Discuss: Brexit deal vote looms

Tonight, any time now, the UK Parliament will vote on whether or not accept Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit “deal” with the EU. The deal, which essentially keeps us in the EU without any democratic say in how it’s run, has achieved the startling feat of displeasing everyone, remainers and leavers, from both left and right. The vote is expected to be a grim defeat for May.

For months Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party have been waiting for this vote – they very much see it as their opportunity to get into power. If May loses, Corbyn will call a vote of no confidence. If She loses THAT, then Labour can justly call for a new General Election – Theresa May winning that, even by the tiny margin she managed to preserve last time, would be nothing short of a miracle.

If the deal passes, it will be because Blairite Labour MPs vote through a deal. Because they would rather have a bad deal and Tory PM than a Corbyn government, even the usually sickening Paul Mason was right about this:

So, our traditional list of important questions:

  1. Do you think May will win or lose the vote on her deal?
  2. If Labour MPs vote through May’s deal, what should Corbyn do?
  3. Will there be another General Election?
  4. Does Corbyn stand a chance of winning, if there is?
  5. How far will the establishment go to prevent a Corbyn government?

As usual, discuss below.


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