NYT Admits “no evidence” of Russian Collusion.

The headline says it all really – it’s not exaggeration or spin on our part. For months, years even, we’ve been told that Trump is “the Siberian candidate”, or “Putin’s puppet” and “Russia’s Weapon”. The evidence was never supplied, but those who questioned the claim were mocked, derided and ignored.

None of that matters now…because today, in the New York Times, these words were published:

…no public evidence has emerged showing that his campaign conspired with Russia in the election interference or accepted Russian money.”

For proof, and just in case they take it down, here’s the screen cap they took over at Moon of Alabama:

Right there in black-and-white. There are other words, of course, thousands of them, a quarter of a novel. All designed to blow smoke over this para and give the opposite impression without actually lying. But none of the others matter: these 20 words prove Russiagate is fake, and that the NYT knows it and just hopes its readers don’t catch on. That para is basically a full on admission that everything else in the article is filler and pulp and gossip and nonsense.

What we’ve been saying, all along, is finally an admitted fact in the mainstream media.

Moon of Alabama has done a good piece on this here.


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