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MH17: JIT’s expiring mandate

Three and half years on, why are there still so many unanswered questions?

Célia Schmidt

The year is ending and so is the mandate of the Joint International Team investigating the downing of flight MH17. It’s time to provide the results of the prosecutors’ work. No need to say how it’s important to identify and pursue those responsible for shooting down Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 on 17 July 2014 in Ukraine. Otherwise, the perpetrators will feel like they have impunity. But as the investigation progresses, more questions to the JIT and more doubts about their ability to find responsible for the death of 298 passengers arise.

Loopholes in the JIT report

At the press conference in May 2018, the international investigators presented evidence that, according to them, implicated the Russian army in the MH17 crash. From the beginning, this theory, quite realistic indeed, has been the only one developed by the JIT. But should not prosecutors consider all the possible scenarios about the circumstances of the disaster?

There is no doubt that a massive Russian information campaign is impeding the ongoing investigation. But the JIT members, themselves, empower Putin by ignoring the information that Moscow did officially provide to them. Thus, the report of the manufacturer of Buk missiles Almaz-Antey was rejected as being out of synch with the official line of the JIT. Fred Westerbeke, chief investigator, literally said:

Their findings are contrary to ours, we do not share them … I do not want to know if they are correct or not”.

In September 2018, the Russian Ministry of Defense held a press conference on the downing of Flight MH17. Based on “secret defense” documents, the Russian army assured that the missile “was assembled on 24 December 1986 and delivered by train” to the west of Ukraine. “After the fall of the Soviet Union, the missile was not repatriated to Russian territory and was incorporated into the Ukrainian army.”

Moscow claims to have handed over these documents to the prosecutors. The JIT has so far given no comment to the information received. As if the Russian press conference had never taken place.

“The work of the JIT is very politicized”

The independent experts denounce the methods of the JIT and study other plausible theories. Thus, Max van der Werff, a Dutch blogger who has twice been to the MH17 crash site, does not rule out several possible versions of events. According to him, the Ukrainian army could have fired the Buk missile by accident, as it was in 2001, when it shot down the 1812 Siberia Airlines flight carrying 76 passengers over the Black Sea. According to Christian Roger, former leader of the Patrouille de France, another hypothesis is likely to be true: Ukrainian soldiers familiar with the technology could have taken control of the Russian Buk vehicle.

The work of the JIT is highly politicized, says Max van der Werff, because most of the Team’s member countries, especially the Netherlands and Australia, which are traditionally hostile to Russia, seek any pretext to criticize it. Malaysia, however, being not so biased towards Moscow, did not find the latest JIT’s findings convincing. For Malaysian Transport Minister Anthony Loke,

there is no conclusive evidence to point at Russia under the JIT [Joint Investigative Team] evidence”

Belgium also abstained from making judgemental comments. The JIT report is mainly based on photos and videos published on social networks, whose authenticity nobody can validate, says the Dutch expert. So at this point, the JIT does not have any documents that can be presented before the judges.

In addition to this, Max van der Werff points to numerous testimonies, which oppose the official JIT’s line on the one hand and explain why one should not rule out different versions of the events and other suspects on the other hand. The Dutch investigators did not disclose the data that Kiev should have provided to the JIT. Since the disaster, Ukraine has not held a press conference and has not published any reports. The Ukrainian officials have only given different assumptions.

Details hidden by Ukraine

At first, Valentine Nalivaishenko, the head of the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) at the time, said the pro-Russian separatists had wanted to shoot down a Russian plane to create a casus belli for Moscow to intervene in Ukraine. The SBU then deleted his statement from the site, but it’s saved in the archive. Afterwards, the SBU suggested and immediately rejected the assumption that the Buk missile downing MH17 had been seized by the rebels from the Ukrainian army.

At this point, a question arises: why did not the Ukrainian authorities having all the tools to conduct a detailed and unbiased investigation come up with solid conclusions? The latest JIT publications do not contain any information regarding the positions of the Ukrainian Buks on the day of the accident or recordings of the air traffic controllers. If the Ukrainian military is innocent, as Kiev , why does not Ukraine or the JIT reveal these data?

Besides, the experts also questioned Kyiv’s claims about their military aviation flights on 17 July 2014. The Ukrainian authorities assured that the country’s air force had not performed any flight. But Max van der Werff managed to collect testimonies from people who had seen fighter planes flying the day of the tragedy, yet at such a low altitude that they could not shoot down the MH17. But why then to hide it?

Here is another ambiguous question that the Netherlands and several European officials prefer to avoid: why Ukraine had not closed its airspace above the conflict zone? Kiev surely should have to do this considering that shortly before the MH17 crash the separatists had shot down Ukrainian fighter jets. The danger to air traffic was obvious. But Kiev didn’t want to lose profit from international air traffic, which amounts to at least two hundred million euros a year.

Anyway, Ukraine’s unrestricted airspace turned out to be one of the fatal mistakes that led to the death of the 298 passengers of flight MH17. Amsterdam had even asked the families of the victims not to lodge a complaint against Kiev as it could have torpedo the cooperation with Ukraine in the framework of the JIT, reports the Dutch journalist Peter Klein.

Before the answers to the questions above are obtained, the survey can not be considered as unbiased as Ukraine was also part of the conflict that led to the accident. In order to determine the true causes of the disaster and render a judgment, it’s essential to collect and carefully analyze all the data provided by both sides. Thus, the investigation is still far from completion. Consequently, the JIT’s mandate, which expires on January 1, 2019, could be extended for at least another year.


  1. Philpot says

    The Zionists tried to ethnically cleanse Syria for expansion of their state. Current borders too small (no water, etc etc). Could a shift of everything to Ukraine (after ethnically cleansing through Donbass) be the plan? Lots of good land. Maybe the Right Sektor goons are being played like a banjo…

  2. RetroSpin says

    There has been a number of comments, in this and other threads on the same topic, of evidence of attacks having come from the side, or from the front of the MH17 Boeing.

    As far as I know, that could very well have happened. One thing that I do know is this – according to a statement by the then-chief of the Russian armed forces, the BUK missile, because so many military aircraft are armored underneath and even along the sides, is designed to position itself above its target and then explode, hitting the target from above.

    Any number of conclusions could, I suppose, be drawn from that information, and should, I believe, be part of the discussion.

  3. “Fred Westerbeke, chief investigator [in Holland], literally said: Their findings are contrary to ours, we do not share them … I do not want to know if they are correct or not”.

    Sounds like the chief of the Official 911 report.

    Schande, schande over Holland!

  4. Yonatan says

    The JIT reconstruction photos never show the port engine. Why? It too was damaged by shrapnel and that totally negates the desired conclusion that MH17 was shot down by a Buk missile shot from the front (ie in rebel territory). The engine damage does reinforce the manufacturers analysis the the maissile was fired from the right side, with a launch point in Ukraine-held territory.

    Means, motive, opportunity all point to Ukraine.

  5. It is nice to see that you trolls and other blunt tools stil have at least one safe space to stroke each other’s delusions. Meanwhile, in the real world, your propaganda is just that and nothing more. There is no expiry date on mass murder, and pathetic Russian lies will no save you.

    • bjd says

      It is nice to see that you trolls and other blunt tools stil have at least one safe space to stroke each other’s delusions. Meanwhile, in the real world, your propaganda is just that and nothing more. There is no expiry date on mass murder, and pathetic Russian lies will no save you

      This real world ‘propaganda’ sure seems to have got your goat. Maybe your lame view of events is in need of saving?

    • nwwoods says

      John Kerry stated in 2014 that the US had proof of Russian culpability by way of US satellite recon photos, and yet no such evidence has ever been produced by US authorities, most likely because any such evidence, of it exists at all, proves the exact opposite—that you Ukro-Nazis are in fact the murderers.

    • Yarkob says

      “Dan Tallsten
      Dec, 23, 2018
      It is nice to see that you trolls and other blunt tools stil have at least one safe space to stroke each other’s delusions. Meanwhile, in the real world, your propaganda is just that and nothing more. There is no expiry date on mass murder, and pathetic Russian lies will no save you’ll

      eagerly awaiting your detailed and propaganda-free rebuttal Dan.

      no? thought not. you sound rattled, though.

  6. Tommo says

    Fixing the conclusions of air accident investigations has always been a priority of governments and airline manufacturers. A case in point is the Lockerbie disaster in 1988 (PanAm 103) where a Libyan was held responsible for loading an explosive device on board in Frankfurt airport. But a Scottish aviation specialist came to a totally different conclusion, that a very powerful military grade anti tank type weapon was loaded on to the plane in London. John Parks gave a detailed report of the accident gained from his first response observations. Here is his report.http://twa800.com/news/parkes-10-17-00.htm

    Alas Mr Parks is no longer with us.

  7. Einstein says

    Why is MH17’s Black Box still not released to public scrutiny?
    Why did the JIT refuse to hear the eye-witness testimony of the pilot who saw MH17 shot down?
    Why did Kiev’s air-traffic control authorities divert MH17 to the conflict zone?

    Until the JIT honestly addresses these questions, justice is not seen to be done.

  8. Archie1954 says

    For goodness sake, it is abundantly clear to me that the JIT has been ordered by the US to find Russia somehow guilty of downing the Malaysian plane even when the evidence is weak and actually points to the Ukrainians themselves. This is not an independent investigation, it is an ambush, of Russia, plain and simple!

  9. What really stands out is the omissions of key data. information which would be a real game changer.

    Such as the flight and cockpit recorders from MH17, which were taken to RAF Farnborough to be analysed and to date have never been made publicly available (despite the UK not being part of the official investigation). In addition to this there were the Air Traffic Control (ATC) recordings which were confiscated by the Kiev authorities and have never been released and may have been destroyed. These aspects are of huge significance, as they would no doubt clear up the basic questions about, not only what happened minutes before the crash, but also why the aircraft was made to deviate so radically from its planned flight path taking it right over the conflict zone.

    If we couple with this the fact that it was Ukraine which had BUK systems and they were deployed in the vicinity at the time as well as two Ukrainian fighter jets, that were both witnessed by civilians as reported and then deleted by the BBC, as well as tracked by Russian radar, then questions appear about the current Washington driven MSM narrative. The other part of the story which gets almost no discussion is that Ukraine have veto rights on the evidence produced for the Dutch led investigation and the report. So one of the possible culprits is able to refuse the inclusion of facts they cannot or will not explain. How crazy is that? It’s like allowing the inmates to be in charge of the asylum.

    • ZigZag Wanderer says

      The removal of the BBC report is highly significant. I watched it twice on the day it was released. Went back for a third viewing on the same day and it had been removed from the BBC website. Some further investigation revealed that it was removed as it ‘ did not meet the BBC’s editorial standards’.
      It would be problematic for the JIT and Bellingcat narratives if this BBC ‘at the scene’ report was in the public domain.

      Sadly ‘video grab’ software was a rarity in 2013 as it appears not a single copy was ever downloaded and saved.

      Whatever happened to the ( blonde thirtysomething )BBC Russia reporter who carried out the interviews ?

      • Paolo says

        I downloaded the BBC report before it was deleted but theres also a lower quality version here…..

        • Maggie says

          This video is blocked in Britain??? Must have something very important in it?

          • Paolo says

            Try here then, and dont forget to download before its blocked or deleted….

  10. It is a big coincidence that TWA 800 was shot down July 17, 1996 in New York City & MH 17 was shot down July 17, 2013. They seem to pick anniversaries of prior attacks.

    • Paul Carline says

      Not a coincidence at all if this was a false flag. ‘They’ certainly like playing with certain numbers, and 7 is one of their favourites. Here we have two cases of 17/7 (or 7/17 if you prefer). I wasn’t aware of the 1996 date. Then there’s 7/7 for the London bombings. No less than six recent (2011 and later) probable false flags happened ‘coincidentally’ on the 22nd of the month: two in March, two in May and two in July. Unlikely to be coincidental. Numerology goes along with black magic and satanic ritual with the kind of would-be wizards who enjoy these kind of tricks.

  11. Maggie says

    Christopher Bolleyn’s investigation of the MH17 is not to be missed, if you want to understand who did what.
    Here is a snippet…..

    >>>>We know that members of the Israeli military led the violent overthrow of the elected government of Ukraine in February 2014, and we know that Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was shot down while flying through the air traffic control region of Dnepropetrovsk, where the governor, Igor Kolomoisky, happens to be an Israeli billionaire involved in aviation companies. Furthermore, Yaron Mofaz, a relative of Shaul Mofaz, former chief of staff of the Israeli military, oddly took a photograph of the ill-fated Malaysian plane at the airport in Amsterdam shortly before it was shot down, which he then provided to Reuters.

    IGOR KOLOMOISKY the Israeli governor of Dnepropetrovsk is a prominent supporter of Ukraine’s Jewish community and the president of the United Jewish Community of Ukraine. He owns several airlines as well. MH17 was in the air traffic control region of Dnepropetrovsk when it was shot down.
    FOR REASONS THAT HAVE NOT BEEN EXPLAINED MH17 WAS DIVERTED FROM IT’S NORMAL ROUTE AND INSTRUCTED TO FLY ACROSS THE WAR ZONE AT A LOWER ALTITUDE OF 33,000 feet by air traffic control of Dnepropetrovsk. ( 33,000 feet, or 10,000 meters, also happens to be the maximum service ceiling of the SU-25 aircraft.) Is this the real reason MH17 was instructed to fly 2,000 feet lower than normal over eastern Ukraine?

    Yaron Mofaz, a relative of the former Chief-of-Staff of the Israeli military, took a photo of MH17 before it left Amsterdam on its ill-fated flight over Ukraine. Mofaz works with a company that owns a similar Malaysia Airlines plane that has been kept in a hanger in Tel Aviv since November 2013. So, why did he take the photo?
    Yaron Mofaz also happens to be a director of a Mofaz family company that works closely with a company in Florida that owns a former Malaysia Airlines airliner, virtually identical to the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 and MH17.
    This Malaysian airliner, it just so happens, was sent to Israel in late 2013 where it was parked in a hangar in Tel Aviv. For these and other reasons it is logical that we consider the possibility that the shooting down of MH17 was an Israeli false-flag operation with a twist. Therefore, the real question is not whether Israel was involved, but to what degree was Israel involved in the atrocity?

    A “false-flag operation with a twist” is meant to convey the idea that the downing of MH17 may be a kind of double false-flag operation, i.e. a false-flag within a false-flag. As we know, the United States and its western allies accuse the separatist pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine of downing the passenger airliner with a surface-to-air missile near Donetsk. To this date, however, no evidence has been provided to support this accusation although the United States had a spy satellite over the area where the plane was shot down when it happened. If they have evidence to support their allegation why have they not presented it?

    The Russians, on the other hand, have presented evidence to support the scenario that the plane was shot down by a Ukrainian fighter jet, allegedly a Sukhoi SU-25. The SU-25 is a Soviet-era ground-support aircraft which the Israelis have MODIFIED AND UPGRADED. The Israeli-modified SU-25 is called the “Scorpion” (the SU-25KM), and features advanced avionics with a modern “glass cockpit”. The “Scorpion” was produced in an Israeli-Georgian joint venture with the Tbilisi Aircraft Manufacturing (TAM) factory that produced the original SU-25. This joint venture project would suggest that the Israelis have a number of the modified SU-25KM planes that could be deployed in a false-flag operation.

    The Russians have radar evidence that a Ukrainian SU-25 fighter approached the Malaysia Airlines plane before it disappeared from the radar screen.
    The real question is who was flying the fighteR that appeared to be Ukrainian planes? Did they shoot down MH17?

    The Israeli-modified SU-25KM is produced by Elbit of Israel and TAM, the original maker of the SU-25
    The Israelis would have several motives to shoot down MH17. Firstly, they may want to PUNISH MALAYSIA for having set up the Kuala Lampur War Crimes Commission, which FOUND THE STATE OF ISRAEL GUILTY OF GENOCIDE OF THE PALESTINIAN PEOPLE IN NOVEMBER 2013.
    Secondly, they may be seeking to punish Holland for the fact that the largest pension fund in The Netherlands decided earlier this year to withdraw all its investments from Israel’s five largest banks because they have branches in the West Bank and are involved in financing the construction of illegal Jewish settlements on occupied territory….
    There are some who might find this line of reasoning to be unfair to Israel, “the Jewish state” and “America’s best friend in the region.” To them, I would simply say: You do not understand the true nature of the Zionist beast. Israel operates like a gangster state that uses murder and intimidation to force nations to submit to its will.
    The Israelis would think that the downing of MH17 should be considered a message to the governments of Malaysia and The Netherlands and that other nations would be wise to take note of what happens to countries that challenge Israel.
    If Israel were a person it would be a psychopathic serial killer on the loose. The psychopath who is a serial killer might appear to be a nice, intelligent, and civilized person – but that is only how he appears. When no one is looking he murders people in cold blood and gets away with it, time after time. The fundamental problem with his worldview is that he believes that he is superior to other people and that their lives are worth nothing. This is exactly how the Jewish supremacists who rule Israel view non-Jews. This is what is taught in Jewish yeshivas where the anti-Christian Talmud is the doctrine and source of all knowledge.
    It is quite obvious that it makes no sense whatsoever for the pro-Russian rebels to intentionally shoot down a Malaysian passenger plane. Furthermore, it doesn’t make any sense for the Ukrainians to shoot down the plane either. It is hard to believe that a Ukrainian military pilot would knowingly shoot down a passenger plane and commit an act of mass murder, especially with the awareness that their actions would be seen by radar on the ground in Russia and by satellites above them.
    So, who might have shot MH17 down? To answer this question we need to ask another: Who benefits from the atrocity? While it is quite clear that the United States and the western allies are trying to put the blame on the pro-Russia rebels, and by extension on Russia and Vladimir Putin, simply blaming the rebels and Russia without providing any evidence to prove their case suggests that they have no proof.

    The anti-Russia faction in the United States and Europe is clearly trying to smear Russia and Putin with the blame. This faction is led by the Zionist Neo-Cons in the Obama administration, people like Victoria Nuland (Kagan), the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State who managed the violent putsch in Kiev in February. It should be noted that Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the person Nuland chose to be prime minister of the unelected government in Ukraine, abruptly resigned on July 24, 2014, ONE WEEK AFTER THE DOWNING OF MH17. Was the shooting down of the airliner a bridge too far for Yatsenyuk? It certainly would appear so.
    The anti-Russia faction in Washington is the Zionist War Agenda gang that dominates the Obama administration, as well as the governments of Britain, Canada, and the European member states of NATO. The supposed leaders of these nations are really just “administrators” serving their Zionist masters who put them in power.
    THIS IS WHY THE NATIONAL ”LEADERS” SPEAK IN UNISON, AS IF READING FROM THE SAME SCRIPT, in defending Israel’s genocidal aggression against Gaza – as Israel’s right to self-defense – while condemning Russia and applying sanctions for offenses it has not even committed.
    This is the same group, completely controlled by Zionists, which seeks to exploit the MH17 atrocity to advance its agenda of war and conquest.
    Israel took advantage of the media attention on the MH17 atrocity and began its pre-planned ground offensive into Gaza on the day the plane was shot down. Was this just a coincidence or part of an evil plan? The number of very significant Israeli connections to the shooting down of MH17 suggests that Israeli intelligence is involved in the crime.

    • ChrisG says

      True, Zionism is omnipotent and stretches all the way to the Moon. In fact it’s impossible to cross the road nowadays without being ran over by a Motor Mossad.

    • Paul Carline says

      The plot may be even thicker. I remember seeing/reading evidence that indicates that the plane photographed just before departure in Amsterdam and believed to be MH17 was not the plane that crashed in Ukraine. If I remember rightly, there were differences in the configuration of the windows and the numbers on the landing wheel covers did not match.
      There is a theory – however wild it might seem – that the plane that crashed in Ukraine is the one that disappeared in Asia and which has never been found. There are many anomalies surrounding MH17 and what was found at the crash site, where several people reported a strong odour of formaldehyde and several of the bodies showed signs of rigor mortis only hours after the crash – not forgetting that this was high summer.
      I think Bollyn was on the right track in linking Kolomoisky and Israel’s possession of duplicate planes to this event. What is certain is that there has been an enormous and scandalous cover-up.

    • Rhisiart Gwilym says

      Chris Bollyn’s view always commands respect. He’s an old-fashioned example of how a dedicated, bulldog-style, high-grade, fact-and-evidence-heavy investigative journalist should be. A near-extinct species these days. No wonder he’s so far out on the edge. Even the realist tendency within the 11/9 truth movement eye him warily. Yet his f-a-e-h scenarios hold together very well when tested. The secret-state thugs of the ziP [zioentity-in-Palestine] certainly have a string of highly pertinent questions still to answer over the 11/9/01 false-flag atrocities in the US [being a Brit, I prefer Brit calendrical conventions]. It’s entirely possible, maybe even as Mrs. May likes to say: “highly likely”, that they were involved in MH17 too.

    • Jen says

      Another oddity that links Israel, coincidentally or not, to the MH17 shoot-down is that the company responsible for airport security at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AAS) at the time when the tragedy occurred was ICTS International, a company founded by former Shin Bet agents and El Al airline security agents.

      AAS was involved in an earlier terrorist incident back in late December 2009, when Umar Farouk Abdelmutallab was allowed to board a jet bound for Detroit with explosives in his underwear.

      ICTS International’s subsidiary company Huntleigh SA was in charge of airport security including baggage handling and checking aircraft at Logan International Airport in Boston on 11 September 2001. American Airlines Flight 11 took off from that airport early in the morning bound for Los Angeles but the flight was diverted to New York City instead. Readers can guess the rest.

      Also coincidentally or not, Israel invaded Gaza on 17 July 2014 with the intent to destroy infrastructure in that territory.

    • nwwoods says

      Rather than copy-pasting enough text to fill the library of Congress, usually a link will more than suffice.

      • Maggie says

        Problem being Woods, that many people ”can’t be bothered” to OPEN LINKS….
        My way – everyone gets to read the salient points.

  12. Paul says

    The failure or refusal to hand over the audio tales from and to Air Traffic Control in Kiev always seemed highly suspect. Amazing to hear they still haven’t been disclosed. The whole thing stinks of an audacious false flag operation.

  13. summitflyer says

    The fact that we are not hearing anything about the results of the JIT speaks volumes .They have to be working tirelessly to massage and twist the story to absolve the Kiev regime , and this, if indeed Kiev is guilty of shooting down MH-17 ,must be a next to impossible feat . Meanwhile all is quiet but for a reason.

  14. Chris says

    Very balanced but let’s call a spade a spade: the Ukrainian silence can be explained by only one thing: culpability.

    • Antonym says

      The Ukraine is silent to the public, not inside the JIT.
      Look at the set up of this “J”IT: one of the potential perps (Ukraine) is a member. Russia is about the only left over perp: convenient . A totalJudicial joke.

      The Dutch under Rutte are 200% brainwashed by CIA -Ukraine stories: no objectivity at all. Rutte’s only wish to stay in power, at any cost. The guy is also completely on the CO2 bandwagon: he may finally lose the coming elections going a bridge too far.


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