China’s Uyghur Problem — The Unmentioned Part

by F. William Engdahl, via NEO

In recent months Western media and the Washington Administration have begun to raise a hue and cry over alleged mass internment camps in China’s northwestern Xinjiang where supposedly up to one million ethnic Uyghur Chinese are being detained and submitted to various forms of “re-education.” Several things about the charges are notable, not the least that all originate from Western media or “democracy” NGOs such as Human Rights Watch whose record for veracity leaves something to be desired.

In August Reuters published an article under the headline, “UN says it has credible reports that China holds million Uighurs in secret camps.” A closer look at the article reveals no official UN policy statement, but rather a quote from one American member of an independent committee that does not speak for the UN, a member with no background in China. The source of the claim it turns out is a UN independent advisory NGO called Committee on Elimination of Racial Discrimination. The sole person making the charge, American committee member Gay McDougall, stated she was “deeply concerned” about “credible reports.” McDougall cited no source for the dramatic charge.

Reuters in their article boosts its claim by citing a murky Washington DC based NGO, the Chinese Human Rights Defenders (CHRD). In an excellent background investigation, researchers at the Grayzone Project found that the CHRD gets hundreds of thousands of dollars from unnamed governments. The notorious US government NGO, National Endowment for Democracy, is high on the list of usual suspects. Notably, the CHRD official address is that of the Human Rights Watch which gets funds also from the Soros foundation.

The ‘Uyghur Problem’

The true state of affairs in China’s Xinjiang Province regarding Uyghurs is not possible to independently verify, whether such camps exist and if so who is there and under what conditions. What is known, however, is the fact that NATO intelligence agencies, including that of Turkey and of the US, along with Saudi Arabia, have been involved in recruiting and deploying thousands of Chinese Uyghur Muslims to join Al Qaeda and other terror groups in Syria in recent years. This side of the equation warrants a closer look, the side omitted by Reuters or UN Ambassador Haley.

According to Syrian media cited in, there are presently an estimated 18,000 ethnic Uyghurs in Syria most concentrated in a village on the Turkish border to Syria. Since 2013 such Uyghur soldiers have gone from combat alongside Al Qaeda in Syria and returned to China’s Xinjiang where they have carried out various terrorist acts. This is the tip of a nasty NATO-linked project to plant the seeds of terror and unrest in China. Xinjiang is a lynchpin of China’s Belt Road Initiative, the crossroads of strategic oil and gas pipelines from Kazakhstan, Russia and a prime target of CIA intrigue since decades.

Since at least 2011 at the start of the NATO war against Bashar al Assad’s Syria, Turkey had played a key role in facilitating the flow of Chinese Uyghur people to become Jihadists in Syria. I deliberately use “had” tense to give benefit of the doubt if it still is the case today or if it has become an embarrassment for Erdogan and Turkish intelligence. In any case it seems that thousands of Uyghurs are holed up in Syria, most around Idlib, the reported last outpost of anti-regime terrorists.

Washington and ETIM

In an excellent analysis of China’s Uyghur terror history, Steven Sahiounie, a Syrian journalist with 21st Century Wire, notes that a key organization behind the radicalization of Chinese Uyghur youth is the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM) and its political front, the Turkestan Islamic Party (TIP), which is also known as “Katibat Turkistani.” He cites a speech in Istanbul in 1995 by Turkey’s Erdogan, then Mayor, who declared, “Eastern Turkestan is not only the home of the Turkic peoples but also the cradle of Turkic history, civilization and culture…” Eastern Turkestan is Xinjiang.

ETIM today is headed by Anwar Yusuf Turani, self-proclaimed Prime Minister of a government in exile which notably is based in Washington DC. ETIM moved to Washington at a time the US State Department listed it as a terrorist organization, curiously enough. According to a report in a Turkish investigative magazine, Turk Pulse, Turani’s organization’s “activities for the government in exile are based on a report entitled ‘The Xinjiang Project.’ That was written by former senior CIA officer Graham E. Fuller in 1998 for the Rand Corporation and revised in 2003 under the title ‘The Xinjiang Problem.’

I have written extensively in my book, The Lost Hegemon, about career senior CIA operative Graham Fuller. Former Istanbul CIA station chief, Fuller was one of the architects of the Reagan-Bush Iran-Contra affair, and a prime CIA sponsor or handler of Gülen who facilitated Gülen’s USA exile. He was also by his own admission, in Istanbul the night of the failed 2016 coup. In 1999 during the end of the Russian Yelstin era, Fuller declared, “The policy of guiding the evolution of Islam and of helping them against our adversaries worked marvelously well in Afghanistan against the Russians. The same doctrines can still be used to destabilize what remains of Russian power, and especially to counter the Chinese influence in Central Asia.”

This is what the covert US weaponization of ETIM is aimed at. Like most radical Sunni Jihadist groups, Turani’s ETIM got funding as most radical Sunni Jihadist groups from Saudi Arabia.

In the late 1990s, Hasan Mahsum, also known as Abu-Muhammad al-Turkestani, founder of the East Turkestan Islamic Movement, moved ETIM’s headquarters to Kabul, taking shelter under Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. In Afghanistan, ETIM leaders met with Osama bin Laden and other leaders of the CIA-trained Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan to coordinate actions across Central Asia. When the Pakistani military assassinated al-Turkestani in 2003 Turani became head of ETIM, and took his roadshow to Washington.

In his own study of Xinjiang, the CIA’s Graham E. Fuller noted that Saudi Arabian groups had disseminated extremist Wahhabi religious literature and possibly small arms through sympathizers in Xinjiang, and that young Turkic Muslims had been recruited to study at madrasas in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia. He adds that Uyghurs from Xinjiang also fought alongside Osama bin Laden’s Al Qaeda in Afghanistan in the 1980s.

Fuller noted, “Uyghurs are indeed in touch with Muslim groups outside Xinjiang, some of them have been radicalized into broader jihadist politics in the process, a handful were earlier involved in guerrilla or terrorist training in Afghanistan, and some are in touch with international Muslim mujahideen struggling for Muslim causes of independence worldwide.”

The January 2018 Pentagon National Defense Strategy policy document explicitly named China along with Russia as main strategic “threats” to continued US supremacy. It states, “Inter-state strategic competition, not terrorism, is now the primary concern in US national security.” Explicitly, and this is new, the Pentagon paper does not cite a military threat but an economic one. It states, “China and Russia are now undermining the international order from within the system by exploiting its benefits while simultaneously undercutting its principles and ‘rules of the road.’” The escalating trade war against China, threats of sanctions over allegations of Uyghur detention camps in Xinjiang, threats of sanctions if China buys Russian defense equipment, all is aimed at disruption of the sole emerging threat to a Washington global order, one that is not based on freedom or justice but rather on fear and tyranny. How China’s authorities are trying to deal with this full assault is another issue. The context of events in Xinjiang however needs to be made clear. The West and especially Washington is engaged in full-scale irregular war against the stability of China.

F. William Engdahl is strategic risk consultant and lecturer, he holds a degree in politics from Princeton University and is a best-selling author on oil and geopolitics, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”



  1. Bean says

    As to westeners being excluded from Xinjiang, a friend of mine set off from China to bicycle home about six weeks ago. He’d been living in Shenzhen and took the train up to Urumqi and set off from there. Only once was he redirected and taken, along with his bike back to the permitted route by truck. He encountered no further disruption up to crossing the border into Kazakhstan.

    He’s very obviously western.

  2. Glasshopper says

    I was in Bangkok when the Erawan Shrine was bombed.

    The Thai Junta authorities, who had deported a plane load of Uigurs to China, blamed the attack on local gangsters. In fact the bomber(s) were Uigurs with Turkish passports and part of the ratline to Syria. The bombing was almost certainly in retaliation for the deportations, and targeted a shrine popular with Chinese tourists.

    Nevertheless, the brutal suppression of minorities in Xinjiang should not be downplayed due to the antics of the CIA.

  3. Molloy says

    FWE – edited now and reposted, thank you kindly again. . . .

    FWE — A great and courageous piece.

    The planet’s leading, monied psychopaths surprise surprise surprise are at the warmongering yet again.
    Hey ho, very soon LMP’s will run out of islands to hide away in.
    Criticism and blackguarding of Russia, PRC and others says far more about the (usual) underminers.

    The frequent use of torture and unlawful killing. The everyday boasting of WMD’s and touting WMD’s, well, simply and plainly points to gangster psychopaths, does it not?! Posturing as helping the downtrodden, a smile with a stab in the back.
    Look the other way, watch Strictly Come Dancing, while we kill your children. The treacly, complicit faux-authoritative voice of neo-Goebb BBC$Psyops. The wheeler in and on of the mealy-mouthed.

    Useful DS sanctioned idiots killing and starving and threatening innocent humans. (And all the useful, pretend not-involved facilitating idiots who sanction bombing children. Who look the other way when killing children ‘For Your Own Good’, Dear.)

    Idiots and stooges chasing and killing very terrified humans – the escaping and ‘undeserving others’.

    Useful idiots mindlessly killing their own families.

    Useful idiots who cannot even conceive the point of justice or cannot spell ‘Ju$$tice’ – all foreign to LMP’s in their bent offshore hideaways and shiny, locust-like helicopters.

    Welcome to the Gilead of U$eful Idiots. (Thank you, MA.)

    The Dealers.
    DS US$UK Milit. Indu$$trial conglomerate, candidly, vanished up its own R’s as far back as I can remember. And way before then (RIP Lusitania; RIP DRCongo RIP Colombia RIP Afghanistan RIP Yemen RIP Palestine RIP Vietnam RIP Cambodia RIP Iraq RIP Libya RIP all the others equally worthy of mention).
    Pay up front in U$dollars, or else ‘consequences’, no pretty please.

    Just saying.
    If ‘Caesar’ really merited adulation and praise (and land and property not his land not his property) why a need for the marketing bollix the TV numbing down bollix the divisive bollix? The ‘State’ lying bollix, why?
    Any reason?

    Yes, still as clear as day, the bullying, fraudulent stoat-like faces of LBJ and Ronnie and gobby Billy, the front desk receptionists at the time.

    Thank you JFK and RIP. (Occam says you were good.)
    Thank you conscience-stricken Mailer. Thank you Saul Bellow. Thank you Saramago. Thank you Anna Burns. Thank you Kafka. Thank you Dante. Thank you Roddie Doyle. Thank you Harold Pinter. Thank you Sandel.
    Thank you the obvious ones who I refuse to mention for reasons of the usual incoming gaslighting and no one likes a smartR’s accusations of ‘coat-tailing—you know who you are in Massachusetts! Salut and Happy Birthday.

    Sláinte to all the family everywhere.
    ¡No pasarán!


    • Say no to speaking in code says

      FWE = F. William Engdahl, the article’s author
      (might help someone to decipher FWE)

      • Molloy says


        Patronising little bollix R’sWipe. .. . .


        • Admin says

          let’s keep things polite as poss shall we

  4. Molloy says


    FWE — A great and courageous piece.

    The planet’s leading, monied psychopaths surprise surprise are at the warmongering yet again.

    Hey ho, very soon LMP’s will run out of islands to hide away in.

    Criticism and blackguarding of Russia, PRC and others says far more about the (usual) underminers.

    The Dealers. DS US$UK Milit. Indus conglomerate, candidly, vanished up its own R’s as far back as I can remember.
    I can still the bullying, stoat-like faces of LBJ and Ronnie, the front desk receptionists at the time.

    Thank you JFK. Thank you conscience-stricken Mailer. Thank you Saul Bellow.

    ¡No pasarán!

  5. Ellie says

    The journalist gives some misleading information here. He’s confused stating the Eastern Turkestan is the cradle of the Turkic civilisation: <> Yes, it’s the native home of Uighurs who lived there for centuries. Chinese occupied it in 1949 with permission of the soviet government at that time. Communist party in russia, played political game, they threatened Kazakhs, that Uighurs demanding and want to take over the Southern part of the Kazakhstan (along with capital Almaty) and are willing to extend Eastern Turkestan and declare Almaty as the capital of the Eastern Turkestan. Many people believed in this political fairy tale.

    Now about Turkey and Erdogan, they never said, Eastern Turkestan is the cradle of the Turkic world. Instead, they visited Turkestan (town or place) in South Kazakhstan, where many Turkic Kaghans (Rulers) have graves in the ancient minaret. So, that time when Erdogan first visited Turkestan he said, ‘It’s the cradle of the Turkic civilisation and our ancestors (Turkish people’s) came to Turkey from there. Many Turkish people are also believe that their ancestors originated from Altai or Turkestan. I know it for 100% as I was grown up and lived with all those fake threats regarding Uighurs. Now, it’s again Uigur game and it’s still not over.

    But don’t confuse two different places with similar names: Eastern Turkestan (which is in china now) and Turkestan (in South Kazakhstan), as many people with narrow knowledge mix them up.

    • Jen says

      “… Yes, [Eastern Turkestan is] the native home of Uighurs who lived there for centuries …”

      Begging your pardon but the area known as “Eastern Turkestan” to President Erdogan has actually only been the home of Uyghurs since the 1750s after the Manchu Qing government in Beijing wiped out the Mongol Buddhist Dzungars living in the area (forcing a bunch of people called the Kalmyks on a long trek to the lower Volga River region bordering the Caspian Sea, in the Russian empire, where one of them would later become an ancestor of Vladimir Lenin) and resettled it with Han Chinese, Muslim Chinese and Uyghur people.

      Many soldiers in the armies who destroyed the Dzungar empire and killed the Dzungarians or forced them to flee were themselves Mongols and Uyghurs.

      Jonathan Seeler, “The Dzungar Genocide”–PtuVvoJbMPgy1K4t5k1KhcDe

      “In Celebration of Genocide”

      • Kelvin Zheng says

        Uygurs were not the masters of Xinjiang. Before 1750, the masters of Xinjiang were… you can read history books. But Uygurs in Xinjiang have ONLY a history of more than 200 years, and 200 years ago they were more like Gypsy on the Silk Road.

        China is a civilization without interruption of history, so the view of time is different from that of many nations in the world. 200 years is not enough to support many views on Uighurs.

  6. Martin Usher says

    There was a saying in England back in the 1980s which said something like “The only trade unions that Margaret Thatcher was in favor of were Polish ones”. At the time the UK government was carrying on a particularly nasty campaign against unions, particularly coal miners’ unions, while heaping praise on Polish dissidents and trade unionists. It didn’t take a great feat of insight to understand why — its all about advancing the neoliberal agenda and anything that can be co-opted for the purpose was. (Obviously you don’t hear too much about Polish miners in today’s free Poland and as for the British ones — the industry is now extinct.)

    The west is quite obviously using the Uyghur peoples as a tool to destabilize China. The pattern isn’t dissimilar to how they took down Afghanistan but I’m hopeful that the Chinese will be a lot more skillful at dealing with the threat than the secular Afghani government (and the Russians) were in the 1980s. As for us shedding crocodile tears over the plight of people in the area I’d suggest that there are plenty of places that not only are more deserving of our attention but also somewhere we can influence — like Yemen.

    • Maggie says

      It has been the same modus operandum ever since Afghanistan.
      Seek out, recruit and fund impoverished, disenfranchised, hungry young men and others of the same ‘race’ as that to be invaded and ransacked.
      They were ideal candidates for brainwashing, totally ignorant of world affairs. Ripe for picking.
      Their ‘masters’ pay the
      future ‘ terrorists’ a pittance or not in the case of the White helmets, who were scratching a living from the earth and livestock and then their bellies were filled, they were clothed and housed and gained brief notoriety and fame… And of they survived and had enough they are ”relocated.”

      You know that China is next on the hitlist….. because NATO are recruiting the new Uyghur Terrorist army. (ISIS REVISITED?)
      The escalating trade war against China, (Nothing to do with their ‘Silk Road’) threats of sanctions over (the false) allegations of Uyghur detention camps in Xinjiang,( Which were prisons…) Take an arial photo of our… Threats of sanctions if China buys Russian defence equipment, all is aimed at disruption of the sole emerging ”threat to a Washington global order”, one that is not based on freedom or justice but rather on fear and tyranny.
      (Who the fck do they think they are!)
      Will this be the Chinese spring?
      How will the Chinese be more skilful in dealing with an internal ‘terrorist threat.’
      How will they be able to identify the cancer within.

      I think the US Hydra might just be biting off more than they can chew.

      What I would like to see is a boycott of everything American and sanctions against them.

  7. Narrative says

    Are the Opium Wars over?

    China is now awashed with alcohol with aggressive marketing reaching the very young to the very old.
    Opium was spread in the South-Eastern part of the country, now alcohol is pushed over the entire country.

    Chinese drank a lot of alcohol before opening their market to the West, however, now it is the younger generations, including of educated class, that are heavily targeted now with a huge increase in the long term diseases caused by alcohol consumption.

    As it there are not enough cancers in China …

    • Antonym says

      Has it reached Russian or Indian proportions yet?

      • Narrative says

        > Antonym

        We have here all alcoholic drinks producing countries working very hard in a concerted effort to deliberately spread alcohol addiction to a young professional generation in a third world country that is still finding its way on the international arena.

        What is the significance if alcoholism in China reached Russian or Indian levels?

        • Narrative,

          no, The Opium Wars are NOT over.

          The Chinese have not forgotten: the wars destroyed China’s self image of itself as “The Middle Kingdom”. They thought they were above all other Earthly Kingdoms, & below only Heaven.

          They think of their “Great Humiliation”, & it still burns: schoolchildren are taught “never forget”; Museums dedicated to this savage period are visited by Xi Jinping

          They will regard Trump’s arrogant, insane & belligerent attitude as a continuation of the Rothschild Empire’s plot for World Domination, pursued in 1839 – 1860 via its English & French vassals.

          Book: Pawns in the Game by WWII Canadian naval intelligence officer, William Guy Carr. From the Bible to 1954, a great book. You can read it for free on:

          Use the search box.

          Point 8 of Rothschild’s 25 point plot for World Domination was to destroy the youth of nations via “…alchohol, drugs, moral corruption & all forms of vice.”

          The plan was drawn up by renegade Jesuit Professor of canon law, Adam Weishaupt, & presented to 12 pals by Rothschild in Frankfurt, 1773.
          1st May, 1776, Weishaupt began infiltrating Freemasonry.

          John Doran.

            • @Narrative,
              yes I like this website: it’s dedicated to the notion that we have been or are being visited by aliens.

    • Narrative says

      Yes, they (the Chinese) have a long long long way to reach ‘Western Standards’ that killed 500 .000 innocent civilians with direct assault strikes, and launched illegal drone operations in 8 countries to supposedly attack and kill Islamic terrorists.

    • Maggie says

      @ Antonym
      I won’t be opening this link.
      AlJazeera, owned by Qatar? Who are part of the Hydra.

  8. Badger Down says

    “up to one million ethnic African USAmericans are being detained and submitted to various forms of “re-education.”
    There, fixed it.

  9. Einstein says

    The Uyghur Turks (they speak a variety of Turkish) are just the latest, after the Tibetans, Manchus, Mongols of Inner Mongolia, the Meo & Yao in the southwest, the Lolo (Yi), the Bai, etc., etc.

    • Joerg says

      Yes, China has minorities, Einstein.
      But the point of Engdahl is not that China has ethnic minorities, but that the one minority of the Uyghurs are trained and armed to commit terrorist attacks in China and to lay the ground for insurgences.
      And Washington and Ankara do this not because they love Uyghurs so much, but because the Powers in the US wants to destruct China. And Turkey nationalists/racist want to rule there, because Uyghurs are by ethnic “Turk” – although not “Osmans” (something like if Germany wanted to rule Sweden because Germans have also Germanic ancestors).

      And if You, Einstein take a look how China treats its minorities and how other countries treat their minorities and native tribes China compares very favourably to other countries.

      While Xinjiang (where the Chinese Uyghurs live) belongs to China since a long time (integrated to the Chinese Empire by Manchu-Dynasties some 300 years ago) Hawaii was brutally conquered by US Army and Navy only some decades ago.
      And the US not only took all rights of Sovereignty from the Hawaiians but they also dispossessed (like Neoliberals/”capitalists” always do) them as the rightful owners of the ground and land.
      Nowadays the native Hawaiians vegetate in huts and broken caravans at some beaches that even tourism or the real estate industry doesn’t want.
      See: .

      Native Americans:
      Not only were they decimated und thrown into deepest poverty (Buffalos were purposely killed to harm the “Indians”, purposely they were infected with illnesses). But even today the live in poverty (often addicted to Alcohol). For Canada see:

      The Chinese always treated there minorities better.
      Yes, under Mao religion was forbidden and those minorities suffered. But this relatively short time Maoist fanatism is over.
      Tibet : Also Beijing’s rule in Tibet is hundreds of years old – at a time when the “Han” (ethnic Chinese) where themselves ruled by Mongols, Kyrgyz or Manchus.

      But although I have no data, there is no doubt that the Chinese minorities – at least now – live much better then before – unlike the Hawaiians or the Native American or the also conquered and strictly second class people of Puerto Rico.
      When Chinese soldiers marched into Tibet in 1949 90 % of the farmers there were serfs. And even slavery was still allowed in some parts of Tibet. There were only two cars in Tibet – both belonging to the Dalai Lama.

      • Molloy says


        Joe —Maestro. May you live to be 120.


  10. Paul says

    In the UK we have the Prevent programme to sniff out free thinking British Muslim children, send the police to interrogate and intimidate them and get them on their ‘extremist’ data base. Apparently it’s their teachers who snitch on them, even the under 10’s. British Muslims love it because it makes them feel safe – say the police. Maybe China could adopt British methods?

  11. Antonym says

    “The true state of affairs in China’s Xinjiang Province regarding Uyghurs is not possible to independently verify”
    Thanks, that will do. The fact that non Chinese can’t go there at all should be proof enough that something very fishy is going on.

    More fishy is that most in the West or Muslim East don’t want to upset president Xi by asking “difficult” questions. They do that happily for president Trump or PM Modi though.
    Shows you how money and military talks while truth walks.

    • mark says

      Western Imperialism couldn’t care less about oppressed people who may have legitimate grievances – the Palestinians prove the point adequately.
      But US Imperialism and its western satellites and satraps have a long history of using the most extreme forms of Islamic fundamentalism as a tool to attack target countries – the Mujahideen in Afghanistan to attack Russia and the Left Government of Afghanistan, Chechens and Islamist fanatics in the Caucasus, Uighurs in Xinjiang, secular Arab regimes in Iraq, Libya, Syria and elsewhere. These people are at best useful idiots serving the US Empire. Often they are just paid western mercenaries using Islam as a cover. Often they know next to nothing about the Islamic faith.
      This is likely to be stepped up in the campaign to destabilise China, particularly since Xinjiang is a key hub in the new Silk Road. Expect to hear a lot more bogus bought and paid for NGOs like AI, HRW, MSF etc. all shilling on cue against China and singing from the same hymn sheet. There now seems to be a standardised mantra about “one million Uighurs being persecuted in concentration camps.” This seems highly dubious, to say the least. I think there are only about 16 million Uighurs in total. But some of them have been used as CIA cannon fodder in Syria, the Caucasus and elsewhere. Now that the Neocon Project in Syria has failed, they are likely to be redirected back to Xinjiang as an asset to be activated when convenient.
      The unrest in Tiananmen Square 30 years ago, and the NED contrived “Umbrella Revolution” in Hong Kong were both US orchestrated operations. The US has also tried to stir up trouble over constitutional issues over Hong Kong. Under the circumstances, the Chinese authorities were wise to suppress the unrest in Tiananmen Square by force. The alternative could well have been a Maidan style coup.

      Any country that values its sovereignty should immediately ban and suppress US regime change outfits like the NED, AI, HRW, MSF, and a long list of other CIA Fronts. This should include bogus charities like the Red Cross, Oxfam, Save The Children, and similar loathsome groups.

      • Paul says

        Imperial UK was arming Islamic extremists in the Caucasus from about 1830 to 1858 when the Russians captured a British ship about to deliver tons of weaponery. Palmerston was particularly keen on using them to “push back Russia” and had to be persuaded it was an idea that could only rebound. The Church pointed out that Jihadis had a habit of beheading all Christians, wherever found, Russian or not.

      • @Mark. If the only take anyone in the west has, on what really was happening there, they would believe the false coverage given to the Square incident. Chinese people who were there, know all too well how the US MSM and BBC misrepresented the whole incident. You are right that the whole incident was a useful prescursor to the Maidan coup, the ingredients were there and the usual suspects behind the scenes with their “useful idiots” were all part of the plan to destabilize China “from within”.

      • Maggie says

        Brilliant Mark, we are on the same page.
        I seem to have duplicated some of what you have said?
        I don’t always read down all the posts at once.

    • Jen says

      I believe we had this discussion about travel to Xinjiang back in September this year:

      – and a couple of BTL commenters actually said that there is a tourism industry in Xinjiang and provided links. One commenter even said s/he is a former British citizen living in China who said no permission from the government is needed to visit Xinjiang.

      Links as below (originally provided by Nanni):

      Yet as if on clockwork autopilot, Antonym repeats his/her usual statement, that non-Chinese cannot visit Xinjiang, from that comment thread over here.

      Trolling or what?

    • Martin Cleary says

      Well said Antonym. The only reason that it is difficult/almost impossible to verify the allegations against China is because it is almost impossible to get to xinjiang in order to report. Sure you can visit as a tourist, under very heavy surveillance, but that’s about all you can do. The only reason that these allegations appear from news sources outside china is that China basically censors any info re the egregious treatment of Uigers, and vigorously suppresses any meaningful contact between the relevant minorities in Xinjiang and anyone even remotely resembling an independent journalist. So a lot of the stories that emerge concentrate on the ‘mysterious’ suppression of journalists, rather than the precise state of the uigers themselves. Their exact condition is a mystery. Reports indicate up to a million incarcerated in ‘reeducation camps’. China could of course allow journalists in to xinjiang to clear this up but presumably they never, ever will so one has to assume that the main thrust of the reports is true. China is acting exactly as if it has something to hide. I mean, would the nazis have allowed independent journalists to verify the existence of death camps? I think we know the answer!

      • Death Camps! Come on, nobody is swallowing this nonsense. 7000 armed Ugihurs currently occupy a Syrian town in Idlib and are said to be the most vicious of all jihadi militias. If there are 7000 in Syria how many in China? Are the Chinese supposed to welcome them and provide the explosives for their belts? Do the Brits welcome Jihadis in Birmingham?

  12. DunGroanin says

    The China Syndrome got a lot closer on 1st December,

    Death of scientist, arrest of Huawei heir, Arson at Dutch factory…

    The deepshitters are doubling up their efforts in the face of their humiliation in Syria. As they did to JFK after he didn’t dance to their Bay of Pigs and Vietnam string pulling.

    Forcing Xi/Putin/Modi/ME/Venezuela et al together, in mutual defence from the pathetic Ziofukus mutant superhero mercenaries.

    Trump gave them plenty of rope, watch them choke.

  13. kevin morris says

    US bad, China often bad I could accept, but US bad, China wonderful stretches credibility to breaking point!

    • mark says

      How many countries has China invaded and bombed recently?
      How many democratically elected governments has it overthrown recently?
      How many elected leaders has it assassinated?
      How many countries has it tried to strangle economically?
      How many military bases does it have in the rest of the world?
      How many countries has China threatened to destroy over the past few weeks?
      How many populations has China threatened to starve recently?
      How many wars has China threatened to start over the past couple of weeks?
      How many thousands has it killed in drone attacks recently?

      China = not perfect.
      USA = Nazi Germany ON STEROIDS.

      • Molloy says


        Mark – Keep them coming.

        How many people have been tortured and boiled in oil in a U$ Proxy State?

        (None in China; intentionally refusing to place PRC in the above sentence.)

        Sláinte, once more.


  14. Someone needs to be told in a language he, she, or it understands that this isn’t the 19th century, the People’s Republic of China isn’t the Qing Dynasty, and the era of Opium Wars is over.

  15. Jen says

    “… According to Syrian media cited in, there are presently an estimated 18,000 ethnic Uyghurs in Syria most concentrated in a village on the Turkish border to Syria …”

    That village could pretty well be Jisr al Shugurr, a small town in Idlib province. In 2017, reporter Jenan Moussa who works for Al Aan TV in Dubai and who incidentally is no supporter of the Assad government, sent three informants into Idlib province to travel around and observe what was going on there. The informants, filming on smartphones hidden in their clothing, all agreed that there were some 20,000 jihadists from Xinjiang and other parts of Central Asia and they dominated Jisr al Shugurr, almost completely in ruins, the village’s former inhabitants having fled elsewhere.

    Looks like the English-language subtitled version of the film has been taken down from Youtube where I saw it a few months ago. A Spanish-language subtitled version is still present.

    • Jen, thank you for uncovering the 20,000 Uyghur terrorists imported into Syria by the AZC. There are people who doggedly blog their bleeding hearts for the poor Uyghers of China; and I do not have the heart to intrude on their very public grief by asking their opinion of NATZO’s import / export business of Muslim terrorists from the Far East to the Middle East. The idea is to give imported terrorists battle experience in Syria, then export them back to create similar mayhem in China. Like the AZC did with Chechen terrorists in Serbia and Russia.

      NATZO is working hard to set up a similar terrorist import / export business with Tibetan terrorists, but finds itself in difficulties because Uncle $cam is driving that wagon with brakes and accelerator pressed down at the same time: Tibetan Buddhists supported by NATZO in fighting the Chinese Government, Good; but Burmese Government Buddhists fighting Muslim terrorists (including NATZO’s imported Uyghers), Bad.

  16. Fair dinkum. says

    The US and European oligarchs are nervous, and so they should be.
    If one of the world’s $limie$t individuals, Rupert Murdoch, couldn’t get the Chinese to play his game, his demented drinking buddies have NO HOPE.

    • Yarkob says

      people like Murdoch try to use modern, western principles and methods of coercion, forgetting that the Chinese have a few thousand years of civilisation on us, and are way too inscrutable to be fooled by the dirty digger and his shady ilk. I expect they gave him the come-on, just enough to get what they needed from the deal, then told him to 去他媽的自己


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