What on Earth is the Eleusis Benefit Corporation?

Last year, a friend of mine studying computer science at the University of Cambridge noticed a curious poster pinned up in the William Gates Building, which houses the Computer Laboratory – the computer science department of the university. The photo was taken on the 29th September 2017.


Some questions that occur:

  • Why the emphasis on high achievers? What is the purpose of this study? Who will benefit most from understanding how the brains of high achievers respond to psychedelics? Why must they be working on a problem that is highly meaningful in the context of a professional or academic pursuit? Why must they enjoy math and/or have strong math competency? (Note the American spelling.)
  • Why are they exclusively looking for people who have never done psychedelics before?
  • Does “available in London for 6 days” mean they are dosing people on 6 different occasions? What are they doing at the follow-up sessions?
  • Why is the University of Cambridge putting posters like this up in its computer science department? Did anyone vet it to make sure it was safe?

A friend studying chemical engineering at Imperial College London saw similar posters pinned around the walls of his department – he can’t recall precisely the date but believes it to have been around 2016. Searching online I found a Facebook post from “Berrak Kocaoglu Selek” to Cambridge University Data Science Society advertising the same research experiment.


Note that in this post he is looking for both volunteers naive and non-naive to psychedelics.

I also found a reddit post on the /r/london subreddit dated 11th December 2015 which I will reproduce below:

So my girlfriend just got given a really weird leaflet…

submitted by thenotoriousjpg

She works around Silicon Roundabout and two young techy/hipstery looking guys knocked on her office door today and asked for a quick chat. She declined as she was busy, so they left, handing her this leaflet saying that they will be paying a considerable amount to any volunteers.

The whole thing sounded really bizarre, like some sort of fringe science study, and it intrigued me. I googled the company and their google footprint is pretty limited, mainly consisting of listings of their company Eleusis Benefit Corporation on business directories.

Upon further research I found the founder (Shlomi Raz) on linkedin, a page about the company, a pdf presentation about psychedelics, and an HRA (Health Research Authority) page about a UK study of the effects of LSD on humans.

The HRA page looks legit, so does this mean that someone is going to do a study in the UK about the effects of LSD on humans??????
The HRA page linked is dead due to a site relaunch on the part of the NHS. The new version of the page can be found here.

Two replies to this post mentioned seeing a similar leaflet at the University of Bristol.

Just got given a leaflet in Bristol University for the same study.

Guy just turned up at University of Bristol touting around this leaflet. This looks seriously dodgy to me for all sorts of reasons. Firstly, this Eleusis Corporation has virtually no online presence. If they were a genuine pharma company, we would be able to find out about them online. Secondly, this is not how test subjects for serious drug trials are recruited. According to the thread they are more or less just randomly handing out leaflets. There are lots of other reasons but if you want to risk your mental health on this – I’d go along. If not, steer well clear.

Government-approved experiments testing psychedelics on student volunteers are a highly unusual phenomenon. I am going to pause the discussion of Eleusis Benefit Corporation for a moment to give a fragmentary overview of some history behind government experiments with psychedelics.

The CIA’s notorious MK-Ultra program, which included dosing thousands of unwitting human subjects with LSD, represents perhaps some of the most horrifying human rights abuses in history. For an introductory history to MK-Ultra, please see Sex, Drugs and the CIA by journalist Douglas Valentine, writing in Counterpunch: parts one, two and three. To give some scope of the atrocities inflicted by the CIA during this project, here is a brief extract from Valentine’s book The Strength of the Pack: The Personalities, Politics and Espionage that Shaped the DEA (2009).

One MKULTRA subproject involved keeping seven criminals high on LSD for 77 days straight.¹ Another used poisonous mushrooms; another used instruments that administered drugs through the skin without detection, as part of an “Executive Action” assassination program.² Perhaps most disturbing of all, one CIA document, dated February 10, 1954, described using hypnosis to create unsuspecting assassins.³

It was bad enough that the CIA was conducting Nuremburg-style experiments on unwitting U.S. citizens (the Nazis had tested mescalin on POWs in World War II), perhaps with the idea of created programmed assassins (what author John Marks referred to as “the search for the Manchurian Candidate”), but the Agency had the willing cooperation of numerous universities, hospitals, prisons and drug companies. The CIA’s macabre goals were to stockpile “severely incapacitating and lethal materials,” develop “gadgets for the dissemination of these materials, and “a capability to manipulate human behavior in a predictable manner through the use of drugs,” as well as “to identify new drug developments in Europe and Asia and to obtain information and samples.”⁴

1. John Marks, The Search for the Manchurian Candidate, p. 63.
2. Ibid., pp. 106, 99.
3. Ibid., p. 183.
4. Kennedy Hearings, p. 159.

MK-Ultra was officially sanctioned in 1953 and officially halted in 1973. Richard Helms, then director of the CIA, ordered the destruction of the MK-Ultra files. Fortunately, a cache of documents survived the purge, having been incorrectly stored in a financial records building, and were discovered following a Freedom of Information Act request in 1977. Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber, a brilliant mathematician, was famously suspected to be a victim of MK-Ultra experiments during his second year studying mathematics at Harvard University, aged 17.

The Beckley Foundation is a UK-based think tank and NGO founded and directed by Amanda Feilding. Its website states that:

Its purpose is to pioneer psychedelic research and drive evidence-based drug policy reform.

It has been busy conducting a number of legal experiments with LSD and other psychedelics in Britain. These experiments began in 2005 in conjunction with Professor David Nutt at Bristol University, and continued at Imperial College London from 2009 as part of the Beckley/Imperial Research Programme, again with David Nutt. Most recently, from 3rd September 2018, the Beckley Foundation launched the first ever placebo-controlled trial of microdosing LSD.

Its Scientific Advisory Board contains a number of well-known and extremely highly qualified figures in medicine and psychiatry, including professors from Oxford, Cambridge, University College London, the University of California, San Diego, Harvard, the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Purdue University, Imperial College London, the University of Aberdeen, and the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Strikingly, the “In Memoriam” section of the board contains:

Note that before their deaths, the Beckley Foundation website states that they actually held a position on the board, rather than being simply honorary members for their historic contributions to the scientific research of psychedelics.

Drs. Hoffman and Shulgin are extremely famous in psychedelic culture, and hero figures to “psychonauts” the world over. However, it is worth examining the lesser known side of their history, which I was first introduced to by the imperfect but excellent book Drugs As Weapons Against Us (2015) by John Potash.

After Hoffmann synthesised LSD in 1943, he tested 250 micrograms on himself and went on a famous bicycle ride. “Bicycle day”, April 19th, became part of the mythos of LSD history, and immortalised Hoffman. Less famous is that Hoffman was working for the chemical giant Sandoz, which collaborated extensively with the Nazis. Following World War II both the Soviets and the United States bought massive quantities of LSD from Sandoz to use in mind control experiments.

The U.S. also brought back to America a large number of useful Nazis in Operation Paperclip, including many scientists. From The Daily Beast:

Since war’s end, across the ruins of the Third Reich, U.S. military officers had been capturing and then hiring Hitler’s weapons makers, in a Top Secret program that would become known as Operation Paperclip. Soon, more than 1,600 of these men and their families would be living the American dream, right here in the United States. From these Nazi scientists, U.S. military and intelligence organizations culled knowledge of Hitler’s most menacing weapons including sarin gas and weaponized bubonic plague.

As the Cold War progressed, the program expanded and got stranger still. In 1948, Operation Paperclip’s Brigadier General Charles E. Loucks, Chief of U.S. Chemical Warfare Plans in Europe, was working with Hitler’s former chemists when one of the scientists, Nobel Prize winner Richard Kuhn, shared with General Loucks information about a drug with military potential being developed by Swiss chemists. This drug, a hallucinogen, had astounding potential properties if successfully weaponized. In documents recently discovered at the U.S. Army Heritage Center in Pennsylvania, Loucks quickly became enamored with the idea that this drug could be used on the battlefield to “incapacitate not kill.” The drug was Lysergic acid diethylamide, or LSD.

While I shan’t go into Dr Shulgin’s history, it is worth mentioning that he worked for the chemical giant Dow Chemical Company for the majority of his career. While Shulgin enjoys a similarly positive reputation among psychonauts, Dow produced both napalm and Agent Orange for the U.S. Government in the Vietnam War. It’s worth asking what they were paying him for; presumably it was not exclusively so that Shulgin could enjoy investigating ”this remarkably rich and unexplored area [of psychoactive drugs] that I had to explore.”

Dr Ronald Sandison I had not heard of prior to researching this article. During the 1950s he worked as a consultant at Powick Hospital, where patients were subjected to electroshock treatment and lobotomies. There, he began treating patients with LSD. From The Guardian:

In 1952, he visited Switzerland where he also met Albert Hoffman, and was introduced to the idea of using LSD in the clinic. He returned to the U.K. with 100 vials of the drug – which Sandoz had by then named ‘Delysid’ – and, after discussing the matter with his colleagues, began treating patients with it (in addition to psychotherapy) towards the end of 1952.

In 2002, the NHS paid £195,000 in an out of court settlement to 43 former psychiatric patients who were treated with LSD between 1950 and 1970. Further research is needed to establish any connections, but it seems worth noting that Sandison’s LSD treatments began just a year before MK-Ultra was officially sanctioned. It seems extremely likely that, even if Sandison was not directly involved in intelligence work, intelligence agencies would have been using his findings for this purpose.

I do not wish to cast aspersions on the motives of these extremely well-respected chemists and psychiatrists; I don’t know enough about the history and pending further evidence am willing to believe that it is possible they were exclusively trying to help the world with their efforts. However, like so much of our science and technology, regardless of the intention of the scientists who pioneered their research LSD and other psychedelics have been weaponised in the most appalling manner imaginable by militaries and intelligence agencies. It is therefore worth considering whether the research conducted by the Beckley Foundation, and other research into the mysterious and powerful world of psychedelic drugs, could be exploited for such ends once again by unscrupulous individuals or organisations.

With that additional historical context, which I hope will serve as some explanation for my interest here, let’s get back to Eleusis. Their extremely low profile compared to the well-publicised research of the Beckley Foundation and low-key method of asking for volunteers, combined with the unusual nature of the research itself, made me want to investigate further.

Other than the reddit post above, details about Eleusis Benefit Corporation are sparse. Their website is totally blank save for their logo:


As the poster of the reddit thread observed, Eleusis Benefit Corporation have received approval from the NHS Health Research Authority (HRA) for their experiments. There are two research studies listed on the NHS HRA website. Both were given a “Favourable Opinion” by “London-Brent Research Ethics Committee”. I have reproduced both below.

The first:

Safety, tolerability, PK & PD of LSD in elderly healthy subjects

Research type: Research Study
Full title: A Phase 1, single-centre, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study to evaluate the safety, tolerability, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of very low dose lysergic acid diethylamide (5µg, 10 µg, 20µg) in healthy volunteers aged 55-75 years old
IRAS ID: 177579
Contact name: Shlomi Raz
Contact email: [email protected]

Sponsor organisation: Eleusis Benefit Corporation PBC
Eudract number: 2015-000426-11
Duration of Study in the UK: 0 years, 3 months, 21 days
Research summary:
The new medicine being tested in this study is a compound called lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD). Research into the cognitive effects of LSD was common in the 1950s and 1960s and since then, very little research has been done. The Sponsor is investigating the therapeutic potential of low dose LSD and its potential medical applications, particularly its potential use in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. This study is the first in a programme of studies looking at symptom relief and potential disease modifying effects of LSD in Alzheimer’s disease. This study will look at the safety, tolerability, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of low dose LSD in elderly volunteers.

The main purpose of the study is to see how safe the study drug is and how well it is tolerated after dosing. The study will also investigate how the study drug is absorbed (taken up into the body), metabolised (chemically broken down), distributed through the body and excreted (removed from the body). This is called the pharmacokinetics (PK) of the drug. A further aim of the study is to look at the possible effects that the study drug has on learning ability, mood, sensory system and body movement.

This study will recruit healthy, non-smoking, males and females (of non-childbearing potential) between the ages of 55 and 75 years (inclusive). A total of 48 subjects will take part in the study.

Vital signs, safety ECG measurements, safety laboratory assessments, adverse events and concomitant medications will be monitored closely throughout the clinical study. Blood samples for pharmacokinetic analysis will be collected. A number of memory, knowledge, learning, awareness, mood and movement tests will be completed throughout the study in order to evaluate the cognitive effects of low dose LSD.

REC name: London – Brent Research Ethics Committee
REC reference: 15/LO/0664
Date of REC Opinion: 6 May 2015
REC opinion: Favourable Opinion

The second:

Safety, tolerability, PK & PD of low dose LSD in healthy subjects

Research type: Research Study
Full title: A Phase 1, single-centre, dose-escalation study utilising both open-label and double-blind placebo-controlled crossover design studies to evaluate the safety, tolerability, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamics of low doses of lysergic acid diethylamide ranging from 50μg to 100μg in healthy volunteers
IRAS ID: 183359
Contact name: Shlomi Raz
Contact email: [email protected]

Sponsor organisation: Eleusis Benefit Corporation PBC
Eudract number: 2015-003151-21
Duration of Study in the UK: 1 year, 4 months, 21 days
Research summary:
The medicine being tested in this study is a compound called lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD). Research into the effects of LSD was common in the 1950s and 1960s and since then, very little research has been done. The Sponsor, Eleusis Benefit Corporation PBC, is investigating the therapeutic potential of low dose LSD and its medical applications, particularly its potential use in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

This study is the second in a programme of studies looking at symptom relief and possible disease modifying effects of LSD in Alzheimer’s disease. This study will look at the safety, tolerability, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of low dose LSD in healthy volunteers aged 21-65 years old.

The main purpose of the study is to see how safe the study drug is and how well it is tolerated after dosing. The study will also investigate how the study drug is absorbed (taken up into the body), metabolised (chemically broken down), distributed through the body and excreted (removed from the body).

A further aim of the study is to look at the possible effects that the study drug has on learning ability, mood, body senses and movement. A number of memory, knowledge, learning, awareness, mood and movement tests will be completed throughout the study in order to assess the cognitive effects of low dose LSD.

REC name: London – Brent Research Ethics Committee
REC reference: 15/LO/1029
Date of REC Opinion: 16 September 2015
REC opinion: Further Information Favourable Opinion

I found some additional information on Eleusis using Google. Since I have no investigative journalism experience I have probably only begun to scratch the surface; nonetheless I found much of it intriguing. I have listed my findings below in a somewhat haphazard fashion in the hope that someone who knows better how to examine these sorts of organisations might find this useful as a starting point. At the end I have attempted to summarise the key findings.

Official forms and company listings

Here is a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Form D, “Notice of Exempt Offering of Securities”, filled out by Eleusis Benefit Corporation, PBC on the 27th June 2016. Some noteworthy details:

  • Eleusis Benefit Corporation, PBC. Address: 222 Broadway, 25th Floor, New York, 10038.
  • Phone number of issuer: 646-290-5700.
  • Related Persons: Shlomi Raz, Executive Officer and Director.
  • Industry Group: Pharmaceuticals.
  • Issuer size: in the column “Revenue Range”, “Decline to Disclose” is ticked.
  • Federal Exemption(s) and Exclusion(s) claimed: Rule 506(b).
  • Type(s) of Securities Offered: Option, Warrant or Other Right to Acquire Another Security; Security to be Acquired Upon Exercise of Option, Warrant or Other Right to Acquire Security.
  • Offering and Sales Amounts: Total Offering Amount: $1,000,000 USD. Total Amount Sold: $976,323 USD. Total Remaining to be Sold: $23,677.
  • Total number of investors who already have invested in the offering: 12.
  • Signed by Shlomi Raz, President.

Bloomberg page for Eleusis Benefit Corporation, PBC.

Bloomberg page for Shlomi Raz, “President and Director”.

Benefit corporation page for Eleusis Benefit Corporation.

CB Insights page for Eleusis Benefit Corporation. CB Insights describes itself: “We aggregate and analyze massive amounts of data and use machine learning, algorithms and data visualization to help corporations replace the three Gs (Google searches, gut instinct and guys with MBAs) so they can answer massive strategic questions using probability not punditry.”

  • “Eleusis Benefit Corporation seeks to develop and repurpose restricted small molecule drugs to safely address critical unmet needs.”
  • 1 Investors: Undisclosed Investors.
  • Link to a patent whose inventor is listed as Shlomi Raz; (Brooklyn, NY): “LSD FOR THE TREATMENT OF ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE”. Abstract: The invention features methods and compositions for the treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease using lysergic acid diethylamide and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof.

SBIR page for Eleusis Benefit Corporation. From SBIR’s About page: “The Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program is a highly competitive program that encourages domestic small businesses to engage in Federal Research/Research and Development (R/R&D) that has the potential for commercialization. Through a competitive awards-based program, SBIR enables small businesses to explore their technological potential and provides the incentive to profit from its commercialization. By including qualified small businesses in the nation’s R&D arena, high-tech innovation is stimulated and the United States gains entrepreneurial spirit as it meets its specific research and development needs.”

Searching through Endole

Endole is a business information suite which lets you easily view companies, owners and their employees. In its own words: “Endole brings the best of software and data together to achieve a new standard of business intelligence. By connecting rich insights with intelligent technology, we have pioneered the way you identify opportunities, grow meaningful relationships, and understand your portfolio completely.”

Endole page for Mr Shlomi Raz.

  • Nationality: American, Israeli.
  • Date of birth: September 1984.

Endole pages for Eleusis Therapeutics Ltd, Eleusis Pharmaceuticals Ltd and Eleusis Interim Holdings Ltd.

Eleusis Theraputics Ltd:

  • People: Mr Shlomi Raz; Mr Patrick John Stephen Vernon (British, Director, Investor, date of birth September 1984).
  • Total Assets: £200.72k. Total Liabilities: £-413.15k. Net Assets: £-212.42k. Cash in Bank: £197.77k. Employees: Unreported. Turnover: Unreported. Debt Ratio (%): 205.83%

Eleusis Pharmaceuticals Ltd:

  • Total Assets: £485.34k. Total Liabilities: £-686.26k. Net Assets: £-200.92k. Cash in Bank: £462.54k. Employees: Unreported. Turnover: Unreported. Debt Ratio (%): 141.4%.

Eleusis Interim Holdings Ltd.

  • No records.

A curiosity: Patrick John Stephen Vernon’s Endole page has him listed as the director of a number of film companies.


Hippocampus Films Limited, Haiduc Films Limited, and Grain Labs Limited pages.


Drever and von Eisiedel, who are listed as director of all three film companies, started Grain Media, an Oscar-winning film production company that produced the Netflix propaganda film The White Helmets, the description for which reads: “An Oscar-nominated director follows the perilous work of volunteers who brave falling bombs to rescue civilians from the carnage of Syria’s civil war.”

Vanessa Beeley understandably took issue with this film.


Incidentally, von Eisiedel comes from the family line of Otto von Bismark.

Jeanie Finlay, only listed as director of Hippocampus Films Limited, is an artist and film-maker, according to her website.

I have found it impossible to determine who Patrick John Stephen Vernon is. He has a production credit on this terrible music video released by Grain Media. From here I found his Vimeo account, the description for which is “Self-shooting Producer/Director”. There are three videos on this account: two documentaries on Malaysia he produced with Grain Media, and an untitled video: “Christmas at The Dean’s, 2011“.

His Companies House page is here.

Companies House

The UK Government-provided Companies House service allows you to easily search through the UK’s registar of companies.

Searching “Eliusis” on the Companies House service yields a number of results.


Digging through these yielded a few more names.

New Eleusis Limited

New Eleusis Limited has the following people listed: Lady Amanda Claire Feilding, Company Director; Robert James Fallowfield, secretary (resigned); and Omar Alexander Fayed, Director (resigned).

Amanda Feilding, as mentioned above, is the founder of the Beckley Foundation!

Omar Fayed is the son of Mohamed Al-Fayed.

Robert Fallowfield is listed in this 2011 Independent article as a colleague of Al-Fayed’s and was, at that time, director of Cocosa Lifestyle, a large online retail store.

Mr Fayed sold his Harrods business for £1.5bn to Qatar Holdings last year. If talks are successful to buy Cocosa, he will use the business as the launch pad for his online retail empire.

Note that there was a name change in March 2014: Mr O Fayed (Chairman), with Mr R J  Fallowfield in attendence, changed the name of the company from Eleusis Inc. Ltd to New Eleusis Limited. Document for the name change.

Back on Endole:

Lady Amanda Claire Feilding is listed as a Director of 6 companies: Beckley Labs Limited, Beckley Research AND Innovations Limited, Chaperon Limited, Beckleycan Limited, New Eleusis Limited, and Brainwaving Limited.

Fallowfield’s Endole page. Involved in 136 companies.

Omar Alexander Mohamed Al Fayed’s Endole page. Director of Allied Stars Film Limited (resigned) and The Ritz Hotel, Limited.

Eleusis Holdings Limited

Eleusis Holdings Limited, alongside Raz and Vernon, lists David Michael Weiner and Joanna Grace Natasegara as Directors. I couldn’t find anything on Weiner after a quick search.

Natasegara made the Netflix film The White Helmets alongside von Einseidel. Her Endole page is here. Her and Einseidel are also Directors of North Kivu Film Productions Limited. She is listed as producer of the Virunga Foundation from September 2015 and director of Virunga Productions C.I.C. The Virunga Foundation manages Virunga National Park in the Congo.

Also listed as Director of the Virunga Foundation (resigned) and Virunga Productions C.I.C. is Emmanuel de Merode. Endole page and Wikipedia page. He is the director of Virunga National Park. He is the second son of Charles, the Prince de Merode, and of his wife, born Princess Hedwige de Ligne. His parents belong to two of Belgium’s historically most ancient and influential families, the Merodes and the House of Ligne.

Virunga Productions produced the documentary Virunga (2014) about Virunga National Park.

Eleusis Capital Limited

Eleusis Capital Limited has listed as Director Harish Sekhri. He is listed as Director of 6 companies: SOMATOX LIMITED (09262832), PURIFIED SOUL LIMITED (09013785), ELEUSIS CAPITAL LIMITED (08665402), BURBANK GLOBAL INVESTMENTS LIMITED (07591087), PURIFIED SOUL LIMITED (10491515) (resigned), PROTECTED FINANCIAL LIMITED (10297728) (resigned).

I have not looked at these companies myself, but it could be worth doing so.

Companies House says that Sekhri was born in August 1978. Bafflingly, Googling his name yielded a result in the Yorkshire Evening Post in a story from 2005 where three Leeds men were spared jail after stockpiling up to £1 million in counterfeit designer goods. The Harish Sekrhi in this story was 27. Since the story was from 2005, this means the Yorkshire Evening Post Sekhri was also born in 1978. So either there are two Harish Sekhris of the same age, or they are the same person.


ELEUSIS LTD was dissolved in March 2018 and has two new names: “Marc,Gerard,Aurele Falchi” and AMEDIA LTD. The former has no other companies listed under that name on Companies House; the latter is a very strange company with 656 assorted companies listed to its name. I’m sure it would be worth looking through these companies but I decided to leave it for the moment.

I found it on LinkedIn: it is a page automatically generated by LinkedIn.


The website it links to is very strange indeed. It looks to my eyes deliberately unprofessional. Is this a front of some kind? A tax dodge?


Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies

The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) references Eleusis Benefit Corporation’s Director, Executive Officer and President Shlomi Rez in a Summer 2013 Bulletin:

We’ve also obtained FDA approval and are in the middle of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval process for a pilot study examining MDMA-assisted therapy’s possible role in reducing social anxiety in autistic adults, to take place at the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center/Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute. In addition, we recently received a $10,000 donation from Shlomi Raz to develop a protocol for a study of LSD for problem solving and creativity.

Trawling through LinkedIn

Shlomi Raz, Director, Executive Officer and President of Eleusis Benefit Corporation, has a LinkedIn page which reflects an interesting history.


Incidentally, Bellarmine College Preparatory is a private Jesuit all-male preparatory school in San Jose, California. As shown in the image after completing a Finance BS at Georgetown University Raz spent 7 years at JP Morgan Chase and 4 years at Goldman Sachs. Note that he left Goldman Sachs in December 2007, around the time of the financial crisis.

Following this he took a three year MA in Psychology at New York University and founded Aardvak Associates. A year after completing his MA he founded Eleusis. More on Aardvark Associates below.

Berrak Kocaoglu, who posted the advertisment for Eleusis on the Cambridge University Data Science Society group, also has a LinkedIn.


So after Kocaoglu completed his undergraduate study at Yale he spent a year there as a research student before working as an analyst and then consultant with IMS Consulting Group. Genc Modern appears to be a Turkish art gallery. After his time at IMS he completed a M.Sc at Imperial College London, and became Director of Corporate Management for Eleusis Benefit Corporation.

The Koc School was founded by Vehbi Koç, who was one of Turkey’s wealthiest citizens until his death in 1996. He founded the Koç Group, now Koç Holding, which is still controlled by the Koç family today, and appears to be involved in virtually every industry.

Procter & Gamble is an enormous consumer goods and pharmaceutical company. The controversies section of their linked Wikipedia page is worth a read.

According to a presentation they gave at the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University in October 2011, IMS Consulting Group is “a global organization operating across Information & Analytics, Services, and Consulting”. A large component of the company deals in “Health Economics & Outcomes Research”. I recommend looking at the presentation for more details.

ims1 ims2

Aardvark Associates

On his LinkedIn, Shlomi Raz is listed as a founder of Aardvark Associates, from 2009 to the present. Who are these people? Once again there is very little information online. Their LinkedIn lists them as having 5,001-10,000 employees but contains no other information.


The website linked, much like the Eleusis Benefit Corporation, contains absolutely no information beyond a logo.


LinkedIn won’t show me who else works there directly.


One LinkedIn account linked to this company, found by Googling “Thermal Process Authority for entrepreneurial food processors at Aardvark Associates”, is Dave French. Here is his LinkedIn.


However, I am not sure that this is the same Aardvark Associates, even though it says that they are on LinkedIn. Here is his website.


I also found a court case from 1991 involving an Aardvark Associates Inc.

The district court granted summary judgment in favor of two insurance companies and against Aardvark Associates, Inc., a hauler of industrial waste from whom the United States Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) is seeking to recover costs for cleaning up waste disposal sites.

However, there is so little information which I have been able to find on any of these companies that it is impossible for me to tell at this stage if they are the same companies, related in some way, or totally unrelated.


On Googling Shlomi Raz, I came across this very strange post on Flickr from “jullia kim”. I have no idea what it means, but felt I should  include it. It is this photo, apparently of Shlomi Raz (and it does look like his LinkedIn picture), accompanied by a biography in the description of the image.


Description to the image:

Shlomi Raz, Game Theory and Brain Washing – A Practitioner’s Guide

Part I – Game Theory

After providing a brief overview, I will relate the importance of game theory in explaining evolution and the astonishing progress of human civilization. I will then discuss three types of games that have a high degree of utility in everyday life – Tit-for-Tat, Chicken/Commitment Theory, Bargaining Theory, and will provide practical lessons from each.

Part II – Brainwashing (i.e. Transmarginal Inhibition and Collapse)

Following a brief background on the discovery of Transmarginal Inhibition I will discuss historical examples (John Wesley, Poro Tribe Initiations, Cultural Revolution, Fraternities and Investment Banking Analyst Programs) and provide tips on how to avoid being brainwashed and how to “influence” others.

Shlomi Raz was born in San Francisco and grew up in the vast suburb known as Silicon Valley. He attended a Mormon junior high, an all-boys Jesuit High School, where he won the California High School Speech and Debate Championship twice, and Georgetown University, where he barely earned a degree in Finance and Economics. At Georgetown, Shlomi founded “The Gonzo”, a college humor newspaper that nearly was the cause of his expulsion from the University and which ceased to exist a few years after his graduation.

Shlomi worked for JPMorgan, later JPMorganChase, in Investment Banking, Public Finance, Municipal Derivatives and Credit Hybrids. In 2003 he left JPMorgan and joined Goldman Sachs, rising to Managing Director responsible for Structured Product marketing. In this role Shlomi helped pioneer the use of derivatives, both as weapons of mass financial destruction, as well as for the betterment of mankind. In December 2008, Shlomi received notice that he was the target (amongst many others) of a Department of Justice investigation into Anti-Trust practices relating to work at JPMorgan almost eight years prior. He still awaits resolution of this matter, and like the A-Team, has gone underground, surviving as a soldier of fortune.

Shlomi is also currently writing an account of his life as well as a guide to becoming a financial samurai, and his discussions regarding game theory and brain washing come from drafts of this unfinished book.

Another strange thing about Eleusis is its name. From the Wikipedia page “Elusinian Mysteries“:

The Eleusinian Mysteries were initiations held every year for the cult of Demeter and Persephone based at Eleusis in ancient Greece. They are the “most famous of the secret religious rites of ancient Greece.” Their basis was an old agrarian cult, and there is some evidence that they were derived from the religious practices of the Mycenean period. The mysteries represented the myth of the abduction of Persephone from her mother Demeter by the king of the underworld Hades, in a cycle with three phases; the descent (loss), the search, and the ascent, with the main theme being the ascent of Persephone and the reunion with her mother. It was a major festival during the Hellenic era, and later spread to Rome. Similar religious rites appear in the agricultural societies of Near East and in Minoan Crete.

The rites, ceremonies, and beliefs were kept secret and consistently preserved from antiquity. For the initiated, the rebirth of Persephone symbolized the eternity of life which flows from generation to generation, and they believed that they would have a reward in the afterlife. There are many paintings and pieces of pottery that depict various aspects of the Mysteries. Since the Mysteries involved visions and conjuring of an afterlife, some scholars believe that the power and longevity of the Eleusinian Mysteries, a consistent set of rites, ceremonies and experiences that spanned two millennia, came from psychedelic drugs. The name of the town, Eleusís, seems to be Pre-Greek and it is probably a counterpart with Elysium and the goddess Eileithyia.


Numerous scholars have proposed that the power of the Eleusinian Mysteries came from the kykeon’s functioning as an entheogen, or psychedelic agent. The use of potions or philtres for magical or religious purposes was relatively common in Greece and the ancient world. The initiates, sensitized by their fast and prepared by preceding ceremonies (see set and setting), may have been propelled by the effects of a powerful psychoactive potion into revelatory mind states with profound spiritual and intellectual ramifications. In opposition to this idea, other pointedly skeptical scholars note the lack of any solid evidence and stress the collective rather than individual character of initiation into the Mysteries. Indirect evidence in support of the entheogenic theory is that in 415 BC Athenian aristocrat Alcibiades was condemned partly because he took part in an “Eleusinian mystery” in a private house.

Many psychoactive agents have been proposed as the significant element of kykeon, though without consensus or conclusive evidence. These include the ergot, a fungal parasite of the barley or rye grain, which contains the alkaloids ergotamine, a precursor to LSD, and ergonovine. However, modern attempts to prepare a kykeon using ergot-parasitized barley have yielded inconclusive results, though Alexander Shulgin and Ann Shulgin describe both ergonovine and LSA to be known to produce LSD-like effects.

Psychoactive mushrooms are another candidate. Terence McKenna speculated that the mysteries were focused around a variety of Psilocybe. Other entheogenic fungi, such as Amanita muscaria, have also been suggested. A recent hypothesis suggests that the ancient Egyptians cultivated Psilocybe cubensis on barley and associated it with the deity Osiris.

Another candidate for the psychoactive drug is an opioid derived from the poppy. The cult of the goddess Demeter may have brought the poppy from Crete to Eleusis; it is certain that opium was produced in Crete.

Another theory is that the psychoactive agent in kykeon is DMT, which occurs in many wild plants of the Mediterranean, including Phalaris and/or Acacia. To be active orally it must be combined with a monoamine oxidase inhibitor such as Syrian Rue (Peganum harmala), which grows throughout the Mediterranean.


It is impossible to know what to make of all of this, but I hope you will agree that something very strange is going on. A few questions suggest themselves.

  • Why is Amanda Feilding, founder and director of the Beckley Foundation, the Director of New Eleusis Limited? Why was Mohamed Al-Fayid’s son Omar a Director? Why was Mohamed Al-Fayid’s colleague Robert James Fallowfield a Secretary? What links does New Eleusis Limited have to the other Eleusis companies involving Shlomi Raz and Patrick John Stephen Vernon?
  • Who is Patrick John Stephen Vernon? Why is he not only as director of many of the Eleusis companies, but also the film studio, Grain Media, which produced propaganda Netflix film The White Helmets, and the other studios associated with producers of this film?
  • What is the story behind von Eisiedel and Natasegara, directors of Netflix film The White Helmets, and their Oscar-winning film studio Grain Media? What are their links to Patrick John Stephen Vernon? What are their links to Virunga National Park and to Prince Emmanuel de Merode?
  • Who is Harish Sekhri? Why is he Director of Eleusis Capital Limited? What is the story behind the counterfeit merchandise scam he was involved with?
  • Who is Marc,Gerard,Aurele Falchi?
  • Who is behind the mysterious AMEDIA LTD? Why is their website so bad?
  • Who is Shlomi Raz? Who is Berrak Kocaoglu?
  • What is Eleusis Benefit Corporation trying to accomplish with is experiments?
  • Who is funding the Eleusis Benefit Corporation to the tune of $1 million?
  • If the Eleusis Benefit Corporation just trying to find a cure for Alzheimers, as this U.S. patent suggests, then why all the secrecy?
  • What are all these front companies for? What is the purpose of all this secrecy?
  • Do the academics and professors involved with the Beckley Foundation’s work at Imperial College London know about all of this?
  • Why did the NHS Brent Research Ethics Committee approve Eleusis Benefit Corporation here and here? They don’t just hand out approval forms for LSD testing to anyone. What information were they given that I have been unable to find? Why have they not shared this information with the world?
  • What did they do to the volunteers? 100 micrograms of LSD, as the Brent Research Ethics Committee approved here, is not an insubstantial amount, particularly since they might have been injecting it. How did they vet the volunteers to make sure that it was safe to do this? What if we get another Unabomber on our hands?
  • What exactly is Aardvark Associates?
  • What pharmaceutical companies are involved in all of this? Are intelligence agencies involved in all of this?
  • Who is funding the Beckley Foundation, and why?
  • Is this all legal?
  • What the hell is going on?

Finally we have the questions I posed at the beginning of this article, which remain unanswered.

  • Why the emphasis on high achievers? What is the purpose of this study? Who will benefit most from understanding how the brains of high achievers respond to psychedelics? Why must they be working on a problem that is highly meaningful in the context of a professional or academic pursuit? Why must they enjoy math and/or have strong math competency?
  • Does “available in London for 6 days” mean they are dosing people on 6 different occasions? What are they doing at the follow-up sessions?
  • Why is the University of Cambridge putting posters like this up in its computer science department? Why is Imperial College London putting posters up like this? Why are people handing out leaflets with this stuff on at the University of Bristol? What other universities were involved? Did anyone vet it to make sure it was safe?

If anyone can help me out with any of these questions, I would seriously appreciate it. Nothing about this story adds up. And as the history of MK-Ultra demonstrates, for all the enlightenment and understanding of consciousness that may or may not be obtained from scientific psychedelic research, the most immediate use for such things is for mind control. I suggest to anyone unfamiliar with the Robert F. Kennedy assassination to watch the documentary The Real Manchurian Candidate (2018), where Dr Daniel Brown, associate professor and hypnosis expert at Harvard Medical School, describes how Sirhan Sirhan was hypnotically programmed, with the use of psychedelic drugs among other things, to assassinate Robert F. Kennedy. You might also want to read A Lie Too Big to Fail: The Real History of the Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy (2018) by Lisa Pease when it is released this December.

Please also look at this CIA document hosted on the CIA website:



This is dangerous stuff. There is no good reason for these experiments to be shrouded in secrecy. I was lucky enough that my friend managed to find the picture he took of the poster last year, but without that I would never have remembered Eleusis’s name, and would never have been able to look into this. It should not be this easy to use students around the country, all of whom will be completely unwitting to these strange connections, as guinea pigs like this. This needs more eyes on it to help determine what is going on.


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Oct 27, 2018 4:53 AM

“Psychedelic drug researchers can now begin providing psychiatric patients with psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, as part of their therapy in a landmark approval by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).”


Jan Irvin
Jan Irvin
Oct 26, 2018 5:09 PM

Hi, I’m Jan Irvin of Logosmedia.com, formerly GnosticMedia.com. I’m a (the) world leading MKULTRA researcher. Most of these people are in my MKULTRA database. I can easily map this out and show how this is a CIA / MI6 study using all the same nonsense as usual. Wish I’d seen this sooner. I’ll start mapping this group out today. As I’ve previously exposed in long essays and in more than 100 shows on my podcast, the whole of the psychedelic revolution was / is a CIA / MI6 / Mossad creation. Amanda Feilding, et al, are already in the database and shown to be helping to fund ongoing MKULTRA research. MAPS is a CIA front headed by Rick Doblin, et al. Eleusis was a Greek mind control system that was promoted by Gordon Wasson (MKULTRA Subproject 58) with Albert Hofmann (the fake LSD inventor) and Prof. Carl Ruck of Boston… Read more »

Mark Gobell
Mark Gobell
Oct 25, 2018 11:02 PM

MKULTRA and Karl Marx

The major players from the “Frankfurt School” went into the CIA’s MK-ULTRA program.

MK-ULTRA sub project 58 was the CIA’s launch of psychedelics via Henry Luce & Gordon Wasson et al.

For those who are really interested in what lies behind the CIA’s MK-ULTRA program, see this post :

MKULTRA : Karl Marx


It doesn’t get much clearer than that.


Oct 23, 2018 3:20 AM

A fascinating book on the social aspects of LSD experimentation is Acid Dreams: The Complete Social History of LSD: the CIA, the Sixties, and Beyond, by Martin A. Lee (1985).

Summary http://www.levity.com/aciddreams/tripguide.html

Jan Irvin
Jan Irvin
Oct 26, 2018 5:17 PM
Reply to  Moneycircus

Acid Dreams is the single worst book on MKULTRA out there. It’s a limited hangout and is disinformation. I’ve exposed Martin Lee here: https://logosmedia.com/SpiesinAcademicClothing_MKULTRA – people interested in this subject will want to read the full article as in it I expose the 7 top MKULTRA books as controlled opposition. As I mention in the section discussing their nonsense book: “In 1985 Martin Lee and Bruce Shlain published what is, in my opinion, the most misleading and poorly researched book in all the available MKULTRA / psychedelic revolution literature, titled Acid Dreams: The Complete Social History of LSD: The CIA, the Sixties, and Beyond. These authors repeatedly claim that there is no evidence that the government had launched the psychedelic revolution and counterculture – while omitting certain evidence and dismissing other evidence out of hand. We’ll track some of this evidence down to the primary citations to show the reader… Read more »

Aug 24, 2020 7:08 AM
Reply to  Jan Irvin

“Acid Dreams is the single worst book on MKULTRA out there.” — I largely agree, Jan.

Since this post, there’s been a new book. In 2019 Tom O’Neill published his book, Chaos: Charles Manson, the CIA, and the Secret History of the Sixties, that seeks to describe the sheer scale of the project that has been mostly hidden from the public since its revelation in 1975 by the Church Committee. The book is named for the related Operation Chaos.

Billy McQuade
Billy McQuade
Oct 22, 2018 2:41 PM

Research history explained in this recent book.


Michael Pollan. How to change your mind

Oct 22, 2018 6:57 AM

Check out this presentation: “50 Years of Flower Power”
Facinating stuff on the CIA’s creation of the drug culture.

YouTube id: watch?v=4Z9T7jyn6iA

Oct 22, 2018 7:03 AM
Reply to  glamrock

Full link: https://hooktube.com/4Z9T7jyn6iA
Skip the first 9 minutes 😉

Jan Irvin
Jan Irvin
Oct 26, 2018 5:20 PM
Reply to  glamrock

Thanks. This is my presentation.

Oct 22, 2018 3:16 AM

Shlomo Ratz! “American” AND “israeli”!
This whole story reads like an Onion spoof.

Ian Brown
Ian Brown
Oct 22, 2018 1:05 AM

There are two important points to consider: 1. MKUltra was a profound failure for mind control. Not only was LSD abandoned by the CIA and military, but many of those given LSD had the complete opposite effect, their minds became out of control of authority structures, and this rapidly spread throughout the culture. At the very worst the CIA and complicit psychiatrist were able to gravely harm people, but LSD was never effective for interrogation or brainwashing. 2. The emergence of Eluesis Benefit Corp is not unique in that various for-profit and somewhat shady ventures such as Compass Pathways and Lightstar have popped up to riding on the coattails of the unambiguous success of research by MAPS, Heffter and the Beckley Foundation. The issue is that as psychedelics become legitimate by mainstream science, capitalistic interests are beginning to discover them. 3. The notion that Albert Hoffman or Sasha Shulgin were… Read more »

Ian Brown
Ian Brown
Oct 22, 2018 1:26 AM
Reply to  Ian Brown

Sorry, when I started writing I had two points in mind and then they expanded…

Oct 22, 2018 3:19 AM
Reply to  Ian Brown

… like points do when you’ve self-administered.

Oct 22, 2018 1:30 AM
Reply to  Ian Brown

well I’m convinced

Mulga Mumblebrain
Mulga Mumblebrain
Oct 22, 2018 9:43 AM
Reply to  Ian Brown

We used to purloin MDMA from a University Psychology Department, long before some ‘entrepreneur’ re-labeled it ‘Ecstasy’, and the various Rightwing prohibitionist regimes, bent, as ever, on worsening social discord and angst, decided to ban it.

Jan Irvin
Jan Irvin
Oct 26, 2018 5:30 PM
Reply to  Ian Brown

This Ian Brown’s post is total nonsense and he’s regurgitating the official CIA / MI6 narrative: “MKUltra was a profound failure for mind control. Not only was LSD abandoned by the CIA and military, but many of those given LSD had the complete opposite effect, their minds became out of control of authority structures, and this rapidly spread throughout the culture.” In no way whatsoever was MKULTRA as profound failure of any kind. The real MKULTRA is primarily the counterculture and psychedelic revolution itself – selling new age religions and degeneracy and fornicating in the mud to “rock idols” while high on drugs. I’ve exposed exactly what MKULTRA was and is over many shows and articles. This person, Ian Brown, is either entirely incompetent, or is complicit in the coverup and helping to sell the official narrative to keep you all from questioning what’s going on here. Ian is using… Read more »

Fair dinkum
Fair dinkum
Oct 22, 2018 12:58 AM

Could it be that the One Per Cent are simply bored?
They need some ‘guinea pigs’ to test the drugs that they believe will alleviate their ennui.
The irony is, that the only way to peace, Love, Truth, god, or whatever you choose to call ‘it’, is through self realisation.
And that is a long process of diminishing one’s ignorance.
They have no hope.

Oct 23, 2018 1:04 PM
Reply to  Fair dinkum

‘Fraid so. Boredom was at the root of the fall of the Roman Empire, and it will be at the root of the Washminster empire too.
Let’s face it, when you have everything which money can buy, you get bored.
If our incredibly greedy modern capitalists actually knew what it was to have a hobby about which one was truly passionate, their IQs would probably soar to unprecedented heights, and the world would not fear for its future as it now does.
But that would entail the admission that one can be passionate about something which money can NOT buy, and that concept is bred out of these lethal worms from a very early age.

Oct 22, 2018 12:27 AM

As any fule no, mescalin and psylocibin are far better theraputics than LSD.
No need for studies, just ask any of the millions who have already tried.

bob hope
bob hope
Jul 18, 2019 9:32 AM

When writing the word “fool” it is useful to spell it correctly, to avoid looking like a fool! Too much LSD for this chap, methinks. 😛

Oct 22, 2018 12:17 AM

From what I read of Albert Hoffman’s experience riding the bicycle while under the influence of LSD, I had the thought that it might be an ideal hallucinogen (perhaps modified in certain ways) to give to jihadis in Syria and other parts of the Middle East where the US and/or its allies have a foot-hold. Ditto for soldiers fighting in US-created and led wars in other parts of the world.

If certain side effects such as psychosis and paranoia can be induced, the resulting behaviour could be directed or channelled into violence that targets people designated as “enemies”.

And afterwards when the effects wear off, the jihadi fighter or soldier has no memory of what s/he did.

Ian Brown
Ian Brown
Oct 22, 2018 4:21 AM
Reply to  Jen

What, like this?

Oct 22, 2018 4:39 AM
Reply to  Ian Brown

And this

Jan Irvin
Jan Irvin
Oct 26, 2018 5:35 PM
Reply to  Jen

Do people still actually believe that Albert Hofmann invented LSD? The bicycle day story is totally bogus. His boss at Sandoz, Arthur Stoll a member of the Royal Society (fake science) is who invented LSD, and my guess is likely around 1918. The invention of LSD was passed over to Hofmann to cover up roughly 20 years of human experiments. The bicycle day story was cooked up as a cover for those who don’t question the official narrative. As CIA agent and SRI head man Willis Harman stated in his ABC Australia news interview: “The story really starts way back in 1935 with a group of followers of the German mystic Rudolf Steiner who lived in a village in Southern Germany. In 1935 a dark cloud was over Europe so the members of this group set out very deliberately to synthesize chemicals which were like the natural vegetable substances which… Read more »

Oct 22, 2018 12:00 AM

Recall seeing an episode of Derren Brown’s “The Experiments” in which he hypnotised and trained a member of the public to be an assassin and to “kill” the actor Stephen Fry at a theatre. Here’s the link to the episode:

Brown and his team of advisors relied on what was known at the time (2011 or 2012) of how Sirhan Bishara Sirhan was hypnotised into becoming an assassin.

Bruce Myer
Bruce Myer
Oct 21, 2018 7:02 PM

Here’s a link with some interesting details about Shlomi Raz’s resume and activities: https://www.flickr.com/photos/34562542@N06/3553570681 “Brainwashing” seems to be a topic of great interest to him. Quote from resume: Shlomi worked for JPMorgan, later JPMorganChase, in Investment Banking, Public Finance, Municipal Derivatives and Credit Hybrids. In 2003 he left JPMorgan and joined Goldman Sachs, rising to Managing Director responsible for Structured Product marketing. In this role Shlomi helped pioneer the use of derivatives, both as weapons of mass financial destruction, as well as for the betterment of mankind. In December 2008, Shlomi received notice that he was the target (amongst many others) of a Department of Justice investigation into Anti-Trust practices relating to work at JPMorgan almost eight years prior. He still awaits resolution of this matter, and like the A-Team, has gone underground, surviving as a soldier of fortune. Shlomi is also currently writing an account of his life as… Read more »

John Helsby
John Helsby
Oct 21, 2018 6:40 PM

Thanks for the comments everybody. I’ve found a few more things. There’s the slideshow someone in the comments linked. http://manxbiomed.im/ibweb/res/pdf/gen/ShlomiRaz2014.pdf The pdf of the leaflet. https://knightsatari.files.wordpress.com/2015/12/eleusis-benefit-corporation-phase-1b-volunteer-specification_general-distribution_v1.pdf Neiloufar Family is the Director of Research and Development at Eleusis Therapeutics Ltd. LinkedIn. https://www.linkedin.com/in/neiloufar-family-10065b27/ Twitter. https://twitter.com/neiloufar?lang=en Two papers Family coauthored with others including David Nutt. Semantic activation in LSD: evidence from picture naming. https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/23273798.2016.1217030 LSD enhances the emotional response to music. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26257162 Verge article from April 24th, 2017 referencing Eleusis: https://www.theverge.com/2017/4/24/15403644/microdosing-lsd-acid-productivity-benefits-brain-studies In fact, findings from the first known scientific study investigating safety and tolerability of low-dose LSD were slated to go public at Psychedelic Science last weekend. But three weeks before the scheduled presentation, lead investigator Neiloufar Family and her UK-based team at Eleusis Benefit Corporation, a pharmaceutical company, withdrew their study from the conference lineup, leaving the timing for LSD’s prescription drug future uncertain. “Certainly, nobody else is working with LSD in… Read more »

John Helsby
John Helsby
Oct 21, 2018 6:19 PM

Thank you very much. Here’s a fixed link.

Frankly Speaking
Frankly Speaking
Oct 21, 2018 5:45 PM

People would be very naive to believe that MK Ultra wasn’t superceded by a similar programme. All those billions of dollars earned from running heroin operations need to be spent on some nefarious purpose or other. When i was younger i used to laugh incredulously at the use of the term The Great Satan levelled at the US by various Middle Eastern strongmen and Ayatollahs, however, not excusing their own sins, I can now after a decade or two of enlightenment clearly understand why some elements of the US are viewed in this way. Thankfully there are still many decent people in the US. The sooner that they are able to remove the Deep State the better, but we may have to wait for decades or even for ever. We can be sure that the US and UK are running all manner of experiments for the purpose of controlling the… Read more »

Mulga Mumblebrain
Mulga Mumblebrain
Oct 21, 2018 9:35 PM

The Rigorous Intuition web-site had a good deal of interesting posts regarding the great interest in matters diabolical and Satanic manifested over the years by elements of the US elite. It makes chilling reading, and when one studies the likes of Pompeo, Bolton, Cheney etc, the evidence is there for all to see,

Oct 21, 2018 4:39 PM

Isn’t this simply the way that corporate intent operates? – at least in terms of those agenda that would otherwise meet obstruction. You are of course opening a ‘mindfield’, and because the human mind is predicated and identified with possession and control rather than the function of the extension and exchange within wholeness of being. And so true function is obscured and the hiding-by-deceit is protected from exposure by ‘minefields’ of deceits and defences. Fronting and faces for the interface of mass attention. Mind-control, mind-capture, mind-usurpation or mind-hacking are all facets of a way of thinking that runs the idea of power acted out in or upon the world, rather than the recognition of the power that gives rise to awareness of being in relation as actual presence. Just as a self-lack in shame and guilted fear of penalty is associated with the symbol of fig-leaves in the ‘Separation’ experience… Read more »

Oct 22, 2018 2:03 AM
Reply to  binra

Hi Brian,
How would you answer the following question?…..Three or more one?

Oct 22, 2018 5:26 AM
Reply to  axisofoil


Oct 22, 2018 5:36 AM
Reply to  rilme

I doubt it will be a one word answer. Let’s wait and see.

Oct 21, 2018 3:44 PM

There is an interesting article in the Mail Online about Amanda Feilding and her efforts to restart research on psychedelic drugs. All for the good of mankind, to treat depression and so on and to cleanse the doors of perception. We might not need to cheer ourselves up so much if we ate more saturated fat, but that is something else. Here is the link to the article. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-5728499/How-paid-help-legalise-lethal-mind-bending-party-drugs.html

Frankly Speaking
Frankly Speaking
Oct 21, 2018 5:49 PM
Reply to  Jane

Saturated fats, eggs, meat, all in moderation are essential for humans. This sudden drive towards veganism dressed up as being good for the climate has to be viewed very critically. The climate is changing due to human activity, but it’s not a simple solution to address it.

Mulga Mumblebrain
Mulga Mumblebrain
Oct 21, 2018 9:47 PM

Consuming far less meat would contribute to alleviating anthropogenic climate destabilisation, but by itself would be woefully insufficient. We need total de-carbonisation as fast as possible, massive reforestation and albedo restoration for a start, but even that would be insufficient to avert the cataclysm. What the denialists cannot understand due to intellectual insufficiency, or deny secondary to some ideological cum spiritual hatred of Life on Earth, is that the current anthropogenic destabilisation of the climate, through the emission of greenhouse gases (plus massive deforestation, biodiversity loss and gargantuan other pollution of every kind)has occurred ten to twenty times faster than at any other time that we know of for hundreds of millions of years. Just the heat sequestered in the oceans over the last 200 years (150 zettajoules ie 10 to the 21st power)guarantees MILLENNIA of almost certainly irreversible climate chaos.

John Marks
John Marks
Oct 21, 2018 3:02 PM

This Manchurian candidate stuff, together with Gavin Williamson’s support of Trump ending the nuclear weapons control (SALT) treaties, means we’re headed back into deep Cold War with Russia – and probably China – with no good reason at all.

Oct 21, 2018 3:00 PM

Another link found is a lecture by Dr Neiloufar Family, “Effects of LSD on Lexical Retrieval During Picture Naming”

Oct 21, 2018 2:48 PM

Nice still from “Dr Strangelove – or how I came to love the bomb” on the screen in front of Slomi Raz in the post on Flickr from “jullia kim. Any significance, or just an informative coincidence?

John Marks
John Marks
Oct 21, 2018 3:05 PM
Reply to  Philpot

Dr Strangelove seems to have taken over the British MoD.
Along with the likes of Stoltenberg, Williamson is scrapping the nuclear arms control treaties.
The sooner we get rid of this barking mad Conservative government, the better.

Mulga Mumblebrain
Mulga Mumblebrain
Oct 22, 2018 9:57 AM
Reply to  John Marks

Alien observers, while examining our coming self-destruction, will no doubt be highly amused to see that creatures as utterly insufficient in every parameter of decency and competence as Williamson, drove the process with a mixture of Evil and imbecility. Under what rock did the Tories find it?

Jan Irvin
Jan Irvin
Oct 26, 2018 5:42 PM
Reply to  John Marks

Is this John D. Marks, the assistant to the director of the Bureau of Intelligence and Research who wrote The Search for the Manchurian Candidate, the disinfo / limited hangout book that I exposed as a fraud? Or are you the director now? Or did you eventually become the director, if you’re the same John Marks? Just asking. If it’s you, I exposed you here: https://logosmedia.com/SpiesinAcademicClothing_MKULTRA If that’s you, you had CIA personnel help you write that book, including Wasson and others I’ve already exposed. ” There has been a whole galaxy of people who have provided specialized help, and I would like to thank them all: Jeff Kohan, Eddie Becker, Sam Zuckerman, Matthew Messelson, Julian Robinson, Milton Kline, Marty Lee, M. J. Conklin, Alan Scheflin, Bonnie Goldstein, Paul Avery, Bill Mills, John Lilly, Humphrey Osmond, Julie Haggerty, Patrick Oster, Norman Kempster, Bill Richards, Paul Magnusson, Andy Sommer, Mark Cheshire,… Read more »

Oct 21, 2018 2:47 PM

This seems like a clear cut case of studies into Eugenics (albeit by another name) and under the cloak of benefits to mankind. I found this PDF file that presented at the MANX-BIOMED conference in 2014 on the Isle of Mann. This was an attempt to raise funding. It make a very clear reference to the Eleusinian Mysteries. http://www.manxbiomed.im/ibweb/res/pdf/gen/ShlowaasmiRaz2014.pdf

Oct 21, 2018 2:59 PM
Reply to  maybeitistrue

I’m getting a 404 error on this link, do you have another?

Oct 21, 2018 3:07 PM
Reply to  maybeitistrue

link is dead

Denis O'hAichir
Denis O'hAichir
Oct 21, 2018 5:35 PM
Reply to  maybeitistrue

All I’m getting is error 404 with that link.

John Helsby
John Helsby
Oct 21, 2018 6:20 PM
Reply to  maybeitistrue
Oct 28, 2018 3:12 PM
Reply to  John Helsby

Apologies for the delay in replying, I didn’t get the notification of the messages. 🙁

Denis O'hAichir
Denis O'hAichir
Oct 21, 2018 2:43 PM

Did you try other search engines?

John Helsby
John Helsby
Oct 21, 2018 2:58 PM

I also used yandex.ru and duckduckgo. But I didn’t dig any deeper than what’s in the article, I felt like I had enough to show something strange is going on and was hoping that other people might take an interest and look for themselves. I’m asking around amongst people I know to see if I can track down anyone who volunteered for the experiment, though I’m not especially hopeful. I will keep paying attention to the topic but don’t know if I’m good enough at this sort of research to find out much more myself at this stage.

Michael Cromer
Michael Cromer
Oct 21, 2018 2:41 PM

If it is any help – there are LSD vending machines in both The House of Lords and the Houses of Parliament.

Oct 21, 2018 2:18 PM
Sarah Hayes
Sarah Hayes
Oct 21, 2018 1:24 PM

Probably not much help to you, but Amanda Feilding is the Countess of Wemyss and March. Her son is Rock Feilding-Mellen, Kensington and Chelsea Council’s deputy leader and the councillor responsible for housing and regeneration at the time of the Grenfell disaster. Amanda allowed her children to do drugs: “In our home there were no taboos,” Mr Feilding-Mellen’s mother said last summer. “The children grew up knowing that you could smoke pot and work, and even enhance your cognitive function if you’re clever and combine it with other substances.”