different though: Robert Menzies was a popular leader at the time, though maybe not quite as popular then in the 1950s and 60s as people these days seem to think. From what I understand, he was skilled at exploiting Australian fears about Communism, Indonesia with its population and poverty, the Indonesian President Sukarno at the time, or some combination of the three.

        In those days also, the ALP depended a great deal on the Irish Catholic vote and the DLP split took that constituency away.

        The situation in the UK surrounding Jeremy Corbyn and British Labour is different. There, the Conservative government seems to be loathed by most people. British Labour would attract more supporters if it were able to pound out its policies to revitalise the British society, culture and economy in a media environment favourable to it.

        • Jen says

          I should have said that Menzies (Liberal – National Coalition: politically conservative) was the Prime Minister of Australia at the time.

    • I understand your frustration Jen, but its a long battle and emotional retaliation is exactly how the media win. They are literally taunting Corbyn to ‘out’ him. The problem for them is the more they taunt him through their own medium, the more the internet medium gets behind him. All we have to do is keep relatively quiet, and impassioned and come the next election, the excellent team we have behind the party who are even now working on the strategy, with the power of numbers behind them and WE WILL WIN.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        And then the Blairite Sabbat Goyim will defect, en masse, and form a coalition with the Lib Dems and Tories. If you go to an election with the Blairite vermin in situ, and with Lansman running Momentum (he’ll join the defectors for certain) no matter how big you win-you’ll lose.

  20. Gwyn says

    What a dude Norman Finkelstein is. I wasn’t properly aware of his work until very recently (dunno how I managed to remain unaware of it for so long, but there we are).

    I’m currently binge-watching videos of him on YouTube. It’s amusing to see the ease with which he dispatches opponents in debate and hostile interviewers.

    If only there were more people of his integrity.

    • Antonyl says

      Finkelstein : Do NOT use the Holocaust to try and justify the Israelis brutalizing the Palestinians.

      He is right for two reasons:
      1) 99.9 % of the Palestinians had nothing to do with the Holocaust. (the 0.1%: https://www.timesofisrael.com/full-official-record-what-the-mufti-said-to-hitler/ )

      2) Due to the Holocaust the Jcwish world population declined a lot; during Israel’s existence the Palestinian world population grew fast.
      In the Nazi camps men and women were separated and worked to death as slave labours; they never shot at their capturers as they had no weapons at all.
      They didn’t have over a billion fellow coreligionist outside, nor another billion underdog sympathetic Christians. The Nazi camps flourished in mostly secret; all 100% different from Gaza etc.

      3)Nobody can claim a monopoly on a “get out of jail free card” including Zionists and Palestinians. All are responsible for their own actions.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        More moral obscenity from the resident Zionazi. Using the Nazi Judeocide to downplay and trivialise the brutality of the Zionazis and the ceaseless suffering of the Palestinians. Vile, as usual.

        • Antonyl says

          Mulga, you label ~most antisemitic and racist; did it occur to you that you use not only the same tactics as these news headlines but also the same words?

          • Mulga Mumblebrain says

            Antonyl, in my opinion, you are a vile Zionazi racist and apologist for Israeli state barbarity-so you can get taxidermed.

      • Jen says

        ‘… In the Nazi camps men and women were separated and worked to death as slave labours; they never shot at their capturers as they had no weapons at all …’

        So the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising never occurred at all and I was lied to?

        Don’t use the Shoah to whitewash Israeli actions against the Palestinians which is exactly what Norman Finkelstein warned against.

        All these differences you claim exist between the Nazi death camps and the Occupied Territories are neither here nor there. The Nazi death camps arose in different circumstances and were located and designed expressly as prisons away from public scrutiny; the Occupied Territories were seized after the 1967 Six Day War.

        Your comment is disgusting.

        • Antonyl says

          “Neither here nor there”: dead or alive, declining or growing, separated or together, Warsaw Ghetto or Gaza. Details for keyboard warriors, vital for those on the spot.

          Don’t use the Shoah to make the Nakba look worse: they are not even in the same league.

          • Jim Scott says

            It may not be in the same league but it’s getting there and given the perpetrators have antecedents who suffered a catastrophy one would hope that they would have greater sympathy for the Palestinians catastrophe.

            • Antonyl says

              For ~same league i would look at Cambodia under Pol Pot: millions of deaths, not hundreds. Also the way.

              • Mulga Mumblebrain says

                At least as many Cambodians were slaughtered by the secret and illegal US terror-bombing, from 40,000 feet. Are you going to condemn that Holocaust, too, Antonyl?

            • Mulga Mumblebrain says

              I mean-is there anything more Evil and nauseating than using the Nazi Judeocide as an excuse for the ongoing barbarity inflicted by Zionazis like Antonyl on the defenceless Palestinians?

          • Mulga Mumblebrain says

            Of course they are not, but both illustrate the same racist hatred of others, and you’re an apologist for one. The one that has lasted 70 years and is intensifying in brutality.

          • mark says

            That’s right. The Shoah only lasted 12 years. The Nakba has already lasted for 70, with no end in sight.

      • Yarkob says

        @ antonyl “All are responsible for their own actions.”

        Even the kids? Even the medics who go there to heal and are subsequently killed (fucking sniped, even) in contravention of the Geneva convention?

        You’re reaching

        • Antonyl says

          Boko Haram used an 8 year old for a suicide bombing; total 44 minors used in 2015. Even the Palestinians used them: At least nine Palestinian children carried out suicide bombings against Israeli soldiers and civilians between October 2000 and March 2004. At least 30 Palestinian children died while actively involved in organized military action by Palestinian
          armed political groups during the same period.

          • Are you claiming this 8-year old was therefore responsible for his actions?

            It might also be helpful to clarify the definition of ‘child’ being used.

            • Antonyl says

              Admin, an 8 year old responsible for his own action? Of course not (!!), his parents are, or more specifically the adults who taught him this madness. Around 15-16 only it starts to become blurry morally, though legally 18 is usually the line.
              Still, anybody loaded with an IED is a direct danger to his surroundings irrespective of age or willingness.

          • Mulga Mumblebrain says

            Let the hate flow, Antonyl. Like all Zionazis, it suits you. You would have made a grand, enthusiastic, if low-level, functionary in Germany in the 30s and early 40s.

          • mark says

            Heroic Zionist IDF kiddie killers routinely seize very young Palestinian children to use as human shields. Watch the videos of them doing it. A Zionist government minister called Shaked called for all Palestinian mothers to be murdered so that no Palestinian children could be born. A national newspaper, the Times of Israel, called quite openly for genocide. It called for the Palestinian people to be exterminated at concentration camps in the desert. Two rabbis in Israel published a book called the King’s Torah, calling for the murder of all Palestinian children.

            This genocidal regime is a hundred times worse than apartheid South Africa. A much more appropriate comparison is Nazi Germany.

    • Anonymous Bosch says

      The simple fact is this. If Corbyn was not a man of integrity – a man who has stuck faithfully to the principles he learnt from his mentor, Tony Benn, then these morally bankrupt types would not see the need to form a coalition of slanderers and smear-campaigners in their desperation to preserve this evil Zionist status quo personified by the likes of Netanyahu, Friedman and Hodge who collectively would like to see the Palestinians wiped from the face of this earth – and judging by the atrocities they commit on a daily basis they are doing their utmost to appropriate this earth for the chosen people.

    • Maggie says

      You didn’t hear about Finkelstein because knowledge of him was suppressed by the presstitutes.
      And only received coverage on alternative news sites.
      There has been a campaign against him for years, stating he was a liar and self hating Jew????
      That alone tells us he is telling the truth.

    • Maggie says

      @ Gwyn,
      I recommend you read ‘The Holocaust Industry.’ by Finkelstein. An absolute eye opener….
      No one will ever look at that particular subject again, without seeing it for what it is. He lifts the veil completely.

      • Gwyn says

        Yes, Maggie. Any critic of Israel falls into one of two categories: self-hating Jew, or anti-Semite.

        Thanks for the book recommendation.

  21. Mr Corbyn’s weak ‘leadership’ is built around a persisting misunderstanding. There was no remarkable general election result. The Labour Party, on the brink of collapse, was intentionally saved by a timely and phony Dementia Tax that attacked, for no apparent reason, the core electoral Conservative constituency. All was done to preserve the political stability of the bipartisan system and prevent the recreation of a true Working Class party on the back of Brexit. Mr Corbyn owes his position to the machinations of a political elite and, therefore, cannot step outside the very narrow boundaries marked by it and his weak and ‘wet hand’ personality and that those that surround him. The Labour Party finds it impossible to lead the majority of the population, specially after decades of New Labour treason and the deepening of ‘minoritymongering’ policies that are nothing other than New Labour on steroids, an ersatz for the Working Class politics that is demanding Brexit and true Socialism. Mr. Corbyn is not a leader, but a ‘Fabian’ pacifist that cannot know and appreciate the intricacies of the Palestinian conflict that is dragging him down.

  22. WallyWillager says

    They have shot their bolt(s).

    There is nothing else they can do except to arrest or assasinate JC ( all a bit biblical)

    Do not renew the BBC license poll tax. Don’t buy the newspapers. If you want, join up as a membet, just to show them that you are a contrary british free thinker that will not stand for scapegoating.

    Demand an immediate election.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      They (the Zionazis)can kill Corbyn, as they have done hundreds of leaders of the peoples they brutally oppress, principally the Palestinians. For them it is a religiously sanctified act.

  23. Big B says

    In a situation of manipulation, the Left is almost always tempted by a “quick return to power,” forgets the necessity of joining with the oppressed to forge an organization, and strays into an impossible “dialogue” with the dominant elites. It ends by being manipulated by these elites, and not infrequently itself falls in an elitist game, which it calls “realism

    Paulo Friere.

    The ‘progressive’ Corbyn Labour movement has led its constituent supporters into a cul-de-sac dead-end progression where they have fallen into framing their collective identity as a victim psychology. There they have been absorbed by the dominant victiim theology of the manipulators and oppressors. Consider that in the last two years: every time Jeremy Corbyn has had the chance to validate the lifelong anti-racist, anti-Zionist activist over the Zionist racist – he chose to validate the Zionist racist instead. He chose Mann over Livingstone; Smeeth over Wadsworth; JLM over Jackie Walker: Ellman over Hajo Meyer. He got rid of Christine Shawcroft, Moshe Machover (who was quickly re-instated); Tony Greenstein …but it was not Jeremy, I hear the SKWAWK.

    True, but he is not a singularity – and he has set the tone for the parties conversion to Zionism by refusing to take the lead and hide behind process. He could have intervened and preserved the parties commitment to universalism and anti-racism …but he enabled and empowered the racists instead.

    “Conversion to Zionism” I hear the epistemically closed silos SWAWK …but Jeremy is standing against the oppressors.

    This plaintive enfeebled cry would be more pertinent if it could acknowledge the fact that Jeremy took an article in the Guardian to unilaterally decree that he was adopting the full IHRA diktat. I say full, it might as well be. He has adopted all but one of the working examples in principle. The last will be appropriately reworded. Appropriately reworded by the manipulators and oppressors, that is. I fully deconstructed the ‘IHRA+10.75 Code’, as I am calling it here.


    It is a race hate charter that empowers the Smeeths, Austins and Manns and grants them ‘Chosen’ exceptionalist impunity. LFI can celebrate any atrocity and agitate for the bombing of Gaza: but if you are not Jewish and you call this racist, you will likely be expelled (the verdict is pre-determined as the NCC ‘kangaroo court’ is stocked with rightwingers; as I pointed out).

    Not only is the antisemitism slur – a race-hate-speech-act by definition – a sure accusatory assurance of discipline or expulsion …its meaning has already been extended to end free speech against capitalist elites and 9/11 truth seeking. And this is supposed to end the racism: by enabling the racists?

    So far in Jeremy Corbyns tenure as leader: Corbyn’s Labour has embraced and funded the White Helmets (shortly before the Rashidin child murder atrocity); embraced the regime change and NFZ agitprop Jo Cox Foundation (an elitist front organisation recently exposed by Whitney Webb and Vanessa Beeley); embraced nuclear weapons and nuclear power (elitist fetishist toys); embraced NATO/EU imperialism and the occupation and Nazification of Eastern Europe; embraced Russophobia (to the point of endorsing Browder’s agent Navalny) and the Magnitsky sanctions agenda (based on elitist lies and manipulation); embraced the Zionist race-hate IHRA Code (another oppressor manipulation); actively purged the party of genuine lifelong anti-Zionist anti-racists (to appease Zionazis who will not be appeased); and are prepared to betray democracy by keeping us in the sub-imperialist (soon to be military sub-imperialist) EU …not bad, eh?

    Hark: I hear a chorus from the consience-deleted and mauvais foi indentitarian silos …”it’s a smear, it’s a smear”. Well it is getting more and more untenable to hold that view in isolation. Perhaps if the universal humanitarian implications of any of the above seeped into the unconsciousness silos: they would collapse? Then we could build a meaningful movement toward universal emancipation by siding in solidarity with the global oppressed: not their oppressors?

    Pandering to the media-culture-industrial-complex cannot end oppression. Let them scream. Expel the Haters. Let them scream some more. In solidarity with each other is the only thing that will drown out the elite manipulatory scream. Giving them freedom of expression drowns our universal humanity instead. ¡No pasarán!

    It seems to me the manipulators and oppressors and elite propagandists have done well in evoking an external enemy to divert attention from the anti-life beast of oppression Labour has become: was it ever other than a capitalist imperialist project masquerading as a universalist humanitarian project? …plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

    Only #NotInMyName.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Corbyn could have gathered all the non-Zionazi Jews who support him and oppose the ‘antisemitism’ industry’s lynch-mob, and stated that he opposes ALL racism, including Judeophobia and Zionazi race hatred of the Palestinians, as so clearly is Israeli state policy, as lately expressed in the confirmation of Israel’s racist, apartheid, status in legislation. End of story. Shove the IHRA thuggery, that most certainly WILL outlaw ALL criticism of Israel, or ANY Jew, no matter how barbaric their behaviour, and ALL support for the Palestinians, as it is already doing in the USA and other slave states like Canada, up your fundaments.
      Instead he grovels and grovels and grovels some more, that only incites creatures like Hodge to new frenzies of hatred. Indeed, that is one unintended consequence, a ‘blowback’ of this typically vicious Zionazi attack. It yet again consolidates the total dominance in UK Jewry of the worst, the most deranged, the most bullying, racist, supremacist thugs, and furthers the process of purging all those Jews who are not Likudnick type haters, from the community. These are vilified, in TRUE Judeophobic terms, as ‘self-hating Jews’, even camp ‘kapos’, for the crime of seeing Palestinians as human beings, which is one of Corbyn’s true crimes, too. This vicious, Evil, campaign acts to entrench the most villainous racism as not just a norm in UK society, but a good. Part of that ‘pre-genocidal’ process that the UN Rapporteur, Falk, described as being the conditions imposed by the Zionazi regime on the Palestinians. And when the Zionazis decide to ‘confirm the kill’, by driving ALL the non-Jews out of Eretz Yisrael, Palestinians and Israeli Arabs alike, the people of the UK will be expected to not just avert their eyes, but join the Zionazis in braying their approval. Given the trajectory of his surrender, I’d not be surprised to see Corbyn join the chorus. PM May will certainly be there, along with the entire Conservative Party and the denizens of the Fraudian yeshiva.

      • BigB says

        Now Bibi and Regev have broken cover and are going for the kill. The empowered – but should have been expelled – Ryans and Bergers are hovering vulture like to pick the corpse of universalism. In defence, the lives of 160 innocent and oppressed people (including at least seven children, and many, many, more wounded) …these lives are reduced to the objectified numerals of political capital. The time to truly honour these Unpeople was to reject Zionism and every other form of discrimination and violence. If you choose the oppressor over the oppressed: it becomes a servile hollow speech-act to invoke innocent lives in pursuit of a bad-faith submission to power. If the pursuit of power involves the compromise of our universal humanity: is power worth acquiring? We need a non-hierarchical participatory democracy to end oppression …it is not going to be forthcoming from the current universe of violent hate-speech masquerading as political Progess. ;-(

        • Serious question BigB, Mulga:

          To someone like who agrees with your assessments, what would you suggest they actually do, politically, at this moment?
          If there is a gloves-off, mask-dropped fight between a fascistic foreign power subverting democracy in this country – one that is being exposed to many thousands outside the mass media – and a capitulating, compromised, ‘opposition’, do we take Galloway’s advice and ‘join Labour’ to ‘change Labour’ ?

          Can Universalism be re-established in Labour by good people joining, or is it a lost cause?

          • Jim Scott says

            To my mind the answer to your question is yes. We all need to get active to overcome the many threats confronting us at the moment. In particular these are the emergence of the Western deep state as an alternative government. Climate change. The treachery of the mainstream media. The new secrecy of Government and the simultaneous growth of government and corporate intrusion into our lives. A massive increase of nuclear weapons.
            One other is the loss of community cohesion largely due to our reliance on online rather than face to face communications.
            Worldwide we need to take back our power as citizens. We have the numbers to do it.

          • Big B says

            Mog: what can we do? Above all be true.

            The beating heart of modern political discourse is unfettered self-maximizing capital accumulation. Imperialism, militarism, hierarchical domination, alienation, dehumanisation and environmental degradation are structurally encoded in the DNA of politics. The universe of political discourse is therefore one of acceptable violence: along with a willful negotiation of the degree of ideological blindness to the greater violence. The idealism is not to question how the world works: only to interrogate how it works best for me.

            A commitment to nonviolence, radical responsibility and universal humanism necessarily orphans one from mainstream political discourse. The conceptual framework and lexical framing of politics are inherently micro-violent sectarian identitarian hate-speech masquerading as a form of progressive humanism …one that is necessarily and violently culturally apartheid. Can Universalism be re-established in Labour? Not without abandoning a (‘pro-business’) commitment to capital accumulation: Exceptionalism and unequal and violent dominance/submission hierarchies are the pre-requisite entitlements of capital valorisation.

            But to truly answer your question I would have to answer nothing. There is nothing to be done that could save politics as it stands, Why: because it is a dead paradigm? The foundational concepts of modern politics are themselves ideologically flawed. The faculty view of the conceptual Political Self: its Will, Reason, Rationality, Ethics, and Logic are all functions of cheap oil, infinite exponential growth, inexhaustible resources, instrumental reason, allied with a defunct Cartesian-Newtonian-Darwinian philosophy. Politics as we know it is dead; and needs to be systemically transcended.

            The paradox is that the dialogue to create a new emergent 21st century post-political-economy will necessarily have to take place outside of politics. By my own definition it is not even a political dialogue: it is a complete re-invention of who we are. A major hurdle to the dialogical process of evolution is collapsed one-dimensional thinking – that the only way we can achieve emancipation is through politics.Yet politics is an elite control mechanism to develop the certitude that we, the People, NEVER get our way. Hierarchical rule is maintained to ensure we NEVER evolve and take participatory responsibility for our own autonomous future. The very essence of political rule is that we are not capable of responsibility: we must be maintained as moral adolescent pubescents. Maturity is post-political.

            And yet we persist like pre-programmed automata dutifully submitting to a pseudo-authority and surrendering a sovereign power that is rightfully our own. It’s lack of imagination and obsequious moral compromise with the structural violence of the dominant cultural hegemony that is our undoing. How can a bad-faith relationship with violence and power bring universalism? If we refuse to be shaped by the manipulators and oppressors and enter into a radically responsible and critically conscious relationship with ourselves and each other…the old dead paradigms of Enlightenment project inhumanism and dehumanising neo-classical political economy cease to be. Doing nothing (nonaction) is not inaction. Only, we all have to do it together. 😉

            “If we refuse to tackle the impossible, we will be left to face the unconscionable”.

            • Mulga Mumblebrain says

              Or, as Pablo Casals declared-‘The situation is hopeless-we must take the next step’.

              • BigB says

                One of the best things that could happen for long-term UK politics is for Umanna, Kinnock, Woodcock, and their traitorous brethren is to split the party (if the Express article was true). Then a people’s workers party could be participatorily built from the ashes …you know, like the new kind of politics we thought we were building from community with Momentum. This could form in a nexus of international solidarity of the oppressed: which, unless one is in the top 5% of the neoliberal elite – is just about everyone.

                Failing this, I would like to see an eco-Chartist movement to end partisan sectarian politics and usher in true participatory representation, directly mandated by local constituent communities (with regional e-voting). As soon as I suggest this though, it becomes apparent that there must also be a new educational system, public service unbiased media, public service science and academia …you can’t just tinker under the bonnet …society needs a whole new vehicle!

                I’ve recently been considering that true transformative politics will need a Gramscian/Luxemburgian intellectual vanguard …which is not without risk. Power corrupts and all that …but it’s not like there is not a clock ticking. Change won’t occur until we get some Natural shock therapy which will make our precarious world system self-evidently at risk of collapse. All of the world’s ruling elite are unconsciously risking the future of humanity to remain in power …one is reminded of Gollum!

                Finally, recent developments in systems thinking and cognitive science would demand a new science of mind: ergo a new politics. As none of this is any short term practical value, voting Labour at least staves off Tory fascism …but there’s not much in it! Real change is a long-term project …for which we don’t, unfortunately, really have the time

          • Mulga Mumblebrain says

            It’s a lost cause. They have ALL the real power, that which derives from money, capital and wealth, in a capitalist dystopia. Corbyn and the renaissance of Labour WILL be destroyed, make no mistake, one way or another. Anyone who stands with Corbyn will be declared an ‘antisemite’ and hounded, mercilessly, as pseudo-Palestinians. NEVER underestimate the all-encompassing hatred of the Zionazis for those ‘who get in our way’, and they control mass surveillance, and Western politics. You’ll not even know it’s happening-loans refused, job applications turned down, secret black-lists. They are all being compiled and prepared even now.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          The objective of the Zionazies’ frenzied attack on all who support the Palestinians and dare criticise Holy Eretz Yisrael, that is spreading like a dark plague across the West, aided by sayanim like those in UK Labour, and Sabbat Goyim like the Blairites and the ‘Christian Zionists’, is not only to outlaw and criminalise all criticism of Israel, or ANY Jew doing ANYTHING (even if it be obviously morally repellent)in the name of combating ‘antisemitism’, but also to make Zionazi style hatred of the Palestinians, Moslems and Arabs COMPULSORY in the West. Hence the centrality of the Zionazi apparatuses to the wave of Islamophobia sweeping the West, to the serial aggressions and genocides inflicted on Islamic states, and Zionazi collusion and collaboration with Western fascist Islamophobes, like that great Zionist, Anders Brievik. Furthermore, the cultish and narcissistic Messianism of the Zionazis demands that they not only act as the puppet-masters throughout Western polities, as they have for some time, but, now, they feel so impregnable that they want to come out of the shadows and bask in the glow of unquestioning adoration and obeisance from the lesser types.

    • Fullsome comment BigB.

      How could an identitarian movement ever address the racism of a small, powerful racially defined minority? Within those parameters, it is a Gordian Knot.
      Corbyn (or any leader) would have been attacked by plenty on the so-called ‘radical Left’ if he actually stood up and called out the inherently racist characteristics of Zionism.
      ‘Zionism trumps identitarian Left politics’ – is the lesson I take away.
      Perhaps ‘our new movement’ could be called ‘The Universalist’ movement ?

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, the highly powerful leader of the Shas (ie Talmud) Party in Israel, whose funeral drew the largest crowd in Israeli history, succinctly outlined the bed-rock of the Tamudic worldview, one that I believe that Jabotinsky type Zionists (and not a few Labour tendency individuals as well), share, in a sermon to some of his followers, not long before his death.
        ‘The goyim only exist to serve the Jews’, he declared, to much merriment and thigh-slapping delight among the audience. That pithy tenet explains everything happening to the Palestinians, and to Corbyn and UK Labour, and much else besides.

  24. Estaugh says

    Quite clear to me that the assassination of Pali kids are on the same psychological level as the Columbine school shootings and the Dunblane massacre.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      The Yesha Council of Rabbis and Torah Sages declared in 2006, as Israel was bombing Lebanon back to the Stone Age, that killing civilian was not just permissible under Judaic Law, but was a mitzvah, or good deed. This is no uninfluential group, representing Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox groups close to the Netan-yahoo regime and the ‘settler’ Judaic Taliban. Other such religious figures, influenced by Talmudic doctrine, have also asserted that killing children, even babies, is acceptable, if it can be said that they would grow up to ‘oppose the Jews’. You can see, I suppose, why Corbyn is so frightened of ‘opposing’ them.

      • @Mulga. “Talmudic doctrine, have also asserted that killing children, even babies, is acceptable, if it can be said that they would grow up to ‘oppose the Jews’. ”

        Not only Talmudic doctrine; it’s in the Bible, and thus could be part of Christian doctrine too — if you were a Backwoods Christian. For instance, Anti-Melanism (prejudice against Darkies) was justified by us Christians in my boyhood because the Bible said that “the sons of Ham” (Hamitic Africans) were good for nothing better than to be “hewers of wood and drawers of water”.

        “Thou shalt kill” commandments are in Leviticus and Deuteronomy. I believe that one of those books (Deuteronomy?) is a Fake Book of Moses suspiciously “found under the stones during repairs to the Temple” in the reign of king Josiah.

        Just a thought; “hewers of wood and drawers of water”: doesn’t that show what sort of people wrote the Old Testament — the educated Middle Class? The sort of people who say to their children, “If you don’t study you will end up as a street sweeper”. Up the workers!

        Another thought; the natural instinct of human males is to protect women and children; but male lions will kill the cubs which a lioness has conceived from a previous male (or try to kill them unless the lioness fights for her cubs). Does this mean that Leviticus, Deuteronomy (and the Talmudic doctrine) show a reversion from human compassionate instinct back to feline predatory instinct?

        • PS. I suppose Jesus would have referred to the educated middle class mainstreamers of received opinion, as “‘Scribes and Pharisees”. He preferred to hang out with fishermen.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          I rather doubt that the other Middle Eastern cults extant at the time of the birth of the Israelites as a separate entity were much different in doctrine from that of the self-declared ‘Chosen People’. But the Jews have survived as a community while the others have been exterminated or absorbed by others, so the Judaic exhortations to genocide and conquest are now the oldest extant examples of that type of doctrine. And Talmudic, Rabbinical, doctrine and exegesis has refined the hatred and fear of and opposition to the non-Jews for centuries, and remains vital and powerful in the Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox traditions, and, plainly, in Zionism itself. Talmudic Judaism plus European settler racism arrogance and exterminism-a very dangerous brew, for everyone.

  25. nwwoods says

    The concerted establishment campaign against Corbyn echoes that of the concerted establishment campaign against Trump, save for the fact that, ironically enough, only the latter is racist.

    • Yarkob says

      in those immortal words “l’m no trump fan, but…” and in the spirit of the argument being put forward above, can you please provide documentary evidence of your assertion? i’m not trying to be obtuse, nor, as i said, do i have any time for Trump, but it illustrates the phrase MichaelK uses below, that people who control the meanings of words control far more than that.

      let’s take two tenets of the mantra that “Trump’s a racist”, firstly the “Mexican rapist” comment. i take it you’ve seen (or heard) the full speech? no? well, watch it. he was talking to a room full of Mexican business leaders. He told them (i’m paraphrasing) “we want your doctors, your lawyers, your best and brightest; we don’t want your criminals and rapists” But wait! I hear you cry, he said there are some mexicans who are rapists. THAT’S RACIST. No, it isn’t. it’s factual.

      Let’s take another one: he used the N word. Well, this report has just resurfaced due to a past member of his reality TV show to whom he gave a job after the show was finished. (i think this happened in the uk with that stand-up member of British Jewry, the definitely not racist, even though he’s totally racist, SerAlunSugar). Anyway, the reports, it turns out, aren’t first hand, they’re not even second hand. “somebody heard him say it”. We’ll blow me down, the western world is in apoplexy trying to find out how to get rid of the orange oaf, as he seems to have thrown a few spanners in their works, and the world and their dog now has the dirt on him. Reporting that you heard somebody say that they heard somebody say they heard Trump say the N word doth not a racist Trump make, i’m afraid, no matter how much you hate him, or how anxious he makes you

      Trump may well be a racist or homophobe, but evidence from real black people and real lgb people say otherwise, but we don’t get to hear their voices unless we choose to search for them, and who wants to exonerate Trump?

      I hope my point comes across as about propaganda and not sycophantic ramblings about the orange jesus. propaganda is immensely powerful when we abdicate the basic responsibility of thinking for ourselves.

      don’t believe everything you read in the papers or see on tv. one day it may save your life.

  26. MichaelK says

    The people who control the meaning of words, control the world.

    What irritates me is Corbyn’s lack of a coherent strategy to defend himself properly against the slanderous attacks aimed at destroying his, and the left’s chances winning the next election. One would think he’d be galvanized into going on the offensive and relish the opportunity to tackle his political enemies. Unfortunately those who want to oust him or stop him becoming PM, have the measure of the man and have identified his most sympathetic characteristics, his values and principles, as his greatest weakness.

    Corbyn appears to want to keep the Labour Party together at any cost and not give the rightwing MPs any excuse to leave and form a new centre force with the Liberals and Tory pro-Europeans. This is a very risky strategy indeed. Ideally the right would like to oust Corbyn, but failing that they’ll wreck Labour before they leave, which is vital if they are to survive politically outside Labour.

    Corbyn isn’t a ‘born leader’ or particularly articulate, but his lack of the will to even defend himself effectively, is painful to watch. Why he’s allowing the party to be pushed around by a small ethnic pressure group instead of appealing directly to the public and explaining what’s really happening and why, is strange. Rather than seeing the attacks as an opportunity to define himself and what he really believes in relation to the public, he seems oddly passive and defensive. Instead of mobilizing his supporters, he demoralizes them.

    • PeaceCora says

      I have to say that I agree with what you say, to a certain extent, but I think he is such a pacifist that he stubbornly refuses to be changed by all of the attacks upon him. I will still continue to defend and support Corbyn over the mindless hypocritical bullies that seek to remove him.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      The Blairite Sabbat Goyim intend leaving Labour AFTER a Corbyn victory, thus robbing him of it, and forging a coalition with the Tories and any Liberals eager to jump on the gravy train. If they are not purged before the election, Corbynj is finished. Perhaps Corbyn just made the mistake of trying to deal decently with various REAL racists and fascists, all acting under Zionazi direction.

    • WallyWillager says

      Just because YOU can’t discern the strategy doesn’t mean there isn’t one, or that it is not working.

      There ain’t none so blind as…

      Want a clue?
      1st. They ignore
      2nd. They ridicule
      3rd, They attack
      Then they lose.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        When have ‘they’ ever lost?

    • Maggie says

      Whilst agreeing with most of what you perceive, I would ask HOW would you suggest JC ‘fight’ against the ‘ethnic pressure group?

      Corbyn does appear to lack a coherent strategy to defend himself properly against the slanderous attacks aimed at destroying him, and the left’s chances winning the next election. But how would we know this?….. Because the MSM show that?

      ”He should be galvanized into going on the offensive and relish the opportunity to tackle his political enemies”.
      How would that benefit him? The dogs would tear him limb from limb. As you say those who want to oust him or stop him becoming PM, have the measure of the man and have identified his most sympathetic characteristics, ‘his values and principles’ as his greatest weakness…. WRONG.. they are his Strengths! All the things that we are so desperate for in a leader.

      The only thing I do agree on is that JC appears to want to keep the Labour Party together – at any cost, and not give the right-wing MPs any excuse to leave and form a new Centrist Party with the Liberals and Tory pro-Europeans…. (I thought Bliar’s son was set to front this?)
      But I believe he should kick them out NOW before the run up to the election…. They are nothing more than ‘DOUBLE AGENTS’ who will wreck the Labour Party anyway…. if they are not allowed to fulfil their destiny and control it.
      Ideally we need to give them every opportunity to hang themselves like Hodge has done, Is it my imagination or has she gone remarkably quiet?

      ”Corbyn isn’t a ‘born leader’ or particularly articulate’.’
      I disagree totally. JC holds my attention each and every time he speaks, because he says what I want to hear. His rhetoric is not full of BS and finger pointing, but measured and concise..
      I do agree that it is painful to watch how the media vilify him and speak to him condescendingly and disrespectfully, as if he is a naughty child,. But how would we know if he did defend himself against the malicious lies? We would never be allowed to see it.

      ”The party is being pushed around by a small ethnic pressure group”, but so is the USA Government and the Conservative Party who rely on ‘them’ totally for their major funding.

      As you say, he should be appealing directly to the public and explaining what’s really happening and why… and most probably IS.. but what is ‘most strange’ is that we will never hear that on the MSM. We are forced to go to alternative media, like u tube or the Jimmy Dore Show (who is actually a Jew and defends JC to the hilt, and publishes all of JC’s speeches and attendances at public rallies) and sites like this are missed opportunities for JC’s advisors.. IMO.


      ”Rather than seeing the attacks as an opportunity to define himself and what he really believes in relation to the public, he seems oddly passive and defensive.” …….. As shown on TV!!!
      But here is an amazing, unexpected kick back, from ANDREW NEIL no less….

      Have you seen JC speak in public? He does not believe in getting down with the dogs and calling names and insulting people… and he definitely comes across as the better man… That is why the Conservative’s Puppet Masters have the big dogs after him… because he STICKS TO THE FACTS AND PRINCIPALS.
      I personally would love for him to turn on May and all the rest of the Hyenas… I would do that. But that is why he is in the position he is, and I and Skinner are not? He is better than that, and I for one am full of admiration for him.

      ” Instead of mobilizing his supporters, he demoralizes them”.
      He is mobilizing supporters… over a million joined in one year?
      How does is demoralise you?

      My advice to you, is to get on all the social media you can, and SUPPORT him. Instead of listening/reading and parroting the lies of the Filthy Presstitutes who rely on the Zionist dollar to exist..

  27. JJ139 says

    The never Corbyners will never stop. So the question becomes what happens if Corbyn is deposed?
    In my case, I vividly recall the sense of sheer joy that night in May 1997 when 20+ years of vile and destructive Thatcherism was overthrown and ‘things can only get better’. Then the gradual betrayal by Blair and Brown. Not only adopting Tory rules on the economy, PFI, Iraq etc., etc., throwing out Clause 4, more and more privatisations that eventually it was no surprise ‘Nu Labour’ lost the election in 2010. As someone who had previously long lived in a safe Labour seat but moved to a Tory safe seat and had voted LibDem a couple of times as the only viable potential non Tory winner, the LibDem betrayal in joining the Tory coalition (sic) government, meant I could never vote LibDem again. I was sick of Nu Labour and could not stomach Milliband (either brother), so voted Green in 2015. Finally, with Corbyn at the helm and the rallying cry of ‘for the many not the few’, I was delighted to be able to vote Labour again at May’s stupid and unnecessary post brexit general election. If Corbyn is still leader at the next General Election I will vote Labour, if he is deposed, I will not vote for a Blairite or similar. I can never vote Tory or LibDem and while I agree with the Greens on environment issues, not on many other topics. There will be literally no point in me voting. Nor for all the people reinvigorated by Corbyn as leader.
    The end result will be another Tory win. This time with someone like Boris or Rees-Mogg in charge of disaster capitalist, post Brexit Britain.
    Of course, the vocal section of the 250-300,000 Jewish people in Britain will be happy because they defeated an anti-Zionist, but the 60 million other inhabitants of Britain will be totally shafted, yet again.
    One reason for the anti-semitism in Germany in the 1930s was the perception that many Jews had hugely instigated and benefitted from the profiteering that caused such misery in Germany in the 1920s. As was also the case in 1990s former Soviet Union. That was the root cause of the nazis latching on to anti-semitism as a popular theme.
    The Israel firsters and Nu Labour Blairite chicken coupers should think carefully about what they are doing. But they won’t, because they only care about themselves.

    • Rob Simley says

      First call out Hodges for her foolish diatribe. It is what I would call false news and she espoused it for her own perverse political reasons, not because it was truthful, which it was not. Then parse the leader’s actual statements. He is a humanitarian, he understands what the Zionists have done to the Palestinian population in the Levant. He wants to stop it from progressing any further. He is certainly not anti-Semitic, however he will chastise the Zionists when they require comeuppance. It’s too bad, he seems to be swimming against the legislative tide in the UK.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      As Bernard Lazare, the French Jewish intellectual, defender of Dreyfus and enemy of Judeophobia, observed, the Jews had eventually fallen out with the rest of society in virtually all the various places that that had resided in over the millennia. This despite the radical differences in racial makeup, religions, social arrangements, history and geography etc, in these diverse places. He stated, honestly, that in some of these places at some of the times, at least, that ‘Israel’ ie Jewry, must have had some role in the growth of Judeophobia. I think that the current insane hate campaign by the Zionazi elites, not just in the UK but across the Western world. to outlaw ALL criticism of the Israeli racist regime and its never-ending brutal repression of the Palestinians, under the totally false accusation of ‘antisemitism’, illustrates Lazare’s point exactly.

    • You forgot the meeting of Thatcher and Blair after the Labour landslide victory. This did not surprise me as it was clear the silent infiltration of labour had started well before in the Kinnock years.

      As the BBC signalled to big business at the time, the transfer of power had been achieved safely:

      “Their “friendly chat” came not only on the eve of the EU summit but also just prior to Mr Blair’s meetings with US President Bill Clinton next week and Russian President Boris Yeltsin.

      The pair also talked about the importance of Nato and Britain’s relationship with the United States, according to today’s Sunday Telegraph .

      The two politicians are reported to have mutual admiration for each other’s strong leadership styles. Earlier this year, Lady Thatcher reportedly described Mr Blair as “a great patriot” and someone who would not “do Britain down”.

      Meanwhile Mr Blair has always stressed that he will not reverse the main elements of Lady Thatcher’s right-wing revolution, amid signs that he too admires some of her achievements.”


      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        Just before he won in 1997, Blair visited Murdoch on board a yacht anchored to the now rapidly dying Great Barrier Reef. Getting his marching orders, no doubt.

  28. Yet another loony left pulp article that shows, once again, that the author just regurgitates ready made phrases and trite leftists mantras, without even giving a second to anything close to a thought, something that probably would make him faint. Instead of analysing the situation and try to understand why Labour, with its acceptance of minoritymongering politics, has open itself to these kind of allegations and political games, we only have insults and the poor literary references of a warped mind. There is no doubt that this representative dolt of the Left is an ultraliberal globalist, an immigrationist fanatic and so, he would have a hard time to defend the Palestinian cause, as the Israeli-Palestinian problem is, to a great extend, an immigration problem, that the rest of the world and, specially the West, is reliving at this very moment. That means that the globalist and ultraliberal Left is in the unsolvable contradiction of being against immigration in Israel and Palestine and for immigration in the rest of the West. For normal people there is a difference between immigration and occupation. For immigrationist fanatics, that is, the Left, that is not that clear. These fanatics proclaim that no human being is illegal, that there should be no borders as they are human constructs, that there is no need for papers, passports and legal documents to identify people. Therefore, there is no difference between occupation and immigration for these people, as there is no papers, legality or borders that can distinguish one from the other and, so, there should be no Palestinian problem to talk about.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        Flinging faeces as he comes!

    • Raghuram says

      Please don’t vomit your nonsense here, if you have nothing meaningful to say. People like are a drain on time and patience please write your garbage somewhere else.

    • PeaceCora says

      You started with mindless name calling and insults and continued to write a pile of garbage, with the underlying assumption of your own superiority and rightness.

    • Forever Young says

      What a lot of shite you talk

    • Baron says

      And your motive behind this posting of yours was exactly what, comite espartaco?

      You may totally disagree with the argument, but how likely is it that what you’ve penned is going to change the minds of those who concur with MarkGB’s piece (which is btw well articulated, clear, and quite persuasive, the enlargement on George Orwell’s quote is faultless).

      MarkGB cuts the Jewish-Palestinian conundrum, the issues coupled with it, one way, you another, what makes you think you’re right?

    • Jen says

      By reducing the issue of Israel and Palestine to “an immigration problem” and insinuating that people are hypocrites if they support immigration into other countries but do not support immigration into Israel – all the while blithely ignoring the nature of immigration allowed into Israel by its government – Comite Espartaco reveals his/her sympathies with a racist apartheid state.

    • Rhamphotyphlops says

      What is this unreadable rubbish. I just about look forward to the day when bots can write coherent sentences.

    • grandstand says

      You appear to like the word (if indeed it is that) “minoritymongering”, comite espartico. Twice in two posts. It also occurs quite a bit on this website: https://comitespartaco.blogspot.com/. I’d call that “extrememinoritymongering”.

    • Jim Scott says

      I was not surprised by the advice to the undercover journalist from Al Jazeera by his Israeli minder that the most important method to bring down critics of Israel’s criminality was persistence, that is persisting with the fraudulent claims of anti semitism at every opportunity.
      You have been trained well in that regard Comite, although I would have thought they would not approve of your long winded diatribes. More succinct Comite. Just repeat a few slogans over and over and it sticks. I believe that idea came from some guy in Germany.

  29. Of course the same methods are used in the battle over the truth about false flag terrorism, state assassinations, alleged human-caused climate change etc. where the CIA-invented “conspiracy theory” label is used to persuade people not to even look at the evidence.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      There is NOTHING ‘alleged’ about anthropogenic climate destabilisation. Don’t you watch the news? Or read the journals, where the evidence(not ‘evidence’) is overwhelming and has been for decades.

  30. Gary Weglarz says

    From across the pond it is truly stunning to see what Corbyn is being subjected to in the media. It is probably an indication of what might have happened to Bernie Sanders if he had Corbyn’s courage and had actually called out Hillary Clinton’s corruption – demanded an “open convention” and refused to support her because of her obvious corruption and endless war mongering. But no problem there, Bernie is bonded with Israel and the U.S. military industrial monsters, and lacks Corbyn’s integrity.

    The absolutely loony fact-free nature of the baseless attacks on Corbyn would make them absurdly funny, in a dark way, if the stakes were not so very high. And make no mistake, the treatment of Corbyn by British MSM is a message to progressive humane politicians of integrity throughout the West of just what awaits should you dare defy Israel’s completely amoral psychopathic leadership.

    • Robbobbobin says

      “Israel’s completely amoral psychopathic leadership”

      Israel’s completely amoral psychopathic leadership is only a reflection of a voting majority of Israel’s completely amoral psychopathic electorates. As early as the 1960s the kids were leaving the kibbutzim as fast as their little feet could grow up. And that’s not counting the many Israeli Arabs who have always liked the Likud or the endless inflow of immigrants who are crazy enough to dress in the thickest of long hot blacks in even the most globally warmed of summers, and then move to somewhere even hotter because God or someone told them to. Israel’s claim to be a thriving democracy is, considerations of its franchise aside and relative to the facts on the ground of most other “representative” democracies elsewhere, reasonably unassailable.

        • Robbobbobin says

          Oh really. The long article about Arab politics that you link to contains only three trivial references to “Israel” (one of them uses it twice) and only one reference to “Palestine” (embedded in one of the three just mentioned. Only close inspection reveals it to be a two-word map key identifying the shade of turquoise that corresponds to the colour assigned to Israel on a vaguely captioned map that may not even have been prepared or fully checked out by The Economist (which had erected its paywall by the time I went back to check the details).

          Jesus F. Christ! Is that the best you or the dumbshits who have been hitting the downvote icon on my post can do?

          OF COURSE Israel’s “democracy” is a “façade”, under the West’s usual definition of “democracy”. What do you think “considerations of its franchise aside and relative to the facts on the ground of most other “representative” democracies elsewhere” means? The Athenian mother of all “democracies” has regularly been criticized for not being a real democratic “democracy” because of its (since perceived by non-Athenians) failings on the franchise issue, and if you want to know “relative to the facts on the ground” means, go ask a Floridian black over the age of forty what “the good old boy Jeb Bush” means. As for what “since perceived by non-Athenians” means, you’ll need to ask Mummy and Daddy to let you go to kindergarten and learn that what “democracy” means to those inside any given, putatively “democratic” system that is a major determinant of what it means around their parts, and conditions how likely they are to go dropping bombs and other sharp pointy things on their regional neighbours (except the case of the USA and a few wannabes, who like to drop bombs and things on anyone in the entire world who has assets they feel they should possess instead).

          Finally, may I ask a question? Thanks! It’s this: do you get paid to post dumbshit pseudo-objections to random posts or are you just badly programmed? Take your time – you might need to finish kindie before you feel confident in your answer.

          P.S. “putatively” [pyoo-tuh-tiv-lee]: you’ll need a dictionary [dick-shu-ner-ee] for that one.

          • grandstand says

            Can you read the map? Israel – democratic facade! Now you try to move the goalposts. Seems to me that you’re digging a big hole. I suspect whatever credibility remained before this post has gone for this site. Have a nice day – oh and keep it up – does wonders for your cause.

            • Robbobbobin says

              “I suspect whatever credibility remained before this post has gone for this site.”

              “This site” makes it perfectly clear that it does not censor any comments except those that could saddle it with takedown problems and that comments do not reflect the opinions of the site or its owners/editors. So whether you are a robot or a dickwit is a void point. Although you have not explicitly replied to my question, I will take the above quote to imply that you are a robot programmed by a dickwit, leaving intent as the only point to be resolved: none/vacuity or malevolence. My bet is on the latter. Or both.

              “Can you read the map? Israel – democratic facade!”

              You’ve missed the pretentious cedilla, but close and modest enough. Yes, quite. That’s what “a two-word map key” means. A two-word map key comprises the sole reference to the Israeli electoral system in an article which has only the most trivial reference to its governments’ policies. Or Israel from any point of view. Would the price of a consultation at Specsavers help?

              “Now you try to move the goalposts.”

              Did you indepentlly invent that phrase without knowing what it means or are you simply regurgitating it without having looked up what it means?

              “Have a nice day – oh and keep it up – does wonders for your cause.”

              I will, you’ve made it. My only cause these days is practising kicking any variety of terminal twerp right between its moving goalposts. You’ll do.

  31. Steve Jones says

    I see you declare to the world that you are not ‘racist’. What does that word mean?
    I presume you believe that white people, and ONLY white people, are not allowed to simply have their own countries any more. How on Earth did you come to such an insane point of view – if not from decades of propaganda? You write an article on propaganda, yet you can’t even see that you yourself have been brainwashed by it.
    Perhaps you can tell us all why you believe that non-whites HAVE to live around white people, in every white country on Earth, until white people become a (hated) minority – in their OWN countries? Perhaps you can explain what is going to be done when THERE AREN’T ENOUGH WHITE PEOPLE TO GO AROUND, since you obviously believe that non-white people HAVE to move to white countries, with a certain proportion of whites to non-whites, in order for the non-whites to ‘get a better life’. Do you think I want to wake up when I’m 70, and find myself as a white minority in a third world hellhole? Neither do the rest of us whites.

    • Kathy says

      What has the colour of your skin got to do with any thing in this article. How does it matter any way?. We are all flesh and blood hopes and dreams. All human. We are all one. Why is this colour thing in any way so important for you?. Other then this what is country any way?. How would you ever know that ;white countries: have always been white?. I feel you may have already allowed propaganda to permeate deep into your belief system. Creating division, pitching people one against the other is the first tool in the divide and rule.

    • nwwoods says

      @gary I suspect you may have already awakened; though not at 70 but at 95.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Racists are so stupid, as well as vile. The Nazis are coming out from ‘neath their rocks. I bet you’re a big Bibi admirer.

    • Rhamphotyphlops says

      The intent behind the mass migration of non-european people into european countries is not about replacing the “white” population. It is about controlling those countries populations through the well established means of divide and conquer, and more importantly for the powers that be, it is about destroying socialism within Europe.

    • Robbobbobin says

      “Do you think I want to wake up when I’m 70, and find myself as a white minority in a third world hellhole?”

      Of course not. I think that when you’re 70 you want to wake in a first world hell hole. The one you haven’t woken up to being built all around you, even though you could now pass for a ten year old. As for rascism (and its verbal construct xenophobia), everybody’s racist because a loving God figured out that was how to stop them fucking monkeys and not nearly enough time has passed to make much of a dent in that divine decision.

      • grandstand says

        I often think about the role of posts like this one. By letting it stand – and for other reasons I would regard that decision as marginal – the moderators can make clear the kind of mentality of Robbobbobin and allow readers to judge his/her other posts with more clarity.

    • Jim Scott says

      Who the hell are you talking to Steve? I haven’t read anything that pertains to your post. However you do sound a tad fearful that you are not up to relating to anyone different from yourself. Just relax a bit and I am sure you will cope. After all the first people in Britain had brown skin apparently and of course you must have read that our earliest ancestors all came out of Africa. You see you are just a mutant version of your brown cousins just like me and I am white and was born in Australialia which was once only occupied by brown people. Should I move out?

  32. Semites are a language family dominated by Arabic speakers. The real anti-Semites, therefore, are those bombing Arab countries – and that includes Israel. Jews are followers of a religion, like Christians and Muslims One can both convert to Judaism and renounce the religion. Jews are not a race. That propaganda was created by the Nazis. There are Persian Jews, African Jews, Chinese Jews, Indian Jews, European Jews and, yes, Middle Eastern Jews. The Ashkenazi Jews behind Zionism were European and did not speak a Semitic language. They spoke Germanic and Slavic languages, mostly. Yiddish is a German dialect. Zionism is therefore a European colonial project, occurring in our time.

    • Exactly. Since it is the Palestinians who are Semitic, it is Israeli Jews – and those who support their actions, whether Jews or not, who are the real anti-Semites.

      • davem says

        Hang on, some Palestinians are Christians! And they are unable to get from Ramallah / Nablus to pray at Bethlehem Churches ‘cos of the Israelis. (not the right paperwork).
        So are they Semites? They’re Palis, but not necessarily Semites.

        • Jim Scott says

          Semitism goes with the language not the religion Davem

  33. Francis Lee says

    Not wishing to be pedantic but the above quote

    ”Actions are held to be good or bad, not on their own merits, but according to who does them. There is almost no kind of outrage – torture, imprisonment without trial, assassination, the bombing of civilians – which does not change its moral colour when it is committed by ‘our’ side. The nationalist not only does not disapprove of atrocities committed by his own side, he has a remarkable capacity for not even hearing about them”

    Actually comes from ”Notes On Nationalism” – (1945) one of Orwell’s short essays. But the point is taken. It is part of a collection of essays contained in ”Decline of the English Murder.”

    • Francis, thank you, by stating the correct source you have also done a little service to Eng.Lit. There is no character in the novel 1984 who could have said that “in character”, nor did Orwell write the novel in persona of “omniscient author” who can explain to the reader aside from the character. But it fits perfectly in an essay, and is topflight prescient Orwell, so thanks also, MarkGB, for bringing it to attention.

  34. Fair dinkum says

    This kind of propaganda will not sway the average punter.
    Many working class people are cynical, or at the least, suspicious, of the over reach of the Israeli elite.
    Corbyn just has to bide his time and keep his head down, literally.

    • Forever Young says

      That may be true, but phrases repeated continuously like a mantra over a period of time, begin to colour the mind of people on a conscious and subliminal level..

      People are being desensitised through the emotional delivery of this dynamic and it’s a very effective tool for turning peoples’ minds or at the very least leaving them confused and open to the next round of manipulation… This is constant from what i can see through the limited MSM i glimpse and i can only imagine the millions of people who are struggling to keep the pace with modern living, sitting in front of their TV screens, constantly being bombarded with this growing narrative of the tyrannical imperialistic regimes….

      In this ever growing complexity of a society, then evolving through intuition and discrimination is the name of the game as it has always been, but for most people i sense they don’t have the energy to commit to that as they are too busy trying to satisfy their basic needs and chasing the things they’ve been told they need to be happy and free…

      Yes, many people are switched on to the game, but many millions of people just go along with what they’re fed from ‘authority’ figures.

      Jeremy is having to play a very tactful game around this and it’ll be really pressing upon him and i’m sure he’d like to be investing that energy into matters that are really important… Just wish he was against leaving the EU and offering a real challenge to the Tories.

      We all know how ruthless the institution of Israel can be and i pray that he is allowed to live… We all know on here that they’ll stop at nothing to achieve their perverse ends.

      • Robbobbobin says

        “That may be true, but phrases repeated continuously like a mantra over a period of time, begin to colour the mind of people on a conscious and subliminal level…”

        Well Jeremy’s really good at that, having a selection that barely changes over time, being as he obviously believes in them and, unlike the great majority of “democratic” politicians world wide, has apparently never been convinced that ideological dissimulation and plug’n’play is one of the politician’s sharpest tools. The poor bastard’s stuck with repetitive mantras. So keep calm and help get the vote out, why not? With the Labour party being from its inception a loyal tool of capitalism, getting Jeremy in won’t be the big number many hope for, but after generations of starvation, why pass on a morsel just because it’s not a feast?

      • Maggie says

        @Forever Young
        As you say – Most people don’t have the energy to commit to investigating the veracity of the MSM, as they are too busy trying to satisfy their basic needs and chasing the things they’ve been told they need to be happy and free…
        But all who use this site have an address book, that we can email this article to…. and ask them to share it. That way, they don’t have to do the research.. being our friends and colleagues they will thank us in the long run

        I also wish that JC had been for leaving the EU, but that would have made him too perfect. And at least this way, all the population is catered for?

        I too fear for his life… if he continues to gain in popularity as he has done over the past year.
        What will we do when they assassinate him? And blame it on the Novichok ‘again’?

        I would appeal to all Labour Party Members to vote against Lansman and his cronies for the NEC.
        IMO he spearheaded the backstabbing of JC.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      The working-class. ie ‘the many’, do NOT count under neo-liberal capitalism. Only the Few, in this case the highest expression of minority privilege, the ‘Chosen few’, count. Even if Corbyn won a landslide, the Blairites would immediately defect to a coalition to preserve Tory rule, and Zionazi dominance, and austerity will be ramped up to punish the serfs for their insubordination.

      • On the contrary, this is the energy supply to be nurtured and farmed AS a managed identity. If A.I and robotic ‘enhancements’ make all but a few million redundant, then notice the culling of the ‘useless eaters’ or the blindly trusting of ‘authority’.
        Setting up polarised charge is the ‘battery’ to then harness to private agenda – whether ‘individualistically’ or ‘collectively’. But in truth you are an indivisible whole with your ‘brother’. (All in whom you share being BY the giving and receiving of self).

        You cannot force another to LOOK at what they are not yet the readiness or willingness to SEE. The attempt to do so is a deceit by which WE ‘see’ only the failings or sins of others while NOT seeing our own. A process of communication over time allows our vote to be withdrawn from coercive thinking and restored to communication – which is receiving and giving and not ‘getting’ or getting away from.

        The idea of ‘democracy’ is a balancing idea to the idea of an imposed rule from above – (god-king down to aristocracy and ‘power class’). All apparent polarisations of mutual exclusion work the repeating of the drive to escape or overcome the other or alien ‘will’ that we do not recognize as a genuine reflection to our own unmindful thinking. And so we do the thing we accuse in others – but do not see, because we have learned to see something else.

        For the most part the psychic-emotional territory of our denied self is too disturbing to allow or abide through and we all generate ‘psychological defences’ or masking in support of Notional Security. There is an employment contract to the fear-directed protector for it was made to protect a sense of broken, denied or abandoned and isolated love. Where else would shame, hate and rage come from?

        How we configure our constellation of elements is directly expressing our level of whole self-acceptance. You do not HAVE to be ‘divided and ruled over’ by thought that rules out love. But opening to love is of course to reopen the fear of the reliving of ‘separation trauma’ that in some sense script our lives and interactions.

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