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I Was Right About Paedophilia, And I Am Right About The Far Right

David Lindsay

I have spent more than 20 years, since I was just about still in my teens and had never seen the Internet, trying to get the story out about Harriet Harman and the Paedophile Information Exchange. I have paid a terrible journalistic and political price for it, but I have no regrets.

Media that always knew about it simply ignored the whole thing, banning me from their websites and what have you, until a period of no more than two weeks when they needed to distract attention from Patrick Rock. Normal service was rapidly resumed, and it has continued ever since. No one has done more on this issue than I have. No one. And now, the plan is advancing to make Harman the next Speaker of the House of Commons. Not only would I oppose her election, but, were she already in post, then I would oppose her re-election at the start of the next Parliament. I have always been right about this, and I am now being proved right about something else as well.

We are enduring the rehabilitation of Toby Young, who is a eugenicist of international importance, who is also a self-confessed sexual assailant and supplier of Class A drugs, and whose involvement in eugenics has made him an associate of Emil Kirkegaard, himself an advocate of the rape of drugged children.

Like Kirkegaard, Young is a stalwart of the world of the London Conference on Intelligence, the Ulster Institute for Social Research, and the Mankind Quarterly. Yet he was given a loud voice in education policy for many years, a major formal role in education was about to have been given to him, and he is even now being brought back into public life. I was proved right about Harman, and I am being proved right again.

The Ulster Institute for Social Research and the Mankind Quarterly are based at the perfectly respectable University of Ulster, while the London Conference on Intelligence is held at the world class University College London. One of our most prestigious seats of higher learning has been hosting the propagation of eugenics, attended by the man whom the Government had wanted to put in charge of the entire sector.

No British university is giving houseroom to Holodomor Denial, which does do the rounds. If any were, then we would never hear the end of it. Nor should we. Yet in this age of Toby Young, would you bet that none was providing a platform for Holocaust Denial, and that no one with a key policy role was turning up? If you would, then you are a fool, and you richly deserve to be parted from your money.

As the latest developments in relation to National Action have made clear, and as I have been trying to tell people for years, the single biggest internal security threat comes from the Far Right. A Far Right that is enormous, longstanding, very highly organised, armed to the teeth, and possessed of the closest possible ties both to the DUP and to Conservative Party.

Sammy Wilson, who was then the DUP’s Press Officer and who is now one of its MPs, chaired the founding rally of the Ulster Resistance, which has never disbanded or disarmed in any way. Ian Paisley (the Elder, so to speak), Peter Robinson and Ivan Foster all spoke at that rally. Emma Little-Pengelly, who is now the DUP MP for Belfast South, is the daughter of Noel Little of the Paris Three. She owed her election last year, for a somewhat improbable seat, to the concerted efforts of the local Loyalist paramilitary organisations, to whom she extended barely coded thanks in her acceptance speech. It is highly unusual for a married woman from her background to continue to use her maiden name, even in hyphenated form. But Noel Little’s daughter does so.

No Irish Republican organisation has murdered a Member of Parliament in the present century or in the preceding decade, and the people responsible are now such pillars of the British Establishment that they are entertained at Windsor Castle. No Islamist or Leftist organisation has ever murdered a Member of Parliament. But the Far Right has done so, only in 2016.

Thomas Mair, the murderer of Jo Cox, described himself to the Police as “a political activist”, and so he was. National Fronts come and BNPs go, EDLs come and Britain Firsts go, but certain institutional and organisational manifestations of the Far Right are perennial, hitherto even permanent. Mair’s is the Springbok Club, which is run by the people who also run the London Swinton Circle. And that, in turn, was addressed by Liam Fox (born 1961) and by Owen Paterson (born 1956) as recently as 2014. Ah, those old 1980s Tory Boys, in their Hang Mandela T-shirts and all the rest of it. Wherever did they all end up?

In the Thatcher and, to a lesser extent, Major years, there were Ministers who were members of the Western Goals Institute or the Monday Club, which latter had played a key role in securing British accession to the EU. Those crossed over, via such things as the fiercely Eurofederalist League of Saint George, to overt neo-Nazism on the Continent, to the Ku Klux Klan, to apartheid South Africa, to Ian Smith’s Rhodesia, to the juntas of Latin America, to Marcos and Suharto, to the Duvaliers, and so on. Nick Griffin’s father, Edgar, was a Vice-President of Iain Duncan Smith’s Leadership Campaign. He answered what was listed as one of its official telephone numbers (in his house) with the words “British National Party”. And now, we have Toby Young and the London Conference on Intelligence.

I tried to tell you.

I was right about Harriet Harman and the Paedophile Information Exchange. And I am right about this, too. Nor are they unconnected. It has all come out about Margaret Thatcher’s friends. She knew about Cyril Smith when she arranged his knighthood. Jimmy Savile’s knighthood was rejected four times by the relevant committee, until she absolutely insisted upon it for the man with whom she spent every New Year’s Eve, and on whose programmes she was so obsessed with appearing that her staff had to ration those appearances. Her closest lieutenant was Peter Morrison.

Unlike the Prince of Wales, she would have had sight of every file on Laurens van der Post. What was so important about Smith, a highly eccentric and largely absentee MP for a tiny minority party? He was a Thatcherite avant la lettre, who had left the Labour Party when he had started to see cars outside council houses. Thatcher’s father was also a Liberal until all of that fell apart between the Wars, and he was never a member of the Conservative Party to his dying day. He, she and Smith were politically indistinguishable.

That the Radical Right put out pamphlets demanding the legalisation of paedophile activity was mentioned in Our Friends in the North, which was broadcast in 1996. Our Friends in the North is so integral to subsequent popular culture that one of its four stars is now James Bond, another was the first Doctor of this century’s revival of Doctor Who, and neither of the others is exactly obscure. That Thatcherite MPs were likely to commit sexual violence against boys with the full knowledge of the party hierarchy formed quite a major subplot in To Play the King, the middle series of the original House of Cards trilogy. To Play the King was broadcast as long ago as 1993. No politician or commentator of the generation that is now in or approaching its pomp could possibly have seen anything less than every minute of that trilogy.

Moreover, anyone who came to political maturity in what were then the newly-former mining areas will have been made fully aware that the miners in the dock, all the way back in 1984 and 1985, routinely made reference to the proclivities of the Home Secretary of the day, Leon Brittan. Those proclivities were common knowledge from Fife and the Lothians, to County Durham and the southern part of Northumberland, to South Yorkshire, to South Wales, among other places. Nothing was carried in the papers or included in the court reports, but the pit villages never needed Twitter in order to circumvent that kind of censorship.

Notably about Harriet Harman and the Paedophile Information Exchange, I have been here before: everyone called me a nutter for years, but I was right, I knew that I was right, so did they, and they now deny that they ever denied what I had been saying all along. Likewise, I have been trying for years to tell the world about the Far Right in this country, about its links to the 1980s New Right by which we are now governed, and about the links between both of those and paedophile advocacy, activism and activity. There it all is, at UCL and at the very heart of government. Will you listen now?

David Lindsay is a freelance journalist and an Independent political activist based in Lanchester, County Durham.


  1. rtj1211 says

    I am not quite sure what has caused Mr Lindsey to have such hatred for Toby Young, but for those for whom facts are sacred, here are a few:

    1) Mr Young has four children who he wished to have a good education in the State system, as he does not earn enough to send them private.
    2) He founded the West London Free School for that very reason.
    3) His father was a driving force behind the Open University, so he grew up in a household where pioneering new education pathways was present.

    For those on the Left, he is an abrasive, confrontational figure. He thinks his Oxford links to Cameron made him important, much like Delingpole.

    Part of his education concerns expiating fantasies of what he did not get. I challenged on this over suggestions to impose learning the violin on everyone, having had the violin imposed on me as a child (my father was an educational big cheese like his father with the same musical fantasies as him). Having seen through many of the limitations of his nonetheless good ideas, he saw me as a low level junior teacher whereas he could be Chair of Governors.

    I have twenty years experience in academia covering research, commercialisation and multimillion pound project planning with government agencies, which counts for nothing, not being a Tory Party member. He had no educational experience but could found a school, being a True Blue Tory. Any ideas suggested to him required full testing beforehand, but his school could be founded on faith alone. The height of absolute hypocrisy and an indefensible position for him, I am afraid.

    I actually think the concept of Free Schools is a good idea. What I do not think is a good idea is creating chains of for-profit schools guaranteed income streams from the taxpayer. If taxpayers fund schools, they are the owners, not the customers. If schools can go bust through failure to recruit pupils, then the owners are those taking on financial risk.

    As for Young dealing in Class A drugs, about which I know nothing, it depends when it was. If it was at Oxford to his fellow spaced out drunkards, so what? If it was as Chair of Governors, send him to prison.

    As for the eugenics canard, evidence this please. It is a usual leftie cheap shot. Young is not of a Master Race standard so I find him promoting eugenics fanciful. He thinks getting into Oxford is something for youngsters to aim for, hardly a crime in most eyes.

    Young may be the bete noire of the left, but criticism should be hard but evidence-based. Do not descend to the levels of the Right Wing Press Moguls……

    • DunGroanin says

      Plenty of non-sensical defensive posturing for a child turned against their famous parent’s declared politics!

      A lot like Toynbee & Benn for example.

      Young deleted his tweets, if that is not re-invention and guilt, wtf is it?

      He should accept he has no right to play the role of a educator in public life and stop living off his fathers reputation.

  2. Seamus Padraig says

    This is a peculiar article for the Off-Guardian. Somebody else already made the point about “Holodomor denial,” but I just want to make the point that the so-called ‘radical right’ have no monopoly on the pedophilia racket. It wasn’t so long ago, for example, that the German Green Party was openly trying to legalize it, too. And then you have the Podesta (Pedosta?) Brothers in the US Democratic Party, who keep some mighty strange company (although I don’t think they have openly called for pedo-legalization). I get the impression that pedophilia is rife in certain ruling-class circles, and that if you want to become one of these psychopaths yourself, you are supposed to participate in such an act as a kind of gang initiation ceremony.

  3. Makropulos says

    I had doubts about this David Lindsay the moment he mentioned “Holodomor denial”. So I found his twitter account where he approvingly links to an article from Spiked magazine. This one:

    First paragraph:

    “One of the most regrettable features of public life today is the crisis of good faith. The refusal to accept that people say the things they say because they really believe them, and the hunt, instead, for the real reason people hold and express certain beliefs. Who put them up to it? Who are they a front for? What’s the hidden agenda? Do they know someone or get funding from someone and might this explain why they hold the views they hold? What is the story – the true, dark, shadowy story – behind their points of view and their political activity?”

    This inevitably leads on to musing about “the conspiracy-theory imagination”. Followed by an attack on George Monbiot for having the audacity to ask where Spiked get their funding from. It turns out that Spiked receive donations from the Charles Koch Foundation and are “very proud of our work on free speech and tolerance”.

    No need to ask where the money comes from then. These folk “say the things they say because they really believe them”.

  4. Kavy says

    French Police remove helmets to show solidarity with the people against Macron

  5. kevin morris says

    You may well be right about paedophilia and the far right but I feel that someone has to stand up for Thomas Mair. Although something of a loner he was well liked by his neighbours. Some years before his appointment with notoriety, he was featured in an article in the Huddersfield Examiner extolling the mental health benefits of volunteering for the unemployed. During his trial almost nothing came out other than the fact that extreme right wing literature was found at his home. Some time ago I expressed my suspicions about his trial to a former member of Jo Cox’s team who agreed that he was left after Mair’s trial with a good many questions.

    Nobody can be sure what the effects were of long term unemployment and loneliness on the man found guilty of Jo Cox’s murder. All I can say is, I’m not the only person who feels that Thomas Mair might well have been a patsy.

  6. mark says

    The EDL is a Zionist Front. It was set up in London by Zionist activists with Zionist money to stir up trouble with Moslems and divert attention from Israeli criminality. “Robinson” or whatever his name is, was receiving £10,000 a month in Zionist money. I don’t know if he still is. He is forever shilling for Israel and waving an Israeli flag about. It was based on the Jewish Defence League, which is classed as a terrorist organisation even in the US and Israel. It’s the same story with the “Danish” cartoons and Wilders in Holland. Pure hasbara.

    Paedophilia has always been rife in the ruling class. Cyril Smith had a “Get Out Of Jail Free” card from MI5 which he produced whenever he was arrested, either for paedophile sex assaults or for cottaging type public indecency in London. He was constantly being picked up and released. You see the same pattern with Epstein and Lolita Island, the Clintons, Prince Andrew and the rest. The Palace is believed to have intervened directly to secure Epstein a derisory sentence in a country club prison instead of the 20 years anybody else would have got. There have been countless scandals of this kind throughout the western world, like the Dutroux scandal in Belgium. Many of the pillars of the establishment have been engaged in horrific sex crimes, all covered up and swept under the carpet by the police, politicians, MI5 and their foreign equivalents. It is widely believed that people of this kind are deliberately promoted to high positions because they are easy to blackmail and control.

    • summitflyer says

      “It is widely believed that people of this kind are deliberately promoted to high positions because they are easy to blackmail and control.”
      That is exactly how it is done.Here in Canada and especially the US .Wild parties drugs and alcohol and ladies that will sell themselves for a few shekels ,and let the cameras roll .And voila ,you have them dancing to any tune.
      The wold of political control is a sick place especially when children are used by these creatures .

      • mark says

        A lot of non paedophile politicians have also been drugged by the spooks and set up with youngsters with compromising photos and videos, even if they aren’t that way inclined. This is quite common. If I was a politician I wouldn’t eat or drink anything I hadn’t made myself – think Yasser Arafat and Hugo Chavez. Bring back the King’s Food Taster.

        “Nick”, who made the rape/ murder allegations against MPs/ VIPs/ Cliff Richard and the like, has just gone on trial. Whatever the truth of his allegations, we all know just how much credibility and integrity our “justice” system has since Hutton/ Kelly.

  7. Ole C G Olesen says

    Has offGuardian been HIGHJACKED by the militant ( Globalist ) LEFT ?… I suspect so !
    And You may remove the ” off ” from Your Name …
    I dont give a damn about Pedophiles and other Scumbags..
    except they all belong behind Bars
    but to portray Right Activists as such is ULTRA LEFTIST AGIT PROP
    If You want to find out where to look for PERVERTS
    go to “Occidental Observer” and get INFORMED
    for ex

    The thing is LEFT and RIGHT are ANACHRONISTIC Terms
    what i consider ” GOOD ” in both the Left and Right Spectrum have more in common
    scheeming, bribing ,lying and killing their way to WORLD POWER
    for which purpose they need to bring Western Civilisation DOWN


    By the way .. I am an adamant HOLOCAUST DENIER
    and so is every Man of normal Intelligence and Integrity

    • Maggie says

      : Ole Oleson

      Cicero, Roman statesman and lawyer said:
      “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But a traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”

      And this is precisely what we are all suffering from, but where is the cure?

    • I tend to agree & fear this article is disinformation at best & at worst downright attempt by an idiot to deceive but he came to the wrong readership! – I hope………?

  8. Badger Down says

    It’s Savile, as in vile. I didn’t say he was Jewish.

  9. Badger Down says

    I have always been right about this, and I am now being proved right about something else as well. The German National Socialists didn’t plan to kill all the Jews, they didn’t kill six million of them, and “the holocaust” is a hoax. The accusations are fake, and don’t even think about mentioning “survivors”. I have always been right about this, and I am now being proved right about something else as well.

    • George cornell says

      Surely there is room for more than some nuance on this. One should be reluctant to even say the Holocaust has been hyped. It has surely been promoted to the detriment of understanding genocides. There have been several genocidal episodes, some which dwarf that in the second war. And yes it is annoying to watch the Shoa business, as Abba Eban called it, attempt to convince the public that the Shoa was the biggest, the baddest, the most heinous etc. etc.. not the least of which is that these claims are easily falsified. The Times Lit Suppl and the New York Review of Books went through a couple of decades where nearly half the reviews, articles, and letters were about the Holocaust. We even had Jonathan Freedland of the Fraudian declare it was the defining event of the twentieth Century. It was as if there was no Rwanda, Kosovo,, Bosnia, Leopold and especially the Congo, never mentioned by the Fraud or its chief fraudster Freedland, but still coming in as the 20th started and dwarfing in size the Holocaust.

      For Freedland the eradication of the common deadly childhood diseases, saving countless lives and misery, the development of atomic power, interplanetary travel, the UN, etc just are insignificant when stacked up against his own relatives.

      But to say it is a hoax is absurd. It ranks up there among all human tragedies and among mans most cruel inhumanities to man. It is hard to find a Jewish family in NA without a hole, or for many, a sieve left behind by it.

      Give the matter some more thought and if you can find it in your heart to put yourself in the place of the survivors, do consider the seemingly heartless nature of your comments.

      • mark says

        It may or may not be true, or some aspects of it may or may not be. But the fact that people who raise any doubts or questions are sentenced to years in prison is of itself somewhat suspicious. You can query anything or have an opinion about anything but not Muh Holocaust. What is important is that we have been lied to consistently for generations about historical events, and this is continuing on a day to day basis. Turn on the loathsome BBC or open the vile Guardian and you will be presented with a series of fairy stories about Syria, Russia, Ukraine, and any other subject, read puff pieces on war criminals like Bin Salman, McCain, Bush and Blair, and virtually all their content sends you down a series of rabbit holes. The point is that you can’t take ANYTHING at face value now. You have to remain sceptical about everything you are told, particularly where emotions are exploited over Iraq Incubator Babies, Poor Little Syrian Bana and Dusty Boy, and everything similar. Believe nobody. Trust nobody. Remain curious and sceptical. Just because something has been repeated a million times, like Iraqi WMD, doesn’t make it true. Probably quite the opposite if it comes from the MSM.

  10. Well if this is the new web design i can only say that it’s worse than ever.
    Can’t find anything, can’t comment from a Mac.

    • RealPeter says

      I use a Mac. If you can’t comment (and you did manage to post the one above), it must be something else. I haven’t noticed any problems with OffG lately, despite the dire warnings from Admin a few weeks ago. The design seems fine.

    • Badger Down says

      Thank you, OffG, for making the fount black.
      Much easier to read than that grey on grey.

  11. bevin says

    “..No British university is giving houseroom to Holodomor Denial, which does do the rounds.”
    What does this mean? If it means that there is a consensus to defend the nonsense that deaths occurring during the collectivisation of agriculture in the Soviet Ukraine were motivated by Russian hatred of Ukrainians, then British Universities are in a very bad way.
    The “Holodomor” is a construct of Cold War propagandists based upon Nazi anti-Bolshevik and antisemitic inventions.

    • BigB says

      I totally agree, Bevin. “Holodomor Denial” is a very ambiguous phrase, which needs clarifying. Holocaust Denial is obviously taken to mean the attempted negation of the Holocaust: which is indefensible. I presume then, that “Holodomor Denial” should be taken to mean the negation of the Holodomor – a fictitious ‘genocide’ that did not happen, except in propagandic myths – which is a positive historical accuracy. But this reverses the logic of the common Holocaust Denial phrase – making it ambiguous and (potentially) not logically coherent. Perhaps Admin could clarify with the author?

      If it turns out British universities are teaching the propagandic neo-Nazi Holodomor construct, we are in deep sh1t.

      [Here is Professor Tauger’s research into the causes of the ‘Holodomor’: a little light reading on the background to the ‘debate’:

    • Thomas Peterson says

      The ‘Holodomor’ in the sense of a famine intentionally inflicted on Ukrainians by Russians did not happen.

      • BigB says

        I know, but what did the author mean. It is not clear from the phrase he used. It would be really good to find out.

      • It did happen but it was a cluster f**kk of mistakes & certainly not intentional.

    • John says

      Exactly the holodomor is made up nonsense spouted by the same people today as those whonspouted it back in the day; Nazis who stole the grain anits not like stalin turned the weather off

      • BigB says

        The Lysson List of anti-semitic tropes, lies and blood libel …who’s trolling now?

        Even if the Holodomor was a deliberate genocide, and not a cyclical famine, it would still be a squirm to say the Jews caused it. A squirm only a racist could make.

        Absolute rubbish, hate speech and lies.

          • BigB says

            We did this the other day. Funnily enough, my opinion has not changed since then.

            “I did not object to Toaff, per se. I even gave Lysson credit for mentioning the retraction (it appears his article was written before Toaff re-published). What I strongly object to is the racism of insinuating that an obscure 15th century crime was the historical precedent for current events: as in footnote 10:

            “Some wonder why Toaff focused on events of more than 500 years ago, when similar abuses, far more easily documented, are going on even now.”

            That is pure hate speech. It is racist to maintain that a small minority – who may or may not have carried out historic Satanic practices – is unique to Ashkenazi Jews. It elevates to race hate when it is maintained that obscure Blood Libel is somehow causally related to modern transplant practices. That is a torturous feat of logic only a racist could make. And it was Lysson, not Toaff, that made it.”

            • milosevic says

              If you could suggest some cultural context which better explains the ongoing Gaza genocide (and non-Israeli support for it) better than the Eastern European history discussed in the Lysson article, I’m sure a lot of people would be interested in hearing about it. I certainly would.

              Perhaps you could offer your opinion of this book, written by a Jewish concentration camp survivor, which largely agrees with that account of Jewish cultural history.

              Israel Shahak — Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years

              • BigB says

                I actually started on that the other day too, but you did not get back to me.

                “How about some higher logic? Perpetuating the lies and distortions that created race hate cannot end race hate. The false deconstruction of the Jewish race by ‘exposing’ Blood Libel as ‘true’ does nothing except strengthen the constructs of racial identity. It perpetuates the continuous oppressor/oppressed dialectic …and feeds the Master/Slave dialectic. Hate and lies feed and create hate and lies …not peace and understanding.

                If you are following the situation in Palestine, you should know just how weak Nuttyyahoos position is …and the pushback against it …from Jews. Jews who do nor sprinkle dried Christian blood an their matzos. Why give power to a racist nutjob by promoting racist Blood Libel rants that sustain his weakening authority?”

                Do I really have to differentiate between legitimate criticism of Israel and race hate? Because it is simply when you create the false construct that ALL Jews do this or that because of a vague historic precedent. It perpetuates the racial stereotype and validates it. In validating it, it automatically de-legitimises the Palestinians as inferior …and so the violence continues.

                The opposite is to open dialogue, to create tolerance and space for those, Jewish, Palestinian, and other, to stand against the ultra-orthodox fundamentalists. There is plenty of opportunity to oppose the actions of the Zionist racists (racists of other descriptions are available): without saying that they are as they are (in itself a racist construct) because of an obscure 15th century crime, or because they were in the majority of the government that perpetrated something called the Holodomor. That only strengthens the age old oppressions: surely you can see that?

                [The Israel Shahak book is a fascinating read, so far. I’ll have to get back to you on that.]

                • milosevic says

                  The opposite is to open dialogue, to create tolerance and space for those, Jewish, Palestinian, and other, to stand against the ultra-orthodox fundamentalists.

                  Norman Finkelstein, for example.

                  What were the relative numbers of self-identified “Jews” who either supported or attacked him, when he was being deprived of his university career, for the crime of defending the Palestinians?

                  If you imagine that zionism, or other expressions of Jewish ethnic supremacism, is exclusively an “ultra-orthodox fundamentalist” phenomenon, you are seriously deluded.

                  • BigB says

                    Deluded, moi?

                    The only possible answer to all this, first of all by Jews, must be that given by all true advocates of freedom and humanity in all countries, all peoples and all great philosophies – limited though they sometimes are, as the human condition itself is limited. We must confront the Jewish past and those aspects of the present which are based simultaneously on lying about that past and worshipping it. The prerequisites for this are, first, total honesty about the facts and, secondly, the belief (leading to action, whenever possible) in universalist human principles of ethics and politics.

                    Please read your own link.

                    You asked for an opinion: the Israel Shahak cultural account is in no way comparable to the Lysson distortions. Shahak’s account is legitimate and authentic (though I’m not quite sure why Arendt’s account is lessened by not mentioning the wearing of magic amulets in the 18th century?) I’ve already picked out the issues with Lysson: namely the Holodomor was caused by Jews (lies); and blood libel correlates with modern transplant practices (distortion). Surely you can tell the difference between vile racially motivated distortion and genuine criticism? Or discern which leads to the end of oppression? If not, I recommend reading Paulo Freire:

                    “How can I dialogue if I always project ignorance onto others and never perceive my own? How can I dialogue if I am closed to – and even offended by – the contribution of others? At the point of encounter there are neither yet ignoramuses nor perfect sages; there are only people who are attempting, together, to learn more than they now know.”
                    ― Paulo Freire

                    • milosevic says

                      So, no answer about Norman Finkelstein’s popularity among the US Jewish community, and how that relates to “universalist human principles of ethics and politics” and “the end of oppression”.

                      As for the Lysson article, your fact-free dismissal of it and its subject matter does not constitute evidence. Anyone interested should read it for themselves, check some of the references (of which Shahak is one of the most important), and form their own opinions.

                    • BigB says

                      Fair enough, but they should Professor Tauger’s voluminous research into the failings of agriculture and weather that were the real causes of the Holodomor. There was no deliberate genocide, let alone one that the Jews perpetrated (as insinuated by Lysson). A link will be found above (and was previously posted in reply). So, hardly evidence free? I read your links, you ignore the existence of mine …define “fact-free dismissal”?

                    • BigB says

                      “What were the relative numbers of self-identified “Jews” who either supported or attacked him, when he was being deprived of his university career, for the crime of defending the Palestinians?”

                      I read Finkelstein, but I have no idea what this means? Or of the “relative numbers”. If you want an answer, can you reframe the question?

                    • milosevic says

                      That’s right, when you don’t care to answer a question, the best thing to do is pretend you didn’t understand it.

                      What’s a “number”? How can one “number” be evaluated “relative” to another “number”?

                      Who got Finkelstein fired? Who defended him? Why?

                      What do words even mean? Who knows? It’s all an impenetrable mystery.

              • Antonym says

                Which Gaza genocide?
                Gaza doesn’t even feature in the yearly world’s mass killings lists. It does in fast population growth though.

                Total concept/word inflation.

                • mark says

                  Some of our Zionist chums and their MSM mouthpieces were saying how wonderful life in Gaza is. I’m only surprised they all don’t go and live there. Sort of like the wonderful ghetto in Warsaw that was given to Jews during the war.

    • Makropulos says

      From Mr Lindsay’s own blog here:

      there is a comment:

      “Suppose America had carried out its own premeditated Holodomor —as distinct from imperial Britain allowing Irish and Indian famines through gross incompetence.”

      So – you see the Holodomor was a case of deliberate famine whereas the Irish and Indian famines were just “incompetence”. The British never mean to be nasty you see. Why they’re such gentle folk who just get it wrong.

  12. Antonym says

    You are right that a number of Pakistani-British men think right wing: Western girls are Untermenschen for them. Islamism did the same for Yazidi or Nigerian etc. girls etc.
    Some of them vote Tory, but not all.

    • BigB says

      Dude, take your blinkers off. Every one of those “Pakistani-British” men ends up plastered across the News at Ten. How many White Anglo-Saxon Protestant men from well connected families end up in the dock, or splashed across the media?

      Deviancy, unfortunately, knows no race or blood or breeding boundaries. It is a super-minor, but significant, tendency across all pseudo-classifications of humanity. Portraying it as a quasi-religious racial deviancy is a media construct and propaganda to protect elite paedophiles …who do exist. Do you want to tackle the issue, leaving them nowhere to hide (least of all, in plain sight) or perpetuate myths that act as an elite media cover story?

      • George Cornell says

        Yup, what you do is take the evil Lord Janner and his ilk, ignore the plaints of children he abused for decades, stonewall long enough until he gets old, gets demented or dies. Then let his weaselly family, aided and abetted by police insiders, (you know the ones) who refused to listen or act on behalf of the homeless adolescents preyed on by their father, scheme and manipulate so they can cream off his fat estate. No holding to account the the policemen and women who turned a deaf ear to hundreds of sexually abused children.

        So the media, like the disgraceful Fraudian, having deep sized the Janner story for decades, has now deep sixed Rochdale, Oxford, Rotherham, to name a few, in favour of relentless tittle tattle about Stormy Daniels, and stories about Hitler art, Hitler gold, Nazi art, and Nazi gold. You might get the impression that the contemporary commandeering of 5 American tv channels (Smithsonian, History, AHC, Nat Geo, to serve up an endless menu of Nazi trivia is much more political than it is historical.. It seems these channels have common themes with respect to governance, viewership and get much public funding to boot. No mention of Cambodian bombing, other various genocides with which the Americans are all too familiar.

        How about a channel, endlessly rerunning stories about Westminster pedophiles, Sir Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris, et al? Or slavery channels,

        It is time for critics to dwell on the topic selections , channel by channel, instead of the smoke and mirror distraction of the content of puff piece propaganda. American Heroes Channel? Aunt Fanny’s fanny.

        • Maggie says

          @George Cornell,
          >>>Stories about Hitler art, Hitler gold, Nazi art, and Nazi gold. You might get the impression that the contemporary commandeering of 5 American tv channels (Smithsonian, History, AHC, Nat Geo, to serve up an endless menu of Nazi trivia is much more political than it is historical.. It seems these channels have common themes with respect to governance, viewership and get much public funding to boot.<<<

          Have to keep up the propaganda, to keep the compensation flowing?

          • George cornell says

            Surely they are now dragging behind the curve and well into counter productivity.
            The shame is there are so many issues of much more general relevance that warrant attention and should be highlighted. But the shanghaiing of American tv, miserable as it is, is largely on public money. Is that public composed of men or mice? The Smithsonian, a spectacular institution, gets a non-Palestinian administrator and no one has the balls to call him on perverting he aims of a noble institution. Hard to figure.

        • mark says

          Some people think Hitler got most of his ideas from the History Channel.

          But there were many attempts by low level police officers up to inspector rank to bring people like Smith, Savile and Jenner to justice. Particularly Smith. He was arrested and charged on a number of occasions, but it was always quashed by corrupt senior officers up to Chief Constable level. The files were just destroyed. Police officers involved were threatened by MI5 that they would be prosecuted under the Official Secrets Act if they didn’t keep their mouths shut. This went on for literally decades. MI5 gave him a Get Out Of Jail Free Card instructing police that he could not be charged and had to be released. Smith ran a boys’ home called Knowl View in Rochdale that was operated as a paedophile brothel for years. There was a belated enquiry held on this recently, but it was just a whitewash as you’d expect and nobody was held accountable. Smith’s activities were common knowledge over 40 years ago, but he was protected and led a charmed life. Part of this was because he was an important figure in the coalition Lib/ Lab pact in the 1970s, keeping Labour in power. He was also a key figure in procuring children for the Westminster/ VIP paedophile ring.

          Our Establishment is rotten to the core.

          • George cornell says

            Has it always been thus? Has the nearest Masonic Lodge always been the clearing house for Establishment criminals wanting succour? It surely did not start with Ted Heath.

            The rottenness extends far beyond the Establishment, Mark. On national telly Stephen Fry conducted the lost wallet experiment. Fifty wallets with ID, phone numbers and a measly ten quid were dropped around England to see if they would be returned. This has been done in many countries and the results are not hugely surprising.

            Muslim countries lead the pack for honesty and Scandinavians and Finland did well. However no country was more dishonest than the UK. ONE wallet in 50 was returned, money intact although a few English trousered the cash and sent on the wallet. England might lead the world in the gap between self-perception and reality. Brexit is serving to highlight this.

  13. Sexual deviancy coupled with political malfeasance: the Decline and Fall of the British Empire. I am reminded of a British naval officer reporting the decline and fall of the Chinese Empire: “Of such a foundering vessel nothing can be repaired; the whole rotting hulk must be smashed and rebuilt”. Fortunately Mao arrived and rebuilt China on sound lines; but where is the Hercules who will arrive to cleanse Britain by diverting the Thames to flush all that accumulated horseshit out from the Augean stables at Westminster?

    • Thomas Turk says

      Mao rebuilt Ch. on sound lines? Academics thrown out of windows, doctors sent to dig potatoes, musicians hands crushed, farmers told to operate in surgeries, quite so. Think a little, move forward a little.. and you get to Deng Shao Ping. Dimwit.

      • “Muh made up stories about communism from CIA sources and paid liars with very little proof to back into up”

        • kevin morris says

          As I have been saying for many years now regarding the so called People’s Republic of China, there are none so blind as those who will not see.

          • Maggie says

            @ Kevin, I don’t know if you are referring to the people of China or the propagandised people of the West…
            When you say ‘None so blind as those who will not see.’ I would add, those who are incapable of researching for themselves….

            The definition of Stupid is: knowing the truth, seeing the truth, but still believing the lies.

            • kevin morris says

              Maggie- I have been a China watcher since the early seventies and predicted China’s rise before the death of Mao. I have made a point of meeting and discussing with a wide selection of Chinese from scientists through doctors who were former Red Guards during the cultural revolution. I am deeply aware of China’s mistreatment of minorities. My experience is that the left in the west has always had a great deal of sympathy for for the People’s Republic of China, but that it tends to blind itself to the shadier side of China and simply blames any evidence of that shady side on propaganda from the west. I have always made a point of criticising the US’ and the UK’ perverse influence on much of the world but since I have made a point of acquainting myself with the dictatorial nature of the Communist government of the PRC, I really don’t see any reason why I should treat China any differently.

              I find such selectivity to be perverse for the left tolerates the corruption that is rife in China whilst they criticise it at home; they fail to see the colonial side to China’s special brand of chauvinism whilst criticising such behaviour whenever it appears in the west. So many extremely concerning events occur in China, yet the left seems to see it as a bastion of civilised behaviour. The country executes more people than anywhere else in the world. Many of those executed are innocent- patsies in the common parlance often victims of government drives against corruption who pay the ultimate price while high ups in the government go about their nefarious businesses unmolested. Although China has a constitution it has almost no civil society. Chinese investigating the seamier side of the corruption of party bosses often find themselves imprisoned without charge whilst under the new social credit scheme they find that suddenly they are unable to communicate with others and unable to travel. A scheme that is claimed to reward good behaviour is being used by the state to silence criticism. That would rightly be criticised anywhere else in the world, but it is ignored because it is happening in China.

              Don’t get me wrong. Many Chinese are proud of their country’s recent achievements and they will continue to be so as long as things go well economically, but China is a totalitarian country whose economic successes have been built upon exploitation that almost nobody in the west would tolerate. Much is made of the economic leaps that China has made, but the fact that much of China is still at a third world level is ignored. Its treatment of Tibet, a country that was de facto independent should be a mark of shame. The left ignores the number of young Tibetans who self immolate. Almost no news leaves Tibet following the news clampdown which followed the protests of 2008. Lest we forget, anyone in Tibet caught carrying a photograph of the Dalai Lama will be savagely beaten and will spend years behind bars.

              I could go on and on, about the ecological damage that the Communist Party blames on nomadic herders who have been dispossessed and forced to live in breeze block hovels, the plan to reroute the rivers that rise in Tibet and the concerns that the countries whose water supplies depend on those rivers feel, but I know that the left will choose to ignore these facts. That flooding in Bangladesh has increased following deforestation in Southern Tibet isn’t propaganda- it is fact and I tend to believe that were this a consequence of the United States’ behaviour it would be universally condemned. Because it is the consequence of the barbaric behaviour of a so called People’s Republic, the left ignores it. I say, what is sauce for the goose should be sauce for the gander.

              • Kevin, you make good points against Chinese Capitalism, as does BigB, and in normal circumstances they would count. But some of those points are darts aimed at the heart of Communist China: the poor oppressed Tibetans, the poor oppressed Muslim minorities. Until the Anglo Zio Capitalist West ceases its propaganda war against Communist China, and ceases its preparations for hot war to enslave free China, those points do not count in the grand scheme of things: a nation which had been humiliated by the drug dealing British, by their own weak Emperors, by the Japanese, by venal collaborators with the U$A, which had starved to a state of people eating yellow mud to fill their bellies, was put on the right path by Mao to rise again,

                • kevin morris says

                  Vexarb- once I saw you as a humanist and the enemy of power, yet you say my points ‘do not count in the grand scheme of things’. If you will forgive me, you sound very much like Mao who tended to talk in such lofty terms whilst ignoring the effects of his schemes on ordinary people- the very people that the People’s Republic was supposed to e about. But of course, Mao wasn’t interested in the ordinary folk at all and his favourite reading was about the emperors of old. Think of that and in many ways you see the rationale of the Chinese Communist Party that despite its recent conversion to capitalism red in tooth and claw.

                  During my piece above I acknowledged the fact that many Chinese support China’s growth. It is often said,and with a great deal of truth that the reason that they do so is that almost every family in China has memories of the sufferings and loss that came as a consequence of the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution where it is estimated that around thirty million Chinese, Tibetans and Uigurs died as a consequence of famine and state sponsored chaos and brutality.

                  Of course China eventually chose capitalism thanks to the reforms of Deng, himself a former victim of the cultural revolution, So what is so special about China that it becomes the exemplar of some great leap forward of history? The country is a totalitarian state. It is awash with corruption and the abuse of power. It has a chauvinist mindset and is happy to colonially exploit peoples who owe no allegience to China and do not even speak the same language.

                  Frankly, and having studied China carefully for almost fifty years, I would argue that its nearest analogue is the United States of America. Frankly, the left needs to be aware of that for a choice between US hegemony and Chinese hegemony is no choice at all.

                  • Kevin, We must agree to disagree. Time will tell. Meanwhile, as a further example of my lack of Humanism, let me add one of the actions of the Chinese government which you regard as a vice but which I regard as a virtue: The Chinese government dare to hang bankers. (Do you remember Hitler’s banker laughing at Nurenberg: “They don’t hang bankers”?). I weep for the innocents, but more innocents have been hurt by bankers crimes than by Mao and Stalin combined. Six million innocents die of starvation _every year_. Once more you weep for the Uighers and the Tibetans; are you weeping for the starving Yemenis, and for the malnourished Gazans, and now for the return of malnourished rickety British children? All innocent victims of the Anglo Zio Capitalists, their Military Industrial Complex and their NATZO army wasting the West’s substance while children starve. Perhaps we in the West ought to start hanging some bankers?

                    And coincidentally, here is a clip on China from Iranian communist Ramin Mazaheri in today’s Saker Vineyard:

                    “… it takes a Real Leftist to squint hard at China and see their leftist commitment and beauty.

                    If someone claims to be a leftist but only talks about only-the-crimes-and-never-the-successes of the Great Leap Forward or the Cultural Revolution [or] their 266% GDP increase since 2008; then this person is a centrist at best – i.e. a Fake Leftist. (I write this from the Lost Decade Eurozone, which is at -12% since 2008). …

                    Absolutely everybody is starting to notice China’s huge leaps amid the West’s austerity-imposed suicide. But how do they explain it?

                    Is it the result of their rock-solid socialist constitution, written in 1982? Or is it [explained] by accusing the Chinese of having a totalitarian system? Or is it [explained] by accusing them of being “radishes” – only Red on the outside? “

          • Badger Down says

            Kevin Morris, saying for MANY YEARS
            none so full as those who have just eaten,
            none so deaf as those who cannot see,
            and none so lame as those who do not walk.

      • George cornell says

        Thomas, I am sure you are a smart guy but quoting the simpletonian anecdotes that they trot out for all competitors or imagined enemies, is not going to raise your stock.
        Beware of 9 second sound bites.
        I was on a plane to Grand Rapids several years ago with about 30 returning GIs, from Iraq. I was treated to the same story I had heard in the 60s about the “Gooks”. They, and Sadaam, had taken the wives of young men and raped them, forcing their husband to watch. This got the young GIs really juiced. Any truth? Consider the source.
        A senior military man told me these stories had been found to get them worked up the most and they have been using them for several generations.

      • Turk, I recommend a book written in the 1960s called, L’Afrique Noire Est Mal Placee” (If You Want to Get Anywhere Don’t Start from Black Africa). It correctly predicted the different trajectories of Communist China and Anglo Zio Capitalist Africa. Worth reading from where we stand now, 50 years later.

        What it did not foresee was that Libya, a socialist success in “Black” Africa, would be deliberately smashed by the AZC army called NATZO. But Mao foresaw the need to protect socialist countries militarily from the U$A and its Capitalist cohorts; hence his saying, Justice comes from the barrel of a gun.

    • George Cornell says

      It would take the Amazon and Nile too.

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