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“Scrutinising the media: Fake news, censorship, and war” – Nov 4


A reminder that the event “Scrutinising the media: Fake news, censorship, and war” is taking place tomorrow, Sunday Nov 4, Lincoln, UK. It promises to be an interesting and highly relevant discussion.

More information at the events’s website. Or contact the organiser David Hughes at

This event will engage the public in discussion and debate about journalistic objectivity in traditional and social media. The aim is to raise public awareness of the techniques used by the media in order to condition public opinion, particularly with respect to war, so that citizens might make better informed judgments about the news they consume.

The event will be centred on the topical concept of ‘fake news’ and will explore how that concept is being used to legitimise censorship. Attention will be drawn to the online censorship campaign currently being waged by Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Wikipedia. The media’s role in legitimising US/UK military intervention in Syria will be explored, as will attempts by mainstream news sources to close down any challenge to the official narrative. The case of Julian Assange and its implications for free speech and liberal values will be discussed and debated.

Speakers will include David Hughes (University of Lincoln), Piers Robinson (Sheffield University) and Julie Hyland (Deputy National Secretary of the Socialist Equality Party). David is the event organiser, Piers is a member of the Working Group on Syria, Propaganda, and Media, and Julie campaigns against internet censorship on behalf of the World Socialist Web Site.


  1. Gezzah Potts says

    Completely agree with the sentiments of every commenter here. If I was anywhere near Lincoln, would definately be attending this event. Unfortunately, Im way down in Australia, home of the rabidly right wing Murdoch muckrakers. Also known as News Ltd. Have removed myself from the matrix of lies and bullshit, and for actual news only look at alternative news sites. I do occasionally post comments on ABC News Facebook, and am almost always bombarded with accusations of being a Russian troll or Putin apologist or Assad apologist or rape apologist. Pretty bloody depressing how so many have been blinded to the truth.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      It’s easy to brainwash Ockers. Small brains, you see.

  2. Michael McNulty says

    The propagandists like war criminal Alistair Campbell changed the names of propaganda to spin and propagandists to spin doctors. “Fake news” is a rather weak term, like something a child would think up for name-calling, and could be better described as black propaganda. But the “spin doctors” purposely avoid that term because it would remind everybody of just who, and how full of shit, they really are.

    PC always was a means of controlling speech by they who Lord over us, but as had to happen in the end it has caught them out, too. Since murdering straight-talk they have to spout shit just like the rest of us.

  3. DunGroanin says

    Talking of fake news – the Obsessive has got a double whammy with it’s White Helmets crap and Cohen as usual and censorship to boot! No comments.

    • Yes the White Helmets according to Raed al-Saleh turn out to want retribution for all the dead in Syria! And the Fearless journalist Emma Graham-Harrison [who she?] fails to ask the most obvious of questions “I thought the White Helmets were non-political humanitarians?” Yes utter crap and fake news to boot!

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        The ‘White Helmets’, like all Wahhabist takfiris just love killing, Shia, non-Wahhabist Sunnis, Christiand, Yazidis etc. And, of course, the Western media vermin just LOVE them for it.

    • John2o2o says

      I thought the video was a bit generous. The MSM don’t make mistakes, they flat out lie.


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