Dutch government faces legal trouble after aiding terrorists

by FWMstaff, Free West Media
The “moderate” rebels in Syria were not moderate at all, the recent scandal in the Netherlands has demonstrated yet again. Faced with mounting legal problems, the Dutch government has been forced to cut loose the jihadists. At least one prosecutor seems to believe that the government committed a crime.

According to Public Prosecutor Ferry van Veghel, the so-called “moderate” Ahrar al-Sham is indeed a terrorist organisation. He says that the Public Prosecutor has indicted Dutch citizens for participation in the movement. According to Van Veghel, there is no difference between jihadist, extremist and terrorist organisations.  “All organisations whose purpose is to establish a caliphate in Syria, which aim to frighten civilians, they can be regarded as a terrorist organisation according to the law.

And the presence of these armed groups at “democratic conferences” organised by the United States and its allies, makes no difference he says: “I think it is always good to judge organisations mainly on their actions and not so much on their words.”

Ahrar al-Sham was no longer considered “radical” in December 2015, even though the officials of ministers Koenders reported on the human rights violations committed by the combat group.

The group on May 12, 2016, together with ally Al-Qaida, was responsible for a bloodbath in the village of al-Zara. A picture of the slaughter shows how two fighters, with camouflaged hats on and with machine guns in their hands, stand on the bodies of at least two women. The women were shot dead shortly before. Human Rights Watch reported this massacre. A month later Ahrar al-Sham committed a suicide attack in the province of Aleppo.

Jabhat al-Shamiya, also known as the Levant Front, is an umbrella group for Turkey-backed rebel fighters based in northern Syria. In 2016, Amnesty International accused it of carrying out summary executions and establishing sharia courts.

Relief supplies offered to combat groups can also be punishable, because it is a contribution to the conflict and possibly even terrorist financing, Van Veghel argues. “If you send pick-up trucks, you enable someone to travel, you enable an organisation to be able to get from A to B.” Van Veghel concluded in a strict tone: “If you in any way play a role in that battle, either active as a combatant, or less active but in such a way that you enable another person to take part in that battle, then you will face criminal responsibility.”

At Trouw and Nieuwsuur’s request for a general list or qualification system showing which groups in Syria are considered “moderate”, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs pointed to the official terrorism lists of the EU and the UN. Many terrorists can be found on these lists, but no “moderates”. There is no system for “moderate” fighters and no lists are kept, according to a spokesman. An overview of all “moderate” groups in Syria eleven weeks after submission of the request, has not been forthcoming.

The former leftist minister of Foreign Affairs Bert Koenders (PvdA) reported to the Lower House in April 2015 that the government would support the “moderate armed” opposition in Syria.

Koenders promises the MPs that it was not about weapons but only about so-called non-lethal equipment: food parcels, medical kits, clothing, communication equipment. Later “medical vehicles” were added. In January 2018, the term “vehicles” suddenly dropped the “medical” qualification.

Joël Voordewind of the Christen Unie party immediately expressed his doubts. He submitted a motion asking the government to refrain from the aid because he feared that the goods may fall into the wrong hands.

Voordewind asked the government not to send the money to armed groups but to spend it on humanitarian aid in Syria. His motion was supported by other parties, but was not accepted. Voordewind heard during a visit to Syria that the “rebels” of the Free Syrian Army had wanted to work with everyone who fought against Assad. At home he expressed his concerns in the chamber. The PVV wanted the support to stop. The CDA raised the issue between 2015 and 2018 at least six times.

Pieter Omtzigt (CDA) wanted to know which groups the Netherlands had supported in order to check whether they have been guilty of war crimes. “It makes quite a difference whether such a group has received an ambulance or an armored vehicle”. But in the summer of 2018 – and in the middle of the research by the two media outlets, the government suddenly declared the entire NLA program a state secret.

“This [new news report] screams for an answer,” Omtzigt told AFP late on Monday. Omtzigt added that the cabinet was bound to a deadline on Tuesday in which it had to provide answers. He said fellow Christian Democratic Appeal lawmaker Martijn van Helvert had also asked cabinet on numerous occasions to explain the Netherlands’ position.

Sjoerd Sjoerdsma, MP for the far-left D66 party, described the report as “shocking”. He told the ANP national news service: “How did this happen, despite all the warnings by lawmakers?”

Legal trouble is also facing the German government after the US asked the Merkel administration to participate in “retaliatory” regime change strikes against the Syrian government forces.

The Russian Federation believes another false flag “chemical” incident in Syria will be staged soon to justify the “retaliatory” strike. Several high ranking members of Chancellor Merkel’s party want to participate in the latest planned US attack. But the Scientific Services of the German Bundestag – the equivalent of the US Congressional Research Service – has released an authoritative legal opinion on the issue.

Such an attack would be illegal under international law and it would also violate the German constitution. There will be no official German support for such a wider attack on Syria. In an earlier opinion the Scientific Service also found that the continued US presence in Syria was illegal.

The Dutch newscaster NOS Nieuwsuur and the daily newspaper Trouw revealed that the Dutch government until very recently spent ten of millions of euros to provide jihadists in Syria with pick-up trucks, uniforms, satellite phones, cameras, medical kits, tents and rubber mattresses.

These “non-lethal” aid supplies were of course used in the armed struggle against the Syrian government.

Both Trouw and Nieuwsuur decided to carry out further research into the NLA program. In recent months, both media outlets have been talking to about 100 rebel leaders and those involved in the NLA program, and have succeeded in determining which groups the Netherlands has been supporting.

These turned out to be the Sultan Murad Brigade, the Suleyman Shah Brigade, Suqour al Jabl and Division 13 of the Free Idlib Army, Brigade 51 and Jabhat al-Shamiya. Commanders from these groups have spoken to Dutch journalists, describing in detail what kind of goods they had received from the Netherlands.

The Public Prosecution Service has actually prosecuted Dutch Syria volunteers for joining such brigades of the Free Syrian Army. The Dutch Syrian Driss M, had to appear in court on March 21, 2017, accused of having participated in the Islamist group Jabhat al-Shamiya in 2014 and 2015.

According to the Public Prosecution Service, this is a “salafist/jihadist organisation that seeks to establish a caliphate, and is part of the jihadist Ahrar al-Sham. But at the same time, Jabhat al-Shamiya is also part of the Free Syrian Army supported by the Netherlands and described as “moderate”.


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John Mason
John Mason
Aug 19, 2019 8:24 AM

Calling Liberal D66 “far-left” questions the veracity of the author’s understanding of Dutch politics .

Aug 11, 2019 11:00 PM


Sep 19, 2018 12:42 PM

Mainstream human political entities don’t undermine themselves.
‘The Establishment’ does not equal ‘mainstream political entities’.
I think you know that though, even as it undermines your own comment.

Sep 17, 2018 6:03 PM

Loud report from MH17 missile landing on Den Hague, Dutch regime reeling.


harry stotle
harry stotle
Sep 17, 2018 10:04 AM

When I saw the headline I first thought Dutch parliamentarians might be objecting to the worlds leading terror organisation, the USA – but no, it turns out they are upset because they fell for the ludicrous rebranding of Salfist extremists as ‘good rebels’.

Are those taken in just thick or terminally deluded – or maybe they put their trust in Al-Qaeda apologists like George Monbiot?

James Graham
James Graham
Sep 17, 2018 5:51 PM
Reply to  harry stotle

The thumbs up/down aren’t working properly. I’ve given you 16/15.

Mulga Mumblebrain
Mulga Mumblebrain
Sep 19, 2018 3:02 AM
Reply to  harry stotle

The takfiri butchers are still uniformly idolised as ‘rebels’ by the Austfailian fakestream media vermin.

Sep 17, 2018 6:09 AM

The Syrian and Russian governments have developed a new strategy to counter St.Theresa’s CW False Flag atrocities. They track NATZO’s chemical weapons on their way from Porton Down through NATZO member Turkey and then they report each stage of the CWs travel through Syria to the UN. The headline in today’s SyrPer reads, RATS MOVE CHLORINE GAS TO BASANQOOL:

“The Reconciliation Center managed by the Russians at Humaymeem Airbase in Latakia have announced that the terrorists have now moved their containers of chlorine gas to the forested hills of Hirsh Basanqool. I believe the load is on its way to Jisr Al-Shughoor where my sources tell me the plan is to blow it up as worshippers are leaving the central mosque on a Friday in order to have the most ghastly and provocative scenes possible. I have also been told that because of the amount of coverage of the meeting in Idlib City, to which your editor devoted an entire post [last week], the plan has changed with greater precautions taken regarding security, a demand made by, evidently, one of the British rodents accompanying the crew of mischief-making liars.

I also just learned yesterday that the Qataris are paying the salaries of the crew, British, American and Zionist.


Sep 16, 2018 5:39 PM

Today’s SyrPer also has an item on the Dutch regime’s volte face over aiding White Helmet terrorists.

And this item of terrorist family interest:

“THE GREAT EXODUS: Uighers, Uzbekis, Chechens, Daghestaanis and a few Albanians are heading north with their families to the Turk border to avoid what they know to be the inevitable push to exterminate them. They are moving their families out of harm’s way. The actual number is not known, but, the Turks are allowing them in as long as they leave the country permanently.

Another wave of emigration is also taking place, except, this one is heading south to the areas controlled by the Syrian Arab Army. These are the actual citizens of Idlib who want nothing to do with the terrorists who are planning their own Masada in Idlib. Some are successfully using the Russian humanitarian corridors to escape despite repeated threats of retaliation from the terrorist grubs” [entrenched in Idlib].

Mulga Mumblebrain
Mulga Mumblebrain
Sep 17, 2018 12:08 AM
Reply to  vexarb

The manner in which the vermin presstitutes of the Western mainstream media have lied, lied and lied again about the true nature of the filthy butchers they STILL call ‘rebels’ in Syria is beyond infamy. They are all, and there have been, as usual, no dissidents from the filthy Groupthink, in my opinion, directly complicit in all the hideous atrocities inflicted on innocent Syrians, before and after the acts. May they all rot in Hell.

Big B
Big B
Sep 16, 2018 5:02 PM

Way to go, Dutchie!

Now, if only Her Majesties Oppositional terrorist collaborators would follow suit, and do some actual opposition to imperialist power. Instead, terrorist fund raiser Jeremy Corbyn, collected alms for Jihadis instead (Jo Cox Xmas Appeal 2015): supported the elite-capitalist imperialist regime-change interventionist front – the Jo Cox Imperialist Foundation. Even when the BBC did a limited ‘Jihadis You Fund’ hangout: after some bluster about “grotesque abuses” …when it came time to really follow though (after the fake US funding freeze): Jihadi symathiser Matt Pennycock made sure the WH got their funding hiccup sorted. They had the chance to bring down the most venally weak imperialist government in history, seize the moral high ground over their appalling human rights record …but sided with them instead.

And they are still called socialists?

And if they want to call themselves ‘anti-austerians’ as well: perhaps they could ask at PMQs if £200mn of our money could be better spent at home instead?

Many of the groups named by the Dutch come with the label – ‘Made in the UK’. Other than questions asked, assurances taken, and funding restored (through the Conflict, Instability, and Insecurity fund to the Jihadi ‘Tamkeen’ parallel statist project) …I do not recall any real effort to expose our imperialist terrorsism.

Qui tacet consentire videtur?

We all have the same access to information, (for the moment). If you can’t find the relevant information (the Dutch did), it can only be because you are not even looking.

Sep 16, 2018 5:21 PM
Reply to  Big B

Got a link to the Matt Pennycock element of the story ?
Jezza needs to get on some uppers or something, go for a few drinks with Chris Williamson, throw caution to the wind and tell the Guardian to fuck the fuck off.
Carole Cadwalladr – in the Guardian – actually arguing that the #UK govt. is downplaying the “#Russian threat”. Apparently people need to “wake up” to the idea that #Putin is our enemy and stop being “in denial”. Has she been in a cave for the last 5 years?
[Tweet from OffG]

Big B
Big B
Sep 16, 2018 6:42 PM
Reply to  mog

Link and video:


“With thousands of civilian lives at risk will the prime minister step up, pledge the government to plug the funding shortfall that now exists, and ensure these heroic [Jihadi] rescue workers can continue their work?”

I did try and post an excellent activistpost link: that has a meta-analysis of the ‘Tamkeen’ parallel statist funding, that was restored after a letter to Beckett from Burt …without much fuss or feathers [I think it has been stripped off by the spam filter?].

I wonder, do all MPs research on a firewalled Disneyfied Parliamentary intra-net? Or have all their devices locked from accessing real information? They seem to live in a very insularised and sanitised self-interest filter bubble?

Sep 17, 2018 11:36 AM
Reply to  Big B

Thanks for the link.
Pennycook the young centrist, why was it him asking the question?
Maybe his stint on the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee linked him to something or someone? Genie Oil?

I too wonder how much is ignorance and how much mendacity. We all know smart people who would never, ever veer out of their reality tunnels.
‘The Truth will set you free’,
‘No thanks, not today’.

Big B
Big B
Sep 18, 2018 9:43 AM
Reply to  mog


Re: Pennycock – have you not worked it out yet? My impression, from those I still know inside the Labour movement, is that JC runs a tight ship. Much tighter than the factional impression the media give of a warring party (Caveat: it is a warring party, but generally among the backbenchers). JC works through his ministers and delivers the minimum of opinion and policy himself. I believe that it is a false impression that his ministers are wholly against him: his office has much more control than is recognised. This allows him to remain a ‘cleanskin’ and a singular emblematic of hope.

If anyone analyses the Labour party as a whole, the views, endorsed by the leadership, reveal a centrist capitalist imperialist war party. Even Thornberry’s recent “wait for the proof before striking” speech …wait for the proof from a profoundly corrupt instrument of imperialism such as the UN-OPCW-JIM mechanism? The conclusion is forgone: the blame and responsibility deferred to a higher imperialist power. I want our politicians to be responsible for their decisions, as a minimum. If we defer responsibility to the global governance architecture of imperialism (the supra-state above the state): we are left as a venal imperialist vassal with no autonomy or political sovereignty.

The populous view that the leadership and Momentum are in the midst of a left-wing coup is displaced by the fact is that the party AND leadership are taking a step to the right …and if anything, drifting further that way …deferring to the imperialist supra-state all the way (I’m sure that you have picked up from Starmer, where we are heading, under a post-democratic Labour regime, as regards to Brexit …goodbye and hello to the new militaristic imperialistic supra-state of the EU).

Does anyone really consider Lansman a left-wing ideologue?

Perhaps we should no longer consider JC a left-wing martyr to the cause? The cause is now imperialism.

Sep 19, 2018 6:47 AM
Reply to  Big B

JC runs a tight ship. Much tighter than the factional impression the media give of a warring party (Caveat: it is a warring party, but generally among the backbenchers). JC works through his ministers and delivers the minimum of opinion and policy himself. I believe that it is a false impression that his ministers are wholly against him: his office has much more control than is recognised. This allows him to remain a ‘cleanskin’ and a singular emblematic of hope.
Are you suggesting that JC is briefing against his own reputation, that the constant sabotage against his leadership from high profile party members this summer is his doing?
What about the mandatory re-selection drive? Does the prospect of significant member democracy in any way threaten the imperialist liberal history of the party, or is that a ruse as well?
You’ve lost me on this BigB. I see a political conversation in this country that is completely fractured and I see Corbyn and McDonnell selling out their principles to try and keep up with the ‘media-politics’ veer to the extreme centrist/right. I see the Establishment planning a post democratic society which will make the long overdue split in Labour all but irrelevant.That is not seeing JC as an pretender though. Maybe a naive idealist.
Maybe I don’t see it clearly. Maybe this week’s conference will enlighten me…?

Mulga Mumblebrain
Mulga Mumblebrain
Sep 17, 2018 12:10 AM
Reply to  mog

Cadwalladr reaches new depths of raving insanity, even for the Guardian asylum. Why do these creatures so clearly want war with Russia, a war that would destroy humanity?

Sep 17, 2018 11:38 AM

I can only think that mongering the war pays the mortgage.

Sep 18, 2018 12:32 AM

Profit $$$

Sep 16, 2018 4:37 PM

From the “big picture” point of view the West has been essentially a large criminal cabal for 500+ years pillaging, raping and genociding the rest of the planet for profit and power. So nothing new here, except the “excuses.” Western populations have simply gone from justifying such actions to ourselves by claiming to be nobly bearing “the white man’s burden” or “saving souls” or “bringing civilization” to the “uncivilized” – to bombing our non-white targets into oblivion through “humanitarian interventions” because of our noble dedication to “duty to protect” – all of course in complete violation of international law, but hey, which MSM outlet is going to be so crass as to point that detail out? The utter hypocrisy of Western leaders, our institutions and we citizens of the West is mind boggling.

Sep 16, 2018 4:19 PM

Obviously the news from the Netherlands vindicates the work of genuine campaigners who have fought to expose this for such a long time.
Can’t endorse the source of this article, though. Jonathan Cook’s recent analysis makes the point that the new ‘Right populism’ is really just another flavour of the same shit sandwich.
From ‘Free West Media’ About Page:
New parties and movements grow from below, propelled by enthusiastic grassroots. Parties like Alternative für Deutschland, Front National and Freiheitliche Partei Österreich gain momentum, in spite of harsh opposition from the establishment and harassment from street thugs. Even more so, the old establishment parties that like to call them “populist” are slowly and silently adapting their policies to mimic those new rivals in the hope of stopping the flight of the voters, thus proving the “populists” right.
Emphasis added, to make the point that ‘the Establishment’ are fully involved in the turn to the far right that we see accross the world.

Sep 19, 2018 9:25 AM
Reply to  mog

What, Merkel’s CDU is secretly promoting AFD and Rutte’s VVD is doing the same with the PVV??? Whatever you are smoking, it is too strong.
Mainstream human political entities don’t undermine themselves. Voluntary group suicides are limited to Jamestown-ers etc.