Food, Justice, Violence and Capitalism

Colin Todhunter

In 2015, India’s internal intelligence agency wrote a report that depicted various campaigners and groups as working against the national interest. The report singled out environmental activists and NGOs that had been protesting against state-corporate policies. Those largely undemocratic and unconstitutional policies were endangering rivers, forests and local ecologies, destroying and oppressing marginalised communities, entrenching the corporatisation of agriculture and usurping land rights.

These issues are not unique to India. Resistance against similar practices and injustices is happening across the world. And for their efforts, campaigners are being abused, incarcerated and murdered. Whether people are campaigning for the land rights of tribal communities in India or for the rights of peasant farmers in Latin America or are campaigning against the fracking industry in the UK or against pipelines in the US, there is a common thread: non-violent protest to help bring about a more just and environmentally sustainable world.

What is ultimately fuelling the push towards the relentless plunder of land, peoples and the environment is a strident globalised capitalism, euphemistically termed ‘globalisation’, which is underpinned by increasing state surveillance, paramilitary-type law enforcement and a US-backed push towards militarism.

The deregulation of international capital movement (financial liberalisation) effectively turned the world into a free-for-all for global capital. The ramping up of this militarism comes at the back end of a deregulating/pro-privatising neoliberal agenda that has sacked public budgets, depressed wages, expanded credit to consumers and to governments (to sustain spending and consumption) and unbridled financial speculation. In effect, spending on war is in part a desperate attempt to boost a stagnant US economy.

We may read the writings of the likes of John Perkins (economic hitmen), Michel Chossudovsky (the globalisation of poverty), Michael Hudson (treasury bond super-imperialism) or Paul Craig Roberts (the US’s descent into militarism and mass surveillance) to understand the machinations of billionaire capitalists and the economic system and massive levels of exploitation and suffering they preside over.

Food activists are very much part of the global pushback and the struggle for peace, equality and justice and in one form or another are campaigning against violence, corruption and cronyism. There is a determination to question and to hold to account those with wealth and power, namely transnational agribusiness corporations and their cronies who hold political office.

There is sufficient evidence for us to know that these companies lie and cover up truth. And we also know that their bought politicians, academics, journalists and right-wing neoliberal backers and front groups smear critics and attempt to marginalise alternative visions of food and agriculture.

They are first to man the barricades when their interests are threatened. Those interests are tied to corporate power, neoliberal capitalism and the roll out of food for profit. These companies and their cheerleaders would be the last to speak up about the human rights abuses faced by environmentalists in various places across the world. They have little to say about the injustices of a global food regime that creates and perpetuates food surpluses in rich countries and food deficits elsewhere, resulting in a billion people with insufficient food for their daily needs. Instead all they have to offer are clichés about the need for more corporate freedom and deregulation if we are to ‘feed the world’.

And they attempt to gloss over or just plain ignore the land grabs and the marginalisation of peasant farmers across the world, the agrarian crisis in India or the harm done by agrochemicals because it is all tied to the neoliberal globalisation agenda which fuels corporate profit, lavish salaries or research grants.

It is the type of globalisation that has in the UK led to deindustrialisation, massive inequalities, the erosion of the welfare state and an increasing reliance on food banks. In South America, there has been the colonisation of lands and farmers to feed richer countries’ unsustainable, environment-destroying appetite for meat. In effect what Helena Paul once described in The Ecologist as genocide and ecocide. From India to Argentina, we have witnessed (are witnessing) the destruction of indigenous practices and cultures under the guise of ‘development’.

And from various bilateral trade agreements and WTO policies to IMF and World Bank directives, we have seen the influence of transnational agricapital shaping and benefitting from ‘ease of doing business’ and ‘structural adjustment’ type strategies.

We also see the globalisation of bad food and illness and the deleterious impacts of chemical-intensive industrial agriculture on health, rivers, soils and oceans. The global food regime thrives on the degradation of health, environment, labour and communities and the narrowing of the range of crops grown resulting in increasingly monolithic, nutrient-deficient diets.

Whether it includes any or all of the above or the hollowing out of regulatory agencies and the range of human rights abuses we saw documented during The Monsanto Tribunal, what we see is the tacit acceptance of neoliberal policies and the perpetuation of structural (economic, social and political) violence by mainstream politicians and agricapital and its cheerleaders.

At the same time, however, what we are also witnessing is a loosely defined food movement becoming increasingly aware of the connection between these issues.

Of course, to insinuate that those campaigning for the labelling of GM food, the right to healthy food or access to farmers markets in the West and peasant movements involved with wider issues pertaining to food sovereignty, corporate imperialism and development in the Global South form part of a unified ‘movement’ in terms of material conditions or ideological outlook would be stretching a point.

After all, if you campaign for, say, healthy organic food in your supermarket, while overlooking the fact that the food in question derives from a cash crop which displaced traditional cropping systems and its introduction effectively destroyed largely food self-sufficient communities and turned them into food importing basket cases three thousand miles away, where is the unity?

However, despite the provisos, among an increasing number of food activists the struggle for healthy food in the West, wider issues related to the impact of geopolitical IMF-World Bank lending strategies and WTO policies and the securing of local community ownership of ‘the commons’ (land, water, seeds, research, technology, etc) are understood as being interconnected.

There is an emerging unity of purpose within the food movement and the embracing of a vision for a better, more just food system that can only deliver genuine solutions by challenging and replacing capitalism and its international relations of production and consumption.


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Oct 18, 2018 3:44 AM

Indian intelligence agencies were investigating foreign funded NGOs who were breaking existing rules of declaration. In the field of traditional religion Christian and Wahhabi NGOs receive millions since decades and use this to bride the poor to join their ideology.
It is not very different with the new dark green ideologies, only their the money is used to bribe power holders like journos, activists, politicians etc. In India there is now a lucrative industry to blackmail new big projects with green protests (some real, much not): this pays off regularly so it goes on.
China is on the other side of this development: not enough environmental considerations allowed.

Mulga Mumblebrain
Mulga Mumblebrain
Oct 18, 2018 7:49 AM
Reply to  Antonyl

Zionazi racism and Orientalism is ALWAYS repulsive, and this creature adds anti-Green hatred as well. But, after all, hatred is this type’s existential fuel.

Oct 18, 2018 8:08 AM

Hilarious to read your stuff about hatred, but as your are full of it it comes out kind of natural.

Mulga Mumblebrain
Mulga Mumblebrain
Oct 18, 2018 11:11 PM
Reply to  Antonyl

The concatenation of Talmudic hatred of all the goyim, the typical European settler hatred of the indigenous inhabitants who must be exterminated or expelled so that the Herrenvolk can seize their myth-given lebensraum, and (the most understandable) the hatred that grew out of the Nazi Judeocide, makes you Zionazis simply little pustules of hatred and aggression. There are others like you, of course, but you have the power and control, gained through straight bribery, to cause more suffering than any others. And it will consume you, too, in the end. I almost pity you, and your suicidal drive.

Oct 18, 2018 8:13 AM

Maybe you can explain your readers here how Xi China deals with Tibetan Buddhist ,Muslim and Christian NGOs: you could start with his appointment of 7 bishops https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-45613668
This is way past dubious money transfer investigations.

Mulga Mumblebrain
Mulga Mumblebrain
Oct 18, 2018 11:15 PM
Reply to  Antonyl

China won’t allow Western enemies or their agents inside China to ‘..bring China down’, as is plainly the USA’s intention. Of course you Zionazis (and what chutzpah it takes to feign concern for Chinese minorities when your treatment of the Palestinians is so very much worse)HATE and FEAR China because Zionazi Fifth Columns will never control China the way they do the entire West. And the Chinese dare to treat Israelis as fellow human beings, not the ‘Gods Upon the earth’, as Begin put it.

Oct 17, 2018 9:27 AM

The land which supports life has been carved up Stolen, bought, sold and exploited. Way back in time the land was free and the people were free. Common land is still being stolen and taken away from the people. The notion of the land being for the people destroyed and the land or lack of it became a weapon to use against the people enclosured until the serfs had to beg and enslave themselves to their masters for survival.

Oct 17, 2018 12:47 PM
Reply to  Kathy

I also read your picture deeper – in that the nature of shared being is lost to a private agenda of self-possession and defence, as a result of scarcity, lack and competition that may also be artificially induced.

So ‘the people’ are all to a large degree operating the ‘private sense of self-possession’ by which the true nature of shared being – while Life and its worth held in common – is denied, sacrificed and fed to the Idols of fear-protected identity.

The guilt that I see as inherent to a getting a ‘self’ upon the denial of the life of others is then redistributed under ‘narrative control’ or the attempt to get rid of responsibility associated with blame and penalty -rather than freedom.

Carbon tax offers a version of a guilt based economy and social structure. Repackaging toxic debt into the structure of the minds that think to escape it – while the system administrators replicate unto the mind what was done to the Land. It isn’t so different from the body encapsulating toxins in ways that limit harm when it hasn’t the capacity to avoid or expel them. So protective plaques operate a means for functional breakdown of disease, and death.

Oct 17, 2018 2:16 PM
Reply to  binra

As without so within.

The trauma of possession and being possessed.

I have always felt that the ownership and exploitation of the land acted/acts as the catalyst. The enslavement of body and mind. A dependence on something that has been possessed and is now used to ensnare. . And yes the trauma that this creates with in the psyci festers ever deeper. As we are enslaved we further enslave ourselves, others and the land. As we are possessed we begin to covert things we can possess. Then we start to believe that what we have, and own ourselves liberates us. We are re running our initial enslavement , dependence and guilt. We are trying to buy our freedom and independence but the only thing we gain is to further enslave ourselves. It is the trauma of this that corrupts us. We lose sight of interdependence and the symbiotic nature of existence. As we covert possession we are further possessed. What should be free becomes captured. It is hard for us to feel responsible for the damage we do so we use our guilt to punish ourselves and we pay out to continue the damaging effect caused by our severed identity. We re traumatize over and over. The damage this does further corrupts us and ensnares us. The dream time and the song lines become lost and our vibrations become weaker. We lose the ability to communicate with nature and what truly nurtures us. To become aware of this cycle is our first awakening. To recognize our mind as free is our next. How to free the earth is in part by first realizing it was never ours to possess.

Oct 17, 2018 11:54 PM
Reply to  Kathy

I read this quote this morning:

“Ownership is a dangerous concept, if it is left to you. The ego wants to HAVE things for salvation, for possession is its law. Possession for its OWN sake is the ego’s fundamental creed, a basic cornerstone in the churches that it builds unto itself. And at ITS altar, it demands you lay ALL of the things it bids you get, leaving you no joy in them”.
EVERYTHING that the ego tells you that you need will hurt you. For, although it urges you again and again to GET, it LEAVES you nothing, for what you get it will DEMAND of you.
~ A Course in Miracles Urtext

Yes there is a long process over time of ‘Separation’ or dislocation and dissociation from true being – and this is persisting as a pattern in modern ‘alienations. and fragmentation of society, family and individual consciousness.

Taken out of our Living Context, we die, and adapt to a living death in place of Life.
While the physical seems to prove death power over Life, it is also worth noting that persistent fear operates a kind of amydala-capture under the fight-flight response or ‘reptilian brain’ which effectively shuts off other pathways to focus in the physical imperative – excepting it is activated as a persistent psychic emotional loop. So Trauma – out of mind but no less active beneath it – is a basis of dissociation that then reenacts or models its own patterns of abandonment, rejection, denial, betrayal – and of course all the attempt to placate, appease or evade reliving such. IN this sense I see human development as an explication of inner archetypes – regardless how sophisticated our forms of development.

But yes if gaining ‘possession’ of a world costs us the Intimacy of Soul-awareness – then we allow an illusion of power to rob us of the awareness of who and what we are. But only while persisting in the original attempt or intent of a personal sense of possession – as a fenced off sense of self.

Mulga Mumblebrain
Mulga Mumblebrain
Oct 17, 2018 11:55 PM
Reply to  Kathy

The ruling psychopaths HATE other people, one another and, often enough, themselves. Hence the coming genocide of the ‘useless eaters’ ie c.90% of humanity. Notice all the recurring ‘warnings’ of the ‘inevitability’ of a new global ‘pandemic’, and the huge, global, archipelago of bio-warfare labs set up by the Pentagon, and their concerted efforts to collect DNA, blood and tissue (including neoplasms)samples from every identifiable human group. Then draw the only conceivable conclusion, given the nature of the Evil monsters in power throughout the West, and their absolute refusal to live on a ‘multi-polar’ world.

Oct 18, 2018 12:25 AM

Some are more insulated from self hate than others.
One thing I see though is that hate always seeks and finds targets upon which to dump its charge.
Any conclusion driven by hate – and that includes ‘hating the haters’ is inherently self-destructive.

You are right that hate operates a self and other-destructive agenda – depending upon whether others join in it or choose not to. I see hate is almost universally unowned and masked over in the heart – and not least by scapegoating the evil, the unworthy, the traitor or the different.

From the point of the Human psycho-sphere as a charged state of denied or demonised feelings – would it be that the equivalent of thunderstorms or earthquakes are happening all the time? Is charge and discharge not boom and bust or self-inflation and the fall of the fool?

Are good v evil narratives helpful or overly simplistic appeals to the most base emotional reaction?

I am not disputing feelings of horror or disgust – but questioning our knee jerk reactions or ‘psychic-emotional defences’

Tom Hunsdale
Tom Hunsdale
Oct 17, 2018 1:42 AM

Whatever they were trying to say, it was far too wordy. No necessity for that when trying to convey a message.

Tom Hunsdale
Tom Hunsdale
Oct 17, 2018 1:46 AM
Reply to  Tom Hunsdale

Sorry, that was in response to the essay from Binra.

Oct 17, 2018 12:23 PM
Reply to  Tom Hunsdale

Is it that I write too many words or that you write in a sense of offence or a need to judge as if you have to read them?

You can just as well dismiss this article and every other. Too many words!
There are many forums where messages of very few words are exchanged.

You are also a freedom to associate or give attention to that which resonates or is relevant to where and who you are right now and I support you in your freedom not to struggle in what is not for you – at least at this moment in time.

Of course if there was a POINT raised that you want to address then by all means raise it. I may well know what I mean better than I have conveyed it to you so far. But I haven’t a need to get you to listen or understand any more than you need to read me or understand.

The resort to sweeping judgments of invalidating a communication – as an evasion OF communication is how the mind works to frame the ‘narrative’. I am not suggesting that you should not engage in this or that you are wrong to seek the conditions you prefer – but when you seek to do so by rejecting or judging others, you establish – …. hang on here’s an incoming ‘bleed through’ from another dimension….

“Unfortunately, the opposite is true. When we fight against and/or hide from unpleasant or painful sensations and feelings, we generally make things worse. The more we avoid them, the greater is the power they exert upon our behaviour and sense of well-being. What is not felt remains the same or is intensified, generating a cascade of virulent and corrosive emotions. This forces us to fortify our methods of defence, avoidance and control. This is the vicious cycle created by trauma.”
~ Peter Levin – In an Unspoken Voice.

(I noticed my partner next to me highlighting that paragraph in the book she is reading and I was prompted to pause and look over her shoulder. It spoke well to the moment at hand).

Be open to communications that come where you do not expect or in forms you have in the past discarded or judged against – IF – you want to uncover the Answer rather than persist the problem in the form of ‘seeking’ only for answers where they are not to be found.

When I read others I listen for what is truly relevant and resonant for me presently – rather than for reinforcement of an establishment of past habit. I find this establishes more awareness within my day as to what I notice, appreciate and align in.

I have learned to notice more of what runs beneath, that frames the way we think, identify, see and react. But I do so within the desire to share in a freedom of being, rather than to ‘gain’ a sense of private possession, personal control and masked agenda.

Why knowingly exchange the Living world for the dead image? Phishing ruses operate on the un-watched mind of conditioned habit. The True can just as well be hidden behind the forms of what you habitually ‘wall out’. But its truth is in your free willing acceptance – at least that is where I accord a true Authority. Defences DO the thing they purport to save us from.

Oct 16, 2018 3:49 PM

“Food First” was an eye-opening book which my student daughter passed on to educate me. That was in the eighties, the era of Snatcher and her Gospel of Greed. From Todhunter’s article it seems that things today are the same, only worse because the greedy have become more powerful and more insolent. Time to reverse the eighties: there is such a thing as Society.

Mulga Mumblebrain
Mulga Mumblebrain
Oct 18, 2018 11:19 PM
Reply to  vexarb

It’s too late to reverse ecological collapse. Already, with two degrees Celsius of warming in one particular rain forest studied, it has been found that insect numbers, the base of life-support systems, have fallen ‘sixty-fold’, by which I assume they mean 98% plus. And at least a century of further warming is built in, let alone that which will be caused by the current crop of Evil and deranged hard Right omnicidists (and fake ‘Leftwing’ denialists).

Oct 16, 2018 1:03 PM

The term ‘full spectrum dominance’ is associated with the US (A) but I believe the USA is induced to chase this carrot as an asset or proxy of a hidden or dark agenda. The dark is a mind which works in secret to know not what it does, by substitution for reality under the ‘need to know’ something ELSE and defend this against disclosure.

The forms that this takes in a world of secrets and lies that is now collapsing under its own ‘weight’ are across the full spectrum of such a sense of subjection, but they all share witness to an ‘anti-life’ or destructive agenda – a hatred of Life as it is and a fear of exposure to loss that operates a segregative sense of private possession and control that seeks reinforcement by joining in hate or fear under maskings of self-justification.

Hidden hate, guilt, hidden fear, operate the hidden power of denial – that ‘sees’, accuses and attacks in everything and everyone, that which it hates and fears to be and asserts judgement over as the splitting off and denying of.

The mind of splitting off and denial is the mind of divide and rule. But the power to have done this must believe itself rejected and denied so as to use it in self-vindication.

Mind is a verb that conditions itself to identify as a conditioned object by persistent objection.
To know ourself in ACT is to re-cognize the act by which we identified falsely instead of persisting a destructive oppositional and conflicting compulsion.

The advent of a global destruction through degradations of the ‘enemy’ across the spectrum of communication (consciousness) is of course ‘War on Consciousness’.

The shadow self or power behind such a ‘war’ is an alien or inhuman and hateful and terrifying or evil ‘will’. To be stamped out at any cost, and yet the more we align in such a ‘war’ the more we kill ourselves and our world – excepting we still align in righteousness gotten FROM and set OVER the ‘enemy’.

The conviction in and under hate is the compulsion to attack the hateful as an attempted self-protection or means of splitting off from, and of withdrawal and withholding of relational communication from, that MUST lie to maintain a sense of a life plucked from a kind of death. For intolerable conflict is un-livable and the mind splits by projecting the conflict outside itself and seeking to keep it their as the basis of its own ‘survival’, as a fantasy of dominance over life gotten upon its ‘death’ or compliance to rules and demands that deny it.
Freedom to invest and align in the false is the generating of an experience in which the choice for true has to be willingly accepted even though it is our true inheritance or inherence of being – because we made the mind of discarding and hiding it for the gift we thought to give ourselves.

I tire of conversations and discussions that give power to evils seen OUT there as much as those that seek to guilt us for evils insinuated or implanted or fed into our self-definitions. The call to ‘War’ and the call to ‘Sacrifice’ are two facets of a misidentification.

The undermining of our consciousness operates from within – and those who employ the trojan ruse to gain power are actually illuminating where we give power to hidden fear by the wish to keep it hidden in place of owning our true feeling and aligning naturally. The fear is that without inhibiting our behaviour, we would wreak destruction, and it is appropriate for destructive behaviours to be inhibited while the destructive element is brought into communication rather than denial. But this demands the dis-inhibition of love – which is the real threat to the ‘system of control’ and so the choice that we have effectively created for ourself in darkness is between fear that has been associated with power and self-protection, and love that has been associated with weakness and exposure to humiliation in loss of power or indeed loss of face and place within the illusion of power. The cost of the grasp on the illusion of power is the loss of the freedom to align and alight in the power of illusion.

That which changes is change itself. But that which never changes is forever exchanged as the recognition and gratitude for being. The founding of self in the fear of lack is the driven ‘machine mind’ of a ‘reptilian survival reflex’ that is in itself a functional protection built into body level. Trauma conditions the mind to operate as a defence of evasion that remains triggered even while dissociated from its original response.

To re-integrate a mad made mind is both an art and a science. It is not letting madness in – so much as embracing the true that lost itself in a false sense of isolation. The true runs beneath the surface appearance and the ‘unconscious’ or partitioned agenda of narrative control. There is no trustworthy communication with a lie and the father of it, and so that is not where to act from or react to, if I want to give and receive in a true and just sense of self and world.

I want to share in a true appreciation and so I must recognize the cost of attempting to ‘share’ the false and replace it with a more truly aligned thought, word and deed. Or my persistent dissonant experience reflects to me that I am choosing to operate differently to what I tell or show myself and others and this is something to evoke curiosity as to what is in fact going on. The reflection of experience is a genuine source of information and illumination when we choose not to use it as a means to reinforce the machine mind of a past made in anger – for unlike an AI robot, our mapped meanings are of emotional association given weighting, form and significance.

The beginning of history was the passing of the Mythic Era. The end of time as a linear continuity of a mythic development of consciousness is the advent of a co-creative awareness – which is a re-alignment in the truly creative that undoes or corrects the mythic sense of Self as Power that controls Reality as if separate and set over a ‘chaos’ of judged unworthiness.

Oct 16, 2018 2:40 PM
Reply to  binra

Wow Binra,
If I could have understood just half of what you are ‘saying’ here, I may have agreed?
But then again, I may not have?
Then you wonder why the ‘sheep’ remain ignorant?

Oct 16, 2018 2:42 PM
Reply to  Maggie

I think perhaps I am in need of a little of what Binra is using to open my mind?

Oct 17, 2018 1:18 AM
Reply to  Maggie

Erm … doesn’t Binra basically say the same thing in at least 50% of his/her commenting?

To find the truth, we need to discover our individual spiritual paths to Oneness … and know that there are forces determined to stop us from doing this work.

Oct 17, 2018 10:56 AM
Reply to  Jen

What would ‘close’ a mind but beliefs, judgements or ‘mutually agreed reality definitions’ that effectively frame, filter or limit what CAN be accepted, conceived of or perceived?

The opening of a perspective UPON our thought is different from the running of an already established thought pattern, for the latter already runs a momentum of invested identifications.

It should be well known that faulty thinking brings poor results that then seek illusion to hide in and open vulnerability to organised corruption. To organise or structure communication and activity upon the protection and preservation of the lie.

Hiding the error (of faulty thinking) in personal emotional projections of hate and blame and penalty, means that the person is attacked but the issue is never really addressed. Token sacrifice draws a line as damage limitation, while the forms are changed to better defend against further ‘damage’.

The ‘establishment’ in this sense is not the persons of any particular set, but the set of the mind in protecting against personal transformation.

This mindset projects its past upon the present to thus extend unbroken into future as a personal continuity or narrative identity. I am witnessing for the reclaiming of the present from the past as a fresh basis or perspective from which to think, speak and act (live).

The past re-enacts our respective and collective ‘separation trauma’ by the attempts to hide FROM it, escape it and deceive ourselves we have escaped it. Un-owned or un-resolved fears run as self-fulfilling prophecy because hidden fear structures the mind that thinks to be aligned under a sense of protection and power to hold order.

Mind-framing works the way we have learned to think as a protective masking strategy of personal self-interest under threat or fear of penalty and loss. And that sense of fear and lack is the ‘father’ of the lie.

When we are triggered into our fears, we are blinded by our past and compelled to re-enact our patterns of learned response. Finding the present of a genuine relationship to anything or anyone is the undoing of the automatic giving of power to fear and the opening to real choice that results in a real-world experience rather than private fantasies of mutually aligned relational evasion.

Systemic corruption calls for fundamental change. The attempt to DO this from the mindset of fear-defence (also known as domination over enemy/chaos/adversity) can only operate a coercive replication of the problem itself – perhaps opening the way to arrive at our beginning and know t for the first time.
Because there is another choice available where the intent to coerce communication was embodied and made a ‘choice’ by the power given to identifying in it AS power. But this is a usurping of power by the act of denial and thus aligning under and identifying AS a mind of denial.

It could be said that I always write the same thing. It is always the same willingness to listen and be moved from a point that opens perspective upon the thinking of the world rather than persisting in its reinforcement as a closed mind of ‘official consensus’, ‘settled science’ or narrative dictate and compliance.

It isn’t that I write to be opaque or obscure, but that I write from a different predicate and that simply wont ‘make sense’ within fear’s ‘operating system’. You are a direct expression of Life and not a victim or product of your past. Having uncovered this in myself, I grow in its always present consciousness by choosing to live from it. How we see our self IS the predicate of how we then see and relate to others and this IS a choice or freedom to align in who we are instead of in the masking against who we are afraid to be exposed as.

Of course it is becoming conscious OF what was hidden, but NOT as the same old struggle to make the truth conform to our immediate sense of need.

The first call to war or defence has to be abided through to open the perspective of a capacity to see this situation differently and the sick and tiredness of the futility of conflicting lies serves the disinvestment of energy that lets a true desire move you. Listen and abide there. Be moved from a receptive willingness. Grow the willingness by true willing.

Tom Hunsdale
Tom Hunsdale
Oct 17, 2018 1:40 AM
Reply to  Maggie

I am pretty sure I am a bit above average in intelligence, but I had to stop reading it after one paragraph.

Oct 17, 2018 11:27 AM
Reply to  Tom Hunsdale

Hi Tom
Intelligence can be applied to the invention of highly complex deceits (ie banking) and to the capacity to think and act in ways that maintain the deceits. Meanwhile ‘toxic debt’ unfolds global destruction while those who ‘sell it’ as IF a currency of a just exchange, apply their intelligence to outsourcing the most part of all toxic consequence away from their private and personal sense of self experience.

Unlike a rigged monopoly system, I write to the freedom to alight in and be curious. There is no undertone or framing of guilt, threat and punishment in what I say and that may be a large part of why its makes no sense in a mind conditioned and predicated upon guilt and fear and punishment.

I suggest that no solutions to any of the problems we are facing will be more than manipulated into different forms of self-evasion calling for the sacrifice of the living, under thinking predicated upon manipulation of guilt, fear and punishment.

A living death of a degraded human consciousness, a slow death of a degraded biology in toxic malnutrition, a mass death of wars that extend far beyond the ‘theatre of conventional warfare’.
We do this to ourselves in innumerable ways and claim intelligence!

Oct 16, 2018 9:19 PM
Reply to  binra

Uhhhh. So heavy. Utter clutter.
For a while can not read you anymore. Too tiring.
Try only one short paragraph at the time. One thought.
You are not impressing anyone. Opposite.

Oct 16, 2018 9:57 PM
Reply to  Starac

This was addressed to Binra.