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OffG site renovation update

Our long-promised upgrade is going to be happening in the next week or two. During the transfer there will inevitably be downtimes so patience is requested.

Our URL will remain the same, so don’t worry about losing track of us. We will, however, be hosted on a different, non-Wordpress, server and we will have a couple of additional URLs as well, which we’ll provide closer to the time.

This is a major overhaul, involving a complete rebuilding of our code, so there will almost certainly be teething troubles and glitches. We’ll be inviting people to test the Beta version soon and would appreciate feedback from that.

We’re intending this will resolve some of the chronic problems you have been experiencing and improve and enrich your experience of using the site.

More info in due course.


  1. RetroSpin says

    Hi —

    While you’re at it, would it be possible to include a “preview” capability to cut down on embarrassing errors before they’re posted?

    Also, a return to black type in place of the faint gray type which is nearly invisible for some persons.


  2. DunGroanin says

    Ability to keep track of replies to comments would be a relief.

  3. Care says

    Like the current website, hopefully the upgraded one will not have:

    – elements that open and close like an accordion. If it’s technically possible, it doesn’t mean it should be used!
    – gimmicks and too many stock photos that do not relate to the article at hand
    – auto-play/auto-download videos

    One reason The Guardian’s website remains popular is, they refrain from using distracting elements that spring up or down the screen; navigation on is also user-friendly.

  4. Frankly Speaking says

    Looking forward to it. Happy to be a beta tester.

    • Frankly Speaking says

      As Admin said, there have been various issues over a period of time.

    • Care says

      To John2o2o:
      Yeah, it works fine. John McCain works fine too as a US president in 2020.

      Navigation and page formatting will hopefully be improved in the new upgrade.

  5. Michael Leigh says

    Good news on your hopeful upgrade and the newly planned technical/editorial improvements all-round, and further looking forwards to the site’s enhanced quality and independence. What-so-ever Good luck all round ! ! !

  6. Neil says

    Heads Up: During your period of fragility while in-transition… beware of nefarious actors / hostile takeover gambits > ex-nasty-stasi former GDR-ops-types. e.g. consentfactory.naz

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