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Beyond Reason

W Stephen Gilbert

Members of Jewish Voice for Labour marching in support of Corbyn. Just some of the “wrong type of Jews” the MSM ignore.

Chris Williamson is the Labour MP for Derby North. He was Shadow Minister for Fire and Emergency Services until January, when he stepped down, having spoken outside his remit. Free of collective responsibility, he has been touring the country in response to invitations to speak to CLPs. Articulate, passionate and politically close to the leadership, he is a popular speaker who has the happy knack of firing up his audiences and hence is a real asset in what may turn out to be a pre-election climate. He is also prepared to stick his head above the parapet.

Speaking in Sheffield recently, Williamson was recorded on a mobile phone as suggesting that Labour has “backed off far too much, we have given too much ground, we have been too apologetic … we’ve done more to address the scourge of anti-Semitism than any political party”.

He was obliged to apologise and withdraw and has now been suspended from the party. Deputy leader Tom Watson, who comfortably alternates between calling for party unity and implicitly (and sometimes explicitly) undermining his leader, dismissed Williamson’s apology out of hand, thereby ensuring that Williamson had no ground to stand on as far as Watson’s faction was concerned.

It is a great pity and in the end a self-defeating gambit that Williamson agreed to bow to pressure from a leadership that has been under extreme pressure on the issue for three years now. It would have been much more constructive – if only in the long term – had he defied the party to show how his argument had been unacceptable. At some point, a stand must be taken against the campaign that conflates legitimate criticism of the government of Israel, much of which stems from people who are not only Jewish but Israeli, with ignorant racial prejudice. Departing from the policies of Benjamin Netanyahu is no more anti-Semitic than deploring the antics of Donald Trump is anti-American.

The Williamson case demonstrates only too clearly that anti-Semitism is no longer an issue that may be discussed in rational terms in the Labour Party. It is not enough to characterise anti-Semitism as a scourge. You are only permitted to claim that this scourge is endemic to the party and to accuse the leadership of “not doing enough”. The argument is that the leadership needs to act “more quickly”, which is to say without due process and merely on someone’s say-so. Unless you can combine a claim of rampant anti-Semitism in the party with a frontal attack on Jeremy Corbyn, you are implicitly damaging the party. These are the prescribed positions from which any departure is itself deemed to be anti-Semitic. The politics of Senator Joseph McCarthy irresistibly come to mind.

Even so, both an official Labour party investigation and the cross-party Commons Home Affairs Committee have exonerated Labour of the “institutional racism” of which the former Labour MP Luciana Berger accuses it. Several academic analyses of data have also shown that claims of widespread anti-Semitism in Labour are “grossly exaggerated” [Dr Alan Maddison, February 2019]. The party investigation identified a number of actual Labour members who had recorded comments along racial or cultural lines, but these comments represented 0.08% of the membership. It would be instructive if a Labour party committee were to investigate abuse aimed at the party leader and the Shadow Home Secretary. More than 0.08% of the membership, I suggest.

Berger herself has clearly suffered anti-Semitic abuse during her term as an MP, but whether such abuse stems from inside the Labour Party remains largely moot. For those who wish to prevent Jeremy Corbyn from becoming prime minister, it is convenient to characterise the abuse as being hurled in his name. Appending the hashtag #jc4pm to a tweet is hardly proof of origin. Someone wishing to make trouble could just as easily fly a false flag. If I can conceive of such a tactic, others can too and can act upon it.

Within the Labour Party is a grouping called Labour Friends of Israel. LFI defends the actions of the Israeli government even where the world (not least the UN) is broadly united against such actions. When dozens of demonstrating but unarmed Palestinians were shot dead by Israeli snipers last year, LFI sought to excuse the killings. These excuses may no longer be found as LFI eventually decided that discretion was the better part of valour. Meanwhile, Jewish people who criticise Netanyahu and/or support Corbyn are now cast by other Jews as “the wrong kind of Jew” and “self-hating Jews”. Catch-22 lives.

Six of the eight Labour MPs (all but one of them goyish) who set up the Independent Group are and remain members of Labour Friends, which numbers Tom Watson among its supporters. Despite having left the party, Joan Ryan is still chair of LFI. She has been recorded on camera accepting financial assistance from a representative of the Israeli embassy in London, though whether that funding was for LFI or for the new group is not clear. Did you learn of this from the mainstream media? No, I thought not.

That 200 Jewish members of the party should write to The Guardian in support of Corbyn’s stances and policies ought to be more significant than eight malcontents leaving the party because they want to bring down Corbyn, but of course attack is a sexier media story than support. The 200 located anti-Semitism where it belongs, on the right of the political spectrum, but that contradicts the media consensus that equates support from the left for Palestinian self-determination with racism.

One of Corbyn’s most virulent critics is his parliamentary neighbour Margaret Hodge, she who accused Corbyn to his face of being “a fucking anti-Semite and a racist”, though at no evident risk to her own party membership. The suspicion grows that Hodge has the freedom of the BBC airwaves. She was the only politician invited by The World at One two months ago to give a tour d’horizon of the political scene over the previous twelve months. Just lately, she was permitted to comment unchallenged on the Williamson case, describing in passing Luciana Berger as having been “forced out of the party” when, by all other accounts, Berger chose to leave, yet here was Hodge advocating that Williamson be forced out.

That Hodge’s daughter is deputy news editor at the BBC ought to make the Corporation scrupulously wary of any treatment of Hodge that could be construed as favouritism, yet it demonstrates a cavalier disregard for such niceties. The preponderance of identifiably anti-Corbynite personnel among its news management endangers the BBC’s charter-bound duty to be impartial between political parties. Corbyn is the (twice-)elected leader. Favouring factions in the party ranged against him is not impartiality.

Radio and television interviewers are expected by their audiences to ask hard questions of politicians. The Labour Party needs to confront an awkward question about itself. If a member falsely or unjustly accuses another member of anti-Semitism, would or should the accuser be suspended from the party? It is a real and an urgent question and one that no one in the party seems prepared to contemplate.

W Stephen Gilbert has been a writer, journalist and sometime television producer since 1971, when his first play appeared in the first season of Play for Today on BBC1. His books include first biographies of Dennis Potter and Jeremy Corbyn. He mostly passes his twilight years indexing other writers’ books.


  1. Jen says

    Reading this thread of comments, I see that very few commenters have actually challenged Crank to define what s/he meant when s/he suggested that Jewish people need to give up their identity in order to combat anti-Semitism, or words to that effect.

    Perhaps what is meant is that Jewish people need to examine what being Jewish really means to them.

    Is being Jewish no more than feeling an emotional attachment to a strip of land on the eastern Mediterranean Sea, and believing that one has to defend the people there regardless of whether they act morally or criminally? If so, to some people that might be a very poor definition of being Jewish.

    What Crank might have been trying to say (and I may be mistaken in my interpretation) is that to be Jewish must be more than being attached to certain rituals and sets of literature and prayers, or being attached to certain traditions and historical narratives.

    To be Jewish must mean to adhere to a certain set of values that, when followed and practised, sets you apart (but not necessarily higher or lower in biological or social development) than other individuals and other communities by improving your conduct among your fellow believers and towards others.

    Unfortunately over the centuries, just as other religions like Christianity and Islam have moved far from their original inspirations, and trade on the good works of those they claim for their own (and quite those so claimed did good works because of their own internal motivations, not from external religious motivation, and frequently in opposition to established religious authorities), so Judaism perhaps has moved away from its original inspirations and those inspirations have been corrupted by its elites to keep their followers and supporters on a tight leash through fear and suspicion of others.

    I guess I have said something ironic: when Crank says that Jewish people must give up their Jewish identity, the irony is, in a sense many of them have done so, in Israel and elsewhere, past and present, by thinking, acting and behaving in ways that lower them to the lowest common denominators among humanity.

    • crank says

      The words I actually wrote:
      Only the abandonment of Jewish identity can ultimately free Jewish people from ‘antisemitism’
      I am pretty much directly quoting Gilad Atzmon here. In fact my comments here have almost all been a quoting of his ideas. Note to those who have me marked out as extremist : Gilad was targeted by a Likudnik in London and driven from his professional calling via a Labour council’s actions (and at great expense to the people of Islington). An article defending him was published here at OffG. When Gilad appeared on George Galloway’s Sputnik show, George introduced him by explaining that he’d read Atzmon’s book with rapt interest on his recent honeymoon.

      I agree with Atzmon, that in one sense, Jewish people are victims of the ‘idea of Jewishness’ as much as, or more than, anyone else. The anti-goy-ism keeps them from being an equal part of the whole : they have to see themselves as either victims or as ‘the elect’.
      Note also that I purposefully put ‘antisemitism’ in quotes in that sentence mentioned, because, as we are seeing writ large, there is a deep Jewish fear of anti-Jewish sentiment latent within non-Jews, one that creates a self perpetuating cycle. There is precious little self reflection about why this might be there though.
      I agree with Atzmon that the only way out of this cycle is to let go of the fixation with being somehow ‘special’ (be that specially oppressed, specially gifted or specially entitled).
      I certainly don’t support any notion of forcing anyone to give up any part of their identity.
      As said, I think this probably takes the argument outside of politics (which seems to be, at root, a debate about what things we collectively force people to do).

      • milosevic says

        When Gilad appeared on George Galloway’s Sputnik show, George introduced him by explaining that he’d read Atzmon’s book with rapt interest


        there is a deep Jewish fear of anti-Jewish sentiment latent within non-Jews, one that creates a self perpetuating cycle. There is precious little self reflection about why this might be there though.

        Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder — A Glimpse Into Israeli Collective Psychosis, by Gilad Atzmon

        a growing number of people want to see an end to Israel, the ‘Jew Only State’. Yet, no one around expresses any murderous or terminal plans against world Jewry or even against their Jewish State. No one in the political or the media spheres is calling for a homicidal act against the Jews or their Jewish State. Thus the well-established Judeocentric tendency to interpret almost any legitimate political and ideological criticism as a perpetration of an upcoming Judeocide should be comprehended as a severe form of paranoia verging on collective psychosis, which I define as Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder (Pre-TSD).

        Within the condition of the Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder, the stress is the outcome of a phantasmic event, an imaginary episode set in the future; an event that has never taken place. Unlike the PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) in which stress comes as the direct reaction to an event that (may) have taken place in the past, within the state of Pre-TSD, the stress is the clearly the outcome of an imaginary potential event. Within the Pre-TSD, an illusion pre-empts reality and the condition in which the fantasy of terror is focussed is itself becoming grave reality. If it is taken to extremes, even an agenda of total war against the rest of the world is not an unthinkable reaction.

        I certainly don’t support any notion of forcing anyone to give up any part of their identity. As said, I think this probably takes the argument outside of politics (which seems to be, at root, a debate about what things we collectively force people to do).

        “anti-zionism is the same thing as anti-semitism.”

        If, as frequently claimed, Jewish identity is ethnic supremacism (not “includes”, “is“), aren’t they eventually going to be forced to give that up, one way or another?

        • crank says

          Maybe they can be offered something better, and choose to.

    • milosevic says

      Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel.

      In Israel, death has no dominion over them… With gentiles, it will be like any person – they need to die, but God will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money.

      This is his servant… That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew.

      Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat… That is why gentiles were created.

      Ovadia Yosef, chief Sephardi rabbi of Israel

  2. ronan1882 says

    Crank corner where racist halfwits come to receive massive assent for saying Jewish people can avoid antisemitism only if they abandoni their Jewish identity. This site is a freak show.

      • ronan1882 says

        See how your ‘argument’ is received anywhere but here or alt-right sites.

    • milosevic says

      yes, anybody who rejects the idea that Jewish identity is a “racial” category, is obviously a racist.

      this is what makes Talmudism so great — even halfwits are empowered by its magic.

  3. William Russell Jones says

    None of these Fake Accusations of anti-semitism would have seen the light of day if the late and great MP for Manchester Gorton,Gerard Kaufmann had still been alive.He was a far greater critic of Israel than Corbyn has ever been.He would have had all these characters today for breakfast.

    • bevin says

      To put Kauffman in perspective he was a very right wing MP and a notorious crony of Harold Wilson’s.
      He was absolutely right in his criticisms of the Israeli fascists however. In those days Likud and its satellites were regarded as beyond the pale- it is astonishing that the current Friends of Israel are so complacent about the criminality in plain daylight perpetrated against Gaza.

      • milosevic says

        The complacency is an index of their degree of confidence in their own political power. Once you are in complete control, there’s no longer any need for subterfuge, and you can perpetrate your crimes in broad daylight. If the dirty goyim complain, they can be quickly silenced with cries of “anti-semitism”, now backed up with police enforcement powers.

    • milosevic says

      Indeed, it’s the ex-jews, or almost-ex-jews, who understand Jewish ethnic supremacism most clearly, because they’ve seen what it looks like from the inside, whereas everybody else can only draw inferences from the external symptoms.

      Gilad Atzmon — From Esther to AIPAC

  4. Marou says

    I suppose it’s the homage that vice pays to virtue that anti-Semites are at such pains to deny their anti-Semitism. They can’t help themselves though when it comes to blaming Jews for bringing on themselves by being, well, Jewish. As the egregious Crank remarks, with the lack of intellectual and historical rigour so characteristic of his comments, if only they would give up being Jewish there would be no problem. But no matter, we see you.

    • crank says

      Your only response to the arguments is slander and threat.
      This is all I have ever read in response to these arguments.
      What does that tell me?

    • milosevic says

      anti-Semites are at such pains to deny their anti-Semitism.

      You must not read very carefully, if you mistake this for denial:

      if only they would give up being Jewish there would be no problem.

      We do, however, reject the racialist conception (“(God’s?) Chosen People”) that Jewish identity has of itself. But with the mediaeval Talmudist logic so characteristic of these ethnic supremacists, rejection of racism is interpreted as proof of racism.

      But no matter, we see you.

      here, have some intellectual and historical rigour:

      When Victims Rule — A Critique of Jewish Pre-Eminence in America

  5. rosearan says

    ‘The Labour Party needs to confront an awkward question about itself. If a member falsely or unjustly accuses another member of anti-Semitism, would or should the accuser be suspended from the party? It is a real and an urgent question and one that no one in the party seems prepared to contemplate.’

    Almost none of the comments below have addressed this question. Several Labour MPs and members have had their lives, careers and reputations unjustly damaged due to ‘false’ or ‘unjust’ accusations of anti-semitism – not to mention the mental suffering inflicted and the waste of time and money spent on the investigations. If only 0.08% of complaints investigated have been upheld, then there is a helluva a lot of false and unjust accusing going on. I have read that one-fifth of these 200+ accusations come from one source – Margaret Hodge.

    At the very least, the law of slander/libel should be applied within the party context. As anti-semitism is viewed by the wider community as particularly heinous, the Labour leadership should make it clear that they will take action against those who are proven to have made frivolous complaints of anti-semitism against other Labour members. Of course, the leadership’s record of cowardice in the face of the obvious anti-semitism smear campaign these last 2 years makes such a course of action extremely unlikely. One other realistic possibility is that those Labour victims of unjust accusations of anti-semitism get together, launch a Fund Me campaign and mount a class action in the courts.

    • Paul says

      In criminal cases neither the Complainant or the Defendent are ‘allowed’ to make ‘comments’ before trial or face trouble from the Judge or under cross examination. Motor mouths may have to be ordered to restrain themselves. A political party could require members to adhere to that rule – in return for a MUCH earlier result and a FAIR trial – preferrrably in public and on TV. Williamson could be tried within a couple of weeks and we could learn how somebody can see ‘Jew hating’ in what he said in Sheffield. If the Party won’t give him the opportunity then he should set up his own, maybe in the form of a play? and travel the country.

    • milosevic says

      If 0.08% of “anti-semitism” complaints have been upheld, that means that there must have been at least (1 / 0.0008 = 1250) such complaints. Or possibly, two (or three, or four …) times as many as that.

      Imagine all the wasted time, money, and effort to investigate all that hasbara. How does the Labour Party have anything left over to do anything else? But maybe that’s the whole point.

      The unforseen danger, for the ethnic activists, is that eventually the Hasbara Saturation Point will be reached, after which all such claims will be immediately rejected with contempt and derision. But it is a common characteristic of (temporarily) successful fascist and racist movements, that their arrogance and megalomania grow without bound, right until the eventual implosion.

  6. Admin says

    Just a reminder – the ENTIRE point of this article is that the ‘antisemitism’ claims are a cover for an attack on free speech and left-wing ideas, so if you fill the BTL section with comments about ‘the Jews’ you’re completely missing the point – AND stepping on it at the same time.

    This iS NOT ABOUT JEWISHNESS – if you make it about Jewishness you are playing their game.

    • crank says

      So, let me get this straight. You say that the false allegations of institutional antisemitism within Labour are an attack on free speech, and our best response to this is to attack free speech?

      Well excuse me, I obviously need to watch the (Corbyn endorsed) Michael Walker momentum video a few more times and ‘re-educate myself’ about all this.

      Have a nice, safe, Judeo-fascist transformation everybody, and remember to take the red pill !
      …………………..oh no, it’s too late for that.

    • Robbobbobin says

      British Labour Party – associated organisations with an
      explicit, primarily racial, ethnic or religious raison d’être:

      * BAME (Black/Asian/Minority Ethnic) Labour
      ¶ Campaign for (Scottish) Socialism
      # Christians on the Left
      # Jewish Labour Movement
      # Jewish Voice for Labour
      ¶ Labour for (Scottish) Independence
      # Labour Friends of Israel
      # Labour Friends of Palestine & the Middle East
      # Labour Muslim Network
      ¶ Labour Party Irish Society

      ¶: UK (3)
      *: Multi-ethnic/Minority (1)
      #: Abrahamic/Semitic/Judeo-Christian/Middle-Eastern (6)

      • crank says

        I am guessing that you are trying to make a point here : that people organising around their Jewish identity are no special case – that other ‘racial, ethnic or religious’ groupings organise similarly.

        I think you are both mixing arguments and missing the essential point. If you concede that Judaism is fundamentally a religion of racial separation or racial supremacism then does it not make JLM distinct from, say, Christians on the Left? (Of course if you disagree with that initial point then it doesn’t). If the Jewishness were solely a racial category then the JLM would indeed be directly comparable to BAME Labour, and anyone standing opposed to its presence in Labour could legitimately be accused of racism. But is Jewish identity solely based on a racial category? Most say is also a set of ideas (e.g. ‘Judaism’, ‘Israel’, ‘chosenness’, ‘the survivors of The Holocaust’- are some that have been put forward). It is those ideas that I claim run contrary to the stated ideals of socialism and therefore the Labour Party.
        Do you understand that I am claiming a legitimate space to criticise those ideas, and also to criticise the response that conflates criticism of those ideas with a racist criticism of ‘Jews for being (born) Jews’ ? It emphatically is not the latter.
        The events of the second world war era has made it hard to intellectually break the link, but if you have read any of the links in these threads, you will see that this discussion goes back to Marx and Bakunin. Lenin wrote about it. Shamir and others write about it today from a position sympathetic to socialism and firmly opposed to the racism of the far right.
        It has not gone away, but rather buried as an awkward contradiction within Left political discourse- one that has surfaced again with a Labour Leader who has spoken up against Israel.

        • milosevic says

          Note that in the Bad Old Days, it was the (self-described) “anti-semites” who claimed that Jews were a “race”.

          Under the modern, enlightened understanding of these issues, it is now those who argue that Jewishness IS NOT a “racial” category, who are accused of “anti-semitism”.

          It’s almost as if Jewish identity is whatever serves the immediate self-interest of those who claim it. But to conclude that, would be anti-semitic.

          Such are the results, made possible by the miraculous technology of Talmudic logic.

        • Robbobbobin says

          “I am guessing that you are trying to make a point here : that people organising around their Jewish identity are no special case – that other ‘racial, ethnic or religious’ groupings organise similarly.”

          The point I am trying to make here is that parentheses are parentheses.

        • Robbobbobin says

          “I am guessing that you are trying to make a point here : that people organising around their Jewish identity are no special case – that other ‘racial, ethnic or religious’ groupings organise similarly.”

          The point I am trying to make here is that parentheses are parentheses.

      • DunGroanin says

        As Jonathan Cook writes on the witchhunt.

        “Corbyn’s success has also outraged vocal supporters of Israel both in the Labour party – some 80 MPs are stalwart members of Labour Friends of Israel – and in the UK media.”


        I really don’t expect all the Labour internal other groups, combined even, to be as implaccable as these 80.

        I do think that number is the upper limit of possible ‘defectors’ to the funny tingers ltd company.

    • milosevic says

      with respect, Admin, the point being argued by “crank”, “mark”, myself, and others, based on extensive documentation from Gilad Atzmon, Israel Shamir, Joachim Martillo, and other ex-jews, is that it has become quite impossible to understand what is actually going on, without interrogating what the content of “Jewishness” actually is and has been, for approximately the last thousand years.

      so on the contrary, you are playing their game if you decline to investigate Jewish identity, which turns out to be the very antithesis of genuine free speech and authentic left-wing ideas. the “anti-semitism” hysteria is intended to prevent any rational consideration of these issues, and confine discussion to kosher topics which pose no threat whatsoever to zionism and its beneficiaries. the very intensity of the shrieking is sufficient proof of what the ethnic supremacists actually fear.

      as “crank” says,

      One cannot maintain a consistent anti-racist position while defending a group who are fundamentally bound together by a religion of racism.

      taking on the Israel lobby, the zionist network of power around the world, the Jewish establishment, can only be done by confronting the support for those things coming from a large majority of the world’s Jews.

      • crank says

        so on the contrary, you are playing their game
        Exactly. There is no way of avoiding this debate unless you want to be a passive spectator to the evisceration of the Labour Party.
        Admin’s message is, when stripped down, the very same as Michael Walker’s.

        • Paul says

          Agreed! There is a growing problem of the ‘elite’ in both the media and in Labour rightwing circles; they suddenly appear as out of touch with grass root opinion as any Administration. Put bluntly the ‘elite’ chooses to accept that there is a ‘problem’ and descends into Alice’s rabbit hole while ordinary punters know the ‘problem’ is non-existent and is being used, quite cynically, to break the Labour Left. So to accept the premise of anti-semitism is a mistake. What do they want? Show trials?

  7. crank says

    I think your comment is deeply problematic from the beginning.
    You write: The basic problem is that Jews are being dealt with as if they were a race rather than a number of related religious groups with more or less, in terms of rites, ceremonies and traditions, in common.
    But what is the essential religious idea that binds those groups, rites and traditions?
    The very next sentence you write: Most of those identified as Jews are not religious, many of them are atheists and determinedly secular.
    Disputable, but by the by.
    So you say that ‘most’ Jews are not religious and determinedly secular, then what binds them together as a group? You said it is not race.
    This is the starting point for the confusion about Jewish identity in Left thinking. From this confusion all other confusions emanate.
    In truth – and any honest Jewish scholar of Jewish history will tell you this, Judaism is a religion based on the concept of race. That is its fundamental idea. The concept of race is at the heart of the religious dimension of Jewish identity. From Abraham on down. Let’s be clear, we are talking about many centuries of a religion which believes that Jews are a race of twelve tribes and Jews alone have a unique and special relationship with the divine.
    Left thinkers can wave their hands at the religious roots of our ethical systems but it doesn’t wash. A great deal of the impulse for social justice within socialist movements has called upon the ethical system of Universalism as expressed in Ancient Greek philosophy and more popularly in the New Testament. I think that is incontestably true regardless of one’s personal religious or secular cosmology.
    So what of the ethical system of Jewish thought?
    This is the problem that socialists face – that ideas at the heart of Jewish identity are fundamentally in conflict with the Universalism which lies at the heart of socialism. If one group are special (even in a secular context -such as through a nationalist association) then that runs counter to the idea that all are created equal and are equally deserving of at least the basics of life, that all are equally bound by the same laws.
    Yet, paradoxically, socialism has historically been one venue where Jews have been most over represented. The Left have stood against the repression of minorities and against the racism to which Jews have been subject repeatedly. Jews have seen common cause in the Left’s principled stance against the feudal disenfranchisement of Jewish communities and the accompanying pogroms. At the same time, Jews have often been accused of forming ‘special enclaves’ within socialist organisations, something contrary to the ethic of class struggle and universalist principles. The Left have been reluctant to acknowledge the role of Jewish thinking in maintaining the ghetto walls.
    I think there is a strong case that there is no resolution to this within the political debate. Religious and non-religious Jews have, of late, tried to re-imagine their sense of ‘specialness’ as a new role in a mainly Universalist society. Instead of being the oppressed ‘God’s chosen people’ living through choice or coercion in social exclusion, they increasingly see themselves as leaders of the world, a Brahmin class of overlords who must be free from the restrictions of the gentiles to run the world as only they see fit.
    If that last sentence reads like ””’an antisemitic trope””” then I say, just look honestly at the degree of over-representation of Jewish power elites in our world. It is off the scale. One thing that cut through the mental resistance in thinking about this for me was learning that only about 20 million people on Earth identify as Jewish. That’s a tiny minority, that has come to dominate almost every aspect of political, economic and cultural power.
    Without honest recognition of these facts – something that I am convinced can happen without any accompanying hatred, all the contemporary arguments of the Left just fall into absurd contradictions on the slightest examination. One cannot maintain a consistent anti-racist position while defending a group who are fundamentally bound together by a religion of racism.
    Only the abandonment of Jewish identity can ultimately free Jewish people from ‘antisemitism’, because the former is a nonsense.
    People are people. Ordinary Jews need to just accept that and give up the attachment.

    • bc says

      We need to point out that Jews “dominate almost every aspect of political, economic and cultural power”?? And the to this ‘problem’ is for Jews to stop being Jews .. ?? OffG is clearly happy to become a safe fposting venue for latterday Henry Fords and Adolf Hitlers.

      Cue, protests that crank isn’t racist, just passionately loves Palestinians…

      • crank says

        Are Jewish people not massively over represented in these spheres?
        You claiming it is antisemitic to point out what is undeniable does not make it untrue.
        Your misrepresenting of my argument, saying that this is the ‘problem’ when I was referring to the real problem of antisemitism shows that you are not honest.
        That you reflexively associate all criticism of Jewish identity politics in with love of Adolf Hitler (who I criticise for embracing the exact same ideology -i.e. racial supremicism) tells me that you are not worth engaging with further.

        • bc says

          A very haughty, aloof response from somebody publicly posting.. “Only the abandonment of Jewish identity can ultimately free Jewish people from ‘antisemitism'”.

          • milosevic says

            Once society has succeeded in abolishing the empirical essence of Judaism – huckstering and its preconditions – the Jew will have become impossible, because his consciousness no longer has an object, because the subjective basis of Judaism, practical need, has been humanized, and because the conflict between man’s individual-sensuous existence and his species-existence has been abolished.

            The social emancipation of the Jew is the emancipation of society from Judaism.

            Karl Marx — On The Jewish Question

      • mark says

        Yes, we have to ignore reality.
        Reality is “anti semitic.”

      • milosevic says

        Jews dominate almost every aspect of political, economic, and cultural power

    • DunGroanin says

      Crank – i can’t be bothered to read that screed thoroughly, did you mention the word –


      even once in your potty hit-story?

      If ‘races’ are incorrectly defined as people who look different – then you will find there are ‘black’ jews and ‘brown’ jews along with the ‘white’ jews.

      So no, judaism, in that common and daily understood usage, is not a racial definition.

      • crank says

        Go and read the Old Testament,Torah and Talmud or talk to an honest Jewish historian. Or even a Christian theologian. As I said, the religious dimension of jewish identity is bound intrinsically with the idea of a covenant between the almighty and a particular tribe (or ‘nation’). It is not controversial to say that.
        Most religions are universalist. They recognise all humans as equal – at least in the capacity that converts might choose to subscribe to your religious idea. Not so orthodox Judaism.

        That research tells us that there are serious inconsistencies with the belief that the Jewish religious story is supported by veridical reality is another matter. Yes people of different racial heritage self identify as ‘Jewish’ (NB note how orthodox authorities relate to them in Israel !).
        I am not saying that I think that ‘Jews are a race’ or that they should be thought of as one. I am saying that race is a false concept altogether (or at the very best a pretty useless one) ;
        that Jewish identity is, at root, bound up with an attachment to racial ideas;
        and that this is ultimately antithetical to any consistently anti-racist, universalist political movement.
        Of course there are Jewish individuals who are not racist, to claim not would be absurd and untrue, but it remains true that the more fervently a Jewish person identifies ‘as a Jew’ the more they are identifying with something that is, in truth, rooted in racial supremicism.
        If you think I am wrong, and that Jewishness is not racial, and at the same time that there are secular Jews who do not accept the religious books at the heart of the religion, then what is ‘Jewishness’ ?

        • mark says

          “God doesn’t exist but he gave us Palestine anyway.”

          In Israel, they are quite clear that there is a Jewish Race from DNA analysis.
          Though there are black Jews, heavily discriminated against of course.

          “Most religions recognise all humans as equal.”

          “The goyim are not humans. They are beasts.” Baba Mezia, 114b.
          “If you eat with a goy it is the same as eating with a dog.” Jebamoth, 94b.
          “All gentile women without exception are menstrual filth, slaves, heathens and whores.” Sanhedrin, 82a.
          “All children of the goyim are animals.” Yebamoth, 98a.
          “Even the best of the goyim should be killed.” Soferim, 15.

          The Talmudic faith was devised as a means of preserving racial exclusiveness in Babylon. It was largely invented then, and its prime purpose was and remains race hatred and racist supremacy. This is reflected in the extreme official hostility to the few mixed marriages in Israel.

        • DunGroanin says

          Ok – i understand thanks for explaining. I misread your meaning.

    • crank says

      And one more thing Bevin,

      Tom Watson is actually being more consistent than Jeremy Corbyn. He is standing holding a flag of an openly fascist state and saying nobody has the right to criticise ‘the chosen people’ who have built this thing called Israel. We can see what he stands for, and the only thing we can do is either politcally take him down as a rejection of such obscene racist ideology, or acquiesce.
      Yet Corbyn won’t (it seems) fight back, and cannot until he admits that ‘anti-zionism is -bar a few minor exceptions- anti-Jewish’. That is, taking on the Israel lobby, the zionist network of power around the world, the Jewish establishment, can only be done by confronting the support for those things coming from a large majority of the world’s Jews.
      Watson is saying, ‘I am a fascist. What are you going to do about it?’
      Corbyn says ‘nothing’, because this is Jewish fascism and nobody can challenge that, even on the Left.

      • Why is it so important that people should give up their identity in order to fit in with your well ordered world? Shades of grey exist across all walks of life and if we can’t learn to live with this fact, we will forever be at war. Needless to say, I want no part of your doctrine where it demands people abandon all that binds them together. It’s fascistic and extreme.

        • crank says

          I make no ‘demands’. I am just trying to challenge what I see as a contradictory position held by most people on the Left.
          What binds people together?
          There are many things we could answer that with.
          Gardening brings people together. Trade unions bring people together. Fascism brings people together.
          Are we to regard these three examples in the same light merely because ‘they bring people together’ – that they comprise part of peoples’ identity?
          I say no.
          I say that there is an ethical argument that can be made comparing how, for example, socialist movements bring people together, and how fascist movements bring people together.
          Universalism (which, by the way isn’t something that I have invented as you seem to imply) calls for all people to be recognised as basically equal and free to make allegiances based on ideas. It stands against the determinism of racism.
          What I am saying is that if socialism is to be true to its professed adherence to Universalism then it is ideologically at odds with the core idea of Jewishness – which is rooted in racial exceptionalism. [e.g. Note that even Jewish Voce for Labour are an group exclusively for Jewish people]
          I propose no action.
          I don’t know how to resolve this politically. Perhaps it is a religious question ultimately.
          But right now there are racists calling anti-racists ‘racist’ and the anti-racists will not dare to answer back or criticise their accusers for fear of being called ‘nazi racists’.
          There must be a reason how we have arrived at this absurd inverted position.

          The world does need to come together in some way to resolve the crises it faces, yet a group of ethnocentric ‘extremists’ have effective control of a global empire. Maybe you live in a different world, but I read that Israel is fanning the flames of the Indian-Pakistani conflict, I read that Israel is channelling arms to fascists in Ukraine, I read that Trump is a puppet of Adelson and that Kushner is leading policy in the White House, I read that the fascist take over of Venezuala is being done under an Israeli flag, I read that Israel has undermined the first socialist movement in my lifetime in the UK……you know I can go on.

          How do we address any of this by ignoring the ideological underpinnings of ‘Israel’ or that of its most ardent supporters?

          I think the Left is dishonest and confused on this. Marx understood and spoke about it, but people have been taught not to think clearly.

      • ChrisG says

        Thanks Mr Crank for a very thought provoking set of comments. Fortunately there is a way out on a class basis. The Jewish Capitalist’s wealth interests are diametrically opposed to salaried and waged Jews. (A wage rise cuts into profit). Therefore regardless of race or religion all working class people have a vested interest in having common ownership and control of production. Many people have already moved from Jew identity to universal citizen identity. As to Watson and Corbyn I agree, the left is weak because it does not possess sufficient theoretical rigour to support the transition to Socialism. ( The International Marxist Tendency appears to be the only left wing group making that effort).

        • crank says

          I kind of agree.
          If Jewish working classes had pursued a route to their advancement through class politics (i.e. identifying as ‘working class people’ rather than ‘working class Jews’) it would basically negate my argument here.
          History shows us that they often haven’t though .
          As this crisis in Labour has unfolded I must have read hundreds of statements that read, “Speaking as a Jew ….I support Corbyn/ dispute the existence of institutional racism in Labour/ object to zionism” etc.
          All excellent comments and important, but I ask , Why ‘as a Jew’ though ?
          If we are truely consistent to the principles of universalism, that says that Corbyn should be taken on his ideas not his support for one group or another, or, that nobody from any background should be able to falsely accuse an organisation of institutional racism, or, that fascism should be fought no matter which ethnic group is at the centre of it, then what does it matter who is saying it. It is the idea that matters, not who is bringing it to our attention.
          Some will say that Jewish opinion weighs more in this matter because of some special history of suffering of Jewish people.
          This might read like nit picking, but taken to the extreme, this kind of exceptionalism leads to tyranny. We live in extreme times.

          Jewish suffering is no more (nor less) imortant than any other huiman suffering, and an opinion from a Jewish person is worth no more nor less than an opinion from any other human being.
          It is the human suffering and the opinion that count.

      • milosevic says

        taking on the Israel lobby, the zionist network of power around the world, the Jewish establishment, can only be done by confronting the support for those things coming from a large majority of the world’s Jews.

        standard question for the “not all jews …” theorists:

        “Among people who self-identify as ‘Jewish’, what are the relative proportions of zionists and anti-zionists?”

        They never reply, presumably because any answer they might give, would expose the utter incoherence and unreality of their theory. In fact, to do so would be to let the cat out of the bag. Which would be very un-PC, and probably “anti-semitic”.

        Some things are just better swept under the rug. At least, if you value your career and social standing, in the zionist-compatible faux “left”.

      • bevin says

        As I write below in reply to Milosevic it may be that Corbyn says “nothing” because he realises that outside of the political/media caste-which has to be written off- this matter is of very marginal interest. By saying nothing about it he leaves it to the Blairites to talk themselves hoarse over a question that has no traction on the doorsteps of Labour inclined voters. They have more basic interests, the bread and butter questions that the neo-liberals cannot address which is why they change the subject. The problem with their tactic is that very few people believe that Labour is anti-semitic and even fewer people care.

    • bevin says

      I am aware, crank, that my comment, cobbled together over a period of hours broken up by more important activities in the woodburning line, was not very coherent.
      I\’m not sure whether I disagree with anything that you have written.
      Except this which adds, in my view, nothing to your argument: ” …I say, just look honestly at the degree of over-representation of Jewish power elites in our world. It is off the scale.”
      Nobody could argue that any such quantification of ‘power elites’ and Jewish representation therein is anything but extremely subjective and well beyond the possibilities of being demonstrated.
      Does it matter anyway? Your point is that the religious beliefs that lie at the base of this culture are racist and authoritarian. There is nothing particularly unique about this- Jews were one of many groups who entertained the conceit that there are “None Like us” and inclined to employ the toast “Here’s to us!”. There are Brahmins, for example, as well as Presbyterians whose belief in predestination for a tiny sliver of the justified. And there are many more.
      My objection is that the Labour Party is taking all this seriously. The best rule to deal with those accusing socialists of anti-semitism is to refuse to feed the trolls. It is nonsense and lowering ourselves into the filth to engage with it is an error.

      • bevin says

        “I’’m not sure whether I disagree with anything that you have written.” Here I am referring to crank’s posting in reply to mine. I haven’t read everything else that he or anyone else here has written.

      • milosevic says

        Nobody could argue that any such quantification of ‘power elites’ and Jewish representation therein is anything but extremely subjective and well beyond the possibilities of being demonstrated.


        There are Brahmins, for example

        yes, a privileged elite caste which exploits the rest of society for their own benefit, and that of their ruling-class patrons.

        what were we talking about, again?

        as well as Presbyterians whose belief in predestination for a tiny sliver of the justified

        Where do you suppose that ideology originally came from?

        Was the “Old Testament” written by Presbyterians?

        The best rule to deal with those accusing socialists of anti-semitism is to refuse to feed the trolls. It is nonsense and lowering ourselves into the filth to engage with it

        The definition of “anti-semitism” has been expanded to include any and all criticism of capitalist class power. It’s almost as if they’ve got something to hide. The only way to avoid engaging the issue is abject surrender, which is of course the intended outcome.

        • bevin says

          “The definition of “anti-semitism” has been expanded to include any and all criticism of capitalist class power. It’s almost as if they’ve got something to hide. The only way to avoid engaging the issue is abject surrender, which is of course the intended outcome.”
          You seem to be under the impression that this is an important question. It isn’t. The next election is not going to hinge on whether or not Corbyn is anti-semitic. Not least because nobody believes that he is.
          This question only exists as important within the narrow media-political caste, nobody outside it is affected by it.
          The significance of the issue is that it is being used to madden the Establishment elites into disqualifying a Labour victory either by coup or assassination. The plan of using antisemitism to break up the Labour party has failed as MPs have had to leave the party, taking nobody with them, before they could deliver a decisive blow, It now looks as if by turning the other cheek Corbyn has tempted Watson to make his own position unsustainable.
          The reality is that the anti-semitism agitation has done little lasting damage to Corbyn’s position while setting the de-selection process, which was always of critical importance, into motion.
          It may irritate people that Chukka is always on TV but does anyone think that Labour will not win Streatham, to go with Liverpool Wavertree in the coming election? Since Blair and Mandelson ran the party there have been about 200 Labour seats occupied by Fifth Column MPs. They have done their worse, the Party survives and the issues that matter-austerity, homelessness, declining living standards, deteriorating services from the NHS to education remain to be addressed.
          Compared to them nobody in the real world gives a toss about the antisemitism issue, which isn’t an issue. That is why I say stop talking about it, talk about important issues instead.

          • milosevic says

            talk about important issues instead.

            like Palestine, Iraq, and Syria?

          • crank says

            You seem to be under the impression that this is an important question. It isn’t. The next election is not going to hinge on whether or not Corbyn is anti-semitic. Not least because nobody believes that he is.
            This question only exists as important within the narrow media-political caste, nobody outside it is affected by it.
            The significance of the issue is that it is being used to madden the Establishment elites into disqualifying a Labour victory

            With respect Bevin, I cannot understand this line of thinking (that I have also read elsewhere).
            The false AS crisis will have electoral consequences through the public perception of Labour as disorganised, disunited, with a leader who cannot or will not fight back against false accusations.
            We have to ask the question, ‘Why won’t he?’.
            I suggest that it is too big a narrative to take on. To stand forward and say that the AS narrative is false is a de facto admission of the degree of zionist power in UK politics – and already is presented as one, even by the big guns on the Left. To start talking about that can only lead to a consideration of zionist sympathy in the media and elsewhere. To really challenge these institutions, demands a consideration of Jewish identity (as most Jews- despite the wishes of the Left for it to be otherwise) are accepting of, or supportive of zionism.
            But Corbyn will not raise any of this. He will do as you say, just keep quiet and hope it all goes away, whilst endorsing video messages by naive idiots from Momentum and Novaramedia as a kind of sop to the the thought police.
            Meanwhile the party will be destroyed or rendered completely acceptable to the status quo powers.
            There is no way out, its either a return to universalism or death by identity politics:
            The Left had a mostly positive run for about 150 years. But its role has come to an end as the condition of being in the world has been radically transformed. The Left failed to adapt. It removed itself from the universal ethos.

          • crank says

            This question only exists as important within the narrow media-political caste
            How does Lansman’s coming forward into media spotlight as a major advocate for the false narrative fit in to your assertion above?

            • crank says

              …or to put it another way. How can Labour members challenge Lansman and his role as saboteur or puppet master without it, you know, looking,
              ”””””””””””””””antisemitic”””””””””””””” ?

  8. zach says

    Chris Williamson was a regular guest on the once edgy young new left Novara Media. His erstwhile comrades James, Aaron, Ash have thrown him under the bus so as not to jeopardize their growing ties to MSM.

    Meanwhile their fellow Novara host Michael bolsters his creds with establishment media by fronting a Momentum video that suggests Corbyn supporters are characterized by adherence to some anti Jewish conspiracy involving the Rothschilds.

    Personal career advancement over principle and honesty, the Novara motto. Very disappointing.

  9. vexarb says

    Cut’n’Paste from Saker Vineyard; the Resistance to AZC globalism is becoming global:

    “Furthermore, US leaders simply don’t understand how hated the “Yankees” are in Latin America (at least among the masses, not the comprador elites) and how fantastically offensive the appointment of a felon like Elliott Abrams as Envoy to Venezuela is to the vast majority of the people of this continent.

    Second, Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro did empower, for the very first time, the masses of the Venezuelan people, especially those who lived in abject poverty when Venezuela was still a US colony. These people are under no illusion about what a Guaido regime would mean to them. And while most of the supporters of Chavez and Maduro are not influential or wealthy, there are a lot of them and they will probably fight to prevent a complete reversal of all the achievements of the Bolivarian revolution.

    Third, Latin America might well be changing, just like the Middle-East did. Remember how, for years, the Israelis could attack their neighbors with quasi-total impunity and how poorly the Arab armies performed? That suddenly changed when Hezbollah proved to the entire region and even the world, that the “Axis of Kindness” (USA, Israel, KSA) could be successfully defeated, even by a comparatively tiny resistance with no air force, no navy and very little armor. As I never cease to repeat – wars are not won by firepower, but by willpower. Oh sure, firepower helps, especially when you can fire from far away with no risk to yourself and your victim cannot fire back, but as soon as big firepower is met by big willpower the former rapidly fails. There is a very real possibility that Venezuela might do for Latin America what the Ukraine did for Russia: act as a surprisingly effective “vaccine” against the AngloZionist propaganda. An indigenous leader like Evo Morales, who has declared his full and total support for the elected government of Maduro, is an inspiration to the people of Latin America far beyond the borders of Bolivia.”

    The “anti-Semitism” witch hunt against Corbyn might do for British people what “cookie” Joe Biden’s and “cookie” Victoria Nudelman’s neo-Nazi takeover in Ukraine did for Russian people: alert them to the destructive power of Anglo-Zio-Capitalism.

  10. Antonym says

    While nuclear Pakistan and India are shooting each others jets down Off-Guardian keeps on busy with its favourite topic, little Israel and Gaza. In 2018 ~ 200 Gazan’s got killed; anybody ever tallied the MUCH higher death toll by Pakistan’s Islamists in that year?

    The number of Zionists living in the UK is miniscule compared to the number of P-Nationalist Pakistani-Brits. not to count the vast number of other Islamists in the UK, but lets keep mum about them and their influence on UK MSM and politics.

    • mark says

      “Little Israel” has far more warheads in its huge illegal nuclear arsenal than India and Pakistan combined, which it constantly threatens to use against everybody else, including Europe. And India and Pakistan are not genocidal terrorist Apartheid regimes, unlike Israel. India and Pakistan did not sell atomic bombs to Apartheid South Africa, unlike a certain other little country.

      And India and Pakistan do not have a complete stranglehold over the political and media life of the US and all western countries, as little Israel does over its goy satellites. 99% of the 30 shekel whores in Parliament are not Friends of Pakistan. There are other differences. India and Pakistan do not constantly meddle and subvert our politics with lies, smears, corruption and blackmail. Unlike a certain other little country.

      • Antonym says

        Fantasy land in black and white: disconnected from reality.

        • @Antonym
          In what way do Pakistan Brits influence UK & MSM politics. Do you mean the time when Twat-hat David Cameron wrote to the Imams requesting they keep their flocks in order? Can you imagine the backlash if he had written to Bishops asking them to politicise the pulpit ‘cos their “flock” was not being very Christian, or more pertinent, if those letters were admonishing the Rabbis for the support their flocks were giving Israel?
          Not only was twat-hat being totally o/o/o and an Islamaphobe, but he set a precedent of attacking the moslem faith as being responsible for the minority element of ISIS supporters but totally dismissing responsibility of Rabbis for the Israeli atrocities against the Palestinians(which is true – they are not)peripety notwithstanding.

        • mark says

          The Zionist Establishment are constantly screaming about the 1940s “holocaust”, with every other day a “Holocaust Memorial Day”, a Holocaust Museum on every street corner, and a new Hollywood holocaust blockbuster once a week.

          Has “anybody ever tallied” the much higher death toll of the Native American Holocaust (over 100 million), or the Belgian Congo Genocide (10 million) or the African Slavery victims (30 million)?

          The vast numbers of victims make the 1940s “holocaust” trivial by comparison. It should be illegal to complain about it, or even mention it, unless you have first talked about the Native Americans, the Congolese, and the Africans in general. That’s racist.

    • Yarkob says

      oh do f*ck off, Antonym..don’t claim to speak “for Israel” nor Jews. You are a mischievous hasbara-lite dissembler who makes straw-man arguments about the most apartheid nation on earth. (I say that, again, as a jew (small j)

      I ask you one more time: which of these two countries (one of whom is ARMED by Israel) has broken and/or ignored over 100 UN resolutions on their behaviour? Resolutions passed by the WORLD’S nations. Most people, a huge number of Jews included (like the ones in the article above), have had enough of the rampant bullshit perpetrated by the rabid fascist regime in Israel. Comparing it to the conflict in Kashmir is such nonsense, especially when Israel is doing its level best to prolong it. smh

      • mark says

        Don’t be too hard on the poor chap. He has to earn his shekel a line. The hasbara centre manager is on his back again.

        • milosevic says

          Israel is looking to hire university students to post pro-Israel messages on social media networks — without needing to identify themselves as government-linked, officials said Wednesday.

          The Israeli prime minister’s office said in a statement that students on Israeli university campuses would receive full or partial scholarships to combat anti-Semitism and calls to boycott Israel online. It said students’ messages would parallel statements by government officials.

          “This is a groundbreaking project aimed at strengthening Israeli national diplomacy and adapting it to changes in information consumption,” the statement said.


          Hasbara Fellowships is proud to offer a social media advocacy internship to give select students the expertise, knowledge, and tools to become expert social media resources for their Israel group and Jewish community. Qualified students undergo specialized training with Hasbara’s social media team and work with Hasbara’s Regional Staff to accomplish personalized social media goals.


  11. DunGroanin says

    Labour members are signing upto a letter according to the Grauniad. Make of it what you will!


    Some snippets from that very long letter:

    “We are Labour members who support Jeremy Corbyn in his leadership and the progressive, socialist programme and anti-racist principles of the Labour Party.
    We have seen antisemitism from Labour members and supporters, online or offline. We recognise that as a movement we have been too slow to acknowledge this problem, too tolerant of the existence of antisemitic views within our ranks, too defensive and too eager to downplay it.

    We sincerely apologise to the Jewish community, and our Jewish comrades in the party, for our collective failure on this issue to date.

    We believe that a small minority of antisemites are wreaking havoc in the Labour movement, alienating Jewish people, and sabotaging the Labour project. Some of these people are already expelled or otherwise suspended by the party, but remain active on social media. Moreover, there is a much wider problem of denial about the problem, including shouting down those who raise it or take action.

    We are acutely aware that confidence in the left is at an all time low within Jewish communities. It is our goal to rebuild trust and relationships with our Jewish compatriots…

    A particular issue is that many people, due to a general lack of education about antisemitism, are not recognising antisemitic tropes, and as a result often react defensively. We recognise that rising antisemitism in society at large, and in other parties, isn’t a reason to fall short here in the Labour Party.

    … we acknowledge that we face real currents of unchallenged and somewhat normalised anti-Jewish oppression in our movements and society at large including at times alongside criticism of Israel. In order to resolve this we call on all members of the Labour movement to seek an end to bunker mentality, demonstrate maturity and prove why, as a party awaiting government, we can be trusted to face up to the challenges we encounter…

    We are committed to proactively opposing antisemitism and antisemitic tropes wherever they occur and countering efforts to downplay concerns raised…

    We understand that many Jewish members feel uncertain and have reservations, but we hope that you will stay in the Labour Party, so we can work with you and together eradicate antisemitism from our movement and society as a whole.


    I’ll also post these paragraphs from David Hearsts great article as well.

    “These interventions by yesterday’s spooks are not casual, nor are they ill-timed. They are a direct attempt to stop a popular and democratically elected leader from becoming prime minister.
    They are, therefore, actively, consciously and cynically subverting British democracy. You may like Corbyn or loathe him. That’s up to you, but you may never be allowed to express your opinion at the ballot box, if these guys have their way. And how would you feel if the tactics used on Corbyn were used on you? What would you do if your character had been assassinated repeatedly and you had no means of redress? Is this the way you want politics conducted in ” the mother of all parliaments”?”

    “The problem lies with the Board of Deputies which claims to speak for all Jews in Britain. These are the leaders who have appointed themselves judge, jury and hangman in each and every allegation of anti-Semitism.”


    The AS stick against the Corbynite Labour supporters seems to be turning into a boomerang!

    • bevin says

      The basic problem is that Jews are being dealt with as if they were a race rather than a number of related religious groups with more or less, in terms of rites, ceremonies and traditions, in common. Most of those identified as Jews are not religious, many of them are atheists and determinedly secular.
      This is one of the reasons that anti-semitism is made so much of: the self proclaimed leaders of the Jewish community are very conscious of the melting away of their constituency into the general population, our society. Jews are as likely to drop their religious practises as Presbyterians, Catholics, Anglicans and the millions descended from other religious groups, muslims, hindus, buddhists and others. In all these communities young people are abandoning increasingly incomprehensible religious practises and integrating with a largely secular society. Young Jews are very likely to marry young muslims or baptists, just as young Anglicans are inclined to desert the faith of their fathers and drift into a wider community in which fraternity and equality are supplanting jealousy and mistrust.
      These developments terrify the Board of Deputies and the Jewish Chronicle and both have a vested interest in breeding, within the Jewish communities, a fear of the world outside. A fear of muslims and of christians and a feeling that they must not cut their ties with the old religious guydes who alone can be relied on to defend Jews from the pogroms into which societies inclined to antisemitism are always liable to relapse.
      Such ideas are viewed by young people of all backgrounds as extravagant. Young Jews are more likely to sympathise with Palestinians than they are to fear antisemitic riots breaklng out in the UK.
      Without antisemitism to rally support the ‘leaders’ of the Jewish communities are in exactly the same position as elderly Mormons or Mennonites watching their young become indistinguishable from their peers, watching them leave the sect and join in the nation.

      It is understood Israel is attempting to disqualify any politicians who threaten the privileged position that Israel has, in its exemption from international law and normal human tights standards, an exemption that it owes to its pledge to act as a stalking horse and a military base for imperialism. And in doing so to promise that its young people will serve as willing cannon fodder for imperialism.
      This position on Corbyn it consciously holds with the approval of The Establishment in the Britain which, together with its co-sovereigns in NATO and Washington, is determined not to permit the election of a socialist government.
      But the Labour Party represents even worse things than these to the leaders of the Jewish Community, for socialists not only represent a challenge to the rich but preach the realities of class-reminding Jews, muslims and all others that they have more in common with each other as working people or debtors than they do with the wealthy exploiters who rule the roost in their communities. And share in ruling the country.
      It is not in the Labour Party that antisemitism is to be found but in the ranks of those who insist that Jews are different, whether they preach that they are better or worse, closer to God or nearer to being singled out for extermination. The Labour Party teaches that all are equal and that society is bound together by ties of mutual responsibility and brotherhood-the anti-semites teach that Jews have more in common with other Jews-even those much wealthier and more powerful- than with society as a whole.
      The fear of elites, of all sorts, is that they will become isolated and made to account for their positions. To save themselves they seek to divide the society which they exploit and despise by appealing to its members to separate themselves into ethnic, religious, gender communities and to rely for their protection on the power of the elites.
      The idea that Labour is anti-Jewish is unsustainable except among those for whom the alternative, that all are equal and that wealth is produced in common and ought to be held in common, is so horrifying that to save their privileges and property they are ready to shatter the evolving communities which are breaking down the barriers of fear and hatred that are our inheritance from capitalism and imperialism.
      Nobody should be apologising that the reality that Jews have nothing to fear in our society except those realities that all of us, regardless of the peculiarities of our individual heritages, have to fear. Nobody should be apologising for the fact that, within the Labour Party, all members are equal, or should be.
      Alone among the political traditions in the UK the Labour Party’s socialists can lay claim to an unblemished record of solidarity with the poor and the persecuted. While the other parties flirted with fascism and inclined to appeasement and collaboration Labour stood firm for its principles. There is not an anti-semitic bone in the body of the socialist wing of the Labour Party and, putting aside the prostitutes in the media who opine for silver pieces and the capitalists who fear social and economic justice as vampires fear garlic, everyone knows it.

      • Antonym says

        Jews are as likely to drop their religious practises as Presbyterians, Catholics, Anglicans and the millions descended from other religious groups, muslims, hindus, buddhists and others.

        My bold on the bullsh*t: Islam has violent apostacy rules : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apostasy_in_Islam

        You know this but hide it which is very telling about from where your coming….

        • mark says

          See how tolerant Zionists are to mixed marriages in Israel. And try leading a normal life anywhere near orthodox fanatics and see what happens.

          • Antonym says

            For a mixed marriage with a Muslim you’ll have to convert first to Islam.
            Try living near Orthodox Islamic fanatics: there are 1000 x more of them, so the chance is much bigger.

        • @Antonym. Your version presumably explains why in secular sovereign states like syria, many Moslems intermarry with Christians?
          Your claim does not hold water.

      • milosevic says

        While the other parties flirted with fascism and inclined to appeasement and collaboration Labour stood firm for its principles.

        You mean, like when they all voted for the Iraq War?

  12. Gwyn says

    ”Well, it’s a trick, we always use it. When from Europe somebody is criticizing Israel, then we bring up the Holocaust. When in this country people are criticizing Israel, then they are anti-Semitic.”

    So said Shulamit Aloni, a former Israeli politician (who served as leader of the Meretz Party and as Minister of Education), when asked by Amy Goodman about dissent expressed in the United States against the policies of the Israeli government.

    Nowadays, of course, anyone, wherever they happen to be based, who has the temerity to question the actions of the Israeli state is automatically branded an anti-Semite.

    Oh, and the video response of Norman Finkelstein (a man whose parents survived the Nazi concentration camps) to the vile Margaret Hodge’s shameful accusation against Jeremy Corbyn is excellent:

    • Shardlake says

      Gwyn : Thank you for the Finkelstein clip, a most moving and apt inclusion to your post. In Dame Margaret Hodge’s attempt to demonise Mr Corbyn, as the Russian and terrorist tropes proved to gain little traction, she evidently thought antisemitism would be a trick which just might work. The sad thing (for her) is that she herself can now be seen to be antisemitic in the true sense as she devalues the plight and memory of jewish victims and others of the Holocaust as described by Mr Finkelstein.

  13. Rhys Jaggar says

    It would certainly be historically accurate to have summarised Margaret Hodge’s leadership of Islington council three decades ago as the actions of ‘a f***ing incompetent, ostrich-like, paedophile-appeasing, stonewalling c**t of the first order’, although Mr Corbyn was by no means exemplary when ordering his priorities as an Islington MP during the times so devastatingly summarised in the White Report in 1995.

    So I am not quite sure why Ms Hodge is so smarmy and self righteous…..

    • bevin says

      “I am not quite sure why Ms Hodge is so smarmy and self righteous…..”
      Because she is enormously wealthy, perhaps? And not very bright.

  14. Fair dinkum says

    When psychopaths/sociopaths are cornered, they attack.
    They have no concept of self reflection.
    They are akin to rabid dogs.
    They will suffocate on their own vomit.

  15. Salford Lad says

    The anti-Semitism accusation is is the go-to trope used by the Zionists to attack anyone who dares criticise Israel and their genocide and land-grabbing in Palestine.
    The possibility of Jeremy Corbyn becoming PM is what terrifies them, because of his long support for the Palestinian cause.
    However JC has already committed political hari-kari by his declared stance on opposing a no-deal Brexit. Labour loyalists consider this a betrayal and will depart the Party in droves.
    JC is insufficiently ruthless to lead such a fractious Party as Labour and Tom Watson is a traitorous dog.
    Chris Williamson was a solid supporter of JC, and his suspension, without objections from loyalists is a shock. Labour is in disarray and an election looming. A clean out of Blairite activists is required soon before the Party becomes irrelevant.
    Nigel Farage Brexit party will gain many votes from both Tories and Labour in an election, because there is a simmering anger among the electorate at the betrayal of the Brexit Leave vote.

  16. JohnG says

    Tom Watson should have been expelled long ago. I expect his local constituency party is looking at their options now.

    • bevin says

      My suspicion is that his constituency party might be part of the problem. It is no coincidence that he is one of several West Midland Labour MPs distinguished as unrepentantly right wing. Birmingham City Council is ruled by a Labour Group which is notorious for its Thatcherite policies, for example.
      For many years inner city parties kept their membership numbers very low and made it difficult for outsiders to join and impossible for them to exercise their democratic rights. In such circumstances corrupt cliques flourish until the rot becomes so bad that the electorate gets rid of them. There are plenty of examples in Scotland and other old industrial areas: what were once socialist strongholds-the Little Moscows of the valleys, for example- become bases for ultra right members, Kinnock, Blair and Mandelson all sat for old mining constituencies which had voted Labour for generations.
      One of the advantages, for local CLPs, in having a member like Watson is that they tend not to interfere in local matters and require nothing in the way of financial or organisational support. Watson, for example, collects large sums of money from businessmen and others to ‘tun his office’ . Max Mosley, for example, gave him 200,000 pounds a few years ago.

      • Mikalina says

        Painfully accurate assessment of West Midlands politics, Bevin. Watson was very involved with the mayoral election no-one wanted – but, not that it will make any difference, his candidate lost.

        ‘Fiefdoms’ is the word.

  17. Themandus says

    There can be no Jewish state until the return of the Messiah, no Zionist, no Zionism and no Israel….so say the Hassidic – others say they’re not a Zionist and dont follow Zionism because it’s Nationalist and Extreme, so they consider themselves Israeli alone – others say being a Zionist is Spiritual but they don’t follow Zionism because that would be Political and the two shouldn’t be allied….and for some, being a Zionist is just being part of the country and has no connection to a Faith or Politics ….Them being a few of the varied examples of how Jewish people Living in Israel define -Zionist and Zionism.
    So how can it be that the meaning is concluded to be so singularly absolute by those living Outside of Israel ?…..is it perhaps because “their” take on the words, are as Weapons ?……now that would be naughty – kind of thing that’d forment Hate – could call it, Anti-Semitic !

    • Antonym says

      Can you add an explanation why Mohammed needed a dream to lay a claim on far away Jerusalem too? He never went there in his physical body.

      Hint: it was the only other “Holy” place he knew about – for Jews and Christians.

      • mark says

        Jerusalem was originally the most holy place in Islam, above Mecca. Moslems were instructed to pray facing Jerusalem. This only changed later. The Prophet travelled there in his famous Night Journey, when he ascended up to Heaven from what is now the Rock of The Dome Of The Rock, the oldest moslem religious building in existence. The Rock tried to rise up with him, and he had to press it down to stop it, leaving the imprint of his foot in the rock. He met Allah, Jesus and Moses in Heaven, where he was given all the tenets of the moslem faith.

        Of course, some people don’t believe this and think it is all a load of old bo**ocks and religious fairy stories, as they are perfectly entitled to do. Other people don’t believe in religious fairy stories concerning a non existent Exodus, and fictitious characters like Moses, David and Solomon. But of course people are free to believe whatever they like and whatever makes them happy. A lot of Zionists don’t believe that their God exists but he gave them Palestine anyway.

  18. harry stotle says

    Just to add a couple of points to this splendid analysis.

    First the Guardian is the key engine of disinformation, at the least in the liberal sphere, producing endlless articles associating antisemitism with Corbyn or his supporters then either shutting down the right to reply or censoring views that deviate too far from their predetermined narrative.

    To add insult to injury the Guardian produce little or no evidence to substantiate the serious allegations they make, they just have to be taken as read: to challenge them is in itself a form of racism.
    Yet once tainted by this Kafkaesque process it is assumed the accused have not merely said something wrong rather their utterance somehow encompasses the entireity of their worldview: in other words it is a sure sign that they are defective human beings for having failed to learn the lessons of the holocaust.
    It is clear Freedland, Viner & co see absolutely no problem with this totalitarian ideology.

    Secondly the Blair rump (Watson, Hodge and the defectors) place antisemitism on a par with the biggest political upheal in recent times, Brexit, thus signalling the immense importance they attach to insinuating that old Labour is institutionally racist and whats more in denial about it.
    Of course judgement was never been their strong suit given the tremendous harm they have inflicted by siding with the neocons in order to sanction wars in countries that present no threat to Britain – deeds they seem to think they have no personal responsibility for which amounts to little more than state sanctioned mass murder in order to secure lucrative oil and gas markets (resulting in a sinister alliance between fascists of different stripes in the US, Israel and KSA)

    In Britain Blair, Robertson, Mandelson and Campbell normalised this form of violence so is it any wonder we get histrionics from treacherous Tom despite the fact he too has blood on his hands while Williamson has asked for no more than a fair shake for the likes of Jackie Walker.

    It seems unlikely this tapestry of lies can be maintained indefinitely and there may come day of reckoning perhaps when enough Palestinian people have suffered for the perpetrators of these myths to finally take ownership of them – that way we might all be able to move on?

  19. mark says

    The Deep State in the US and UK have basically promoted very similar tropes to vilify and delegitimise elected leaders it disapproves of.
    In the US, Trump was targeted from the moment he was elected by the MSM, the Spooks and Dirty Cops, the Washington Swamp, the Big Corporate interests, the Zionist Lobby and of course the Democrats in a ludicrous campaign of vilification smearing him as a Russian spy.
    Britain played a significant part in this, with the Steele Dossier and other dirty tricks, as it has on other recent occasions, the Syria Gas Attack Hoaxes, Skripal, and further back Litvinenko.
    Few people will have a great deal of sympathy with Trump. You could just argue he is the victim of a domestic regime change operation of the sort he is himself directing against Iran and Venezuela.
    But destroying the institutions of the state to remove a leader is to give some very troublesome hostages to fortune.

    The Russian spy smear was of course tried without much success against Corbyn, followed by the terrorist smears which didn’t gain much traction either. So there was a change of tack and we now have the institutionally racist Labour Party. It is unlikely these will be the last of the hoaxes and false flags. You have to expect more of the same from our Spooks, the MSM, Tories, the City, with the Board of Deputies and the Mossad Office orchestrating events.

    • Paul says

      Spot on! The encouraging thing is that very few ordinary people take tha anti Semetism issue as credible; it’s ‘recognised’ as a political ploy, some sort of power struggle. But will it persuade people to vote Tory when the time comes? I doubt it.

      • mark says

        So do I. Just before the last election the Mail gave over the first 14 pages to smears against old Jezza, with Sid Scurvy, Ace Reporter, revealing all about how Jezza is a communist spy, Jezza is a terrorist, Jezza is (yes, everybody now) anti semitic, Jezza kicks his dog, Jezza cheats at cards, Jezza uses non organic fertilizer down his allotment, Jezza suspected of cannibalism and devil worship.

        The results were fairly underwhelming, with old Jezza on the heels of the Maybot despite all the predictions (and fervent hopes of the Blairites) that Labour would be annihilated. You wonder what the result would have been without all the non stop backstabbing. But as the defectors have since admitted, the last thing they wanted was a Labour victory.

        The point is, though, all the third rate presstitute MSM hacks have an inflated idea of their own importance. Nobody believes their endless lies and poison any more. They have lied to us once too often. I’m not sure what the figure is here, but I think over The Pond 9% now believe the MSM, which is dying on its feet. Nobody really believes this garbage, like nobody believes Trump is a Russian spy, however much they loathe him. Once you destroy your own reputation and credibility, you can never get it back..

        Until Iraq, I tended to give most politicians the benefit of the doubt. There’s one born every minute.


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