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The latest (but likely not last) social media purge

In case it passed you by, on October 11 Facebook shut down several hundred alternative media pages, some of which had hundreds of thousands, o even millions, of subscribers According to Clarity of Signal:

For this current censorship purge Facebook is using the excuse of ‘spamming’ to conduct the censorship of the politically oriented content. Previously Clarity of Signal has presented extensive evidence that Facebook is colluding with the Atlantic Council, FireEye Intelligence and other government/NATO related organizations to determine what is allowed to be presented as factual information on the Facebook social media site.

We understand the egregiously bigoted and ignorant site Propornot is claiming most of the targeted sites are also on their infamous “list”, but since they have blocked us on Twitter we can’t positively confirm this to be the case at this time.

We urge you to read Clarity of Signal’s thread linked to above, but here are just a few of their screen caps that illustrate the extent of the clampdown.

And let’s not forget Mother Jones showing us exactly where its true allegiances lie:

We’re already prepping for the time we are kicked off Twitter, FB et al. We suggest all of you do the same. Some alternative platforms include:





Feel free to suggest others in the comments


  1. passerby says

    In the Western press it’s not the articles that are censored, it’s the readers’ comments.
    In a dictatorship, the press is controlled by making it state-owned; in a democracy, the press is controlled by making it privately-owned.

  2. Seamus Padraig says

    What’s wrong with VK.com? It’s now rapidly filling up with non-Russian content, thanks to Faceban’s endless rounds of purges.

  3. davemass says

    Orwell was much more prescient than we thought!
    Constant flooding of media with the establishment’s message.
    All hope is lost- remember, Winston loved Big Brother…

  4. May I suggest Russia and China develop their own English-language social media platforms to bypass the toxic Western narratives?

  5. ttshasta says

    I joined Medium a few months ago, primarily to follow Caitlin Johnstone, and especially Jordan Greenhall who now goes by Jordan Hall.
    Medium is always sending links to anti Assad / Putin articles, which they are free to do, but I ignore after reading. Medium; limited hangout?

    I find neurohacker Jordan (Green)Hall’s analysis of 2016 election fantastic: A Glitch In The Matrix from Rebel Wisdom. He also covers the pending death of legacy media due to the open source insurgents that Facebook is banning.

    Cheers, Tom

  6. Thomas Peterson says

    there’s money in war and international tension, Facebook, Twitter, Google and the like are big enough now to be connected to that source of revenue.

  7. Portonchok says

    Farcebook and Twatter are privately owned corporations whose sole purpose is to have a business which makes greater and greater profits for their owners and investors. As to why people expect these enterprises to be politically impartial is beyond me. Get used to it. What we desperately need is open source and neutral public spaces / social media sites on the internet where we can express our opinions freely without sanction, or failing that, sites such as Off-Guardian.

    • kevin morris says

      I do agree with you but where you say, ‘where we can express our opinions freely without sanction’, I would say ‘where anyone can express their opinions freely without sanction’. It has long been my opinion that terms such as ‘left’ and r’ight mean very little anymore and that anyone’s views, be they of the left or of the right, should be welcomed. There is real danger in recognising only” we’ because in so doing , we tend to ignore the ‘other, fearing to recogniise that the other is us.too, although it tends to be expressed in the sort of contemptuous sloganising that tends to be reserved for anyone whose views do not appeal to us.

  8. The ‘community’ thinks it is real, but doesn’t own or control its own infrastructure.
    In a sense it is a real experience but as a bubble that is popped.
    I prefer to see the popping of a bubble as a communication of a bubble reality to the whole rather than the death of an entity. While the conditions for life align, life expresses through them accordingly.

    Don’t invest energy or attention in that which has intent to undermine your integrity.

    Trust the timing to align new connections and communications that may be on a different level – or if you want, freak out and feel aggrieved (for setting yourself up for a fall?).

    If we did what we did as a true expression it is not rendered false by meeting with denial, but is part of the way we walk and move and be.

  9. John Gilberts says

    What is meant by ‘FIreEye Intelligence’ in the big pull-quote at the top of the article? Are they perhaps referring to the western ‘Five Eyes’ Intel alliance? If so, perhaps it can/should be corrected?

  10. MeWe is pretty good and getting bigger all the time, as is Mastoden (very Twitter like – but improved). The former is allows very free speech – the latter quite the opposite (in a PC sense).

    Please feel free to add me as a contact on either – the more OG readers on both the better 🙂

    I first tried Minds but there is a difference between free speech and hate speech! It seems full of the rabid alt-right and I do mean the HARD right.

  11. Nerevar says

    Do not cry. Just avoid any variant of f****.

  12. harry stotle says

    Abby Martin puts it really well “Tech companies, working in concert with think tanks stacked with CIA officials and defense contractors, shouldn’t have the power to curate our reality to make those already rendered invisible even more obsolete… ” meanwhile “Israeli justice minister Ayelet Shaked reportedly boasted: “A year ago, Facebook removed 50% of content that we requested. Today, Facebook is removing 95% of the content we ask them to.” Facebook becoming a willing accomplice for governments seemed to coincide after two events: Russiagate and after Facebook announced in May that they would be partnering with the pro-Nato, far-right neoliberal Washington DC-based think tank the Atlantic Council.”https://www.telesurtv.net/english/analysis/Why-Did-Facebook-Delete-teleSUR-English-20180816-0010.html

    • Gary Weglarz says

      Harry – excellent post. Thanks.

    • The state is now so entangled with commercial enterprises(as is Facebook, et al) as to be indistinguishable from the government. Any ‘private’ censorship IS state censorship.

  13. zach says

    The anti-dissident intent behind It could not be more transparent. It is specifically targeted at sites that promote “Russia-like propaganda narratives.” That is, anything that is anti-imperialist / anti-neoliberal. In fact one of the main fact checkers facebook have employed is the conservative Weekly Standard, itself a proven source of fake news about all the great scandals and crimes of recent times (incl Iraq, the GFC, Libya, Israel, Saudi, Yemen, Russia, China and on and on.)


  14. Gary Weglarz says

    So in what we continue to rather euphemistically refer to as (“Western democratic societies”) – Facebook now officially deletes – (“accounts created to stir up political debate”???) Uh, err, umm, how can a “democratic society” even begin to meaningfully function (“without such”) “political debate” – a sane person might be tempted to ask. But then again, such “sane persons” will no doubt themselves be quickly scrubbed from view on Facebook and Twitter to make way for a world in which we have access only to such journalistic luminaries as (Shane “I’m not CIA, no really, I’m not” Bauer) at Mother Jones, and Atlantic Council propagandist Eliot Higgins – (as Caitlin Johnstone refers to him). In other words, the only future Facebook journalism will be provided by “fake journalists.” I’m getting tired of saying “you can’t make this stuff up.” These are very dangerous times indeed.

  15. Makropulos says

    This is the new totalitarianism. The purging of Fakebook ushers in a new age of Samizdat.

    • Portonchok says

      Indeed it is totalitarian, however, Farcebook and Twatter are privately owned corporations whose sole purpose is to have a business which makes greater and greater profits for their owners and investors. As to why people expect these enterprises to be politically impartial is beyond me. It’s how it is, we need open source and neutral alternative social media platforms, they world is crying out for them.

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