The Sarin Storyteller

David Macilwain

In some particularly clear thinking on the failure of dissident opinion, Caitlin Johnstone has identified the keystone on which the Western powers have built their grand edifice of lies – their ability to control the narrative. Put in simple language – which is the only language that works – it is their ability to “spin a tale” that prevails over hard facts in this “cyber-war”. Call it “the Art of Storytelling” if you prefer.

The problem for us “dissidents” – which is to say for the most part “pro-Russian dissidents” – is that we focus on facts, and believe that incontrovertible facts and evidence will ultimately prevail over spin and lies. I personally am certainly guilty of this – boring people with facts – cherishing a rather Christian belief in truth and goodness, and a certain faith in the ability of ordinary people to see through sham and bullshit.

But we aren’t dealing with ordinary people, nor extraordinary people – some of whom are our greatest asset – but with people who appear to be terminally corrupt and ruthless in their ability to twist the narrative and twist the minds of their audience. To make this claim about the essential badness of Western powerbrokers risks losing some of those who are at least able to see that their leaders may not be as pure as they pretend. But it is important to state this unpalatable truth, and provide clear examples; too often excuses are made for conduct that is inexcusable, on the basis that the crimes committed were not intended, or that the ends justified the means.

We might consider for example how relatives of the thousands of civilians killed by US coalition bombs in Mosul or Raqqa would be unimpressed by such excuses, seeing that despite their deaths the alleged target of the strikes – IS – survives to kill another day. The direct support of Islamic State fighters by the US coalition has been proven repeatedly, yet the US is undeterred in continuing to use the “fight against IS” as its reason for remaining in Syria and Iraq, as well as for new interventions in Africa.

It is also important to recognise the true intent – the true mal-intent – of those leading the “Western coalition” in its war on the “Resistance” (simplistic generalisations that must suffice at this point). If we fail to do so, or get lulled into apathy by the sweet-talking of the cultured left and the progressive humanitarians, then the next wave of militarised disinformation may overwhelm us.

In fact it appears that such a wave is already on its way. Thanks to the recent diversionary focus on Venezuela, this latest humanitarian offensive against Syria has passed under the radar. Given the scale and mind-blowing deception of msm reporting of the US coup operation against Maduro, and incomprehensible stupidity shown by some European and Colonial leaders in supporting it, things in Syria may not go ahead quite as planned. But we need to know the plan.

A couple of weeks ago, a seminar was convened at a Cambridge college as the launch of “the Cambridge Initiative for Making and Sustaining Peace”, led by senior research fellow Adam Coutts:

The speaker series examines the major challenges and possible policy options for humanitarian intervention and conflict prevention. In this first event two leading practitioners – Sir Stephen O’Brien and Hamish de Bretton Gordon will explore the ongoing conflicts and protracted humanitarian crises in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Sudan among others and peace building efforts across the Globe.

The Sunday before this event, Hamish de Bretton Gordon had a highly misleading and emotive article published on a popular news website beating up an ongoing humanitarian crisis in Syria and the need to “intervene”, and promoting the Cambridge seminar the following Wednesday. Video or transcripts of the event are not yet available, but from personal contact it is clear that Bretton Gordon’s presentation was making the same false case as his article; malicious war-enabling propaganda in its essence.

His article “Syria’s children are its future but it’s they who have suffered most” bears the dis-informative and frankly preposterous subtitle:

Hamish de Bretton Gordon warns that the Putin/Assad pact could be the final nail in the coffin for Syria’s freedom. Alongside Professor David Nott and Richard Benyon MP, he warns that leaving Syria’s fate in the hands of Vladimir Putin and Bashar al Assad threatens millions.”

But continuing with the “narrative-enabling” injured children theme, the article leads with an attention grabbing photo of an injured girl sitting on a hospital bed, with the byline:

The West’s failure to intervene to directly support the humanitarian effort in Syria is shaming.”

The “shaming” Bretton Gordon refers to goes back to the UK parliament’s vote against a military strike on Syria in 2013, which also stymied the plans of Doctors under Fire; more of that later. Along with other false claims in the article, this strongly suggests that the intent of those behind the “Cambridge Initiative” is to generate support for the ongoing occupation of Idlib by Western-backed militias in the guise of “humanitarian intervention” and “conflict prevention”. Bretton Gordon makes the extraordinary and extraordinarily offensive claim in his article that:

Axiomatically, many of the civilians in Idlib actually hope that Assad will use chemical weapons, so at least the US and UK will strike the Syrian regime.”

Evidently he sees no distinction between “striking the Syrian regime” and “humanitarian intervention”, so nor should we; he simply verifies the duplicitous spin used by the Western coalition for the last seven years in creating a pretext for regime change. That spin includes the pretence that the West has “failed to intervene” – when it was their violent and illegal “intervention” dating back to 2011 that finally caused the need for military and humanitarian intervention by Russia.

The Emmanuel College seminar, initiated by Adam Coutts, featured former UN humanitarian affairs head and Magdalene college alumna Sir Stephen O’Brien, whose imprimatur misled observers and gave de Bretton Gordon a most credible platform for his tired chemical weapons propaganda. But just as Caitlin Johnstone observes on the Russiagate story – this completely false story is also a key narrative of the West’s cyber-war, and its credibility amongst ordinarily ignorant consumers of Western mainstream news has never been higher. For them the story-teller’s expert credentials only reinforce their beliefs.

Little more can be done to expose the lies over chemical weapons, both in Syria and in Salisbury; their use either by Syrian or Russian authorities has been completely disproven, while the West’s claims are now accepted as fraudulent by the leaders and citizens of the resistance countries and their allies. It’s now over five years since Seymour Hersh raised questions over the Ghouta Sarin attack, but his questions go unanswered and mostly unnoticed. With acute irony, this week I stumbled on Hersh’s “The Killing of Osama Bin Laden” going cheap in a remainders bookshop. The cover article – the one that did get discussed in the media – was however only a quarter of the book; there was scant mention on the cover that Hersh’s three articles on Syria and chemical weapons made up the remainder, and the reminder.

On the first page of “The Red line and the Rat line” we were reminded that in 2013, and following that UK Parliament’s rejection of a “punitive strike” on Damascus, Obama finally also baulked, though the reason was unclear. Hersh’s intelligence sources claimed that:

Obama’s change of mind had its origins at Porton Down, the defence laboratory in Wiltshire. British intelligence had obtained a sample of the sarin used in the August 21 attack and analysis demonstrated that the gas used didn’t match the batches known to exist in the Syrian army’s CW arsenal.”

By his own admission, de Bretton Gordon has been frequently and illegally in Syria since early in 2013 in several capacities, including assistance to “field hospitals” and “first responders” in “treating victims of chemical weapons attacks”. His close involvement with Porton Down over the Salisbury poisoning and relationship with the UK military also rather suggests another key “capacity”.

Whether Bretton Gordon was involved in that particular MI6 operation or not, neither he nor President Obama would reveal this startling truth on the origin of the Sarin, and persisted in their campaign to demonise the Syrian government, while facilitating the violent insurgency by the terrorist groups occupying Damascus’ suburbs – in the full knowledge that they were actively colluding in war crimes and crimes against humanity. The truth about the killing of children for the Ghouta videos remains as key evidence in Syria’s Nuremberg trials, should justice finally take its course.

Being unable to expose the lies over chemical weapons that are now fossilised in the Western media and public mind leaves us one other option – exposing the liars. This may not prove as difficult as it seems, as the simple act of telling a story may constitute an open admission of guilt.

Unlike Colonel Alison McCourt, whose story was completely private until recently, Hamish de Bretton Gordon wears his black heart on his sleeve, in articles and interviews and on twitter. As he explains in the article quoted above –

As the UN inspectors, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons cannot themselves get to the sites of these attacks, I have re-trained first responders on handling chemical casualties and collecting evidence of the attacks.”

The “first responders” to whom Bretton Gordon refers are of course the notorious White Helmets. Attempts to whitewash the dreadful crimes of these mercenaries, their trainers and sponsors in Whitehall and Washington may succeed with Guardian readers, but won’t ever wash in Moscow, Damascus or Aleppo. The latest revelations also show that staging chemical weapons attacks is one of their more innocuous activities, despite the barbaric “handling” of their victims in those video productions.

With his extensive knowledge and experience of real chemical weapons use, it could hardly be doubted that Hamish de Bretton Gordon’s training on handling victims of nerve agent exposure would reflect the danger of these agents to both victim and first responder. Splashing around with some fire hoses wearing an Avon gas mask and no gloves quite clearly does not.

This theatre of course also demonstrates the absence of toxic nerve agents in the places where it has taken place – in Khan Shaikoun in April 2017, and Douma a year later. While Chief Nurse McCourt’s assistance to the collapsed Skripals demonstrated a similar absence of toxic agent, we might wonder if it was “theatre” of a different kind, but the links between Syria and Salisbury remain as clear as ever, and as close as the intersecting career paths of these two distinguished servants of the British Army and Intelligence services.

Just two weeks before the White Helmets’ gas attack stunt in Douma hospital and two weeks after the Salisbury poisoning, Adam Coutts had organised a seminar at Magdalene college that included other members of “Doctors under Fire” – David Nott, Toby Cadman and Dr Saleyha Ahsan, as well as de Bretton Gordon and Sir O’Brien. The recording of this event, posted only last week on youtube, provides extensive testimony from the actors themselves on their close involvement with terrorist groups in Aleppo, working in hospitals they occupied, including the M10 hospital in East Aleppo. Following the liberation of East Aleppo in December 2016, the M10 was found to have been a headquarters for both Al Qaeda terrorist groups and the White Helmets; David Nott’s cooperation with these groups was unavoidable.

Similarly Saleyha Ahsan, a Sandhurst graduate who served in Bosnia before training as a doctor, was involved in the highly suspect filming of a staged “Napalm attack on a school” five days after the Ghouta attack. The BBC Panorama story about this event now looks even more suspect in the light of Panorama’s involvement in the Skripal poisoning hoax and the double role of BBC commentator Mark Urban.

So where does this leave us? Two thousand more words onto the pile? Or something that will pique the story-tellers into denials that only verify their guilt?

Either way the corroborating material collected here serves to confirm long-held suspicions about the UK’s chemical weapon PR liason officer Hamish de Bretton Gordon, and the service he continues to perform in Britain’s offensive against Russia, her allies and interests.


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Louis Proyect
Louis Proyect
Jun 18, 2019 3:36 AM

Seymour Hersh said that sarin gas could be cooked up in your kitchen. This was the production facility of the Aum Shinrikyo cult in Japan that used it for a subway attack. They produced far less than was necessary to have the impact the East Ghouta attack of August, 2013 did. Take a good luck at the photo and ask yourself if Seymour Hersh has a clue about sarin gas.
comment image?zoom=2

John Ward
John Ward
Feb 9, 2019 12:26 PM

A great piece whose laments and fears I share in full.
Google, Twitter, Facebook & Amazon represent the future of distortion and distraction. Fully 68% of Americans now claim to get some or all of their ‘news information’ there. There is no better breeding ground for lies and other preposterous assertions, and no group closer to the security agencies of the World:

Feb 8, 2019 12:10 PM

I came upon this Chomsky lecture last night. It seems to relate to this article. I’ll just share my notes.

Noam Chomsky: Totalitarian Culture in a Free Society (Oct. 1, 1993)

The more people are educated the less they oppose war. Opposition to war was greater when the level of education was lower.

Read MSM news articles from the bottom up

You cant think independently if you’re alone. Everyone in the natural sciences knows you think together. Trying to understand something is a collective activity. For that you need organization. The genius of American democracy is to keep people atomized. Normal people don’t have access to information due to time or cost

Propaganda: Indoctrination for the tree tops (academics, journalists). Distraction for the masses

This huge expansion of debt is due to the military buildup.
A military budget is mainly welfare for the rich. It is the technique by which taxpayers pay the cost of high tech industry.
Our biggest export is aircraft. That is publicly funded. Virtually every functional part of the economy is publicly funded because every one knows capitalism is fundamentally unworkable. Capitalism is something we impose on third world countries to try to destroy them but we don’t accept it and never have.

The US is a fundamentalist, industrialized society.

Feb 8, 2019 9:55 PM
Reply to  Moneycircus

Because those who are not on the right wing were so deeply split apart, mainly by class, it’s not possible to build a People’s movement to push back against the US military agenda.

Feb 8, 2019 3:55 AM

Unusual for me I found myself watching a recent (thought he was banned) Alex Jones YouTube video wherein he announced a revelation that made sense of the origin of today’s spate of propaganda. It was Obama’s signing of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2013 wherein is the Smith Mundt Modernization Act “to authorize the domestic dissemination of information and material about the United States intended primarily for foreign audiences”


It seems to me it has been since around the time of this “modernization” that we’ve been getting fed a passel of new narratives (Libya, Iran, Syria, Russia) that are promoted loudly by the MSM and then debunked (and then ignored) time after time by internet alternatives.

It’s a rabbit hole worth diving in if you wonder about where all this bs is coming from. Start here.


By the way, some of the best writing on the matter comes from Buzzfeed. Yes, that Buzzfeed. But the primary author is Michael Hastings. Yes, that Michael Hastings.

Feb 8, 2019 12:15 PM
Reply to  Jimbo

Obama Funding for Anti-Trump Propaganda Just Ended, Leading to Mass MSM Layoffs


Feb 8, 2019 1:41 AM

It is easy to see through the lie of another.
When it doesn’t support our own.
It is easy to believe we are right
on the ‘fact’ of the lie of the other.
But harder to recognize our own ficts
Because they support who we believe we are
and defend as our self and world against the treachery of others.
Our ficts support our cause – which is to deny or limit the evil in the other
and bring the world to order.
Defence must be maintained by all means effective
And so our ficts are not lies because weapons and shields are true to power.

And so I ask you
Is such power true?
or does it corrupt?

Gezzah Potts
Gezzah Potts
Feb 7, 2019 9:59 PM

Excellent David, thank you. ‘Humanitarian intervention’….’R2P’ – anyone with even one eye open can see what they are really about: Cold bloody imperialism disguised as saving babies. Yes, all of us here at OffGuardian and other sites like Moon Of Alabama, Consortium News, The Saker, get the reality of the World, we see thru the fake news and blatant lies. But many more don’t. Or choose not too. Or just couldn’t give a flying fig coz it ‘dosn’t affect us’, and we have our overseas holidays and new car and new suit to think about, and relaxing at home with all our creature comforts: ‘Not our problem – nothing to do with us’. The moral and ethical bankruptcy of Western society. Revolting. Bought of with…. Things. Stuff. And chasing more and more $$. I’ve tried opening my friends eyes to what is going on, particularly regards Syria and Yemen. Some of them just didn’t want to know, period. And some actually believe the evil White Helmets are ‘humanitarian heroes’!! This is what the avalanche of MSM propaganda has done. All these odious presstitutes are criminals as well. They are fully complicit in the vast amounts of blood spilt. And the fact that war criminals like Tony Blair, John Howard, George Bush etc are walking round scot free says everything about Western ‘justice’ and the ICC. Its all bloody surreal.

Feb 7, 2019 6:40 PM

Thank you. HBG belongs to a group of “former” British military/intelligence officers that, as far as I can tell, seem hellbent on bringing about the end of the world: Christopher Steele, James LeMesurier, Christopher Donnelly — there are more. The most comprehensive take on HBG can be found under the URL you referenced:


Feb 7, 2019 4:29 PM

I was a teenager when JFK was murdered, but when Jack Ruby leapt out of the crowd and shot Lee Harvey Oswald I realised then that the official story was not true. In all the years since then and especially after 9/11 I don’t know what the truth is but I do know that the official story is never true.

Feb 7, 2019 5:29 PM
Reply to  Sandy

I can’t lay claim to any superior knowledge either, Sandy.
But the most likely explanation was that an assassination attempt was being faked by the CIA.
They planned to stage an assassination ATTEMPT only, with JFK surviving.
This would then be blamed on Cuba.
But the whole operation was hijacked by Israel.
They decided to assassinate JFK because he was determined Israel would not be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons.
The Mafia criminals involved in the operation were all Jewish.
Organised crime in the US was not Italian, but Jewish.
They took advantage of the CIA operation and hijacked it to carry out an actual assassination.
Jack Rubinstein was part of the Jewish Mafia in the area.

There is a long history of senior politicians being assassinated by Jewish terrorists, from Count Bernadotte onwards. There were Jewish terror plots to murder the British prime minister and foreign secretary at the same time.

This is by far the most likely explanation, but the full truth will probably never be known.

Feb 8, 2019 6:23 PM
Reply to  mark

Mark – Read “JFK and the Unspeakable” and see if “your conspiracy theory” still seems “the most likely explanation.”

Feb 10, 2019 12:22 AM

Yes, thanks, I’m aware of that. I’ve always found this explanation – disgruntled generals/ military industrial complex getting rid of a born again peacenik US President somewhat fanciful. It is based on an unrealistic and idealised view of JFK as an anti militarist anti aggression peacemaker. Intervention in Indo China began in earnest on JFK’s watch, and his successors, Johnson and Nixon were left to wallow in a quagmire he had created. This view of JFK is based on some high flown rhetoric in a few speeches that were written for him. I think it’s a case of people projecting their desires on to him and casting around for evidence to support them. All US Presidents, Bush, Obama, Trump, have engaged in identical lofty rhetoric about ending wars and prioritising domestic issues, but at the end of the day nothing ever changes and you have to judge these people on their deeds, not words. Obama condemned the war in Iraq and picked up his Nobel Peace Prize, as he bombed seven countries and signed off on a $1 trillion programme for more WMD. Trump criticised pointless wars that had cost the country $7 trillion for no conceivable benefit, and then went on to carry on business very much as usual, and ratchet up spending on the war machine to unprecedented heights. I think you have to distinguish between rhetoric and reality. The former is cheap. Just so much hot air.

We will probably never know the full truth, but the theory that this was a hijacked fake assassination attempt does seem on balance the most plausible.

Feb 8, 2019 10:04 PM
Reply to  Sandy

I was only nine when President Kennedy was assassinated, so it took me longer to get this figured out. I wonder if today’s Americans want the truth, or just pick sides and hope the side they pick “wins.”

Feb 7, 2019 4:27 PM

Caitlin recently also gave us “Beauty Mindfulness”. How to escape the cultural mind-virus narrative – if only momentarily – in order to have an external reference point to the power-serving narrative. The juxtaposition and re-juxtaposition of narrative and beauty – of beauty and narrative – breaks down the precession of self-serving lies. It shifts the internal relationship away from the encultured, conceptual mind-talk to the realisable beauty of seeing – as if for the first time. In which every new seeing actually is.

Anyone who is willing to look deeply into ‘what-is’ – the atemporal freshness of beauty-not-beauty – must also soon accept that the imperative of exposing the liars and their lies – as profound and as necessary as this is – will never be enough. No one – that is no one – is listening from a position of power. No one ever will. The power-serving hierarchical ‘seeing’ (the pseudo-holy ‘see’?) is self-selecting and reserved only for those who cannot see. The narrative can’t be changed. It is an edifice of an infinite regress of unseeing. The hierarchical ‘cognitive elite’ – because that is what they effectively are – want us to see (hear, and act principally) things their way. They do not, and will not ever, want to see things our way. They are not only not interested – so profoundly do they unsee – they cannot even become interested …they cannot see things any other way.

That is what the narrative is for. The narrative is not for correcting. It is a self-inculcating mind virus that seeks only its own self-maximisation and self-perpetuation. It serves only power, and is its own regime of truth.

In which the entire narrative structure is the lie. Separation is the liar. Sectarian (dualistic) constructs are the lies. The narrative can’t be corrected – only replaced. By that which is paradoxically excluded by the narrative – that which is the present-active-beauty …that which is here all along.

Feb 8, 2019 2:04 AM
Reply to  BigB

Even momentary release of the narrative investment (identity in reaction) to a willingness for peace of wholeness of being opens to the receiving of a perception transformed.

That is gifted in terms of a unified and unifying purpose, instead of a split subjection of guilted fears, hate and struggle.
Not for the ‘mind’ to claim for itself and weaponise or marketise – but as an inner radiance or effulgence of being.
So the shift is to an awakening from a nightmare. But as a gift of being and not an attempt to persist in the attempt to make reality.

I don’t support ‘Them’ – so much as look on what the mind ‘sees’ but also look at what I am giving them and reinforcing in them. release and be released. Notice that judgement against anyone shuts down the intimacy of being. It is always our Self we attack – even in the least.

The model or ability to model reality isn’t the lie. It is the mistaking a model or construct for reality and defending it against truth that father’s the lie. It sacrifices truth to gratify a self-illusion. We’re all in this apart.

The only option remaining is to bring it all within. Its all ‘coming home’ to roost anyway.
Meet your paranoid control freak, meet your bubbled demand for unconsciousness. The world is like a computer interface – but it is not really OUT THERE – so much as a feedback metaphor for the translation of mental qualities to physicalised quanta. But lost in translation is the frame of the game.

Gezzah Potts
Gezzah Potts
Feb 8, 2019 11:03 AM
Reply to  binra

Binra: I appreciate your words, and what you’re getting at mate, and the place where you’re coming from, although at times its a bit like trying to read a Kafka novel. Perhaps I find that so because I’ve Allowed my mind to become clouded with lots of external ‘stuff’. At times my mind feels like a whirlpool. In essence, you’re suggesting we need to fully surrender to find our true selves within us (that has been buried under a ton of external sludge). I mentioned to you previously that I feel drawn towards Eastern philosophies; Buddhist and Taoist >> The Way >> Acceptance of what is. I know the importance of spirituality Binra, tho for over 22 years was in active addiction, went to 3 rehabs, spent abt 18 years going to Twelve Step recovery groups (on and off) so I can understand what you mean by ‘the shift is to an awakening from a nightmare’. I shared some really personal stuff with you coz I sense you understand, aye. The past can’t be undone.

Feb 8, 2019 3:39 PM
Reply to  binra

binra; Gezzah

The biggest shift in humanities history is entailed in the realisation that we do not sequentially process and represent (via symbol manipulation) a pre-existing objective reality (PEOR) – we “put forth” (poiesis – self-make) our own cognitive reality in symbiotic conjunction with the environment. So, you are right – reality is not really out there, nor is it in here (solipsism, monadic idealism) – it is a ‘symbiogenesis*’ of subject/object; internal/external (and concrescence of all three modalities of time). This is not a recent discovery – more a recovery of the ancient Wisdom of process (Dao, Buddhism, Heracleitus, etc) …in alliance with science.

[* syn: together; bios: life; genesis: birth, making]

Ignoring any technical discussion: the upshot is that we do not live in a representational eternalised present …we live in a ‘future-presence’. The here-and-now is the there-and-then emergence of a new world. Our world is an intentional anticipation (‘protention’) and modification of, what Francisco Varela termed the “specious present”. This future-presence ‘occasion of experience’ contains the immediate precessing occasion as an initial boundary state (as a ‘retention’) – micro-adapting it to become the boundary state for a new emergence. Don’t get too hung up on the word description of the process – we are micro-evolving and instantiating the future in the process of this very act of intentional cognition.

And, by and large, we are doing it unconsciously. Or it is doing it to us …just who is driving the dreambus? We have no idea who we are and are enacting an ancient pattern of behavioural responses that will …I don’t want to predict the inevitability of a future-presence we have not yet agreed on.

All our theories are based on the hypothesis that we are the passive receivers of objective external information streams of data we self-reflexively process and conjure up a representation of a pre-existent world. We are sense-making information creators, not takers. Not that I can manifest a Rolls Royce. The process is biologically limited and embedded in the current situation. It is embedded, embodied, enactive, and extended (Rowland’s ‘4E’s cognition’). We are micro-evolving the future-presence in infinitesimally small (unconscious, subliminal) micro-adaptive responses to the current world.


This, if it ever comes ‘online’ as a conscious, shared-experiential and autonomous ‘autopoiesis’ (self-generating event) …it changes everything. We are not limited to, or by, the encultured power-serving mind viruses …or ‘wetiko materialism’ (projecting consciousness as manifest exterior objectivity (PEOR) – fixating subject/object separation). We are the creators, innovators, and architects of the new world we know in our heart is possible.

David Macilwain
David Macilwain
Feb 9, 2019 12:34 PM
Reply to  BigB

Notwithstanding that the victims of NATO’s assault on Syria would not be impressed to be thought mere figments of our collective imagination, what you say here often seems more relevant to our life experience than is reasonable. Which is to say that often I find the events of recent years so bizarre and unreal that the idea that they are just constructs of my own mind, or can be treated as such, is almost reasonable.
I find it particularly odd to be just one voice amongst tens of thousands speaking a different language; why did it happen like this, and now?
Sadly though I don’t see much salvation for us in such philosophically feasible solutions; a bullet is still a bullet even when lies are truth.

Feb 10, 2019 10:06 AM


It is not the victims of war that are figments of imagination: that would a cruel misconception. It is the entire edifice and superstructures of pseudo-power that are the figments of narcissistic imaginations. In the tradition of ahimsa, satyagraha and nonviolence: we can be the change that ends it all. The realisation that there is no pre-existing objective reality ‘out there’ is the root cognition of peace. And that our lives are intimately connected to both the victims of war and their perpetrators …in ways we cannot even begin to imagine.

If we can penetrate into the heart of philosophical, ideological, and personal narrative construction – it ceases to have any power of control. Its just a process of grapheme and phoneme conversion: from reality to the description of reality. Our conventional, consensual, and discursive conversion process has been so successful – the discursive reality has become more real than the real. If we are not deeply in touch with the lived experience: we can be drawn in to the discursive imagic-word picture-conceptual-imaginal – to live in our own conception, ideation and mentation – creating a discursive worldview and individuated bubble reality. As such, we are subject to manipulation, propaganda and perception management. But its just spoken or written words that recursively refer to spoken or written words …in infinite regress. But they can have the power to separate us from the direct perception of reality, from each other, from the environment, and hierarchically rank us within a taxa of separate single-interest groups, with competing individual needs …extremised and propagandised over time into potential rivalries …or even wars.

Only by changing our relationship and reciprocal dialogue with our current situational reality – our future-presence – can there ever be peace.

Gezzah Potts
Gezzah Potts
Feb 8, 2019 11:23 AM
Reply to  BigB

BigB: thanks for this, appreciate your words also.

Feb 7, 2019 4:24 PM

Quite how the western murderous cabal equate the “conflict prevention” with the systematic murder of innocent Syrian civilians(and Iraqis – it worked out so well for the dead civilians in Mosul)with “any” (number not specified, but presumably more than two)of Idlib’s apparently suicidal peoples “hopes” that the US and UK will strike the Syrian regime, without further massacres of innocent civilians, is still an unexplained mustery of logical thinking.

Whilst Russia, the SAA and Hezbollah managed to kill IS terrorists in good numbers, the western cabal killed vastly more civilians than IS terrorists.  In other words, the equation is badly balanced in favour of the terrorists and the US cabal’s interests at the cost of innocent lives in the wests preventative strategy of “conflict prevention”. Just more horse manure from the murderous war hawks. 

As the article below demonstrates, it’s all about how one frames the false narrative and insidious rhetoric.

Feb 7, 2019 4:26 PM
Reply to  mohandeer

It’s not a mustery but it is a mystery. Apologies.

Feb 7, 2019 3:41 PM

What is required now is to alert the people of Syria to what is intended for them by the corrupt, lying western cabal so that they too can hold peaceful demonstrations denouncing vile and murderous western interventions with placards reading “Hands off Syria”. Unfortunately they will not have been made aware of their impending doom. Might I suggest that this article be translated to Arabic (by Elijah J Magnier’s translator Maurice Brasher and CB) and redirected to SANA and Tehran and President Assad himself. It would at least alert some of the victim sovereign states of the insidious propaganda assaults and escalation of their disgusting intent to continue their unwelcome and illegal occupation for the purposes of promoting more bloodshed in the name of “democracy” and “humanitarian intervention”. Alternatively make a request to Elijah J himself to promote this article. I’m currently trying to find a way to do this myself(shame I don’t speak Arabic).

David Macilwain
David Macilwain
Feb 7, 2019 10:38 PM
Reply to  mohandeer

Thanks for that credit and suggestion Mohandeer – I’ll pursue it with contacts in Damascus. It is one of the persistent failures of our information networks that the true nature of Western misinformation and mal-intent is not apparent in Syria; they would often have difficulty believing that people in the West really think that “chlorine barrel bombs” exist, and that their beloved leader is so completely misunderstood in the West. Or that anyone could believe the White Helmet terrorists are “civil defence” workers – if they have even heard of them. and it’s true that reading in Arabic is part of the problem, specially when it comes to subtleties of interpretation.
But it’s also true that what the Syrian army has to deal with on the ground is not what we see from our media; the “humanitarian intervention” only actually works through the Western media – and that is where we may have more power to prevent it.

Francis Lee
Francis Lee
Feb 7, 2019 2:34 PM

”ou just have to accept that we live under an evil system with no redeeming features whatsoever – no different from any of the worst tyrannies in history you can think of.”

True, but in the past systemic collapse was followed by renewal. The Dark Ages eventually gave way to the Enlightenment. But this time around it is a long shot if the present barbaric dispensation will be succeeded by any new (human) civilization. The decline of the western system threatens to take the whole world with it. I reckon its about 50:50.

Feb 7, 2019 2:57 PM
Reply to  Francis Lee

That’s a good point, FL.
For me the main difference is the abysmal quality of western leadership now, probably the worst in its history. Though this is just the product of corrupt, broken, dysfunctional political systems incapable of reforming themselves. This throws up joke figures like Merkel, Macron, May, Trudeau, and monstrosities like Trump and Clinton. They are merely symptoms, not causes. Arrogant, venal, corrupt, irredeemably ignorant, deluded and ideologically driven, everything they have touched over the past 30 years is one long sorry catalogue of disasters. I think this may be the factor leading us to extinction.

Feb 8, 2019 2:10 AM
Reply to  Francis Lee

How about – you live – truly – in Life Itself – but have learned, and acquired the conditioned adaptation and participation in – and evil system – that denies truth to make a mask ‘real’.

The recognition of Life – instead of identity in the mask – IS the foundation of a cultural renewal.
As we live from this as true instead of our investment in fear and manipulation.

In a sense that is always the nature and movement of our life in the physical – because it is intensely distracting and thus a very effective ‘forgetting’ of our true relation for a reflected image.

Feb 7, 2019 12:34 PM

I spotted this “narrative-enabling” injured children theme first in the Guardian in 2008-9 during operation Cast Lead regarding Gazan kids.
It hit a soft spot specially with Western women and thus became a fake news tool again in MSM Syria reporting.

Feb 7, 2019 1:09 PM
Reply to  Antonym

For most of my life I generally accepted most of the MSM lies and fairy stories.
I put down all the obvious discrepancies in official narratives to general incompetence, ignorance, shoddy reporting and laziness on their part, though they were probably well meaning.
It was only with Blair and Dubya and Iraq Two that I slowly realised that I had been had for years, like millions of others.
Everything I had been told for decades were crude, blatant lies serving a tiny, corrupt, evil, criminal cabal rigging the system in their own interests.
That Russians weren’t going to murder us all in our beds and had probably never been a threat to this country for 500 years.
That virtually everything we had ever been told was almost certainly untrue.
The implications of this were mind blowing. You need to adopt a completely different approach in viewing the world.
I find it difficult now to get angry about the worst child killers and serial killers – how do their crimes compare to those of Blair and Bush and their ilk?
You just have to accept that we live under an evil system with no redeeming features whatsoever – no different from any of the worst tyrannies in history you can think of.

Feb 7, 2019 2:07 PM
Reply to  Antonym

The trouble is that the children in the Syria White Helmet Hoax Videos are faked.
The children gunned down by the IDF kiddie killers with dum dum bullets and British sniper rifles, are unfortunately all too real.

Feb 7, 2019 4:31 PM
Reply to  mark

However, as has been amply demonstrated by Swedish Doctors for Human Rights that many of the children supposedly given life saving treatment would have been killed by the actions taken if they were not already dead.