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As the saying goes, wars take place when the government tells you who the enemy is; revolutions take place when you work it out for yourself.” John Wight

If it’s true. If revolutions do take place when the people work it out for themselves, then we must be headed for a revolution. Because people are working things out for themselves. It seems like every day I find someone new who is shining bright light into the darkness, and I can’t help but feel we are reaching a critical mass. People are becoming bolder, and they are speaking the truth with ever greater clarity.

This week I’m very excited to have found Lee Camp’s wonderful new Super Patriotic Very Uncle Sam Comedy Special. It is a shining example of just what I’m talking about. It is a clear minded and boldly spoken social critique, and it is stand up at its finest. It reminds me of something from George Carlin or Bill Hicks.

I can’t say enough good things about it. It’s a great bit of comedy, but it is so much more. It is a wake up call. It is a call to the citizens of the world to unite. It is a call to action, spoken in no uncertain terms, Lee says,

I think the biggest thing we need to do right now is put our differences aside and team up to kill this monster”.

I couldn’t agree more. The biggest most important thing we need to do right now really is, ‘team up to kill this monster’. Because what we are facing right now truly is a monster, and this monster is growing more powerful and more deadly every day. The monster we are facing is destroying our earth, it is destroying the ecosystem all over the globe.

This monster is destroying human lives all over the world in wars and armed conflicts. This monster is enslaving the poor all over the world. This monster threatens to destroy all life on earth with nuclear war. The monster is real, but it’s difficult to give it a name.

Certainly there is not just one nation which is responsible for this beast, although there are many nations we can identify which have being integral in growing it. The ones most responsible, the ones who cultivated this thing, are not bound by borders or nationalities. The real culprits are individuals and groups of individuals who have worked together to bring about a global environment they could exploit to their advantage.

These are people who value power, and they seek control over all else. These are people without scruples. These are people who start wars without a thought. The loss of human life to them is a minor consideration, something that weighs far less than profits or power in the scheme of things. They give orders to kill without hesitation, if the price is right. These people do not care about the difficult working conditions of their workers. They do not personally care if children work in their factories.

These people do not care about the damage they do to the environment. These are the most dangerous people in the world, and they are running the world. They have guns, and they have bombs, and they have armies at their disposal, (because they have politicians and whole governments at their disposal.).

I’m not well enough informed to name their names, and if I tried, it would only be speculation. It’s not a good strategy anyway. There is a better strategy for how we can beat them. Besides, I wonder if anyone could know exhaustively and certainly who has been pulling the strings all this time.

Clearly strings have been pulled. Clearly people have been working behind the scenes in many ways to shift government policies and often times the whole course of human history. And clearly we as a people have been largely unaware of their doings for decades or even centuries. But it doesn’t really matter who they are, because we can take the power back from them whenever we want to. There is a whole lot more of us than there is of them, all we have to do is wake up.

And that is the point, and that is where this article began: We are working these things out and we are waking up. And that means we are on the verge of a revolution, but not a violent one. This is why it doesn’t even matter who the bad guys are. We don’t need revenge. We’re better than that. We just need to start doing things our way. Most of us live under some form of democracy. We just need to get on the same page and start working together. This is a revolution of the mind. It all starts with a new set of ideas.

So, for now, I’ll end the article with a few ideas that Lee Camp offers,

Don’t argue about whether we are killing too many civilians with our bombing. Argue about whether there should be war at all. Don’t debate about whether there is too much corporate spending on political campaigns. Argue about whether there should be corporations at all … Argue about whether there should be political spending at all. Don’t argue about whether someone should go to prison for life for their third drug charge. Argue about whether there should be drug charges, whether there should be life sentences at all. Don’t argue about whether too many immigrants are coming across the border. Argue about, ‘What are borders?’

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Fair dinkum
Fair dinkum

If we’re gonna unite, we need an anthem (like ‘Imagine’ or Working Class Hero’)
We need a flag ($☠️$)
We need short, sharp and savage slogans.
And we need website that pulls no punches.


If you need an enemy to ‘unite’ then you are only united by and while a common enemy can be held up to hate and fear. Then you need a new one. Revolving enemies…
In the event you ‘change the world’ to remove the enemy – what next? – or is opportunism of separate self interests just the PRETEND of joining while its suits you?

We breathe and feel and know life. Whether you know it or accept it or not, we are already united. Division works the mind of Man by uniting against the hated and feared.

Using guilt and grievance as the basis for power in the world is anti-life masking as care and protection or a strike of vengeance in ‘holy terror’…


For a bit of a giggle, it appears there is no ‘monster’ dictating Canberra’s politics. Here is what the treasurer of Australia said a few days ago:

Australia determines its own foreign policy decisions

These politicians now believe their own lies.

Gezzah Potts
Gezzah Potts

Care: yeah, I saw that the other day. Australia is Independent? It is a sovereign nation? Just more Orwellian newspeak for the brainwashed and the gullible here in Aussie. Sites like OffGuardian are so vital for being truth tellers, and a strong antidote to the gunk spewed out by the politicians in Canberra, and the alleged mainstream media here.


Learning what has to be believed in order to survive or what has to be complied and conformed in as IF believed in order to survive is the alignment within a sense of a power system as a sense of personal or private protection for ‘you and yours’. While it can be said we all have freedom of choice, we can all feel compelled into choosing hatefully under circumstances beyond our control – and this then leads to a cynical self-hatred which ‘flocks together’ as (in this case) a political class.
How much of the tyranny has a face and how much is a predicament of unforeseen powerlessness?
Telling the truth can be popular when it serves the populace in their current sympathies, but is less so when revealing the hates and fears that people generally want someone else to save them from.

It is very easy to shoot down politicians – metaphorically speaking – and perhaps that is part of their job description; speaking bollocks with a straight face and fronting it out as a ‘face’ over realities that are too fearful, complex or hateful to openly reveal?

I think anyone who deceives others will come to inhabit the role and persona of deceit as IF themself. That is to say, they ‘become’ a lie or are possessed of it, and have to feed and protect it in payment for what they think it gives them.


@Binra: “That is to say, they ‘become’ a lie or are possessed of it, and have to feed and protect it in payment for what they think it gives them.”

I think it may be a survival strategy. According to Russian evolutionary biologist, Prince Kropotkin, a herd of reindeer need to trust their Leader, trust that he knows the route through Hostile Territory, that he will guide them to The Promised Grazing Land. Thus it becomes essential to believe that The Leader is good, that The Leader is speaking the truth when saying, “I will not Lie to You”. The Leader knows more than the Herd, we must Follow The Leader — that is a part of Sheeple Survival Strategy in a hostile world (if I understand Kropotkin; the other important part is Cooperative Action — we must be unselfish and work for the Common Good, like Our Leader is unselfish and works for the Common Good).

Even a good Survival Strategy does not necessarily assure one’s personal survival, nor that of one’s particular group. “Behold, I looked under the Heavens and saw that the race is not always to the swift nor the battle to the strong, but Time and Chance rule Everything” — Old Testament. So, even steadfastly believing the Public Lie will not guarantee protection, neither of the individual nor of the group. Christ met this Group Think challenge head on: He refused to believe the Public Lie, even at the cost of death and despair. “You shall know The Truth, and The Truth shall set ye free”. A claim that may well look like foolishness in this world but might (perhaps) be wisdom in Heaven.


Yes of course, survival is the drive of a personal sense that denies truth, and induce you to protect it against the truth – as if it is you, rather than A way of perceiving.
I recognize Jesus models and maps the freedom of disinvesting from the acting out of such a ‘mind’ of learned reaction of fear or grievance, and opening an active willingness in desire for truth revealing a recognition of a deeper need in which to then naturally align – the ‘Father’s Will’ – which could be said as love has no need but to extend itself because such IS its nature. Love in this sense is no ‘respecter of persons’ in the sense of social presentations of status – but a direct recognition and relation with another in terms that serve relationship rather oneupmanship.

Without the grace of the freedom of noticing and honouring truth, a learned identity in ‘mind’ of fear and grievance is engaged in ‘power struggle’ as the very nature of its self and its world, and so is either aligning under Pack Leader or contesting its place in the hierarchy under Pack Leader. In human terms this is sublimated, codified and fragmented to social complexities of different levels as a constantly shifting gestalt of ‘survival awareness’ that runs beneath the surface reality as the strategic sense of ‘survival’ in the frame of its social adaptations.

I cannot rule out the possibility that this ‘mechanism’ simply plays out its core pattern of divide and rule or fragmented re-ordering of ‘reality’, as no OTHER agency that fear given power. In this sense then, no ‘evil bastards’ actually exist apart from the mass hallucinations of a fearfully fragmented desperation.

I recall a story of someone dying in a ‘haunted house’ as a result of running in fear in the dark, catching her scarf on an obstruction and strangling herself in attempt to free herself from ‘its clutches’. Her experience was lived reality – but it had all the reality she gave it.

This world is haunted with an ancient terror of an ancient hate . The wish to see the guilt in ‘Other’ and kill it there perpetuates hate down the generations. Have a watch of “The Square” (Movie) for the cameo scene of the ‘ape man’ among the dinner party. (If you want 😉 It’s a worthy film in my opinion.

I don’t see jesus as a pacifist in political terms but in terms of where he acts FROM, in purpose or spiritual terms. Force is not necessarily coercion of the will. A true friends may restrain us from harming ourself or others, even if it risks misinterpretation and loss of friendship as a result. Integrity is that without which we have nothing but hollow seemings – seeking justification and reinforcement.

Nature abhors a vacuum? A ‘hole’ in our Self invites or drags in every kind of substitution for wholeness.
Until we accept responsibility for ‘divide and rule’ by choosing not to use it.


Typo … should read:
I cannot rule out the possibility that this ‘mechanism’ simply plays out its core pattern of divide and rule or fragmented re-ordering of ‘reality’, as no OTHER agency *than* fear given power.


I think people overestimate what can be achieved, either by a peaceful “revolution” or otherwise.
In 2003, 36 million people demonstrated worldwide against the Iraq war, 2 million of them in Britain, 3 million in Italy. Whoopee! So what? What difference does it make, really? The US is now waging war simultaneously in at least 9 countries, and probably more, without a peep of protest from the “Radical Left.” They are too busy campaigning on more pressing issues, like toilets for trannies, the “patriarchy”, “white privilege”, and 57 varieties of LGBTQZXYRNUVABC+++!?++ perversion and degeneracy.
That’s not to say things won’t change. We may even be approaching a tipping point. But it won’t be as a result of action by the Left or anyone else. They will be too busy playing mud pies with identity politics. It will be as a result of other forces running their course. The US borrowed over five billion dollars a day from the rest of the world last month. $5,000,000,000. A day. The US economy, like the rest of the world’s, has been on life support since 2008, kept in a zombie like vegetative state by printing trillions of toilet paper money and by negative interest rates (whatever hot air the MSM peddles about a “booming” economy.) There is a ticking time bomb of hundreds of trillions in derivatives. Financial collapse on a scale never seen before can come at any time The mountains of debt. The trade wars. Another banking collapse on an infinitely greater scale. This is a house of cards that can and will come crashing down without warning at any time. That is what will cause radical change, not any political activity.
Over the past few weeks, the US has threatened other countries on a daily basis. Russia, China, Venezuela, DPRK, Iran. It threatened to bomb Russia and impose a naval blockade on Russia in the space of 2 or 3 days. It has threatened Iran and DPRK with mass starvation. It threatened an invasion of Venezuela. It would be a mistake to dismiss this as political posturing or hot air. War with Iran is clearly on the cards.
US and western leadership in general is the worst in its history. Arrogant, venal, corrupt, irredeemably ignorant, ideologically driven, vicious and mendacious. They believe their own lies and propaganda. Their hubris knows no bounds. It is only a question of time before another military adventure is undertaken, this time on an incomparably greater scale than before. Economic and financial collapse and military aggression are inextricably linked.
There are other Jokers in the pack, adding fuel to an already highly combustible mix. A broken and discredited political system. A servile MSM that has lost all credibility. A yawning chasm between rich and poor, with a handful of billionaires owning more than half of humanity. Classical Marxist concentration of more and more wealth and power in fewer and fewer hands. Insoluble racial and social tensions.
The whole world is increasingly turbulent and unstable, with dwindling support for elites and the structures that sustain them. But revolutionary change will only come when these forces run their course and come to a head. When it does, the Left and all other political factions will just play the part of passive spectators in events beyond their control, and even beyond their comprehension.


How can the US be borrowing $US from overseas? How did those foreigners get those $US?

I think you need to think that through some more.


No I don’t.
Official US National Debt at the end of September – $21,509 billion.
$21,684 billion at the end of October.
$175 billion in one month, over $5 billion a day.

How did those foreigners get those dollars?
Trillion dollar trade and budget deficits.
They get worthless toilet paper banknotes in return for German cars, French wine, and everything in Walmart from China.

Hope that explains it.


The US Federal Reserve (a central bank owned by undisclosed private shareholders) nominally creates the US Dollars out of thin air that the US Government then borrows to fund any government spending requirements that cannot be met from taxation receipts.

US taxpayers are then left to pay the increasing debt burden of the ‘fiat’ US Dollars created by the US Federal Reserve which means in turn that the debt interest accruing and created by the loan of fiat dollars from the federal reserve to government will always be a greater total than the actual total amount of dollars created by the federal reserve in the first place.

The US dollar is currently the key world reserve currency because of a symbiotic relationship with the Saudi’s/OPEC who agreed to sell their oil priced in US Dollars in exchange for the supply of arms and the protection of the US, an arrangement allegedly negiotiated by Kissinger around the time that President Nixon took the USA off the gold standard. This means that for most oil transactions the buyer is required to nominally hold and pay in US Dollars. Any none US company wishing to supply goods to the US has to accept payment in US dollars a currency created out of thin air, therefore any debt denominated in Dollars can be repaid with a currency that ultimately was created out of thin air of which there is no shortage, albeit that currently the Federal Reserve alone has the power to create. The Federal Reserve is a misnomer deliberately named to mislead. It is not federal and it holds no reserve.


a) the Federal Reserve is a US government agency. It retirnd all its profits to Yreasury.
b) all currency is created from thin air. It is an accounting unit. Virtual and infinite


Wrong. See below.


I’m still waiting for a citation for that you-say-not-fake Coudenhove-Kalergi quote.


Hi mark
jag37777 is correct – more research needed.

The USA (same as the UK, Canada, Japan, China etc but NOT the eurozone countries) operates a FIAT currency system ie. its currency is not convertible to eg. gold. It follows, therefore, that the US cannot be ‘bankrupted’ by debts denominated in US dollars because it has potentially an infinite supplly of them.

“How did those foreigners get those dollars?”
They got the dollars by being content to be paid in $ for the oil, cars, electronics etc they exported to the US.

“They get worthless toilet paper banknotes in return for German cars …”
Whilst people are wiilling to accept $ as a means payment then obviously $ are not worthless.

“Trillion dollar trade and budget deficits.”
Budget deficit scares are used by neo-liberal/austerity politicians to frighten populations into accepting deep cuts to welfare etc. Japan, for example, has budget deficit something like twice the USA’s – around 250% of Japan’s national income. A major. part of that debt is owed to the Bank of Japan, which of course is owned by Japan. In other words, the left pocket of your trousers owes the right pocket.

Have a look at Modern Monetary Theory (MMT).


That’s right. They get $US by exporting to the US market. Then they use those $US to buy Treasuries because they pay interest.
Nobody is lending the US anything and those $ aren’t funding anything.


So if you give me £1,000 and I give you a paper IOU in return, presumably [‘m not borrowing anything either. Quite a novel way of looking at finance.


“How did those foreigners get those $US?”

(1) Walmarf? How do you think China gets paid for the endless amounts of that cheap shit you keep on buying? In Putin roubles?

(2) https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-07-30/treasury-raises-borrowing-outlook-with-2h-hitting-769-billion ?

(3) The US Government does not own its own money supply.

(4) I think you need to think that sort of stuff through some more.


As a completely different side issue, I think it’s hilarious how the enemy du jour is invariably accused of counterfeiting US currency, whether it’s DPRK, Iran, Syria or Hezbollah. I’m only surprised they haven’t accused Putin yet.

In actual fact the CIA is the biggest counterfeiter of US currency on the planet. This helps pay for all the little extras you don’t want to seek appropriations in Congress for, like some of the more smelly illegal wars, assassinations, regime changes and support for terrorist organisations. Admittedly Congress is none too fastidious normally, but there are some of the CIA’s more evil and satanic activities that even they find hard to stomach.

This counterfeiting requires an extremely expensive Intaglio printing press, which DPRK and most other countries don’t possess and can’t afford.


The US federal government is the sole issuer of $US.
A privately owned central bank lending dollars to profit in dollars makes no sense.


That IS the system. The Federal Government does NOT issue the currency. The Federal Reserve is a privately owned banking cartel, it is not a state or government institution. It prints toilet paper dollars (or creates them on a computer screen) out of thin air. Then it lends them to the Treasury at interest in return for Treasury Bonds.

In 1861, Abraham Lincoln needed to raise money to fight the Civil War. Private banks were only willing to lend it to him at shylock interest rates of 40%. So he told them to get lost and the Federal Government took over and issued the greenback itself. This worked very well and Lincoln was able to finance the war without any problem and without giving the shylock bankers their pound of flesh. The private banking interests subsequently regained control of issuing the nation’s money, and did so in their own interests, from 1913.


To understand better how the “Federal Reserve System” actually operates I recommend that anyone interested either read author G Edward Griffins book “The Creature From Jekyll Island” or watch his talk recorded in 1994 where he lays it all out which is available to watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/lu_VqX6J93k


Ron Paul Liberty Report – Who Owns The Fed?
The Federal Reserve isn’t “federal” and it has no “reserves.”
Is it a public institution? No…
Is it private? No again…
Is it Constitutional? Absolutely not!…
Who owns The Fed?


The radical left is still here being roundly ignored while the right rises because the media put what are usually hired idiots and rich kids in the spotlight and say this is what the left should/could/would and must believe in and many do follow but there’s are still many of us who haven’t followed the delusions of genital mutilators or now started loving the Bush crime family or declaring to be with her or crying over racism when no racism Ian prevelamt in the things they complain about. My view on these rich SJW types is that there hearts are in the right place but they’ve left there heads behind


US and western leadership in general is the worst in its history. Arrogant, venal, corrupt, irredeemably ignorant, ideologically driven, vicious and mendacious. They believe their own lies and propaganda. Their hubris knows no bounds. It is only a question of time before another military adventure is undertaken

Well said!
And they sell this nightmare to us packaged as ‘Western Civilisation Superiority’ and ‘Exceptionalism’.

toilet paper money

What used to be backed by gold is now backed by military-threat-and-chaos-if-you-don’t-like-it.


Mercantile capture and dominion has always been backed by force.


So the ills you are describing are due to “Classical Marxist concentration”? I had no idea that Trump, Theresa May, the corporations they serve etc. were all such political radicals.


They aren’t. They serve the powerful vested interests they represent, who rig the system to suit themselves. Wealth and power are concentrated in fewer and fewer hands until everything comes to a grinding halt, because there is no purchasing power left in the economy. Workers cannot afford to buy the goods they produce. The result is economic collapse, or war to use up the surplus goods. That’s the classical theory.

They don’t do this deliberately to bring about a revolution. That is just the nature of the system. Like a leopard that can’t change its spots or a scorpion that stings the frog carrying it across the river.

You see this in the way Boeing hasn’t paid a cent in tax for over 10 years and has received colossal subsidies. Like Starbucks, Amazon, Google, Boots the Chemist, and hundreds of similar corporations who are allowed to evade tax completely or pay a derisory fraction of one per cent. Like the drug, insurance and armaments companies who are allowed to set their own prices and routinely engage in egregious price gouging. Like the CEOs who are allowed to loot their own companies and pay themselves a multiple of hundreds of an average worker’s pay, squeezing the peasants they employ with zero hours contracts and cutting pay and benefits. The result is a concentration of wealth, with a handful of billionaires owning more than most of humanity.

Of course this is an unstable situation. It is nothing remotely resembling free market capitalism. Call it crony capitalism, call it crapitalism, call it parasitic finance capitalism, call it fried chicken if you like, but that’s the way it is.


Yeah I get all that. I just don’t see where the word “Marxism” comes in. There is no Marxism here. But what you are doing is once again to talk about “crony” capitalism, “crapitalism”, “parasitic finance” capitalism – all of this supposedly opposed to “free market” capitalism i.e. the true pure capitalism. Where is this pure true capitalism? What you are describing, i.e. all that actually exists, is in fact capitalism. This is how capitalism works.

“Constant revolutionising of production, uninterrupted disturbance of all social conditions, everlasting uncertainty and agitation distinguish the bourgeois epoch from all earlier ones. All fixed, fast-frozen relations, with their train of ancient and venerable prejudices and opinions, are swept away, all new-formed ones become antiquated before they can ossify. All that is solid melts into air, all that is holy is profaned, and man is at last compelled to face with sober senses his real conditions of life, and his relations with his kind.”

Marx and Engels wrote that 170 years ago. And it’s the world we’re still living in.


That is classical Marxist theory, which aptly describes the current situation we find ourselves in. You don’t have to subscribe to Marxist views or desire a centrally planned economy to appreciate how dangerous and destructive this concentration of wealth and power has become. Or how present conditions resemble those of Russian Mafia capitalism in the 1990s. Of course there has never been perfect competition outside of economics text books, but what we have bears no resemblance to anything remotely approaching free market capitalism.


Granted that every economic theory – indeed every theory – tends to describe ideal conditions which will never work out exactly as written. Although one thing that is certainly true is that capitalism in actuality is the most dynamic system there has ever been. Constant change is what it needs to even exist. But, even assuming we could arrive at something that would satisfy everyone as a “free market”, one problem with competition is that the ones who do well tend to prosper, the others don’t. This is pretty much a tautology. But the winners displace the losers and the big winners displace the small winners etc. Add in the fact that the biggest winners always end up with the most power and can influence government policiy to ensure that they continue to expand. Thus there is a tendency towards centralisation. This may be described as one of the paradoxes – or outright contradictions – of capitalism.


Possession and control are issues arising from a competitive threat. This can also be called survival instinct – excepting the investment of self-identity into specific forms of possession are decisions or outcomes arising from a judgement of private agenda.

Private agenda cannot be forced to reintegrate with unified or unifying purpose, but it can be held in check or inhibited by holding for conditions that serve the whole and not just a part at expense of whole (and therefore of its own true interests). Demonisation of private agenda becomes the hatred of the self and its reduction to ‘survive’ under collective sacrifice of ‘guilt’ for selfishness. Deification of private agenda operates a dissociative breakdown of communication in which the fantasy of a self-separateness undermines its own existence – which if you pause a moment to reflect is the very nature of replacing the true relation with a fantasy attempt of self-gratification.

We all have what we take to be private thoughts that perhaps are our core sense of a personal existence. They are considered our private thoughts because they are within the realm of self-control’, but this illusion of freedom is in fact a slavery TO such thinking and results in the reversal of a world that Orwell depicted where everything is BACKWARDS.

“Everything is BACKWARDS; everything is upside down! Doctors destroy health, Lawyers destroy justice, Universities destroy knowledge, Governments destroy freedom, Major media destroys information, And religions destroy spirituality” ~ (Michael Ellner).

What I am sketching at is the very nature of the person-existence as the experience and participation in the physical realm as EXTERNAL and separate. It isn’t that evil is built in but that a segregative differentiation of self is the competing or conflicting sense of self-other – both with our very Being – as with ‘Other’ – who is Life in RELATION.

The mind possessed of the thinking of its persona is limited to its narrative identity and control within the physical or external definitions, beliefs and presumptions that are mapped ‘solid’ by conditioning-adaptations TO such ideas. All of which are effectively upstream to the effects of the thinking of the personality structured thought and perception.

Plato’s Cave. The Matrix. Excepting that the machinery of its action is at its root serving a command or demand of our own will NOT TO KNOW.

Put it another way – the belief that you are NOT love, or worthy of love, honour or worth, will enact the inability to ACCEPT and share it whilst effecting the presentations of self-inflation as a possessor or substance in whatever style or flavour most offsets the underlying fear-belief in LACK.

The ‘haves’ are NOT those in the possession of external facades propped up with deceits given power, but those who recognize, accept and share in WORTH – which is not contained in forms worshipped as ‘wealth or power’.
What you appreciate, appreciates, and so ‘to those who have, more shall be given’, is not a divine favour, but the way abundance operates. What you give to, grows.

The ‘have nots’ are those who are invested/investing in the fear of lack and loss and polarised to identify in negatively defined terms – as the intent to evade loss or dispossession of even the little they have by all and any means subordinated TO such purpose. And so the ‘have-nots’ are hollow even within what they could have because they see sharing as loss and give ONLY to GET. The support for the sense of lack of self is GRIEVANCE as the assertion of being denied, deprived, undermined or rejected. Such grievance can crystallise into cold rational terms that assert such a condition to be the NATURAL ORDER – and effect vengeance on a hated life by substitution and replacement of life and relationship by SYSTEMS extended from such un-relational premise of a refusal or indeed incapacity to FEEL or relate directly. And so in the ‘world of such substitution ‘love’ or ‘caring’ is defined in symbols and behaviours of worship and sacrifice which operate as social inclusion and rejections of systematic or narrative control.

The ‘have nots’ by definition then, never have what they need – except to persist in needing more, as the addictions of stuffing or lidding over a ‘hole’ of self-lack that WHILE PROTECTED by being kept HIDDEN, operates destructively to self and whole as the illusion of power. The ‘have nots’ belief in denial and deprivation operates the basis of their justification in depriving and denying others as their just or due vengeance or an inalienable right to live by power upon the subjection or death of the other and so GETTING operates as perpetual war in codified social forms that become accepted currency to a society induced to identify in fear (have-not). The codified rule of such war is the contract of agreements of exchange or alliance, and the deceits in the framing and setting of such obligations upon others as the use of forms of limiting and limited war (power struggle) AS weapons OF war.

The ‘revolution’ I am leading – but no more or less than everyone else in their own way – is of the release of an alignment in lack, grievance and hidden hate, for restoration in having being.

While in concept, we all have being. The concept of being operates as a substitution FOR felt presence of shared being – aka real relationships. And identifying in image and concept COSTS us the appreciation of shared being as an expression of the freedom to feel and know and be ourself part of rather than set against.

This is no different from a ‘market adjustment’ of a reintegrated or refreshed relationship with What Is – rather than persisting in the conflicted identity struggle of What Isn’t – but is asserted and defended as if it is – and instead of As Is.

The persistence in an ‘appreciation’ of lies as the basis of power and wealth is a negative appreciation or growing an abundance of the hated and feared as the attempted ‘outsource’ of denial and indeed denied self.

A world of destruction, depletion, degradation from deceit is not redeemed by finally killing the identified token agencies OF such deceit – as if one could. It can only be undone of false basis by LOOKING there and releasing unsound and unfounded investment there to free up the awareness for what we have and are – which is a recognition at the level of being – not concept.

Starving the ‘money supply’ is effective at the root – of the worth-ship of the false as if true. Let what is false be recognised as false and no longer given or used as IF true. Everyone has their own ‘corrupted’ version of ‘private thinking’ and agenda that operates a role in a collective reality perception and experience. The primary responsibility of each is the accept their own WORTH in exchange for what they thought was true but isn’t – even though the experience of our current belief is always fully supported AS our reality-feedback. learning to ‘read’ the feedback rather than dressing up in its vested interests as if to be an ‘Emperor’ is like learning to read doublespeak – because a false world is ‘made’ by double-think of contradictory ideas presented as if a single or unified idea.

All fakery mimics something actual. the denial of truth then becomes the witness TO IT – if our active purpose and desire is truly aligned, rather than tricked into reacting as if TRUTH ITSELF is mocked, threatened or killed, and we are then its protector and saviour. This is ‘subtle’ because it slips in unnoticed from a love of truth in specific forms of association. Our awareness OF truth may indeed be fragile or easily lost to such reaction until, we re-train our mind to listen or check in BEFORE reacting, to the formless of a Felt Quality of being – rather than a database of past associations and conditioned responses.

If we are replaced by robots, it is because we choose to be robotic automatons to a program that replicates it past like a game reset, game reset, game reset, game reset, game reset, game reset, game reset, game reset, game reset, etc

The still point of the turning world is not a lack of power or dynamic creativity but its very source, nature and true condition. No one needs more than the power to be themself in any given moment – but the attempt to become more opens the experience of the result of being less – and the loss of power to grievance and its god of hate.


Mere street demonstrations, as you point out, are ineffective and indeed worse than useless, as their near-universal failure to affect policy then demoralizes the public and makes it seem pointless to engage in other forms of activism.

What we need to organize *and* sustain are general strikes, which impact the ruling class’s bottom line, the language they understand. For such actions to be successful, we also need to organize alternative institutions of solidarity, means of collecting money to support the economically hardest-hit of those taking part in the general strikes, and alternative avenues of medical-care provision which will be necessary as the powers that be would eventually come down hard on us. All of this requires serious political organizing from bottom up. I don’t know who will start it, but without it, we’re in for a new Age of Corporate Feudalism.

Eddison Flame

This is absolutely the most insightful comment in this thread. This has been on my mind all day, and I intend to put my thoughts about this down as soon as I am able. Vaska gets it though, all her points are well considered. She also identified perhaps the most crucial point: time is limited.

We have a limited amount of time before a serious crackdown happens. Before this happens we want, really need, to be organized. There are a lot of considerations, but to my mind, the most important first step is establishing alternate means of communication.

Right now I have a bunch of young children running around me right at a family function, so I’m not able to elaborate much. I hope to write up something more soon.


I can’t see how this would come about myself. The Iraq demonstrations and Occupy were totally ineffectual. Black Lives Matter and Antifa are Soros funded distractions that allow Snowflakes in Ski Masks to play at being revolutionaries. Maybe it would take a Weimar style collapse to generate mass movements – and they would probably be of the extreme right wing variety, either genuine ones or front groups like the EDL.


It’s definitely going to take some planning. It probably will be catalyzed or otherwise helped along by some major crises or another. You know, a major financial crisis, war with Russia, war with China… something.

Whatever the case, it will be better if we are prepared beforehand. I would rather have some form of network formed and have emergency action plans established before the US starts lobbing ICBMs.

And Vaska is right, “without it, we’re in for a new Age of Corporate Feudalism”.

World dominance
World dominance

The monster is real, but it’s difficult to give it a name.

The monster, which unleashed wars against several Muslim countries, is effectively defecating all over the planet. The monster’s body parts can be recognised as follow:

– Left brain: _ _ _ _ _ _ (fill in the blank)
– Right brain: UK
– Heart: Washington/Pentagon
– Lungs: Saudi Arabia
– Nervous system: Five Eyes organisation
– Legs: NATO
– Ass: Must be Australia (non-negotiable)
– Urinary system: France

Do you recognise more body parts? (More than one country can make one body part)
Please help to complete this draft. Suggestions and corrections welcome!


Individual cells: You and me.


The idea of cells has merit with regard to the expanding understanding of cells – at least in the undoing of false or simplistic narratives – narratives that become stuck as a result of invested identities and captive revenue streams. And so much of medical ideas and interventions persist as a ‘dark age’ practice whilst actively blocking fresh discovery.

The idea of sickness as something to purge, poison, blast, eradicate, destroy or suppress, block or manage is all an assignment of causality to a ‘monster’, or demonic power, that in modern terms will have latin epithets that become ‘diseases’ – with the study of such diseases being to a large degree a form of mis-directed cause-evasion under the frame of a false flagged ’cause’.

There is a basis now in observed biology for a sense of a ‘system’ of cellular communication in shared purpose at a level that the personality-framed identity cant conceive, because the ‘self’ is an expression of the whole and all cells or selves are within the whole – which extends beyond the body to a like quality of communication of energetic environment – that itself extends…

The personality is associated with a persona or mask. Our subjective sense of self is a filtering interpretation of masking or conditioned adaptation, overlaid upon a ‘total communication’ that our ‘mind’ is dissociating from, under a sense of blocked function; loss of love, loss of power as if separated from, or denied wholeness. Thus a separated ‘wholeness’ operates as if a hole – through which to perceive wholeness through the lens of lack and loss – as a world of separate and conflicting ‘wholes’ whose seeming existence in such terms usurps or blocks natural awareness of wholeness under a self-survival ‘script’ of learned abilities and adaptations to ‘coping alone’ under conditions lacking support and under persistent threat. This world we have learned.

This ‘negative polarisation’ can be seen relative to the cancer inducing conditions in which cells ‘go rogue’, usurp the blood (food) supply, and mask within or take over immune function to serve to feed and supply a monster – which in some biological sense shares qualities with a pregnancy – as an attempt to grow new life – but without true communication of the cellular energy ‘blueprint’ that in full function – all cells are aligned to serve.

‘Kill the monster’ is the restatement OF the problem, as if persisting IN the problem will somehow bring a different result – where ‘kill the monster’ is the original act of a self-judgement in self-hate seeking to eradicate and deny a part of self – and what’s more – proceeding as the BELIEF in the power to have DONE so. This is the splitting of the mind into a pandora’s box of psychological defences against ITSELF – which are logical extensions of an insane premise, that can only give rise to an insane world.

Narrative continuity and narrative control operate to maintain and justify the persistence of insane but unrecognised defences as a no less total thought system than that of aligning and sharing in true purpose – as the persistence and protection of a sense of self in imaged symbol and concept, seeking validation and reinforcement by the manipulation of mind rather than receiving validity as a functional communication within a real relationship/

Mind manipulation is monstrous in its capacity to misperceive the ‘true of being’, in distorted and inverted frames of asserted ‘meanings’ that do the very thing they defend against – that is, they isolate, disconnect, block, reject, deny – even while presenting in terms of the way to save or be saved from pain and loss of being rejected, cut off and denied.

The ingenuity and complexity of the ‘monster’ is of such an entanglement as to be unbeatable within its own frame or domain. And so our saving grace is the recognition you – the true of You – are not IN IT. And this recognition, from a perspective outside the frame, serves the basis of a growing capacity to NOT take the bait of triggered reaction, but instead let it fade from non-use – while bringing full awareness to the ‘living’ as an extension of true presence in place of a mask covering for the withdrawal or withholding of You from your life – your relationships and your world. This is the undoing of a ‘rebellion’ that never truly was – and yet runs human misery and suffering under the wish that it be true. We can be our own ‘monster’ as we can be our own best friend. This is the basis of a choice that by making, reveals a false choice to be unworthy or meaningless of giving attention to. Don’t feed the troll!

Truth is not ours to determine, usurp or define and control, but ours to align in the sharing of. There IS no ‘system’ of substitution for true, and all mappings can be misused or masked in – and so we have to actually turn up in our relationships instead of running old tricks and falling for them.


bw carey

do you have a source for ‘700’ on the ground in Vietnam? J K Galbraith puts the number at 17,000: of whom 1,000 were recalled …leaving 16,000 “in harms way” until the end of 1965.


That was meant for the bottom of the page.

harry stotle
harry stotle

I know we’ve all seen it but George Carlings brilliant rant about ‘the owners’ and ‘obedient workers’ blows me away everytime.

Eddison Flame

Man. I hadn’t watched that in a while. Amazing.


“They want people who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork and just dumb enough to passively accept all these increasingly shittier jobs”


Enjoyable and thought-provoking.

I’ve come across a few good articles today. This one on RT I think compliments some of the thoughts here. I think when the revolution comes one of the jobs will be to close down the schools and universities which produced this evil. They won’t be hard to put a name to (Eton, Harrow, certain Oxford colleges etc etc)


Eddison Flame

Thanks. I’ll check it out.

Eddison Flame

Oh yeah. I opened my article with a quote from the very end of that article.

Well, lessons learned, that article has since changed! Luckily the Wayback Machine captured the original article.

Perhaps an admin could update the link at the beginning of this article, the one to “John Wight”, with a reference to the archived article?



There are some brilliant thoughts out there. And I love a good quote.

Mine has been long journey. Always interested in the Balkans and Middle East and the way people think but I take a long time to be convinced on most things. Things in the Balkans 1999/2000 (and before) struck me as unjust and weird but until I saw Syria I gave the benefit of the doubt to the monsters.

I think it finally dawned on me the whole system was corrupt (rather than parts of it) about a year ago. Part of it I think there is a reluctance to believe it. I am a bit of a historian which helps in some ways but in others difficult to believe how depraved and corrupted we become compared to the past. And when it finally struck me that it’s the West who want war, I then struggled to come to terms with this,

Since then I have found a faith. Do good, raise awareness, help others and you will not go far wrong.

If I was reading this site three years ago, I’d probably agree with some of the stuff. But I would reserve judgement on most. And yes, I’d probably have said many commenters were conspiracy theorists.

Not know though and our thoughts should turn into speeding up the journey for others and bringing that revolution closer!

Eddison Flame

Yeah, I’m kind of in the same boat. It was a pretty slow process coming to the place I am now. At first, like you say, there were things here or there that struck me as unjust, but for most things I gave them the benefit of the doubt.

Then, a little over a year ago I guess, things really started to snowball for me as more and more injustices became apparent. You’re right though, I would have considered much of this ‘conspiracy theory’ not too long ago.

It’s interesting you mention faith. I also had an experience which brought me to faith not so long ago. Honestly, I feel that having faith helps me have courage about this stuff, otherwise it would be pretty scary to process these things. I wrote an open letter to Caitlin Johnstone, (another one who is shining bright light at the darkness these days). You should check it out, maybe you’ll like it. It describes something of my coming to faith as well as my personal journey.


Hi Eddison

Very interesting and I read about your experiences..

My faith whether religious or/and vindication came from a media event I attended last year. Since then there is something else which makes me feel stronger when before I would have doubted myself.

The mainstream narrative or ignorance does not affect me as much these days. I know the truth – it’s the problem of the others who don’t get it.

There is a book called ‘The Devine Reality’ which offers logical reasons for the existance of god. The author has been criticised for promoting Islamist views but I could noit detect this in the book

Let’s hope there is a god out there. It might solve a few problems right now.


If God is God then there is another way of seeing ‘problems’ from which we have removed ourselves.
Problems expand to fill the space available – or to put it another way, when a man puts on leather sandals, the whole world is covered with leather!

Searching for love or power ‘outside our self’ is the result of the conviction we are NOT love (or Love’s Expression).
Are such convictions ‘God created’ or man made?

How may budgets, revenue streams, and personal opportunities for private gain arise from the protection and cultivation of ‘problems’ – be they war, sickness or dark matter and the origin of the Universe?

What if ALL our problems have been already solved – but for our recognition and acceptance?
There’s a radical proposition. A turnabout in thought.
This is only to say that nothing is as we perceive but (our) thinking makes it so.

Seeking and growing willingness to let ‘problems-siege’ be undone from the conflicted purpose that made them so. One step at a time in willingness that joins with and is aligned in the qualities of a positive orientation and purpose rather than the negative of an avoidance of what we don’t want, fear or hate.
Purpose aligns and informs, guides and supports.
What is (anything) FOR?
Nothing in the realm of experience/change has built in meanings – but we are the giver of the meaning to our experience. If this wasn’t so – why the power struggle for ‘narrative control’?
So do we take our sense of self and world from ‘outside’ or do we be still and directly (not thinkingly) know the qualities of being that – extended to our relationships, bring a positive result – even from a negative outcome.

Gezzah Potts
Gezzah Potts

Edison Flame: Caitlin Johnston rocks! (in my humble opinion). Excellent article by you also. What started the process for me was when United States (and its lackeys) invaded Grenada, and kept thinking ‘why would such a huge country like U.S invade such a tiny country like Grenada? What for? Few years later got involved in Central American solidarity group after I moved to Australia, that’s when my eyes really opened to the reality of…. ‘The Monster’. Later on was involved in an East Timor solidarity group as well. Francis Fukuyama’s ‘end of history’ rant further confirmed my thoughts on what was going on in the World. I almost solely get my news from alternative news sites, such as here at OffGuardian, The Greanville Post, Moon Of Alabama, Worldwide Socialist Web, Information Clearing House, and regularly check out Caitlin Johnston also. A lot of the time it feels pretty surreal, and I think we’re in for a very perilous ride in the near future. Glad you’re here….

Eddison Flame

Thank you. Seriously. It really is surreal to be living in this time. It is surreal, but often it is also very lonely. I don’t know about you, but I don’t interact with anyone in the pysical world who shares my sense of what is going on.

I’m serious, hearing from you and people like you is the only time I feel like I’m not all alone. I just spent Thanksgiving surrounded by family but drowning in lonliness. It’s not that I don’t care about them, but the conversations about black Friday deals, sporting events, and the unseasonably cool weather make me feel deep despair.

So thank you. I’m glad you are here too.


“I think when the revolution comes…”

Do you have a Plan B? The revolution is unlikely to come before humans have left the arena.


Ivan Illich had a much more discerning view than banning things.
‘De-schooling society’.
There is no real change in revolving phases of the same pattern in new clothes.
If such a ‘revolution’ came – do you not imagine it would institute its own training system?
The idea I am getting at is that forceful coercion upon the living will is a tyranny whatever forms it takes and that the true basis of a living will is in relationship and not at its expense.
This understanding could be called revolutionary – but is really the undoing of the false and not the imposition of the true upon the false, or the destruction of the false by the self-elected ‘truth’ police.

While under the spell, only paths that are spellbound seem ‘achievable’.
Breaking the spell is opening a real relationship.
Relationships as something to GET from (or get rid of) are the ‘exceptionalism’ we so readily hate and denounce in others who we seek to bring down – as if that in any way raises us up.
Relationships as a giving and receiving, speaking and hearing, teaching and learning are an equality of being – regardless the forms they take.
The revolution or turnaround from listening to Life in Everything to an entanglement in our own spin, is become debt and death in everything – howsoever concealed, packaged and presented.
Waking up from an insanity is not an option within its own thinking, but the option to sacrifice and deny life into ever deeper lies remains as open as our tolerance for pain allows.
I don’t see a ‘Revolution’ so much as a ‘bottomming out’ – as in recognizing and releasing addiction. But there are ways of giving up the form of an addiction to merely substitute another.
Addiction can be seen as using (anything) as an attempt to escape something in our self, our life, that we are not ready or willing to face, own or change.
“I cant do it” can be recognised as the basis of the release of a great and unnecessary burden, but the fear that we cant cope operates giving power away to (anything) to protect a sense of lack, inadequacy of shame that hides in every kind of strategy.


If the monster is ‘out there’ its a revolving door where the killer always gets to run the show.
If you OWN your correspondences and supports for the monster that are hidden in your own denials – just as you more easily see in the denial patterns of others – then you can in effect starve the inner tyrant by non use (Use it or lose it) rather than feed it (what you resist persists).

Revolving personae always spins a promise of a new beginning – as if merely removing the agencies associated with our sense of grievance and impotence will automatically align harmony. (IE the regime change idea).

How deep you go is not how far down a deceit you give willingness to persist, but whether a deeper honesty can be allowed in. If the nature of the tyranny is a mind-framing – then NOT using the mind-framing is freedom to SEE and recognize the true of life because it is free from distortion filtering of the intent to define, predict and control as a private agenda at expense of the relational – which IS Whole in all our parts.

No one can see the mind framing that they are acting out from! And the beginnings of seeing are subverted by the fear and rage at being lied to – which diverts from an abiding awareness to a reactive assertion of conflicted personae – which IS the nature OF the mind-framing.

Overriding the true is the mind that holds you together when your heart experience is unbearably conflicted. But its function is not to undermine the truth of an integrative willingness and so IT CANT!

It is possible to call the insanity for what it is as a ring side seat (Carlin) but he didn’t call for activism – so much as dramatize the insanity-as-normal in a form that didn’t get him killed.

Activism is associated with fighting evils – but is that feeding them?
Is giving a strong clear witness to the true and common Good not the condition in which lies and deceits cant find enough darkness to operate?

It is YOUR frustration, YOUR grievance and YOUR co-creation to own and change if you want. The USE of grievance as a source of power is the ‘alternative’ to Creation – that is – it works the other way.
Your release of grievance and of vengeance that it breeds, will not be your release alone – because your alone-ness is the result of such grievance. Don’t copy ‘elitists’ as if they are the model for power. Deconstruct them and their presentations to open a deeper understanding of your own shadow.
If you do not integrate your shadow, you run it under the blindness of thinking that what you don’t see is not active.
There is NOTHING out of mind that is concieved here – but there is the freedom to focus on what you naturally and freely align in rather than what fear dictates you see or don’t see.

Confession – i haven’t seen Lee Camp – and am responding to the idea of ‘holy war’ or hate given access to the devotions of our heart AS IF a saviour. If you cant see the deceit – how could I show it to you?
If hate is uncovered as hate and not masked in ‘love for humanity’ then YOU are free to be more curious about what all that is REALLY about.
But yes – our world is running backwards.
“Everything is BACKWARDS; everything is upside down! Doctors destroy health, Lawyers destroy justice, Universities destroy knowledge, Governments destroy freedom, Major media destroys information, And religions destroy spirituality”. ~ Michael Ellner

My sharing with you is to recognize what is backwards or self contradicting in y/our own thinking and awaken to the freedom to NOT DO THAT NOW. Grow some new habits. Change the mind that makes an interpretation of others and world stand in PLACE of a genuine communication. Speaking truth to ‘power’ or in fact openly with your family, friends or those you meet in your day, is not telling them about what is wrong with everything as a dump of your own hates and fears seeking alliance – but of NOT withholding the gift of a true recognition and therefore of an honesty of witness to issues that otherwise trigger defences. There is a different way to live than ‘mind-driven’ and because it is fearful, many align in such a fight and flight mode that collective embodies the kind of world we have. But even to see that there are fears behind the blind-minded acts is a step towards tuning in to an underlying cause – which is not IN the world – but which makes a version of the world to HIDE the cause. False flag mind.


JFK wanted the government to fund the campaigns of those who wanted to become President, give them the same amount and leave them at it, there were 700 on the ground in vietnam when he was murdered, he didn’t trust nixon, and was scathing of the so called experts, they could be bought and had no common sense, and as for family, we was devoted to his children and wanted a better world, not one controlled by the few, and he had sympathy for the cause of the Black people…

Mulga Mumblebrain
Mulga Mumblebrain

Public funding of US elections would be the most despicably ‘antisemitic’ act one can imagine. Along with his veto on an Israeli nuke, and his plan to end the so-called ‘Federal Reserve’- well he just had to go, didn’t he?


given that is costs 500 million to run for President today, and the lobbying that goes on, thereby cutting out the prospects of the third candidate, as for the nuclear threat, the world is in a very dangerous state of affairs, and since 9/11, the number of terrorists has gone up four fold, while the gap between rich and power has gone to levels unthinkable, while the military industrial thrives, the world pushed to the boundaries of existence, where do you stop, thanks for the comment, as for the antisemitic nature of funding elections, i dont get the point, regards