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AUDIO: “It’s the Empire Stupid”, Episode 37 – Edward Curtin

In this episode of his podcast, Philip Farruggio talks regular OffG contributor Edward Curtin about the current relevance of the movie “Network”.

“ … in the film we see the introduction of what is now called ‘Realty Television’ taken to its satirical end. Curtin shows us how writer Paddy Chayefsky captures the anger so many felt then, and how his main character, Howard Beale came to represent ‘ Everyman’ when pushed against the wall of this empire. Curtin, a professor of Sociology, has used this film for years as a bridge to understand the how much our media is


  1. vexarb says

    Twilght of Uncle $cam’s Empire:

    “The federal government could soon pay more in interest on its debt than it spends on the military, Medicaid or children’s programs.
    The run-up in borrowing costs is a one-two punch brought on by the need to finance a fast-growing budget deficit, worsened by tax cuts and steadily rising interest rates that will make the debt more expensive.
    With less money coming in and more going toward interest, political leaders will find it harder to address pressing needs like fixing crumbling roads and bridges or to make emergency moves like pulling the economy out of future recessions.”

  2. frank says

    Elect a clown, and you get a circus. That’s a funny bumper sticker but really elections don’t matter, so how the world is ever going to get out of this I don’t know.

    • We do not know how the world will get in or out of anything; that is the human condition. The Christian story is that Jesus the man, having worked for the good all his too-short life, died under torture crying, My God! My God, why hast Thou abandoned me?

      We do the best we can, and say, Hier stehts Ich; kann nicht anders.

  3. frank says

    I hate it when I have to login with an account from the deep state to be able to download a podcast.

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