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I Called the Ecuadorian Embassy and This Is What Happened

Hope K

I came to WikiLeaks late. I remember reading about them, Chelsea Manning, and Julian Assange, and I thought, good on them. But it was far away, and I was busy with local issues. I had been defending the West Memphis Three for eighteen years. You see, I am from Arkansas.

But it just so happens sometimes that local meets national. Local meets national and global for me in the form of the Clintons. I have spent most of my life under the reign of them. When I found out Hillary Clinton was running for president again, I was outraged.

I threw my energy into the Sanders campaign. We had a good shot, I thought. Maybe the people were ready to stand up and demand normalcy and compassion.

Then I watched the entire Bernie movement get eaten by Hillary. The election fraud, voter fraud, voter suppression, media collusion, and social media troll farms were outrageous. I figured if she stole the primary, Hillary would steal the election, too.

Then a miracle happened — Wikileaks drops like pennies from heaven.

You have no idea how valuable that was to a lady in Arkansas who knows too much. I now had proof, and I used it. I fought those Brock trolls like a valkyrie. I told everyone I knew that Hillary was a criminal. I voted for Stein, but I was really voting against Hillary. The corruption I saw in my state under the Clinton reign was unbelievable. I mean really — unbelievable. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.

Right after I found out the election results, I got locked out of my Twitter account and slept for two days. Fighting dragons is hard work.

You might hate me and blame me for Trump. I don’t care. I know what I know, and that Clinton woman is a menace. Trump is a clown. I fear him less. That is that.

I will always be grateful to WikiLeaks and everybody who give the public documents they can use to help fight corruption. If you do that, you will have my forever love, unless you have turned.


Like I said, I’m new to standing up for Assange. But this is not my first rodeo. I helped get two lifers and one guy on death row out of prison. I usually just have to deal with politicians and bureaucrats. Assange support is a whole new level of bizarreness.

Back in the West Memphis Three days (which are not really over — I am working on solving those murders), it was simple. Either you were against imprisoning them or you were for it. There were no pretenders that I knew about.

This is not the case with all WikiLeaks supporters. WikiLeaks, I just checked, has not tweeted in six days. Assange is in the embassy, and people seem to be under a strange spell of inaction. Or rather, guided to useless action.

The ACLU just came out with a new torture report. Lots of heinous crimes are in there, but I think we should look at how this has affected our society, too. Think of the “terrorists” as test subjects with intelligence agencies practicing on them, scheming how to stifle the populace.

Learned. Helplessness.

The ACLU published right when I was working on this story. I found the descriptions despicable. Part of it sounds like what we know is happening to Julian Assange.

Certain people are discouraging folks from watching the embassy. They say you’ll get surveilled. Whatever. We’re all already being surveilled. That’s a no-brainer. But people are falling for it.

Damien Echols says the thing that kept him from getting killed on death row was the fact that the system knew it was being watched. I think that is very important.

Also, there are fake pictures being passed around by accounts that should know better. I figured this out when some random person on Twitter asked questions about it. Then I looked at the picture with fresh eyes. It was a group of chefs outside the embassy.

You see, I had been under the spell, too. I believed what I was told. I trusted people.

This is not the kind of thing that should be going on with WikiLeaks supporters. We’re supposed to be about truth and transparency, like they are.

That picture could have been taken at any time by anybody. And when I asked questions about it myself, I faced a brick wall. And that, dear readers, is when I knew I was over the target.

They are so sneaky. Few can see it for what it is, an evil fairy tale spell.


I’m sure you all know the story of the Fisher King, but I think we need to look at it again.

It’s about a kid who lives out in the boonies in King Arthur times. His father had been a knight, but he died, and his mother lied to him about it because she didn’t want Perceval to suffer the same fate. He didn’t know who he was. He was naive. Sometimes the nicest people can be naive.

Anyway, he comes across a group of knights and wants to be like them. He leaves home, despite his mother’s protests, to do just that. And he’s excellent at it. Part of what he learns from his mother and his fellow knights is not to talk too much or to ask too many questions. That is how to become successful.

The Fisher King is in possession of the Holy Grail, but he and the people of his kingdom are under some kind of evil spell. The king is dying, the country is a wasteland. They need help.

Perceval comes to the rescue but fails. He wants to ask the Fisher King, “What ails you?” because he can see that the he is dying, and he feels badly for him. But he doesn’t ask out of politeness. The next day he finds out what he has done when the castle is empty, and upon leaving, he sees the castle disappear and finds a maiden holding her dead lover. “Why didn’t you ask the question?”

That would have broken the spell. Perceval spends years and jumps obstacles to right his wrong. He finally tracks down the Fisher King again and asks the question. “What ails you?” Just a normal question from a concerned person.

But it broke the spell.

The king and the kingdom returned to health.


All this concerning stuff is happening around Julian Assange, WikiLeaks is silent, and I’ve got this funny feeling something might be happening. But I don’t know anything. All I know is what I learned as a West Memphis Three supporter. We had supporters from all over the world. Some of them came to Arkansas, but most of them did something else. They made calls.

Calling a prison to ask the status of a prisoner is normal behavior. I’ve done it many times.

However, certain people don’t want you to call that embassy. They told me to be afraid of surveillance. They told me to not get involved in tricky political situations. They told me to stay out of the drama.

Listen, dear readers, when somebody tells you not to do an action that is normal, something is up. I’m just saying. I knew I was over the target, so I downloaded a VOIP app and bought ten pounds of time. It turns out that I overpaid. Each call is about a penny. That means I have a lot of calls ahead of me.

The first call I made was to the Consulate. The numbers are on the Ecuadorian embassy website, and I chose that one first.

I did not record the calls because I’m not sure of the legality of that. I don’t want to get in trouble. I just want to help. So I took notes.

At the Consulate, I spoke to a friendly man named David. I told him my name was Hope — Esperanza in Spanish — and that I wanted to speak with Julian Assange. He laughed and told me this was the Consulate, and I needed to call the embassy.

The woman who answered the phone at the embassy sounded a bit rushed. I imagine it’s busy working at an embassy. I asked to speak with Julian Assange, please. She told me I’d have to be cleared by them and gave me an email address.

I emailed the address, and this is what I got back:

Two days later, I called again. A friendly person answered the phone. She laughed like David did when I told her who I was (by the way, I entered all my information into the app, so they could see everything — I have nothing to hide from them, and I’m a WikiLeaks supporter, which makes me a supporter of transparency).

I asked to speak to Julian Assange, please. She tried to give me the email address, but I told her I already tried that and got an automated response. She said he chooses who he speaks with. I asked, “Julian chooses who he speaks to?” She said yes. Then I asked her if he was okay. She laughed and said yes.

That was my experience with calling the embassy. No boogeymen. Some people on Twitter have messed with me, but I just block them.

It’s no big deal. Really. You can do it, too. You can also call offices in Ecuador and other offices in the UK. If you can’t be there, you can do the next best thing and call.

We are all Perceval, you know. It’s okay to ask questions. Go for it!

Winner of my high school's citizenship award.


  1. Brian Case says

    ” She said he chooses who he speaks with. I asked, “Julian chooses who he speaks to?” She said yes. Then I asked her if he was okay. She laughed and said yes. ”
    And so you believe her 100% – ‘just like that’ ??
    Did you try emailing any of the addresses given to you in the first response ?
    Thanks :O)

  2. Gezzah Potts says

    Another excellent article Hope, Cheers. Yesterday, ABC Facebook had a story on Pamela Anderson’s open letter to our fundie PM Scott Morrison, and his remarks, and the amount of ‘commenters’ who denigrated Anderson for standing up for Assange, and the numerous others who labelled Assange ‘a traitor’ ‘a sleazebag’ ‘he deserves 100 years in jail’ etc etc….. Wow. The number of people who think Assange is a traitor!? To what? After what Wikileaks exposed, I can’t believe people in Australia can be so brainwashed to the propaganda of the Anglo Zionist Empire. Are they sheep? No wait….. Actually I can believe that. Many just go thru Life with their eyes closed sponging up what they hear on the news or read in the newspaper. Unthinking.

  3. Well I looked for Hope K on twitter to no avail. Perhaps she has been banned again? Anyway as both a fellow citizen and Arkansan with similar views and spirit I just want to say brava Hope!

    • wardropper says

      You have to be a subscriber to read that. I unsubscribed from the WaPo ages ago, because my digestive system just couldn’t cope with it.

  4. Australian PM promotes rape culture says

    In relation to Pamela Anderson’s first letter to the currently installed Australian prime minister urging him to provide support to Julian Assange ..

    This is how Aussie PM replied:

    “I’ve had plenty of mates who have asked me if they can be my special envoy to sort the issue out with Pamela”

    independentaustralia.net news website explained:
    “The Australian Prime Minister, when approached by a woman on a political issue, responds by recommending that the woman receive a sexual “sorting out” by several men of his acquaintance”.

    So, here it is folks, this is from a position of power in one of the leading lights in Western democracy!!!


    • What a revolting, disgusting person he is – and supposed to be a born-again too. At least, he wasn’t actually voted in. If he gets in as PM at the next election then that says so much about Australians. How come we have him and NZ has Jacinda Ardern?

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      ‘Scummo’ is a Pentecostal thug, like Bolsonaro in Brazil. The coming type.

  5. Hugh O'Neill says

    Hope. As many have said already, great name, great work and intelligent article. (I also enjoyed the story of the Fisher King). Like you, I reckon that “Learned Helplessness” is a deliberate strategy which has gone from the perverse psychology dept to the CIA, thence to the population as a whole. If the PTB simply “ignore the screamers’ no matter how many or how much they scream, then carrying on regardless teaches us that righteous anger counts for nothing and that apathy is easier than hitting one’s head against a brick wall, which is precisely as they desire. So long as we keep fighting, then their strategy has failed.
    However, (W.B. Yeats’ “The best lack all conviction…”) Orwell’s Winston Smith learns to love Big Brother and betrays the woman he loved. But still, he is destined for the Memory Hole. The biggest danger is to lose hope: it is better to light a candle, than curse the dark.
    Regarding someone’s comment (lumping those who question 9/11 as therefore doubting the moon landings etc.) is a typical sophistic sleight of tongue, and as illogical as “post hoc, ergo propter hoc” and infra dignitas, undeserving of any response. Irrespective of what anyone thinks or cares about Assange (or Bradley/Chelsea Manning) the simple fact is that the US committed the grossest of war crimes, yet the only ones who were punished were those who objected and not the perpetrators. Note also that those who died then were also Reuters journalists which rather shows us the MSM stark hypocrisy post Khashoggi (nephew of Adnan the arms dealer).
    Keep fighting. Venceremos.

  6. Smooth Sailing says

    Thanks for the trying.
    And thanks for the article. Hope is a great name!

    The world needs more people with clear mind, like Hope. Perhaps a few millions more ….
    Lucidity of mind is a quality that is very hard to maintain in today’s stormy environment.

  7. It’s so wonderful what you are doing, Hope. I’m rather puzzled now. I have heard that Julian is not allowed to speak with anyone except his lawyers (I don’t know how often he speaks with his lawyers but isolation is a form of torture) nor is he allowed to make any public statements so it’s interesting that these restrictions are not made public unlike the fact of his internet access being cut off. So very interesting. I’m very surprised by what commenter Tony says below – that he thinks Julian is not actually residing in the embassy. I believe he is but then nothing would surprise me anymore. Nothing. (I agree with Tony though that neither Julian nor Edward pass the 9/11 acid test. I truly wonder why that is.)

    Perhaps the best thing to do would be email Jennifer Robinson or someone else mentioned.

    • frank says

      Here we go again with this 9/11 argument. (Second in this thread.)
      How about the moon landings: do you believe they went to the moon?
      I’m sure you’ll be able to find plenty of people who think they went to the moon. Does that mean they are all secret agents of the deep state?

      The point is: the 9/11 argument doesn’t prove anything one way or the other. People who are unwilling to speak out about it might simply not have looked into it.

      Second: Assange depends on his public reputation for income and support. 9/11 is kind of a taboo subject where the vast majority of the population believes the official story. And Assange’s public reputation is already very bad to begin with, thanks to the msm.

      Use your common sense. He’s been in virtual prison for 6 years and if he ever gets handed over to the US will spend the rest of his life in prison. A bit of a high price to pay for being a stooge if you ask me. If he was really some kind of double agent for the deep state he would have been free a long time ago. There would never have been this campaign against him in the first place.

      If you want a good candidate for controlled opposition look into the background of Pierre Omidyar.

      Hot off the press: Prosecutor accidentally reveals the US has ‘secretly charged’ Assange (16 Nov 2018)

      • John says

        I view Glenn Greenwald as controlled opposition too

      • Regardless of whether or not Julian is residing in the embassy or any doubt about him not speaking out on 9/11, I feel quite certain he’s not a stooge. No way. However, as you point out, he has been a prisoner for 6 years and he is in a very difficult situation. People do not necessarily behave with the same lack of compromise as they would if they were in a normal situation – I’m sure I wouldn’t myself.

        If Julian has not looked into 9/11 it wouldn’t be because people have not urged him to. As a highly important event that wikileaks information will relate to in one way or another he should have looked into it and if he had, he’d know. That 9/11 was an inside conspiracy is as plain as the nose on your face. The story of 19 barely-trained terrorists armed with boxcutters hijacking four planes, navigating them through the most restricted airspace on earth without being intercepted by a single fighter interceptor and crashing three of them into iconic buildings including Defence HQ is preposterous in the extreme – there is also zero evidence to support it. High rise steel frame buildings do not crash to the ground because of fire as that phenomenon is against the laws of physics. Not to mention the fact that the perps tell us loudly and clearly beyond the basic preposterousness of the story that they are the perps. They tell us this by showing the second plane popping out the other side of the South tower and having a witness declare that he saw it happen – in addition to a number of other highly implausible elements that are completely inessential to their story but that they serve us gratuitously to let us know so very loudly and so very clearly that their story does not add up in any shape or form – if we bother to pay attention. youtube.com/watch?v=f-pLwI7dcQ0&feature=youtu.be&t=56s

        There is zero doubt about 9/11 being an inside conspiracy – but what stagnates the emergence of the truth of this event is that the perps have put an awful lot of propaganda effort into keeping secret that death and injury were staged (very little effort into the actual staging of death and injury – much of which shows no effort into disguising its fakery or making it convincing – but quite a bit of propaganda effort). What they do is drown us in propaganda while pushing their hoaxery in our face like cream pie.

        The two main jigsaw pieces of “inside conspiracy” and “3,000 killed and 6,000 injured” do not fit together to make up the 9/11 puzzle. They repel each other like magnets and what the perps really don’t want is for people to see that the two essential pieces of the jigsaw are, in fact, “inside conspiracy” and “death and injury staged” as they are the only two pieces that will fit the 9/11 jigsaw.

        So not only was 9/11 an inside conspiracy it was a hoax – a very big hoax where the only reality was the buildings crashing to the ground.

        Of course, there’s a problem with stating that death and injury were staged too because, being human, people were greatly affected by the story of 3,000 people dying and it seems sacrilegious to question that story. I’m ruled by my head (to my detriment in many ways) rather than my heart so it was easy for me to come to terms with the fact that the story of the deaths of 3,000 and injury to 6,000 was false as was the rest of the 9/11 story when I could see the evidence didn’t support it – but I know from talking to my friends and other people about other events where I assert that the claims of deaths are false that people find the suggestion extremely offensive because of the emotional effect on them of the tragedy they are told of.

        To my mind, if Julian came out and said that 9/11 was a hoax it and presented the incontrovertible evidence for it, it would so set the cat among the pigeons they’d have to let him out.

        As an evidence-based thinker, I see no reason not to accept that astronauts went to the moon and – like so many others – think it was an amazing achievement. I find it very sad that people tend to fall so much into one of two camps – those who believe everything from authorities and those who believe nothing while very few really judge according to the evidence.

        I don’t want to hijack the comments with 9/11 and moon landing argument so I won’t say any more on either subject on this thread.

        • Robbobbobin says

          Wikileaks is a whistleblower’s publisher, not a bunch of investigative journalists. If you want something to show up on Wikileaks, assemble a mass of fully verifiable, leaked original documentation and leak it on to Wikileaks. No theories, no editorial, no essays, just raw, unedited, original documentation of corporate, institutional or governmental malfeasance. If you have nothing on which you wish to blow the whistle or no body of Wikileaks-published whistleblower data you want to access for some reason, time to go/look elsewhere.

          • I know what Wikileaks does. What I’m suggesting has nothing to do with Wikileaks’ method and is not to do with Wikileaks but Julian and his situation. What I’m suggesting is that if Julian came out and said that 9/11 was a hoax that would set the cat among the pigeons so much that they would be forced to let him out.

            I do not have leaked documents showing malfeasance. But continuing with the cat theme: there is more than one way to skin a cat.

            In a situation where there are only two hypotheses to consider if 10 points, say, can be provided that support Hypothesis A and zero points can be provided that support Hypothesis B then I think it’s fair to say that we can infer that Hypothesis A is correct and is essentially proven unless there are reasons that can be provided to suggest it isn’t. … or do you disagree?

            I have done four such exercises and issued a $5,000 challenge for an exercise favouring the opposing hypothesis with no responses submitted despite making the rule that the challenger can choose their own judge in a specified profession to validate their 10 points and engaging in dialogue with a number of people who vehemently support the opposing hypothesis or would really like the money.

            The two exercises relevant to proving that 9/11 was an inside conspiracy and a hoax are:



            The greatest false assumption about 9/11 is that we need something other than what we already have to prove it was an inside conspiracy and a hoax. The proof is right there under our noses, nothing remotely theoretical about it. It is the greatest case of the Emperor’s New Clothes the world has ever known and the perps are no doubt proud of that fact.

            • DunGroanin says

              People real ones died – there were fire fighters, the jumpers etc. There is a list of nationalities – citizens of foreign countries who didn’t get the warnings to stay clear. A lot can be understood by looking at that list.

              I hope Hope is genuine rather then the latest manifestation of a future gate keeper by and for the Pathocracy.

              • Of course they say stuff and show us stuff to persuade us that people died. You need to check it out though. Interestingly, of my 10 points only one relies on research that cannot be supplied by a simple Google search (I found it through Google but the people who provide the evidence had to do some research beyond Google). Only Point 4 required research beyond a simple Google search. Astounding, no? All my other points rely on either simple logic and reason or stuff that is pretty much directly from the media (or posted from the media). See Points 8, 9 and 10 for stuff on the firefighters.

                I think Hope is completely genuine.

    • Jen says

      Dear Flaxgirl,

      US actor / animal rights activist Pamela Anderson has said that Julian Assange is in poor health and has appealed to our Prime Minister in an open letter to help bring Assange back to Australia.

      Fat chance our d***head PM will do anything.

      Anderson has been in contact with Assange several times in the past. You could try following her on Twitter (there is a link to her Twitter account on her website) and just see if she regularly posts news on Assange.

      People can also donate to Assange’s legal defence at this website:

  8. tonyopmoc says

    Hope K,

    What you wrote is inspirational. I have followed the events of Julian Assange, since before he was famous. I knew he was not guilty of rape, from the immediate Twitter Tweets, of the two Swedish Girls involved, which was also reported in the Swedish Newspaper Aftonbladet. As I am pretty much anonymous, I even offerred to put him up in my family home, as I thought he would get along well with my very “Techie” then teenage son. This was before he accepted an offer from someone very much richer, connected to at least some aspects of The British Establishment

    I think what Julian Assange has done is wonderful, but I do not believe everything I read about him, nor everything I read about Edward Snowden who looks and speaks almost exactly like an English guy I used to work with in London 15 years ago, before he got fired, for being too outspoken and critical of the management. It may not be him, but the similarities are amazing, except now he has an American accent.

    What intrigues me, is why both these people, get so much publicity in the mainstream media.

    I am far from convinced that Julian Assange resides in the Ecuadorian Embassy, except when needed for events that require his personal appearance. When the last such event occurred, he turned up over 6 hours after all the film crews and TV cameras, on a hot day in May, wearing a motorcycle jacket, as if he had just arrived on a motorcycle, via the baack door, rather from the room less than 20 feet from the Balcony in the Ecuadorian Embassy, very close to Harrods.

    Regardless of whether these people are working for some intelligence agency or not, I have enormous respect for them. The have displayed tremendous courage and integrity, even though neither of them, have passed the 9/11 acid test. If these people are who they are portrayed to be, why would they not tell the truth about 9/11? They are certainly not lacking in intelligence or courage.


  9. Gary Weglarz says

    Thank you Hope for offering both some inspiration and a sound suggestion on how all of us who are concerned and outraged can in fact “do something” to support Julian.

    Below in the contact information for the Ecuadorian embassy in Washington where I’ll make my calls and send my emails.


    ADDRESSEcuadorian Embassy in Washington, D.C., United States

    2101 L Street, N.W., Suite 440
    Washington, DC 20037
    Consular section: 2827 16th Street N.W.
    Washington, D.C. 20009
    United States

    TELEPHONE(+1) (202) 234 7200 / 1 / 2
    (+1) (202) 808 8694 (Consular section)

    FAX(+1) (202) 333-2893



    SOCIAL MEDIA OFFICE HOURS HEAD OF MISSIONFrancisco Benjamin Esteban Carrion Mena, AmbassadorCONSULAR SERVICESNo information available

  10. Gary Weglarz says

    Thank you Hope for offering both some inspiration and a sound suggestion on how all of us who are concerned and outraged can in fact “do something” to support Julian.

    Below is the contact information for the Ecuadorian embassy in Washington DC where I’ll make my calls and send my emails.


    ADDRESSEcuadorian Embassy in Washington, D.C., United States

    2101 L Street, N.W., Suite 440
    Washington, DC 20037
    Consular section: 2827 16th Street N.W.
    Washington, D.C. 20009
    United States

    TELEPHONE(+1) (202) 234 7200 / 1 / 2
    (+1) (202) 808 8694 (Consular section)

    FAX(+1) (202) 333-2893



    SOCIAL MEDIA OFFICE HOURS HEAD OF MISSIONFrancisco Benjamin Esteban Carrion Mena, AmbassadorCONSULAR SERVICESNo information available

  11. kevin morris says

    It was a noble act when Ecuador gave political asylum to Julian Assange. That said, and given the pressure that Ecuador now faces from the United States, it would be at least understandable if the country were now ruieng its generosity. I understand Assange’s need for support from the outside world, but am I the only person who feels that calls by sundry supporters to the Ecuadoran embassy in London might make his arrival into custody all the quicker?

      • Maggie says

        @ Vierotchka,
        It was a misspelling and should have read Rueing = regretting

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Ecuador changed when the long-term US asset, ‘Lenin’ Moreno succeeded to the Presidency, and commenced reversing ALL Correa’s policies and returning to Uncle Satan’s cabal. Assange should have gone to Russia, or better yet, China, so he’s stuffed.

  12. harry stotle says

    The latest set of privations inflicted on Julian Assange, such as cutting off internet access arose because the US leant on Equador financially.

    The Guardian reluctantly acknowledged that there is prima facie evidence demonstrating the US are out to get him but continue with their usual smear tactics of linking Assange to Russia or sex crimes (needless to say comments are switched off BTL).

    It feels like another anti-Assange article by the Guardian is just about due – Hyde, Moore, and Ball must be working feverishly to snub the UN findings (that found human rights abuses in the treatment of Assange) while cheering on the neocons as they wreak havoc across the globe.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      The utter contempt for the UN decision on Assange’s arbitrary confinement, from a group that the West usually uses to assail its victims, shews you just what ‘The Rules Based International Order’ amounts to in reality. Psychopathic Western genocidal thugs making the ‘Rules’ up as they go along.

      • Gezzah Potts says

        Mulga Mumblebrain: exactly correct Mulga. The orwellian babble about ‘rules based international order’ and variations of that phrase is for the consumption of Joe & Jane Smith of Cronulla who believe the West is a shining beacon of democracy, and fights the evildoers of the World to help poor oppressed people’s. In short; the gullible….

  13. Antonym says

    So did you personally spoke with him or not?

      • eddie says

        Have you spoken with Charles Portis lately?

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Have you spoken to Avigdor Lieberman recently? To get your talking-points.

      • Jen says

        Erm, Avigdor Lieberman is not in charge any more. Antonym needs to speak to Lieberman’s replacement who also happens to be the minister for foreign affairs and health … and the prime minister.

        Even the Clown Prince of Sordid Barbaria probably doesn’t try to do as much.

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