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Lyndon LaRouche Is Dead, But We Are Alive

David Lindsay

Lyndon LaRouche in 2003. (Lee Marriner/AP)

Lyndon LaRouche is dead. At least at one time, LaRouche believed that the Queen was a drug dealer, and that Henry Kissinger had been a Soviet agent of influence. As with Harold Wilson, against whom that allegation was also made, the Soviets ought to have demanded their money back.

But no one is in a position to ridicule that if they have ever believed the official version of events in relation to Orgreave, Westland, or Hillsborough. Or any of all manner of claims that have been made by, or in support of, the Clintons. Or in the murder of 100,000 military age males in Kosovo. Or in the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and in their capacity for deployment within 45 minutes. Or in Saddam Hussein’s feeding of people into a giant paper shredder, and in his attempt to obtain uranium from Niger. Or in an imminent genocide in Benghazi, in Gaddafi’s feeding of Viagra to his soldiers in order to encourage mass rape, and in his intention to flee to Venezuela. Or in an Iranian nuclear weapons programme. Or in Assad’s gassing of Ghouta, as if that had ever been an undisputed fact. And so on, all the way to Salisbury and beyond.

The people who have propounded those fantasies were doing so a very great deal more recently than LaRouche was making his claims about Kissinger or the Queen, and some of them are still peddling the Wilson theory to this day, along with suggestions that the Sino-Soviet split was faked, that the Soviet Union somehow never really collapsed, and much else besides. They are not without access to the very highest levels of the present Government, and they are directly responsible for the campaign against Jeremy Corbyn both within and beyond the Labour Party.

No claim made in the course of that campaign is any less credible than anything that LaRouche ever said, and those claims are being made today, not in the 1970s or the 1980s. In that latter decade, LaRouche’s advocacy of AIDS quarantining was mainstream comment. We know better now. But who did at the time?

Critics raise the questions around the death of 22-year-old Jeremiah Duggan in March 2003. But they themselves have far more questions to answer about the deaths of far greater numbers of young people, largely young men. LaRouche opposed any attempt to impeach Donald Trump, or otherwise to remove him this side of the 2020 Presidential Election. He was right to do so. The first such move would in any case fail in the Senate, and any variation on the second would result in appalling civil unrest. LaRouche scathingly rejected all talk of Russian hacking or what have you. He was of course entirely correct.

LaRouche wanted to restore the Glass-Steagall division between investment banking and retail banking, and he wants to return to the Hamiltonian American System, as expanded by the American School, which made America the world’s largest economy, with the world’s highest standard of living: large amounts of federal credit, at low interest rates and over a long term, to build great national projects, notably enormous expansions in infrastructure, which then pay for themselves many times over. America urgently needs all of that, and so does Britain.

Like America, Britain urgently needs industrial protection through tariffs or subsidies; I prefer the latter, where possible. Like America, Britain urgently needs targeted government investment to improve infrastructure on a colossal scale. And like America, Britain urgently needs a National Bank that promotes the growth of productive enterprises rather than speculation. Brexit offers Britain these opportunities at last.

LaRouche insisted that economic growth must deliver high wages, with absolute priority given to industrial and agricultural protection over finance capital, and with the protection of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. He advocated co-operation with the BRICS countries, and integration into the Belt and Road Initiative. He had no time for those whose response to climate change was retreat from human progress. He was committed to real mass education, providing the general population with access to the best that had been known and thought. And he was implacably hostile to drugs, viscerally contending against the stupefaction of the workers, the poor and the youth.

We all laughed at what seemed to be LaRouche’s obsession with colonising Mars, but our species is now in the earliest stages of that very process. Today, we were all supposed to laugh at fusion power. But it looks very exciting to me. Think big, or there would have been no cars. Think big, or there would have been no railways. Think big, or there would have been no wheel.

LaRouche never quite seems to have realised that his economic programme had come to depend on the implementation of Modern Monetary Theory. Instead, he still pined after fixed exchange rates rather than rejoicing in the opportunities that could be afforded by the free floating fiat currencies of sovereign states, if those sovereign states were governed by the right people. But he was among the first to identify neoconservatism’s roots in Leo Strauss’s cultivation of an elite that was morally obliged to lie to the rest of us. Most Labour MPs, and most or all Conservatives, would laughably identify themselves as part of such an elite. Another hung Parliament is coming, however, and we need our people to hold the balance of power in it.

David Lindsay is a freelance journalist and an Independent political activist based in Lanchester, County Durham.


  1. David Eire says

    LaRouche had some good ideas and policies but also he held many views that were very eccentric and in my opinion false; and some that were outright dangerous. His beliefs and theories about the biosphere and human industry and energy production were quite literally insane and dangerous. He was also a cult leader. Overall I think LaRouche made some useful contributions but his influence remained marginal due to his radical eccentricities.

  2. Makropulos says

    One writer associated with Lyndon LaRouche but still very much alive is Webster Tarpley. I recommend his “9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA”.

    • David Eire says

      I lost all interest in Tarpley when he joined in the Liberal hysteria about Trump and Russia. I used to listen to World Crisis Radio every week but I cannot stand to listen to Webster today as he rattles on about Trump and Russia.

      • Makropulos says

        My recommendation of Tarpley was really meant on the basis of his book “Synthetic Terror”. I wasn’t aware of his cheerleading for the Democrats re: the Trump/Russia “scandal”. And his other books are dodgy. He had one called “Obama: The Postmodern Coup – Making of a Manchurian Candidate”. He reckoned that Obama was a puppet of Zbigniew Brzezinski who Tarpley described as hysterically anti-Russia (Tarpley seems to have switched sides re: Russia now.)

        Indeed even the “Synthetic Terror” book should not be automatically taken for granted (to be sure, no book should ever be). A lot of it seems quaint now. This was one of the first books to state that 9/11 was a fraud and, as such, voices its conclusions in a breathless manner as if delivering shocking news. I’d say that anyone with any brain at all now is at least suspicious about 9/11. Also Tarpley’s concentration on the neo-cons seems exaggerated since that faction seem now to be just another “party with a difference” which in reality was just the latest puppet batch for the vested interests.

        • Maggie says

          Webster Tarpley is a deep thinker, and like most of us on here, is flawed and sometimes changes his mind.
          Synthetic Terror is a vital publication in that it made people evaluate and challenge the Government narrative…
          I can’t say that I agree with everything he says.. especially about Brexit.. EU = totalitarian fascism. Centralized governments and financial integration = A superstate.
          He says the EU is a Bureaucracy (which it is) and no bureaucracy has many saving graces but it’s better than nothing because we have no alternative to it. The only alternative will be back to a fractured war torn Europe like we had in the early 20th century.. Possibly? The Banking Cartel are not going to take this lying down. And WILL foment trouble, just as they did pre WWl and WWll.
          So what do we do? Just roll over and let ‘the NWO’ take control of the world? Baaa, baaa. baaa.

          As I said, he always gives me food for thought.

  3. tonyopmoc says

    I came across Lyndon LaRouche, about 20 years ago.

    Whilst I didn’t necessarily always agree with him, I always found him, exceedingly intelligent, eloquent and good looking, even in his 90’s.

    He was still analysing and raising questions about current geoplolitics, when he was over 90 years old, and still doing regular (about once a month) video presentations sometimes with his wife Helga

    He could have been a Great President of The USA.

    He did go for it.

    At least the CIA didn’t kill him, and he surivived his term in jail.

    Good Man RIP


  4. Rhys Jaggar says

    There is a very big difference between thinking big and being the person to implement big thoughts.

    Free thought at a world class level rarely occurs in clubbable politicians, as those who engage in it are not the sort who ordinary folks tend to elect.

    Even if they did, the Whipping System promotes sycophantic subservience, not piercing forensic analysis. It still amazes me that Maggie Thatcher got anywhere near Downing Street. Probably the disorganised chaos of the 1970s had exhausted British patience for paper pushers in grey suits…

    1945 is the last time anyone of a left-leaning intellect had the chance to implement big. Beveridge dominated thought for several decades, the NHS is still with us, housebuilding programmes were unquestioned for twenty years.

    Nationalisation was reversed by Thatcherism and much of local and regional financing was shattered also. Britain dabbled with regionalism before 2010, now reversed due to EU phobias.

    New Big Thinkers need a role for a post-imperial, post EU Britain. It should not be a US yapdog (if I were PM, both Hunt and Williamson would be strongly encouraged to emigrate).

    They need a coherent funding mechanism for long-term infrastructure and a removal of unaccountable control by global finance houses.

    They need upgrades to dillapidated, outdated, discredited and primitive electoral systems and second chambers. They need a vision which is not dominated by the insular selfishness of London.

    There needs to be aggressive therapy to blunt the seven headed hydra that is the fascistic security services, which will involve a significant degree of acceptable collateral damage.

    There needs to be a self-sustaining healthy agriculture free of American hormones and GM crops.

    There needs to be a fundamental rebalancing of higher/further education and work.

    Control of robotics and AI must not reside in the hands of unaccountable elites (building killer robots programmed to kill the elite would be eminently achievable, after all).

    Criminalising wealth accumulation through degrading slave labour of others is about implementation, not moral championing. Billionaires are billionaires solely through negotiated distribution of the fruits of other peoples labour. They rarely lift a finger to actually do some work themselves.

    The biggest challenge is holistic systemic integration of all the big thinking. Computers cannot models these things accurately enough, so it will need inspired intuition allied to skeptical due diligence.

    The next election will provide the undertaker government burying the last ties to a world that no longer exists.

    The one after that is when the UK will be ready to move forward with a vision of what it can become, rather than harking back to what it once was.

  5. mark says

    The main point here is that we have been routinely and constantly lied to by the ruling elite and almost all their narratives without exception, over a period of decades at least, are a complete pack of lies.
    So like the author says, you have to THINK BIG.
    You can’t take ANYTHING at face value.
    You have to regard anything that comes from an official source as almost certainly fake.
    Just two obvious examples.
    The holocaust. Did that happen? Was that faked? They have lied to us about everything else, so why not that? If it served somebody’s purpose, like wartime propaganda, they would certainly do so. But “everybody knows” the holocaust happened, like “everybody knows” Assad gassed his own people, like “everybody knows” Putin had Skripal murdered, purely for the fun of it. Like “everybody knows” Saddam Hussein, Iran/ whoever, is producing nuclear weapons Like “everybody knows” Maduro is a dictator and Venezuelan elections are rigged.
    All the “terrorist” attacks that have taken place over the past few decades, from Bader Meinhof and Red Brigades in the 70s Gladio, Northwoods era to the “Moslem terror attacks” of the past few years. How many of these are genuine? Half? 10%? None?
    If someone has lied to you a hundred times, do you really say. “Ah, yes, but this time I’m really, really, really sure they’re telling the truth. They wouldn’t lie about that, would they?”

    • milosevic says

      Since the last moon landing 47 years ago, no human being has left low earth orbit. The moon is 400,000km away. Low earth orbit is 400km above the surface. Manned spaceflight capabilities have apparently declined by a factor of 1000 over half a century.

      How long do you think they will be able to sustain that hoax? What will happen when large numbers of people start to catch on?

      • milosevic says

        Watch the cheesy special effects starting at 19:35 in this video, and then consider whether you still find this ridiculous faery tale any more believable than the destruction of the World Trade Center, 32 years later.

        • Is the Moon an alien spaceship?

          Book, by genius journalist Jim Marrs: Our Occulted History, Do The Global Elite Conceal Ancient Aliens?

          John Doran.

    • Chris Williams says

      The simple answer to your question: was the Jewish ‘holocaust’ faked is quite simply YES. The evidence for this is overwhelming. And not only was it faked, it was faked in order to divert attention away from the satanic guilt of the real perpetrators of the holocaust of central Europe by the victors – a holocaust which through direct carpet bombing of concentration camps and resulting typhoid fever resulted in the horrific deaths of countless millions of Germans, including over 270,000 Jews (according to the figures of the International Red Cross at the time), photos of which were used to blame the Germans and allow the perpetrators to claim innocent self-righteous victory; and to continue to scam the people of Germany for reparations down to our own day.

      • Helmut Taylor says

        Chris, ole boy, that a “holocaust” took place is not in dispute; the Jews were GRAVELY maltreated. Bishop Richard Williamson maintains, though, that NOT ONE Jew was “gassed” as a deliberate policy of Adolf in the 2nd WW! And the Germans are still today being flogged for that crime against humanity.

    • Helmut Taylor says

      Marky, you sound like a well-balanced character. This contribution regarding the way things have been planned (and executed) might interest you; ignore the rather melodramatic intro…untill you realise it AIN’T melodrama at all!……..

      • Helmut Taylor says

        And done fergit tae respond, John!

      • G. Edward Griffin went on to write one of the most important & significant books I’ve ever read: The Creature From Jekyll Island. The chapter summaries can be read in about an hour.
        His weekly free news review is at

        John Doran.

  6. BigB says

    Lyndon LaRouche was one of the most dangerously delusional men who ever lived: whose ideology was more dangerous than Hitler’s (an epithet he didn’t mind throwing about willy-nilly himself). At least, Hitler’s intellectually challenged pseudo-creed of racist, eugenicist, white supremacist nasty neo-paganism was obviously bunk …but people actually believe in LaRouche’s vision. OK, in such a broad church of beliefs, he inadvertently included a few good ones …but psychologically and ecologically – he was a nutter. He was the high priest of infinite energy and infinite resource magic realism. To him and his followers I – and my kind – are mind controlled, neo-Malthusian, new Dark Age disciples of the Lucifer Trust – and green fascists under communist mind-control (???) …or some other such bollocks. He was pro-DDT, pro-GMO, pro-glyphosate, pro-nuclear …pro-anything that furthered technochratic innovational progress – progressing the fast-track destruction of the planet. An utter lunatic.

    The scientific case against his lunacy can be summed up in four letters – EROI. The case against the One World Order Ideological Technocracy (intellectually guided by him – the metaphoric sharp point of the cognitve elitist vanguard spearpoint) can be summed up by adding another three – EROIsoc. There is neither enough energy or resources for perpetuated malignant metastatic growth.

    But suppose there was. Let’s give him the considerable benefit of the doubt, and implement his vision. What would be the historic precedent of an revolutionary global increase in the density of our energy resources? The discovery and usability of oil as our primary fuel can be the only precedent. No need to labour my point, as Rob Newman’s potted history is recently available (including links to explain EROI).

    As soon as we discovered how to utilise oil: we started planning a world war with it. Two world wars and a century of war later, during which: the population hit an inflection point (from around a steady billion up to 1870ish); the population then went exponential – facilitated by the ‘Green Revolution’ (which should be the ‘Black and Blue Gold Revolution’); consumption went exponential (and it is overconsumption by the ‘Hamiltonian’ minority that is the real problem – not the total population per se); the money supply went fiat and exponential; debt went exponential; waste and pollution went exponential; dehumanisation went exponential; etc. And we are going to continue the exponentiality of it all with infinite energy and infinite (space mined or space-mind?) resources?

    Complete and utterly delusional fantasy. Perhaps we should consider a quarantine of the cultural mind virus and wetiko materialism of his pseudo-ideology – before it is too late? Perhaps it is already too late – it seems to be spreading?

    • BigB, may I suggest you read two books?

      1) Merchants of Despair by nuclear PhD engineer Robert Zubrin, who has 9 patents to his name or pending.
      Nuclear energy is both safe & clean, fusion power has been held back by deliberate under-funding, demonised by the fake news MSM, Main Slime Stream Media & buried under piles of bureaucracy.
      Also detailed are the disgusting depopulation measures undertaken by neo-Malthusians in power. DDT is proven safe, a marvelous anti-malaria agent, yet it was “banned” 1972 by William Ruckelshaus, head of the US EPA, Environmental Protection Agency. This led to a true holocaust: the dreadful malaria deaths of perhaps 100 million people, mostly women & children, in the third world.

      2) The Ultimate Resource 2 by brilliant economist Julian L. Simon.
      Simon took money off 2 arch-doomsters, Paul Ehrlich & John Holdren in a bet regarding resources scarcity & prices 1980 to 1990.
      Simon demonstrates clearly that human prosperity has risen in direct & exact correlation with human population numbers all throughout human history, & he clearly lays out the causal mechanisms. This book is a joy to read.
      The ultimate resource is human ingenuity, which doomster, Luddite Malthusians NEVER factor into their grim predictions.


      John Doran.

      • Bryan Kinnear says

        Well, I could give you a library to read: but I’ll stick to Hall and Klitgaard “Energy and the Wealth of Nations”. Pseudo-scientific magic realist thinkers always conveniently ignore the Laws of Physics …especially the Second Law. Time and entropy are not reversible. EROI. is a derived “second law statement” – as sound as any natural law. Human ingenuity cannot eclipse the biocapacity of the planet. We cannot escape our biophysical limitations, we must learn to respect them. Unlimited growth within a limited bound system is a metaphysical confection unsubstantiatable by anything more than further metaphysical confectionery. Metaphysical confectionery that is destroying the living biosphere as we speak. Them’s the facts, no many how many patents one has. BTW: IT is the very metaphysical confectionery of which I speak that condemns populations, not eco-literate realism …however unpalatable it might seem. Do I want a drop in my living standard …emphatically no. But my wish to survive to prosper less outweighs any fantasy reality I could confect in denial of basic, inescapable reality.

        • You are 100% wrong: our Solar system is NOT a closed limited bound system.
          40,000 tons of space dust fall to Earth each year, much containing amino acids a basis for life.

          Our solar system is also impinged by galactic cosmic rays, the basis of cloud formation & thus a major climate influence, (from supernovae explosions)
          In addition, our solar system ploughs through the arms of our Milky Way Galaxy attracting galactic matter & another climate influence.
          additionally, your laws of entropy & 2nd of thermodynamics cannot apply outside of a closed system, which our solar system most decidedly is not. Nobody has as yet proven the Universe is a closed system.
          Finally Man is anti-entropic by nature: the whole of human history demonstrates that we are builders & organisers, in the main.
          We gather & improve upon scientific & all other knowledge.

          Your pseudo-scientific claims do not stand even cursory examination.

          John Doran.

            • crank,
              I find your csrwire link of exactly zero value: no ref’s, no index, no facts, figures or graphs. It is however chock full of waffle. If that’s your preferred diet, you’re welcome.

              Some points:
              1) Technology, especially since the industrial revolution, has vastly improved man’s condition. Just one metric: since 1900 global life expectancy has risen from ~ 30 to 67 years.
              2) Diminishing returns & EROI are wiped if safe clean nuclear energy is used.
              Molten salt Thorium reactors can use up present nuclear waste as safe fuel & are reliable, where windmills & solar are not.

              John Doran.

          • milosevic says

            Man is anti-entropic by nature

            I think you’ve just won the pseudo-science Olympics, right there.

            Try not eating for a year or two, and see how your natural anti-entropy works out for you.

            • Since the last major ice age finished approx 20,000 years ago Man has progressed from humble hunter-gatherer to spacefaring civilisations comfortably supporting 7+ billion people.

              There have been huge climatic setbacks: the Younger Dryas etc.
              There have been minor climatic setbacks: The Little Ice Age.
              There have been major human setbacks: the tatars, mongol hordes, Hitler, the Rothschilds & their world wars.

              Still we are making progress, by all major metrics of life expectancy, health, nutrition etc etc etc.

              Read Pawns In The Game by William Guy Carr. The Sceptical Environmentalist by Bjorn Lomborg. Read Indur M. Goklany, via the website.

              John Doran.

              • BigB says


                Closed does not mean closed as in hermetically sealed. A cell is ‘closed’, but with osmotic boundaries (the cell wall) and energy, nutrient and waste exchanges. Nothing is sealed or independently existing – so, I accept that the planet is not ‘closed’ as such (definitely not to sunlight as a source of all life).

                What it is is ‘organisationally closed’. Within that organisational closure – unless the cosmos starts raining oil on us – there are finite resources, subject to entropy. We take low entropy matter and convert it into a high entropy state. The transformation is one time and irreversible. Total systemic entropy increases over time. This is axiomatic and incontrovertible (2nd Law).

                Clearly, man is not immortal and unchanging – so we are subject to entropy (ageing) too – the entire system is. What all living systems can do is temporarily and locally forestall entropy – entering a minimum entropy steady state (life). Systemic entropy increases, but this is not associated with increasing disorder. We are the “islands of order” within the sea of chaos and disorder. Ilya Prigogine called this an “open, dissipative system”. We are ‘organisationally closed’ (somatic) but ‘operationally (thermodynamically) open’. A living system can slow entropy to a minimum whilst operating far from thermodynamic equilibrium – by exchanging energy and matter with the environment. Low entropy matter and energy flows through the integrated system. Clearly, this is time-limited – not negentropic or even “anti-entropic”. Death is a return to equilibrium. The 2nd Law is not violated for total entropy – merely re-imagined. Such biological systems are ‘self-organising’. A very similar concept is that of ‘autopoiesis’.


                So, apart from locally in living organisms and the cores of stars – the 2nd Law applies universally. Prigogine won a Nobel Prize for his work. Charges of pseudo-science do not apply. EROI is fundamentally sound. Energy is not our only resource. Even if molten thorium reactors become readily available – the rest of the system is bound by entropy and is a delimiting factor of pseudo-scientific ‘negentropic’ growth. The one small chance we have – which would employ the human ingenuity you mention – is to redesign our systems to more closely resemble living systems …i.e. modelling entropy. It is precisely negentropic neoclassical economics that have precipitated the convergence of crises we face. Believing in negentropic unicorns is no longer an option. To survive, we must redefine prosperity. Only love is truly negentropic!

                • BigB.

                  Your obsession with entropy is amusing but irrelevant: man is anti-entropic.

                  Man is the animal who creates: whether that’s works of art, music, architecture or engineering. That’s anti-entropic.

                  Man is the animal who innovates: whether that’s creating dogs from wolves, or wheat from grasses. That’s anti-entropic.

                  Just one example: man creates aluminium, which does not exist as a natural element. Bauxite has to be mined & refined. That’s anti-entropic.

                  Another: man’s scientific knowledge is doubling every 7 years. That’s anti-entropic. There are no limits to this growth, so far as we can see.

                  I’m not in the least interested in your theories about cells: my focus is on man & his possibilities within the unknown limits of our Universe.

                  I am reminded of the dumb doomster Paul Ehrlich, the bug professor who studied fruit flies in his test tubes & concluded mankind was doomed to huge famines in the 60s & 70s.
                  Along came Norman Borlaug with a new variety of wheat he had developed from a variety noticed in Japan, post WWII, & within a few years India & Mexico were wheat exporting countries.

                  Ehrlich & Holdren lost money to Julian Simon because he had looked at the facts & graphs. They were just mouthing out of their doom-laden bellies. Read Simon & Zubrin & get an optimistic perspective.

                  I am a Cornucopian, not a Malthusian.

                  John Doran.

                  • milosevic says

                    You clearly don’t know what entropy is. See how much scientific knowledge you can create while not eating for a year, and then come back and tell us about it.

    • vexarb says

      “He was pro-DDT, pro-GMO, pro-glyphosate, pro-nuclear …pro-anything that furthered technochratic innovational progress – progressing the fast-track destruction of the planet. An utter lunatic.”

      Gosh, BigB, you have describe me; except that I am not pro-glyphosate.

  7. TroutMaskReplica says

    ol.avleivar looks like hasbara to me

  8. crank says

    We all laughed at what seemed to be LaRouche’s obsession with colonising Mars, but our species is now in the earliest stages of that very process. Today, we were all supposed to laugh at fusion power. But it looks very exciting to me. Think big, or there would have been no cars. Think big, or there would have been no railways. Think big, or there would have been no wheel.

    So-called ‘Left wing’ techno-optimism.
    I have read nothing on the Left which even considers the arguments of biophysical economics. Do they have a position on this? Do they have a response to the work of Charles Hall and others, or are they going to just keep ignoring it as if it didn’t even exist ?
    Without at least an attempted engagement with such analysis, Leftwing techno-optomism just reads like an alternative version of the magical thinking of the techno-oligarchs on the Right.
    Yes, public debt is preferrable to private. Public ownership preferable to private. Public policy should benefit the greater public.
    But productive growth is contingent upon growth in energy use. Fusion was said to be exciting and ‘commercially vaible in a couple of decades’ 40 years ago.. It still is today.
    At least the capitalist ideologues are now desperately attacking the Limits to Growth and ERoEI arguments (and failing). The Left just ignore them, and implore us all to ‘think positive’ and believe in the magical power of electronic public credit to till the earth, pump water, build houses and make clothes. Not to mention the energy needed to clear up the plastic, save the insect population, survive coastal flooding, crop failures…..
    Mars ?….get a grip.
    Think big?

    • BigB says

      Well said, Crank. Not least because it saves me saying the same.

      La Rouche’s vision of fusion was a dangerous fiction. Let’s say – with the massive investment he advocated (the investment in NOT getting it to work has been quite substantial. Last I read, countries like the US were scaling back on investment due to the lack of progress. The old joke: fusion was thirty years away, thirty years ago – and it’s still thirty years away today. It’s getting closer: Lochheed Martin said they were three years away – 4-5 years ago). ..but let’s say we get it going in a feasible timescale … infinite free energy from seawater: whoopee!

      Again, this is only true of the primary reaction. That reaction needs confinement and containment – massive containment (the containment needs back-up confinement too) …and all the energy for containment will have to come from… …drum roll… ….nuclear power? A chain reaction of containment down to a sufficient array of renewables …unless there is the topography for large scale hydro. Or an LNER reactor: if and when we get them? And the consequences of a failure to contain could be quite, well …uncontainable? Radioactive water tables?

      OK: so we get it to work? With all that investment is rare earth minerals: high tech, high energy confinement; (ignoring that we are past peak everything – including sand, cement, and gravel). We just accelerate and perpetuate the biocidal destruction of the planet, for what? So a bunch of delusional Yanks can maintain their ecocidally monumental standard of egoic hypertrophy at the expense of a future that is already rapidly disappearing?

      Good riddance I say, and may his delusional ideas be confined and buried deep with him.

      • crank says

        The world is ‘bankrupt’ in every way that I can understand that word.

        Don’t know what kind of substance based ‘stupefaction’ pervades the Left these days, such that we are to believe that ‘we are all on the brink of a post capitalist automated utopia’, but I want some. It might be better than watching two sides of a fiction, battle it out for the minds of my fellow men and women.

          • BigB says

            What has an ecological overshoot of 42 times its biocapacity: and an ecological footprint 293 times it its actual area – that is: comparable to the landmass of Spain ….London. But that overshoot is global and imperial – transferring the ecological consequences beyond the vegan restaurants, matcha-latte, and artisan gin joints. All that overconsumption has a knock on effect, captured in your statistic above – our ecological footprint – due to globalisation and urbanisation (cities account for 2% of global area ; but consume 75% of resources and produce 75% of global wastes) – is 45 times that of the population.

            [WWF – part of the satanic conspiracy!]

            To implement the wetiko psychosis that LaRouche advocated – that overconsumption has to extend exponentially …with no teleological utopian end state of sufficiency. There will always need to be more – perpetual planetary biocapacity extension, resilience, and plasticity. Or planetrary capture? This is like taking the Tainter/Diamond models of collapse – and using them as blueprints. Virtual insanity driven by psychotic materialism. Whatever La Rouche advocated: we need to do the diametric opposite …lest we follow him shortly into the grave.

          • crank says

            whoever reflexively votes down all my comments, I would be interested to read a counter opinion, or is a click all you can manage?

            • Crank, your resilience ref is a bunch of pseudo-scientific scare porn.

              I refer you to the books I ref’d above in reply to BigB: Julian Simon’s & Robert Zubrin’s.
              Just 2 points:
              Water & oil are NOT finite resources.
              Water, H2O, & Carbon Dioxide, CO2 & much else is constantly produced by a 40,000 mile chain of undersea volcanoes:

              Oil is constantly produced under heat & pressure inside the planet, as diamonds are produced:

              The lunacy of regulating man’s CO2 output after falsely calling it a main climate driver when in fact it’s entirely beneficial plant food becomes starkly apparent once one realises there’s a 40,000 mile undersea factory producing the trace gas.

              John Doran.

  9. olavleivar says

    Well … the Queen WAS a DRUG DEALER … or .. at least Made a lot of Money on Drug dealing ..i think of the OPIUM ADDICTION forced upon THE CHINESE PEOPLE by means of Her Majestys Military. and the enormous PROFITS generated by this infameous Trade T…. Since then the Royal British Family have had their Billions adminsistrated by the JEWISH Bankers,…

    There is a Factor .. the author does not dare to mention … which pervades all Politics … in the World :

    The ZIO OLIGARCHS and their Machinations , which are about succeeding in DESTROYING the WESTERN WORLD … well to a degree already have succeeded.

    They have OWNED Great Brittain since 1695 and the USA since 1913 .
    They have waged the BOER WARS for ownership of GOLD and DIAMONDS ..later the destruction of WHITE South Africa … transforming it into a murderous HELL HOLE …
    They have INCITED 2 WORLDWARS fought in predominantly EUROPE … and in between TOPPLED the CZAR and destroyed RUSSIA for a considerable time .. in the process killing 100 of Millions of Europeans, East and West as well as Russians …all of it waged … using LIES and PROPAGANDA by Media and State apparatus owned by them order to recruit common people to engage as Cannon fodder for their Wars…..
    They succeeded in STEALING the Land of the Palaestinians and have since then incited and waged endless Wars and Suffering on their Neighbour Middle East countries in the Quest for a GREATER ISRAEL:.. a Place where they have sanctuary , when the Ground gets too hot for them due to their Criminal activities elsewhere.

    They have continued unabated since WW 2..and have ammassed the BULK of all WEALTH in the World since then … by any means , criminal and otherwise ..
    They have used SOCIALIST SLOGANS to create ORWELLIAN SURVEILLANCE and TAX DICTATORSHIPS in all Western Countries where the common People have been reduced to SERFS , some countries worse than others ….. but all according to the same Model .
    Simultaneously they have destroyed the Industrial Base of the Western World exporting Wiorkplaces to Low Wage Countries protectecting their PROFITS by the unrestricted flow of Capital…while their corrupted enourmous Bureaucracies are unable to provide adequately for the Populations they fleece.

    Finally the author somehow equates the SOVJET UNION with RUSSIA today…..
    NOTHING could be further from the Truth … The Russians cast of their ZIONIST YOKE some time between the 60ties and 80ties last Century and the DESTRUCTIVE ZIONISTS are not wellcome over there ..anymore.
    They FLED to the WEST , claiming they had been persecuted by “THE SYSTEM ” .. where the truth was .. they had been the System .

    Well arrived in the West they continued their DESTRUCTIVE EXPLOITATIVE AGENDA .. masked as SOCIALIST CULTURAL MARXISTS …FINANCED by their TRIBAL BILLIONAIRE Overlords .. and have succeeded in turning the WEST into TAX – HELLHOLES of MASS IMMIGRATION and SURVEILLANCE .to the tunes of HOLLYWOOD PROPAGANDA , Soap Operas on the TELLY as well as Football games ..
    Simultaneously waging a relentless War on the Reproductive Rate of Western Civilisation accompanied by totalitarian “GLOBAL WARMING” POWER GRABS …

    May I remind of BAKUNINS WORDS :about KARL MARX , whom he knew intimately :

    “Himself a Jew, Marx has around him, in London and France, but especially in Germany, a multitude of more or less clever, intriguing, mobile, speculating Jews, such as Jews are everywhere: commercial or banking agents, writers, politicians, correspondents for newspapers of all shades, with one foot in the bank, the other in the socialist movement, and with their behinds sitting on the German daily press — they have taken possession of all the newspapers — and you can imagine what kind of sickening literature they produce.
    Now, this entire Jewish world, which forms a single profiteering sect, a people of bloodsuckers, a single gluttonous parasite, closely and intimately united not only across national borders but across all differences of political opinion —
    this Jewish world today stands for the most part at the disposal of Marx and at the same time at the disposal of Rothschild.
    I am certain that Rothschild for his part greatly values the merits of Marx, and that Marx for his part feels instinctive attraction and great respect for Rothschild.
    This may seem strange. What can there be in common between Communism and the large banks?
    Oh! The Communism of Marx seeks enormous centralization in the state, and where such exists, there must inevitably be a central state bank, and where such a bank exists, the parasitic Jewish nation, which, speculates on the work of the people, will always find a way to prevail ….”

    (Michael Bakunin, Polémique contres les Juifs, 1869)

    And what is said .. is as TRUE TODAY .. as it was in the days of Bakunin. : SHEEPLE !

    • Fair dinkum says

      You make a compelling case Olev.

    • crank says

      I imagine a scene: the parents return home after an evening out and the babysitter answers the door, with a volunteered outburst.
      “I didn’t drink any of your best vintage wine, you know the one you were saving for a special occasion. I didn’t go through your personal possessions and post pictures of them on Facebook. I didn’t let the kids stay up late and eat all the biscuits in the tin, and I didn’t have my boyfriend round to have sex on your sofa…OK, I just didn’t do any of that, if that is what you might be thinking.”

      What are the parents to think?

      It is the same with the issue of Jewish people organising politically around their own ethnic loyalties.
      The Left and Right scream in unison that Jewish people are not controlling the media, when it is just empirical fact that Jewish voices are massively over represented in the media from Right to Left. They scream that Jews do not control the monetary and banking system, whereas anyone who looks honestly must conclude that, regardless of the interpretation of the facts on the ground, they largely do and have done for some time. They scream that any allegation that pro-Israeli factions who identify strongly with Jewishness have bought control of the Anglo-American political system is racist, when it is an clear fact and open secret. They scream that organisations like AIPAC are ‘not Jewish organisations’, yet they clearly are completely dominated by Jewish people and Jewish interests. They scream that Israel is not supported by most Jews around the world, but it simply is, in synagogues and secular Jewish community groups, especially in the US. They scream that there are Jews who oppose Israel, and there are – and some noble voices there are among those people, but these are a tiny minority amongst most who identify as Jewish, who almost all support or silently accept the actions of Israel. They scream that Israeli nationalism is completely separate from Jewish religious or identitarian impulses, when it clearly is not, it is bound up in the core stories that lie at the heart of the religion.

      We are told that up is down.

      There is no more to it than that.

      The Left insist that we disregard the blindingly obvious, outright, no debate. This only serves to feed the far Right though, as anyone awake enough to see what is taking place, but not enough to reject racism per se, is left with nowhere else to go. Just bleating that a mere citing of the facts is ‘racist’, doesn’t make it racist, and doesn’t change the facts.
      The Left would therefore be partly responsible for the ongoing oppression of Palestinians; but more than that, also any retribution against Jewish power (enacted through arbitrary racist actions like those of the past) that might occur if this cognitive dissonance breaks down in the population as a whole. Only some honesty, combined with compassion for the majority of ordinary Jewish people who are caught up in this nightmare idea, will help us, them, or those currently suffering directly at the hands of Israeli fascism.

      • crank says

        I didn’t realise just how blatant the EU-Israel alliance was.
        The European Union has hired an Israeli who advocates genocidal violence against Palestinians as the face of a new promotional campaign.

        Avishai Ivri appears in a video the EU embassy in Tel Aviv posted on its Facebook page last month.

        “The European Union. You think it’s anti-Israel, right?” Ivri begins. “Let me surprise you.”

        Again, if the Left continue to insist that Israel is best defined as ‘a colonial project’ or ‘a client state’ to Western Powers, they have to explain why a grouping like the EU benefits from supporting psychos torturing children or shooting them with dum-dums.

      • Seamus Padraig says

        Good points all, Crank.

        On the subject of anti-Zionist Jews, it should also be noted that, while there are indeed some brave and principled Jewish anti-Zionists out there–Gilad Atzmon, for example–there are also plenty of phonies who seem a sh*t-ton more interested in policing anti-Zionist discourse than in getting rid of Zionism itself.

    • Robbobbobin says

      It is not generally known that THE JEWS killed Graham Chapman.

    • olavleivar, you’re spot on 100%.

      3.5 hr youtube: BILL STILL MONEY MASTERS

      Books: David Icke, The Biggest Secret; And The Truth Shall Set You Free.
      & William Guy Carr’s 1955 book Pawns In The Game lays out Rothschild’s 25 point plan for global domination, from 1773. Read for free on, using the search box.

      John Doran.

  10. Funny that. Tubularsock KNOWS the Queen is a drug pusher.
    It makes Tubularsock HIGH just thinking about it!

    • Tim Jenkins says

      Tubularsock is clearly observant, like myself:
      Tubularsock has clearly also noticed that the Queen’s Corgis always seem to be >>>

      SMILING 😉

      In fact, I have a theory that mam’s Corgis are born with a royal smile on their face,
      tails wagging from weening, wondering what’s for dinner ?
      Weed only on Wednesdays for whelps.
      Sense the whinnying ?

      (SLURP) 🙂

  11. eleni says

    Highly recommended is Lyndon LaRouche’s analysis of the Middle East, available on youtube. At least LLR was vitally alive and thinking, unlike the Toads and well paid liars of today. A remarkable man.

  12. vexarb says

    The Royal Family, as part of the “mighty handful” of Anglo Zio Capitalists who run the NATZO death machine, probably are drug dealers. Like their Anglo ancestors who fought a successful war to impose opium on China. Afghanistan was opium free until NATZO, with “our irresistible armed might’, forcibly re-opened the poppy fields.

    • Rhys Jaggar says

      Wrong. Afghanistan was free of drugs for precisely one year, when the Taleban wiped it out, Before then, before 9/11, it carried on producing poppies quite happily.

  13. Goat Moag says

    First person I voted for prez when I was old enough to vote the first time in 1980 was he. RIP

    • vexarb says

      Moag, amen to that. I and my Prof. the late Robert Harkness advocated Aids quarantining in the 80s when that disease was still containable. Prof said that quarantining, like with Tuberculosis in the old days before antibiotics, was the only way to contain an infectious disease for which we had no medicine in the 80s. Cuba followed that policy, and I would like to know the result; but we do know the tragic result of not quarantining Aids in the rest of the world.

  14. Fair dinkum says

    ‘You may call me a dreamer’
    Better dreamers than psychopaths.

    • ThomasT says

      Dreamers,Ft? according to Icke et al, much worse than a drug dealer.

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