NEWS: Syria & Russia Accuse U.S. Coalition, ‘White Helmets’, of Preparing Chemical Weapons Attacks in Idlib

Eric Zuesse

The Governments of Syria and Russia claim to have proofs that the U.S. coalition that has invaded and now occupies Syria has prepared chlorine and sarin gas attacks for Idlib and other areas where Syria and Russia are trying to destroy all jihadists — prepared attacks designed to be blamed against Syria’s Government.

Headlining on Friday, September 7th, “New details surface about terrorists’ preparations to stage chemical attack in Idleb and Hama”, the official Syrian Arab News Agency reports from its sources in both Idlib and Hama in Syria, that:

The White Helmets have picked three new locations for carrying out the attacks after information was leaked about the previously-planned locations, and the three locations are: al-Najia town in Jisr al-Shughour countryside, al-Hamawsh town in the northwestern countryside of Hama, and Kafr Nubbul town in Idleb countryside.

The sources affirmed that sarin gas and chlorine gas shipments have been transported to these three areas, and that dozens of children ages two to ten who had been abducted recently from a camp near Salqin now were transported from Jisr al-Shughour to an unknown location.

The sources suggest that it’s likely that the White Helmets and the armed groups will carry out a real massacre this time to avoid the inconsistencies that surfaced in the staged chemical incident in Douma.

The next day, SANA reported that Russian intelligence had confirmed that there was:

full readiness of participants in such provocations, the play [or set-up] would be completed by Thursday evening September 13th, stressing that terrorists “are waiting for a special order from foreign contacts as a signal to start the practical phase.”…

Terrorist organizations in cooperation with the so called “White Helmets” acting as an arm of the terrorists, “Jan” in Syria, have shipments of chlorine gas and sarin gas to several regions of idleb and Hama countryside, to move dozens of children from addicted hospital In the middle of nowhere who were kidnapped recently from a camp near the city of salqin aged between two and ten years in order to prepare for chemical play scenario in these areas to accuse the Syrian Arab Army…

[And there are also] preparations for armed terrorist groups in Latakia and Aleppo, Idlib and surrounds, to use toxic chemicals against civilians and widely in order to disrupt the military operation against terrorism In those areas.

On Saturday, September 8th, SyriaNews.cc bannered “Nine Civilians Killed as UN Warns Syria Not to Fight Terrorists” and reported:

Nine civilians were murdered in Mhardeh today as UNSC President Nikki Haley warned Syria against fighting terrorism and terrorists in Syria.”

The source for that allegation regarding Nikki Haley was unfortunately not linked-to but was this from the current President of the United Nations Security Council, America’s Ambassador, Nikki Haley, speaking on September 7th:

The Assad regime and its enablers, Russia and Iran, have a playbook for this war. First, they surround a civilian area. Next, they make the preposterous claim that everyone in the area is a terrorist, so every man, woman, and child becomes a target. Then comes the ‘starve and surrender’ campaign, where they keep attacking until the people no longer have food, clean water, or shelter. It’s a playbook of death. The Assad regime has spent the last seven years refining it with Russia and Iran’s help.”

Polling by a British pollster, Orb International, which has been done annually throughout Syria since 2014, has shown that Idlib province is by far the most pro-jihadist region of Syria, and that over 90% of the residents there support Al Qaeda and/or ISIS. Collateral damage is routinely accepted in war; and, when, in 1945, the U.S. and Britain firebombed Dresden, and the U.S. nuked both Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the slaughter of civilians wasn’t “collateral damage” but was actually the purpose.

But now, the U.S. and its allies warn Syria and Russia not to bomb the only region of Syria that is overwhelmingly supportive of the very same “Radical Islamic Terrorism” that Donald Trump had railed against while running for the U.S. Presidency. Syria’s Government has been bussing all surrendered jihadists to Idlib, and so the percentage of jihadists there has increased even more, presumably to well over 90%. But U.S. President Donald Trump is threatening war against Russia, World War III, if Russia supports its ally, Syria’s, efforts to exterminate all jihadists in Syria. The United States Government cites ‘humanitarian concerns’ as the reason for threatening WW III.

Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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Norman Pilon

@ Admin:

<a href=”https://off-guardian.org/2018/09/08/news-syria-russia-accuse-u-s-coalition-white-helmets-of-preparing-chemical-weapons-attacks-in-idlib/#comment-130127>Somewhere in the thread below, you wrote:

“And a follow up. Where did you find the data on Assad’s record of brutality? We have been looking for a good source on this.”

Here is a link to material published by an online periodical managed by Raymond Hinnebusch (that both of us, or anyone else, including Eric, might turn to account): Syrian Studies

You can read the issues online, in .pdf format, in your browser or as downloads.

The periodical, as it appears online, seems to have gone dormant.The volumes and dates currently posted range from Vol 1 No 1 (2008) to Vol 9 No 2 (2017).

Norman Pilon

@ Admin:

You can examine one version of Hinnebuch’s Curriculum Vitae HERE.

Norman Pilon

In my opinion, an apt rebuke to the western ‘anti-war’ left:

Indefensible: Idlib and the left — Leila Al-Shami | Leila’s blog


Items from SANA Syrian Arab News Service. Syrian refugees flee back to (copywrite AZC) “Assad the blood-soaked, barrel-bombing, gas-spreading tyrant”:

Hundreds of displaced Syrians return from Lebanon
Damascus International Fair in its fourth day
Faculty of Health Sciences at Damascus University

Forever Young
Forever Young

I was always puzzled as to why so many ‘Jihadi Terrorists’ were allowed to leave in buses at the end of previous battles by the Syrian army…


They were allowed to leave the areas where they’d been defeated by the SAA and its allies … but the buses all took them to Idlib province.

There, they could fight (and even kill) one another to their hearts’ content. Making the job easier for Syria when eventually the Army has to mop them all up in Idlib.



What you say is, of course, correct but, just reading your explanation as if I didn’t know the background, I think it’s just worth clarifying that when the terrorists agreed to be ‘bussed out’ with their families they were fully aware their destination would be Idlib, already recognised as a (if not THE) major last terrorist stronghold, leaving just a few small pockets elsewhere (coincidentally (??) largely where the US forces have stationed themselves).

Norman Pilon

“Polling by a British pollster, Orb International, which has been done annually throughout Syria since 2014, has shown that Idlib province is by far the most pro-jihadist region of Syria, and that over 90% of the residents there support Al Qaeda and/or ISIS.”

90%, eh? What is the estimated population currently in Idlib? I’ve read from a number of different sources that the UN estimate is around 3 million. But some claim as “few” as 1.5 million. But regardless of which of the population estimates is closest to the truth, if the estimate of the percentage of Idlib residents who support Al Qaeda and/or ISIS is accurate, that is a lot of people unfriendly to the Syrian government.

I suppose, then, that it is reasonable to expect widespread resistance to the liberation of Idlib, and that many will have to die or leave, and judging from the tenor of the comments I’ve read here, rightly so.

After all, if a poll by Orb International — “allied with the US instead of with Syria” — says that most everyone in Idlib is an Al Qaeda and/or ISIS supporter, it must be true, and by implication, who could blame the Russians and Assad’s forces if they end up razing the entire province, eh?

I wonder if Orb put a its questionnaire to each and every resident of Idlib, or whether they had to rely on a ‘sample,’ and if the latter, whether that ‘sample’ was truly representative of the opinions and sentiments of the majority of Syrians currently hunkered down in Idlib?

But may the most righteous and humanitarian bombs prevail in Idlib. Especially so if the target is a province where 90% of the population are supporters of Al Qaeda and/or ISIS . . .


So, Norman, what is your prescription?
Should Idlib be left to the wahhabis ? Or the US? or the Turks? Should they be requested kindly not to use the place as a base for carrying out massacres in Latakia?
You hinted earlier that the carnage in Mosul was attributable to Iraq and Iran rather than the USAF, so do you think that perhaps the US should be given the job of ‘liberating’ Idlib and installing a proletarian dictatorship there?

Norman Pilon

“You hinted earlier that the carnage in Mosul was attributable to Iraq and Iran rather than the USAF, so do you think that perhaps the US should be given the job of ‘liberating’ Idlib and installing a proletarian dictatorship there?”

Please show me where I hinted that the carnage in Mosul was “rather more” the responsibility of Iraq and Iran than the USAF? Quote me to me. I want to read that hint.

As for my prescription, I have none. The situation is beyond tragic, and whatever chance the people of Syria may have had to extricate themselves out from under the governance of the current Syrian patrimonial system of rule, it has by now completely evaporated .

What I’m seeing is ordinary people whose lives had become so intolerable that they rose up in discontent, and for daring to stand up for themselves, are now being drowned in blood.

All I can do is to acknowledge the ‘reality’ as I see it: colluding capitalist regimes quelling the last vestiges of a popular uprising.

Is this what you want me to cheer?


“What I’m seeing is ordinary people whose lives had become so intolerable that they rose up in discontent, and for daring to stand up for themselves, are now being drowned in blood. ”

No. What you are seeing, and have been since 2011, is a carefully choreographed propaganda offensive designed to give a “Human Rights” and R2P gloss to a massive invasion designed to neutralise the last state in the region not to have surrendered to the Zionist programme. You have seen nothing, just read the claims being made. It is very clear from the obviously authentic reactions of people in Ghoutta and Aleppo that, on balance, the SAA is very much welcomed after their western sponsored opponents have been defeated.

“All I can do is to acknowledge the ‘reality’ as I see it: colluding capitalist regimes quelling the last vestiges of a popular uprising.”

Be fair, Norman: the US government are going to considerable lengths to protect this “popular uprising” against a capitalist government. While the Turkish government, together with their Gulf allies, went to great lengths to rush to the support (with men and munitions, medicines and money) of the ‘uprising’.
Surprisingly even Saudi Arabia, rarely seen as a bastion of support for the anti- capitalist cause, was to the fore in its defence of the revolution!
Thank you by the way for refraining from characterising the state actors merely as ‘capitalist’ ; the nonsense of ‘competing Empires’ is too much to deal with on a pleasant Sunday morning.

Norman Pilon

“You have seen nothing, just read the claims being made.”

And you yourself have seen . . . what?

Like me, you read claims (and viewed videos of claims being made) that both run counter to the claims that I now find more credible and that I, too, have read and to which for a good long time I adhered, just as you still do.

Then it struck me that the claim that there had never been anything like an uprising or peaceful protests in Syria was actually a rather baseless claim, that there was scant evidence being offered up for it and, furthermore and perhaps more importantly, that it flew in the face of what other very reliable sources had to say on that particular issue.

Samir Amin, for one, who is an Egyptian and a Middle East scholar, had written something that just didn’t square with the “no peaceful or popular protests” thesis of people like Vanessa Beeley, Eva Bartlett, Prof. Tim Anderson, or Stephen Gowans:

Quote begins:

You see, the US establishment — and behind the US establishment its allies, the Europeans and others, Turkey as a member of NATO — derived their lesson from their having been surprised in Tunisia and Egypt: prevent similar movements elsewhere in the Arab countries, preempt them by taking the initiative of, initiating, the movements. They have tested their experience in Libya, and they have tested it in Libya with success, in the sense that, in Libya, at the start we had no [broad popular] movement . . . against Gaddafi. We had small armed groups, and one has to question immediately . . . where those arms were coming from. They were — we know it — from the beginning, from the Gulf, with the support of Western powers, and the US. And attacking the army, police, and so on. And the same day, not even the next day, those very people who qualified themselves as “liberation forces,” “democratic liberation forces,” called upon NATO — the French and then NATO — to come to the rescue, and that allowed for the intervention. That intervention has succeeded in the sense that it destroyed the regime of Gaddafi. But what is the result of the success? Is it democratic Libya? Well, one should laugh at that when one knows that the president of the new regime is nobody else than the very judge who condemned to death the Bulgarian nurses. What a curious democracy it is! But it has also led to the dislocation of the country on a Somalian pattern: that is, local powers — all of them in the name of so-called “Islam,” but local warlords — with the destruction of the country. One can raise the question: was this the target of the intervention — that is, the destruction of the country?

I’ll come back to this main question, because they tried to implement the same strategy immediately afterward on Syria — that is, introducing armed groups from the very beginning. From the north through Turkey, Hatay particularly. The so-called “refugee camps” in Hatay are not refugee camps — there are very few refugees — they are camps for training mercenaries to intervene in Syria. This is well documented by our Turkish friends. And Turkey as a NATO power is part of the conspiracy in that case. And similarly with Jordan, introducing from the south, with the support — not only neutrality but, I think, active support — of Israel, through Daraa, southern armed groups.

Facing that in Syria we have objectively a situation similar to the one of Egypt: that is, a regime which a long, long time ago had legitimacy, for the same reasons, when it was a national-popular regime but lost it in the time of Hafez Assad already — it moved to align itself with neoliberalism, privatization, etc., leading to the same social disaster. So, there is an objective ground for a wide, popular, social-oriented uprising. But by preempting this movement, through the military intervention of armed groups, the Western imperialist powers have created a situation where the popular democratic movement is . . . hesitating. They don’t want to join the so-called “resistance” against Bashar Assad; but they don’t want to support the regime of Bashar Assad either. That has allowed Bashar Assad to successfully put an end, or limits, to external intervention, in Homs and on the boundary of Turkey in the north. But opposing state terror to the real terrorism of armed groups supported by foreign powers is not the answer to the question. The answer to the question is really changing the system to the benefit of, through negotiations with, the real popular democratic movement. This is the challenge. [Norm’s emphasis] And this is the question which is raised. We don’t know, I don’t know, I think nobody knows how things will move on: whether the regime, or people within the regime, will understand that and move towards real reform by opening, more than negotiations, a re-distribution of the power system with the popular democratic movement, or will stick to the way of meeting explosions just brutally as they have done until today. If they continue in that direction, finally they will be defeated, but they will be defeated to the benefit of imperialist powers.

Quote ends.

So, you see, whereas Amin asserted in 2012 that there had been a broad based or popular movement of Syrians arrayed against the Assad government, and that the Assad government had had a long history and was in the habit of meeting manifestations of popular dissent or unrest “just brutally,” the likes of Beeley, Bartlett, Anderson and Gowans denied it.

That was a problem for me.

Who to believe? Amin, the Middle East Egyptian scholar, or the ‘Western’ self-styled critical thinking alternative activist journalists?

Then there was this bit of video in which Putin makes claims very consonant with those of Amin (the relevant bit is from the very beginning to 8 minutes and 16 seconds):

Finally, in a footnote to something Prof. Tim Hayward had posted (i.e. titled: “Syria’s Moderate Opposition: beyond the doublethink”), I came upon a reference to Raymond Hinnebusch, which I highly recommend to anyone who might be interested in digging a bit more deeply into the history of the social and political imperatives proper to Syria and that resulted in the Syrian upheavals of 2011: this piece (i.e., ‘Syria: from ‘authoritarian upgrading’ to revolution?’ International Affairs, 88(1) 2012: p.113) was the piece that finally convinced me that the story as I had come to accept didn’t accurately reflect the reality of things as they actually were and are in Syria.

So, yeah, you are quite correct: I have seen nothing, just read and viewed claims being made.

And you? Have you seen anything more than I have?

Do you see that perhaps, just maybe, I might have “reasonable grounds” for seeing things as they pertain to Syria as I now see them?


Norman, you seem quite a nice fellow but — forgive me — you sound like a Trot. There was a Leftwing lady (called Marsinah?) BTL The Indie around 2010 who sounded quite reasonable until NATZO invaded Syria; and then one realized that she had swallowed the “rebel’ line hook and sinker, and that she and her Trotskyist comrades were the enemies of Arab Socialist countries such as Libya, Syria and Iran. Thank goodness for clear sighted socialist voices such as Ramin Mazaheri in the Saker.

Re prescription for Idlib: apply same remedy as cured the well paid NATZO so-called ‘rebels’ in Aleppo and 95% of NATZO’s well-paid, well armed so-called ‘ISIS caliphate’. Prescription of Dr.Assad, MD: negotiation, reconciliation, clemency — and integrity, both personal integrity and integrity of multi-ethnic Syria.

Norman Pilon


I sound like a Trot. You don’t like Trots. I guess that means there is a black mark against my name. I’m sorry you feel that way. If it makes you feel any better, I assure you that I’m not sectarian – at least I don’t think that I am — even if I happen to agree (and also disagree) with a lot of what many avowed Trots profess.

On the other hand, I’m also not much for ingratiating myself to anyone if doing so means compromising on what I believe to the truth about a point of disagreement. Bad manners on my part, I know. But none of us are perfect.

This is the second time that you recommend Ramin Mazaheri to me. I followed up on Mazaherie the first time you recommended him. Unfortunately, you may have missed my original reply to you pertaining to him. You can read it HERE.

The upshot is that in my opinion Mazaheri, despite believing himself to be a socialist, is so deeply wedded to neoliberalism that he doesn’t even recognize his own commitment in this direction.


The Empire is crumbling and it’s death throes it’s lashing out in all directions, commiting despicable crimes against humanity. Under-reported is that a couple of weeks ago China and Mongolia joined Russian a huge military exercise, clearly they are collaborating and will do whatever is necessary to swat the Neocon threat. It’s time that far more decent people in the US and here in the UK woke up to what is happening before it’s too late.


A clever piece here by the BBC that exemplifies it’s rampant hypocrisy with aplomb. Now I understand the identical timestamp was very deliberate and bait to hand such an article on. Shows we all have to be super careful, especially when some bit of evidence is handed to US on a plate.


What do you really expect? The BBC is a State-funded broadcaster, just like RT. Both put out their governmental propaganda.
I watch both, sometimes it is truly comical, especially on RT with their new style animations and creepy music, it’s really appalling propaganda. The BBC does it in a different way but it’s equally effective propaganda.
Thankfully there are lots of independent British and Russian and other sources and independent journalists where we can get much nearer to the truth!


RT was very quick to debunk the timestamp images that Craig Murray and Moon of Alabama called identical, stating that they were from adjacent corridors.
I agree all major media outlets are full of blatant propaganda. However RT is championing journalists that do have integrity, like Afshan Ratansi and Lee Camp and universally journo and guests are given absolute freedom in what they produce and say. This is not the case in western MSM outlets. So comparing them like for like is unfair and disrespectful to the integrity of RTs honest journalists and the guests they invite to speak.


The actual shows and documentaries and journalists are good, if not excellent. I’m thinking more of the hourly 00-29 news output in my criticism. The crass frequent propaganda in that news segment impacts the credibility of the excellent work being done by Keiser, Ratansi, Galloway and Lavelle and some others. Having said that, the RT UK evening news is probably the highest quality output of any in the UK.


Whilst they may not be to everyone’s taste in terms of presentation, surely “animations and creepy music” are not in themselves propaganda. It is the message that they are conveying that needs to be judged as to whether or not it is propaganda. Propaganda (“information of a biased or misleading nature…”) is from my observations far more to the fore, and consciously so, on the BBC than RT. In fact, if anything, RT go to the opposite end of the spectrum in order not to be accused of promoting propaganda. When interviewing people about the Skripal case, for example, I have noticed that Bill Dod (one of their English news presenters) states the UK position as fact to his independent interviewee (without so much as a wink and a nod) and asks them for their thoughts, allowing them to help the viewer to decide for themselves what they wish to believe. Likewise, if reporting on the ‘evidence’ given by HMG, RT reporters maintain their objectivity by avoiding words like ‘allegedly’ or ‘so-called’. For example they will say “Two Russians from the GRU have been identified by the UK Government as responsible for the attack on the Skripals” or “The suspected would-be assassins used the nerve agent Novichok in the attack”. Now from the official Russian point of view there is plenty to be challenged in those statements alone but, as objective news presenters, they refrain from doing so. They will, as you would expect, then normally add “The Russian Government maintains that they had nothing to do with the attack”. Is that really propaganda? I don’t think so. Granted, there are discussion programmes where both points of view are usually expressed but again that is healthy debate, not propaganda.

Even when RT do present information from the Russian Government’s viewpoint that doesn’t automatically render it ‘propaganda’ as seems to be the interpretation of it by many in the West who refuse to acknowledge that maybe, just maybe, the Russians could be right…God forbid that any of us should ever think that.

I note that RT have featured over the past couple of days the thoughts of West Virginian Senator Richard Black on the Syrian situation. Crosstalk also had Sami Hamdi (geopolitical risk consultant) as one of the two guests on Friday discussing Syria for half an hour and he patently follows and promotes extremist anti-Assad views. Was that programme evidence of Russian propaganda? Needless to say, Richard Black’s honourable verdict on what is happening in Syria naturally hasn’t warranted any coverage in the UK’s MSM.


I don’t disagree with much of what you say and as i said the individual shows are often excellent, but the lampoonish animations hark back to the days of Cold War propaganda.

Also the headlines are often not major stories but rather an opportunity for RT editors to have a dig at the UK or US. It’s often deserved but the placement is inappropriate.

RT remains one of my info sources but they are going to lose a lot of credibility and fall into the hands of OFCOM again and unnecessarily so.

Anyway, no state funded media is impartial, at least not in its overall mission, and that’s my main point.


No privately owned part of the UK MSM is impartial: it is overwhelmingly neoconservative propaganda funded bt tax avoiding billionaires who often live offshore.


Andrew Marr and the Mekon are in full anti Russian mode on the BBC.


So I just noticed. I love the way that Javid so authoritatively announces with calm assurance that it is the Russkies that are doing it.


The reason is that he is never required to put up collateral against lies.

Say this to him: ‘if you knew that putting a bullet through your spine was the consequence for telling anything other than the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, would you wish to modify your statement?’

These politicians happily make orders/supinely follow such orders to murder millions half way around the world, but kill fifty in London and it is ‘outrage, outrage!’

But never is the propagandist like Marr required to hold public representatives to meaningful account….

It is not killing anyone asking this question, it is removing any legal defence for a politician choosing to continuing to lie….

And with habitual liars/script readers, it is really the only way to put the fear of god into them….

Harry Stotle
Harry Stotle

I see the Guardians Jihadi apologist in chief is pleading for gentle treatment of the western sponsored groups who have been terrorising Syria for the last 7 years. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/sep/09/putin-pretends-peace-europe-caught-in-trap


SyrPer analyst Canthama recommends:

“This is a very good article by the excellent Joaquin Flores. I see him as good as Bernhard of MoonofAlabama on their understanding of broader geopolitics with a laser eye approach in what it really matters. Worth reading it.”


Canthama also suggests that there is still a chance for diplomacy and dignity to prevail at the UNSC (despite the presence of ambassadors from F UK U$A) because the Syrian ambassador is raising the tone of the debate before the guns begin to fire in earnest:


“It is always a pleasure to hear Dr. Bashar Al-Jaafari, Syria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, a person who has shown a tremendous sense of dignity and love for his country over the years, and has been a beacon of light inside the rotten UNSC.

One of Jaafari’s best moments, in the recent meeting at UNSC, was when he said on minute 6:10… “those who facilitated the entry of foreign terrorist fighters into my country, especially the Turkish government, still have a chance to remove them from Idlib province.”

As a side bonus, watch Nikki “the disgraceful” Haley face when calling Syria’s Jaafari to speak on second 0:18. Priceless.”

Gary Weglarz
Gary Weglarz

Just when one thinks this theatre of the absurd can’t get any more, well, absurd – here we go again. I used to think that the West’s global colonial genocide evidenced the very lowest dregs the human psyche is capable of. However, it is hard to argue against or dismiss the complete amorality and psychopathic inhumanity of our current generation of Western leaders, their MSM cheerleaders, and Western publics that simply can’t be bothered to “know” about the murder and mayhem they are party to daily.

David Macilwain

Now is the time to consider how we will counter the West’s false claims, when the WH actors are wearing gloves and gas masks, supplied by Avon Protective systems, and the children are actually showing signs of acute Sarin exposure. They might also aim to make some “Women of Idlib” – in WH gear, victims of real Sarin, and victims of their own commanders.
Since Mattis, oddly, came out and said that “the terrorists don’t have the ability to use nerve gases” on Friday, this whole story looks very probable.
But perhaps we can’t actually counter the propaganda, given we failed with Douma and Ghouta and Khan Shaikoun; the focus will have to be on supporting Russia and Syria, and attacking other weak points, like the Novichok story. But something might be planned for that too….


Saw on the BBC news tonight footage of a “makeshift hospital in Idlib seriously damaged by SAA barrel bombs” And so it begins… “Fortunately nobody was injured”, meaning western intelligence organisations haven’t yet given the signal to role out casualties; they clearly just wanted to warm up gullible Westerners and MSM gently.


“… a bombshell poll”

The only poll that counts is the one on election day.

The groan just gives and gives.

Citizens asleep
Citizens asleep

This week, The US military is conducting air-assault drills on Syrian soil.

News like this, becoming routine and yet … NO mainstream media criticized or challenged these flagrant violations of international laws.
And no American citizens protested this continued US aggression on foreign soils.

Let’s hope other armies, the Syrian or Vietnamese army for example, be conducting Military drills on US soil very soon, and the media and US citizens will see nothing wrong with this. Wish them well!


US Senator Richard Black has met with Assad and claims to have knowledge of the West planning a fake chemical attack.



Seems to be a man of honesty and integrity – rare qualities in positions of authority in the West. Interesting that he specifically – as the Russians have done previously incurring May’s ‘holier than thou’ affronted reaction – names and shames British intelligence as being primarily involved.


Whilst we have our on Cuba missile crisis moment, this tidbit to keep us amused in the bunkers from the MSM.

““I like him. He’s different to other politicians. I’ve always liked him. This isn’t the end of him, not really. It happens to everyone, don’t it”


A Cook you were a Masterchef
A Cook you were a Masterchef

They don’t give a shit about serial adulterers, in Hillingdon, Nr London apparently, as their MP.

I think they should be asked asap if that is the case.

Time to get back to basics i say.

I’m sure John would agree.

Not ‘sir john’ but John!

Oh TMS how you have foresaken Me…Et TU Brute?!

And the Met Police too. Urrgghh.
I nearly turned off and missed some great crikit.


Really mate, most constituencies around where I live (my MP Nick Hurd, OE MP) weigh the Conservative majority. As long as the MP is shagging adults, not children, sex is not enough to change voting patterns.

I personally consider rather more weighty matters than the wandering nature of MPs todgers.

You know, things like:

1) Views on Brexit;
2) Views on Western warmongering;
3) Views on local issues (e.g. Heathrow Runway III)
4) Views on housing;
5) Views on eduction;
6) Views on climate change and green issues;

Etc etc.

Do you find that monogamy really affects MP performance? Was Brown better than Major? Clinton more evil than Daddy Bush?

Brian Eggar

N.ikki Haley, what can one say.

She delivers her words with the panache of an automotan wind up doll from an agreed scripted agenda.

Why mainstream media seem to drool over ever utterance is beyond me but there again her audience and her words are not directed towards me but to another group entirely.

Jerry Alatalo

Watching United Nations Security Council meetings is highly instructive in that the ambassadors of the United States, United Kingdom, France, Sweden, the Netherlands seem to find nothing bad to say about their paid mercenary terrorist mass-murderers. These ambassadors might come across to the uninformed as having absolutely no clue that murderous terrorists EVEN EXIST!

Why do they never criticize – or even as much as acknowledge – terrorists? Of course, they are fully aware of the real terrorists in Syria. These ambassadors’ clear hands-off-terrorists stance and total silence is absolute evidence of war crimes guilt.


Global Depopulation Program and effects of it on Syrian War